PHP, How to put an error in a specific spot
Transform Dictionary-Like Input to a Dictionary
Programmatically, how does hue blending work in photoshop?
jQuery Plugin variable availability
Working with Twisted [closed]
compressing and decompressing Text from html to server and vice-versa
MvcSiteMapProvider preserved route parameter gives error 鈥淐ould not resolve URL for sitemap node鈥�
Same texture displayed. Binding issue?
Collection that contains no a where a鈯哹 and b is in the collection
How can I write a for loop with (a < b < c) under one statement?
Tool for creating own rules for word lemmatization and similar tasks
DLL load failed: The specified procedure could not be found [duplicate]
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.hibernate.cache.EhCacheProvider
C# writing to CSV file using ROW limited to max 2000 [closed]
How do you remove a CAEmitterLayer when it ends the lifetime of it's CAEmitter Cells 鈥�instead of repeating until you remove it from super layer
Full screen mode not allowed with StageDisplayState
classifying data masking correctly [closed]
Using Random Access File to Update part of a file in Java
Prioritize NHibernate Validator's validation over the built in validation?
Removing a prefix using sed and regex
Redirecting in Firefox failing
What kind of maps does waze use on the iPhone
delay audio with ffmpeg
boost phraseparse eol and read each line into container
Global Variable in iOS
Automatically generate main CSS when imported LESS is saved
Why not abstract policies?
I have a working Javascript code to add new html rows. How to delete one?
C# application not running on different machines
Understanding Modernizr benefits over html5shiv
jQuery Calendar with custom date ranges
pass string parameter in an onclick function
Find the (deep) complement of two hashes
Disabling rows in ListPreference
Add controls to a html table in code behind
Passing an array through url in php
Sparql query doesnt return all records
I am having trouble calling upon a static recursive method in Java
Import json file to Django model
A Tk label that can be moved by dragging
With PHP and mysqli, is it possible to catch all mysqli errors in one place across all PHP scripts?
Pack and unpack complex object architecture with JSON
Ignoring whitespaces while reading input files in C
is Flash plugin in WebView on Mac different from Flash plugin in Safari? does it have regular Flash garbage collection?
Retrieving Image with original resolution
How to enable php execution on a web server in virtual host config file
Enumerator as an argument
issues with structure with a pointer to it in a header file in c
celery task eta is off, using rabbitmq
Disassembling C, replace operation code
Bind to my class with INotifyPropertyChanged
How to call testcase class inside other testcase class?
Merge two Android projects in Eclipse (without using library)
extjs//How can I Re-rendering Absolute Panel?
argparse accept everything
Is this possible: document.form.array[i].value?
Open Fpdf JSON response, in new window, to save PDF. - PHP
Adding padding around some text into two div columns (content, sidebar). Sidebar column moves under the Content column
Test if file is an image
Select unique from all columns into a single column
Two ways change UIView frame 锛宎ny differents?
How do I create tables in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express
throwing exception from constructor in C++
Subquery at the from clause using QueryOver syntax
How to input a character in windows form application?
using ckeditor gem with rails nested attribute
Placing letters next to a BASH variable
stuck at URL patterns of django
How to Update the Div Content without generating all the content of a html File
How to set the attributes of threads in Linux?
How do I compare two functions for pointer equality in the latest Go weekly?
Invite friends to like FB page with new timeline?
iAds (even iAd suite form apple's examples) stopped showing up on my iPhone, yet they run on the simulator [closed]
How can I check to see the number of iterations Newton's method takes to run?
Converting NSString, data type expression, to actual NSData
Microsoft ASP .NET Web API, MVC 4 and SPA Architecture
Running three functions at regular intervals - multithreading? multiprocessing?
conditional tomcat sticky session (clustering)
itertools dice rolls: doubles roll twice
How to get Read-only Youtube API access
Win32 (GDI) - Set Opacity of STATIC Control
Win32 API Functions not Found
How do you store a PHP date in a variable?
UITableView delete/add row causes CoreData: Serious Application Error if another object has been selected in the MasterView of a SplitViewController
rails3, simple_form, twitter bootstrap: radio buttons break onto differnet lines
How to create a dynamic select list using Simple Form and Awesome Nested Set in Rails 3.1?
Google Chrome creates history item on redirect?
Node.js,,Http-Proxy,Cluster,Express - Handshake drops on disconnect - delay in reconnect
Jquery ajax request on IOS using Phonegap - Ajax not working
In PHP why is true cast 1 and false cast an empty string?
Compiler installation
Inserting new rows in db using php and DBMS is postgresql?
Open Graph api for feed returning inconsistent results
Python sort a list by most comment element
Detecting redirects originating from JavaScript in a FF add-on before the network request is made?
Session value can't be updated, why?
rails model has_many :through associations
how do I set one variable equal to another in pig latin
Why do $_SESSION and $_COOKIE behave differently? giving firstname instead of userid
The imported project 鈥渃: Windows Microsoft.NET Framework v4.0.30319 Microsoft.VisualBasic.targets鈥�was not found
Set Value from String produced from Code - How do I put the value into a particular field in a table?
Deleting simplexmlelement node
Need advice on authentication for android client connecting to the WCF Rest setup
Could not load file or assembly ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib鈥�When using nuGet package ExcelDataReader
jQuery AJAX request won't work in Internet Explorer
C++ version for PHP-Snoopy
How to keep UIView at relative distance from other after resizing?
Value or constructor is not defined
Ant won't import properties
Python: logging into a file and also do sys.stdout
What is the PHP best practice for using functions that return true or false?
What exactly is r in C language?
ant delete: how to specify files matching *~?
Jquery draggables: Removing an element changes position of other dropped elements
Open next image when button is pushed in Android
How can I Launch the Device Emulator in Visual Studio 2010?
paymentQueue:updatedTransactions gets called when it shouldn't?
COMException results in 鈥淥bject reference not set to an instance of an object鈥�
How to send an email from a PC by a Java program?
Android - how to exactly position an image within a normal button
App Store Submission: No Identities [duplicate]
JPEG estimating file size
Can't Execute wget With shell_exec() in PHP
How to determine which RelativeLayout is the parent of a button?
