str_replace: Match whole word only
Reverse Geocoding not working to get the address
how to add pagination to my web based database using php and mysql
IE asks to open or download my PHP page - why?
Unexpected behaviour when updating a 3D array
Kohana: should I create models for every table I have for using with ORM?
PhoneGap App working on simulator, but not properly on iPhone device
validate the check fileds click a button in android
Convert string to date in mm-yyyy format in php
XOR behaving inconsistently between debugging and installed version in C++ managed
sending cyrillic text from flash as2 to database
Calculate File Size using Javascript
how to use #ifdef with an OR condition?
Setting up RefTeX Tab completion in emacs
Data modeling for Country,Region,City
How can I tell if cbSize should be int or uint in MonitorInfo?
To put output of a query executed using SQLCMD into a variable which can be used in Batch script
mysql is it possible to do insert into insert?
Drupal 7 Template Suggestions not working
How to Correctly Cancel a TPL Task with Continuation
Selecting checbox and textitem in custom listview it doesn't works fine
Sort FileSystemInfo[] by Name
Is there a workaround for FLAG_RECEIVER_REGISTERED_ONLY, when using only a BroadcastReceiver?
Python test if object exists
Dynamic column selection the EF4 way
How to verify which checbox is checked in the view in MVC3?
Python script how can it do short
Url connection Inputstream and outputstream objects
Iterate and Stringify_keys
error: no matching function for call to
RSS Reader for Blackberry
insert method returns 1 two time in Sql Lite android [closed]
Form input field validation with PHP
Can I force the compiler to optimize a specific method?
how to call testcase inside other testcase class?
Recursive function in bash
How do I get the nth child of an element using CSS2 selectors?
postNotificationName not calling observer method
Retrieving data from 2 tables that have a 1 to many relationship - more efficient with 1 query or 2?
How to include transport information in my php application from Google Maps
sql left join for two tables using a CONCAT string as the argument
PHP Clever script to stop website advertising
How do I close my window in Xpage?
Setting the innerHTML of an anchor tag through JavaScript
Multiple Select against one CTE
How to Enable/Disable button on TinyMCE textbox onkeyup or onkeydown
How to count something in a mysql procedure?
MySQL data transfer with re-formatting
val() of jquery sometimes not working for select element on IE
Managing Model Changes in ASP.NET MVC Razor Views
Character encoding JSF input
How does automatic migrations work internally in Entity Framework 4.3
how can I assign object properties to dynamic elements based on the modulus operator
phpmyadmin mysql gone away
Why does membership IsApproved set itself to false?
Efficient algorithm to return all rectangles on a surface
Create dynamic elements in javascript and visualize it on UI as soon as the node is created
'PDOException' with message 'SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] zend framework
Image not changing after dragging image from other web browser
Dynamically loading the layout
MY Application is giving org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException
how to run a service independent of main thread when my app is visible?
iOS : MPMoviePlayerViewController / MPMoviePlayerController Zoom In by default?
Issue management system for developers and managers
Difficulty in fetching specific data from database
Remove e-mail addresses from the website
Optimize MySQL query with LEFT-OUTER-JOIN and GROUP BY
Adding Target and Title Parameters to ExpressionEngine Generated URLs
How do I store extra data together with Tag-it tags?
how to get value of function handle
Searching by a Sequence Numbers would be faster than searching a string?
How do I get function parameters from bind()?
jqgrid List of objects (with sub objects) as datasource
Showing custom error in bash
Progress bar with pyqt
as3: How to organize classes
Why is NetworkStream.Read so slow?
date formatting correction [closed]
Custom TableView Cell with UIButton and UILabel
SVG element not on top after drag
How can I use the WebEx URL/XML API to register a user for an event?
AlertDialog not to be blocking
Separating JavaScript in cshtml razor views
How do I change the colour of 'and one other person like this' when I've added it to my site? Opens wrong URL. Browser remembers it until logout
Can't find phonegap.js for Iphone
Adjust graph to first value of the series and not 0 in Highcharts
Why waste server resournces on validating Facebook SSL?
Updating web service client in Eclipse
populate list in linq select new
Concatenating nested tuples
URI encoded hashtag within url automatically decoded through PushState
Where to set PHP $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] Trailing Slash?
AVAudioRecorder and iOS 5.1
Using the same font with different sizes in libgdx
Is subtraction of pointers not pointing to different elements of same array valid in C?
Is the addition of a second ID column beneficial to index?
Why does rails require JavaScript Runtime?
XSLT expression for grouping nodes with same value (when value is unknown)?
UDP connection between C server and Java client
Documenting Boost.Test test cases
Timer compilation issue
Changing tel: property working in simulator but Not in Device
Autocomplete uses sql 鈥淟ike鈥�query, but returns every result
Hide certain properties of an object from scripts in iframes
Main activity pops up when second activity is started from home screen shortcut
wmic error (invalid XSL format) in windows7
mysql database url, username and password in file
Binding not working for collections in knockoutjs
Wordpress Comments without plug-ins
Parallel vs. serial implementation explanation
Why can't pydev find the csv module?
how to create shortcut for android app automatically after app installation
Array size based on available physical memory
How to create a counter in jquery
Getting Classnotfoundexception: Unavailable or unrecognized Attach API:
Deserialize Xml with empty elements
Linq multiple where queries
UITableView occasional crash while appending rows
Load latest jQuery library using PHP
How to auto-select a photo radio button?
parsing regular exprision date
Prevent an Object from destroying prematurely
How to make a smaller list of tuples from a large list of tuples?
Binding click function to all elements within an anchor tag with prototype
Javascript Objects and the DOM
Singularization in C#
How do ControlCollection.Item(s) work?
