Can I reuse any ext2 inode bits
How can I declare a static function within a class?
Derby + EclipseLink + JUnit + Eclipse = ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
Literally explode text apart to random places with jQuery
Android Camera - How can i take a specific 鈥渞ectangle鈥�from the byte array?
Facebook Like Button not working, shows weird error
Detect if a user has denied any permission in my Facebook application
place or location database
Launch console application before user login
How UINavigationController and UIViewController works?
Strange Eclipse Error with XML files
Optional whitespaces inside lookbehind regex
Configuring ActiveResource to support OAuth2
Conflict resolution with Emacs Ediff: How can I take the changes of both versions
Extendable Markdown parser in Ruby?
Is there a way to access a django request session cookie from jQuery?
Getting POST data from form with WCF Service Application
Andengine fade in/out and alpha modifiers not working
Reading ServletOutputStream to String
How to specify another font size for IE7 and IE8
Which Content-Transfer-Encoding when sending emails via C# or there are not any difference?
Android refresh button best practices?
send ID to PHP script and return img src tag from DB filename
Android ListView: Do I need to create another class to use it?
Make MenuStrip look like MainMenu
How do I remove empty elements from the dom using jQuery?
How to put an existing Android project on source control using Subversion for Eclipse?
how to display data id, name? GridView trouble getting updated values
Concatenating with the C++ Preprocessor
How to use Dojo Dijit select without tables?
PHP Transfer of variables from one page to another
Query to check booking availability by comparing datetimes
Adding a marker zooms map out fully when using Gmaps G_SATELLITE_3D_MAP with earth plugin
Joomla PHP error within page content
Check if string contains another C
How to prevent Core Data making duplicates in iOS 5?
Capybara/Cucumber : RoutingError for nested resources in a namespace
How do I share variables between C and C++ code?
Mysql query forward and back
fixed bar over scrollable background: CSS
In html how to remove onmouseover function
How to know commands i've been typing in Gvim
xsl loop through argument value
Parallelism in OpenCL on 1 cpu device
Create an unique identifier for iOS devices?
How can uint64_t store a negative number? - Isn't it meant to be unsigned [duplicate]
knockout replace - native binding directive on the fly
Access a parent class in an OOP correct way
How i can do zero down time deployment on cluster environment?
_changed? method when using counter_cache
Java splitting a string while ignoring any delimiters between brackets
Library for speech-recognition / speech-to-text
Merge Data in Excel Range, Removing Blanks and Duplicates
Pass data to server side from Javascript code
Python defaultdict get original dictionary
Java UDP hole punching example - connecting through firewall
Missing iPad 4.0 Simulator
Command to Download Remote URL Folder Contents
Getting the Distance between Two Points More than Once
set a layer to be invisible in cocos2d?
objective c - significant location changes
How to toggle a background image sprite with jQuery
Passing variable with properties to argumentlist, loosing properties
knockout.js bind bootstrap btn-group
Android App high cpu-usage
I want to write a single line in file using shell script linux
holding kinect gestures in database
HTML Link Helper full_calendar plugin breaks links
What is the simple way to extract a JSON string from a Microsoft DynamicJsonObject?
why regexec() of C does not match this pattern, but match() of javascript works?
Can statement-level triggers lead to mutating-tables
jsf - entity framework for caching remotely received objects - same references
simple work through/tutorial video using WPF, MVVM and entity framework all together in one project
Scala style guideline for underscore in identifiers
circular internal method call
Full screen height ( 100 % ) with the tag display: table and table-cell
Printing out the names of implicitly linked dll's from .idata section in a portable executable
Android Face detection only works with drawables not with images from SD card
How to assert a bad-initialized collection in visualStudio unitTesting?
PHP: Add a Transparent PNG to a JPEG with Opacity
How to copy the rasterized content of a UIView into a new UIView?
jQuery cleditor plugin: creating a new button
Simplest way to get the PID of a recently launched application
UIButton between two UITableViewCell
Developing Android app using .html file
Accessing External Final from project directory ASPX
WebDriver::Error::UnknownError: Session has no driver. The browser window may have been closed - Unable to recognize the Confirmation overlay
Error: java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver found for jdbc:sqlserver
CSS - How to select an id inside a class
Getting XML element from a Combobox item
this keyword in android
Emacs: How can I find a file in my project quickly?
Barcode scanner for book site
how can i get some image link from google app engine?
XSLT search XML using regex, word boundries
vector<int> v(istream_iterator<int>(cin), istream_iterator<int>());
Difference between a select with and without join
How to run android app during powersave mode
How to flip a UIView around the x-axis while simultaneously switching subviews
TDD with large data in Python
Actionscript 2 and Actionscript 3 working together possible?
Can a jquery template have a for loop
AJAX request not working in firefox
create a trigger which will copy few data from other table after getting filtered from condition
Restore a migration after manually deleting it in database
Why is a stackoverflowexception thrown in this operator definition?
why the Placeholderdo not work in IE8?
fql query character encoding
How to modify both the x & Y axises in my data points Jqplot chart to start from the points that are included
Who can explain the Java operator <<=?
connect access database to html file
Silverlight PresentationModel contains a collection of another presentationModel
Strange behaviour of function Sleep() used in repeat until in Delphi
How to install development version of R packages github repository
How to fix error: 'Microsoft.Devices.PhotoCamera' does not contain a definition for 'IsFocusAtPointSupported' 鈥�in windows phone 7.1 application
Two dimensional array - update certain poistion
No parameters passed when ModelState is invalid
Jquery $.post not working on chrome but works in IE and FF
What specific ports do various WCF bindings use for communication?
Jumping to Position on page after Dynamic content added
Creating 1bppIndexed image, trouble with stride and accessviolationexception
Multiplexing the Future<> in Java
How can I make a Windows 8 Metro scrollviewer respond to mousewheel?
