Unexplainable space under div
Store database password in program with no key in source code
Controls for InnerFade?
Why am I getting this htaccess error
Will Apple reject an Update that doesn't provide @2x graphics for the new iPad?
Calling a member function with one parameter (bound) for each object in a container
Why Form->file() doesn't show validation errors?
Yii allways leaves me logged in
Scraping text from file within HTML tags
Flicker while animating UIView alpha
How do I Print Hashes (or their elements) in perl?
Search Display Controller results are coming only from the first section of my UITableView
Can not get count from database for two days ago
Search Display Controller results are coming only from the first section of my UITableView
Can not get count from database for two days ago
javascript doesn't immediately enable my button
Joining Rx Streams
Codechef: Longest Weird Subsequence
c++ template specifics to instantiation
Set LayoutParams on parentless LinearLayout
configure: error: wrong sam XMS lib version or lib not found
How can I set the url for the form to POST using the FormBuilder in Symfony2?
global variable in javascript used in a ajax call
validateTree in Java 7.x doesnt work (in Java 6.x was fine)
Programming with Qt creator and Cocoa ( copying the selected text from the current application)
how is async programming (promises) implemented in javascript? isn't javascript a ui-threaded environment?
Get type using reflection
get a set of data from a chat log by using regex and java
Showing a dynamic table in GSP where column & data comes at run time
play ogg in Xcode projects
Trying to add Imageview to canvas via FrameLayout.addView();
How to change working directory in JRuby?
Why are the inherited functions hidden in base class in this code? [duplicate]
UISlider min and max image 鈥淩inger and Alerts鈥�in Settings -> Sound
JQuery, selecting children of visible div
How to know whether a c++ source file has a main function or not?
How can i use jquery-like selector on django templates (html) to retrieve a piece of that template?
How to seed the test database before to run Cucumber features?
How do i custom draw of TEdit control text?
SQL Server SELECT query ordering by substring
Why is MapMaker.softKeys() deprecated? [duplicate]
How to start search dialog in a new Activity?
Anaemic data model ( ADM Vs RDM)
How to delete instantly SPACE from an edittext if a user presses the space?
Custom constraint in EF fails, async issue
Is initializing a garbage variable truly initializing or just an assignment?
adding node to a nodelist
Adaptive image caching based on available RAM or iOS Memory warning level
How to store html in database consumed by android REST web service?
Change sort order of sub categories in magento
RegEx for forum pages
How can you determine if swf is played standalone or loaded in other swf?
creating empty vector to push values into later
python - Accessing objects mocked with patch
Horizontally aligning a input fields
EJB 2.0 Object Handles
Facebook mobile not showing post created by the app
Sort a cell array of strings alphabetically by last name
Instruments show leak in main.m (Xcode 4.3.1)
partial template overload
Can any of existing IoC containers create the lazy proxy classes dynamically?
International characters in Spotify app tabs
Java IO issue when using SVN versioning system
How to manage excel sheets in excel file using java without using 3rd party libraries
WordPress Directory Issue.(.htaccess)
parse_signed_request - base64_url_decode - strstr use
upgrade mongodb
How to kill Thread in C# instantly
Chatting Activity via SMS Android Application
Signing out of Xcode Organizer?
Count days between two dates, excluding weekends (MySQL only)
Selectable JLabel, without just a JTextfield
Hardware for Operating System development
How to center an input[type=text] while leaving all the other elements uncenterred?
Error when connecting to database Zend, MySQL, MAMP, Mac, OSX
Discover user behind multiple different user accounts according to words he uses
Using a single element declaration in multiple files
Generating msi transform using c#
pass to javascript class object is serialized in code behind
Javascript 鈥渦nique()鈥�function
Adding an if statement in mysql queries if there are no more entries to load?
How do I determine the Delphi version which created a Delphi project
Save Image using FileSavePicker
What's wrong with my log4net configuration file?
Getting facebook access token
Tool palette component
Is MFC still alive? [closed]
How to get row of element in cell by javascript/jquery?
How to dynamically change line style in JavaFX 2.0 line chart?
I want to create a custom Dashboard with my own widgets
map Html.BeginForm to route
Unicode encoding for filesystem in Mac OS X not correct in Python?
Dynamically resize textarea to fit content
CPU and memory communication
Getting dropdown list selection in secondary thread
Merging two SQL queries
connecting android application to database on the server?
Photos uploaded to Facebook Page via Graph API cannot be tagged on Facebook (website) by non admin users
How to set up my xampp so that when i type my ip to get my custom made site
Protect MediaPlayer function in Android
mongodb read vs write connection timeout
Can't run the command 鈥�rake:install
Loading Zii widget CjuiDatePicker through AJAX call not working
getting data from db to a listview
Adding a controller function for the 鈥渉ome鈥�view in CakePHP
Perl text file to vertical array [closed]
C++ - pass array by ref
Eclipse EE: change running icon
Processing strings in a loop
How to make the current line being draw to show on screen?
.preload using two databases
Traffic shaping using tc
Python text file processing
Android - save data to my own data server
getting folders in one string
Best use for handling multiple IF statements
Use less (css preprocessor) server side or client side
ASKING: Facebook Get Profile Picture鈥eed Answer
Should I have to add a lock to a socket while two or more threads want to access it?
Change the ASCII of a typed character
Problems on setting ListView's item background color
Can we interact with browser while ajax is being processed?
Emacs XML mode: search-and-replace in text (not markup)
Membership user names and DotNetOpenAuth
Android - ListFragment fails on setContentView
Assign a separate ID to each div JQuery
Query Django model based on relationship between ForeignKey sub elements
Dialog pop up doesn't close
What is the connection string for oledb connection to connect DSN
How can embed wordpress blog in Codeigniter
Android - Can't make a toast from thread in an AppWidgetProvider class
Positioning the text inside <label></label>
How to hide div which has specific class on cloned element in javascript
not displaying all the buttons
Collecting threads in Qt
how to draw multiple plots in coreplot
Python openpyxl.reader.excel reading data
Add/Remove class onclick with JavaScript no librarys
Combine / batch multiple CSS updates in different DOM elements to reduce reflows / repaints?
