Git: cannot push newly cloned repos
Custom Control or Slider like Control
button with display:block not stretched
how do i render a partial view with new data using ajax post?
CRM 2011 - Product Lookup Error - 鈥淥K鈥�button disabled after search in Lookup
How to know that flash is completed using javascript
How to get results of this particular 鈥渜uery鈥�
Paste Image from Microsoft Office to AIR Application?
Is there a library for cache using an index or tags
Convert decimal hours to DD:HH:MM
Excluding delimiters with Search in MS Word
In which controller should I place elements that persist throughout the application?
add visual below finger swipe, Triangle strip like fruit ninja Andengine
trying to display a different menu
Converting integer to binary string using itoa in C/C++
Any Javascript functions to get homepage ,search provider ,favourites etc from browsers like Firefox and google chrome
NSLocalizedString - build failed
group by month of unix timestamp field
Cut down a string in text area within particular limit in jquery
Echo element if posts table is empy cakephp
Splitting a .gz file into specified file sizes in Java using byte[] array
EF 4.3 saving One to Many causing errors or duplicate rows
Magento; Display more products per page in one category
How to disable generating the project all the time in Visual Studio 2005?
setting file permissions with installshield limited edition
dynamically Add TextField With Tag On button
What does the ',,=' operator do in ruby? [duplicate]
while($row = mysql_fetch_array($query)) doesn't work in second time
Unable to get jQuery on() to register dynamically added content
Proxy chaining in Apache HTTP
AXIS cameras (or concretely P13XX seria) support ONVIF standard fully or partly?
Is there a way to display all the contents in a file as it is using a single string object
How to get a excel file from request?
AS3 AIR For iOS - StageVideo not working correctly
How to disable the right-click context menu on the Chart Control of Office Web Component in a Web Page?
magento Enable 'free shipping' only when certain discount code used
XSLT date-time() function is unknown in ALTOVA XmlSpy
Facebook Connect Logging In Issues
How can I optimize MySQL query for update?
How to push a local branch to a directory of remote branch?
Swing updating UI components while the job is running
Programming C# array multiplication
Output in Vector form
HTML tables: horizontal scroll in a td only when needed
Sending email using GMail account
How to create a dataframe with custom columns?
I cannot change RailsInstaller command prompt buffer size
Error validating verification code. Mix of client side and server side issue
Reference column in a table on another server in an UPDATE/JOIN (SQL Server)
How to detect when phone is answered or rejected
How to change the check type for checkbox in ITextSharp
What events do I need when I scale a subclassed WPF Image control within a scrollviewer?
ReSharper Intellisence for ALL_UPPER constants
XAML binding nested struct from ObservableCollection<T>
Why does Xcode 4.3.1 (4E1019) / 4.3.2 (4E2002) hang regularly with iOS simulator? [duplicate]
Notification library in javascript
Mvc3 and Jquery Multiselect, sending values to server not working?
jQuery Change line-height in CSS depending on number of characters
Show the Submit button, if and only if text (a character) is entered in a textbox else hide
Converting 3gp (amr) to mp3 using ffmpeg api calls
Forking a private repository on Github
Must I call sendResponse?
preg_replace usage in php
Ordering,Sorting records with condition in RoR
how to create custom data config to load services host in rails?
Sencha Touch 2 - How to get form values?
How can one insert a mathematical (greek etc) symbol in dot file
Real SQL syntax highlighting in PHP scripts with Vim
Facebook FQL. Unable to receive results from 鈥減age鈥�table about pages with timeline
Is there a way to 鈥渙verride鈥�a method with reflection?
How do I prevent, stop, or kill Javascript function?
AlertDialog don't open
plugin for blackberry app using phonegap
log.index (No such file or directory) AND Task process exit with nonzero status of 126
Most efficient 3d engine for android?
How to get array of dates for saturday column and sunday column in a datechooser in flex
What is the best Java Image Processing Library that is Comercially Opensource/Free for low level pixel manipulation? [closed]
401.2 error only with Anonymous Access
Run multiple instances of NSOperation with NSURLConnection?
Offline symbol server over http
Query to get lowest value that's greater than zero ans is not NULL
Some trouble with passing a list of values from a HTML form into a C# method
Improving memory layout for parallel computing
how to calculate public key of a certificate in JAVA which match with the public key calculated by windows
Consuming a post method in WCF REST template 40 - JSON
Class not found despite of classpath in MANIFEST
CF ORM - Cannot load the target CFC
Include layout is not displaying in the eclipse layout editor in android
what does the error mean when I am compiling c++ with g++ complier?
Serial Port DataReceived Event Firing Only Once in Compact Framework
javascript checkbox containers - is there a simpler way to write this
How to omit xmlns=鈥渉ttp://鈥�from web service output
Virtual COM port to Socket communication
Problems using 'FDT Font Library' generated .swc in FlashBuilder4
Create properly formatted XML from DOM in JavaScript
How to show duplicate records in MySQL and combine records with PHP?
Is it possible (recommended) to have a pure api-project that is separated from the actual implementation?
iOS setting a UIScrollView variable from IB shows as nil
synchronize two win ce 6 devices using usb
Optimize SQLite Table Access Efficiency in Python
What could cause this ArgumentException from Directory.GetFiles?
Pyramid / SQL Alchemy DetachedInstanceError
Echo uploaded file value in the form using PHP
SAML signature verification using Python/M2Crypto
Confirm password validator ExtJs 4
Use iphone push notifications to update a game
Submit by pressing enter
HttpModule to add a value to the output and detect it on BeginRequest
h:outputFormat with f:param and internationalization
How do I calculate the driving distance between 2 places along with a map in php
How to set my Activity as main activity in android?
Golang Regular Expressions - what am I doing incorrectly?