Reverting a transposed array to original state with language variables
Different int values or the same? EXC_BAD_ACCESS at NSLog
textarea height 100%-space for submit button inside table cell
Spammers can send their stuff even I have reCAPTCHA
jquery post not passing my function variable
Source plugin Nunit for TeamCity
Converting CString to Char to Update Database
Cannot use MySQL connection on the hosting
How to call datasource during bean initialization?
WCAT : 404 Not Found in the log file
Cryptic error message when loading clsql
Numpy, assign new values to a existing ndarray
is there any example of Adobe Air application published on Mac App Store
Change the colors of the google maps
Creating a login form in CodeIgniter based on Ion Auth library
鈥渘ested transactions not supported鈥�error while I don't realy have 'nested' transactions. spring+hibernate+mysql
Rails Server and Bundle not Found although they exist
Conceptual - How to build a 2D word-frequency matrix in Python?
How to embed xslt inside javascript functions?
Scrolling integer with long click - Android
Why do I still have a menu button?
How to create a JFrame Array?
Show only a selection of an image + 'hover move around effect'
Reverse a Queue
how to add a new function for a class which is created previous?
Routing Error in Ruby on Rails 鈥渁ction: show鈥�
Ajax call not returning correct variable [duplicate]
Parsing date strings using google apps script
how can I upload fields from dropdown menu into database then retrieve later?
.? operator in ruby?
Removing NaN and Infinity from displaying in the reports
Is it possible to run make with supressed warnings?
giving an id to semaphore
Solr (sunspot) Query with Hyphen and Stop Words
PHP database Insert not working
0mq how to get binded address
Looking for environment to write platform independent OPENGL code
JAXB Is there some way to unmarshal static variables?
Creating a new string containing a previously declared string var
rust error 鈥渃annot determine a type for this expression鈥�
Python permutations with constraints
How does one fill a QGridLayout from top-left to right?
Why base64 a sha1/sha256 hash?
Using where clause with Group Joins in LINQ
Speeding up lots of GLMs in R
Multiple left-outer join results in duplicated rows
keystroke timing extracted by key events in java
Reading images from XML
Speed up nautilus python-extensions for reading image's Exif
SQL Server - Trouble passing variable to a stored procedure
How to insert a banner image in a random listview row ASP.NET 4?
Reading from a text file in C
Prevent HTML Select/Option from reseting after jQuery Post
Email Sending from Local Server in PHP
doing math with a string [duplicate]
Trying to understand segues, memory management, and best practices
Differences in JQuery event handling between desktop Chrome/Firefox and the Android 2.3.6 browser
What is the Cocoa or Carbon replacement equivalents of deprecated Multiprocessing Services on OSX?
Is ASP.NET SqlPersonalizationProvider a good option for storing user settings?
Phonegap Geolocalisation application crashes
OpenGL (using SOIL) always loads the same image
Could TCP be used with lower level protocols like for eg Ethernet or SONET
Insert Book Structure Into Binary Tree C++
Dynamic array of objects in C++
how to view default archetype in maven 3.0.4 in cmd prompt
pg_connect error when using php-cli
Sort button for tableview in navigation app
How to pass parameters to module constructor when calling a HMVC module in CodeIgniter?
Load a Silverlight App from an ASPX loaded assembly
鈥淭oo many synthetic parameters鈥︹� error in Eclipse. How do i circumvent/solve it?
XAMPP WIN 7 Cache Directory Isn't writeable
BSOD/Windows XP/minidump file/Norton 360?
C# networkstream compression - Sharpziplib, DotNetZip, gzipstream all give errors on my stream
A simple perceptron in Python
When I enable APC I can't login to WordPress admin
django + varnish caching not being stored due to csrf tokens
How to design application messaging service from one user to many users in game
Rails Nested File Upload: Edit Content
name splitting regex
Tracking changes to fields using mongoose.js
Flex - Objects within Objects
Compiling libgdiplus-2.10.9on Centos5 for Mono
Getting X items from two models ordered by date?
jquery .sortable() on <div>
How do I combine two PDO statements for INSERT into database?
How can I use a sysfs kobject as a global variable?
Simplest Bash code to find what files from a defined list don't exist in a directory?
Template class methods definition with enable_if as template parameter
php5 on apache, why is libmod and php5 required?
Is there any possible memory leak in this code?
myClass.System cannot be resolved to a type
Instantiate a list inside a constructor in C++
Elements left in Java stack when Fisher-Yates shuffling?
Problems getting a development certificate for iOS 5 [duplicate]
Updating an arraylist if the object exists
MS Office 2010/2007/2003 default font for default user
haskell 鈥�any way to generate 鈥渄eriving鈥�instances for roughly-tuple-isomorphic data types?
htaccess fake folder
trouble with canvas.toDataURL and drawimage on Android phone
Reading wall data for app
what is the format/purpose of header files & makefiles? (C)
Heroku dyno/worker crashes at start
CodeSprint 2's Complement challenge running too slowly
What is wrong with my xcode? No bold NSLog, and no auto-fill brackets?
JSF navigation handling?
Understand Flash/Actionscript to create app with many pages
Selecting primary from a mapping row SQL
鈥淏ad Data鈥�CryptographicException
Java input/Output Scanner class and interactions pannel
C# send & receive messages via NetworkStream 鈥�simple code but does not work as expected
Child div's height exceeds parent div's height
Padrino & Trinidad undefined method `register' for Rack::Handler:Module
Android TTS voices
Sorting Linked List Alphabetically
two rich:ajax conflict problems (in 3 rich:select controls)
extract the text only from html content in objective C
What Is xcdatamodel and what special steps must be taken to use source control with it?
.htaccess rewritecond, multiple matches
creating a table view and restricting the access by hours
How to use IN operator with variable number of parameters?
AES round trip producing random chars
python finding number of attack per day per ip
My custom AS3 image loading classes are loading images twice鈥ot intended behavior
how do I remove duplicates from a database?
