Use Block Based Action Sheet
Stopping NSOperationQueue when it is making changes to UI
How to modify GET request size (IIS Express)
Is it necessary, or even good practice, to create properties for all iVars? [duplicate]
Apache is redirecting to a non-existant virtual host
how to set a custom control button's job after adding it to some form?
Computed column is being null
Java: to use URLDecoder but reserve the plus sign(+)
MySQL Query Optimization - Random Record
setMaximumTintColor in iOS 4
Retrieving metadata (table name) from a SQL statement
Call SensorManager from AsyncTask?
NSMutableArray object values not being retained when returning from my model .m file
How to work with BCP
When the second time using JQuery ajax to get local .HTML content, the js of the index.html is invalid
Parse Error TouchXML with HTML inside XML Node
Google search assistance functionality in jquery.
String concatenate is not working in Android Linear layout
Is it possible to re-use boost::spirit::qi grammar in another grammar definition?
What does this recursion method do? [closed]
Building array and adding elements 'N' times [closed]
What is the best pratice to throw an exception from a modal dialog?
Namespace confusion and macros
Thread Getting Interrupted in VB.NET
Does std::string really wrap up a C char array?
Why doesn't django's create_user method validate uniqueness?
Disqus - Get the list of my forums
How to load multiple external .swf file in flash3.0 using for loop
Difference between glkView:drawInRect: and glkViewControllerUpdate:? OpenGL ES 2 - iOS
Can't install psycopg2 with pip in virtualenv on Mac OS X 10.7
Hook statically linked 鈥渕alloc鈥�function family
MongoDB regex grouping
How to create banded column in GridPanel?
anchor with #hash go to a wrong place in another page
How to write testcase using NBehave
Detect windows os version in shell script
I need to add the KEY_TEST integer to this database. I keep getting errors. Can anyone figure this one out
Scheme input and output
getting indexes in gridview
How to change the id of deep nested elements with jQuery
Break out of a method from anonymous inner class
overlaying text or edittext on captured image in android
Send multiple attachments with Grails Async Mail Plugin
Recent chats xmpp android application
Generate Random Numbers Between Two Numbers in Objective-C
Parsing a data feed results in a Invalid Character error in WinJS
Class not found when autoloading custom resource types during PHPUnit testing
Bash function to open a file in localhost
FactoryGirl in Rails - Associations w/ Unique Constraints
How to add arguments without key, to add only value to the body of ConnectionRequest
How does handle url mapping?
Equivalent of 鈥渟vn switch鈥�for git-svn?
UITableView Detail View controller
mysql replace table data from another table when condition is met
Sending a certificate
How do I add text inside a shape in XAML
auto_start error in ld86 compiling
rendering WYSWIG powered content onto a webpage
Entering data into edit text from the beginning
Issue with recursive calls
Observer pattern - variants
padding file to 4 byte boundary
MPMoviePlayerController - Split view controller should have its children set before layout
Qt Link shared library in Visual Studio 2010
Keep get parameters set when invoking submit_tag in ruby
Is it possible to loop over a computed Array in Emberjs?
Display higher quality images for Facebook posts for iOS
Attempting to understand the hashmap data structure
Android Cannot find identifier for xhdpi
Calling sort on slickgrid
package.json isn't installing dependencies when running npm install
Can not use gtk3 FileChooser on Mac OSX?
how to cache jquery ajax load requests
Check if an array is multi-dimensional [duplicate]
How to take F# measurements to get speedups
Xcode 4.2 uninstall crashes Xcode 4.3
How to set key/value on registry which has a deny ACL on Set Value
Find all columns of a certain type in all tables in a SQL Server database
Issue with BufferedReader.readLine using sbt run or sbt console
extending jquery issue
Quick Array Population
jQuery Multiple dates picker not working if only allowing displaying days in textfields
how to decode wmp3 video using libavcodec? (ffmpeg)
jqGrid drag and drop into a folder
Storing custom images in iPad application for use in App
Unit testing an abstract view in django
CGEventPostToPSN() not working for mouse clicking
Android layout examples that match 鈥淢etrics and Grids鈥�recommendations
Android Display HTML in a ListView
Java is asking for a return statement, but I'm returning 鈥渟omething鈥�
Detecting browser launching via Broadcast Receiver Debug server remotely
Trouble Adding Library Package Reference to NUnit in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express
Spacing issue with DIV container [closed]
Is there any way to get correct rounding with the i387 fsqrt instruction?
nHibernate, OR clause with .withSubquery
EKRecurrenceRule - add recurring events but exclude weekends
I have a range in an excel document which I need to extract into a listbox in Visual basic
Updating a Column and introducing a condition
Null pointer not staying Null in C
Doctrine_Collection __toString() type of functionality
java lang Class Cast Exception
What is an alternative to using DOM XML parser for large XML Documents for multiple find operations?
Why different private key strings under Linux or Windows?
How to requery updated values immediately after update procedure runs
.NET Framework 2.0 vs 3.5/4.0鈥�any possible advantage to use the older version?
Android Screen Orientation: Landscape Back to Portrait
Android SQLite column value does not exists issue
Using a variable in Dynamic Query in SQL Server
Cross-platform method for removing the address bar in a mobile web app
build emacs with X support
Function only works once - C
C# attribute to surround with try - catch
NotifyPropertyChanged In a Class That Was Passed A Collection When An Item In The Collection Changes
Passing ByteArray from flash (as3) to AMFPHP (2.0.1)
Change File Split size in Hadoop
How can I expand the short URL 鈥�****鈥�to full length real URL 鈥渇****鈥�
Saving HTML page to MySQL Database and then inserting code into that HTML and seeving it up again
How often does the timeupdate event fire for an html5 video
Error on iPhone animation project
Modify column output for sqlform.grid() in Web2py
rails 3.1: how do activerecord query through series of 3 tables joined by has_one?
Perl pattern matching when using arrays
Environment Variable Creation for All Unix Shells
Excel always change my data to date when copy a html sheet to it
Can I generate a service contract diagram
Why can't get the old entity value?