Tracking what python code does with all details
Cascading dropdown with Static data
Zend Framework - Accessing custom configuration files
Is memory used by a JNI DLL returned when the Java process exits?
jQuery carousel where elements are shown and hidden with slide effect are jumpy and are shown outside of viewport
Switching between multiple ssh keys in Git on Windows
Can AES be used for website security?
Text move or scroll up in JTextArea
Javascript/CSS arrows that move with page anchors?
Enhancement on Images stored as pyramids
Android Layout Within Layout Design
Database query issue
How to create a button to close active session in joomla 2.5
Redirect to a php page based on submit button clicked
How to organize a larger PHP project [closed]
pagination issue: I am not seeing the list get broken into sections, it show all on each page
Gnuplot: Plotting trajectories of multiple objects from one data file
Unknown entity type
Windows XP network shares password, to avoid windows remember [closed]
Dont populate table - Hibernate MySQL
Netduino or Gadgeteer running IIS and ASP.NET MVC
Efficient approach to multithreaded set difference
jquery autocomplete - when mouse is below text input, your text is replaced as you type
Allowing any data to be decrypted using AES 256 for the purposes of HMAC
C# (If < or If >) vs Math.Sign
length of non numeric indexed array?
Encrypting datasource passwords: java.lang.SecurityException: Unauthenticated caller:null
PHP/MySQL where/order clause not ordering data
SQL Alter Trigger hanging
How can i embed a javascript function in css in html?
ParseKit not matching my EOL symbols: What am I doing wrong?
Mockist tdd: How to test UUT when collaborator can only be constructed inside UUT?
Javascript Split method not working as expected
Initializing a Date property in beforeInsert fails without exception
Ant Build Signing Jar, how to set different text colors in data table
Assert the Value of a WF Service Variable During a Unit Test
Injecting a local variable to a binding
Flask auto-reload and long-running thread
Get Javascipt slideToggle to close active div when opening another one?
WCF service is deadlocking
SSIS can't use variables (Flat File > OLE DB Command), Must declare the scalar variable 鈥淍鈥�
Inserting html on the fly and tabs
Return value optimization (RVO) when using temporaries in C++
Applying grouped ranking using ROW_NUMBER
Merge/Join two separate graphs algorithm?
Spring security not hitting default-target-url after successful authtication
ASP.NET MVC Remove query string in action method
Java: How to check if a method is overridden, using reflection
Visual Basic Calculation
Python and GCC version
XML file sort particular nodes using XSLT
Custom Drag and Drop Component: When i add a skin, drag and drop no longer works?
Visualize my app's Java source code complexity 鈥�tool for windows?
two foreach loops combined for email sending
Why does this SQL query that works in MS Access not work in SQL Server?
How to safely use exec() in Python?
Importing XML Data From XML File To SQL Database
Configuring email from address in Jira 4.1 email notification
On a Mac, I created a .html document locally but in a browser I just see HTML source
How do I work with complex numbers in CUSPARSE?
What does a unresolved external symbol error mean?
Application walkthrough when opened for the first time
How to best implement DPLL in C++?
JSwing - Re utilse event handler with different parameter value
jQuery Mobile: Injected content appears then disappears immediately
How do I force Leningen to use use a particular version of swank-clojure?
How to buld a new docking bar in QT
Binding Jquery Events On Elements Generated Through Other Events
In Google Chrome, Google Docs can control headers and footers from javascript. Does anybody know how this is achieved?
Copy div to a popup
Visual Basic.NET Saving Preferences in a .txt or .ini
appengine sending mail getting no error for hardcoded emails, but errors when using the data sent in form
insert line into a new file in linux using shell script
manipulating multidimensional arrays with functions in C++
Simple JQuery Fade In/Out
How to preserve png transparency?
Call Jquery in .Net in a Switch Case
jQuery 1.7.1 - fadeout delay issues
Array of function pointers in C
Getting Corrupted Content Error with iTextSharp PDF and Firefox: does not work with Firefox 10.xx
Symfony2 ManyToMany embedded forms
Carrierwave Gem: After creating user with avatar, 'cannot convert nil into string'
Pareto analysis in Oracle SQL without iterative procedures and hardcoding of valid values
JMeter File Upload with HTTP Put Method Not Working
Linux Command Doesn't work from .NET execution when using SharpSSH library
Using Array of Objects in Parameters, Inheritance in Parameters
News Archive in PHP and MYSQL displaying zero results
Android - child activity updates database on onDestroy and parent reads on onResume
Page Jumps After Ajax content is loaded
Quadratic programming in Haskell
jQuery Backstretch - Issues passing php array to javascript?
GET and POST requests from ios5
Only join data with highest 鈥渞anking鈥�in SQL
Questions about Blob anti-pattern in C++
ASP.NET MVC 3 - How is this boolean value working in the controller?
With Server-Sent Events (SSE) does PHP not reach the max_execution_time?
eclipse android programming Error in an XML file: aborting build
How to refer to non final variable 鈥渙ut鈥�from inside class?
Implementing drag and drop with multi-touch in Android
Quartz Composer in iOS
Recreating SSRS Data Source in TSQL for testing
how to integrate a pair of fusion tables with GroundOverlays from a KML file? Updated with my attempt to solve (unsuccessful)
global variable initialization optimization
two fields in select field form Symfony2
Mootools squeezebox handler removing hidden div element
Strange build status for Jenkins/Maven submodule
javascript var statement and performance
Dropping a file from outside an application into QTableView
Checkbox when checked all others uncheck and are uncheckable
Why can't you define a template with a struct?
String Copying in C
iOS basic FTP setup; Read and Write Stream
How can I determine if user input is a valid hexadecimal number?
Using turbo C on windows 7
How expired content handled in Oracle Content Server 11g?
