DateTime Format Day of Year
Backbone.js collection upsert?
PL/pgSQL Array of Rows
Static page as frontpage, but not from template
How to get the smallest numbered element in php array
LESS incorrectly importing files with URLs
XSL Transformation - Turning a list into nested elements, How Can I do that?
Converting postgresql to sqlite3 for app titanium on heroku
Abstract Entity and parent relationship in coredata (NSFetchedResultsController + UITableView)
beginBackgroundTaskWithExpirationHandler, downloading data from server
Writing rspec test to check form path
Android JSON time conversion from Unix
Handling mutual exclusion in C++11
Is there any value in Python for which isinstance(value, object) is not True?
Html.ActionLink yields different results depending on the URL
Change Field to Checkbox inside GridView
.NET Regex - Find text between two characters within a single or multiple line block of text
International characters lost encoding after forwarding email from outlook
CUDA Array of Structs With Arrays (AoSoA)
Add Items to ComboBox Programmatically
vertically align text next to an image with CSS issue
How do I find the ptep for a given address?
Is it possible to make an Ajax call and have PHP return headers?
Random TrackBar Placement Issue
Java equivalent of C# Array.Copy
Where does jenkins store job and node configuration
JQuery table cell selection script
How to check if a file has been modified in c#
Execution of function after 2 s
Spring LDAP ODM - Entry class should be declared final Warning
How does creating two instances of Tk work with one mainloop?
How to programmatically show a UIView in a UIScrollView? [closed]
Subquery returned more than 1 value in update
Defining a map in Groovy using a variable
How do I stop CGBitmapContextCreate from picking up image data from another view?
Any short URL service that you can POST variables on?
How do I prevent memory leaks in Flex when rerunning effects?
Is there an equivalent NSLocalizedString() for reading values from different locales (not languages)?
Entity Framework many-to-many self-reference
How to display data table in JSF page with database data
UIActivityIndicator and GCD/Threading
Jquery this.height not working properly
Sending http request in node.js
Remove all characters before comma of every line in a file in python
Popup does not close when scrolling
Error on simple javascript function using setInterval
GetUninitializedObject in Java?
How to understand whether it is going to exceed the Java Heap Size or not?
Shell variable name queried from Matlab has additional character
jQuery Animation not stopping
NullReferenceException when attempting to retrieve a connection string [closed]
Identical paths render to different sizes when their colors are inverted?
How would I convert a 10 digit numeric field to have only two positions after the decimal?
Printing Ember.js model on Handlebars
VBA Determine XSD Element 鈥淣ame鈥�
What is the criteria that Windows uses to display Update counts?
Does hitTestObject method require the objects to test to be on the stage?
How to fetch a specific iTunesTrack instance from iTunes via the Scripting Bridge using persistenID?
Error 1119 when creating 鈥淟oad Text鈥�button
Add icons to JButton using custom font from AwesomeFont and unicode characters in Java Swing?
When in the Activity life cycle are UI elements available to be measured?
QueryFrame not advancing frame in OpenCV
JQuery / Javascript - How to find the index of a table header by the header text
what should be the control/style used to repeat the same controls
Problems with making map coordinates as variables
How can i transfer my coded and compiled 鈥渉ello world鈥�iphone app on Iphone ? [duplicate]
How to send cookies with pyqt webkit?
I'm unable to connect to ms sql server from php
override backbone.sync only for put
Check object belongs to current_user in Controller (has_and_belongs_to_many)
Reproducible: Why does passing this object in C break my code?
perl one line script to get last record with path
How to list all usages for all methods of a class in Eclipse Java?
why can't i fill the map with map.put, android
I have a dead lock synchronization, please help to start the loop cycle
How to access details one by one from mysql using First Next Previous Last button with ajax?
Adding class=鈥渁ctive鈥�to jcarousellite slides
jquery gurus, jquery extend is not cloning the dom elements
How can I duplicate itens on join
How to Place 3 Images in 1 Cell
UILabel transparency
Short circuit evaluation for SQL query optimisation
Google Maps API V3 - Custom infobox for multiple polygons
TFS API - Updating a work item field
Zend_HTTP_Client - How to set content type on PUT?
creating a http multiple file downloader in WPF
How to solve error message 鈥渁bort: repository default-push not found! 鈥�in Mercurial?
Using Activity vs View in Android for eBook type App
Creating Comparator for TreeSet with 2D Arrays - Java
Is there a way to query mysql and only pull results that are numbers?
Remove/delete jquery-ui dialog box from page
Use Multiple Functions in Repeater ItemTemplate or just one?
XAMLWriter unable to save element containing a Dictionary
VBA in MS Project
What would cause server to URLRequest corruption
Cannot solve unresolved external error LNK2019 error
Using REPE and SCASB in assembly language
what's the most efficient emacs workflow for compilation and interactive execution cycles (C++/makefile)
Locking a Java application to a particular PC [closed]
Message bundle intermittently not rendering correct
Python ElementTree find() not matching within kml file
SAS:Scanning Variable-Length Records for a Specific Character String
Why is the comma-separated string not converting to an array using split() in javaScript?
What is appropriate way to generate hash in JavaScript having values as array
jquery parent selector - Syntax error, unrecognized expression )
AdMob via AdWhirl: Not enough space to show ad! Wants: 480, 75, Has: 320, 52
NServiceBus3 - Upgrading for Environment Specific InputQueues
Select Row In RadGrid Button_Click
RadTabStrip appears to have no RadTab selected - Why?
Python Remove last char from string and return it
Drastic performance inprovement in .NET CF after app gets moved out of the foreground. Why?
smslib not sending sms why?
Make a control dynamic recognize another
fdopen not working
Persistant Flash Clip
PHP Factory class with variable number of arguments
Operator + with linked list ADT
php syntax: program flow control using the ,, operator [duplicate]
Performace Analysis for Android App.
sed edit of text with variables and special characters
Am I using the rails form properly?
How to redirect standard output when a vim command opens a url at cursor in browser?
