List sorting on nested struct members
Android: How to cut bitmap[25] from bitmap[25]
How to store the triples in 4store
Do I need to free the enumerator returned by GetEnumerator?
MGTwitterEngine for iOS : how to get accessToken? Error 401
How to store arrays in XML tags?
how to add border around row in a table
Reconstructing absolute urls from relative urls on a page
I`m looking for a equivalent in Spring of JavaAsync from Play Framework
Error with building Android NDK Project
How to use Windows Crypto API to create rsa-sha1 signature for XMLDSIG
mvc3 cannot log in (on production level)
I am getting java.lang.RuntimeException: Fail to Connect to camera service in android?
How to erase part of the link using .htaccess
php scandir for jpg photos limit 1
Remove the Cancel Link in the twitter App opened using ShareKit framework
Ruby Hash not working API - Colon
Why does [HttpPost] only pick up 'EditorFor'?
How do I write a vector to a file for use when executing the program? (c++)
XSD: One element shall be allowed in different forms
How to fill the screen with DetailViewController
How to use inner properties of a JSON response with Sencha Proxy
Internal Server Error (500) when doing SOAP request
css print friendly version - disabling links
article, section or div for list of products?
How to capture request/response latency and DB query metrics in Play?
How to get the value of Controls added in ListView
Join 4 Tables and retrieve data
How to color output with outs()
Encrypt numeric data while preserving inequalities among ciphertexts
HMVC and Template library (by Phil Sturgeon) in Codeigniter
Pause FlexSlider when PrettyPhoto is open
Facebook Timeline App, with custom content
How to block form submit?
Loading markers from outside the app in android with QCAR
Grails: what is the best way to use GORM directly from src/java?
How can I make a transient attribute available in dynamic finders?
Facebook like button posting wrong url to wall
Symfony 2: How to generate image paths in javascript file?
android center textview in layout
how to send data from mobile to mobile except SMS
Extract n most significant non-zero bits from int in C++ without loops
Find last td without using Jquery
Delegating a system subclass WNDPROC to a function
Zest: export diagram to an image/pdf
How to add UINavigationBar in an UIViewController?
WCF IsRequired Attribute dilemma
How to draw Tilted Rectangle in Html 5 Canvas?
Format a HTML document into multiple A4 size sections
How to submit a page with out page load and get back a value from a PHP variable
Fetching image using xpath or some other way
ASP.NET - how to detect a MAC user
Overriding dialog title layout in Android
鈥�706 provider not found鈥�
std::getline does not accept std::back_insert_iterator
Java native launcher performance [closed]
Layout: drop shadow from one panel to another
Eclipse SVNKit cannot read project SVN after using TortoiseSVN Merge on Windows
Google App Engine Quercus Error
How to use the profiles from the device in android application?
Rapidly decreasing insert speed in CouchDB
How can I return values in a recursive function without stopping the recursion?
OpenGL: shaders work with glew, but not with glee
Python indentation borked
Composite Model insert issue in Fluent NHibernate
MBProgressHUD UIWebView
How to capture loopback traffic in Windows Server 2008
Regex; backreferencing a character that was NOT matched in a character set
No MethodError when trying get active record id
Does Dojo framework support grouping/bunching of same type of commands to avoid multiple request to server?
Moving incoming messages to SIM card in Android
Script to upload a file,in selenium IDE
How to retrieve data from CURL.exe?
HTML Tags in PHPs DOMDocument createElement
Emulating the GLSL flat qualifier in GLSL 120
Refactoring ASP.NET control names
Printing byte array image to printer
Sencha touch nested list with number field and button for list items?
Faster fetching data from View or Table?
When blocks are more useful than functions (ruby)?
How to list all subdirectories with a string but not subdirectories of a match
How to make a fast search for an object with a particular value in a vector of structs or classes? c++
Can I run my iPhone unit tests programmatically?
NVelocity: 鈥淐annot read from a closed TextReader鈥�
PHP switch() skipping breaks to apply extra logic
Advice on AJAX updating hundreds (>720) of data fields mvc3, why my dropdownlist is not selected?
OpenRasta project keeps throwing InvalidOperationException
How do I read user input and forward it to another application in bash, preserving quoted arguments?
Google APIs Verification
Asynchronously download image from internet/database to Android ListView
鈥淐aching鈥�identical MySQL results for all users
Control default auto rotate screen in my application
Lambda functions are better or iterations?
What is 鈥淪tring鈥︹� in java? [duplicate]
Batch Insertions with Hibernate & Spring
Maximum allowed number of Push Notification that Apple allows
Does an HTTP redirect need a complete URL?
Posting Picture on Event Page
32 bit int shifted by an amount not in the range
How can I receive a JSON in symfony2
depends.exe equivalent for Excel VBA Project
Displaying image in jsp
How to change Edittext color border in Android [closed]
How to programmatically capture a webcam photo
jqueryui accordion and submitting form with anchor
How do I fix the Facebook Like metadata on my WordPress site?
java draw line as the mouse is moved
Sparsity pattern MarkerFaceColor
Dont validate input when FilteringSelect loses focus
How to post an array of JSON objects to a Struts2 action using jQuery?
Creating a class with thread safe functions using InvokeRequired property and Invoke method
UITextField becomeFirstResponder works only once
One to One relationship
Is there any way show all GitHub tickets without an assignee?
How can I do 鈥淰ersion control鈥�of a entire site in Liferay?
jQuery equivalent to 鈥済etElementsByName鈥�
Mass change the propety of multiple WORD files
Custom Dialog Execution NPE
Custom Tags and Javascript
Open Multiple Jquery UI Dialog Boxes. Each with different Content
Ruby - determine if a value lies within a matrix column
update same variable by multiple files
Performing date/time subtraction in SQL Server
windows azure not available in my country
EC2 API ImportKeyPair: DER and OpenSSH public key canot be imported
MongoDB: Which data type in order to reference other documents?
