PopUp Window. How to show full text content and two other questions
Solution when super cannot be first line of constructor in java
Process.Start filename using %temp%
Recursive layouts with Handlebars.js
jQuery keyup triggered when tabbing to page?
Public Key encryption with .NET and decryption with Java
How Do I Set Up A Makefile To Build Using Visual-Studio-Style Output Directories?
Backbone.js Collection Not Adding Objects
Cannot get fullcalendar to display events from a Google calendar
ListPicker IndexOutOfRangeException
Relying on TFS 2010 Notification Service
MySQL Query enter in a loop
r - ggplot2 - create a shaded region between two geom_abline layers
From C# to JavaScript - Working with Class instances
Using external php script for checks [closed]
Running m-files from Python
Easiest way to test iOS 4.2.1 with Xcode 4.3
Retrieving YouTube insights via URLs
Why do I get some blank Tiles in MapView for Android?
How to make a row clickable to view details
Subsequent pcntl_signal signals not kicking off handler
500 - Internal server error. PHP Submit page
When using InstallShield LE, the msi contains an outdated version of one assembly, but current versions of others
Scope_identity() in batched sqlclient commands
cocos2d animation as child for CCMenuItemSprite
Making a blog in JRuby
Android - split at a line break in String? (Paragraphs)
How to replace obsolete getRegistryList() from CppUnit 1.9 when updating to CppUnit 1.12?
Django - custom admin action
Reduce Peak Memory Usage With @autoreleasepool
How to create nautilus C extensions
Resizing img hover from center and out instead of left side and out
Java: SAX Schema validation
replicate jQuery touch even binding
Is it possible to add Cocos2d/3d into a project that is already started in xcode?
Android ArrayAdapter doesn't return?
Problems with animation of GIF in Java
Differences between SQL Server Reporting Server SSRS 2005 / 2008 R2?
How to read data from an XML variable?
Is it possible to retrive an existing iPhone image's metadata (specifically geolocation data) using PhoneGap?
Call objc_collectingEnabled() from objective-c++?
Grouped UITableView
OAuth - is it safe to access secured resource and send back Token AND Token_Secret
Why does this Rails association shortcut fail? What is the correct way?
Writing to a Web Log (Text File) Java EE
How to read and change variabled inside main form from another opened form?
iCloud: Callback for NSFileManager's startDownloadingUbiquitousItemAtURL?
How to auto-start/eager start OSGi services on Eclipse platform
How can I tell cabal to specify a dependency for one of my program's dependencies?
Scheduled c# console app on windows server does not show console when ran from task scheduler
xsd.exe generates two files, how to join them into one?
Why does dotTRACE Memory always say 鈥淐onnecting鈥�
How to restart Perl script running under mod_fcgid when changed?
Using a FactoryGirl object id in another field?
Leader election algorithms, the point of it
Facebook Graphi API - extended permission photo_upload
Refreshing Web Query in Excel Services
Translate PostgreSQL conditions to mongoDB
Incorporating an Automatic Image Montage using JSON to pull from PHP
JDBC installed, but getting error trying to connect to Oracle
Having a flat file system how to implement file collections?
re-binding of .click() function gets fired in IE7/8
Can't alter constants when writing Behat tests for PHP code
How to share code between Lua scripts
ThreadPool and sending emails
Performance Issue with UITableViewCell GestureReognizer
Python - Program not displaying as intended
rails validation format regex fails in rubular
boost::make_shared is not calling (placement) operator new?
winforms sort dataset
Multiple output paths
handling click event on container and contained html elements
Whitelisting IPs with .htaccess / .htpasswd
Using wordpress user accounts with an iOS app
issue with onLoad event in grails
Multidimensional Array Looping with Some Values Not Set - PHP
RadComboBox.SelectedItem cannot be assigned to 鈥�it is read only
Java DatagramSocket setting keep-alive option
Rails, how to easily update a Table.field integer with a +1
How to use generic to create common method for addition for multiple data types?
Grouping values of a vector
Java - How to list content of a directory?
Alternative form for Django's `ChoiceField` that can handle thousands of entries
Javascript escape Asp.net encoding
Prevent URL from redirecting
Javascript Inheritance of arguments and functions
Routing images relative to views in Asp.Net MVC?
cant create Region while drawing on android canvas
jquery update database [closed]
iOS: Displaying currently played track info in LockScreen?
How to get words frequency in efficient way with ruby?
Android check if data is enabled and available/working. What if the user is on prepaid and has no credit?
Is there a basic/simple lightbox/overlay jQuery-based library anywhere?
lucene estimate index size, search time
WPF Styling Colors
Linux: How can i grep text from string to string
Using Spring in standalone apps
Tastypie Negation Filter
Running an m-file script from LabView
How to add a string in string.xml using Java code, in Android?
Deserializing Encrypted ObjectList
Call a ViewController method from NSObject Class
ReHosting Workflow Designer - Change orientation of toolbox
MANIFEST.MF in RAD not listing all dependencies
Testing dynamically created methods
Rails Devise adds additional required sign on every page reload
What is the syntax for calling a member function pointer that is a member of a structure array in C++
How do I get rid of these subselects?
UIView in landscape and portrait
best way to format spacing for input form html
Width/Height of an opened image (Gallery)
How to perform Image processing in Android without an API?
In IE 8 selection of several table rows slower then Firefox
How to embed blocks of data in ExpressionEngine without using many channels
How to implement a simple RestKit callback interface?
How to grep for multiple non-greedy matches in HTML text?
Solving maze using stacks
this and super keywords in Java constructors
Programmatically set the value of a block in Drupal
How to do data validation in an elegant way when write C++ functions?
Combining duplicate objects(POJO) within an ArrayList and generating a third and new Object Java
Writing scripts for PostgreSQL to update database?
How to leverage an FTP Task to capture the name of the file it downloads?
python assigning key to dict
Strategy to build test graphs for Dijkstra's algorithm?
PHP Code viewable on website?
