Android Eclipse App not working correctly in foreign language with database
How do I read and edit a .txt file in C?
ActiveRecord joins and where
Read a file and do a copy
C# Looking for a sortable array that handles both ints and strings
Chrome CSS3 border-bottom transition bug
CSS, CENTERED element over Google Maps
How to Get the HTTP Response Size in Java (in Bytes)
Submitting checked radio buttons to database
Is this an acceptable way to use a StateManager in ember.js?
Access previous values within object during declaration [duplicate]
Put commas in input value
ANDROID - Activity does not destroy the main Activity
Java Applet Printing dialog won't go away
how can i get feed from a socialengine site
UIMenuController not responding to first selection, only second
SQL Server database project: Error MSB4018 鈥淪qlDeployTask鈥�
iPhone: MKMapView and multi-pin
Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'progressbar'
Invalid data in field Use Hex mode to change. Is there any way to find all invalid data
LibGDX: Particle scale
Python: Use input from another command
Use Table without messing with DataGrid
Iphone - clarification on app rejection guidelines, wcf authentication and caching
css tran颅si颅tions animation on motorola Xoom Android browser
Form theming datetime widget Symfony 2
Find duplicates in an unsorted sequence efficiently
php parse excel with multiple worksheets
JQuery .load() Javascript issue
Django admin listview Customize Column Name
Android admob permissions
What is the correct syntax to use when trying to create a Data Source View to a linked server?
How would I get this portion of the string?
In jquery, how can I put the uploaded files in the php $_FILES array without changing page?
Passing a value to a Node js module for Express routes
How can I handle a primary key violation in a sql script without terminating the script?
Importing data from distance matrix into mysql table
android listview multiple views
Hadoop Matrix Multiplication
How to integrate cscope with vim on Windows?
how to change textview when flip the viewflipper using only one kind of layout
cookie problems in Values reverting after response.redirect
async task 2 functions running in doInBackground
jQuery bind to multiple elements
Rails: How to find_by a field containing a certain string
鈥済etLogoAlt鈥�not available for content section in Magento
Selenium - clicking on button is not recorded
How to model a Database View in ASP.NET MVC
Define with only 1 argument
Rails 3 Delete Confirmation not Displaying
customising web.config based on domain name
Getting a transparent screen when trying to make something in LWJGL
Remove Directions not working
what are Static Nested Classes in Java?
Deploying ASP.NET MVC 4 Web API
Avoid uri encoding on Restkit routers
Use ApplicationContext in Helper-Class
count repeated values in database
Accessing an object created in another view controller at any time
HTTP method GET is not supported by this URL -java servlets
Perl hash Data::Dumper
How to get the contents between nested tags in java html parser?
Opening URL in new tab using XML
MongoDB C# cursor performance issue
SCSS/SASS Multiple Sites in Multiple Directories
IE8 Javascript Performance monitoring tool
Hosting .NET Control In ASP.NET App
Why does the value of width gets set to zero when the page is refreshed in chrome?
transparent static header would like to not end up with text showing under the header when scrolling
How can I access the form used to show a preview of a DevExpress XtraReport?
Process Linkage Table and Global Offset Table
Rails 3.2.2 installation error following Hartl RoR Tutorial, 鈥渃an't convert String into Hash (TypeError)鈥�
zxing reader in lanscape mode
Check User-Agent with jsf
Spring MVC application filtering HTML in URL - Is this a security issue?
Spring/Hibernate Logging to Console & Not to Log File
MongoDB Map/Reduce only working in inline-mode
Debugging processes spawned by another
Have VIM show R function arguments
How do I get Google Maps to display a location based on Lat/Long
Percentage of students that have purchased rewards
Jquery mobile AJAX request to external JSON data fails
Oracle - Best Sentence: IN(), like, REGEXP_LIKE, otherone
Printing PDF's using Python,win32api, and Acrobat Reader 9
@fontface FireFox(10) is rendering text very bold
How change the content with ajax.BeginForm?
Date picker crashes when used
setting javascript value from backend code
Rails 3.0 to Rails 3.2.2 Asset handling with Jammit
kdiff3 doen not show uft8
Django admin list_filter duplicate
Does the SourceForge Clear Case plugin work with Snapshot views?
coffeescript how to use extends for Array
Mongoid limit parameter ignored
Handling an exception, and only executing code if an exception was not thrown
Issue in if/else block objective-c iPhone [closed]
where to put django-registration's activation_email.txt template
show one column in multiple rows
How do you merge multiple static linked libraries into a single dll given each static lib defines exported functionality (vc++ 2008)?
How can I properly download a file with MsBuild Community Tasks WebDownload? [closed]
Auto sync of a wordpress database requires updating it
How can I write a text file in Scala in Windows?
In JSP replacing the null value retrived from mysql database with 鈥淣/A鈥�
JqGrid and custom cells. Autocomplete and grid in a cell. Is it possible. How?
404 when request has url params in Glassfish
Qt: How to create a setting window like in GTK usercontrol development/implementation
Sencha2 JsonP push variable to Panel
how to translate 鈥渨here (r.value1 - r.value2 > 0.01)鈥�to NHibernate
How to skip particular element with PagerAdapter
Haskell lazy evaluation
How to prevent backbone.js from sharing events across view childs
Is USSD is not yet supported on Android?
Android - sharing
Segmentation fault in program using linked list
How to perform auto synchronization between Google Calendar and an iCal file [closed]
MVC Custom Client side validation
Joining muliple DBs in mySql, user credintial issue
How I can modularize Rails model?
Do all files get updated on application cache manifest update? or just the changed ones?
Can we use both coredata and SQlite in a iOS app
jqPlot Duplicate values on axes
Linq To Entities - How to create a query where the table name is a parameter
How to create navigation menu with backbone?
table or view doesn't exist error
ARC __bridge cast Block_copy & Block_release
color selected rows in a bar plot
Rspec - Accessing Sorcery methods/variables
Can I remote debug vb6 application?
