SQL Server Import Export Wizard executing but not writing rows to file
Example of the grails cucumber plugin?
calling a javascript function without an element
Preloading audio files in HTML5 project
How to Embed a NestedList in a TabPanel?
Linear Algebra in Games in a 2D space
c# exception handling, practical example. How would you do it?
Email Search and replace email templates(.html) Looping
SQL query to select from same column but multiple values
Double linked lists why can not remove the first element
How to send mulitple arrays as json from android and read it in php?
Java parse JSON String to array or objectlist
Managing MS Excel's Worksheet protection properties using java
Java regex trying to split string up
Efficient method for uploding csv file
Simple slide show (not my code) doesn't work
Compiling in Debug Mode versus Release Mode [duplicate]
In practice, what are the main uses for the new 鈥測ield from鈥�syntax in Python 3.3?
Change Label Text during long Code Behind Process
Multiple functions with form_dropdown for some checked checkboxes in Codeigniter
UITableView reloadData best practice
Crystal Reports Division Formula Not Calculating as Desired
Urban Airship crashes at take off. Illegal Argument Exception
Rails/Prawn: how do I use rails helpers inside a Prawn class?
MySQL DB structure, need clarification
CSS: Changing div's property on another div's a:hover. Possible ? How?
Adding lines into chart control
writing a json object to .json file using javascript and php
Using Javascript to return the selected text in the address bar in Firefox?
Input field html5 placeholder doesn't go away after value added in javascript
Text Grouping Algorithm
translate delimited text symfony2
How to get dragged and dropped row ids?
Social Plugin: Registration - 鈥淭hat 'redirect_uri' isn't allowed for that client_id.鈥�
How do you do simple stuff in Magento?
Is there a way to import an extension method for a number type into IronPython code?
Can I utilize two factor authentication from Google, etc to authenticate users to access my site?
certain default tablet browsers can't pull dataURL?
Excel in C# web app skips some headings and does not format
datejs parsing some month is not working
Obtain page sourceCode
How to declare a variable with the scope of an html page in javascript?
Centering a dynamically sized div inside another div that is centered on the page
Rails: create attributes in a specific order
set APPDATA=whatever does not work?
The error occurred while evaluating nil.sort_by
Rails 3 - Export to Excel with gridlines
Sorting files based on content using command line
CakePHP 2 - Pass referrer url for Auth component
Why is PHP giving off a undefined variable message for this code?
Memory leak in C++ program JNI environment
QTcpSocket does not send data sometimes
Unicode support in Java SE7: missing classes for Unicode scripts? [closed]
Is there something like WEB-INF in php web application?
Call jquery function on 鈥渙nSelectedIndexChanged鈥�
querying mysql from php
how to use a variable's value as other variable's name in bash
How to preserve the last appliaction state in android when returning back from the Web Browser in android
PHP MYSQL - Difference between and localhost
Windows Phone 7.1 XNA Game doesn't fill whole device screen
Is there any Flex 4 data visualization for analysis of relational data (link-based phenomena)?
Looking for a knowledge-based Q&A app for an asp.net website, but more than a FAQ
Eclipse error : Your project contains error(s),please fix them
MySQL Replace function not working for HTML tags
Java inherit 2 interfaces with the same method
Either json or Soap to exchange data in my project?
Change Flash variable using jquery
Add page number in page title - magento
G and GHAT need to be same classification tree
Three curly brackets together in php source code
How to handle children updates in EF
Access wamp server outside, not only inside
Trying to find the opposite of this cancan ability
How to get URL from this which can be pasted in browser?
How do I get this Nginx server block working properly for front controller pattern?
Best way to mask textbox control to allow string value in a pair of 3 character using javascript
GPS in window phone (movement from current position when i am move on the way. how?)
PHPUnit3.6 with Ant Alternative for --log-pmd,--log-metrics?
How can I have an Akka actor executed every 5 min?
Calling external js file
Windows XP/7 filesystem name substitution
Why tuple is not mutable in Python? [duplicate]
Dynamically changing the Tab Index for the textbox
Printing an array of answers
MathProg (AMPL) - Variable Array Sized by Another Variable
http://timestamp.verisign.com/scripts/timstamp.dll not available
How to put texture in .obj file while using libgdx libs for android?
Java FileChannel class without using Java stream class
how to set individual session maxAge in express?
how to use mysql query inside the javascript, php
How to run web.py server inside of another application
Uploading Larger Files in php
mvc 3 The model item passed into the dictionary is of type A but this dictionary requires a model item of type B
put quotes around a variable string
GTK activate_link doesn't work with label uri? gtkmm Gtk::Label and signal_activate_link()?
Implementing Drag and Drop of a UIImageView using UILongPressGestureRecognizer
Explain execution flow for following java programe
changing the image size according to the value of the select box
product name description company using cart sesssion magento
mysqli (multi)_query - how to do and perform in loop(s)?
USing UpdateHiearchy in VB code to create a notebook in OneNote
Django Supervisord fastcgi configuration (supervisord.conf) - exits immediately
how to prevent jquery validation alerting twice
Capybara with Javascript (Rspec, Spork, and FactoryGirl to Boot)
Wix 'Advanced' Installation does not uninstall previous version
1119 access of possibly undefined property [closed]
What's happening in the bind call? (python + socket + strace)
How to a animate large amount of unique frames in android?
jQuery select ID from comma separated list
Can an F# function be considered tail recursive it uses the TailCall .net opcode
jQuery UI Explode Effect Queue
How to fill the model class in asp.net mvc2?
Solr 3.4 Querying GeoHash field performance issue
Setting up SwipeGestureRecognizer, clarification needed
Receiving an error when calling a public class
Align dynamic number of spans with accompanying UL's side by side
HTML code for a blog [closed]
OpenGL Rendering Context Produces 鈥渙pcode of failed request 152 (GLX)鈥�(Mesa 8.0 - OpenGL 3.0, Linux)
Phonegap 1.5 (Cordova) ios childbrowser doesn't open at all
Apple LLVM compiler 3.1 error, can't build my app
How to save multiple similar values to one SQL record
How to setup old iPhone for development testing?
