PHPUnit Path issue
Sending simulated click via WebBrowser in C# to flash object embedded in HTML
ArrayIndesOutOfBoundsException in custom binary search?
Linux network programming:getaddrinfo() get wrong result
How can Javascript view the ETAG value of a HTTP response? Can ETAG be included in a request?
h:commandLink not working inside dataTable
Automatic PHP asset compilation & caching with git, heroku
Return a `struct` from a function in C
memcpy vs strcat
Speex decoded frame is not as the original frame
Overloading the built-in type constructor in PHP [closed]
Cannot understand and resolve the errors of method overriding of this program
Where to place libqca2 plugin in Windows?
Amazon EC2 vs PiCloud
Having problems inserting datetime
ArrayList<HashMap<String,String>> keys iteration/output to arrays
Silverlight ListBox Grouping
Automated web deployment
how to design android app (webview) to fit different resolutions?
Isolating flash inside a lightbox loses any buffering done prior. Workaround?
Is it possible to have a Facebook app in multiple languages?
How to call a Class method dynamically in ruby
Change link url with value from dropdown list
canvas fillStyle don't work on internet explorer
Load a KML in Google Maps API with proper rendering of colored disc placemarks
How to Work with a Backbone.js Model and Views or Rails with a Deeply Nested JSON Object
How the condition to check whether the link's size in a symbolic link file is too big, works in this code?
select tag width in IE Bug
Calling swing worker at different places with different parameters
Collision Detection, player correction
ASP.NET 2.0 postback stops working after first postback
C# MouseEnter event activating even if something is in front of it?
Cannot load RJB (Ruby Java Bridge) on Windows
Android EditText numberPassword Visibility
How can I create a linear regression line on a scatterplot with R?
C++ Runtime Function Hang
whenever i use either loadextension or select load extension it gives Internal server error(sqlite3,spatialite,PHP windows)
Building a site with Orchard CMS
How to replace a disclosureDetailButton with a UIActivityIndicatorView in the MKAnnotationView
WordPress Theme Move Object with Jquery
Difference in adding two images in numpy and opencv
Java defining multidimensional array
using IP address connect to mysql
How to Robotium the Browser.apk?
What is the exact location of Mysql database tables in XAMPP folder?
Reading non-text files into Python
jquery page scroll to different page
Usage of Dot / Period in R Functions
Real Studio: finding position of XQL results in original XmlDocument
Which regular expression should I use for getting image link from text?
javascript raphael - how to stroke individual paths?
Why use JSON (objects) and not standard ArrayLists?
do loop printing two printf statements together [duplicate]
Check a screen orientation when it's fixed by manifest file
How do I publish an article using open graph from wordpress? [closed]
EF 4.3.1 with VS 2011
iPhone: app crashing when scrolling UITableView up to 60+ custom cells
How to run Monkeyrunner script on multiple devices at the same time
Why do I get this error on stackoverflow?
Highlighting an Edited NSBrowserCell & Draw A Focus Ring on its NSText?
NSAnimationContext happening instantaneously
How to use tuples as parameters for __getitem__()?
Symfony - Using Outer Joins with Doctrine ORM
鈥淪SLPeerUnverifiedException: no peer certificate鈥�android backend
How to make an image appear over another with jQuery
Way to display a Django ForeignKey's field in admin form?
Curious behaviour with anonymous functions in Octave and MATLAB
(Edit: iOS Simulator 5.x bug) EXC_BAD_ACCESS when using AudioQueue for sound playback in iOS
Error creating bean with name ''
Need Help formulating an SQL Query
Sessions aren't automatically removing themselves from Database?
Python or bash: Merging two csv files based on several matching field values, formatting, the outputting CSV
Can I use Apigee to make Facebook batch requests?
How to configure PHP CodeSniffer to allow my case statements to be indented the way I like?
Win32 console disapears after a second
Ruby - ArgumentError: wrong number of arguments (2 for 1)
Python and GNU Portable Threads
Update TabItemHeader when TabItem content changes
Going back to main class
XSLT 1.0 and string counting
How can I delete this object I created?
How to I load a tsv file into a Pandas DataFrame?
issue with eclipse and layouts
How to delete record using SQLiteDatabase?
Events VS just method call?
Why does visual studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008 get installed when you install SQL Server 2008 R2?
How to add a field using simple_form
name of current item in listbox
How do I play a sound and pan it in OS X using Cocoa?
How would use a get() method to access an element in an arrayList? [closed]
Where is the source code for Android's Button widget style?
CSS Styling a 'div' element nested deep inside other elements
Is it possible to hide the keyboard with a button?
Best practices to design classes to represent database tables
selenium-server-standalone-2.20.0.jar -userExtensions command line argument throwing error
Basic XSLT's when-test conditional tag
Google Contacts API doesn't show up in the list of API's available
fullCalendar 1.5.3 multiple events created, unable to remove unselected events
Finding all chemical symbols in a file
JOGL 鈥�Not working colors
Just how limited should the responsibilities of a Repository be?
Differences between Java and Delphi .NET [closed]
Using pager of Jquery Cycle without using empty anchors
Localhost wordpress admin issue. My dashboard does not show up
make links between ext4 and fat32
ASP.Net Charts in webforms works on local system and dont work on web server
iOS rainbow colors array
Deactivate and Remove Perl Local::Lib
How to set decode pixel format in libavcodec?
Center mark on google maps api v3
Paypal Payflow Set Express Checkout Connection issues
Best way to manage user/group object permissions with Symfony2
Using, protecting, and understanding ZF database sessions and how to retrieve them?
How to have my main class call repaint from another?
Data is not being saved into database
Show Hide Issue with Google Maps
Will Socket.Receive(byte[]) return exactly one UDP packet?
Why is WEBrick so slow to process my request on OSX?
