Capacity planning and estimating costs with Amazon Web Services for 1M users
How to express this route in Rails?
Identify the exception to be used from the traceback
Android override back button
Regex question mark
How do I pass a queryset to BaseInlineFormSet from inlineformset_factory
Resolving issues on this simple script that clones images into a new Div
Monitoring a variable for change in Python
how to run cygwin script from java
Very simple Glassfish file transfer
mysql opposite of foreign key
Recommended resources for RSS readers? [closed]
populating listview through a fragment
Android Emulator using HttpGet to acess RESTful web service through a proxy
Nested HTML5 Web SQL Query Issued after Entire For Loop Processed
ObjC: Duplicate NSLog() output in the console when reading in char's with scanf()
Java Web Start broken since JDK 1.7
Adding a constant integer to a value in a python dictionary
facebook php api allows login, logging out and logging back gives me An active access token must be used to query information
How do I go about displaying this information in rails?
MySQL full text searching data included in foreign keys
Pushing ViewControllers to UINavigationController during an animated ViewController transition
SMTP issue when trying to submit a basic form
Adding individual product pages for ruby on rails e-commerce site
RowStyleSelector Not Called
Creating a year form in cakephp
Intercept the Share click on Gallery
Is Javascript compiled or an interpreted language? [closed]
How to classify/categorize strings according to regular expression rules in Python
Is it possible to create a process with a non-existent Windows account?
Swapping input field placeholder text with jQuery
Dynamically appending the user input to <script src= 鈥�鈥�gt; from a textbox in Java Script [closed]
Capture number of lines of output and return code simultaneously
Android get string from HTML/PHP
C# Call and return an object from a static method in IL
confusion on understanding this plotting function in R
@Import of less files into a limited scope
Define index in $_SESSION with .(dot) concatenation
MVC 3 Html.RenderPartial vs Html.Partial
Is it possible to order an array of integers in linear time?
UIImageView linking to URL when tapped
Rails 3.2 in production not showing any assets
500 Internal Server Error CodeIgniter
authentication using Zend_Http_Client
ORA-04045: errors during recompilation/revalidation
ksh: translate unix path to windows path with sed and place in variable
In R, how can I compute percentage statistics on a column in a dataframe ? (table function extended with percentages)
Blocking Unwanted Visitors: htaccess, iptables, or just database
Supressing crash dialog in OSX
imagemagick: translate a .png image by dx, dy pixels
Using Powershell to enter results in a specific cell of a CSV
How to use Powershell to get a websites HostHeader
Javascript - get element (button) without ID or Class? [duplicate]
How to monitor the HDFS replication progress of the cluster?
Positioning a Custom TableView in a RelativeLayout
Drawing window in JFrame
Should we explicitly kill a thread?
amazon cloud ec2 xampp username and password
changing every non letter character to n in a file using unix utilities
maven with spring mvc
Universal cocos2d game to support iPad3
Only return Jekyll posts that match specific year
Where is possible download 鈥�dcm鈥�files for free? [closed]
iOS Get Country Where The Device User Is Located
TypeLoadException was unhandled in C#
Get report from jasperserver using REST webservice and C#
Can't stop Animator in android after it began
鈥淓xpression Result Unused鈥�in UIDocumentInteractionController
Web Service, JSON and Android. The result WS don't work correctly
XCode: How to declare a UIWebView object in Storyboard?
access non-properties from inside the same class in objective-c (copy constructor)
Override asp.NET Session object
Struts 2 Multiple URL Extensions
Facebook tab app page is blank! tried everything
attr() method to src images
Processor Core usage with Multi threading with producer consumer in .net platform
POST request through AJAX not recognized in PHP
facebook app stops at 鈥済ot to facebook鈥�in IE
Effects of Sparsity of dataset in data mining [closed]
How to suppress some output at Rails console
MySQL Replace Value From Each Record
Link to a page with submit button without form action/forms within forms
Converting List to Binary Search Tree, and the opposite
Are deeply nested if statements considered good form? [closed]
Separate data items into lists by DateTime
Looking for a way to dynamically add more lists to the bottom of jQuery Mobile listview
Pass set of functions as arguments to another function in Python
Use of EOX in PHP function [duplicate]
Qt Adding children to a QGraphicsItem derivate in a QGraphicsScene do not show up
Executing SQL via PHP after a certain time
Getting a Single Location Update in Android 2.2
SAS: writing outfile
ManyToMany model error
CXF JAXRS - How to POST more than one parameter
Grabbing value of a Dynamic Element inside a Frame [duplicate]
Complex activity issues
Disabling 鈥淩estore Windows鈥�message in Lion
Using HTMLAgilityPack to get all the values of a select element
how to use class attribute in html col
Is it possible to refactor this nHibernate Linq query?
