Debugging Node.js processes with cluster.fork()
Android animation. Two translate activity
Java Eclipse 2D array of int won't work
Making platform game, need method to stop running
class cast exception in google app engine code
Permission Denied Error in Corporate Environment
SortedDict in Django
How to View HTTPRequest information
How to mdify the computeBalance() method making sure that amounts are positive and without cents?
iOS 5.1 swipe gesture hijacked by UISplitViewController - how to avoid?
Can SSL cert be used to digitally sign files?
Can't add a switch routine without error
Return datawindow object from user object method in PowerBuilder
T-SQL : Return variable amount of records based on the top value in a column
How can I use macros to generate multiple Makefile targets/rules inside foreach? Mysterious behaviour
why would I get `no such file to load 鈥�ruby-debug` in production rake task?
Develop an Android App to support English and Arabic 鈥渓ayout alignment鈥�
I can't seem to get cleartool's find to work on a simple query
After doing syncho in phpmyadmin NULL becomes 0000-00-00
javascript - can we have self invoking function modules assigned to variables
Counting Lines and numbering them
Optimizing MySQL database query
Flash: accessing high scores site raises security issues
How to combine two Boost Geometry transformers?
Android: Share score by intent. Make shared message uneditable
1 Keystore to sign all apps or 1 per app?
Caching dynamic image generated on php
Strange string text appears in UIPickerView content
How do I get Flash Builder to let me create run and debug configurations?
How to calculate the date that is X number of week days from a given date?
How can I make an Android seek-bar move smoothly?
Log4j , Spring MVC , No appenders could be found for logger
Alarm which is fired on specific time each day
How fast is class instantiation with methods, but no fields or properties?
Interfaces as return types with JAX-WS + JAXB
JNA, Structures and Arrays
Cant adjust time in jQuery Cycle Plugin
Uncaught syntax error:
I have coded the code below to actually perform the POST for httpURLconnection, can help me find the mistakes?
Refresh only a div in php [closed]
Common Lisp type specifiers
python list from string
API for simple File (line count) functions in Java
CSS: Link hover not working in Chrome and Safari
Flash drive to store Eclipse, ADT, Android SDK and projects
What is a strategy for displaying an page after user clicks any link in a UIWebView
How to initialize const in a struct in C (with malloc)
PDO SQLite difficulties
one to many relation from a map in scala
How to get rid of checkbox text in subitems ObjectListView
Is there a common dialog for selecting Active Directory users?
How to deal with business logic violations in agile development?
Oracle WITH Clause Causing Issue in SSRS?
Trie & subsequences
mod_rewrite additional query string - correct syntax
Puppet Behaviour not consistent in Amazon VPC
Flex Horizontal List
Strange result while writing a number in a textbox
rails 3+ authentication for just one user
SQL Update info using other record from the same table
How do I request a file but not save it with Wget? [closed]
How to implement a many-to-many hierarchical structure in MySQL
Modified data in QuestionTemplate for ASP Membership
Cannot send more than one command to console application
boolean in a conditional statement on android?
Conditional filter expression in
What is this data type in MVC3 html helper methods?
python mysqldb unable to insert a long string filled with quotes
How can I cut a substring from a string to the end using Javascript?
Closing application's windows (OSX)
count then insert else update [closed]
_NET_WM_PID and custom xlib based window manager
How to find the max number in this type of data structure in Python
Method for a .DLL to expose state system-wide (Windows)
Removing object from ArrayList in for each loop
New to Json/Java - what datatype is this? A datetime? 13 digits long. Using PHP
How to execute a row sp with DbDatabase.SqlQuery()
Dispatch touch event to a sibling view
How to listen for changes to a MongoDB collection?
Unit Testing php application (What should I stress test?)
Communication Exception in SIlverlight 5
Backbone upgrade issues
cakephp use another model inside current model
On save, can I automatically build an exploded war with maven in eclipse?
Checking 鈥渓iveness鈥�of a Windows application?
Hooking keyboard interrupt on windows IDT
Jquery Mobile and Graphael not working together
Where do I find code examples of a Drupal client consuming WCF Web Service?
Stupid Json issue [duplicate]
Alignment in GridBagLayout (applet)
Finding AWS ElastiCache endpoints with Java
Initialize instance with integer constant 0 but no other constant value or integer variable
Wordpress 3.3.1 [closed]
Finding the parent object in a self-referencing Java class
String Manipulation in Excel
Conditionally Show Field in Custom Module Widget Template
jQuery validate and groups - doesn't work properly when second field value is correct?
What is the correct implementation of erase function in vector class
Javascript regular expression syntax error?
Read a Wordpress HTML
Closing child nativeWindows when main app gets closed (via OS)
How can I find out who accessed phpmyadmin
Implementing Feature Toggles in Perl5
Is it possible to change a binding of an Emberjs object property after it's been instantiated?
What's the difference between using RDFS/OWL and XML?
repo 'bisect' for debugging Android?
How to return data from a bash shell script subroutine?
How to fix this issue in a simple HXT function?
Dynamics CRM 2011 attachments using WCF
Dismiss ViewController + Table ViewController + Master-Detail app
Does winapi's bcrypt.h actually support bcrypt hashing?
Handle unknown number of undefined objects for logging
Upload video to youtube via URL with python gdata
ImportError: cannot import name cached_property
Locking/disable user accounts on HSQL
How does TestFlightApp know what device I'm using via the web?
Building Android Apps without XML [closed]
Moving a MySQL slave to new hard drives - do I need mysqld-relay-bin logs?
How do I remove excess whitespace in an HTML file? (And only excess whitespace)
Statement with multiple fork() s
run mstest.exe through a vb script
jQuery not loading in DOM Window
reverse-lookup Digital Object Identifier given table of citations?