How to get correct current URL in JSP in Spring webapp
wait subprocess execution in multiprocessing Pool
Problems reading file from ddms in android?
mysql list order update(move up, move down) in one query
VS2010 Opening Database Project Script Throw 鈥淥bject reference not set to an instance of an object.鈥�
Get IGrouping data in Repeater ItemDataBound
Getting a worker to change queues for delayed_jobs
Hide MKUserLocation when MKMapView showsUserLocation == YES
adding PHP variable to SQL statement. Not working
An anonymous function can have more than one output arguments?
Android game state save and activity lifecycle
TSQL Abstraction of DB name and schema
Android App close and reopen start at beginning again
React to a LocalNotification when device is locked
Adding pagination to a complex query
Django custom form field incorrectly renders value
Listing all Asana workspace tasks
Safety of Oracle Package Variables
jQuery: how to pass a variable into a selector
How is the Arel#extract method used in rails?
htaccess rewriterule with multiple GET values
Why doesnt JAXB send unmarshal events for instances of class created by using mapSimpleTypeDef?
Why is there an extra row in GridView?
Discovering device type from MVC REST service
Map Reduce in Map Reduce
ActionController::RoutingError in Bank_accounts#index
How do I avoid this SQL exception?
Is there any website which offers Coldfusion Cloud IDE?
getting old values of updated domain properties in grails
View different images depending on what item in my list view I click
Trying draw cylinder in directx through D3DXCreateCylinder
Given a form submit, how to only submit if the server first responses back with a valid flag?
Windows Phone 7 app not appearring on program list on emulator after closing app
CSV Module AttributeError
How to get the client IP?
Propogating Variables in PHP
Opening a remote Excel file via WebDAV without full WebDAV support
How to change the content of the layout?
Find prime numbers using Scala. Help me to improve
Can I make Intellij Idea 11 IDE aware of assertEquals and other JUnit methods in Grails 2.0.x unit tests?
Is there any idea to optimize the greedy algorithm?
Jquery, IE8 and class selectors
Debug with IIS Express and access files above root
Does google crawl javascript? [closed]
Problems with NaN
twisted stdio.StandardIO on Windows
Function Pointer to a non-static member function?
Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded on line 64
Iphone dev - Multiview app with storyboard
SDL blitting is being really slow
Fancy Box pass textBox value back to parent
PHP strtr does not work at all
Error loading google maps v3 in gwt
Call mdi child methods from parent
submit form to itself without page refresh and hide/show the div after submit
UIActionsheet in Splitview crashing with iOS 5.1 update
Does the vector still exists?
Is there a better way to do something similar to LIMIT in SQL Server 2008?
Shuffle two lists in the same way
exception handling practices when writing classes
Testing for UTF8 strings in PHP, is this a reliable method?
can we use SOAP on intranet?
Maximum length of messages in MQ and SIB Queue(s)
Determining if a simple_form object has been submitted yet
SQLAlchemy MySQL Caching?
Dynamic text in textarea - getting value
_toString() PHP function [closed]
Python phonenumber regex doesn't work good enough
Parsing plain text into associative array in PHP
Android Eclipse jUnit does not see superclass
My textbox.clear(); is getting an error
libspotify and const char * lifetimes / encoding
How to switch database connections without app.config entry
C# Form freeze when processing information.
(Django) How do I set limit_choices_to another class from where the ManyToManyField points to?
Sending data from NSObject to UIViewController
REST service and Memcache
OWASP ESAPI - JavaEncryptor can't be found / not in classpath - but ESAPI is working in other functions
Initialize JQuery UI
How to properly get a Collection out of an Entity using getProperty()
How to update view in a cursor adapter?
ASP.NET Grid for .NET 2.0
trouble converting 5 line snippet javascript to query, who knows a solution?
Jackson ObjectMapper - properties with 鈥淿鈥�not mapped
OpenGL (ES) Model Within Translucent Model
Which is the best media container?
Styling using Javascript Cookie
Fast dump SQL Server Table
FBStreamDialog no longer working as expected
Read a Wordpress HTML
Closing child nativeWindows when main app gets closed (via OS)
How can I find out who accessed phpmyadmin
Implementing Feature Toggles in Perl5
Is it possible to change a binding of an Emberjs object property after it's been instantiated?
What's the difference between using RDFS/OWL and XML?
repo 'bisect' for debugging Android?
How to return data from a bash shell script subroutine?
How to fix this issue in a simple HXT function?
Dynamics CRM 2011 attachments using WCF
Dismiss ViewController + Table ViewController + Master-Detail app
Does winapi's bcrypt.h actually support bcrypt hashing?
Handle unknown number of undefined objects for logging
Upload video to youtube via URL with python gdata
ImportError: cannot import name cached_property
Locking/disable user accounts on HSQL
How does TestFlightApp know what device I'm using via the web?
Building Android Apps without XML [closed]
Moving a MySQL slave to new hard drives - do I need mysqld-relay-bin logs?
How do I remove excess whitespace in an HTML file? (And only excess whitespace)
Statement with multiple fork() s
run mstest.exe through a vb script
jQuery not loading in DOM Window
reverse-lookup Digital Object Identifier given table of citations?
Phonegap iPhone plugin SoundPlug, cant get it working
php dom not accepting url
Android App Development: Databases
Save Subset of MongoDB Collection to Another Collection
AspxGridView initially load empty
Validate user input in python by a type reference
Is this a bug? Float operation being treated as integer
Month swaps to Day, Day swaps to Month when loading View
Defining a list of error messages and error codes
Call web service from PHP with multiple parameters
Binding multiple variables in Drools LHS throws NPE
Android - Class extending RelativeLayout (onResume)
Any of the properties equals any of a list of objects
Application can not start on Samsung Galaxy Tab SII
How to retrieve data from one Activity/Screen to another Activity/Screen in Android?
f:convertNumber with attribute pattern
In Scala, can you make an instance with variable refering to other class or trait?