Rendering date into grid as relative time (鈥� seconds ago鈥� and updating it in real time (WPF)?
Software PWM without clobbering the CPU?
biot savart matlab (couldn't find a matlab forum)
Return of a string function
Obtaining Google search results' site position
Auto-register all interfaces with Unity
Use storyboards in a project which has .xib files- iPhone
Why should OutputStream be closed after inputstream in android
Unresolved Dependencies when building play 2.0 project
Trouble installing PETSc on Mac OS X
wav layers for sequencer
How to call a function from one project in another one?
Why ComboBox items need to be reselected to obtain Value?
How to add application to System Tray
Internet Explorer ignores Hashtag in URL
error: invalid byte sequence in UTF-8 after upgrading ruby 1.8.7 to ruby 1.9.2
how these array works in Tcl?
Bash Script how to monitor a process based on time 鈥estart if doesnt respond in 2 min
What does line 2 and 3 in this .htaccess file achieve?
Null results for a specific column - php/mysql
How to define margin (CSS) around an absolutely positioned, floating element?
Is it possible to configure GDB so it auto quit on normal program termination?
Where can I find the Matroska Container 鈥淩eal鈥�Specification?
IR_Black for OSX Lion colors dont display
Wordpress Form custom field
JOGL screen coordinates are off
VS2010 indirect reference issue
Error reading Custom Configuration Section: No parameterless constructor defined for this object
What is the purpose of the 鈥�accessoryDidDisconnect: method within the EAAccessoryDelegate?
MySQL FULLTEXT not return results if query has the terms javascript or php
.NET XMLDocument Encoding issue
How Drawable xml files are identified ?
Debugging circular retains in ARC without instruments
Trying (unsuccessfully) to get a DataGridView to reflect changes to underlying data
excel - set/iterate dynamic range
Google Visualization Chart throw alert on Select Event Data
How to create a plagiarism detector of c++ files [closed]
C# dynamic + System.Reflection.Emit = do not mix?
OAuth2 coonection to a server - android
Integrating .NET application with Java application - JMS, ESB鈥�
Can't find file specified when trying to start a process
didSelectedRowAtIndexPath - prepareForSegue - Storyboard
Building Xuggler on windows 7
indexing mongo documents in solr
Android C2DM address resolves wrong in Amazon cloud
Linking searches with correct controller method
Can I speed up insertion into SQL Server while using INSERT INTO statements with
Imitate sprintf behaviour with str_replace?
Store Metadata doesn't work as expected
ajax call return list
Checking Mono.Cecil and Mono.Cecil.Cil
Redirect stdout and stderr in real time
Obtaining stack trace info from all currently paused threads (managed)
UINavigationBar title gets clipped while changing viewControllers
Unable to load specific dll for plugin
Changing the z-index of a div when a function is called?
Knockout Template Binding using argument list
Google AppEngine: how to allocate more money to budget
Wicket Dynamic Resource Displayed in HTML
Working out a sum total cost where purchases and prices are in separate tables
Pointing one column to a column in another table
Modify ZIndex of an Items in an ItemsControl
is it possible to provide artwork in a Playlist POST request?
Magento 1.6.1 - Delete from cart redirects to homepage (with Varnish running)
A tablet friendly hover tooltip showing dynamic text based on javascript function results
Actionscript 3.0 dragging one MovieClip at a time
Asterisk basic configuring [closed]
Gradient Background that doesn't scale
Issues using getResource() with txt file (Java)
How to access EntityManager inside Entity class in EJB3
GDB Vs LLDB debuggers
WinForms Anchor Control changes Location Origin?
System.__ComObject is returned when I use getAttribute
#include <new> not found, but only when the file is referenced from a specific header?
What are the available languages for Google Spell?
What's wrong with my CASE?
Does an access violation exception happen before or after the offending memory is written?
R plot: Using italics and a variable in a title
jquery ajax call to servlet doesnt work
When to load Facebook Javascript SDK with multiple Like buttons and Timeline app?
How to invoke a REST Proxy service running on the ESB from a BPEL process on the BPS
xmlhttprequest does not work properly in function
hierarchical data template class for treeview
Is there a way to choose which log level i want to log with Log4Net?
Basic text classification with Weka in Java
Facebook like button ajax issue
finding the <tr> in a table
Create database of static (non-editable) data on installation in Android application
Do files with filesystem caching in Django delete after timeout?
dojo reference from madison store
how to force horizontal scrolling in an HTML list using CSS?
C program to print up-time in hours,minutes and seconds.
Payment gateway for android where user can pay through phone credit
Blackberry - cannot find 鈥淩un on simulator鈥�option on Eclipse on Mac OSX
Test that array.sample doesn't give consecutive equivalent results
iOS App Memory Warnings
scrollToVisible not working in while scrolling a tableview in ios UI AUtomation
how to digitally sign a file in PHP
installing moodle
How to map User Data Type (Composite Type) with Hibernate
(Resolved) What causes the 鈥淯ndefined symbols for architecture x86_64鈥�Build Error?
How to dump aggregated output of a makefile?
jQuery: wait for an element (video tag - dynamically generated) to load
php 鈥淎ll authentication must be done over SSL鈥�using SOAP
Programmatically set textblock margin
Is it safe to call YUI.add for the same module more than once on the same page?
Detect if GoBack() was called in NavigationContext
Javascript RegEx for Numbers Only (no special characters)
Standard implementation of a linked list in C
Sending email using GMail in android
Dropdown not getting validated
how to ask for permittion on facebook app with graph api and codeigniter?
Rails 3 single-table self-reference association doesn't work
Access<asp:FormView> field value from code behind.
HTML Form Action - 鈥淥rder of Operation鈥�
Play framework 1.2.4 to do list application using java and eclipse [closed]
HTML, order list with jquery, do it faster
How do I save data from my UI to the Database?
