OneToOne custom join query
DotNetNuke error message issue - You do not have permissions to view any files on the file system
jquery ajax doesn't work when I use recursion with php
sql parent child tree with sort order
JSTL variables are not shown in EL
images in Spinner lists mvcscaffolding Postscontroller.cs sort to order by decending
Calculation of Branching address on MIPS
Database: Transaction isolation levels automatically determine placement of locks?
ignore warnings from jslint4java from Command line
PhoneGap 1.5.0 Android Cordova AJAX JSON
How to return related field instead of reference number in a MySQL query
C : reading binary files
Rails: Change an element's class from the controller
Overflow-x iPod touch
JQuery/AJAX nice(invisible!) img vertical align in container
Gradle - Delete not working
How can you authenticate using the Jersey Client against a JAAS enabled web-server?
Avoiding 鈥渞edefinition of typedef鈥�warnings when defining structs
can't upload image using php
IO File code is being inconsistent
WCF Publish Subscribe Design
jogl - first person camera
preg_match_all with multiple lines
Parsing XML - Get value from XML tree
How to explicitly refer to the global package?
Parallel inserts into database using Java threads
Simple character driver crash
Find first occurrence of unescaped character
touchesMoved called without touchesBegan
how do i create a list of dict in python with the data been read from a text file?
Using a C++11 initializer_list with a recursively defined type using constexpr
Make a POST request in JavaScript and load the returned page (Sinatra)
Why do I get random fatal errors - 'Class 'Proxies MyEntityProxy' not found ?
ASP.NET webpage skipping Assembly function calls in code behind
Internet Explorer confused after scrollTop set in select listbox
regular expression sequence numbers 1 to 15 [closed]
WordPress recursive redirect problems
cakephp update field on session timeout
Long polling ajax issue
ASP.Net Saving State Across PostBack
Resuse F# Active Pattern result
addClass & removeClass in nav.php
How to create a facebook page to promote a deal
JSP/Servlet getting post form data
Jquery - Grab Variable from Another Function
Adobe Cirrus Error on Direct Connect鈥淧roperty startTransmit not found on鈥�
Algorithm for finding minimums in list for all possible subranges
Printing a Graphic Object VB.NET
jqGrid treeGrid Expand Collapse not working
NHibernate, a different object with the same identifier value was already associated with the session
Boost.Asio: What's the Behavior of a deadline_timer with 0 Millisecond Expiration
How to create a fixed struct header for variable sized array
UITableViewCell getting _accessibilityUpdateRemoveControl on deallocated instance
Add UIProgressView to a TableView Cell
IOS UIButton setBackgroundColor has no effect
How to specify type constraint and inheritance on declaring class?
Symfony logging in a user
Position ALL text on the right of the links without using a table
android text file import where do i save text file what folder?
Type error on draw image function
PHP code does not display what it is supposed to [closed]
Basic pause/resume functionality in C++
CUDA's cudaMemcpyToSymbol() throws 鈥渋nvalid argument鈥�error
Is it possible to do a running hi-score leaderboard in GameKit?
How do I format the current date for the user's locale?
how to pass json object from java to javascript?
loading files from assets directory
UnauthorizedAccessException when trying to write to text file in C#
Differentiating APK files?
WAS 7 check servlet requests
In Android xml is wrap content a specific dp value?
Configuration of Code Clones in Visual Studio 11
Symfony2 Validation against entire entity
Will Ruby On Rails 4 set by defaut config.active_record.whitelist_attributes to true?
What are the best pratices for storing user configuration?
printf append blank spaces
how to get URL from ACTION_SEND?
More efficient XSLT for transforming an XML doc to CSV flatfile
ColorBox and WordPress Theme
Is it good practice to create functions to access class variables?
Thread 1 : Program Received Signal 鈥淪IGABRT鈥�iOS
SQL Server 2008 inner join with commas
Show table content from PHP to android table
Extra mouse buttons with Raw Input API
Receiving the Drag Drop in MonoMac NSView?
Android: Android application with Simple Animation
PHP - control if src url is file [closed]
How do I tell if a file is contained in a directory?
Jtables (Array constant initilaizers) java
Variables inside nested for loop in Java
Jquery ajax post removing some char in response
Street View panorama data
Why do Rails compiled assets make the layout look different in production mode?
Java Android issue: keyword 鈥�new
Use of DataTemplate
Scala Dispatch library: how to handle connection failure or timeout?
Java Bit Operation Issue
DJANGO: Showing many-to-many additional fields in template
Folder permission ASP.NET site online
nagle's algorithm in
How to work with named pipes (C++ server , C# client)
Read inner attribute/tags in RSS Items
Orchard CMS Custom Shape Template for each Item of a Projection Module
MySQL trigger with nested select
Inconsistent results with PHP Reflection API
Edit all changes in git?
Database design and large tables?
Rails + Heroku + Amazon RDS -> 500 internal server error
jQuery Flexslider plugin with Reverie wordpress framework
SQL Server 2008 - insert into table with select script and a hardcoded value
Rails, label with nested HTML using FormBuilder and Devise, with Bootstrap markup
JComponent not visible
Rails Associations for current_user
Changing the theme of a singleTop activity
Determine if a chain of keys is existant in hashes
Converting Matlab gaussian derivatives to Opencv invalid compression method
construct link_to in Rails 3.2.1
Using Bash Variables in Qt4
Basic questions about Java CLASSPATH
Service proxy freezes application
Liftweb: Session Timeout not working
Javascript ReferenceError: Security violation on Android Opera
Android issue: how to get content from edittext
install_github returning error: zip file can't be opened
Capistrano config files location
How would I make this query work for memcached?
Can I have a memory mapped file, mapped to two or more processes at the same time (windows)?
set session timeout after inactivity
How can I estimate the entropy content of this input?