Is there anyway to know the current page when I response the pageshow event in JQuery?
PostgreSQL index on string type
Version Control Sharing Folders
Can i have labels for the if in django template tags?
i want to use landscape mode for xml which are in layout-large and portrait for the xml which are in the layout
Undefined index 'invite' error at registration page
Fix/consume invalid JSON numbers with leading zeros (0's)? e.g. 鈥�3鈥�
Delayed jobs restarting + Capistrano best practices
Create asynchronous report in ASP.Net MVC
Android - New language font
How to use regex to reverse text in bash script?
NHibernate - Set foreign key to null when referenced object deleted
eBay FindingAPI - findItemsByProduct, PHP
Compare Patch Levels across Multiple servers
Is there any plugins to automatically optimize Eclipse.ini file?
uploading csv file into mysql through php
How to add TextBox in MessageBox in WindowsPhone7
Updating large Dataset - Spring Transaction
Amazon SNS to push topic using PHP
Keep JVM running with a JAR from the command line
How can I find the apropriate hex code for this color?
Creating a word document from a template dynamically using values from java objects
Can I make my Delphi App start at a specific time (like 12:00AM), without the application running?
Finding and replacing elements in Linked List
idPrefix usage in jqGrid
display excel file content in table after file uploading on same page in struts2
Showing the 20 first instances of this Tag model in an index view of this other Post model?
Convert wchar_t* to UTF-16 string
PHP Script to Ignore Placeholder Text in Input Fields
Refresh expired SAML Token for Sharepoint
How to list availble font families in windows phone?
How to send response using 鈥渘ew Response鈥�or 鈥淩esponse::factory()鈥�in Kohana 3.1?
CakePHP view file via Media Views doesn't work
Issue creating a file in android
How Can we integrate Sphinx speech recognition for android?
any major difference between Infinispan and Ehcache with JGroups replication
how to make a shuffle animation for a view in wp7
iPhone App :submitting App to the app store with in-app purchase
How can I achieve this kind of List in BlackBerry?
Visual C++ rounding issue for currency data
C# cannot convert int to string
get Value of Disabled (Disabled & Selected previously) option in select box
No Aptana Samples?
Template for Login Page in html
How to start a process from a Windows Service
How would you count occurences of a string within a string (Haskell)
Obtaining conversion data from GA for visits that have triggered some given events
Improving Tesseract results on Android
How to Make return value of function for legend
NASM integer-to-ascii conversion algorithm not working
DJANGO: how to limit inlineformset queryset
dynamic setOnCLickListener
Weka exception: Train and test file not compatible
code first composite key made of foreign keys ef 4.3
maven-jetty-plugin jetty:run error
What is a PostgreSQL query that will run slowly?
How do I Crossfade music in cocos2d?
SQL query error, need some assistance
PrettyPhoto doesnt popup only online?
Improving help in R [closed]
Trouble passing argument to controller while submitting a form
determine string 鈥渙verlap鈥�or 鈥渄istance鈥�in objective-c
How can i get a specific row in my database using id?
Scrollview paging with images?! xCode 4.2
Can UDP checksum be tampered with? ( or is it 100% reliable?)
Calling javascript file after AJAX event without function
iOS5 UIManagedDocument and FetchedResultsController exception, on save change
CRSF Token is missing or incorrect
Google App Engine: ClassNotFoundException after deploy but runs fine on local server
balancer data pipes
Physic body does not follow PathModifier
Open file in Django app
counting all sub categories whitin a category
Cut transparent hole in UIView
iOS Objective C - UIWebView AutoFill and Execute
Error with running Guard process: can't find singularize method
variable key name
Wallpaper App Save Button?
MATLAB: blurry titles
Getting pointer to struct in list in Go
Limit touch event to view
How do you set the DisplayMemberPath for a List of Lists (at runtime)?
css html tables left and right border
Manifest settings not supporting CM9
PHP Key() function to ActionScript 3?
Performance varies dramatically if a function is moved between modules
rspec stub out errors.add
XPath: how to extract first line of multi-line attribute value?
Make object (bitmap) roll on canvas in Android 2D game
MongoS Call Distributions Analysis
Group Elements Under another element with jquery
Maintain parameter info in the request path for all pages instead of the subdomain
Where is the Ext JS 4 ux package
binding dropdownlist in
Search display controller frame
Mail formatting while receiving via php
Why is my function malfunctioning
Sharing data thru several controllers. ASP.NET MVC
How to display an image in pdf file by virtual path of that image using tcpdf?
鈥渇ailed to lazily initialize a collection of role鈥�exception occurs even when I use OSIV pattern
C# redrawing rectangles logic
Aligning social media buttons horizontally on Tumblr
Proper onload for <audio>
ASP.NET not found returns 302 code instead of 404 [duplicate]
Get logged in user privileges of a windows client machine from a web application
Drag any shape in Canvas of HTML5
Merging two collections in MongoDB
getWindow() method not able to use
Find with regex parametr from variable
How to enable Jquery intellisense in the VS2008
Draw grid lines in vtkXYPlotActor
Find loop temination condition variable
POSIX threads and global variables in C on Linux
RSA soft token usage
jQuery animate() not quite finishing
mod_rewrite doing index incorrectly
Reports VS 2010, drill down ICollection
jQuery Mobile splash screen for all devices
Datatable Union using Linq
unable to bind to property 'xmlnode' on class 'XML' (class is not an IEventDispatcher)
Text selection mode on webview [duplicate]
Re Install an app in android programmatically and clear the data too
How to insert & get images usin linq
Can not ping a particular ip
How can I make sure that static content is cached client-side?
Orientation doesnt work when i add tabBarController in splitView
How to add some more custom controlsin iPod background?
Jquery Lightbox with comments posted on image
How to understand that whole message was received for uart port?
How to solve XML conversion Issue?
