fadeout text-color (pure-css)
unable to edit .less file
PHP getting elements from an array stored in mySQL DB
Database system for high speed insert [closed]
(Java) How to implement an interface method with a bounded wildcard generic?
Remove non-numeric characters except points, commas and '$'?
Why can I not access this .txt file within my project?
Turning a List<Class> object ToString()
GSL Uniform Random Number Generator
Encode FIRST and FOLLOW sets into a recursive descent parser
Why can't my TabHost child activity find the parent TabHost ID?
double for loops counter in python [closed]
Populating Listview from Array
How to tell bash not to expand $_ variable?
Need to get unique IDs of various storage devices (usb stick, SD card, external HDD, etc)..
How do I process the event for a menu item click
INotifyPropertyChanged not working as expected
Python - Creating self-replicating class-object instance
Parse JSON To Create SQL Insert Statements in PHP
Oracle Timestamp, Max and Minimal Values
How to create dynamic color list for charts
Mixing configuration objects and Ext.create defined objects creates unclickable panel
Handle clicks on Google Earth in Sky mode
Filterable Jquery Portfolio not working
How do I match this regex, so that it does not the exceed the digit limit set by me?
PhoneGap external URL content
Font size in portrait vs. landscape on mobile devices
setNeedsDisplay for DrawRect after button press
Defining maps in class
Why is all data that is passed to a function 鈥渆xplicitly passed鈥�
Methods versus Function and implicits in Scala
How can get the distances between 2 points via Google Maps Javascript API3?
Is there a tool for parsing feeds in Django
R - could not find function 'melt()' [duplicate]
Whats the best way to add a drop shadow to my UIView
YouTube Subscribe Button Callback Event
Android: Drawing tiled bitmaps with bottom or some other alignments similar to css background-position
Show 2 Windows at Same time in Qt
Changing a text to time in postgres
UITextView weird margin on top?
Can I 鈥渇orce鈥�Cachegrind into analyzing an operation (or line)?
ActionScript 3.0 CurrentLabel not working on Loaded .SWF file
Change stickman's head to my professor's head in Qt Stickman example
Rails: How can I let my users choose a design?
Javascript not loading images properly in Firefox v8 - v11
#1033 - Incorrect information in file: './database_name/table_name.frm'
what does it mean when we echo javascript
Adding a UIView before sleeping
How to get color property from CSS with jQuery?
opencv library video play [closed]
Fluent Nhibernate mapping hasMany
CSS positioning is weird when reducing the viewport
how can we run GUI code when app is firing applicationWillResignActive:
How to access variable outside function without globals variables
Convert CSV to Array?
Is it possible to install and play adobe flash application/executable/.exe file in Ubislate 7+
Client side validation on normal (not submit) button
How to filter only specific URL with intent filter
copy data between tables of two different mysql databases
After requesting 2nd http GET command to get 2nd range, couldn't get any response
use templates but keep jquery bindings?
How to submit data entered in the forms directly into database?
Check if a user exists in SQL database, make the user, if not, don't make one?
How to use JSF annotations in Spring+JSF application
How to get the second value in a dropdown box based on the selected one in the first dropdown box
omniauth with authlogic issue with authentications method
How i can define eager loading for my repository method in asp.net mvc
JavaScript form validation - to check for an empty textbox - using Python and CGI
Sizing Box User Control
How to stop a Youtube Video Playing on Twitter Bootstrap Model Close
JPA Entity and its custom features
Limit languages in Android/iOS for input text
Animation of a UIImage moving from one UIImageView to another
Getting 鈥淒ead Code鈥�error when i try use for statement
SQL Server 2012: How can a column-store index provide multiple columns at once?
How can I make a DIV that vertically repeats?
Secure Authentication: Rails WebApp and iOS App
Python-like storage of static data in C++?
Reversing the qr code in android
convert list to inline with seperators, not sure best way
How to convert any image to JPG or JPEG using PHP [duplicate]
What is the time complexity of this function?
How to write text on image onfly in php?
php if NULL statement
Read XML from URL and bind to Listbox in WP7
CSS Stretching sidebar to 100% of page. Breaks when window resized or content too large
Android Removing Proximity Alert
Saving collection_select with has_many through using Rails
Can i post my edited information in CKEditor?
Project Euler 14: performance compared to C and memoization
How do I to get the Intent from Activity B which started the Activiy A, when Activity A was started before
Transposing datasets with multiple rows in a file into a single row per dataset
Condition if an element present w/jQuery
how to set table width using php value
How to replace dynamic keyword in WindowsPhone
Weird Memory Leak with large dynamic array
spring web security questions
How to display all data from 2 related tables in a dbgrid with sql
Java swing 鈥�Jpanel not rerendering/repainting itself
specify https port in play framework 2.0
asp.net change default login page
How to logout facebook-connect PHP
Create match group that matches string, or empty string, with re module sub()?
Invoking a function in a python file from another python file
Select query not working in SQLite
JAVA sending POST http request [closed]
print four last values of each row of a list in python
2 cols, 1 fixed, the other fluid? (dilemma)
TEmbeddedWB and background color
onClick javascript: navigation with changing css background images / two types
GridView on update check if a value from a cell is equal to something then insert values into database
Fuzzily recognise characters in an image
Handler to sms ContentObserver
linux split file with incremental characters before extension
DayOfTheYear in delphi
Calculate direction and velocity based horizontal and vertical velocity
Adding objects to binary search tree
JAVA moving a ball
responseType of an XHR is an empty string
Uncaught OAuthException error
C++ Store Edit Box Value Into A Int
鈥淐olumn 'id' in where clause is ambiguous鈥�after inner joining?
Creating anagrams for a test DB
sqlite optimize read performance
Split String with regex w w*? w+?