Will a TableLayout supply a vertical scrollbar?
Package installer crash on install LG Optimus when installing my application
Proper Nav Menu Method?
Unable click on Toogle button ,Web View,Picker using robotium
Rendered partial not receiving params
How to select next row in QTableView programmatically
How can we decide if a pattern is structural
how to display excel sheet in html page
Library linker errors driving me mad
Ruby on Rails docsplit file path
error C2440: '=' : cannot convert from 'ListNode<T> *' to 'ListNode<T> *'
Git command to only stage files without conflict markers?
Get Cursor Position Android Keyboard
R linear model can't process values of 0
camera preview can not be save to png
SSRS - Multiple stored procedure calls based on 1 parameter in 1 Report?
Java Hash Symbol Table Implementation
Get number of lookups in prototype chain?
Can't get my iPhone app to install on a 3G
Salesforce Customer Portal Disabling standard css
Handling an expected 404 in Asp.Net MVC app
Validating value in Rails
AS3 Loading external swf from AN externally loaded swf - Accessing Children?
D Programming: openssl rsa forward reference compiler error
enum as arithmetic operation
How to export pointer function from C++ to C#?
Casting GTK Clutter Textures and normal ClutterTextures
Rewriting grep in C++
fast index format for 'constant database'
Left Join not displaying rows containing null values in Joomla but fine in MySQL?
CakePHP Model Extended Association
Embedding a google map directly from a search term?
Virtual attribute validation Rails 3
SQL Counting and Average in one query
Design for testability in C++
return values of functions in object files change in C
Automatically resize a Delphi button
Expandable rows in listview or Grid
OS X Windows Style AppBar
jquery - can make text disappear but can't make hidden text visible
Unix Shell Scripting and Java Jar Command
Cannot use object of type stdClass as array
Rest service call using getjson and jquery in phonegap (android)
Posting data to a rails controller from jquery not working
Convert a IEnumerable<AnonymousType#1> to List<string>
Sorting images function isn't working after dragging letters in display
How to get rid of the horizontal scroll in jQuery UI
Can not submit with action change of input file by jQuery
Why does Python use Modules?
x-blackberry-focusable being ignored on playbook
How to load installed webcams names in Java
Validate file before copying batch file
Cannot access 465
Postgresql - Basic loop
JQuery: How to Wildcard select visible element.Then get Selected Value
鈥淯ncaught TypeError: Illegal invocation鈥�in Chrome
The best data storage format in term of weight and performance (e.g., Txt, Asc, Bin, etc.)?
Post to a Facebook user's wall from a page or app
GregorianCalendar's method: add(int field, int amount) is giving unexpected results [closed]
How to allocate an array inside fortran routine 鈥渃alled鈥�from C
Having trouble building python deb package , complain aboutmodified binary
Trouble with .htaccess RewriteRule (mod-rewrite)
Difference between Job Scheduling in the Grid and in the Cloud Computing
Interesting XHTML/JSTL validation issue
Array TypeError: can't convert Fixnum into String
Race condition in Rspec request test
AVPlayer not rendering to its AVPlayerLayer
DataTemplate Switching Performance
Why is &#65279; appearing in my HTML?
Framework for uploading images with titles to Facebook
Delete object via pointer
jQuery get() AJAX returning only whitespace
exc bad access error unless value is hard coded
Why is this instance object being changed?
Deploying a Java web service with Apache Axis to IIS
Can two panels share a uicontrol in a MATLAB GUI?
make (array of) actionlistener(s) change value
Optimisation of frequent flush()
How to get words from a text file to a singly linked list
Which way to determine empty string is better?
gmap3 to be rendered to center
Grails - OSIV - Stop 鈥淥pen Session In View鈥�filter for Static Resources
Displaying a new View in IOS
NAnt on Windows 7 64 bit - Error setWinVer.6.1
Event is not being triggered for Geolocation in Flex
Post to Facebook Page from ASP.NET Website
Major formatting issue in Excel - VLOOKUP
LINQ to SQL use query after DataContext Dispose
Way To Detect Plugin
PHP $_GET/$_POST via variable variables
background-color returns transparent in IE
Why is DynamicMethod so much slower on x64?
OpenGL - draw line with points
What design does ruby Monitor use for signal/wait?
Google Calendar API - can only update event once
Asynchronous, Thread-Safe Collection Implementing INotifyCollectionChanged
why wont javascript 鈥渃heckbox.disable鈥�grey out associated label in ASP.NET?
Failed to enable constraints. One or more rows contain values violating non-null, unique, or foreign-key constraints
System tray progress indicator not visible only on panorama page
OOP PHP unexpected T_VARIABLE [closed]
Delaying the loading spinner while doing ajax requests in jQuery
Why does my movie from UIImages gets distorted?
jQuery animate css left using same variable moves 233 px right, but 210 px left
Kerberos delegation across 2 untrusted domains using WCF
jquery does not set element height when page is loaded directly, only when linked to by another page
sum of squares of max 2 of 3 SICP exercise
Algorithm/Code to compare gdb backtraces
Bounding Spheres move farther than sphere object
DatePicker anonymous event handler
How to refresh second form
possible to nest method calls on to_json
Do you know of a Xpages Extension Library Control for dropdown menus?
List of Persistent Favourites
Can not Catch DbUpdateException raised in my repositiry at my controller method
about spring mvc using jstl
Print valid, non-escaped JSON in a view with Rails
GWT Servlet error .StatusCodeException: 404 on Tomcat server
Query returns 1 too many rows
How to implement ASP.NET MVC Authentication Membership Provider using EXTJS?
D syntax highlighting in TextMate
How to get the day of the week from the day number in Javascript?
Rails 3 Issue when comment form is before list of comments
Is there a better way to create asynchronous updates without using setInterval?
JAXB none optional collection
Keeping a ViewController in same state/ keeping it loaded in background?