Is smartphone(likely Android) can be used for image processing unit?
how to avoid deploying a branch into the production server?
Should we reset the session variables to null on web application logout?
How to print report object name in each report?
IntelliJ refusing to copy text file to the compiled classes folder
asp.net mvc displayFor does not show child entity value
Displaying a combination of two lists at a time, in JSwing
Show a countdowntimer-script with DOM
How to get individual count of same value rows with join
Archiving app with opensource libraries
Fabric - Running sed on a local file
how to reset symfony admin password?
Making a virtual shelf and populating it via a database
how do I make jquery scrollbar plugin dynamic so that it is applied to content loaded even after dom?
Backbone vs. RJS
Box2D cannot set Density
Which java class file will be called if same class is packed in two jar files?
Display full article using ajax through readmore
wrapping specialised c++ template class with swig
Python return in _init_ constructor
MySQL: query depending on field value - can CASE help build your query?
Jquery UI date picker with reservation dates (Date range)
PHP Express Checkout - Dynamic PHP-Variables in Input-values
jQuery: how to scroll to certain anchor/div on page load?
cant figure out echo text if session auth=1 else echo text2
appcache is trying to cache all files
Trying to delete a file from directory
MIT/GNU Scheme hash-table/modify! arguments
how to change membe of vPanel in smart gwt
jQuery plugin: Validation- labels are getting hiden
Tumblr Post on Facebook does not include Post Contents
extract only date from date and time
Should the VS11 templates fail the WinRT App Certification Kit?
apache restart failed
Sort multidimensional array based on a second array in Ruby
How to implement the while loop in this piece of code?
xdebug on OS X partially working (e.g., prints stack trace in terminal but not browser).
MVC mini profiler - manually adding step
How to see the trace logs of IIS server?
Correct use of string storage in C and C++
Cant Remove a backslash from string using regex in .net
are int and char represented using the same bits internally by gcc?
Reading the same record from sqlite db in iphone app
Program received signal SIGABRT(FORTRAN)
How can I install the Play! framework using typesafe-stack?
Create function for multiple elements id using For loop
Customizable web audio player [duplicate]
Is TFS 11 Beta website a 鈥淢VC Application鈥�
Java function with two parameter list one as an array of integers and second as an integer
Ruby lazy if statement with no operator
Disassociate Ant with Android XML Files
Linq on NHibernate always returns null [closed]
android : How can i make multi tap bars?
ProgressDialog does not disappear in android app
Profiling a simple, one cycle length operation
GLSL equivalent for sampler_state?
How to change a color for a 1 symbol in string?
Scheme editing in Emacs - modes and keyboard layout
How to draw thousands of Sprites with different transparency?
How to store selected radio buttons on each page into database accordingly using PHP?
Facebook - linter gets bad bad scraper code
Haskell platform: nested functions and optimization
Delphi / MySql : timestamp in DB aware components
cached html pages and dynamic content
Why do I get a 500 error when running a CGI from `public_html`, when it works with a python CGI server?
Resharper suggests but does not perform any refactoring to this code block
Binding from DataTrigger
Can I use this code to show two different windows?
Return value without numeric and punctuations
selecting c and gamma value
Syntax error near unepected token do
Change focused button every x seconds in java
Java regex: How to replace all character inside a bracket?
How to recover a svn server from local checkouts
list of country/stats/town + count
Test automation tool for Flash Games [Windows,Mac]
Python - Write RTL File With Brackets At The End Of The Line
How can I use CStringA and CStringW in VC6?
Save data between diffrent package/apps
AMD APP (OpenCL) not working with CL_DEVICE_TYPE_GPU
Spawning Processes only if application is installed (c)
Java Native Interface 32 bit dll on 64 bit system
Browser-Side templates with src
FAT, optimize performance when retrieve a file
Install VS 2008 and VS 2010 [closed]
SecureString and IIS?
Weird behavior from Octave's atan2
using ccache with make
Converting COM Object interface from C to Delphi
SQLite query data that returns a Integer Array
xts error - order.by requires an appropriate time-based object
str_replace and numbers
reposition a div tag after jquery animation
Visual Studio 2010 - C++ - External Dependencies - Hiding files in selected folders
How to extract specific value from string in MS Access
Understanding iPhone crash log
After building the project from pom.xml using Maven, how do I use its resources
Can you update a row with the highest ID in one query?
JQuery disabling button
Python webpage login error
Setting ActionBarSherlock Theme for Android app
Problems Setting-up Python Environment on VPS
Annoying messages in j2me
StreamReader.ReadToEnd reading differently second time around
Switching views with Transition effect
Trouble with datasource not being called from viewWillAppear
TFS 'when' and 'required' rules does not set the field to required
Orchard CMS module that uses HTTP session state
Execute a SQL Server stored procedure from a DLL
Use of mysql lite and Web Service or other request througih an android app in different activities
Creating Edit Page in ASP.NET
Starting new theard from another thread and abort it C#
How to read office 2010 excelfile using openpyxl without changing style
Deserialize object without knowing its type in Java
Using SED to replace a pattern causes extra characters to appear
which editor or IDE are you using when one file is over 20000 lines? [duplicate]
Difference in years between start date and system time
file_get_content different output then actual source code
Reason for use of signed char to represent network address?
Payment Gateway integration with Zencart
How to get user-image from their email address
jQuery plugin: Validation explain this code please
Multiple css files or one big css file?
