Error with two classes that #include each other
how can we lock a folder in iPad programmatically in iphone sdk
applying 鈥渟haking鈥�effect to image
How to refactor code with try-catch-finally
Disable inaccessible links in Dokuwiki?
What is the best way to install python on Windows
Create Generic Array in Java [duplicate]
realtion between xml file
Dynamic creation of a doc/docx document on the users desktop
What, and where, is the NTFS CRC windows complains about?
Javascript error only in IE8
InvalidOperationException: Collection Was Modified
assert_route failing with good route
Accessing checkbox inside a list box in WPF
Get link from an xml file
Alternatives to cglib for implementing Android lazy loading
Making footer height less?
what are the ASO and BSO , what is advantage to use these
Load file to NSData with C
store image array in nsuserdefault
Facebook Facepile users liked vs connected
Decouple controller and view in ExtJs
sending a structure from C server to java (android) client
Creating a predicate for the following where condition
Remove an item from listbox in WP7
For an Arduino Sketch based light meter, functions outside of 'loop' are not being set off/firing
Require.js backbone.js circular dependency tree hierachy
Why is it so difficult to find mobile developer demographics? [closed]
Android app in Amazon Market not showing on Kindle Fire
How can I skip one file in a filesets?
Symfony DIC and Parent Services not working
How can I use the external jars on JBoss 7?
navigate from one page to another page onlick
Java app continuously check new rows added in table
how to extract partail value of elements and display them in bold/italic/list while converting an xml to html output in xslt
what's the proper buffer size for 'write' function?
How to add legends to scatter graph of core plot
How to inspect JavaScript function return value in Chrome debugger?
Printing Environmental variables in Linux
How to add info to request.POST?
Compare different items in different arrays
Lifecycle of a PreferenceActivity
How to get Thumbnails for video
ListView alternating row color excepting a column
why am i getting org.apache.jasper.JasperException?
Appear & Disappear Images using TimerControl ,
Motion detection of iOS device in 3d Space
I want update value in second textfield when i type something in first Textfield
Find day light saving time for a given year using php
Using the package HiddenMarkov with customized probability distribution of observables
OPENCV, can't open class VideoWriter
android facebook integration online friend and send inbox message
Can not set PixelFormat on Cocos2d for android
clisp, CLOS: retyping an object, later
javascript userprofile relative path in hta file
Is IntelliJ IDEA 11 capable of inserting namespace?
Disable touch trail animation
Can I call the android contact picker and force it to start using portrait orientation?
On OpenSuSE (or linux in general) where should a non-service startup script go?
jQuery Mobile, transitions flicker when using Fast buttons and changePage
Drawing Triangle using OpenGl, does not appear?
How to create bounce effect on ul
How to decode 鈥渪26#39;鈥�to the symbol 鈥�with java
jQuery Autocomplete with _renderItem and catagories
Annoying slow responsiveness of form whilst populating combos on background thread
how to use dependent DLL methods after load as assembly dynamically?
emacs trips over make-directory: File exists: c:/Users/USER/My Documents/.emacs.d/
Webkit scrollbar dont works in selectbox
How would you construct this php - mysql query?
iOS prevent given requests on Cellular Data
How to move focus on next cell in a datagridview on Enter key press event
Run Python project created in eclipse from command line
Create my own iphone Photolibrary
how do I start jquery animation from a different point?
Parse remote XML file into MySQL
Dictionary in Json C#
Is there a way to run nuget pack on a project file and get the dependencies automatically?
alignment issue between search box and search button
Bash script double expressions causing issue
InetAddress not able to retrieve FQDN while nslookup is able to
loading a html file with another html file
JFreeChart axis position
Position/scale image after programmatically pasting it into bookmark range
Monotouch UISwipeGestureRecognizer on and UIImageView
How does application gets to know for which access point wifi broadcast is received
How to read and write data at a very high speed in C++?
Half Dozen Hello Worlds Part 3: how many projects? [closed]
hosts file manipulation with username
org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException in struts spring hibernate example
TYPO3: Filter frontend users by usergroup in backend?
By using App Access Token Only, how to get the list of users of my app
How to see what has gone wrong (exception)?
Dynamically adjust position of selected option in HTML select
PCRE regexp contains '.' matche all string instead of a part
How to debug PyQt applications without relaunching?
How can i get customer id after successfull signup? error
Cookie will not change expiration date
What to save a lot of information into
Binding to a method with access to local variables
MySQL - timestamp in where clause
Stack Overflow in Chrome from custom event function
NullReferenceException using pointers in .NET
Does solrj encode the content?
How to get the unit test method name at runtime from within the unit test?
UIImage transparent with shape
GROUP BY date ranges?
May I use goto in such situation?
Visual Studio intellisense too quick to 鈥済uess鈥�
How to create class with every Property as Static?
How does scoping work with JavaScript includes?
Using a m:n table in EDMX (EF 4.3) without associating it with related tables
Transparent gifs shows background colour on Android devices
Android-x86 froyo mouse
How to read CSS property of Psuedo class in javascript
change listview backgroung color at runtime
Expandable list view
OpenX API on .NET 4.0
Automating PostgreSQL output to csv
Mysql double query request
How to set up a custom shared namespace and use in my project in qooxdoo?
Recognized devices system in php
Converting char-date-char
ValidateSilverlightFrameworkPaths task? What's that?