Exceptions from HttpURLConnection
For a Crystal Report, I need to formulate a comparison of data from last month to same date in current month
text appearing blurred in zoomed mode UITextField/TextView
How to configure Ubuntu on MINI6410 embedded system to detect touch screen?
How to fill a listview from database using an SimpleCursorAdapter
Oracle: idle_time appears to be ignored
Stuck while parsing the data and storing with more meaningful MVC 3 Remote Validation Issues
textBox ontextChanged not firing when user adds text
C LinkedList example doesn't compile
django-cms apphook + menu
mvc razor helper executed on mouse over
crash with unexecuted code
linux ascii to utf-16 (then sha1 and base64) encode
What will be the best Android layout or Canvas or SurfaceView, or Cocos2d android?
How to wait for all event handlers in backbone?
Add a new menu item in the Taskbar menu of all open applications in Windows 7
OpenSIPS log INVITE requests with wrong credentials
Load image from another assembly's resx file in XAML
How to insert wicket components into 'sub-rows' of a Wicket DataTable
Looking for the source of a NullReferenceException in a ShowDialog() method
how to handle xml elements that may or may not be repeated using xml-object
Replace a particular String from a text file
Push the same element x times onto the array
chrome/firefox- how to run a javascript command
Reading Object in List; cannot be cast
How to retrieve an xml attribute from SubnodeConfiguration?
Task keeping Form instance open?
Face/movement recognition with camera in Objective C
How to include external PHP file in Magento?
Qt normal status bar not showing after temporary status
Facebook Admin Link Missing
Android SipManager throwing NullPointException
get (dynamic loading page) contents using PHP/CURL?
Can remote (http communication protocol) XP clients consume services hosted in IIS 7?
Thinking Sphinx - How to give different weights to models when searching multiple models (global search)
Using AJAX/Jquery with custom ASP.NET web controls that call a web-service
Abstract class to handle permission-based functions
Get list of a tags elements from within div using preg_match
Does a PageDown plugin exist for Jeditable?
Infinite file size loading as3
How to understand if a bigint is signed or unsigned in mysql?
Security concern in accessing jar files
Mvc3 Html.Encode and MarkdownSharp
Open PDF file contained in the URL
Cucumber-like testing for my API [closed]
Wordpress Category Template - Entries with Multiple Categories
Parsing JSON array with a sub-array with GSON?
鈥渆xclude_matches鈥�in manifest.json does nothing?
Which javascript framework excels at handling internationalization?
Parsing JSON array with a sub-array with GSON?
鈥渆xclude_matches鈥�in manifest.json does nothing?
Which javascript framework excels at handling internationalization?
Monitor process exceptions via Debug API
How to redirect URLs so that they are all handled by the same PHP page
python recursion function that takes two inputs
results compareHist in openCV
Bluetooth HFP (1.5) communication on iPhone
JavaScript testing that integrates best in Maven build lifecycle
cakephp database session expires field?
couchdb search or filtering on key array
mysql nearst neighbour search
jquery make text div scroll
How to show object properties in navigation pane of Access 2007?
Cron job run every x weeks and on specific days [closed]
Selected value of dropdownlist in repeater control - with predefined items
Replicate ImageIcon functionality in SWT
$.getJSON, $.each and variable scope
selecting parent blocks with jquery
Tranform WCF Data Services (OData) data on the way out
Java Cannot dequeue a message from Oracle AQ
Perl: why aren't my environment variables being set?
New MVC 4 Beta Web API is not serving requests when ran as a Windows Service
jQuery Tools Tabs - Named Anchors?
How to workaround: No source is available for type did you forget to inherit a required module?
Visual Basic - Website Form Calculation
Why do mouse events get promoted beside Touch events?
Animation in ListView item doesn't work after scrolling
How to enable per table sql statement logging in mysql
weird behaviour with addChild
How to know DialogResult with ReportViewer.PrintDialog()
JQuery event binding with ['data-href'] selector not working
How can I bind an entity bean inside a SFSB to a JSF component in seam 2.2?
Classic ASP site page not responding, but does work if page is requested within the server
C# Creating a DateTime Object That Represents the Taiwan Date Feb 29th 101 (Leap Day)
How do I set comments to be flat in Drupal 7?
play framework + powermock => classNotFoundException
jQGrid Column Chooser Modal Overlay
Indentation with XDocument
2 questions regarding static files and templates/web interface in django
iPad Retina development
JS Change CSS line-height based on number of characters
vaadin beginner- getting SEVERE: Allocate exception for servlet error
Regular Expression Help to select file_name
Getting backbone routing to work properly
How to assign 'blank' to a Decimal field in Salesforce
jQuery parsing JSON results returned from controllers
C# smart device add Horizontal scrollbar to listBox
Disable JavaScript in a single Firefox tab
Running reports from busy tables and avoiding locking those tables
CSS: vertical-align multiple text sizes
NHibernate, save null reference value in DB as 0 (zero)
Can not read response from server
Client and server with different Locale - fallback mechanism
Searching for parts of string in multi level array
Drupal 6 - Using 鈥渕enu block鈥�- module
update wpf element before Thread.sleep executes
SSRS projects and Visual Studio versioning problems
Event not working properly on IE 8 and IE9
adding background image to Outlet Collection
How can I use DisplayModeProvider in ASP.NET MVC 3 to specify postfix for mobile views
Static to instance, how do I handle properly?
XML class for parse
Returning String in RequestFactory
VS2010 Debugger : 鈥淭he name 'MyVariable' does not exist in the current context鈥�
HTML5 Canvas drawImage issue in Windows 7 but only in Firefox
Prolog lists difference
Can I get locale format for apex:outputText?
Changing columns in rails
How to avoid with css when background of the second line covers the letters of the first line?
GroupPrincipal.FindByIdentity Unknown COM Exception
Ajax success method handling complex data
Is there a 鈥渕ain鈥�method in Ruby like in C?
How to install external library in X-Code 4?