Time interval (in ms) from BPM (Midi tempo)
Format RTF text into multiple textboxes
Executing Commands Javascript
.htaccess help for one page layout
joda-time datepicker Android not calulating the correct days
Rails AJAX select box
htpasswd, Magento, and the Image Uploader HTTP error
Troubled with making a PHP db driven multiple choice Quiz
Creating a dynamic flow system in HTML5 / Javascript
How to get the code from FDA Tool box?
Testing IE10 on win7 [closed]
The best option for calling model functionality in a PHP controller
Compiler error using all Flex charting components using 4.1 SDK w/Flash Builder 4
Z-Index without absolute position
The term 'Update-Database' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet
Implementing a counter in SML
JPA static weaving throws exception
Android order sqlite table with capitalized and non-capitalized first letter
Remove all occurrences except last?
Current state of Canvas performance(2012) -improving on Firefox?
Integrating CKEditor with Rails 3.2
Django models - related objects validation
What general approach can I take to parse the contents of a website?
getting number from external website
Testing ASP.NET site using WatiN. Is it possible to programmatically deploy an ASP.net site locally?
Emberjs bug? Observer called when value is changed, but other bindings to same value is not updated
large file through WCF service
const compile error on class method
Cannot get sortBy work in RichFaces 4
elmah - cannot email exceptions
django model query back reference filter confusion
is write() with O_DIRECT ACID compliant?
Get last record in mysql
NSURLConnection freeze
Parsing XML/HTML encoded GChats
how to cache my website?
iOS taking photo programmatically
Can I fire an event when the socket is closed successfully in Java?
Looking for advice on a better way to implement 鈥渦pdater鈥�program for my Windows software
Web sites associated with the same IP address
I wants to read rows of gray scale Image into an array of integer for processing in Qt
New use in Java (Can someone tell me why this is not working like i keep getting errors)
Android Bluetooth multiple clients to one host
How to insert tags in static html in play framework
How to implement 2D vector array?
Encountering a FileSystemRights value that isn't defined in enumeration
Does keys in ListProperty properties get converted properly when migrating to HR datastore on google app engine?
CTRL + Click Binding in Sublime Text 2
Adding multiple with arguments and function arguments to scheme CFWAE/L
Finding numbers inside parentheses
Encoding two values in a short URL token
Python ranged lookup table
How to take a screenshot of a part of an app's window?
Java - As Method or Inner Class or Class?
VBScript editor for MAC
Programming webcam pan/tilt/zoom functions in C/C++ on linux?
Searchable String-Array, Android?
Azure Service Mgmt Api configuration change (400 Bad request error)
What is 鈥淐lean C鈥�and how does it differ from standard C? [closed]
Animation doesn't start even after calling from outside onCreate
'System.Drawing.Graphics.FromImage(System.Drawing.Image)' is a 'method' but is used like a 'type'
How to use Python's HTMLParser to extract specific links
How to retrieve value from controller in view?
Panel visibilty on/off toggle effect not working
Rails Test Environment Named Routes
Java Serialization with Transient Field
Clojure: how to get the path of a running JAR/root source directory?
mirroring Terminal with gets Ruby
Inclue CSS file [closed]
Parsing CSV to print line with highest score using bash shell
NSArray, Plist, NSDictionary or recommendation on storing data
Remove element from tuple in a list
Is it wrong to run my mail queue in the app pool?
Forced file downloads via PHP headers opens exe files in browser on localhost XAMPP server
How to grab the attribute value using beautifulSoup?
Find differences in name-value pairs across version IDs
How to remove an arbitrary node while traversing a singly linked list?
How within a tab bar controller do I segue from one view controller to another and retain the tab bar?
File Always Exist Batch file
Dreamweaver Auto Collapse Methods/Functions
Read the contents of nested NSMutableDictionaries?
What is meaning of # inAsp.Net,Asp.Net MVC3
MongoDB limit() and sort() Optimization
Python File System Reader Performance
DbContext ChangeTracker: Id of Added Entity for Auditing
Accessing fields from a proxied object
What's the best way to handle session timeouts in ajax requests?
How do I set an alarm in Linux for less than a second?
How to deny access to a specific 鈥渦pload鈥�folder under App_Data for specific users in asp.net mvc2?
AeroGlass with VB.net
I need data in a class - how can I get that data without creating a new class?
Can multi-buffers have their own etags marks stack?
Screen resolution java code
GWT RPC match data for CellTable
Array won't output data if I use a variable inside the array
Asynchronous DOM tree traversal with jQuery
Want to export environment variable from startup script to other shells
Cannot checkout with TortoiseSVN using server DNS
Reserving Package Namespace Collision on Android Marketplace aka Google Play
In Elisp, how to get path string with slash properly inserted?
Android IntentService SMS Queue Handing
Select in MySQL stored procedure not returning values
Clickable Word in TextView? Android
OS X Keychain Programming Resources
Is it possible to build a py2exe console app with the 鈥�i鈥�python argument?
Batch Print - Batch Script - findstr condition in for loop
Create a dictionary by comparing values from two dictionaries using python
Parser precision needed for PHP/JavaScript/CSS?
More than one BroadcastReceiver for the same Intent with contradictory doc and practise
oracle sequence getting messed up , and inserts failing due to that?
Using JAX-RS to handle a query containing array parameters
Dynamically add ListView to Tabs in TabHost
JqGrid Search Tollbar not working properly
facebook connect in godaddy server
Subtype and mDNSResponder
Submitting a form using <input type =鈥渂utton鈥�gt;
Would running multiple console processes on Heroku slow the others down?
Vb, SQL statement error. Can't figure it out
(Plugin: Wordpress NextGen Gallery) How to show the gallery description in nextgen gallery view?
Default Audio Output - Getting Device Changed Notification? (CoreAudio, Mac OS X, AudioHardwareAddPropertyListener)
Can't get iscroll4 to play with backbone view
Textarea needs ellipsis instead of word wrap
Simple.Data framework: join doesn't work
Define Entity Framework SetInitializer in web.config
Map rendering using OpenStreetMap
Unscramble string in C
Keep ViewController loaded after navigating
R installation on server and Visualizing the plots or graphs.