How to recover files from index
Are there some practical examples that use Object::*
Hive : inserting into multiple tables based on query result
jQuery UI Datepicker - Disable specific days selected from database not from arrays
Umbraco automated button
Calendar issue, doesn't save the date
Deleting elements from containers while iterating through them
XCopy one directory to different destination
Database Schema
Faild to read artifact descriptor error while adding resteasy-jaxb-provider
Place form on top and disable others behind it
jQuery advantages/differences in .trigger() vs .click()
Openning separate url in iframe ipad/phonegap
Saving a Linked List to a file on seperate lines
Access a service running on localhost with Javascript
Asynchronous EJB scheduling
Mutable sets in NSManagedObjects?
mysql regexp returns boolean rather than value
Delay in AUGraph callback
Facebook respond bad code 503 to my blogger url
HtmlOutputText.setValue() not properly updated
Including js file in spree application
How to hide the controls in the VideoView in android?
Analyze an image to make decisions - OpenCV + Android
Cannot create new object for Ruby on Rails model
Calendar in LWUIT
Flexible diagonal line plot in R
Input fields stay blanks with special characters after submitting to DB
tabcontrol SelectedTab change on mouse over
Testing Account/Logon Action
How to query all records that has an array attribute that contains specific set of elements in Mongoid?
How do I display image in the middle?
Session is getting timed out in 1 minuites
What are your top 3 XPages performance tips for new XPages developers?
Whats the recipe for a safe enviroment to create/play with my web applications.
Why can -respondsToSelector: instance method be used on class name or class object?
Count based on row entries?
Added overflow-y but now have new side effect
android Check mark on button click
What is the best way to self-host the MVC 2 app in my Windows Service app?
Exception in thread main error [duplicate]
Spongy Castle in Android
Eclipse Declaration shortcut key F3 can not work in mac os
leiningen install lein-noir failed
Outputting transformed microphone input in realtime?
Pow for serving static files outside of the public directory?
Why am I getting ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in spite of initializing the array with a size
Duplicate element elimination from NSMutableArray
I am trying to change follower status from 'requested' to 'approved' in relationship model
Magento Standard Registration Page 'Last Name' Field
How to Fire Command Event in DataGrid?
Moving application to the clould - how to design bi directional sync between clients - table design
Magento: Update block position with before/after attribute from local.xml layout reference
Powershell, excel 2003 and 'type library' exception
How to get MAC address of Access point in java?
Obj-C Accessors and ARC
Setting The Delegate of an AVAudioPlayer Instance
Writing raw data 鈥渟ignature鈥�to disk without corrupting filesystem
Can anyone think of a reason why these two ways of writing the same code is causing problems? (very quick)
error in compiling .xcdatamodel
how to change overall index when one of the row is removed
What all web servers support HTML 5? [closed]
How to show the total number of sending and non-sending quizzes?
how to retrieve value from an object-java
Integer class wrapper performance
How can we Format the JSON Values into PHP Variables
Rotation of UIImage in iPhone
Add spans to characters in a string (in an HTML element)
Bulk update in PostgreSQL [closed]
django admin date-hierarchy on foreign key gives error
Unfuddle API get accounts info
How to digitally sign a pdf using iText?
When using surfaceview, images are not visible but they are drawing on view in android
How to expose boost::tuples::tuple to Java bindings?
Analtytics, statistics or logging information for a PHP Script
Values not getting retrieved correctly during AJAX REST service call in Phonegap
Send values of item to paypal cart [duplicate]
Fill DataTable with values from a Linq Query
Implement airplane mode in android
Parse string to be number or number and percent symbol
Filtered merge replication SQL Server 2008
How can i set values for Billing information and companies in ics(iCalendar) file?
Passing parameter other activity
use facebook javascript SDK Graph API in QML?
Use value of one procedure in another procedure
Symfony2 controller swap not working
<h:selectOneMenu> doesn't save on the bean the value selected
NHibernate projection, AutoMapping, IPagedList, how to?
Why use public and private to static members and method?
How to integrate code of iphone application in my android application? [closed]
Getting Updated Value while using lock?
How and where would you use instantiateViewControllerWithIdentifier
Scala - Remove jpgs from folder
How to create and use reusable view-templates
Why is the first box in the second row not in the second row? [closed]
How to compute error rate from a decision tree?
How to easilly get the name of the admin which created an item in the template
Getting a notification if an application is trying to send an sms programmatically on a non rooted android device [closed]
Separated oval shadow below a box with css3
Check that list members are in groups of 4, in a row
How to Make Application which Store Sent and Received Messages in iPhone
How to specify a generic Type parameter in XSD Data Contract?
C++11 Convert traditional pointer to smart pointer. Using up-to-date SVN Clang and libc++ from llvm
iterator over display tag column in struts?
Isotope - Sorting elements. First by this and then by that
Submit form only when an attachment is uploaded
Creating a default value for `:order` that can be overwritten?
General error with PDO and SQL create temporary table
PHP headers expiration check
SoftKeyboard for android
Incompatible key type SET<Id> for MAP<Id,String>: save Error [closed]
WIndows 2008 R1 suffers recurring 'Error 81' when running diagnostics. Unable to connect to DC
Recording And Playing Back Audio in iphone
SQL CONCAT IF Statement?
Timeout when connection is gone. HELP ME PLEASE [closed]
R pass variable name to plotting function title in R
/accounts/test-users giving OAuthException
UI automation error using iOS 5.1 target
What does uint32_t stand for?
basichttpclient execute throws 鈥淪ingleClientConnManager: connection still allocated鈥�why?
Constrain Optimisation Problems in R
Link between two servers via curl and mcrypt
To Bind RadGrid Dynamically
How to enter SQL log in ADO.NET Entity Framework
Manually Updating a Many-to-Many Relationship in Entity Framework Code First
How to multiple call to an api with jquery and collect the results in an array?
Building a jar file
bash double bracket issue
Why am I getting AccessDenied with videos?
PDF view horizontally [duplicate]
How to remove button background color
JUNG2 - how to scale - make all vertexes visible
How to use the CDK library for PdCurses in CodeBlocks?