Regex to match comma separated values INV-x,INV-y,INV-z etc.?
Java Exception Reading Stream from Resource .wav
connecting windows phone application to a website?
Binding of a ContentControl from DataTemplate only working in constructor?
Problems with reading and searching thru txt file with PHP
Find objects in a list that extend a certain class
Custom scrollbar for div loaded through AJAX 鈥�Scrolling DIVs for tablets
Algorithm to select pet breed / cars / bikes / etc from database based on user answers can't change current culture
How to get JSON HTTP request body from error report with elmah? [duplicate]
Convert string back to ObjectID
How to tell Closure Compiler to preserve properties on an object
c++ derived function not invoked
Could not load NIB in bundle - from renaming project
JQTouch & PHP constantly updating data
Use jQuery element object as array key?
google analytics javascript application
Using Fqcebook Stream Table to query friends news feed
How to make the keyboard appear directly in text field of a UITableViewCell
ListView private broadcast receiver
View on click should redraw on it's canvas
Display shortcode if attachments exist
Sublime text 2 - broken letter
What xpath query would solve this
jQuery: read and access inline CDATA
SQL - Return Columns with a specific value
Difference between NSLog and DLog
Do I need 3 try blocks for url encode?
How do I insert the results of several commands on a file as part of my sed stream?
How to use typed variables in javascript?
How do I get input from the user in Java (console)?
Show Unicode characters in text field
How can I check if a user has grabbed a scrollbar on a website?
Is there a way to make the ICEPush 2.0.0 wicket pushpanel work with wicket 1.5.4?
How to do bulk file-editing in common lisp?
How to extract the URL following an HTTPPost in Android
Check if Admin is Logged in Within Observer
Is it possible to access variables defined in assembly from C?
Configure Django to use a certain database only for write queries
PHP: Updating the Olson timezone database under Windows
What is the call flow for this window.onload scenario in javascript
Executable octave script: 'usr/local/bin/octave: invalid option 鈥�'
How to use a grep style 鈥�w鈥�option in perl sed?
How to create multiple relationships between the same two tables in MS Access?
Parse string into array based on spaces or 鈥渄ouble quotes strings鈥�
hibernate connection tomcat
How to configure Aptana stuido3 for more projects in one (s)ftp connection?
using loops and method islower in python
Perl WWW::Mechanize from string variable
Ruby: Undefined method error on method called AFTER definition
OpenGL issue with rotation and lighting
Reduced size WebView not showing videos correctly in Android
clientidmode is unexpectedly prefixed in request.form
absolute positioning a footer
How to hide a button or link in Mvc View
How to use autotools for deep projects?
CakePHP: Using Constant array for Form Field
how to hide in console (e.g. firebug) any get/post url using by ajax [duplicate]
Fill the .Formula's of an Excel Range with an array (of strings)
Ruby - Invalid URI message
Saving array of structs to shared memory
storing a string(char*) in 2d array
How to organize data from the database?
鈥渄rawing鈥�char/string shapes by a variable diagonal length in haskell
Java Bit-wise Nor
Allow access to stand-alone php file Wordpress
How to produce image 鈥渕agnification鈥�effect on iOS?
Add icon from array to QListWidget item
glob() can't find file names with multibyte characters on Windows?
Is there any on select event for select for jquery?
ADO.NET GetOleDbSchemaTable
Deployment issues with capistrano
Passing webM file as parameter in C++?
2D array of an abstract class?
Failed to load JavaHL Library.- linux/eclipse
Why does my code work from interactive shell, but not when run from a file?
PHP: Opening url from database using header
Using CSS3 to make a smooth slow scroll
curb foundation jquery dependancies
Trying to parse a string to int from a file. Get NumberFormatException: For input string: 鈥溾�, eaven tho string appears to be an good int string. Java
Aggregate data using each() with reshape2::dcast
Frequency of a Term in a Document
C++ Graphics Equivalent In OBJ-C
Bringing an absolute positioned sub-menu forward?
Freemarker - access static variables of an object
JQUERY - send serialized data through .load function
How to associate a file type with a (my) Java application on OSX?
Alternative to using squareform (Matlab)
How to call callback function or handle
Remove DOS stub from a PE file
Refresh the data in all view controllers in SplitView based iPad app
What are differences between deque and linked list (+vector) implementation for STL queue (OR stack)?
HTML5 Drag and Drop - Map
Common method for printing arrays and lists of any types
Mvc 3 conditional HTML
Why do Modelica.Fluid-pipes fail to work with my medium?
Rails method for concatenate
Reading Input File and Putting It Into An Array with Space Delimiter in Perl
Change CSS for all same-class-elements when hovering over a single same-class-element
Detecting failure at runtime?
how to automate sending commands using SSH factory
crash when implementing gestures in xcode 4.2
Observers Not Removed
Purpose of using syntax code 鈥淐ASE GROUPING鈥�
objective-c iso C++ forbids declaration of X with no type
ClassCastException on reload
Ruby standalone app deployment/distribution
What are the advantages of using adapter, helper for creating or accessing database?
How to add html img to page from javascript but not hardcode it in javascript
do browsers protect users IP address?
CSS Menu - LI / A width
Android 4.03: Couldn't open http
How to convert integer to string in C? [duplicate]
update a nested list in sencha touch 2
Does it make sense to import functions explicitly when exported by default and used a objectorientated interface?
what is the GMail email OAuth URL API to get Google Mails using Google OAuth2?
Search images via google in iOS
How to disable orientation change in MapActivity
NSFileManager & NSFilePosixPermissions
Convert from byte array to hex string in java
FileInputStream NullPointerException in Android
Dynamic layout in JS/CSS/HTML
how to stretch the header background color across the web browser?
