Zend Form Input Type File Validator RegEx
Sending GSP table data to controller
protect from XSS (ideal function)?
Formatting XSLT document
how to assign a javascript variable to a jsp string variable?
Text Wrap with CSS
Empty a std::vector without change its size
Display regression equation and R^2 for each scatter plot when using facet_wrap
Marking up citations in HTML
MVC 3 update entity with DateTime property
No Co-Ordination Between Layers while Bakground Moves with Different Speed
Getting file names from String array
ASP.NET default regular expression for users' passwords
jPlayer Safari 5.0.6 not playing audio (PHP download script)
How to apply code to multiple controls at once?
Is there a 鈥渟ymbol鈥�on .NET that identify virtual-path?
how to execute this shell script
Selenium IE driver : How to click a link with href value
parsing website data with beautifulSoup
Core data error about 鈥淭his NSPersistentStoreCoordinator has no persistent stores. It cannot perform a save operation.鈥�
assign data from table with different id to labels using c#
SVN under Cygwin: target folder resolves wrong
Custom type in Powershell with Generics Collection as a member
What's the benefit of Class.new in this Rspec
CCScheduler crashes as message sent to deallocated instance
Data Binding on a User Control
How to return value of std::copy in case of success or failure?
Xcode stoped showing predictions
Boost serialization - enable object tracking
BCP / sqlcmd / osql with encapsulated text fields?
extra space in table cell (IE6 and IE7)
Storing a list of IP addresses in my network with its TCP state transitions
Apex batch class start method not running
Visual Studio 2010 Reference paths and TFS
set body position lower than 30 cant be done
Django admin-site is broken - Caught UnicodeDecodeError while rendering: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xd0 in position 0
How to log Magento 鈥�04鈥�pages
why tomcat does not require restart when jsp is changed
Updating ArrayCollection item without memory reference
Use javascript to mark current menu item
What is best practice for commiting a git repository?
How to kill a process/query in DB2
not able to start activemq as a service under windows 2008 r2
Can button click event goes to controller instead in javascript
Javascript client side only forms authentication
Xcode 4.3.1 鈥淎 valid provisioning profile for this executable was not found鈥�
Method with two parameters in asp.net web api
How to get this DataList with the paging property?
Qt request dynamic XML from Web
How to use Holo.Light theme, and fall back to 'Light' on pre-honeycomb devices?
Maven2 Binding to a custom Phase
Run animation after animation with no transition in android
Filenames with spaces
Windows 7 mklink syntax/privilege error?
Check if the requested user has admin privileges
Using Spring MVC to display values from DTOs to jsp
How to check whether user is using tablet or phone in android
JVM signal 11 caused by error in libc.so.6
why is notifyDataSetChanged() not working in my code?
ASP.NET Web API in asp net
Dealing with reserved register bits of an ARM chip
WiFi possibilities on iOS
Error when trying to list of users from active directory (AD LDS)
osmdroid XYTileSource not showing tiles from the server in android
What's the best script PHP to index documents, perform full text search and implement versioning?
count the number of element of same class in a div?
Replacing a file with another file but keeping the file the same name.
Tomcat 6, JBoss EL2.2 and MyFaces: MyFaces Unified EL support disabled
Default sorting column in xe:Listview
How to match exclamation mark (!) in PHP?
FileInputStream and FileNotFound Exception
displaying a message as pop up when my site is open
Bluetooth on iOS
Is WSE 3.0 Supported?
Arranged/ordered checkbox for a one-to-many relationship in CoreData
Test view by rspec with draper Decorator
App Engine Launcher on Windows 7 X64
some issues about the JQuery API 鈥�.html( ) and empty( ) , it cause my .js or .css invalid
ARM: best way to combine two registers holding halves of a 32-bit value into a destination register
How to programmatically access words from the built-in Windows Phone 7 dictionary?
How do you change the color of the black banner bar?
CakePHP 鈥�conditions ignored when using paginate() twice in a single action
Graceful Shutdown Server Socket in Linux
Maintaining a TCP Connection in an AsyncTask
Data Maintain in UISpliteView or Master-DetailView
Web site css link redirect
RealStudio and PostgreSQL
Passing parameters to SQLDataSource
rewriteRule for URL path not working correctly
PHP session not persistent without cookies
GetFiles/GetDirectories and EnumerateDirectories/EnumerateFiles Performance penalty on UNC/virtual directory
How can i import .so file in GingerBread 2.3.3?
How to use emma for jar files
MessageBox prevents exiting from application
How to check user has liked(+1) google+ button on website or url?
How to monitor memory usage on heroku (node.js)
Accessing embedded resources via custom Tomcat Webapp Loader
Alfresco : send mail to all members custom button doesn't work in some specific Sites
how to display the data in the Table view of IOS while using RestKit
Binding Mode(TwoWay) changes can be modified in Database?
transform texture position on DirectX Meshes
InstallShield setup.exe
How detect incoming and outgoing call end state? iphone
Filter noisy points during interpolation
NHibernate QueryOver subquery to return only newest record
Arquillian test execution fails with JBoss 7.1 and vanilla Jboss kitchensink example
Zoom on all ImageViews which are in different layout
Capturing the Desktop wallpaper in the background of the Activity
MonoDevelop opens Assembly.cs multiple times
ExtJS 4: 鈥渃 is not a constructor鈥�
Additional methods in a Seam entity
CSS3 multiple backgrounds not working
Client.InvalidParameterValue is invalid error on Amazon EC2
How to make scrollbars in android browsers
XML FrameLayout has lowered my OpenGL SurfaceView framerate (fps)
How to draw a thematic map of counties within a state for united states of america?
Extending more than one predefined class
Time complexity of sorting algorithms [closed]
Creating a WCF Web Api Client
asp .net view state option in web.config
How to keep my app longer than 10 min. in the background?
How do you forbid users from doing evil things in Groovy Scripts?