Creating Repository Using Entity Framework Code First 4.3
Creating a basic single JavaScript function to change different localStorage objects
Sharepoint 2010 Approval Workflow using SPD Start this workflow to approve publishing a major version of an item
lists, data.frame loops & indexing questions
Amazon S3 Propagation Delay [closed]
Equivalent of MySQL'sSOURCE command to load a script for TSQL?
Extracting last two characters from a numeric string
how to trigger a php program to run from a drupal page [closed]
Disable an Android app auto restart after a crash [closed]
how to remove an object from my razor view after clicking on the delete link
how to get the date set in the DatePickerDialog in android?
Android shared preferences not saving
Does tmp_name get destroyed when user goes to another php page?
Security of adding a client-side iframe
Margin won't scroll away in Internet Explorer 8
Using NSString variable from Class1 as UILabel on Class 2
Do Keys in a TreeNodeCollection need to be unique?
Getting My Documents path in Java
for loop in insertion sort
Django tree modeling
Using COUNT with WHERE in MySQL
Prevent ImageView from pushing views offscreen
Java - compare date submitted through form to date stored in mysql db - How?
xsl wont work at all
Drawing a part of an image (Java)
Can I do a base64 encode (or similar hashing) inside my .htaccess file?
Socket asynchronism in as3
What's wrong with this C (strcpy) code?
iPhone memory pages
Can not find a (Map) Key deserializer for type
Is it possible to empty a map's contents without the containing objects' destructors being called?
ruby on rails geocoder
A way to connect to a program hosted on a computer via website [closed]
How do I dynamically create objects based on an internal table in ABAP?
Android Browser, DOM show/hide and unresponsive form elements
Isotope Issue: Masonry Column Width Twice as large as it was defined in code
jquery :selected not working right?
Hadoop grep search output - job counters
Excel keeps changing data on a seperate worksheet form
ASP.NET User Controls Sharing Memory Bug
Perl looping through an array of hashes, gives Can't use string (鈥減assword鈥� as a HASH ref while 鈥渟trict refs鈥�in use at
What is the CSV format the Android Market (ie, Google Play) exports the product list?
iPhone memory pages
Can not find a (Map) Key deserializer for type
Is it possible to empty a map's contents without the containing objects' destructors being called?
ruby on rails geocoder
A way to connect to a program hosted on a computer via website [closed]
How do I dynamically create objects based on an internal table in ABAP?
Android Browser, DOM show/hide and unresponsive form elements
Isotope Issue: Masonry Column Width Twice as large as it was defined in code
jquery :selected not working right?
Hadoop grep search output - job counters
Excel keeps changing data on a seperate worksheet form
ASP.NET User Controls Sharing Memory Bug
Perl looping through an array of hashes, gives Can't use string (鈥減assword鈥� as a HASH ref while 鈥渟trict refs鈥�in use at
What is the CSV format the Android Market (ie, Google Play) exports the product list?
Possible to change AlternateViewPointCap or MirrorCap from playback
How to achieve such a dropdownlist using JQuery?
Naive Bayes classifier using python
Is it possible to create custom visibility names like 鈥減ublic鈥�and 鈥減rivate鈥�in PHP?
How to install the android app again and again without uninstalling the previous version?
Is there a built-in method in Ruby to convert LF to CRLF in a string and vice versa?
Linking of Godaddy domain with Amazon EC2 hosting account
how to fill textfield with database value in Yii?
Load Child Views into IFrame with Zend Framework Application
Visual Basic RBG Capture from Screen
Error Fatal error: Class 'Oauth' not found when using OAuth
showing sum at the bottom of a html table using mysql
sublime text2 package control cannit find any package for installation
Include a view not bounded to a specific controller action in Symfony2 with Twig?
How to generate HTML documentation for a RESTful API in .NET MVC/.NET MVC 4 Web API?
Got a None return input after different inputs
Poll based client server using sockets API
How to automatically classify images by dominant color?
What do 鈥渉as-a鈥�and 鈥渋s-a鈥�mean? [closed]
Moving down a level in a directory
What does int x; arr[100] mean exactly?
How do I average column values from a tab-separated data file, ignoring a header row and the left column?
Automatic session timeout in php
How to check if an OpenGL texture name is valid
Java library to extract inner values in a JSON object/string?
C++ , 1 cin enter everything for array
How do I redirect to a referring URL with hash values using JS?
ForkJoinPool seems to waste a thread
weird JFrame problems
How to share the variable between two threads in java?
how to run android project on phone?
JQuery .on() making only every other element appended clickable
Is Build.DEVICE constant for the lifetime of a device?
Monkey patching ActiveResource::Errors
Amazon CloudFront CNAME [closed]
Need to develop a RESTful API (both JSON and XML)
Dropdown menu not showing
Unable to use SUBSTR inside TO_DATE in Derby Embedded Database
Finding position of data in the array - PHP
Looking for a MySQL client which supports strong visual differentiation between stored connections
Iphone random crash issue
How do I create a 3-way LEFT JOIN with MYSQL?
JSON object ordering being tampered with by jQuery or Javascript
Printing uptime and idealtime in linux using /proc
ListView alternative row color-Get dis-appear after scroll
Can I find the assignee at a specific step in the workflow on Greenhopper?
Does analyzer work with ARC?
Android Use of differents tools
Handle different view controllers to achieve different views at orientation change
can i integrate ovi map in my iphone application?
Query syntax works but lambda syntax doesn't for linq select statement
Adding controls programmatically in UITableViewCell in static UITableView
quickselect algorithm
Obfuscate WCF Proxy Classes
knockout - notify when 'with' directive is fired
How to align a <div> to center of the page [duplicate]
Pinch zoom to view all icons of GridView in android
Button Image size in android
load content when scroll over to bottom of window
Java with log4j
Auto Refresh the List in Sencha Touch Application
Cleaning and rejoining same node in cassandra cluster
Make barcode generator in android
celery + eventlet = 100% CPU usage
Can I write somethings like a Notification in Java?
Is it possible to cast an NSInteger to NSNumber?
