Counting printed pages in OSX
Exclude Email Addresses from Web Address Regex
Why is my website not showing the left side in mobile browsers?
Python and its references
masonry.js won't shuffle
Accessing unmanaged memory by address allocated in COM / C++ from C# via Interop
Build has_many :through for new Object
Reading pixel data of a PPM file using C
Closing a Modal (via delegate) from a different View
is there a reliable way to know if a file is on the browser's cache with jQuery/javascript?
How to use operators so that they exclude zero?
My listview does not get any clicks anymore when I add a checkbox
Hitting Database every 3 seconds to get records if updated
Xperia Play Sensors
how in batch mode convert video files to webm
Why is array_search failing
Clarification of Java/SQLite batch and auto-commit
Function of a function works one direction, not the other
Query/return records with dates between Sunday and Saturday?
GlassFish - How to get datasource from OSGI bundle
How to make an led torch/flashlight app for windows phone (Visual Studio)
Android Disable all buttons
Is there Rstudio in the Fedora 16 Repositories? [closed]
How do I get 'simple tip' jQuery to work on Ajax loaded page?
How to make a TextBlock appear / disappear based on bound property of another TextBlock? on android emulators
Socket : measure data transfer rate (in bytes / second) between 2 applications
How to wrap a table in a link?
create data tree (including using django_treebeard
unicode format error
Visual Studio Addin, need to detect when text is selected
Using ATMega16's timer0 for sound generation
Varnish Cache + PHP
How can I debug $Model after validation?
is it possible to declare a large array as static and use it as extern in other files in c
Spring autowire(by type) returns different instances for different interfaces which are implemented by the same class
Spring MVC - Why the NoSuchMethodError exception when deploying context?
Bottom padding div error
Progress Bar for Online Web Form
HTML5 figure element: is there a javascript library to emulate this element for 鈥渙ld鈥�browser?
Java-ajax cross site empty response string
pass PHP Array from page to page with POST
What does the OProfile warning 'dropping hyperspace sample' mean?
Check if application is not running
Does JFS work like the ext3 writeback mode or the ordered mode?
How to run an ASP.NET web application without VS2010?
Setting Label object as per Listbox selected item
Change type from System.Int32 to System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable
Html.RenderAction in MVC with EntityFramework
Automatically update innerText of a div using Query?
How to convert this code to Scheme
Atomic Operations in C++
How to set InputGestureText automatically on all menus?
Possible to display days from DateTime objects in separate dropdown boxes?
How to make MongoDB Server start on Linux Startup (CentOS) [closed]
Scrape a web page that requires they give you a session cookie first
Symfony 1.4 conditional validation
Does a 鈥渘onexistent variable鈥�evaluate to the 鈥渦ndefined鈥�value in non-strict code?
Read until end of stream in haskell
Shared process service via svchost.exe in .NET
Rails: Simple form + bootstrap - When errors, fields not turning red
Apache RewriteRule with url parameters
Apache RewriteRule with url parameters
iOS - Stop a repeating UIAnimation?
WebHarvest not passing http-parameters via GET correcly
Compare two time values using jQuery's validate
Advice on building a database table
How do you format more than two buttons inside an UIAlertView with the UIAlertStylePlainTextInput style?
Creating Google Sitemap from Database
jQuery dialog doesn't show after jQuery load (php)
android audiomanager bug?
Supermarket dataset for Apriori algorithm
android - order of asyncTask
Cannot set content-type to 'application/json' in jQuery.ajax
Bind control to property not working
parsing in rails using CSV
How to store the specific (polls eg.) data in a MySQL database?
iPhone Cheetah 3D OpenGL ES Vertex Buffer Object (VBO) Example
Displaying Texbox value using Jquery
Retrieve all records, where ALL related records are equal to string
AVCaptureSession specify custom resolution
Obsfucated code doesn't work
Is it a best practice to extract String literals to constants in Javascript?
jersey jackson multiple providers for same type
How to limit jQuery searches to a certain area
Remove object from array of objects in python
JDBC Oracle Properties File
How to PHP echo when using multiple quotes
How to actually implement drag'n'drop in Javascript / Metro-UI under Windows 8
Can a neural network learn a multiplexer pattern?
Making a database helper class for a table with many fields
Java BufferedImage to clipboard gives IIOException
CFBundleVersion must be higher than previous version
Background color/image bug when using [margin: 0 auto;] on inner div
Installing master branch of RefineryCMS gem from github
Using jQuery to send a variable to an external script and grab the results
Found text鈥�鈥�where item tag is expected
Magento - Custom admin router but with no menu item
C# function pointer?
Sending direct_message with twitteroauth
Binding an ExtJs combobox form field's selected item
matlab drop 3rd dimension of a array and assign it to a 2d array
Combine controller names in URL (rails routes)
Cannot open php file on a site which also hosts wordpress
How do I get a pop-up to display on my iphone application?
Why does my submit button look overlaid on itself in jQuery Mobile?
optional references types [duplicate]
WinAPI - message loop with own callback
Passing xml to jax rpc web service
Best practice: NSURLConnection sendSynchronousRequest vs sendAsynchronousRequest
Why is it impossible effectively to override Swing's setEnabled?
Adding line to a shape in XAML
Why use **head (and not *head) in RemoveHead(node) function?
Passing variables from within object into setTimeout
Maintain the same sorted order using different comparisons
Bad Access on Core Data deleteObject
How do you declare the friend of a generic class outside of the class decleration?
How to write an empty string into XML file with C#'s XmlWriter class?
Drools Log files
Xcode 4 stuck on 鈥淪canning for working copies鈥�
GetName for enum with duplicate values
iPhone - Sending the app to the background
Converting Epoch time to date string
iPhone: NSTimer doesn't repeat during server request happening
Can't find class from maven dependency project
How do I set userprincipalname of sts issuer?