PHP and OOP: classes and unset()
Why is the entry point allowed to be private? [duplicate]
PHP Zip non-empty folder with all files and sub-folders
Hebrew and other languages in sql
Update the UI from background thread during touch event
How can save some Objects, directly after the User has closed the Applications JFrame, but before the Program exits?
Where is the new toolchain based on old toolchain option in eclipse?
Check if null for part of session variables in PHP
Java paint() slower in browser?
Generate MVC3 chart from data in SQL database
storing function and instances in dictionary in python
Apply a class to every nth template element with knockoutjs
Avoid Android audio stream decrease volume while playing other stream
input/output 2D-array into DataBase using C#
鈥渏ar cvf ui.jar -C bin .鈥�doesn't seem to work for me
std::error_code, my_error::check_block == my_error::validate && my_error::accept_block == my_error::validate
How to use Javascript to make this button do whatever it does when the mouse hovers over it
NSUserDefaults doesn't save my values
jqgrid Form editing : questions about actions after deleting a row
PCAP Ethertype Return
PHP Script ends before timeout without error
rails tag embedded in html issues
Jquery data function removes zero from the beginning of string
MySQL Statement Fails When Checkboxes Are Not Checked
What is this pattern of folding and iteration?
linkage problems on GCC on Ubuntu 11
StateListDrawable in Ice Cream Sandwich
LINQ select return type
how to resize VBO data efficiently when opengl window is resized?
Rectifying Java recursive code for Backtracking Graph Coloring Algorithm
persistant instance variables in rails 3
How can I prevent PHP from executing code multiple times?
Internal css doesn't work for me with JS
Num rows returning 0 when using prepared statements in mysqli
Killing thread in java
How to list only regular files (excluding directories) under a directory in Python
Mongodb and Ruby gem - Check if record exists
Error CS0103: The name 'Class1' does not exist in the current context
Mathematica Plot3D does not produce a plot when graphing a user-defined function?
Ruby. Mongoid. Relations
Amazon access key showing in URL for Carrierwave and Fog
How to download images in playframework jobs?
How to perform Rails model validation checks within model but outside of filters using ledermann-rails-settings and extensions
How to replace 鈥�鈥�with 鈥�-鈥�only when it's not preceded by 鈥渆鈥�
Empty variable define in php
iOS 5 - Coredata Sqlite DB losing data after killing app
MySQL searching using many 'like' operators: is there a better way?
MySQL FIND_IN_SET with ODER BY [closed]
How to move ClearCase view to a new domain?
sendDataMessage always causes Null Pointer Exception
Google Maps V3 JavaScript works only in Chrome?
How to get IP of outside connection using telnet, or perhaps misconfiguration of memcached allowed ip's
Format and echo datetime string received from MySQL?
Rails 3 pass params to Iframe fancybox
Pass data via jQuery ajax from several drop down
Selenium openWindow in IE9 results in 鈥淥bject Expected鈥�error
iPhone how to send a large image along with a JSON file? Should I embed it within the JSON or send separately?
TableView Background image going over cell textLabel
Properties don't change when values are assigned?
Is it possible to use best_in_place with typeahead from twitter bootstrap?
Button border radius and cursor
How do I set the Initial Directory on an OpenFileDIalog to the users `Downloads` folder in C#
Change color of CheckboxColumn if checked
Ruby - calling constructor without arguments & removal of new line characters
CoreGraphics taking a while to show on a large view - can i get it to repeat pixels?
jQuery Mobile, ie 7 and ie 8, error with append function
Howto: c++ Function Pointer with default values
mysql timeout - c/C++
How to change a table row color when clicked and back to what it was originally when another row clicked?
deploying to heroku keeps installing sqlite3, but no sqlite3 as dependency in gemfile.lock, and no sqlite3 in gemfile
Compile and run assembly file using Masm and ConTEXT
Is there a constant which defines the max value of long or integer?
jquery code to display json response to a html table using append
Adding multiple rows to database from dynamic field event
JNLP application cant find Mysql database driver
Blend For Visual Studio 11 get an error
How to download a file behind a dynamic link?
How to get related topics from a present wikipedia article?
How to quit a program in Python in if
google maps static Map: Implicit Positioning of the Map
Need to learn Facebook permissions - to access users walls etc. [closed]
C++ Edit Box Text Change
Produce bounding box from contour locations
Programming logic for loops
How to populate client combobox with items from service's list of objects
National Language Shift Table And Concatenated Sms
How do I cross compile R packages for MacOS from a Linux environment?
using a php variable in the WHERE clause of a mysql query
My Shell script launching Rake doesn't run correctly when launched via cron
Method/Tool for Extracting Keywords from List of Sentences
How to use scala 2.10 trunk with sbt 0.11.0? (Unresolved dependencies)
Accessing parent class attribute from sub-class body
C read X bytes from a file, padding if needed
Can I push my working directory without first committing it?
How do you extract a url from a string using python?
How to grab the image tags only from each nested element?
Jasper report Server connection fail when connect to mysql
What is the purpose of OCaml's Lazy.lazy_from_val?
How to carry out operations on random amount of lists which contain random amount of elements
Read Core data in Serial Queue for iPhone app
C - expanding the contents of a string
Rotate an object right or left 90 degrees and move forward on a grid
Login on HTTPS website with java
command history in Rails console over PuTTY
Mahout for unstructured data an advantage? [closed]
How to share cookies across multiple Apache Virtual Hosts
How to copy values from a structure to a char array
Is there any framework available for share buttons?
Unable to read files in JBOSS5
Php Sockets vs Streams
CarrierWave: not saving image (only tmp)
Disable update on battery percentage
cant randomly set a new button with java
Monthly/Weekly calendar with ViewPager and PageAdapter
Error 42 when trying to access a struct templates members
After app is garbage collected how to restart it from first activity
Ignore errors and mismatch types while inserting row to mysql
Use python to loop over two lists, using one as an index to a list of lists, and the other as a value to append
Double Inner Join generates unexpected error
PHP remove not empty folder [duplicate]
aligning 3 div columns at top with various content affecting its condition
What does the error logging in via JAAS: !role mean?