Multithreading and UI behavior
Conditional 鈥渋f statement鈥�helper for Handlebars.js
Slide a div off screen (with margin: 0px auto)
Coding with an encrypted Souce Code. Possible or Not?
How to retrieve a Contact's Keywords with Tridion's Outbound Email API?
vs.net2008 (sp1) + TFS: Data Source connection info overwritten when project opened
Using <cfinclude> with this.mapping
Get UTF-8 string from MySQL via PHP returned 鈥�???????鈥�
Jump Link Inside an iFrame
Using a HandlerInterceptor to add model attributes with Spring Web Flow
jQuery - My Code doesn't appear to work across all browsers
Isotope - Insert hidden elements bug
Caching in ASP.NET MVC
Rails active admin for a has_many through association
JPA/Hibernate Cascade ALL causes redundant left outer join
Sitefinity 4.4 - Dynamically change page title and description at runtime
Fluent-Nhibernate HasMany property reference on an object
Game programming in C, where do I get started? [closed]
Sharepoint: web part programmatically changing permissions, cannot get the changes to persist
PHP giving boolean error with mysql_fetch_row [duplicate]
jQuery & Chrome - Finding Button Hooks
Jqgrid with jsonreader the userdata response in firebug is undefined
How to play audio in Cocos2D javascript
Inject a statement from the Controller
Should the DLQ on a Queue Manager *must* be a local queue on the QM?
Are there any programming languages that starts counting from 1?
Child objects using .live with jquery
Time cost of Haskell `seq` operator
How to make auto-updating (ajax) counter correctly? Or how to disable network log?
Implementing a square-based ornament in CSS3
Python ISBN program
logback slf4j unable to get log statements in log file
Union of 鈥渁djacent polylines that contain bezier curves鈥�
Connection must be valid and open in Ddtek.Oracle.OracleConnection
Django middleware process_template_response not triggerd
attaching WNDPROC function from child class
Game Center: addRecipientsWithPlayerIDs鈥�How does it make sense?
Using DataSets in
SQL - Primary Key, Clustered Index, Auto-increment
In ICS is it possible to set the 鈥淩estrict background data鈥�setting from code (programmatically)?
How can I save the image on Galaxy Nexus(Ice Cream Sandwich and possibility other phones)?
Google Earth Plugin API - How can I get the current map scale?
body background-image is not visible
Regexp and variable
Django QuerySet
SyntaxError: invalid syntax while installing simplejson 2.4 line 390 - python 2.4.3
Android app memory integrity
How call the CreateOleObject function using dwscript?
java hibernate could not resolve property
C# : 3.5 : Deserialize JSON - how to get each object string?
Authenticating to specific subdomain in Symfony
How to get marker which is already added in markers layer
Why is java 鈥渉ighest鈥�superclass called 鈥淥bject鈥�
Javascript - Remove window 鈥渞esize鈥�listener
Prototype inheritance and extend existing objects
Rails fetch url
How to find parent process id in linux
Cucumber how to simulate multiple drop down selection?
Cannot Create Virtualenv on Android
T-SQL: What is NOT(1=NULL)?
Proper way to update records in MVVM pattern for maximum effeciency
xdt transform locator that matches subnode content
Call a Runnable class inside an Activity
Storing credit card numbers with Paypal's Website Payments Pro
Errors not caught by Global.asax?
change lokalized storyboards
Bad file descriptor on pthread_detach
Iterator next method
On Xcode 4.3.1 4E1019, Launch screen (Default.png, etc) has white line (1 pt tall) at bottom of image on launch
adding nodes to xml [duplicate]
How to restart the Service Automatically in android?
Compile Android project programmatically
Correctly using stacktrace to debug
Is it possible to fetch blog post on blog.wordpress using API, webservices?
jquery - animation techniques for masked reveal in variable direction
Adding existing source packages to a Maven Web Application in Netbeans
How to avoid a certain class hierarchy to execute
How to print a report from an SQL database using Visual Basic?
Python Fabric : tricky ssh issue
Delete a Facebook posted messages by using the Facebook GRAPH API? (For Android)
Highlight a value on an axis
Loading an config file form application classpath
XPages disableOutput tag issue
Extracting information from email headers
Statistical Aggregate report Intreprtation
How to resolve the Pageload more than one time using kendoui
Java FX2.0 Table View
How Can i get value fo user defined parameter of ics(iCalendar) in C#?
Why can't we change the iteration variable in a foreach loop
Entity Framework code first, EF says has model changed when i didn't change the model
get latitude and longitude of current location blackberry
fire trigger after insert in oracle
Add new image field to Joomla 2.5 com_content
jquery class selector only registering events on first element of class
How to find element in KML tree containing ':'
what is difference between r-base and r-recommended packages
Entreprise Library through nuget cant find Database Trace Listener
iAD Working only on Some Devices
weka mac installation
Import records from xls to database
Trusting SSL Certificates
How to apply CSS background color to some text in a paragraph without spaces caused by line-height?
Combining multiple postgres scripts in one file
How to encode Chinese text in QR barcodes generated with iTextSharp?
Sending two data arrays to view from controller in codeigniter
Inserting random numbers into a table in MYSQL
Bind field to temporary recordset field programmatically
IFrame call parent function
ExtsJs4 switch panels
How load assembly than run some function from it + get result and unload
Request.Form using in my application Firefox get the values in pdf file but Chrome browser pass the null value
Copy or retain NSString parameter?
Convert System.Drawing.Font.Size to WPF FontSize
white status bar showing when exit from full screen from MPMoviewPlayerController
General Maven bugginess
How to implement subtraction using only loop and increment
ORA-04088 and ORA-06512
JPQL (with Hibernate) adding fields to query, which are not desired
Maven-ear plugin: could not resolve dependencies to ejbModule
Django middleware using Django models?
How to get full size bitmap from camera?