In sencha touch 2, Pop the navigationView to root on tab changed
named query in JPA class
PHP/MySQL: Footer displayed before table (powered by a database)
Bind and pass around templated function calls
Java 2D: Render a very large amount of tiles on screen quickly
Is there a way to specify the z-index of a FB.ui dialogue
How to split a data frame consisting of Stock Option Data into individual data frames corresponding to the individual option contract
Assembly x86: I have to program the Ackermann function
What is 鈥渋nstrumentation鈥�in the context of SQLAlchemy?
Android Newsreader Example - No Bin Folder
How to manage windows wifi in ruby?
convert date to string
What's the etymology of push_back in C++?
Where to put public resources like JS, CSS and Images?
Manipulating QT Ui with different source files
cakephp: fetching matching records using email addr and displaying in the form
Amazon s3 upload fail
Word 2010 becomes very slow with many content controls - alternative?
Play 2.0 'eclipsify' and 'netbeansify' command
viewing pdfs stored in database into browser using php
customizing existing rally screens
Difference between 鈥渋d鈥�and 鈥淿id鈥�fields in MongoDB
PictureBox shows an image like a negative of the actual image
What is the average earnings due to the publicity in an application [closed]
How to place divisions between facet grid lines
Variable not setting its value
jQuery/jsrender - Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded
How can you use the load method of jquery tabs to load multiple tabs
How would I get this portion of the string?
In jquery, how can I put the uploaded files in the php $_FILES array without changing page?
Passing a value to a Node js module for Express routes
How can I handle a primary key violation in a sql script without terminating the script?
Importing data from distance matrix into mysql table
android listview multiple views
Hadoop Matrix Multiplication
How to integrate cscope with vim on Windows?
how to change textview when flip the viewflipper using only one kind of layout
cookie problems in asp.net. Values reverting after response.redirect
async task 2 functions running in doInBackground
jQuery bind to multiple elements
Rails: How to find_by a field containing a certain string
鈥済etLogoAlt鈥�not available for content section in Magento
Selenium - clicking on button is not recorded
Array of struct pointers, invalid initializer error, in C
Printing values from array after I split the values?
ListBox Bound to SortedSet. How To Bind TextBox?
Use an array in an array
Linq Gouping by Arbitrary Timespans
If I directly test a table class that employs the table data gateway pattern, is that still a unit test?
OpenGL - sine and cosine waves in jogl (JAVA)
Python: How to find the string with most matches in a list of strings
Jetty MultiPartFilter throws SocketTimeoutException while uploading large file
How to query nested keys in Riak?
Shared secret over Ajax
Using an object's method to sort a list of objects that contains the object
Pearson correlation in SQL
how to setup database/fixture for functional tests in playframework
How can I query special characters
What is ANTLR3 error recovery method?
Can I autowire (and autodiscover) daos while specifying the entities through a hibernate config?
Using Respond.js with Shopify
JQuery Div FadeIn/FadeOut Works Intermittently and Inconsistently
Nested resource form paths
Refreshing Android Launcher and Home screens
Spatial index slowing down query
converting values of java.util.list to string or other normal format in vb
LINQ to SQL big query tuple
UITableViewController and background color
Passing a string's variable by reference in Android
How can I cause Chrome to have focus and refresh a given page from outside of Chrome? In C#/.NET
Ruby - Date ranges (from first of this month to first of next month)
HDFS Replication - Data Stored
Disable instance method not found warning
Working with multiple dialog boxes, logics error
Cant use FX declaration in flex application
Unable to read() from gridfs with python in Windows
silverlight - webservice to get connection string
call third party server page in EXTJS page
Show All Friends List
Two Linear Layouts display
Using rails-sqlserver-adapter to display data in a rails app
Android: setting x and y pos
lowercased variables in pattern matching
how to create my own new plugin in wordpress [closed]
Primefaces ajax not working
How to handle this particular download redirection with Python script to download video?
C/C++ encoding questions
Mysql Error: Subquery returns more than 1 row
How to upload different SDK versions of apk in market
What's happening here? Shell programming
Magento One Page Checkout External AJAX Request
Map builder recreates map from scratch each time?
how to access SURFTracker Class?
Wordpress Related Posts via Category Outside Loop
Can't get XSLT node copy to work when dealing with two XML files
YUI3 dragProxy not working properly
JavaScript multidimensional array checks
XML Signature support on Node.js
Reading Cookie when using Curl in php, how to?
Placement new to get dynamic sizeing
conversion of string to datetime format
Can't enter valuewhen use keyChar() override method
Accessing Thumbnail images of bing videos
Spring DI using legacy objects that can't be beanified
ALTER a replicated column in SQL Server 2008 R2. Merge Replication
editor grid head and body move seperately
SQL categorize table values
C++ DLL call from C#
Sort Jtree Node Alphabetically
Parsing a CSV: Edge Cases
on submit event handler not working with hidden button
How to add dynamic properties in custom control
TYPES keyword in ABAP
How to decide between CCCrypt or SecKeyEncrypt
Configuration setting for Vim PEP-8 plugin to ignore errors and warnings?
how to get doctrine repository in form type class in symfony2?
OutOfMemoryError in eclipse plug-in
Java file upload validations best practices
Datatable at server side
how to execute predefined CSS file in Susy grid project?
Does NLog have an equivalent concept to log4net's ILoggerRepository?
Thread Questions - java.util.concurrent - Runnable/Callable
Using UnityContainer as SignalR Dependency Resolver
How to get the UDID of a dead iOS device?
How do I set up my Windows 7 Enterprise machine as an SMTP server to test? [closed]
Setting visible property on .NET controls
Restoring view hierarchy from saved state does not restore views added programatically
How remove/close multiple popup in Flex application?
Since JavaScript is single-threaded, how are web workers in HTML5 doing multi-threading?
Develop iPad Wirelessly
Display a WPF inside of a java application
prevent preloading of images?