Use a foreach loop instead of while with myslqli_fetch_array()
Multiple css files or one big css file?
Use a foreach loop instead of while with myslqli_fetch_array()
sending long querystring via android webview
Irrefutable pattern inside an action?
is it possible to define 'plot panels' in opengl and directly draw to them instead of the window?
python - Testing an abstract base class
Switching between different version of rails in same gem set
Wordpress - Get previous/next post in deepest child category?
Filter max 20 values from a list of integers
How can I make a window fit its contents in tkinter?
How JVM works when two same jar be included in classpath
Python string slice indices - slice to end of string
Best practice to secure data in a SQL Server 2008 database
Controller spec + draper
How to set the identifier for NSTableColumn in xcode 4 with interface builder?
Algorithms on trees. Are there hints that help point the way to solve efficiently?
How to use PageRank algorithm in JUNG?
How do I run a Ruby file in a Rails environment?
How to specify generic constraint: class inherited from interface?
What requires SessionState in ASP.NET
Will MonoDroid give me a apk which can be sent by email? [closed]
Resource Id Mismatch in Android Development
How to install PDFKit? (Rails 3.2.1 and PDFKit 0.5.2)
Form Collection is empty When I use enctype for file uploading
directory structure for download without to save it on server
Error linking file while everything looks fine
Enterprise Library 5.0 configuration in VS2010 (Web) Express
SQL query to exclude certain values from table
APNS certificate for production
How to store ids for a rating system?
Using HttpPost to get data from local server
Dismissable PageControl At Launch
Node.js Hello world script not working
Correct values are not passed on serializing an object
change directory (python) doesnt work in localhost
MySQL SELECT statement only returning one row
EF 4.3 & CodeFirst: One-to-many navigation properties loads as nulls without entity proxy
What error do you find in this code/program? Erro is it wont run unless you type a number in first
errors during run-app
How can i add mp3 to multimedia player on Android? [closed]
Django Template System: How to call a parent block many times and fill it's content partially?
Deleting all records in a table in mysql using java
Need help passing the value of a jQuery UI Slider to a form using the hidden_field in Ruby on Rails
java.util.Scanner read remaining content
Google Play Developer Console dashboard, where is it?
What does this operator() syntax do?
Line-limiting a complex regular expression
Style the Mouse Over / User Clicked on Button
Should !ruby/symbol in Ruby l10n YAML files be translated
How to colo(u)r dynamically created panels?
apache2 seg fault: cannot find cause
background image not appear in IE but appears in firefox
How to install Ubuntu in Windows 7 ? [closed]
Scrolling RichEdit without it having focus
GridView: If the selected value of dropdownlist is yes,first value of dropdown = yes , and 2 columns will appear the rest cells=false;
Issue adding DataRowView to DataGrid with dot in name
Handling network disconnection on mobile IM app
Error 1241 in sql
gwt- is it safe to use oauth through GWT in a native or web app
while loop incriment causing different results based on where the increment expression in placed
Possible Recursion issue, event conflict: Can't set .droppable() and .draggable() to the same selector,
rewrite rule failing with unicode urls on nginx with pcre 8.3
Cocoa - Display xib on another xib
Easy way put UIButtons in line?
C++/CLI Why this code does not draw a line?
Copying data from a free iOS version to a full version of my app?
backbone or ext/sencha touch or both
using mscomm32.ocx in crystalreports application
Facebook Connect Codeigniter
not displaying buttons and labels
if result is NaN or 0 then make result 0 w/ jQuery
Jboss5.1 integrating with remote ActiveMQ
From binary to UTF-16 text and vice versa
preventing duplicate table inserts using jdo in android connected appengine
what are TAG and id in android?
Spring and preInstantiateSingletons
Dovecot not working pop3 with postfix
How to store 15 x 100 million 32-byte records for sequential access?
Facebook SEND button blank error
Extending selection with BeautifulSoup
Problems displaying full-screen CAEAGLLayer on Retina iPad
Gruff Bar Graph Data in array,
What are the implications for overriding compareTo?
How can I export data from an array to an Excel spreadsheet?
How to test android application for different screen sized?
how to retrieve colmodel and data on single request and speed up jqgrid load
SFTP - remove files
Using DynamicObject to simulate DependencyProperties
how to unite path and change shape in svg
User defined matrix of chars
How to select the div which the item is being dragged into on hover, using jQuery UI sortable
Piping into MySQL slower than redirecting file into stdin?
Rectangle animation
Condition in WHERE clause of a stored procedure
How to monitor Textfile and continuously output content in a textbox
Neural network object 'net' gets overwritten. How to update it?
Is a socket still writable even if your network connection is disconnected?
How to raise the javascript function (that is presented in master page) from iframe
Insert Image into mysql database through Jsp [closed]
Display Xml From an API
Display Xml From an API
Sql select statement with two foreign key taken from the same table [closed]
A substitute for Visio for E-R modelling
Pascal Bubble Sort
Why received empty data using $_POST function in php side from the posted HTML form textfield [duplicate]
using scrapy to parse an arbitrary number of rows (key:value pairs) in an html table
Accelerate framework on iphone
How to select within one column where the fields are similar [closed]
get multiple twitter feed with jquery
Building complex shapes with CSS
apr fails to configure when building subversion
How to use MasterSource and MasterFields capability using FibPlus datasets or FibQuery
Object code parentheses (beginner)
C# - Effectively using an XmlReader
Knowing the text selected using mouse in javascript
Place and retrieve images Java 3d
write double into a file
SendAsync (async email) and event handlers / lifecycle in ASP.NET?
about websocket rfc6455 dataframing and how to send or get message between websocket server and client
SQL Group By And Display With Different Values
Unable to find an entry point named 'GetCurrentPackageId' in DLL 'kernel32.dll' when using Visual Studio debugger
Inner HTML on infobox z-index - infobox goes under the pins
Why is 鈥渁nnotatedClasses鈥�needed if there is @Entity?