Stop light from getting vertices transformations
Loop until connected to SSH
How to resolve error Implicit conversion of int to uitextfield is disallowed while migrating to ARC? vb form attachment issue
JavaScript to hide browser chrome causes position: fixed bug on iOS
Difference between CXF and JAX-WS
How to achieve Page numbering Chapter/Section wise in PDF creation using WKHTMLTOPDF PDF engine
A multi-developer Git workflow, maintaining a clean history
HTTPPost MVC 4 web api
Tool for Mobile Screen Export/TV out to external monitor
Numpy: vectorization for multiple values
how to inform tcp client of server shutdown
PHP session seems not to keep posted form values
java static variables
Downloaded typesafe2.0 with play framework, get exception on web request [closed]
why an implemented interface method be declared as public?
Does parallel version of Z3 work for BV logic?
MVC3 with hundred of thousands layouts/templates
How do I create a non-bare bundled repository in Git
wsdl:import issue with custom binding in CXF
Dynamic styling with XAML in WPF
How to remove new line characters from NSString in a webservice response?
Apex - Interactive Report - Hide Column in CSV Download?
jsFiddle testing jQuery AJAX request with echo
iOS : Working wth mkv or mka containers
I screwed up, how can I uninstall my program?
I can't send more than 13 Mb to WCF Service (Maximum request length exceeded)
Rvm - Capistrano integration on Linux Ubuntu
WCF Data Service: How to get the IP Address of Request?
AVPlayer how to manage different URL
Insert a Text file as Blob data into SQLite Database
Cakephp complex hasMany relationship query
Adding confirmed to a nearly complete rails application
onCreate not called when screen rotates - Android
Axis Bottom-up Webservice IWAB0489E error
In Powershell what is the idiomatic way of converting a string to an int?
C# WebApp log4net partial trust (High or Medium) not working
Avoid folders in Resources folder from being build or compile
Convert list (array) to associative array in PHP
New PendingIntent updates current intent
OData Service for SQL Azure read only?
Exception raised in Varien_File_Uploader when using XMLRPC to modify categories
Multiprocess server or multithreaded server? [closed]
How to get the stats of a post using post ID from facebook
InitializeCulture() on every single page necessary?
testing a class with out activity and services
Unit tests failing to run after app rename due to apple linker error
Update a div using controller action without recharging the page in ASP MVC
how to map a gtk window to data
Why were block closures excluded in java?
Bind TextBox.Text in Watermark attached property to localize it
Querying Records in a Database with date parameters/variables
Go to related record from a portal in the same layout
GQL SELECT by date
backbone view events don't work after re-render
Created a certificate using SecCertificateCreateWithData on iOS
Root causes of a memory leak in Commit Size
How can I have the default resourceful route include attributes of my model?
SASS/SCSS using @extend across individual files (responsive design)
Disable SortExpression for specific Column on a Dynamically created GridView
jQuery UI Droppable formatting and positioning displays incorrectly
Can we run a website without hosting it on web server/IIS?
JOINing mdb tables with pyodbc
Reserved pointer addresses (using as special cases)
Store and retrieve user data in IOS keychain
How to activate JOptionPane from another class?
Pentaho Geokettle and Geospatial Analysis Tutorials/EBooks
Makefile without explicit targets
Quickest way to add all the fields to another table?
php date function works on local host but not on xampp server?
Give me possible reasons why I can't connect with SQL Pro in Berlin?
How we can make user to practice alphabet on canvas in Android?
URL in AJAX call
add overlay text on embedded youtube video, dissapearing while video plays
Google C2DM ClientLogin: Lifetime of Auth-Token
Validate subform that's not connected to entity in Symfony 2
Get week day name from jquery ui calendar
Why does android graphics paint has 1.5 scale factor
Applying Sepia, RGB, GrayScale effect to UIImage
mssql_connect stops working after some time
ActionMailer Issue
Address JSF component in ui:repeat
How to connect to oracle db by using only host url in codeigniter
Get rgb value of image when user clicked on image
IIS Blocking requests intermittantly until IISRESET
Web service not fetching data
Binding between two arbitrary objects in Ember.js
How to make user notice a new link
VBScript and Float (double) numbers: Round function returns wrong result
jQuery - can't select the right div
Rendering issues with chrome
How to run a background thread that get data from server and if response not null add data to listview in android
how to find the hour difference between two days in php
is it possible to change the look of the map
TFS too many characters when 'getting'
Running PHP from Command Line Interface
CHtml::listData with a complex $textField
How to concatenate a const char array and a char array pointer?
Jint with monotouch
Using a constant variable in C++
server-side authentication with ssl: sending certificate file from client
Best way to fill textbox with list of values by double click using java script or jquery?
Search function to retrieve from 4th category php mysql
arguments/parameters to the drupal 7 block module
Browser back button and close issue
How to join 2 tables with a new compute field
Is it posible to generate a word or pdf file in php? [duplicate]
Android View: How to use鈥渞ewrite View class鈥漣n layout xml file
The issue of networking multiple objects
Core Data: Separate Persistent Stores with Multiple Contexts vs. Separate Persistent Stores with Single Context
PHP forms, sending only selected data
Sort a vector of objects by an object's attribute [duplicate]
What difference does it make adding PKs & FKs when you can still join on a common column?
Problems on converting Database with ddlutils
Issue with large image performance in Flash (AIR app)
multiple panel in wxpython
Extended Toolkit WPF DateTimePicker Seconds precision
GWT MVP Update the History-Token without changing the Activity
jquery - check for part of a url
Objects and ArrayLists
Get Distinct Values and Converting back into DataTable
Git Diff output to file preserve coloring
Add font family in resourceDictionary
Add 鈥淪earch Area鈥�outline onto google maps result
Py Search files in Folder and Subfolders
CSS rendering different in IE8 , as to do with float: right, and overflow hidden
Virtual function's parameters not used in all subclasses; any better way to design?
Web wysiwyg editor with live output to html div
How to implement uniqueness where the order of the fields does not matter
connect cookies, node.js
How to get the time between two TFS Work Item States in SSAS (or any other report)?