Pass javascript variable to php code? [duplicate]
More Efficient Runtime in Scheme - AVL's
MySQL Database: Limit the number of records a table can have
Why this code is valid: 鈥�1,eval)('this')鈥�
Git Cherry-Pick
Layouting custom buttons
DHTML, multiple CSS Classes, in IE7
How to take portlet preferences correctly in Liferay?
how to make a custom atributte w3 valid?
java - detect action performed on JPanel in JDialog
How to append the project path across all source files in python(in most efficient way)?
Android setlistAdapter error
Lotus out of office function doesn't work correctly
Display all the 鈥渋f statements 鈥�in a file using 鈥済rep鈥�
What is the right way to create a Buffer to hold ByteStrings in Haskell
Java Concurrency issues when updating video control UI while JMF video is playing
How do I use jQuery to retract dojotype=鈥渄ijit.layout.TabContainer鈥�when the media=print?
PHPunit Ignoring getConnection() and getDataSet()
Reading a key-value file in R
Adding an Element to XML SQL 2008 Query
elements position and display unexpected
Sphinx / Solr for keyword / frequency queries
Modifying pixels in an image using Perl
How to display table from MySQL in Android grid view?
Build Fail: winsock2.h file not found
jQuery not responding
Custom tray icon notification balloon
Jquery Live Load - Load form via ajax
Git contains between arbitrary commits
Using GetKeyState() and loops
Cross Platform java development with Eclipse (Build Path issues)
mixing php with jquery
How to create Constructive Solid Geometry in OpenGL / C++
Many tables to a single row in relational database
xcode iPhone array and dictionary [noob]
MATLAB - color encode plot
Are both the 'sync' event and Backbone.sync connected in some way 鈥�what is the difference between the two?
data:URI incompatible with window.onerror
When to use JMS and when to use REST? [closed]
wkhtmltopdf Issue
Emma giving compile errors
EXC_BAD_ACCESS Error when switching over to ARC
updating the text view on user Click
Android: Heavy DB operations with progress dialog
Thread output when print/puts called inside thread
unbinding children of backbone view
Spring Security two web sites sharing same remember-me login
Calculate latitude longitude points of geodesic grid triangle points (preferable using python)
PHP: How to get a string from between the first two occurences of character
Easiest way to animate lots of objects in Qt
UIActionSheet display from Toolbar
Collection Type Property Assignable at Design Time in User Control
Assign default value when declaring boolean vs using both clauses of an if statment?
How do I wrap an element's contents in another element in jQuery
image processing (mainly opencv) indexing conventions
How to convert bitmaps to video?
Posting Arabic Characters in Twitter using Twitter API in C# using OAuth
javascript click event queue
NTLM Authentication not possible in AppEngine
Point belong to Sprite in Flex
How to retrieve more than 200 tweets
What is Win32 error 0n2 and why is it preventing my app from running?
How to reinitialize jQuery unobstrusive validation?
Other than a crawler indexing a site, are there other caching tools/browsers that will execute requests?
How to selectively redraw views on Android ScrollEvent?
How to add a Component into a Grid cell?
text files in a Dir and store the file names in a list python
clearing the contents of uitable in matlab gui
Does the Size of a Third Party Library (In Terms of Disk Usage) Impact Application Performance?
Is it possible to force Lync to save conversation history without delay?
does Etherpad Lite transfer entire documents or only the diff?
J2ME app does not work in Nokia n81 and Samsung f330, etc. but in works in BB and Nokia n97, etc
How can I suspend an app in Apple Store [closed]
Xcode 4.3 & 4.3.1 Breaks Refactoring?
AS3: Can you catch an IO_ERROR using the standard Flash videoplayer?