Is there possible let variable which have html markup have appendTo function in jquery?
Copying a file to sdcard
update memory before synchronization?
Set initial values for non-editable fields in Django Admin Inlines
Sphinx searcing related has_many and has_one with thinkingsphinx
android get device ID for adMob [duplicate]
Looking for a microcontroller for Audio DSP applications [closed]
Session object not returning the variable back
SED: multiple patterns on the same line, how to match/parse first one
JIBX - ant script issue
Prevent overlapping service calls from ASP.NET application when renewing service session
Cannot add an entity with a key that is already in use (LINQ)
jQuery Ajax request with a redirect not functioning properly
SVN plugin for eclipse:How to warn user for other uncommitted changes?
utility to generate xsd from java class
Symfony2 onetoone relationship
why do i get org.apache.jasper.JasperException: PWC6049: Attempted a bean operation on a null object
Path finding on 2D array
Responsive design on site that is viewed via an iframe
Testing WCF with SoapUI
Finding a URL in a element with jquery
iOS Simulator v5.1 window is missing device frame and Home Button
mootools $clear not defined
Poor regular expressions in Go [closed]
My recursion find(T data) method is resizing my LinkedList..how do I stop that?
Issue with array being generated via looped query results
Erasing a first Instruction in Basic Block from LLVM IR?
Update text of UITabBarController items on a button click
How to make a Progress Bar in an Artificial Intellegence
SWT Browser & Eclipse
Invert display colors by tweaking the video adapter
How do i use SQLDependency with EntityFramework NavigationProperties
Unable to restrict multiple login in different browsers
Program making blank output file
c++ pointers memory leaks
PHP: fopen to check whether client has authenticated with a password protected file (htpasswd)
Adding google map marker to screen based off a HTML select
implode glue parameter issue
Configuring cyrus imapd processes via CentOs
How to handle a situation where two user delete the same object
How to deal with the android BUILD_PREBUILT?
Learning Android Programming Tips (Not asking for books or other common reposts)
AS3: How to access a property/method from another class?
Does android support EAP-SIM?
[phonegap]how to change the keybroad language in phonegap
No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it
Drupal blocks PHP visibility vocab ID plus term
Using buttons within a ViewPager
JQuery Multiple Choice
How to uninstall XCode 4.3.1 from Mac OS X 10.7.3?
Why interrupt service routine cannot contain most system calls
java music get the wave length (frequency) of a song?
How to split my laptop screen based on the number of cameras plugged on it with the AVI Class
I need to scrape data from a facebook game - using ruby
GCC #pragma message ignored
Conditional compilation in CoffeeScript/UglifyJS
Return boolean value after a javaScript code is evaluated using javax.script.ScriptEngine object
Xcode 4.3 compile error of @try
What's wrong with this JS code implemented in this context?
Flash AS3 Sound plays after movieclip removed via removeChild
Multiple (of the same) UIView on UIScrollView
Writing my own consumer thread 鈥�what am I not seeing?
Understanding glibc source code conventions
How do I remove 鈥�鈥�in query string with mod_rewrite in htaccess?
TextView marquee shifts adjacent TextView
Vim: escaping the 鈥渂ar鈥�that concatenates Ex commands
How do I use PHP and MYSQL to fill fields with in a form when the data comes from multiple tables? [closed]
How do WinRTs CaptureElement and MediaCapture class work together in detail?
Can I add my namespace to the Symfony2 Validation routine?
xdebug php 5.4 windows
VBA sorting - expand code for 6 columns
what's the correct way to develop at the repl using groovy
maintaining credentials for wcf binding over the life of my app
jQuery 鈥淥ptions鈥�tab style plugin
How to declare a cursor to loop over some business unit in SQL server 2008 R2
how to read more than 256 bytes over a socket in C
Java inter type declarations
c regex code not working?
Does iOS 5.1 clear the localStorage when I close a PhoneGap app in the multitasking bar?
LINQ to EF - mapping result to a list, with child properties
Get a session back from a class in another class
How do I limit number of words typed or pasted into Telerik RadEditor?
Image Chart with custom icons
Not able to show the database data in Tableview
Symfony FilterForm not properly rendering html
jQuery Mobile - Enable scrolling disable page dragging
how to let Squid to bypass connections on high load
How to give URL to scrapy for crawling?
iphone- tableview number inserting
Asp.Net MVC EditorTemplates/UIHint with parameters
Send ArrayList<Object> from BroadCastReceiver to Activity
How to Configure IIS Path for localhost
Html OnClick change background image
VB scripts +copy only files that has different modify date
find the closest next hour
What鈥檚 the correct approach to exception handling in iOS?
Server/Client communication issue
ASP.NET web api routing of two methods with the same declaration
C# if statement within Javascript, Razor/MVC3
easiest way to remove invalid characters from a xml file?
jquery chain events on different objects
Changing cursor to waiting in javascript/jquery
Embed another xaml silverlight object in page
how to read custom element from RSSFeed XML using C#
LINQ Faster way to insert a large amount of data into SQL?
GREP numeric range
How to use TinyMCE textarea editor as a class?
Swscale color space convert interlaced frames?
URL redirection with webapp2
Extract all inline css of concernet html
I'm confused about copy-constructor in C++ [duplicate]
How can I replace commas with & in the following string using Perl?
Trying to compare two objects and extract a third object containing their differences
deviceToken of IOS Device
Why is wordpress placing 鈥渢ext/rocketscript鈥�instead of 鈥渢ext/javascript鈥�when using wp_register_script()?
oracle query for fetching all the posts from a forum
How can I separate my Delphi Application's task bar caption from its main form caption?
jqgrid virtual scrolling(load on scroll) setup
Getting 400 Bad Request while trying to upload contents to sharepoint site using Copy.asmx web service
how to get landscape view when i changed portrait to land scape?
