EclipseLink : No Persistence provider for EntityManager
Variable as attribute name
Handle special symbols using PHP (i.e. 鈩�instead of 芒鈥灺�
What does this Mac-1 code mean?
mysql_fetch_array's div onmouseover only works for first result
stack dump in twisted 'application' error when using twistd but works with python?
How to disable/enable input field on click with jQuery
Programming a Jaguar speed controller with Arduino?
Performances with FastReport TFrxCrossObject and large Grids (> 1000 rows)
How would I make an audio streamer in Java? [closed]
Android App only working One time, then crashes
How to use a function in onclick that was declared inside window.onload?
Creating a simple Hello World tool that runs as a daemon
Add a new editText on Button press
Finding Multiplier Matrix [closed]
Undefined reference for a static QStringList
XCode 4.3.1 breaks validation of apps with directories added by reference. Any workaround?
Recognize when writing in between two $$ signs
Monotouch dialog DateElement returning wrong date
Regd not able to parse date :
Implicit precedence
iPhone Popup in CSS
How to best store and aggregate daily, weekly, monthly visits for quick retrieval?
R: Standardize using mean and sd functions
Convert multiple querysets to json in django
How to write rule to build object file when C files have different paths
Value of window.getSelection() changes during callback
How do I return true or false using jQuery noty plugin?
can someone help me with preg_match?
Best method for determining if a row exists
Finding the bounding box of the difference between 2 images?
Segmentation fault: concatenating string
Doubles and Arithmetic
Where to begin Spring? [closed]
MySQL: IF in stored procedure
Replace the n-th byte in a file with another byte
Circular meter, indicator (using a donut as an alternative to a thermometer style)
lists of simple types in OData metadata
Android wait till animation is completed
Multiple UIButton touchevents not registering
How to debug ARM Linux kernel (msleep()) lock up?
PHP: How to check if file not exists or permission is denied?
An <ul><li> list which has display:none; on itself and all children, still adds a 3px padding to the parent <li>
MIPS: Store integer data into array from file
Using home button on android phone
Win 32 API Textinput
Can't delete entry from Access database from C# even that the sql command is solid
Rails model not getting the params correctly
Replace the Ajax.ActionLink by the same functionality with jQuery
How to use Custom font in eclipse? [duplicate]
AVG and Count from one columns
Jquery selector seems not to work in google chrome
How to add elements to a sorted linked list?
Java - Code skips an input
PHP: Value won't increment for some reason
Dijkstra-based algorithm optimization for caching
android home screen widget, can anyone tell me what can i use in a homescreen widget, can i use autocompletetextview?
Dynamically create a two dimensional Javascript Array
Changing the icon of the produced .exe, py2exe
How to refer to children in a tree with millions of nodes
Online (as opposed to bulk processed) data mining packages
How to retrieve html text from stored procedure in C#
jQuery Unable to process cloned input fields
how to decode ubyte[] to a specified encoding?
Need tips on data structure/model design regarding Google Maps Marker objects
How to select data between two date range in android SQLite
Server Side Architecture for smart phone programming
CSS3 Box-Shadow Linear Gradient?
click a link to copy visible rows into user's clipboard buffer?
Android custom listview layout to another layout
HTML Doesn't Show in Xcode?
What's the best way to read xml in android?
how to fill the remainig screen with table
Content overflow in storyboard
Table layout for a php product catalogue..
3 sided box shadow on top of two sided box shadow
View show page for menu item in Active Admin
Ruby Exceptions in a loop
Adding additional fields to Omniauth-Identity
How to extend a background to scale entire page [HTML]
YACC grammar reduce/reduce conflict
Flexslider: How to loop specific number of times?
Share content to Facebook from iOS 5 app
.htaccess shorten URL using php $_GET
Set Holo theme in older Android versions?
Java how to check if it's Vista, Windows 7 or higher with apache commons
Android, i want to create loading dialog that will show percentage while the code is executing
Unable to get a simple jQuery.Ajax call to work
Java JPopupMenu setVisible(false);
Javascript Dynamic Event Handling, Not Jquery
How can I make sure a user votes just once in python django?
why is GAE not detecting my form page?
UISplitView new slide-in popover becomes fullscreen after memory warning in iOS 5.1
Most concise/elegant/appropriate method argument parsing in Ruby
Subclass binding in wpf to datagrid column
StackScrollView issue with delegate ID MBProgressHUD
Instaling Web Toolkit(WT) on Windows
Is it possible to retrieve id of Jenkins build I triggered via its API?
Javascript code doesn't work in firefox
UITabBarController delegate with storyboard
Reverse for ''*'' with arguments '()' and keyword arguments '{}' not found
Display Multiple Views for Single Page Code Igniter MVC
Chain a custom event to be passed back up through multiple forms to the parent
ExtAudioFileRead do sometimes throw exception upon read
How to createan empty list that is associated with the specified comparator (java)?
Adding my own .jar into my adt project is not working
Returning NULL not working with tabs plugin
Fitness function in genetic algorithm for the travelling salesman
Runtime Error always disappears after clean build
Localized enum strings in SelectList
Implicit conversion of an Objective-C pointer to 'const char *' is disallowed with ARC?
How to embed ParseKit as a private framework in a Mac App bundle
LLVM-Clang for Eclipse CDT on MAC OS X
Undefined index for multidimensional array in CodeIgniter
Django Jquery: based on selection, display further selection options
Get remote JSON without Jquery?
Symfony 2 - firewall and access control issue
getting the value from a function and subtracting that value with jquery
MatLab: how to expand vector to a matrix
Netlogo To randomly select one of 3 procedures
Count exact substring in a string in php
How to get Id of last persisted entity using JPA
Padding out a bitmap to make it a power of two
Running a java application on a remote server
get paramterized type java reflection
What advantages do StableNames have over reallyUnsafePtrEquality#, and vice versa?