DDD Using Specification pattern for Validation
Why the compiler doesn't complain about the catch clauses?
responding to wifi availability
Regex case sensitive
Triggering an event when an element is created
Check if UIView is currently animating
svn delete - returns No write-lock error (TortoiseSVN 1.7.6)
Modelsim and GHDL cannot dump vhdl user-defined signal types into vcd?
Correct way for interpreting one type as another?
SVN patch file doesn't contain file renames?
What's the correct way to do ajax callback with Rails 3 link_to
How to change font in word document
Values not updates after update query
How to display arraylist into Java Server Faces 2.0
In Django, why do I get problems with utf-8 encoded strings?
Facebook SDK for iOs isn't working correctly
Entities not being created in the Database
Why second passing php array element by reference generates wrong results?
VTK: Basic visualization of heightfield
Url Mod-Rewrite Get new Page with ID
Serialization - What is the advantage of using ObjectStreamField [] serialPersistentFields?
MATLAB: how to calculate the distribution of elements in matrix
Order of results from python's dir() function
timezone conversion client server issue
RVM: Incorrect Ruby version referenced after removal
Calling protocol method with multiple subview hierarchy
MySQL query works in Navicat but generates MySQL Syntax Error elsewhere
WPF control frozen in Visual Studio 2010
Parsing a string in R
Using makefile to merge javascript files after compiled from coffeescript
check auto generated span class tag with Jquery
Producing application/zip content using RESTeasy
how can I make a html scrollbar start at the bottom?
jQuery AJAX listener
ruby 1.9.3 round decimals
gcc on i386 architecture
Get image from scanner in web app
translating Java to x10
Adding plus button in WPF tab control after the last tab item?
DNOA OpenID+OAuth to Google from localhost and public site fail
Simple C# application not working correctly, works fine when run from within Visual Studio
Is there any frameworks for integration testing of Android apps which can drive emulator/device beyond one app
android horizontal progress bar on white background honeycomb
calling C++ functions containing callbacks in C#
(Python) get files from zip file on webserver to minimize traffic
Python curses - getting error texts in nice way
ShareKit - Flickr integration - Want to bypass (or at least auto fill) attributes dialog
Dynamic use of viewswitcher / viewflipper
Is there any canvas/layout editor in Javascript or PHP for defining custom document layouts?
JQuery Rewrite HTML to Text
App development in C. [closed]
/me/home retrieves an outdated view of the News Feed
Issue in Relaunching application
c# finding indexof and remove character atsign
How to display data using ArrayCollection (SQLite db) to a control that without dataProvider?
How scalable is using .Contains for searching and auto-complete search in MVc web applications
I cannot connect to Microsoft Access using Dev C++
Check if Javascript script exists on page
Why 'build applet' app in python 2.7 application folder is unable to delete in osx 10.7.3?
Trying to figure out how to get current location to work
ie8 'Invalid Pointer'
MySQL Query in a View
is a string a valid timezone in .net
value computed is not used
JS: Prototyping - access the right instance property
Saving graphs in both pdf and png format but using pdf files in the final document
What are the alternatives to Ruby Version Manager (rvm)? [closed]
drawing a tile map with sfml
Want to connect to iCloud caldav server and add an event, preferably from PHP
Rails app cant detect local gems
Parallel Concurrent Binary Readers
PHP and AJAX image header not being read
Magic Doctrine2 finders when field has underscore?
Check internet connection or check internet connection constantly
jquery ready method
XML parsing libraries got crash on Mac App while works fine on iOS
Email issue with DNS and (maybe) PHP mail()
Can i modify the X-axises Date formate and the font width for the tooltips for my Jqplt Data plot chart in mvc
Alternative solution for database synchronization
android how to change view from phone to tablet view in eclipse
Round UIImages in UITableView causes slowdown
Re-initialising a view after the save button has been touched
Having trouble opening connection to table made in visual studio
php array_walk_recursive not working on mysql result set array with stripslashes
<script type=鈥渪-text/handlebars鈥�always becomes an 'ember-view' as a div - how to make it a span?
Any way to catch exception from .dll in .net
Persist files between updates in an Android app
Creating lists with Orchard
Rails locale file wont load
Is it possible to click on two buttons at the same time, if one covers the other one?
Fixed percentage based grid with MiGLayout
iPhone infinite scroll view
inserting audit logging entry for user login
Array of Linked Lists in Java
Generate the post-order traversal given the in-order and pre-order traversal
multikey quicksort crashes
Why does my PHP transaction not work?
Interrupts from LPT (bi-directional mode)
Get previous element of a different type with PHP Simple Html Dom?
LINQ Where in MAX
Java Display Text On Right Side of Text Area
Repeat control merge notesdocumentcollection
Cannot add text to <p>
Folder to store data files locally in WPF application
Removing initial value from form
Store HashMap Cookie Repository in Servlet Across Requests
Input date in HTML form?
Finding which object has a reference to another object in iOS and ARC
How to detect users on an iPhone with 鈥淧rivate Browsing鈥�enabled?
Function eregi() is deprecated - PHP 5.3 [duplicate]
How do I use regex to replace something between parentheses?
Reference application storage in HTML assets
How to define a sound in my project as ringtone and notification?
Binding Jquery Event to All Elements Starting With Specified Characters
Using port.onDisconnect to determine when a Chrome extension is uninstalled / disabled
GLPaint Save Function (Save current screen with background image)
Android - android.view.InflateException: Error inflating class
MEF and Unity integration
How can I get the Order of the Testcase in a Suite programmatically using TFS API
using python to kill all running python files
Find files between a certain alpha range
Stuck in database structuring
Why does Python's Requests.session return differently from a regular call?
PHP mail form - email header
What's the better way to export a DataGridView in C# to any document (other than MS Excel)?