Can I use __stdcall convention while using Xerces-C 3.0? I get linker errors
How can i use Unicode string key In Javascript Object?
passing cursor values into another function
How to pass object as an argument to its method in Ruby
How to align these two elements inside a div
gstreamer-vaapi pipeline, why it is not working and how to fix it?
Navigation Properties get overwritten when I update my Entity framework from database
pausing GIF in javascript
Implementing a Copy Constructor in a Templated Class
Sencha Touch 1.1: Setting Panel properties after selecting item in List
Querying (pretty) big relational data in Python in a reasonable amount of time?
SQL Query Optimization When using Multiple Joins and Large Record Set
How to set a relative web path in a HTML page
Measure SAAS App Bandwidth Usage
Twitter4J.Status conflicts with android.os.AsyncTask.Status?
Copying a union case but with a different value in F#
Java - get extender (child) attribute
Downloading SDK Applicasa iOS
Counting checked checkboxes
Remove all occurrences except last?
Current state of Canvas performance(2012) -improving on Firefox?
Integrating CKEditor with Rails 3.2
Django models - related objects validation
What general approach can I take to parse the contents of a website?
getting number from external website
Testing ASP.NET site using WatiN. Is it possible to programmatically deploy an ASP.net site locally?
Emberjs bug? Observer called when value is changed, but other bindings to same value is not updated
large file through WCF service
const compile error on class method
Cannot get sortBy work in RichFaces 4
elmah - cannot email exceptions
django model query back reference filter confusion
is write() with O_DIRECT ACID compliant?
Get last record in mysql
NSURLConnection freeze
Parsing XML/HTML encoded GChats
how to cache my website?
iOS taking photo programmatically
Can I fire an event when the socket is closed successfully in Java?
Looking for advice on a better way to implement 鈥渦pdater鈥�program for my Windows software
Web sites associated with the same IP address
I wants to read rows of gray scale Image into an array of integer for processing in Qt
New use in Java (Can someone tell me why this is not working like i keep getting errors)
Android Bluetooth multiple clients to one host
How to insert tags in static html in play framework
How to implement 2D vector array?
Encountering a FileSystemRights value that isn't defined in enumeration
Does keys in ListProperty properties get converted properly when migrating to HR datastore on google app engine?
CTRL + Click Binding in Sublime Text 2
Adding multiple with arguments and function arguments to scheme CFWAE/L
Finding numbers inside parentheses
Encoding two values in a short URL token
Python ranged lookup table
How to take a screenshot of a part of an app's window?
using redis extend
How to know which websocket version the client uses?
Augmented Reality Bearing/Heading/Azimuth confusion. (iphone ARKit code)
Where do I find the @Guice Annotation
If statement in android is not working [closed]
How to split number like money format?
How to open sub menu by key pressing
How can I make net.Read wait for input in golang?
How to send a message to a Firefox extension using a C# Application?
Select statement of mySql
Using file_get_contents and use specific parts of the content
Remove </div> HTML tag from a string in PHP
Graph library for PyCUDA
TweenLite sequence with no delay in between individual tween
Change css in jquery ajax with asp.net
Programming for multiple monitors [closed]
The user gets 鈥淯nknown file type鈥�when open docx with Word 2003
How can I change the axis position for pairs()?
Editable select/combobox
WCF service one-way method with fault message
Unable to debug using remote java application
How do I get the max memory usage of my program in OSX
PyDev: how remove command line switch -u
Porting C# reflection code to Metro-Ui
how to include .so file in Android
how to give notifications when app is minimized in android?
Camera view with runtime overlay in Appcelerator/Phonegap? Possible?
When I Type 鈥淐trl + Shift + T鈥�in java-editor in Eclipse it shows <ul></ul>
Scala type parameters recurrence
jquery - can't get text from span with 3 class names
GCC: disguising between GCC versions
Crystal report showing records in one line
HttpInvoker get choked when trying to return a list with 1000 elements
Html.TextAreaFor(x=>x.Title) Validate Meta Don't Work
SDK sends wrong key so login fails with invalid key if facebook app is installed
Start a long running job with a web service call
Javascript cookie to distinguish between the page hits/views?
java jscrollpane
PortAudio shows a device count of zero for both Asio and WDM-KS
How to display unicode Arabic string in VS output window?
GNUPLOT Plotting 5 day financial week
Save facebook profile image using cURL
How to solve Base64DecodingException: It should be divisible by four error in java?
Javascript async events and using a global variable locally (like a counter)
What geronimo-web.xml does in WebSphere?
complex Mobile Safari multitouch detection
How to register breakpoint on watch expression change event in Intellij Idea?
EXT-GWT (GXT) Display Icon and Text for displayfield in Combobox
What's the difference between regression testing and mutation testing?
How can I open a PDF file in my iPad/iPhone using my own application in iPhone SDK?
OS X Keychain Programming Resources
Is it possible to build a py2exe console app with the 鈥�i鈥�python argument?
Batch Print - Batch Script - findstr condition in for loop
Create a dictionary by comparing values from two dictionaries using python
Parser precision needed for PHP/JavaScript/CSS?
More than one BroadcastReceiver for the same Intent with contradictory doc and practise
oracle sequence getting messed up , and inserts failing due to that?
Using JAX-RS to handle a query containing array parameters
Dynamically add ListView to Tabs in TabHost
JqGrid Search Tollbar not working properly
facebook connect in godaddy server
Subtype and mDNSResponder
Submitting a form using <input type =鈥渂utton鈥�gt;
Would running multiple console processes on Heroku slow the others down?