Text classification with weka
Stock button is shown transparent instead of solid on Honeycomb only
IE8 (javascript): very slow to load large list of options in SELECT element
jQuery page refresh not reading or executing php
Auto New Line In GD Library
Report watermark disappears when reportviewer used
ERROR: no match for 'operator<< in 'std::cout
Clearing after-image from Airplay device, using UIWebView
Issue with DLL Strong name
Search Code Base files and make changes
Get the dynamic Table row (TR) html
Different screen resolution showing good on tablet (1024x768), but bad on phone(800x480)
Is there a performance hit from calling [NSCursor set]?
xcode 4.2 set view controller class to custom class error
Switching from Blueprint to Twitter Bootstrap
Sign with ECDH using Cryptography API: Next Generation C++
draw a triangle within a single pixel in opengl
jQuery $(window).scroll Event [closed]
Oracle stored procedure, returning ref cursor vs associative arrays
How to round unix timestamp up and down to nearest half hour?
Rails - InvalidAuthenticityToken
getting Eclipse to see recently added Drawables (png artwork)
Using multiple namespaces in html element
Copying an object for temporary use from the target of a constant-pointer parameter
Does PostgreSQL allow running stored procedures in parallel?
retrieve some text from url string and save to a separate string
Only allow certain files types to be added during an upload
Execute a IQueryable object?
How to change the color of below link on click of it?
Webpages for near duplicate page analysis
How do I force Git to use the owner and permissions of the enclosing folder?
Dreamweaver, Android, Eclipse--using files from Dreamweaver in Eclipse?
how to get a line number in java, while useing the readfile
UIGestureRecognizer set minimum number of touches on the views superview rather than the view itself?
Rendering JSON in grails
C# ToShortDateString
Can I do an UPDATE using a linked active directory server?
function becoming object after passing to another function
SQL not valid identifier error
Is there a term for a function whose sole purpose is to ignore one or more of its parameters?
How to use flash backend for new Audio()?
why does Hibernate's EntityManager.find() impl throw EntityNotFoundException?
Require a new page in a wiki to use a template
How this errorlevel is being set?
Get website current UICulture in handler.ashx
XSLT 1.0: Grouping and selecting times for calculating min
CSS and parent/child, inherited attributes syntax and possibilities
Use OpenStreetMap as fallback for Google Maps
Javascript Dynamic HTML Inputs to POST via PHP (Need to rename field's per added input)
replaced db/development.sqlite3 with db/Listings.sqlite3 (prepopulated database) getting ERROR : undefined method
How to handle different types of objects?
is it possible to change server control values in ajax call?
Google map suddenly stopped working (coming up blank)
Does apple have an update site like debian for updating package between major releases?
Getting a handle on the listboxitem in RelayCommand method
Template or function overload for generic argument
Library missing for jsp:include
Passing UserId value to another table after Sign Up
variable equals constant in Java
Sending a templated function as an argument to a templated function in D
When a view is dismissed, the presenting view throws EXC_BAD_ACCESS
How do you convert LONG data to TIMESTAMP or VARCHAR2?
rails 3 create sets values to bill
Only null value to send to the database when the form is click
HttpWebRequest returns null ResponseStatusCode
Drag drop issues when items dragged away
Jqgrid Master Detail Submit Form using ViewModel Classes
TLS handshake inside SSLv3 record layer
How can i make the JSON based array in PHP
Map/Reduce and Sort Nested Document
Code Igniter MVC Displaying Basic View
PHP Coding help Calculator [closed]
How to get the content of running applications in Android?
one item from checkbox list checked should enable a div and viceversa
why git checkout automatically generate a 鈥渟wp鈥�file?
Postgres 鈥渕issing FROM-clause entry鈥�error on query with WITH clause
2 Player Game is Polynomial Space complete
How to set cursor position in Android TextView
dropDownList with array not working
locking screen orientation to its (natural) default orientation
Add wait between parallel processes in bash
Jquery validate block form submit
Element host doesn't resize child properly
No Activity found to handle Intent, Android
Check Streaming URL for Valid
Finding the day in seconds since epoch, modulus not working
Get super set records not contained in a subset (mutual exclusion)
How can I crop images in cell.imageview.image for UITableViews?
Android TimerTask not being called always (mostly not called when phone is not being debugged)
RSS Feed link on android
Timer.Start() works only on first call?
Pulling a list of xml elements from web.config
Why is $friend not being expanded in FQL JSON query?
Form is submitted when I click on the button in form. How to avoid this?
Send POST data along when link is clicked without using forms?
Set EditTextPreference height
add external style sheet in rails project
CodeIgniter AJAX: POST not working, GET works fine
Cant make a nested loop
How can i upload an html5 theme to my website [closed]
Cartographer shows correct info box BUT over wrong marker
Any way to get news image thumbnails from bing-api news items?
Java library for coordinate conversions
Drop down list on submit
Builder Pattern: what's the point of the Director?
What's the equivalent of '[[something retain] autorelease]' in ARC?
Force All Image<img> on UIwebview Display In Progressive Mode
XPath to locate a cell with specific text parsing HTML tables
A better way to pull an ID from a form submission Javascript/Django
JPA doubts about mapping @ManyToMany
Building Qt 4.8 on Windows 8 With VS2010 Pro
how to return a clojure function as a string
Finding dlls to access sql server 2008R2 from a winform app
How can a php file wait others?
Cannot resolve TargetProperty when using StoryBoard in WinRT
Blockquotes and code blocks are not working properly in Pagedown
Can you add additional properties to .NET serialized NULL values?
Matlab Find-Replace in Matrix Single Liner?
String index out of range error in java method
Database Design: Hierarchical Data
MySql INSERT vs PHP file_put_contents
WWW::Scripter issues with window.history
htaccess url rewrite rule in conflict with folder name
C# GUI Thread Error
Getting iPhone's mobile twitter webapp inside UIWebView
android code wrong somewhere
How do I hide a checkbox label?