Managing the running time of background jobs. Timing out if not completed after x seconds,
Do regex implementations actually need a split() function?
Can't load Memcache library in LAMPP [closed]
Add-on Builder: ContentScript and back to Addon code?
change the scale of plot axis in matlab?
how to implement Interfaces in C++? [duplicate]
Matlab cftool producing wrong coefficients
How to properly count elements in my object collection
Regex Tag-Within-Tag
Getting org.apache.camel.component.http.HttpOperationFailedException with Status Code 405
Convert pango markup string to GtkTextTag properties
PHP/MySQL: Datetime calculation?
Ember.Map.create() -> Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'create' of undefined
iPhone UIAnimation using blocks not working
Unable to save NSMutableArray of my class to file (IOS)
File deleted and recreated has to be in separate revision?
Backberry message view, chat view design
Linux : create shared memory segment from shell command
Listview MouseDoubleClickEvent create in behind code
How do I add text inside of an input field using jQuery?
Prevent HTML5 video from being downloaded (right-click saved)?
What is that decimal can't do but double can and vice versa?
Why is my imageview transparent/not showing properly?
Google Directions API, reduce XML output size
rounding decimal numbers of results in jquery
Can I implement timeout on VB6?
What is the PhoneStateListener state when outgoing call is answered
Streaming online audio - plays the very first audio only
Can one Android app have different versions for different devices at the same time?
How to insert text into textarea through c# with Forms.WebBrowser
How to get the value of a property in a litteral object within an auto-executable method
yii and Swift Mailer extension sending last email row twice
MFMailComposer not working in the device?
Update/render game objects using Qt
Read console input as enumerable - one statement?
MySQL - Multiple Tables Finding Correct Results Issues
Easy way to create a reversed key list of TDictionary<TKey,TValue>?
play framework 1.x - how to change ivy cache location
using preg_match multiple times?
Paragraphs don't have enough height when export JasperReports PDF in Amazon EC2 suse Linux
JS touch carousel: performance issues
Is second part of map<..,..> stable?
What is the point of COLLATIONS for nvarchar (Unicode) columns?
Visual studio 2010 reporting 鈥淎ccess violation鈥�for Oracle OCCI 11g when creating connection
How do I make JQuery-isotope work with an element that changes height?
Flooded by status messages in logcat (eclipse/android)
Parameter argument not working right (beginner)
To get object from array based on condition
Migrating DOJO 1.5 to 1.7 Code / No errors, but not able to pass event
Apache poi date format
Integrated group thematic search in Facebook
add new user in lotus notes with java
how to disable active_admin's batch action?
Application not displaying navigation controller
View of UISplitViewController
storing long text pieces
Download Picture in Android at back-end of application
Accessing Array Index OutSide The for Loop
how to insert a image to .rtf where cursor on file
Problems learning SiteCore CMS [closed]
Chrome extension sendRequest from async callback not working?
How does a nodejs app retrieve it's own memory usage?
How to pass ID to function after event listener click
Programmatically importing MS Speech API speech profile
php - array sort on the first dimension of a 2D array
Compile error: 'x' conflicts with the declaration of 'y.x'?
Create a disable CheckBox with same appearance in enable state
Is my segmentation accurate?
Node.js hosting/deploying on my own hardware
drop-down clone add and remove using jquery
jquery - this.each isn't executing
Perl script that provides input to batch file
Dealing with Chinese characters in C string manipulation
Porter Stemmer code
How to disable password/confirmation validations when using has_secure_password in Rails 3.2?
How to right align RadioButton in WPF
NSAssert and release
Regex to search for 5 words before and after a given word
How would you write a method that takes 2 String array and sort the elements in the array by how long each element is?
Howto use the Silverlight Toolkit
Enable SSO capability into an application
Retrieve differential data since last query from MySQL
foreach between Ienumerable
in wcf service not able to get the wsdl
ABRecordRef ARC with NSMutableDictionary
Get distinct values from a query having multiple union values
Build app for distribution
How to make an Android Translucent theme a little darker?
Why does eclipse look in the 'workspace' directory for sources instead of those in the ant script?
gwt/smartgwt beginner- code works correctly in dev mode, but compiled html file does not display correctly
sql two-way join
libgdx - Actor input events not firing
c# array program that asks user to type in elements of an array and deletes all numbers that are equal to 0 fr [closed]
FB login inside facebox is not working
How to remember wifi configuration and connected network through-out the reboots
Buffer over run issue when debugging a c code
How to jump to next frame actionscript 3
Passing a Variable out of a Void function to another class
How to load the db class after the session in CodeIgniter
Can we squeeze the table along with the text dynamically based on resolution of screen in html?
Adding Calendar and Time to Forms
Write multiple times(Enities) using RPC proxyclass in Google App-Engine from Android
WPF Applicationdeployment.isnetworkdeployed is always return false
has_many with two foreign_keys
Downloading a text file
PHP array_diff returns the empty array
GObjectIntrospection Linking to libgirepository-internals and libgirepository-1.0
Subdomains with CloudFlare
Do you need to use path.join in Node.js?
path enumeration using prime numbers(insert child)
Disclosure Buttons, icons don't display in FirstLevelController
Parsing html with simple_html_dom.php
preventing fraud by visitors using firebug or other consoles
What can cause 鈥淥ut Of Memory Exception鈥�after navigating through app?
Find through association in a better manner
Localization of a static site
avassetwriter with greenscreen or chromakey
xCode shows 0x0000000 for a created object
Cross-Platform Mobile Application Solution
preg_replace not working
Have implemented IEquatable correctly? Should I always override GetHashCode?
