Why does the general program usually start at 0x8000?
Uncaught TypeError: Has no method ajaxSend when sending AJAX from Django form
New to Ruby on Rails installation on Mac OS X 10.7.3
How can I get last modified datetime of S3 objects with boto?
XML adding the same element as a child (Getting HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR)
How to automatically arrange the code structure?
JSR 303: Is it possible to validate whole graph automatically?
How to encrypt HTML source code? [duplicate]
AIR 3 on Galaxy tab fullscreen (impossible ?)
set two foreign key attribute as a composite primary key for another table in oracle
How to unescape QUERY_STRING in mod_rewrite?
My cookies are only available on PHP pages they are set on, is this normal?
Play! framework pass querystring
Get location of image inside WebView on screen
Google cloud Sql - Insert image failed
creating the offline maps and routing
Unable to find MBR type
android 4.0 Ice Cream sandwich Status Bar notification issue
C - Static variable masking global variable
How many ways to place brick on board
How to paint country poligon on google maps?
WickedPdf stoped working on my local system
why my string not work as URL?
What is wrong with insert query which contain Now()
offline_access my app [closed]
What technique did apple use to demo code in xcode on WWDC 2011 ?
Sorting a 2D arraylist based on first element of nested arraylist
How to assign names to dynamically creating Objects in iPad app
Refresh values in a database
ListView background changes onFling
Get N th row value in sql server
How to pass a java object to jsp page
Issue with MPMoviePlayerController playing an audio after a YouTube Video is opened in a Webview
Accessing static file for window.open no longer works in appengine 1.6.3
Has anyone been able to skin the Flex Mobile actionBar to look just like the dark theme Android ICS Action bar?
NSScrollView in Cocoa
Use knockoutjs virtual element to create html part on the fly
Please help me. how to handle this error. when i run my application on another computer i get this message:
Accessing items based off list of indices in iterables
How to create a Queue of unsigned char array in Qt?
operator not resolving to operator function c++
How to use Google Maps with a dynamic form
How to generate query errors in php
T-SQL request. Selecting 鈥渢ree branch鈥�from the table
Convert PL-SQL To SQL Server
Using jQuery slideToggle to show a descirption in a hidden div element causes loop of mouse events or 'bouncing'
How we can pass the DatePicker values into UITableView in UITextField?
Python - List issues (multiple lists?)
Best SEO software for comparing two pages [closed]
count number of occurances in a string using regex java
Setting up Hook on Windows messages
How to configure TeamCity to run the tests concurrently rather than one by one?
TextToSpeech App.. Calling without UI
Where did Eclipse's Run As > Maven Package go?
One tap Zoom out on ImageView
How to force eclipse wrap that line? [duplicate]
ElementTree / cElementTree difference?
Electroserver Db Extension
How to catch (http) response code with SaxParser.parse
Copy data from a different worksheet in Excel
Maven setup with war, ear and dependency jars
How are we able to declare a static member in a class of the same datatype as the class? [duplicate]
Why do I get 'Binary logging not possible.' on my MySQL server?
How to check that ObservableCollection has duplicate data or not?
Where is new wicket in maven repo?
Using OpenCV FileStorage on iOS
Magento, insert custom form on invoice page
How to pass a parameter to an included page with JSF 1.2
Jetty mac encoding to UTF-8
how will existing apps look on ipad3 or high resolution ipad [closed]
jQuery PNG transparent MouseHover
Shadow inside of a div?
SQLiteDatabaseCorruptException Error while creating an query
Word splitting statistical approach
A good way for programming Android and IOS Apps? [closed]
Reuse of Statement for non resultset resulting queries
About: java.lang.ArrayndexOutOfBoundsException: 6
datetime conversion with specific format
why using volatile with synchronized block?
Protect business object from changes
PHP PDO Bit(1) returns wrong data type
How to use variable in sed search pattern
jQuery jCarouselLite fails on sliding two images
Import PNG texture to memory but not framebuffer- using C++ and OpenGL
Using A NSTimer for MM:SS:HS?
Can I call a stored procedure with hibernate?
Sphinx Daemon returned error: index product_core: INTERNAL ERROR: incoming-schema mismatch. Only on staging server
jEditable - update new values to database
Semantic web ColdFusion cfhttp request options
JNI, load 2 times the same dll (differents name), how to choose which one to use?
Is there a common place out there contains declarations for all Spring XMLs
How to link to static Html page on a different machine.
Symfony project using CURL - building project with API
How to check if an EJB exists given the EJB name/id and the JNDI url of the same
popup in a popup, second popup has no focus?
Notification of Collection Update for IDataErrorInfo Validation
Fixed centered menu with dynamic height
PO Box Address regex issue
Spring MVC - RequestMapping invalid prefix and view resolution
How can I convert from underscores to camel case with a regex?
Releasing displayed pdf files in webbrowser control
mysql query does not work on different files -php
Accessing a hyperfileSQL data via #
SpeechRecognitionEngine: UnloadAllGrammars is VERY slow
multiprocessing python
How to cut one bitmap from other bitmap
Powershell implementation to pipe array into command
Why does xml retrieved from a site not look like web browser content?
synchronization on single statement?
Applying a view link [closed]
Django: How do I access post data and match with a criteria
How to disable vertical bounce/scroll on iPhone in a mobile web application
Set checkbox value throw attribute boolean value
using ajax to refresh a remote page so that the variables will be updated without refreshing the main page
Win64 compiling package from source: 鈥渟orry, unimplemented: 64 bit mode not compiled in鈥�
How to trim to first 鈥�鈥�in php string
Arguments not being passed correctly to Test::MockObject method
cxf - how to create a REST NO soap endpoint on top of another endpoint
Send mail with CDO through Google Apps gives transport error: CDO.Message.1 error '80040213'
Java webservice tool that uses xml instead of jaxb annotations?