Any idea on API for getting keys of a virtual disk
Automatically Refresh JmDNS Services in Activity
How to stop showing selected value in <Select> options
Can't create file to take Picture using Camera in Android
How can I print .exe printf() messages from java program
Open something like /dev/null as a FILE in C on MS Windows system? [duplicate]
tomcat error while running spring program
The netty server seems to be blocked when I add a ExecutionHandler?
What's the best way to build an icon button navigation screen for jquery mobile?
dragdealer.js finding the value of step
Loading 3D model in iOS
Conversion of collection into file / Inputstream
Is this the correct way to sort ptr_vector?
javascript to replace all instances of a text within [] with hyperlinks
Compiling lsyncd on Mac OS X (Lion)
Error Cannot have multiple items selected in a DropDownList
How can I override ToString() method for ALL IEnumarable<Int32>?
Setting a part of the cell contents to bold using apache poi?
rails resque and resque-send-later plugins causing 鈥渦nitialized constant ClassName::Resque鈥�error
Print value on form submit
Why is same Stored Procedure call triggered multiple times
Delphi 鈥淚dHTTP.Request.Range鈥�propertie: undeclared identifier
Drupal 7, Views, Groups, and Feeds - Creating View for Feed Items in a Group
SQL frequency distribution query to count ranges with group-by and include 0 counts
PHP update won't properly update database
List of files (which might contain wildcards) as arguments of a Python script
Binary tree Basics in C++
What is the difference between results using jquery
linux command setsid
Passing all arguments at once to a method
C# DateTime Convert or Parse specific format?
When writing a single package meant to be used as a command, which is idiomatic: name all identifiers as private or name all identifiers as public?
Can someone please tell me how to code a Continue button to return a games activty from where it was stopped?
Read http post headers
Fortran-style multidimensional arrays in C++
SQLite How to select multiple columns and return them in order of appearance
Radix Sort C++ Assignment
Time Picker for Qty Hour Segments in MVC
Is MySQL primarily web based? I want to copy when deploying .NET application
rails: devise validatable unit test always passes when it should fail
android osmdroid change local language to english
Why are my Ruby on Rails (3.2.2) methods being called twice?
Starting with a 10x10 array how do I choose 10 random sites
UIImageView - How to change speed of reverse animation
Robotium test cannot find activity class
new Bitmap() is throwing random, non-traceable exceptions
Credit Card Input Form Using jQuery
How to calculate day of the week provided the year and the day?
Error: cannot use an address to initialize a field of a packed struct (#pragma pack)
about method
How to build a form that DOESN'T bring up the 'remember password' prompt on Firefox?
protocol method is not being called by the delegate object
database created in SQL Management Studios cannot be found by Visual Studio 2010
Load Ajax Tab via Selectbox
adb shell command - cd: No such file or directory
Generate pseudo-unique long values given an String in Java
Raster scan - raw file into image in C
Looping through files bash script
Flash to block another flash
(iOS + StoreKit) Can I detect when I'm in the sandbox?
How to get a transparent region from UIImage?
Dragging from the embedded browser to a sidebar Java tree component
Should I be including the FOREIGN KEY when exporting my SQL schema from Workbench?
Compile error on Animation in Windows Phone
cant print images with JavaScript print function
How to tell what frame you're on in ActionScript 2.0
XPS Viewer will not open document created using .NET printer Graphics object?
drop-down menus in Flash
inline assembler increment 64bit counter
Magento: Which file detects local.xml?
android app won't install
ListViews - how to use ArrayAdapter.addAll() function before API 11?
SQL-Server - Ability to pass subset parameter in the select?
Auto-update GEORSS feed in GoogleMaps?
myLooper() does not quit during Asynchronous task
Create a shared object from linked binary
How to format a date pulled from a form field with javascript
TypeError: Error when calling the metaclass bases a new-style class can't have only classic bases
Parallel data collections in F#
Use native Java SE 6 JAX-WS implementation instead of JBoss WS stack
Submitting a form (no model) and having trouble getting the controller to play its part
IE9 compatibility
Rails 3 loads mailer fixtures. How do I stop this from happening?
How to open a graphics device on another monitor using R
IE - Invalid Argument jQuery error
How to render an RSS feed in a Rails 3.x view?
playframework, ajax and get request
Seeing incoming connections, sockets java
How to read in and separate separated integers such as 鈥�00_4_1 - 15鈥�
Using view in widget
access class variable within a class being instantiated in class that has the variable
Difference between list and [] in F#
What's wrong with this MySQL query? (Trying to re-add leading 0's to zip codes)
count up timer integration
Mongoid query! Combination of limit and order
C Strings: n & ' ' not detected
How to embed view of Fragment in the header of a ListFragment
blinking text and closures
How do I distinguish if two SocketChannels are from the same computer?
cannot convert from 'string' to 'System.Collections.Generic.IEqualityComparer<LightSwitchApplication.LettersSentItem>'
Sum Keys in Array And Map Against A 24 Hour Structure
Why isn't my ListView updating when I call notifyDataSetChanged()?
Can a Ruby method accept a 2D array as parameters?
java.lang.IllegalStateException : Attempting Create Multiple Associations On Variables of Class
How and Where to add JNDI for Hibernate?
Javascript search inside tabs
How to modify attribute ROWSPAN with jQuery?
Suitable design using Generics with Wildcard
Web API Request - Send back authentication request
User control click event not working when clicking on text inside control?
Grammar symbol attributes implementation in C
How to set collapseProperties in an Ant build file for Closure Compiler?
How to run method inside a Model , MVC
Simple PHP not working
Add new field to all documents in a nested array
WordPress: How search a post for 鈥減ost_content鈥�with 鈥渨p_query鈥�class?
Injecting class into Authentication attribute using Unity 2 and MVC 3
Invalid XML response when using SoapFormatter
Ruby recursion..What's wrong?
extending the base EditTextPreference and encrypting/decrypting
capybara current path
How to structure javascript objects, while not getting 'undefined' is not a function errors?