Can we combine TPT,TPH and entity splitting within a single hierarchy?
Xcode : NSSortDescriptor custom sorting
ImageView: fill horizontal maintaining aspect ratio
Bitmap with alpha channel crashes Bitmap () constructor only under Windows 7
Where is the SampleZipfileProvider class?
Looking for a regex to remove 鈥減rint 'Processed 100 total records'鈥�from a file
How to avoid loading initially hidden tableviews in .nib files?
using regular expression in sql 'Cannot connect'. Client on different domain/port
ASP.NET MVC 3.0 鈥�Error executing child request for handler 'System.Web.Mvc.HttpHandlerUtil+ServerExecuteHttpHandlerAsyncWrapper'
iOS: how to reduce size of large PNG files
Can i serialize HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlDocument [closed]
DIV centered vertically, relative to window. Scrollable Horizontally. Next to fixed div
Calling C# WebService to Javascript for Android
Vertically centering multiple div's in its parent div
How to use SurfaceView to draw a single complex image
Problems calling $.getJSON from SharePoint's Content Editor Web Part
How to troubleshoot registration/usage of a .NET COM Callable Wrapper DLL?
Camel NMR Testing : where is AbstractComponentTest?
IndexOutOfBoundsException in ArrayAdapter
Compilation error in connecting Arduino Uno with SKYNAV skm53 GPS module
Whats is wrong with my contains(); function in my XML parser?
Play a audio/sound in plsql
MS Access query does not append any rows as an append query, but does select rows as a select query
jQuery file upload plugin - looping autouploads
How long does a winsock connection last?
mysql_fetch_field not working
Is imagedestroy() required when you only process a single image?
JPA - How do I map to a quick-lookup table?
Passing an Array or List to @Pathvariable - Spring/Java
Rails 3 - Custom validator
page redirection to exact url from login page
The xcode iOS Simulator is prompting me to 鈥渃hoose the folder containing the iOS Simulator SDK鈥�on open. How do I find it?
Open any File in a Memo?
Deploying Django project on Apache using Mod_wsgi
How can I access the HttpServletRequest object during user authentication in Spring Security?
JSLint 鈥淪topping鈥�in Visual Studio
Emacs use <tab> inside qq in cperl-mode
Missing an asssembly reference - 'SingleSignOn' namespace
What's the difference between this WHERE clause and this Join?
Include jar files from maven repository to eclipse project?
Promoting the left hand side of an assignment operator
Android Text Placement
Dynamic Programming Altogorithm
how to populate a datagrid after selecting an item from combobox?
Cannot decode BASE64 to Image file in Selenium 2
regex to remove menu items from string
Best way to replicate Oracles range windowing function in SQL Server
UPDATE in mysql didn't work in my PHP page.
pagination count range of products on current page
What does ellipsis in CoffeeScript mean?
SQL Server and Efficiency of Large Range of Values within an IN Clause
Eclipse system.out
Using Graphics to load an image and rotate it into a panel
cURL and HttpURLConnection - Post JSON Data
How to layer on the CGContext
How to reload URL using phonegap on android? session variable
php mail issue with godaddy
missing right parenthesis [closed]
Background images and UIWebView
How to add a date filter to an Aggregation query in Django
Set up STS but keep formsauthentication in webapp
Python format throws KeyError
VS2010 Compile Button
Android Intent Filter zip
Automating Eclipse project configuration
Expected duration of sleep(1)
Flex using XML dot notation string
What pattern should I use to convert PHP associative arrays to/from complex Object graphs?
jQuery (non plugin) tooltip using jQuery ui position - How can this be improved?
Python: Are Two Lists Equal
Global data array in Codeigniter
Generic ServiceFactory<T> for WCF Channel Factory and StructureMap with MVC 3
How to version control a Flex/Flash Builder application's release build files using Subclipse?
Proper solution to handle genders
Python lines beginning with '@'? [duplicate]
Python: How to use string.translate() to replace quotation marks? (for 鈥渟lug鈥�creation)
Why does the flag specified in queryIntentActivities() method is set to zero?
java program flow on example of DynamicReports and progressbar
Java:What's reason to define a character like this?