How to pass data from one activity to another in tab layout in android [closed]
Properties not visible at design time but only at runtime
How to display the data base values order by date using jquery here?
Drupal 7: Custom 'Node Submit' Page through Views?
Word Document Paragraph break
Dynamic InnerFade with JQuery
C# : Get type parameter at runtime to pass into a Generic method [duplicate]
One finger restriction on UIView
Error when using Message class as return type in WCF service dosen't have 鈥済etLastFocused鈥�
Modal Vs Modeless Dialogs
Dragging and Dropping On A Div
Haskell ReplicateM IO
SignalR message lost when client is navigating
Display PDF file inside my android application
Data check on SQL insertion
MVC3 WebGrid Pager Position Custmization
Add TIF image to Jlist or Frame in java
XHR 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) with very simple HTTP request
PHPStorm and magic methods
Use table from existing external database in my project
Route for root address in web forms
Get other posible commands from web service
Deployment strategy for .net windows forms application
What is the recommended practice for creating tab view with multiple tabs in Cocoa desktop application
selecting and editing a new object in NSTableView
I am having issue a issue understanding 鈥渟caling transform coordinates鈥� Need Assistance
Timestamp is not writing during xml searilization
Is a Conversion Operator Valid in this Case?
HTTP PUT request, how can i generate one and where can i find examples/syntax?
Zend framework Remember Me -working issue
access rules on Eclipse for Forbidden and discouraged reference
How to delete multiple values from a vector?
Preserving url hash over page change
Rescuing HTTP 404 Mechanize::ResponseCodeError Exceptions with Cucumber, Mechanize, Webrat
Paypal - use latest API version by default
How to implement a 3 dimensional bipartite matching algorithm in PHP
Deserializing JSON to custom class by using GSON
Building HTML emails, can I put styles in the header section or do I have to use inline styles?
Grails paginate issue, buttons are not rendering and the links do not seem to work either
How to fetch several properties of a vertex in Gremlin?
passing metadata from one activity to the next in an android listview
invoke a class method from delegate?
How to copy and rename a VIEW/SP programmatically in SQL Server?
How to see the redirect status from an STS / IdP
How to have a select box in form populate a input box below using php
Custom method in Rails Model that Combines DB Column Values
Getting the Current Theme in Yii
mysql table gets hanged after update sql
How might I retrieve the port number of a USB device that is connected to a USB port?
Rails redirect_to with params
UISlider in details View of Splitviewcontroller in iOS 5.1 broken
How to convert ArrayList<subClass> to ArrayList<super> in java
What is causing my rating in Magento to duplicate?
jquery parameter offsetY not working
How to ensure fixtureA
Paragraph separator as line terminator
Where is this variable defined?
using chunked transfer together with content-disposition
css inline list margins
Get Value of PHP Array
How to enable Selection for a GridView that assigns the DataSource in the code behind class?
With Jsoup, is possible get elements from two selectors with one select?
How to write a console application that only update the upper part only in Java?
Displaying current Address as Toast
Does obfuscated javascript slow a browser down?
CreateProcessAsUser not from a service
Creating array lists using Json object file in android
How is inheritance in Java different from real world inheritance?
str_replace - with the replacement of the figures
OpenCV: 鈥渓 cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory鈥�
Why does executing a git command in a git hook stop the rest of the hook script from finishing?
How to use oracle TIMESTAMP with fractional seconds in NHibernate?
alternative to maven scm connector subclipse (not working with subclipse1.8)?
Dragging and Dropping a button from one Linear Layout to another Linear Layout
Performance of function in Clojure 1.3
Constant UILabel Location For Every Device And Orientation
Why implementing multiple interfaces with same property shows 'ambiguity' warning?
simple addition code with serious error-handling
Loading Data into Table View Controller
Using TileBrush in WinRT
Splash screen wont destoy itself? Java
I want to retur or echo some code to display a jw player with the wordpress (add_before_content)
how to refresh part of a site without refreshing the entire page after jquery ajax
Architectural Design for Globalizing ASP.NET application
Sending javascript array with form data
$.mobile.changePage(); don't trigger in my next page?
java keystore and password changing
Is there any way to store a 2D array in a persistant storage?
looking for libraries
ClassNotFound Exception while Calling through JAVA Web Service?
How to perform repeated regression in matlab?
How do I setup Lamson to use DKIM signatures?
Glassfish 3.1.2 and Eclipse Indigo Plugin
Java loop exit condition
Find/Access other ToolWindowPanes in Visual Studio from another ToolWindowPane?
Why AsyncFileUpload fires RowCommand event on gridview?
Block current thread in pthread
JavaCompiler - set the compiled class output folder
Find array accesses in a basic block
Trouble with custom report builder model binding to invariable ammount of filter criteria
Real-time audio capture and playback from an external mic
jquery live for effects
Adding images to the user bundle which is in resources folder
Database overwritten in Android SQLite
Manage messages in Websphere MQ based on availability of resources
radio button change only after confirm() returns true
NHibernate <properties>
What is boost::ptr_vector::pop_front() return type?
Android : Perform a task while application opened for first time alone?
Can I detect if host is a VM? [duplicate]
Dragging/Dropping multiple views simultaneously in a GridView
instantiateViewControllerWithIdentifier Where to use
URL Encoding in C# [duplicate]
URL Routing in CodeIgnitor
Access original Mongodb data of a Django Model
Weird NSMutableArray ivar Behavior with ARC, When Trying To Add Objects
Getting and setting the RGB / RGBA value of a pixel in a CCSprite (cocos2d-x)
Dynamic XML sources
Add a shadow to the Gallery items in Android?
Custom request processor for Inserting request parameters in Database
Distributed search using solrj?