Unable to resume Activity error
log4net - How do I write the Server's IP address to the log
how to pass an object to class as a parameter
How can we prevent service from killing by OS in android
static public class members in PHP on staging server
How do I get all servers' IP which are listening on specific port LAN?
How to write a recursive method to return the sum of digits in an int?
ABAP module pool program issue
auto-index the dataset list from selected packages in R
Ternary operator on javascript and PHP, different output
Excel read error : Invalid header signature. How to resolve?
How to check the iPads sound level [duplicate]
Moving strings that contain HTML tag to resource files
Push a 2-dimensional array of integers onto a stack in Java
MYSQL load data local Infile & special characters (& PHP)
jQuery synchronous ajax call in IE and Chrome hides 鈥渢hinking鈥�animated icon
Tablet Application Crashes on Orientation Change
Chrome extension to make a small CSS change to *
AS3 PrintJob blurry text
Oracle PL/SQL debug procedure - using $$plsql_line
Facebook Opengraph action publishing error
Issue creating a new object in Java and passing it to setMethod
How to work with nulls in docutils
Canvas.drawText() not working
How do larger github projects combine files
Facebook App Stream_publish
CJK Languages Pronunciation APIs
Handle clicks in table view cell
Just want to make sure I'm understanding what an external variable is
terminate a thread fails
Aptana Studio 3 with PHP - constant indexing
Trasferring files and data with Jersey
Having iPhone & iPad Perform Different Actions
android compare arrays
Adding SSL Certificate via 鈥渘etsh.exe鈥�does not last after a machine restart
jQuery causing browser to crash in IE8 and below
CSS3 Height animation shim/polyfill
Login failed for user 'xyz' - with new SQL Azure user account
TinyMCE editor in Iframe and get value using Jquery
NSDate and timezone differences
Maven dynamic web project in eclipse deploys invalid jar files for dependent project(s)
Playframework 2.x - prevent assets caching
Jquery accent insensitive with multiple values autocomplete
Which is better to use for the server of a basic server/client socket implementation, 鈥渟ocket鈥�or 鈥渟ocketserver鈥�
Is it possible to have volume button control media when media not playing on Android
Polling a database versus triggering program from database?
writing my own async socket class in java
Columns are lower case and in double quotes in sql insert statement generated by Rails ActiveRecord with oracle
.htaccess caching issue across subdomains
PHP code is visible on website
How to set search path of a process created from CreateProcess
HP-UX C/aC++ compiler bug with using-statements for pure virtual methods
click ok or cancel of file download in javascript
Java Find word in a String
SEO title for articles and definitions [closed]
How to get current frame, using FFMpeg [closed]
XJC fails generating *.java classes
Clearing memory_get_peak_usage Cache
Location indicator persists on status bar after stopUpdatingLocation is called, but only for old Bundle Identifier
c pointers - warning format '%x' expects arguments of type 'unsigned int'
SVN in Eclipse appends numbers to my directories and files
template function to print C-style array using for_each() AND lamba function
Python - from byte code to Python source code
Python HTMLParser dividing data at &
Customizing Icons at the top of the Page
Carrierwave GD2 image manipuation
Can I create an HDF5 link to a hyperslab?
UIImage view - animation view logic error xCode 4.2
Can a DataGrid column be two-way bound to a dictionary item?
Java Web Start ClassNotFoundException
Is there a workaround to the inflexible use of texture references in CUDA
OpenCV Having issues with cv::FAST
I cannot hide a textfield and label in my iOS app
PHP Recursive array looping and formatting
How to run regular/normal JavaScript code with Knockout JS loops etc
Handling concurrency access for deleting an object using Ajax.actionlink
Changing screen resolution inside of VMWare Player [closed]
decoding a text file to another by changing the characters of the strings in the file to another specific characters
DOM implementation in pure javascript?
How to align two elements at each ends in WPF?
Storing ArrayList value in Session
ExecuteNonquery returns 0
Autofac: Resolve a specific dependency to a named instance
Regular Expression to remove lines from a file
How to count # words in a textarea
SQL stored procedure to add up values and stop once the maximum has been reached
Facebook app Debugging iis7 and ssl
Enumerate registered URL Schemes?
How to retrieve Raphael object id on the click /hover when objects are stored in an array
How do websites instantly update their content using AJAX?
How to use Twitter bootstrap with rails 3.0
If there was a memory leak in a Java program would it show a high memory usage in the task bar
Android Market Addons Structure
weblogic-maven-plugin 2.9.1
arbitrary method names in javascript object
How do I apply a filter to a google datastore collection based on a key?
Android TabHost Fragment Switch
Android - Swipe/Fling + MapView with MapOverlay
How to efficiently test and parse a deep value in XML?
using custom formatters with jqgrid setCell
What does Javascript do (,=, &= and ~)?
MVC3 Razor View Optimization
Retrieving Global Variable Values from Command Line
Renderscript GLSL shader converting all uniforms to floats
Override ActionMailer's mail to address in development environment
On click - starting another activity after a time
AVAUdioPlayer - changing current URL
Satchmo Template form.username Not Popping Up
Sharing the Same UIViewController as the rootViewController with Two UINavigationControllers
Two-way bind a 鈥渧irtual鈥�list of strings to a column
Extend form validation class and add custom validation rules in codeigniter
Spring Web MVC 3.1 sound files content type decorated with UTF-8
URL Regex Matcher (Idea) [closed]
Getting data out of SAS/IML
F# XML Parsing using XMLReader
Undefined method 'default_content_type=' in ActionMailer in Rails 3.2.1
Interpreting a zero when reading data from the serial line in MATLAB using 'fscanf'
How can I make imgAreaSelect working on IE8?
generate string and check if it exists in Database then use it
android- how to implement text watcher, example
CSS rules do not work in IE 8
How to use Telerik MVC Grid for brand new data (as child of one-to-many relationship)?