Java Get ALL elements from a multiselect Box
android canvas click
Setting Compiler Level For gradle generated Maven pom
Object array to char array
jQuery Mobile: Is it possible to have static navigation that doesn't fade with page transitions?
Creating an UPDATE RETURNING query in Hibernate
Can I create project specific code snippets?
GPS Info without internet in android
Delay Div OnLoad
Call APIs methods in a way which is safe against changes between library versions in JAVA
Returning the existence of a key in a dict by searching key substring
Change upload file size limit with Ruby Passanger
IIS Express 7.5 not processing requests concurrently
Moving Reports in Salesforce using IDE
Symfony2 shared users across multiple apps
Can not start mysql server
Using Variables in layouts using Zend Framework
Do views refresh if you reference them in a subquery?
Bash Unix Shell Script to Accept Input and Set System Variables
Can I overwrite an HTTP Server Variable in the .NET Request Object
c# client (windows) - server (linux debian) solution
Microsoft Access Fixes not Propagating/Errors Not Reproducible In Dev Environment
Disable Postback on Button Click
jQuery load() : How to prevent pictures from down the page to appear first?
Eclipse spontaneously disables occurrence highlighting
How to initialize items in an ItemGroup with default values?
Copy and Paste Rows into Same SQL Table with Different Values
How create a Java list based in a JavaScript array?
I am trying to make a math quiz program in C, I have this so far but I cant figure out what is wrong
Hadoop-streaming : PYTHONPATH not working when mapper runs
store data for bookmarklet
GIt Workflow dev and production - where should I create the repos?
Mobile facebook login - credentials provided by app settings
CodeIgniter - adding data to session
Windows: Write Directly To CD-R Sectors
Getting value of label based on composite data
Trying to read an MS Office Document
Specifying which cookbooks to run with Chef Solo
Urllib combined together with elementtree
Need a list of WURFL ids of mobile devices sorted by OS. not using 鈥渄evice_os=鈥�of WURFL
How do I remove a word before a dash using javascript?
Preserving image type info in PIL when cropping
Android orientation detection complexion
multipoint regular expressions match with less for loops and less class re-initialization. optimization
Can't get jQuery plugin jsTree to initially select a node
giving lots of intervals [ai, bi], find a interval which intersect with the most number of intervals
Div height equal to another div max-height
best look and feel gui for python [closed]
Can I rewrite a logging macro with stream operators to use a C++ template function?
Remove URLs and Images from FeedParser
Comparing fan overlap between two Facebook pages
Automation of Right Clicking of File in Windows Explorer
WebSQL transaction works in the console, not in code
Preserving keyboard layout in swing app?
issue with iis application
Is there a better way to create dynamic functions on the fly, without using string formatting and exec?
How to make JUnit test cases to run in sequential order?
SensorEventListener onSensorChanged notification
Lines count in a CSV file differs than count of iteration in a while loop. Perl
how to upload a file in youtube using google-api-python-client
ios, facebook and getting profile image
JScrollPane add to frame issue
Covariance with Interface - enumeration of interface
Static Class Property getting NULL when Custom Validation fired in Silverlight 4 - MVVM
How to test EJB method call with Arquillian Weld EE Embedded
why does printf print 3.1 it as 3.0999999? [duplicate]
How to increase width of textfield according to typed text?
How to replace before the first FROM with preg_replace in PHP
Prompt login alert with Twitter framework in iOS5?
How to implement a log?
defining row grids within a column grid
MediaElement stops background audio
Can't set yamler to Psych on Rails 3.2 with Ruby 1.9.2
How to use jQuery to manipulate pages
Is there a way to extract the item type from a Manifest[List[X]] in Scala?
Magento indexes out of date less than an hour from manual index rebuild
Ending a table row in jstl
Unable to follow tutorial to create dynamic search results
Extract few characters from databinder.eval function Exception` in android Client
Rails 3 Devise Customize Redirection for Registrations
Pixels, as Double in WPF?
E-books catering to development using the EaselJS library [closed]
Strange behaviour mysql query
Dropping a session variable (or the value of one) into a client's local application
Trying to run a java application from a shell script on Ubuntu 10.04
Custom camera iOS
Splunk: Referencing field transformations within field transformations
How to extend a view's touch area
Silverlight - Do not set page title
Comparing data in two tables,insert if data is not there,update if data is there
EFBootstrapper Ninject to Unity EFBootStrapper
ORM Architecture
Python: decorate __call__ and ordinary function with the same decorator?
How do I set up an ASP.NET Web Forms application to use Ninject.Web 3.0.0 RC3?
jQuery mobile content area too high
mobile.twitter redirect to login page
Can one use XmlAttributes to selectively XmlIgnore?
Select option from dropdown menu with PHP/mySql
Android update UI from C2DM registration class
trouble getting layouts to maintain size
Does the App Store version of Xcode cleanly replace the non-App-Store version?
Accessing Name Space Variables in XML with Jquery
How to create adorners that don't scale with AdornedElement?
Android SQLiteopen Database connection causing exception
How to change buttons styles in control div in google maps?
how to convert a for loop calculation to a mathematical formula?
cassandra highscore
PHP is creating a directory it can't write to
Ember Image Views performance tips?
Converting an input file of words to a vector - C++
PHPUnit and Globals
Prevent floated divs from wrapping to new line
Regex: not a backslash or line start
How lucene phrases works without position and offset index?
How can I create a border like this in Java?
C: fread function returns 0
Qt: Create a QItemDelegate to have a custom editor (Combo Boxes) in a QTableView with QStandardItemModel
Neural Network Input Advice
exception maximum file size asp:fileupload
Close Colorbox iframe after form submit and then redirect parent page
How to call a on a self hosted servlet from ajax
PivotViewer throwing exception from iexplorer.exe
Facebook like counter appears after pressing 鈥淟ike鈥� then resets a second later
Create Classes from File with a Jar [closed]
CABasicAnimation for shapes in cocos2D?