C++ dynamic_cast vs typeid for class comparison [duplicate]
Error parsing timestamp
how to handle option types in JOptionPane.showConfirmDialog
Javascript validation with default field value
How to test NSDecimalNumber with an NSLocale that produces commas in number
How to troubleshoot OutOfMemoryError in JBoss?
Magento upgrade - mysql4-upgrade- - SQLSTATE[42000]
Windows CE 6.0 threading model for BeginRead/EndRead?
innerHTML elements in wrong place
await / async issues
Fields in the table should have values equal to the length of the field
Looking to print custom message from Select query at MS SQL
PHP trying to include array of glob()'d directories and is not finding last one
Starting PostgreSQL server failed after modification of postgresql.conf using the sudo command
LIBGDX Simple Tile Help for a beginner
Design pattern advice for loading data from different sources based on logic
Is it a object or an interface? Do I need to free it or not?
python: importing a file that is not a valid identifier?
Does 鈥渘uget package restore鈥�also transform the web.config?
Rewriting index.php form URL using only httpd.conf on EZ Publish site
Downloading the android source, *not* via git/repo
Add app to share menu ios5
TSQL to get all rows from a recursive table
Browse button not in form
Why my AVPlayer class reference in AppDelegate returns nil?
Specializing a template function with a generic class
Seemingly random file corruption using AVAudioRecorder (Sometimes the file can't be played back) - iOS
Memset memory overflow
Put a Default value in a inputbox which must dissapear on click
jQuery click issue with a span styled to look like a button
Why is there a gap between UIButtons in my app on iPhone and not in the simulator?
CSS After Element to insert mailto link?
C# adding row to table in word document dynamically
How to lock the first word of a textarea?
boost::bind internal copy/copies?
iPhone: UIImage imageNamed doesn't show the image
CCSprite save the effect so that next action to be performed on changed CCSprite in xcode for iphone
Programming in D for OpenBSD
How to use fluent Nhibernate components
if exists update else insert
iAd crashes in iOS4.3
Issue in char count in the textbox using Javascript, HTML
How to use pip on windows behind an authenticating proxy
Chinese character in nodejs response write
Going from a bunch of .Java files to a .Jar file from the commandline with one simple command
How to access radiobutton in RadioButtonList in
Using statement - is this more useful for the sql connection than the sql adapter?
Draw line and move it programmatically
Updating mysqldatabase from a string array
Layout replacement in android Layout
salesforce how to query with lookup fields value
Driving a Windows GUI program from a script
Should the thread be running when I create the connection?
Some website don't load properly on Mac [closed]
What is wron with the print [closed]
Solving set of differential equations in Maple with boundary conditions
How to activate a component to utilize within another application Android?
Can Android still read a QR Code on a card if it's laminated?
Why won't the loader load at the desired location
Secure Blobs in Azure
Calling a function inside the body, from an external JS file which is dynamically loading
The multi-part identifier 鈥渋nserted.SECTION_ID鈥�could not be bound
How to handle a syntactically valid but logically invalid argument passed to the constructor?
Equivalent implementation for <customErrors mode=RemoteOnly /> behaviour
Extracting Numeric value from SQLite
JQuery. Disable minDate in DateTimePicker
jqgrid - How to dynamically change bottominfo in forms?
Xcode changes tint of an image
Maven clean + build causes project in Eclipse to show errors until clean in Eclipse
Building a Timeline like layout in QT
Log4j in Spring mvc controllers: how to remove duplication
XPathNodeIterator Current Value only for Parent
Draw manipulated graphic into another graphic
How to check if the field in embedded schema is empty in Dreamweaver Template Building Block
UIView's transform looks terrible
Calling Server side Methods in MVC2 view
CSS color to alpha for images?
PhoneGap 1.5.0 Cordova - Google geocoder not working after a few requests (Android)
vcredist_x86: the message install.res.????.dll comes up
imagebutton with @null background (transparent) [duplicate]
How to build list with defvar in emacs
Add a shadow on ActionBar
Position of DialogFragment in Android
Postfix - disable open relay [closed]
Parser stack gets full while querying an Informix databse making use of ODBC connection
Is there a built-in method to get the max index of a List<>?
csExWB automatic click on link on webpage
Access the state of control in Winforms from another application
trying to copy the values from one row to another using JQuery
asp:Repeater Item command doesn't fire in IE7 (compatibility mode)
When to use Option
Requesting incomplete path from Apache server
Custom rake:stats
Keeping a mysql connection open untill the application is running
is there a way to resize the modal view screen in iphone
isUserAdmin semantic in AppEngine
Scrapy and response status code: how to check against it?
All the NSTableView in my project don't receive the space bar keyboard event
How to distribute 3rd-party iOS apps made with Adobe Air in-house
when is Big-Oh(n) = Omega(n) ? Is it same as theta(n)?
UIScrollView duplicate information
Is there any flex video player which can play video byteArray stream?
setBackground(new color()); in java does not understand the given RGB value
Error parsing Xml
If field is empty or filled in JSON/jQuery don't show
python code instead of a real file
Desktop app/widget development using web technology stack
Diameter of a rooted k-ary tree
How to select this table?
SQL Native Client & OLEDB
Run Python Shell from Windows CMD (bypass cygwin)
How can I print mutiple pages?
How to get coordinates of an address in android
Is there a jQuery plugin for check lists?
Qt & OpenGL: how to render as frequent as possible?
dao database classes are not supported for win64 platforms in VC++
JAXB: Why does a value return null if I just set that value, and returns a real value when I set other values?
SEVERE: Error in streaming dynamic resource.(apache)
Calculating values on web page in
Fixing MP4/M4A File Stucture
Using Memory Disk for I/O unit tests
Operator expected error in xpath queries in SwiProlog
File upload server from iphone app [duplicate]
Place StripeLine On Top of Series (Adjust Z-Index/Z-Order)
Terminating workflow without loading it into memory
customize childrow of expandable list view
What makes reference comparison (==) work for some strings in Java?