Phonegap iPhone plugin SoundPlug, cant get it working
php dom not accepting url
Android App Development: Databases
Save Subset of MongoDB Collection to Another Collection
AspxGridView initially load empty
Validate user input in python by a type reference
Is this a bug? Float operation being treated as integer
Month swaps to Day, Day swaps to Month when loading View
Defining a list of error messages and error codes
Call web service from PHP with multiple parameters
Binding multiple variables in Drools LHS throws NPE
thrust::device_vector error
How to diagnose/manage DLL hell with InstallShield?
What is an effective way to collect data in Java?
VARCHAR size limit in Excel spreadsheets
Java: possible to persist jvm state and restore upon restart of application?
Jquery Draggable not positioning scrollbars properly
Icon color on different themes
Building ParaView for Visual Studio Express 2010 using CMAKE
Best Data-access for SharePoint 2010 or 2007
git and branch names
Python: convert string to packed hex ( '01020304' -> ' x01 x02 x03 x04' )
Determine power usage programmatically in Windows?
What is the right amount of abstraction from the data-layer?
Create a pointer inside a constructor to point to the instance of the class in C++
How to get the last date of a particular month with JodaTime?
Sum duplicate columns in a table
How can I really get rid of a eclipse classpath variable
Why does 'Access My Data Anytime,' permission show as an 'Optional Permission'?
drop down list each option to take me to a different link
Read file without evicting from OS page cache
Activity starts first activity when finish() is called instead of returning to previous one
UIButton with fixed size custom image
Raphael Javascript. Change text appearance in relation to another object
How to split up an all vs. all comparison into same sized chunks for parallelization?
What is the proper way of doing event handling in C++?
stubs and mocks in R
facebook integration with login [closed]
Changing the type of a column used in other views
HTTP Download Time
Is there a way to close a modal window a few seconds after the form as been successfully submitted?
replace android source package with modified package
C++ class method return pointer to a user defined class instance
How to sort non-uniform strings that contain numeric values?
TableView: Probably a simple error
Using lxml in an IDE with code completion/auto complete
CSS Image Issue
Event Handling in WPF
405 Error From Slim PHP while using Backbone JS with MAMP
Parsing structured text data in PHP
Do I need to manually rebuild a innodb table with massive deletes on MYSQL?
jQuery Submit will not submit form
ActiveX Spell Check component for legacy VB6 App
Pointing of variables in Python
How to create a link to delete action in Rails (using paths and link_to)?
Sendign byte[] over SMS. Convert iso-8859-1
Email intent ignoring line-breaks in preset text (Android)
GUI accessing a JSlider from another class
What does the state (Active, Req, Done) column in tcpmon mean?
Conditional watchpoints on array in GDB
linq: projecting two sequences to third result sequence
How to start a process from a Windows Service
How would you count occurences of a string within a string (Haskell)
Obtaining conversion data from GA for visits that have triggered some given events
Improving Tesseract results on Android
How to Make return value of function for legend
NASM integer-to-ascii conversion algorithm not working
DJANGO: how to limit inlineformset queryset
dynamic setOnCLickListener
Weka exception: Train and test file not compatible
code first composite key made of foreign keys ef 4.3
maven-jetty-plugin jetty:run error
What is a PostgreSQL query that will run slowly?
How do I Crossfade music in cocos2d?
SQL query error, need some assistance
PrettyPhoto doesnt popup only online?
Why do i get Error http 500.0 when running IIs-express from a folder?
Error: Empty string supplied as input. In a OpenGraph code
facebook oauthtoken in django session
Center text between button
How to make a 鈥減ortable鈥�MySQL InnoDB database?
Why do I get the warning 鈥淲indow already focused, ignoring focus gain of鈥︹� each time I click a selection on a spinner?
IN Clause selects all variables
Simple program that adds numbers from user
NSData -> UIImage -> NSData
Storing phone nos with only numbers and with 鈥渪鈥�for extension?
Unexpected ( when setting a variable's value using a function
Block webpages which are only used for dynamic content retrieval through AJAX. (.htaccess?)
Sitecore Rebuild Search Indexes throws UnauthorizedAccessException
Pyschools Topic 3 Q 9
Operation with dates with format ISO 8601?
mongo searching for a large number of mongo ids
Data encryption with Core Data in iOS
join a column that contains the previous max
Creating an arraylist in Scala
Got drama converting an obect into a string
retrieve a mysql database via SSH
Rails Tutorial 10.2 - 6: 鈥淣oMethodError in Users#edit鈥�
Android Custom Tab Content
Selecting ANY from multiple columns in MySQL [closed]
PDF view link in PHP
css div height issue
Connecting to a computer remotely
Difference between '..' (double-dot) and '鈥� (triple-dot) in range generation?
How to interrupt a thread if it is to open socket?
How to retrieve dictionary values in Python?
Export Order Comments from Magento
Grails Dependency Resolution Issue
Error on dismissing ProgressDialog in AsyncTask
Retrieving sibling with xsl:key
Eventbrite at-the-door API
Job Scheduling using Quartz.Net
Return (terminate) caller function from callee
Different input name's [closed]
How to dynamically change color of element?
How do you install multiple WSO2 products?
How to remove an unneccessary space within a link
C# UTC to local time convertion unexpected results
How to run Java from Cygwin
Spring and @Autowired on a DelegatingFilterProxy
Scroll bar Explanation
What OCR options exist beyond Tesseract? [closed]
Active Nav Bar Menu Item CSS3 /HTML5
mysql PHP row count + percentage
PHP and SQL Server - Retrieve image from an image field
decode form-urlencoded to hash
Deleting rows from id table based off of data from three corresponding tables
RoR application deployment
Excluding null properties in Criteria Hibernate
Why isn't the .post jquery function working in my code?
Trouble ordering information when pulled from the database in zend.
Java TCP server - android client packet loss
Any touch on view crashes it
Open numeric only keyboard in Windows Phone?
Can I use Jquery to embed an iframe in another div on click?