Node JS listening event
deleting item from a ViewHolder (list), updating screen
How do I use the graph api to change the cover image of an album?
How to calculate correct position offsets for rotated image?
Escaping double quote in Common Lisp
How to inject java instances into PHP scripts programmatically executed using Quercus
get first letter of each word
WinForms Dialog: Button is cut off the screen
Can i rewrite these statements in a better way?
how to group java log entries?
JAXB binding - How to define the DomHandler to be used in @XmlAnyElement
How to use jQuery to correctly print out variables in HTML
How to add iPhone version to iPad app which is alreadiy on the AppStore
Upgrade APC to work with Symfony 2 on Zend Server and OSX [duplicate]
Using a select_tag for hours and minutes to be together, how would I attribute that to the day?
What exception should I throw when a factory method returns null?
Oracle possible Error in Select with FULL OUTER JOIN
Detecting if a non-printable character has been found - Perl
Admob ads adding to previous screen when using back button?
SQLite FMDB create table on iOS
Count Number of Possible Sequences [closed]
Loop controls inside function in c
ListView and TranslateAnimation negative value not refresh element under others
Using if/else in insert and update statements
twitchy 小SS3 animation [closed]
Rails Rmagick gem
What can I use to capture every command I run in bash (a-la history)
Delayed job jobs not executing
IIS application using application pool identity loses primary token?
Clickable Url in Twitter
Is there a version of ConfigParser that deals with files with no section headers?
ASP.NET Asynchronous request callback
getting an array of objects out of XML using linq
Prevent TeamCity builds running out-of-hours?
Ember.TextField valueBinding with keyUp Override
MVC Create page returning exception
Running total only covering range of cells with data
Gradient style in a div background, is not working in IE
Excel VBA Classes - How to have a class hold additional classes
Comunication between datagrid's columns itemrenderers
How do I reach an anchor href if I have trapped the onclick event to zoom and pan in an SVG document?
Filtering collections in java
Fancybox not working? Could be scripts?
what is difference between .submit() vs :submit?
to use C# 4.0: do we need VS 2010 or .NET Framework 4.0
Google+ button - opengraph image not resolving
custom notification layout doesn't cover the whole width
change Z index wpf canvas element from cs file
initializing a class with config (yaml), and setting a variable that should be a single instance
Use .html() to fill out a div created through an Ajax request
Gae MapReduce. How to send post request programmatically
Android webview loading dialog
median of two sorted array
panel get unknown width
NSMatrix, NSForm - addRow - why above and not below?
LINQ: executing stored procedure, but skipping cursor within
Making final class variables static in GWT
Is there a way to redirect input from file to stdin in Netbeans?
Contacts thumbnail photo path in monodroid
can't find gem rails - Gem::GemNotFoundException
MVC 3 references automatically updates to MVC 4
Force WAMP to use IP address rather than localhost
PHP / PDF upload
Autowiring issue with JUnit in a Spring Data JPA environment
Dojo DataGrid Virtual Scrolling How-To?
How to do a modal FileChooser in JFXPanel?
Handling a facebook-object through multiple activities
Setting tbody attributes when rendering Ember.CollectionView into table
Why does a function declaration override non-writable properties of the global object?
image processing and comparing android app
PHP Regex - get first letter in paragraph and wrap it in span
How can I use spring to fire off an asynchronous batch task?
Get a Backbone Model instance's model/class name
Regarding iphone distribution private key issue
What is the highest allowed price for an android in app billing items?
Read response from CURL.exe program
Java library for converting CSV file to SQL data table
RESTful updates of resource hyperlinks
JRuby segfault on Suse
Skip iteration of XML reading loop if exception is met Python
MySQL special characters when doing a SELECT shows others results without special characters
Is there a way to make the tappable area for the UIBarButtonItem as 44x44?
python doesn't get environment variable but it is set on mac os
Eclipse CDT: Skip make/build before Debug/Run
How to I archive the artifacts in a Jenkins multi-configuration build involving multiple OSs?
How to install AJAX on IIS 6.1
Stripe.js / stripe.php - All card errors work (expiry, cvc, incorrent #) except for declined card
Verify whether Selection is fragmented
LabView: Pass value between while loops
IE7 rendering performance
How can I search a strongly typed list for a string?
subscribe and unsubscribe a function that contains calls to other functions
How can I edit a TreeModelFilters child model?
Bluetooth communication between Mac and iPhone
Need for relocations in an exe
CodeIgniter Active Record or_where() function produces AND in sql?
Panel size changes from computer to computer
Postgis - Migrate table with geometry column to SQL Server
Eclipse Indigo M2E Ignores MAVEN_OPTS in external installation
Dynamic Where condition
Unable to write files on Windows
Inno Setup uninstaller doesn't remove assembly from GAC
Is there an open source MemoryStream implementation that does not use contiguous memory?
Flash Builder 4.6 linked Resources not working with ANEs and Certs
Model with Required attribute doesn't show any error messages for bad user input
Setting a default value in sqlalchemy
Creating a subvector that contains specific elements of a vector
Linq to SQL - Query
Imagemagick convert multiple images to pdf size
Simple C++ TCP/IP using streams (Windows)
finding index of an item closest to the value in a list that's not entirely sorted
Floating navigation menu using Wordpress Twenty Eleven theme
Android sendTextMessage sends two identical messages on exceution, how to fix?
Numpy: Avoiding nested loops to operate on matrix-valued images
Recommendation on the best quality/performance H264 encoder for video encoding?
Un-install service/apk from phone
Add element to jQuery selection
ios merge text with image doesn't work with non-wetsern characters
How do I switch a VC6 project to Unicode
Checkboxes Not Centering
Limit the number of Get-ChildItem results
AVAudioRecorder Record method returns NO at random times
Is an MVC Async controller that calls WebResponse still async?
locating the position of points in imageView to larger image
How Can I find the maximum processor queue length?