How to find the length of an array list? [duplicate]
How can i get the information about current wallpaper in Android?
Graph API in Android
How to run 'sudo' command in windows
Selenium webdriver implicitly_wait causing classCastException
How/where are template-functions allocated?
Could I use one ckeditor component to edit multiple small fields at once?
Why does Math.cos(90 * Math.PI/180) yield 6.123031769111鈥�and not zero?
nasm - invalid segment override
What design pattern would this be, and is it a good idea? (C#)
The Jar file ../android-8/android.jar has no source attachment
Custom Page Slug with multiple query strings using htaccess
Is there any super controller or global controller in Codeigniter
How do I enforce atomic database updates in Django?
XMPP File transfer through XEP0065 SOCKS5 bytestream proxy in smack
Unique Columns with MySQL Union
How can you apply ranks to subgroups in SAS?
How would i set two coordinates for two different words on screen?
PUT request to WCF Rest service using jquery ajax
Pass String along a res.redirect(path) call in Express Node project
Why use a tree data structure to represent data in a text adventure game?
Combobox custom dropdown button
HTML Source of the firefox can't establish this connection error display
The type or namespace name 'ListPicker' does not exist in the namespace 'Microsoft.Phone.Controls'?
How to set the package/Theme for installation of magento
Need to pass initial viewmodel data from ASP.NET MVC to knockout.js
Is there a Java open source implementation of R2RML?
AutoCompleteExtender show warning if word not on list
Allow only one instance of JInternalFrame
HQL update query
XNA with Winform, Viewport error
How to prevent simulated mouse events in mobile browsers?
SWT: How to color the shell border?
How can i make disable Notification in preference in android
JAVA: basic programming help needed, what code executes by default
NullReferenceException occurs when adding new labels in panel
How to order tables, history of what was changed and what is going to be changed?
Is it possible to run 2 processes parallel in android?
Array of user defined objects in android
C++ ifstream string
How can I share a picture with Facebook SDK iOs
jQuery this.hash behavior for in page anchor links
Assign rank to items of an array which is already sorted
How to group on decades in datagrid in silverlight 4 ria
Why use ASP.NET membership provider when you can just use Repositories? Is it better security?
Why I can't initialize non-const static member or static array in class?
Transact SQL Finding Max Registration in each Group
Testing for IsSubset-relation over multiple sets
GUI doesn't appear Java
What is the url without mod_rewrite? [closed]
How to implement kind of sumator in prolog
Selecting every second visible table row
Using filestream to implement high scores
Calling method with NSTimer
How to take data from an edit text and times it against a spinner value - dynamic update?
How to determine tomorrow's date in J2ME
C++ Shorten wchar_t array
$.fadeOut() fails in Opera if img has negative margin in table
Simulate keystrokes in OS X for stress testing?
qrc file + ui file does not work
perl-mechanize runs into limitations - several debugging attempts started
Facebook permissions for user_likes without offline_access
Regex to match 2-20 alphanumeric characters, allowing a single hyphen anywhere in the string
Is it possible to add Crystal Reports 'sub-reports' programmatically?
sql - get parent values based on id
WebClient encoding issue in MonoTouch when building for release
iAd not showing test ads on device [duplicate]
How can I display a rendered object inside a different class layout?
Let Service know when a method have been run
Distributing Scala over a cluster?
Pygame in-memory wave playback
Can we have a local git repository with a remote working tree accessible only through FTP?
spring data jpa declare date
Get Module name with function + offset
OnMouseWheel event with MFC
Scrapyd jobid value inside spider
novice github user trying to push a file to the repo on github [closed]
Return multiple values in C#
Does change its PID?
Android DialogFragment Progress
Using DOM inspector to find the ID of a button
rest behaviour in backbone.js
Rails STI and views reuse
Are the grammars of modern programming languages context-free or context-sensitive?
How can I see all the files that were modified/added/removed in the last push received?
Size of 1 int in C++? [duplicate]
Highlighting a field in a table and have it print
Lua - Simple Modulo issue and variable changing
redirecting/reloading page in js.erb instead of controller
Running a shell subscript as the parent script's user
Flex mobile ArrayCollection Error
Pre-build in Visual Studio 2010
Inserting a nested div structure with createDocumentFragment
What is 鈥淢SIE 6 SmartLinksAddon鈥�
Changing Number of Items Shown using jQuery
NavisWorks API Issue
How to respond to UDP Multicast from UDPClient
How to redraw a DOM element after zoom?
How do you find out if theres more than one result from mysql database?
MVC - how to make the url not to change when a method is called
Rails 3 Helper or Partial? Variable passed to partial with :locals is empty
jQuery.corner.js in IE8 being weird
Can someone please explain how the output was obtained for this function?
Struct of Pointers
Complications in MIPS code of Recursive Reversal of a string
Concerning proxy classes NOT generated for ASP.NET website that consumes a web service
Where is cout declared?
Unicode characters becomes ??? in Redirect, in play2
html in JTextPane - strange box appear for tags
How to create a new HashMap whenever a duplicate key is found?
Simply count one-to-many
cross-origin header in IE8/IE9
Highlight street sections with Google Map API or OpenStreetMap?
Simulating input in Windows logon screen, using a driver
GPUImage framework [closed]
Haskell: should I bother compiling regular expressions?
Rails 3 - id passed is ActiveRecord::Relation, how to find object?
SQL Server PK and FK always equal value
storing frames of animated gif while resizing
STUN protocol: How to detect twice or double NAT firewalls?
column name plus one for loop
added more data to an array
How to include php file using Jquery?
How can I see the location where a push came from?
What is the perforce bug review or bug triage feature?
Use one action for multiple models
How to find out which chars are defined as alphanumeric for a given locale
Delete data from multiple mysql tables
macro unexpectedly redefined
Remote interactive shell with Fabric is killed by CTRL-C
Is there any way to list queues in a rabbitmq via pika?