WebRequest and WebMethods interop
Marshal and UnMarshal Firemonkey iOS Application
How to generate parent/child nest on client side?
Write text on image in WP7
Why don't style and layout use the android namespace?
Basic Entity Framework Questions
c++ optimize array of ints
Converting a SQL query to an XQuery that counts Bi-yearly sales.
Can I include partial view in Web2Py, passing specific variables into it?
Print With No Margin
Java SwingWorker passing arguments and returning
Rotating or changing the orientation of an array in PHP
Rich Calendar Validator
How & were to declare bitmap/drawable in android
Problems running Rake rspec task with ci_reporter
Stop a service when OnAudioFocusChangeListener when =AudioManager.AUDIOFOCUS_LOSS
Language Specific Site, Best Practice
LINQ to XML -avoid duplicate entries
MYSQL How do I select data from one table only where column values from that table match the column values of another table?
ExtJS4 Reload grid Panel in button handler
javascript regex replace nonwords and spaces does not work?
Eclipse, Git - Keyboard Shortcut, How to use?
Calling subclass's static method from parent class
Refresh an uploaded image in JSF(to display)
Eclipse PDT Builder - What is it? How can I disable it?
How can I get git to add files already tracked under another git repository?
Visual Studio 2010 Professional Find and Replace Not Working
Click on widget is not working after reboot
Using getText (Selenium) to retrieve the value of a radio button option
Text in UITextField moves up after editing (center while editing)
How do I get the total size from the 'size' command?
How to set up Media controller to play audio?
How to refresh DataTables
Is it legal to decompile an .apk and use part of its code in your app
counting total rows in sql lite
How to get the XYZ Velocity from two Lat / Lon points?
How to Launch executable after installation is complete
Mysql Create Table error
Outer loop variable in nested R foreach loop
make a query searching for a value in a field with a serialized array
jQuery/jsrender - Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded
How can you use the load method of jquery tabs to load multiple tabs
How can i use ListPreference with switch in Android?
API for loading pictures of public figures?
How can I solve routing in HMVC?
Capturing form field value to pass into AJAX using BUTTON (not submit)
How do I move my inline jQuery to an external .js doc?
MatLab: How to unload matrix and free memory
Dividing work among threads
jQuery pop up on certain areas of an image
Mitigating the effects of refactoring code within a git repo
When duplicating a target in XCode, changes in the new file still also appear in the old file
PropertyInfo.SetValue() not working but no errors
how do i put the following in a for loop
View PDFs with Chromium on Windows
View-based NSOutlineView ignoring subview positioning?
Filter android logcat ouput for multiple tags
sudo: port: command not found
Setting a sound to fire in the background
make linkbutton inside a datagrid non clickable on certain conditions?
SQLite on windows and on mono?
round to the nearest multiple of 1/16 in C
SWT Tree with columns - resizing columns by dragging line
MouseListener Not Responding
Advice needed for developing multiple window Mac application
Artificially modify server load in Ubuntu
add text boxes to a view in android
Construct listview with c#
Compiler warning message
Django's authentication backends change
Toggle innerHTML
Using expressions as a parameter for a SQL Server function
Convert a hash into another hash in Ruby
Converting managed Byte array to unmanaged string
UITableView - create single delete button for multi-row section
Gridview dynamic update w/ SqlDataSource
Having trouble rounding in c
OutputCache by user. Bug when I logout
Is there a tool that I can use to step through each iteration of a yield/block in Ruby?
Set array in one php file and access in another php file issue
Scheme/Racket: Fold with booleans
A subsystem within web application for periodic tasks
Encrypting Windows Phone Resources at the Bit Level鈥�am I doing this right?
NSdata length crash on device
MATLAB FFT xaxis limits messing up and fftshift
Why do you need a templating language with Node.js?
ActivityUnitTestCase and Activity#runOnUiThread
Codeigniter: Selecting the SUM of rows give the SUM times GROUP_CONCAT results?
What are the best practices for unit testing a decently complex conditional in a method?
How to programmatically get an Macro object?
@fontface FireFox(10) is rendering text very bold
How change the content with ajax.BeginForm?
Date picker crashes when used
setting javascript value from backend code
Rails 3.0 to Rails 3.2.2 Asset handling with Jammit
kdiff3 doen not show uft8
Django admin list_filter duplicate
Does the SourceForge Clear Case plugin work with Snapshot views?
coffeescript how to use extends for Array
Mongoid limit parameter ignored
Handling an exception, and only executing code if an exception was not thrown
Issue in if/else block objective-c iPhone [closed]
where to put django-registration's activation_email.txt template
How to pass multiple enum types as method arguments and then call common methods on them?
Camera.open() is not available/accessible?
SWT Text breaks lines on wrong position
Sorting Child Collection in Entity Framework While Building Dynamic Statement
Why use a 1-to-1 relationship in database design?
NHibernate Session/Transaction Woes
Mixing Out and Named Parameters in C#: Why Does Out Parameter Need to be Named As Well?
Magento Order saving error: Integrity constraint violation
Getting an input value isn't working?
Index of minimum element in a std::list
Pyramid + FormAlchemy model improvement
How to use a ViewFlipper with a Gridview with a ImageView with a Textview?
What are the serious uses of returning the this pointer from a function?
Reference operator in function name during declaration
Reset tinyMCE box after submit
JavaScript global variable to store kml model object
Custom Variables in event tracking , Google analytic
Updating a bundled JRE
How to write a regular expression to match a limit of 125 characters per line with an optional delimiter?
Empty archive when compressing multiple files with ZipForge and C#
Create an output document from Android App
How to fix selected processor does not support `movw ' when trying to compile x264 for amrv6?
Using Wine and py2exe to create windows application out of a Python project
Problems with the GC when using a WeakValueDictionary for caches
Should I strong name my assembly for remoting?
Need a service to handle multiple connections to 1 database
Most efficient way to search multiple things at once with SQL?