Rails 3 on CentOS - problems with mysql2 gem?
鈥淯ncaught ReferenceError: JQueryValidatorUI is not defined鈥�
How do I calculate the average values in objects located in an array?
How to pause this Jquery slider?
Query fields in a MongoDB Collection.
Is it better to have single trigger for Insert/Update/Delete, or multiple?
How to dynamically determine Objective-C property type?
Nokogiri grab only visible inner_text
Delphi VCL: Form elements undeclared on custom procedure/function
PHP SQL PDO Update Query
How to get more information on failed FS pushes
Encoding that minimizes misreading / mistyping / misspeaking?
Secure SSH connection on with bert-rpc in Ruby
Automapper configuration for interesting nested object scenario
Backbone.js model validate method fails to fire
Android hdpi/mdpi/ldpi for Values folder?
Unity3d character body length
is it considered good practice to have conditionals in public header files?
Jquery If structure not working as expected
jQuery speed when referencing objects and their descendants
Returning C struct through mex-function
Setting update and insert property in Hibernate
User-facing numbers: implementing them efficient, 鈥渙perational鈥�and round-off safe?
XPath Delphi using MSXML
Active state for button loading frames
UIButton with cust. background looks bad when pressed
Fsharp interactive fu
passing console.log as a parameter to forEach doesn't work
A bizzare unsolvable Google Checkout issue occurs in certain server
Connect web form to external Access database
string variable shows wrong length
Character encoding issue exporting rails data to CSV
Change hidden field Value with jquery and get the new value in server
Update YouTrack state on issue from checkin comment in SVN
Is there a way to update to OpenSSH 5.9 from OpenSSH_5.6p1 on a MAC?
processing.js using sketches as backgrounds
Sharing a UIView across multiple UIViewControllers without background flashing
Document command is not available whend using uidoc.copy
Adjust position and font size of legend title in ggplot2
simple modal not scroll background <body>
Is it possible to have an extension library dialog box within a repeat control?
Problems with jscrollpane (custom styling)
How to translate this HTML table into JSF table
How to migrate existing data managed with sqeryl?
Genetic Algorithm Sudoku - optimizing mutation
ListView Update Extremely Slow When Grouping Is Used
Android unzipping a file
Is there a 鈥済oto鈥�statement in bash?
Set a table columns width
Why is this code Seg_Faulting? [closed]
Iterate through form fields in Sencha Touch 2
mach_star framework XCode linking problems
Try to refresh and redraw map but stuck with exception
Improve my routes join/disjoin
Connecting cakephp 2.0 with PostgreSQL
How to edit form with hasMany (multiple rows)
mysql calling system command from stored procedure not working
Must Objective-C messages have split up names to have different arguments?
Making rows containing DropDownList in a GridView clickable, breaks DropDownList
Grails - Calling controller and rendering template from Javascript method
jQuery ajax url parameters drupal server
Decoding binary protocol messages not encoded by the same tool
A for-loop that compares two arrays looking for matching values
How I can close a 1st form without closing the full application? [duplicate]
How to use Entity Framework 4 Canonical Functions to get CurrentDateTime() and AddDays()?
What is the best way to deal with data in GAE?
UpdatePanel not refreshing
trying to do a match by relavence using excel
How to control 1000+ flash app instances?
Finding subsets being used at most k times
How to make a Excel CommandBarButton Invisible on create?
How to not show a record in an array adapter based on IF criteria in android
jQuery Mobile - firing pageshow event only once
Can not execute a sys_refcursor function without parameters
Javascript + XML: Parsing text-only and mixed nodes (into JSON)
Multiply column values in one data.frame by column in another data.frame on a condition in R
IntelliJ gui creator: JPanel gives runtime null pointer exception upon adding any component
jQuery Fancybox - Append to fancybox-inner
Set a style color based on an object
Vim UTF-8 encoding error on Windows
Defining constant string in Java?
Deleting Database Entries Not in Array
c basic struct help needed
update statement in Java
Android Testing: how to click on dialog box's button?
android - how to limit a proccess by time
Pagination using PDO with MySQL
Webdriver vs. browser
Java Regex checking valid chars for a maze
eOnSuccess will be executed even if the Ajax.actionlink did not succsfully execute & also the OnSuccess will not display alerts if using firefox
Rendering 3D Models With Textures That Have Alpha In OpenGL
Alternatives to Regular Expression for HTML
How do I call an overloaded function from a function in the base class?
PHP, How to put an error in a specific spot
Transform Dictionary-Like Input to a Dictionary
Programmatically, how does hue blending work in photoshop?
jQuery Plugin variable availability
Working with Twisted [closed]
compressing and decompressing Text from html to server and vice-versa
MvcSiteMapProvider preserved route parameter gives error 鈥淐ould not resolve URL for sitemap node鈥�
Same texture displayed. Binding issue?
Collection that contains no a where a鈯哹 and b is in the collection
How can I write a for loop with (a < b < c) under one statement?
Tool for creating own rules for word lemmatization and similar tasks
DLL load failed: The specified procedure could not be found [duplicate]
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.hibernate.cache.EhCacheProvider
C# writing to CSV file using ROW limited to max 2000 [closed]
How do you remove a CAEmitterLayer when it ends the lifetime of it's CAEmitter Cells 鈥�instead of repeating until you remove it from super layer
Full screen mode not allowed with StageDisplayState
classifying data masking correctly [closed]
Using Random Access File to Update part of a file in Java
Prioritize NHibernate Validator's validation over the built in validation?
Removing a prefix using sed and regex
Redirecting in Firefox failing
What kind of maps does waze use on the iPhone
delay audio with ffmpeg
boost phraseparse eol and read each line into container
Global Variable in iOS
Automatically generate main CSS when imported LESS is saved
Why not abstract policies?
I have a working Javascript code to add new html rows. How to delete one?