Roku: Launching a Premium Application Directly into a Specific Video
Transform data from many record to single record in sql server
why android requires jvm
Bitmap rotation in winapi
pthread cancellation activation time
GLSL interlacing seems to skip even rows on 3DTV [closed]
undoing a pull from the wrong github repository
Core Data setup advice
python asynchronous httprequest
Java merge sort code not working
Data is not saved in the Database
iterating over Zend_Paginator object for display [closed]
Why won't this function work?
java library for C++ name mangling/demangling?
What does the video.buffered.length exactly tells?
Add transition effect in a slideshow
Java Swing two form classes
Joomla remove asterisk in registration form
unable to set up Windows HPC cluster correct on Azure
How I can extract the RandomForest from R for use in production?
C++ Issue passing object between classes
How to properly install isapi_wsgi on IIS for Python2.7?
CSS - positioning divs from left to right
Simplest way of choosing a preferred variable value
Extension method, SumIf on generic List<T>
Tastypie URLs not configured properly
Drawing polygons in XML with Android
Create attr_reader methods while setting the values for the according instance variables in the initialize method?
While loop checking for string c++ [closed]
return instanse by value from a method stack compilation
Trying to recreate Skype conversation panel with Swing
Node.js / Awssum for S3
knockoutjs jqauto error referencing jqAutoSource from within a template
playframework load models from xml
How do you open curtains and fade them out in jquery?
In Python what type of object does *zip(list1, list2) return? [duplicate]
JQuery IE 7 or IE9 dynamically add or remove options in select list not getting updated properly
Extracting HTML5 data attributes from a tag
DTO in Play Framework
How can I number each item in this list? Python
Cannot convert 'this' pointer from 'std::stack<_Ty>' to 'std::stack<_Ty> &'
Capture clicks on elements with ID in array
converting letters to special letters
generic methods and wildcards
Flex - display welcome screen on first launch with checkbox for never show again
Display the input text and the submit button on the same line
Prevent process from being closed in task manager
defining location of files at deployment time
Query to Change column (varchar) with dd/mm/yy to DateTime
IDE errors JDBC java
HIde the all the part except a particular portion for printing using CSS
Issue constructing SQL join query
Null Pointer Exception on first element add to my Generic ChunkList
Postgres prepared statements with varying fields
Trying to write a jQuery plugin called $.myAjax
Add and read a json file in the iPhone app
Get the SelectedItem of DataGridViewComboBoxCell VB.NET
MySQL UNION truncating returned datasets
Only the last object of a vector is drawn when they should all be drawn
Inconsistent error reporting from Dart Editor regarding final fields
Prevent Flipping of the Android Front Facing Camera
div { will not allow overflow?
Instance method vs. static method with ref parameter
jquery post array causing browser to hang - mvc 3
Double precision: Multiplication of big numbers
NSLocalizedDescription=Expected status code in (200-299), got 400
Steps to troubleshoot CSS problems
handling .html as .php (lighttpd)?
Minifying bootstrap.js with connect-assetmanager causes syntax error. Why?
Getting an error when running the basic Express project
Log messages disappear from GAE dev server when running a backend instance
Figuring out why I am getting a Resource ID #5 error
LInking to CSS from Module CodeIgniter
iOS 5.1 simulator stopped working after upgrade to Xcode 4.3
Website loads incorrectly on mobile browsers. 鈥渨idth=device-width鈥�doesn't work and parts of the header/footer remain grey
Choose numbers which sum to zero
lex/yacc won't recognize a string (syntax error)
Matching the rightmost and the leftmost symbols in perl with regular expression
Wordpress Login Options
How to display a template for empty tables?
Excessive UL margin in Chrome and Firefox
Javascript: Verify External Url Of An Image
Symfony2, PHP, PDF, read only PDF files without downloading it
In Lua, how do you find out the key an object is stored in?
List of file extensions for supported MPMoviePlayerController media types
Android Unit Tests
List of file extensions for supported MPMoviePlayerController media types
Android Unit Tests
how do i create a dict/list of quries with scores then randomly select some to add up the scores?
eclipselink historypolicy blob field
Appropriate method to execute JavaScript from user input?
Removing entries from LD_LIBRARY_PATH
Creating an instance of a CalendarView
Oracle Rank() analytic function
Passing variable values over to paypal's cart to carry out payment
Google Map API v3 - Ajax (Javascript + Jquery) GET issue
How to iterate through jQuery elements
Know which condition didn't match in mysql consult
Lua reading in a file
remove gaps in auto increment
Possible memory link when using UpdatePanel with JavaScript call
A specified Include path is not valid
Need some help to understand idea of writing complex query in rails active record
Git grep gives unknown revision or path not in the working tree.
how to initialize private members of class in c++
pylab plotting legend error
Does there exist a fully-object-oriented, statically, declaratively-typed programming language?
How to echo returning array
Getting the DISQUS Comments number from dynamic pages and populate MySQL
IPad resets when running Time Profiler in Instruments
$.post function doesnt work
In R, how do I find the optimal variable to minimise the correlation between two datasets [duplicate]
Paper.js: can't set fillColor of a symbol instance
How to use HTML Anchor (A) tag in Javascript
Package JARs in WAR or put on classpath?
How to use wstring and wcout to output Chinese words in Xcode?
declaring a return type on a constructor doesn't cause a compilation error
Choppy jQuery Animation in Chrome and Safari?
ListView selection remains persistent after exiting choice mode
Returning to the activity after logging into facebook
What's a good way to split a non-delimited string in Java?
Storing vCard/vcf contact records in SQL
Crm 2011 serverProxy object disposed with integration application
Visual C++ Forms: Global Keydown
Printing symbols from an array of chars
Capping linear regression prediction values using scikit
how to get a 304 for images stored on amazon s3 when using django-storages on django app?