Extract key-value pairs using a Java regex
How can I code sign an iOS .xarchive so a client can resign properly? (using push notifications)
Schema.org html tags for property website?
Static linking with Boost and ncurses
How to show video from byte array?
Best practice - load a lot of stuff in the application_start?
For a native android application that seg faults, why is there no stack trace in logcat?
grouping data in R
Can I list all of the dataSources available?
FitNesse SliM Runner cannot find Enterprise Library assemblies
android and flash: can android access the webcam inside an web page?
regex ignore capturing group inside capturing group
Currently Active Controller/Action MVC .NET
Rails 3 - big size of the application (around 65MB)
Get form field names with javascript or php?
calculating the size of the array in c, given only a pointer [duplicate]
Import Microsoft Access Database in Mysql database
Stream live video from ipad? [duplicate]
AWK: return value to shell script
Is it possible to define 鈥渧irtual鈥�default implemetation for getter-setter without preprocessor macros
Generating PHP pages from an asp.net MVC application
Auto refresh Google Map
Getting the web page content, similar to Readability as service
Mysql: Select with Left Join not working as expected
Specify Order numpy array
Invoking runtests through TortoiseSVN client side hook script for pre-commit
find specific columns and replace the following column with specific value with gawk
Load jQuery Mobile script asyncronously?
Using JComboBox as Cell Editor in JTable and saving changes
Simple Netty handler, iterate through message byte by byte
Validate a Hidden Field
Core Data delete rule 鈥�to-many relationship, delete when empty
Mysql/PHP Querying a table value containing reserved words
is there a better way of converting to upper case in boost spirit?
Convert HTML+CSS to PDF using Codeigniter [duplicate]
I want to get a specific combination of permutation?
tag selection javascript widget for facetted search
Running javascript methods programmatically
Codeigniter's pagination navigation don't work
Parsing a String of the form 鈥�[ word1 ] word2 [ word3 ] 鈥�[closed]
Testing ViewModel PropertyChanged Events
zlib directory with installation of PHP PDO
Display progress percentage using Apache API for file upload in Android
Android EditText append not seeing multiline text
N2 CMS - all links are green in tree view
Does .NET intermediate language have stack manipulation functions?
Trouble in understanding what Ruby version I am 鈥渁ctually鈥�鈥渆ffectively鈥�running
How to use string keys in (fluent) NHibernate
Trouble forming header for content in file transfers through application/x-www-form-urlencoded and httpPost
Sequentially naming variables (beginner)
A neater way to use Function delegate over Action delegate
Adding a field to a view based on another row in the group
Can't draw() sprites in pyglet
HTML5 / jQuery: Working with custom attributes
How can I get indented braces for javascript in visual studio 2010
changing app from free to paid in android, how does this affect previous downloaders?
Telnet Java Socket Test
c++ compiling error when using member functions as a template parameters
Is there any way to rebuild the Dalvik interpreter and run it without invoicing a full VM?
OpenCV image in OpenGL: Strange behaviour
Java - How to repopulate an arraylist with previously known elements
Jquery - ul slidedown slideup
Fullcalendar superpose events
Url redirecting in ASP.NET MVC 4 Mobile application
Connect to MySQL via Websockets
Maven 鈥渃lass file for 鈥�not found鈥�compilation error
how do I use an id with jquery :contains()? [closed]
Trouble with jQuery Height(value)
Pyschools Topic 13- 2. What am I doing wrong?
How do I extract a file/folder_name only from a path?
How do I preserve my custom Linq to SQL class changes?
Setting 'Default' keychain for another user on Mac OSX
Javascript-loaded content not pushing height of container?
FragmentPagerAdapter Swipe to show ListView 1/3 Screen Width
How to set the selected element of a select after redirect the URL?
JavaScript Stops in Chrome on Postback
Image (from web) in the Android ListView always reloaded when appears
Searching dictionary for max value then grabbing associated key
Display an NSSet/NSMutableSet of different objects in a UITableView
Java generics wildcards
Create eigenfaces vector from database
How to get size of set of certain files?
Android Layout Percentage/Proportion Resize
ASP MVC3 areas dbcontext
How do I extract data from this URL using javascript?
Detecting an 鈥渦nselect鈥�event in a text area
Understanding desing patterns and OOP in PHP
Is there case for not using getters and setters here?
How can I get jCarousel to pause when a YouTube video is playing?
How to populate js array with data from jsp
How to return a value inside AJAX function to parent in javascript?
How do you bind jQuery UI autocomplete using .on()?
Detecting state changes made to the BluetoothAdapter?
User generated photos after action submission?
Tabs in android is not working on platform 2.1
Facebook timeline 鈥減inned鈥�post how to get via graph API
php 鈥淎ll authentication must be done over SSL鈥�using SOAP
Programmatically set textblock margin
Is it safe to call YUI.add for the same module more than once on the same page?
Detect if GoBack() was called in NavigationContext
Javascript RegEx for Numbers Only (no special characters)
Standard implementation of a linked list in C
Sending email using GMail in android
Dropdown not getting validated
how to ask for permittion on facebook app with graph api and codeigniter?
Rails 3 single-table self-reference association doesn't work
Access<asp:FormView> field value from code behind.
HTML Form Action - 鈥淥rder of Operation鈥�
Play framework 1.2.4 to do list application using java and eclipse [closed]
HTML, order list with jquery, do it faster
How do I save data from my UI to the Database?
Button Hit State Limits - Android
Error initializing static fields that refer to one another
Why do Amazon S3 returns me an Error 330 about simple files?
AFImageRequestOperation wait until finished
Add a Liferay portlet into an HTML code of my own portlet
AsyncPostBackTrigger EventName - how to determine?
Google map on phonegap project
Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by ERROR [duplicate]
Trying to access AS400/DB2 stored procedure from Java with Spring JdbcTemplate
Cakephp session troubles
Mysql date interval
SlickGrid headers and cells not aligning when sortable
Defining a discrete colormap for imshow in matplotlib
error executeSql
MySQL Error 鈥淥perand should contain 1 column鈥�
How to combine unicode characters?
what is difference between the way to access sqlite and mysql?
iOS: Multiple intersecting views
Replace a single node with multiple nodes using HTML Agility Pack
Installing PhoneGap 1.5 templates for Visual Studio
Preventing sporadic coordinates using CoreLocation
section header location in an exe
Exclude specific email address with regex
How to read PDFs in Android without using third-party apps, or a webview?