Why don't programmers show exceptions? [closed]
Is loading an OpenID Provider in an iframe a bad idea if the provider and RP are on the same domain?
Custom Login using a Third Parameter
Can't open file with complete path name on Linux in Python
PyGTK system tray icon app runs two instances and closes both when user quits only one
How to position a fixed box in relation to the main content area not the window?
Turning Web App to Mobile App鈥�PhoneGap?
Jquery & CSS Show Menu on Page Scroll
Iterate over JSON array
iOS Get Values of Controls in UITableViewCells
CALayer renderInContext: causing unknown crash
TypeError, Palindrome Testing (Python 3.x)
Database structure for stock trading website?
stream dynamically generated content
How to judge html's custom attribute has the one property in jquery
Learning AJAX, html code won't do anything
Teaching git while keeping it 'as easy as svn'
How do I implement these 2 waypoints - infinite live scroll, and sticky header?
Rails Paths Questions
Looking for a stable user set up gem for mhartl/railstutoria [closed]
Binding to a property of the DataContext of another control
Android Source, Git/Repo and error: '鈥�.repo/repo/.git/clone.bundle' does not look like a v2 bundle file
Android: contentResolver error when use query
mysql query returning same fields referencing 2 different foreign keys
how to annotate rails models in rails version 3.2.1
Document.ready function
jquery slideonlyone function
SIGSEGV while exploring boost::multi_index
Am I using the eclipse debugger wrong?
Accessing memory cache items
Can I have a <span> tag ignore the CSS of its parent container?
Clean URLS/.htaccess
Using TGlowEffect on a TLabel in Delphi/C++ Builder
Beautiful Soup - Cannot find the tags
How can I make a mysql_query a true or false variable in PHP?
Python merge items from two rows
Acessing a database stand alone using active record
Deferred_output for cyclical iteration in Python 2.x
android load thumbnails for images in SD card
entity framework query and is_removed attribute
jQuery autocomplete with callback ajax json
Save canvas with external images to local file
Issue with MySQL, Android and PHP
Remove duplicate CSS declarations across multiple files
centos + rails + nginx + unicorn + msyql + rvm(?) howto?
UnKnown type Exam and UnKnown type AppDelegate error
SQL Function, selecting a specific column by parameter
Java: Get the class of a variable
QUERY_STRING handling in php
GWT Application in Tomcat with endless sessions
More public member functions than those strictly required by the C++ standard
android:hint not disappearing onFocus using EditText [duplicate]
griddata scipy interpolation not working (giving nan)
php json from url, 鈥渘o such file or directory鈥�
How to add a value of a element in one XML as attribute in another xml using XSLT
UIImage send to email
Load php script to run with cron
emulator doesn't show my application
Android pushing files to folders
Studying resource context in Java projects
How do I play two sounds at once?
Visual Foxpro. Insert data from grid to DB
How to start a new activity after a user clicked on a madvertise banner?
Rails installation issue; Shows up in the list of gems but does not show version number
.NET - FindIndex() compile error from Extended List class
Hot to begin, rollback, commit a transaction in xcode with sqlite
Is there a way I can run TestNG tests against multiple interface implementations (DataSources)?
UITableView - moveRowAtIndexPath causes memory leak
MediaElement.js not resizing properly
Where to find a framework similar to XNA on Java
How do I get mocha to run 鈥渆xports鈥�style tests on Windows?
Login failure using HttpWebRequest
Getting PHP (Valums File Uploader) script to NOT overwrite if file exists
I'm weird with strtotime behaviour
spline surface interpolation
Debugging Vim plugins with call traces
Creating an Algorithm From Pressing A UIButton to Change the UIView
Unrecognized selector +[AppDelegate count] - App crashes on NSPropertyListSerialization call
getting Dynamic attribute for element in Jaxb
Capture output with Apache2 and use PHP to parse it
Deriving Show for Algebraic Data Type
Including libraries in Codeigniter
Error parsing query in SQL Server Compact
Remembering and validating user using cookies
Can I upload an ImageField directly from the Django admin to S3 using django-storages and boto?
How to convert a 鈥渇ormatted double(String)鈥�to double?
Configuration of the maven jetty (version 8.1) plugin for jax-ws webservices
Spring MVC Dropdown List
how to make jquery async/parallel requests?
Converting String to DWORD (Assembly x86)
Finally, is PHP 5.4 Thread Safe? [closed]
Remove outside tags from an element with Nokogiri?
Javascript return doesn't work? returns undefined
Change option background color on hover?
efficient powerset algorithm for subsets of minimal length
Jquery AJAX calling is not returing success
Why would you need to know about each processor in particular? [closed]
Rails Single Resource as Nested Resource of Two Other Resources
Transitioning between menu screens with QStateMachine
What is a 鈥渃ommon鈥�practice/technique to display only one time a message in a log?
Javascript Numeric Form Validation
My code output repeats [closed]
Any App Engine boilerplates available to save time on basic features?
python - Writing to file with two arrays separated by only a space
How do I develop my website to work with the 鈥渞eader鈥�icon on iPhone?
ResourceLoader: how to load specific functions?
Http Route called multiple times
Android - My Activity breaks lockscreen
vector sort just reversing input with custom comparator
Verify SQL has executed correctly in WebMatrix/Razor?
Android calendar intent customizing
android intent putextra wont pass my value
Error installing Google chrome on debian linux
app x1 cannot access app x2 data
Determining and storing Voronoi Cell Adjacency
Error posting 'form' data in jqGrid in JSON format. What is correct synthax?
Get an array as answer from HTTP request on iPhone
Tab not selecting with change in selected form [closed]
Find the a location in a matrix so that the cost of every one moving to that location is smallest
recommended/best way to load data into a smartgwt control/grid from RPC
what's wrong with this mysql join?