Great debugging tool as VS for SQL server
Why do my table view cells disappear when reloaded using reloadRowsAtIndexPaths?
Form will not submit
Invoking external web methods with BPEL + Apache Ode (calling .Net asmx) problems
noresize=鈥渘oresize鈥�can it be hidden with CSS?
pyserial readline() : SerialException
Recomposed matrix from Decomposed matrix doesn't match
Given a word, convert it into a palindrome with minimum addition of letters to it [closed]
HTTPOnly sets cookie expiration to session
Google Chrome incorrectly displays bootstrap .thumbnail images overflowing container
finding asm instruction in compiled C program
Error uploading file
How do you save a (user-created) dynamic Layout in Android?
Two Dimensional Array in Javascript Object
Spotify: 鈥淏est Before鈥�Error
What kind of data Type use to save an image in database
how can I enable a specific debug output in ruby?
Linq: Select object based on property
custom methods and the usefulness of constructors and prototype in web-dev
Custom font is not added to project
JQuery Validation Weird Behavior on Validating Dropdown List
Setting up PHP mail in Debian Lenny
Missing tk.h and tcl.h files when building VRip
How to host a WinForms user control in a wpf user control?
Forms background re-sizing?
predetermined possible values in a constructor
Fancybox - How to load an image from a url?
C++ Best practices for constants
Library to that allows setting of indivual pixels within a window
Get non-expiring access token from Facebook for my app?
How to remove an object from a list
Java - Screen turns black, when setting a JFrame to Fullscreen
How can i create slider in UIViewController
rails 3: action 'create' could not be found, but I'm not trying to create
Dependency matrix
Image won't paint to animation
Unpredictable SIGSEGV (runtime error) in code
google transit integration with google maps api
Extract words from environment variable into two strings
How can i compile the js file in mvc or
Java Threading Basics
What development tool do you recommend for animation/games in lieu of Flash? [closed]
Python: How to run multiple commands in one process using popen
Is there an official documentation on the Date object that is used in couchDB?
Output dynamic form data to PHP array
How can i remove an item from a list that is located just before a certain index?
check whether animation from modalViewController is finished
Failure delivering result ResultInfo{who=null, request=200, result=-1, data=Intent
Proxy detection - to protect fraudsters who bypass geolocation controls using proxy
Android WebView: Tel: Geo: Mailto: Proper Handling
StackOverflowError while building my project
BSS section and clearzi
How can I config to turn off autocommit in Spring + JDBC?
Is there a way to downgrade from iOS 5.1 to iOS 5.0? [closed]
UINavigationController 鈥�left and right flip animation between pushes and pops when presented via presentViewController
Adding black stripe to website
Continue foreach loop from middle
Object has no ID
How to make tile set colliders with player movement by accelerometer iOS, cocos2d
Windows Forms Panel control slowly creeping
How to make tile set colliders with player movement by accelerometer iOS, cocos2d
Windows Forms Panel control slowly creeping
execute registry script from
php unit-testing, eclipse PDT, makegood, xdebug
How do integers multiply in C++?
Interpretate Logcat entry: threadid=8: still suspended after undo (sc=1 dc=1 s=Y)
django-social-auth twitterBackend , always redirected to LOGIN_URL_ERROR
Using Jquery to get a CSS Property in an iframe
Doctrine 2: How to update field with number of children?
How to display very long text (like book) in text view?
Change bound Property when programmatically changing SelectedIndex
Change string in a date format to another format
Quick and Efficient way to generate random numbers in Java
Tomcat load balancer solutions
Cant center div
node.js program hangs on Amazon linux server
app keeps crashing
Uninstall Xcode 4.2.1 after installing 4.3.1
Android getting phonenumber
My ajax post doesn't seems to do anything
Ajax not working in drupal 6
Creating a hash from an array of keys in Ruby
using jquery to change contents of form upon typing
cycle with possibility to remove elements
Android ListView do not update in AsyncTask
Facebook SDK .Net(C#) uploading image offline
Save key's and post meta data into array's - Wordpress
Ruby method arguments with just * operator: def save(*) .. end [duplicate]
using redis and ruby to implement a tiny short url app
Actionscript 3.0: What is the difference between using the ENTER_FRAME event and a TIMER event for the update method?
Setting sitecore's item properties from a parent on creation/save
Downscaled sprites fail to use setPosition()
onActivityResult in zxing show results in a different activity
Why does assigning with a strong property work, but not with a weak one?
Perl regex: How to find in a file a word typed by a user
How to identify which button was clicked
linux shell script: getting filename from a user input string
A compile time ordering on types
Error setting Name property of a local class in WPF DesignData file
OutOfMemoryError when displaying contacts' photos in Android (bitmap size exceeds VM budget)
How to include a Java project in an Android project?
How to catch NoSuchMethodException
Making search facility
Returning StatusCode from Test-Connection
WebRequest to post data in Login page
If Statements with radio buttons with CI
clearTimeout on dynamically updating timer
Data points not showing when using Core Plot
Client side languages
Profiling Power consumption on ARM for C program
How to insert HTML to Word?
CSS Active for sliding door nav bar
Have background-image 鈥渟tretch to fit鈥�the background of my page
Is it safe to concatenate AVI files with video fourcc xvid, mp42, dx50? [closed]
What do I need in order to access a webpage in an application [closed]
Save order of fields in Django Modelformset
Large MySQL Database [closed]
Remote jquery tab with anchor
Looking for entity framework cf migration after db model change with no loose of data manual
How to remove itself from its parent WITHOUT error in DesignMode
Locating and remedying cause of large heap size
Raphael dotchart display issue
JSP FileUpload Eclipse
Django database router
SVN 1.7: How can I link some projects (folders) in working folder to different repository?