Android Bluetooth Devices Cached
PhoneGap for mobile application
Publishing contents on Facebook and update a website/app
SQL Statement Combine Text Columns Error
Generate Linq query in c# function
鈥渋nvalid enumerant鈥�after glTexImage2D
POI read with diacritics
Develop webservices in
HTTP Error 404.17 - BizTalk ESB Toolkit 2.1 WCF Service
compilation error in HeapTree
UseShellExecute unable to find file
Theme the 鈥渟ave鈥�button in a profile page, on a Drupal 6 installation?
How to sort the tasklist in the command prompt?
Perl - How to prompt for input and exit if user empty string exit
android sdk creating non-GUI application
Java Hash Table Issue with Object Refference
Not able to get code for like button to put on website
File upload and confirmation page before submission
How to create big sized .txt file?
How to use .html() to change content later in document
How to pass value to Crystal Report parameters in JSP?
iPhone with iOS 5.1 not detected with XCode 4.2
understanding intent-filter in android manifest.xml
Dropdown List appears empty when using @parameter
C# SQLite for Windows Phone 鈥渙ut of memory鈥�error
How to stream music/video and also cache it locally
differences between mysql on linux vs windows [closed]
htaccess eliminate folders
Replace string in a vector string
Android: How to choose background image for the layout
Strange Seg Fault
excel vba form is closed but I can't switch to other .xlsm workbook
Allowing thread unsafety in arrays
Create a rectangle over camera preview on android
Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$username when using PDO to login
Master Page More has more than one content
Visual Studio 2008 - Can't make data connections to SQL Server on different subnet
In a Big Table, is it normal to key values in child (sub) collections?
Why initialize some variables in a class declaration with one constructor? Templator Dictionaries
need pre-tweet confirmation from Twitter 鈥�using Abraham OAuth, php
Is it possible to improve the facebook comments social plugins
How to Access the printer queue within java
Animate a div without slowing down
C++ - *p vs &p vs p
GIT Extensions - Push - 鈥渇atal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly鈥�
How to decrypt text in PHP that is encrypted by Rijndael in .NET
Resources for using Java hashtables? Mountain of difficulties. Cannot use Hashmaps
Mongoengine鈥�How can I compare two fields?
fatal: protocol error: bad line length character: Unab
does reload tabledata affect cellForRowAtIndexPath
Just want my app to fetch an access token to read a public photo gallery with javascript/jquery
jQuery: trying hook a function to the onclick when page loads
awk tolower function not working when matching more than one word per line
Record the drawing as a m4v video file - OpenGL
Negative margin and background image not displaying properly
MonoTouch 3rd Party Library Works With 4.2 But Not 5.0
Render Highcharts after user updated labels
Xcode: Storyboard Tabbed Application Passing Data Back and Forth
iptables output chain rules for Tomcat redirect
In doxygen documentation how to create a link to a specific line of a file
Add Custom Method to System Class
The css function does not work well in JQuery
Mongo C# driver dictionary serizalization
Convert MD5 to Long
Installing SSL client certificate in Windows Phone 7.5
Missing Load plugin
How To Get SQLException reason from SQLException Object
URI for nested zip files in Apache's common -vfs?
PHP Submitting form with images. Access that image on the next page
Using jQuery with Batman.js
Getting couchrest and couch_potato to recognize existing couchdb documents
How do I move down the buttons in UIAlertView?
trac error : Unable to get database connection within 0 seconds
how to find the names of currently opened applications (on taskbar) in windows, using java?
How to Implement Interface Functions in User Control
How to cancel a segue programmatically and remain in the same view
how to connect a ruby TCP server through a node net socket?
Best way to use git before running rake db:migrate
Create Many-to-One relationship between tables in db MVC 3 Website Project
How do I output raw html when using RazorEngine (NOT from MVC)
How do I re-run a specific part of the program at every button click event?
What is support and service method in java
Debug which function was fired using Firebug
Difference between viewbag and viewstate?
New to Javascript, writing a basic function
Loading array using loops
How did photoshop store pixels data in layer form?
Php upload files dirrectly to gridFS in windows
How to scale google map(resources) for retina display?
problems running a PHP script from command line
extern const in c++
How to integration with PhoneGap to blackberry java application through BrowserFiled?
Selenium IE support for locator access using XPATH
Date format error SQL Server 2000+ASP
Create a Facebook event for a group in Facebook Graph API
Why does Linux boot with a few dentries initialized for root directory 鈥�鈥�
On heroku, rake db:migrate fails with 鈥渄atabase configuration does not specify adapter鈥�
Android - android.view.InflateException with a custom view
Serialize a tree and store into a RandomAccessFile
Make Bootstrap Popover Clickable / SetTimeout Use
The web site could not be configured correctly; getting ASP.NET process information failed. Requesting
Returning values from a client coded in java?
Is RabbitMQ practical for RPC-esque bidirectional use during request processing?
My user is destroyed when I log out of Devise
How to not execute a jQuery function on a certain condition
Create new file name using variables in the name
JQuery UI Selectable API add on click not deselect
Mongoose update/upsert?
touchscreen monitor to macmini - can it do multitouch, swipe, expand, etc? [closed]
Textarea needs ellipsis instead of word wrap
Simple.Data framework: join doesn't work
Define Entity Framework SetInitializer in web.config
Map rendering using OpenStreetMap
Unscramble string in C
Keep ViewController loaded after navigating
R installation on server and Visualizing the plots or graphs.
WebRequest and WebMethods interop
Marshal and UnMarshal Firemonkey iOS Application
How to generate parent/child nest on client side?
Write text on image in WP7
Why don't style and layout use the android namespace?
Basic Entity Framework Questions
c++ optimize array of ints
Converting a SQL query to an XQuery that counts Bi-yearly sales.
Can I include partial view in Web2Py, passing specific variables into it?