Best way to compare sha1 hashes for equality
Camera doesn't be released sometimes after application re-installed
How to work with different.xsd namespaces that contains the same elements/classes?
Cannot properly get the value of a dropdown
Amazingly, Json DateTime with seconds lost Seconds after de-serializing on WCF service
Extend variable from one function to another
DecodeStream throwing null while storing in bitmap
Images not found on iis7.5
Bulk Insert incrementing IDs on a varchar ID field
Developer oriented CSS/HTML tutorial/book [closed]
How to configure dyanmic weaving for eclipselink
chromium build error on windows7 32bit OS
Ask rights to using GPS in windows phone 7
Symfony2 3-ary relations
how do i change dataprovider in a flex spark list that has itemrenderers?
Can't locate a file using a regular expression in NLTK
Fetching user details from FB in XML format
Jquery Ajax loading dynamic content
TabPage Click Events
Update mysql database from java
Yii Dynamic DB Connection according to user?
How to see all intentions in intellij Idea?
How to do Windows phone developer Registration (Developer Unlock)?
Best practice for passing object
Force Documentation in VS(2010)
Hyper-V caeses the error 鈥渟orry, this application cannot run under a virtual machine鈥�
Handing over facebook developed app to customer
Error while fetching email with oauth
training feedforward neural network for OCR
Installshield multilangague supported application
Why did I need to define a Hibernate-JPA vendor adapter in my Spring application context?
LWUIT calendar: highlight days to have different styles. How to achieve it?
Redundant generic parameters
How to scroll to specific Cell (determined by its label) in UITableView
How much data can fit in XMLHttpRequest response?
Entity Profiler with Continuous Integration
iPad:Is it possible to create tabbar in SplitView rootViewController
pipeline implementation in node.js
Adjust Div height according to TD height
How to copy an iOS 5.1 app including the storyboard
Google Analytics in PHP Header?
python - Running tox + nosetests on a Python 3.2 testenv
Scroll View Understanding
Why does JBoss deploy my eclipse project as a war in addition to my ear?
Multiple model edition in django-admin
How to measure distance between two point in an image and directly save in a sheet?
php 5.3.2-1 code not working on php 5.3.8
How to write Command in Console in Eclipse IDE?
Android kernel compilation error
C remove duplicated numbers on a file
Query on entity with oneToMany relationship return 3 results instead of 1
Howto go to beginning of line in tmux after remapping prefix to CTRL+A?
Check password before decryption
How to get data from this Json data
Start a long time background task
Flash Object won't load as soon as I enter a Rewrite directive in .htaccess
wcf why can't I see my https site
Calling Javascript functions from a Java Applet
Navigation bar/menu that has category and child category
Disable single javascript file with addon or extension
How to setOnTouchListener for an item in a ListView
Function on blur event is not working properly
MySQL - Issue with Key Efficiency 100%
How to vertically center a dynamically-sized view below some text
MP3 Feature Extraction
C# Mono (windows & linux) I2C on SMBUS, SPI
org.springframework.transaction.TransactionSystemException: Could not commit Hibernate transaction
Scale button inside grid
Javascript and JQuery, how to verify if option element exists in select?
Can I manually invoke the same autosizing code that happens when the device rotates?
Increment a document property in RavenDb
How to store files with JS?
How to cast a generic array into another type?
All ComboBoxItem ValueMembers are last item from DataReader
How could use Localization for jquery datepicker to become Persian ['Fr']?
Radio Station using Android is that possible?
private build information (db, etc) when making a release in maven?
how to target last tr in jquery?
Foreign Key error in table creation
Design methodology used in Open Source Projects and how they are different from proprietary softwares
singleton in ExtJs4
Using WSDL service over https with certificate
How to remove unnecessary tags?
The state monad and
SwfUpload give 302 error when upload images
NFS Fails after packaging a Vagrant box
Render a Zend Form SubForm but keep the naming as if the whole form where rendered
in activeadmin form input not working in array?
Memory-usage of Hibernate's cascade=REMOVE
VirtualHost Configuration In Apache with ReverseProxy + ModSecurity
Zxing compiled 2.0 with Java 1.5
TeamReview installation issue
Boost::Log Error in Cpp / Cli Project
find the position of an element in a string vector in common lisp
Modify a specific word in a specific tag in HTML content
restore previous assembly value?
LNK2005 Error linking static openCV libraries with Visual Studio and QT Creator
Open-CV memory management in iOS (Objective-c with ARC)
Error while deploying Rails application to EC2 using Rubber gem
access control for different types of admins with symfony 1.4
what is BOOST_ROOT?
How I have packages in a VB class library like the packages in Java?
How can I send email to a facebook friend using his facebook id via fql or graph api
Multiple Delphi versions on the same machine
How to disable Old password displayed in browser during change password option in ASP.Net MVC?
Use Facebook's iOS SDK to check in with a photo
How to dismiss UIaction sheet from UiView automatically after perticular time
Java, how to replace some characters in String
Performance issues with securing remote database connection
Python saving xml from webservice
remove empty cells in MATLAB
How to sort a multidimentional array based on one column in JavaScript
one size fits all screen resolution
Error in Rhodes Application in Rhostudio
limit expression length
Udev rules for two identical devices to name as 鈥渄evice1鈥� 鈥渄evice2鈥� [closed]
Eclipse Progress View is not refreshing when running many jobs
How to write an add-in to change text color in Visual Studio editor?
Create super script for textView
Bash Script Command Redirection/Reuse 鈥�How to Accomplish Multidirectional Layered Redirection?
MailChimp TimeWarp scheduling - what date to pass and when to create campaign
how to set invisible a view in titanium
How to use builde customize view in a storyboard-ed project?
What happens if I call an objects member function from a different thread?
jQuery how to make the ajax request 鈥渟ynchronous鈥�when async is true
Official Apple Documentation for XCode 4.2 App Store Publishing?