Rotating a UIView around a bouncing ball on iPad
How to create url mapping in web.xml
matlab: is there a way to import/promote variables from a structure to the current workspace?
Using custom Textview in Style
How to dynamically allocate cells in QTableWidget
resize img src inside fixed div
Tortoise SVN log -limit or something similar
Shuffling Images Around in a Table
Create List with XSLT from two xml docs
Is it possible to get generic parameter type at runtime from GWT
jqgrid icon issues
Open a cash drawer connected to a usb printer
In Oracle SQL, how do you query the proportion of records of a certain value?
Quoting the expanded value of a macro
Archiva/Maven failed to execute goal
posting html form to mysql db and avoiding database attacks
Ignore CSS tags
How to walk through a CellTree in GWT
JScrollPane - multiple Images on new line
Quartz scheduler - Is it possible to configure Quartz to allow jobs with the same identification in RAMJobStore?
dojo foreach function
Message Digest in Objective-C
regex find and replace notepad++
How to create a 鈥淣ested ssh tunnel鈥�
Clear Text Overlay using opencv
How to decrypt a crypt's hash? [duplicate]
DIV height not adjusting [closed]
My SQL queries vs. Macros
How to use a string in the linq where clause?
Drag and Drop file path to Java Swing JTextField
Renaming report server url
Loading a new page with Javascript/Ajax
PHP & uClassify strange bug
unintended gap between elements
What is a SNMP ping?
C# Why i can not split the string?
Excel 2007 VBA Cell.interior alternating based on Consecutive Cell Calculation To target
Simplifying complexity in for a table object structure
XCode 4.3.1 and iPhone 3.2 SDK Link Warnings, Directory Not Found
Global variables inside functions value is NULL
richfaces rich:contextMenu disappears in IE6 when onmouseout on calling div is executed
How do I resolve a 503 Response code when installing/configuring FishEye?
How can I determine which version of MacOS I'm compiling on?
Virtual directory not able to access the in web.config of the web site - Intermittently
grails, disable eager fetching when render a domain list as JSON
Cannot create CLUSTERED INDEX on a View due to LEFT JOIN or subquery
Must I used my developer account when downloading Xcode from the App Store?
AS3 tracing datagrid content
Looking for a jQuery slideshow for quotes that supports random
Fastest way to load bitmap, re-using bitmap once created
Download very large files (8GB+) - combining WCF and WebClient?
Modeling data in App Engine. Child entities vs. Document-style
How to remove 鈥渨eb/app_dev.php鈥�from Symfony2 URLs?
toPixels() returns the pixels of the tiles, instead of the screen
Error linking LLVM
Empty cells have a fixed width of 0?
PHP & uClassify strange bug [duplicate]
Where to place common business logic for all pages in symfony2
Cannot interact with Bing Map on iOS; Android does not show polyline (Flex Mobile App, using Javascript API through StageWebView)
VS2010 Multiproject Solution - Console and Form Application
NSPanel loses focus although being modal
Converting/wrapping h264 video stream into MPEG2 TS
How to read main cookie from the sub domain with an existing sub domain cookie in PHP
Is it possible to add languages to sys.syslanguages in SQL Server 2008?
Stop PHP parsing but output the rest of the file
Paste event on GWT
No incoming connection with Visual Studio and XAMPP
Why can't I set my input field with MooTools?
Getting graphical buttons to line up in xml
vs2005 - Switching between design and source mode get stuck
Visual Studio debugger not working with Chrome, but working with IE
Eclipse shortcut key to launch/debug app engine web application
Application which work in background only iPhone
Rails: how and where to add this method
Java - Can't seem to draw text on screen following the path of an equation
Use arguments value in sql statements
Scrolling the scrollview in only horizontal not in vertical
decompressing a zip file鈥�File not found exception
Devise official wiki for omniauth with facebook not working?
php echo not printing out data
How do I map the same child entity to different tables if it is appears under different entities in Entity Framework 4.3?
Deploy GWT Application as Single JavaScript File
Asynchronous Queue Manager
Displaying double-quotes from text box in JSP
Compiling a Class with GCC
PHP loading page as if POST never got sent
SVN (tortoise)- how to handle this situation?
regarding c++ pointer and physical memory [closed]
Xcode 4.3.1 iPad Simulator Changes related to screen size and multitouch
Handling Shared Data
knowing if a excel is having any columns or not in POI
Accessing form fields as properties in a django view
change length of string in javascript
save foursquare oauth token on Android
unable to upload image using MOVE_UPLOADED_FILE
Convex hull of (longitude, latitude)-points on the surface of a sphere
Closing app on iOS power button switch off
How do I fix IntegrityError with UserProfile model (when User created from admin interface)?
How to check if 2 strings are alike by using recursion?
How to find how many times a particular ip is pinged to the url?
TSQL: FOR XML Heirarchy Without Parent / Child IDs
Input File format required to load data to Outlook
Query about header image. Is the HTML and CSS correct/most efficent way of doing this?
Bill of Materials Query
In Java does a data type like this exist?
Tooltip description on recurring events with same id
Assign a request timeout for adobe air URLRequest and get the response without using eventListner
How to print only Date and Time (not seconds) in C# in efficient way?
Blobstore/FileService writes suddenly failing 100% of the time
via $_SERVER[ HTTP_REFERER blocking
VB.NET embedded DLL in another DLL as embedded resource?
get previous from max value
How to convert hex to string of hex
Returning jQuery Ajax Post
Trouble with last_modified - Rackspace Cloud Files (PHP API)
Given the paths, how do i open it? Xcode [closed]
Is there a way of connecting to shared OpenEdge RDBMS with read only access?