Javascript Page Load Total
How to convert from pptx to html
Execute Javascript in Handlebars template
Java Command Line XSLT Transformation in java
How come the array of objects I'm creating is a set of nulls?
Blackberry Cod Signing without BlackBerry JDE
Is it possible to write header file without include guard, and without multiple definition errors?
rspec should include tries to chomp an array
viewController custom init method with storyboard
Publish on user's wall as fan page
Can anybody help me with the looping of my program(GAUSS SEIDEL METHOD)?
rails validation error messages
How to trigger alarm in a BroadcastReciever?
Encrypting a simple array
Why is this ProgressDailog is not displaying?
Entity Framework setting Foreign Key reference to aspnet_users table w/o an entity class
Modifying Windows Ctrl+Del behavior across different programs
PHP/MySQL: How to verify properly escaped data?
asp.net mvc4 ajax login: RedirectToAction not working
PHP lithium(li3) how to set up automatic response with JSON
Accordion slider not close previous tab on click other tab
Symfony2 access POST (JSON)
Two questions about HTML5 web coding to Android device
XmlSerializer doesn't pick up some arrays when deserializing
Add a prefix to UITextField
Multithreading Java regex
Methods that return Interface ? [given that there are many implementations of interface]
itextsharp document has no pages
Get product expire date and company address in magento
smtp clients `SendAsync()` method
How to calculate mean, median and mode from a set of CONTINUOUS numbers in Java? [duplicate]
Got an exception com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLNonTransientConnectionException on GoogleAppEngine
On Ajax post of ASP.NET form, the control values are all blank?
store byte values in a string? convert byte to string?
Asp net AJAX in a MasterPage
Best way to pass JS/ css info to a form
Show 鈥�鈥�in COUNT column when WHERE does not match?
using User32.ChangeDisplaySettings to set resolution fails only on max resolution ('badmode' error)
How do I read in a local text file with javascript?
Use reflection to assign value of Func<Product, object> property
C++: Operator overloading error: expected unqualified-id before '&' token
Phonegap: iFrames and external URLs
Java: How to iterate
Remove parsed options and their values from sys.argv
Android Network Information: Displaying type, if connected, speed, signal, etc
Python Regex to match YAML Front Matter
How to find out the days and minutes between 2 timestamps
Connecting from an iPhone client to a PHP server through sockets
Android: ImageButton not showing states pressed
PHP lithium(li3) how to find out version
Get post data from custom_post_type
Nested Model in Backbone.js
R: split character data into numbers and letters
Persistence with files in JSF
Django: using plural form for russian localization
disable automatic changing of keyboard layout in DbGrids.pas in VCL
disable automatic changing of keyboard layout in DbGrids.pas in VCL
how to get memory usage and cpu usage by application?
Change the default styling of underlined hotkey text in buttons
How to parse a json with date exported by mongoexport in Scala?
Easiest way to extract images from a MS Word Document using PHP?
Oracle11g installation error for Listener
pdf 3d with JavaScript : simple example
In which method should I set my UIToolBar hidden
append() method of J2ME
Display LaTeX Equations in-line with terminal
Tracking download progress with UIProgressView and ASIHTTPRequest
How can I restore the iPad frame around iOS Simulator 5.1?
Making dependencies explicit while using a dependency injection container
MySQL Foreign Key Log
Unable to log anything below INFO log level using Java Logging API
Composite index or hashed index? And implementing in MySQL Workbench
Azure Storage Table Query, Which is faster?
Reduce CPU usage in jQuery DOM manipulation
What should I learn along with Ruby on Rails? [closed]
How to check the innerHTML area of a jQuery variable
(NoMethodError) undefined method `t' for main:Object in Aptana
Building a custom protocol for a backbone rails application
Latex algpseudocode IF with multiple conditions [closed]
i want to get data from textbox in php
PHP Syntax for webpage radio buttons
What is the MEF method to get an existing exported value / object (not get Or Create)?
command to truncate quoted strings in a file?
rails 3 omniauth SSL error
MySQL locking tables
dynamically populate value from one emulator to another instance of emulator
Setting text dynamically of EditText
RabbitMQ DeclareQueue and DeclareBind Slow
PHP SimpleHTMLDom Extraction
JSON Object with Embedded array Save in Controller
UIPopoverController for Mac OS X?
How to access webcam with Javascript [duplicate]
How can i search for a character in a string and save a variable with the text after that character?
mod_rewrite problems: 'hiding' real URL, too loose htaccess definitions
Omniauth devise with username
query to compare sales of product in two years
Accessing inner text of a div returning empty string
Getting error calling a web service in VFP via HTTPS
How do I execute multiple Tasks using Task Parallel Library and return after the first one to actually return data
Python Project Issue: Import from parent folder or change project architecture
Different addresses in ELF header and process virtual memory
Access Violation during Delphi 6 program startup in GetKeyboardType() Windows API call
Using phonegap on iOS
App running slowly because of UIImageViews
Using EC2 instances for screenshots?
Ajax-ed in content not getting stylesheet?
Ajax-ed in content not getting stylesheet?
Spike on memory on linux server for php download script
Positioning of HTML elements
PHP SQLite Screw-up
How to create a dynamic friends list [closed]
creating distributable windows python module with f2py
Easiest way to get both text and images from a pdf file in PHP?
CAD: lines to solid programmatically
How do I grab meta data from an HTML file using PHP?
Java and Object Serialization
Sum (i鈥) - is there a more efficient / elegant solution for this?
What is an .episode file..?
Codeigniter CMS
ASMX Web Service in IIS - Connection Refused
Append to the python's dictionary key:value
printf defined as void
UIWebView injection hide navbar in webViewDidStartLoad
How can i list my fans name and id? [closed]
How can you test NFC on android if the 4.xx doesn't support it
php - APC memory caching for a large array variable (22MB)
Using Javascript: How to create a 'Go Back' link that takes the user to a link if there's no history for the tab or window?