Is it possible to serialize tasklet code (not just exec state) using SPickle without doing a RPC?
Give Cydia app root access
Get list of friends who live in a specific area
How to avoid compile warning when subclassing a class with category?
Jquery Ajax call problemn with Data Type
Cannot resolve keyword 'model' into field. Piston with Backbone.js
How to handle this DI resolving scenario?
Setting Layout Parameters Programatically
Save new order of list
How do I check if a string is equal to another string?
How can I display stacked barcharts horizontally in Flot?
Extracting all fields from java class
How to make 鈥渏Query UI tab鈥�blink/ flash
Is it possible to grey out (not just disable) a MenuItem in Android?
What is the limit on the number of array elements that can be passed to a MongoDB '$in' operator in a query?
Getting error when try to convert 鈥�.0鈥�to empty string using nullif()
Javascript array is undefined鈥�and I'm not sure why
game loop - threads
Localization for custom button in TinyMCE
Vectorization of loops in OpenMP
AdvancedDatagrid does not display grouped data
Can you make a DataContract with a Single ValueType based Value?
How to create individuals of a specific class using Jena?
Trouble with Insert Into .dbf file
match input elements with keyup
Python datetime formatting conversion
Escape all characters that need to be escaped
Efficient way to generate sequential numbers on SQL Azure Federations
how to continue thread execution after getting an exception
Easy way of manipulating the DOM in Javascript
what should I use to track details of mutable objects in java
How to change case of interpolated variables in Rails locale file?
Eager loading: The right way to do things
Cakephp 2.0 returns empty, but running produced query in DB produces correct results
Create Vanilla C++ project in QtCreator from existing .cpp and .h files
setPanel() and getPanel() changing panel
How do I check whether the random expression answer equals the numbers inputted by the user?
Redirect only one folder to HTTPS, all others to HTTP
displaying tables in c++ console window
For persistent data in Terracotta, how to evolve classes?
Remove characters from start and end of ' +[0].href + '?
Is there a library for manipulating Excel .xlsb (BIFF12) files without the (slow) COM API (Interop)?
Scala : Generic abstract type ignored for isInstanceOf
Using geolocation data to restricting websocket comment visibility
Full URL from FSCopyURLForVolume
Need default Rally Kanban application to only display current iteration
tableview navigation
Testing in Firefox for web app - sloow with caching off
Get unique id after the fact?
How do I recursively work my way through a list?
Unity3D C# calculate correct forward after rotation
Force a window.onload event in javascript
How to group a query result with active record?
MVC3 DropDownList + ViewBag issue
iOS - What is happening with my instance variables?
Nested Attributes not Working in Rails Form
Sprite slows down over time after switching to a specific game state
Matching hasMany children with Grails dynamic finders
What is the difference between onPresentScreen and onLeaveApplication?
Looking for a easy way to buildt a js countdown script(days,hours,minutes & seconds)
Click event listener on a <tr>
IndexOutofBoundException why?
UISearchBar detect when user stop type and don't search immediately so detect pause
Can Services implement the SensorEventListener
Stop double loop of multiple animation on hover with jquery
Reading streamed content from HttpResponseMessage.Content
PHP IF with multiple days of the week
are strtol, strtoll, strtod safe for any chars, even not null terminated?
Stopping Eclipse from spell-checking e-mail addresses
Creating a website in C#/ [closed]
Parsing command-line arguments?
OpenERP 6.1 debugging: Module use of python26.dll conflicts with this version of Python
Displaying ColdFusion JSON response with jQuery
find out if string starts with 鈥渧ybe鈥�followed by numbers in javascript [closed]
iOS Static library getting 鈥渘o source files to build from鈥�target membership鈥�error
How to have a nine patch image only expand horizontally?
Ant and jar directory structure
CSS Stretch to Available Width
how to change value of progress bar
Can this recursion be written more efficiently?
What is UIATargetHasGoneAWOLException while operating iphone with UIAutomation through Instruments.
argparse help without duplicate ALLCAPS
R maptools or rgdal package--how to fill the outside of a polygon?
Xcode crashes when there is conflict in storyboard
MVC: How do I reduce the amount of polymorphic methods?
$.getJSON returns [object Object]
How can you override the FirstWindow shutdown mode in WPF?
I want to use java 1.6 with lotus Notes 6.5. Is there a way to do that..? 鈥�
Updating URL of DataSource object for JDBC connection
How do you ask an array if it contains a Specific class?
How to restart Celery gracefully without delaying tasks
.slideToggle() on one DIV instead of all others with same class
Android: Inflating layout takes to long
Tuning postgresql (for fast reads with django)
Modeling PhoneGap apps with UML?
How To Convert a Decimal From 123.45 into 0000000012345 using C#
Remove spaces from XML elements
code testing tool python [duplicate]
DataSourceUtils.getConnection vs DataSource.getConnection
Add border to Polyline in Silverlight
Javascript beginner: logical or and empty brackets
Exceptions handler
return a value from this variable in jquery
parse HTTP request from node.js script
how do I switch to 鈥渇ull screen view鈥�in flash that was created Ming php
Nano syntax highlighting
What is the correct way to escape DisabledWarnings when calling MSBuild from the command-line?
How to convert a Crystal Report file (RPT) from Access to Microsoft Sql Server?
Has no member error when struct does have that member. Compiler ignoring declarations
Do html tags have numbers in spec?
zsh: command not found: apt-get
Java Regex Assistance
How can I create a view that splits data from one record in the source table into up to three records in the view?
Method to get a summary view from a dataset
System services not available to Activities before onCreate() with Fragment and ListActivity
Figuring out package versions on Android Device
regular expression php tags
Maximum call stack size exceeded when trying to attach load to img with jQuery
Performing asynchronous write operations over a TCP socket with Boost Asio
How do I change the default model template in Rails scaffold?
Path to leaf which has particular sum in binary tree
Multiple instances of CLLocationManager per application. Are they messing with each other?