How to fetch/delete facebook comment using graph api
jQuery autocomplete not sending ajax data
JRadioButton calling options
Need some advice on using PAMIE
jquery $.parseXML cannot parse XML from php strings?
How to handle external application activity in android using robotium
Netbeans plugin parsing api
sharing ios development between developer and non-developer
Making all 16 Combination of Emulator
Unable to dynamically set datasource of datagridview in winforms
MvcContrib Grid - Issue binding to dynamic values in a Dictionary
Delete key on keyboard not working in extjs
Dividing a StringBuffer into smaller parts
Restarting rownumber based on conditions
jquery slider is not draggable in IE9
Regarding XPath using Java
Any visualization tools for Cassandra keyspaces? [closed]
DB record save time very high in hibernate ! Why is it?
TOMCAT+SPNEGO how to limit area again user groups
Live Update like Facebook ticker
jQuery in Rails 3 with 鈥淏eginning Rails 3鈥�
Array Looping and Counting String Occurrences PHP
Unexpected output from Hadoop word count
Using Venue search with startAT and endAt information
Get current location using CLLocationCoordinate2D
Getting root directory name from a directory string - PHP
Create as a polymorphic type in Rails
What is an efficient w ay to calculate the slope at the end of a spline, given the four points?
Nullpointer exception in listview adapter
Best way to hide a row with contols of a grid view at runtime but controls should be enabled?
How to retrieve and display data from SQL to Aspx webform
Hive foreign keys?
EJB remote method access
coregraphics layers vs core animation layers
Android InApp Managed billing with RESTORE_TRANSACTION
Android: Using a string in place of an object/instance name
Free Javascript+Jquery IDE ? Features like - intellisense etc
JavaScript: multiple images fail to display using data URI: silent browser bug
Asynchronous call in HTML5?
Compiler error: 'expected unqualified-id before using'''
Insert values into DB not working?
Import multiple CSV files into mysql
Get the dependency tree of a maven project with a missing dependency
Life cycle methods and onSaveInstanceState()
I want to show images in a gridview from the sever means i have the URL of the images
how to close Network reply alert Dialog from background service in android?
Excution timeout error while create image by php and imagick
find the number of entries in a file and remove those enties using a shell script
How to send data between two devices using NFC in android?
How to get rid all strange characters that can't get into mysql from a string in
how to use ui file for making a simple widget?
Why is calling my C code from F# very slow (compared to native)?
How to make Dynamic locking and unlocking for four colums in Excel sheet
Why is the size of this struct 12 and not 10? [duplicate]
Passing values from second view to firstView in Xcode
Requirements for target application for Visual Studio 11's Graphics Debugger
rsync sets wrong group
java fx: How to remove scrollbar from web view?
How can I use a multipage jQuery mobile document in a iOS Home Screen App?
Beginner advice on how to use FTP or SSH? (django) [closed]
PHP Exec and at command
Why my colorbox looks broken?
Android:Google Maps API Key Signup : MD5 certification key
NoClassDefFoundError in android map view class
Servlet on startup that triggers an event after regular interval of time using timer class?
SQL database Columns error, or does not exist?
.Net configuration - How to override settings and custom sections in a mapped configuration file?
How would you write this code recursively?
Android Facebook authentication native vs web
Restoring a MySQL table back to the database
GROWL effect in app
Nginx wordpress multi site rewrite rules for subdir install
to_sentence and html_safe, together?
JavaScript creating a Date Object x seconds Ago?
Why does the compiler say I'm not giving my TableLayout an id when I am?
Maven TestNG Selenium How to debug while executing tests from Console
use graph api on php to get video data from facebook page
Querying yahoo finance for data [closed]
Wordpress theme layout
How can I connect to second database with my cakephp application
UTF-8 Issue in xml parsing
How to Drop multiple pin in offline map tiles and also get latl-long of that?
Python: How to make Reportlab move to next page in PDF output
Calling an object function from onload event makes it lose the context
Trying to create a removeLastElement using recursion
iPad touch events but still allow for pinch zoom
SQL Server Date Range
Client requested session xx that was terminated due to FORWARDING_TO_NODE_FAILED
Jndi lookup in junit using spring
How to send a data to PHP page when clicking on a Link?
Visual Studio 2010 Hangs When Deploying Windows Phone App
Populate form in iframe of external website
in Java, how do I define different methods for an interface array? Using hash tables without java library
What to set MEDIA_ROOT and MEDIA_URL to when deploying django app on Heroku
hide and show item
Put custom view inside a another
How can I get a key name (in a hash) by using its value?
PHP array to JavaScript array via Ajax request
Maximal SHA-1 Hash Performance Tips in Java
Rails optional argument
TinyMCE: can't write special chars on mac after focus change
How to detect when a UIWebView really has finished loading when redirection is involved?
Jasmine vs. Mocha Javascript testing for Rails 3.1+
EOFException in connecting to HDFS in hadoop
xcodebuild moved after updating to xcode 4.3
Capistrano, SVN repo and webserver in the same machine
Do I have to _setDomainName in Google Analytics for each Top-level Domain I am tracking?
Can I pass the reference of cudaStream to a function where it calls a global method
load a website as a frame to my site (google analytics)
Hover over a div and change two images with jQuery?
How to make REMOTE_USER stick when set in PHP?
searching for a substring of a string in c, then making a new string out of it
What is the proper way to position a CSS hover menu?
A website with a whole bunch of columns of varying sizes?
Socket issues between iOS and .NET?
How to do a complex LEFT JOIN condition in JPQL? strange exception every three minutes approximately
Finding related words/concepts with PHP
Issue with categories in Objective-C
Why is ListBoxItem not getting highlighted when mousing over?
Track Page Views and Events With Google Analytics or Custom Solution?
Which container should I use for a set of elements that are continuously added and removed
For loop with two variables in TCL
Is there any way of taking a swiffy animation and making it as a div background-image?