Print With No Margin
Java SwingWorker passing arguments and returning
Rotating or changing the orientation of an array in PHP
Rich Calendar Validator
How & were to declare bitmap/drawable in android
Problems running Rake rspec task with ci_reporter
Stop a service when OnAudioFocusChangeListener when =AudioManager.AUDIOFOCUS_LOSS
Language Specific Site, Best Practice
LINQ to XML -avoid duplicate entries
MYSQL How do I select data from one table only where column values from that table match the column values of another table?
ExtJS4 Reload grid Panel in button handler
javascript regex replace nonwords and spaces does not work?
Eclipse, Git - Keyboard Shortcut, How to use?
Calling subclass's static method from parent class
Refresh an uploaded image in JSF(to display)
Eclipse PDT Builder - What is it? How can I disable it?
How can I get git to add files already tracked under another git repository?
Visual Studio 2010 Professional Find and Replace Not Working
Click on widget is not working after reboot
Using getText (Selenium) to retrieve the value of a radio button option
Text in UITextField moves up after editing (center while editing)
How do I get the total size from the 'size' command?
How to set up Media controller to play audio?
How to refresh DataTables
Is it legal to decompile an .apk and use part of its code in your app
counting total rows in sql lite
How to get the XYZ Velocity from two Lat / Lon points?
How to Launch executable after installation is complete
Mysql Create Table error
Outer loop variable in nested R foreach loop
make a query searching for a value in a field with a serialized array
How save insert sctipts in separate sql files in MySqlWorkbent?
Python subprocess interaction, why does my process work with Popen.communicate, but not
WPF Tooltip positioning
Regular expression , must end with comma
SQL order by two different (possibly null) columns
PHP/MySQL pattern to order posts?
What are these lines of log-parsing Perl doing and how can I come up with something that might work?
iPhone Properties Issue [closed]
ASP.Net connection keep alive for long running server-side task
Error while installing rb-appscript gem
how to get small size image from camera?
Last line on a grid does not appear
Why does Ruby use the '=>' notation? [closed]
Getting lot of errors while building custom tab bar app with XCode 4.2
I am having trouble putting list items inline
confusion writing git filter-branch to move all files in to subdirectory
Switching to a Unix environment [closed]
Common Lisp on Heroku with Hunchentoot?
Split Function returns <Unmatched closing鈥�gt; error
Html-Javascript-Php .pls Streamer
How do I create 7-Zip archives containing multiple files with .NET?
overlapping gesture recognizer on UIImageView
Trace and 'device not ready'
In Perl, is there any scenario in which ${foo[bar]} could be syntactically valid code?
Use Gson to serialize a POJO
Disqus comment moderation inside Django Admin
about the iframe of fancybox?
UITableView Cell Color based on contents of cell
Python: How can I make the __Init__ call for two different method of argument?
Code behind file not visible or accessible
MongoDB: insert record if it doesn't exist, ignore if it does
Auto generated tic-tac-toe
Stop iframe from reloading on hover
Writing a C HTTP Proxy Server 鈥�how to receive and redirect an HTTP response [closed]
Set a .jar as the default application? (Mac OSX)
Get actual href used in document instead of full path?
What does this line point to in file structure? [closed]
How to cancel commits on master and move them to branch
Upload file in Android with outofmemory error
how to determine the size of an AUSampler instance?
Delay between repeated AJAX call to a web method
Uploadify 3.0 file not upload all file queue if auto set to false
MySQL View: Join tables without causing the data to duplicate on every row?
while loop error in retrieving data from mysql
Webview have the same features that Android web browser?
epoch time conversion
.htaccess redirect to
finding information inside of nested arrays
What's wrong with the IL I'm emitting in a Reflection.Emit.DynamicMethod?
Grabbing existing session on page reload with express/connect-redis
Can I use external XML files in for layouts in Android?
Is it possible to do Double mod_rewrite?
MySQL: foreign key constraint not enforced
WebBrowser control WP7 cant open page
Error in my Sample Android Twitter application
Selenium: Upload file in Google Chrome
Execute a SELECT statement and discard results in PL/pgSQL
How to track java servlet request using Google Analytics
Java web app debugging tools
How to play mp4 audio file in android phone?
I've created app named lowercase and page named Lowercase, how to rename the page Lowercase to lowercase?
What is the maximum value of the Combobox.NewIndex property?
Using same names for params and variables
Port ASP to Django or ASP.NET
Error printing xml nodes using n
Use of Workmanager
recursive processing list and sublist of list gives a type mismatch
Implementing a fallback mechanism over Connection Interface [closed]
creating more than 10 google map api key (V2)
Javascript: execcommand fontsize in px
How to modify the sequence of a GenBank record?
Persist Entity with relations in another EntityManager
Wordpress - Form validation on user profile edit
Gem for websocket rails 2.0.2
Android, Parsing XML, how to ignor HTML tags?
Automatic checkout from TortoiseSVN
Copy directory with symbolic links pointing to the copied files (inside directory tree)
hide autocomplete in jquery
Setting sesstion timeout due to inactivity
Wicked PDF + Paperclip
ScrollView always expands to whole Screen
PHP ActiveRecord - Could not find the association in model
UL overlap, float:left image [duplicate]
ASP.Net Usercontrol Event
Is there a Google Maps API for iOS or any other web service which offers Deals, Offers based on location information?
How to swap two button position in android
C# : Passing a Generic Object
how to copy data of return type string to c++?
Best way to move files between S3 buckets?
Optimizing a GROUP BY query
How azure will cost when working with different regions
Moving onpage CSS elements into one CSS file
jQuery code to validate and stop sending
How to load data from XML file into HTML5
DeploymentItem (mdf-File) and Connection String
Setting a delay whilst in a for loop Jquery/Javascript
I can not return JSON variable from jquery ajax function
how to open a dialog over topmost form window in C#
Regex Javascript Phone number validation min max length check
VBS script to parse a csv, get data and move AD object
Storing an anonymous function passed as a parameter in a Map
switch/quit fxml
Any way to test how much of my site is HTML5 supportive?