Deploying GWT app from GAE to Tomcat
Wrap a function in a thread and ignore critical errors
Local Server vs. Live Server
WCF Serialize Array or Collection Without a Container
Phonegap android finger slide (switch screens)
JQuery autocomplete combobox set initial blank space after selecting some value from list
Changing colors of siblings fail with jquery
Excel VBA: Error Control in Dynamic Range Assignments (if(iserror(..))
Hide JS error without custom error handler
JavaScript: Finding whether first child of a form input is an input box or select dropdown
Submitting values from a dynamic option list [closed]
Entity Framework Connection String issues
Can not access Jenkins by --prefix value even if --prefix is set
When an XPage is first loaded via a URL which JSF phases are used?
Bizunit How do I set up WebServiceStep.RequestBody()
NServiceBus impersonation issue after upgrading from 2.6 to 3.0
Get Exported Values from ServiceLocator by type
Programmatic examination of XSD in Java
TreeView with VirtualToggleButtona and PreviewMouseDown. Odd behavior
JBoss 7.1.1 with Hibernate 4.1.1
How to parse between two comments with Jericho?
[CFDictionary release]: message sent to deallocated instance, What's wrong?
Entity Framework Dynamically Select Row & Columb
Game Kit Unreliably Sent Packets Getting Corrupted?
Photoshop-like scripting framework
Calling two onclick functions
Timeline App Tabs Icons
Clustered Quartz Scheduler not firing correctly?
Comparing DateTime structs to find free slots
php replace substring with regex
adding a listener for a Linked List or any kind of list
Esper: events not pass to subscriber when using group-by clause
鈥淣o finished builds鈥�displayed for build configuration
How to find Azure 'Management Key' with ACSV2?
Vim ctags, Ctrl + click makes mouse scroll misbehave
Encapsulation Vs Data Hiding [closed]
How to remove button from HighCharts
Is using the Factory pattern make sense here?
How to set html attributes such as class using MVC Razor?
modifying look of a pre-installed WordPress widget
How to search in multiple fields with OR statement in ElasticSearch
Start application from within Phonegap application
Java program will not connect to mySQL database
Problems with pyGTrends module - PYTHON
My iterator is off slightly鈥ny idea how to fix it?
minification of CSS and JavaScript with Microsoft Web Optimization
Add padding on view programmatically
Edit 鈥渁lt鈥�text
Wait until multiple NSXMLParser parsing operations are complete
How to run the Yahoo webplayer?
How to use array formula to return an array of sums in Excel
Set suspend VM by default when creating breakpoint
zend form collection
NUnit. Values differs at index [0]
ListView item Content save in the Variable to identify table or column in SQlite DB
SQLiteMisuseException: error code 21 when inserting a row
Qt and Linux pipes
Clear input buffer including newline
Android: ArrayList from Message
Change opacity of list items background png image
OSX get process resource usage
Transpose mysql query rows into columns
Latest version of Xcode isn't compatible with Mountain Lion [closed]
Auto Complete to member of other class
how to save dynatree structure after drag and drop
Synchronising databases / database technologies
Android local service unbind issue
viewing a canvaspixelarray
Binding KendoUI chart to database through webservice
How do I make a number of restful web services (on a number of servers) look like the same web service?
Jquery Fullcalender recurring event
duplex connection. Errors when I get disconnected client. C# WCF
Action method gets called, but it returns wrong View
How can change language keyboard layout in Windows (c++)
how to make httpd work with two different versions of openssl
DeadlineExceededException on /_ah/warmup and general appengine app failure
ASP.NET MVC3 ActionResult Edit doesn't save changes in database
Multi-threading: file pointer segmentation fault, Is file pointer not specific (or unique) for a particular thread鈥�
$(window).width(); & $(window).height(); are coming out differently in every browser
How to create directory based subdomain
How to connect MySQL with python 3
How to open a new tab with response.addheader?
Creating unique random numbers
Can Haskell implement OSGi?
MVC3 unobtrusive jquery validation data-val-number
How to pass variable to other method?
Nancy.SassAndCoffee: Trouble Getting Started
After OutPut displayed in linux , how can i see from begining
How do you extract mulitiple string values from a function containing arraylists
Float64 in Core Data?
Load static HTML into Webview
degenerated vertices and GL_LINE_STRIP
Update entity data model from database
Uploading photos to Facebook album via Facebook C# SDK
stripping the << tag for c++ in php
JPA 2.0 Foreign Key Constraint
How to set a variable as query result in a MySQL stored procudure?
add two number using spinner in android
In-app billing - does marketplace keep pinging us until we confirmNotifications()?
OAuth Vimeo with Scribe 鈥淚nvalid API Key鈥�(Error Code 100)
Deserializing polymorphic classes using Simple XML
Login with facebook and storing important user information
vclick event to click event in jquery
Can't find System.Windows.Input.Mouse in C# windows form application
share facebook project portfolio
jqueryUI sortable/draggable and overflow (or z-index?) - inconsistent behaviour
How to generate vcproj files?
Check glibc version for a particular gcc compiler
The package name should be ProjectName or CodeName? [closed]
Map TRttiProperty to a class definition equivalent
javascript async calls
how to hide stdout of subprocess on windows
multiple src/main/resources folders without profiles (I wish to build multiple versions at once)
Perl's HTML::Form::ForceValue equivalent in Python
How to deserialize the request body AsSingleObject while also passing parameters from the route?
Flex: Sending XML with Javascript
DataGridView only 1 show 1 row
Bar images issue on graph using GD libraray
ExecuteReader requires an open and available Connection. The connection's current state is Connecting
Is it possible to find out if there were suggestions on change using jquery-ui autocomplete
Easy way to insert select list data in Oracle Apex PL/SQL code?
Upload a word document to SQL server, inserting watermark beforehand
How do I pull missing file back into my branch
How can I obtain a String from a Byte() without mangling its binary contents?