Implementing DI in a particular situation
Dojo - how to setup my JSON to populate another dijit.form.ComboBox wiht a preset of values
BigDecimal in 1.8 vs. 1.9
Import separate SVN directories as git branches
Default Content on failed require_once
Servlet Acting as Proxy: How to forward the session?
Unable to get navigation bar inline with logo
Coffee Script: if .. is .. then
$.css('transition','value') doesn't work
Possible race condition with piped output from multiple tee recipients arriving out-of-sequence on a named pipe in a BASH script
What is the p4 command equivalent to something like svn status [duplicate]
How to add an image to the header of MVC3 Grid - @grid.GetHtml?
(computer graphics) radial image distortion
Creating a list of objects in Java
Multi-dimensional array sorting
Creating multiple databases in Android
Reflection.Emit.ILGenerator Exception Handling 鈥淟eave鈥�instruction
Is it possible to left/right align text via table in markdown?
JNI Attach/Detach thread memory management
Spark Label rollover color
how to change the connection string when moving Aspnetdb to remote hosting?
Sinatra output file
Terminate jquery fade effect on hover
Getting a reference to the global object in an unknown environment in strict mode
RVM, Ruby 1.9.3, rails 3.1.3: can't start rails server due to ruby-debug
REGEX Pattern to deal with or without quotes
Python : How do I look for '100%' as a string in a .txt file
Regex with groups on delimiter-separated input with group that is optional or can include the delimiter
Footer at the bottom in fluid layout
iOS Saving form data to multiple files
How do I append a cell with a formula value?
Python files - import from each other
URL tuckey - query string
Iteration through ocaml lists with conditional statements
Android and Orientationchange
Inner div height won't expand fill absolutely positioned outer div in IE7 Standards Compliance mode
Computed properties in Backbone
Why does my email have no content in Rails 2.2, and only has an attachment?
ibatis insert mapping
Recursively add strings in an array together? (a triangle-number like function with strings)
'TEST' is not supported by the language
Why doesn't the destructor get called on objects you are returning?
Rails 3 + Meta_Search custom redirect
Does fopen create a file descriptor?
Java: sort List from index to index
Printing char even parity
Cannot use object of type Event as array
UITextview not showing scrollindicator
How to force alpha blending on a videoview
Why won't text fields respond to hiding the keyboard?
Line with fill and stroke
Why do many standard implementations allow a value to be directly assigned to an ostream_iterator?
PHP failing to run Method
Is possible to scroll an UITabBar?
jQuery Validator Unbinding
how to cancel DoWork in Backgroundworker
JSON formatting using JavaScriptSerializer [duplicate]
Forcing SSL Client Socket to Send Certificate
Android - Refresh 鈥減arent鈥�fragment when DialogFragment is dismissed
canvas / rotation / screen orientation
SQLite model adapter for Geddy or Express
ggplot2: Use %+% to plot new data
richfaces + index.xhtml having errors
uidatadetectortypes of uiwebview to use more than one
Use a variable-object that was given as an argument
Is it possible to expand the Canvas in Android?
Change image path when right click 鈥渟ave image as鈥�
Setting multiple alarms to call a service
Why does a call to DateTime.TryParseExact fail with input 鈥�212012鈥�using the format string 鈥淢ddyyyy鈥�
hover effect with img inside anchor
Generating a URL to a service in ServiceStack
android bound service with scala - cant get Binder.getService working
Need some explaining
Updating Store with new rest url dynamically. Extjs4
Styling off after JQuery Append
Mysql: use value as alias in query
UITextField inputview to pop up UIPickerView displaying question mark in pickerview
Get Frame src URL in address bar
Avoiding Polymorphic Associations in Rails
How to access Layout-specific resources located in an apk which is externally loaded?
javascript loop going mental
Is it necessary to call Looper.prepare() from within the UI thread?
Function to check if string contains a number
How to intercept and change http requests with c#
.Net framework API to read from the correct registry hive automatically [closed]
Why my c program took time more than the time calculated by itself?
Flex word wrapping issue using mx:Text in AdvancedDataGrid itemRenderer when there is long text with no spaces
Have more than one Pin Annotation? MapKit
Listview selection rectangle [duplicate]
why can't i use winforms in WPF [closed]
jQuery .css not changing font-size correctly in Chrome
Java Median Error
Is std::set `erase ( const key_type& x )` implemented in STL same way ` erase ( collection.find( x ) );` does?
PHP OOP database design
Strange characters in require_once() paths in stack trace
How can I run a python script through a webserver and return results to javascript?
Android SearchView not allowing typing (conflict with TabActivity?)
xcode 4.3.1 - Share archive option not visible
Collision detection not working
iOS MonoTouch navigation middle buttons
Is it possible to profile part of a method with Eqatec Profiler through its API?
How is geocoding from an address done?
How set a object datasource to a subReport in reportviewer
Jquery modification to add 1 and save the number in a txt file on every click
Oracle SQL Developer - Unable to run queries using varchar field as identifier
Why would I want to use over standard streams?
Rails environment looks like it's stuck to production, even in development environment
Serialized object has null values after sending via udp
AppDelegate.h errors - XCode
Programmatically create stored procedure
How to force a script reload and re-execute?
Unit testing a binary format reader in C
HTML5 Video with Video.js and AJAX
Checking the size of an Image with GWT
How to create a Nuget Package by hand (without Nuget.exe or Nuget Explorer)?
Input type=鈥渘umber鈥�spinners not showing with bootstrap 1.4
Unit Test code called supresses Debug.WriteLine and Trace.WriteLine
How do I add take a string of HTML and make it the child of some node?
What cipher suites come with Java jdk1.7.0_03, and / or how do I provision my RMI installation with them?
Loading another swf file using AS3
is there a way to find the oldest file using just the c++
is there a jquery event fired after .html() manipulation?
Eclipse - Just uninstalled Java 1.7 (still have Java 1.6 on my machine), but now Eclipse won't recognize any java stuff
Filter Add Existing Button On A One To Many Relationship
UpdatePanel not working in ascx control if is added on Page_Load
geodjango osmgeoadmin how to delete feature?
C++: which operator[] will be used in what case?