SQL Server CE 4.0 Entity Framework, query runs realy slow (compared with SQL Server CE 3.5)
Run a Bash Script automatically upon login
PHP Image/Fileupload: crossbrowser, multiple files, drag&drop?
Why is IE mishandling the CSS auto margin here?
How to implement the simple Rect.insersects(Rect one, Rect two) method?
iPhone: stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString gives wrong output
nmake Won't Work - Qt
Association Proxy SQLAlchemy
MySql JDBC timeout even with 'autoReconnect=true'
searching lat long with mysql with spatial
Inputs name and table fields name?
MySQL time table data structure
jQuery form validation - how to iterate
Facebook Integration and logout url
Change color of text box with CustomValidator
Inconsistency in definition of STL upper_bound?
jQuery form validation, show success message
Oracle.DataAccess Error
How to make a messagebox disappear after 3 seconds?
Plotting a line above/below existing lines created with plotyy
Slow 2D animation
Implementing iOS procotol - readonly property
Logically Consistent URLs with Complex/Nested Routes for nested data-driven menus?
Can EntryElement be multiline on MonoTouch.Dialog?
Facebook like button and twitter button needs to be on the same line
DataGridView-when I press enter it goes to the next cell
execute unix command in perl script
sql script needs if statement wrapped
Access to class generated with XSD
What causes duplicate PKs in MySQL?
VB.NET WPF Threading
Reload the start activity?
My own API Key to my RPC server
Is there a way to make only one query of a super class then get a list of all the respective sub classes in django? [duplicate]
IValidatableObject only in some actions
can Hibernate emit MERGE SQL statements for INSERT/UPDATE contructs?
Implementing standard software design patterns (focus on MVC) in R
DQS Composite Domain 鈥�Raw Data Name Field Has Both People And Company Names
How to redirect to another page with jQuery Autocomplete item click
inconsistent output fixed by debug statement placement
Is restrict(amp) more restrictive than CUDA kernel code?
Decrease regex greed
Facebook Album Access Token Expire every 2 hours
ruby array element grouping
Complicated SQL Server query
Why does Android DDMS File Explorer only show 3 directories?
self.tableView reloadData not reloading all of the tableView Delegates
Tagging image on facebook using Graph API on C# SDK
Intraday candlestick charts using MatPlotLib
Continuously update Python script in NppExec console [Notepad++]
鈥淪witching鈥�different cultures in C# code
Detect iPhone Volume Button Up Press?
Javascript鈥riving me crazy鈥oesn't make sense [closed]
VideoView Disappears for a second when video is changed
Excel VBA - exec script to drop temp table
simple_form text input
Android Uploading large files
Multi-threading Java
Create a view from a cursor in SQL?
Rails server doesn't shutdown with CTR+C in Windows 7
In Java, why dont I need to import RuntimeException to use it?
how to create a simple animation in the taskbar?
how to execute this query
Sizeof Struct vs Sizeof Type
EKCalendarChooser new Calendar
Can I get frame window in Chrome Extension?
Xoring alphabet letters with space character
getting last word in a tokenized string in groovy
How to create table in database dynamically using Hibernate?
MVC3. Local IIS Working. but hosting service is error.why?
Rows showing as #DELETED
I want to hold a filled rectangle in a window, but failed. Please tell me why.
Can't read response from Java server in iOS client using NSInputStream
How do I call a click event from another class?
Dynamic Naming for Image Saving from Google Chart's QR Code Generator
How can I hyperlink a webpage and an email mailto link in a standard Windows Phone page?
Issue with Duplicate query strings in the URL when generating the URL dynamically in the expression of the field on the SSRS report,
Connecting types defined in different modules in Fortran
calling rest api from another web application
General guide for creating publication quality tables using R, Sweave, and LaTeX
Getting weird save error when trying to clone existing attributes to new entry in my db
Data Sources (RIA Silverlight application, Entity Framework & Domain Service) slowness issues
CodeIgniter and Wordpress Integration
How to ensure execution of latest version of class file?
UISegmentedControl does not respect divider images set for UIControlStateDisabled
create posts with read only tags in Rails
Is it impossible to add multiple views to a ScrollView?
android & libgdx - how to use resources only once for both desktop and android projects?
Why is this CATransition not working?
How do I initialize a partial view so that getting different info shows the PartialViewResult containing the new info?
utc date to systemtimezone date
readlink for Git symrefs: API equivalent of 鈥渃at .git/HEAD鈥�[closed]
running shell script from php
Bootloader Strange Behavior
C++ no appropriate default constructor available
Debugging Jersey Unmarshalling Error - Bad Request syntactically incorrect
Compile GWT project with GWT project dependencies
Returning an empty partial view will raise an error if using internet explorer
Silverlight ChangePropertyAction on Button control not working
data-dojo-props and quotes
Using a :reject_if to test uniqueness
How can I rbind with missing dataframes?
SQL Server 2008: updating and keeping tracking of anuual price increase
Security Sandbox Violation with Youtube API
How do I sort a hash array by value in perl?
Serving django Admin files with Apache and mod_wsgi
How do I programmatically locate my Dropbox folder using C#?
undefined method `medium_url'
Using .htaccess and mod_rewrite
How to debug pyqt signal/slot connections, probably threading issue
AS3 Casting one type to another
Colloborative programming with compiler [closed]
Error in passing 2-D array to double function_name
find all word non matching pattern in vim
Alternatives to Dynamic Icons of Google Charts
Adding a music file to an C++ console application
How to send ICMP packet through sockets?