Rails 3 - custom validation to check date type
How can I open page after some period of time (Windows Phone)
Is it a good idea to have multiple git repos inside other repo? [closed]
Executing a command line using php shell_exec() for initiating a camera on the server
500 Server Error based on HardDeadlineExceededError
Android Add image to listviewitem after click on button
One ViewController vs. many ViewControllers
Is it a good enough reason not to upgrade hardware because we are using Visual Studio 2010? [closed]
Azure SDK for node is rounding large numbers in JSON responses
Database clients: how to wait for database activation after SQL Server restart?
Why is it a good idea, that the WebSocket Implementation got divided into subinterfaces?
Trying to understand the complexity of Counting sort
Is null a valid javascript property name?
JPA ManyToMany: set/update by list of ids instead of list of actual objects
Catch ImageIO: <ERROR>
JQuery modal will not go on top of list boxes in IE6
Variable from external Batch file not working within main Batch file
GCC: Specifying static/dynamic libraries to build against
What is the point of finally in a try catch/except finally statement
Mysql covering index optimization
What config file format to use for user-friendly strings of arbitrary bytes?
main() commented out when sharing Xcode project via git [closed]
How do I add another 鈥淎ND鈥�to a 鈥淢ATCH AGAINST鈥�query
What does line 2 and 3 in this .htaccess file achieve?
Null results for a specific column - php/mysql
How to define margin (CSS) around an absolutely positioned, floating element?
Is it possible to configure GDB so it auto quit on normal program termination?
Where can I find the Matroska Container 鈥淩eal鈥�Specification?
IR_Black for OSX Lion colors dont display
Wordpress Form custom field
JOGL screen coordinates are off
VS2010 indirect reference issue
Error reading Custom Configuration Section: No parameterless constructor defined for this object
What is the purpose of the 鈥�accessoryDidDisconnect: method within the EAAccessoryDelegate?
MySQL FULLTEXT not return results if query has the terms javascript or php
.NET XMLDocument Encoding issue
How Drawable xml files are identified ?
Debugging circular retains in ARC without instruments
Trying (unsuccessfully) to get a DataGridView to reflect changes to underlying data
excel - set/iterate dynamic range
Google Visualization Chart throw alert on Select Event Data
How to create a plagiarism detector of c++ files [closed]
C# dynamic + System.Reflection.Emit = do not mix?
OAuth2 coonection to a server - android
Integrating .NET application with Java application - JMS, ESB鈥�
Can't find file specified when trying to start a process
didSelectedRowAtIndexPath - prepareForSegue - Storyboard
Building Xuggler on windows 7
indexing mongo documents in solr
Android C2DM address resolves wrong in Amazon cloud
Linking searches with correct controller method
Can I speed up insertion into SQL Server while using INSERT INTO statements with ADO.net
Imitate sprintf behaviour with str_replace?
Store Metadata doesn't work as expected
ajax call return list
Checking Mono.Cecil and Mono.Cecil.Cil
Redirect stdout and stderr in real time
Obtaining stack trace info from all currently paused threads (managed)
UINavigationBar title gets clipped while changing viewControllers
Unable to load specific dll for plugin
Ninject.Web.Common throwing ActivationException trying to inject dependencies into HttpApplicationInitializationHttpModule
c++ jump lines while debugging
Trouble in understanding what Ruby version I am 鈥渁ctually鈥�鈥渆ffectively鈥�running
How to use string keys in (fluent) NHibernate
Trouble forming header for content in file transfers through application/x-www-form-urlencoded and httpPost
Sequentially naming variables (beginner)
A neater way to use Function delegate over Action delegate
Adding a field to a view based on another row in the group
Can't draw() sprites in pyglet
HTML5 / jQuery: Working with custom attributes
How can I get indented braces for javascript in visual studio 2010
changing app from free to paid in android, how does this affect previous downloaders?
Telnet Java Socket Test
c++ compiling error when using member functions as a template parameters
Is there any way to rebuild the Dalvik interpreter and run it without invoicing a full VM?
OpenCV image in OpenGL: Strange behaviour
Java - How to repopulate an arraylist with previously known elements
Jquery - ul slidedown slideup
Fullcalendar superpose events
Url redirecting in ASP.NET MVC 4 Mobile application
Connect to MySQL via Websockets
Maven 鈥渃lass file for 鈥�not found鈥�compilation error
how do I use an id with jquery :contains()? [closed]
Trouble with jQuery Height(value)
Pyschools Topic 13- 2. What am I doing wrong?
How do I extract a file/folder_name only from a path?
How do I preserve my custom Linq to SQL class changes?
Setting 'Default' keychain for another user on Mac OSX
Javascript-loaded content not pushing height of container?
FragmentPagerAdapter Swipe to show ListView 1/3 Screen Width
How to set the selected element of a select after redirect the URL?
JavaScript Stops in Chrome on Postback
Image (from web) in the Android ListView always reloaded when appears
Searching dictionary for max value then grabbing associated key
Display an NSSet/NSMutableSet of different objects in a UITableView
Java generics wildcards
Create eigenfaces vector from database
How to get size of set of certain files?
Android Layout Percentage/Proportion Resize
ASP MVC3 areas dbcontext
How do I extract data from this URL using javascript?
Detecting an 鈥渦nselect鈥�event in a text area
Understanding desing patterns and OOP in PHP
Is there case for not using getters and setters here?
How can I get jCarousel to pause when a YouTube video is playing?
How to populate js array with data from jsp
How to return a value inside AJAX function to parent in javascript?
How do you bind jQuery UI autocomplete using .on()?
Detecting state changes made to the BluetoothAdapter?
User generated photos after action submission?
Javascript Date method inconsistency - getDate vs getMonth
Castle 3.0 WCF Facility - Not resolving paramters in service constructor
Explain: How does Java work as a web application?
Javascript's .value and jquery's .val() functions return wrong value鈥ut only on mobile devices
Finding dissimilar dimensions in a feature vector in Mahout
Android constructors
Sudz-C Objective-C WebServices logging valid results, but always returning NIL delegate object
RAII - Class Pointers and Scope
How to index data frame column by a variable?
