Making sure Magento uses secure URLs when its supposed to
Linking to a specific tab from another page
鈥淭ell, Don't Ask鈥�over multiple domain objects
Duck typing in Delphi 2007 (Continued)?
Events with overlay div on top of iframe
How do I know if a tab is selected?
Mix services and leaf objects in constructor for dependency injection?
Is there a C library that converts integers to hexadecimal or binary?
Mutual exclusion isn't exclusive
Has anyone ever created a way to provide a user the ability to toggle permissions within an Android app?
Efficient arithmetic special methods in Cython
JAVA: If/Else/For Methods?! WHAT?
Is there a way to guarantee that internet explorer will alway be the topmost window?
Visual Studio Setup wizard with framework
Create a list object in a loop in R
Tomcat 6 log4j - linux - safely remove catalina.out
difficultly in understanding print_r/var_dump for object
How to know exactly the state of the emulator: not working, loaded, device
Entity Framework 4.1 data real time
SAS: loop-how to put variables in same row in condition to other variable
Configuring EHCache for Spring3.1.1 and Hibernate
Alternating params
Working with named pipes in Windows (C++/C#)
Ember.js PushObject not inserting object in an ArrayController
Folder created on android sd card, but file not created
Jerk or throw motion detection with iphone
Google Maps Api 3: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'setCenter' of undefined
How to find out if the 鈥淭extChanged鈥�event is fired if user is typing into a textbox or myTextBox.Text is called programmatically
Sparql views - query
How to get rid of NOT EXISTS
Import large .sql file with php and zend framework
Quiet installation in 鈥渁dvanced updater installer鈥�
Like button with added confirm
Can I use a non-ARC build framework in a ARC build application?
Undo pretty print from numpy
ASP.NET Validator controls - message only
ABPersonViewController call edit from my code?
Token authentication with Rails and Devise
How do I remove a character from array element?
Cannot debug large delphi XE2 application cross platform with Windows XP SP3 target
Run windows application inside another window
Android task history stack: can have 鈥渄uplicate activities鈥�
How to retrieve Storyboard.Target if target was set using Storyboard.SetTargetName?
handsent app suppresses SMS_RECEIVED broadcast
calling template from a knockoutjs binding
How to reuse [RowTest] attributes on several tests
Error with single SQL query
How should I structure my ruby gem command line service?
convert '../../' into 'path/path/'
How to add jquery onclick event to asp radiobutton?
SOAP Operation with same Input and Output Messages Produces Odd Proxy Method Signature
Performance of Merging Datasets into an In-Memory Database
C++ - ofstream doesn't output to file until I close the program
accept post data in asp and insert into sql server
iOS-How to display Gold color
Multiple Virtual Hosts on Different Ports in WAMP
oracle trigger throws ora-04098
Rails 3.1 - How do I organize multiple index actions for the same model?
Phonegap for android seems to ignore viewport
Apache mod_rewrite redirect
Exception xml+php
Facebook like button not showing like count [firefox]
Replacement and non-matches with 'sub'
date format in VBS
What does 鈥渢he trustAnchors parameter must be non-empty鈥�mean?
Examples of websites that use SDL Tridion [closed]
Loop through dataset and add items to a html table in code behind
Is there a way to find a matching element in two arrays?
Converting from rxvt login batch to mintty in cygwin
VB.Net WebBrowser Navigate Only Working Once
SUDZ generating errored code from my working WSDL
How to assign a past date while uploading a photo via Facebook Graph API, so that it gets placed at the right point in Timeline?
Connection Pooling w/ Dependency Injection Use HTTP Request Scope or Not?
Can I avoid using a very large 'switch' block to give access to 400 blocks of program code?
Certain validations only in Rails.env.production?
How to access object from session in jsp
How do I convert a BitmapImage image to data so I can upload it to the web on a HTTP POST request with Windows Phone 7?
MySQL; table merge results in equalization of rows
Using LIKE 鈥�something%鈥�in FMDatabase for iOS
webservice authentication and user identity management
jQuery: link loses its class's clickability when appended
Regular Expression for input validation
Confusing DB2 SQL0405N situation from a DDL insert statement based on pasting a queried value (solved)
performance difference between for loop and for.. in loop when iterating an array in javascript?
IE error 'null or not an object'
MVC ViewUserControl not retrieving css stylesheets
How to do a 'hot folder' in Python
Using probablePrime to generate prime number. probablePrime(512, randomSeed);
VB.Net class property specifying an object?
How do I convert a many-to-many relationship from 2-column table?
Does content in a jQuery ui tab get indexed if closed by default?
Sharepoint Custom List definition and javascript
jQuery preventDefault() not working on first click
Javascript RegEx: find GUID in an URL and replace it
Tapestry 5, jQuery UI Dialog and close action
Problems Setting Up Eclipse with XDebug
Grails paginate issues
Which project template should I use for an iOS and Cocoa library?
Setting MaxLength on TextBox depending upon DropDownList selection?
php, login script
Use Android Pattern Lock
Mono getting node position in TreeView
mvn depedency plugin and Hadoop
UML aggregation vs association
Is there a way to integrate a better discussions solution with Rally?
php and mysql copy record from one table to another
Android: waiting for an action
Hidden input (html form confirmation) - Server side script? (php)
Trying to loop through Json
How to find if all animations have completed
Getting Resource interpreted as Script but transferred with MIME type text/html when I'm offline and requesting css and js files from AppCache
Weird content behavior in Chrome - Flashing
VS2008 Load Testing - Maximum page counters = 50?
Set variable to HTML elements with certain class?
Grails fails to save object, already exists in session? [duplicate]
how do i remove space from richTextBox
Selecting an element in Jquery based on an absolute position?
running complex commands when using mongo mapper
Java - Need some help on a Regex pattern for matching both http and https
Archiving Old Packages
Issue with Requesting OAuth Access Token
Bluetooth Ping Latency
Python - Easy - TypeError: can't multiply sequence by non-int of type 'float'
Why is it a pointer? [duplicate]
Forward-declared class in boost::ptr_list
Detect redirected visitor
Extracting first 3 out of 5 numbers through regexp in MySQL
page is not allowed here because it does not extend class 'System.Web.UI.MasterPage'
flex mobile 4.5&4.6 doesnt like arabic/persian text
Does SQL Server Express 2012 remote connection sends data in plaintext or encrypted?