Playing mp3 files over http in IOS
Backup sqlite data programmatically using Monotouch
Anonymous union/struct of class with constructor
variable seen by all classes Java
Ant FTP task - cannot create type
Map a join table to a Map object in Java with JPA
Content of html page changed by jQuery but 鈥淰iew Source鈥�don't reflect the changes
How FMDB makes sqlite more simpler iOS?
PHP : Output iCalendar File as Plain Text
Is this a reasonable approach to testing user interfaces with junit?
emacs, clean current shell output
Generic EventArgs for built-in types
TinyMCE makes page with flash app scroll down (only Chrome and Safari)
How do Media Player Android apps like MXPlayer and MoboPlayer play unsupported file formats like MKV?
Java bootstrap class path
How to redesign application to allow more DB flexibility?
Writable local const
js variable on html code
Where are 'package data' files?
How to differ from different images in iphone programing
Unable to select id attribute from ajax returned page
How to save file in the memory of phone?
OpenCV: Simulate FishEye
Which of these two books is better for learning Java Threading? [closed]
Inserting a node into a binary search tree/linked list?
java and passing over a synchronized block when another thread's holding the lock
JavaScript Validation - page still being processed
Android Hello world project not running
Problems using java service wrapper with jboss 7
Clone Dbal Connection for doing Insert on Duplicate Get_Affected_Rows
Titanium appcelerator: Passing reference in other Windows
Security implications of letting users render own SVG files
How to order by the date of the last comment and sort by last created otherwise?
Unable to handle thread handler in android
Customizing navigation items of UIImagePickerController
HTTPRequestValidationException in
Best way to handle positioning in a website
Change free windows phone app to paid one
NHibernate query to get objects with properties that match string parts
how i do to sort a list of ages in prolog?
Saving Base64 encoded data from XML into a file
Synchronizing of user's browser refresh
Rails: passing data from instance variable in 1 controller to instance variable in another controller
Import .bak to MySQL (.sql)
Android Notification - Non Activity Class
Assembly - wrong implementation of free list
Restricting page tab app to only fans
sudoku subsquare generation
.NET - Custom Events
Getting started with Celery in Django
algoriths queston re phrased [closed]
MVC 3 Authorize custom roles
snappy B茅zier curves
Google App Engine e-mail and attachment extensions
Trying to upload multiple images using XHR 2 and PHP
how do I echo out a string if the_meta() is empty?
troubles with inner join
Update my.cnf auto_increment_offset with last character of hostname
Encrypting AES key with RSA public key
Storing previous errors and displaying
Rails: ordering by most recent sign up
ClassCastException when adding TextView to LinearLayout
Using multiple S3 buckets with carrierwave gem
JSoup Parsing issues
limit or extend the number of samples that are played
Writing safe code. Really check for allocation errors every time?
Creating subdomain / virtualhost in apache on CentOS 6.2 [closed]
Stop the ongoing process(Thread) in Java on button click
Rails: select unique values from a column
jQuery/PHP Mix and match e-commerce functionality
Html.HiddenFor causing error
Facebook mobile web application started throwing API Error Code:196
Android/OpenGL-ES 2.0: setDebugFlags doesn't do anything?
Implementing LocationListener on a service thread
IIS App Pool/Restart and ASP.NET
adding objects to an ArrayList using an abstract class
Not finding other files in the same workspace folder in Eclipse with PyDev
Wrap section and main body into one form in ASP.NET MVC 3
APC on PHP 5.3.10/Apache 2.2.21
Multiple sliders on one page
How to reference objects defined in another class?
Uploading an intelliJ project to mochaHosting
Trying out a simple List example on Sencha Touch 2, I get 鈥淯ncaught TypeError鈥�
Convert WCHAR string to lower case C
NServiceBus 3.0 MarkAsComplete() causes NServiceBus.Unicast.Queuing.QueueNotFoundException
How to scrape a web-site filling out forms and 'clicking' on links with R?
awk - counting content of files
How do i upgrade my pre-populated sqlite database on my device without re-creating tables?
Defining destination Activity for a Button
Get unknown number of options into wordpress widget admin page
Java - Parsing TI-84 tokens into hex code
Creating backup of database in Query Browser
Array.splice() not behaving as expected
how do I dynamically map view to mediator in HaXe using Cube framework
pass no id, but only parameters with Rails path
Stack around the variable 'keypoints' was corrupted
Minimal Images & XAML-Defined shapes?
What is the easiest way to work with Google Docs API in Ruby on Rails?
EE2 removal of index.php put my site down.
PHP mail() error 500
How to update Flex SDK in Flash Builder 4.6
MySQL query security and timestamp with PHP
MKMapView overlays get reset on appDidBecomeActive
File don't want to make a new directory (mkdir)?
Output Botan Encryption results to a QDomDocument and vice-verca
symfony2: storing an object in the database
flv/video player which allows to seek for part of not loaded video part
return float array
bi2de error in MatLab
Update current session
Preventing the backspace key from moving to the previous page
Retrieving current user entered value from GWT SuggestBox
A better way to replace emoticons in PHP?
Creating sum tree of binary tree scala
What is the name of the 鈥渙nload鈥�event?
Ruby.Metaprogramming. class_eval
鈥渙fstream鈥�as function argument
iOS - memory leaks
c# Interop Word Document add Style
Sending SMS via PHP Codeigniter and email-to-SMS gateway
Insert Array data into a database using PDO
Dynamically allocating an array of structs
Internet Radio Streaming API
scala regex replaceAllIn can't replace when replace string looks like a regex?
Time Complexity of InOrder Tree Traversal of Binary Tree O(n)?
Don't resize child div when parent div changes size
right to left multi-column in crystal report
Strange behavior of stringstream passed by reference
Is there a way to sort/order keys in JavaScript objects?
Visual Studio 2010 html indenting
link rollover to change the background image
Cannot add object to an NSMutableArray array
sqlite3 insert row if unique
Evaluate automake variable only once
Express C# generic type arguments more succinctly?