How to change the icons between different versions of visual studio
using Microsoft Translate ( GetTranslation Service )
cannot convert from char to void*
How to create multiple db schemas at runtime using JAVA?
Exceptions from HttpURLConnection
For a Crystal Report, I need to formulate a comparison of data from last month to same date in current month
text appearing blurred in zoomed mode UITextField/TextView
How to configure Ubuntu on MINI6410 embedded system to detect touch screen?
How to fill a listview from database using an SimpleCursorAdapter
Oracle: idle_time appears to be ignored
Stuck while parsing the data and storing with more meaningful
Asp.net MVC 3 Remote Validation Issues
textBox ontextChanged not firing when user adds text
C LinkedList example doesn't compile
django-cms apphook + menu
mvc razor helper executed on mouse over
crash with unexecuted code
linux ascii to utf-16 (then sha1 and base64) encode
What will be the best Android layout or Canvas or SurfaceView, or Cocos2d android?
How to wait for all event handlers in backbone?
Add a new menu item in the Taskbar menu of all open applications in Windows 7
OpenSIPS log INVITE requests with wrong credentials
Load image from another assembly's resx file in XAML
How to insert wicket components into 'sub-rows' of a Wicket DataTable
Looking for the source of a NullReferenceException in a ShowDialog() method
how to handle xml elements that may or may not be repeated using xml-object
Replace a particular String from a text file
Push the same element x times onto the array
chrome/firefox- how to run a javascript command
Reading Object in List; cannot be cast
How to retrieve an xml attribute from SubnodeConfiguration?
Task keeping Form instance open?
Face/movement recognition with camera in Objective C
How to include external PHP file in Magento?
Qt normal status bar not showing after temporary status
Facebook Admin Link Missing
Android SipManager throwing NullPointException
get (dynamic loading page) contents using PHP/CURL?
Can remote (http communication protocol) XP clients consume services hosted in IIS 7?
Thinking Sphinx - How to give different weights to models when searching multiple models (global search)
Using AJAX/Jquery with custom ASP.NET web controls that call a web-service
User agent, extract OS and browser from string
return object in js
MVC Filter Database with IIdentity
django + wsgi + multiple sites
Does rails HireFire support Queues?
Where to add DISTINCT to SQL sub query
Using an API - cURL to localhost vs jquery
Event Handler OnItemCommand with TextBox control
access violation reading location 0xfeef002A
Home feed get specific links
Adding views to TableLayout inside a fragment during runtime
array_values doesn't work with ArrayAccess object
Dynamic Flat File Source Path
Find PID of a process that locked a file
Java ActionListener class can't find variables.
Who is responsible for freeing allocated memory?
How can I set the Sender's address in Jenkins?
PHP Preg match for alphanumeric and symbols
Symfony2 Event_listener not firing
Symfony2 and be DRY approach in controllers
Detect XP,Vista, or Windows 7 and select XAML style depending on version of OS
How to recursively check if a string is palindrome in Ruby [closed]
How to Print a form in Delphi?
Why does jquery fancybox sometimes generate garbage url requests to my server?
Cannot send xlsx as attachment in Rails mailer
issue with injecting grails service in domain class
SQL query to copy field values into same table
Crossword solver in PROLOG
Using Curl and PHP
Why all these errors when building this C project?
Best current rails background task method?
create image slider that shows part of previous and next image
FedexDC PHP Label Script - Need To Save But Not Display PNG Image - FEDEX Direct Connect class
android - prompt user for path/filename
ASP.NET use of value' in a function
Multi threading independent tasks
What order do I call glActiveTexture and glBindTexture
How to update only fields in a form that are NOT blank
number of calendarweeks for year (ISO 8601 definition)
Preserve tab-indent when pasting from MS Word into WYSIWYG
How do I get the cumulative height of a series of images?
Unable to find assembly A_class, Version, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null
Good hash function for ip addresses and remote ports
no device ready and no console.log with xcode using cordova 1.5
Rails 3.2.1 - Could not find rake- in any of the sources
Is using a function to return a variable from a class more efficient than referencing the variable directly? [duplicate]
slider makes my rest layout disappear
Silverlight redirecting between project pages
Best database for a Statistics System [closed]
Is it valid to have an HTML form inside of a 'section' tag?
iPad Retina development
JS Change CSS line-height based on number of characters
vaadin beginner- getting SEVERE: Allocate exception for servlet error
Regular Expression Help to select file_name
Getting backbone routing to work properly
How to assign 'blank' to a Decimal field in Salesforce
jQuery parsing JSON results returned from controllers
C# smart device add Horizontal scrollbar to listBox
Disable JavaScript in a single Firefox tab
Running reports from busy tables and avoiding locking those tables
CSS: vertical-align multiple text sizes
NHibernate, save null reference value in DB as 0 (zero)
Can not read response from server
Client and server with different Locale - fallback mechanism
Searching for parts of string in multi level array
Drupal 6 - Using 鈥渕enu block鈥�- module
update wpf element before Thread.sleep executes
SSRS projects and Visual Studio versioning problems
Event not working properly on IE 8 and IE9
adding background image to Outlet Collection
How can I use DisplayModeProvider in ASP.NET MVC 3 to specify postfix for mobile views
Static to instance, how do I handle properly?
XML class for parse
Returning String in RequestFactory
VS2010 Debugger : 鈥淭he name 'MyVariable' does not exist in the current context鈥�
HTML5 Canvas drawImage issue in Windows 7 but only in Firefox
Prolog lists difference
Can I get locale format for apex:outputText?
Changing columns in rails
How to avoid with css when background of the second line covers the letters of the first line?
GroupPrincipal.FindByIdentity Unknown COM Exception
Ajax success method handling complex data
Is there a 鈥渕ain鈥�method in Ruby like in C?
How to install external library in X-Code 4?
Multithreading and UI behavior
Conditional 鈥渋f statement鈥�helper for Handlebars.js
Slide a div off screen (with margin: 0px auto)
Coding with an encrypted Souce Code. Possible or Not?