Performance Analysis of Clustering Algorithms
Does locking happen when doing inserts with AUTO_INCREMENT column in MySQL
.net Publishing Error in Visual Studio 2010
How can I launch VI from within Java under commons-exec?
Java - error implementing logging code
What are the best practices to include static content with Jsp?
Proxies with ObjectContext (Model First)
Dynamically change parameters based on the value of another parameter?
document.getElementById(鈥渋d鈥� works, but $(鈥�id鈥� does not jQuery
Save a the text from a jTextArea (ie Save As) into a new .txt file
In Knockoutjs whats the difference between a function and an object based viewmodel?
How do I stop Android ProgressBar Circle?
Entity Framework query performs two queries instead of one
jQuery AJAX with PHP returning via JSON (Login form)
cannot find symbol with isLowerCase
Top and Bottom Pagination Sync
DSOFramer will not show context menu in Excel 2010
Jquery Call to REST self hosted Port number
Android VPN authentication and encryption
can't open my isolated storage file when i move my application exe
Multiple CTLine's for NSRange
javascript ask by attempting to do
How to handle a ViewStub in a ListView
Using a <a href> inside a gridview
Point clipped on x-axis in ggplot
What is the difference between these two pieces of Coffeescript?
Facebook app local development server with no SSL
php getting values from session
MySQL and ASP.NET (vb) issue with TIME automatically being added to DATE field
SQL Setting MTD based on Ending Date
How to log in when only available database is taken offline [closed]
rails asset pipeline questions about unique hash
@RequestMapping not mapping correctly
How to mask a UIView to highlight a selection?
OnDraw is not drawing anything into MapView
Averaging a number over multiple rows, selected by day
SlidingDrawer and Imageview Android
Django colors are not overriding in trans tag
2D Arrays - Error with counting neighbours algorithm (Conway's Game of Life)
can a div stretch outside of a scroll box?
Why doesn't svn merge --ignore-ancestry work twice in this scenario, when svn diff+patch does?
CI Dropdown Select
How is it possible to encode black/white picture into 鈥�wav鈥�file?
Does jq.carousel support dynamically added images?
Nginx rewrite syntax
Depth of Artificial Neural Networks
'hidden' admin folder, using a different folder name?
Subtract one image from another iOS
How can a JAX-RS REST service have authentication handled by annotations?
tcp/ip packet listener
what's wrong with my databinding?
EditText tab order
Serialization of List<IMyInterface> using ISerializable
Why do python exceptions typically not print offending values?
SQL select max and then display value less than the max
Broadcast confidential data
Custom Font Characters Separated?
Shorthand new Instance->Method syntax in PHP? [duplicate]
Clearing a session
orderby Clause in linq
Will hashmap.keyset() return keys in the order they were added to the hashmap?
Backport of RTTI.TRttiIndexedProperty to Delphi XE
loading bar, checkoff sheet, mvc3
AsyncTask and JSOUP Parsing
Redirect command output to file - only when stdout has been closed from the command
Is it possible to log in to Google from a different website?
Arguments being passed to CreateProcess aren't being parsed as I expected
How can I report an invalid login properly with express and passport?
Absolute value in ARel (rails)
What causes eclipse to hang while disconnecting from workspace?
Stop a jQuery each() loop
VBA EXCEL Multiple Nested FOR Loops that Set two variable for expression
jQuery Mobile iPhone-like Image Gallery
Populating form_dropdown with a foreach (Codeigniter)
Calculating routes with multiple pins
PHP setcookie() not working
Does XCode4 Version Editor have 鈥淐hoose Right鈥�and 鈥淐hoose Left鈥�controls?
xcode 4.1 realtime changing modes of iphones camera
Inserting data from a Select into a list
Define a menu in composite component = good practice? [closed]
Regular expression to remove comments from SQL statement
Click through images
XSLT: Need to conditionally sum up tags based on a for-each type, but work with an outer loop for-each
pulling info from a log file and sending a notification email using python
.htaccess RewriteRule [closed]
Creating custom simple cursor adapter
Formatting pom xml with embedded groovy source
Get multiple character positions in array?
How can I reuse an Android fragment instance across different fragments?
Strange symbol lookup error in libstdc++
Bootstrap Page Load Progress bar animation
How to align two elements at each ends in WPF?
Storing ArrayList value in Session
ExecuteNonquery returns 0
Autofac: Resolve a specific dependency to a named instance
Regular Expression to remove lines from a file
How to count # words in a textarea
SQL stored procedure to add up values and stop once the maximum has been reached
Facebook app Debugging iis7 and ssl
Enumerate registered URL Schemes?
How to retrieve Raphael object id on the click /hover when objects are stored in an array
How do websites instantly update their content using AJAX?
How to use Twitter bootstrap with rails 3.0
If there was a memory leak in a Java program would it show a high memory usage in the task bar
Android Market Addons Structure
weblogic-maven-plugin 2.9.1
arbitrary method names in javascript object
How do I apply a filter to a google datastore collection based on a key?
Android TabHost Fragment Switch
Android - Swipe/Fling + MapView with MapOverlay
How to efficiently test and parse a deep value in XML?
using custom formatters with jqgrid setCell
What does Javascript do (,=, &= and ~)?
MVC3 Razor View Optimization
Retrieving Global Variable Values from Command Line
Renderscript GLSL shader converting all uniforms to floats
Override ActionMailer's mail to address in development environment
On click - starting another activity after a time
AVAUdioPlayer - changing current URL
Satchmo Template form.username Not Popping Up
Sharing the Same UIViewController as the rootViewController with Two UINavigationControllers
Two-way bind a 鈥渧irtual鈥�list of strings to a column
Extend form validation class and add custom validation rules in codeigniter
Spring Web MVC 3.1 sound files content type decorated with UTF-8
URL Regex Matcher (Idea) [closed]
Getting data out of SAS/IML
how separate files from an uncompressed zlib stream
Post text and files in Java/Android in UTF-8
Can anyone tell my how I can fix my model (Using FluentAPI) so that I can assign a different User to my User.FriendCollection?