In Maven is there a way to replace properties in the POM file itself like Ant's file?
Load Json data with php giving an error
jQuery ajax and load won't repeat in Chrome or IE8
What does Template:${message.encodedData} mean in mirth?
How to run integration testing on software interfacing with serial ports?
Whether iterating collection using a iterator is more effecient than normal iteration
Storing the order of a list using localStorage
Why does Seq give stack overflow when iterating through large csv file
Canceling specific PendingIntents with AlarmManager
my textview are shorten if I don't set an enought large string in my layout :S
Change the color of a row in Gridview when Checkbox is checked
Subclipse (1.8.5) requires cleanup / refresh cycle to detect changes made with TortoiseSVN (1.7.4)
Make Safari Browser appear in iPad/iPhone App
Removing all namespaces in the xml and valid per wsdl
'event' equivalent in firefox
How to send the value of a variable in one window to a new window using Javascript?
how to generate a control dynamically and give it specific caliburn properties?
Embedded flash not working in any browser
Android kSOAP handling 鈥�02 Status鈥�
How to display location in Google Maps?
Scoping and passing classes by value? [duplicate]
How to use Unix pager programs like `less` from Ruby?
What is the right way to identify bottlenecks in map/reduce jobs?
ProgressDialog doesn't appear immediately
Efficient Data Structure For Substring Search?
Java: Differrent between two ways when using new Object
Can't animate the frame or bounds of a UISearchBar
frequency analysis with unevenly spaced data in python
JSF: updating components in another frame (using frameset)
What's the difference between the CakePHP 2.x Plugin and plugins folders?
Cufon to Font Face conversion
Clear AIR Mobile application data in IntelliJ
Whats wrong with this MySQL Update Query?
Using imagemagick how can i slice up an image into several separate images?
PaginatorHelper includes routing prefixes when default routes are disabled
C# declaring a 2D array
get the text of the link tapped in uiwebview
Predictive Monitoring (Nagios?)
ASP.NET MVC 3 localized validation messages work on my machine, but not on server
Are there any benefits to keeping MaxPermSize small?
Are there any conditions where a MasterPage Page_PreInit() is executed?
Variable in php require_once file path
Transfer list from code behind to aspx page
MSBuild not copying a DLL, while Visual Studio does
List view does not show in android?
Is that possible to develop a ACM ONLINE JUDGE system using NODE.JS(or PYTHON)?
Is using X509 for WCF security inherently slow with a new channel per-request?
Symfony 1.4 Permissions and Credentials AND OR not working
SQL: Getting table/data information
Multiple Foreign keys in single Table Entity Framework 4.3.1
Is value in range with bash shell
Play a video with VLC in X11 from remote terminal
Using Action Bar Home Button as an anchor view for PopupMenu
MYSQL LEFT JOIN returning duplicate table a results
Breadth-First/Depth-First searching in Graph; Java
DynaTree displays Null root on page render
How to compare innerHTML containing a hexadeximal character reference?
Simplified/shorthand SQL Data Definition Languages?
Find text based on HTML Comment
Dates return null and not null values mysql
executing WIFIDirectDemo sample with multiple android emulators
How to top align two words with different font sizes the same line?
IPv6 - memory representation [closed]
Android populating a ListView from content in a database
Screen Colors Wrong on Android 3.2 Tablet
ReadAsDataContract<String[]> - Unexpected End of File
Create a Part directly from a MEF catalog?
How to make pdist ignore a value (Matlab)
MP3 files are being cached while using swfsound
how to add HTML to deployed app aspx page
Running Jetty on Port80 as non root user
Horizontal View Swiping with ViewPager like android market
How can I develop a mobile project with Sencha 2 on windows
Adding to database from PHP inserts NULL
SQL Server 2005 into Excel with OPENROWSET MSG 7399/7303
Rails / Heroku - How to anti-virus scan uploaded file?
Wordpress: change upload dir conditionally
Avoiding cursors to update many records using a trigger
Saving a friend's Facebook picture to disk from the server does not work
BindingInformation in Microsoft.Web.Administration
Java simple game test errors
how to store HashMap in ArrayList then to String[]
jquery datepicker not working on dynamically created html
Multiple videos attached to a NetStream
C# DateTimeKind.Local in JavaScript
how to create query which set value in one column the same as value of column in another table
How to rewrite NEW and DELETE for memory management using SDL, OpenGL together?
Entity Framework POCO foreign key assignment is hanging
I need a hand to transform a String in Array using Regular Expression [closed]
Release android app for handset only
FTP download from an URL block the web site
Brainteaser: Pointer-reference-value [duplicate]
Basic Fusion Tables API: How do you do an update query correctly?
how do I get rid of 鈥渨ith()鈥�in this function?
Adding a new ActiveMerchant Gateway (Elavon) to Spree
jQuery Mobile Not Loading Page
OnPress Event targeting a Search button triggers Submit button for entire page
Determining magic number without imp.get_magic( )
LINQ query to modify a list
WebSharper Minimum Browser Requirements
uncaught exception: jQuery UI Tabs: Mismatching fragment identifier
Which technology stack (modules, frameworks) is better for the first node.js project in order to study node and make a good product?
Linq performance: Two queries, the first response immediately and the second is very slow
GWT issue with IE9
PHP: image script NOT listing images alphabetically
How to EF4 + Ninject + Moq?
Rails life time of params variable
How to speed up AJAX?
How to change the color of a button in Dundas Dashboard v 2.5 on Click
What changed in the driver signature requirements for Windows 8?
Multiple Prepared statements in PHP with MySQLi
ListView changes order when returned from another activity
Why isn't that variable declared at the header file?