How can I select the the second last and last row from the database?
Transparent background showing up black
QWebView: Extremely laggy when dragging the map around, when using google maps
Symfony2 Repositories and custom joins
Storing sensitive data securely in a database
PHP convert weekdays and time (hour) to GMT representation
How to deserialize the following xml in silverlight in c#
Can't build modified android-fuse with ndk-build
Removing controls
How to fix this code for printing this GridView control?
How to fetch the HTML code from a specific URL using java applets?
How do I include 'pytz' package in my Django app for Heroku deployment?
JSF Ajax Link performs partial ajax render before the link action
Application calling with screen lock
Is it okay to make a nested element wider than its parent?
onkeypress on a <a> tag
Removing Spaces in Excel [closed]
Android Json Array issues
Suppress 鈥淐 source seen but `CC` undefined鈥�in automake?
Errors While Compiling ffmpeg and opencv
Visual Studio C++/CLI Syntax Error when using .Net Windows Form
Method not allowed in WCF Rest service
Animate forever loop works in Chrome but not in IE
How do you expose a static lib's assembler proc, as a dllexport of the outer DLL?
How to call controller function in other php file - codigniter
Quick way to find the cause of incomplete implementation warning
setting up drawable.invalidate to continuously draw on canvas
recreate .idea/workspace.yml in RubyMine
Bug Loading Photo in Dispatch Queue
Passing parameters from my view (page) to my js file
Do 鈥渂asic datatypes鈥�and 鈥渂uilt-in datatypes鈥�mean the same?
Retrieving the selected items from a multi-select ListView
How do I get the ID of the last push in git?
stackoverflowerror null
Background from ul element covers whole page
appengine improperly configured database error when trying to send mail (using django_bootstrap)
colorbox mouseout mouseleave
Android vibration intensity and damage
Can you set a property value within the log4net config?
How to save template craeted by Digital Persona into database through Java
how to get the printer name mapped to LPT1 port using Java
iOS LocationManager is not updating location (Titanium Appcelerator module)
static compile of libcurl apps linux C (missing library)
C# Structs 鈥渢his = 鈥︹�
How to run 鈥渉ost鈥�functions on GPU with CUDA?
INSERT INTO if not exists SQL server
Wait for user input when running an R script in Linux
UML association class - clarifying
What do I, as a programmer, need to know about Behavior Driven Development?
Git hook for merge conflicts
AS3 Delay execution?
How can I send a newsletter with xPages content?
Configure OpenCV with GPU support on VS2010
Best way to boost the performance of my LWJGL game?
how to set the background color of the whole page in css
Animating UInavigationBar offscreen leaves black rectangle
hibernate update
Permissions Error: Within a python script, I need to find a server file in unix system and open it to run commands for the user
Python: file-based thread-safe queue
How can I highlight some texts in Servlet (HTML) triggered by some background events?
Bounding box and colision detection code snippets for Adobe flash proffesional Cs5.5
OpenCL creates new threads upon first function call, why?
Generating unique filename
Deleting properties of objects conditionally
Exporting Vector Graphics from HTML5 Canvas
Android App can't find file
c pipes shell daemon with log capability not working
Is it possible to modify (add a feature to) the iPod application on iPhone?
Ajax.Actionlink OnBegin confirmation will not prevent the ajax call from being called if the user click on 鈥淐ancel鈥�button
Json response can't not be evaluated by eval
canceling touchend event when touchmove starts
Cocos2d getChildByTag between multiple CCSpriteBatchNodes
Return multiple variables from an django ajax function
Finding position works but results dont make sense
Chrome extension, reading a content of HTML element
How do I call the placeholder watermark in a class?
Google Map V3: Loading a route (JSON string) from a mysql database onto a map using php, javascript and ajax
Post picture on Facebook wit Actionscript3 Graph API
What are some ways to speed up an img swap in jquery / javascript?
Determine when animation of UIPickerView is started/stopped?
Perl - regex - I want to read and search each line for a string followed by a 鈥�鈥�
Netbeans Rich Client Platform RCP application as a Web Service Client
Image display/cut off issue when using Vagrant for HAML/SASS development
Specific difference between bufferedreader and filereader
Image display/cut off issue when using Vagrant for HAML/SASS development
Specific difference between bufferedreader and filereader
Two warnings on - (NSInteger)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView indentationLevelForRowAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath method
Scanning in more than one word in C
html form not posting to php
Checking of a line is in a file with bufferedread and hashset
Security Updates [closed]
Unable to assign value to php array
Explicit animations for setAnimationStyle(), what are my choices?
Recaptcha error
rails 3 : having trouble with routing
Server-side functionallity depending on whether a user 鈥渓ikes鈥�a Facebook page with PHP/JS SDK's
How do you pass in an array from the main method to another method in java?
How can I get array of elements, including missing elements, using XPath in XSLT?
IronPython Script debugging
Struggling with slideToggle on nested lists
SQLAlchemy: how to make primary_key not unique (PostgreSQL)?
Chrome source with (dropped) sidebar api
Jquery AJAX and render ouput
pass variable from one class to another
Move Plot in Column Chart (dojo)
JAVA: binary trees
Ruby multiple group_by or map
Design-time failure: WPF, Assembly Loading
Parallelizing code sse intrinsics functions c with openmp
Drupal: send node content in email after submit
Normalizing the number of Google results by country
FormParameter doesn't work correctly
SQL - Foreign key referencing different tables' primary key (Postgres)
django order by isnull value?
mediaelement error
C++/CLI Attributes
GWT + PHP encryption
Freeze the Header, Scroll the GridView
Accessing hard disk
Unit Testing, Coupling Between Tests, and Cascading Failures
GDB strace shows it tries to ptrace at an invalid address
MVC 3 PayPal IPN response is always INVALID
Any good frameworks for onboarding users in iPhone apps?