How to call showDialog(i) from showDialog(i)? (Android)
User can't connect to a SQL Server
How to make visual representations of objects in Java?
ggplot2 y-axis ticks not showing up on a log scale
Find coins which sum to target amount with a restricted set
keep div scrolled to bottom - jquery
Is there a 'git sed' or equivalent?
MVC 3 Razor how to make complex javascript conditional?
Getting StackOverflowError when trying to call an activity from another
Why wont my Insert function for a list make new nodes?
How to extern a global two-dimensional array?
what's the difference between the threads(and process) in kernel-mode and ones in user-mode?
User Messaging with RoR and Mongoid
How do I get this function in a controller to load in view
PHP - dynamically generated elements of an array()?
SQLSTATE[28000] [1045] (Magento) Access denied for user .. (but new PDO, works in test program)
How to make Sublime Text 2 themes?
How can I pass a variable through a segue?
Php WHILE loops only find one element
Why would an AsyncTask not start if started/stopped repeatedly?
will main thread exit before child threads complete execution?
Reasons for restrictions on assignment of final variables
鈥渦sing System;鈥�produces Compilation Error
Why is sys.stdin.encoding under PyDev / Jython different from standalone Jython console?
VB.Net 鈥淓xpression expected鈥�
PHP Chunk_Split Function
Additional table not created android
Mysql Insert consecutive rows per user
Making a method in PHP automatically run some code after being called. Possible?
Integrating QWT 6.0.1 with Qt Creator/Designer 4.8.0
Trouble with xoring in C
Can't create database in rails getting started guide
Assign class to individual date ranges in jQuery datepicker
Algorithm in android's secure random
initializing multiple php variables simultaneously
Opening new window and allowing & sign/ numbers
Entries as Subdomains in ExpressionEngine
hamcrest tests always fail
Xcode: How to use separate Projects with cross-project references to embed a framework in your application?
Simple Object-oriented Programming Concepts
Delete Line in footer [closed]
Apply opacity to an element in CSS
CFA nice path plots
What does Java compiler interprets by `(byte) + (char) - (int) + (long) - 1`? [duplicate]
Webforms - Upload Progress Bar
Repainting cairo windows?
How to read an array of objects passed into JNI from Java
Bash read inside a loop reading a file
Why are these conflicts appearing in the following yacc grammar for XML
MYSQL: Table update on consecute dates
Android - proper place to put my Sqlite3 database in Eclipse?
Modeling a database with UML: Relationships
Looping through a lot of rows
jQuery form validation - Check if emails are the same
when use inject (@EJB) or lookup for referencing an ejb?
sql to get events that your friends are attending [closed]
Multi-user Rails blogging-type site - which CMS / solution?
Using Proguard with Android without obfuscation
Possible to view simplified or optimized SQL query for a database?
print 1.41069562657e-25 as 1.41*10^-25
How does len count in list?
Join tables in Django that share the same ForeignKey
Issue updating Ruby on Mac with Xcode 4.3.1
Custom Collections from generic to specific
Error: java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver found for jdbc:sqlserver
CSS - How to select an id inside a class
Getting XML element from a Combobox item
this keyword in android
Emacs: How can I find a file in my project quickly?
Barcode scanner for book site
how can i get some image link from google app engine?
XSLT search XML using regex, word boundries
vector<int> v(istream_iterator<int>(cin), istream_iterator<int>());
Difference between a select with and without join
How to run android app during powersave mode
How to flip a UIView around the x-axis while simultaneously switching subviews
TDD with large data in Python
Actionscript 2 and Actionscript 3 working together possible?
Can a jquery template have a for loop
AJAX request not working in firefox
create a trigger which will copy few data from other table after getting filtered from condition
Restore a migration after manually deleting it in database
Why is a stackoverflowexception thrown in this operator definition?
why the Placeholderdo not work in IE8?
fql query character encoding
How to modify both the x & Y axises in my data points Jqplot chart to start from the points that are included
Who can explain the Java operator <<=?
connect access database to html file
Silverlight PresentationModel contains a collection of another presentationModel
Strange behaviour of function Sleep() used in repeat until in Delphi
How to install development version of R packages github repository
How to fix error: 'Microsoft.Devices.PhotoCamera' does not contain a definition for 'IsFocusAtPointSupported' 鈥�in windows phone 7.1 application
Two dimensional array - update certain poistion
No parameters passed when ModelState is invalid
Jquery $.post not working on chrome but works in IE and FF
What specific ports do various WCF bindings use for communication?
Jumping to Position on page after Dynamic content added
Creating 1bppIndexed image, trouble with stride and accessviolationexception
Multiplexing the Future<> in Java
How can I make a Windows 8 Metro scrollviewer respond to mousewheel?
Reverting a transposed array to original state with language variables
Different int values or the same? EXC_BAD_ACCESS at NSLog
textarea height 100%-space for submit button inside table cell
Spammers can send their stuff even I have reCAPTCHA
jquery post not passing my function variable
Source plugin Nunit for TeamCity
Converting CString to Char to Update Database
Cannot use MySQL connection on the hosting
How to call datasource during bean initialization?
WCAT : 404 Not Found in the log file
Cryptic error message when loading clsql
Numpy, assign new values to a existing ndarray
is there any example of Adobe Air application published on Mac App Store
Horizontally flip a canvas image?
Eliminate permutations from table
Validating SVG file in PHP with XMLReader
WordPress Inside Pages Default to Index Always?
mysql select data from a multivalue attribute
How do I get a return value from a Button Click event?
Countdown Timer with Progress bar
How to Convert simple link
Cannot enable Mac OSX Lion Location Services with Safari
Receive email and save it as an sms?
How can I get my page headers to resize using responsive layout?