PyBlueZ: Create multiple client connections
Animate certain ListView items
MPI Isend/Irecv performance behavior
Clear html5 sessionStorage across http/https
Tag search for inclusion/exclusion with Rails will_paginate gem
Load Video From URL in Quartz Composer Visualizer
How do I add columns and rows to a Matrix in Ruby?
How do I handle null parameters dictionary error for MVC3 routes?
Explain - Formula to curve through a control point
simple Restful call results in InvocationTargetException
Accessing ForeignKey field after creating entity in Entity Framework
MySQL Index usage for ORDER BY LIMIT query
Jquery Focus Issue
How do I join two SQLite tables with the Android API?
Nested to_xml issue?
is it possible to replace a template variable in all img paths on a site with a set value from inside .htaccess?
Yii framework: best way to embed images in 鈥減osts鈥�
Excel - Date Range includes given time of day (a better approach)
How to specify credentials when connecting to Active Directory?
NamedPipeClientStream one time connection
Formatting Writeline output in VB 2010
Having trouble integrating Spring Roo with JQuery
Overwriting the id column in a Rails table
Updating MVC3 application after altering database tables
Dynamically name objects based on EditText input?
Getting Notepad++ DBGp XDEBUG plugin to work on Windows 7 to remote server
Play Framework SASS module include per page
How to add a-z filter to wordpress search result?
iOS orientation for phonegap app
TinyMCE external image list with jQuery plugin
Data type for database primary key
Visualforce passing static resource URL to Apex
Classloading conflict with two eclipse plugins
OpenCv CreateImage Function isn't working
Perl one line if statement
xslt loop to add numbers
cocos2d: Show entire layer then zoom in on character
Calling Controller Class and passing value
Timeout Get-WMIObject cmdlet
tortoiseSVN special post-commit hook
Recursion loop for parent checkbox to check all children checkboxes
Count parameter inconsistant, MPI_Bsend /MPI_Recieve
MongoMapper default callback
Jquery Browser Resize center Div even on scroll
Is there a special type of multivariateregression for multiple-parameter predictions?
Learn Python The Hard Way, Ex21, EC3
Shortest way to cast a 2d int array into 2d double
Twilio TTS directly to AIFF or MP3?
apply() is giving NA values for every column
How to create a zip file without entire directory structure
Simple check constraint not showing up properly in INFORMATION_SCHEMA.CHECK_CONSTRAINTS
Array of int at the output of a mex file
CSV Module Syntax
Set default value for HTML select control in PHP
PHP Namespaces: If I'm not going to need to redeclare already taken functions do I need them?
What is the minimum amount of metadata is needed to stream only video using libx264 to encode at the server and libffmpeg to decode at the client?
Add knockoutjs template event from javascript, as opposed to adding to event to template itself
How do I trigger an event on jQuery Tabs rotate?
COM Client (VBScript) Handling C# .NET Remoting Event
AverageTimer32 counter value becomes zero
MATLAB: hiding nz in sparsity matrix output
Rails redirect_to not working, redirecting to show instead of custom action
Best way to check if an item exists in sql server ce?
ASP.NET Web Pages - Using WebImage to resize and save a photo
Boost::Pool not linking
Android LinearLayout with two ListViews
OpenCL enqueTask vs enqueNDRangeKernel
Height of footer too low
Simple If/Else Razor Syntax
Undefined method `groups' error when running generate scaffold command
Ruby on Rails MySQL #08S01Bad handshake - downgrade MySQL?
Android Creating a stored setting
MySQL Query Fails
I realise OS specific browser testing is necessary but what about the specific OS's version?
ios grasping composition
get the UIViewController from a UIView
How can I combine multiple update statements with django?
Getting IP address of interface that has route to given host
How can I sort Columns by Row values?
javascript: add script that will be evaluated before body scripts?
iOS startMonitoringForRegion, didExitRegion, didEnterRegion, didStartMonitoringForRegion. Methods not firing properly
Why can't compiled language have 鈥渆val鈥�function? [closed]
How can i transfer one view form to another view in MVC3?
Where is the data coming from in this vertex shader?
Easy way to compare two List<String> and keep only unique values
Java Retrieve child nodes with different tag names in the order in which they appear in an xml document
Unblessed reference in Perl
how to add result from function to another function and display in DIV ID html with java
Does Value Injecter map collection properties?
git: trying to merge branches, but there are TONS of conflicts, and most of them /shouldn't/ be conflicts
app.xml from .docx archive
WCF SocketException
Does css conditional targeting on localhost work?
converting vector to array in C++
LINQ: Query if collection contains any element in another collection
How to create a shell command supporting Ruby?
Unit testing controller with dependency injected service and repository
in Java, how do I define different methods for an interface array? Using hash tables without java library
What to set MEDIA_ROOT and MEDIA_URL to when deploying django app on Heroku
hide and show item
Put custom view inside a another
How can I get a key name (in a hash) by using its value?
PHP array to JavaScript array via Ajax request
Maximal SHA-1 Hash Performance Tips in Java
Rails optional argument
TinyMCE: can't write special chars on mac after focus change
How to detect when a UIWebView really has finished loading when redirection is involved?