How to fix Subversion lock error
Kohana 3.2 - Database Session losing data on new Page Request
UISearch searchDisplayController:shouldReloadTableForSearchString: not reloading
jQuery Ajax plugin for ColdFusion developers
Difference between ( ) (parenthesis) and { } (curly brackets) in Razor
immediate piping with python
Unix DWG to BMP,JPG,PNG,SVG converter
Implementing the comparator interface in java
How to jump out of a Loop and then continue
shell ftp upload - file corrupted
How do I get a UTC Timestamp in JavaScript?
google maps won't work inside of jQuery UI tabs
How to bind a macro inside a lambda in newLISP?
C# Visual Basic Inheritance
Flex:Item Renderer for a whole Grid row?
Jquery keyup multiple inputs
How to tile data evenly distributed across boundaries
power multiplication [closed]
What is the standard place to store a SQLite database for an Android project?
How to solve 鈥渙auth_signature passed was not valid鈥�when uploading videos with vimeo gem?
Vim workflow - debugging and bringing up Terminal
Git: How to make an existing git lightweight tag point to another commit?
cabal install wx Missing C library
presentModalViewController detecting animation completion
error compiling java program
Good documentation for OpenLayers APIs [closed]
Programmatically populating a checkbox in jQuery mobile in the callback
Couldn't find or load main class error in VIM
How to bring back an Android application to foreground when GPS location is changed
How to escape a string which contains signs such as 鈥�or etc. In array?
Objc BAD_ACCESS when using a function to assign to a NSString property
Get a 1132px panel to center in a 1024px screen without scroll?
Associative array in java?
Store email and password in database
unable to print json response in html
Facebook open Graph Timeline for koala
What is an 鈥渆mpty鈥�@about attribute?
An error faced using vector iterator
CSS descendant selector
iPhone iOS how to present a number of UIImages in sequence with gestures for navigation?
Getting link errors with CMake
Function not excuting as expected
Why do I have to use (flush) in this code?
web page displays abnormally on google-chrome
How to force mod_rewrite to skip real files
How to hide elements with css using checkboxes: different outputs according to element id or class?
ActiveRecord oracle_enhanced adapter could not load ruby-oci8 library
find newest billings unpaid [closed]
When is it useful to have custom construct/destroy methods in allocators?
How to get current GMT in Oracle
adding subviews in awakeFromNib
What are dynamic methods and how is DynamicMethod different from MethodBuilder?
Why can tuples contain mutable items?
Two Applications with mod_rewrite
macports: list out my own ports
Adding newly created image object to window
MVC 3 - RAZOR VIEWS - C# - Seperate _Layout.cshtml for Home Page from Other Site Pages
UIImagePicker Camera Memory Warning stops Image from being set to UIImageView
UIKit: [UIViewController mutableChildViewControllers] crash?
ASP MVC 3 bind model of different class type
android map controls in webview or progress bar in phonegap
Error - Compiling Gnuplot on Windows 7 using nmake and makefile.nt
How to get the word which is in first quotation marks?
RoR character class regex
Filter wordpress search results depending on which user role is logged in
Debugging gist-vim
translating c/c++? [closed]
OpenVG and WebGL
Why do I have to refresh the page with this Javascript?
Java Repeat String Unless Stop is entered [closed]
How can I use Sinatra helpers inside my model?
Efficient way to remove spaces between two characters in Vim
Duplicate record by using with CTEs SQL Server 2008
How to improve the audio quality of RTSP links
ruby koan? - cannot set variable same name as method name when mapping
JAVA: Trying to write a method that checks if a string is numeric. Always returning false
Send PHP date to javascript date Format
disable an intellij compiler error
Rails 3.2 app: undefined method `klass' for nil:NilClass for a Class that exists and renders on page just fine
JavaScript: How do I print multiple script tags in a loop?
What HTML/CSS/JS libraries can/should I use to get similar XAML functionality?
Determining duplicate letter counts between an array of strings
Calling method Ruby1.9
Hosting advice for a media rich ipad application [closed]
How to change the content of a tabhost?
Frustrating .htaccess URL Rewriting issue
Rails: How can I set the route for a method which doesn't require an :id parameter but instead requires 2 query parameters
How do I sort an array of objects based on the ordering of another array?
Send email with attachment in C# using Amazon SES
How to allow a div to expand dynamically upon content instead of preset height?
How to play live stream on android?
IIS 7.5 and ColdFusion 9.0.1 Compatibility Issue
Are functional programming languages suitable for graphics programming?
How to implement a resettable, over-ridable, default cell value in Excel?
why document.write doesn't complete as expected
WCF calls from silverlight being executed sequentially rather than in parallel
Initialising an array of structs in Objective-C
stdin to parent process blocked when calling execv
How to show loading indicator for a view with slow loading helper?
Gmail IMAP with PHP?
kqueue() and O_NONBLOCK
鈥溾�.split(鈥�鈥� in SO's javascript
Valid query to check if row exists in SQLite3
Can't capture input to EditText fields
Data.Set : does it always know best?
git cannot push , cannot find Repository
SQL Server Optimisations
Android JSON passing
How to code that two images touches each other?
How can I change the version of npm using nvm?
First iPad Application : Facing Problems
How to get border width of an element in IE7 with jQuery?
GAE/J - Federated Authentication & infinite recursion
python 2.7 re.MULTILINE troubles
Mysql + Help Creation a UNION Query
String replace in substring
Whats the best SQLite data type for a long string
sleep() in ncurses application
Scripting language for 鈥渆nd user鈥�in a Java app
jquery get previous form element
JCarousel cloned items unable to call javascript function
How do you avoid data loss when peer resets TCP connection in winsock 2?