Getting User's Carrier Money iPhone
getting html tags from xml and echoing in php?
Class members not visible from .NET in /clr compiled C++ code
Why this code doesn't work as intended ? I want textBox2 to show all the links(url's) from the site www.walla.co.il [closed]
sending MySQL database data to objective-c
Problems with the Jquery iCal plugin
How to Add Sprite Object With Animation?
expansible text with contenteditable does not push with IE9
Encode video from any format to .flv format in AS3
How to copy from MutableArray to NSMutableString?
What's the method in the oxorder class for 鈥淪hip Now鈥�
In Clojure, difference between function, quoted function and sharp-quote function
Using a cookie to establish if a web page is still opened
How to use MultithreadedMapper class in Hadoop Mapreduce?
GWT: Handle JSON data after submitting http request
Application go fullscreen at startup
Accessing json does not work
unshortening urls
Change and blur not working on section tag in jquery
arbor.js for annotated illustration
couchdb, disabling rereduce
Compare int with DateTime
Hiding form to NotifyIcon closes it
How can I combine that javascript and jQuery function to hide a button?
.net Regex for more than 2 consecutive letters
Java Error:WELD-000072 Managed bean declaring a passivating scope must be passivation capable
Do, inner and outer functions get their own copy of same variable?
FLEX scrollable NavigatorContent
Gridview links turned into javascript:__doPostBack
Intersection of line and rectangle with maximum segment length
Python multiprocessing map_async hangs
OpenID Fake request to return_to url
Find name of the radio button that is checked
Distance Coding (DC) BWT
Styling images with CSS in ul li list
Using DataNucleus' list-ordering extension leads to empty list
HTML 5 - Ajax popstate and pushstate
Quotation marks in HTML attribute values?
Start fancybox on all anchor tags with image inside
i want to pass a string from one input box to another in different page [closed]
JQueryMobile: Increase font-size in Header without incresing the height of the Header height
Moving a bitmap inside an imageview
Is this legal Haskell code?
Animation when control appears on the screen
No Access to Top Directory, Want to Stop Certain Robots
How can I use same EF entities for SQL Server Compact and SQL Server?
assign file extension to color scheme in Sublime 2
Sort array by key value
Android: Get a GPS postion quickly
decltype requires instantiated object
VC++ loop until button pressed
Updating the content of a code behind generated button
To show message to user that download is completed in another activity
Retrieve a list of countries from the android OS
Binding a Style Resource Dynamically
Check spinner status
Extract files from zip
Paypal, redirect user back to the same url he came from
How do I hide the function parameters in Codeigniter?
Clearest way to build html elements in jQuery
Own Implementaion of Array Object in Javascript
Entity Framework and stored procedure returning temp table Issues
How do I get the innerXml or outerXml in JavaScript and FireFox
WebView wrong encoding, please suggest
How to use Enumeration?
cakephp / don't store all user data in session while using authComponent
Make node/npm work without problems
Intellij idea import project
Resizing uploaded images based on a maximum width in django (PIL)
Ming MapperExtenstions usage
Unified data access layer for MongoDB and SQL Server
emacs change default line ending
Sticky forms with PHP
Implementing a k-d tree in Rails - Need help to get started
Force the Facebook Session to refresh
What makes a dialog displayable?
MonoDevelop throwing an error of 0x80131C30
Training sapi : Creating transcripted wav files and adding file paths to registry
Using XML Attribute with IntermediateSerializer
Legacy Component and Firefox 11
Using $this->db->get()->row_array() in Codeigniter
Can a custom NSURLProtocol intercept traffic from other apps if its running in the background?
Windows Live with e-mail through Azure Access Control Service
Empty WCF client gives off multiple errors when compiled
How can I insert millions of records into a mongo DB from a large zipped csv file efficiently?
Sortable Data and Update Datebase Issues
iOS front camera only app
What does CultureInfo.InvariantCulture mean
Method for downloading iCloud files? Very confusing?
Android runtime for Blackberry signing error Previously Signed different app
android imageview not getting focus
S3 gateway setup problems with elasticsearch v0.19.0
Loading pdf pages into UIWebView
Returning results for jQueryUI autocomplete from mySQL database
Firefox API to check if the tab is active
Windows Phone 7 Async Method multiple invocations
Rails ActiveRecord regex validation of non-mandatory fields
Select text from element and use it in script (AddThis)
Counting elements in a table
Winforms: calling entry form function from a different class
Is there a way to update matchData in a GKTurnBasedMatch without sending out 鈥淵our Turn鈥�push notifications?
PHP DOMDocument error Entity 'nbsp' not defined
Migration to HRD - How to convert string-encoded keys to new application
All ios devices have UDID?
Wordpress custom metabox for a specific page
Breaking out of a loop when a condition occurs, and avoiding the usage of its preset db value
How to update a UITableViewCell during re-ordering
Perl script or MySQL fix?
It's possible to force download with .htaccess and a specific GET request (Dropbox style)?
Fluid sub sub menu that's wider than parent li , wp_nav_menu
Karatsuba algorithm v.s. 鈥�鈥�operator?
getting directions and navigation for android
Try and catch intents on click
Retrieving Image from MySQL with PHP
Social Share Buttons like CNET
PHP inserting some text before and after a string
PHP inserting some text before and after a string
Checking if an organizationalUnit exists by it's DN. (LDAP, Bash)
java Exception : converting date and/or time from character string
Can't change the user using facebook connect
Custom Python library throws ImportError only in ArchLinux
Regex Nested quantifier +
all in one social share button javascript for websites? [closed]
How to troubleshoot BIRT and JDO classloading issue?