Jasmine vs. Mocha Javascript testing for Rails 3.1+
EOFException in connecting to HDFS in hadoop
xcodebuild moved after updating to xcode 4.3
Capistrano, SVN repo and webserver in the same machine
Do I have to _setDomainName in Google Analytics for each Top-level Domain I am tracking?
android&/sqlite: cursor causes problems
RavenDB query Store
Attached images in iPad's email
Enable/Disable asp:validators using jquery
Add packages to a Tomcat server [closed]
Howto dynamically localize the full URL (including Controller, Action and other parameters) in ASP.NET MVC 3
jquery mobile list data filter + virtual聽keyboard
Recursive search and replace on Mac and Linux
uboot- MMC no SDcard
How to log in to a web page through code
google docs uploading issue iphone (GData API)
Android - slow data retreive
Linux: Find all soft links that link to a specific directory
Compiling a WPF app into XAML instead of BAML
Can't compile a C++ program with _beginthreadex
c# pass selected items from listbox to another form
jQuery UI Multiselect
ios how dismiss UIImagePickerController after use
Ternary usage in FizzBuzz++ 1.5 (codeacademy)
jQuery click() still activates anchor, even though click function returns false
Opengles fragment shader achieve the effect
Get data between tags for tags that fit defined CSS selector with Python's HTMLParser
C# equivalent to php associative array
How to invoke client method without using RMI
Popularity of jQuery Mobile C-grade browsers
Is is possible to instrument with javassist java core classes? Classes loaded by the bootstrap classloader
XSLT Sorting and Grouping by Child Element
php or javascript regex - return the first letter and the remaining string as 2 separate values
Wordpress Architecture as a CMS - Posts & Pages
How to display an array data in a single line for CDetailView
Android: Convert web service json output into java hashmap
Is it possible to update the object that's held in the ObjectContext for reuse without saving to db?
Converting Pi Into Letters?
Casting Derived Types and Dynamic Best Practices
jQuery sortable connectWith multiple lists
Save images for later use in iPhone
iCarousel same images issue
How to replace whitespace with notepad++ between two characters
Good book for multi-tenancy [closed]
How to create a spiral of squares in OpenGL? (JAVA)
SelectedMode for GridControl ( DevExpress )
ExpressJS backend hanging with too much requests
Columns for layout in IE9 and HTML5 (without table?)
JavaScript object has no method
A cfhttp 鈥淧OST鈥�in php mvc - TextBox with a browse button on filse on the server
ExtJS underlilning validation
How to create the IPAs only without connecting a device?
Possible to obtain the default context used for HttpClient requests?
.htaccess rewrite image file to php script
Combining 鈥渨ith鈥�and 鈥渦rl鈥�Django Template Tags
Reset css style for a div content
Primefaces autocomplete rows appearing above <p:autoComplete
PHP ZipArchive is zipping the lower directories also
Loading/Saving images misorder
Convert REST query to Linq query
Are python tuples modifiable?
How do I establish a persistent connection to an Asterisk manager with PHP?
Return order of numpy array
Trying to access toolbar button is nil
Android: GPS listener gets cached location data
How to upgrade from WCF RIA Service 1.0 to SP2 - Silverlight and Entity Framework
I get SQL error converting data type varchar to date
Are there downsides to always requiring mathn in a rails application?
getting the container/UIViewController of UIView
BASH filepath and file commands
Spring MVC - REST Get Method with RequestParam List<String>
Play 2.0 re-usable template function with HTML body
Linux: writing status often to a small file, where?
Rails 3: tricky one鈥�refresh select box after modal without reloading the entire page
Code for image convolution not displaying an image properly?
Outlook 2007 Add-in: in an email the sender/recipient's context menu needs an additional item
How to add 鈥渆dit page鈥�links to a module in DNN?
Get Username of current addin user
Access-Control-Allow-Origin / Plupload HTML5 / Cross-Domain / DMcloud
Will Session timeout occur if i am using a timer and loading a control page constantly?
Using Flash to export mov/quicktime video shows ghost images
How to get a combobox to appropriately set focus directly after the popup closes
mysql_query(): supplied argument is not a valid [duplicate]
How do I find a specific table with watir-webdriver
Removing a focus color in Chrome
Does kml gx:Track ExtendedData display work with Google Earth Plugin?
Ajax Submit Form using Post/blockUI/ajaxform
Is it possible with JMX to register or show the MBeans form different VMs in one central MBean server?
How to design dimension and fact tables in ssas
Format date time JavaScript
Flash Builder 4.6 sqlite database location
Play 2.0 not auto-reloading MVC Nhibernate not gathering selected items in a ListBox
Caching of password-protected data using Varnish
_autoload problems
Algorithm or software for slicing a mesh
How do you create a backbone model that might be invalid upon creation?
Socket BUG in Windows 8 Consumer Preview + Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview
displaying pdf files stored in myql database PHP
jquery toggle between inputs
Java UDP message exchange works over localhost but not Internet?
How to limit windows application to install only one computer using c#?
Android app connecting to webservice, what server to use?
Is a text file in Java a GUI
Conditional Calucations with MVC4
how to assign the name of list column's as string?
TFS 2010 - query needed to join three levels of WorkItems
Can't get elements by tagname with Greasemonkey script
Google API Authentication for server
PHP Server Upload an image from Phonegap and Jquery
jquery file upload plugin: how to use callbacks?
how to send data to server using android by Http post method?
How to integrate the Scala Squeryl ORB with play 2.0 framework?
How do I split an array inside an array in Javascript?
How to solve the 鈥淵ou need to add gem 'daemons' to your Gemfile if you wish to use it鈥�error in production mode?
Blackberry: KSoap2 XmlPullParserException expected:END_TAG error
Random 鈥淚ndex was outside the bounds of the array鈥�as an SmtpException
Is it necessary to deallocate the image list returned from HDM_SETIMAGELIST?
how to calculate time for engine on and off in mysql
How to import CSV with a natural primary key into mongodb?
C++ Are Critical Sections Useless When returning Pointers to data
Adding custom web part to page: not registered as safe
PDF generation performance ASP.NET
How to add a class to locked pages in asp:Menu
Knockout custom binding for jQuery UI Sortable - strange behavior
Unable to get distinct records from datatable using DefaultView.ToTable in VB.NET VS2005.
How can I get the summaray information from ms word (.DOC) file?
Using @RequestMapping as default welcome file
Monitoring mouse coordinates while mouse button is pressed
Git: Merge a branch but without some of the files I only need modified locally?
looking for a recommended design pattern for retrieving specific attributes via REST
How to make a better and faster wall clock using swing?