Is it possible to have double array in Angularjs form?
iOS - Verify debug/release static libraries are built using the correct flavor
How do I design a class containing properties from lookup tables?
Does python's ctypes c_char work for windows 64?
Execute shell command inside makefile.am
鈥淣o suitable driver鈥�when running, but not in IDE
How to style a link that matches the current URL?
Importing web project to Eclipse IDE
Vectors/Lists in SQLite
Debugging android
Allow only 1 (child) JFrame on the screen
Segue to new view don't get the back pointer to the old view
Rails + MongoID + Simple Form in association: undefined method `options' for #<Mongoid::Relations::Metadata
read and parsing the head of the mail file
Build heap complexity
Spring STS - Dynamic java web app is not recognizing a roo project entities
Reversing a content array
javascript countdown timer for session timeout
Joining 3 tables and filtering SQL
How can I make kinetic.js full screen background view
Does anyone know why this isn't working?
Cpanel IMAP Gmail problems?
Script Task : write 2 classes and access Global variable
Use regexp_instr to get the last number in a string
imageOrientation returns Up, but photo shows up upsidedown
upper limit for active recodes in codeigniter
Storing data to google cloud storage using gae for java
How to add an edit button in a navigation bar for a tableviewcontroller that is not the rootviewcontroller
Adding table cells with UIPicker values selected
Xcode 4.3.1 on Mac 10.6.8
Gson deserialisation returns null
Ninject ActivationException on ChildKernel
Using substring to remove characters from a dynamic variable
POST Model to Controller Method
Not sure how to deal with Query String when submitting a form
C# abstract class calling base with generics
creating new image objects in C#
timing an operation in java
Android how to set time zone through application
ELFsh Inject Compiled C code into an existing binary
getting started with boost cpu_timer, error: 鈥榖oost::timer::cpu_timer鈥�has not been declared
sharing template between frontend and backend (admin or adminhtml) in magento
Tkinter Widgets Becoming Stacked
Where the Iterator interface implemented in Java prior to jdk7
Disabling localization for specific apps in Django
A (slightly complex) SQL Query?
Package file has a bad manifest
Using TweetSharp and Rx
Is it good to put jdbc operations in actors?
ADBannerView Warning Message
How to use a different table on an if (like) conditon in MySQL
how to change icon in XNA
Array of strings to array of arrays
Create Stored Procedure in Access 2007
Acknowledge and Reload PartialView with Razor
ADT plugin doesn't show up in Eclipse
From Categories MySQL table to MongoDB design
Path Coordinates In Grid start in Bottom Left vs Top Left
Display ASP.NET page inside Flash App
Java Get Map Of X-Y Coordinates From String
Analyzing memory usage using MAT. Trying to interpret what I see
how do i set a userControl function's action from its parent form?
IOCP thread vs threadpool to process messages
SQL query inside a SQL Script
Matching the beginning characters in a LIKE clause
Creating a location overlay on a MapView by pushing a button
TIMESTAMP(6) Oracle Insert
HTTParty XML parsing issue
NetBeans - how to restore JSTL 1.1 lib jars
Resetting XNA attribute changes caused by functions like SetRenderTarget()
self.name returns error? Ruby1.9
What's the difference between pytz and python-dateutil?
how do i create a LIST of unique random numbers?
aspxtreelist how to set selection nodes by default (VB)
Getting APP_ID for Facebook?
Why is Entity Framework (with RIA Services) excluding parent records when child records don't exist?
Hibernate connections are not closed even with C3P0 + explicit session.close()
Replace URLs in Facebook Comment Box using jQuery
Doctrine 2 - No Metadata Classes to process by orm:generate-repositories
Element Comparison in a List of Pairs
problems running simple map-reduce hadoop examples in cygwin
Does Piwik transfer personal data to third party servers?
In Windows, how do you enter a character outside of the Unicode Basic Multilingual Plane?
Detecting object unload from memache/memory in GAE
Rendering problems on Chrome and Android
Stop browser locking during (synchronous) Ajax?
What are the pros and cons of using a Connection pool in a Java SE application?
Product search on Orchard CMS
How can I make the zero tick appear in the lefthand corner in R plots?
Create Spotify playlist and add songs to it. Android
Contact information pulled from Facebook not being queried when selected
Eclipse: Combine EE Version and Developer version
Getting CSS of an element using C#
PDF Generation using itext- Hide Attachment Section by default
Eclipse - Slot machine, if and else if increasing an int incorrectly
Can anybody explain this Java Mergesort behavior interpretation?
Set Panel to display when CheckBox is checked? (Java)
php--glob for searching directories and .jpg only
What is $(0) and $(1) used for in jQuery?
regular expression on string into array
backbone.js router with multiple actions
render same response to two select box from controller
Javolution: Removing while iterating through a FastSet
Recreating tables in entity framework
Run python script without printing newline at end?
text editor cuts off if you use a double space
Using InputView property on iOS
Creating tile like structures in HTML5
How to structure a complex array of data
Modify LINQ output AnonymousType cannot be assigned
What's a good control to use for re/drawing large graphic contents in Windows Forms?
questions about defining DropCreateDatabaseIfModelChanges in asp.net web application
Git version error when calling heroku commands - Windows
Orbit.js javascript error
MyLocationOverlay.enableCompass() stopped working on Google Map API 7 and 8
Add a revision number to images in symfony to avoid browser cache
magento jQuery ui buttons
Cookie available in one PHP script (called from browser) but not another (called from Apache RewriteMap)
How can i set up a tell a friend script using smtp?
How can I delete a particular mysql entry?