Hide/show stuff according to checking or unchecking a form box: Can this be done with css only?
Parser over txt document in xcode
Visual C++:error C2664: 'GetModuleFileNameW' : cannot convert parameter 2 from 'char [260]' to 'LPWCH'
Can I alter only the top and bottom paddings with one property?
Previously instantaneous function doesn't end at second call
How to make and sort array of tuples in R
Java hashing passwords
SQL placeholders (鈥�鈥� don't work in SQLiteDatabae.update
Converting json text encoded from php multidimensional array into a json object for fullcalendar
Inputting a hash with default values
Save kABPersonBirthdayProperty to the address book without a year?
App Language and Android Market Filtering
NumberFormatException Error
xcode viewDidLoad
Perl RegEx - Find and Replace Repeated String
Tablesorter: table.tBodies[0] is undefined (After deciding to retrieve table data via PHP MySQL)
How to hide a datum from everyone but class T
WPF ListBox ListBoxItem Binding
Appcelerator titanium - Splash screen with progress bar
Multiple GUI screens from same python program
Which HTML tags are supported by Android TextView?
Adding elements of an Array to an ArrayList
Overriding CSS styles
stream existing aac streams into browser using soundmanager2
Using a single ID column to reference multiple tables
Custom ListView adapter, strange ImageView behavior
How to make a button open a specific .csv file using Python Tkinter?
Image upload security - reprocess with GD
Java Command-Line Input
how do I rewrite any uri not beginning with a directory to that directory?
Where should I store my game level state?
MYSQL join with sort and group by choosing the element to display
invoke the Other menu on an ICS phone?
Can I create a shared multiarray or lists of lists object in python for multiprocessing?
How to refresh a UIImageView to correctly display image for a new frame size?
Most elegant way to count integers in a list
Spring controller mapping config
How to broadcast Video using UDPCLient Class in C# over internet?
Javascript/jquery create array from elements with same rel?
Passing variable values over to paypal's cart for payment
Upgrading from Heroku Bamboo stack to a Cedar stack
Trouble reading and loading data from a CSV file in C++
detect new notification jquery
jQuery crashing
Perl program printing full .fasta file sequences to file, but trying to achieve specific nucleotide count with respect to genes
How to make these three divs inside a containing div float correctly in chrome - third div is lower than the first two
How can I enable implicit UIView animation?
Concurrency with EventMachine for a high performance need
Why does my recursive code result in a stack overflow error?
which jQuery plugin can be used to scroll header?
Hints on Android graphics - image size
Switching Modes in Prolog on the Windows Command Line
Universal app for iPad not loading iPad .xib files?
Why isn't my text files showing on git's preview? [closed]
Backbone.js On Trigger Callback Binding Not Working as Expected
Is there any compelling reason for me to un-static this method?
jquery mobile 1.1 rc1 - a href in fixed toolbar not working
XNA Gif Animation
How to get pytz timezone from common abbreviation (PST, EST, etc.)?
XNA Gif Animation
How to get pytz timezone from common abbreviation (PST, EST, etc.)?
get assoc array elements by array of keys
How to use private static methods from another class
Detecting the difference between tabs? [closed]
Changing orientation clears the TimePicker
HtmlAgilityPack How to replace this text cf.example
nested jQuery Selectors
Matching at least and at most with regular expressions in Perl
PHP - Fatal error: Can't use function return value in write context in
What's the simplest way to write this CSS selector?
@Entity entity cannot be resolved to a type
NHibernate Search - Multiple Web Servers
When does map/reduce in MongoDB actually trigger the replace?
Out of bounds exception in output but runs what I want it to do
How to average product review scores using activerecord and POSTGRES
NSMutableSet Not adding object
groovy upload file
Is the web browser performance rule 鈥渙nly 2 requests in parallel per hostname鈥�still correct?
Proper joins for multiple tables/left join +
Xcode 4 outputting files and reading from weird locations?
ERROR: Cannot open source file 鈥�鈥�
pylab matplotlib 鈥渟how鈥�waits until window closes
JQuery Visible Show
Setting the limiting condition of for loop
SQL Joins that don't return repeated data
ProfileBase.GetProperty() does not work on a new thread
InstanceLockedException: How to handle locking issues with WF 4.0?
Change Font type and size for the whole JFrame?
How can i append a an item only if it meets certain rules in python
rails 3.2.2, cancan 1.6.7. index fails authorization 1st each session, then is allowed appropriately
Cakephp 2.0 hasAndBelongsToMany Model error
result of get_the_content() not correctly displayed
find out how fast my location is changing on Map using core location or map kit
Destructor class in TObject and NIL Delphi
what does it mean when running the app again in xcode fixes the issue?
GoogleTest fails to use custom comparison operator
I need help using ProxySelector to detect Proxy settings
'gcc' failed with exit status 1 while trying to install gevent-websocket
Error connecting to dabase
View Scroll Up Method in the For Dummies Book, it it outdated
Abstract method in non-abstract class?
Access local variable in method?
Difficulty with file I/O not producing output
error mldivide Matrix dimensions must agree
Frustrated with ProDinner MVC3 EF4
A space efficient data structure to store and look-up through a large set of (uniformly distributed) Integers
Edge detection in C#
GUI For Loop Button
redirect from jsp in struts2 application
taking json values and search into DOM, is there a better way to do it?
How change all uppercase words to lowercase, but exclude string literals in Vim
sql update query not running
GAE templates doesn't work
String dropping letters?
jquery hide rows by class not working
Make a dynamic variable without eval() corresponding to an array
C++ terminal output with constant area / status bar
jquery mobile gmap3 map not drawing correctly
ARM compilation error, VPF registered used by executable, not object file
Day abbreviations in python asctime()
Node.js in production with forever and connect's vhosts / nginx alternative?