Jquery: can ever be undefined
How to encode a URL that I want to pass as a query string
My Lavalamp menu and my (simple) slideshow won't work together. (jQuery)
Split tasks into two pages
ref type, stringbuilder
What can MFI enable?
Read XML with Elements and csv's into 2D array using XDocument in C#/XNA
Is it possible to get a list of keywords in Python?
Should forum software literally DELETE topics/posts upon moderation or simply hide? [duplicate]
Recompiling old ASP.NET page .dll's from new VB Codebehind?
PL/SQL loop through cursor
How do I get Filename without extension?
When i press on button app force closes? Android
Dynamic calculator driven by MathML, LaTex, or
How to use C# .net 4 to get webserver header time
Code getting stuck on insert query
change class on div with jquery
PHP script returns null when inserting <a> into database
PHP:Keep variables/functions/session_start in one include file?
Can I embed an acinonyx plot into gWidgets (gWidgetsRGTK2 or gWidgetsQt) in R?
Highlight code between brackets [closed]
As user types populate different textbox
Retrieving data from multiple tables on Codeigniter
CSV Parsing Options with .NET
Create a DIV within a parent DIV before another child DIV
matplotlib: Stretch image to cover the whole figure
Parsing XML response from RESTful service in java
Transfer eclipse and android SDK to new Computer
Converting Ruby DateTime format to regexp
Make git ignore rename
SQL Server 2008 Unpivot Converting Unknown # of Columns to Rows
Python: How can I know which package I am importing? [duplicate]
How to get around Jackson's inability to handle direct self-references in JPA beans
What are the rules for a valid variable name in mirth?
iOS :viewForHeaderInSection can't get align with cell?
Is there any online service to translate Vim commands to human readable form?
programmatically run and get performance data on windows
Generic programming: Log FFT OR high-precision convolution (python)
How can I measure how my multithreaded code scales (speedup)?
Update single character in mysql field
parent reference issue python
Using Named Captures with regex match in Ruby's case鈥hen?
When does generic instantiation occur (i.e., what does the word mean)?
Are there open source expert systems with reasoning capabilities?
php replace href by condition
python scikits learn - SVM options
Putting multiple table values into array
upstart & node.js app 鈥渟top: Unknown instance:鈥�
mysql_connect(): strange mysql host issue
Difference between is_int and is_integer php methods
How can i get height form window top to my click point(a tag) on window using css or jquery or php?
Multiple VPN connections behind NAT
How to keep a clean history after GitHub Pull Request code review?
Log parser solutions python/perl vs Java
Java JLabel changes Font Automagically
Show Multiple Checkboxes in Columns
WordPress Theme Displaying Incorrectly In Chrome
C++11 make_pair with specified template parameters doesn't compile
How can I encrypt a PHP variable (a link)?
Generate Classes From HTML Documentation
PHP: Reversing the order in which links are echoed out
Using cache in ASP.NET
stream an AWS S3 object in binary
Komodo Edit shortcuts on Mac?
Moving in Closure Table with Multiple Parents
Different screen capture approach comparison (incl. BitBlt, CopyFromScreen, DirectX, PrintScreen) in C#
Rails static page routes vs :constraints => { :url => /.+/ } 鈥�pros and cons
SQL - comparing date parameter to datetime
how to pull fixed number of items from mysql database
How to obtain the statement type OCI_ATTR_SQLFNCODE *before* OCIStatementExecute()?
OR query matching nil or 鈥溾� with Mongoid still matches 鈥溾�?
HttpContext required for LogEntries?
django-haystack 鈥�how to bring few apps under the same search page?
How to get the ListAdapter and update the shown list on an Android Activity Screen
groovy: test an array in one line
Python Pandas: can't find numpy.core.multiarray when importing pandas
HTTP Post not working when using Apache and ProxyPass
Animating change to uitableviewcell's background color
Why isn't my left column div taking 100% height of it's parent div?
Partition an array into two arrays in only one pass?
Printing and sorting in java
Why is the inner Meta class of a Django model restricted?
Mod rewrite to redirect a remote resource to a local folder
Unable to access jarfile start.jar when trying to use sunspot solr with JRuby on Rails on Windows 7 x64
dojox.validate.check Validation - set up profile
Consistent way to use 鈥渃ursor: pointer鈥�in HTML email?
get size of current assembly in memory
Copying style object to an iframe in IE
Is it possible to force evaluation of the macro in c?
iOS FBConnect using SSO through Facebook app installed on device, 鈥渓og out鈥�link broken
How to redirect a specified directory to other sites using .htaccess
sequence deleting from specific character using excel
Loading images using custom function fails in SDL
Multiple Xcode projects in single git repository?
Is there a way to get the data of currently playing audio on the computer/browser with Web Audio API?
Converting a list of Maps to a single map in scala [duplicate]
OOXML - Excel Table, PivotTable, How to update data & refresh source correctly
Hover table in ascx
Should I use a service for push-notifications?
CakePHP 2.1.0: 鈥淯nder Maintenance鈥�Page
Getting a session from its data
.htaccess blocking strange QueryString parameters
SQL Server Trigger update column value
adding border around UITableViewCell
Can't create object from VB6 COM DLL using VB6 program
Devise usermailer errors when trying to customize: undefined local variable or method `controller' for #<UserMailer:0x007fac55fe3ba8>
Varying OleDb performance?
akka - testing a particular log entry
what is the best way to convert a relative path to an absolute path?
Running ant as administrator鈥hrough Eclipse
QDir mkdir with absolutepath
Change colour and size of a certain string in a textblock (Windows Phone 7) in
Google AppEngine (Utilize USB?)
Change the axes on a radial barchart
SQLite / JSON reading and writing from an Android app [closed]
How to parse char str and create a new array of ints
Why do I get a undefined method `join' for nil:NilClass error?
Python: using 'or' in an if statement causes code to execute even if conditions were not met
What does simple operation do in Matlab
Why does the textures of my 3DS files affect the whole scene in OpenGL? [closed]
Assembler task : scalar product of two arrays
Solr query continues after client disconnects?