Splitting JSON data in iPhone
Is there extension for safari to switch User Agent automatically for specified sites
Issue with build Android NDK project
Adding to a ComboBox in Visual basic 2010
blueooth barcode getInputStream()
Jquery autocomplete - do not fill input box with result
How to put space in tab title in dojo?
Condition of if statement always evaluating to true [closed]
Slow updates with Entity Framework 4.3 and SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5
Is there a module that searches for superfluous code?
AS3 Find MC path on mouseClick?
How to digitally sign a PDF in Android device?
Including a .bat file or a .exe file inside the Windows application program
fileUpload in MVC3.0
How to pass selected check-box value(s) from jQuery to PHP as an array?
Why is Git not telling me that I am ahead of my remote
Computational Geometry Javascript
How to make popup image? wxWidgets
What would cause edit buttons for plugins in wordpress plugins page to disappear?
Ajax success not working
HTML Email - Is colspan allowed?
Connecting QC using JAWIN
IMAP: how to find all drafts
Default.png is shown misplaced
Accessing XmlDataProvider defined in App.xaml in Utility class
ruby Datamapper: Get next record from a collection
Push new view on clicking Table Cell, How's that possible ? [closed]
Android Chat For Private session for users ( Development Workflow)
maven - how does it work? Missing some some jars
MVC UIHint/Parital view with JQuery multiselect, dynamic creation issue
Facebook Graph API - issues with the publish_actions permissions
extjs window items styling
CMS garbage collector - when does it run?
Render Html using RDL Local Report
How do I use JQuery to detect if a user scrolls to the bottom of the page?
When compiling a project with SignalR I have to do a iisreset
How to send vcard as an sms/mms?
how to write MST algorithium in JAVA?
Passing array of record to delphi dll
How to rename a journaled library in ibm i 6.1?
Can I merge data and template on server side in .net?
UIScrollView with image
How to avoid Parent Directory Link when listing the files of a Directory?
ListView displays each item twice after filtering
How to map the PHP DateTime class to ActionScript / Flex Date class using Zend Framework AMF
How to Linq-ify this query?
User permissions fine-grain control PHP MySQL
Android: placing dynamic scores
Disable ValidateRequest for a specific page
recently,the sybase database report some errors,I don't know how to solve,
Search enging using java ee (.jsp .java
Force app to wait to send a new text message
Introducing FOREIGN KEY constraint may cause cycles or multiple cascade paths
Modify document html before load with Chrome extension, using document_start
Forward engineer from Visio to SQL Server
Android ListView - getting a number of element in the list in ListView.setOnTouchListener
Play Google (Android store) Statistics
presentModalViewController not responding from NSObject class
Compare strings in python
show same size button in all devices
array of char assignment does not work
SQL Server Polling vs. Calling a web service
How can multipass GroupBy() be faster than a single pass?
How can I get total time online in Facebook in the last 30 days either via graph API or fql?
Finding a list of variables in python program without running the program explicitly
System Default BooleanToVisibilityConverter not working
NSMutableArray to NSUserDefaults and then retrieving it iPhone
What is the actual implementation of OOPS concepts in ASP.Net Application? [closed]
How is memory leak avoided with INotifyPropertyChanged interface?
How to handle delayed events with Drools Fusion
BitArray to integer issue
From the firefox extension, Can not access the localStorage values if the URI is having sub-domain
Fade picture in ffmpeg on Android NDK
Programmatically fire onmousemove event in javascript
How to convert x y coordinates into lattitude and Longitude
From where CultureInfo.CurrentCulture reads culture
convert website to mobile friendly version
Prevent last component of LWUIT form from losing focus when down arrow key is pressed
PHP: Prevent back/double submission with a form confirmation page. Is my workflow correct?
Need help understanding a posted algorithm (calculating step distance between hexagons on a grid)
Connecting to Microsoft Office 365 on Android programmatically [closed]
Facebook search not working properly
Want to call a functionality on window.onbeforeunload
How to do this: A fluid-width parent element, with a fixed-width and a fluid-width child element?
Python and Collective Intelligence: Chapter 2: Recommending Items
R - winDialogString equivalent in tcltk (tkdialog?)
Time validation in jquery
Matching elements in Linked List
Bookmarklet - on right click?
mysql number wildcard
DropDownList filter of GridView not working
Java: How to insert rows(data) into JTable explicitly if rows are inserted by AbstractTableModel
using Row_Number() - Finding Maximum Registration
How to mock a static final variable using JUnit, EasyMock or PowerMock
Assertion failure error when trying to delete a row from a UITableView
Using Helicon ISAPI Rewrite v3 Lite on IIS6
Dropdown menu not showing
Unable to use SUBSTR inside TO_DATE in Derby Embedded Database
Finding position of data in the array - PHP
Looking for a MySQL client which supports strong visual differentiation between stored connections
Iphone random crash issue
How do I create a 3-way LEFT JOIN with MYSQL?
JSON object ordering being tampered with by jQuery or Javascript
Printing uptime and idealtime in linux using /proc
ListView alternative row color-Get dis-appear after scroll
Can I find the assignee at a specific step in the workflow on Greenhopper?
Does analyzer work with ARC?
Android Use of differents tools
Handle different view controllers to achieve different views at orientation change
can i integrate ovi map in my iphone application?
Query syntax works but lambda syntax doesn't for linq select statement
Adding controls programmatically in UITableViewCell in static UITableView
quickselect algorithm
Obfuscate WCF Proxy Classes
knockout - notify when 'with' directive is fired
How to align a <div> to center of the page [duplicate]
Pinch zoom to view all icons of GridView in android
Button Image size in android
load content when scroll over to bottom of window
Java with log4j
Auto Refresh the List in Sencha Touch Application
Cleaning and rejoining same node in cassandra cluster
Make barcode generator in android
celery + eventlet = 100% CPU usage
Can I write somethings like a Notification in Java?