Error to receive emails google
Change button properties with loop? Xcode
suppress runtime error 鈥淚rrefutable pattern failed for pattern Data.Maybe.Just b鈥�
Stop jQuery Typewriter animation onclick
All images onload in jQuery?
Why doesn't this extension method work in Rails?
How do i get qt/c++ to work with mysql on a mac?
Ignoring specific patterns on a page when using sed
Using Buffers in OpenGL to draw something
Can't get libpcap to compile under Dell SUSE Enterprise
nonblocking I/O behavior is weird for STDIN_FILENO and STDOUT_FILENO
Why does setting an element's zindex back to 0 not move it behind other objects in IE9?
In Drupal 7, errors for file_managed field remain even when fixed
Store the search queries of a Rails app
Simplest example for sending post data via links in Zend Framework
how to log googleplus votes?
Are amazon s3 folders browsable? [closed]
Rspec changing preference values, polluting development environment
How to add file to project but not TFS 2010
How To Have Multiple Login Page Styles In ASP.Net
Creating an ID static member variable to keep track of class ID's
What comes between onCreate and onStart for Android?
How to print a nested array inside the value of a cloned input object?
Segfault in recursive function
iPhone local storage 鈥�Core Data, NSFileManager, 鈥�
Issue with calling instance method from handwritten javascript
How can I use RESTful services with Django + Mongoengine?
where is the documentation for Array()?
R: use a loop to apply a formula using 2 variables from different datasets
Making a back up of database while my application set up [closed]
about hibernate with oracle
Refactor this block of routes?
Printing lines of a CSV containing 2 characters in 1 column and a pattern match in another column
Why does a ClickOnce installer promt permissions for .NET Client Profile
Get GMT offset from timezone string using regex
sql query complex ordering by issue
Haskell: In the Repa library 鈥�lists are not Elts, but what about 鈥渒-tuples鈥�
jQuery UI toggleClass
Cannot have 2 abstract-derived textboxes on the same WinForm?
Targeting Android 1.6 - 4.0.3 with drawables
How to create a full-featured Android app for a website?
How does one generate access tokens programmatically with DotNetOpenAuth 4 so that one can use it to test a resource server?
Calculating proportion with negative float values
How to read an encrypted database created previously on pc with sqlcipher on android?
Identical Resources Loaded Multiple Times by Facebook Social Plugins
Using Java, how do I set arrays to store the next user input in the next index/
Using a database or table structure within program
Virtual Machine: Windows 7 on Ubuntu 11 or Ubuntu 11 on Windows 7?
ListView on TabActivity, hide the Tabs
Installing ggbiplot from github
HTML5 with javascript to parse and display textfile
Compiling DotNetOpenAuth
Materialize a CTE, or otherwise increase performance
SCRIPT5039: Redeclaration of const property using IE9
Switching between sibling views via UINavigationViewController
meaning of richtext box.invoke
CGAffineTransformMakeRotation not working well
jQuery called with setInterval isn't animating on first interval
IIS 7 Cannot Create ASPNETDB.MDF
Navigating to /_ah/admin on localhost yields unknown 404 error
Windows Setup/Installer Project: Prevent user from changing installation location?
Custom Html TextBlock in DataGrid
Using Integrated Webcam of a laptop as camera in Android SDKVersion 16
Cleaning up git repo *and* preserving commits after evil acts
jQuery: check radiobutton when input text field onChange
How to use word boundaries in awk without using match() function?
$_POST variable is duplicating
Why would it bother to add &b parameter in the method definition in Ruby?
Sesionless CSRF protection (double submit cookies)
jQuery GET to webservice returns erros 200 and 400
How can i test mail configuration in production mode
Android WebView Issue
Replace a text color by a background image on mouse over
Where can I find the limitations of SQL Express in SQL Management Studio?
Scala and Clojure both in one project
How to I regex match a list reference in Python?
Background GPS Polling from Web Service
Installing emacs on remote machine with limited permissions
Change view action
Can I run (XAMPP) MySQl inside my DropBox folder?
Button not working?
How to specify column types for CTE (Common Table Expressions) in PostgreSQL?
set Tweet button 'data-text' contents dynamically with javascript, or..?
Create Directory along with file using file stream in java
C# 'parsing 鈥�鈥�- Too Many )'s Issue
what error is this Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < when using eval in jquery?
Subtract value at a set interval?
I would like a JavaScript to display a DIV class / ID if the HTML form input has a value? [closed]
WebView and Assets problems
How to launch download manager from Broadcast Receiver?
Need help reading from SQLite database for Android
What are the drawbacks/weaknesses of using LOGO?
UISplitViewController EXC_BAD_ACCESS on rotation using ARC
Displaying SNMP trap on a web page (jsp)
read a text file android
JavaScript wrong scope
Login Form with Remember Me function AND unauthorized site access to login_success.php URL PHP
Restrict Solr data import to localhost, but allow select from any address
Inserting data from a Select into a list
Define a menu in composite component = good practice? [closed]
Regular expression to remove comments from SQL statement
Click through images
XSLT: Need to conditionally sum up tags based on a for-each type, but work with an outer loop for-each
pulling info from a log file and sending a notification email using python
.htaccess RewriteRule [closed]
Creating custom simple cursor adapter
Formatting pom xml with embedded groovy source
Get multiple character positions in array?
How can I reuse an Android fragment instance across different fragments?
Strange symbol lookup error in libstdc++
Bootstrap Page Load Progress bar animation
Unhandled MethodAccessException using Moles and to run unit tests
iOS credit card processing [closed]
Trying to Use FFT to Analyze Audio Signal in Python
Updating the progress bar in iOS 5
UINavigationItem titleView 鈥渋gnored if leftBarButtonItem is set鈥�
Very weird behavior showing a Youtube video on iPad
setTheme. The theme is not applied until activity is fully loaded
How to run program through command line from .aspx page
Role-based authorization mechanism for a GAE app
Transfer cookie between domains / browsers in Rails
jsLint Expected {
different search query in sql with different string on column
How to use sorl-thumbnail in Ajax requests
loop through objects in database from starting object to ending object
PHP Regex: (and check port)
how to add number of days to the date given in a jtextfield with string data type
OSX: DLL Has A Reference to Itself?