Opengl ES 1.x glowing effect in iOS
Change DataGrid contents in the CellEditEnding event
jQuery percentage of to sums
HTML position UL to share the same line with other spans
Porting Music Player Daemon (MPD) to Android
Code Coverage for block which has throws
Rest Azure Endpoint not found
Positioning an element with jquery UI
Can't set ListView Adapter from AsyncThread
mvc3 razor, CSS in Helper
STLPort debug in VS2010
Use of archive files for compilation: why, and is there any alternative?
Linking error with nested templates
UIWebView dynamic html to template
Background tasks, if users are on the website
Typoscript - Splitting 鈥渕edia鈥�and 鈥渋magecaption鈥�simultaneously
Python: least square fit with side conditions on fit-parameters
Python: issue in displaying as a list httplib.HTTPMessage
Foursquare Checkin at a venue in iphone showing error 401,unauthorized. Why?
mkdir() full access and rights
Java equivalent of C# Action.BeginInvoke
MySql subquery value doesnt show the correct result
Micropost's comments on users page (Ruby on Rails)
Where can I find iOS dual display for Apple TV documentation?
Get a folder / zip with files in changelist(s) in TFS with complete directory structure
Private NuGet Gallery
How do I return multiple 鈥渄ocuments鈥�from a web forms application?
How to write an Add-In for MonoDevelop (2.8+)?
How can I allow MSI features to be selected in a WiX burn bootstrapper?
how to initialize members of an array of struct in C
Combining multiple rows into one entity in Entity Framework 4.1
xs:choice implementation in tridion
returning two dimentional array as json object and iterating it
how to make a delay between jquery tabs
Validate Current Document Option Unavailable
Saving a Struct in a database file in C
ReflectionTypeLoadException, DllImport and Generic class
How is HTML5 WebStorage data physically stored?
JavaScript downloader
Binding upshot to a Web API in a different project
Is it possible for an android device to read information from the wii controller and nunchuck?
cvs2git blob and dump file
SharePoint 2010/Silverlight: Pass custom parameters programmatically
Outlook 2010 AddIn in the TabAppointment Tab
Get HTTPS response
Looping through documents in MongoDB
MySql date_add() query improvement
Validating unique field with HABTM join table
How to optimize CSS file for speed
Encoding of a post request
Problems solving 鈥淐annot access disposed object.鈥�exception
Ruby rescue-like syntax
int arrays in C/C++
Custom Helpers in codeigniter
Do we need client-side flow or server-side flow or both to implement the login with facebook feature?
Odata edm vs reflection provider
How to use variables in lamda expession inside jquery ( MVC)
On scroll load data on demand
combobox's Value is not load in extjs MVC
expected 鈥�鈥�before numeric constant
Two kinds of startup behaviour of application
can't use addChild method
How to update JavaScript files with version number parameter from Razor page
Parsing Html in java? [closed]
SQL Table / Sub-Query Alias Conventions
django-cms apphook with relative urls
fast method to run game logic on server
eclipse.ini file and options
Getting Django in a VirtualEnv to run through Upstart
Android: ConnectivityManager always returning null
p12 file not connected to distribution cert
Passing @Url.Content as parameter in ASP MVC
How can I build real time system in asp.net?
How to check atleast one checkbox is checked?
security websocket with nodejs php and mysql
Resources for Shortened words for names of countries, languages
How to include other project as framework library?
Is it possible to declare a second @interface for a category?
Remove appstats from web.xml (Java)
How to debug BlackBerry devices on Mac using the filesystem?
How to get object from a list
Archiving artifacts not in the workspace when build fails
Are unmodifiableMaps fail fast
Django and Suds : 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'str' in suds
Jackson Parser - how to let the object mapper know that the name of the class is not in the same case as the name of the field in the response
sqlite transition from transactions to savepoints
Interactive charts in PDF
Matching HTML with NSRegularExpression
Linq with Logic
google Adwords conversion script
SQL Server Management studio vs other editions
Display Word Document from Resouce file to RichTextBox Control
How to load a file data in memory,and don't reload again. just like static field in java?
need help to draw custom map tiles without OSMDroid apis in android
C# generic defs class
calculate dates in python
How to show different pages when app launches time in windows phone 7?
PropelORM, Symfony 2 and Unit testing
Xcode 4.3.1 - Packaging operation failed
What does this combinator do: s (s k)
SQL Server vs .Net Client - Best practice of returning Huge Data from server - Performance Improvement
Column Alias in a WHERE Clause
ObjectContext.Translate: avoiding column-mapping mistakes
How do I reference the installed path of a file in a registry value?
Output log using FtpWebRequest
Preventing org-mode from translating a comment as an itemize environment
add and save a circle mask box image
MS Access give an error when trying to use a query using SELECT TOP 0 *
D3 Real-Time streamgraph (Graph Data Visualization)
does VS 2008 supports template?
Running Python scripts like PHP
Drop down selection member list
Hibernate (JPA,JSF 2.0, Spring) switch from HyperSQL to Oracle - Configuration is being ignored
Scroll lag with Chrome
Cpp Pantheios Log Library, Debug Assertion Failed Error
How to get column name in dojo grid.
Detecting which backlink was clicked
IBAction on a button in Custom UITableViewCell
OpenCV CascadeClassifier initialization [closed]
Using rb_require with rb_protect to embed Ruby in C
How can I set a parameter using link_to in rails?
extjs4// How can I add Click Event to Ext.Img?
event.target not returning the exact element that has been clicked
reference dynamic Raphael object
How send application to background when install on device?
looping over string to see where the string failed
displaying Images in a RadBinaryImage control Within a RadRotator(telerik)
Resque error- wrong number of arguments(0 for 1)
Telerik radChart xaxis datacolumn not showing
Using gps get the distance a person has walked
eZPuzblish regerate ezurl table
Distribute unsigned app iPhone for jailbroken iPhone with no Cydia
Setting classPath inside Linux Script
Mat access element OpenCV2.3
Amino A140 development (set-top box)
Database design for dance-event tracklist storing
Using .First() and .Count() broke a IEnumerable?