XML RPC with ARC support?
SQL Server 2008 Security, does db_datareader implicitly have VIEW DEF rights, etc
Separating stubs from assertions in rspec
Jquery hover, highlight table row except last cell
google closure compiler and json
Symfony2 - how to extend a vendor bundle (e.g. of FOSFacebookBundle)
Can't connect to database, help me understand this error list?
I need to create a table that contains the name of the variable
Encoding of AVMetadataItem
extreme lag when two views do overlapping drawing
How can I know where USB Storage Device is mounted?
Exploiting a BufferOverflow [closed]
When could a CSV records *not* have the same number of fields?
Android: user ID account (not ID phone)
Calling external script in matlab and capturing output
How to sum all values of a column of in data.frame?
active_scaffold hangs on infinite loop
Combining Two Unequal Arrays by Matching Keys
Prepared statement update issue
Cumulative Percentage Categorization Query
SUM and GROUP BY in xquery with 1 xml file
Javascript Custom Price Calculator
CakePHP alphanumeric validation failing
Can't add items to ListView from my XMLs in WPF
VC++ 鈥�This declaration has not storage class or type specifier
android positioning a drawBitmap that uses rect
How to play mp3 file in loop in WP7
Print formatted documents [closed]
Emoji icons interrupting REST call
Show Hibernate parameter binding
Payment gateways on iPhone & Android?
fb.api doesn't work on IE, but work fine in another browsers to create an event
Xna Fullscreen fails
Using Java, how do I accept and categorize a phrase that has numbers and letters in user input?
Drupal 7 Custom Session Variables Persisting After Deletion
Does Mongodb checks for entries in Journals in find
SSRS - Expression using different dataset fields
Update default app automaticall from market
Handling required fields on a form without redirect or too much JavaScript
Simple XML Framework - weird error
gud-gdb emacs 24 not working
Javascript moving things
Re-parse Zend_Dojo_Form coming in AJAX reply. is it possible?
How to upload a zip file to s3 using boto?
Auto resize application
jquery ajax post querystring
Joining two queries horizontally
Cocoa OSX custom widgets/controls
mysql view not refreshing inside a transaction ( Hibernate/Spring)
Lua os.execute return value
How to view current url using twill?
How do you properly restrict xcoverage package coverage in nosetests using setup.cfg?
How to take a screen capture on Motorola Xoom? [closed]
System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Failed to generate a user instance of SQL Server due to a failure in impersonating the client
Use JQuery dialog box to submit form and display success, failure message
How to determine relative angle of collision in Box2d
How to test ElasticSearch in a Rails application (Rspec)
How do I return a proper success/error message for JQuery .ajax() using PHP?
Ruby Recursion doesn't work?
Flash CS5鈥lements are snapping to pixels while moving?
Run javascript function from cmd
Send free sms with java
posting AJAX call to http url from both HTTP and HTTPS pages
VS2010: How to see GUI
Output Hidden Inputs based on Dropdown Selection in form
How to play sound and view pictures with Fancybox and the same time?
rails check_box form filter
CouchDb view - key in a list
How to format a result going to JSON from a rails controller?
Get attributes from item(tag) using SimplePie
Unit testing servicestack services with custom serialization / deserialization
How to set SQLite PRAGMA statements with SQLAlchemy
Posting file on Background Agent / HttpWebRequest stream buffer keeps growing?
Where is the best place to store the logged user and information
Large amount of projected I/O with Oracle, even if only a single record is fetched
Why is default isolation level of every method (of a spring batch job) for a spring integration and batch transaction set to SERIALIZABLE?
Any way to automate the process of opening a .mpp file and saving it as a .csv?
Function overloading with generics in Java
Can an audio file contain line breaks?
Unable to load freemarker template using multipartResolver
objects in the try catch block
Android List with two elements per row
How to find how many times a particular ip appears in a log file?
How can I troubleshoot the installation of this Nuget package?
EGORefreshTableHeaderView checking connection
handling collisions - array look ups expensive
Kinect SDK 1.0 + Unity / Blender
Embedding Scripts Loading in Order
Subset dataframe into a list
gSoap + SSL : CRL & certificate name check
Find out why an Android app is being uninstalled
iOS Packet Length
shared memory in windows limits (c++)
Custom Text Box Component / Element (Not a Control)
Converting JDE Julian date to Gregorian
Problems with RabbitMq Managment
Always run on hardware
Which Files Should Be Read-Only for TFS?
Assigning a dynamic id to a radio button in a loop in ruby on rails
Custom navigation bar background on iOS5
gettext po file editor to show multiple po files
Android SQLite code doesn't work after switching from Mac OSX to windows 7
Facebook Like Hide Count Using New Div Method
R count number of commas and string
Can't use twice the same function in a button_Click
Making a Unified address search bar in ios 5?
Urban Airship Rich push notification for iOS, user is not registered
send SMS to mobile using java?
Exception NoClassDefFoundError for javax/mail/Authenticator
It is possible to create a GridVIew of LinearLayouts?
2D images to 3D view
Omit Default Value ASP.NET MVC 4 Web API
posting to facebook app via php
Should I bother calling dispose on objects which share lifetime of process?
Facebook Share & Like in an iOS game
more readable format for sql commads in c
Setting height in content slider
Hovering/clicking/unclicking for highlighting text
XSLT interpreting tags with spaces as empty tags
Removing all non wanted characters using the NSCharacterSet
How to Create play button to play Sound?
GWT Mobile Framework for Windows Phone 7
Importing models from 3ds Max to a SharpGL (OpenGL/C#) program?
javascript array.splice() does not remove element in the array?