Exposing buttons from child controls to parent controls
UIActionSheet button not loading new view
Current state of Canvas in IE(2012), what are the recommended alternatives?
In a Makefile, how do I prevent a phony pre-requisite from being included in $^
What did I do wrong at the very beginning of 鈥淵our Second iOS App鈥�by Apple? [closed]
Reading content from site in background using javascript
Message Alert Tone
Duplication of entity when change made by a child ManagedObjectContext is pushed (saved) to its parent
getting values out of XML using LINQ to XML
Chaining dojo.connect
Receiving long SMS on Android problems
How to get innerXML attribute values using xml reader
CSS div overlaps, mouse event not recognized below it
Benefits and caveats of encapsulating comments within <?php /* */ ?> in an HTML page?
Passing variables between threads in Java
Is there a need to reaffirm a websocket connection?
Using netsh, bind an SSL certificate to a port number is failing
How do I fold patches (qfold) in TortoiseHg 2.x?
How to serialize object to JSON with Monodroid's System.Json?
Having issues using LEFT Joins on two tables
How to scale up batchnode in cocos2d correctly?
Can POST vars be submitted in a user chosen encoding? (non UTF-8)
Specifying the order of results using datamapper
Why is it not good to use recursive inheritance for std::tuple implementations?
need help for array [closed]
how to upload only modified files not all files to server
Java Object creation through loop
Get memory buffer with c++ [closed]
Java HttpClient seems to be caching content
How do I add space between legend items in FLOT?
Simple MVVM - Looking for example of a user registration page
What's the best way to run a regex against an MS Excel file in C#?
Value from LINQ dataset (GetFiles) into ListView?
What naughty word list is good to fight spam? [closed]
Returning a value in Pascal
Ruby Abstracting Model Statements
Regular expression ([A-Za-z]*) matches digits and special characters?
Loop Through GridView Checkboxes
Getting LastInsertId from SimpleTest TestAction in CakePHP
feeding result of one query into another
Ember.js 'Objects' and 'ArrayController'
Need JQuery to stop repeating for every button thats clicked
message publishing using kombu in django returns 'str' object is not callable error
checking out all git tags
Automatic type conversion of array contents using Array.Copy()
Generate SHA1 (of Image) on iPhone? (Incorrect results)
Remove parameters within nginx rewrite
Using Linq to objects, ToDictionary method not satisfying type requirement
IE prints blank line after space when space precedes <br> tag, when printed to actual printer, but not when IE browser displays HTML
save contents of a datagridview or similar data table control
I am unable to use clarity as as dependency
Can we have vertical buttons in an Android alert dialog?
SQL recursively copy rows from multiple tables following PK FK relationships
How do I resize a BitmapImage to 50x50 on Windows Phone 7?
MATLAB: error: In A(I) = B, the number of elements in B andI must be the same
SQL Developer is too damn slow. What else can i use? [closed]
Java: Why is my obscenity filter replacing all last words that end in 'a' in my chat sessions?
App Engine deployment fails with 鈥淐lient Error (400) The request is invalid for an unspecified reason.鈥�
Read text file from server in Android app [duplicate]
PHP: What's wrong with this code, and why won't the variable increment?
Iphone: Is it a good idea to have two orientation design in one xib file?
Using Play Framework Anorm, how do I get the auto-generated id back for an insert?
Get First Input in first ul and its first li
Render swf to png or other image format
Weird result with plot option type=鈥渂鈥� Why does this happen?
Confused by the 鈥淭ime to first byte鈥�TTFB
executable jar file not running outside of the folder where I created it
Best way in PHP to ensure in a class that all the class functions are called only if a given condition is true
Why does this C# timer not fire? (Interval set based on current and picked time)
SQL injection and web log files
Floating images to their own 鈥渃olumn鈥�without divs
Read XLS file in memory ASP.Net
PHP Regex - Remove text between tags
Storing string byte representations of multiple files
How can I trigger a like page action on a remote site?
flexible-height sticky footer, or: Make block consume all available space
Mocking package private classes
Quickly getting rid of 锟�
Obtaining Annotated Flow Graphs and Call Graphs into Code for Observing Integration McCabe Cyclomatic Complexity Metric
Removing duplicate elements and collecting all sub nodes together with xslt
SQL concat and escape characters
What values will return 0 in this function?
Failed importing code from SVN to GIT - SVN trunk is empty
Accessing a value in a method using *
Embed cross domain Magento website into a blog, preferably hosted on Blogger
MySQL view that 鈥渇lattens鈥�data
How to create a string 鈥渞eplace all鈥�function?
How do I debug specific pages with Eclipse PDT and remote ZendDebug
Search Index - 12 = Twelve
How to spawn a process as another user on Windows?
Is there an API for WikiTravel?
Why Does Jenkins Show Builds In Modules When There Are No Maven Modules For My Project?
javascript datediff check
MySQL not using index for ORDER BY
GetCurrentPublishing page with SharePoint API
Adding other Android widgets into your app
Subset multiple columns in R - more elegant code?
Repository Pattern - Summary Information
VS2010, change path of manifest file?
Update in MySQL
Where can I find the default location for android keystores created by eclipse?
sed: delete previous line
Does the IL knows what an INTERFACE is?
Convert from ASCII string encoded in Hex to plain ASCII?
Saving higher resolution charts without messing up the appearance
Update query to update records 'between' other records?
C++ Functions as parameters
@font-face not working on chrome
EXC_BAD_ACCESS in CFStreamOpen()
I have an abstract class and 2 subclasses. How do you work with them if you cannot instantiate the abstract class
How do I use jQuery to select an element that directly contains some specified text?
decode a java serialized .dat file in C
Queue and performing inserts into a database on a background thread
c# show selected data
Android: Create an Activity initially hidden, process data while its hidden, then show it only after its ready
How would you go about designing your DB to support chain stores?
Memory Leak in an ArrayAdapter
JS/jQuery - Reset MouseLeave when I Start MouseOver again
iOS How to receive MIDI tempo (BPM) from host using CoreMidi?
Writing a Winforms Dynamic Query Tool
What is the best way to do an inline image sprite?