How to attach 鈥渟lide鈥�& 鈥渟lid鈥�events to the Bootstrap toolkit's carousel?
How to return a C-array from method in Objective-C?
Multiple Background Images Using CSS3
Change in application.js can not take effect in rails 3.1.3 with jquery
How can i retrieve multiple values into my jquery form from php?
setDispatched() clarification
Prefered way to customize and calculated values in Django
Why does this registration form ajax mysql insert work in chrome and safari but not firefox?
Reading data from a .csv and into arrays in c++
Unordered list inside nav not present in Opera - all other browser behave normal
How do you read in .dat files in xcode 4?
Java Scripting Interpreter
Android : How to make TextView with compound bitmap
Multiple Re.Subs Python
Look for value in property of Object with out knowing the name of the property
Deleting Cookies with Varnish
Like button for Facebook page shows generic Facebook description in News Feed
Spring ROO: JUnit test fails
Why am I getting 鈥� No such file or directory鈥�when trying to execute a bash script?
Python 3 equivalence of find()
problems setting css with jquery
XSLT 1.0 grouping using keys based on attribute in parent
Why is jQuery selector only applied to first item?
Database, Currency Modeling, Localization strategies
UITabBar Autorotation
Sorting Number Compiler Error [closed]
OWASP TOP10 - #10 Unvalidated Redirects and Forwards
Distance to nearest palindrome
Manually setting xticks with xaxis_date() in Python/matplotlib
Pass javascript variables into Database with MySQL and PHP [duplicate]
Best practice for storing images to use on short term
What to do when every cell in an UITableView is unique?
How to make a Class Diagram of a Struts 2 Web Application
Phonegap: get location tag from image in library/album
Data bind the index of an item in a listbox?
Copy(clone) attributes to an edit page?
Invalidate selected perl cookies
Making a new file using another as template in BASH
Intermediate output when a reducer is specified
'Pulsing' a border in Javascript/JQuery
how to enable enter in jqgrid advanced search window
How to efficiently get matrix of the desired form in Python?
junit: Tests that rely on each other
Mingw64 bit - what to do with this
Make error while installing Xcache 1.3.2 on php 5.4
Data Rowfilter in
how to count the spaces in a java string?
Select an element from each row of a matrix in R
sending many AsynchronousRequests gives an error
Copy datarow from relational database along with its relational data
Using with MySql & Oracle
how to localize and and or in jqgrid advanced search window
Chess Board in Metro Style apps
Class instance variables in ActiveRecord (Ruby On Rails)
Separating keywords by space and searching MySQL database
Why does foo = function() run the function in Python?
Change multiple class on click in jquery
Porting a C# desktop app to web
File operation is slower is there a faster look up method in Python?
Two sets of rollovers working together
sticky radio button in android
Facebook timeline brand pages change width
ListView not populating
Missing ; before statement in superfish
How to use a Pyro proxy object as a factory?
Fancybox formatTitle one image and more than one
php check if array contains all array values from another array
how to assign selected value to RecurringDaysPicker for WP7
Briefly visible pictures from previous Ajax load
add import to a groovy file from an eclipse plugin
Ifstream - Reset EOF bit
jquery ui drag & drop effect
memory leak - gdiplus.dll brushes
Connection Pooling with
can not get canvas.getContext('2d').getImageData(x,x,x,x)
In Matlab how to use variables for the numbers in scientific notation (matissa and exponent)?
RCP exportWizard remove unnecesary items
This is a case to use instanceof?
How to turn this attr_writer attribute into an actual database column?
How to save php errors in database?
Differences between nxml-mode and nxhtml-mode?
Display different output on secondary monitor
Apple mach-o linked (Id) Error
Is there SMS life cycle on android?
Stdout to file from which is reading content
Is it able to get the generated html for a part of markdown?
hiding a html element on Joomla-Site
Implement picture password in Android app [closed]
wxwidgets basics, wxsmith, events
jquery failed in ajax page
JQuery - where to add .on()/.live() to function? mvc web application Entity Framework Code First 鈥淚ntroducing foreign key constraint鈥�
Hartl's Railtutorial: Protecting users page
SSRS - How to group Date into Today/Yesterday/Week/Month in a Matrix?
I need help parsing a .csv file based on if a string contains a given substring and saving that string to a new file in Objective C
In Java, is String s = new String() any use at all?
can anyone explain why size_t type is used with an example?
Displaying multiple map markers in Google Maps API
Tomcat Servlet Jnotify directory monitoring
INI4J - Delete Section
jsf singleton vs application scoped managed bean - differences?
Mercurial clone is missing files (actually, just gets into differentbranch) [closed]
MVC 3 location allow users in web.config
Accessing the resource of a dynamically allocated HTML element (usingJavascript)
PHP + Logout Member when Session Expires
Recursive count of the number of comments to a post
DataGridView editing cells on WinForms
CPU dependent code: how to avoid function pointers?
Can you use EXISTS with OR in SQL?
Saving and restoring the Projection and ModelView matrices
SSRS Value By Date
Mass editing SQL fields? [duplicate]
Description of Symfony2 form events?
My matplotlib.pyplot legend is being cut off
RefineryCMS integration with existing Rails 3.1+ app
Layer appearing with a delay
Python merge items from two list
Naming the class of hello world program for Mac in Xcode
How do I combine JSF Ajax with Bookmark-able views?
Simple CSS Dropdown
On the extensive use of realloc() in c?
How can I structure my express app where I only need to open a mongodb connection once?
Ruby loop until gets issue
Delete conflicted with the Reference [duplicate]
how to post a Flash video feed to a facebook page via an application
Shooting the Opposite Way? - AndEngine classic tutorial
Why are my compressed files on S3 returning a 403 Forbidden error?
loop to update data coming from form php mysql html
Make a new svn repository for my project
nodeJS return value from callback
HWID Windows - Using Qt Framework
OOP database connect/disconnect class
How to find text in XML and display its sibling with Nokogiri?