Reusing Backbone.js controls and widgets
True or False鈥atabase relation confusion鈥�I need a bit of explaination for these
How to extract certain content from NSString
Twitter framework for iphone
鈥淣o such file or directory鈥�error when deploying Rails app with Thin server on Heroku
is there any way to confirm if the thread is killed at the end of execution?
Need an SQL query to list all items that have events that start within a time period but have no active events at the end of the time period
Spring MDP - how to shut it down on bad message
storing data in persistence store
Read data from Excel files
How to make Java 3D jar file working on another computer?
How does running one virtual machine on a host system will reduce system performance?
MobClix ads not showing up
Fileuploader not triggering the actionListener
Best resources to learn C/C++ [closed]
Low fps in low computation java paintcomponent
How should I make multiple http requests in android
Expose private variables in Revealing Module Pattern
Java Threading - Swing app
Minimize code size to avoid duplication of the same code
Locking causes database actions to be too slow
Netbeans IDE for C++ how to specify command line arguments
wicked_pdf on production server
Enterprise Architect - Inherit methods from interface in class diagram
Collaborative Software Platform [closed]
How to install iOS 4 device platform on XCode 4 (currently only iOS 5 in directory)
Using references in Github wiki with restructured text
How to hide custom check mark in table view
ITextSharp 4.1.6. PDF Table - how to remove whitespace on top of each cell? [padding and leading already set to 0]
Are there any signals emitted when creating or opening a directory with QFileDialog::getExistingDirectory?
How do I create a Dialog with Tabs
c Exit if string is empty
How do we replace PATH in all the files with an env variable
Create stand-alone system services in Ruby
Called .save on a ruby object is only passing nil for all strings
Comparing dates using month and year only
EventListeners in nested Functions
Storyboard to a nib
HTML Dynamic div resize on javascript call
How to open PDF created with flying-saucer/itext with a print dialog
Easy way to create new task on Mechanical Turk, using Ruby?
ctrl drag outlet to baseview
Loading images in a JPanel's set of Child components from File System in efficient way
Where can I find the source code for all the C standard libraries?
JavaScript custom Event Listener
Mustache , iterating over JSON objects
Is html5 drag and drop broken on safari browser for windows?
Grails - Saving state/Web Flow using ajax components
Finding Classic ASP errors in a custom 404 error page in IIS7
Is there a way to show open files not in thumbnails in eclipse?
clojurehierarchical diff of two xml files
Ruby on Rails - error when running cucumber: You have already activated activesupport 3.2.1, but your Gemfile requires activesupport 3.1.0.
WNetUseConnection connects to remote server/UNC on same domain but not to a different/remote domain
KML file not showing correct location and polygon orientation. Syntax issue?
defaultPageTransition on MVC4 with jQuery Mobile
PHP While loop, echo Issues
ArcGIS simple example dynamically rendering a marker
EDMX or not EDMX any more?
Double borders in CSS
MySQL Insert with select subquery for one value
How to iterate through enum type while skipping some values?
SQLCipher - Opening an encrypted database on desktop
Embedding a newer version of WebKit with Android app
How to render different template for some tabs in WPF?
Can you animate setRootViewController?
Refresh cache in django
ListView with two different list items
deleting selected record in subform (query)
Testing on iOS 3.1 simulator
Disable submit if inputs empty jquery
Android: Manipulating voice in phone calls
Valid use of django formset?
Cakephp - Conditional Save
Rails Engine isn't being loaded in asset precompile
android - where does WebView download its files to?
connect to sql via windows authentification over vpn
SQL Server deleted identity columns
Style PopupMenu Android
Does Hammock cache requests?
Any advice on using gsub? Works fine in irb console, but won't do find/replace in actual files
Error codes for CryptographicExceptions?
How to synchronize a personal online git repository with a shared one
Static code analysis / Code annotations
newbie: how to get dynamic links for current_user?
Place of the import statement
time series analysis Rcpp, RInside
how to update my tables inside the database using the GUI
comparison operator objects in java
Fusion Layer not showing data when querying against a text column
Weird border with CSS box-shadow
How to avoid 鈥淧ossible unsafe assignment to a non-final static field in a constructor鈥�(AssignmentToNonFinalStatic)
msi rolling back and no error logged
Putting my JSON into a tableView
EntityDataSource where association count > 0
Optimizing simple Python file matching & replacement script
not able to execute multiple async task in android
postfix trying to use root to log onto mysql [closed]
Loading of google's web page/services into an iframe [closed]
.Net XML reader equivalent in Android?
ruby on rails getting a 2-way friend relationship in active record?
How to change pictures on onTouch?
Elasticsearch, Tire & Associations
GDB: print variables in Hex or Decimal format
bind custom class array in repeater
Is there a CherryPy debug toolbar?
In Javascript, how to merge array of objects?
Find values in a basicblock,which are computed in previous basicblocks
Limiting a Lua script's memory usage?
Running a single command on multiple files using Ant
Embedding Cocos2d into another Xcode Project
What is the difference between <> and != [duplicate]
Update image file from parallel Task issue
Searching and editing nested JSON elements
Java - How do I split an array into four separate arrays?
JasperReports' iReport - generating a grand total
convert a date in this format '031012' into a date that I can add days to
Socket send data but the recv program dont work well
SQLite SQLITE_BUSY[5] when hitting destructor and using :memory:
Whats the difference between std::move and std::forward
JFrame does not draw content, only shows white rectangle, when made visible inside ActionListener
OAuth Vimeo with Scribe (Java)
Server.MapPath inside Application_End handler in Global.asax
Format jQuery function with PHP foreach loop
Grails 2.0 - Upgrading Controller Testing and losing renderArgs and redirectArgs
Type-bound function overloading in Fortran 2003
Using GWT to create distributable libraries
Conditional concatenation of a string only if a subquery was found in mysql?