Return array of pointers (CvSeq pointers)
Can I duplicate an existing Project as a starting point for a different project?
Josephus' Puzzle Basic Programming, math error?
Javascript API private functions and modules
Why is script ordering important when assigning a function to window.onload?
is it possible to use OpenGL lighting without declaring surface normals?
Django 1.4.1 and using natural keys in deserializing
JSF 2 Input Field mandatory field validation required only when a value is entered
Command binding not working
How to get the day of month from a formatted string?
Send client certificate using XHR
How to match the multiple selected options in the form to the database by query?
Any Patterns/Samples for coordinating / cooperating applications [closed]
Jquery ui tabs with knockout using mvc 3 how to implement?
Visual Studio 2010 Dialog Editor produces Win95 themed controls
Fixed tabular layout on web page
How can I make Hive understand the paths of my existing partitioned data?
Monitor a mailbox for new email
Samsung android clock app - source code?
selecting distinct column name with respectives values
How to detect whether in Terminal Services session in VB6?
Inserting array data using mysql insert id and if statements
We use both SOAP and REST endpoints for our WCF services. What will the ASP.NET Web API mean to us?
Multipage lattice panel arrangement
java replace ' with '
Where to deal with a file exception?
interpret arrow keys in raw mode (posix)
I have four buttons directing to a single activity, how to findout which button caused the activity to open?
run a test for a single method only
How to fit in view the pixmaps in QGraphicsView/QGraphicsScene without changing aspect ratio
PHP getters and setters with array
Zend Cron job raises segmentation fault
How to install JRE while deploying a Java Swing application?
Simplify the code in models
Most effective way to determine if a datetime is within a time frame
PHP - Display Tags Within Tag as Text
Using 'findAndModify' on mongodb
How i change my ip address to a given address and access a website
error in PInvoke signature while trying to write mouse click code
Sort a list of different objects by a common property
Very strange C behavior
plsql - get first row - which one is better?
Assigning pointer in an exterior function
Killing the Background running Activities such as Messaging, Browser, Contact etc in Android
Sockets disconnected automatically in AS3
Has anyone made a long-document smooth scroller / navigation bar?
Cocoa: NSButton disappears after being clicked. Still active however
C++ GUI without Frameworks
@font-face - how to make it work on all browsers
Tracking File Downloads with GA, jQuery and PHP
How to position a row of text based on a particular letter?
Android AsyncTask threads limits?
Faye and changing models in your rails app
Presist an opened Socket between two processes in Android
Saving new input strings to NSMutableArray iPhone
Python: Metaclasses and __slots__?
Passing an array of integers as function parameter in C
How to fetch my custom XML file through a servlet
Single method_missing for Array, Hash and Range
Using jquery to slide in content horizontally
Retrieve array values from mongodb with Java
mysql most efficient way to store user agent, referral etc
Is there a pre-compiler define that tells me I'm compiling for iOS?
writing special characters to txt file
Placing custom libraries behind an Interface C#
Inserting a javascript code into php
Passing of Value through URL and getting it through $_GET fails
Decoupling the database CODE for real
How to find a rare bug?
Keytool generates SHA1 fingerprint instead of MD5?
how to load json in extjs
How to access request parameters in Rails
How to convert xml to non-xml text using XQuery in SQL Server 2005/2008?
JQuery Mobile - Put a data-icon in addition to the checkbox in an input checkbox
Mouse scrolling, flash and wmode=transparent (windows)
NSString to NSNumber convert
Is 鈥渟tring s;鈥�compiled to 鈥渟tring s = new String(..);鈥�
Editing a executables files details
Tell a configure script to use a relative path for --datarootdir
In jquery drop UI,how can I clone drag element into drop place with correct mouse position?
text not visible after moving UIButtons
Difference between Android platforms in different OS?
Nothing error mentions in cmd screen,screen just disappeared devC, C++
Pass an Object, Inherit it or use direct method
How to force the script to be executed in specific place?
Copy multiple files to a folder in newbie appelscript
Doctrine repository returns empty resultset
How to update DB records using a dynamically generated link
Textmate and add existing files
How do I return data that is ordered today in C# or SQL Server?
How to approach unittesting and TDD (using python + nose)
Why 0 && 1 is 1 while 1 && 0 is 0 in ruby?
getSize() giving me errors
Unexpected output of python list
Getting error message (if value is not None and not value.has_key() )
Cyrillic text extraction in Python/Django
c vs C++ vs C# for testing embedded critical software [closed]
program crashes when trying to present modal view controller
Draw Route on Android Map not working鈥�
Launcher High Memory Usage
All dropdownlist resets at single selectedIndexchange
json inline edit for mysql table
Problems in deploying Hbase standalone mode in ubuntu
Facebook dialog apps
jQuery breaks if function does not exists
Need help refactoring queries/database design
How can I disable the dates in one field that are earlier than the date I selected in another filed(jquery.datepick.js:keith wood)?
multiple OSGi service instances and DS binding
What does this SWITCH error mean?
Error creating a Javascript Object
How to display few objects of the same class i Mustache template language
xcode: TextField.text return nil no matter what is the input: [New Referencing Outlet]?
Facebook login logout implementation
Creating customised button using code behind from Expression Blend
WPF Button what is the right Trigger for me?
Best way of storing/caching real-time data , with disk persistency
Strange behaviour of PHP DateTime Class
enterDecision(int) in the type DebugEventListener is not applicable for the arguments (int, boolean)锛�
Database design. Double relationship
java.lang.ClassCastException While starting activity in app
A JTree node changes its representation after the second mouse click
Deleting multiple lines from a txtFile
Is this Schema OK for MongoDB Usage?
svn:externals help (TortoiseSVN 1.7.6)
DIV over table cell (Firefox issue)
Does the full 64K get used for every pipe created?
Is this design a good way to access a web service in MVC fashion?