Uniform initialization with {} reporting unused variable
What version of Java do I have to install?
jQuery and HTML5 video - change source onClick
How to find the point with the maximum distance to its nearest neightbors in javascript
Does StyleCop SA1623 Incorrectly Trigger When the Method has an Attribute?
Focus Finder by Mac App
Math result should be zero but is slightly off compared to direct substitution
How to create dynamic Sqlite database in Android
No data type for node:
Get size of pointer in C
Phone freezes when recording phone call
Trouble understanding creating threads within a class in c++
Javascript: Searching within Header
Confused about pointers and structures
Running Coffeescript snippets directly in Aptana Studio 3
Is it possible to check if the `form` is submitting to the proper link?
php.ini.default cp php.ini config have some error in Mac OSX
Custom component within scrollview
Speeding up a search .net 4.0
CakePHP: User data saveAll silently fails?
Javascript canvas.toDataUrl() Send picture to an <img> element in a new window
Semantically, which is more correct: a in h2, or h2 in a?
MemoryMappedFile doesn't work with 2 processes?
Template classes and initializing an array to zero
Node.js retrieving data from node into jquery ajax callback
LazyTableImages vs SDWebImages
jquery mobile - implementing history navigation on dynamic pages
Detect drag event of UITableViewCell [duplicate]
android:windowSoftInputMode=鈥渟tateVisible鈥�doesn't work
jQuery load access main javascript
Wordpress Custom Post Type Children Template
What causes a 404.4 on IIS 7.5 for delivering a static file?
Read binary code transmitted via radio in WAV recording
How to Call Database Stored Function via Fluent Nhibernate and Get IQueryable<T> as a Result
Is there a lot of Plan 9 development?
why do I see the output of error_log but not die in PHP?
Memory management when upgrading application to iOS 5
Change markup field tekst during validation
facebook internationalization deprecated tags
Creating table entry with params hash and associated model(s) params hash [closed]
What am I missing to use the Processing opengl library when invoking from the command line?
Including / importing local schemas that have namespaces
Create ReSharper live template for comments
htaccess 404 issue
Protecting hard-coded data that cannot be available to the user, such as a pass phrase
dynamic allocating memory for 3d array that uses minimum memory and in contiguous form in c++?
Comparing BigDecimal and int in Java
What characters are NOT allowed in MongoDB field names?
Cookies across subdomains with Redirect
SQL Server - Select Specific Rows
Creating Unique User ID
trouble returning datatable within a try statement
CSS pseudo element 鈻�becomes gibberish in IE
Java Color by age
Code is working without any errors鈥xcept it won't display
How to use CountDownTimer in android?
How to add a primary key in a Rails migration?
What effect does this line have in a shell script?
How do i submit a form only if all of its fields are filled in
How to find the object with smallest related_set in Django?
how to disable the context menu for particular ListView items in Android
Why the first view in my project is not taken the name of the project
How to check if an element of a list is a list (in Python)?
Pushing a nil viewcontroller on target
Foreign key is null (while it is not) when using linq
Add TextViews programmatically
Convert LPVOID to CComVariant
Explanation for N-queen with O(n) time complexity?
determining the size of an array
looping through uitableview sections to change section header frame
How do I get the child element's attributes using jdom
PHP - Relative Paths! Easy for experienced developers, I should think
ClassCastException in findViewById while using custom view
OpenGL GLUT on VirtualBox Ubuntu 11.10 segmentation fault
how to imitate the button in QML
iPhone app crashes after resigning active state (after core data wipe)
What is the correct term for the plan stage of user interface design
Can't start thin server from bash script
Automatically executed functions when loading shared libraries
DataGridCheckboxColumn with SQL Server Express
Initialization Vector on Cryptography
Should the composition root be transient or per-request when using ASP.NET with Castle Windsor?
Cannot access application in play framework
List of all the Android screen sizes [duplicate]
How to namespace caches by environment using config.cache_store = :redis_store?
Large, sparse list of lists giving MemoryError when calling np.array(data)
Add/remove characters in python?
How to create localization
CheckedTextViews will randomly appear checked in a list if I click one further up the list
Single LINQ Query on 3 separate collections
Radiobutton Even Horizontal Alignment
Notification of facebook comments loading
How to stop service when Clear Data is pressed?
Generic method to manage a map of collections
Is there are a way to find out whether the input is streaming into the program from a file or not?
XBAP script interop fails
Why don鈥檛 iOS classes adopt copyWithZone protocol to encourage active mem mgt?
Is checking 鈥渉ttp_status / 100 != 2鈥�better than 鈥渉ttp_status != 200鈥�
How to get a list of variables in specific Python module?
Which data structure to store addresses of objects in C++
Issue in using a custom bitmap field
play framework 2.0 console error
group_by and order_by with codeigniter
API Method 9 Compiles in API Method 3 Android Project, Runtime Error
PHP strtotime not recognizing 鈥�012-W11鈥�on new server
Radiobutton selection always returns the last value
Communicating between JPanels
Many to many relationship on advanced search
What language to use when prototyping a small game
Button to drop pin in MKMapView
how to catch domain url from request coming?
Logical scrolling no longer working when applying a itemscontrol
ASMX Web Service to Store User Data using SQL Server-SQL Error
Javascript : Returning a property map from a function
Catching imaplib exception (using IMAPClient package) in Python
Why does common lisp's case construct always match True (T)?
NSString crashing program, how to fix?
Android Drawable Shape Ring in lower API level
Basic list operations optimization in Haskell
reading from a file using ajax
Polymorphic method call not compiling
String with error:EXC_BAD_ACCESS
Array Allocation
Ruby on Rails Custom Domains
Matlab RGB Color Values
ListBoxItem HorizontalContentAlignment=Stretch not working
Preventing a window from leaving MDI without twitching?