Why does dynamic binding fail when using interface inheritance?
Android custom Array List image update
Android : Setting development environment in Ubuntu 11.10
can I find position in R while avoiding looping?
What is the best approach for database queries that return results similar to Twitter's feed of tweets by people you follow?
how to join three tables and retrieve selected columns from the three tables and in oracle?
install cuda module fails to find cuda driver library
dendrogram in python
jQuery - Weird bug where 100.00 < 2.50
How to make a permanent change to an element after using jQuery's .keydown()?
Previous shape dissappears after adding new one - KineticJS
Why I can't define inline member function in another file?
RegEx find 鈥�./鈥�or 鈥�/鈥�
Why doesn't get_post_custom() work within the loop in WordPress?
Speech to Text Android App
Java - Convert Unix epoch time to date
Given a set S, find all the maximal subsets whose sum <= k
Template not found on Rails when I just redirect
How to hide the exported symbols name within a shared library
How to get jQuery infinitely repeat function?
Python cdecimal InvalidOperation
Private Method Implementation
Algorithms for 3-way partitioning
How do I fix NoClassDefFoundError in Android for android.widget.PopupMenu?
Always send the User information in every Django template
creating custom wp-login and prob is password encryption
Checking Unenforced Conditions before Insert
Looking for approach to limit TempDb space needed. Does a VIEW have any place here?
getJSON + reddit api 鈥�how to bite it?
Login form for disconnected Architecture in c#
How do I animate the alpha of a series of html canvas paths?
PHPBB Optimal YouTube BBCode
In C++11, is 鈥�considered an operator?
which eclipse package is for web development?
Does ASP.NET Web API (beta) run with the latest Mono (stable)?
Embedding excel into a gui, for a python program
Best way to setup the database connection for my ASP.NET app?
Navigation bar white space
An alternative for .NET Script Editor
Fastest data structure to check if a property within a list of objects matches
What should ex.class be equal to here?
PHP : Only display First 5 Lines of Variable
MySQL integer quotation marks?
Unexplained Horizontal Scrollbar
Django Multiple GenericRelation related_name in admin
How do I move an object in c++/opengl to a new place and erase the old object
Can I run a command in background on server by exec_command of paramiko?
sequelize: how to find and update mysql rows in node.js
How to push to heroku behind a proxy?
javascript: apply two-dimensional array
Porting C# Windows GUI to C# web app : how to get it work out-of-the-box for Win, Mac & Linux?
simulate timestamp in seeds.rb
Sharing the session between Rails and Spring MVC
Bukkit get all values under yaml path
Xcode upload a plist file on a server (iPhone)
Can't get mysql query to work with double or single qoute
Plotting a trapezium in MATLAB
Expiring date for content wordpress
Cuda : use the global memory to store contiguous various size datas
How do I share javascript on the server as well the client?
CUDA memset in Compute Visual Profiler
How to make a div take all the remaining space when the parent has no fixed size?
Sending SMS using Java and AT Commands
Rails render site in differnet controller
Subclassing in IB
How to avoid parseerror when the JSON response delivered by PHP includes a single-quote or apostrophe?
trying to create an array of bufferedimages
Howto created trimmed directory tree while using wget for ftp download
How to get a Flex 4.5 checkbox to change string value (text)
Multiple records inserting into MySql from PHP form
inserting into SQLite
Script help needed editing ini file
Determine High Frequency Intervals
JQuery Plugin: How to expose public method tied to instances
CouchDB sorting on a group of complex keys
Why AmazonDynamoDB::TYPE_STRING or NUMBER?
Fade class out with delay w/jQuery
Rails Gem::LoadError in UsersController#new
how to get a $parameter from a form submit at form action=鈥溾�
How to add an icon to the Tab control in FXML?
Changing stage size based on orientation of the device
OCR with javacv
Multiple IF statements on MYSQL
apple certificate signing request
Dealocating 2d arrays pointers
Why does `eval` work on non-strings?
How to migrate from jQuery Mobile 1.0 to 1.1
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in
What is the most efficient way to read from the end of a file in c++? (Parsing last 128 bits in a file)
Multiple JQuery.datepicker on Dialog MVC 2
Cannot get Socket.Poll and Socket.Connected to work as desired
C++ to Java code translation : numberToBarcode()
initWithStyle:UITableViewCellStyleSubtitle but subtitle not showing
only htpps fb app
Umbraco 5 with MVC4 and Azure
Fluent NHibernate IList<string>
IIS7 Url Rewrite not being used
MRU cache realization
.chm files in a VM won't display
ERB is not getting some values of a local hash
Error in beginning exercise in SICP (Exercise 1.3)
Use Geography-column with LINQ-to-SQL
Decimal numbers cutting
How is the comet facebook implementation for their Notifications feature
Incorrect value - python to model in Django
Why first two images load incorrectly in jquery
how to prevent manual input into a ComboBox in C#
Firefox extension to change webpage content [closed]
CSS layout on HTML5
Persisting an NSDictionary : performance of plist vs NSData serialization
How to perform commands after 鈥渟etContentView鈥�is being called
Unexpected C code output
Page width bug when inserting AddThis code
jqgrid alignment of body and header in FF, IE
FuelPHP Extended ORM Validation
AutoCompleteTextView in android
Is it impossible to indicate the start of the input string using a multiline regex pattern in JavaScript?
Referencing another database from T-SQL stored proc without hardcoding the database name
What causes datepicker not loading in rails 3.1.3 with jquery?
Create new email account programmatically
What's the best we can do for a SparseMatrix implementation?
Thrift/Proto How to?
Shallow copy of a hashset
How to fix Warning: mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in? [duplicate]
Recreating Arrays
Downgrade iOS 5.1 to iOS 5
Using multiple clauses - Prolog
Changing the android.jar source when changing the min SDK version in Eclipse?