Is it possible to merge two GIT trees according to date?
SELECT command in mysql
OpenGL ES 2.0 Derivative Texture
VS 11 projects backward compatibility. Converting back to 2010
How to declare type parameter for a generic type which is itself generic?
DOS -> path w. braces ->x64 prompt calll x86 exe?
Preventing 鈥淓nter鈥�from submitting form, but allow it on textarea fields (jQuery)
Adobe Air - Check for internet connection
Is it possible in C# to cache the output of the HandleUnknownAction() override?
How to build an object of friends and likes
Please what's causing this 鈥淚ndex was out of range Must be non-negative鈥�error鈥�
Emacs: number-or-marker-p error
Frost Bite 2 example wanted [closed]
How to make use mod_rewrite to create pretty permalinks for a custom-built CMS PHP script meant for external distribution?
PHP is_null() and ==null
Issue with forms authentication not working remotely
How to apply XSLT to 2 xml files by combining them based on the 'name' tag?
AWS ruby on rails sample code
Detect HWND Visibility Change
Inserting data with MySQLi - Should I use prepared statements?
Why .gif image shows only some first frames(Windows Phone)
Dynamic Dropdown mysql apostrophe issue
Spring 3 MVC: one-to-many within a dynamic form (add/remove on create/update)
Organzing javascript / jQuery for multiple web pages
Receiving 404.0 error when downloading a file on IIS 7 and Visual Studio 2010
What kind of template for ios application
Haskell: A function that takes a list xs and an integer n and returns all list of length n with elements from xs
SELECT rows with minimum count(*)
Changing separating character in Zend URLs
how to couple a python code with a SWAT watershed model
PHP: Passthrough unset arguments, not duplicating defaults
Solr loading information without data import handler
how to keep return value when logging in scala
How to format a json feed from coldfusion to jquery fullcalendar?
How to render different pages in 1 WPF window
UITableView params not inherited from IB
Displaying an Applet in Java
Add Java FX 2.0 to existing Netbeans project
How do I start an Activity when my Widget is clicked?
Extending adapter pattern
How do I define default respond_to for index & show action in application controller?
Why does the debugger show only one element from my array pointer?
What should I use for hosting videos for streaming in my mobile app
Android ScrollView Will Not Scroll Anymore
how to multiple Aggregate from XMLTYPE field within 1 sql?
Oracle Membership Provider error - 鈥淵our account was not created鈥�
jpgraph and x axis
parse string to time
how to convert duration in (milli)seconds into text in current Locale?
Check Character device
How to prevent FCGI request timeout in Django
Aes encrypt .Net and Js
Heavy math queries and NoSQL databases
How to do a input statue tracking in EXCEL
using redis extend
How to know which websocket version the client uses?
Augmented Reality Bearing/Heading/Azimuth confusion. (iphone ARKit code)
Where do I find the @Guice Annotation
If statement in android is not working [closed]
How to split number like money format?
How to open sub menu by key pressing
How can I make net.Read wait for input in golang?
How to send a message to a Firefox extension using a C# Application?
Select statement of mySql
Using file_get_contents and use specific parts of the content
Remove </div> HTML tag from a string in PHP
Graph library for PyCUDA
TweenLite sequence with no delay in between individual tween
Change css in jquery ajax with
Programming for multiple monitors [closed]
The user gets 鈥淯nknown file type鈥�when open docx with Word 2003
How can I change the axis position for pairs()?
Editable select/combobox
WCF service one-way method with fault message
Unable to debug using remote java application
How do I get the max memory usage of my program in OSX
PyDev: how remove command line switch -u
Porting C# reflection code to Metro-Ui
how to include .so file in Android
how to give notifications when app is minimized in android?
Camera view with runtime overlay in Appcelerator/Phonegap? Possible?
When I Type 鈥淐trl + Shift + T鈥�in java-editor in Eclipse it shows <ul></ul>
Scala type parameters recurrence
jquery - can't get text from span with 3 class names
GCC: disguising between GCC versions
Crystal report showing records in one line
HttpInvoker get choked when trying to return a list with 1000 elements
Html.TextAreaFor(x=>x.Title) Validate Meta Don't Work
SDK sends wrong key so login fails with invalid key if facebook app is installed
Start a long running job with a web service call
Javascript cookie to distinguish between the page hits/views?
java jscrollpane
PortAudio shows a device count of zero for both Asio and WDM-KS
How to display unicode Arabic string in VS output window?
Converting JDE Julian date to Gregorian
Problems with RabbitMq Managment
Always run on hardware
Which Files Should Be Read-Only for TFS?
Assigning a dynamic id to a radio button in a loop in ruby on rails
Custom navigation bar background on iOS5
gettext po file editor to show multiple po files
Android SQLite code doesn't work after switching from Mac OSX to windows 7
Facebook Like Hide Count Using New Div Method
R count number of commas and string
Can't use twice the same function in a button_Click
Making a Unified address search bar in ios 5?
Urban Airship Rich push notification for iOS, user is not registered
send SMS to mobile using java?
Exception NoClassDefFoundError for javax/mail/Authenticator
It is possible to create a GridVIew of LinearLayouts?
2D images to 3D view
Omit Default Value ASP.NET MVC 4 Web API
d3.js: How to add a data key?
Can I host JScript pages using Apache Tomcat application Server?
jQuery Disable Multiple Dropdowns Not Working
onTouchEvent(MotionEvent event) any way for a long click?