How to retrieve a Contact's Keywords with Tridion's Outbound Email API?
vs.net2008 (sp1) + TFS: Data Source connection info overwritten when project opened
Using <cfinclude> with this.mapping
Get UTF-8 string from MySQL via PHP returned 鈥�???????鈥�
Jump Link Inside an iFrame
Using a HandlerInterceptor to add model attributes with Spring Web Flow
jQuery - My Code doesn't appear to work across all browsers
Isotope - Insert hidden elements bug
Caching in ASP.NET MVC
Rails active admin for a has_many through association
JPA/Hibernate Cascade ALL causes redundant left outer join
Sitefinity 4.4 - Dynamically change page title and description at runtime
A tool for structurally merging XSD's?
In browser FIFO queues using Javascript and AJAX to Web Service
鈥淰irtual keyboard鈥�control in Java?
Access underscore.js from client after using npm in node.js
Criteria for dispatching requests for multi-threaded GAE apps
How to detect if external mic is plugged in (in real time) on android?
C# using indexers with templates
Test cases in Weka
Is there an API call to disable the network for Linux?
Windows phone 7 FileNotFoundException System.Windows.debug.resources
boost library installation on mac os x
Order words by occurences
Rails helpers return just strings. How would I have it return HTML?
Real time Australia Post shipping calculator on multiple items
Coffeescript parentheses for function invocation
Best source code control for a university environment (low overhead to manage repositories)
word count, form size, displayed things size in html
Import tab delimited data into MySQL using R
Does memcached.dll exist?
only one margin of facet_grid
git svn rebase always conflicts with my own commits
Breaking a single page into multiple files
Saving Linked List to file (Elements are incorrect)
Datagrid is not generating columns when itemssource is Queryable or Enumrable on some Computers
Rails + SASS . How to list all imported files
Get total rows count of table
Echo last entry into MySql table first, followed by the next most previous entry
PHP standard function list [closed]
How to handle 鈥渓ock wait timeout鈥�errors in PHP database-based sessions using set save handler?
Saving flot chart to image or pdf
How to load a login view controller from app delegate
teambuilding and deploying a dll (e.g. wpftoolkit.extended.dll)
Python dir(dict) vs dir(dict.__class__)
HTML table (tr, td) partially ignores CSS padding
Why do i not have access to Content folder in MVC3 app under IIS7.5?
Native Array in Emberjs does not support deep copy?
Converting a Lua file object to a C FILE*
How to make a pill shape in Canvas? (rounded corner rect basically)
jQuery Tablesorter - in IE it reverses the sort order every time I trigger the sort operation
Render page based on IP location
mysql query two tables, UNION and where clause
Inline editing using Ajax in Jquery
LINQ Errors out on Any() if results NULL
push java array in javascript array
Rails 3. How to setup a controller with custom params?
Override previous Console Output
Unable to see images, css files or use javascript in MVC 3 website deployed on IIS 7 in classic mode
Is there any way to get iPhone App record
Which threads work method I need to use?
Stateful Interprocess communication for Node.js
Pinterest pinit button not working on my website the image does not show it appears broken
To thread or not to thread
How to add a custom page section in Zen Cart that can be turned on and off in EZ Pages
Using GROUP CONCAT in my-sql query with wp_usermeta table
Can I run a PostgreSQL Vacuum Once every 1-2 minutes?
Why should I need the push function?
Visual Studio 鈥渞esource鈥�project type?
Where in UIViewController, Controller should configure the view it manages?
php xml string getting attribute uses namespace
expand div to relative top-left positioned contents
Generate a distributable binary with dependency services
Unable to locate sound file (.ogg)
Using alias in insert statement
LALR grammar, trailing comma and multiline list assignment
Is that normal that when running collectstatic with django, python modules are also copied ?
Add on condition with Lambda
Disable dragging Google Maps while in drawing mode
TextBox not updating on property change
Java app 'steals' stdin from cmd.exe console
Google Maps API 3 - extracting markers from MySQL DB using PHP
QuickBooks API error when updating
Query UITableView for selected cells in order to display 鈥淒elete鈥�button
How to install XML::Parser without expat-devel?
Simple modal slide-in with text-Is it necessary to use jQuery?
rendering JSON String as JSON Using JAXB within jersey
Does setting 鈥淭reat wchar_t as built-in type鈥�to No affect C# interop?
Run service when the application the is idle(screen is off) on android
Magento Request - Frontend or Backend?
select disappears with onmouseenter
Silent Installation of setup.exe
Facebook like button - Circular redirect path deteted
Assign values to Obj-C struct from C
Making authorization in Wcf Data service
Core Data NSSet Issue
Java - override abstract method
Search LaTeX text in MySQL
Firefox obj.style.hasOwnProperty
Calculating Content-Length with Python
Static Initializers And Static Methods In Java
A Basic Spring 3.1 LDAP Example
boost::filesystem calls are seg-faulting in Destructor
OOP PHP First Class Mysql database connection
NServiceBus Stop on Fatal Error
Reference Enum in another project
Flask-SQLAlchemy import/context issue
Google news Sitemap is terminating with error: Extra content at the end of the document
What's the best way to define this native interface for .NET consumption?
protected tortoiseSVN repository on web server
Encrypt table all fields - rails 3.2.1
How to create a counter in jquery
Getting Classnotfoundexception: Unavailable or unrecognized Attach API: com.sun.tools.attach.VirtualMachine
Deserialize Xml with empty elements
Linq multiple where queries
UITableView occasional crash while appending rows
Load latest jQuery library using PHP
How to auto-select a photo radio button?
parsing regular exprision date
Prevent an Object from destroying prematurely
How to make a smaller list of tuples from a large list of tuples?
Binding click function to all elements within an anchor tag with prototype
Javascript Objects and the DOM
Singularization in C#
How do ControlCollection.Item(s) work?