Selenium waitForPageToLoad end condition
Receive all data if connection is closed early
Extremely weird image retaining behavior of a NSImageView [duplicate]
in javascript, declare more than one variable in for loop
Loss of variables switching orientations
Creating views for Django ImageFields
Moving from xy to another point, where am I at time t?
How to bind the lifetime of a shared resource object to the union of its users' lifetimes?
jQuery: Live Update Value of Input
What is causing EventStore to throw ConcurrencyException so easily?
Show/hide stuff according to checkboxes using CSS: Why this code won麓t work?
How to recover refs/original/refs/heads/tmp?
Android SDcard Image to byte error
getContentPane and linking GUIs together
Why can I pull one string out of an NSDictionary, but not another?
Detect iPad 3 in Ruby
slow loop on google maps markers
One Android chat app unable to receive messages ( aSamck + Openfire )
Does it make sense to use std::uninitialized_fill() with any allocator?
ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when calling Dialog.show()
Debugging a windows form application
changing file permission ownership
replacing a specific column with a specific value using gawk
Save All Attributes of Rails Model
How to customize JSON serialization in JOliver EventStore?
Doctrine2.2 (sqlite using memory) using OrmTestCase with phpUnit TroubleShoot
Nesting GLKView into UIViewController
Regex matching in Java
Android Service Keeps Getting Killed?
Hibernate many-to-many mapping and query to go with it
array of structs - size of array based on entries in file
Determining .Net method suffix number in VBScript (COM-interop)
C++ include libraries
List all issues from an organization's private repo using github api v3
Defining local variables within partial templates using AJAX / Ruby on Rails
How to query to create new database table from 2 separate tables?
Python unittest testing MongoDB randomly fails
Flex getElementByName
Different parameter sizes result in inefficient query plan cache
Bubble sort program in c
how to retrieve 1st 1000 records and then next 1000 and go on?
Task, Back Button, and onSaveInstanceSate method
Adding a background-image to Google Maps
Configuring eclipse to complain for hard coded strings for android xml preferences
Wrong type error when evaluating a function bound to key in emacs
Verify sqlite database before import into android app
Invalid value for property <position>
DNS query function that differentiates between not existing host and network error
Making a custom previewer for store
PHP 'fwrite' Will Not Take Variable
Getting error on nested query
Java - REGEX construction [closed]
Minitest integration testing: session not tearing down?
How to read JSON(server response) in Javascript?
Returning arrays from Procedures in TCL
Python - the output file only shows that last sequence [closed]
Centering if single line, but no centering if multiple lines
sscanf not detecting zeros
How is the best way to setup board with fields for simple game in RoR and Jquery?
How to combine sets of Images, Strings, and Integers, in an easy to maintain format
git push origin master error on Mac OS X 10.7.3
Why does Firebug show a 鈥�06 Partial Content鈥�response on a video loading request?
Going through large JavaScript array while displaying chord diagram
is it more performant to write one complicated shader or several different shaders?
iOS - UIBarButtonItem Identifier - option to create 鈥渟ettings鈥�cogwheel button
Spring Batch vs {Any Scripting Language}
php session_id algorithm without session?
Get current currency rates automatically with a currency converter apps?
for in for optimization
When I wrote text to a File, why don't I see the Text when I open the file?
python list inquiry
Big speed difference with c style linked list and c++ std::vector
MVVM Linq2Sql and DataContext
Nhibernate profiler shows a warning 鈥淯se explicit Save or Update in session鈥�
Something like adjustsImageWhenDisabled: for UIBarButtonItem
plotting a line graph with values from the same column
What is wrong with doctrine2 entity association
How are RDF and RDFS related?
Sort Lucene search results by different fields
Searching the table to confirm then updating a table row
Does a Rails app handle CSS differently?
UITableViewController (storyboard)
Mysql UDF is installed (but doesn't exist?)
getting console input for Cstrings
Is is possible to use ShareThis in a PhoneGap app?
mysql query returns zero rows in SQL query even though it is in the database
Dynamically changing Magento's adminhtml menu option
Split a byte array at a delimiter
php array and mysql syntax error
Android ImageView: How can I get the current rotation angle?
sql query for top 10 records
Converting string into date using C# in ASP.NET gets me a date an hour off. Why?
How to apply CSS style for the current page link
java irc Dice bot not working
Rails routing, :as option also changes the params hash 鈥�how to override that?
Bootup linux kernel profiling tool including kexec?
does lucene standardanalyzer remove stopwords and have stemming function?
Bash - List and Sort Files and Their Sizes and by Name and Size
DB2 Entity Framework Transaction Isolation 鈥淲ITH UR鈥�
ADO.NET Entity Framework - Recreate entity class painlessly?
Is there a way to use Slow Cheetah to transform app.config in Azure Worker Role?
L1 and L2 Miss Rates in SimpleScalar Simulation
how can one find categories of a wikipedia page using just links of pages?
Converting Strings to encryption keys and vice versa java
Resteasy multipart/form-data encoding using pojo
HTML5 - createPattern(..) - dynamic location (x, y)
assistance using update method in php with mysql
Autostart C application in Ubuntu before to login
Recommended way to use asp.net sessions on Azure
When integrating Facebook Connect, should I have separate user tables for non-Facebook users and Facebook users?
Android login and parsing data from remote database
2 or more Tiny Tables in one html page
How come _exit(0) (exiting by syscall) prevents me from receiving any stdout content?
calling javascript function after jsp script execution
The correct way to import and use the datetime python library
Python PIL remove sections of an image based on its colour
Algorithm to select representative samples for chart
Browser cache after server missconfiguration
how to add params in Http request to invoke a method on a controller in a rails app
how to reverse two characters in a string python
Eclipse RCP AspectJ configure
aSyncTask created from a Handler
What is easiest way to create a controller/routes/view in rails 3?
How to store MPMediaItemPropertyPersistentID in Core Data Entity