Android installed base dropped significantly in a span of 2 days. How to find out what happened?
Java swing layout
How to update & restart a Node app with Mercurial following a push? (Equivalent of git post-receive in hg)
鈥渦ndefined鈥�uri segment codeigniter; first function looks for null segment of uri then attempts to use another function
PHP require_once error
Lua string.gsub without printing match count
sql statement how to keep null value
How to create wiki-like web site [closed]
using nutch 1.4 in ubuntu
My CodeIgniter model doesn't work only on this page
Using mutex to enforce single instance
How to stop axis from resizing
How to create a new ArrayList containing all elements from an int[] arrary?
How to make a heat map overlay (like Trulia crime) for google maps
鈥淎s a rule of thumb, make all your methods virtual鈥�in C++ - sound advice?
Data not entering sqlite database - Ruby on Rails
Passing a derived-class pointer for a callback
Upload a picture from an Android java application to Codeigniter
RegEx - text between [ and ]
Change the colors of the google maps
Creating a login form in CodeIgniter based on Ion Auth library
鈥渘ested transactions not supported鈥�error while I don't realy have 'nested' transactions. spring+hibernate+mysql
Rails Server and Bundle not Found although they exist
Conceptual - How to build a 2D word-frequency matrix in Python?
How to embed xslt inside javascript functions?
Scrolling integer with long click - Android
Why do I still have a menu button?
How to create a JFrame Array?
Show only a selection of an image + 'hover move around effect'
Reverse a Queue
how to add a new function for a class which is created previous?
Routing Error in Ruby on Rails 鈥渁ction: show鈥�
Ajax call not returning correct variable [duplicate]
Parsing date strings using google apps script
how can I upload fields from dropdown menu into database then retrieve later?
.? operator in ruby?
Removing NaN and Infinity from displaying in the reports
Is it possible to run make with supressed warnings?
giving an id to semaphore
Solr (sunspot) Query with Hyphen and Stop Words
PHP database Insert not working
0mq how to get binded address
Looking for environment to write platform independent OPENGL code
JAXB Is there some way to unmarshal static variables?
Creating a new string containing a previously declared string var
rust error 鈥渃annot determine a type for this expression鈥�
Python permutations with constraints
How does one fill a QGridLayout from top-left to right?
Why base64 a sha1/sha256 hash?
Using where clause with Group Joins in LINQ
Speeding up lots of GLMs in R
Multiple left-outer join results in duplicated rows
keystroke timing extracted by key events in java
Reading images from XML
Speed up nautilus python-extensions for reading image's Exif
SQL Server - Trouble passing variable to a stored procedure
How to insert a banner image in a random listview row ASP.NET 4?
Reading from a text file in C
Prevent HTML Select/Option from reseting after jQuery Post
Email Sending from Local Server in PHP
doing math with a string [duplicate]
Trying to understand segues, memory management, and best practices
Differences in JQuery event handling between desktop Chrome/Firefox and the Android 2.3.6 browser
What is the Cocoa or Carbon replacement equivalents of deprecated Multiprocessing Services on OSX?
Is ASP.NET SqlPersonalizationProvider a good option for storing user settings?
Phonegap Geolocalisation application crashes
OpenGL (using SOIL) always loads the same image
Could TCP be used with lower level protocols like for eg Ethernet or SONET
Insert Book Structure Into Binary Tree C++
Dynamic array of objects in C++
how to view default archetype in maven 3.0.4 in cmd prompt
pg_connect error when using php-cli
Sort button for tableview in navigation app
How to pass parameters to module constructor when calling a HMVC module in CodeIgniter?
Load a Silverlight App from an ASPX loaded assembly
鈥淭oo many synthetic parameters鈥︹� error in Eclipse. How do i circumvent/solve it?
XAMPP WIN 7 Cache Directory Isn't writeable
BSOD/Windows XP/minidump file/Norton 360?
C# networkstream compression - Sharpziplib, DotNetZip, gzipstream all give errors on my stream
A simple perceptron in Python
When I enable APC I can't login to WordPress admin
django + varnish caching not being stored due to csrf tokens
How to design application messaging service from one user to many users in game
Rails Nested File Upload: Edit Content
name splitting regex
Tracking changes to fields using mongoose.js
Flex - Objects within Objects
Compiling libgdiplus-2.10.9on Centos5 for Mono
Getting X items from two models ordered by date?
jquery .sortable() on <div>
How do I combine two PDO statements for INSERT into database?
How can I use a sysfs kobject as a global variable?
Simplest Bash code to find what files from a defined list don't exist in a directory?
Template class methods definition with enable_if as template parameter
php5 on apache, why is libmod and php5 required?
Is there any possible memory leak in this code?
myClass.System cannot be resolved to a type
Instantiate a list inside a constructor in C++
Elements left in Java stack when Fisher-Yates shuffling?
Problems getting a development certificate for iOS 5 [duplicate]
Updating an arraylist if the object exists
MS Office 2010/2007/2003 default font for default user
haskell 鈥�any way to generate 鈥渄eriving鈥�instances for roughly-tuple-isomorphic data types?
htaccess fake folder
trouble with canvas.toDataURL and drawimage on Android phone
Reading wall data for app
what is the format/purpose of header files & makefiles? (C)
Heroku dyno/worker crashes at start
CodeSprint 2's Complement challenge running too slowly
What is wrong with my xcode? No bold NSLog, and no auto-fill brackets?
JSF navigation handling?
Understand Flash/Actionscript to create app with many pages
Selecting primary from a mapping row SQL
鈥淏ad Data鈥�CryptographicException
Java input/Output Scanner class and interactions pannel
C# send & receive messages via NetworkStream 鈥�simple code but does not work as expected
Child div's height exceeds parent div's height
Padrino & Trinidad undefined method `register' for Rack::Handler:Module
Android TTS voices
Sorting Linked List Alphabetically
two rich:ajax conflict problems (in 3 rich:select controls)
extract the text only from html content in objective C
What Is xcdatamodel and what special steps must be taken to use source control with it?