Count the azimuth after ball bounce
Remove all <word> tags
Windows Phone 7.5 People Tile
fancybox iframe content not showing through a jquery function
Table joins accross multiple database tables and objects in PHP and MySQL
Access 2007 Report: Code or no Code?
Reference masterpage variables from control in child page?
Unexpected break in nested loop doesn't show up in debugger
Unknown type name uint32/unit16
Newline state after reading a line with a prompt seems not be updated
How to re arrange characters in a string?
What am I missing about C++ exception breakpoints in Xcode 4.3?
TSQL Reporting - Pivot data by day of week?
ahah not working in drupal 6
python xlrd unsupported format, or corrupt file.
Screen Rotation unable to start activity Null pointer exception
Rendering HAML from Rails Helper Inside a Loop/Iteration
Send AJAX request by clicking a link without redirecting user
Hide user id in the url bar
Simple jQuery Slideshow Script by Jon Raasch error
Error #1009, ActionScript 3, Bullet is null
check if a string is a URL
Update table with Left Join
Textmate Snippet Regex to CamelCase a String
How to use Content-Encoding: gzip with Python SimpleHTTPServer
Unable to create folder and display Image using WP7 Emulator
Call NavigationService from Silverlight UserControl that contains Navigation Frame
VBA Macro Runs, But is Not Responding until Completion
kohana orm top user
How do generate RSS feed from private Google Site
How to see if an IP address belongs inside of a range of IPs using CIDR notation?
How to log to separate log file per thread using log4net
How to use SCSS filter in Symfony2 under Windows?
Grails - Copying hasMany relationships from one domain object to another?
Rails nested attribute gets deleted when I call build
Cannot load drivers for SQL Server on WSO2 Data Services Server
How to estimate the initial basic development in Agile Methodologies?
Choice of policy class template parameter based on overloaded constructor
i get -1 length of file asynctask android download
Jenkins Test Result Trend graph/chart for aggregated downstream test results?
Tess4J working as standalone in 64 bit windows, But fails in Tomcat 7
CoffeeScript indentation problems in Emacs [closed]
How to stop Rails 3.1 migration from running in a transaction?
Wpf storyboard play animation
Is there a way to create a lazy custom property with NHibernate?
How to specify the QString::indexOf method not to be sensitive to the number of spaces between two words?
How to SELECT with optional columns?
Fadein and Fadeout for blockquotes
How to implement manual pagination in Webmatrix?
How do I programmatically delete ASP.NET Temp Internet Files
Select the first element in each day of the month
How to upload a file using jQuery.ajax and FormData
Audio stopped in avi file using gstreamer
How to get application icon name from Manifest?
C/C++ PNG library for creating polygons
Display.asyncExec vs Display.timerExec
How to speed up my color thresholding in C#
powerpoint before print
Fb.ui description missing on wall that has timeline enabled
Large websites - multiple databases or or multiple tables?
Recursive copy of specific files in Unix/Linux? [closed]
Why does my Eclipse Helios debugging hand when stepping over Path.register(WatchService, Kind<?>鈥�?
Unnamed namespace access rules
Utility to convert an arbitrary string to a .NET string
cvc-pattern-valid: Value 'A' is not facet-valid with respect to pattern '^[A-Za-z]?$' for type 'whatever'
Extending a jquery plugin or building mixins on top of a base plugin?
PreparedStatement Delete in Java
Safe way to initialize attributes from a yaml or hash
How to set the map to a particular location on map load
Retrieve the saved location of the android-sdk from eclipse
Wordpress Embedded Videos in Post versus Template
How to set the map to a particular location on map load
Retrieve the saved location of the android-sdk from eclipse
Wordpress Embedded Videos in Post versus Template
jQuery css height
Equality on constraints
Posting photos to a Facebook page as a non-admin
How to retrive action ID with object ID and User ID? (Open Graph Custom Action)
can I retrieve Data as array from MySQL? [closed]
NPE attempting to read tabular data in cucumber-jvm (cucumber-clojure)
How can I extract the date from this HTML table?
鈥淔iltering鈥�DataTable by Column NOT Rows
How to implement getParent method of a ContentProvider
ruby boolean operator or ,, difference [duplicate]
How to animate overlay drawing in MKMapView
Android SharedPreferences NullPointerException on getSharedPreferences
Rails and Redis: how should I handle validation here?