脗拢 on an input[type=text]
_ITERATOR_DEBUG_LEVEL of Cuda (NVCC) compiler?
Excel vba Charting, editting the range
Why 鈥渄ocument.write('<scr'+鈥� [duplicate]
Python dynamic methods
gwt maven project flavors: WebAppCreator or gwt-maven-plugin-Archetype - what to use
GWTP using double nesting
Copy one database to another database
Offline Map in android
Assistance with rsync hourly/daily/weekly backup snapshot script
Need to set a version or build number across a few files
Hide element when focus lost
Specify time zone for JavaScript Date's non-UTF methods [duplicate]
Dynamically select which objects to create with an abstract factory pattern from xml
Select different wsgi script based on subdomain in Apache?
Determining the ColorModel of an image using If Statements?
how i can change this function to icons with numbers marker_blue1.png marker_blue2.png 鈥�with hover marker_yellow1.png marker_yellow2.png
Google Maps API strict mode compliance
Trigger link click on Ajax success
How to clear a RootPanel in GWT?
iOS5: How to use a UIActionSheet object in an NSObject class and cause it to appear in another view?
Conditionally change colors of individual bars in bar chart in Excel VB based on range
How do I get zxing working with my iPhone project?
index.php available to Firefox but not IE (under Wine)
validation errors should be in the format json as below
How to do 'or' matching but not capture the 'or' part in a regex?
Custom URL / Apache URL Rewriting
Backtracking solution for programming exercise (fitting pipes)
Personal blog using Django
solr search keywords with nid 333
Sort string-matrix [[a, b, c], 鈥 by a, -c, b, maintaining order?
Symfony2 display integer column as string
List with anonymous type
issue ORA-00001: unique constraint violated coming in INSERT/UPDATE
Dialog Box of jquery ui
Disable 'add' with sonata_type_collection in SonataAdminBundle forms
Is it possible to install IIS 6 on a windows 7 machine?
Infinite cin Loop after reading all data
Loop in R: how to save the outputs?
Retrieve node Count in xml based on condition using linq
Is it possible to run commands in IPython with debugging?
Install PHP 5.4 on Ubuntu 11.10 [closed]
Getting my load more button to stop multiplying and append to the bottom of my listview
Does $_GET['param_name'] potentially trouble maker with array returning?
Do 2d arrays in C# go across then down, or down then across
Meta Tag Redirect Stuck In Browser Cache
Is it possible to generate an AWS access key via IAM for use with the Product Advertising API?
Python - 'import' or pass modules as paramaters?
Remove similar objects from array
Git: easy (feature-)branch cleanup
Calculating distance: method 鈥渕ust return a value鈥�
Java Applet GUI doesn't display until the applet completes downloading
How to store and reload a dynamic form via cookies?
Android Custom View - Adjust to Different Screens
NRefactory AST Visitor, no visit method for certain nodes?
Is it possible to decrypt shadow files?
How to install chef-solo
Creating a DeckOfCards class with an array
Is there any way of making a particular thread to wait for other threads upon some condition in OpenCL kernel
Use of std::allocator_traits<A>
How do I instantiate an instance of a generic method parameter in Java?
My Eclipse can no longer run (or debug) my JUnit tests
magento front page 404 error
Using multiple body classes to setup calls on subclasses
Which SVG support detection method is best?
Windows Workflow in Azure
How to get stream from Google+ REST API
Netbeans 6.8 shows errors in files, but NB 7.1 does not
MMS sending application
How can i assign overlayItems to list of GeoPoints
Running into several 鈥淓xpression must have pointer to class type鈥�errors. C++, using Visual Studio 2010
Datepicker previous month dates
Is it possible to use a form to submit a list in MVC?
Can i assign value to a variable in an application at runtime through a text file and then set that value to permanent
Qt Jambi, Java UI Editor, Displaying a picture?
Searching in 2 tables in one query MYSQL
How to call a method using reflection
MySQL How to continually create unique files to output?
Formatting DateTime without overriding CultureInfo in C#
Button to select all check boxes and change entire table's bg color
Is there anything to do to increase the speed of the inference engine in F#?
symlink outside root directory
httpRequest format
Complex Data Access with Large Data Sets
Addition of multidimensional vectors C++
Bash loop not working
What makes DbDataProvider not RESTful?
Updating database table in web application? [closed]
SQLite row number query returning a binary
SQL Server / ADO.Net: entity with multi-part FK primary key, with one part optional?
ColdFusion's cffile is adding the tmp directory to the destination attribute
Running arbitrary code at runtime
Perplexing Complexity - Tricky Table Join
Flicker TimeStamp
Advice with ArrayAdpters
plupload not showing in IE but it works perfectly in other browsers
CONFLICT_FREE_OFFSET macro used in the parallel prefix algorithm from GPU Gems 3
execvp with a spaces in the path
CMake + GoogleTest
Auto-Repositioning Boxes and Link Overlay
Shape recognition with numpy/scipy (perhaps watershed)
Using paperclip to save attachment on filesystem and S3
Ruby Object manipulation [closed]
AS3 - Send MouseClick to currently visible video
Linked Lists Python 2.7
Git integration with my Java EE application
Mahout TFIDF Dictionary File
iPhone app under dev crashes if phone not connected through XCode
Draw under mouse pointer at the desktop
Async return to the caller function from foreach loop
Compile a libjingle dll
custom dialog preventing browser navigation
Java preparestatement request doesn't work
What does application context in Spring do?