Get 278 Response message to resolve properly
Keep getting A sender (Return-Path, Sender or From) required to send a message
Enumerating a sublist with prolog
How does EF check if the database is latest version?
Stripping trailing slash in URL doesn't work in subdirectory
cakephp $this->data loses a LOT of its data array after form submit
Configuring a subdomain to use HTTPS
OAuth making requests against LinkedIn API cause 401 error
Javascript Tag in Header on Select Rails Pages
inserting multiple rows in a single table
How to start service at boot on android 4.0.3
Replace 2nd to last line -1 in vi
jquery .data put value
Unable to remove class before applying class again
How to create modal pop up on the fly using server page
Why is Chrome skipping the numericality validation?
Entity Framework 4.3 merge multiple databases/context
How should I display dynamic database information?
Defining path using #define in C
MvcContrib.Grid renders extra hidden input in column
Gradle - Delete not working
How can you authenticate using the Jersey Client against a JAAS enabled web-server?
Avoiding 鈥渞edefinition of typedef鈥�warnings when defining structs
can't upload image using php
IO File code is being inconsistent
WCF Publish Subscribe Design
jogl - first person camera
preg_match_all with multiple lines
Parsing XML - Get value from XML tree
How to explicitly refer to the global package?
Parallel inserts into database using Java threads
Simple character driver crash
Find first occurrence of unescaped character
touchesMoved called without touchesBegan
how do i create a list of dict in python with the data been read from a text file?
Using a C++11 initializer_list with a recursively defined type using constexpr
Make a POST request in JavaScript and load the returned page (Sinatra)
Why do I get random fatal errors - 'Class 'Proxies MyEntityProxy' not found ?
ASP.NET webpage skipping Assembly function calls in code behind
Internet Explorer confused after scrollTop set in select listbox
regular expression sequence numbers 1 to 15 [closed]
WordPress recursive redirect problems
cakephp update field on session timeout
Long polling ajax issue
ASP.Net Saving State Across PostBack
Resuse F# Active Pattern result
addClass & removeClass in nav.php
How to create a facebook page to promote a deal
JSP/Servlet getting post form data
Jquery - Grab Variable from Another Function
Adobe Cirrus Error on Direct Connect鈥淧roperty startTransmit not found on鈥�
Algorithm for finding minimums in list for all possible subranges
Printing a Graphic Object VB.NET
jqGrid treeGrid Expand Collapse not working
NHibernate, a different object with the same identifier value was already associated with the session
Boost.Asio: What's the Behavior of a deadline_timer with 0 Millisecond Expiration
How to create a fixed struct header for variable sized array
UITableViewCell getting _accessibilityUpdateRemoveControl on deallocated instance
Add UIProgressView to a TableView Cell
IOS UIButton setBackgroundColor has no effect
How to specify type constraint and inheritance on declaring class?
Symfony logging in a user
Position ALL text on the right of the links without using a table
android text file import where do i save text file what folder?
Type error on draw image function
PHP code does not display what it is supposed to [closed]
Basic pause/resume functionality in C++
CUDA's cudaMemcpyToSymbol() throws 鈥渋nvalid argument鈥�error
Is it possible to do a running hi-score leaderboard in GameKit?
How do I format the current date for the user's locale?
Prevent HTML tags from getting automatically escaped when echoing in a Symfony view
Xpages Dynamic dojo dialog control
Generating a random within an interval, except some numbers : EXC_BAD_ACCESS
Error when trying to create a WinRT component dll
Why do I need the Init function in my Controller?
Can I use two languages in a Heroku app?
calling a function in dll delphi
paste event gets fired before text is in textbox
Load first 20 list item from web service and then fetch next 20 from webservice in android [closed]
Centering and aligning lines of HTML Text
How do I include a file in Apache config without generating an error when it doesn't exist?
Symfony2 and Jquery UI-Tabs
read from a file to an int buffer in C
MySQL query returns always 171 rows when using interval
Netbeans! Components moved from design to runtime
Make Div a Link
Selenium: How to use captureentirepagescreenshot with remotedriver C#
Media Volume Not Working
How to use custom database path in ICS and still be backwards compatible?
Type mismatch: cannot convert from AsyncTask
Java MySQL Hibernate slow select queries
.Net - Registry Key Launch Condition
How to change file permissions as a member of group
Google Play 鈥�Download link for unpublished app?
Sort hours in PHP [duplicate]
Android map view specific image icon half the size of default image
Cannot add own app to own profile
Need advice on synchronization of Java Vector / ConcurrentModificationException
Rails - ActiveRecord query - Find first item where relationship.count at least 1
Lost messages over XMPP on device disconnected
Is there a way to see that a user has submitted a review to the Android Marketplace?
Odd <string></string> response returned by .NET webservice for ajax call
Adding UIPickerView to a UITableViewCell
large datagridview export to excel
pick N items at random
glFrustrum variant in Opengl ES 2.0 - how fix blank screen?
What exactly does this subroutine do?
DateTime.Min Value when string equals EmptyOr Null in Linq to XML
jQueryUI dialog: resize interfering with scroll down arrow
Check if NSEntityDescription key exists
How to troubleshoot OpenJPA error - Attempt to commit a null javax.transaction.Transaction
Configure Network of Brokers Queue Consumer To Never Be Localhost Unless Broker Failure
Combine Resteasy async fail to inject SessionScoped and RequestScoped bean with CDI
ListBox Shift-Click Multi-Select Anchor is not being set properly
CALayer hides its sublayer
ASP.NET MVC3: Do I need to use a MembershipProvider?
Mimicing the tab key being pressed in Silverlight TextBox KeyDown event
Match up to a specific number of repetitions in a non-greedy way in ANTLR
Converting Matlab gaussian derivatives to Opencv invalid compression method
construct link_to in Rails 3.2.1
Using Bash Variables in Qt4
Basic questions about Java CLASSPATH
Service proxy freezes application
Liftweb: Session Timeout not working
Javascript ReferenceError: Security violation on Android Opera
Android issue: how to get content from edittext
install_github returning error: zip file can't be opened
Capistrano config files location
How would I make this query work for memcached?