How can I reduce the number of function expressions? [closed]
How can I open a web page from a WinForms app, while keeping the browser in the background?
Setting 鈥渄evice-width鈥�property on iPad
Getting vector-graphics output from PROC SGPLOT in PDF
css3 size transform for iphone
Jquery loading screen
Why does using an ObjectInputStream in conjunction with GZIP cause the O.I.S. block the thread?
web2py how to make a list:reference of an other table in
Does it make sense to unit test for a not existing Id
How can I connect to redis using php but without use a client library
How do I update content in a Leaflet popup?
How to Load an External Flex mxml file into a parent Flex mxml file?
What are strategies to construct reusable Sikuli screen shot libraries?
Android - registering and verifying through email addresses
Java equivalent to the C# array declaration of private static double[,][] _temp = null;
Rails assets don't get updated
Error Inserting into Database from Java
jinja2 filesystemloader load all subdirectories
Break multi-column div
Nuget altering existing lines in web,.config
Linearize with Linq in C#
Serialize date to url safe string in Python & Remember_Tokens
Wordpress Nav--Top level expands with subnav dropdown
I need to be able to change the background color of li when selected with the mouse. using css only
Windows Phone Hold Gesture
Set the title of MFMailComposeViewController to NIL
Selecting multiple items with the JQuery UI selectable plugin
Deploying Monodroid App to device always fails on the first attempt
what is the best way to render individual child classes differently in a listview
Rails 3 Devise Ajax login 小atching Error Message
Inversion of control use from an MVVM client app
How to get a list of Interface members
Handle Authentication in Ajax Interaction with JSF and Apache Shiro
Drawing a rectangle that fits the screen
Nested attributes form not rendering fields_for attributes properly
Ipad Safari version? Running iOS 4.3.3 [closed]
What causes Android phone to disconnect with BLuetooth
MVC3 + NHibernate 3.2: How to configure and map NHibernate with Web.config and Global.asax with Model - first approach
Mac-adress changed
count all distinct attributes with xslt
Can't make JQuery work
Inactivity Kill-switch for SystemVerilog Testbench Simulation (VCS)
Why isn't my full-width horizontal nav bar actually full width?
Strong Name for C++ DLL [duplicate]
Issues with multiple postbacks in jquery dialog
Which Boost Libraries take advantage of Move Semantics
Do we need a new APNS certificate for each app update?
Get text location in chrome
Strange JQuery Append Not Completing DIVs
PHP Cookie and Dynamic Insertion Issue
stored procedure return value in management studio but not in c# code
VB.NET site is not displaying the right data
select box value fetching in php
Nesting Absolute Elements in Relative Elements Firefox [duplicate]
Google oauth2 get accessToken using javascript
Do these Silverlight 4 themes work with Silverlight 5?
Wordpress: Get attached image height and width
Cocoa: 鈥淩andom鈥�line between two points?
UIActionSheet buttons to display view
Validating preferences in inappsettingskit
object literal notation vs prototype speed and memory
How to generate setters and getters, and define Q_PROPERTY() with the C++ preprocessor
Can I use Perf4J across processes?
Cannot drop shadow on bitmap with SetShadowLayer
Order of insertion of array values at Amazon DynamoDB
Timestamp from the web browser? [duplicate]
How can I achieve HtmlContainer functionality in Razor?
Simple LINQ statement failing - why?
Overlapping Wizard pattern in Android (sharing Activities)
vim scripting 鈥渋 want replacement for tnext in cscope鈥�
Plot text containing 鈥渁pproximately equal to鈥�in R
deploying to AppHarbor using subversion
Scala How to create a new map from two other maps
Like button with added confirm
Can I use a non-ARC build framework in a ARC build application?
Undo pretty print from numpy
ASP.NET Validator controls - message only
ABPersonViewController call edit from my code?
Token authentication with Rails and Devise
How do I remove a character from array element?
Cannot debug large delphi XE2 application cross platform with Windows XP SP3 target
Run windows application inside another window
Android task history stack: can have 鈥渄uplicate activities鈥�
How to retrieve Storyboard.Target if target was set using Storyboard.SetTargetName?
handsent app suppresses SMS_RECEIVED broadcast
calling template from a knockoutjs binding
How to reuse [RowTest] attributes on several tests
Error with single SQL query
How should I structure my ruby gem command line service?
convert '../../' into 'path/path/'
How to add jquery onclick event to asp radiobutton?
SOAP Operation with same Input and Output Messages Produces Odd Proxy Method Signature
Performance of Merging Datasets into an In-Memory Database
C++ - ofstream doesn't output to file until I close the program
accept post data in asp and insert into sql server
iOS-How to display Gold color
Multiple Virtual Hosts on Different Ports in WAMP
oracle trigger throws ora-04098
Rails 3.1 - How do I organize multiple index actions for the same model?
Phonegap for android seems to ignore viewport
Apache mod_rewrite redirect
Exception xml+php
Facebook like button not showing like count [firefox]
Replacement and non-matches with 'sub'
date format in VBS
What does 鈥渢he trustAnchors parameter must be non-empty鈥�mean?
Examples of websites that use SDL Tridion [closed]
Loop through dataset and add items to a html table in code behind
Is there a way to find a matching element in two arrays?
Converting from rxvt login batch to mintty in cygwin
VB.Net WebBrowser Navigate Only Working Once
SUDZ generating errored code from my working WSDL
How to assign a past date while uploading a photo via Facebook Graph API, so that it gets placed at the right point in Timeline?
Connection Pooling w/ Dependency Injection Use HTTP Request Scope or Not?
Can I avoid using a very large 'switch' block to give access to 400 blocks of program code?
Certain validations only in Rails.env.production?
How to access object from session in jsp
How do I convert a BitmapImage image to data so I can upload it to the web on a HTTP POST request with Windows Phone 7?
MySQL; table merge results in equalization of rows
Using LIKE 鈥�something%鈥�in FMDatabase for iOS
webservice authentication and user identity management
jQuery: link loses its class's clickability when appended
Regular Expression for input validation
Confusing DB2 SQL0405N situation from a DDL insert statement based on pasting a queried value (solved)
performance difference between for loop and for.. in loop when iterating an array in javascript?