Suggest some resources/tutorials [closed]
How can we download sqlite database from url and add it into our application as sqlite database?
capistrano permission denied error on cap:setup
Ruby array name quals next name
grails validation using matches constraints - regex
Distinct SUM with many-to-many relationships
JDBC event subscribe Oracle
Carriage Returns in ITestActionResult.ErrorMessage
Execute Python line of code in Eclipse
Rails mongoid tri-model relationships
Create Customize Header(metadata) for files
How to omit fields in a GetListItemChanges response (via request)
HTML- Content not rendered properly in IE else it works just perfect in FF / chrome
Strange behaviour of array_keys [closed]
Commons VFS - Cannot list the contents of a directory
how to schedule full month, year using extjs4 calendar
Move Visual Studio 2010 Project from one TFS to another?
Log4J custom Logger (logging by Thread)
How to launch OnTouchListener on the elements of a ScrollView but only when the user is not Scrolling?
How can I modify the code generated by Class-Completion (ctrl-shift-c)
How to suspend a git branch?
iptables error in use extensions
Reading PHP_INT_MAX or near value by (f,v,s)scanf functions
Get youtube video title in PHP
php search by first letter
Convert blob string to jpg file
Having 鈥渁utomatic鈥�x
'else' of if/else not executing when it should C#
how to get google maps api v3 to show point?
Redirect subdir with .htaccess
How to secure sensitive PHP files that process Jquery data?
generate value in overrided attribute
MEF and seeing what is in the container
WriteFile to Parallel port hangs
Database to Entities in Silverlight
how to stop nsurlconnection?
Google Charts: passing dates without using Date()?
Why GPS Location do not work?
How to get PublicKey from AsymmetricCipherKeyPair, not publickeycipher parameters?
No matching constructor for initialisation of 'value type'
Unable to insert data in to MySQL database from RSS Feed
Change url params string using JavaScript
PrimeFaces component extension
Results from PHP doesn't change
Issue with Guava's BiMap and LinkedHashMap
Printing high quality images in Java
Need help in using altField and/or altFormat for DatePicker
Debugging SAXHandler unclosed token
Access How to save text in a specific table?
Do we need terracotta on top of ehcache for clustering?
How to get list of region programmatically in Window Azure
Obj-C, catering for 'tap for more rows' and delete without core data?
How to align text in Android Layout
Phonegap iOS 5.1 and localStorage
Showing busy indicator control inside a UI
Flex mobile project Option
getting meta data from resultset object in rails
CXF increase connection pool size without changing http.maxConnections
UIView changes orientation with ugly corners
Entity Framework Code First - Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.T_CRProviders'
split CLOB field into table like structure
Component to dynamically Reshuffle the table contents in Adf
Python 2.6.1: Checking if imports exist
Order by number of views in last hour [MySQL]
src attribute of img tag inside div with a known id?
Opening and closing titanium windows the proper way
How to specify the execution time for generationg the pdf using dompdf
GregorianCalendar's method: add(int field, int amount) is giving unexpected results [closed]
How to allocate an array inside fortran routine 鈥渃alled鈥�from C
Having trouble building python deb package , complain aboutmodified binary
Trouble with .htaccess RewriteRule (mod-rewrite)
Difference between Job Scheduling in the Grid and in the Cloud Computing
Interesting XHTML/JSTL validation issue
Array TypeError: can't convert Fixnum into String
Race condition in Rspec request test
AVPlayer not rendering to its AVPlayerLayer
DataTemplate Switching Performance
Run-Time Check Failure #2 - Stack around the variable was corrupted C++
Coverage test tool on Mac OS X?
URL Encoding with capital letters [duplicate]
Knockout JS - Use both static class name as well as data bound class name
What is DCI and how can it fit with Rails?
Cocos2d: How do I rotate a parent sprite with a child sprite that goes around a circle circumference?
Linked list push method
Entity Framework Code First and Sharing DataContext
How to find adjacent / neighbor cubes using octree datastructure?
Timeline app logo image
Header div stays at top, vertical scrolling div below with scrollbar only attached to that div
Loop Efficiency Comparison
Convert SVG Path to Absolute Commands
Open source projects [closed]
Validation summary not showing
setInterval Javascript MVC2
Extracting data from columns unix
鈥渃annot call method 'appendchild' to null鈥濃�error鈥hy?
Android layout: How to put this ViewGroup inside a RelativeLayout?
How to implement custom validation styling for an entire model (ASP.NET MVC)
How to convert an array of arrays from string to float in Ruby?
Run c code from a bootloader program
grails application continuously reloading automatically after run-app completes
Can I add attribute to 鈥渞ead more鈥�
Not displaying Google Maps v3 in MVC 3
Java - listen for system safe paste command
How do I control the alignment of formatted text in Java?
How can I validate if the column exist in a DataRow object?
Adding executables as resources of a Qt application?
Segmentation fault: 11 when trying to modify struct
How to set up Git with Aptana Studio 3?
Best way to store inventory in a database : each item instance gets its listing, or each player has an 鈥渋nventory鈥�field?
Spring 3.0.How can i bind the request parameter to specific command object.? (using by some method.)
Django Limit ManytoMany queryset based on selected FK
Next / Prev href buttons with javascript incrementing url
Facebook deprecate 鈥渙ffline_access鈥�. and now?
MVC3 Multiple PartialViews in one View
Selection.Paste not keeping complete source formatting
Distributed Window Service
ActionMailer Test, assert_equal from Rails guides documentation can never be true?
how to print out the data at the certain line using bash script?