R sorting/ordering stacked variables
Apache + mod_wsgi + Flask(similar to Django) not working
jQuery UI show/hide with slide left not working in IE
Foreign keys from different tables
Query SQL Server 2000 for table creation and alteration queries
Apache Camel message scope
sql query to get data from two tables
Taking all the values from a dropDownList
Mobile website is not showing images according to the width of viewport
Strassen's Subcubic Matrix Multiplication Algorithm with recursion
load css file from a header used in many page
UITableView cellForRowAtIndexPath causing slow scrolling
make: $LD_RUN_PATH is ignored
Socket Programming Java
different css styling for left and right side table data
Scroll CSS Floats instead of breaking
Xdocument.Load(XMLReader.Read()) Is giving me erros
Detecting lack of Bluetooth on Android devices
Getting the username of the user who logs in
How create a size_t and how count the size?
How to get object from http request in servlet?
Adding multiple validators in Zend_Form
Can the following be achieved using MYSQL union?
How do I get news feeds? Just like News and Weather app
HTML5 <video> can play .mkv files?
windows.location.href change results in POST, expecting GET
NoClassDefFoundError for EJB Home class
Rails 3. Why is my nested record deleted when I go to the Edit page?
Sql statement return with zero result
Develop apps for the iPad 3's retina display without lion?
Efficient way to store and query tree-like hierarchical data
Java FileOutputStream Write not working [closed]
One of three forms on my page will not calculate [closed]
Passsing JSON in OnClick Events
Oracle homework cannot get 鈥溾�THEN TO_CHAR鈥�to work?
Access local server with android emulator
Inserting strings into postgresql through pyscopg2
Use SQLMetal on SQL Azure Database
Numpy genfromtxt and PyQt file handling (bug ?)
Lining up a html table over a table image
Jquery - Pop-up started鈥ow to do the rest
Is there any advantage/reason to checkout a branch in preference to a tag, in the context of an automated build?
SQLite: grouping results by date and average
Busy Wait with Threads
Can QTP select object by ANY property?
How to sort a column by date added?
Entity Framework: Issue with IDENTITY_INSERT - 鈥淐annot insert explicit value for identity column in table鈥�
MovieClip Last Frame event Handler
css:float text over centred image
SQL Server 2008 - is the name 鈥淧rocedures鈥�reserved?
Are there logs in Sharepoint that will tell when a Data Connection's state was changed?
How do I create a javascript listener function that will perform an action when a condition is true?
Java JOGL2 and Mouse Listeners
Showing toast before an intesive work of processor
How to pass a func<> in linq to sql with a join
event priority and process order
Redundant code in Django How do I improve it?
preg matching and replacing elements
c# split and revers sentence with two languages
Getting text from Dynamically created button :Android
SQL Alchemy no transaction begun error
GNU Make for loop with two variables
Do I need to count 3 functions (create, update and delete) in Function Point Analysis?
Calling function from jQuery Dialog Form
How to override the external function?
Java ThreadPoolExecutor strategy, 'Direct Handoff' with queue?
User control in a grid view
Terminating the application after closing the form
cvc-elt.1.a: Cannot find the declaration of element '鈥�
R merge.xts error
C++ initialization of global variables
Displaying a method called by the user within a module & class
WebSphere MQ v7.1 Channels going down
How should Puppet plugins be configured?
Line profiler for Mac with QT?
Change with CSS the default 鈥渃heckbox鈥�
strftime for options_from_collection_for_select
Regex help - stripping out the domain name
SMS as Chatting technique in Android Application
How to have permanent cached data in IIS6
DataGridView, loop through all rows with exception
Regular expression filter
Turn off Mvc Date Picker Validation
Android gps unit testing
Node.js port compatability
matlab engine 鈥淐an't start MATLAB engine鈥�
Magento - Product Collection with the current user's Wishlist
Migradoc Image in paragraph line
Rangy Modules Not Supported In Chrome?
PHP SQL Injection Prevention Syntax
Play movie from didFinishLaunchingWithOptions
Open FTP in iFrame
Assembly - sub instruction in the end of loop
Does Pinterest button have a callback?