Can I have a memory mapped file, mapped to two or more processes at the same time (windows)?
set session timeout after inactivity
How can I estimate the entropy content of this input?
XML RPC with ARC support?
SQL Server 2008 Security, does db_datareader implicitly have VIEW DEF rights, etc
Separating stubs from assertions in rspec
Jquery hover, highlight table row except last cell
google closure compiler and json
Symfony2 - how to extend a vendor bundle (e.g. of FOSFacebookBundle)
Can't connect to database, help me understand this error list?
I need to create a table that contains the name of the variable
Encoding of AVMetadataItem
extreme lag when two views do overlapping drawing
How can I know where USB Storage Device is mounted?
Exploiting a BufferOverflow [closed]
When could a CSV records *not* have the same number of fields?
Android: user ID account (not ID phone)
Calling external script in matlab and capturing output
How to sum all values of a column of in data.frame?
active_scaffold hangs on infinite loop
Combining Two Unequal Arrays by Matching Keys
Prepared statement update issue
Cumulative Percentage Categorization Query
SUM and GROUP BY in xquery with 1 xml file
Javascript Custom Price Calculator
CakePHP alphanumeric validation failing
Can't add items to ListView from my XMLs in WPF
VC++ 鈥�This declaration has not storage class or type specifier
android positioning a drawBitmap that uses rect
How to play mp3 file in loop in WP7
Print formatted documents [closed]
Emoji icons interrupting REST call
Show Hibernate parameter binding
Payment gateways on iPhone & Android?
fb.api doesn't work on IE, but work fine in another browsers to create an event
Xna Fullscreen fails
Using Java, how do I accept and categorize a phrase that has numbers and letters in user input?
Drupal 7 Custom Session Variables Persisting After Deletion
script 鈥渟rc鈥�tag issues
ODBC connection failed to DB2 instance with PHP 5.3.6-13ubuntu3.6
cdecimal and SQLAlchemy actually stores `decimal.Decimal`?
Can't execute jar- file: 鈥渘o main manifest attribute鈥�
Copy files from Samba share in node.js
ASP.NET ScriptManager not setting history points?
Send function name, before they are loaded?
What happens between a LinkButton click and a ListView OnItemCommand handler firing?
Excess Characters Being Generated by ColdFusion Query/output
Django-tastypie 鈥�how to generate customized xml
Why does my content move when I hover over a link in ie7?
How I can use getPixel method on BitmapImage class?
Flag parameter doesn't work correctly (SQL)
Built in .NET key/value pair configSection handler for app.config
How to scroll diagonally with jQuery or Javascript
No Method Found Error
Is it possible to programmatically alter a USB<->Serial converter's 'BM' latency option?
app showing up in bookmarks on facebook web, but not in bookmarks on facebook mobile
How to set Play's 鈥渃urrent directory鈥�to the app's homedir?
Update OPTIONS in SELECT B from MYSQL when SELECT A is changed in form
Word Automation: deleteing table column by name
Executing an Exe file inside Invoke-Command causes Access Denied
Grails - rendering div with a javascript call within a remoteSubmit
How does cushy cms implement its features?
Android NDK - Save 鈥渘ative objects鈥�between native code calls
Boost::Python: How do I expose a dynamic non-object array to a PyBuf?
How to pass content of one iterators to another in Java?
Email Intent Email Chooser
Error message: Unknown database 'someweb_production' (Mysql2::Error)
Is the garbage-first (G1) collector 鈥減roduction ready鈥�in Java 6?
ROR deployment: Staging and Development environments
Linear time algorithm for finding the greatest common divisor
Show the attribute of one model on the show page of another model?
How to merge LINQ-to-SQL queries optimally
ServiceStack - xml deserializing only works with namespace in xml
Why do I have to explicitly link to pthreads in my main.c compilation when my main.c does not use pthreads?
solr indexing strategy
Rails i18n.default_locale and date format 鈥�doesn't seem to be acting like a default
Errors when running the soccer simulation 2d
Visualizing the shade of images-matlab
how to create a flexible content area with repeating background image with fixed image transitions/caps at top and bottom?
bean validation and jsf 2 integration
Google reverse geocoding - how to snap to nearest full postcode
Add friend function using jquery and ajax
Where is the full Net::FTP documentation?
How to debug clang using eclipse
Event listener not working in a loop
module not found, j2me polish blackberry project
The concept of dynamic array with a container class?
How to handle click event in IE8 using jQuery?
Block function/fail if function called during static global initialization
How to Implement the Help menu in a Java Swing App
UIWebView scrollView in iOS 4 doesn't call contentOffset
Internet Explorer - anchor active state doesn't trigger when a window pops up
Delphi unicode porting : Incompatible types: 'Char' and 'AnsiChar' error with Win32 functions like CharToOEM?
Recursive palindrome checker
ASP.NET Webforms show confirm box to block current execution
Logging in an application
MySQL Create column that limits the amount of occurences of values
ViewModel property that shouldn't be set at client side (ASP.NET MVC)
Modyfy .doc file in ASP.NET
Windows Phone REST Call issue
Set background image in table view when story boarding is also used
How to get local IP from Firefox extension code
jQuery if div has CSS of left: 1% then do something
Rails 3 - button_to update same page with controller#method
Possible to manually rotate UIPopoverController's view?
jQuery load and append issue
Test equality of an API which is present in different languages
pymssql and placeholders
Problems passing PHP string to javascript function
How to use fullCalendar.formatDate with event object?
Removing static member from a header
How to add multiline option on RegularExpression attribute?
get row number in primefaces datatable by clicking button in row
Updating claims with ADFS and WIF
How to change CUDA's linking directory?
JApplet setting width and height based on window width and height in HTML from javascript
Does app engine automatically cache frequent queries?