Tracking what python code does with all details
Cascading dropdown with Static data
Zend Framework - Accessing custom configuration files
Is memory used by a JNI DLL returned when the Java process exits?
jQuery carousel where elements are shown and hidden with slide effect are jumpy and are shown outside of viewport
Switching between multiple ssh keys in Git on Windows
Can AES be used for website security?
Text move or scroll up in JTextArea
Javascript/CSS arrows that move with page anchors?
Enhancement on Images stored as pyramids
Android Layout Within Layout Design
Database query issue
How to create a button to close active session in joomla 2.5
Redirect to a php page based on submit button clicked
How to organize a larger PHP project [closed]
pagination issue: I am not seeing the list get broken into sections, it show all on each page
Gnuplot: Plotting trajectories of multiple objects from one data file
Unknown entity type
Windows XP network shares password, to avoid windows remember [closed]
Dont populate table - Hibernate MySQL
Netduino or Gadgeteer running IIS and ASP.NET MVC
Efficient approach to multithreaded set difference
jquery autocomplete - when mouse is below text input, your text is replaced as you type
Allowing any data to be decrypted using AES 256 for the purposes of HMAC
C# (If < or If >) vs Math.Sign
length of non numeric indexed array?
Encrypting datasource passwords: java.lang.SecurityException: Unauthenticated caller:null
PHP/MySQL where/order clause not ordering data
SQL Alter Trigger hanging
How can i embed a javascript function in css in html?
ParseKit not matching my EOL symbols: What am I doing wrong?
Mockist tdd: How to test UUT when collaborator can only be constructed inside UUT?
Javascript Split method not working as expected
Initializing a Date property in beforeInsert fails without exception
Ant Build Signing Jar
vb.net, how to set different text colors in data table
Assert the Value of a WF Service Variable During a Unit Test
Injecting a local variable to a binding
Flask auto-reload and long-running thread
Get Javascipt slideToggle to close active div when opening another one?
WCF service is deadlocking
SSIS can't use variables (Flat File > OLE DB Command), Must declare the scalar variable 鈥淍鈥�
Inserting html on the fly and tabs
Return value optimization (RVO) when using temporaries in C++
Applying grouped ranking using ROW_NUMBER
Merge/Join two separate graphs algorithm?
Spring security not hitting default-target-url after successful authtication
ASP.NET MVC Remove query string in action method
Java: How to check if a method is overridden, using reflection
Visual Basic Calculation
Python and GCC version
XML file sort particular nodes using XSLT
Custom Drag and Drop Component: When i add a skin, drag and drop no longer works?
Visualize my app's Java source code complexity 鈥�tool for windows?
two foreach loops combined for email sending
Why does this SQL query that works in MS Access not work in SQL Server?
How to safely use exec() in Python?
Importing XML Data From XML File To SQL Database
Configuring email from address in Jira 4.1 email notification
On a Mac, I created a .html document locally but in a browser I just see HTML source
How do I work with complex numbers in CUSPARSE?
What does a unresolved external symbol error mean?
Application walkthrough when opened for the first time
How to best implement DPLL in C++?
JSwing - Re utilse event handler with different parameter value
jQuery Mobile: Injected content appears then disappears immediately
How do I force Leningen to use use a particular version of swank-clojure?
How to buld a new docking bar in QT
Binding Jquery Events On Elements Generated Through Other Events
In Google Chrome, Google Docs can control headers and footers from javascript. Does anybody know how this is achieved?
Copy div to a popup
Visual Basic.NET Saving Preferences in a .txt or .ini
appengine sending mail getting no error for hardcoded emails, but errors when using the data sent in form
insert line into a new file in linux using shell script
manipulating multidimensional arrays with functions in C++
Simple JQuery Fade In/Out
How to preserve png transparency?
Call Jquery in .Net in a Switch Case
jQuery 1.7.1 - fadeout delay issues
Array of function pointers in C
Getting Corrupted Content Error with iTextSharp PDF and Firefox: does not work with Firefox 10.xx
Symfony2 ManyToMany embedded forms
Carrierwave Gem: After creating user with avatar, 'cannot convert nil into string'
Pareto analysis in Oracle SQL without iterative procedures and hardcoding of valid values
JMeter File Upload with HTTP Put Method Not Working
Linux Command Doesn't work from .NET execution when using SharpSSH library
blinking text and closures
How do I distinguish if two SocketChannels are from the same computer?
cannot convert from 'string' to 'System.Collections.Generic.IEqualityComparer<LightSwitchApplication.LettersSentItem>'
Sum Keys in Array And Map Against A 24 Hour Structure
Why isn't my ListView updating when I call notifyDataSetChanged()?
Can a Ruby method accept a 2D array as parameters?
java.lang.IllegalStateException : Attempting Create Multiple Associations On Variables of Class
How and Where to add JNDI for Hibernate?
Javascript search inside tabs
How to modify attribute ROWSPAN with jQuery?
Suitable design using Generics with Wildcard
Web API Request - Send back authentication request
User control click event not working when clicking on text inside control?
Grammar symbol attributes implementation in C
How to set collapseProperties in an Ant build file for Closure Compiler?
How to run method inside a Model , MVC
Simple PHP not working
Add new field to all documents in a nested array
WordPress: How search a post for 鈥減ost_content鈥�with 鈥渨p_query鈥�class?
Injecting class into Authentication attribute using Unity 2 and MVC 3
Invalid XML response when using SoapFormatter
Ruby recursion..What's wrong?
extending the base EditTextPreference and encrypting/decrypting
capybara current path
How to structure javascript objects, while not getting 'undefined' is not a function errors?
Error to receive emails google
Change button properties with loop? Xcode
suppress runtime error 鈥淚rrefutable pattern failed for pattern Data.Maybe.Just b鈥�
Stop jQuery Typewriter animation onclick
All images onload in jQuery?
Why doesn't this extension method work in Rails?
How do i get qt/c++ to work with mysql on a mac?
Ignoring specific patterns on a page when using sed
Using Buffers in OpenGL to draw something
Can't get libpcap to compile under Dell SUSE Enterprise
nonblocking I/O behavior is weird for STDIN_FILENO and STDOUT_FILENO
Why does setting an element's zindex back to 0 not move it behind other objects in IE9?