How do you submit a form, using Selenium, via javascript, from a clicked <div>?
Jetty7 standalone + jstl/jsp + spring 3 = el/spring tags not working
combine subtree merge with sparse checkout in git
Format Decimal 2 Places - no trailing zeroes
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in Xro_config.php on line 21
Output a PDF in PHP from a byte array
How do I configure jetty-maven-plugin to log oejs, oejsh, oejsh packages
Python functions and their __call__ attribute
Can I avoid Microsoft.XMLDOM parsing error with different dtd or schema?
Button: Create one object, then redirect to create another?
Vaadin App: Show scrollbar(Left-Right) on bottom of browser when not in full screen
MVC Filter Database with IIdentity
django + wsgi + multiple sites
Does rails HireFire support Queues?
Where to add DISTINCT to SQL sub query
Using an API - cURL to localhost vs jquery
Event Handler OnItemCommand with TextBox control
access violation reading location 0xfeef002A
Home feed get specific links
Adding views to TableLayout inside a fragment during runtime
array_values doesn't work with ArrayAccess object
Dynamic Flat File Source Path
Find PID of a process that locked a file
Java ActionListener class can't find variables.
Who is responsible for freeing allocated memory?
How can I set the Sender's address in Jenkins?
PHP Preg match for alphanumeric and symbols
Symfony2 Event_listener not firing
Symfony2 and be DRY approach in controllers
Detect XP,Vista, or Windows 7 and select XAML style depending on version of OS
How to recursively check if a string is palindrome in Ruby [closed]
How to Print a form in Delphi?
Why does jquery fancybox sometimes generate garbage url requests to my server?
Cannot send xlsx as attachment in Rails mailer
issue with injecting grails service in domain class
SQL query to copy field values into same table
Crossword solver in PROLOG
Using Curl and PHP
Why all these errors when building this C project?
Best current rails background task method?
create image slider that shows part of previous and next image
FedexDC PHP Label Script - Need To Save But Not Display PNG Image - FEDEX Direct Connect class
android - prompt user for path/filename
ASP.NET use of value' in a function
Multi threading independent tasks
What order do I call glActiveTexture and glBindTexture
How to update only fields in a form that are NOT blank
number of calendarweeks for year (ISO 8601 definition)
Preserve tab-indent when pasting from MS Word into WYSIWYG
How do I get the cumulative height of a series of images?
Unable to find assembly A_class, Version, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null
Good hash function for ip addresses and remote ports
no device ready and no console.log with xcode using cordova 1.5
Rails 3.2.1 - Could not find rake- in any of the sources
Is using a function to return a variable from a class more efficient than referencing the variable directly? [duplicate]
slider makes my rest layout disappear
Silverlight redirecting between project pages
Best database for a Statistics System [closed]
Is it valid to have an HTML form inside of a 'section' tag?
Combine multiple XML URLs into one XML file with PHP + XSLT
How to add image and change visibility on hover CSS
How to redirect a WCF service to an HTTPS endpoint with Windows credential
How to deploy android app to be able to resolve end user issues
How to create service that will go to a specific folder on the phone, android
Determining Clojure Jar Path
SQL error 1064 - how to fix?
python: indexing a list as a dict
Does openSSO need to be on a separate server as my webapp?
Making a div vertically scrollable using CSS
SQL Server CE Database: SSMS Remembers My Password, But I Don't 鈥�Next Steps?
Android Thread Pool to manage multiple bluetooth handeling threads?
Achieving foreground-image effect
Interface as a parameter
I'm not seeing a foreign key index that I created
Problems with memory allocation for multidimensional arrays in C
Mysql Complex SELECT
Rails scaffold built table called assets - now route errors
how do i access a child object using django.views
How to modify this Javascript to open links in a different window?
Save a number using rms in j2me lwuit
difference between $this->params['url'] and $this->params['named']
Alternatives for Java Schedulers
Deleting rows from MySQL DB if duplicate
LINQ to Entities does not recognize the method [Type] GetValue[Type]
How to Retain the Styling / Hover Functionality of Image Hyperlinks in a GridView TemplateField using ImageButtons
PHP receive file as byte array using Zend_Form
In Javascript, if an object has a key which is a character, can the .length of that key ever be anything other than 1?
How can I find an URL of a Facebook page from its ID?
Is it possible to detect if a Stream has been closed by the client?
Button to fill screen, except areas with a button there already? [closed]
Redirect with www in front of it not working?
How can i return img.src by clicking on an image with javascript?
Modifying QFileDialog::getOpenFileName to have an additional drop down
how to handle 鈥渟endDidFinish鈥�in sharekit
NLS missing message: Obsolete_attribute_name___ERROR_ in:
column _id does not exist - but i am sure it does
string.IsNullOrEmpty using Trim()
Create a standalone executable in Eclipse
What's the velocity unit in scrollViewWillEndDragging:withVelocity:targetContentOffset:?
Anyway to do this puzzle that's not brute force (and how do you brute force)?
How can I get the Wrapper to include the link text?
wordpress do_action after loop
Convert pixels to canvas
How can I use a wildcard alias for file names in apache config?
PHP File upload, if left blank
C++: the fastest way to access specific octet of int
Invalidating cache and all references
flatironjs and Cloud9; window is undefined error?
Is there a way to get ADODB to work with Excel for Mac 2011?
can mysqldump on a large database be causing my long queries to hang?