IE error 'null or not an object'
MVC ViewUserControl not retrieving css stylesheets
How to do a 'hot folder' in Python
Using probablePrime to generate prime number. probablePrime(512, randomSeed);
VB.Net class property specifying an object?
How do I convert a many-to-many relationship from 2-column table?
Does content in a jQuery ui tab get indexed if closed by default?
Sharepoint Custom List definition and javascript
jQuery preventDefault() not working on first click
Javascript RegEx: find GUID in an URL and replace it
Tapestry 5, jQuery UI Dialog and close action
Problems Setting Up Eclipse with XDebug
Grails paginate issues
Which project template should I use for an iOS and Cocoa library?
Setting MaxLength on TextBox depending upon DropDownList selection?
php, login script
Use Android Pattern Lock
Mono getting node position in TreeView
mvn depedency plugin and Hadoop
UML aggregation vs association
Is there a way to integrate a better discussions solution with Rally?
php and mysql copy record from one table to another
Android: waiting for an action
Hidden input (html form confirmation) - Server side script? (php)
Trying to loop through Json
How to find if all animations have completed
Getting Resource interpreted as Script but transferred with MIME type text/html when I'm offline and requesting css and js files from AppCache
Weird content behavior in Chrome - Flashing
VS2008 Load Testing - Maximum page counters = 50?
Set variable to HTML elements with certain class?
Grails fails to save object, already exists in session? [duplicate]
how do i remove space from richTextBox
Selecting an element in Jquery based on an absolute position?
running complex commands when using mongo mapper
Java - Need some help on a Regex pattern for matching both http and https
Archiving Old Packages
Issue with Requesting OAuth Access Token
Bluetooth Ping Latency
Python - Easy - TypeError: can't multiply sequence by non-int of type 'float'
Why is it a pointer? [duplicate]
Forward-declared class in boost::ptr_list
Detect redirected visitor
Extracting first 3 out of 5 numbers through regexp in MySQL
page is not allowed here because it does not extend class 'System.Web.UI.MasterPage'
flex mobile 4.5&4.6 doesnt like arabic/persian text
Does SQL Server Express 2012 remote connection sends data in plaintext or encrypted?
In Maven is there a way to replace properties in the POM file itself like Ant's file?
Load Json data with php giving an error
Really big HTML and Javascript to PHP variable
java selenium thread synchronization bruteforce
Range of Elements with Quick Access by Two Keys
Dojo huge footprint- Am I doing something wrong
C# example of ROWLOCK on SQL Server 2008?
F# SqlDataConnection TypeProvider not working with Sql Server Ce
EF 4 does not update database record on db.SaveChanges()
Jetty Basic Authetication
Need a scroll around Raphael Canvas
How To Asynchronously Retrieve Web-Service-Based Master Page Content in MVC3
mex transferring a vector from c++ to matlab from mex function
emacs/Xemacs python Cygwin startup file error
Wake Up Sequential Workflow Service
CSS multiple class selection
Issues with changing UINavigationBar background when presenting modal view controller
primefaces3.0 X-scale value change
ios 5 UIWebView show rows from UITableView
How do you calculate the angle between one object and another?
How to replace android:inputType=鈥渘one鈥�in Code
Unable to register achievements
How do I copy a list in an iteration?
jquery sortable, draggable onto a trash can object
Delphi thread best practices
Difference between WriteableBitmap and Bitmap in C#
Will emacs/vi ever be able to implement Intellisense/Refactorings as well as Visual Studio and Eclipse?
Spring @PathVariable integration test
PHP Regex Get Text Between BBCode Tags
c++ classes can only be passed by reference
When using OutputCache with MVC, gives me cached page
Creating a project with Bitnami DjangoStack?
Superfish - Current Sub-menu Always Show
Any way to exit bash script, but not quitting the terminal
Installing GCC in mac
Reading function from a file in Fortran 90
Do you recommed Visual Studio 11 Beta as a production? [closed]
At what level in a model object does ActiveRecord not load associated objects
How to acquire or generate test data for a recommender system
Error on custom symfony widget
ListView- EditText as a row - SimpleCursorAdapter - Android 2.3.3
C++ Unable to use vector<string> as return type
Is the instruction after a RET always the one after CALL?
using audit logging plugin in grails
Email Templates ColdFusion9
JavaScript I18n (internationalization) frameworks/libraries for client-side use?
websocket server on python.problems
c# eval function
How do i get user key(google app)
Editing theloaded Polygons in Google Map
Some thoughts on SDL + Qt + OpenGL for a Game Engine
Define and deduce the parameter from Template template parameter
Using Action Bar Home Button as an anchor view for PopupMenu
MYSQL LEFT JOIN returning duplicate table a results
Breadth-First/Depth-First searching in Graph; Java
DynaTree displays Null root on page render
How to compare innerHTML containing a hexadeximal character reference?
Simplified/shorthand SQL Data Definition Languages?
Find text based on HTML Comment
Dates return null and not null values mysql
executing WIFIDirectDemo sample with multiple android emulators
How to top align two words with different font sizes the same line?
IPv6 - memory representation [closed]
Android populating a ListView from content in a database
Screen Colors Wrong on Android 3.2 Tablet
ReadAsDataContract<String[]> - Unexpected End of File
Create a Part directly from a MEF catalog?
How to make pdist ignore a value (Matlab)
MP3 files are being cached while using swfsound
how to add HTML to deployed app aspx page
Running Jetty on Port80 as non root user
Horizontal View Swiping with ViewPager like android market
How can I develop a mobile project with Sencha 2 on windows
Adding to database from PHP inserts NULL
SQL Server 2005 into Excel with OPENROWSET MSG 7399/7303
Rails / Heroku - How to anti-virus scan uploaded file?