PHP strtotime problems with minutes [closed]
Javascript & CSS: Hide scrollbar, keeping scroll event working
alternative of join in a single db table
Reading a file used by another process
Optimizing brackets for a tournament
How to draw a line using touchesmoved+drawrect functions from one specific area to another specific area
VIM: Namespace for markers
In Python, when a function doesn't need an object prefix?
EF Build self relationship
get user Current Location in Google Maps in android [duplicate]
Magento theme crash - Error 500 on theme images
Paperclip File Upload - Store file outside of public
Is there a way to watch multiple textboxes to see if the text changed?
Mono, asp.net c# and MVC How to's and Tutorials
Where is the 鈥渃reate new app鈥�button? [closed]
How to define a StopOnFirstFail dsl for play2's form?
Indexed/numerical array to an associative array with PHP
How to use Android Invalidate()
how to get the imageID that the imagebutton holds
On iOS tappable area
Convert an image to 2-colour in Java
Android: Create NinePatchDrawable from resources
Missing Camel-DNS
Data structure for One column list for storing addresses , better lookup O(1) in C++
Getting methods from more classes in php
how to use attributes to show-hide elements with CSS3 transitions?
Why is it very slow to record video from OpenGL windows?
Starting : can't open [/data/db/mongodb.log] for log file: errno:13 Permission denied [closed]
How to call Java Function in a lua coroutine?
How can I use a bash script to define an alias from user input?
WAMP slow to respond
jQuery template and Backbone.js
Ptracing syscalls
AJAX login with Codeignitor, Ion Auth and jQuery
Animate an UIWebView on the UIViewController
Playframework extension/overriding points
symfony2 / doctrine2 - dql statement onetoMany
Apache mod_rewrite - rewrite doesn't occur at all
Get sqlite3 database from disk, load it to memory, and save it to disk?
how to select data from two table where one table containing multiple columns with ids
Reading JSON in Javascript
SQL Server: Help in table design
frequent updates of a Tomcat application
Include variables in template context on every page with Bottle.py
CSS3 Transitions
CMake Xcode generator uses no longer supported options
Javascript Ajax save result of onreadystatechange in global variable
How to: place link to another kml file within a placemark
Binding a Property Value of an object from a class param
How to break from the while loop? For Python string type
Google Api get access_token request returns invalid_request
include php file in javascript [closed]
Required Java libraries in Eclipse when working on multiple OSs
What is REALLY inside that field?
Add 2 UIImages into One UIImage
mandFields[i].css is not a function Line 6
SQL Query - All leisures of a person
Automating a MS-DOS batch file, when password has to be entered manually
Resetting Autoincrement in Android SQLite
Mask that blurs content behind it
Resetting Primary Key of Table in Server Explorer
Aligning widgets using grid between multiple Tkinter LabelFrames
MySQL JOIN on three tables
How to tell when Iframe has called all links in externall called page?
Javascript not accessing value in form
Javascript not accessing value in form
Changing database name for existing Asp.net MVC3 project
Vertex border color/width in R graph plot
how to use a long running process in winforms c#
Supporting IE5&6: Still necessary? [duplicate]
Synchronising trackbar movements with cursor speed
jpa2 namedquery count trouble with empty collections
css @font-face in bourbon
slidetoggle simplify code?
LINQ TO SQL; insert/update/delete from DB using GridView control
Cannot write to a closed TextWriter
How to I reference the value of a selected item in dropdownlist?
page fault,shortage of page or access violation?
How to display real time in c++
SetWindowsHookEx HCBT_CREATEWND GetWindowText
Merging array in recursive function using php?
git: moving branch head
Which C++ library provides a map with a key of any type that does not enforce implementing a compare function?
xslt processing
Foreign key that can also be zero
The download speed is very small on 3G+ network
Ubuntu-compiled program to run on Unix webserver
regular expression matching producing unexpected result
Get wall feed from a public Facebook page using Graph API - is it really this complex?
Browser displaying application as too large, Flex Flash
Change Text Size on PullToRefreshLIst?
Operator overloading polymorphism returning generic collection
JQuery AJAX load() & ready()
How to POST to node.js from applet?
UITableView Find Location of Section header?
live plotting in matplotlib while performing a measurement that takes time
Visual C++ call method from other class
R: convert email addresses into unique integers
MVC3 Optional parameters
Android layout weight (mix some objects with min size and some with max)
Difficulties understanding preg_replace
Looking for a C alternative to C#'s System.Text.ASCIIEncoding()
How to check hash collision
How to change titleview of a navigation item inside Tab Bar controller?
Unable to consume soap header on C#
bootstrap:themed wrong constant NameError -> const_defined?
Insert a row in DataGrid control
Extend Class without changing its name
PostgreSQL - Order By using Arrays. Can I create array dynamically?
list with swipe event
get rows with fixed difference of values between rows and decreasing consecutive date
UpdatePanel, TriggerPostBack and UserControl How to load dynamically in TabPanel
Making use of swap partition in R
using unit tests to keep index.yaml updated
com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerException: The index 2 is out of range :(
How to show a WinJS AppBar when a page fragment loads?
Django - Show BooleanField in a formset as one group of radio buttons
Controlled exception handling in dynamic invocations with variable numbers of parameters
Documentation for Psych to_yaml options?
Windows display driver hooking, 64 bit
Connecting to UDP stream after packaging to *.jar
Fluentd+Mongo vs. Logstash
How do I bring the chosen value to the top of a DropDownList? [duplicate]
鈥淧anic鈥�bug when trying to run 鈥淗ello world鈥�program using android SDK
Python - import MySQLdb in a CGI script not working in a browser
Java Crypto API equivalent to Ruby's OpenSSL (via encrypted_strings library)
鈥淪hare Screen鈥�on Skype link? [closed]
Pass 鈥�stdlib=libc++鈥�to c++ linker with autotools
svn:externals ignoring specified revision
How to read an array 鈥渓ist鈥�& print it in prolog?