Is it possible to cast an NSInteger to NSNumber?
Any idea on API for getting keys of a virtual disk
Automatically Refresh JmDNS Services in Activity
How to stop showing selected value in <Select> options
Can't create file to take Picture using Camera in Android
How can I print .exe printf() messages from java program
Java script Regex- Validate URL
How to manage Spring Getters and Setters Obfuscation in yguard
Writing posts on my Facebook page without auth/js
Rescue - NoMethodError 鈥�undefined method log for brassring class
Generated QR image disappers once i exit the application
How do I get swipe-to-delete working when tableView's allowsMultipleSelectionDuringEditing property is YES?
LINQ diagonal sudoku filler
JBOSS Hangs when maxThreads limit is reached
datetimepicker in MVC3.0
Reverting bad branch merge
Repeated elements in a std::vector
CSS: Text wont center?
R: Using MLE to do a CFA by hand
Color Coding background for different types of climate conditions
How can you update a Linq Expression with additional parameters?
How to fix warning C4793 with template class?
Purging all old CMFEditions versions
Restoring window position
Android - Custom Listview Filters return null
Reactive extensions Observable.Using and WCF async call
How to draw one by one UITableViewCell in tableview
Rewrite/Redirect directory structure to a query with .htaccess
Mysql join to find 鈥渕issing鈥�鈥渞elated鈥�rows
Convert a mutable Map of Seq to an immutable Map of IndexedSeq in Scala
IOCP and ReadFileEx usage
Fortran90 Type/rank mismatch in argument
iPad with iOS 5.1 not detected - Xcode 4.3.1
How to get last commit SHA in a specific branch from a remote repository
AJAX Webmethod call returns 404 on MVC3
CSS column-count not respected
Create a custom exception using C#
What is the most efficient way to collect arrays of nested hash keys that access the leaf-nodes?
Some jquery plugins not working with new version of jquery library
pthread_t is in android and linux
How can I create nested AUTO_INCREMENT fields in a table with MySQL?
How to check if user with [UserName] and [Password] is domain administrator of [DomainName] without impersonation?
How should I pass objects to subroutines?
Rails 3.2 - accepts_nested_attributes_for and view - form doesn't appear
Winsock accept timeout
Ubuntu - Run command on start-up with 鈥渟udo鈥�
'Local variable needs to be declared final' for event dispatching thread
how to add atoolbar icon to firefox with firefox Add-on sdk
Jumbled up ids in mongodb
Namespace conflicts
How to secure the android assets folder from hackers
Remove these unwanted characters using php
median of medianimplementation
What's the difference between these T-SQL queries using OR?
My Javascript code doesn't work in chrome
GDAL: Get pointer/handle of underlying C object
Right XPath syntax for getting nodelist of two types of elements by an ID
Changing number of processors during execution of the code in MPIs based parallel programming.
Details mvc4
Javascript debugging in Safari web browser
Unable to do casting
Form - update 鈥渞eset鈥�button to new data
C# Getting the Windows Quick Launch Items (Windows XP)
Sending XML through AJAX
with get youtube video title in php
google maps integration details
HTML 5 Video, Streaming / Buffering only a certain portion of a longer video
Do action in view controller after alert view
List of subsets of which their elements add up to n using recursion
Get all data from parent record as the child record
Mu2 vs Mustache.js? Should I use the Mu2 module or the Mustache.js module for nodejs templating
Make the current commit the only (initial) commit in a Git repository?
how to get hard disk driver's serial number in python
WIQL - Querying description for exact phrase
Javascript: casting object to bytes array and transform in string
Strange behaviour of UTF8 GetBytes() with non-ascii symbols
HTML5 resumable and chunked upload of large files (> 500MB)
Is there a way to vectorize the use of squeeze in Matlab?
Efficient Memory utilisation?Switch case with strings
Python 3.2.2 open('C: file.txt') doesn't work
Align 2 Divs side by side [closed]
Manipulating/adding fields to exif-data iptc
Incorporating a knowledge base / blog for Q & A on an engineering website [closed]
Specify InputStream for ServletResponce instead of copying InputStream in OutputStream
mySQL - WHERE, AND/OR selecting
Region Growing needs to get compared
check whether a string contains white spaces and more than one @ signs
IBM WebSphere XMS.Net CWSMQ0082E error
Possible to create a compression algorithm that uses an enormous (100GB?) pseudo-random look-up file?
JAVA , CXF , JAX-RS , Exception handling
EclipseLink JPA: remove and persist in the same transaction, constraint error
how to show a pop up on top of a view in iPhone
Custom language code with qtranslate
BroadcastReceiver is not working
How add only new city?
Crystal Reports - Change DataSource name
jQuery/javascript - list box item deselect/show/hide not working in IE?
Custom NSMenu like view not displaying selectedMenuItemColor correctly
ExtJS4: this.ownerCt in initComponent function
CURL: BAD REQUESt error when trying to call http url
netTCP binding Soap Security Negotiation Failed
How to remove a CSS class from all same level table rows When a Row is Selected?
How to do a Booking engine for a hotel with XML?
MySQL multiple-table delete syntax
Post request for XML
How to get the no of records returned in Hql aggregate query without actually returning them [duplicate]
PHP error_log file
Asp.Net GridView Sorting Separate Page
why EXPRESS+EJS template can CALL CONFIG without send it when rendering?
call a function return from another function
Perfomance Comparision NHibernate and ADO.NET
Php - Mysql. Get players into an array and sort by time
Scala - use companion object as shorthand argument to function accepting block
Can we use local notifications for setting reminder about any event?
Dynamic sidebars with Node.js, Express.js and Jade
Error handling message types
Html code shows when browse the home.aspx
jQuery conflicting with other libraries
Struts2 + spring autowiring actions by-name without exposing certain properties
Android-java Contdition Check error - need some code logic to be corrected
sort combobox html or php
Is there a way to dynamically ajax add elements through jquery chosen plugin?