Multiple AJAX POST requests in same session
JPA - Not able to access non entity @mappedsuperclass in manytoone relationship
SlidingDrawer prevents onTouchEvent
Will a literal string assignment call the String constructor like this?
Passing Class.forName through generic type class parameter
How to make a UI for sentence divider? [closed]
Emailing navigator.useragent
save user specific data
How I can apply dynamic width only on div not on div: hover by CSS and JavaScript
Program execution freezes on datagramSocket.receive method if device in standby mode
unclickable element / actions with dynamic visibilty
Is there way I can have drop down generating another dropdown?
assistance with debugging object expected in ie7
find files modified between two dates [closed]
How to present values on an objectListView?
HAndling Exception when user cancels procedure ORA-01013
Log4J debugging is not working?
Dojo filtering store with horizontal slider
How to expand the width for one div element instead of entire page
Android: How should I structure my Activity if I need to get an item and title from a remote db?
event listener, one css transform ends and another is started
How can I start a continuation task instance?
How to pack a installation (framework + application) in one executable?
How to match a MAC address in mod_rewrite
Liferay: extend custom-jsp by html-form and own action
Changing the activation behavior of joomla1.5
how to use from smslib? I have read the docs
How can I resolve a ERROR_BAD_NET_NAME error in a call to WNetAddConnection2?
How do I delete a Git branch with TortoiseGit
MetadataType bug in MVC3?
Parent-child relationship efficiency
Can an object of a class be a member variable of some other class?
jquery ui autocomplete and php json string
How can I open a main form from multiple forms (and visa versa) and keep the same instance?
uberSVN doesn't show up at server IP
Validate uniqueness of a child object in a nested form not working correctly
GAC file path for native images created by ngen
Moving bitmap is not smooth and is jerky
sparql query to delete
Why groovy does not see some values in dictionary?
Improve this query that uses 3 joins in Oracle, maybe using 鈥減artition over鈥�
Using data.table i and j arguments in functions
Export SQL data by field
How to deal with jvm crash with outofmemory err on linux?
Editing perl scripts on one server, but executing on another
In Java, is it efficient to use Thread.sleep(1) for an idle thread?
Trouble grabbing text from input and textarea
Get list of all photo albums and thumbnails for each album
Filter data with group by ; / Datatable row filter ;
ASP FileUpload Silent Fail
trouble with precompile on heroku cedar with jquery ui file
Speed Up Search In Mongo
Use GPG to Password Protect .GZ file
How to include a function
Adding a new line between documents with hadoop getmerge
pythonw.exe completely dysfunctional on windows
Linq to Entity Framework return a list of parents with only a subset or empty collection of children
Embedding pdf file and printing to printer with PHP
Method never gets called
Is there a way to specify a Ramp-up time (like in JMeter) for TestNG multithreaded tests?
getting element that triggered ajax call from global jquery handlers [duplicate]
searchlogic - searching for attr_accessor
Android ScaleAnimation and TranslateAnimation, how to avoid ScaleAnimation movement
how to make a blur or a drop shadow on text in andengine?
Resetting TaskFactory Indexer?
How to write raw bytes to an NSMutableData object?
Calibrating 3d Accelerometer for 2d Game
How to get session information on xhtml jsf page from managedBean?
Deprecated twisted.enterprise.util
Creating a new C++ subvector?
Prefill ListView in an application with FXML
How to add user comment on HTML page [closed]
PHP preg_match_all regex to extract only number in string
C# arrays of structs and assignment performance
How can we configure Kendo-UI ComboBox with Grid.
Trigger Jenkins Build on Database Change
XamlParseException when I inherit a Page from a Generic base class
Can't reindex with sunspot / solr in rails app - Error: Severe errors in solr configuration
How to make custom TinyMCE button in Wordpress change icon on hover
Passing a variable from Scriptlets to Javascript.
How to detect JSON support in javascript?
how to invite minimum 2 persons to a conference room using asterisk and call files [closed]
Java Gif on Label Background Squares Showing?
Get key pressed event
.net barcode generation
Change coulmn header runtime in Ext.ux.TouchGridPanel
Correct method of connecting to database
What's the best way to apply mutiple jquery effects on one element consecutively?
Android app crashes when generating list-view
Memory leaks Symfony2 Doctrine2 / exceed memory limit
Hot to get google map from lat and lng?
Retrieve database content without linebreak
Java classes in IDL files?
How to best store object in a CoreData relationship property that may be of many different types?
Time-Dependent Rewriting and single digit TIME_MON/TIME_DAY variables
Should Rollbacks be an exception? (specifically: in web-apps and with OSIV)
Facebook connect showing unclickable text
Is it possible to append 2 rich text strings?
TThreadedStringList in delphi xe2
Zend multiple navigation with ACL
How to create a dataframe with different number of values?
Starting a java program from shellscript
Consuming Wcf from classic asp (with datacontract)
Any reason to upgrade to EF 4.1+ if using database first?
Property which should be a readonly db-field (Fluent NHibernate Automapping)
ASP.NET MVC4 Mobile: CS0103: The name 'DisplayModes' does not exist in the current context
Setting up Python 2.7 virtualenv on GoDaddy and accessing it
Grails url mapping passing data from sperate config file
Padding in MD5 Hash Algorithm
Single instance of Usercontrol used in multiple UserControls
Setting the text of a UILabel to an int?
Current user location is not retrieving
How to set empty string in JComboBox even if data available?
PetaPoco not returning expected data
calculate properties values depending on another property (LINQ)
ServiceStack vs ASP.Net Web API
JQGrid and Result search
jQuery: move table row to first position and then back
Can see created file using adb shell but not in PC when mounted?
What is the Java's internal represention for String? Modified UTF-8? UTF-16?
how to prevent memory leak in javascript
C# data.fill (conversion failure)
What do curly braces in JavaScript mean?
Split views on navigation stacks
dynamically settings elements top and left in Jasper reports
Output after building chromium source code on ubuntu linux