Display Persian time in format hh:mm
Console unavailable in class library c#
Strange window behavior when browsing Versions
PHPUnit fatal error 'call to undefined function xcache_get()' AWS SDK & Symfony 2
How do I use continuations in FubuMVC
Setting codeigniter custom route
Xcode 4 exported app gives error 'Can't Open Application鈥lassic Environment Not supported'?
C++ operator setter ruby style [closed]
jsTree - Sticky Node to Bottom of list
How to create an audio journal in Ubuntu 11.10
Remove contents of element but preserve same children elements
traceback.format_exc/print_exc returns None when expecting traceback
Using CSS3 box-shadow for a halfway cut-off shadow
replace content after tab 5 and 6 (regular expresion)
RESTful RAILS and Android HttpRequests
Ruby 1.9 blocks without variables
MS Test, Multiple Test Projects in Solution, and DeploymentItemAttribute
Automatically display UIImagePickerController on application load
Adding Sizer to simple editor from wxPython tutorial quit right away
Can I retrieve an Internal IP address for a client using JS?
If IE comments showing up in IE9
a href link not clickable on safari mobile
How add a standard action to a ActnPopup.TPopupActionBar component in runtime?
Specific algorithm to recurse through a tree structure in PHP
Mailchimp validation conflicting with Joomla slider
2 events calling each other
List of fields for a content type in Drupal 7
Node.js and Express - How to get location of browser
鈥淵our content must have a ListView whose id attribute is ''鈥�When changing from ListActivity to a view
Hibernate select with distinct - how does it work with an inner join?
Memory issue in objective c
Generic Job Scheduler and Executor framework
Create a secure admin-only section for a php website
How could i add restrictions or rules to a list in Python
Display PDF file Inside Java Program [closed]
Best options for deploying a Ruby standalone script and dependencies?
Haskell : GLUt32 error message when running my program
.NET equivalent of 鈥渘et group /domain鈥�
DotNetOpenAuth - - Not working
ordered by child attribute, in polymorphic polymorphic association
Storing multiple values from the same object in an Array
WCF Always Returns 400 for Exceptions
Nested TransactionScope and/or nested connections causing MSDTC escalation
C printf printing random number
Modify canvas arc radius
synonyms offline Dictionary for a search application
Set an item position in the view programmaticly with the x and y coordinates
Java openCV - Error while conevrting Bitmap to Mat
Error validating verification code. Mix of client side and server side issue
Reference column in a table on another server in an UPDATE/JOIN (SQL Server)
How to detect when phone is answered or rejected
How to change the check type for checkbox in ITextSharp
What events do I need when I scale a subclassed WPF Image control within a scrollviewer?
ReSharper Intellisence for ALL_UPPER constants
XAML binding nested struct from ObservableCollection<T>
Why does Xcode 4.3.1 (4E1019) / 4.3.2 (4E2002) hang regularly with iOS simulator? [duplicate]
Notification library in javascript
Mvc3 and Jquery Multiselect, sending values to server not working?
jQuery Change line-height in CSS depending on number of characters
Show the Submit button, if and only if text (a character) is entered in a textbox else hide
Converting 3gp (amr) to mp3 using ffmpeg api calls
Forking a private repository on Github
Must I call sendResponse?
preg_replace usage in php
Ordering,Sorting records with condition in RoR
how to create custom data config to load services host in rails?
Sencha Touch 2 - How to get form values?
How can one insert a mathematical (greek etc) symbol in dot file
Real SQL syntax highlighting in PHP scripts with Vim
Facebook FQL. Unable to receive results from 鈥減age鈥�table about pages with timeline
Is there a way to 鈥渙verride鈥�a method with reflection?
How do I prevent, stop, or kill Javascript function?
AlertDialog don't open
plugin for blackberry app using phonegap
log.index (No such file or directory) AND Task process exit with nonzero status of 126
Most efficient 3d engine for android?
How to get array of dates for saturday column and sunday column in a datechooser in flex
What is the best Java Image Processing Library that is Comercially Opensource/Free for low level pixel manipulation? [closed]
401.2 error only with Anonymous Access
Run multiple instances of NSOperation with NSURLConnection?
Offline symbol server over http
Query to get lowest value that's greater than zero ans is not NULL
Some trouble with passing a list of values from a HTML form into a C# method
Improving memory layout for parallel computing
how to calculate public key of a certificate in JAVA which match with the public key calculated by windows
Consuming a post method in WCF REST template 40 - JSON
Class not found despite of classpath in MANIFEST
CF ORM - Cannot load the target CFC
Extending a virtual product Magento
Hosting streaming content [closed]
DataItem contains escaped HTML, how to render as actual HTML?
User Roles not updating for entity framework in customroleprovider
How to find path with maximun cost
Alternating cron jobs issue
Making Struts send 500 Internal Server Error when exceptions get thrown
Android - Timer and GPS tracking. Should I use a service?
how to get the last element id value with jquery?
I can't login using the previously defined users after I have published my mvc app to IIS 7
Why a ( ) instead of [ ] when deleting hashes?
The event handler '' could not be found for appending statements
VB.NET PrintDialog Print to file
WP7 combo box equivalent
$('<element>') vs $('<element />') in jQuery
is there a way to see the GUI liveley when stepping the code in ollydbg?
How to add padding or border to a DIV and keep width and height?
Need a BI Dashboard to use for SaaS Application
Best practice to maintain a user id (MVC)
How to find points on a curve and display them?
UIWebView stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString not working in iOS 5
How to connect to an AS/400 system from a chrome (or other) browser using javascript?
call a component inside a plugin component
How to replace special elements such as '?',etc to html entity number [duplicate]
Removing exported objects from the container
PHP xmlreader 404 error
How to get the position of an iframe relative to the top window's viewport?
lucene 4.0 statistics [duplicate]
UIImage from a URL (google maps)
PopUp Window. How to show full text content and two other questions
Solution when super cannot be first line of constructor in java
Process.Start filename using %temp%
Recursive layouts with Handlebars.js
jQuery keyup triggered when tabbing to page?