Converter sql query to Linq
Ajax not working in Wordpress
Is there a bcrypt implementation available for Delphi?
SQL date format: dd/mm/yyyy hh:ss
connecting PIC16f877A with Pyserial
creating an iPhone app without using the Interface Builder
Lightbox is messing up my jquery
How to deal with invalid characters in a WS output when using CXF?
C++ compile - GSL on x86_64
python difference between imported and defined class
Create Visual Studio project template with custom targets file import
Fast binary diff for 10 MB files
How keep groovy/XMLSlurper from stripping html tags from a node?
rails editing rtf documents
How to bind the IsEnabled property to an OR of two values?
While loop with precision as condition
How can I consume a .asmx web service using C++?
How set charset in a primefaces webapp?
visual studio 10 inserting &nbsp into select list
Basic Auth with RestyGWT Rest Services?
create zip - ignore directory structure
How can I draw 50 of the same sprite in random locations in XNA?
In Javascript why do Date objects have both valueOf and getTime methods if they do the same?
How do I export trac wiki to github wiki?
Why does this Javascript code inside a non-Javascript browser have extra commenting?
Python - Psycopg2, how to mix tuples and strings in cur.execute()?
Convert multipage PDF to PNG and back (Linux)
Enternal Dynamic JavaScript
Connect to User Model in Django
SQL Select and separate duplicates from single records from a JDBC ResultSet
Finding Group Name from Ldap GID
DirectX equivalent of glBlendFunc(鈥�
Reading and writing binary files in Qt
Combining 鈥渨ith鈥�and 鈥渦rl鈥�Django Template Tags
Reset css style for a div content
Primefaces autocomplete rows appearing above <p:autoComplete
PHP ZipArchive is zipping the lower directories also
Loading/Saving images misorder
Convert REST query to Linq query
Are python tuples modifiable?
How do I establish a persistent connection to an Asterisk manager with PHP?
Return order of numpy array
Trying to access toolbar button is nil
Android: GPS listener gets cached location data
How to upgrade from WCF RIA Service 1.0 to SP2 - Silverlight and Entity Framework
I get SQL error converting data type varchar to date
Are there downsides to always requiring mathn in a rails application?
getting the container/UIViewController of UIView
BASH filepath and file commands
Spring MVC - REST Get Method with RequestParam List<String>
Play 2.0 re-usable template function with HTML body
Linux: writing status often to a small file, where?
Rails 3: tricky one鈥�refresh select box after modal without reloading the entire page
Code for image convolution not displaying an image properly?
Outlook 2007 Add-in: in an email the sender/recipient's context menu needs an additional item
How to add 鈥渆dit page鈥�links to a module in DNN?
Get Username of current addin user
Access-Control-Allow-Origin / Plupload HTML5 / Cross-Domain / DMcloud
Will Session timeout occur if i am using a timer and loading a control page constantly?
Using Flash to export mov/quicktime video shows ghost images
How to get a combobox to appropriately set focus directly after the popup closes
mysql_query(): supplied argument is not a valid [duplicate]
How do I find a specific table with watir-webdriver
Removing a focus color in Chrome
Does kml gx:Track ExtendedData display work with Google Earth Plugin?
Ajax Submit Form using Post/blockUI/ajaxform
Is it possible with JMX to register or show the MBeans form different VMs in one central MBean server?
How to design dimension and fact tables in ssas
How do you write a test program in Java?
PHP's DateTime::Diff gets it wrong?
Jquery toggle command triggers unexpectedly
Prototype error: Prototype.Browser is undefined in Firefox
jQuery and the use of variables and functions
Cakephp date input issue
Java: create a middleman class between multiple threads accessing a non synchronized class?
CDetailView Yii display Foreign Key Description
jQuery Autocomplete select: function not working
How to hide suggestions in GWT SuggestBox?
How to check if sql_safe_updates is on?
HTML5: How can I make my canvas forget old pixels?
fuse esb mina bundle deploy error
Implementation of SAAS in ZEND framework
Windows Server 2003: Any disadvantages to moving website outside of wwwroot?
how to save and retrive data from the last run of an android application?
Use classes other than QWidget with QGridLayout using PySide or PyQt
Java refreshing second form
MySQL Postgresql / PostGIS
Qt Linker error with static function when creating a shared library
Android: ListView in AlertDialog only shows one row
What datetime format is a number like 鈥�2194885鈥�
CSS div being cut off
Randomly order the results of a for loop in PHP
Cross-thread tab drawing
Using TastyPie to update a ForeignKey field to null
How to send an xml file using http post in android. Where i put the xml files in the code
Interoperablility between .NET AND C
Creating HTML/PHP Form to allow users upload basic files on my shared GoDaddy Hosting
How to make sure SMS is sent in Android
Parsing JSON error
what is wrong with this PHP Script
Access the call history from Windows phone 7
Plotting Realtime Graph in visual studio c++
Javascript toggle button not working on iPhone
Multiple child creation with fork() in Linux
How to run a function in every 10 minutes with in the loop using c#?
Set response headers not using filter - RESTeasy
Preventing Host Redirection
Refresh a page of activity?
Looking for traffic control function (i.e. QOS) library in Linux
startActivity open gallery apps but not the drawable jpg image ( Android 4.0 )?
IOS 5 - XCode 4 - SIGABRT when application starts
JQGrid: Failing to get position with rowId
How do I receive notifications outside of an NSView?
How do I convert a 64bit integer to a char array and back?
Trace mobile tower signals in android
Creating a var in javascript; modification of a script to create var usage?
What is the name of this 鈥渟croller鈥�
don't keep activities in Android ICS
Fine tuning a dotplot in R's lattice package
Lua replacement for the % operator
how to use phpexcel to read data and insert into database?
Can a local ODBC data source be set to automatically clone to a remote mysql database?