.htaccess rewritecond, multiple matches
creating a table view and restricting the access by hours
How to use IN operator with variable number of parameters?
AES round trip producing random chars
python finding number of attack per day per ip
My custom AS3 image loading classes are loading images twice鈥ot intended behavior
how do I remove duplicates from a database?
Regex to match comma separated values INV-x,INV-y,INV-z etc.?
Java Exception Reading Stream from Resource .wav
connecting windows phone application to a website?
Binding of a ContentControl from DataTemplate only working in constructor?
Problems with reading and searching thru txt file with PHP
Find objects in a list that extend a certain class
Custom scrollbar for div loaded through AJAX 鈥�Scrolling DIVs for tablets
Algorithm to select pet breed / cars / bikes / etc from database based on user answers can't change current culture
How to get JSON HTTP request body from error report with elmah? [duplicate]
Convert string back to ObjectID
How to tell Closure Compiler to preserve properties on an object
c++ derived function not invoked
Could not load NIB in bundle - from renaming project
JQTouch & PHP constantly updating data
Use jQuery element object as array key?
google analytics javascript application
Using Fqcebook Stream Table to query friends news feed
How to make the keyboard appear directly in text field of a UITableViewCell
ListView private broadcast receiver
View on click should redraw on it's canvas
Display shortcode if attachments exist
Sublime text 2 - broken letter
What xpath query would solve this
jQuery: read and access inline CDATA
SQL - Return Columns with a specific value
Difference between NSLog and DLog
Do I need 3 try blocks for url encode?
How do I insert the results of several commands on a file as part of my sed stream?
How to use typed variables in javascript?
How do I get input from the user in Java (console)?
Show Unicode characters in text field
How can I check if a user has grabbed a scrollbar on a website?
Is there a way to make the ICEPush 2.0.0 wicket pushpanel work with wicket 1.5.4?
How to do bulk file-editing in common lisp?
How to extract the URL following an HTTPPost in Android
Check if Admin is Logged in Within Observer
Is it possible to access variables defined in assembly from C?
Configure Django to use a certain database only for write queries
PHP: Updating the Olson timezone database under Windows
What is the call flow for this window.onload scenario in javascript
Executable octave script: 'usr/local/bin/octave: invalid option 鈥�'
How to use a grep style 鈥�w鈥�option in perl sed?
How to create multiple relationships between the same two tables in MS Access?
Parse string into array based on spaces or 鈥渄ouble quotes strings鈥�
hibernate connection tomcat
How to configure Aptana stuido3 for more projects in one (s)ftp connection?
using loops and method islower in python
Perl WWW::Mechanize from string variable
Ruby: Undefined method error on method called AFTER definition
OpenGL issue with rotation and lighting
Reduced size WebView not showing videos correctly in Android
clientidmode is unexpectedly prefixed in request.form
absolute positioning a footer
How to hide a button or link in Mvc View
How to use autotools for deep projects?
CakePHP: Using Constant array for Form Field
how to hide in console (e.g. firebug) any get/post url using by ajax [duplicate]
Fill the .Formula's of an Excel Range with an array (of strings)
Ruby - Invalid URI message
Saving array of structs to shared memory
storing a string(char*) in 2d array
How to organize data from the database?
鈥渄rawing鈥�char/string shapes by a variable diagonal length in haskell
Java Bit-wise Nor
Allow access to stand-alone php file Wordpress
How to produce image 鈥渕agnification鈥�effect on iOS?
Add icon from array to QListWidget item
glob() can't find file names with multibyte characters on Windows?
Is there any on select event for select for jquery?
ADO.NET GetOleDbSchemaTable
Deployment issues with capistrano
Passing webM file as parameter in C++?
2D array of an abstract class?
Failed to load JavaHL Library.- linux/eclipse
Why does my code work from interactive shell, but not when run from a file?
PHP: Opening url from database using header
Using CSS3 to make a smooth slow scroll
curb foundation jquery dependancies
Trying to parse a string to int from a file. Get NumberFormatException: For input string: 鈥溾�, eaven tho string appears to be an good int string. Java
Aggregate data using each() with reshape2::dcast
Frequency of a Term in a Document
C++ Graphics Equivalent In OBJ-C
Bringing an absolute positioned sub-menu forward?
Freemarker - access static variables of an object
JQUERY - send serialized data through .load function
How to associate a file type with a (my) Java application on OSX?
Alternative to using squareform (Matlab)
How to call callback function or handle
RelativeLayout in couple devices
sed how to append a comment after <?xml [something ?>
Segment fault pointers
How do I use a string value to access an array in javascript?
How to response with JSON format using Ruby Rack middleware
Why Integrate Redmine - Source Control Repository
Isn't comma sometimes redundant? [closed]
getting value using explode
When talking about bitwise operators, what does the symbol 鈥�xf00f鈥�mean?
jQuery autocomplete with rotten tomatoes api
MapActivity couldn't get connection factory client
JavaScript - Child inheritance breaks parent
Number of child processes in parent process C/C++, LINUX
Javascript Performance - Adding Scripts with $.getScript()
How to call my external class within the program on Eclipse
python check if word is in certain elements of a list
Stack overflow error in android - help needed to execute
I can't make 100x120 thumbnail in Wordpress
Efficient Query Generation for Permutations of Tags
What database to use if I need to deploy an app with one small table?
The difference between render(鈥� and g.render(鈥� in grails
Issue with a PHP Online Order Form
JQuery Mobile - Position a input button next to an input text area
Shapefile output