Memory static function vs member function
Upgrading to Rails 3.2.2: How to solve the 'undefined method for Syck::DomainType' error related to the Delayed Job gem?
how to check whether a text field is readonly or not [duplicate]
Install OpenGL ES documentation into Xcode?
Opening URL in browser using C++ with cocos2d-x in iOS
Automatically determining Junit test side-effects
Am I hitting a thread limit?
.Net Socket doesn't respond to remote disconnect?
LINQ to NHibernate by this message exception : `get_Item(Int32)`
Behavior of uniforms after glUseProgram() and speed
Tool to make complicated setup (InstallShield or custom app)
Get itemPosition in the layout (x and y parametres)
IF SelectedItem.Equals ??? Then redirect Statement
XPath to select element based on childs child value
Setting a relation without fetching the object with NHibernate
Destroying all delayed job in rails
NSXMLParser: Parse XML with 2 level depth in iOS App
How to take advantage of the standard library
Difference between Kahn Process Network and Actor Model
Firing Ajax call when click submit button
Is it possible to generate a bitstream in JS for a HTML5 video source?
Posting text with link to facebook wall using C# sdk
I want to pass my custom object in soap body element , how to do it?
Has_many collection method returns empty array if I create the child object through another parent object
Binary tree rotate function without reference-to-pointer, pointer-to-pointer, or the function returning the new node
Can`t seem to make the selector select right
How to modify 6 byte memory address from je to jne
C++ 64bit, variable not found
Detect infinite HTTP redirect loop on server side
Android: Stretching rows in TableLayout programmatically
PList - TextMate says OK, XCode says it's corrupted
Smack API can we listen to the subscription requests of all the users from XMPP?
#1241 - Operand should contain 1 column(s)
How to reset OpenGL program's uniform attribute value to default?
Jquery Lightbox with comments posted on image
How to understand that whole message was received for uart port?
How to solve XML conversion Issue?
Unable to resume Activity error
log4net - How do I write the Server's IP address to the log
how to pass an object to class as a parameter
How can we prevent service from killing by OS in android
static public class members in PHP on staging server
How do I get all servers' IP which are listening on specific port LAN?
How to write a recursive method to return the sum of digits in an int?
ABAP module pool program issue
auto-index the dataset list from selected packages in R
Ternary operator on javascript and PHP, different output
Excel read error : Invalid header signature. How to resolve?
How to check the iPads sound level [duplicate]
Moving strings that contain HTML tag to resource files
Push a 2-dimensional array of integers onto a stack in Java
JQuery Form not submitting after uploading an image
Get the Sip Incoming call id
What's the best way to iterate over an array and modify the elements in PowerShell?
How to add custom UIbutton into UIAlertView?
Dynamically Changing the Return Type of a Function
Query to find the difference between successive rows in Mysql
Delete Record from JSON Object Javascript
which of these approach is better using jQuery?
What code in my inizializer file can run delayed workers?
Create a div with jquery on hover?
Opera 11.52 Corrupts Image upload
AsyncController callback not being invoked, how to invoke it?
Emberjs after change content events
How to setup mod_lua in Apache to access third party Lua modules?
Stuck while Implementing complex jQuery Image Slider
How to read web.config of different project?
how to insert values into database using ajax in symfony1.4
Magento overriding sql upgrade scripts?
How to hit a post request in android?
How to get Beats per minutes of a song in objective-c
Element Lifetime of STL Containers
appendTo() not working in chromium 14 linux
VB.NET: order dictionary alphabetically
Large image blurs on feed dialog
Loop when the output for each iteration is a data.frame
stopping page refresh at each click
Running Internal Clock in Location Based App Background Mode [duplicate]
App Engine app performance test
How to assign value of variable with regex (bash)?
How can we identify all the modules belongs to a given distribution
event handling using c++/cli and using it in c#
pass parameter from the display tag table column as hidden always getting the value of first record
Remap/Create Virtual Directory for Project folder with IIS
Some questions about linux signals
In background application will wait for the incoming call
SQL Server agent not getting started
JPA reusing code by extending without inheritance
Facebook Deauthorize callback not working
JPA Many to One relationship
How to solve no input in StreamTokenizer
define a computed column reference another table
Connect to Access database that links to SharePoint lists using C#
Single function with two ajax call
Android Declare buttons programmatically?
need guidance on populating a grid with xml retrieved from a web service with Delphi XE
EJB 2.1 : Suggest best hand-on tutorial/material
Accessing my user defined python global constants in Django template
What is the difference between INT, INT16, INT32 and INT64?
Lync 2010 SDK issues with Silverlight 5
UIWebView open url from file
Android CountDownTimer and AlertDialog
GridView Template Column hiddenfield value is always 0 while visibility false
How can I have a temporary variable declared in a MERGE statement in SQL Server 2008?
gae python datastore query
Conversion of .mm files to .m file in iphone
Cannot get the include_path right with Zend Framework + Mamp
How can I syntax check (not render) a Rails 3 ERB template file?
Call public methods with parameters jQueryUI Widget
Providing compression at page level for multipage tiff
Server socket - accept connections only from IP addresses in the whitelist
What does this recursive mystery method do? [closed]
can't install buddypress on my shared hosting
JQuery - Call the jquery button click event based on name property
Rtsp streaming using VideoView and MediaPlayer
Receiving and broad casting messages from mobile phones with PHP
What is the difference between Full baseline and Incremental baseline in Clearcase UCM?
rspec , 2 way is the same?
How to create a WebSocket server using SuperWebSocket
What is the best way to make a specific CSS code work in IE6 to the newest version of IE?
Javascript to validate URL
build jdk(openjdk-7) from source
SQL to select rows where at least one row in a group, has a corresponding entry in another table
Queries returning multiple result sets
Can a table have two foreign keys?