TemplateDoesNotExist while the file exists and permissions are correct
IO inside the Get Monad
Bash Script OSX not deleting files it finds
Is it safe to manipulate the internal buffer of a cv::Mat like this?
ajax parsing from JSON.stringify(Data)
MAMP, One computer, two users, shared database
How to display javascript variables in a html page without document.write
How to unbleach this perl file?
save images from url
Installing R on Mac - Warning messages: Setting LC_CTYPE failed, using 鈥淐鈥�
.NET: Abstracting away the datasource and datacontext
How to display Chinese in plot's label
UPDATE after SELECTing certain records in MySQL
When does IE delete files from Temporary folder?
How do I create a histogram from a hashmap in python?
Java getter for non-existent attribute of class
C++ avoiding manually calling base class function
simple 32bit floatingpoint image format?
Flash Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference
custom usercontrol content in UpdatePanel disappears on button click postback
How can I select a default route parameter value when a user doesn't select a specific option?
Error in identifying url by clicking on it
Referencing class with additional class
Style individual RadioButtonList ListItem
HTTP Body Streaming with Javascript
call_user_func replacing class file name with random string
How to communicate or switch between two windows in PyQt4..?
inapp purchase - can't load products
touch event frequency on android tablets vs. smartphone
tapestry. exists a dateTimeField?
What decides the sizeof an integer?
Drop-Down Menu Causing Invalid Model State. ASP.NET MVC 3
Including JS file(s) only in a (some) JSF page(s) when HEAD tag is defined inside a template common to all pages
Performance measurement on Android
Error with using defaults in copy constructor of a templated class
Loading beans from Grails Script
voting issue - storing votes as serialize instead of multi rows
Save variables in Python session?
A timer to the infinity
Events Fired in Background Thread Ignored
Image Loader during AJAX/JSON Process
matplotlib: custom projection for hemisphere/wedge
How to get a shortcut namespace into my xml document
Using JQuery, how can I check to see if a dropdown menu contains a value?
Activity started with startActivityForResult() not returning to calling Activity
How to validate that xml attributes should not have time zone information using Schematron?
Adding a button to a dynamically made layout?
Need to display hosted html page in full screen on page load
Storing $_POST data to local db then sending it to Salesforce via web to lead form
Get the object that invoke an event
Python: Odd behavior with modulo operator
Opengl texturing (with mimap or not) from a FBO
IOS 5.1 UILabel with Heavy Check Mark character ignores TextColor
Designing classes with common interface but different behaviour
Cascading Combobox with default values on telerik mvc
Priority inheritance from parent process by new process in linux
Do namespaced id's exist or what is android:id from the XML point of view?
Write a form in VB.NET that will be the same state when you return to it
Google Android USB Driver and ADB
What is aliasing and how does it affect performance?
ModelSim Message Viewer Empty
How to print/store non-ASCII characters (unicode?)
URL Scheme for App which is not installed
setString of a JProgressBar more than once
Objective-C int datatype in class gives EXC_BAD_ACCESS error
LIBLINEAR/LIBSVM 鈥淲rong input format at line 1鈥�
Android Handler Background
Is it possible to create an editable view of a many-to-manyrelashionship?
How to return an object when using GROUP BY in HQL?
NFS mounts showing files from other mounts
Prevent context menu from appearing when clicking on blank part of datagrid
Java Improvements and NullPointerException
how to compile multiple projects in VS2008?
How to write Groovy script to zip a folder from soapUI?
html select only one checkbox in a group
Rails simply not working
Java: Separate Time Digits
Deleting a pointer to the list of pointers
Lithium PHP Framework - Seeding Database?
Redirect 404 or just 404 header
Getting started with weceem plugin on grails - tutorial - screencast
AIR : Which event is triggered when barcode reader scanning?
Dynamic jQuery/JSON menus made static until logout
jquery mobile selected option not updating on 'refresh'
Binding click handler to row item: fire method in model
Save file after each edit in vim
IE Error using active X object
Strange ListView.SelectedValue binding issue (At least for me)
SVG: Understanding the Translate command
reload xml data from html every x seconds
Filtering duplicate results from a MySQl table echo
Android Programming: TextView isn't displaying full string
Directory structure of gcc
.NET and COM Interoperability : release COM from .NET client
PHP null var exists [duplicate]
Using tr/// operator to count letters in a string
JavaScript Object using . to retrieve values [duplicate]
ResultSet getArray function not working?
Flex: Dynamically drawn group, with mouse events
How do I stop a CSS layout from distorting when zooming in/out?
Is there a way to narrow-to-region in one window, while not narrowing in another window visiting the same file? [duplicate]
iOS 5 linker error
c++ Global Variables Across Multiple Files
jquery selector drill-down?
Is it possible to read from/write to a device through CFStream?
C++ singly linked list using a classes
MSTest, MyClassInitialize, and instance variables
Should I make stack segment large or heap segment large?
Checking domain Page Rank from C#
How do I find the screen size in a fragment class
clientaccesspolicy.xml suddenly stopped working (WCF/Silverlight)
Use data retrieved from MySQL in JavaScript?
How to find the li.last and add css using jquery
Collision detection on a rotated Image
How to connect a C# console application with a database stored in a .sql file
Java Executing ssh command through java code
Extend facebook access token
Printable text rotations in IE
TFS Merge historical version comes up with wrong chageset
How is this java app running multiple threads without extending threads or implementing runnable?
how to properly install admob, not showing up on some test phones
鈥淧rocedure or function has too many arguments specified鈥�error when running insert query from ASP page
MediaStore.Video.Thumbnails.getThumbnail() returns null
Bug with 鈥渋nsertRule鈥�
Excel 2010 delete every 57th (and 4 more) rows
Why you can put php.ini variables into .htaccess? [closed]
jQuery add class to current li and remove prev li when click inside li a
Create an accordion with toogle tabing fading effect
Resizing a user control
jquery mobile: multiple data-filters showing
C++11 lambdas passed as std::function params - dispatching on return type
Using LDAP for issue-tracking / SCM
Multiple locations for connection string in C# winforms visual studio?
conflicting scripts: image-slider malfunctions when i added fancyBox scripts to html document
Previous Year's End Value
Emacs comment/uncomment current line
How to make a block listing taxonomy terms in a hierarchy (Drupal 7)
No style after migrating Joomla to localhost
XQuery/XPath uses sql parameter?