Order by Collection entity property in ASP.NET MVC 3 (entity framework)
Django-nonrel import cache fail
i have this simple ipn script to handle paypal but i want to secure my files
Coercing a scalar or an array to become an array
How to develop an Android App with google maps API on multiple computers?
JQuery - dynamically generate a graphic tree-view from data
Design form with ComboTree [closed]
ASP.NET MVC 4 book? [closed]
Zend Mail - Pdf Attachment - imbedded png gets scrambled
Working with DelegateCommand's CanExecute action
How to write a PCRE regular expression pattern in Amazon s3 SDK for PHP in get_object_list method
Auto complete for a variable inside a foreach
Update document from inside another document - mongoengine
Follow up on Password protect launch of android application
Developing a java based assembler for 8085
Why does this raptor code parse NTriples but not RDFXML?
Storing graph with EF Code First
Do function when select in autocomplete(Jquery)
Any way to create a heap dump/histogram on OutOfMemoryException in C#?
PHP file upload validation
Android Feeding images from a Json Feed into a list
Growing List Items as Graph
GKTurnBasedMatch recognizing the playergroup
Console app using more threads than it should
How to force login, after facebook connect?
Win XP: If NET SEND is disabled, is there still a way to send messages across network via cmd?
is Javascript able to unload an image from an HTML page?
Capture playing sound
How to use jQuery submit method twice at rails3 ajax form
Doesn't hide show few fields in Mustache template language
why won't this gradient filter work in ie8?
How to get inflections for a word using Wordnet
Refinerycms Rails 3.2.1
Why not just use self.view to switch view in iPhone SDK?
Load random profile on index page, jQuery
What is the best Linux distro for software development, mainly C? [closed]
Click dosen't work after appending new element
Combining char to insert into database
monitor html change using hash func
What is the best way to compress a list of similar but not identical strings?
Logic of fixed number of records per page alphabetical pagination structure
open dialog() for mulitple buttons
How do I force Windows CE to re-read registry values that have been updated?
PHP $_FILES MIME type returning null
Term of use/Policy for a website [closed]
I want add custom column for sidebar all page in Magento
Diffrence between perference and shared prefernce? and what shoud use with Ringtone settings?
Trouble clearing overlay when i reload a new set of markers in gmaps
deactivate parser for some special place in the page
Want to allow people to edit google calendar events, but only get 'See only free/busy' permission option
How to add a watermark to all images in a folder using ImageMagik
How to make Spring @autowired annotation to pick a certain type without using @Qualifier?
cstdio streams vs iostream streams?
The macro: ISO_C_VISIBLE
How to get proper soundcloud url for embedding from a standard url?
Parsing xml. Objects with relation (one-to-many)
What is comparing in BinarySearch?
Web Chat in PHP + MySQL +JavaScript
Why use Intent.createChooser()?
How does returning values from a function work?
How to enable/disable a item in a QTreeView eventbased?
How to make this DataList show the quizzes that were sent to the users?
Can't select element in DOM with jQuery
save result to txt file on company shared folder
Connect UserControlLibrary to WPF application by code
Default memory cache with LRU policy
How to use a configuration file for controlling variables
accessing to /dev/tty.iap denied in iPhone
javascript String.split not working in chrome
How to refresh curses window correctly?
Is background-position-x (background-position-y) a standard W3C CSS property?
parent or child css disappears [closed]
SQL/PHP make an array with column name / value for specific unique id
What behaviour should I expect from setting an AlarmManager.RTC type alarm?
Sorting a list based on one its item andon custom condition
Including PHP variables in an external JS file?
Using a Javascript variable in a Jsp scriplet
Importing <div> element as SVGElement
Conditional display of a key in the array
Select elements with attribute value of self or descendant but not 鈥渙verruled鈥�(like a lang attribute)
Is it possible to use column selection in Eclipse by holding down keys (instead of entering a whole 'mode')?
How to create a fixed / sticky sidebar in CSS / JS?
Seam JBoss Servlet injection
Negative Zero in C
Cannot see authorize dialog when user wants to install my app
How do I find and use my plugins in Eclipse?
Java tcp/ip sockets
Sending MIDI data over HTTP
Heroku: SSL is not enabled
C++ char or logical operator? Why takes else{鈥 if correct?
Nested Where on 1-to-many in LINQ2Entity
Killing Activities using Back Button
Best Practise of injecting applicationContext in Spring3
selecting a row value from datagrid should update inside datagrid using jquery?
using on() to trigger a from sumbit
Skinned Window: Win32 API and DirectX
Add row to the beginning of a table - JavaScript - jQuery
Server not receiving write() here and there
CCS PIC16F628A Out of ROM, A segment or the program is too large
XMLHttpRequest() Not Working with IE
Facing Double Hop should we use Exchange Impersonation or Kerberos delegation
function in opencv that can give the minimum value of a 2d or 3d matrix along a specific dimension
Flex: Looping through array of arrays
highlight text on single click (javascript jquery html)
Rails rspec/webrat - Can't see checkboxes
CSS hide all elements from a class except for the first one in IE6
Trying to replicate PHP's exec() function in Java
Updating UI in WPF project after calling WCF service async
Javascript: creating functions pool line with delay
JQuery UI 1.8 and Internet Explorer 8 Performance Issues?
Python cdecimal.Decimal and SQLAlchemy _mysql_exceptions.Warning
How to write socket data to SourceDataLine
Crystal Reports page header only shows static fields in subsequent pages?
choosing cloud for an e-commerce project
Assigning variables to array
How to distinguish html vs xhr/xml/json requests in Compojure/Ring?
Why does cvGetCaptureProperty(CV_CAP_PROP_POS_FRAMES) return 0 on Windows?
XSLT 2.0: Find missing elements in a sequence
Session deletion lifetime [duplicate]
C++ object not saving variable values
Visual Studio MEF & Irony: No syntax higlighting
SQL Server: is there a way to theoretically estimate retrieval time of a query
How to change background of grid depending on whether a variable is true or false
How to refresh the Labels and other controls inside the GroupBox/Panels inside a Form in C#?