Integration Jbehave and LoggingSelenium
jQuery Ajax Returning Error on Click but Runs fine with Document.Ready?
DTMF Tone Android
Javascript values seem to be concaternated and not added together [duplicate]
BeautifulSoup XML Only printing first line
Converting GSM encoded audio to linear PCM in iOS
Ruby - protect a variable while iterating through a loop
How to get the value of a callback function from an Ajax request
After installing ruby gems, running the new gem returns 鈥淐ould not find鈥�errors
Always horizontally scroll images (marquee)
How can I call getsockopt in Java to get SO_ORIGINAL_DST
Method MainView called from AppDelegate runs but there are no changes to the interface
Error with selenium.WebElement.sendKeys()
Adding an in game menu android game
error: expected unqualified-id before '{' token
Force close onClick of ImageButton, can't figure out why
Social Networking Features using Django
SoundCloud - How to login each user without redirecting to a page
WhyOracle鈥檚 driver doesn鈥檛support READ_UNCOMMITTED?
eclipse cdt use file from other projects
min-width: 960px with centered layout and additional 'wings'
Will my App Engine Memcache limits scale with my app?
NASM - Place 8 bits of data in a specific place within a 32-bit register
Infragistics WPF / Excel
security of server side scripts behind website
Making a visual basic spinner control update the linked cell value
鈥渋nput type=date鈥�placeholder on iOS?
Using an array in Random Number Guessing Game
how to check if you have already subscribed to EWS notifications/PushSubscriptionRequest
Is the 鈥渟top the world鈥�time reported with PrintGCApplicationStoppedTime really accurate?
Sudden performance drop in ASP.NET web app; DB index needed?
Loop through array of DIV ids, and refresh those DIVS every x seconds
Add a Custom Send Button to Gmail
Java code not compiling with a SQL statement
Redirect user to page if request is from a certain IP range
I want to test for internet connection and exit if it fails but asynchronous nature of alertdialog giving me grief
Updating a dictionary inside an array from row selection in UITableView
How to find the MySQL engine of a table [duplicate]
(object instanceof C) what is the type of C? [duplicate]
Returning multiple values with LuaJava
(object instanceof C) what is the type of C? [duplicate]
Returning multiple values with LuaJava
PHP Get height and width in Pdf file proprieties
flash as3 - bit101 component window background color
Make a div center of viewport - Horizontally and vertically
Google App Engine Bulkloader download_data vs. Datastore Backup Entities Button
Any good documentation/tutorials to learn Datanucleus (JDO) coming from Hibernate (JPA)? [closed]
How can vim reformat `gq` avoid touching TeX verbatim sections?
Should I upgrade to Apache2 with php website? [closed]
Copy One Table from Another Database Won't Let Me Drop or Insert Into
Unable to Parse JSON In my application
Zend Paginator set URL?
I want to return a VALUE for given KEY for map<> in c++. What to return in case KEY is not present in map<>?
Custom Control Styling/Triggers
Locking on a mutable object - Why is it considered a bad practice?
How do I fake send SMS messages AND a system notification? Programmatical approach?
Cannot get cookies in wp7 using HttpWebRequest
iOS: Tabbar - load default state of tab
jquery and vimeo: won't autoplay
How do I bring an R Tk window to the front after launching via Rscript from another application?
Sporadic un-evaluated values when using knockout-deferred-updates
How to see stack just before stack overflow occurs?
How to build a complex View Model
Matlab Importdata
ios proper settings for my.cnf with iphone app
Create Table Query Error
Create ImageField dynamically Django
Why std::distance doesnt work on mix of const and nonconst iterators?
Java Swing - ActionListener much slower than KeyListener
Undefined method 'title' for nil:NilClass
Class definition in java
Passing arguments to redirect_to in mojolicious and using them in the target controller
Android: In Eclipse project missing Google APIs?
Load Runner:Why the transactions go to stop?
Influence X and Y movement by an Element Rotation
Stop f:ajax From Auto Including JavaScript jsf.js?ln=javax.faces
Progress dialog not showing in AsyncTask [duplicate]
Database Access in ASP.NET MVC 3
Reading / Writing to memory in MASM assembly x86
Icon size help WINAPI only showing small c
how can i get and set generic values with string identifiers
How to make correct clone of the List<MyObject>? [duplicate]
Updating existing URL querystring values with jQuery
XCode: How to join two lines?