How to get IQ tag using smack Java?
CATiledLayer blinks after zoom
How do I focus a TextBox in an AppBar in a C# Metro application?
Developing a Tagging System - How to update present tags with new ones?
Doing just one query search, saving it to an array and then search only the array instead of doing multiple sql queries
Sending an action to a custom object is crashing the application in ios5.1, xcode 4.3.1
XML inflation and EditText
When to check if updates are disabled on boot
Communication between Desktop Java & Web Application eg. PHP
How to map composite id and many to one (multi column) with shared column
NIntegrate in mathematica with specific dx rather than machine precision
Many thread connection making system unstable
Entity Framework code first - many to many filtering
what is an encoding type when client sends message to websocket server?
Hibernate 3.6.10 NoSuchMethodError
400 bad request,Azure service management api config change
XCode 4.3.1 crashes on opening specific project
Creating module manager using Python?
Download a pdf file and save it to sdcard and then read it from there [duplicate]
Record is repeated on Ajax (check)
using replaceWith on all child inputs JQuery
Handle $_GET safely PHP
How can I cause a busy phone state in Android?
Rename ClassName_SomeEvent() handlers to SomeEventHandler()?
Dynamically trigger object method on application start
IOS5: How to invoke email from NSObject class
Any better automation approach for us, if we need to have hot fixing right after our code merging done?
Limitation of number posts on API
Android PagerView with cursorAdaptor
Jquery Autocomplete onChange event
How do I load third party JavaScript from a CDN when using RequireJS?
Linux won't load my images for my game
Strange make implicit rule
Showing Who is online in ASP.NET
Overloading in Java and multiple dispatch
C: Convert from decimal to hexadecimal using bitwise operations
PHP Zend Framework Zend_Pdf - number of pages of pdf document
How do I compute a Groebner Base of a system of equations in Matlab
best way to update RAMDirectory
Flash msg optional param
How do i install xf86-input-synaptics- in ubuntu 11?
Spree extended search
How to create an object in ActiveRecord without initialize method?
Error while starting a GAE/GWT project: Unable to restore the previous TimeZone
Enable to stop timer
Comparing the corresponding values in two variables
GWTTestCase invocation causing ReferenceError
is it possible to stop joins in jpa?
How to prevent wordpress authors from inserting html in posts and pages
Flex vs Eclipse RCP for ETL tools
ObjectInputStream.GetField and ObjectOutputStream.PutField
Windows Phone - WCF - cannot refresh webservice call
Symfony2 where to place custom helper classes
Is there a way to identify the variables being used within a Java method?
Left factorisation in Parsing Expression Grammar
How can I pass local variables between doGet and doPost method in Servlet?
Coercing felm R-object into lm form or some other way of getting it printed in a LaTeX table
Lightweight alternative to Sammy.js
Trying to paint image to JFrame with Java BufferedImage, Graphics
Get suggested filename from org.apache.http.HttpResponse
address all list-items
UITableView search bar issue
RegEx to find words with characters
For a large project that uses Maven which is better? IntelliJIdea or Eclipse?
Flex Project vs Flash Professional Project
idempotent / non idempotent operations in java client server implementation
Remote desktop control using web application
what if in mvc3 localization and cookies get disabled
XSL for-each node comparison embedded result sets
Meta tag 鈥渨idth=device-width鈥�error with bookmarked pages
What's the wisest way to detect if a visitor has scrolled to a certain point in a page?
MYSQL DateTime '0000-00-00 00:00:00' + interval 1 month NOT being smaller than NOW()
Installing SetupTools on VPS Running CentOS 5.4
virtual inheritance and signature overlapping
Rationale for Go's method syntax
Are open/read/write buffered or not?
PHP Function Global vs. Require
SQL less than 7 days
Apache/PHP file type confusion
Form theming a collection widget
How can I write Nuspec for MEF Plugin File
Why the PeekMessage always return TRUE?
How to handle massive computation on websites? Web workers or CGI?
How to optimize the program according this oprofile report?
PyroCms / in page slug
which minification module to use?
Spring Roo 1.2.1 error: Suddenly doesn't recognize the Roo annotations
no main classes not found
Maven Jetty - do not reload the whole application when modifying only static files
Android-Django Image upload
How to disable mousedown event on Silverlight listbox
Infinite Looping in a Qt Widget Project
Different languages for I like button
Containing a background to a certain shape (like a diamond)
Calling a function with a click
Python - how to sort a list of numerical values in ascending order
rails before_filter, facebook user agent and dynamic OpenGraph data
Android SQLite Exception no such column
Saving poi document correctly
How do I fix this 鈥渃ollect2: ld return 1 exit status鈥�linker error?
Is it possible to share audio input (Microphone) stream in Android?
Java XML Parse/Query
(How) can I use AnimationDrawables in an Android Widget?
Export MYSQL rows into several txt files
Eclipse ADT Plugin - Graphical Layout flickers and eats up memory
What is the purpose of 'framebuffer' when setting up a GL context?
rails3-jquery-autocomplete reference id with formtastic
Automatic mediawiki import with powershell_script
c++ Set - Data Structure using Linked List
MySQL query fail
How can I make a basic calculator with 8086 Assembly?
T- SQL transform unstructured XML into columns
Regex: match any string between date and a colon
is there's a head first version of iPhone & iPad development which covers SDK 5.1 or Xcode 4?
.htaccess redirecting requests to the same folder
EGOTextView sample
C++ private constructor (with argument) does not allow instantiation
NSData writeToFile writes Plist successfully, but then crashes, giving NSInvalidArgumentException
Concept behind OpenGL's 'Bind' functions
XML parsing using Java with getting element values and attribute values
regex to find year/month substring
Sending files to a Rails JSON API
Why do I not get the 鈥淐ross-thread operation not valid鈥�error
Redirect After Login : Web.config
creating asp.net pages MVC
Validating user date entry
Redirecting old domian to new domain by .htaccess
Linux system call from kernel crashing (weird offset)
I want add custom column for mini sidebar in all page in Magento
Splitview Width detection not proper
How to bypass Linux VFS inode cache? Is it safe not to add inode to its super_block list?