Set grid.row maxheight by binding
Disable button while processing request
How to retrieve Twitter and facebook Authentication and Token through Android's Account Manager classes
gpg with powershell
Play youtube video but not fullscreen
Kinect (Microsoft Sdk) Skeleton (recorded) Data from pixel to 3d real world coordinates
TSQL attach db that is currently in use
Use multiple domains in gettext in a PHP application
dependency between singletons in different assemblies
jqueryui modal dialog effects
Post JSON to mvc3 controller from WinForms App
Segmentation when using node-oracle on ubuntu
Android Google Api for SpreadSheet
Flex 4.6 + BlazeDS 4 + Spring 3.x
Why does sapply() return a list?
redirect function in CodeIgniter 2 with PHPUnit and CIUnit
What is the meaning of this property in my css file ?behavior: url(MyUrl)
How do I detect/trap -1.#IND in C++
PHP Soap header
How can I build my project with Android NDK on windows?
Percentage table height and IE9
Enlarge checkbox clicking area
Decode a bitmap rotated
Remove top line of a huge (300M) text file with powershell
How to seperate MVC project to several smaller MVC projects
PHP Header location with array key and allowed_operations
How to replace rows with columns in QSqlTableModel?
Spring Remoting HTTP invoker - exception handling
Jquery Tools - multiple tooltips, different images
Accessing the Iterator interface in PHP 5.2.17
Can I add google analytic to an email (both html / text version)?
Embed blob Image from database by phpMailer
Setup load balance even with one server
Ext JS Grid doesnt fill panel even with 'fit' layout
Simple Android SQLite Database Inserstion code
How to check if username already exist in the sql database before one can create new account using java
Double click on a non-visual component [duplicate]
Is there a way to attach a pager control to a dynamicViewPanel from the extension library?
How can my Perl program tell if is running under mod_perl?
Android wallpaper issue
global constants without using #define
Insert a frame to an animation锛坲sing UIImageView锛�
excel vba sql statement returning a single string
How to order by self.created_at and children.created_at in find conditions?
rb_class_new_instance raises 鈥淎rgumentError: wrong type鈥�- why?
How can we connect different instances of database in a same Application?
css sprite in wordpress
can any one help me in appending the data to the plist file?
Music in Java (start/stop)
A way to connect to a program hosted on a computer via website [closed]
How do I dynamically create objects based on an internal table in ABAP?
Android Browser, DOM show/hide and unresponsive form elements
Isotope Issue: Masonry Column Width Twice as large as it was defined in code
jquery :selected not working right?
Hadoop grep search output - job counters
Excel keeps changing data on a seperate worksheet form
ASP.NET User Controls Sharing Memory Bug
Perl looping through an array of hashes, gives Can't use string (鈥減assword鈥� as a HASH ref while 鈥渟trict refs鈥�in use at
What is the CSV format the Android Market (ie, Google Play) exports the product list?
Possible to change AlternateViewPointCap or MirrorCap from playback
How to achieve such a dropdownlist using JQuery?
Naive Bayes classifier using python
Is it possible to create custom visibility names like 鈥減ublic鈥�and 鈥減rivate鈥�in PHP?
How to install the android app again and again without uninstalling the previous version?
Is there a built-in method in Ruby to convert LF to CRLF in a string and vice versa?
Linking of Godaddy domain with Amazon EC2 hosting account
how to fill textfield with database value in Yii?
Load Child Views into IFrame with Zend Framework Application
Visual Basic RBG Capture from Screen
Error Fatal error: Class 'Oauth' not found when using OAuth
showing sum at the bottom of a html table using mysql
sublime text2 package control cannit find any package for installation
Include a view not bounded to a specific controller action in Symfony2 with Twig?
How to generate HTML documentation for a RESTful API in .NET MVC/.NET MVC 4 Web API?
Got a None return input after different inputs
Poll based client server using sockets API
How to automatically classify images by dominant color?
What do 鈥渉as-a鈥�and 鈥渋s-a鈥�mean? [closed]
Moving down a level in a directory
What does int x; arr[100] mean exactly?
How do I average column values from a tab-separated data file, ignoring a header row and the left column?
Automatic session timeout in php
How to check if an OpenGL texture name is valid
Java library to extract inner values in a JSON object/string?
C++ , 1 cin enter everything for array
How do I redirect to a referring URL with hash values using JS?
ForkJoinPool seems to waste a thread
weird JFrame problems
How to share the variable between two threads in java?
how to run android project on phone?
JQuery .on() making only every other element appended clickable
Is Build.DEVICE constant for the lifetime of a device?
Monkey patching ActiveResource::Errors
Amazon CloudFront CNAME [closed]
Need to develop a RESTful API (both JSON and XML)
Uninitalized String Offset
WMI throwing Exception 鈥淚nvalid Query鈥�on second attempt to query the same server
how can I do the paste in vim without troubled by indent issue
icon menu - 1st icon always highlighted
Immediately initialize UIImage
multiple css3 transitions conflict
Can a field value from one table be used as a column name in a MySQL query?
Implementation of simple Java IDE using Runtime Process and JTextArea
error when update_rubygems
IE8 Web Font Bug
correct way to shut down an eclipse RCP application from a plugin?
jQuery form validation with .bind('submit')
Submit batch entry in datatables.net
SQL Server 2008 Trigger: comparing data by input key
Should i use static variables/methods or sending its values in a bundle?
Mock framework vs MS Fakes frameworks
Is there a Event Analytics Abstraction Layer for Javascript?
How to Convert List to ObservableCollection?
Show date format only and keep sorting AZ in MVCContrib Grid
How recompile the support lib of android v4?
Passing data between ObjectClass and ViewController
Finding the 鈥渄istance鈥�between two items using a table of relations
Facebook SDK project with Errors
Heroku App Boot Timeout
jQueryUI linked sortables lose drop ability after cloning
Position of Dynamically Created DIV within other Created Buttons
Reading data from table into hash [closed]
How do I set up server side end points for a backbone.js app using sinatra and codeigniter?
Application does not run in background mode
Youtube Gdata feeds are not in proper order as requested
language switching without changing the current page
send sms using way2sms by java program?