Vb, SQL statement error. Can't figure it out
MySQL DB query returns nothing
JFreeChart pie chart has too many labels so that nothing is readable
USing UpdateHiearchy in VB code to create a notebook in OneNote
Django Supervisord fastcgi configuration (supervisord.conf) - exits immediately
how to prevent jquery validation alerting twice
Capybara with Javascript (Rspec, Spork, and FactoryGirl to Boot)
Wix 'Advanced' Installation does not uninstall previous version
1119 access of possibly undefined property [closed]
What's happening in the bind call? (python + socket + strace)
How to a animate large amount of unique frames in android?
jQuery select ID from comma separated list
Can an F# function be considered tail recursive it uses the TailCall .net opcode
jQuery UI Explode Effect Queue
How to fill the model class in asp.net mvc2?
Solr 3.4 Querying GeoHash field performance issue
Setting up SwipeGestureRecognizer, clarification needed
Receiving an error when calling a public class
Align dynamic number of spans with accompanying UL's side by side
HTML code for a blog [closed]
OpenGL Rendering Context Produces 鈥渙pcode of failed request 152 (GLX)鈥�(Mesa 8.0 - OpenGL 3.0, Linux)
Phonegap 1.5 (Cordova) ios childbrowser doesn't open at all
Apple LLVM compiler 3.1 error, can't build my app
How to save multiple similar values to one SQL record
How to setup old iPhone for development testing?
In sencha touch 2, Pop the navigationView to root on tab changed
named query in JPA class
PHP/MySQL: Footer displayed before table (powered by a database)
Bind and pass around templated function calls
Java 2D: Render a very large amount of tiles on screen quickly
Is there a way to specify the z-index of a FB.ui dialogue
How to split a data frame consisting of Stock Option Data into individual data frames corresponding to the individual option contract
Assembly x86: I have to program the Ackermann function
What is 鈥渋nstrumentation鈥�in the context of SQLAlchemy?
Android Newsreader Example - No Bin Folder
How to manage windows wifi in ruby?
Powershell variables in Get-AdUser
Retaining array keys after using slice in MongoDB with PHP
Set a windows task scheduler to open excel and execute an excel macro after 5 minutes
php: library for drawing this specific graph
How to get list information along with number of list items stored in another table using active records?
Is it possible to setup SNMP trap settings on the NMS instead of the device itself?
How to profile RSpec with perftools and bundler?
How to target the parent object when using performSelectorOnMainThread?
Alternate of Class.forName(鈥淴YZClass鈥� in JavaScript [duplicate]
Can't find FULLTEXT index matching the column list (indexes is set)
google maps v3: referers ignored
Best practice for further actions in rails controllers
How can I store URLs from Amazon S3 bucket in Django sqlite db to display & comment on?
xcode build error : duplicate symbol when my project has two files with the same name
Create a WYSIWYG Editor Plugin [closed]
XCode 3 - core compile errors with clean installation and iPhone 4 SDK
Updating Tk label using Thread
Hide app widget depending on API level
How to access querystrings from URL in android using appcelerator
How to parameter field when parameter is null
SQL Server 2008 Trigger: Checking value in the inserted
Skip DELETE rows in validation
strange behaviour from Mail and Message controller - pre initialised
How to retrieve deleted records from MySQL
std::vector - how to free the memory of char* elements in a vector?
Looking for a 'cmake clean' command to clear up cmake output
Data Alerts disabled in Sharepoint 2010 installed in Integrated mode with SSRS
Scala object struggles with Java Class.newInstance()
Error while invoking method through reflection
what does 鈥渢ypedef __u16 __bitwise __le16;鈥�mean in Linux kernel?
Playframework passing value trough the form to DB with @ManyToOne Relation
best .NET client for cassandra? [closed]
Pagination for ArrayList in JSF2
Android: Extended class error
Is it possible to have one TinyMCE Editor Bar for two Textareas?
How to target tablet devices with CSS queries
Cant display the google maps when release key is used( for publishing the app)
RemoteViews.setInt() not working on Android 2.1
Post Image from Blackberry WebWorks SDK Camera to PHP File Server
Evaluation expressions in frame only yields UNBOUND-VARIABLE
鈥淒ynamic鈥�template - Is it possible to change the actual templete while processing it?
Error #1064 in MySQL [duplicate]
Why is the JsonObject in the Facebook SDK (v6.0.10-beta) hidden?
C# How to get the size of the download file for showing the progressbar percentage
Focus image does not work for first time on Textbox
How to make a link work from a list of items in a table
Integration with Bullhorn SOAP webservice API using Coldfusion
Change frame of view when status bar height will be changed?
Does RMI Replication uses TCP or UDP for cache replication
Implement interfaces via Generics
show data on a JTextArea instead of console
Encryption for SQL Server compact edition
i am confused.what's wrong with my code ? About malloc and function pass pointer to pointer [closed]
How to trigger a function on a value that can change?
Compiling Qt project into Eclipse using Cygwin compiler
jersey-server-1.12 with jetty-maven-plugin not working together
How to make JS and CSS compatible with IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari?
import statement byte code significance
How to trace the missing pixels when using drawLine
Double click function in jQuery is not working
Spring Web Application: doing something on startup (initialization)
Launch activity silent
CGI programming in D
Tortoisesvn checkout with ant
Storing login information to online database in Blackberry
xCode 4.3.1 always jump to main function when having exception
List character device programically
Optimized Database Structure for Log
Android: How do I avoid imageview to get hidden when it is dragged out of its specified layout height and width limits
Android Button text changes to vertical after clicking button
How to change the UITableViewCell image on the left on the UIBarButtonItem?
Check about whether my application is making use of wifi in ios
Getting a null value for where i expect a string set by the mutator
Creating macros using DWScript
pentaho: Openflash Chart appears blank
Program 鈥渟ometimes鈥�crash when using free
Session in a class
AES vs 3DES for NFC device authentication (Mifare)
Multiple Magento store 1.6 Configuration
curl task with Ruby Net::HTTP
Where the php cookies are stored?
Accessing Information of friends of my website user
Load Facebook into an iframe
What database should I use for small dotnet Application?
razor reference documentation
Simple file downloader
Nodejs Private chat using php
animation: Move element from one position to another
How to partially deserialize an object in c# using the System.Runtime.Serialization.Json namespace?