Django how to make a reverse foreign key reference
unable to get shares_count with fql query
Getting error while using (/) division operator in perl cgi?
error 鈥淢ainStoryboard_iPhone.storyboard鈥�could not be opened. Line 126: PCDATA invalid Char value 3
Autosave EditText android?
JPA org.hibernate.NonUniqueObjectException
Profiling Power consumption on ARM for C program
How to insert HTML to Word?
CSS Active for sliding door nav bar
Have background-image 鈥渟tretch to fit鈥�the background of my page
Is it safe to concatenate AVI files with video fourcc xvid, mp42, dx50? [closed]
What do I need in order to access a webpage in an application [closed]
Save order of fields in Django Modelformset
Large MySQL Database [closed]
Remote jquery tab with anchor
Looking for entity framework cf migration after db model change with no loose of data manual
How to remove itself from its parent WITHOUT error in DesignMode
Locating and remedying cause of large heap size
Raphael dotchart display issue
JSP FileUpload Eclipse
Django database router
SVN 1.7: How can I link some projects (folders) in working folder to different repository?
How can I select the the second last and last row from the database?
Transparent background showing up black
QWebView: Extremely laggy when dragging the map around, when using google maps
Symfony2 Repositories and custom joins
Storing sensitive data securely in a database
PHP convert weekdays and time (hour) to GMT representation
How to deserialize the following xml in silverlight in c#
Can't build modified android-fuse with ndk-build
Removing controls
How to fix this code for printing this GridView control?
How to fetch the HTML code from a specific URL using java applets?
How do I include 'pytz' package in my Django app for Heroku deployment?
JSF Ajax Link performs partial ajax render before the link action
Application calling with screen lock
Is it okay to make a nested element wider than its parent?
onkeypress on a <a> tag
Removing Spaces in Excel [closed]
Android Json Array issues
Suppress 鈥淐 source seen but `CC` undefined鈥�in automake?
Errors While Compiling ffmpeg and opencv
Visual Studio C++/CLI Syntax Error when using .Net Windows Form
Method not allowed in WCF Rest service
Animate forever loop works in Chrome but not in IE
How do you expose a static lib's assembler proc, as a dllexport of the outer DLL?
How to call controller function in other php file - codigniter
Quick way to find the cause of incomplete implementation warning
setting up drawable.invalidate to continuously draw on canvas
recreate .idea/workspace.yml in RubyMine
Bug Loading Photo in Dispatch Queue
Passing parameters from my view (page) to my js file
Do 鈥渂asic datatypes鈥�and 鈥渂uilt-in datatypes鈥�mean the same?
Retrieving the selected items from a multi-select ListView
How do I get the ID of the last push in git?
stackoverflowerror null
Partial Objects In Oracle
how do I do a multiply effect in adobe flash builder for a button?
Build error while building android source code on ubuntu 12.04
Duplicate file names in Linux source code [closed]
issue when inserting data to database
add 3 zero and format cell
bind three different ICollectionView to listbox
Edit MSI with Orca to add registry keys on install
Order of photo albums displayed by ALAssets library
Play video from (xampp)server as live through an android application
Android db error's
How would you create an array list with mixed booleans and chars? [closed]
Keep track of NSTimer firings
Yahoo Finance Search Ticker API/Method
Date Issue with Ruby on Rails
How to remove property of ui component in pyside/pyqt?
Resources for native Metro app development with Delphi
How to get the HRESULT of an ApplicationException thrown from a managed library which is called in native c++ using reflection?
UIScrollView on UIWebView and UITapGestureRecognizer conflicts
argparse: usage reporting for individual choices of a positional argument?
is mechanize one of the most popular libraries for automating web site interactions in Ruby?
get error code -11843 while exporting mp3 file in ipod library since iOS 5.1
How can I skip the steps 2,3,4 in check out with opencart
the Photomania app, downloaded from cs193p is showing an empty TableView
How do I make a variable function in a class in python 2.7?
Directory.GetFiles: Show only files starting with a numeric value
Alias names for columns when using TOP N query
How to make the 'int' to 'string' with special format?
Selecting Facebook friends from a popup and putting them in an array
Deploying EF Code First Apps to Production Database
Get a model's associations [duplicate]
Adobe Flash CS5 (AS3.0): 鈥淓rror 1046: Type wasn't found or was not a compile-time constant: MouseEvent.鈥�
Save collapsible state on jQuery tabs
Paypal IPN issue
C++ function to find max value in an array of doubles?
Real Mode Assembly: Print Char to Screen without INT Instruction on Boot
Exact same code (copy/paste) jQuery working in html file but not in CMS [closed]
What's the difference between post-receive and post-update?
How to create a simple mysql base treeview in php
Context in Malsup's jquery Ajax form plugin
Using An NSString to try to access a UIView
Why does calling boost:split() give so many warnings?
how to set a variable equal to the first element in an Integer ArrayList? [closed]
Best practice for storing user history in DB
Can't figure out how to make substr_compare work properly (PHP)
Does XSS/Cross Site Scripting also include CSS injection?
GWTTestCase: JUnit Assertions within callback raises JavaScriptException
Simple C# code to add/delete XML elements?
spinner onItemSelected making issue
Get browser history folder path in javascript
Google Charts API - Overlapping X axis labels
solution for generating a running sequence number by using stored procedure in sql server 2008
How to trigger a change on a hidden form field's value when another field is changed using jquery
What exactly is a datatype?
User-Specific Value for Object in Razor
styling columns in table that uses CSV data through php
How to: Create a Key In the Registry (Visual C#)? Issue With Full Size Profile Pictures
how can i return 0 using the count function in sql
Facebook Connect Posting a Status Update