Public Key encryption with .NET and decryption with Java
How Do I Set Up A Makefile To Build Using Visual-Studio-Style Output Directories?
Backbone.js Collection Not Adding Objects
Cannot get fullcalendar to display events from a Google calendar
ListPicker IndexOutOfRangeException
Relying on TFS 2010 Notification Service
MySQL Query enter in a loop
r - ggplot2 - create a shaded region between two geom_abline layers
From C# to JavaScript - Working with Class instances
Using external php script for checks [closed]
Running m-files from Python
Easiest way to test iOS 4.2.1 with Xcode 4.3
Retrieving YouTube insights via URLs
Why do I get some blank Tiles in MapView for Android?
How to make a row clickable to view details
Subsequent pcntl_signal signals not kicking off handler
RAW Socket - Ethertype and receive's algorithm - C
CRM 2011 - Set/Retrieve work hours programmatically
Stored procedure with return value
Need database design advice for a school grading system
How to Drag any Object with C#? (Wrapping)
鈥淪tack overflow鈥�error. Probably pointer out of list
How can I create 鈥渁dd new address鈥�functionality similar to the contact for iOS (iPad & iPhone)
How do I 鈥渦nconvert鈥�an app from South (Django)?
Jquery error in IE
Can I start an application from .NET but not give it focus?
Is it bad to have public variables in a non-static class?
How to restore a whole directory from history of git repository?
Shuffle Image Function
Reading and writing properties file in a java Swing application
Quickest way to duplicate a MySQL Record
Got ANR after device went to sleep (Android)
SharePoint 2010 Relationships between lists - difference with referencing custom list column
Returning an ArrayList from an ASMX Service
java convert to int
XCode: Still Able To Access Deleted .plist Files鈥hy?
Running function on event
iPhone:Issues when formatting json for server request
Use Tomcats configured Executors in Application Code?
Get local IP address for socket
f:ajax listener not fired for h:selectBooleanCheckbox
jQuery FullCalendar, view month one more week is showing up [closed]
Queries on Phonegap plugin development
Filter Global MSBuild Items
How to migrate my files from one folder location to another with full user visibility
How do I make sense of all the widget sizes and size policies while designing a dialog in Qt Creator?
cross-browser reporting and business intelligence platforms
Join vector of strings to std::ostream (like boost::join)
Magento: Information about product pictures (small, thumb and so on), where in the DB?
extracting substring according to given start and end points
Java classpath issue with mingw32
ORA-01732: data manipulation operation not legal on this view
threaded comments in Django
Android VideoView, need to switch between videos quickly
How long before a deprecated feature is removed from an API?
Android GoogleMaps tiles flicker
SQL: Find all previous records for a subset of IDs
Modify the week in a Calendar
FFMPEG Oddities when decoding
How to use Change Request Management template in SharePoint 2010?
Websphere 7 cluster
how to auto build jar by maven when i modify one java class?
xxx not identified as internal or external command
Hudson rejects default view for 鈥淢y Views,鈥�triggers NullPointerException
array output - order in the index structure
javascript search function not working in IE
handling click event on container and contained html elements
Whitelisting IPs with .htaccess / .htpasswd
Using wordpress user accounts with an iOS app
issue with onLoad event in grails
Multidimensional Array Looping with Some Values Not Set - PHP
RadComboBox.SelectedItem cannot be assigned to 鈥�it is read only
Java DatagramSocket setting keep-alive option
Rails, how to easily update a Table.field integer with a +1
How to use generic to create common method for addition for multiple data types?
Grouping values of a vector
Java - How to list content of a directory?
Alternative form for Django's `ChoiceField` that can handle thousands of entries
Javascript escape encoding
Prevent URL from redirecting
Javascript Inheritance of arguments and functions
Routing images relative to views in Asp.Net MVC?
cant create Region while drawing on android canvas
jquery update database [closed]
iOS: Displaying currently played track info in LockScreen?
How to get words frequency in efficient way with ruby?
Android check if data is enabled and available/working. What if the user is on prepaid and has no credit?
Is there a basic/simple lightbox/overlay jQuery-based library anywhere?
WPF Styling Colors
lucene estimate index size, search time
Linux: How can i grep text from string to string
Using Spring in standalone apps
Tastypie Negation Filter
Running an m-file script from LabView
How to add a string in string.xml using Java code, in Android?
Deserializing Encrypted ObjectList
Call a ViewController method from NSObject Class
ReHosting Workflow Designer - Change orientation of toolbox
MANIFEST.MF in RAD not listing all dependencies
Testing dynamically created methods
Rails Devise adds additional required sign on every page reload
What is the syntax for calling a member function pointer that is a member of a structure array in C++
How do I get rid of these subselects?
UIView in landscape and portrait
best way to format spacing for input form html
Width/Height of an opened image (Gallery)
How to perform Image processing in Android without an API?
In IE 8 selection of several table rows slower then Firefox
How to embed blocks of data in ExpressionEngine without using many channels
How to implement a simple RestKit callback interface?
How to grep for multiple non-greedy matches in HTML text?
Solving maze using stacks
this and super keywords in Java constructors
Programmatically set the value of a block in Drupal
How to do data validation in an elegant way when write C++ functions?
Combining duplicate objects(POJO) within an ArrayList and generating a third and new Object Java
Fixing bad URL via RewriteRule [closed]
Trouble with Response.WriteFile / Response.BinaryWrite / Response.TransmitFile (ASP.NET)
Sending no match output rows to nowhere
False positive when statically analyzing code in XCode 3.2
Logging in with php, then executing a script
USB host mode on Android receives strange leading data bytes when connected to serial adapter
Perl command line multi-line replace
Update label text when radio is checked
I have a crash. Why does my class receive the notification?