C# application not running on different machines
Understanding Modernizr benefits over html5shiv
jQuery Calendar with custom date ranges
pass string parameter in an onclick function
Find the (deep) complement of two hashes
Disabling rows in ListPreference
Add controls to a html table in code behind
Passing an array through url in php
Sparql query doesnt return all records
I am having trouble calling upon a static recursive method in Java
Import json file to Django model
A Tk label that can be moved by dragging
With PHP and mysqli, is it possible to catch all mysqli errors in one place across all PHP scripts?
Pack and unpack complex object architecture with JSON
Ignoring whitespaces while reading input files in C
is Flash plugin in WebView on Mac different from Flash plugin in Safari? does it have regular Flash garbage collection?
Retrieving Image with original resolution
How to enable php execution on a web server in virtual host config file
Enumerator as an argument
issues with structure with a pointer to it in a header file in c
celery task eta is off, using rabbitmq
Disassembling C, replace operation code
Bind to my class with INotifyPropertyChanged
How to call testcase class inside other testcase class?
Merge two Android projects in Eclipse (without using library)
extjs//How can I Re-rendering Absolute Panel?
argparse accept everything
Is this possible: document.form.array[i].value?
Open Fpdf JSON response, in new window, to save PDF. - PHP
Adding padding around some text into two div columns (content, sidebar). Sidebar column moves under the Content column
Test if file is an image
Select unique from all columns into a single column
Two ways change UIView frame 锛宎ny differents?
How do I create tables in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express
throwing exception from constructor in C++
Subquery at the from clause using QueryOver syntax
How to input a character in windows form application?
using ckeditor gem with rails nested attribute
Placing letters next to a BASH variable
stuck at URL patterns of django
How to Update the Div Content without generating all the content of a html File
How to set the attributes of threads in Linux?
How do I compare two functions for pointer equality in the latest Go weekly?
Invite friends to like FB page with new timeline?
iAds (even iAd suite form apple's examples) stopped showing up on my iPhone, yet they run on the simulator [closed]
How can I check to see the number of iterations Newton's method takes to run?
Converting NSString, data type expression, to actual NSData
Microsoft ASP .NET Web API, MVC 4 and SPA Architecture
Running three functions at regular intervals - multithreading? multiprocessing?
conditional tomcat sticky session (clustering)
itertools dice rolls: doubles roll twice
How to get Read-only Youtube API access
Win32 (GDI) - Set Opacity of STATIC Control
Win32 API Functions not Found
How do you store a PHP date in a variable?
UITableView delete/add row causes CoreData: Serious Application Error if another object has been selected in the MasterView of a SplitViewController
rails3, simple_form, twitter bootstrap: radio buttons break onto differnet lines
How to create a dynamic select list using Simple Form and Awesome Nested Set in Rails 3.1?
Google Chrome creates history item on redirect?
Node.js,,Http-Proxy,Cluster,Express - Handshake drops on disconnect - delay in reconnect
Jquery ajax request on IOS using Phonegap - Ajax not working
In PHP why is true cast 1 and false cast an empty string?
Compiler installation
Move imageview from scrollview to relativelayout
How to prepend a string to a string variable in a for loop without changing the loop structure?
Whats is more efficent, creating components by MXML or by SCRIPT , FLEX
C memory sharing problems
I need help in designing a database
What hash algorithms are supported by modern Javascript?
NSOperationQueue Complete
as3 error loading 鈥済ood鈥�鈥渂ad鈥�array
Calculating an inverse matrix in Matlab
using mocha, is there a way to stub with many parameters?
AppEngine frontend to DB latency temporarily ~10 secs every ~20 calls?
Is this a useless use of `cat`?
MKPlacemark and NSCoder in iOS 4 vs iOS 5
webservice + facebook-connect
using the dir command writing a batch proccess
inet_pton in QT creator for both windows and linux
Blocking a pull-down menu in Android
TSQL Date conditions
websphere 7 Debug Port:
gaussian noise applied to images (to model sensor noise)
How do i call .phtml block at specfic page in magento?
How do I maintain fixed-width for layout viewport in android, iphone, with user-scalable=yes; using jQuery Mobile
Has anyone succeed in using 'yield' keyword inside jython scripts for Grinder 3?
How do I add a Table of Contents to every page in my Sphinx Documentation?
Replacing unique nested statement with regex or alternatives
Django clean-up code
ActiveRecord: How do I find records by all of their associated records?
Using Excel with C# how to Round?
force end text/image block in org-mode html export
cvs2svn for only one revision
How to use distribution sort (radix sort, etc) to sort strings?
Converting UNIX time from Android JSON feed
Playing inline swf video posted on facebook
detecting a redirect with javascript - how?
How to set Canvas3D background color?
Server benchmarking php performance
OpenGL image load and store: bake screenspace texture into UV space texture
input type=鈥渇ile鈥�in IE only allows a filepath of 254 characters but windows 7 goes up to 260
Drupal 7:replace original image with ImageStyles generated image
How to truncate text obtained from a MySQL database and append ellipses?
bundler 1.1 ignoring platforms
Best way to implement PHP constants in Javascript
SharePoint Library Query running very slow
Access 97 ODBC call failure String data, right truncation
Active Directory WMI Event Watcher for a modification on a group within in specific OU
Rails 3 - processing data in other method of other controller
EF 4.3.1 - code first automatic migrations - how to specify column width
Rails search with pagination failing on page next page click
How do I change the path to a Data Feed in a PowerPivot workbook?
Icefaces ace:dataTable lazy loading
Javascript array is undefined鈥�and I'm not sure why
game loop - threads
Localization for custom button in TinyMCE
Vectorization of loops in OpenMP
AdvancedDatagrid does not display grouped data
Can you make a DataContract with a Single ValueType based Value?
How to create individuals of a specific class using Jena?
Trouble with Insert Into .dbf file
match input elements with keyup
Python datetime formatting conversion
Escape all characters that need to be escaped
Efficient way to generate sequential numbers on SQL Azure Federations
how to continue thread execution after getting an exception
Easy way of manipulating the DOM in Javascript
what should I use to track details of mutable objects in java
How to change case of interpolated variables in Rails locale file?