Properly implementing auto-incrementing primary keys in OpenEdge 10.2B using SQL / JDBC
Sending HTTP request and parsing JSON response
Why is my OpenGL 3.3 Application not drawing anything?
Class design for relationships
How to fix default Python path after installing Virtualenv
How to deal with different Bluetooth stacks on Windows
ObjectContext access error
C constants defined at link time
Position on Screen Right Bottom
cvSetImageROI using greyscale and color images
What is mysql_insert_id(); using prepared statement?
How to get these nested quotes to work in Javascript?
How to setup the relationship for these tables in MySQL?
Setup ejabberd with PostgreSQL [closed]
SoundCloud Player Widget start autoplay after onMediaDoneBuffering
How can I create this timetable intelligently? It has changeable periods of time and length
adding script in microsoft project 2010
OpenID authentication with Google failing randomly
Django 鈥�dissallowing field editing?
Disable vim text wrapping by file type
How do I make my database schema update script work in PostgreSql 9.1?
The New iPad: Low Memory Warnings Not Appearing?
How to config apache for C++ CGI scripts?
<a href=鈥溾�> in PHP for Hide link in source view
Python Parameters (beginner)
jQuery mobile: new content on internal page transition
Weird Fatal Exception in Android ListView
Force Closing for (sharedprefferences)
Android stack trace doesn't mention my code
Jquery XML document is not able to traverse
How does machine code communicate with processor?
Testing AdBannerView with Real Ads from iAd Network
Designing an object in C++ that can be compared in multiple ways
How to analyse multi-line log entries?
Setting Windows XP registry key permissions using Python
Add values to Session during testing (FakeRequest, FakeApplication)
MSBuild handling circular dependencies
Add values to Session during testing (FakeRequest, FakeApplication)
MSBuild handling circular dependencies
System.Text.UTF8Encoding From VBScript
Getting info about an mp3 file in ios 5
ExtJs window sliding issue
Java - GregorianCalendar outputting wrong year?
TestFlight beta-testing iOS app
Regex help, getting links with certain anchor text
Set values in arrayList with loop
Listview getFirstVisiblePosition
How to convert byte[] to IMediaSample on C#
CSS Fonts not working ie
JARs that Maven have downloaded to my local repository is included in classpath but not found?
Align final line in a String [closed]
jQuery InsertAfter duplication on Rails form
java Swing 鈥�JPanel and PropertyChangeListener
Using smoothScrollBy method in Android ScrollView class
Create branch in Versions (Mac Subversion client)
Display element as preformatted text via CSS
storing strings in an array in a compact way [duplicate]
How user can to toggle row numbers in jqgrid
splitting a merge in git
HTML 5 - Testing Offline Cache with localhost
Is the compiler allowed to select const ref over ref during overload resolution? data binding of big data without paging
What's the meaning of char zero (0) in Java? [duplicate]
Why did Apple previously typedef reference (pointer) types but not now?
How to determine derived class at run time and allow call to polymorphic method
Creating an API (with PHP) [closed]
In Lua, how to find out what key an object is stored in [duplicate]
Unable to transfer Selected Items of a ListBox to another ListBox
How to search a value which can returns true in WHERE condition OR in HAVING condition?
Zipping files with perl, last line is cut off
iPhone - MFMailComposeViewController delegate incompatible type
Error in NSString statement, but I don't see it
make different instances out of the same class?
TransientFaultHandling: ApplicationConfiguration class missing?
Why Canvas.SetTop animation doesn't work properly?
I can't get nginx to protect php files
Intersection of lines in maple
facebook app authorizing: An error occurred. Please try again later
How to check if audioplayer is paused while loading multiple viewcontrollers
Google Analytics referral triggered by a bookmarklet
Refactor non-blocking nodejs do..while loop
How to change properties of an object from an array list?
cakephp prevent admin to access front-end
How an SQL trigger can be used to automatically add a unique Reference?
鈥淪ymbols not found for Architecture x86_64鈥�for a MEX file that uses the CPLEX API in C
How to stub out / inject a view controller for state based testing on the iOS 5 runtime?
Show 鈥淟oading image鈥�while page is loading
Passing complex object to a web service [closed]
jQuery: display overlay over elements on hover using mouseenter and mouseleave
Trouble filling and using MultiSelectList/ListBoxFor in ASP.NET MVC 3
how do I integrate, a function with many arguments using matlab
Database structure: how to best design for this issue?
return by value and noexcept
An exception occurred processing JSP page, line points to startsWith() method
Stopping WP7 app from crashing when there is no network connection
I am using following code to download pic from local host. It results in unexpected error
Complex INSERT query
org-mode tables: refer to a field in a table from formula in another table
Database Development - General Structure and Planning [closed]
Deleting Entry to Mongo
menu android not switching activities
how to check if a space is followed by a certain character?
PHP - Date based on the number of the day minus 2 - N
LUT in a macro C
CGContextFillEllipseInRect acting weird
Algorithms on merging two heaps
'gem install nokogiri' fails in `bundle install` [Mac OS X Lion]
Non-blocking I/O socket to a sleeping device
Integer division in PHP produces zero - how to cast it to float?
Tool for moving website to staging/production server
Android + Arduino project: should I have them talk via Bluetooth or USB?
Adding a parameter to an instance variable in Rails
circular hour selector
Why does importing Control.Applicative allow this bad code to type check?
Java Array List get
How to create single line EditText in Android 3.0
Dereferencing a pointer into a reference in c++
Why use closure in that simple case?
How can I create a multi-line wx.ComboCtrl in wxPython?
Objective C not throwing enough errors? [closed]
Confused about hoisting
XSLT tokenize a string that's distributed across child elements
nginx giving 403 when trying to cache css / js etc
change the share icons from the facebook, linkedin, google+, tweeter
Sorting collections using a Map with string and separate class
Subscribing an Action to any event type via reflection
incrementing autoresetevent c#
Strange extra equal sign in mysql query. How do I remove it?