Home page slider not working in chrome or safari
openmp doesn't do reduction properly
Creating a hashCode() Method - Java
jQuery code lines from array
Ruby Unit Tests not independant from each other?
Bukkit related questions: File Configuration
passenger/nginx - environment variable passing, or passenger variable passing
Change select box value text
Why are the images no wider than 500px in Chrome?
vBulletin Getting new posts on a particular forum / replies on a thread
Display custom header or column in Windows Explorer
Caching Facebook Like Box?
Showing a 鈥淧lease wait鈥︹� box while slot function is running
3rd party MySQL and Google Apps
Why does codeigniter need at least 2 GET parameters before it will work?
objective-c replace superclass with class
Using YII framework (php) for a mobile web application and a web application
amazon s3 partitioning of files best practices
Automatically addletters in front of an auto-increment fieild
Populating a ListView from SharedPreferences
Getting UnsupportedOperationException when i do HazelcastInstance.getConfig() from remote client
MySql MVC3 EF Code First with Stored Procedure
Android ListView not updating after a call to notifyDataSetChanged
Check whether an app is installed in a paired device
php simple html dom not parsing in wamp
Loading navigation properties in NHibernate 3.2
Set my database file to be accessible to a particular IP
Session in generic handler?
Reading Visa payWave Credit Card Details via NFC on Android
Close the parent window from child window
Conflicting keyboard shortcuts in two Emacs minor modes
Jquery, Django, picture enlarge on click or hover
How to wait until my thread is finished
Tomcat 403 Error
Qt resource editor on eclipse
mapping deep json
Eclipsify Play Framework Scala project on OSX 10.7
How can I test if a CK Editor field is empty
Reading from set possition in binary file (java)
Is there a way to put the number of seconds a script takes to execute (or 鈥減age load time鈥� in the middle of the page?
Warning: mail() [function.mail]: SMTP server response: 550 Invalid recipient:
Android: use ContentResolver, CONTACT_ID is column or row?
JQuery - Scroll div using cursor position
Rails PJAX and Twitter Bootstrap Plugins Not Playing Nicely
Error when using ActiveAdmin and Pagination
Can't get facebook ID
Error with negative numbers in TextField
Validation is not used while my conditions are met.
ld: symbol(s) not found
Don't let IE select and copy table rows that are hidden using jQuery .hide()
VS11 beta on main machine?
Phone (iPhone/Android) and Javascript compatibility
How to dynamically modify the manifest file css file for Chrome Extension, or what is the correct way to toggle a stylesheet on/off?
Css - calculating gray colors
Raphael 2.0.2 doesn't seem to have the .animateAlong command anymore. Is there an alternative?
Cassandra Query Language: get maximal key
Jquery-rotate cursor angle
Overwrite existing LED notification
Generate a random number with regex on Yahoo Pipes?
Is inheritance of navigation properties supported?
Android - multiple SDK support in one project?
why are there multiple layers of caches
Multiple headers are being sent when sending email via C# and IIS smtp
VLCj transcoding and file saving
Using own Comparator operator() for map<>. Giving error in case if KEY not found
cannot view visual designer in MonoDevelop
How can I feed data from Hibernate to the Weka Java API?
How to display category and subcategory
Firefox top padding difference (comparing to other browsers)
Custom layout not showing
Insert FontFamily value into SelectedItem
Same set of instructions, different types. How to handle?
Portlet is temporarily unavailable
Unable to login using the password generated by Asp.Net 4 Membership Provider Reset Password
how can I get the xml files of models for object detection?
How to design separate UIView outside of any ViewController in Storyboard?
Protege: How to specify restrictions on data properties?
Can lambda expressions capture CV-qualified variables?
Python: split a list of n elements in a list of lists with n / x elements each [duplicate]
why the sub Process couldn't access its data, in python
cmake creates a ton of files
JFreeReport trying to dynamically set height of line item with a border around it
Apply a Filter to a Camera video stream publishing to Media Server
php how to remove evil characters from string
How to capture a win32 form closing event when the user click X
MySQL - Different Engines for Different Tables
PHP out of memory, but why?
R: xlim, ylim and zlim not working for rgl.plot3d
Make an http Server - Recommended books?
Does the Facebook use in iOS app login (my own app) http or https?
Missing a curly brace in my PHP clode [closed]
PHP: str_split without word-wrap
PyPi download counts seem unrealistic
Customize form to make it multipaged
How to have 2 floating divs have the same height
Geting XML form website?
For each Iteration through Linq
Converting a nested hash into a flat hash
Insert into SQL Server table gives me nothing
Jena: How to add properties with numeric values?
Convert LINQ query to string, send to remote server to parse into an expression using Roslyn?
Change an image on on-click, but then change it back on a second click
image from phone in EditText
word to pdf convertor for android
How to set div width on the fly based on scaled image width
Qt/C++: identifying the parent widget in the event handler (signal)
Cannot Create a Table With Foreign Key in MYSQL
How to use jQuery selector on an array?
when exactly does a thread 'break'
Is it realistic for me to expect that I might be able to use Scala for a full stack? [closed]
Running a Compiled Java Class
Jersey REST API as a separate web app
Backbone.js: stage new model without saving
Detect URL and add achor-tags around it
Node.js Heroku 鈥渘o method 'Configure'鈥�
How do I return only non-null capture groups for each match?
How to make the execution time O(N) from O(N^2)
NSUserDefaults synchronize-method
Easy way of moving directories containing old files away
how to check for a newer gem version?
Resource identifier using id and textual description in URL鈥hy not just id?