Adding an item to a list from another list in python
Custom Data (Text, Image, Voice, files鈥� over SIP
How to publish MS Access 2010 table using SharePoint 2010 UserInfo table back to SharePoint Access Services?
UTF8 data in JSON can't save as NSString properly
How to handle exception
No source available for 鈥渞ealloc() 鈥�in Eclipse in Ubuntu
scanf data in hex format into unsigned shorts
Django choices non-selected field
How to resolve the canvas error in QR Code generation
Enable remote connection to a MySQL database on Debian
menu does't resize with window
CSS + adding to height and width of inherited divs
How to embed background images and button images into Visual Studio?
Delete a child and a parent row with one SQL script
Listener not firing in my activiy
What determines the dimensions of the screen grid in OpenGL ES 2.0? (using C++)
How to change URL of Custom Taxonomy in Wordpress?
Can you make alias for another variable in scala?
Why is my ValidationMessageFor For TextArea Displaying on Page Load
Passing modified array values back to main function in C
Why can't my jar see the HBase configuration from the environment?
iPhone : load local html in uiwebview via javascript
Disable landscape on HDPI but not on default landscape
JPA/Hibernate Query failure related to entity variable name
Timing analysis of Clojure code
Android overriding onClick(View v) - is there a good solution to use for all buttons in an application
WCF Service class static constructor called in every call
Why does reversing a loop makes it slower?
MongoDB query filter price
Progress Dialog when Creating database for the first time
Why doesn't the class containing main have to be public?
linking my java web application to the web?
PHP Redirect Check in Joomla: Need to Exclude Content Pages from being Redirected
calculating Combination for large numbers
Pass Data into User Control on Master Page from Sub Page
Output Two Audio Streams to Separate Devices on iPhone
Can anyone explain this behavior? (Setting a lat/long to public double auto properties)
How to dump strings in YAML using literal scalar style?
Used 'new' operator in LINQ to SQL query, but same instance is referenced in every result
Setting the selected item of a Select element
Getting the environment of a process running under a different user
Altering PDF through iTextSharp to Replace some existing text with a new text
Limiting entries per person on facebook app
Can I sandbox 3rd party JavaScript to protect the global namespace?
Div height doesn't change in IE8
Convert dot syntax like 鈥渢his.that.other鈥�to multi-dimensional array in PHP
example Objective-C project calling Objective-C++ code
Regex expression
Ruby Best Practice - Dynamic Attributes vs Hash for RoR application
Search For Characters in a String
Create object only if some condition, otherwise return nullptr
arrayfire with python freeze
Error: 鈥淣o identities are available for signing鈥�Xcode 4.3.1
asterisk MeetMe no video?
Using openPopup() with Leaflet.js + Clustering
What is the history behind the Java-Matlab interface?
jsFiddle code not running?
javascript operator 鈥渋n鈥�
Add count value to set
problems invoking a method with a generic type argument
CodeIgniter uri's - how to get multiple values?
How to change page type without losing past SEO value
Merge datatables but ignore duplicated rows
Problems getting ASPNetSpell to work on a multiline text box
CSS: Resolve improper scaling of custom fonts?
need a sql query
Android how to change gridview highlight color?
Exposed ItemCollections causing build to fail when the content is named
Is there anyone know where Firefox add-ons or extensions are in the memory? How can I find them in memory
How to persist GPX (XML) document to a file using Tango?
Merge Statement and Identity Insert
How to use native c-code's dynamic buffer pointer via Ruby's FFI extension
Is there a way to make JavaScript fail silently when trying to call a method on an undefined object?
Is NetBeans updatable by some means?
Why does this C code have unexpected behavior
Is there a way to set the TYPE of a push notification in iOS?
Precise Timer in Javascript for Metro-Style Apps
how to go back to parent activity on pressing back button from last child activity when using activity group? [duplicate]
PHP foreach - search match from multidimensional array
How to give my paid app to someone for free
IE6 Frames & Memory Leak
Rearranging columns consecutively in a database
Loading different Content panes of dojo in a JSP page
Console output on datastore operation
Factory_girl validation problems
why c# wrapper of c++ crash crashes web app but runs fine as console app?
LinearLayout does not fill the scrollview
Is is possible to get the DomContainer to return the Iframe when an element is in an IFrame?
solutions to compress audio in browser?
WebdataGrid And ObjectDatSource - After Filtered Event
How to Bundle Old Plugins into the Gemfile
Spring MVC Generic Controller
How can i set up my own store? [closed]
Unknown error (0x80005000) when trying to set local machine account password
Octave.exe Malware alert
How can I reference the user's home directory in WIX
replacing hourly missing value with yearly average of that hour of the day
Swing component default gradient background
hiding the last direction marker with Google maps api
Line intersections
Why does MDX query perform better than the other?
Construct 2 different URLs from params hash, 1 overwrites the other
Is it true that a default constructor is synthesized for every class that does not define one?
How to distinguish between relocatable and non relocatable symbols inside .data.rel section
Missing order number
In CSS list-style-image displays the image to the left of the text, is it possible to shift the image to the right of the text?
WCF/WIF STS remember me function
jquery click event bubbling
How to design my database?
Simple XCode Storyboard scrolling text box?
How to create a custom NSMenuItem
can't take NSDate from dateString
How to get the client information in Python Thrift server?
jQuery stop click spamming
I need to dynamically (and quickly) import part of the data in an Access table (a large one) into Excel
Streching Toolbar in a toolbartray codebehind and xaml
NetUserAdd() successful, but user is 鈥渋nvisible鈥�
why positioned div is not expanding?
How to extend the size of a text box when clicked into?
Using Google's text to speech on WP7
What happened to sdk platform android 2.3 api 9 revision 1?
how to merge two file with awk?
Use output of bash command (with pipe) as a parameter for another command
jQuery validate dynamic percentage field
In Posix how is type dev_t getting used?