Alert user before session expires, option to renew session
Determine if a C string is a valid int in C
MVC 3 How to refresh only one Partial View from multiple Views
Can a callback to a finished XmlHttpRequest trigger before the send-function is complete?
Using an iframe on mvc 3 to create an editor
PHP regex not working - returns NULL on local server, but works properly on other
Showing tabbar at the top of screen in tabbarcontroller based project with scrolling
Migrating from jquery to Backbone - does it make sense with this?
max-height not working on table
Migrating from jquery to Backbone - does it make sense with this?
max-height not working on table
How to exclude a set of packages from maven build jar?
Error while using ord() in reduce function in Python
ClientDataset performance TBlobfields
How to use boost::asio properly? (TCP server)
Write MySQL query result to Excel using WPF?
Using postgresql to store multiple customer preferences from a java form
how can I select a particular Div after getting result back using jquery and $.ajax?
Simple Linked list to read in integers and display them back C++
populating depended spinner from independent spinner listener
MySQL Can't connect to server on localhost with PHP
How to encode FIRST & FOLLOW sets inside a compiler
What problems maybe happen if I remove 鈥渨p-鈥�prefix from wordpress folders and files?
CSS3 Pie integration with Wordpress
IE bug with SyntaxHighlighter and jQuery - 鈥淯nable to get value of the property 'slice': object is null or undefined鈥�
easily access class variable in function in global scope
Is there any port that can be used to broadcast to every process?
Apache CXF + Mule ESB, SOAP + RESTful web service. How to go about it?
Resurrection difference in using Object Initializer
Form1 controls and threading
Proving that the language is regular or not
Recommendations sought for Image Processing books
Extra margin bottom[sample]?
Warning: file_put_contents - cannot create file using php
Accessing NSJSONSerialization data using a NSDictionary
What are the steps required to secure a Web API with OAuth?
Set initial size to LinearLayout that getting returned from BaseAdapter's getView method
ipad 3 - openGL bug with kEAGLDrawablePropertyRetainedBacking and retina?
How do I fetch data from URL, using xcode 4.3.1 with NSJSONSerialization Class Reference
How to JOptionPane() after right click of and object
cURL: two seperate requests, same session
simple C++ inheritance
Parse a simple json string, got after posting body to url
Wrong fragment in ViewPager receives onContextItemSelected call
OpenMP Set Global Sharing Default
JavaScript runs in firefox, but not IE or Chrome?
get two instances of a class? [closed]
iPad Voice Recognition - Developer Access?
Query to insert or if needed update record
CSS vertical align center in circles
Short if-else statements in PHP
Putting the social dialogs (facebook, ln, g+, tweeter) in a jquery dialog
Rounding Int from Decimal C#
Parsing Twitter feed: -[__NSCFString objectForKey:]
generate java beans with clojure
Richfaces popup panel
Delphi Split a string containing several records with various delimiters
Windows Phone SOAP Issue
Targeting non-immediate parent in CSS for 960gs
Alternative TLS bindings for Ruby
how to check presence of a number in a structure field?
One button change more than one colour
Small Adjustments to Latitude & Longitude with Javascript
Error when creating a grand total of a basket
CXF: method disturbs other methods, org.apache.cxf.interceptor.Fault: Message part [鈥 was not recognized
Memory Leak in Tomcat 6.0 application
PHP CSV - MYSQL Timing out
REPLACE() CONCAT() & SUBSTR() for inserting one character in between concatenated fields
Layout API-dependent?
How to find the named range of a cell - VSTO throws exception
ASP.NET - Construct HTML Tags Dynamically
Typedef in javascript
model associations in rails
In self-referencing table with hierarchical data, should I split the table if groups of fields are blank at different hierarchy levels?
How to keep log of user actions in a Rails 3 app?
How to give file or folder of file as an output in Java swing?
Is Erlang 鈥渟ingle assignment鈥�different from Haskell 鈥渋mmutable values鈥�
Sending commands to socket from C# with webbrowser
OpenCV, C++: Inserting into set
PHP/SQL: Un-md5 a string [duplicate]
How to make middle div centered horizontally, inbetween elements floating to the left and right?
Adding Children in Cocos2d
Getting iPhone location data into an array
When to create PBI's from a feature request and where to draw the line into splitting them up?
RSpec and ActiveRecord : Examples failing while checking One To Many association
EntityManager merge throwing EntityExists exception
Log errors, and instead of displaying them, show a 500 Error Page in PHP
Kohana link related questions
sscanf not detecting the right numbers
Checking if logging to website is successful via C#
Using Travis-CI for Node.js project
PyCharm remote interpreters
i can't pass and get the variable in scalate template
Sample code for imgscalr AsyncScalr
Loading assets into three.js using File API
Removing a spot from a multidimensional array in PHP
Type/casting of compound assignment operators? (such as *= (star-equals))
How do I commit a new project version on GitHub?
test equality of two iterators?
Find if executable is available in PATH
Looking for ideas on how to roll my own multi-threaded task scheduler in C++
Xcode 4.3.1: Doesn't show me line of code when: Terminating app due to uncaught exception
multiple left join's issue
TOP Asterisk DLL/Wrappers for .NET
change background color
setVolume for html5 audio doesn't work on mobile Android or Safari - Any workaround?
Multiple maven projects in eclipse Indigo
python requests.delete hangs after a certain number of requests?
Ruby: escape escape sequence?
How to create an EFFICIENT currency/unit converter?
How can I return two values from a function in Python?
Does someone have a divide-and conquer algorithm in Java to find the closest pair of points? [closed]
NullPointerException returning an array that will filled in a different method
Short Unique Digest in Python
How to 鈥渞equire鈥�my WebGL code that is split into three files into one bootstrap file?