How fix this error Library not found for -lSystem.B
jQuery $.Get not working correctly
Javascript - Converting colors (numbers -> strings) vice versa
Running a php cli script and I'm getting Argument list too long
Visual Studio 2010 Setup to automatically change .NET project assembly versions from SVN versions
Why does my wap website jumps to the wrong page?
How to count each record and display it as a number per person, SQL
C++/CLI with OpenCL in Visual Studio 10
Setting a default value to a param attribute in the controller if it is nil?
IIS7 Impersonation doesn't work to access TFS repository
How to specify dtype when using pandas.read_csv to load data from csv files?
How to use utf-8 encoded data in erb template
Changing References in C++
Intellij project hosted on GitHub showing up as a subversion project?
mysql query SELECT doesn't work with returning single values
when should I use open/read/write and fopen/fread/write
how to get the content of the new tab in the internet explorer in watin?
how to get values of tables from existing database in android
Send FINS command from C# to PLC
How to add custom (user defined) properties to entities with EclipseLink?
internal NA time series, zoo, R
XML Schema for a fixed element with a fixed attribute?
jQuery Mobile List View: Refresh from other page
Onclick and show content in <div> using Jquery
Is bcrypt viable for large web sites?
Top area of background image clickable?
JQuery Flexigrid assistance
Hiding Side Menu Upon Browser Resizing
Mysql Count per column
background html image
Doctrine 2: How to retrieve the EntityManager instance in models?
Hibernate 'join' fetching weird behaviour
VBA: Recordset.Fields 鈥淥bject doesn't support this property鈥�
Unable to compile a simple MPI program
Cross-Domain XHR uploading via Javascript [duplicate]
remove variable after loading page
Remove a value from an array stored in a memcache key?
how to move an UIImage based on co ordinates given
Java Concurrency: should I synchronize all List and Maps?
Browsing the .NET Framework source code from Visual Studio
Different handler within same TR click
How do I get resizable and sortable columns using a NodeView?
fatal error LNK1120: 16 unresolved externals openssl : ssleay32MD.lib,libeay32MD.lib
Scale CCSprite to exact size
Its fine programing for ios4? [closed]
getting domain names of user created domain classes in Grails
Css Menu Aligment
Is it possible to have multitouch library in android with gesture builder or is onTouchEvent is the only way out?
Endless Scrolling with Code in AS3
Google Chrome Extension: Toggling a Function
How to specify which activity starts on app launch?
Cannot receive broadcast in ICS
How can I access the MainForm from within a class in a separate project?
Converting Bitmap(RGB_565) to Grayscale(8 bit) Android
Using within firefox
how to stop UIActivityIndicatorView right after background process is finished in ios
Insert Large html markups inside jquery variable error
C# using 鈥�鈥�if else statements to set value whats this called
shoutcast - Intro MP3
JFrame reloads initial content on mouse over
MS Test Default Test Project
converting unsigned short to signed short for audio PCM samples
MVC3 Force Validation of Hidden Fields
Is (isset(..) ,, array_key_exists(鈥�) a faster way of detecting null values than just array_key_exists(鈥�)?
Windows service using WCF NetNamedPipe to communicate to client
changing top padding in javascript
use java.util.Date in a rule's LHS
Custom Method in Rails Validation
Is it safe to use the same ignores file for Git, Mercurial, and Bazaar?
HighCharts: Logarithmic scale
User online status in php/JQuery
Allocating virtual memory for process in linux with a LKM
How do I enable GZIP compression for WCF services on AppHarbor?
Connection-Specific variables in nodeJS/
Delayed_job Won't Run User defined method
Why does Eclipse only suggest 鈥淩ename in file鈥�
Using Structural Replace in IntelliJ to change field protection level
How to write non-english characters to HttpResponse
Drupal 7 - Redirect path alias to latest node
LINQ to SQL with 'Contains' and an INT column. How do you make it work?
Flex Spark datagrid
re-styling JQueryMobile for iphone webkit - to have text and textbox on same line
Javascript-jquery script works in chrome and firefox but not ie (cross-fade pictures)
Create shallow copy/clone of subclass of EntityObject
WordPress Reply button?
Reporting Service Keeps Asking for Credential
Rails - Paper Trail Gem, how to obtain an specific data
haskell websocket example
How to check if your iOS app code is using an api that is not allowed on the app store?
issue with jquery validation error messages
Creating a 3D Plot In Matlab With 2 Changing Variables
move all directlabels
Why doesn't FoxPro release my APP file?
RavenDB ID getting messed up in code created index
questions about Game Center (sandbox)
excel vba to open webpage with 3 drop down list. How to select from 2 drop list with the first item listed
remove accents from string in C
select the tab opened by a button click
Segmentation fault using ActionMailer with Ruby 1.9.3-p125
MinGW undefined reference to malloc, free, sprintf, _beginthreadex
Distance to Circle Center JS
Is the first thread that gets to run inside a Win32 process the 鈥減rimary thread鈥� Need to understand the semantics
Difference between content in uiwebview and mobile safari?
How to turn off the default vibration of a notification
MacOSX homebrew mysql root password
Dynamic Z-Indexed overlaping pictures in Javascript/jQuery
Is it possible to update database at regular intervals of time [closed]
how to printing/create pdf files from an page? [duplicate]
what would be the purpose of Automatic Variable in ILOG Jrules?
Is there a work around to cast an object from a DataKeyArray to a String in ASP.Net?
How do you store and search number intervals in MySQL/PHP?
How to detect stuttering programmatically?
Application Pool crashing?
Unit testing mocking for Criteria
Trying to get property of non-object in Zend Framework 1.11 Application
C++: How to round a double to an int? [duplicate]
How to split app functions between services class and util classes?
Git problems with empty repo
How do I know timestamp when my Python app was deployed on GAE?
Element to go to center of viewing area
How do I access my own API from my MVC site?
How to use overloaded method (distinguish int or double)
Active Directory Federation Services in ruby?