CSS problems positioning div into another div
redirecting based on device (server-side)
how to change a file name in Android Eclipse development
Display server performance information in Asp.net website
RejectChanges() with ViewModel and MVVM design pattern and UI update
R help files on different OS
QML Keys.onEnterPressed issue
How to call JS functions from Java Applet?
how to uncheck all cells on tableview in ios
Multiple OnClickListeners Android
Loading Sectors From CD
How to offset the position of the cursor in an edit control?
How to search a string of key/value pairs in Java
Java System Environment Variable
Accessing Grails TagLib from Service Has Changed in 2.0
How to make other function as entry point other than main() in C
Is this an appropriate use for shared_ptr?
(PHP) Is there any way to split a large file into packages for uploading it?
Why is same Stored Procedure call triggered multiple times
Delphi 鈥淚dHTTP.Request.Range鈥�propertie: undeclared identifier
Drupal 7, Views, Groups, and Feeds - Creating View for Feed Items in a Group
SQL frequency distribution query to count ranges with group-by and include 0 counts
PHP update won't properly update database
List of files (which might contain wildcards) as arguments of a Python script
Binary tree Basics in C++
What is the difference between results using jquery
linux command setsid
Passing all arguments at once to a method
C# DateTime Convert or Parse specific format?
When writing a single package meant to be used as a command, which is idiomatic: name all identifiers as private or name all identifiers as public?
Can someone please tell me how to code a Continue button to return a games activty from where it was stopped?
Read http post headers
Fortran-style multidimensional arrays in C++
SQLite How to select multiple columns and return them in order of appearance
Radix Sort C++ Assignment
Time Picker for Qty Hour Segments in Asp.net MVC
Is MySQL primarily web based? I want to copy when deploying .NET application
rails: devise validatable unit test always passes when it should fail
android osmdroid change local language to english
Why are my Ruby on Rails (3.2.2) methods being called twice?
Starting with a 10x10 array how do I choose 10 random sites
UIImageView - How to change speed of reverse animation
Robotium test cannot find activity class
new Bitmap() is throwing random, non-traceable exceptions
Credit Card Input Form Using jQuery
How to calculate day of the week provided the year and the day?
Error: cannot use an address to initialize a field of a packed struct (#pragma pack)
about string.compare method
How to build a form that DOESN'T bring up the 'remember password' prompt on Firefox?
protocol method is not being called by the delegate object
database created in SQL Management Studios cannot be found by Visual Studio 2010
Load Ajax Tab via Selectbox
adb shell command - cd: No such file or directory
Generate pseudo-unique long values given an String in Java
Raster scan - raw file into image in C
Looping through files bash script
Flash to block another flash
(iOS + StoreKit) Can I detect when I'm in the sandbox?
How to get a transparent region from UIImage?
Dragging from the embedded browser to a sidebar Java tree component
Should I be including the FOREIGN KEY when exporting my SQL schema from Workbench?
Compile error on Animation in Windows Phone
cant print images with JavaScript print function
How to tell what frame you're on in ActionScript 2.0
XPS Viewer will not open document created using .NET printer Graphics object?
drop-down menus in Flash
inline assembler increment 64bit counter
Magento: Which file detects local.xml?
Python - Printing unicode to console window with WConio
android app won't install
ListViews - how to use ArrayAdapter.addAll() function before API 11?
SQL-Server - Ability to pass subset parameter in the select?
Auto-update GEORSS feed in GoogleMaps?
myLooper() does not quit during Asynchronous task
Create a shared object from linked binary
How to format a date pulled from a form field with javascript
TypeError: Error when calling the metaclass bases a new-style class can't have only classic bases
Parallel data collections in F#
Use native Java SE 6 JAX-WS implementation instead of JBoss WS stack
Submitting a form (no model) and having trouble getting the controller to play its part
IE9 compatibility
Rails 3 loads mailer fixtures. How do I stop this from happening?
How to open a graphics device on another monitor using R
IE - Invalid Argument jQuery error
How to render an RSS feed in a Rails 3.x view?
playframework, ajax and get request reusability..how?
Seeing incoming connections, sockets java
How to read in and separate separated integers such as 鈥�00_4_1 - 15鈥�
Using view in widget
access class variable within a class being instantiated in class that has the variable
Difference between list and [] in F#
What's wrong with this MySQL query? (Trying to re-add leading 0's to zip codes)
count up timer integration
Mongoid query! Combination of limit and order
C Strings: n & ' ' not detected
How to embed view of Fragment in the header of a ListFragment
blinking text and closures
How do I distinguish if two SocketChannels are from the same computer?
cannot convert from 'string' to 'System.Collections.Generic.IEqualityComparer<LightSwitchApplication.LettersSentItem>'
Sum Keys in Array And Map Against A 24 Hour Structure
Why isn't my ListView updating when I call notifyDataSetChanged()?
Can a Ruby method accept a 2D array as parameters?
java.lang.IllegalStateException : Attempting Create Multiple Associations On Variables of Class
How and Where to add JNDI for Hibernate?
Javascript search inside tabs
How to modify attribute ROWSPAN with jQuery?
Suitable design using Generics with Wildcard
Web API Request - Send back authentication request
User control click event not working when clicking on text inside control?
Grammar symbol attributes implementation in C
How to set collapseProperties in an Ant build file for Closure Compiler?
How to run method inside a Model , MVC
Simple PHP not working
Add new field to all documents in a nested array
WordPress: How search a post for 鈥減ost_content鈥�with 鈥渨p_query鈥�class?
Injecting class into Authentication attribute using Unity 2 and MVC 3
Invalid XML response when using SoapFormatter
Ruby recursion..What's wrong?
extending the base EditTextPreference and encrypting/decrypting
capybara current path
How to structure javascript objects, while not getting 'undefined' is not a function errors?