Rails 3.2 ActiveRecord Database Field Issue
gem 'twitter-bootstrap-rails' error on rails 3.2.2
Magento- configurable products options order to match the order they are in the attribute set
adding imageurl in database design in hierarchial approach
Group values by a key with any Monoid
drawing simple rectangles on a Jframe in java
Call a Non Static Member Method from Another Method
In Log4J, why %C in ConversionPattern prints '?' (question mark) with AsyncAppender?
gcj compile to arm
JQuery animation and mouse hover
render a child & parent objects to a specified template
php if-else failing
Notepad++ workspace refresh?
Minified jQuery
Free XML Compare Tool [closed]
greasemonkey userscript injects variables within another variable
C# : asp.net 3.5 : Deserialize JSON - json string or object?
How do i delete a file? And file questions about limits? Java Android
complex protocols and delegates
ZEND framework & PHPUnit with ant having 鈥渦nrecognized option --report鈥�
Why aren't C#'s Math.Min/Max variadic?
The match that begins earliest wins?
UIButton on cell from dynamic table displaying wrong image
Rails - Parameter with multiple values in the URL when consuming an API via Active Resource
About the speed in 鈥渇or鈥�
Repa 3 performance and correct usage of 'now'
Does releasing a view controller releases all its properties?
Can't connect to MySQL on Windows 7 using JDBC, but works via phpmyadmin and other admin tools?
Twitter's Bootstrap Form Validation [duplicate]
OpenGL: set glPrint() location relative to screen
Comparing the values of one Combo box with another combo box value and grayed out if it is same
is my bash script correct?
(Python) Creating a list with a unique automatically generated name [duplicate]
Embedding Trendnet TV-IP512P into a web page?
SAVE TRANSACTION vs BEGIN TRANSACTION (SQL Server) how to nest transactions nicely
Need some assistance/suggestions with short java code
Try/Catch statement not catching exceptions
EXTJS + startEditByPosition function does not throw focus event when moved to other row
Is it possible to get USER_ACCESS_TOKEN via graph API? how?
How to prevent user changing system date/time (in Windows 7)?
Graph visualization using prefuse is too dense
Twitter bootstrap: how to hide Tabbable tab header?
Is there any existing syntax checker for GNU R
Android Facebook SDK import occurs with errors - Eclipse
Grails searchable plugin in Grails spring WS
iOS 5 simplest way to send email from an app
How to deploy 2 separate ASP.NET solutions under one IIS website
Is it possible to enable schema validation for inbound or outbound xml only in Apache CXF 2.5.2?
How to properly forward messages coming from client to Web Server in HTTPS? (Java Proxy Server)
Why can't I assign a new value to 鈥渢his鈥�in a prototype function?
Convert the asp.net action link to jquery
xdt transform locator that matches subnode content
Call a Runnable class inside an Activity
Storing credit card numbers with Paypal's Website Payments Pro
Errors not caught by Global.asax?
change lokalized storyboards
Bad file descriptor on pthread_detach
Iterator next method
On Xcode 4.3.1 4E1019, Launch screen (Default.png, etc) has white line (1 pt tall) at bottom of image on launch
adding nodes to xml [duplicate]
How to restart the Service Automatically in android?
Compile Android project programmatically
Correctly using stacktrace to debug
Is it possible to fetch blog post on blog.wordpress using API, webservices?
jquery - animation techniques for masked reveal in variable direction
Adding existing source packages to a Maven Web Application in Netbeans
Django-mongodb check boolean in raw_query
Passing a value of a component from one custom control to the other
Create MPI processes on the fly with fork?
Entity Framework 4.3.1 , DbContext Adding an object with existing referenced object
MS Access Macro to change form to No data entry
Zend Form W3C validation with HTML5 Doctype
Can't receive JSON object with Rack ruby server
really strange IE8 font behaviour that I'd like to duplicate
Starting May 1st. Will all access tokens issued by Facebook expire in 60 days?
How to disable/enable PayPal button on Checkbox activation?
How do I auto-hide placeholder text upon focus using css or jquery?
check for particular port availability on particular IP(both Ipv4 and Ipv6) in nsis
Woosim SDK for Android 2.2 [closed]
What can cause a postback to not be routed to the handler
TypeError at /userpage/
how secure is an iframe
Yii can't start gii
XSL to modify a proprietary Blumind XML document
Feeding a current filter selection to another custom SimpleListFilter in Django
Does TQuery.Unprepare close the query result in Delphi?
How to use Contains(Of T)(T) method?
JQuery Dialog not opening on single click
Datatables.net custom pagination order
Store occurences of words in a file and their count,using Scanner.( Java )
cocos2d scenes vs layers
Issuing system commands in perl
Many to many in LINQ to SQL
Restructuring Vectors in R
navigation and sub navigation have different position on different screens
Apache Commons FTPClient Hanging
in line syntax highlighter?
Form post not being recognized on the 2nd page
Arel and polymorphic association joins
html select menu options running off page
void* pointer returned from Function - Heap Corruption
Heroku DB Push Error / Taps Serve
Location Manager Inside Service
Avoiding the number of function within a class from getting out of hand (not the size of functions)
How do I 'Save a Copy' rather than 'Save As' in Acrobat Javascript?
Include a service in a SDK/library
AVAudioPlayer pausing issue
FileSystem on chrome/javascript
eval command function within ksh script is globbing when I don't want it to
difference between two strings
Create an ER diagram in pgAdmin
web-routes-boomerang with simple algebraic data type
How do I subset for specific transfers (A to/from B pairs) in a long list in R?
How to go from a values_list to a dictionary of lists
How to combine arrays from an array returned by MySQL?
ASP.NET 4.0 and SQL Server 2008 hosting and cloud hosting [closed]
Sqlite query check - less than and greater than
Rewrite all urls in project with wamp and Codeigniter
icy-metaint parsing
How to rewrite url with apache
left-margin shifted table extending outside of parent div
Knockout.js observable array not being updated from the server when using the mapping plugin
Custom SessionState Provider and Web Farm
How to know when a jquery effect ends if there are mutiple elements which are animated
MySQL - turn one long table column into table with multiple columns
Making select option default
NSTextField not contained by the NSView on resize
iOS5 Region Monitoring Accuracy
Load website resources before displaying the website
Java: Speed up my code
serialization format for arrays in R, python/numpy/scipy, C++, matlab
Can I override and use a subclass for the template type in as the super class
Remove text decoration from ActionLink
Facebook CurlException: 6: Couldn't resolve host 'graph.facebook.com'
FStream class and using strings as parameters
mocha as a library
Concatenating string variable inside a for loop in the bash shell
Blank lines in list in Redmine
Array key reference to a string?