Can someone advise on simplifying a MySQL query so it doesn't take minutes to execute and/or display incorrect results
Dealing with timeseries gaps in Chaco
Buttons run together in Bootstrap 2.0.1
Parsing multiple JSON strings
Linq to XML query involving attributes
Global variable in Java with access to it in any class in a package
RestSharp on Windows Phone with Request Parameters
How do i do master detail implementation with WPF MVVM and Entity framework
When using Robotium in android for unit testing how to take run time data from server?
Django manytomany field failing with 鈥渞elation does not exist鈥�due to model being in separate app. Change order of app creation?
Fancybox reload select box on close
android camera preview screen intensity
My collections / model look fine after saving, but when loading entity I do not get the data back out. What am I doing wrong?
Unable to Install Virtualenv with Pip on Debian Squeeze
Overwriting your apps database with a populated one
sunspot return all results for a model
Why does only one UdpDiscoveryEndpoint respond when the discovery probe is unicast?
Ktorrent-like widgets in QTableView/QTableWidget
Issue in assigning image to UIImageView iPhone
preg_match for multiple words
Django URL dispatcher example - pass url from view to another
traceback.format_exc/print_exc returns None when expecting traceback
Using CSS3 box-shadow for a halfway cut-off shadow
replace content after tab 5 and 6 (regular expresion)
RESTful RAILS and Android HttpRequests
Ruby 1.9 blocks without variables
MS Test, Multiple Test Projects in Solution, and DeploymentItemAttribute
Automatically display UIImagePickerController on application load
Adding Sizer to simple editor from wxPython tutorial quit right away
Can I retrieve an Internal IP address for a client using JS?
If IE comments showing up in IE9
a href link not clickable on safari mobile
How add a standard action to a ActnPopup.TPopupActionBar component in runtime?
Specific algorithm to recurse through a tree structure in PHP
Mailchimp validation conflicting with Joomla slider
2 events calling each other
List of fields for a content type in Drupal 7
Node.js and Express - How to get location of browser
鈥淵our content must have a ListView whose id attribute is ''鈥�When changing from ListActivity to a view
Hibernate select with distinct - how does it work with an inner join?
Memory issue in objective c
Generic Job Scheduler and Executor framework
Create a secure admin-only section for a php website
How could i add restrictions or rules to a list in Python
Display PDF file Inside Java Program [closed]
Best options for deploying a Ruby standalone script and dependencies?
Haskell : GLUt32 error message when running my program
.NET equivalent of 鈥渘et group /domain鈥�
Java - Force implementation of an implemented method
Internal fault in MS auto-generated method of WCF
Reading XML with xerces: Getting type where <nodeName type=鈥渢ypeName鈥�gt; mvc routing 鈥渧iew was not found鈥�
ASP.NET Url rewrite not functioning properly
Serving merged PDF to the browser using CAM::PDF library
IE 7 bug - embedded white is removed when text is placed in innerHTML
ios UIPanGestureRecognizer pointer position
Finding and replacing nodes in a Linked List
Multiple $_POST variable in a variable
Is -[UITableView reloadData] asynchronous or synchronous?
Basic Java homework
InputStream in Jersey REST only returns a single byte
Powershel Get-ChildItem most recent file in directory
Request Content-Type in Play! Framework for REST webservices
SML datatypes struggle
Re-order copyright with regex
How to animate Google Maps API KML Ground Overlay
Bash select with string return
Javascript/CSS unfamiliar syntax
How to find references to dates in natural text?
MongoDB map reduce find biggest sum of purchases
Force https on Wordpress multisite
Use of std::allocator_traits<A>
How do I instantiate an instance of a generic method parameter in Java?
My Eclipse can no longer run (or debug) my JUnit tests
magento front page 404 error
Using multiple body classes to setup calls on subclasses
Which SVG support detection method is best?
Windows Workflow in Azure
How to get stream from Google+ REST API
Netbeans 6.8 shows errors in files, but NB 7.1 does not
MMS sending application
How can i assign overlayItems to list of GeoPoints
Running into several 鈥淓xpression must have pointer to class type鈥�errors. C++, using Visual Studio 2010
Datepicker previous month dates
Is it possible to use a form to submit a list in MVC?
Can i assign value to a variable in an application at runtime through a text file and then set that value to permanent
Qt Jambi, Java UI Editor, Displaying a picture?
Searching in 2 tables in one query MYSQL
How to call a method using reflection
MySQL How to continually create unique files to output?
Formatting DateTime without overriding CultureInfo in C#
Button to select all check boxes and change entire table's bg color
Is there anything to do to increase the speed of the inference engine in F#?
symlink outside root directory
httpRequest format
Complex Data Access with Large Data Sets
Addition of multidimensional vectors C++
Bash loop not working
What makes DbDataProvider not RESTful?
Updating database table in web application? [closed]
SQLite row number query returning a binary
SQL Server / ADO.Net: entity with multi-part FK primary key, with one part optional?
ColdFusion's cffile is adding the tmp directory to the destination attribute
Running arbitrary code at runtime
Perplexing Complexity - Tricky Table Join
Flicker TimeStamp
Advice with ArrayAdpters
plupload not showing in IE but it works perfectly in other browsers
CONFLICT_FREE_OFFSET macro used in the parallel prefix algorithm from GPU Gems 3
execvp with a spaces in the path
CMake + GoogleTest
Auto-Repositioning Boxes and Link Overlay
Shape recognition with numpy/scipy (perhaps watershed)
Using paperclip to save attachment on filesystem and S3
Ruby Object manipulation [closed]
AS3 - Send MouseClick to currently visible video
Linked Lists Python 2.7
Git integration with my Java EE application
Mahout TFIDF Dictionary File
iPhone app under dev crashes if phone not connected through XCode
Draw under mouse pointer at the desktop
How to replace special elements such as '?',etc to html entity number [duplicate]
Removing exported objects from the container
PHP xmlreader 404 error
How to get the position of an iframe relative to the top window's viewport?
lucene 4.0 statistics [duplicate]