How to perform 'cheap' scale of the entire screen in D2D?
Crystal reports exception only on IIS
Why doesn't -moz-binding work in my code?
How do I destroy the QPainter object / Get rid of drawText() memory leak?
Algorithm used to generate most popular item [closed]
Sql Server 2008 Removes 0's from Date
bash extracting id3 information
How do I make a graph in Android where clicking values triggers an event?
Create pdf through java.io
Get Google AuthSub token from android app
MYSQL Date Time Round To Nearest Hour
Create Guid PK in Database VS. in Code
How secure Dreamweaver PHP login logout is?
Update a database on server from multiple local databases
AspectJ LTW with 鈥渟econd鈥�aop.xml file
How to suppress warning for mkfs
add colorbox to flickr jquery plugin?
prevent Direct Access to Administration Pages
Ajax TruClient, scope of use and limitations?
Does node.js provide a way to write non-trivial clean URLs?
Is Qt::Thread a library or just a class
MYSQL Error #1064 Error in SQL Syntax
Unexpected bahaviour of GetFragment and PutFragment
Incorrect syntax error
How to extract information about the exact type of object that is the target of injection from IContext in Ninject?
Allow user to do pinchin and pinchout
put element at the end of a TreeMap
Uploaded songs via PHP
JSON encoded data from PHP, doesn't display right when callback from jQuery
How do I use Flask routes with Apache and mod_wsgi?
how to using JExcelApi for reading and writing excel file in android app
Serial Communication support for windows in java
How to encrypt a video for local playback
Refresh listbox in wp7
How to avoid namespace coming in output XML in XSLT
Factory Pattern implementation without reflection
How do I select an element with its name attribute in jQuery?
How to get channel of any colour from a photo?
Is it possible for a column to become a hyperlink using google charts API?
Is this buffer overflow?
How to make the txPanel visible only after the 'enter pin ok' button has been clicked?
count occurrence of particular text in txt file
Lambda Expression: How to select from two non-related tables with one query
Can't find abandoned memory
Fixed Facebook Page Like Button
Removing 鈥渆cho鈥�and replacing it with 鈥渞eturn鈥�
Behavior of SMS Notifications
Custom list field in blackberry
SQL Server sp_msforeachtable usage to select only those tables which meet some condition
Memory Analyzer (MAT) plugin not opening heap prof in MAT Eclipse 4.1.2 automatically
Combine more than one image to get a single image
LINQ query issue in DataContext
CSS - line-height:0 ignored in XHTML strict in Firefox
Why isn't my spring component accessible to the WebApplicationContext?
In a computer why does adding one to the maximum integer results in zero?
removing tag outline from <a> tag in html
Making web application go Public
ASP.NET MVC HttpPost and JSON values
What is the most appropriate place for placing (startup) initialization code in a Restlet application?
How to access the elements of single channel IplImage in Opencv
What does the document cap mean in Websolr?
Publish for tomcat:run on Maven
mainwindow gets wider than screen size in Qt3
Validate presence of one of multiple attributes in rails
How to make Drawing on Fully Transparent View Visible
How to use package installed locally in node_modules?
Not able to replace all for dollar sign
Is it possible to make a call from iphone simulator and put some listeners to it?
Sonar server fails to start with unsatisfied dependency: class java.lang.String
single and long press not working after implementing onclick listener for imageButton in listView On android
AndEngine background image
Check SSL certificate Expiration Date
Why code in finally block doesn't execute?
how to move messages in mutt
xe:calendarView - How to change background color?
How to identify the type of const char* and const char[] in code?
Remebering the last value passed to a JavaScript function called on click
My website Stuck to the right in IE8, IE9
Database on Nodester
Matlab Solve System of Equations with Quantized Variables
Software for distributing configuration files securely
Load data on scroll
Convert User input to integer
css in <div> is showing for whole site
Something similar in with HTML5,ASP.NET/PHP and MySQL / SQL Server
id & name error when using an EditorTemplate
How to load Ext.grid.GridPanel from Ext.data.Store(with use of parameter)?
Where can I get full source written in objective-c for osx menu? [closed]
Selecting a file in another directory for a bufferedReader
SQL Server connection string for a standard user
MySQL UUID() when not unique?
How to test file download with rspec 1.3.0/capybara 0.3.9/selenium?
load associated objects in a to_json :method
Using 鈥減roxies鈥�with git
How can I array results from multiple checkbox post values?
Writing Shell script to launch app on ios device from xcode
UIMarkupTextPrintFormatter leaves a 2-3 inches blank space on bottom of page
call main window from the pop up window
Android-facebook integration
Why is it returning: too many initializers?
Is there any event after Loaded and before showing the user control?
Truncation the size of linked list from '__int64' to 'size_t
Background subtraction in c#
Inadequate Account Lockout in java
Signature or API Key validation using PHP
Gnumeric/LO Calc - how to get cell background color?
Oracle View from multiple tables with same kind of data
How to create dynamic condition using Expression Tree
Efficient large file hash over network using Python
How to check if user is already logged in to Twitter
Django user model post save breaking unit test login
how to get a child tag along with different parent tag from an xml using xslt
Mutually exclusive Radio Button: How to define a custom ListView with multiple elements accompany witha radio button as a single choice?
Django FileField path not returning correctly
Get file content with php like the browser does?
Calculate difference between previous and current record in Mysql
How do I clear/delete the current line in terminal?
mysql query based on sequenced loop in PHP
Binding Fill property to value of node with particular id in XML
What events should be set for SQL profiler 2008?
MbUnit and DataDrivenTests how to run single Row&
Sort an ArrayList of objects?