Django empty error messages
Closeable with Ajax
jQuery 'POST' being seen as 'GET' in ASP.NET Web API beta
JQuery .click() disbable for setTime after click
JQuery .click() disbable for setTime after click
assign values to list<String[]>
Dropdownmenu Delay not working
Android custom adapter with imageview and textview
How to create Thumbnail Provider (for windows explorer) using C#?
Berkely Word Alignment
ZXing on android - Decode performance extremely slow
Going mad - I need to get grouped results sorted based on conditions
Jprgressbar in Jdialog box not updating
core data get data from current week
How to put element on top of other which is in higher layer in Cocos2D?
grails g;datepicker how to handle partial dates
How to Remove Fragment from FragmentPagerAdapter?
[NSConcreteFileHandle writeData:]: Bad file descriptor - Crashes app on startup
JavaScript RegExp Three Parts
Rails 3, ActiveRecord, PostgreSQL - 鈥�uniq鈥�command doesn't work?
JQuery Mobile - Dynamic Count Bubbles
Generate ERD from SQLyog
Desktop Animated Application in Java
type of (car list) in scheme
Use XSLT to transform XML with conditionals upon node count
How to calculate Average Waiting Time and average Turn-around time in SJF Scheduling?
function to show the categories without the subcategories in wordpress with the get_categories() function
Java JoptionsPane button strings
friend template function of template class
android Not allowed to load local resource:file:///android_asset
How to import namespaced packages for which sys.path needs to be adjusted?
get username, and id from facebook using php api
Modifying models to create an association, what is the right way to do this?
How to pass JSON request
Combobox cell in Datagridview returns to the zero indexed value when leaving the cell
OpenCover - how to view coverage per test?
C# list issue in WCF
Save content of a div to new file with jQuery AJAX and PHP
How to write a file to xml with STAX?
Is it posible to take Screenshot of homepage using Android SDK.?
Facebook Object Debuger problems with GeoPoint
Model and backend interface generators for Zend Framework [closed]
Function to run only once per minute in a webserver context. rand on time?
why can not I see the value (status) of safe_mode and register_globals
Get SharedPreferences and get the text inside an intent
How to create ruby server from scratch?
What do I need to change when I'm moving my wordpress [closed]
Visual Basic 2008: Can command builder be used to update tables connected by data relations?
Can't delete a directory in Mac
Template class member function specialization?
UnitOfWorkFactory class not initialized as intended
Mozilla engine simple questions
check if attribute is existing
How do i keep jQuery Mobile styling on buttons etc. injected in the HTML by using javascript?
check if attribute is existing
How do i keep jQuery Mobile styling on buttons etc. injected in the HTML by using javascript?
Sending data securely from an iOS app to a php script on a server
Effect on loading UserControl in ContentPresenter
Infix to postfix conversion using stacks (linked lists) in C++
Core Data don't save my data. And I lose all saved data after the app is closed
When page enabled gridview, problems with display
WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent() vs Request.LogonUserIdentity?
making an app for iPhone 4 in Xcode
When I save span with style to MySQL, style is deleted
What is dojo.store.Memory?
wordpress website refreshes in IE
What is the appropriate approach to store email templates
JQuery Mobile custom icons doesn't show up in IOS simulator
A branch going from default to default branch in Mercurial
Android ExpandableListView From Database
Getting Retweet Count of a Given Tweet ID Number
Xcode 4.2 codesense - how do you narrow down the suggested completion list?
Migrating .NET & SQL Server database application to a new computer
R evaluate string as data frame
apending to an array in a cache file without re-writing the whole file
ace:tabSet style is corrupted when using ICEFaces 3
My browser doesn't think my Javascript is 鈥�Javascript?
Relative path to subdomain
How I can get a specific custom option field in Magento
javascript looping through local storage to find an element
Executing GWT application from eclipse
JNDI Session Factory Error with Tomcat and Hibernate
How to store a phone number in c++
Android - display images in assets sub-folder in WebView
Twitter Bootstrap Multilevel Dropdown Menu
C# DataGridView not updated when datasource is changed
Error when using String.search(鈥渟inh(2鈥�: 鈥淚nvalid regular expression鈥�
Declaring an associative array inside a php class
Add an extra <li> with each existing first letter on items value
how to set value into 1 from 0 in database of the option from drop down box, so that it will never appear again in the option of drop down box [closed]
Kdtree c++ erase and insert low perfomance
Actionscript: Making a button calculate total hours worked
how could i write this jquery code in proper oop way
How to create a function for mdi container
Test iAd showing up on simulator, iPhone device but not iPad device
How to get the google PageAction sample extension working on Google Chrome as supplied?
layers in java web application [closed]
Netty and ByteOrder
sql table with subtotal
jQuery Callback on end of page scroll
Is it possible to link download item to a source file in Github? [closed]
How to populate part with session data in Orchard CMS
How to do 鈥渕ap chunks鈥� like terraria or minecraft maps?
Android - SurfaceView flickers and sometimes does not apply the proper paint
Silverlight performance with many loaded controls
Why does the 鈥淎鈥�disappear?
How to delete the last row and add more rows in the tableview?
Return a file attachment on web request using python script without using django
Python: Read HTML source from URL and get date into program
Simple UITableView memory leak
Trying to make a write function for a class and getting error
What is the difference between std::quick_exit and std::abort and why was std::quick_exit needed?
Add Controller Model Classes not shown
KnockoutJS: How to add one observableArray to another?