Set a PageBreak inside a Table
In CouchDB, how do I find the most frequently occurring value?
LINQ to SQL execute method on select
Using std::tr1::normal_distribution in Qt
CakePHP Fields not updating on Edit Page
Can't get resource files in my template files (using Restlet and Freemarker)
Reading ints into a multidimensional array
How to search products in,,, using UPC, EAN ,gs1_128 codes in java?
lost with implementing messenger plan
Google Play App Layout Example
Custom listview drawing
configuring rake to use correct coffee path
jqGrid setCell calculated value
UIPickerView didSelectRow issue iPhone
RuntimeException on SlidePuzzle Source Code from Sporksoft
How to search a List of objects using specific property
How to complete a milestone?
UIScrollView and UIButton touch up in side event conflict
Update statement with join
How to add 鈥渀鈥�as autopair paired delimiter in markdown-mode?
Why an empty Java app consumes memory? [duplicate]
expect + how to identify if expect break because time out?
want to compare the text entered in textbox with the sql column, and to pull the other values from that row, if the values matches using c#
Write Contents in a Txt file in a tabular order using C#
SQL LocalDB vs SQL Server CE
Populate view with ajax in emberjs?
Obraining SSRS report in the form of pdf
How to show the 鈥淰alue鈥�property of an object in a PropertyGrid
In strict mode, what is considered to be 鈥済aining access to the global object鈥�
listbox items not clickable
LocalDB deployment on client PC
Download png/jpg with R
What is meant by static invocation in definition of call_user_func GridView: hide Edit,Delete links
Domdocument AppendChid
multiple AND on same joined table coulmnn
How to pass array values to and from Android RenderScript using Allocations
The referenced component 'Microsoft.Phone.Controls.Toolkit' could not be found?
matlab: extract block diagonals of large sparse matrix
VBO verses Vertex Array, vertex normals issue in VBO
Best way to integrate Paypal with Ruby
what is the difference between an embedded EJB container Vs actual server container
Storing User Data iOS
Method Chaining :- how to use getThis() Trick in case of Multi level inheritance
does anyone know how to add multiple rows into database with mysql and php?
Shouldn't these two Ruby snippets work the same way?
Format number Rdlc report
The Taxonomy Module doesn't work in Orchard cms 1.4 version
Automated software testing and fault finding GridView: get LinkItem's row
Cannot override/monkey patch a rails method with rails 3.1.3
Inject byte[] exported from MethodInfo.GetMethodBody()
Feasible to rewrite GLPaint with OpenGLES2 instead of OpenGLES1
Pagination in jquerymobile is not working as expected
Is there a way to change a local typed constant from *outside* the routine it's declared in?
JAVA: Detect self when broadcasting UDP Packets
Remove DOS stub from a PE file
Chrome JQuery Not Getting Height Correctly
Efficiently Load A Sparse Matrix in R
Cascading delete in Entity Framework
Web browser control hangs my application
C# Code Analysis CA2000
Can't local cache my static content II7
How can you create different drawing effects on the iPhone?
MySQL Select* returns everything but the id column
post-receive hook fails to update Trac ticket upon push with several commits for the same ticket
Daily MySQL Backups to FTP Server
Append an array to another array in JavaScript [duplicate]
Protocol buffers stored as Oracle BLOB : python retrieve fails
Synchronized recorded video and text playback - iPhone
PHP Array issue when looping and echoing
Use of printf in C++
How to handle my data?
Adding to JPanel in application
Android javax.annotation.processing Package missing
shared_ptr throwing assert when it goes out of scope
Texture distortion in OGRE. OpenGL
CodeIgniter: Trouble with AJAX and JSON
Hash a double in Java
PHP / MySQL - mysql_error(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource
A simple way to get the user's (string value) selection from a database-populated spinner?
jquery array-like object
is there a way to run the java programs that are developed in netbeans in eclipse?
Prism assembly reference failure: System.Windows.Interactivity
Dependency Injection for MVC controller actions that use view models
Do I have to create a new SCRIPT tag every time I am making a call with JSONP?
Upgraded to iOS 5.1 and xcode 4.3, now app won't install
How to compensate for Vertical Scrollbar when it is not yet present
nginx ignore location part
How can you programmatically enable & disable the Java Runtime Engine on Windows?
Matlab xUnit Framework test suite setup
how to get mobile number from contact
cand deploy apache cfx dosgi bundle in glassfish
Android - Save object with Bitmap to file
iPad with IOS 5.1 - Strange Crash Reports
onmeasure being called and I don't know why - android
Java Stack Introspection
when I use @IdClass LinkedHashSet include duplicate items
UITtextView in UIScrollView
How can Spring get generic type information during runtime regarding 鈥淪trongly-typed collection鈥�
having issues using custom exceptions in C#
Jquery Accordion from scratch: Markup for accordion & Jquery performance Q
How to Multiply Long by Double
posting form in color box to parent form
What do I need to do to get my callback function to run before other things?
Where is significant white space in pandoc/markdown usually regulated?
Using newest version of Python (3.2) on Mac (Snow Leapard)?
How do I send API credentials and username / password with .Net / (PHP to C#)
Java: Access class
Grails auto-recompilation not working for bigger projects
Querying Entity Framework with an object
how to use strings.xml file in a service? vb - update database field value automatically when another value is added elsewhere
c++: Select a subset of a std::vector, based predefined element indices
Variadic Templates - different types of expansion
Count number of rasterized fragments
Why are Firefox specific attributes visible in Firebug
Image spot detection in Python
How do I get rid of this unwanted bar from Eclipse?
Good low level http library for .Net
Javascript function alert is undefined [closed]
UML association multiplicity
How do you reference a C# class library from a Win8 Javascript metro application?