Preview an Image before Upload
Where is the return URL option in the Paypal sandbox?
sample program that views the records
Is it possible to create a session from a totally different server and carry it over to another server during a POST
Tried to obtain the web lock from a thread other than the main thread or the web thread. Crashing now
Installing numpy on mac osx (snow leopard)
Browser extension for printer support and starting Exe-Files
Debugging Issue in visual studio 2010
Configuration of Adobe Flex and Eclipse
Retrieving the image and displaying image on image view using xib which is in external bundle
npm nested dependency management
MySQL Copying table data with on duplicate key update using INSERT鈥�鈥渇ield id is ambiguous?鈥�
jQueryUI Autocomplete id value
Ruby GridFS - Search on filename
logging input/output xml in apache xmlrpc client
regex: How to match escaped double quoted strings?
How to display a portion of video file in a java web application?
Get result of testing using Kiwi
Regarding control and its access modifier
Way to get OWN stderr output in PHP script
Finding the button control click in wpf data grid SelectionChanged
Remove Safari/Chrome iframe glow
iPhone design portal like 鈥淎ndroid Design鈥�portal
Ragtag apparently not working?
Get Duplicate data from the Database
SBT: how to prevent scala-library from being added to pom automatically?
I have a query about the variable and proerties
getting of a menuitemfont in cocos2d
can not launch home from android 4.0
Could I extend Corona with native code?
Query sometimes fails to execute. Is there an alternative?
How do I use the command: HttpEntity?
Query design, temporary table? MySQL
Implement Json.NET in WCF Message Formatter
Popping up custom module in Dotnetnuke 6 using UrlUtils class's PopUpUrl method
Data corruption between C# and C++ code
How to save jpeg image as Progressive JPEG?
storing entire elements which are fetch in a sql query
SVN command to get multiple files size
Read/Write to xml that was generated using csd
Python libraries to generate charts and save as image file
Jasper Reports and huge XML as data source
Problems releted to the Media Player
Rails & Image Science: Permission denied
App crashes only in xcode instruments
Images are not visible in surface View
i want to put an image on top of a doc file xcode iPad app
Spring & Hibernate: Block user from writing
Splitting a .gz file into specified file sizes in Java
Motion Blur Emplementation on OpenGL ES
Android: Send a notification to notification bar from php server to android application
superscript/subscript in the labels for gnuplot read from data file
How to hide window screen and show screen after a time interval in iPhone?
Kindle fire, microphone
how to write displaying and selecting image using opengl?
I have issue with jQuery Accordion
Need java equivalent SHA512 for Objective-C
iOS mail reply/All and forward functionality
RTSP using live555
Request timeout Error in Silverlight after leaving applicaition idle for some time
Check for CR or LF in XSLT
Placeholder Not working well
how dynamically Delete or reset an element from a javascript object
how to create ios 5 safari like tabs
Android : Is there any way to change the default language of android to new language?
How would I implement functionality similar to Rails' url_for with Clojure and its web frameworks?
Apache memory issues
How to make both UITextFields content equal at the same time?
Validation in swt text
Error while loading ASP page with activex COM components
How can I prevent web2py from automagically encoding html-entities?
need a help for the error Unknown record property / related component 鈥減ermissions鈥�on 鈥渟fGuardUser鈥�
mark:DateTimePicker don't work in UpdatePanel
raw folder video in listview are gridview
What is happening as my Sphinx search server warms up?
set properties of facebook application using API
Update global variable in javascript
Find Out What Objects Garbage Collector Is Releasing:
Using procedure for spawing SSH doesn't work properly with expect
list box notifications
Do moz-behaviors work in Firefox 10?
display Scheduler with Current date and with fixed time in extjs
Reached End of file while parsing
Directory.GetFiles search pattern
Oracle - invalid name for a database object
CPAN install almost never works on the Mac, is this normal?
Periodical Indexer For Solr
I am not able to create base classes as per my requirement
Running open CV code on android
extract all dash separated digits using boost regex
ASP.NET Shopping Cart on Northwind Database
Issues with using xsl:value-of select as HTML attribute value
How to get authentication scheme from httpclient?
Reading numbers on a line
Android C2DM AUTHENTICATION_FAILED error while registeration
jQuery events remain with document after off
ruby on rails after_update callback hooks issue
server directory lookup in sql server 2008
Downloading 4GB file from .net application
socket programming in android app development
Interface Builder Not Responding?
How to show each row as different page in SSRS reports?
jEditable - saving to database
is checkers or chinese checkers solved? [closed]
GCC Super optimization or 鈥�
Can't use crossdomain.xml on CloudFront
Can not instantiate an object inside a PHP heredoc in common.php (and/or $this is out of object context!!)
Using Bundler with Git, is https:// or git:// better?
Hide a column with buttons in cxGrid
How to integrate Maven, Jsf2, Liferay in eclipse
Get requested user windows login credentials
how to remove div if count bigger than x with jquery?
鈥渇unction does not exist,鈥�but I really think it does
Unable to start the program while debugging the win32 project
Can not close postgreSQL connection within Node.js script
android:send dynamic image through mail
Getting error while consuming webservices throgh SOAP body approach in java although i have set proxy authentication
About open comment in my web site [closed]
getting Latitude And Longitude From Pin Code
Pulling HTML content from my wordpress site via JSON - jQuerymobile + Phonegap
Tiles for tiff images in java ? or java wrapper for libTiff?
How to Change Wordpress Upload Folder Programmatically?
Redirect sysout & syserr output(console) to log file in tomcat7
Display image in image control from folder
How to optimize the http-connection in case of Blackberry?
Point to different data dirs in solrj?
How to Bind the JQGrid Dynamically
Using XPATH to get child nodes having index divisible by n
when active will change background
Run an exe from C# code
How to setup Whenever gem in production (RVM)
Limited permissions for a SQL Server user
Cache miss under heavy load in memcached
Should we user anonymous classes for Button click listener or Inner named class
Possible to hide navigation bar in tab bar controller?
populating records in gridview
Extended WPF Toolkit RichTextBox display text vertically
Why does the general program usually start at 0x8000?