Why does this line of code work in this way?
Compiling C for 8086
Received 403 CSRF verification failed when logging through python requests
Java - Displaying a static fileChooser panel and a dynamic checkbox panel in a single gui
Export HTML table column to text list
ASIFormDataRequest upload video works in iPhone simulator but fails with iPhone for files over 1.5 MB
Add tooltips to the entries in a GTK ComboBox?
jQuery .on() delegating and the 'this' value
Substring String after checking length of string without using If or Try Catch
SQL/Python School Program
Half of our Azure web role instances are not saving IIS logs to blob storage
SQL Server - Nested transactions in a stored procedure
create table cells similar to the ones in the iTunes store
Retaining a UIViewControllers's.view, then release VC, VC gets dealloc'd?
How do you read this ternary condition in Ruby?
How to get the remotely created actor?
Analyzing Text for Accents
Doctrine query not executing
Can not delete Metadata entry in Spatial DB
Validate DateTime in Business Logic
Is it possible to have an enum class with enums of two or more words?
How to store a certain value when running function multiple times through another function
custom setter for NSString
[].append(foo) idiom [closed]
Updated RubyGems: uninitialized constant Gem::ConfigFile::RbConfig
Howto access registry in WSO2 ESB
Google Chrome Dev with strange fonts rendering
Serialize to AMF exactly like NetConnection does
Ruby File.exists?(path) lies to me
Want to create a Facebook app for auto share posts on the wall
Why is my javascript call to an object method not working?
Facebook Credit API Error 1383049 on Sandbox Mode Only
how to make a service, SOAP web service in .net?
Creating apps for facebook groups possible or not?
Datetime Module Python
redirect paypal after doexpresscheckout success
2D XNA game mouse clicking
Display login success without adding to every page
compiling code in netbeans
NHibernate audit listener state tracking issue
android - possible to override the default auto-brightness level?
Changed IIS directory in DotNetNuke leads to portal enumeration problems
how to set the 鈥渓ocation / 鈥�of nginx.conf
How to setup Devise sender name for email?
Error while trying to upload to TestFlight
IOS app for a website
What can be used to restrict navigation from panel to panel in a java cardlayout?
How can I search and replace all files recursively to remove some rogue code injected into php files on a wordpress installation?
Windows setup/installer project: Forcing installation into 鈥淧rogram Files鈥� not x86?
Changing a QuerySet object on the fly in Django
You must add a reference to assembly 'System, Version=1.0.5000.0
Removing child override by another code
How can I get Google Places API to work with a select/drop-down menu instead of radio buttons?
Uploading huge files with PHP or any other language?
open graph debugger tool errors inferred property
What's faster in Android: sending data to a WebView with loadUrl or retrieving it from the WebView with a JavascriptInterface?
Is it possible to fake a multipart/form-data post with a jquery ajax call?
Adding Accents to Speech Generation
pure CSS linear gradient border
How to create a path object in FXML?
error: java.lang.String cannot be cast to org.w3c.dom.Node
Missing File Exceptions.h
CreateProcess and API loader
Best practice in returning select query in linq
Log4Net 1.2.10 public key conflict
How to check who is taking most of the bandwidth?
SQL Group By and Order By with Aggregate Functions
Hibernate Sub query inside case when statement
Building a Native Client app from nothing
The name 'Textbox1' does not exist in the current context?
Strange JSON.parse() error in node.js
Entity Framework 4.3 - Polymorphic Query With Eager Loading
SaaS Rails Kit: Redirect after login?
How to read Little-endian UTF-16 Unicode text in Perl?
MySQL: Selecting most similar value?
Why doesn't the clearInterval() works?
Recreating database: rake tasks using the db end up loading models/other files?
Asp.net Viewstate not saving a control's style
Java - Check if item is in array [duplicate]
How to pass an exception from the stored procedure to my Post Action method
In Java unit tests, is it possible to include an assert statement within a loop?
Updating existing firewall rule using API
google maps on iPhone
Jquery behaviour in IE, different for setting rather then changing style values?
What does 鈥�/ TODO Auto Generated method stub鈥�mean?
System.InvalidOperationException: Mapping and metadata information could not be found for EntityType
Creating iOS Plugin in Unity
How to access a database postgres table with a foreign key from django model
Textarea resize vertical in ie
in a proxy, formatting a browser request before sending it out to the host
IIS error 鈥淯nable to cast object of type 'System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement.GroupPrincipal'鈥�
sorting through a file/returning info
How to check JSessionID is valid in server end
Scrape a Facebook Group Document
fading slideshow in an imageview. xCode 4.2
Gef BendPoints That are curved
eclipse not updating android project
Newbie Django: Creating a project with several apps or all in one
Exception in scala when defining my own toInt method
NoMethodError in Transactions#new
Background image won't show
How do I use CSS to to vertically center align an image in a div?
For Django recursive ManytoManyFields, can related_name override symmetrical=False?
Setting external CSS for QWebView with resource file
Does janus grid control have group by event?
Using jpeg(file= ) creates an empty jpeg even though there's not a call to create a plot
Why does Rails order the 7 routes created from :resources the way it does?
How to use std::for_each?
correct pthread_mutex_lock type in a callback function
Struts2 css issue
Can reading/writing a NETLINK socket ever fail?
How to generate random characters [closed]
how to group java log entries?
JAXB binding - How to define the DomHandler to be used in @XmlAnyElement
How to use jQuery to correctly print out variables in HTML
How to add iPhone version to iPad app which is alreadiy on the AppStore
Upgrade APC to work with Symfony 2 on Zend Server and OSX [duplicate]
Using a select_tag for hours and minutes to be together, how would I attribute that to the day?