Parser Error Message: Could not create type 'WebService.asmx.cs'
Undefined Index PHP
PDF upload/view webapplication in PHP
Google Maps API, error with InfoWindow domready event handler
How to invoke method of MarshalByRefObject-derived object without assembly defining the object?
Conditionally Serialize Attribute
Exception Handling and Opening a File?
Extract data from a sequence of bytes
C++ templated linked list trouble
Is jquery css file necessary for the jquery ui?
C++, Making a pointer to a char array
Menu in android
CSS override line-height on word wrap
Suppress SSIS Warnings for unused output column
jQuery dialog box is not opening 2nd time
IllegalStateException in getSectionForPosition use in an indexed list adapter on Nexus S
Memory Errors when reading the file in utf-8 format
Infix To Prefix Notation Boolean Expression Java
Merge sort and Inversion algorithm
javascript create class event
How do I programmatically configure Jersey to use Jackson for JSON (de)serialization?
check Object type from String
QUnit for javascript Testing on events
Error opening SQL Script Project on SSMS 2005
how to point a pointer in a struct to another member of the same struct
Best way to create a wizard with storyboard and core data
google gwt JsArrayInteger (JavaScriptObject) use via JSNI
Used type 'UITextField' where arithmetic or pointer type is required?
Copying part of a File to a byte array in Java
How to get value from a NSDictionnary which is in a NSArray
How do I write a portlet without any external view component
Using MediaPlayerCtl.MediaPlayer in VB6 not allowing multiple instances under Windows 7 Professional 64bit
Actionscript3, Starling and Box2D resources and tutorials
CodeIgniter modular CMS with templates
Detaching slideshow instance
Turn off Autocorrect Globally in an App
how to call to self-invocation function
Java memory: Object consumes thrice the size it should
ShellExeute Format DOS command
swfobject and installing flash
Text overlapping items in Dropdown items
Liferay/Tomcat: Where do I put my own selection of spring-framework jars?
Anonymus function within function gets overwritten on subsequent calls?
osx: newbie friendly way to make 5k txt files of various encodings into utf8 encoded txt files [closed]
Django: using values() and get_FOO_display()?
Updating a datarow in a datatable within code
Java code for String arrays populating a ComboBox
CodeIgniter input filtering
Add delay when updating text on scroll change
Android wordwrap in TableLayout
How do I get SVG with Batik to refresh / display after DOM has changed?
How should marking be accomplished on arrays of VALUE* in a Ruby extension?
Converting a Java Application into an Applet
Codeplex source view? What would the most up to date Nuget Package XSD be?
Enable form element in dynamic element list
2to3py (Does it exist?) [closed]
Trouble with reading file from assets folder in Android
Get authentication request in Facebook page tab app
Emacs: batch processing of org mode files via crontab
Developing basic Qt in Xcode
Ninject Constructor injection and build proble,s
Detecting whether a user has created his node profile
How are error messages in StringTemplate to be interpreted?
Preventing the user from logging out or shutting down
Unable to load DLL 'UNRAR.DLL': The specified module could not be found
JavaScript code conventions - if statement
Where is the best place to store your Smarty template cache files?
Which release of the spring portlet mvc framework is included in Liferay 6.0.6?
Copy & paste = link error? [duplicate]
TLF shoots error when used inside a SWC
How to encode an .ics header from JavaScript to PHP?
Why is my Linq to Xml query failing?
Stack swing elements from top to bottom
django class-based views for handling AJAX responses
How to trim characters from the beginning of a string. Android
Unable to delete managed dll after using it in an web application
How can I work with XNA projects in Visual Studio 11 Beta?
Strip Header When Outputting Variables
Page url links to pages internal frame
Why can procs be invoked with === in ruby 1.9?
How to ignore navigation properties when serializing
What happens to an Activity and its public variables after Activity finishes?
Preventing Cross site scripting for checkboxes
vfp query like command not working
magento - layout update xml to add remove or modify element class names
jQuery request submitting twice
Using Prawn on Heroku
jsPlumb and dynamically added containers
Play! framework deployed as a JAR or Service?
Reg Expression Javascript for Millions with limit
How to display this HTML string in echo php function
How do i access HTML of another site using PHP [closed]
Set text color of one element to bg color of another element
commons-net ftpclient's storeFile & storeFileStream doesn't work
IntelliJ IDEA: prevent redeploy for any little change
iOS 5 SDK issue
Disable Asset Minification in Rails Production
Rackspace Cloud Files PHP get_objects at the 鈥淩oot level鈥�
makefile: find a position of word in a variable
Rails 鈥淪ometimes Has One鈥�Relationships
Server is not allowing long GETs parameters
Sorting NSString values as if NSInteger using NSSortDescriptor
How can I string format a decimal (multiple of 0.5) as a whole or mixed number?
CakePHP 2.1.0: How to Create 鈥淒own for Maintenance鈥�Page
Is it possible to run an Adobe AIR app without installation?
django ignore case with __in lookup
Emacs in TTY + keyboard bindings
Regex as a command line arg for filtering lines with a particular value
Git commit resulting in a missing tree error
Creating a segue programmatically
Rails 3.2 Prevent Object from being Saved using Errors
Notifying about events from dll to main app
Rails PJAX not working
Marker in sencha touch map
(Plugin: Wordpress NextGen Gallery) How to show the gallery description in nextgen gallery view?
Default Audio Output - Getting Device Changed Notification? (CoreAudio, Mac OS X, AudioHardwareAddPropertyListener)
Can't get iscroll4 to play with backbone view
Textarea needs ellipsis instead of word wrap
Simple.Data framework: join doesn't work
Define Entity Framework SetInitializer in web.config
Map rendering using OpenStreetMap
Unscramble string in C
Keep ViewController loaded after navigating
R installation on server and Visualizing the plots or graphs.