Adding you own place using Google places API in android
Send intent from listview using a service
Noise at the beginning of autocorrelation
Phonegap (1.4.1) Storage not working anymore with iOS 5.1
jQuery Mobile CDN vs local
Read Weight from a Serial Mettler Toledo Digital Scale
Background fill patterns in WPF
How to monitor SQL server database table from delphi application
Using DOMXml and Xpath, to update XML entries
Do z-indexes no longer work after a -webkit transform?
Oracle UCP driver and tomcat: threads failing to stop
Adding custom fields to auth_user table in Django
Select date range from string
Ruby local variable is undefined
XML POST calls from iOS application
Create CSV file and save to Blobstore
Regex optional non-regex group match
Refactor LINQ to SQL/Entities Query with many subqueries
fastest way to sort a list in Java
PDFBOX: Convert a pdf to text or html, including images from the pdf
Understanding CheckStyle JavadocMethod Rule
How can I change default font in ios dev [closed]
Editing head section with YUI
Split a python list into other 鈥渟ublists鈥�i.e smaller lists [duplicate]
How to store an array values in MySQL table?
Weird Spacing with Paid Google Site Search [closed]
How to display Oracle schema size with SQL query?
Which one should be taken into account, Android emulator or device?
Radio Button Handler not firing properly
Data structure to be used for streaming data
How do i select at item in a QTreeView that is inside a QComboBox
Padding numbers in GNU Makefiles
How to round all the values in an array to 2 decimal points
Backup scheme for non-volatile C++ map constructs
html in javascript confirm box?
Using powershell to find files that match two seperate regular expressions
Progress Dialog when opening Json fed Listview
Colored Pixels Appearing When Trying to Compress Image (pics included)
tracing javascript function flow
Google Blobstore versus Google cloud storage [closed]
Closing child silverlight window before it is completely loaded crashes Parent window
Iterating over a list in a Makefile and getting both values and indexes
AlarmManager delete all schedules on power-off?
Open txt file, skip first lines and then monitor a given column of data
How can i connect PHP to Oracle?
Leaked window even if i'm using onCreateDialog and onShowDialog
how can I run an initializer from the rails console?
scipy large sparse matrix
Query related to Hadoop's Multiple node on same machine using VM
Sorting Images by File Name
How to read a file from a certain offset
ASP .NET MVC 3 + Sharing Data Between A Controller And An ASPX WebForm
MySQL: Converting from MyISAM to InnoDB makes queries faster鈥�
Apache 404's on index.html
Landing pages urls
Eclipse jsp-files formatting [closed]
Get all 4-character combinations of a given alphabet
singleton, factory, autoloader
Dropdown list causing toggling <li> to close at wrong time鈥�only in I.E
DBL_MAX loses significant part of its precision after being re-parsed from string
Any way to suppress a warning in GLSL?
How to decrement each element of a device_vector by a constant?
Empty RadComboBoxContext
Powershell & the Cancel button or ESC
Problems with AnnotationView and Close button
Convert date to miliseconds
Get Specific Data From Array, Based On Another Value
Singleton modal dialog
Large images loaded in iOS and resized by outlet
Configure Spring Web Flow with Java configuration
best practice for tabbed layout in html [closed]
Handset is not recognised by eclipse 鈥渙ffline鈥�
jQuery + GWT set checkbox status
Can a class have static/final property in javabean
How do I test my module that uses File::ShareDir?
Sanitize environment with command or bash script?
glDrawArrays(GL_POINTS, 0 4) does not draw points in iOS 5.0 and openGL ES 2.0
Noty jquery / Prototype.js / Internet Explorer 8 Not working
Delay jQuery scripts
Can Peta Poco map to complex types?
What comet server should I choose?
(SQL server) Get only the dates from datetime format from temp column, convert them to int and put them in another column
Is it a good practice to prefix the function definition with namespace in CPP files? [closed]
UITableViewCell bad view
yii: how to make a unique rule for two attributes
SQL Server auto increment on composite key
forward/redirect on submit jsp
Nothing happens when i try to get code coverage for my Unit test with PHPUnit
Can I set my own map on facebook event created by Graph API?
Grails: Logging Domain Data Changes
Should I make a large array local?
Providing different configuration file to ConfigurationSettingsReader constructor
Two checkboxes on a NSIS license page
C++ Builder to Visual C++
Why am I getting a stack overflow for myIt = new MyIterator<E>(start)?
Are temporary objects xvalues?
Has anyone used LINQPad to connect to Tridion Core Services?
Django deployed app shows 鈥淚t worked!鈥� instead of app (Gunicorn + Nginx)
A fast python HTML parser
Database import error
X-code version to develop for iphone4G [closed]
Error Getting FireBreath project from Github
sandboxing/running python code line by line
Multiprocessing on Windows breaks
Finding the Nth key in a TreeMap most efficiently
RavenDB Embedded on GoDaddy - Application_Start firing multiple times
Will sed (and others) corrupt non-ASCII files?
How to move Listbox items up and down
Does MVC3 automatically dispose of current instance of database object?
Midi set tempo meta event
Fluent NHibernate DateTime UTC
Joining tables , foreign key
Python Random number generator and currency system for text-based RPG
Javascript: Replace string in current url?
file_get_contents and jQuery pageless
Can I test if URL is reachable using AJAX + cross-domain + jsonp?
CMake: how to exclude a directory for a given build configuration?
Dynamic field calculations in Django
crystal reports conditional formatting for summary fields
Executing a .cfm script with php
How should I map relationships between multiple inheritance models?
assigning true/false to std::string: what's going on?
UITableView display search results in separate tableview
GWT CellTable and ListBoxes complex identifiers
Array string objects to strings objective-c
How can I mock a field in a Spring controller test using mockito?
Rails change column to mediumtext
how to use regex
The actual building system for D
How do I make a boolean field required in a z3c.form?