SQL ERROR When trying to add related product Integrity constraint violation:
How to remove ANTLR3 Warning 'multiple alternatives'
SQL statements selecting rows
apache cache-control without validation
Updating SQLCE causes entire column's data to change C#
CSS Button Tweaks
Alert view has no Ok/Close button?
Get php website response in Objective-C
What do you call an iterator with two different 鈥渄one鈥�states?
Java Hash Table Issue
Javascript - Check if key exists in object
MemoryCache UpdateCallback not working
nodejs and mysql connection failing?
Emacs cannot save customizations- init file not fully loaded
Does heuristics in constraint satisfaction problems ensure no backtracking? (when there exists a solution)
How to send tweet from Google Chrome Extension?
How can I run classes that have the same name as java standard classes?
CakePHP 2.0 Automatic Login after Account Activation
Using a set of Mysql results as a comparison in PHP
Association! Why So Nil?
GAE Data Models for Events and shared Resources
Hadoop starter project suggestions
javascript proprietary date format and prototype
css - what could be causing this? [closed]
Converting C++ hierarchy to use static polymorphism
add button in show.jspx in a spring roo mvc project
Debugging a program without source code (Unix / GDB)
Resize image PHP?
How to constrain jQuery draggable to both x and y axes
Ruby on Rails - How to represent 鈥渉as_many鈥�with enums?
Error concerning the database connection when website is online
Cross-domain AJAX request error on HTTP 200
Android JSoup not working
JQueryMobile addEventListener causing TypeError: undefined - yet still executing
Extending classes in Ruby (def versus class_eval)
Does NSStringFromCGPoint return an autoreleased object?
php using preg_replace to turn urls into links鈥�sometimes鈥�:P [duplicate]
Detecting checkbox event in jqGrid cell
Xcode 4.2 & Storyboard, how to access data from another class?
jQuery: Using a Widget after an HTML append
Storing user input from text field into an NSArray
iPad Retina Display Suffix
Specifying Windows only compatibility in the R package DESCRIPTION file
jQuery .html() and a variable inside
#include <boost/chrono.hpp> causes unresolved external symbol, bcp used
Getting TextBox data from a control hosted in Winforms
Tracking the position of a half played media item on iPhone/iPad
can I make ringtone in preferences
How can I consolidate this jquery code
representing CFG productions
QWidget::insertAction Attempt to insert null action at runtime
Passing value from extra to cursor
html5 history navigation: popstate not triggered excep on page load
Using multiple allocators efficiently
plus 1 to integer record for each record in DB
TabWidget wrapped in HorizontalScrollView doesn't scroll with ViewPager
Wordpress conditional statements for taxonomy, term, inside a loop not working
Two OO questions reg constructors
Getting user activity history from SqlDB
UIImageView with transition
clearing a link with javascript only works for the first link
Remove space or blank line at begin
splitting a string in matlab
In IE only text part of link is clickable
Abbout Memcache logic
Using sed to generate multiple files, names of which dependent on regex pattern searched for
Objective-C 鈥�cellForRowAtIndexPath causes button frame to change size?
Hibernate: OneToMany save children by cascade
check if abstract class exists
Find value of dynamically added textbox
Register/Login System in Rails3
What is the most efficient way to take a screenshot and do analysis on it on OS X
Select a portion of data in MySQL from offset to offset
Actionscript . I can't use text background in textarea
How do I extend an image across the width of a browser window with 'absolute' position?
How to catch an error in a controller when thrown from an Attribute?
Variable Summation
Sending stdin to subprocess in python script
Java RepaintManager and JFileChooser
APE Server: How to configure SSL?
Getting the function table from a x64 process
How harmful are double braces in GWT?
Programmatically create a 2*2 and 2*1 grid view in iphone
What mechanisms does ssh-agent use to keep unlocked private keys secure in memory?
鈥淎dd Service Reference鈥�Generates No Proxy Methods
MongoDB Nested Design Philosophy
Normalise Android Orientation Sensor (Roll)
php can't display images
OpenGL: Renderbuffer, depth buffer
HTML5 Cache Manifest How To request that a cached file should be viewed online if possible?
i want to use a REST api, i cannot manage to set active resource to use it
JSLint says new keyword is missing [duplicate]
Header for Sound alerts, iOS. I want to make a sound play each time my app game reaches 5 minutes?
Can someone helps me on understanding generics for this example?
Client side technique for Comet
Euclidean distance returning strange results
Using IronPython with monodroid - NotImplementedError
C++ - Values change unexpectedly
How to check if a key,value pair exists in a Dictionary
Maximum subarray - runtime
Javascript: How would I find certain class and add SPAN with numbered ID to each word?
Step through movie frame by frame in matlab
if OSX Cocoa app uses WebKit, is it included in the executable or accessed like dll from the system?
Does jQuery slow down the rendering of webpages by 100ms or more?
create one event Handler for more than one button in Mobile Flex programming
When opening files in unix, what does 鈥�$鈥�syntax mean?
Raising Signals and using Handlers in C
R model.frame and update
NSOperationQueue feels slower than running code on main thread
Php countdown script
Manage error in function
How do I add child views to a ContainerView
Mapping Model Properties into Controller
Strange app crash on iPhone - not rejected by Apple
Jquery / Javascript get params from window localtion
How to change the URL a Spring controller is mapped to
Is 鈥渧olatile鈥�needed within methods?
Linker Error (SDL, OpenGL)
Implement SHA 512 Hash with Code Igniter
Java GUI functionality - subclass issues?
Invalid Conversion for Mem Allocator Method (C)
How to parameterize complex OleDB queries?
Label text value in treeview node
Very slow Postgres UPDATE on large table
IP and Location information
Application tried to push a nil view controller on target <UINavigationController>
Android x86 Network interfaces Down
Syntax error when accessing property by variable?