Read and Write Excel file in Javascript
JButton does not function visually
Concatenating CSSs to style.css in H5BP
How can I upgrade the SVN version used by git svn in Windows?
Web API and rendering template, should they in the same function call?
How do you access another UIViewController in appDelegate when login using facebook-ios-sdk?
My recursion find(T data) method is resizing my do I stop that?
Issue with array being generated via looped query results
Erasing a first Instruction in Basic Block from LLVM IR?
Update text of UITabBarController items on a button click
How to make a Progress Bar in an Artificial Intellegence
SWT Browser & Eclipse
Invert display colors by tweaking the video adapter
How do i use SQLDependency with EntityFramework NavigationProperties
Unable to restrict multiple login in different browsers
Program making blank output file
c++ pointers memory leaks
PHP: fopen to check whether client has authenticated with a password protected file (htpasswd)
Adding google map marker to screen based off a HTML select
implode glue parameter issue
Configuring cyrus imapd processes via CentOs
How to handle a situation where two user delete the same object
How to deal with the android BUILD_PREBUILT?
Learning Android Programming Tips (Not asking for books or other common reposts)
AS3: How to access a property/method from another class?
Does android support EAP-SIM?
[phonegap]how to change the keybroad language in phonegap
No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it
Drupal blocks PHP visibility vocab ID plus term
Using buttons within a ViewPager
JQuery Multiple Choice
How to uninstall XCode 4.3.1 from Mac OS X 10.7.3?
Why interrupt service routine cannot contain most system calls
java music get the wave length (frequency) of a song?
How to split my laptop screen based on the number of cameras plugged on it with the AVI Class
I need to scrape data from a facebook game - using ruby
GCC #pragma message ignored
Conditional compilation in CoffeeScript/UglifyJS
Return boolean value after a javaScript code is evaluated using javax.script.ScriptEngine object
Xcode 4.3 compile error of @try
What's wrong with this JS code implemented in this context?
Flash AS3 Sound plays after movieclip removed via removeChild
Multiple (of the same) UIView on UIScrollView
Writing my own consumer thread 鈥�what am I not seeing?
Understanding glibc source code conventions
How do I remove 鈥�鈥�in query string with mod_rewrite in htaccess?
TextView marquee shifts adjacent TextView
Vim: escaping the 鈥渂ar鈥�that concatenates Ex commands
How do I use PHP and MYSQL to fill fields with in a form when the data comes from multiple tables? [closed]
How do WinRTs CaptureElement and MediaCapture class work together in detail?
Can I add my namespace to the Symfony2 Validation routine?
xdebug php 5.4 windows
VBA sorting - expand code for 6 columns
what's the correct way to develop at the repl using groovy
maintaining credentials for wcf binding over the life of my app
jQuery 鈥淥ptions鈥�tab style plugin
Confused about handling turning android
javascript / partial logic for a file manager
How to read multiple lines by individual in an edit text with a value of Max=5 in Matlab?
Easiest way to get Zip Code from City Name
Calling a method dynamically with the right arguments
hexidecimal code for 10% transparency in android?
Android borderless buttons
Why do Perlin noise algorithms use lookup tables for random numbers
Compile Failed Storyboard
Ruby on Rails view
How to retain the input file type post data
'Date' is undefined in IE9 in javascript loaded by FacePile
Can iFrames work on iPhone/iPad?
SQL 2008 - Insert into table if date does not already exist
my page scrolls to the bottom on Chrome
How to purge jZebra
Schema validation failure when using MTOM with Apache CXF 2.5.2
.NET and COM Interoperability : release COM from .NET client
PHP null var exists [duplicate]
Using tr/// operator to count letters in a string
JavaScript Object using . to retrieve values [duplicate]
ResultSet getArray function not working?
Flex: Dynamically drawn group, with mouse events
How do I stop a CSS layout from distorting when zooming in/out?
Is there a way to narrow-to-region in one window, while not narrowing in another window visiting the same file? [duplicate]
iOS 5 linker error
c++ Global Variables Across Multiple Files
jquery selector drill-down?
Is it possible to read from/write to a device through CFStream?
C++ singly linked list using a classes
MSTest, MyClassInitialize, and instance variables
Should I make stack segment large or heap segment large?
Intent URI transfer problems
Android - how to reset a TextView
Dynamic terms and conditions in Magento
When Should a .NET Class Override Equals()? When Should it Not?
javascript, function scope - global variable NaN
Avoid repeating when defining a class in Ruby?
Trigger stored procedure from Java code and run it in background
Adding a list to another list with least typing?
Attempted to read or write protected memory when trying to pass large sequence of characters in C#
How do I calculate the effect of increasing CPU speed when T(N) = O(2^n)?
Are there situations when new should be used instead of override when you control the base class?
How Take screenshot opengl game ? for Delphi [duplicate]
Creating a DirectX game engine with video playback functionality
Hibernate connection timeout
Scala: using folding to generate a list of Int's
UITableView and Reordering [closed]
How to populate an HTML field using javascript?
Linq Help need to convert to Linq Object model from sql model
Jquery contains multiple values
J2ME connection to Server App in java [closed]
Android: Which is the best way to repeat an action through a service without repeating alarm manager?
how to set a custom config value for sphinx in (e.g., for sphinx.ext.ifconfig)
Better solution for Python Threading.Event semi-busy waiting
Implementing a Map Using OpenLayers in Django
Facebook killed Public RSS feeds; how to obtain a Facebook Page RSS with the new Timeline?
Center an image on top of a div
Testing grails plugin controllers by itself
ASP.NET this jquery script causing IE time out issues
Objective C - Correct way to empty and reload UITableViewController with NSMutableArray
Getting full text with children/grandchildren in XPath/XSL
How to avoid opening two browser windows?
Is it possible to embed the list function in a foreach statement in PHP?
Event Query Using FQL Returns 鈥淥AuthException: An unknown error has occurred鈥�
trouble accessing element with PHP dom