WebRequest and WebMethods interop
Marshal and UnMarshal Firemonkey iOS Application
How to generate parent/child nest on client side?
Write text on image in WP7
Why don't style and layout use the android namespace?
Basic Entity Framework Questions
c++ optimize array of ints
Converting a SQL query to an XQuery that counts Bi-yearly sales.
Can I include partial view in Web2Py, passing specific variables into it?
Print With No Margin
Java SwingWorker passing arguments and returning
Rotating or changing the orientation of an array in PHP
Rich Calendar Validator
How & were to declare bitmap/drawable in android
Problems running Rake rspec task with ci_reporter
Stop a service when OnAudioFocusChangeListener when =AudioManager.AUDIOFOCUS_LOSS
Language Specific Site, Best Practice
Most Efficient Way to Parse JSON Using Android
winapi postmessage WM_HOTKEY
Struts2 using s:checkbox with c:forEach for selective Trade data records select
Monitoring Garbage Collector in C#
Classdef and properties
show div after submitting the form in MVC3
How to create ip mask and filter it on .net?
Send intent from listview to another activity
Persistant Storage in HTML5 for Mobile Devices
How do I programmatically play a youtube video embedded with swfobject registerObject method?
Is there a function similar to mysql_real_escape_string for php's sqlsrv library?
Hooking events with .on() with JQUERY
Cocoa drag & drop information
What is the best way to select data in a JSON data object?
Using numbers as assoc array keys
How do I get hold of Liferay's Hibernate Session implementation within a portlet?
INotifyPropertyChanged update ontextchange
Add DLLs folder
Strange eclipse display issues
How to pass Parameters from a region to other regions
chrome extension how content script run on a package app
Issue Message without locking up exe
asset_path not prepending application name?
Is it possiable to set ExpiresDefault to a path ?
How to delete elements in array?
How to show an element again which parent was toggled
Smart card dedicated file length
Cache seems really slow
Slow Git operations
Selections are slow when selecting on a range of numbers
jQuery select by boolean data attribute
Why are dynamically added widgets not displaying?
SlideUp block in the block that is already SlidedUp
Cannot bring ID back to life using .replaceWith
JavaScript Exception 鈥淭he object invoked has disconnected from its clients.鈥�on鈥�
facebook - create/edit application remotely
Launching java app with uri passing parameters
cakephp prevent user login from multiple locations at the same time
iPhone camera image in Cocos2d
How can i test for an empty queryset in Django?
Using Java reflection returns all nulls
Is the following template specialization code non-standard or a bug in VS-C++?
NSUserDefault Doubts in iphone sdks
How to efficiently calculate distance to nearest 1 in mask in numpy?
fixing eclipse project setup
Convert query string to key-value pair in .Net
HTTP request failed when using Twitter API with simplexml_load_file
Webview and Googlemaps
Web IDE for IronPython with intellisense
How to Convert Android project into Google Api project
XNA 3D/WP7 point light without custom shader
Windows Service and MVC communication
spock test for a service in grails
How to test deferred action - EventMachine
json encode is not working with array of objects
Email not sent in Jasper Report Scheduling
static JComboBox not displaying in GUI
How to switch to Login window using obj-c in Mac OS 10.6+
Assets precompile not being run on heroku cedar for rails 3.2 app
Mobile image carousel? [closed]
HTTP 401 Error while trying to read data from Vimeo's oEmbed endpoint
notification banner on ipad displayed upside down when app is launching Landscape (left home button)
NSregularExpression and password
Using Fancybox with ASP.NET MVC Ajax
Writing to an XML File in Java
What is required to be qualified as a ORM? [closed]
validate textbox for spaces only
Keeping a jQuery popup inside the browser viewport
When to use array and when to use cell array?
Complex Condition in Database Trigger
disable the current link in a breadcrumb trail
Scale Web Viewer to fit box (reduce or enlarge to fit)
NHibernate DTO with deep object graph
Selecting value in Combobox from cookie
display html files in the local hard drivers with python
Restkit core data detail data
Hide/show a icon depending upon the
composite key in web2py
Grabbing specific data from an NSDictionary
How to translate the activity from top to bottom and viceversa?
JSF2 + EJB3 + CRUD with an user control to commit or rollback?
Unmarshalling XML from a secure URL in Java
Dynamic Data - Selecting a table from a DropDownList to scaffold in a GridView
app submission: Bundle ID and Bundle ID suffix
DataGrid Sort/Update Issue
How to manage dbcontext in layered web application using EF 4.x
XDocument.Descendants returning null values
GridControl detail grid
Firebug kind of editor for jsp?
R: strange map format
Android querying external MySQL database
How to make nuget create folders in the project?
How to skip empty fields reading a file with FlatFileItemReader?
Sharepoint 3.0 - hierarchical list
Using Jquery to find the current url to replace /modify the class
JUnit 3, how to find which tests covered my lines of code? (RTC鈥aybe?)
JqGrid multi select list always has first option selected in edit mode with IE7/8
RC2 Crypt SQL Server and C#
Showing two UIViewController at the same time
Fix blue line on Google Chrome
Core Plot - iOS Touched Event is difficult to select point on graph
how to remove extra spaces from string in C
How is my method call resolved?
How to run multiple Delete sql statement with the help of java JDBC?
Seam 2.2 App on JBoss 7.1?
Javascript: why 鈥渢his鈥�inside the private function refers to the global scope?
Can't run two times execl
Learning Visual Studio 2008 from Scratch
Setting PHP's default timezone
JavaScript Help! Script not working
send a php variable in jquery dialog()
Numeric Format for only Positive Integers
Running Maven from Java code in Windows?