How can I access the bit representation of a file using Scheme?
AS3 call to a possibly undefined method through a refernce with a static type?
Error when removing '::Base' from ActionController
How do disable paging by swiping with finger in ViewPager but still be able to swipe programmatically?
Send bundled PDF to iBooks from within app
Returning the closest time to those stored in a data structure
Send bundled PDF to iBooks from within app
Returning the closest time to those stored in a data structure
UITableView Controller with prototype custom cell and search display controller tableview
STL Containers - diffrence between vector, list and deque
node.js beginner - why does this receive 2 responses?
Button.Click event
Java Caching key->value, grouping by tags (allowing reset)
Capped collections - BsonId, uniqueness and index
Rails: token authentication from scratch
Linq Querying for user search
How to send lower-case Keep-Alive header through HttpWebRequest
Taming Android ListView Height within a TableRow
Changing orientation of subtrees for JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit's Spacetree
Read XML using XmlDocument.LoadFromUriAsync(UrlString)?
Addthis not working with Ajax
Is there a way to identify bolded (<b></b>) with Celerity
Rails user params only allows some certain attributes
Rails: Find all with conditions
Silverlight Object Loads Then Disappears
Utility started from python code doesn't write in file
Difficulty with MPI_Bcast: how to ensure that 鈥渃orrect鈥�root is broadcasting
What does the fr unit in a CSS Windows 8 metro style application mean?
how to use the wifi of WP7 to connect to another wifi to WP7 by transferet of them as simple msg
scope error in if statement in java program
Coloring a specific cell in a column inside a JTable
Haskell Java Interoperability
dlply syntax with t.test
Error:Bitmap size Exceed VM budget, when converting image to ARGB_8888
Cannot select text on my page
Hartl's Railtutorial: Converting error-msg partial to all object has undefined method 'f' error
Any point using SVG Web, if not supporting IE7 and 8?
Why do I get negative numbers in this Haskell program? [closed]
Measuring time to perform simple instruction
How can I set my preferred indent level with PHP CodeSniffer?
Values of JComboBox
How to design a 2/3 tier distributed application in Java?
mod_wsgi fails under pressure
Custom Icon in JQuery Mobile Header
Select element as part of the text flow
Samples don't work in Google NaCl rev 18
Statically located winforms in C#
Django - Multiple User Profiles
How can I use a custom adapter with the cwac-endless adapter?
Qt splitter layout resize behaviour using Qt Designer
Access to public photos through Platform API
Transparent PNG imagemagick passthru
Use of reference to calling object (this) using HTML5 audio and jQuery
OAuth port for Python 3
How to combine multiple SQL queries into a single one? [closed]
Passing HttpContext.Current.User.Identity to WCF
Undefined variable: $_SESSION
Python find sub string
change Formsauthentication settings for a specific user or role
Find intersection point of two ListLinePlot's in mathematica
2-phase commit - looking for an implementation
Facebook chat on android with XMPP
Sorcery and Simple Form implementation
Not getting Record Between two dates
2D Group Collision Detection
Visual C++ 2010 Express Service Pack Compiler Update Fails (v7.1 w/ SP1)
Request a select option in php
Deprecated conversion from string literal to 'char*'
pass a variable from PHP to JavaScript [duplicate]
matlab, setting default figure size, but don't care about position?
Updating value of input field onclick - code have to reflect in source code
Restoring <textarea> scrollbar position on page reload
How to get an array of all functions within a class in PHP?
Get color in specific location on gradient
The maximum recursion 100 has been exhausted before statement completion
How to convert a hex file into a binary file?
Undocumented switches for `date` command [closed]
Replacing images inside 鈥淐ode鈥�tag
XML::Twig: is parsefile() more efficient than parse()?
What does the 'shutdown=' in a hibernate.connection.url mean?
Custom Android MediaController via MediaController hack. Necessary?
Custom css style for gwt button
How do I deploy a Java ME app to Bada?
Array of Structures or Structure of Arrays performance
Error when defining iterator/iterator constructor?
How to draw a circle, positioning it at a double value instead of a int?
How to perform a complex query using AS alias
How can I display comments from a facebook page on another company's website?
Embedding hi or low res assets? AS3
Jquery how to set params when option is clicked?
enable/disable edit mode in UITableViewCell
How to authenticate Token with devise
How would I generate a model view matrix using GLKit's GLKMatrixStack library?
How to use Ember.Select to set association IDs
How to fill UITableView after Initialization
Firefox overwrites custom HTTP Method 鈥淟INK鈥�to mixed-case 鈥淟ink鈥�on XHR
create a list of the attributes of files with cmdlet get-member
Chrome (maybe Safari?) fires 鈥渂lur鈥�twice on input fields when browser loses focus
changing text AND showing an additional div depending on checkbox checked in a form?
Unable to get html file to display in UIWebView
d3.js updating visual
What is the fastest way to 'print' to file in perl?
Android-Texture mapping a sprite on OpenGL ES looks pixelated/poor quality
counting syllables in an audio stream, in realtime
Reduce video size/quality in android
JUNG2 - how to set custom egde color/thick transformer
Best way to create a simple menu in a rails application
Multiple CSS classes to style a Button w/ Rails and Twitter bootstrap
Do the same GAE channel tokens work between tabs?
When building web apps in clojure, where should preperations for a page belong?
Turning on internet connection programmitically (Android)
Why doesn't memcpy work when copying a char array into a struct?
Formula Evaluator in Apache POI
Javascript in HTML5 - need to sleep() several times to show steps
fullscreen link background
How to start writing a firewall for linux? [closed]
Could not deduce template argument & pointer to member
General Machine Learning Algorithm, Training Set -> 鈥淧redictor鈥�[closed]
Not getting expected result - string concatenation