Upgrading Joomla! 1.7.2 Stable to 2.5
Error While Creating Build
How to create list of checkboxes with scroll?
Marshalling javax.measure.unit.Unit instances using Strings 4.0 MVC 3 ajax form in Overlay
System.Threading.Timer intervals to accurate three minute values
Is it possible to determine which database objects were created with quoted identifiers in Oracle?
UISplitView with SingleViewController
simpleXML get node child based on attribute [duplicate]
how to add pagination to my web based database using php and mysql
IE asks to open or download my PHP page - why?
Unexpected behaviour when updating a 3D array
Kohana: should I create models for every table I have for using with ORM?
PhoneGap App working on simulator, but not properly on iPhone device
validate the check fileds click a button in android
Convert string to date in mm-yyyy format in php
XOR behaving inconsistently between debugging and installed version in C++ managed
sending cyrillic text from flash as2 to database
Calculate File Size using Javascript
how to use #ifdef with an OR condition?
Setting up RefTeX Tab completion in emacs
Data modeling for Country,Region,City
How can I tell if cbSize should be int or uint in MonitorInfo?
To put output of a query executed using SQLCMD into a variable which can be used in Batch script
mysql is it possible to do insert into insert?
Drupal 7 Template Suggestions not working
How to Correctly Cancel a TPL Task with Continuation
Selecting checbox and textitem in custom listview it doesn't works fine
Sort FileSystemInfo[] by Name
Is there a workaround for FLAG_RECEIVER_REGISTERED_ONLY, when using only a BroadcastReceiver?
Python test if object exists
Dynamic column selection the EF4 way
How to verify which checbox is checked in the view in MVC3?
Python script how can it do short
Url connection Inputstream and outputstream objects
Iterate and Stringify_keys
error: no matching function for call to
RSS Reader for Blackberry
insert method returns 1 two time in Sql Lite android [closed]
Form input field validation with PHP
Can I force the compiler to optimize a specific method?
how to call testcase inside other testcase class?
Recursive function in bash
How do I get the nth child of an element using CSS2 selectors?
postNotificationName not calling observer method
Retrieving data from 2 tables that have a 1 to many relationship - more efficient with 1 query or 2?
How to include transport information in my php application from Google Maps
sql left join for two tables using a CONCAT string as the argument
PHP Clever script to stop website advertising
How do I close my window in Xpage?
Setting the innerHTML of an anchor tag through JavaScript
Multiple Select against one CTE
How to Enable/Disable button on TinyMCE textbox onkeyup or onkeydown
How to count something in a mysql procedure?
MySQL data transfer with re-formatting
val() of jquery sometimes not working for select element on IE
Managing Model Changes in ASP.NET MVC Razor Views
Character encoding JSF input
How does automatic migrations work internally in Entity Framework 4.3
Display multiple images on screen in tabular format - Blackberry
Why does opening a jQuery dialog change data in a separate jqGrid object?
Div Span inside a Div Span鈥ivSpanception
Index of specific element in a multi-dimensional list using Prolog
Ignore case in XSLT
Add mouse listener to JLabel in ListCellRenderer
Extract specific text from a string
How can I extend the content negotiation behavior in MVC4?
jQuery checked radio button value
How can i display specific record using jQuery?
Making a control 鈥済lobal鈥�
how to accept Mouse Events as Touch events?
Mysql vs Mongodb 1000 reads
How to get 芦onclick禄 event through a transparent image?
KnockoutScript row sum
Entity Framework 4.3 Data migration - Single seed method?
IE 9 displays content inconsistently
Is it possible to lay out 2 buttons vertically on UIAlertView?
how to check if a std::map insert fails in c++?
Thread using for seekbar on android mediaplayer
put javascript data in the html: inline script or data-attributes?
JSF2 and JPA Validator is not working although i have a<h:message
Oracle Query upon a Pipelined function works ok but chokes if I add a condition
PHP Variable Value For Pagination
Import data into database
App Crash in Crop Activity in 2.1,2.2 etc but works in 1.6
Content inside IFRAME not showing when targeted from html FORM (only in Internet Explorer)
erase iterator from list in debug and release mode?
Deserialize xml received into C# object
Binary search if array contains duplicates
Google Maps v3 vs IE 鈥�SCRIPT5022
bindtomoniker java equivalent in COM
obtain the number of times that a user click on a link with link_to rails 3.1
Where to download Android 2.3.3 source code (zipped)
Mouse wheel behaving strangely with jQuery Tools Scrollable plugin
Connect to database via .pem
lcsv file line replace
How to parse xml using DOM
conditional formatting on each date in a column of dates
android getter method returns null value
About Java swing Jlayeredpanel
Virtual box bridged ethernet having frequentdisconnections from with simulator
What kernel services does Python depend upon?
User control progress bar
invalid conversion from 'int' to 'const char*'
assign random password
H264 HW Decoding on Android Using FFmpeg-10
Proving an algorithm is correct for solving a game
jQuery target element within parent
Using Regex to search for a string that contains 鈥渉ttp://鈥�and does not contain 鈥渕ysite.com鈥�
Square root function (math.h) - C
Use Mechanize (Python) to get redirection log
Warning when building program which uses boost::asio
Speech-to-text conversion for Android App
Strophe and JSON Messages
Decode unicode string in iOS
JPA instantiate in query
How can I make a date time picker always contain the last day of the month while showing month and year only?
prevent jquery validation submitting upon error
NetBeans: Re-run Maven with the -e switch on / PluginResolutionException
iOS - UIScrollView is not working (it doesn't scroll at all - the image stays fixed)
Split a string in Java
Suburl's ruby on rails
jQuery AJAX - Creating DOM elements
how to keep value constant for every run?