Uncaught TypeError: Has no method ajaxSend when sending AJAX from Django form
New to Ruby on Rails installation on Mac OS X 10.7.3
How can I get last modified datetime of S3 objects with boto?
XML adding the same element as a child (Getting HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR)
How to automatically arrange the code structure?
JSR 303: Is it possible to validate whole graph automatically?
How to encrypt HTML source code? [duplicate]
AIR 3 on Galaxy tab fullscreen (impossible ?)
set two foreign key attribute as a composite primary key for another table in oracle
How to unescape QUERY_STRING in mod_rewrite?
My cookies are only available on PHP pages they are set on, is this normal?
Play! framework pass querystring
Get location of image inside WebView on screen
Google cloud Sql - Insert image failed
creating the offline maps and routing
Unable to find MBR type
android 4.0 Ice Cream sandwich Status Bar notification issue
C - Static variable masking global variable
How many ways to place brick on board
How to paint country poligon on google maps?
WickedPdf stoped working on my local system
why my string not work as URL?
What is wrong with insert query which contain Now()
offline_access my app [closed]
What technique did apple use to demo code in xcode on WWDC 2011 ?
Sorting a 2D arraylist based on first element of nested arraylist
How to assign names to dynamically creating Objects in iPad app
Refresh values in a database
ListView background changes onFling
Get N th row value in sql server
How to pass a java object to jsp page
Issue with MPMoviePlayerController playing an audio after a YouTube Video is opened in a Webview
Accessing static file for window.open no longer works in appengine 1.6.3
Has anyone been able to skin the Flex Mobile actionBar to look just like the dark theme Android ICS Action bar?
NSScrollView in Cocoa
Use knockoutjs virtual element to create html part on the fly
Please help me. how to handle this error. when i run my application on another computer i get this message:
Accessing items based off list of indices in iterables
How to create a Queue of unsigned char array in Qt?
operator not resolving to operator function c++
Creating cursor to loop over some fields in SQL server 2008 r2
If using function that can return null
Parsing Html and get all the nodes
Need Explanation about below canvas
Dynamically change color of (List item)TextView in Listview
Why does clearing NSUserDefaults cause EXC_CRASH later when creating a UIWebView?
copy character from the string in c#
Routing practise with Ajax
When ActivityManager kills app, I can't restore ViewPager app with 7 tabs, all WebViews in Fragments
About iPhone lock screen wallpaper. [closed]
To check whether there are words matching in a sentence with c# regular expression
how can two applications use single ASPState database
Geocoder limitations
content invisible using footer in Android
changing iframe src that include jquery cause memory leak only to ie ( ie8 and ie9 )
Pinterest like custom GridView
Managed Bean with more than one scope
How to get multiple adrresses from GoogleGeocoding API?
How to upload data from iphone app to mysql data base
Heterogeneous forms in django formset
How to remove any screen when application install on device?
Jquery ajax function not returning success or failure suddenly
Is there any difference between 鈥淭鈥�and 鈥渃onst T鈥�in template parameter?
Android Add text view in table row
How to create patch file,how to send patch file to client machine
Screen blackout when camera launched
What's the purpose of dummy addition in this 鈥渘umber of elements鈥�macro?
I figure it out myself
Using modules in views
Google Calendar Search
Understanding syslogd
How do I simplify this repetitive jquery code?
Can't click search box in browsers other than Firefox
How to pass parameter to Ext.data.Store?
Performance of Blocking Collection in C# 4.0
what is the most efficient way to creating a dict with two lists?
Is it possible to get the caller context in javascript?
Why = operator doesn't work with ROWNUM other than for value 1?
How to use sessions
Entity Framework not able to read changes for Computed columns
How can I make a google maps like interface
Sweave/r - omit initial `>` in code chunks with `echo=true`?
Inserting data into OpenERP through Object Object On Rails(OOOR)
Generate transaction ID for POS
Is it possible to perform Includes with flask?
Rspec testing to_param override
What is the effect of `const` modifier and reference in the template argument of std::function
Testing Linux kernel image in Qemu
Spring3 + hibernate
PHP - how to assure correct command execution sequence
Getting sqlexception in servlet
Concatenate the .po files into a single .po file
How to get Retina display iPad simulator in XCode 4.2, Mac OS 10.6.8 (Snow Loepard)
Are Microsoft Entity Framework and ADO.NET Entity Framework (.edmx) the same?
How to desearilaize the json which contains list of entity as well as other properties
Persistence for a python (cherrypy) web application?
Dependency injection in Spring. not convenient regarding to prototype scope
PowerGadgets alternatives
SEARCH GAL on the Exchange server
Use a fallback datasource for Hibernate in Spring
Java - override abstract method
Search LaTeX text in MySQL
Firefox obj.style.hasOwnProperty
Calculating Content-Length with Python
Static Initializers And Static Methods In Java
A Basic Spring 3.1 LDAP Example
boost::filesystem calls are seg-faulting in Destructor
OOP PHP First Class Mysql database connection
NServiceBus Stop on Fatal Error
Reference Enum in another project
Flask-SQLAlchemy import/context issue
Google news Sitemap is terminating with error: Extra content at the end of the document
What's the best way to define this native interface for .NET consumption?
protected tortoiseSVN repository on web server
Encrypt table all fields - rails 3.2.1
How do I avoid 401.1 during web service calls?
stacking geom_ribbon
Heroku DB Push Error / Taps Serve
Location Manager Inside Service
Avoiding the number of function within a class from getting out of hand (not the size of functions)
How do I 'Save a Copy' rather than 'Save As' in Acrobat Javascript?
Include a service in a SDK/library
AVAudioPlayer pausing issue
FileSystem on chrome/javascript
eval command function within ksh script is globbing when I don't want it to
difference between two strings
Create an ER diagram in pgAdmin
web-routes-boomerang with simple algebraic data type
How do I subset for specific transfers (A to/from B pairs) in a long list in R?