Recursively batch process files with pngquant
Retrieving DatePicker values.Current date retrieved
Method to shuffle integers testing
I can retrieve the contacts, but they are not displaying correctly
Replace Spaces within 鈥溾�, preg_replace php
round to the nearest 1/16 and truncate to the nearest 1/16 of a value in C
Convert android preview frame to OpenCV Mat
why is this integer result not as expected?
Why document.write doesn't wait the loading?
Fault dynamic product menu with PHP and MYSQL
XBoard protocol documentation wanted (chess)
Python scikits SVM grid search and classification
jQuery draggable and appendTo doesn't work
Open a file and copy its contents into another file
JQuery form validation with alert popup - alert still being shown with a valid submit
MVC3, Entity Framework, OpenID and MembershipProvider
Why is the constructor function for a custom class getting called multiple times?
Force close startup when using AsyncTask
How to refer to user functions from jsp-page
How to approach parameters in RESTful API
How to fix such RegExp bug in jQuery plugin?
How to use variables in vim command-like syntax?
Ruby uninitialized constant name error
one-tailed test with Sweave and R
Show Blank Page On Direct Load (PHP)
something like EVT_OPEN wxPython
Running multiple rails servers for same app
Excel Find operation in C# will skip the first row
Accessing the javascript's global variable the second time results in undefined
Projecting 3D vector from screen coords in D3D seems counterintuitive
Filter &lt;!--nextpage--&gt; tag while filtering shortcode in WordPress
What's the best way to output a mongo collection as an array?
Linking QLineEdit's 鈥渆nter鈥�event to a slot?
Ordered set notation
GWT ScrollPanel not visible
Fastest way to get a TouchEvents in a new Acitivity
Unable to compile Java class because the file isn't found
Best way to import data into my new rails app?
How do I save an SVG file to see it in browsers?
Why can't I save this SalesForce Batchable class?
reading a long type from a text file in Java
Parsing CSS using PHP error undefined offset 1
How to delete this 2-dimensional array of pointers?? Making a destructor
What are best practices for using SVG icons on Android?
Capturing a variable from a lambda capture gives an error?
Facebook comments box loader + size
How can i upload an image to server directory directly form iOS using FTP
_invalid_parameter gets no useful information in Release build
String to ArrayList
Selecting table in Oracle database in SPARQL
Detect whether a Windows reboot was due to Windows updates
Can I connectto a remote mysql instance without installing mysql locally?
Exiting an App or Closing a Control When Using MVVM
Date versioning and restoring
Why my UILabels don't update any more after putting it in a scrollView?
backbone.js view id tag using information from model
Using simple_list_item_2 and can't figure out how to use setOnItemClickListener
How to call a function with two arguments in python
mySQL Search Statement with Multiple filters
Is it possible to send GET requests without waiting for response in iOS?
Bind data to grid view using LINQ with out adding DataClasses
Commands out of sync; you can't run this command now while calling stored procedure in Mysql
Class instance of a type synonym
No cout printing in pthread starting function
How to calculate average of a column and then include it in a select query in oracle?
Any way to bypass windows domain account?
Automatic updating and upgrade management for Windows Installer XML (WiX)
鈥渁ssets鈥�getting prefixed on a link_to
C++ stl::map find with structs
RubyMine project directory disappears after git pull
Spring @Autowire Multiple Objects
finding the value of the points in a chart
Background colour wont appear behind list items
Pandas dataframe in mixed mode can't serialize to hdf5?
GPU performance capture
If class is not present in table w/jQuery
GHC Compile Errors
ReSharper warns: 鈥淪tatic field in generic type鈥�
facebook register/login
Hotel booking system design - Reservation which uses multiple rooms
Java Thread to manage socket and run class method
xna + wcf runs very slow - but only when fullsceen ! (going insane ?)
Buildr - put test resources on classpath
Is it feasible to run cuda and output screen respectively in different two cards?
jQuery code to serialize CSS of elements in a div?
Ruby using queries with multiple options in WHERE clause
it is routable with same view
Changing `filetype` based on the current `filetype`
Xcode can't detect iPhone device with iOS 5.1
Getting a request parameter in Jinja2
Why does ResolveBundleUrl not work for custom folders? (MVC Beta 4)
Microsoft JScript runtime error: Unable to get value of the property 'defaultView': object is null or undefined
APC is not running even after copying the php_apc.dll and changing the php.ini
Removing html tags in from a string in android [closed]
Where can I view tools or packages availble in Homebrew
label Input align in RTL css form
How to draw a sprite with NSImage?
How to connect to MongoDB on WIndows?
make a copy of a binary tree in an iterative manner, i.e. no recursion is allowed
Java naming convention for a collection of items whose singular and plural are the same
How can I create a datagrid validation dependency between columns
Ruby code that doesn't work. How comes? I included Enumerable, implemented each but reject doesn't behave as I expect
Display PDF in Web Application
2 different storyboards for portrait and landscape
Filling array with data from one specified MySQL field
VisualStudio2012 how to set default file description comments?
jQuery Form Plugin not updating progress bar, showing [jquery.form] state = uninitialized
What device should I use to test the iphone app
Launch process (exe file) from resources
Delete a line and 2 lines beneath it in txt file with java
Android draw a dot in a canvas based on gps coordinates
How to layout text backwards using Core Text?
Android draw a dot in a canvas based on gps coordinates
How to layout text backwards using Core Text?
How to generate Envers database schema with org.hibernate.tool.EnversSchemaGenerator?
Setting column headers in JTable
One to Many relationship table in MySQL
Mysql MATCH AGAINST empty field to give all results
How to reset the ListView with the ArrayAdapter after fetching data
Can I safely use MySQL-5.1 client libs to connect to MySQL-5.0 servers?
How do I display active/recent users on my homepage.. but in a server friendly way?
Split Date and Time from system::DateTime
Match more than one occurrences in a string
Heroku - bad MySQL query (ActiveRecord)?