Eager loading: The right way to do things
Cakephp 2.0 returns empty, but running produced query in DB produces correct results
Create Vanilla C++ project in QtCreator from existing .cpp and .h files
setPanel() and getPanel() changing panel
How do I check whether the random expression answer equals the numbers inputted by the user?
Redirect only one folder to HTTPS, all others to HTTP
displaying tables in c++ console window
For persistent data in Terracotta, how to evolve classes?
Remove characters from start and end of ' +[0].href + '?
Is there a library for manipulating Excel .xlsb (BIFF12) files without the (slow) COM API (Interop)?
Scala : Generic abstract type ignored for isInstanceOf
Using geolocation data to restricting websocket comment visibility
Full URL from FSCopyURLForVolume
Need default Rally Kanban application to only display current iteration
tableview navigation
Testing in Firefox for web app - sloow with caching off
Get unique id after the fact?
How do I recursively work my way through a list?
Unity3D C# calculate correct forward after rotation
Force a window.onload event in javascript
How to group a query result with active record?
MVC3 DropDownList + ViewBag issue
iOS - What is happening with my instance variables?
Nested Attributes not Working in Rails Form
Sprite slows down over time after switching to a specific game state
Matching hasMany children with Grails dynamic finders
What is the difference between onPresentScreen and onLeaveApplication?
Looking for a easy way to buildt a js countdown script(days,hours,minutes & seconds)
Click event listener on a <tr>
IndexOutofBoundException why?
UISearchBar detect when user stop type and don't search immediately so detect pause
Can Services implement the SensorEventListener
Stop double loop of multiple animation on hover with jquery
Reading streamed content from HttpResponseMessage.Content
PHP IF with multiple days of the week
are strtol, strtoll, strtod safe for any chars, even not null terminated?
Stopping Eclipse from spell-checking e-mail addresses
Creating a website in C#/ [closed]
Parsing command-line arguments?
OpenERP 6.1 debugging: Module use of python26.dll conflicts with this version of Python
Displaying ColdFusion JSON response with jQuery
find out if string starts with 鈥渧ybe鈥�followed by numbers in javascript [closed]
iOS Static library getting 鈥渘o source files to build from鈥�target membership鈥�error
How to have a nine patch image only expand horizontally?
Ant and jar directory structure
CSS Stretch to Available Width
how to change value of progress bar
Can this recursion be written more efficiently?
What is UIATargetHasGoneAWOLException while operating iphone with UIAutomation through Instruments.
argparse help without duplicate ALLCAPS
R maptools or rgdal package--how to fill the outside of a polygon?
Xcode crashes when there is conflict in storyboard
MVC: How do I reduce the amount of polymorphic methods?
$.getJSON returns [object Object]
How can you override the FirstWindow shutdown mode in WPF?
I want to use java 1.6 with lotus Notes 6.5. Is there a way to do that..? 鈥�
Updating URL of DataSource object for JDBC connection
How do you ask an array if it contains a Specific class?
How to restart Celery gracefully without delaying tasks
.slideToggle() on one DIV instead of all others with same class
Android: Inflating layout takes to long
Tuning postgresql (for fast reads with django)
Modeling PhoneGap apps with UML?
How To Convert a Decimal From 123.45 into 0000000012345 using C#
Remove spaces from XML elements
code testing tool python [duplicate]
DataSourceUtils.getConnection vs DataSource.getConnection
Add border to Polyline in Silverlight
Javascript beginner: logical or and empty brackets
Exceptions handler
return a value from this variable in jquery
parse HTTP request from node.js script
how do I switch to 鈥渇ull screen view鈥�in flash that was created Ming php
Nano syntax highlighting
What is the correct way to escape DisabledWarnings when calling MSBuild from the command-line?
How to convert a Crystal Report file (RPT) from Access to Microsoft Sql Server?
Has no member error when struct does have that member. Compiler ignoring declarations
Do html tags have numbers in spec?
zsh: command not found: apt-get
Java Regex Assistance
How can I create a view that splits data from one record in the source table into up to three records in the view?
Method to get a summary view from a dataset
System services not available to Activities before onCreate() with Fragment and ListActivity
Figuring out package versions on Android Device
How do I interrupt a loop in a command-line script, but only after the method finishes?
Issue with URL RewriteRule
Update the values of multiple keys
Jquery cfml - none of the script is executable
Explain this singleton factory pattern
Is there a way to check for duplicate values in Excel WITHOUT using the CountIf function?
FQL multiqueries without returning everything
firebug error - what does this mean?
How to set focus() to an input text box that is NOT inside a form
HTML elements with different heights in different browsers
iPhone app crashing while application running in background mode
Online ClickOnce Deployment Application and place an icon on the desktop/start menu
Is jQuery $.browser Deprecated?
UIScrollView. How Can I Tell Zoom Out From Zoom In?
user defined type variable is not clearing the value inside the transaction
signal prior QThread event loop start is lost
How can I use Nokogiri to find specific text/words on a webpage?
VB Projects always building in Debug Mode
Why is my jQuery complete function called before animate is finish?
Stretch div to full width (if space available)
Mongoid Query for number of relationships
Converted from WGS84 to sperical mercator so how do i now proceed to plot correctly on googlemaps
JQuery Conflict Ajax Validation Messages Return Location
Getting started with this ARM7 board
How to query RouteBoxer bounds using XML (from PHP/MySQL
Getting value from a key type TimeUUID in Cassandra-PHP
Android implementation of Madgwick's sensor fusion algorithm
how to setup a call to method of mocked object in mockito without calling the original method itself
What does a variable assignment used as an argument to a function mean in PHP?
Insert into ignore duplicates that are not the primary key
Can I get the (x,y) position of a <div> element using VBA in Internet Explorer?
remove part of string from each line
DropDownList Dependencies and Selections Using jQuery
fscanf usage in C
Spring MVC custom Class property editor
How do I use the built-in password encryption in the MembershipProvider?