Getting all annotated controllers with @Controller
How to make Silverlight catch ValidationException thrown in wcf/domain callback
Add COUNT (and qualifier) to SQL statement
How to have the container adjust to a GWT grid?
Performance decreases after you move a report that contains a large multi-select drop-down parameter list to SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting Services
TCP connection VS pinging a server
Typo3: adding elements inside an list item <LI>
Observe all changes to an ember object with setPath
What's the best way to use Visual Studio 2010 and TFS with Xenapp
Cannot connect to a mysql database with JSP, Glassfish
Google Geocoder ignores country in searched address
Menu stopped working [closed]
encodeuricomponent algorithm source code
Google maps for music website
NLog Configuration API: Using Layouts stored in variables
Getting distinct fields from an indirectly related table
ASP.Net 4.0 AutoStart feature with Mod_Mono
IE7 CSS Horizontal Menu - Li's seem to be nesting within each other
c++: working with bytes
Hiding 鈥淓nter PIN鈥�screen from Windows mobile
Computername write to txt file (%computername%)
Hide the upload submit button if field 鈥渇ile鈥�is empty
Passing multiple labels in _trackEvent
how to read binary data 卢 ( &#x2;) in xml using c# generated by windows
JQuery Thickbox and JQuery with
In Ruby. How do I refer to the class from within class << self definition?
Some unicode characters are represented as 鈥�鈥�mark when inserting to Oracle from Delphi
issue to query data filtered by Date from fusion table
How the get the classOf for a scala object type
What is cyclic redundancy check and how it works in simple terms (for-dummies style)?
ClassNotFoundException: in gnu.gcj.runtime.SystemClassLoader
Multiple identical IDs in the same HTML document
SQL Document Database on Webserver - User Friendly
Again JoinTable is not filled in many-to-many hibernate relation
Appcelerator - C2dm on Android
Android ListView Live Updating
box shadow with triangle shaped border to create chevron shaped div
Templated static member function pointer initialization
how to create a global variable in a Eclipse PDT application?
DDD and Repository pattern where to put behavior concerning CRUD
In zend framework, is there any way to interact between different modules?
Android phones on armv5 processor?
No log messages in production.log
Remove .php extensions with .htaccess without breaking DirectoryIndex
Flash: understanding program flow
Regex (PHP) insert a space after letter combination Using Search Regex Wordpress Plugin
Can I use a parallel port for RS-232 on linux?
Gridview compare current row to previous row
Wrong output when writing to a file in binary format
Error starting Eclipse in Linux: 鈥淛VM terminated. Exit code=13鈥�
Is there an easy SELECT-Statement that creates an empty set?
Server independent reference in an XPages theme
How can I stop my subform from autoscrolling when an item is being edited?
what does --exclude do in tar command when use like this 鈥渢ar cvfz ../xxx --exclude './yyy/**' 鈥�
NHibernate Mapping Property Which Depends on Another Property
How can I use the 3rd party 'Amazon S3 PHP Class' to make every file in a bucket public?
What the c++ standard says about loosing throw specifier in default destructor
How to point to specific CCSprite without passing it to the method?
Creating a Simple Layout/Style Editor
Reload the page who open the Iframe
Can't customise tab bar in iOS5
Correct approach to play a multiple files simultaneously using Core Audio
Change word color in resource string
How can I use the 3rd party 'Amazon S3 PHP Class' to make every file in a bucket public?
What the c++ standard says about loosing throw specifier in default destructor
How to point to specific CCSprite without passing it to the method?
Creating a Simple Layout/Style Editor
Reload the page who open the Iframe
Can't customise tab bar in iOS5
Correct approach to play a multiple files simultaneously using Core Audio
Change word color in resource string
Open two instances of a JavaScript file in single Visual Studio 2010 session
Objective-c - XMLReader not working correctly
Getting property privacy with Sharepoint 2010
link_to action 鈥渟how鈥�to another controller
Function that returns a Generic List
Rails 3.2 - can't precompile assets
Testing Index of String Array in c++?
Rotate array by arbitrary step size without creating second array
StyleTrigger Setter to an other Element
toggle images for expand all and collapse all
Newbie SQL Table Design
onPause(): SuperNotCalledException even if super.onPause() is there
How can I get and store the user ID from the URL in a Selenium test?
how does w3c canonicalization work for document subsets?
(Java) Difficulty in classes
Generating query for given table
Change of values while generating CSV
Adding Class For the Last Row elememts in a listing
Fixing Sub-Pixel rounding issue in a CSS Fluid Grid
Marshaled xml using JAXB having attribute type and namespaceURI
How to implement searching for a specified user's documents?
onListItemClick not called on Listfragment
SelectListItem not populating when using Roles.GetUsers.InRole(鈥淢yRole鈥�, but populates if I use Membership.GetAllUsers()
sRGB to NSColor
Distinct CONTACT_ID from ContactsContract.Data
Im getting a lineshift when trying to build a string
Get Constructor (Or Methods) Parameter Annotation Using Reflection
What this XPath expression match in an XSLT template rule? *,/
Rows not updating the way I'm expecting it to?
Run App in iPhone Simulator
Referencing files within an iPad Application
What are PHP flags in function arguments?
0 rows inserted - How can I fix this?
MVC Complex query and model usage
Flex List limit number of elements
How to style readonly attribute with CSS?
fluent nHibernate map YesNo when column is nullable
After so many chars in a string, find the nearest space and put it on a new line
How to work with push notification module in drupal7? and how to store device token?
Parsing complex string of JSON in java
Speech to Text / Voice Recognition on Windows Phone
php read directory and output date modified for folder
When to refresh a view when iOS app is being recalled from inactive/suspended
Could not load the resource factory class java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.jolbox.bonecp.BoneCPDataSource
iOS and bluetooth鈥hat framework will i need?