How to prevent a process from spawning more childs
calling setCoordinate on MKPlacemark crashes app with 'unrecognized selector'
Does SQLITE3 support Virtual Tables on Windows Phone?
parsing unicoded tweet using json python
how to detect if is running the scan for new media files on Android (in background)
how to draw a small image into canvas in android
Facebook comment box connected to a certain photo
iOS 5.1 and Xcode 4.3.1 CodeSign Error
Jquery selector for select options
Java Create Configuration-like File
World Clock in Windows phone 7
Setting up CakePHP 2.0.6 app on GoDaddy
rails 3 rendering a partial from a collection
Finding letters in a word that have different orders
Fail to compile erlang r14b03 mvc. audio player [closed]
How to put bit sequence into bytes (C/C++)
Nlog with windows phone 7
Using a class in java
What should I put in requirements file for pip to pick the correct git branch?
How to show vectorized text using libgdx?
How to select sequential elements from a list?
DocumentViewer to RichTextBox Binding Error
Are there any tools like Closure Compiler for compression and optimization of Perl/CGI?
Disable debugging errors?
Correct way to wait for ajax to return (I don't want to use the success handler.) [duplicate]
can a relationship in core data link an instance of an entity twice to another instance
Cocos2d-iphone landscape mode not behaving properly
Python get data from secured website
Wrong Character Set for JSF's h:inputText on first submit (only)
Converting a code from bash to php
jQuery and chaining issue
jsoncpp how to check if tag is null .isNull() throw assertion
How to dodge duplication using EL?
HTML5: How to pause when using Onclick for custom button?
Ninject: System.Security.VerificationException : Operation could destabilize the runtime
How to go from spreadsheet to MongoDB ddatabase (export and model)
Finding size of array at run time [duplicate]
Open file after download completed
MongoDB PHP: Insert if not exists equivalent
ARM toolchain build
why my WP7 App got a column of messy numbers at the right side of the screen?
custom route not fails for me
Exclude specific post from WP-feed
Update UI when adding to observable collection
custom array adapter for android listview
Get :first and :last with jQuery
Finding the length of the string [closed]
Block access to files by URL
IE6 restrict button click to once
Lexographically ordered linked list returns null pointer exception
Stop Threads created by foreach
Why am I getting this exception?
Find the unpaired number in an array
Disambiguation warning when running application
How to curry a function w.r.t. its optional arguments in OCaml
NSNumberFormatter iOS big double value
How to load an image from the library to the loader component using AS2?
url rewrite removing index page
setting an ImageView as a background for sections in a grouped uitableview
Google Translate API in Android App
how to send sensor values over udp
Using a variable to initialise an object
In what time interval do these devices use to sample each touch coordinate?
App should looks equals on all the screens
PhantomJS and pjscrape - Failing on some multiple URLs
Sole String object for a large string in Java
Facebook Connect Safari cannot open page
Loading *.less css files through Yepnope
How can we develop coding practices designed to protect against leap year bugs?
Progress Openedge to Postgresql conversion - missing help and description fields
getting error messsage when starting rails console:
ActiveRecord :has_many and custom foreign_key
JQuery-ui dialog, 'switching' modal option not working
Good hash function to remove duplicates from array
What is MM_callJS?
Obj-C send and receive array over tcp sockets for iphone.
Transfer Data from Click Handler to Content of ASP.NET Web Page
Which is the appropriate hook for each tasks in wordpress?
datatable row not highligting
obtaining information from time vector
How can I work around IE7 being unable to style dynamic elements created via DOM api
play-scala and zenContact app
How do I set default values for make?
I have HTTP error 404 when redirecting in my MVC3 app
Yii returnUrl function
foreach() error Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
What is minimum millisecond value of setTimeout?
When linking statically, does the linker include the whole library?
Upload Image from inbuilt Gallery 鈥�winforms 鈥�datagridview 鈥�new row with data filled into some cells 鈥�disappears
XSLT 1.0: Converting date/time to local timezone
Ordinal numbers replacement
Hard case with array which using hases inside (ruby)
Which is the most elegant way to start celeryd in a Django project?
.htaccess, redirecting /home$ to /, but leaving /home/wp-login alone
Populating a pdf template with html, css and php variable
Stubbing :find on a Model Class
Using local blob storage from WPF client application
Astar algorithm goes in endless loop
Focusing element produced in a style trigger via ContentTemplate
Is it possible to get an image of the displayed portion of a WebView in Android?
find all occurrences of required and included in a php file
apikey release android
How to design application settings table in database
Which values does Facebook accept as 'border_color'?
How to Join two table in Code first approach
django: how do I pass user profile data with extra context in class-based generic views?
WP7 SilverLight TabControl not attached to VS toolbox
append value to a dynamic id
working with WMI and watching results with xml
process or steps to refactor god class in a c++ legacy application?
Combine __icontains lookup with __in lookup in django to get objects that contain part of name in names array
How to add a line break and space in TextView?
Big O calculation for two data structures
Java Basics: Object and if clauses
Android sqlite show tables
Using a Django template_tag on pages that extend from the view that loads the tag
How to develop a server in Windows
the totalAmount of increment and decrement
Checking for multiple variable value in Xcode
drop down with checkboxes - is this possible with jquery?
iOS certificate installed by website allowing linking device UUID to session
Using struct as KEY and VALUE for map. find() operation giving error
Android app getting data from a third-party JSP & Servlet
how to retain checkbox value in mvc3 webgrid on pagination
Django: filter ManyToMany join
error when accessing a uart device from a cgi python script
MySQL query to return custom structure with values as field type and titles
Information about geo-locations via coordinates
Android - Selecting different spinner option doesn't update calculation in TextView, only working on 1st item in list
How to use macports modules with the default version of Python preinstalled with Mac OSX?