Purpose of date.getTime in the expires flag of the cookie?
how to get logged in user id in jsf 2.0
App Icon Launch
How can we load pdf.dll plugin of google chrome in chromium embedded to view pdf files?
selenium driver, option inside optgroup fails to execute
How to reference a table by id
get links to all sites in given domain, any tool?
Parsley autowiring not working
uitableview + navigation controller set title from selected element
SSErrorDomain error code 109. NewsStand download from Amazon S3
How do I make an interprocess rwlock in FreeBSD?
progressive konami code
How do I set the Title of an Android App?
Task Scheduler IIS side with C#
Is it a good practice to measure executed time of a method in a unit test to throw an exception if it runs too slow?
RAW Socket - Ethertype and receive's algorithm - C
CRM 2011 - Set/Retrieve work hours programmatically
Stored procedure with return value
Need database design advice for a school grading system
How to Drag any Object with C#? (Wrapping)
鈥淪tack overflow鈥�error. Probably pointer out of list
How can I create 鈥渁dd new address鈥�functionality similar to the contact for iOS (iPad & iPhone)
How do I 鈥渦nconvert鈥�an app from South (Django)?
Jquery error in IE
Can I start an application from .NET but not give it focus?
Is it bad to have public variables in a non-static class?
How to restore a whole directory from history of git repository?
Shuffle Image Function
Reading and writing properties file in a java Swing application
Quickest way to duplicate a MySQL Record
Got ANR after device went to sleep (Android)
SharePoint 2010 Relationships between lists - difference with referencing custom list column
Returning an ArrayList from an ASMX Service
java convert to int
XCode: Still Able To Access Deleted .plist Files鈥hy?
Running function on event
iPhone:Issues when formatting json for server request
Use Tomcats configured Executors in Application Code?
Get local IP address for socket
f:ajax listener not fired for h:selectBooleanCheckbox
jQuery FullCalendar, view month one more week is showing up [closed]
Queries on Phonegap plugin development
Filter Global MSBuild Items
How to migrate my files from one folder location to another with full user visibility
How do I make sense of all the widget sizes and size policies while designing a dialog in Qt Creator?
cross-browser reporting and business intelligence platforms
Join vector of strings to std::ostream (like boost::join)
Magento: Information about product pictures (small, thumb and so on), where in the DB?
extracting substring according to given start and end points
Java classpath issue with mingw32
ORA-01732: data manipulation operation not legal on this view
threaded comments in Django
Android VideoView, need to switch between videos quickly
How long before a deprecated feature is removed from an API?
Android GoogleMaps tiles flicker
SQL: Find all previous records for a subset of IDs
Modify the week in a Calendar
FFMPEG Oddities when decoding
How to use Change Request Management template in SharePoint 2010?
Websphere 7 cluster
how to auto build jar by maven when i modify one java class?
xxx not identified as internal or external command
Hudson rejects default view for 鈥淢y Views,鈥�triggers NullPointerException
array output - order in the index structure
javascript search function not working in IE
FTP create path with MKD command
Trying to query soap:Body elements using xpath
Cannot assign value to a variable in Objective-C for iOS
GitHub v3 API: How to create initial commit for my shiny new repository?
鈥淲rong algorithm鈥�Error when trying to Decrypt in Java
Changing UITableView functionality on button press
Javascript subtracting fine, adding fails
Error on installing any module in DotNetNuke 5.6.3
Multiple instances of jQuery autocomplete combobox on one page
How do I post to another website with a SAML assertion in MVC3?
dojo: how to get the class name of a div from its id
Redirect from an App
Changing int main() to JNI interface prototype
Rendering Facebook Graph Post Data
Hibernate, fetch, HQL and hashCode()
Serializing a Child Object Within a Parent Object in JavaScript
Is possible to Show Dialog box in Service [android app]?
find strings in vector with equal_to function object
Monotouch: how to optimize the performance for manual load the NIB
what does this regular expressions trying to match in TCL
Mysql execute query with on-the-fly values
Download whole project from android developer?
grails metaprogramming method inject
how can i improve the performance of this oracle sql delete query?
Reporting Services Configuration
How to set TextAlignment property on a TextBox that is part of a Content of other element?
access token retrieved via javascript SDK seems not valid when passing to php
Clone an Image in Flex 4.6
How do I store multiple check boxes with local storage
cron job to execute script and email errors
Restlet response type
How to create a setup on installShield to install two programs
Use value of one procedure in another procedure
Symfony2 controller swap not working
<h:selectOneMenu> doesn't save on the bean the value selected
NHibernate projection, AutoMapping, IPagedList, how to?
Why use public and private to static members and method?
How to integrate code of iphone application in my android application? [closed]
Getting Updated Value while using lock?
How and where would you use instantiateViewControllerWithIdentifier
Scala - Remove jpgs from folder
How to create and use reusable view-templates
Why is the first box in the second row not in the second row? [closed]
How to compute error rate from a decision tree?
How to easilly get the name of the admin which created an item in the template
Getting a notification if an application is trying to send an sms programmatically on a non rooted android device [closed]
Separated oval shadow below a box with css3
Check that list members are in groups of 4, in a row
How to Make Application which Store Sent and Received Messages in iPhone
How to specify a generic Type parameter in XSD Data Contract?
C++11 Convert traditional pointer to smart pointer. Using up-to-date SVN Clang and libc++ from llvm
iterator over display tag column in struts?
Isotope - Sorting elements. First by this and then by that
Submit form only when an attachment is uploaded
Creating a default value for `:order` that can be overwritten?
General error with PDO and SQL create temporary table
PHP headers expiration check
SoftKeyboard for android
Incompatible key type SET<Id> for MAP<Id,String>: save Error [closed]
WIndows 2008 R1 suffers recurring 'Error 81' when running diagnostics. Unable to connect to DC
Recording And Playing Back Audio in iphone
SQL CONCAT IF Statement?