Error to receive emails google
Gtk Toolbar item label next to it
Tips on architecture for consuming/wrapping large webservice
grid table with a to z indexes
How to create javascript links in CodeIgniter
Using String's ReplaceAll with regex
JPA: Implementing Model Hiearchy - @MappedSuperclass vs. @Inheritence
Skipping Kinect events
Removing Objects from an ArrayList
Footer view missing in android RelativeLayout
Wikipedia page parser for iPhone App project
Failed to enter Game Center Sandbox
using Tweet button - link doesn't appear in tweet text at all
Adding a fullscreen background stopped my sliderjs to work in IE8?
Combine tail -F and json
Using View class instead of Button class to make command buttons in Android?
How smart is my compiler?
Cannot display image stored in MySQL database after connecting to database through php
getting original order when using attributes.keys - Ruby/Rails
C# - Internal Properties 鈥渞eadable鈥�in quickwatch but not using reflection?
unit testing a string sensor list method
Hpple - Reading a tag with an attribute
Maximum number of semaphores in a semaphore set in C
What is the effect of 鈥淢ake depth sticky鈥�in subversion?
Media Queries being read with wrong syntax
How do I enable inline field editing in SiteEdit when using an XSLT TBB?
Setting default allocation size for all entities?
How lazy loading images using JavaScript works?
Mapping Dictionary with entity based key using Fluent Nhibernate
How do I get the current method from the active Eclipse editor?
Thread synchronization in client-server like application?
How to pass params to MS Word 2003 document add-in?
url Routing for a WebMethod in webforms
Backup files listed in tar archive before unpacking for simple rollback
Converting a lambda expression in Dispatcher.Invoke
can I use addEventListener in a for loop with img elements
delete popup working fine over project explorer view but not working over navigator view
Getting a list of friend's names from MySQL
Bundle Name and Bundle Display Name
Rails 3.2 - installation new app
Implementing RESTlet in existing Java EE application
graph - What are the disadvantages if I replace each linked list in adjacency-list with hash table?
M4A Tagging Issues
(in html) Breaking up a png, applying filter effects, and scaling moving the pieces
OpenJDK and static linking
touchesMoved detection inside a subview
What is the release date of the WCF Data Services? (v3)
PLSA implementation in Python
Touch screen operations for .NET windows application?
Eclipse: Many Class Files
php mvc with a class for each action
How to declare new system property in Android?
listview gets wrong display order
how to disable cache in html purifier
Java is Allocating Extra 2gb of Memory
how to check mobile in Mute And Offline mode in android?
Bind List<Dictionary<string,string>> to DropDownList
android ArrayList and draw without for loop
Most efficient way to walk a nested array in a certain way and make changes to it
Excel VBA to count and print distinct values
Why am I allowed to declare a generic array as an instance variable?
Impossible recursive generic class definition?
Assign reviewer from different groups at different stages of workflow in Plone
Execute Multiple test DLLs with Nunit
Accessing sharePoint webservices using java
what does function def inside do blocks accomplish?
Oracle Coherence read-through configuration
Jqgrid custom format use bracket() if negatif value
Memory leak on WPF/MVVM/PRISM - memory increased when window close and open again [closed]
Save attribute that changes based on ruby code
Simple Datetime format in form of YYYYMMDD
Comparing n strings in java
put_async slow in Google App Engine
(Noob) (PhoneGap) How do you keep the same resolution?
Transform double value in Grails withCriteria
R: Getting maximum value from all matrices in a list
How to handle stackoverflow to a disk kind of situation for Distibuted chaching using hazelcast?
How do you structure a ManyToMany relationship with itself?
extracting a word starting with a specific letter from a string in php
MySQLdb and regular expression in python
data-theme not working on navbar. jQuery Mobile
How to delete a folder when uninstalling a Blackberry app
C# XMLSerializer Performance
How do I set the path to my Cucumber features using cucumber-junit?
Why I cannot declare the variable with same name that already declared but new variable is out of the scope of other variable
Android Facebook Permission Issue
listpicker selectionchanged not working
Searching the SVN repository
Open select clicking another element with javascript
How to set z-index for a shadow (CSS)
how to use git rebase more effectively in the following scenario
How do I get a list of function instances for a python source file?
How to twitter status in Unicode by using Twitter's API `status/update_with_media`?
Dynamic chaining of List<T> orderby [duplicate]
Simple mysql query with ASIFormDataRequest
SPOJ:Card Shuffling
jQuery - Getting value of other attributes on datalist select
Refresh GridView inside Update Panel
Is there any way to pass the DEFAULT_SUBJECT as parameter to next triggered build?
Using AJAX with Ruby On Rails
Master Page setting
android sqllite database rowid increment while insertion
How to update MyIsam table concurrently?
display videos from specific folder from sd card in listview are in Gridview
Android Launcher app icon not updated to new icon after market update
Executing Selenium HTML Test Suite in Jenkins is not able to launch on firefox
Loading the XML in PhoneGap for Window Phones is not working
How to check whether debugger of Python Tools for Visual Studio is attached to current process?
How to change voice in Text to Speech Recognization?
MySQL query: remove duplicates from ordered list
How do you redirect to another page from within the HTML view itself?
Extracting selected value from a ListBox
Android : Implementing zooming in view paging
explain the bootstrap-alert.js for me?
Set the value of drop down list - with known options - with particular custom attribute value
Can we call a stored procedure from another stored procedure?
orientation changed is not working
dont drag window header outside of browser in extjs
Want to get State Name from zip code
Sending input array values by POST to php
Query returning multiple errors in sql server 2008
How do I recompile a ruby with RVM?
Efficient approach to update the minute and hour hands in analog clock
Configuring Jersey to provide a WADL through JSON
matplotlib: change title and colorbar text and tick colors
How to write nested if or case to make a prompted input menu?
In javascript, when Prototypal inheritance is more adequate than closure for object creation?