How to go from a values_list to a dictionary of lists
How to combine arrays from an array returned by MySQL?
ASP.NET 4.0 and SQL Server 2008 hosting and cloud hosting [closed]
Sqlite query check - less than and greater than
Rewrite all urls in project with wamp and Codeigniter
icy-metaint parsing
How to rewrite url with apache
left-margin shifted table extending outside of parent div
Knockout.js observable array not being updated from the server when using the mapping plugin
Custom SessionState Provider and Web Farm
How to know when a jquery effect ends if there are mutiple elements which are animated
MySQL - turn one long table column into table with multiple columns
Making select option default
NSTextField not contained by the NSView on resize
iOS5 Region Monitoring Accuracy
Load website resources before displaying the website
Java: Speed up my code
serialization format for arrays in R, python/numpy/scipy, C++, matlab
Can I override and use a subclass for the template type in as the super class
Remove text decoration from ActionLink
Facebook CurlException: 6: Couldn't resolve host 'graph.facebook.com'
Jquery-Validation check for two text boxes
annotation type not applicable to this kind of declaration
Some spaces are removed when scraping a string using Nokogiri
read local pdf through webview
DLL function calling in Excel Macro
Session Id in php and jsp
Worldwide SMS Payment Gate?
Which open source ESB is recommended for JBoss 7.1?
MetaData class for entityframework POCO
How to add Active X component to C# project
Manually handle error validation in Spring annotated controller
How do I create an iterator for the inside of a nested loop in Java?
Java: PriorityQueue - Grocery Store Simulation
Android - Facebook error does not call authorize when user revoke permission
android - setting LayoutParams programmatically
Using Rexml to parse RSS feed but heavy data not loading on device in Rhomobile
Table aliasing of the result set
Rails 3 config setting for attr_accessible/protected
How do you use the Pixastic fastblur to blur all the images on a page onLoad?
Which CMS plugin is best for an existing Rails 3 application with Mongo Mapper
Play loop of sound in WP7
If Statement in WordPress
Best way to display data in rows and coloumn format
How can I select different values in array variable,and add to another variable in jquery?
How to center UIImage and UILabel horizontally together?
Modifying Tuples within Lists
Generation issue in dompdf
Contact Image from XMPP in android
Method wise LOC counting
Accessing the image which is in external bundle
Nullpointer Exception while performing mathematical caliculations on user entered data in Servlet
More accurate Google Maps address geocoding
Images not showing up in chrome and safari
Clicking ASP.NET button causes page to display in Quirks Mode for IE9
RX: Execute an action when a subscription is started or disposed?
Homework - Big O analysis
Advanced ASP.NET WebGrid - Dynamic Columns and Rows
Comparison Execution Speed
No table found error in SQlite
Read a text file into an array and display through a GUI
Eclipse shortcut key to launch/debug app engine web application
Application which work in background only iPhone
Rails: how and where to add this method
Java - Can't seem to draw text on screen following the path of an equation
Use arguments value in sql statements
Scrolling the scrollview in only horizontal not in vertical
decompressing a zip file鈥�File not found exception
Devise official wiki for omniauth with facebook not working?
php echo not printing out data
How do I map the same child entity to different tables if it is appears under different entities in Entity Framework 4.3?
Deploy GWT Application as Single JavaScript File
Asynchronous Queue Manager
Displaying double-quotes from text box in JSP
Compiling a Class with GCC
PHP loading page as if POST never got sent
SVN (tortoise)- how to handle this situation?
regarding c++ pointer and physical memory [closed]
Xcode 4.3.1 iPad Simulator Changes related to screen size and multitouch
Handling Shared Data
knowing if a excel is having any columns or not in POI
Accessing form fields as properties in a django view
change length of string in javascript
save foursquare oauth token on Android
unable to upload image using MOVE_UPLOADED_FILE
Convex hull of (longitude, latitude)-points on the surface of a sphere
Closing app on iOS power button switch off
How do I fix IntegrityError with UserProfile model (when User created from admin interface)?
How to check if 2 strings are alike by using recursion?
How to find how many times a particular ip is pinged to the url?
TSQL: FOR XML Heirarchy Without Parent / Child IDs
Input File format required to load data to Outlook
Query about header image. Is the HTML and CSS correct/most efficent way of doing this?
Bill of Materials Query
In Java does a data type like this exist?
Tooltip description on recurring events with same id
Assign a request timeout for adobe air URLRequest and get the response without using eventListner
How to print only Date and Time (not seconds) in C# in efficient way?
Blobstore/FileService writes suddenly failing 100% of the time
via $_SERVER[ HTTP_REFERER blocking
VB.NET embedded DLL in another DLL as embedded resource?
get previous from max value
How to convert hex to string of hex
Returning jQuery Ajax Post
Trouble with last_modified - Rackspace Cloud Files (PHP API)
Given the paths, how do i open it? Xcode [closed]
Is there a way of connecting to shared OpenEdge RDBMS with read only access?
Opengl ES 1.x glowing effect in iOS
Change DataGrid contents in the CellEditEnding event
jQuery percentage of to sums
HTML position UL to share the same line with other spans
Using cURL to get a URL that is returning JSON
simple if else statement in syntax error in R
how to know about sms alert in IOS 4
Sitecore: Hide data template field from page editor
Adding up total in a class file
Tableview not reloading after data change : IOS 5
Custom SurfaceView drawn content disappears after Camera activity result
Creating table variable in SQL server 2008 R2
What is this parser design pattern called? A parser using an array of structures containing keywords and function pointers?
How to access mysql of my Webhost from Command Promt
How to use git status to check a directory
Looking for the slideshow that is being used on http://www.ibm.com/us/en/ [closed]
jQuery ui datepicker, select range of whole weeks only
Order by score through other model