Timeout when connection is gone. HELP ME PLEASE [closed]
R pass variable name to plotting function title in R
/accounts/test-users giving OAuthException
UI automation error using iOS 5.1 target
What does uint32_t stand for?
basichttpclient execute throws 鈥淪ingleClientConnManager: connection still allocated鈥�why?
Constrain Optimisation Problems in R
Link between two servers via curl and mcrypt
To Bind RadGrid Dynamically
How to enter SQL log in ADO.NET Entity Framework
Manually Updating a Many-to-Many Relationship in Entity Framework Code First
How to multiple call to an api with jquery and collect the results in an array?
Building a jar file
bash double bracket issue
Why am I getting AccessDenied with videos?
PDF view horizontally [duplicate]
How to remove button background color
JUNG2 - how to scale - make all vertexes visible
How to use the CDK library for PdCurses in CodeBlocks?
How to pass data from one activity to another in tab layout in android [closed]
Properties not visible at design time but only at runtime
How to display the data base values order by date using jquery here?
Drupal 7: Custom 'Node Submit' Page through Views?
Word Document Paragraph break
Dynamic InnerFade with JQuery
C# : Get type parameter at runtime to pass into a Generic method [duplicate]
One finger restriction on UIView
Error when using Message class as return type in WCF service dosen't have 鈥済etLastFocused鈥�
Modal Vs Modeless Dialogs
Dragging and Dropping On A Div
Haskell ReplicateM IO
SignalR message lost when client is navigating
Display PDF file inside my android application
Data check on SQL insertion
MVC3 WebGrid Pager Position Custmization
Add TIF image to Jlist or Frame in java
XHR 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) with very simple HTTP request
PHPStorm and magic methods
Use table from existing external database in my project
Route for root address in web forms
Get other posible commands from web service
Deployment strategy for .net windows forms application
What is the recommended practice for creating tab view with multiple tabs in Cocoa desktop application
selecting and editing a new object in NSTableView
I am having issue a issue understanding 鈥渟caling transform coordinates鈥� Need Assistance
Timestamp is not writing during xml searilization
Is a Conversion Operator Valid in this Case?
HTTP PUT request, how can i generate one and where can i find examples/syntax?
Zend framework Remember Me -working issue
access rules on Eclipse for Forbidden and discouraged reference
How to delete multiple values from a vector?
Issue in a Custom ViewGroup with refreashing listViews
OutOfMemory Exception on remote execution using Powershell Invoke-Command
Xcode iOS: cookies
Android XML Parsing link error
MongoDB doesn't receive an insert/save when called from a handler
Button submit don't work with Fancy lightbox
slf4j logging issue - log file not getting generated
How to get Byte size of a image file using node.js
must clean Database after changing acl entries?
when choose CROSS APPLY and when EXISTS?
Got issue with apple certificate request
Not able to access element inside iframe
Can we add view to the child of a layout?
Output Chart for the performance of a query in
Login to website using Facebook account
Wicket Label not updated / remains invisible
Working out lower bound of an algorithm?
Razor Syntax Missing } character
Want to fill Structure for Metadata
How to benchmark web chat performance?
Architecture of view hierarchy - iPhone
Cocos2d+Box2d Throw an object like Paper Toss [closed]
Code duplication caused by primitive types: How to avoid insanity?
WTForms error: 鈥渙bject.__new__() takes no parameters鈥� when setting additional kwargs
Array value and index migration
Can I parallelize my program?
Use of ImageButton without ImageURL to display the image
Bazaar: How to export just changed file of some specific revision?
How To Send A File In Winsock (http Way)
automatic language translation and SEO
Trouble with getting web page's HTML code from my C# program
When creating and loading HFile programmatically to HBase new entries are unavailable
What's the correct way to output HTML attributes / text with quotes in Razor / MVC3?
Regular Expression for Datetime [duplicate]
Base an if else statement on what folder an image is from on server?
Interface (interface in interface) in the Entity Framework
How to setup logging in Tomcat for WebappClassLoader?
Reading a DataSet in JavaScript
Margin top = 50% of element jQuery
Installing Haskell Gloss
iTunesConnect Bundle ID freaking me out got redirected to
Xemacs does not show compilation errors anymore
[UIDevice cuurentDevice].orientation returning previous values in appDidBecomeActive callback
Where would I save image from flash card into guest 0S( Ubuntu) and copy that saved image into new flash drives?
Composite ViewModels in a WPF application
Try to grep with Python subprocess including quote cant find the result
Android sqlite cursor query
How to fix aspx web scraping returns empty string?
Facebook access token for site feed
I want to retur or echo some code to display a jw player with the wordpress (add_before_content)
how to refresh part of a site without refreshing the entire page after jquery ajax
Architectural Design for Globalizing ASP.NET application
Sending javascript array with form data
$.mobile.changePage(); don't trigger in my next page?
java keystore and password changing
Is there any way to store a 2D array in a persistant storage?
looking for libraries
ClassNotFound Exception while Calling through JAVA Web Service?
How to perform repeated regression in matlab?
How do I setup Lamson to use DKIM signatures?
Glassfish 3.1.2 and Eclipse Indigo Plugin
Java loop exit condition
Find/Access other ToolWindowPanes in Visual Studio from another ToolWindowPane?
Why AsyncFileUpload fires RowCommand event on gridview?
Block current thread in pthread
JavaCompiler - set the compiled class output folder
Find array accesses in a basic block
when active will change background
Run an exe from C# code
How to setup Whenever gem in production (RVM)
Limited permissions for a SQL Server user
Cache miss under heavy load in memcached
Should we user anonymous classes for Button click listener or Inner named class
Possible to hide navigation bar in tab bar controller?
populating records in gridview