What exception should I throw when a factory method returns null?
Oracle possible Error in Select with FULL OUTER JOIN
Detecting if a non-printable character has been found - Perl
Admob ads adding to previous screen when using back button?
SQLite FMDB create table on iOS
Count Number of Possible Sequences [closed]
Loop controls inside function in c
ListView and TranslateAnimation negative value not refresh element under others
Using if/else in insert and update statements
PrimeFaces鈥�use MyFaces or Mojarra?
spring validation in a desktop application
JavaScript NaN issue with my javascript/jquery code
Pattern matching a Makefile target name
c# & json.NET - Call constructor BEFORE deserializing members
SSRS2005 Report works in builder and manager, but not in viewer
Umbraco LoginView - enter key doesnt work in ie
display data using bean and servlet
How to join multiple tables without using navigation properties in C#
Permanently remove solution from SourceSafe?
Look up other files within a given URL
Entity Framework 3.5: - Loading related entities does not work for specific parents
My javascript bookmarklet does nothing, where did I mess up?
creating my own virtualwrapper template
iOS: Repeat XML Help Me [closed]
jQuery UI tabs with HTML forms: Working in Firefox, Broken in IE
update multiple records in mysql database from php
How to optimize this nested for loop where the most overhead is from the multi dimensional array index lookup
Scrape page after onload JS DOM injection
how to prevent timer to start the delay in the first time its start?
NHibernate/FluentNHibernate and SQLite in memory for mapping test
subversion via cifs is not working
prevent inadvertant tab close in chrome, etc [closed]
How can I make this 'click-gallery' jQuery code better?
Jenkins mercurial cloning a Bitbucket repository with every build
optimization of object creation in javascript on mobile
Storyboard in DataTemplate doesn't work
How to best distribute python packages with _large_ data dependencies
Getting started with backbonejs - what should a server return
Recommended frameworks for single-page web apps in Node.js?
Unable to substantiate activity ComponentInfo - Null Pointer Exception
C/C++ georeferenced plots?
.Net EF inserts data rows long after the application is closed
Accessing an object variable from a generic type in Java
variable 鈥渋鈥�in $(鈥�show鈥�i) not working
session id is not passed while doing respond.redirect
How does an Entry<K,V> array in java work? [duplicate]
MATLAB: Having audioplayer() continue to play after function ends
How can I format a non date value as a date value
How to create a jQuery listener to iterate through some markup
Watin C# : How to hide 鈥淚nternet Explorer is not your default browser鈥�
Providing specific access to the user and developer in the maven pom.xml
Forced to use forward declarations for C++ code on Mac (using Xcode)
Bundle Error with rails 3.2.2
Java: defining an array of user-defined struct
Python mulitple inheritance property [closed]
Provide CA chain for my API: should I include all certs in chain?
jquery function inside function loop
MVC Url Routing For custom url
Simple PHP relative path in a Joomla Tutorial
What is the highest allowed price for an android in app billing items?
Read response from CURL.exe program
Java library for converting CSV file to SQL data table
RESTful updates of resource hyperlinks
JRuby segfault on Suse
Skip iteration of XML reading loop if exception is met Python
MySQL special characters when doing a SELECT shows others results without special characters
Is there a way to make the tappable area for the UIBarButtonItem as 44x44?
python doesn't get environment variable but it is set on mac os
Eclipse CDT: Skip make/build before Debug/Run
How to I archive the artifacts in a Jenkins multi-configuration build involving multiple OSs?
How to install AJAX on IIS 6.1
Stripe.js / stripe.php - All card errors work (expiry, cvc, incorrent #) except for declined card
Verify whether Selection is fragmented
LabView: Pass value between while loops
IE7 rendering performance
How can I search a strongly typed list for a string?
subscribe and unsubscribe a function that contains calls to other functions
How can I edit a TreeModelFilters child model?
Bluetooth communication between Mac and iPhone
Need for relocations in an exe
CodeIgniter Active Record or_where() function produces AND in sql?
Panel size changes from computer to computer
Postgis - Migrate table with geometry column to SQL Server
Eclipse Indigo M2E Ignores MAVEN_OPTS in external installation
Dynamic Where condition
Unable to write files on Windows
Inno Setup uninstaller doesn't remove assembly from GAC
Is there an open source MemoryStream implementation that does not use contiguous memory?
Flash Builder 4.6 linked Resources not working with ANEs and Certs
Model with Required attribute doesn't show any error messages for bad user input
Setting a default value in sqlalchemy
Creating a subvector that contains specific elements of a vector
Linq to SQL - Query
Imagemagick convert multiple images to pdf size
JQuery - dom manipulation on a variable
What's the difference between using RDFS/OWL versus a tagging/markup language that uses tags?
mongodb insert and return id with REST API
What do ob_start and ob_gzhandler functions really do
How do I override the 鈥渟calar deleting destructor()鈥�
Rename a custom member route named helper in Rails 3
Calling a function inside a PHP class from a function within the same class
Combobox jquery find selected val
redirect subdomains bar one
Buttons do not change position
Using LLVM JIT code to encode a program to call C++ code
.htaccess mod_rewrite rules conflicting
Jquery changing hidden input value when a checkbox is checked and reverse when unchecked?
Building an Identity Management System using Microsoft Azure
Getting Google Maps With Jquery
How do I stop gtk.Entry from losing focus on arrow keypress?
Cannot add category to CPView Cappuccino
Using the 鈥淎鈥�key when testing movie in Flash IDE
Will this function call be optimized by g++?
C# display of intergers as binary/decimal. How do you change the display?
how to remove duplicate values in a XML file and keep the last one?
removeObjectForKey: Doesn't work in iPhone 5 simulator?
How do I display local HTML in QWebview?
Issues With New-ADGroup, Set-ACL and Network Folders
how to get test name dynamically
C language program that doesn't work?
How to hide UITableViewCell?
Unable to find constructor when using varargs with new class
How do I retrieve a strings from an NSDate?