Confirm 2 password fields via jQuery
Dynamic Lambda Expression inside an Expression Query
Can't get knockoutjs to work
XNA using content.load XML always returns the same object?
Could not find stored procedure dbo aspnet CheckSchemaVersion LOCAL HOST
Scrollviewer blocking events
Group Delimited Flat Data using Flex
google map api v3 Weather information
Custom UI Element CSS Padding Issues
How to change certain fields in the pages based on value from the dropdown with URL set as a Java weblet
Getting the Row and Column of a Triangular Matrix, Given the Index
SQL Server CE 4.0 Entity Framework, query runs realy slow (compared with SQL Server CE 3.5)
Run a Bash Script automatically upon login
PHP Image/Fileupload: crossbrowser, multiple files, drag&drop?
Why is IE mishandling the CSS auto margin here?
How to implement the simple Rect.insersects(Rect one, Rect two) method?
iPhone: stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString gives wrong output
nmake Won't Work - Qt
Association Proxy SQLAlchemy
MySql JDBC timeout even with 'autoReconnect=true'
searching lat long with mysql with spatial
Inputs name and table fields name?
MySQL time table data structure
jQuery form validation - how to iterate
Facebook Integration and logout url
Change color of text box with CustomValidator
Inconsistency in definition of STL upper_bound?
jQuery form validation, show success message
Oracle.DataAccess Error
How to make a messagebox disappear after 3 seconds?
Plotting a line above/below existing lines created with plotyy
Slow 2D animation
Implementing iOS procotol - readonly property
Logically Consistent URLs with Complex/Nested Routes for nested data-driven menus?
Can EntryElement be multiline on MonoTouch.Dialog?
Facebook like button and twitter button needs to be on the same line
DataGridView-when I press enter it goes to the next cell
execute unix command in perl script
sql script needs if statement wrapped
Access to class generated with XSD
What causes duplicate PKs in MySQL?
VB.NET WPF Threading
Reload the start activity?
My own API Key to my RPC server
Is there a way to make only one query of a super class then get a list of all the respective sub classes in django? [duplicate]
IValidatableObject only in some actions
can Hibernate emit MERGE SQL statements for INSERT/UPDATE contructs?
Implementing standard software design patterns (focus on MVC) in R
DQS Composite Domain 鈥�Raw Data Name Field Has Both People And Company Names
How to redirect to another page with jQuery Autocomplete item click
inconsistent output fixed by debug statement placement
Is restrict(amp) more restrictive than CUDA kernel code?
Decrease regex greed
Facebook Album Access Token Expire every 2 hours
ruby array element grouping
Complicated SQL Server query
Why does Android DDMS File Explorer only show 3 directories?
self.tableView reloadData not reloading all of the tableView Delegates
Tagging image on facebook using Graph API on C# SDK
Intraday candlestick charts using MatPlotLib
Continuously update Python script in NppExec console [Notepad++]
How to assign a new value to field of all children(obj) in java at one time?
wrong page link using urlRewritter.Net
upload progress in FTPClient
javascript get value from a function
Any reliable, cross-browser way to distribute the remaining space in parent element between several DIVs?
Dynamically set event handler using DataTrigger
Looking for a cross-platform method for basic 2D/3D graphics for iOS and Android
Best practice for reporting Internal Service Error 500 for RESTful web service?
Sqlite case statement joys
Can i code the home button on android to make it work as i want?
how to mandate a number to display 2 decimal places?
Facebook XFBML Share box: pop up window vs. modal window setting? Modal window never loads
Silverlight: Fix for HyperlinkButton hover bug?
Foursquare Test Push receiving a 301 (Moved Permanently) response
C# Generics type when using this keyword
How could we experience the power of object oriented programming in procedural language? [closed]
Android - how to set an ArrayList ListView with a field from an object but also track the items id
Getting twitter #hashtag posts in C++
html5sql.js inserting is very slow with Android Honeycomb and ICS
storing temporary image in variable in the view
Extracting text after tag in Python's ElementTree
android hidden php score
Check for existing Cookie with Rails 3 or Javascript / jQuery
PHP Warning: Unknown: Input variables exceeded 1000
Ninject - Intercept a multiple binding resolution
Bash condition with AND OR operators
Showing human readable most frequent indexed terms using a stemmed field with Solr faceted search
INSERT INTO values (鈥� ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE with multiple values
SQLServer environment issue, SQLError 207 Invalid column name sqlstate 42s22
Search right client in lan
Are verbose __init__ methods in Python bad?
Facing issue in created files in read_header function [duplicate]
IceFaces missing rime.css file
Multi-threaded web scraping in Python/PySide/PyQt
How to connect to a different database based on logged in user with LINQ
Change Outlook message class name without form region
Error 413 when uploading large files using WCF Service on IIS7`
How to communicate between two processes
Async Sockets, Receive multiple files on same connection
distance+load assignment matlab OR cplex
What do I need to do in order to get python-mode.el-6.0.5 to find python3.2? (Using OS X Lion)
Unable to copy text to clipboard while bound
What is the best way to vertically and horizontally center an HTML element within the viewport?
Getting Distinct Words From string via ReGex
Creating Google Maps Clusters by type
Current date/time in ET [duplicate]
How to Support htmlAttributes Parameters in HtmlHelper Extensions?
Please help! FB.login() response is inconsistent; about 5% of people can't login
Generating Certificates in iOS Provisioning Portal doesn't work
display events only one any symbol instead of names in FullCalendar v1.5.3
鈥渘o matching function for call to min_element鈥�when using a vector of CvPoints (opencv)
How does background:currentColor add a line?
adding uilabel on uiimage showing on uitable view
How to never show Yellow Error Page?