MATLAB: audioplayer()
Setting background image in canvas on sparkline jquery
Using BusyBox version of netcat for listening tcp port
post requests FF 8.0
Problems with writing to a MS Access Database (Delphi)
Matching phone number in HashMap : Android
NativeProcessStartupInfo executable, absolute path
Starting a new thread with a constructor
append query gets corrupted with mismatched data-type error
I want to go next activity and goback to previous activity infinite times
Nhibernate Criterias inner join subquery
Determine the size of a UITableView on iPad
play-framework [2.0] won't load project definitions
decimal removed after validation @ WPF Textbox
Ruby model display only data where key=value
Website Redesign Keeping Current Google Search Position [closed]
Extend argparse to write set names in the help text for optional argument choices and define those sets once at the end
Quartz CronExpression get all expression parameters info
How to send sms using message modified by stringbuilder?
Flex: Show image in BitmapImage (flex 4.5) from property Object?
How to deep clone iframe?
Expression Engine - Why is a template in the main directory 404?
How to play sound when new record added to database
Enabling disabling checkboxes in a datatable
with web server write access in php ( moodle )
Solution for fixed & hidden div bug on Google Chrome
Datebox breaks into 2 lines JQueryMobile
List all UNLOGGED tables in Postgresql database
How do I apply folder permissions in WiX, keeping existing permissions, but without recursion?
.NET AddDays issue
Queuing in OneWay WCF Messages using Windows Service and SQL Server
Is there a Google Transit API available?
Using Yahoo finance
Verify SSL certificate in C#
Designing a solution to retrieve and classify content based on given attributes
How to increase the ranking of a search text in solr?
Will google index files in a password protected folder?
Dynamic page thumbnails
Objective-C decrypt AES 128 cbc hex string
database design for a e-commerce website
Raphael JS paper.set and multiple access
swprintf not working on IOS
Parse xml with namespaces via dom4j XPath strange behaviour
Access the internal memory of android through in independent java code
how to achieve MVC in my Zend Framework
Creating a fingerprint database
jQuery .find changing
Encrypt connection connection string or password (sqlserver CE + app windows phone)
Databinding in angularjs
Using jQuery DataTables Editable to edit multiple values
CQWP Lookup Fields Multiple Site
Disabled dropdown menu items using twitter bootstrap
EF Code First - Seeding after Deleting and then Creating database
How to monitor the coverage of my code using emma
ARC: When to set a viewController to nil
Using Android library in eclipse and jumping to class files instead of source file that is within eclipse workspace
Zend duplicated rows on mysql insert
Creating a report with a dynamic number of columns
Using Like function in Access
Rails 3 App with tolk raises exception on rake tolk:setup
@Html.EditorFor (Image)
Interlaced Image with RMagick
selecting and adding multiple values using IEnumerable in MVC
redim property in class module
Hibernate logging driving me crazy
how to send a string to a method in com interface?
Windows 7 taskbar icon grouping with multiple similar windows
Disable enable JButton in Java
Usage of binding to constants and binding to types in scopes with Ninject
PHP MySQL Equivalent MsSQL Functions
c++ method binding through templates
How to do what head, tail, more, less, sed do in Powershell?
$(document).ready with jQuery
jQuery unique not working
How to add c/c++ Build property to a c/c++ project
sqlite3_column_count always return 1
Fetching and displaying tables on database
Why it warns me the socket is closed when I quit the programme?
Breakpoint in console App visual studio
Change numeric column to money
Manipulating rows and columns in HTML table with multi-row cells
Displaying iframe content on a facebook page from a custom url
Issue in installing ADT Plugin
Detecting and launching an external application from within a Windows Phone 7.1/7.5 application
Image Gallery in Orchard CMS
Registering all view controllers for NSNotifications
How can I use xdotool from within a python module/script?
Extracting links using regex via php
jQuery Multi dimensional input array
hours range and resetting the hours on the new day
How to run a program automatically on my terminal login in unix
How often does XNA on WP7 read touches state?
Using memcpy with array name [duplicate]
DataGrid and formatting data
CHECK CONSTRAINT ignored by variables/parameters
WP7 creating FontFamily and default colors as Static Resource
40 easy lines, 1 annoying segmentation fault. I really don't know where else to turn now
How to Change Navigation Bar Color
SQL query to Active records query
msqli query - mysqli_sql_exception syntax error
JSON Parsing. value not comes in Kilometers
Validate attributes through edmx
How to download latest version CSS files of a theme?
Delphi XE and XE2 hangs when using a menu
SharePoint sp1 Instalation Check
Should I avoid IN() because slower than EXISTS() [duplicate]
Get duration of executing script in SQl Server 2008 R2
Custom membership provider or role my own implementation
Calling method of running java applet (from java, c++ or others)
How would I use jQuery to target the 'a' tag associated with it's html content?
mvc architecture ruby on rails
How to create a Jar file in Netbeans
How to stop process in C#, knowing its filename?
Unable to use Then I press the control 鈥渘ame鈥�
Qt or PyQt - check when file is used by another process. Wait until finish copy
Image and text intersection
include external content in a mvc3 razor
Issue in fetching float attributes in Sphinx using Node.js
Windows Batch Variables Won't Set
Jenkins SVN using https protocol
Boost serialization throws std exception
Merging graphics objects does not render text correctly
Use a property in a constructor of an object fails
Curl error 77 on 64bit machine
Calling PHP function when link is clicked
Is it possible to add or modify element at the head of linked blocking queue?
Print Canvas from Processing
Access an item of Array of class using a member variable in place of index in C#
Google Place Api- at multiple location
Converting string into number, result in a different number
In refinery CMS 鈥淪ettings鈥�tab not occur in application admin
use macro token in pragma result in incorrect substitution
Library for optimizing strings ( Boyer-Moore Algorithm )
Highcharts highlight single point on line
Prevent UIKeyboard from showing on UISearchBar tap
Linq to hibernate where clause parameter exception
Rails' ActiveRecord exposes race conditions?
No option to open the Build process Workflow Designer