Count the number of times keywords appear in a mysql column
One itemStateChanged method for many Displayable objects in j2me
Refresh a JComboBox
Redirect Loops with auto_prepend_file (PHP)
Load url whithout passing adress bar
Determining if a Java Iterable is ordered by contract
Python Rar All File In Directory, Each File Different Directory
Storyboard editor goes blank on xcode when drag'n'drop'ing IBOutlet/IBAction
find neighbours at distance d in matrix + matlab
Invalid Column Name SQL Server
Adding a post-purchasing share following an order
Iphone storyboard application with game in webview
Is it possible to intercept all DataNucleus' JDO SQL queries?
How can I implement a Bitboard in VB.NET?
error in android kernel compilation
`if [-e file.txt]` not working in bash
how to read data from daughter files and append it to the end of parent file using linux
Auto populate input fields based on jsonp response
xmlperformance ios5
What is the most efficient way of logging very small amount of data?
Executing 鈥渟imple鈥�sql query [closed]
The HTTP request is unauthorized with client authentication scheme 'Anonymous'. The authentication header received from the server was ''
How to specify Item Price and Item Image/Icon in facebook credits?
How to get phpexcel to keep leading 0s in phone numbers?
FB App Timeline : number of readers who read (action) an article (object)
Is it necessary to put id field in table,for not getting 鈥淣o identifier specified for entity鈥�
How to place DIVs beside each other
undefined reference to vtable for 鈥�
MongoDB checking for multiple regex matches inside a list for free text search
fetching mysql error into <div>
matplotlib plot() error: TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable
How to use a variable in a namespace?
Mysql DELETE query strange behaviour
how to show call screen while android app running on background
moving from javascript to Rich:ModalPanel
Regex for my password validation
JavaScript hide div element on scroll action
Java gson generic array/list deserialization
Python - splitting a log and searching for something specific
which JLabel has been clicked?
search by samaccountname with wildcards
how can i change all the labels font in one command
how to run actual java in the backend of gwt web application
What is the impact of ReSharper's 鈥淩un tests even if Code Coverage is enabled鈥�for MSTest?
android OpenGL-Es gluProject results not accurate?
Responsive design template
WCF - comsume XMI over REST
Debugging an injected thread
Some ploblem in convert QByteArray to QDataStream and save.Please help me
TFS 2010 Build Definition - Copy dependencies to Build target folder
View not showing again on other acitivites
What could be causing this crash in libzmq.dll?
IIS7 integrated pipeline forms authentication caches user credentials
authentication with a certificate
How to select and move UIimageViews by tag?
Issue with Rad Studio - Delphi 2010 IDE
Blend-created HTML/CSS running in browser?
Add new input and use this without modify HTML
getting at a deep property for a lambda Expression
Recursive linq query
How to Play RTMP Live Streaming url in android
Can't import a sql file exported from phpMyAdmin
readline() returns null in Java
Textarea not showing hebrew text from mysql
Assertion failure leads to iPhone crashing when presenting modal view controller
How does the iPhone/iPad versions of Dropbox display Microsoft Word documents?
dojo display property
Delete Records in Wcf Ria
UserWarning: Module matplotlib was already imported
Can I change the date format in MySQL?
calculating the path of directory relative to another path with the calculated path being in absolute form
Consuming WCF REST Service with multiple parameters WITHOUT DataContract
At which point Hibernate Generates Tables?
HTML to Excel: How can tell Excel to hide a portion of cell?
Cannot save changed bitmap (changed saturation)
Doubly Linked List - Add Method get NPE
how to capture the mousewheel event in a View?
Any Rotation cause event not to fire android
Safari kills Java applet which launched an (idle) JFileChooser
Is it not possible to check list items in Case Statement's condition?
camera overlay messes up the photo
strange java script behaviour
PostgreSQL: Possible to create a function with a TYPE and modify the TYPE after
Owerwriting of class results in old data in python
Saving a WriteableBitmap
WP7 & XNA - How to multiply RotationMatrix in Landscape mode
VBA Excel use '-' when value is null
HTML shown in 鈥淰iew Source鈥�is different to the HTML shown in Firebug
Contents of h:head are not getting updated while using template in JSF (ICEFACES)
how to output text of elementById in DOM?
How to split a nginx virtual host (config) file into small ones using shell
Alternative to overriding didChangeValueForKey: on NSManagedObject
PHP MySQL - Find Row ID
python code not running right, same thing in java does
Resizing Cells in my project
error starting xxxx: Module xxxx attempts to access a secure API
AttributeOverride set null value to unmapped field
Assembly - Design.Extensibility, Version =
input attribute binding in Ember.View
What sorting algorithm fit this 'stream-like' condition?
Progress bar isn't visible when put together with webview
extract average time from ping -c
python possible to debug without modifying code
Binding current value to SelectList's display
Program uses outdated (not current) env variable value
many images on one page some not loading
DataGridView, loop through all rows and multiply if exists
Qt QML dropdown list like in HTML
Simple AJAX support for Wicket 1.5.4
Android video intent starts Adobe Reader
Limit on requests per hour for foursquare Userless Venues Api
How to play RTSP[live streaming] link in android?
Outside link for Add to Cart
Sanitizing URL to prevent XSS in Rails
In postgres is possible to dynamically build a INSERT script from a table?
Google Apps and OAuth best practices
Entity Framework saves duplicates of one side in a one to many
detect in rails if the user refresh the page
SSIS connection dropped
Multiple calls to a portlet method in Renderer class
How to access a local server on OSX through parallels 7.
How to detect virtual buttons (Android 4)?
Consuming Windows Authenticated Service for Client Development in Visual Studio
Autowire setters using StructureMap
How to get touch portion bitmap of image?
celery with multiple django instances
Facebook Application Dialog Feed gives error when want to share a video url in facebook
Android - how to detect the red button in the touch screen was pressed during a call?
C# WebBrowser-Control: how to replace Document-Parts dynamically
how to call a method of multiple arguments with delay
change the interspace between UIPageControl dots
How to get item index from ListBox
Read non primitive ActionParameters from filterContext in ActionFilter
how to activate a textbox if I select an other option in drop down box
Determine library version?
MVC C#: Use same List of objects in different Models (Reference?)