How do I test code that depends on Display Templates?
jquery UI 鈥渄rop鈥�have conflict with 鈥渟ortable鈥濓紵
Rails 3.2, Heroku - can't display my page - error 500
AS3 - Encrypted local storage dynamicValue for sourcecontrol branch
.txt embed in .asp file
BroadcastReceiver within a Service not receiving broadcasts Android
Inheritance Returning null values
Showing Dialog Notification in Service in android
How to split unequal columns in R
Django: get limit of 10 data from specific id as starting point
Securing jersey REST with digest authentication
Form Select fields that have a maximum combined selectable value
Jekyll Bootstrap based blog - Expire headers?
validates_acceptance_of terms checkbox and Facebook connect
case class context in specs2 acceptance tests: 鈥渕ust is not a member of Int鈥�
AJAX call to PHP script not working in IE
writing regex expression in java
Create buttons using jquery-mobile that stretch fullscreen
JSF: Execute values of multiple forms
Create Sub Domain Issue [closed]
Android: What happens if the main thread is finished before the worker thread
Finding Differences In Sets
Dynamic memory allocation error in Fortran2003 using LAPACK
Fast Enumeration on NSArray of string literals
Javascript / DOM, parsing Key/Value string
Extract a Zip Archive using PHP
Complexity of arbitrary matrix multiplications
DIV - 100% height causing scroll bars
Mapping of 鈥渃omplex鈥�ViewModels
Getting blank white page in Drupal admin/content
Maintain Outbound TCP Connection Pool in ColdFusion
FileSystemWatcher Delete and Shift +Delete events are different
Variable passing IS NOT working - value Undefined
Check if a point is inside a plane segment
C pipe() and fork()
Why does a Dropbox account option show up when I launch the Add Account screen targeting my app
Real Time Linux System Monitoring Tool
How to test this code with RSpec?
Python: existing solution for branching workflow/pipeline?
Why does this url add my site name when clicking on it?
URL Encoding for PHP
How does one 'Extract Com Information' from an OCX without InstallShield?
Use stretchable UIImage in CGContext
Are there expert system shells for the mac?
How to map 1GB (or more) of physical memory
Get result from a controller to generate js intellisense using a t4 template
Rails module with Mongoid
Need help desiging an API wrapper for iOS / iPhone application
Matlab fails to validate parallel environment GridView and Checkboxes Dynamic Bind
Getting table name within mstest unit test with data from Microsoft Test Manager
No output from Checkstyle in ANT
prepopulated field and function()
Bind a List<Group> to ComboBox?
Dynamically Hide Form Fields
Converting City&Country to Coordinate points
Is there a way to launch custom application in fullscreen mode on android?
Client-Server UDP connection
Change textColor of Android Spinner [duplicate]
How can I debug MonoDevelop add-ins with MonoDevelop?
Replacing None object with a Null when parsing XML with Python and LXML [duplicate]
Grouping Django model entries by day using its datetime field
Property Replacement in Maven Site Content
I do not want my updates to do an add if entity does not exist
Why won't this PHP script insert form data in MySQL db?
Win32 API: How to avoid flickering of basic window controls?
non-jQuery equivalent of :visible in JavaScript?
ShareKit Localization
reporting services - sum expression column in tablix
Can I read a part of jpeg image (rectangle) decompressing it up to DCT parameters?
FullCalendar colour JSON events
Vim filter only visual selection not the entire line
Edit MSMQ messages in a queue
Passing information from server to client using RTSP
BaseX Database Add in Java
Need to know what this regex does, is it safe?
Audio/Video broadcasting via Python
convert from NSstring to float?
Embed interactive Google Map in email
document.write() overrides the current HTML conent. How to get around this?
Tic-Tac-Toe programming
responding to buttons inside gridview in android
I'm looking for a Radar/Polar/Rose Chart for Android
How do you store your uploaded files on your server?
Why is const int faster than const int&?
Are there any differences in the garbage collector for and c#?
Delete text and other elements before and after the element
Convert string date to timestamp in Python
Referencing a file on SD-Card, Android
Objective-c - NSFetchedResultController update?
How to submit changes to database table in mvc using linq to sql
Adding more field to PHP form (user can add more than one address)
handle this object datasource on reporting services
Ruby/Rails/HTML/HAML - create a two column table with first column cells spanning dynamic number of rows
How to make a cartoon style custom dialog
Disabling PHP sendmail for development environment
Accessing elements in LLVM arrays
MS Access - Close form without save design changes, acSaveNo doesnt work
JasperServer using REST to run a report with data source specified at run time
Open file with installed app
C pointers and memory
Move out mysql connection into another class
Getting Selected Items and None Selected
Why are my ASP.NET checkboxes always false?
How to pass data between activities using static variables on a public class?
Converting an Nsmutable array into Mkannotation array
Is it possible to extend AbsListView to make new ListView implementations?
Updating someone else's module on CPAN
Targetting memory leak in a .NET production service
UISwipeGestureRecognizerDirectionRight NOT working inside DetailViewController.m with iOS 5.1
Eclipse plugin to copy names of committed classes
Best Practices: What's the preferred terminology for CRUD operations?
PHP script returns null when inserting <a> into database
PHP:Keep variables/functions/session_start in one include file?
Can I embed an acinonyx plot into gWidgets (gWidgetsRGTK2 or gWidgetsQt) in R?
Highlight code between brackets [closed]
As user types populate different textbox
Retrieving data from multiple tables on Codeigniter
CSV Parsing Options with .NET
Create a DIV within a parent DIV before another child DIV
matplotlib: Stretch image to cover the whole figure
Parsing XML response from RESTful service in java
Transfer eclipse and android SDK to new Computer
Converting Ruby DateTime format to regexp
Make git ignore rename
SQL Server 2008 Unpivot Converting Unknown # of Columns to Rows
Python: How can I know which package I am importing? [duplicate]
How to get around Jackson's inability to handle direct self-references in JPA beans
What are the rules for a valid variable name in mirth?
iOS :viewForHeaderInSection can't get align with cell?