Apache Jakarta (Tomcat) Connector to forward traffic to specific Tomcat
listbox selectedvalue property not giving me string value of selection
c-namespace and type conversion
Logout Redirect on ASP.NET isn't working
NHibernate Session refresh call on baseclass object causes invalid cast exception
Change basic theme color of android application
In Maven how can I generate a classpath file that includes the artifact I'm building?
Silverlight Treeview inline HierarchicalDataTemplate binding issue
MemoryBarriers and Parallel Extensions
Use static Apex method in Salesforce page
jQuery append add just one row
NTLM authentication for OpenRasta
Android App high cpu-usage? [duplicate]
Is it possible to cast away constness of an iterator e.g. with const_cast? [duplicate]
How to retrieve a static map showing city or municipality boundaries
ajaxSubmit help - IE9 not loading target or submitting twice
How do I update Flash 10.2 hardware mouse cursor immediately, before mouse move?
Yii firing multiple queries instead of one
Simple slide show (not my code) doesn't work
Compiling in Debug Mode versus Release Mode [duplicate]
In practice, what are the main uses for the new 鈥測ield from鈥�syntax in Python 3.3?
Change Label Text during long Code Behind Process
Multiple functions with form_dropdown for some checked checkboxes in Codeigniter
UITableView reloadData best practice
Crystal Reports Division Formula Not Calculating as Desired
Urban Airship crashes at take off. Illegal Argument Exception
Rails/Prawn: how do I use rails helpers inside a Prawn class?
MySQL DB structure, need clarification
CSS: Changing div's property on another div's a:hover. Possible ? How?
Adding lines into chart control
writing a json object to .json file using javascript and php
Using Javascript to return the selected text in the address bar in Firefox?
Input field html5 placeholder doesn't go away after value added in javascript
Text Grouping Algorithm
translate delimited text symfony2
How to get dragged and dropped row ids?
Social Plugin: Registration - 鈥淭hat 'redirect_uri' isn't allowed for that client_id.鈥�
How do you do simple stuff in Magento?
Is there a way to import an extension method for a number type into IronPython code?
Can I utilize two factor authentication from Google, etc to authenticate users to access my site?
certain default tablet browsers can't pull dataURL?
Excel in C# web app skips some headings and does not format
datejs parsing some month is not working
Obtain page sourceCode
How to declare a variable with the scope of an html page in javascript?
Centering a dynamically sized div inside another div that is centered on the page
Rails: create attributes in a specific order
set APPDATA=whatever does not work?
The error occurred while evaluating nil.sort_by
Rails 3 - Export to Excel with gridlines
Sorting files based on content using command line
CakePHP 2 - Pass referrer url for Auth component
Why is PHP giving off a undefined variable message for this code?
Making UITableView with delete buttons visible for all cells
With gridview changes how to update back to the datasource?
numpy vs list comprehension, which is faster? [closed]
how to setup lighttpd for subdirectory mappings?
How to get the address of a redirected page?
How can upload my android application to android Market Place [closed]
MySQL FORMAT_DATE %d returning '0'
DELETE with subquery and LIKE
I'm having trouble grasping how to pass variables to and from methods
bash - cd command not working?
In-place (鈥淨uick-Assist鈥�or something easier) source code modifier?
Java make JFrame 鈥渟tay put鈥�
I need a powershell script to monitor running windows shedule tasks for more than X minutes
Getting NSDictionary keys sorted by their respective values
How to combine different scopes in Rails 3?
jQuery function not happening on hover mouseleave
Refactoring methods that use the same code but different types
.NET Regex Split String into Word Pairs
What is the standard SQL type for binary data?
How to sort selected rows (truly) randomly?
Android and SOAP Webservice
Days passing application Android
Pull business info from QR code
How to hide and show custom buttons in jqGrid by using 鈥渞eccount鈥�
cropping an area from BitmapData with C#
php module does not compile. Does not recognize 鈥渟tatic function_entry鈥�
Using Robotiumin how to check or make a test case to check the network connection availability in android?
PrintForm Query in C#
Extern array of function pointers in C on a fixed memory address
How to throw 404 in DotNetNuke module
Android: Int stays the same
jquery position element relative to mouse
Get the first mysql database records that sum to a particular value
ascending order foreach
phpunit throwing exception when doesn't find file with name of testsuite
Require CSV Issue
Is Web API supporting pushing to clients?
Am I doing this knockout binding incorrectly?
Learning SQL Query Not Working Properly
Mapping One to One in FluentNHibernate, NHibernate tries to write child before parent
Needing sqlsrv driver for PHP on Mac
css form- issue with margin/padding鈥�code & image included
jqplot: Zooming beyond is creating grid with same number multiple times
write in stdin for a spawned child_process doesn't work
closures and memory leaks
Picking fair teams - and the math to prove it
multiple-version gcc management in gentoo system
Append new json elements on a json file
which of the following linq queries will be executed
Test using the CssSelector
Printing out the name of the first entry in the imports table of a PE file
Error in .txt Play! template, works as .xml
How to read from user within while-loop read line?
KnockoutJS Mapping - just fill in what I need from the server
Eclipse CDT + clang on Windows: install for 鈥渄ummies鈥�
Keep a state when parsing text
Reset index in LINQ Select clause
How can I count the number of columns in a MySQL table using C#?
How to decode superscript in .net
Is it possible to combine the css3 pseudo classes :after and :lastchild?
Why doesn't the bitwise & operator short-circuit?
SQL Query for finding values that do not exist in one table, with WHERE clause
retrieve date format from machine settings
When using Task what happens if the ThreadPool is full/busy?
Binary Search Tree - Postorder logic
Ambiguous column name error when upgrading to Rails 3.1