Modal dialog closing inmediately
C++ 鈥渟imple鈥�function callback for functions with arbitrary arguments and return value
writing text file from MATLAB
jQuery prevent scroll
List files in directory with paging and alpha search
Can not connect slave to master
replacing string in a shell script containing specialcharacters using sed
Performance of breaking apart one loop into two loops
How to specify a value for a #define with autoconf?
Symfony2 The user provider must return a UserInterface object on login
ActionMailer message delivery content
Trying to set borders on range with same rows but different columns
Is there a function which does grouping numbers (thousand)?
Can grails controller dynamically return an update to a view before the action finishes?
how to set custom SIP user agent in android?
Add stars in form for required input fields in virtuemart
create child item in pivotitem with C# code windows phone 7
Does order of <location> in web.config matters?
how to use listview to fetch the record from sqlite
iOS UITextField added via Code has no Cursor
Integrate ruby application within rails app?
Spring MVC Abstract Controller::How to get exact method signature when implementing an abstract controller interface
Geting an instance of Windows Control (dialog window) by its handle
Strong access control for Gollum? [closed]
How to Categorize virtual pageviews in Google Analytics?
How does rspec-rails detects folders?
Sharepoint 2010 - Object Model - Download DocumentSet Programmatically
Perl facebook graph giving Could not fetch access token: Bad Request at /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.1/Facebook/Graph/AccessToken/
Facebook Chat application using XMPP , Spark or SparkWeb java
Joins in Cake PHP
drawCircle painting bitmaps?
Instantiate an variable with a methods return object
Cant see why I'm getting this message - PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end [closed]
SQL Query returns duplicates when there is only one entry in the database
Losing Session State variables on ASCX
arrays, pointers and pointers to functions in finite-state-machine
WebView focus on Google TV
Creating a file using Apple IOS
Grok equivalent for ZCML's 鈥渞equire鈥�directive
Low Level Programming in C# [closed]
any Best way to step 1,2,3 鈥�functions?
Why does this break in jQuery 1.7.x?
jQuery is not able to 'connect' with the elements on my server generated webpage
Custom UITableViewController structure
jquery woes , image replacement
why we use encrypt-decrypt-encrypt sequence in 3DES [closed]
DB for portable and server usage
Qt Svg file on graphicsview [closed]
Wait until all event listeners done
Unable to get the Lookup property of the WorksheetFunction class
glunproject cheaper alternative
Displaying Facebook posts to non-Facebook users
Transfer data between ASP.NET applications, not in URL?
Is permission stored permanently for geolocation HTML 5?
Disable javascript onclick when JSF validation fails
Check if stderr is empty
gpg --export-secret-keys [closed]
Parse XML link with PHP
Special characters for dialing
damned facebook comments
Using Dapper with BLOBs and SQL Server CE
Open another UI dialog from allready opened one
bsearch on multiple items in struct
Linux :Can't start up: not enough memory
Create threads in ASP.NET call that preserve the HTTP Context
Offscreen alpha blending
Anyone else having trouble updating XCode to 4.3.1?
Multithreaded unit test
Syntax highlighting for files containing a mix of PHP and HTML5 in Sublime Text 2?
Workflow engine for C/C++
Android Send SMS from a Service? [closed]
How do I create Oracle Type which refers to table columns for data type?
Intercept jQuery.ajax's 'success' callback function before execution
How to access obj from another class
what happens if I modify a batch script while it is being run [duplicate]
Receiving variable sent by Camel
popstate - need to click twice on back button to actually get back
Filter collection based on values in another collection
There have some strange thing with Admob on my app
Ruby service oriented architecture - how to ensure synchronization?
How do i Remove mobile jQuery styling from RadioButtonlist Control?
How to generate a column with id which increments on every insert
Backbone.JS view renders, but not displayed on page
How to run tomcat with -D system property for doc
How to display wave form visualizer without using Open GLES when playing audio in iPhone?
c++ profiling of the g++ based application with libraries
Symfony2: How to set the root path in a Symfony CLIcommand
Building FFMPEG with librtmp for android
What's the appropriate scope for an Ajax cache-busting timestamp?
Pinging a server using C#
No suitable method to override Update(GameTime gameTime)
How to retrieve My Places maps data from Google Maps?
Unable to install pyaudio on osx lion
Environment variables getting preserved in Python script even after exiting
How to set .TIF image to ImageIcon in java?
AdMob server registers ad requests, but Ad object contains 'must declare AdActivity' error
preg_replace php to replace repeated characters
everyauth and a connect-couchdb session store - how to generate req.user?
PHP function value from html text into META tags
Delphi 7: Store TStrings into SQLite3 database field
How can I change the taskbar icon using XIconifyWindow?
Fixing Border Radius in Safari?
manually creating photo tags in rails 3
Umbraco v5, MVC [closed]
why picture doesn't show up in swing in java?
Run unit tests in different appdomain with NUnit
Adding of more colors in QR Code encoding algorithm
Html.BeginForm() with Razor Generator
Redirect to error page on web method call when session is expired in C#
How can I change the taskbar icon using XIconifyWindow?
Fixing Border Radius in Safari?
manually creating photo tags in rails 3
Umbraco v5, MVC [closed]
why picture doesn't show up in swing in java?
Run unit tests in different appdomain with NUnit
Adding of more colors in QR Code encoding algorithm
Html.BeginForm() with Razor Generator
Redirect to error page on web method call when session is expired in C#
how to do pinching inorder to zoomin and zoomout an image in framework and HTML5?
Can box2d b2BodyDef have a massdata property in Cocos2D?
can't set cookie name
How to add a short-key to built-in action in visual-studio 2010?
Programmaticly 'press' button every 60 seconds
MVC 3 + REST return custom http error?
Run custom javascript code after loading any website
Reading a text file into C++ values, separated by different characters
JavaScript form validation with a shake effect
Android: wrong listener behaviour?
What does build with cl mean for a c++ program?