Is there any online service to translate Vim commands to human readable form?
programmatically run and get performance data on windows
Generic programming: Log FFT OR high-precision convolution (python)
How can I measure how my multithreaded code scales (speedup)?
Update single character in mysql field
parent reference issue python
Using Named Captures with regex match in Ruby's case鈥hen?
When does generic instantiation occur (i.e., what does the word mean)?
Are there open source expert systems with reasoning capabilities?
php replace href by condition
python scikits learn - SVM options
Putting multiple table values into array
upstart & node.js app 鈥渟top: Unknown instance:鈥�
mysql_connect(): strange mysql host issue
Difference between is_int and is_integer php methods
How can i get height form window top to my click point(a tag) on window using css or jquery or php?
Multiple VPN connections behind NAT
How to keep a clean history after GitHub Pull Request code review?
Log parser solutions python/perl vs Java
Java JLabel changes Font Automagically
Show Multiple Checkboxes in Columns
WordPress Theme Displaying Incorrectly In Chrome
C++11 make_pair with specified template parameters doesn't compile
How can I encrypt a PHP variable (a link)?
Generate Classes From HTML Documentation
PHP: Reversing the order in which links are echoed out
Using cache in ASP.NET
stream an AWS S3 object in binary
Komodo Edit shortcuts on Mac?
Moving in Closure Table with Multiple Parents
Different screen capture approach comparison (incl. BitBlt, CopyFromScreen, DirectX, PrintScreen) in C#
Rails static page routes vs :constraints => { :url => /.+/ } 鈥�pros and cons
Populate text boxes with Multi Column List Box values
jquery trigger h5Validate to display a error messages
SQLAlchemy Query foreignkey field(s)
SQL update and join three tables based on rows in one table and not another
Overlay, draw, or addview to put a marker on the map
Open Cygwin at a specific folder
SQL query, retrieve only two rows per user
A pointer greater than zero in c++, what does mean?
How can I accurately calculate the number of characters in a string with special characters using PHP?
Silverlight ComboBox binding with value converter
Can I put an iframe inside a dijit Editor?
excel vba unloading contents from a form
ASP.NET File Upload without storing on the server
svg text on canvas - how to save both as a single png
Learn iOS development (Already know Objective-C) [closed]
Interface not recognized
MS Chart: How can you change the color of each label on the Axis of a Bar Chart?
How to clear javascript of functions initialised after ajax call
Relocation R_X86_64_32S against `.rodata' 鈥�While compiling on 64-bit platform
PHP - The system cannot find the path specified. (but it finds it from another file)
The right JavaScript Inheritance for this specific case
Hibernate not correctly cascading bi-directional relationship
C# lambda, Select .Distinct() or GroupBy() for month only?
RcppSimpleTensor: cannot use tensorFunction to compute multivariate object
Create new tables or use the native in joomla
Python unittest philosophy and ordering
Ccavenue Payment in US dollars
e.Cancel fires but other code also fires when a click event occurs
Calculate if intersection between polygon and raster image
How to uniquely distinguish Java's object instance
downloading a 鈥淐OMPLETE鈥�webpage programatically? [closed]
Batch list open windows
parsing relaxed JSON without 鈥渆val鈥�
Getting string resource by name
Add userControl to listbox
Spring servlet-mapping
printf to both console window and file?
Xalan-Java and XPath 2.0
MVC3, multiple file upload, model binding
EF Problems with Navigation Properties and Mapping
Java sockets event driven
buffer corruption in netty
backbone collection being returned as array of objects, but can't use .each
syntax error: unexpected semicolon or newline, expecting }
Kostache and kohana translation system
Show loader animation for 2-3 seconds and then process - .ajaxStart and .ajaxStop
Scenarios for return values [closed]
Change style for all elements with a click event
Why apache adds .php to URI
link causes line spacing issue in IE
Python: using 'or' in an if statement causes code to execute even if conditions were not met
What does simple operation do in Matlab
Why does the textures of my 3DS files affect the whole scene in OpenGL? [closed]
Assembler task : scalar product of two arrays
Solr query continues after client disconnects?
Exposing buttons from child controls to parent controls
UIActionSheet button not loading new view
Current state of Canvas in IE(2012), what are the recommended alternatives?
In a Makefile, how do I prevent a phony pre-requisite from being included in $^
What did I do wrong at the very beginning of 鈥淵our Second iOS App鈥�by Apple? [closed]
Reading content from site in background using javascript
Message Alert Tone
Duplication of entity when change made by a child ManagedObjectContext is pushed (saved) to its parent
getting values out of XML using LINQ to XML
Chaining dojo.connect
Receiving long SMS on Android problems
How to get innerXML attribute values using xml reader
CSS div overlaps, mouse event not recognized below it
Benefits and caveats of encapsulating comments within <?php /* */ ?> in an HTML page?
Passing variables between threads in Java
Is there a need to reaffirm a websocket connection?
Using netsh, bind an SSL certificate to a port number is failing
How do I fold patches (qfold) in TortoiseHg 2.x?
How to serialize object to JSON with Monodroid's System.Json?
Having issues using LEFT Joins on two tables
How to scale up batchnode in cocos2d correctly?
Can POST vars be submitted in a user chosen encoding? (non UTF-8)
Specifying the order of results using datamapper
Why is it not good to use recursive inheritance for std::tuple implementations?
need help for array [closed]
how to upload only modified files not all files to server
Java Object creation through loop
Get memory buffer with c++ [closed]
Java HttpClient seems to be caching content
How do I add space between legend items in FLOT?
Simple MVVM - Looking for example of a user registration page
What's the best way to run a regex against an MS Excel file in C#?
Value from LINQ dataset (GetFiles) into ListView?
What naughty word list is good to fight spam? [closed]
Returning a value in Pascal
Ruby Abstracting Model Statements
Regular expression ([A-Za-z]*) matches digits and special characters?