In Drupal 7, errors for file_managed field remain even when fixed
Store the search queries of a Rails app
Simplest example for sending post data via links in Zend Framework
how to log googleplus votes?
Are amazon s3 folders browsable? [closed]
Rspec changing preference values, polluting development environment
How to add file to project but not TFS 2010
How To Have Multiple Login Page Styles In ASP.Net
Creating an ID static member variable to keep track of class ID's
What comes between onCreate and onStart for Android?
How to print a nested array inside the value of a cloned input object?
Segfault in recursive function
iPhone local storage 鈥�Core Data, NSFileManager, 鈥�
Issue with calling instance method from handwritten javascript
How can I use RESTful services with Django + Mongoengine?
where is the documentation for Array()?
R: use a loop to apply a formula using 2 variables from different datasets
Making a back up of database while my application set up [closed]
about hibernate with oracle
Refactor this block of routes?
Printing lines of a CSV containing 2 characters in 1 column and a pattern match in another column
Why does a ClickOnce installer promt permissions for .NET Client Profile
Get GMT offset from timezone string using regex
sql query complex ordering by issue
Haskell: In the Repa library 鈥�lists are not Elts, but what about 鈥渒-tuples鈥�
jQuery UI toggleClass
Cannot have 2 abstract-derived textboxes on the same WinForm?
Targeting Android 1.6 - 4.0.3 with drawables
How to create a full-featured Android app for a website?
How does one generate access tokens programmatically with DotNetOpenAuth 4 so that one can use it to test a resource server?
Calculating proportion with negative float values
How to read an encrypted database created previously on pc with sqlcipher on android?
Identical Resources Loaded Multiple Times by Facebook Social Plugins
Using Java, how do I set arrays to store the next user input in the next index/
Using a database or table structure within program
Virtual Machine: Windows 7 on Ubuntu 11 or Ubuntu 11 on Windows 7?
ListView on TabActivity, hide the Tabs
Installing ggbiplot from github
HTML5 with javascript to parse and display textfile
Compiling DotNetOpenAuth
Materialize a CTE, or otherwise increase performance
SCRIPT5039: Redeclaration of const property using IE9
Switching between sibling views via UINavigationViewController
meaning of richtext box.invoke
CGAffineTransformMakeRotation not working well
jQuery called with setInterval isn't animating on first interval
IIS 7 Cannot Create ASPNETDB.MDF
Navigating to /_ah/admin on localhost yields unknown 404 error
Windows Setup/Installer Project: Prevent user from changing installation location?
Custom Html TextBlock in DataGrid
Using Integrated Webcam of a laptop as camera in Android SDKVersion 16
Cleaning up git repo *and* preserving commits after evil acts
jQuery: check radiobutton when input text field onChange
How to use word boundaries in awk without using match() function?
$_POST variable is duplicating
Why would it bother to add &b parameter in the method definition in Ruby?
Sesionless CSRF protection (double submit cookies)
jQuery GET to webservice returns erros 200 and 400
How can i test mail configuration in production mode
Android WebView Issue
Replace a text color by a background image on mouse over
Where can I find the limitations of SQL Express in SQL Management Studio?
Scala and Clojure both in one project
How to I regex match a list reference in Python?
Background GPS Polling from Web Service
Installing emacs on remote machine with limited permissions
Change view action
Can I run (XAMPP) MySQl inside my DropBox folder?
Button not working?
How to specify column types for CTE (Common Table Expressions) in PostgreSQL?
set Tweet button 'data-text' contents dynamically with javascript, or..?
Create Directory along with file using file stream in java
C# 'parsing 鈥�鈥�- Too Many )'s Issue
what error is this Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < when using eval in jquery?
Subtract value at a set interval?
I would like a JavaScript to display a DIV class / ID if the HTML form input has a value? [closed]
WebView and Assets problems
How to launch download manager from Broadcast Receiver?
Need help reading from SQLite database for Android
What are the drawbacks/weaknesses of using LOGO?
UISplitViewController EXC_BAD_ACCESS on rotation using ARC
Displaying SNMP trap on a web page (jsp)
read a text file android
JavaScript wrong scope
Login Form with Remember Me function AND unauthorized site access to login_success.php URL PHP
Restrict Solr data import to localhost, but allow select from any address
In Outlook 2010 VBA run a macro whose name was passed as a parameter
Bind to service from android activity
Flexslider - navigation arrow hide until hover
Delphi XE2 DataSnap 鈥�Random keys for the PC1 Filters
MySQL/PHP: 鈥淐ould not connect to mysql because php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed:鈥�
using Array_append gives me syntax error when creating PostgreSQL function
TinyMCE Remove Advanced tab from Tables dialog
Build boost.Log on Windows 7
php - for loop inside a while loop, correct syntax?
strict mode not working in Flash IDE, no warning for 'no type declaraion'
Decimal Save not Working in Rails 3.1
My uitableview.delegate is getting set to null. Any ideas why, or how I can figure out why?
spawning multiple parallel tasks
Can I sandbox a namespace that uses static data?
SQLAlchemy placeholder do not work well
SOLR sort by score syntax
MVC 3 - Why am I not getting checkbox values in FormCollection?
Thread not stopping on actual line of code when crash in XCODE 4.2
Import/export data from SQL Server programmatically using C# and ASP.NET
Rails Model/Controller Structure
How I can I use an ID selector that contains a '#' in jQuery?
Creating Form Elements for the Ipad in Storyboard
Change attributes of view on list item selection
IE9 HTML5 Video Bug?
Android Client TCP socket
Reserved keyword in vb.net?
Zend_Mail Send Via SMTP
Firebug Error: setInterval() Callbacks Cease after Continue from Breakpoint
How can I automatically download backups of a Google Docs Spreadsheet?
Is Janus for Vim supposed to be slow?
Getting comparison between ! and user input
Proper structure for using individual SQLite files as storage
SQL JOIN ON a table name equal to a field value