EditText scroller and ScrollView
Recording UIAutomation events in Instruments: get numeric instead of string value
Assembly - I/O controller (Keyboard driver)
Writing a client for a RESTful (hypermedia) API
upgrade from Google Local API V1.0.3 to Google Map API
How do .plist files work in iOS
Styling menu block's menu links in Drupal 7
How to make 64 shared 64-bit linux compatible library (*.so), for C++ code
Not Able TO Fetch Local Phone Contact name , Cell Number and Email addresses
How to Call Controller Action Through html Select options on change in Zend Framework?
Customize the Navigation Bar with MonoTouch by adding an image
assign data from table to labels using c#
Javascript framework for GUI eye candy [closed]
Invite friends to use app by list of ids, with PHP
Detecting field mutation using ASM
reading file , checkBox value on the server side in GWT
jquery sending post data without defining url
UIKit/UIPageControl.h file is not found
how to set progress bar unvisible, and when text is writing in my autocomplete to become visible
how to use string left function in hql
Unable to access to the postgresql database server remotely
Revoked certificate - iPhone Programming
Linking to current Twitter profile picture and username on a website
Use Ninject.Wcf in ASP.NET MVC3. Deriving from NinjectWcfApplication disables application
copying sqlserver2000 database from one computer to sqlserver 2008 of another computer
BinaryMessageEncoding with HTTPSTransport
I want to clear all data stored by jQuery
How to create X tasks as fast as possible on Google App Engine
PHP OOP calling method in preg_replace function
Interface between two related JPA entities
The method to download or extract data from free bloomberg web chart
Load testing in Visual Studio 2010
javascript url help in sending multiple values with url..
Why is my basic Ajax script not working?
insert manually data into a smartgwt ListGrid
MVC3 Url.Action() not working as expected after invoking controller action using Execute
Best way of preventing other programmers from calling -init
C# regex that matches a line of only whitespace
JUnitCore not loading libs required in test cases
Javascript Object investigation
How to extract innerHTML using the PHP Dom
possible to load local html page without loading images too but having boxes of the same dimension in place of?
Jquery Loop through fields and drop menus and display entry values into divs
XML parsing: How to separate same type siblings into different cells?
Typing Chinese with PrimeFaces' <p:editor> component
How to know if a local URI/URL exists?
openOrCreateDatabase in different class causes null pointer exception
how to improve this code with try-catch exceptions
Emacs: how do I bind to M-s?
Make devise paths unavailable
Why do my PDF fields stay blank in Adobe Reader if I do not flatten the PDF document?
Do I need to have a license agreement with Apple if my iPhone app uses Bonjour?
What is the order of adding eventlistener to a component and adding that component to a panel or frame?
How do you get an associated entity's id without loading the associated entity?
C++ Overloading Of Functions? Area of Cirlce
Coldfusion Undefined Variables - but they're not
Url rewriting not working as expected
Mobile web: numeric input + math operators
to get the time difference between the time in different timezone for my wp7 App
Passing a note into Evernote for iOS Applications
Send additional data to Telerik MVC grid
Jquery load external content with AJAX
How do I Group by the DAYOFWEEK and use the grouped data in MySQL?
What tools can I use to generate X.509 certificates?
Unexpected constructor / extend behavior in BackboneJS
wordpress - getting rid of /subdir/ in all my links, css styles off after changing Site Url
Jquery UI draggable event is not released at scrolling
How Can i receive SMS and save it in my application and delete it from the native inbox
How to assign two instances of the same plugins to different markers in a template
How to convert NSString to NSInteger in iPhone application?
sortable div using jquery and save its position in database
Heroku scheduler Resque
MonoTouch bindings for ad network that has full screen ads?
Selecting a single class from a multi class element
Set element negative 鈥渓eft鈥�position exactly it's width using CSS3
AVAssetReaderTrackOutput copynextsamplebuffer ,, always NULL after return from background
Debug WebService on Google App Engine
How to find out a wordpress taxonomy ID? 鈥ot term ID
Stub on an Active LDAP model only works once
book for algorithm [closed]
why wont my javascript work on my server?
Is 'mid-sprint' acceptance a valid concept in Agile/SCRUM? == @game.user_id not being recognized
When should a continuous integration job send mail? [closed]
Mobile browser persistent footer (Non jquery)
Extend an XML schema with custom elements
jqGrid editotype: 'select, formatter: 'select' not working
Assigning values to an array of bool's based on checkboxes
Conversion of Scala map containing Boolean to Java map containing java.lang.Boolean
Why is Assert.AreEqual failing in NUnit?
Is there Any End of Underscores in Numeric Literals?
Intelligent spell checking
Raising an exception: use instance or class?
How to create a controller in a Cocoa MVC application?
Return JSONP from Classic ASP with Javascript server side coding
Can you run WebBrowser under a WCF service?
How to stop an IntentService when it has a SensorListener running
List Box with multiple entries on Android Tablet shown as drop down
Uri returned after ACTION_GET_CONTENT from gallery is not working in setImageURI() of ImageView
Android Json String not filling list [duplicate]
How to parse JSON response
RCurl sending cookie
me method error while extending model with plugin
Is there any Python equivalent to partial classes?
Encrypt PHP mail() and attachement using phpMailer
Indexing business hours using google app engine
Core data background task causing data to disappear
Listing all Data Sources and their Dependencies (reports, items, etc) in SQL Server 2008 R2
Link disappears in IE6, reappears when links are added before it
How to query timestamp interval in JPA?
How can a list-control be redrawn after changing its alignment style?
JBoss on cloud, any cheap way to get the enterprise version
Excel and 64 bits
QMainWindow not tracking mouse with setMouseTracking()
adding dynamic field to form
Using multiple stylesheets with a single Compass sprite through import
Can I get the observable array I'm foreach-ing over inside?
ReReplace the url of a CFChart
how to use vhosts with express
Using a returned objects array from a PHP function
Correct assetic 'filter' syntax?