Loop Through GridView Checkboxes
Getting LastInsertId from SimpleTest TestAction in CakePHP
feeding result of one query into another
Ember.js 'Objects' and 'ArrayController'
Need JQuery to stop repeating for every button thats clicked
message publishing using kombu in django returns 'str' object is not callable error
checking out all git tags
Automatic type conversion of array contents using Array.Copy()
IE7 display:block
NSMenuItem with custom view does not update
DATA URI format are there sections of importance?
Secure File Uploader
Javascript - If statements check both expression and definition declaration? This is confusing
Bluetooth property missing in Android.Bluetooth.BluetoothSocket Class
Complex querying on Parent/Child documents with ElasticSearch
Android app - how to display a list of items and make them clickable
QT QEventLoop/QThread how to synchronize on an event loop?
Is this a correct method using free() in C?
Check direction of scroll in UIScrollView
IE 7 Windows Testing / Compatibility Mode
How can I get iOS Placeholder JS text to clear out when field is pre-populated?
How to compare two dates in Cakephp based on day, month, and year
How to handle every link click on a page in JS or jQuery?
Removing object from CCArray not working
get coordinates from JSON from google maps
Having trouble with rails current_page?
How to write a functional test for sending email in PHP?
MySQL Concatenated Index when Joining Multiple Tables
Creating Custom Field: how to mix ImageField and ColorField?
Pulling details from response to new request SoapUI
FullCalendar - JSON source doesn't work but using the JSON data directly does
drag drop replace - javascript jquery
add a custom comment to product in shopping cart
Kostache. 鈥淒ynamic鈥�variables in View
Translating cocoa to cocoa touch -
Partioned List<T>?
Bind and save a form with a collection field using an array / Doctrine2
Python: Custom package delivered with script and ways of importing it
Binning dates into decades, by column, in a matrix
How to create grid button(2*2) on iphone. [closed]
Java equivalent of C# Array.GetLength(i)
Generics - Cannot add to a List with unbounded wildcard
Is it possible for a PAM module to prevent more than one login for a user?
How to run both Dojo 1.7 and Dojo 1.6?
Embed GIF into dll (Firebreath)
NSString right and left justified text? [closed]
jQUery UI Dialog - can it work like iFrame?
how to disable expandablelistview vertical scrolling when webview is scolled horizontally
Stop service when an external process starts
Yii Lazy Loading
Drop down menu disappearing before I get to the links
jQuery Mobile List View: initialize error
Is it a good practice to always define `value_type` when we define a template
Redirect stderr to Logger instance
Disabling automatic scrolling of UITableView when editing UITextField inside UITableViewCell
Fixed table header to top of window upon scroll, jumps/skips a row. jQuery
Workarounds to avoid trying to conditionally protect cells in a shared workbook
How can the properties of a table be overridden by the properties of the group it belongs to, while designing database schema?
Creating a Android Market sales account
How define jquery version with rails asset pipeline
How to show the contact page in Joomla?
Display Currency in two decimals, but keeping all available decimals
Understanding the different dispatchers in Akka 2
RoR 3 beginner, trouble with passing IDs
In MVP what exactly is the View?
JAXB customization for xsd to java - override few files
How to show uitableview on uibutton?
Stylizing JBehave Reports
Launch RCP application from main()
Build an array tree from flat array and structured ID
Proftpd keeps auto-starting in Linux
How does this order page work? [closed]
Visual Studio (2010 & 11) keep referencing the .net 4 assemblies, even after .net 4.5 is installed
Achartengine: graph redraw on top of normal graph
pisa pdf generation- text for first page only
WSDL webservice to javascript
Better way to access tuple(other than match case)
Custom view for related list
How to place a file in my bundle's resource directory?
Android SDK MMS Reference Material
the memory usage of netty normal in this dump?
Writing DWORD to memory overwrites only 1 byte instead of 4
linux : A simple Linux Script is showing some comamnds on to the screen
Underscore notation in play framework
Mysql2::Error: closed MySQL connection
Regular expersion repeat inside a pattern
Comparing the i from loop with the passed value
A finite celery beat task
reflect.Field.annotations always null
Connecting one program to another via a third
Determine a Chrome user's maximum temporary internet files cache size
(not= (type `(1)) (type `(1 2))) ;; Why? (single element list, syntax-quote, Cons, PersistentList)
Can't get unique values joining two tables
How to use Primefaces autocomplete with a POJO List and a POJO's property as selection value
.NET Garbage collector 鈥渞ace condition鈥�
MySQL: Include days with zero orders in a list of orders per day
C# generic class with 鈥渃onditional鈥�constraint?
How are operands promoted
Spring not inject ServletContext
can Collections.unmodified be applied to a Collections.EMPTY_MAP
issue in a date range creation
How to convert special characters to UTF-8?
Bundle Identifier differs from prior bundle identifier
have batch complete same task as a switch enabled /p LNK?
KnockoutJS: Update/Insert data to a viewModel using mapping
What are the distinctions between the various symbols (*,&, etc) combined with parameters? [duplicate]
How do I remove spaces in a string when adding it to a URL?
How to pass Exception.Data
Javascript and CSS Asset Packaging in Visual Studio
How do you change the drop folder for historical builds in TFS 2010 how does Hibernate decide when to create or update the ddl?
Implementing Reverse Proxy in Nodejs
Confused about configuring django-avatar for storing avatar
Where are the JRoute::_() - function? in joomla
Issue in creating and running a .jar file
SQLite database never close in my Android app literal.text using multiple lines of html code
Long polling (pending request) for JSF
Silverlight, WCF service relay and security
Perl - Regex to read log file
Obtaining a MySql tables PrimaryKey in C# using OdbcConntion (System.Data.Odbc)
Retrieve the ID of a row when i click on a ImageButton (telerik)
Rails 3 step-by-step form with registration
T4MVC creates incorrect URL for ActionLink when using Areas
How can ASP.NET or ASP.NET MVC be protected from related domain cookie attacks?