Java - GregorianCalendar
Riak Sort on MapReduce
Getting Started with Game development [closed]
DynamicResource Cannot be resolved
Audio unit instrument + sampler
Playing .wav failing when recall start()
Take current datetime and make 2 datetime variables? (6AM - 5:59AM)
printf(鈥�d n鈥� n++ + --n); What exactly is going on here? [duplicate]
Grails startup error message
Dashes being inserted just before and after the YIELD content in HTML emails [closed]
write to / create file in php
file_get_contents() is not doing so
itemdatabound event of a nested listview
Gzip compression with MVC3 issue on IIS 6
CoreText Horizontal Center Alignment of Text
How to handle dynamic URLs while crawling online stores?
Setting the scroll back to its position
Setting the accessibilityFrame of an element whose parent view will move
My first WinAPI program in Qt Creator doesn't show window?
PHP forms - 'get' working but 'post' not
Install4j - How to check if a file exists in conditional expression?
UITableView reloadData taking too much time
How to get Top 10 rows from a sorted DataTable?
Negative top margin in Firefox moves elements to the right
Python/Mechanize: Preventing images from being downloaded/opened
JavaScript Chart Library with Multiple X and Y Axes, and Negative Axis Values [closed]
How to start an Application at boot up in Android?
How to Make Hover Background Fade Smoothly In and Out?
How to validate a contact form using JavaScript?
Storing curl session cookies in mysql
Error running or compiling this code java鈥ery confused program wont run
Building android-maven project in netbeans
pthread_mutex_trylock and pthread_mutex_unlock cause segmentation fault
MEF circular dependency
Why does this NamedQuery not work when using an in-memory DB?
python, virtualenv - trying to make a new virtualenv and getting error
Switching from context menu to correct activity
UIImage best size for storing image
How to get rid of several while loops and a better idea of displaying results
How to I match to multiple atoms in Erlang?
Event assignment in Delphi Interposer class
Is it possible to change imei number in android phone
View controller uses one nib fine but crashes with another
How to send the post to my FB wall
Python SublimeText plugin - No module named Yaml
stepping into .Net 4.0 framework source
UIButton background image looks fine in sim, but not on device
Static bounds checks on Haskell arrays
Why does `rsync <鈥�gt; /path/to/someDir /path/to/otherDir` leave me with `/path/to/otherDir/someDir`, not syncing files from `someDir` into `otherDir`?
Is AutoRelease redundant when using ARC in Objective-C?
Access an instance of AppDelegate but an error:EXC_BAD_ACCESS
C++ gcc error on operator= function
鈥淩VM is not a function鈥�error
Form Validation event issue
How do you configure Web Proxies when using SSL locally with IIS Express?
Slide Toggle for Android
Using Google Breakpad for Android NDK ?
RSA longer message, better security [closed]
Using WriteableBitmapEx
Add css class to row in MVCContrib grid
Take a photo automatically without user interaction
[NSWorkspace notificationCenter] vs. NSDistributedNotificationCenter
GWT manually serialize domain object on server
What does %0x%x mean in C/C++ programming?
how can I pass attribute from sprint to scalate template?
How to query for suggested books like amazon does?
How to prevent an procedure similar to the split () function (but with multiple separators) returns ' ' in its output
iPhone User Interface steps online demo
How do I sscan for time?
Form won't post on localhost
Android Inputstream read() method never returns -1
Finding the position of a button. CGRectMake
glow around div with border and color
Difference between Base, Schema, and Migration in ActiveRecord
Bind to Port 443 on Fedora
Movie player iOS5 play symbol over view
Creating a secure configuration file that contains passwords
Format a string which contains numbers
Displaying form when session expire issue
How to launch Linux TortoiseHg GUI
Java - Extracting polynomial variables from String input via a constructor
Objective C : Writing into a Plist
XSLT/XPath: how to use xsl:apply-templates on all but specific elements
jquery and the use of $.getScript()
HTML5 Video Ruby on Rails and Webrick
How to remove an element but not the content inside it?
tagging built artifacts in Bamboo CI server
How to access Cloud Storage file from App running at local
Alpha-shape library for C# / .Net [closed]
Open third party app
Image size for android app
How to make dragging of an Ellipse object cumulative?
how do i make sure items in a list is sequential ?
how to Use select many in lambda expression mvc
Image size for android app
How to make dragging of an Ellipse object cumulative?
how do i make sure items in a list is sequential ?
how to Use select many in lambda expression mvc
Mysqldb update error typeerror 'str' object is not callable
Get pretty git rev name
Coverting String Decimal to Binary and Hexa in Assembly 8086
Maven central repo does not reflect latest 1.3.0 artifact, any other repos I can pull from?
buildr: specify project base dir
Jquery Ajax and the use of $.toJSON() function
MySQL - Combining three columns into one with specific formatting
Amimation with Ajax, and CSS3
How to manage and render nested arrays with knockout.js?
BAsic jquery slider not working
Multiple Entites(Post & Product) to have common entity(Comment) as ICollection
How to remove noise from ecg signal in ecg.wav format using filters in matlab?
MySQL error while importing database
How can i recognize changed values in a schema-trigger?
network simulation/emulation on a windows machine?
I have an issue with Linux's network stack while sniffing packets
Sending Data from iOS to java socket server
Java Multithreading - skipping lines of code?
Silverlight treeview control selecting the last node and finding the parent?
jQuery smooth scrolling and URL field
How to prevent Xcode from recompiling the whole project?
NullPointerException android ListView
Parsing XML document in PHP
Order by and Group in NHibernate QueryOver
create home screen shortcut android
Scrapy: async database request in spider middleware?