Send C++ code in SOAP request
jQuery set div width to closest variable like snapTo
Algorithm in SecureRandom number
run c program - stdio.h where do i get it?
How to handle SQL table change in Android
Evaluate math expression in string? (NSString) [duplicate]
Will this result in object slicing?
Python - splitting a list then loop through to find an ip address
Wrapping primitives for CXF
A couple of questions about optimising code for speed in C#
Error 鈥渞eporting鈥�in a model
Buffer flushing: 鈥� n鈥�vs. std::endl [duplicate]
How to create/traverse a multi-dimensional arraylist that has a complex structure in Java?
How to insert a new node to list in JPA?
Perl, how to parse XML file, xpath
Using Existing Web Service within MVC 3
Updated iOS binary not updating MainView NIB
Drag Drop Replace javascript jquery
Loading Galleria galleries on click with JSON data. I need fresh eyes to see my mistakes
Understanding x86 Assembly Code from C code
Product import from Volusion to Magento Store
Use loop to assign to many variables (e.g. list0, list1, 鈥�list9) in C++? [closed]
Is there anyway to send a Model to the server(controler action method) when using jqGrid?
How to use call_user_func for static class method?
ContentControl3D Always Resizes its Content
Latest nuget packge for FluentAssertions missing System.Xml references
Sorting in Clisp
Create a range of dates
Anomalous acceleration noted when using C++2011 threads instead of OpenMP in matrix multiplication
Why would jquery-ui dialog's height always be set to auto?
VM role in MVVM - should it handle everything and why?
How to add border to button?
Jquery hover won't stop in Safari when mouse leaves
Java inherited method using the wrong class
TypeError: unorderable types: float() < function()
How to disable bouncing in html5 fullscreen iphone app?
Simple animation causes flickering screen in c++
Processing database tables with a lot of columns using Java [closed]
sum variables within R dataframe
eJabberd copy of message sent
How does capistrano 鈥渞un_locally鈥�work with branches?
Skype Conference Procedure
Custom attributes in MvcSiteMap provider
How to allow the Jqplot Data Point labels to accept day-month-year in the x-axis
How to show a modal window triggered by a button within a UIPopoverController?
Heterogeneous type of items in one master-child relationship
SVG not rendering properly as a backbone view
MaxScript - object properties at specific frame
Facebook comment part keep loading on UIWebView
jquery validation on 2 radio boxes
How to read multiple data type file into ArrayList using Scanner
JQuery - where to add .on()/.live() to function? mvc web application Entity Framework Code First 鈥淚ntroducing foreign key constraint鈥�
Hartl's Railtutorial: Protecting users page
ci_csrf_token was set to 鈥�onmouseover=prompt(XSS) bad=鈥�
Real life experience with the Axon Framework
Dependences for FireBird, JayBird and Hibernate
Time line trouble
redmine wiki - heading with auto numbering
Database design: Transaction Status , in journal or in transaction table?
Difference between, month, day) and Time.local(year, month, day) in ruby
adding multiple files PHP
PHP DOMDocument load XML timeout
Is there an alternative to the Rails assets pipeline for Django?
Compile error with JOGL
Google maps markers with javascript and PHP
classes.dex generated by smali not working in .apk
Network activity indicator when app goes from suspended state to active state (iOS)
Why OJ reports Runtime Error for this piece of code?
Get placeholder index for jQueryUI Sortable
Support same-resolution but different-DPI screens
SQL Server 2008 database seems unavailable
How to connect Android emulator from pc to test socket listener?
Why are the leading whitespaces not being removed when using trim()?
Conditionally setting CSS style from ruby controller
Updatemodel not working in MVC
Css not working in chrome?
Optimized ways to update every record in a table after running some calculations on each row
How do I add my own Custom Regular Expressions to the RegularExpressionValidator in Visual Studio?
Getting information from struct in a different method to where it's set using C#
Joomla: Raw Output With Title And Description Possible?
How to Redirect PHP login to log user Directly into ASPX site?
x86_64 assembly STDIN
JS turning a function into an object without using 鈥渞eturn鈥�in the function expression
Google authentication with Java apache http tokens
XPath exlude node and its descendants
How do I make a build system for Sublime Text 2 to build msbuild?
How to add shadow on custom text?
Android logcat error 鈥済etExternalStorageState/mnt/sdcard鈥�when checking for external storage state
chrome extension popup textarea focus
Getting 鈥渏unit.framework.AssertionFailedError: Forked Java VM exited abnormally鈥�Exception
Backbone.js: How to handle selection of a single view only?
escaping dot in Apache mod_rewrite
Are there any hosted services for Socket.IO (or alternatives)?
FindResource() fails to find data even though data is in exe
Amazon AWS Itemsearch - Using Keywords to Search in Product Title Only
Download image from https sources
Trying to access company data from home? VPN, cloud, Jetro
Fluent Code First EF 4.3
Identify the page to which it goes, within a webview
Use of undeclared identifier 'RTLD_SELF'
Anyone have an idea about testing wireless connection on wireless router
My solution for replacing the confirm (ajaxOptions) by a jQuery dialog
How can I set different initial position and fromValue property in CABasicAnimation?
Use of undeclared identifier 'RTLD_SELF'
Anyone have an idea about testing wireless connection on wireless router
My solution for replacing the confirm (ajaxOptions) by a jQuery dialog
How can I set different initial position and fromValue property in CABasicAnimation?
finding the sum of smaller elements on left
Zend_Db_Table_Row instance form Zend_Auth
call javascript link on pageload
Insert in to two tables
Application does not appear anymore in Facebook Search Box
How should I check if record exists or not using jQuery Validate Plugin?
Is weak typing a performance increase or a decrease?
Social graph analysis. 60GB and 100 million nodes
Can't use System.Windows.Forms
Get people where multiple rows are equal (Oracle SQL)