Wordpress: change upload dir conditionally
Avoiding cursors to update many records using a trigger
Saving a friend's Facebook picture to disk from the server does not work
BindingInformation in Microsoft.Web.Administration
Java simple game test errors
how to store HashMap in ArrayList then to String[]
jquery datepicker not working on dynamically created html
Multiple videos attached to a NetStream
C# DateTimeKind.Local in JavaScript
how to create query which set value in one column the same as value of column in another table
How to rewrite NEW and DELETE for memory management using SDL, OpenGL together?
Entity Framework POCO foreign key assignment is hanging
I need a hand to transform a String in Array using Regular Expression [closed]
Release android app for handset only
FTP download from an URL block the web site
Brainteaser: Pointer-reference-value [duplicate]
Basic Fusion Tables API: How do you do an update query correctly?
how do I get rid of 鈥渨ith()鈥�in this function?
Adding a new ActiveMerchant Gateway (Elavon) to Spree
jQuery Mobile Not Loading Page
OnPress Event targeting a Search button triggers Submit button for entire page
Determining magic number without imp.get_magic( )
LINQ query to modify a list
WebSharper Minimum Browser Requirements
uncaught exception: jQuery UI Tabs: Mismatching fragment identifier
Which technology stack (modules, frameworks) is better for the first node.js project in order to study node and make a good product?
Linq performance: Two queries, the first response immediately and the second is very slow
GWT issue with IE9
PHP: image script NOT listing images alphabetically
How to EF4 + Ninject + Moq?
Rails life time of params variable
How to speed up AJAX?
How to change the color of a button in Dundas Dashboard v 2.5 on Click
What changed in the driver signature requirements for Windows 8?
Multiple Prepared statements in PHP with MySQLi
ListView changes order when returned from another activity
Why isn't that variable declared at the header file?
Adding an item to a list from another list in python
Custom Data (Text, Image, Voice, files鈥� over SIP
How to publish MS Access 2010 table using SharePoint 2010 UserInfo table back to SharePoint Access Services?
UTF8 data in JSON can't save as NSString properly
How to handle exception
No source available for 鈥渞ealloc() 鈥�in Eclipse in Ubuntu
scanf data in hex format into unsigned shorts
Django choices non-selected field
How to resolve the canvas error in QR Code generation
Enable remote connection to a MySQL database on Debian
menu does't resize with window
CSS + adding to height and width of inherited divs
How to embed background images and button images into Visual Studio?
Delete a child and a parent row with one SQL script
Listener not firing in my activiy
What determines the dimensions of the screen grid in OpenGL ES 2.0? (using C++)
How to change URL of Custom Taxonomy in Wordpress?
Can you make alias for another variable in scala?
Why is my ValidationMessageFor For TextArea Displaying on Page Load
Passing modified array values back to main function in C
Why can't my jar see the HBase configuration from the environment?
iPhone : load local html in uiwebview via javascript
Disable landscape on HDPI but not on default landscape
JPA/Hibernate Query failure related to entity variable name
Timing analysis of Clojure code
Android overriding onClick(View v) - is there a good solution to use for all buttons in an application
WCF Service class static constructor called in every call
Why does reversing a loop makes it slower?
MongoDB query filter price
Progress Dialog when Creating database for the first time
Why doesn't the class containing main have to be public?
linking my java web application to the web?
PHP Redirect Check in Joomla: Need to Exclude Content Pages from being Redirected
calculating Combination for large numbers
Pass Data into User Control on Master Page from Sub Page
Output Two Audio Streams to Separate Devices on iPhone
Can anyone explain this behavior? (Setting a lat/long to public double auto properties)
How to dump strings in YAML using literal scalar style?
Used 'new' operator in LINQ to SQL query, but same instance is referenced in every result
Convert HH:MM:SS string to seconds only in javascript
Problems giving focus to an iframe on smart tv
android error when i try to put Array which contains Map<string, string> to String for my auto complete
How can i install MercurialEclipse Plugin?
Suspicious JavaScript attached to a spam email [duplicate]
TwitterOAuth Store Tokens for offline use
Define multiple methods with parameters from variadic templates
Pattern for persisting model objects?
How to set a dynamic property on a model with Backbone.js
accessing variable from within a different sub
Hibernate Lazy Loading HQL
Accessing a resource file from a different project with ResourceManager C#
Using array to create WHERE condition
Unique array values in Mongoose
MouseOver in multiple images in canvas
Accessing mp3 file information [duplicate]
Sysdate vs Timestamp for comparisons
How we can add UIPopOverController on UIButton?
Disable tolerance (or enable strictness) in Firefox when rendering HTML
Client architecture for calling Spring based web service
Compare if two dates are within same week in android
What's a clean way to sort these separate-but-related sequences in C++?
Query to find out the stored procedure depending on a column
SQL Reporting Services Filter Select All Auto Run
How to use cout in macro c++
NHibernate Guid generator if new
Display image along with labels in php
UISegmentedControl Not Redrawn
Adding item to list using the Foursquare API
Print in screen without interruptions assembly 8086
How to count JSON objects
Image resize mvc application
Confusion Regarding The Fourier Series In Matlab
C++ Win32 Window Overlap Event
Why am I getting an Object Reference error? [duplicate]
Having trouble with both getElementById and getElementsByClass
Edit wishlist of current_user
Remove header from telerik grid (RAZOR)
Creating a function that fires after an element comes into existence
Sitecore Language used for Display Name of items in a Treelist or Multilist
AXUIElement available in MonoMac?
TCP server is not reading fixed size messages correctly
iOS - Loading an image from a web server in Objective C
how to convert NSString to NSDate
PHP json_encode won't output proper result
Having jqgrid return a link based on the value of the data
OpenFeint - Reinvoke the approval screen after the user dismissed it
List view select items in custom layout
What Can be Left Out of an Android Library Project
How would I put JavaScript code into a PDF document?
Multiple captions for an image - click on links to see one at a time
Which widget should I use for displaying large amount of images for an ebook? [closed]
Returning local variable to controller
dynamically change websites thumbnail on facebook?
MySql query on combination of AND and OR
Android Orange outline does not move on autoTab
Syntax error with PDO Prepared statements
jQuery, JSON objects and .NET WebServices
Allign left and right in python?