Age range statistic for PHP control panel using birthday from users table in MySQL
Intermittent unknown modifier error with php regex
my site loads in good speed, but it takes some time to get connected to the server,
Powershell output formatting
jQuery DataTables two rows in head: first row column names and sorting, second row filtering
After Auto-ARC Conversion: Assigning retained object to unsafe property; object will be released after assignment
How to get db4o file already created and use it into Android app?
Sending UTF-8 with sockets
How do I achieve this jQuery effect? [closed]
Column Drill Down Chart - parsing rendring via XML datasource
Ruby array to HTML table
C# / XNA - 2D collision engine glitch?
Graph API: Upload photo with place
Battery Charging with Light Sensor? [closed]
jQuery text colour change animation
CSS multiple backgrounds scrolling at different speeds
use Rails validations to limit to one currently active model
Sampling BC5_SNORM texture yields incorrect value range
Android FragmentActivity/FragmentPagerAdapter and actionBar update onCreateOptionsMenu
How to find the best path in graph with weighted nodes and vertices
Add sort order to featured products in magento
jquery cookie set value to boolean true
Scripting 16-bit DOS Binaries on 64-bit Windows via a command-line VM?
Why constructor is used instead of functions?
How to take and upload a photo?
Confused from touchBegan examples
Service Reference in IIS
How to reference a File in raw folder in Android
Why do I 鈥渘eed opCmp鈥�for an anonymous class?
Creating a GraphicsPath from a semi-transparent bitmap
Build a custom svm kernel matrix with opencv
Programming to interfaces - Facebook C# SDK
macports install log?
CSS - centering div horizontally and vertically not working (I read the existing posts but nothing works鈥�
Telerik RadEditor - Setting the ImageManager.ViewPath to a directory outside of my current site
Which Windows GUI frameworks are currently worth learning? [closed]
WCF service hosting failing while using netMsmqBinding binding with IIS hosting
How do I get the column names from a row returned from an adodbapi query?
How is Spring able to notify about when an instance is destroyed?
Getting Name of the form that sent request to the servlet [duplicate]
Python : Assign value of a function result / variable to a class
Objective-C - Missing sentinel in method dispatch?
Editor Template Not working in MVC3
How can I evaluate an expression with sin, cos and other functions?
Clear GDI shape inside the loop
2d vector class for PlayN?
Indy - ReadLnSplit Causes NotConnected Exception when closing
MySQL auto delete in 24 hours
Connect to LAN while Android device is in debugging mode
get data from remote server in android
regex - At most two pair of consecutives
Deploying .ear file (contains rest services)
python programme showing compilation error
C# Entity Framework Linq Query not recognizing new changes
Calculate centroid of values, and find the centroid's relative position w.r.t the path
Repeatedly check the login status of the user?
Fastest way to run Java jar file from Python?
Equivalent of fgets in Java
Difficulty when configuring JUnit in Windows 7 Home Premium
What's a faster way to look up a value in a list of tuples?
How to Stop jQuery from Buffering Hover Effects?
Silverlight has no Math.Truncate! 鈥ill this equivalent work?
Which jars exactly are needed to embed Neo4j?
get absolute position in webkit with javascript
Delphi variable might not have been initialized warning
Bash output stream write to a file
How to delete a record with a foreign key constraint?
Detecting when the autofill has been filled
colorWithPatternImage creates black lines across view
Control my computer camera with javascript?
MonoDevelop widgets stucked in Insensitive StateType
Several UIScrollView Questions
Treat @ as text in ToExpression Mathematica
DynamoDB Database Design (Key-Value Store, noSQL)
Javascript: Make colors in an image into links?
Why can't a derived class pointer point to a base class object without casting?
Passing Control from one Event to another in C#
Adding and removing li by Javascript
EOF after reading a file?
Hashmap generic
Using RoboGuice context injection with an AbstractThreadedSyncAdapter
Integrate Skype link in Flex application?
Mercurial - Check sanity patch
How to create a message set for CWF to do opaque parsing?
entreprise intranet Liferay or Alfresco
jQuery class descendant not accessed as planned
Play sound in app
NSDateformatter always retun nil on iPhone model MD269LL but OK on other models
Getting all root elements that contain child element with certain string in xml
Long running process using TPL. Could not find how to write callback?
Cache Folder in PHP 777, Security Concerns
Validating contactform using PHP, JS and Ajax
how to fill my collection list by using dataset in c#
Tiny MCE Editor In iframe
Proguard keepclassmembers keeps class
Make relative links into absolute ones
Issue uploading multiple files to server
PHP conversions between binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal with floating number
how to user active_admin with best_in_place?
How do I fix 1px margin on Google Chrome?
When on a 50 meters radius around a marker, trigger method
Windows console application with gets() ROP exploit
Does Riak (open source) support some form of multi-site replication?
Change the text will_paginate renders
how to get database from development to production?
Backbone-Relational and Django-Tastypie: many-to-many fields operating example
force iphone into lock mode
rails model / database
adding Key values from NSDictionary to NSarray
Thinking Sphinx: search across multiple models: best practices?
Unable to parse response error while uploading screenshots on google play (Android Market)
Generating a query to compare head-to-head stats
Returning a value from a function, based on condition, one return statement vs. many return statements [closed]
Read a particuliar line in txt file in Java
formatted reading using awk
iframe injection attack
Is it possible to see the type hierarchy of an annotation in eclipse?
How to avoid spaces with stdout in python?
How to format column to number format in Excel sheet?
How to insert code after specific HTML elements?
How to use AssistiveTouch UI in iOS
How to play mp3+g on mediaplayer android
Advanced Custom Syntax Coloring for Aptana Studio 3 (.less)
lazy high charts rails, what is 鈥渕y_id鈥�? in <%= high_chart(鈥渕y_id4鈥� @chart) %>
How to create a PHP parseable input using AJAX?