Mobile Optomized Websites - Databases
How can I force the browser to print a PDF version of a webpage?
Porting Music Player Daemon (MPD) to Android
Code Coverage for block which has throws
Rest Azure Endpoint not found
Positioning an element with jquery UI
Can't set ListView Adapter from AsyncThread
mvc3 razor, CSS in Helper
STLPort debug in VS2010
Use of archive files for compilation: why, and is there any alternative?
Linking error with nested templates
UIWebView dynamic html to template
Background tasks, if users are on the website
Typoscript - Splitting 鈥渕edia鈥�and 鈥渋magecaption鈥�simultaneously
Python: least square fit with side conditions on fit-parameters
Python: issue in displaying as a list httplib.HTTPMessage
Foursquare Checkin at a venue in iphone showing error 401,unauthorized. Why?
mkdir() full access and rights
Java equivalent of C# Action.BeginInvoke
MySql subquery value doesnt show the correct result
malloc / free. can read from freed memory
Interacting with bash from python
Always avoid in-out parameters in Java?
Distribute apps using iCloud
OpenGL - Object Transformations and VBOs
Xcode 4.2 & Storyboard, how to pass data between views? Existing code error
Share / delete cookie across subdomain (www) in php
Get image which is in the center of the screen
Tomcat versions aren't starting
Best practice for creating a list of userIDs
How to Get the Value of a label control inside the Template of a Gridview column using JQUERY
tell cin to stop reading at newline
Reading records spread across multiple input lines in Python
JasperReports' iReport - Passing Date parameter from iReport to Jasper Repository
jQuery $get error message: Not Found
dynamic compilation failure due to spring-mobile plugin for grails
GWT RPC with Google App Engine (GAE) has delay causing performance problems
dynamically creating array in php
Ignore incoming MIDI from my own App
HR width 100% issue
Issue getting num_rows with mysqli
Eclipse - ADT plugin not auto-completing
Why does system() fail with error code 127?
Inbalance of ()
In less-than-linear time, find the duplicate in a sorted array
HTML/CSS Scale div over full site when scrollbars appear
How do I define the layout of a datasource?
Fluent NHibernate One-to-Many Cascade Delete
Textbox 鈥渓ocks鈥�when value is null (integer is expected)
Cassandra and supercolumns
How to use API in Android?
Maximum value of a tuple
Multiline watch window display for XML data?
Using ruby guard gem to monitor c++ files
Django: django-admin-tools: adding custom js
Search DialogViewController elements by clicking a button
Android app syncing schedule
Redcar mess up my gems
WSO2 ESB Eclipse Plugin
Spring MVC 3 validation with annotations - not showing form:errors
Trying to make my main/java class files to compile to a .jar, and then produce a .war also
MySQL query to generate columns from row data but within the same table?
Locate file after move
Netty client would not connect
k-d tree implementation
How to get single entity with upshot
PHPmyAdmin throwing up errors, can't import sql succesfully;
Java Threads: synchronized blocks
How to send a message to facebook account in my web site?
Cannot draw text to custom view
how to get current timestamp when using ps in a bash script?
carrierwave watermark an image
Using XPath to extract XOM elements from documents with unnecessary namespaces
Hide div inside div in code
i am using Visual web developer 2010 express with sql server 2008 R2 鈥 m not able to access the default database named 鈥淎SPNETDB.MDF鈥�
How to do complicate ORDER BY in MySQL
Block use after 5 uses
UIPopover Sizing c# 脜脛脰 UTF-8
Zilog Z80 OP-Code implementation
get adMob running for android older versions
SQL Multiple request
Reading from a Serial Port in Visual C++ Express 2010
PHP simple date format
Converting a Scala Iterator to a Vector
Best Open Source WURFL alternative [closed]
Flex xml socket to Java xml socket
SQL Server - is this good example for paging [duplicate]
Undesired outline appearing on transparent border in Firefox
Illegal UTF8 string in constant pool in class file
Is it possible to disable compiler warning C4503?
Referencing a #temp table from an external process
Set an editable column for QTableView
Is it possible to make http call using InternetExplorer.Application instead of MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP
how to stop location manager when UIViewController disappear
VB6, Setting radiobox value calls RadioButton_Click procedure
Is there a way to generate a rails scaffold without the views?
Can I use the Facebook JavaScript SDK in an offline web app?
java- How do I count the empty spaces between paragraphs and subtract them from the total line count?
jQuery script to show data-message
Error Dealing with Rails in Aptana
Parsing emails in outloook with C#
Compass CSS Widget?
How to make text go to webBrowser/Url
Cant Understand Angle of Inclination Calculation using Accelerometer on iPhone
Losing dropdown list info on mouseout
Error when calling WSDL soap method - Microsoft.Web.Services.SoapFormatException
Intelligencia URLRewriter HTTP to HTTPS
ASP.NET Repeater Error: No default member found for type xx
How can I send keys to another application using delphi 7?
Handshake doesn't work on Safari, but works on Chrome
MongoDB: Storing an array of subscribers inside a parent object
How to serve Apache-based links from a .Net/IIS hosted site (site subdirectory) on the same domain?
How to write SQL statement with quotes? [duplicate]
Updating multiple tables in one form in Rails 2.3.x
java spring mvc custom tag input text value as a ModelAttribute parameter of a form
Export events URL in Facebook
Send ArrayList<String> from BroadCastReceiver to Activity
I need something in c# which work like the setw() in c++
Printing data without knowing the type?
Tool to change a unit name and all references to it
How to count the number of objects save into NSUserDefault?
BOOT_COMPLETED not called on Honeycomb after export
QWidget is not showing up on entire screen
Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01795: maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000?
AS3 Delete child node from XML by child value
Regex optional class tag