XML Http Response Not allowing xml parsing
Essential Perl utility modules?
I want to play certain mp3 songs from a file on SD card simultaneously
Would like to ban my application for Tablets
Invoke keystroke on my mac laptop from my iPad app
Extract text from a webpage with php DOMDocument
code completion with PHPStorm for Dojo (specifically for dojo.require)
C# code and SQL Server 2008 stored procedure performance comparison
Implementation change to .NET's Random()
Some hints for hex Jspinner ? I s the approach correct
Phusion passenger - what do I actually do after intsalling it?
Emacs: using pdbtrack (python.el)
OpenCL MFC static application
How do I get the value after decimal?
try/catch vs null check in java
Watermark under the picture (9gag.com style)
How to create projection of a field of structures contained within vector in Matlab?
Newbie asm: where is the call code?
ScrollToEnd of ScrollViewer Control
Pandas convert dataframe to array of tuples
WPF GUI-Animations
JavaScript debugging in Chrome 鈥�toString doesn't give me what I need
PHP How to select and display a row from a mysql table after a user logs in
intriguing django session save behavior
Disable Scrollbar on Owner Drawn Listbox
adding image/icon at the bottom of the screen
MultiView2.ActiveViewIndex doesn't change the view
Timeout in paramiko (python)
How to check for a valid session cookie in php-sdk?
Detect changes to the Facebook session
Java swing --JPanel on JPanel not showing up
JavaScript Radio Buttons and Show
Storing HTML5 geolocation data
Update project window , IntelliJ-idea
structure of DateTime that is a converted from json date
Is there a common way for C# and unmanaged native C++ to determine installed CLR versions?
Flipping an image horizontally in OpenCVSharp
how to know exact number of elements in C# List collection
file_get_contents not loading the full source code because parts are loaded on page load
the most robust .NET YAML parser and builder?
file_get_contents not loading the full source code because parts are loaded on page load
the most robust .NET YAML parser and builder?
change the href attrb on hovring the imag using jquery or javascript
Java - Accept different keys from user to do different tasks, terminate when user clicks 鈥淴鈥�
Backgroundcolor of ExpandableListView while scrolling
storing data in device after the first time they are recalled android
resize automatically iframe hieght
How to maintain order of key/value pairs in dictionary of python?
php redirect from /index.php to /
Fetching mysql query to JSON
clear the contents of android canvas
Making forum using php javascript html and xml [closed]
How to create records that validate each other with factory_girl
Assistance with Meta-agents portals and more
Razor - write unique tag into <body>
How to create object that can be added to a List<T> array?
matlab: structural data and multi-level indexing
What is the correct way to be able to serve up an ASP.NET MVC page with URL /areas?
Correspendence between list indices originated from dictionary
What does backbone.js do with models that are not used anymore
Insert data into report viewer dynamically from code
C# slow searches
Play video on boot
Mysql Getting mutliple collections and their latest image from a database using one query
How to code a backup function into database application with Delphi, using an Access db
How to use template design pattern in Powershell?
Groovy Dynamic arguments
Enterprise Library exception block, System.Exception type handlers overide other exception types handler
Isotope plugin: How to implement 'insertAfter method?
Perl library for simple torrent downloading?
css align horizontally + vertically 3 elements wihin a div
How to bind a data structure in agility.js?
jQuery Keyboard Function keyPress
Running simulink model step-by-step
Upside down quote 鈥�json encoding returns null - PHP
KeyStore get key without password
Relative path doesnt work after include?
Is there a way to specify a relationship whereby a class generates the code for another class? UML
Exclude java.lang.* in Clojure namespace
On-device debugging with Sony Ericsson Cedar (J108i)
Parse xml using c#
Naming convention used in `<cstdint>`
How to display DataGridView Vertically?
change $_POST to seperate function parameters in PHP
d2: Calling writefln in D shared libraries from C side
Resize image (image_lib), maintain aspect ratio but scale to SMALLEST possible that EXCEEDS both width and height
Does MPI_Type_commit implicitly call a barrier on all the processes in MPI_COMM_WORLD?
Transforming XML to ruby code
how to consume remote data on listbox
Post Geocoordinates with TweetSharp on WP7
How To Print Sharpoint List Item. NOT all the list
how to view the contents of a .pem certificate
How to build/get a ConnectionProvider in Spring+Hibernate+C3P0 environment?
HTML: fixed column + fluid column the other way around
Tranform project to a maven project in Eclipse
SQL: REPLACE INTO statement can be combined with a case?
Process model connection with business rules
Issues with email addresses in SQL database, possibly a bug?
Convert PHP array to JAVASCRIPT array [duplicate]
Why does this javascript not print out a series of script elements? [duplicate]
Icon for new message button from iMessage [closed]
jQuery XML to String with XMLSerializer: FF throws security error
Comparisons in awk
No output for the following code
Confusion with GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE
Tests are no longer executed through Visual Studio 2010 after Visual Studio 11 beta was installed
Is it possible to add constant column during join in bash command?
dilate function
How To Convert Project Windows Phone Application inTo Executable File ?(Works on Mobile)
Hide second list item Jquery autocomplete
How do i colour a BufferedImage/ Image in java?
Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string
trying to put margin around the content div
how can I use StringTokenizer with my jTable
Android: How to list all online apps with IPs and Ports [duplicate]
How to check for an attribute in a variable-selector using jquery?
debug error when doing memory release
How to animate an attached property?
Subsequent HTML5 CreateObjectURL blob image preview and cropping loading bug
Php: How to use $_POST under where clause
jQuery plugin: Validation - validation on key up does not work
Get the file extension from images picked from gallery or camera, as string
How to add place when upload photos with facebook graph api?
asp.net lock page method until action finished
The number of coalesced and uncoalesced memory transactions in gpu compute 1.3
How to extract the Email address of a downloaded File