PHP mail inside function with if/else statements
Disable scrolling on input type=number
Runtime Statistics in Python
How to convert list of scala Xml elements to single scala Elements?
Entity Framework 4.3 Code First: Set Inherited Property During SaveChanges
Using jQuery .find() to traverse child textboxes, and mark them as checked, in a list
how to create a padding around the edge of a google map
Error when trying to uninstall Macports
VBscript to check if Microsoft Outlook Out of Office is enabled
Injecting MongoRepository into domain objects
displaying pdf in iframe PHP
ItemsControl refreshes in two stages because there are too many items?
Is it unsafe to use MD5?
How reliable is Reachability and should I take further precautions?
Rails returns error for DELETE view > No route matches [GET] 鈥�assets鈥�
Replacing DataSource in Mockito
serve different wsgiapplications depending on request domain on GAE with threadsafe:true
Cannot convert Bitmap to Drawable, why do i get this error?
What's the difference between cloning and copying a git repo?
ASP.NET dynamically load control
How can I force PHP to render fatal errors as plain text?
Generic class fails to accept object with direct line to the generic where type restriction
creating background processes in my own shell
Android PendingIntent Extra
How to copy a certain node (with children) from a XML with XSLT in Biztalk specifying a custom namespace?
How do I Implement InstanceContextSharing in WCF Between Applications?
styling a context menu
How can I use SHDocVw in C# form?
Is there a way to open the PerfMon with specified counters?
ASP.NET - Is it possible to put the user agent into an object?
GridView scrollable with Fixed Header and Footer
Why doesn't Google Places API return multiple municipalities?
CGRectIntersectsRect problems, overlapping frames but not detecting it
How to handle ASP.NET Application variables in a load-balanced web farm
Getting the value from a Javascript function to appear somewhere else
free hand sql nightmare
apache mod rewrite on a subdirectory
What is (a relative) better strategy to load a resource file as a template in Spring 3.x mvc?
How to read inbox of Facebook pages using Graph API
Server side or Javascript calculations?
How to set up a stageing-enviorment for wordpress/wordpress mu?
Multiple page registration in cakephp
Using FindNextPrinterChangeNotification fails on IPP printers
Getting warning, 'Type Parameter X Hides Interface X'
ASP.NET - How to find out if the user is a mobile user?
Identifier errors etc
Any reason why the AWS SDK for PHP doesn't automatically use NextToken?
Subclipse is no help. Has anyone gotten this error?
document.getElementById on another window
Displaying variable values not fast enough
C# to JavaScript Serialization issue
Spring Security on a JSF 2.1 web app
permission for using gmail account
sharedpreferences that don't change from activity to activity?
change the bounds of CGBitmapContext?
What is the best data structure/algorithm for data requiring bidirectional 1 to N mappings?
error C2663: 'std::_Hash<_Traits>::insert' : 3 overloads have no legal conversion for 'this' pointer
Is returning DataTable or DataSet from DAL is wrong approach
Getting 鈥渆rror C2039: 'value_type' : is not a member of 'std::greater<_Ty>'鈥�
Logic Issue - NSObject class - Beginner
How can I access the target of a runAction with a callback function?
Java: Possible to disable Ctrl-C in Java console application?
Hover from one object to another without the second DOM object disappearing right away
Non CRUD actions with ember-data
Conflict when using two or more shaders with different number of attributes
If grep file wordcount equals number then
How to stop my array parsing all the content in jQuery?
Unzipping A Gzip File That Contains Folders In C#
Escaped characters in string from submitted form
fadeIn effect only flashes
text box validation in asp.net - removing whitespace
Connection to postgres closed with 'This socket is closed' error message
Can't get Carrierwave to work with Amazon S3
JS variable setting inside jQuery click function
samlp:RequestAbstractType - Trying to understand the ExtensionsType
button not disabled on unchecking checkboxes +jquery
jquery buttons icons for dialog
Interrupting boost thread
Making Posts on an App for both iOS and Android [closed]
Is it allowed by Apple to have the Signout function from the Settings?
Initiate SRAM read operation
centering div with css but not moving over sidebar
On Mac OS X, Firefox displays my website all messed up
How to iterate a Java Object's properties in Play framework's template engine
How can I compile a list of unique image filenames in a set of html files?
Blackberry - Where is phonegap (www) folder stored on Device?
In-app billing - does marketplace keep pinging us until we confirmNotifications()?
OAuth Vimeo with Scribe 鈥淚nvalid API Key鈥�(Error Code 100)
Deserializing polymorphic classes using Simple XML
Login with facebook and storing important user information
vclick event to click event in jquery
Can't find System.Windows.Input.Mouse in C# windows form application
share facebook project portfolio
jqueryUI sortable/draggable and overflow (or z-index?) - inconsistent behaviour
How to generate vcproj files?
Check glibc version for a particular gcc compiler
The package name should be ProjectName or CodeName? [closed]
Map TRttiProperty to a class definition equivalent
javascript async calls
how to hide stdout of subprocess on windows
multiple src/main/resources folders without profiles (I wish to build multiple versions at once)
Perl's HTML::Form::ForceValue equivalent in Python
How to deserialize the request body AsSingleObject while also passing parameters from the route?
Flex: Sending XML with Javascript
DataGridView only 1 show 1 row
Bar images issue on graph using GD libraray
ExecuteReader requires an open and available Connection. The connection's current state is Connecting
Is it possible to find out if there were suggestions on change using jquery-ui autocomplete
Easy way to insert select list data in Oracle Apex PL/SQL code?
Upload a word document to SQL server, inserting watermark beforehand
How do I pull missing file back into my branch
How can I obtain a String from a Byte() without mangling its binary contents?
Multiple AJAX POST requests in same session
JPA - Not able to access non entity @mappedsuperclass in manytoone relationship
SlidingDrawer prevents onTouchEvent
Will a literal string assignment call the String constructor like this?
Passing Class.forName through generic type class parameter
How to make a UI for sentence divider? [closed]
Emailing navigator.useragent
save user specific data
How I can apply dynamic width only on div not on div: hover by CSS and JavaScript