How to remove border around nivo slider
Tomcat appends jsessionid in the URL not working
How to fix uid in NFC
how to fetch data from two table in cake php
Wordpress: Amazon API Box for advertising
How to fix 鈥淿COMPlusExceptionCode = -532459699鈥�
The operation failed because an index or statistics with name 'IX_ID' already exists on table 'TestAs'?
Getting sort details in SlickGrid
What would be the most efficient way to SELECT, then DELETE this immediately
readwrite JSON in ExtJS
SQL Server string concat issue for SQL Server 2000
Is MVVM a common design pattern between different platforms?
Python on Arm, Illegal Instructions [closed]
Compile Windows Qt program on Linux , possible?
sql returning no rows selected
to access jqtransform select using keyboard
yandex locator json post
convert eml to string msg vb.net
AVAudioPlayer sometimes won't play,it has 鈥渉wiu鈥�error
Android URL to Uri
Would creating a portal-like app give me trouble when submitting on the App Store?
how many machines can actually be connected on the internet using IPV4? [closed]
Classic ASP & Java Applets
Mobile Security Products accessing system data/other app apks on Non-Rooted androids to find vulnerability
iPhone: Toggling front/back AVCaptureDeviceInput camera when processing individual frames via setSampleBufferDelegate
Images powerbuilder
cpu_sup module snow leapord
How to use google docs to grab google search results?
How to use Web services in iphone [closed]
JSF Output not coming as expected by using commandLink, ViewScope in dataTable
Looking for Windows Phone 7 design templates
Incorrect Operation error in Javascript
Android text view - Add some constant (non cropping) text to the end of text
issue with category-name/product-name.html format in Magento
Check page redirects via PowerShell
Linux, change text field behavior
Netbeans with Maven - Adding dependency libraries
App icon not showing up on emulator
Pass a list as parameter function?
how to change an item index in listview?
How do I determine which DateTime format WCF is using when it calls DateTime.ParseExact?
How to use Multi-Level/Nested in Ajax Calls?
Maintain tab order on keyup and keydown
using functions and classes in another vb.net project
cakephp getLastInsertID / Model->id
How to clear cache object (memory) through Java
Google maps marker error
How to Switch between namenodes in hadoop?
Why a do while loop excecutes after brake? [closed]
follow a link without using window.location
How we can resign the kyeboard without pressing done button?
How to reduce the execution time in stored procedure using mysql
Is there any Haskell-land equivalent to the Ruby-land's Bundler et. al and, if not, how would a project so structured be contrived?
How to check which item from menu was chosen? How to send int/wxstring with choosing menu item?
Loop unrolling to achieve parallelism
How to access a Long key field in Google appengine
Throttling POST requests in rails application
Are there any Online Tutorials for Apache CXF?
Dynamic content in css file
jQuery Tree Structure
Android widget background transparency
Showing error while using the Delegates
How to use javascript or jquery to read a single value in json
Entering Email Addresses into MYSQL Database
Objects not getting saved properly in Database
JTextField uneditable in JWindow
Python: performance comparison of using `pickle` or `marshal` and using `re`
Show selected image before upload
XOR Neural Network in Java
Best Way to Notify DataBaseChanges to C# Application
Remove all nodes in linked list
C# Does Deserialization Constructor get called INSTEAD of the default constructor?
How to integrate Matlab code library with Android?
How do I reject/answer call in Android 2.3.3?
Specify default value where no matching JOINed record
difference between rawquery and execSQL in android sqlite database
Update Primefaces component in 3.1 *without enclosing inside h:form*
saveAll hasMany doesn't work in CakePHP 2.0.6
Install more than one MSI files based on user selection in WiX
Regex not matching? Encoding the issue?
PHP string with accentuated characters not displayed properly
Java openCV - after using Imgproc.matchTemplate method, how do i examine the result?
Android HTML Link to Tab
Programmatically setting the translucent theme at runtime
display my feeds from facebook on my webpage with javascript api?
Java Classpath Problems
Windows 7 Ribbon UI Win32 API Code
uint64_t writes in 32 bit machine
Git Integration Manager Workflow 鈥�one or multiple repositories?
Understanding calling Parameters in other Activity
Combining multiple stencils in GL
Nested Views in a view
Code igniter Shopping cart displays only one item
How to get an array with fetch_array with php
鈥淭able or view - fast load鈥�option not shown in OLE DB Destination
Extending the Table Class in Qooxdoo doesn't works?
Dates and POSIXct
Predicate on property
Secure WCF not working with non windows Clients iPhone
SQL - How to optimize the query
Fastest way to call a specific method through a decision
Strange errors when trying to package to AZURE
Simple Rails AJAX Call won't process as JS
Unable to fire jquery alert when clicking on link button inside gridview
xcdatamodeld issue with adding new fields
Enable Spring AOP or AspectJ
Symfony2 mapping onetomany manytone
Enum in realstudio
How do I add a PDF view to my Spring MVC (3) web app?
Make Zip File of files from different location in php
JasperReports: set textfield height to height of other element in band
listening to events such as adding new elements in javascript
Javascript listener not firing if before end of jquery .slideDown() animation
Semi Transparent PNG as Splash Screen
keeping url parameters during pagination
how to set ArrayList from another ArrayList which has elements as Arraylist
How does the performance of Kakadu change with compression ratio?
Every combination of character array
patsubst and dir usage
Is there a way can view real process cmdline on linux?
How to send a request with POST parameters in Netty?
Qt html parsing does not find any tags
Amazon App Store Submission for a App which uses a self-signed certficate for SSL
How to upload a image using Ajax in django
Custom setter in objective c
Why is my Drawing panel, sometimes painting and other time not, on window resize?
How to remove Temporary Directory files fron iOS app?
Social Media buttons inside hidden Div
how to create a trigger in oracle which will ensure that no records is deleted if satrt date is earlier than current date?
SESSION missing from view
LEFT JOIN of two tables
Default font of AttributeString