Something weird with Stock chart in excel
Is it possible to have 'Save' / 'Delete' anchors with hidden inputs
prolog var exchange
What could cause EventWaitHandle.Set() to block the current thread?
github the remote end hung up unexpectedly
Check existence of a post by id in wordpress
How to compare functions?
jQuery - go back button or wait and you get auto redirected - advanced go back button
One line C program with include?
Best way to output a grid of bitmap tiles in Android?
Using Graph API without a logged in user
How do I set a break point inside of a 鈥渞equire鈥�d library with node inspector?
How can I pass a parameter to a function without it running right away?
Scala type inference and getting the more specific of two type parameters as method result
How to remove milliseconds from a timestamp?
Getting y from x co-ord for cubic bezier curve, fast Newton-Raphson method
How to do custom / like URLs using Spring?
Notice: Undefined index on check box validation
HtmlEditorExtender Ajax Control - Postback (asynchronous or not) Stealing Focus - the page does not maintain Scroll Position
How does the require object as defined inside of node.js global work?
CFNetServiceCallBack example
Netbeans Download Javadoc repeatedly
I want to open source my Google App Engine Java project, is there any auth info in the Eclipse project?
Differentiating server-side if Refresh or Search Reset was clicked in jqGrid
Use getters and setters in class that defines variables?
Can you use Typekit in Flash Movie players?
Jquery: if referer contains 'keyword' then say this
Triggering a Theme Change Which Raises FrameworkElement.Loaded/Unloaded
Why this error 鈥淐an't locate object method new鈥�
Select non-matching record in same table - SQL
Huge Linear System Datasets repository
CDI - Injecting Classes at runtime
Importing many instances using MEF
Unable to install the plugin for eclipse. getting md5 mismatch
Rails 3. Multiple values in one column using checkboxes
How do I access this JSON data in Javascript?
PrimeFaces: conditional update on validation
How do I search Full text with partial matches?
Getting the current complete URL with JavaScript and using it with jQuery
Access newLocation from the locationManager method from other ViewController's
Add elements to listbox on another page (Windows Phone 7) in
deleting last cell in a uitableview freezes the other sections
Undo intermediate files deletion - how to?
How do I interrupt a loop in a command-line script, but only after the method finishes?
Issue with URL RewriteRule
Update the values of multiple keys
Jquery cfml - none of the script is executable
Explain this singleton factory pattern
Is there a way to check for duplicate values in Excel WITHOUT using the CountIf function?
FQL multiqueries without returning everything
firebug error - what does this mean?
How to set focus() to an input text box that is NOT inside a form
HTML elements with different heights in different browsers
iPhone app crashing while application running in background mode
Online ClickOnce Deployment Application and place an icon on the desktop/start menu
Is jQuery $.browser Deprecated?
UIScrollView. How Can I Tell Zoom Out From Zoom In?
user defined type variable is not clearing the value inside the transaction
signal prior QThread event loop start is lost
Export MathJax formula to MS Word in PHP
Creating Test Suite in Webdriver
Enter key override broken on a form
Set webgerid column width in MVC3
Change or parse CRM FetchXML with LINQ to XML
Converting .jrxml file to .pdf file
Can't compile SDL project (linker error) with Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition
Azure cache programatically configuration fail to verify
Can I modify the internal version of an exe
How do I get an image from a mySQL database and resize it's dimensions using PHP?
How can one break this (non?) thread safe object?
Position of a rotating sprite
Java SimpleDateFormat issue
c# how to avoid installing with administrative rights
How to change a column value and select in database
Spinner makes android application crash
Calling a function and pass it a json object
Different result when processing Audio Interrupt for audio unit
Recurring Payment Paypal Express Checkout 鈥�
how to delete record from tableview?
How to see git diff from very beginning to the HEAD?
What are the best deployment Tools & Best Pratices for Drupal Sites Databases
Generation of complex SOAP Envelope in accordance with OASIS WS Security specification using KSOAP2?
refreshing listview with buttons corrupts onClickEvents
Symfony2/Twig: how to tell the custom twig tag to NOT escape the output
Complex bash pipeline works in jumps
why onPassivate() method called multiple times in Tapestry5
PHP - str_replace not working as expected
Error in setOnItemSelectedListener in GridView?
Best practice: How to call Objective-C code from JavaScript
How can I position elements outside their container with ~20px showing?
Android market buyer informations
Where is the map file between the schema of database and the Yii class CActiveRecord?
Retaining uploaded file after posting the submit form
How to protect my API service from api-keys piracy
How to get a specific attribute from a CFString
Implementing Facebook Credits - App not responding (signed_request parsing error in callback imeplemntation)
fast access into large file - fseek ftell fsetpos fgetpos
Generating a webservice or url from my drupal7 site. [closed]
How do you get a file descriptor from a download url in python?
Authentication with the gmail account - Android
Utf-8 encoding not working in Asp.Net MVC 3 application
Comma style SQL European
Problems Streaming files
How to create this UI in windows phone to show image and Text in continuos text wrapping?
Converting a single dictionary value from string to integer?
PHP preserve array keys on recursive procedure
Mock a Active Record abstract class and how to stub a nil object in rails test::unit/mocha?
Telerik MVC grid: drop down list in the filter dialog
Good Summary / Overview of C99?
php array multi-dimensional to python multi-dimensional dict
Local variables versus member variables in Objective-C
Set permissions on ApplicationPoolIdentity for adding performance counters?
how to get the text of the hyperlink using javascript
Android USB Accessory
Cakephp read and write json files.
Send a EOF in a pipe without closing it
Core Data: NSPredicate with object made of entity object
Trigger to update another table error
getting last forum poster on a complex query in oracle
SQL Server: Copy database error: the share name has to be specified for
Spring mvc and iterating through a list as a form backing object
Render edges of VTK object possible?
iOS nstlinguistictagger languages
Legend in Form works correctly in Safari but not in Mozilla
SQL update primary keys and foreign keys at the same time [duplicate]
How do I use Visual Studio 2010 MVC 3 for a non-html based project?
How to access collection results in best way?