Youtube Webservices in different Android devices
Condense array with empty values php
is animation allowed in an onClick() function
IllegalStateException with ActionBarSherlock 4
Clean allocation and construction of one object with the standard C++98/03
Aligning HTML5 page layout with CSS in different browsers
Changing language for android device
SQL joins without duplicate parent rows
Date clashes between form and database
How to track Visit Duration for 1 page website
jQuery addClass height issue
Python requests library not following 302 properly?
return self before async request finished
Install Solr into Xampp
Rename Article SLUG if already exists
Database Design Patterns/Considerations when leveraging Master Data Services
Animation using containment inheritance
Drop Down Menu not sticking to LI Parent
Trivially copyable always a pseudo-standard layout?
Membership in ASP.Net?
What characters uses base64encode?
jQuery strange behaviour whith hover
How to implement md5 or sha1 encryption in C
Links in Riak: what can they do/not do, compared to graph databases?
How to manage Node.js application on Linux (Fedora-15)
call C# dll from C++
How can I set anonymous bookmarks in Eclipse?
sed - append to next line using command line
Eclipse multiple projects to view as one in project explorer
Animated glow/flash of UIButton text
Call attribute after chaining methods
I want to check 鈥淪ec-WebSocket-Accept鈥�in client side
what actually is php? [closed]
' __exidx_start' and '__exidx_end' what do they do?
How can I find the cause for a memory leak in Fortran 2003 program?
CSS mapping issue in Google App Engine
Solve this sql puzzle
jQuery Script to Simulate Hidden Navigation like Facebook App
Update Batch in Codeigniter with multiple WHERE clause
Cannot compile with libssh2
Delete or edit multiple objects within the same rails form
How to use Button to control another View
How to timestamp a response consistently with an associated request?
PHPUnit gives 鈥淐all to undefined method PHP_CodeCoverage_Filter::getInstance()鈥�
iPhone: locationManagerShouldDisplayHeadingCalibration ignored/does nothing
secure way to transfer user passwords in php
AS3 - Make object obscure specific objects
Removing rows from an excel file using JExcel API
Using stringByAppendingString to add character to existing string in Xcode/objective-C
C# Stack Overflow Overwrite EIP
Generate Html table using for loop
How to use OCRwebservice in android
Regular Expression for reverse Firstname Lastname pattern
MVC 3 Razor not displaying selected item from dropdown list
textbox in new thread [duplicate]
Displaying contents of a vector container in C++
make a lightness histogram with luminance, Lab and sRGB space in Java
Git: best way to remove all changes from a given file for one branch
What is the need to reset bold <b> or italic <i> HTML tags?
openerp schedule server action
Church lists in Haskell
error.USER_REQUIRED generated when attempting to submit Reddit link in objective-c
SoundPool load method inside onclick
JTextPane Syntax-Highlight - Restricting my formatting?
Wordpress Changing font
What should be changed from using unactivated evernote api to using activated evernote api?
Encoding a 128-bit integer in Python?
How to get a list of words and lines in a two dimensional array?
iPhone iOS how to change color of some words within UITextView?
Interesting overriding scenario [closed]
Axis webservice jQuery call, results in error
CUDA - device memory,searching a string in a text
Is there a way to identify the object calling a specific method in java?
AJAX based comments don't post under correct micropost (Ruby on Rails)
Controlling view visibility from a resources
How to calculate all the prime factors of lcm of n integers?
How do define get and set for an array data member?
Threads sharing resources C++
Exit fullscreen when movie is done playing
I need a dropdown text box in Javascript (jQuery?)
Achieving MVP architecture with a CellTable
Rails assets:precompile strange behavior
Save website sourecode to file via php
How to allow files to be accessed by scripts but not the internet - Apache
How should I do this query in Sqlite?
apt-get for cygwin?
Flex Mobile label underline single word
Multiple tabs on same session scoped bean are interfering each other
Code First and data loading
Constant result for encryption of string in Java
Binary search of an ArrayList object method to retrieve a string will not identify if strings are identical?
openerp server action - python code
how to pass selectmany combine with groupby to MVC view
How can I get the ICCID number of the phone?
Are the new iOS iPhoto help controls a standard class? mvc3 Bind Exclude on properties does not work
Dynamic Arguments in Javascript
RMI Spring on Tomcat
Tabs don't respond to state_pressed in Android programmatically or in XML
How do i add the or use While loop in my code
django - filtering on model default representation
How do we know if a class/interface has a delegate? --iOS
in In android: How can I perform tasks while out of focus and then safely return to original activity and continue there?
Android media recorder prepare failed
What is better, listview or a linearlayout in scrollview when items are very limited?
Should Orchard CMS Content Types be used for an applications domain model?
PHP docBlock @return className
Corrupted windows form in visual studio
Play 2.0 access to request in templates
Java - Updating a GUI made in Swing
Magento Commerce - How to link to a search result without a trailing 鈥�鈥�
XML multiple-dimension string array
Start new thread within Async Task
How to change POST to SSL URL in MVC 4
Remove mediaelement properly from grid
How I can check if a Window has visible scrollbars using his HWND?
list all combinations of what a user can select based on a list of items from a c# listbox
Copyright information for android dev guide
In C++ we have references.But in Java how we best 鈥渢ranslate鈥�the same code with copy by value?
pthread on Code Composer Studio 5
akka immutable message with final reference to a list
android layout fixing
Shared Preferences: How to save files name in a spinner
CQRS - when aggregate roots in database and in a file?
Java: JTable allows only 100 rows
A script to check if a host is alive
Streaming Http responses with NodeJS
C/C++ Warning: address of temporary with BDADDR_ANY Bluetooth library
mysql 鈥渘ot a variable or NEW pseudo-variable鈥�message
Unique Invisible Characters? Objective C
Knapsack 0-1 recursive subproblem graph
how to change json format on rails