How to subscribe to a gerrit project?
How to call .CS WebService to javascript for android?
How do I use the Facebook JavaScript SDK to run a large number (67) of FQL queries?
Vertical scroll in Pivot Page
Why Does Asp.Net UserControl Get An 鈥淔鈥�With ViewState?
How do I give multiple users access to a single Amazon S3 account AND determine who's added a file?
WSO2 Gadget cannot access SOAP payload
Run command in emacs, get output in clickable buffer
Possible to re-name STL vector?
Need guidance on inventory application design
Assigning Facebook like send div, tweet iframe, Google Plus dynamic width
How to handle JPEG #41 error
Compare XPath list to find the closest to another node?
How to tell Mercurial to automatically accept 鈥渢heir鈥�version during a merge conflict of any files in a particular directory?
ifstream a file which another program is writing to?
Can not get MSMQ Com to find my Queue
matplotlib save plot to image file instead of displaying it (so can be used in batch scripts for example)
Common Lisp Unbound Variable
Searching special characters with solr and sunspot-rails
Change tab page to iFrame
boost::bind and insert of a boost::unordered_map
JMeter (Active?) FTP to VLTrader
MySql queries at certain time
Memory Leak using msxml3.dll
Git rebase my feature branch
Counting occurrences in JavaScript
The HTTP request is unauthorized with client authentication scheme 'Negotiate'
Best way to put downloaded data into a dictionary
Animate Rotation/Scale/Translate of UIImage at the same time
Python: Confused with list.remove
pass a java parameter from maven
Conflict between OpenLDAP's libldap and Oracle's occi library
Can't instantiate class; no empty constructor error in Eclipse while creating a database in androild sqlite
UI Intensive Application
jQuery + IE8 Ajax Json parse error
java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver found for netbeans
Directory listing denied on ASP.Net MVC 4 app running in IIS 6 Virtual Directory
GAE Blobstore: ImagesService.getServingUrl() gives me smaller images
Getting text value of a UILabel in the selected cell in prepareForSegue
PHP fopen contains unwanted content
Sending push notification to Android from Java server using Urban airship
g++ and non-const copy constructor issue
Get the AssemblyFileVersion from GetReferencedAssemblies
Overlaying Google-Defined Localities into Google Maps
Android WebView can't show copyright or trademark symbols?
How to set List<List<double>> (Or two dimensional array) as data source to DataGrid
Android vs. WindowsMobile consuming WebService
using jquery, how can I extend and pass an object to a function right at function call?
Fetch Feeds from another site
how to handle button and drop down field using fieldchangelistener
How to avoid System.ArgumentException: Invalid JSON primitive: new. when parsing json in c#
jquery to php same issue but specified
How to include and use turbo vision library in Turbo C++ 3
Thread-safe class in Java by means of synchronized blocks
How do I break a large XAML file into sub-XAML files and maintain communication between the parent and child objects?
Configurating HTTPS/SSL in OC4J (mod_oc4j not found)
Custom Application specific Keyboard in Android
Proper use of DifferentDatabaseScope when it's within another SessionScope
Django accessing ForeignKey model objects
Adding a leaf to Binary Search Tree, Haskell
Turn off Bootstrap's CSS3 transitions on progress bars
freebase getting plain names of types and sorting by commonality
Moving an uploaded file onto a remote server
Drupal 7 hook_menu checkboxes issue
ModelAdmin depending on another ModelAdmin
How do I get Facebook comments to post to Facebook?
The exact syntax to get nested attribute from Json response with gson
building faster webmail script
SOM based recommendation engine
How to make a userform release system graphics (.net)
PyQt run time issue
Calling JavaScript Function on Demand Causing Strange Results
Doxygen not running when started with the Windows task scheduler
MySQL Connector/J Replacement [closed]
controller action being executed even after setting returnValue to False in function
How to add parameters to url_for?
Building numpy/scipy for Python3 on Mac OS Lion
Symfony2 subquery within Doctrine entity manager
achieving synchronized addAll to a list in java
Cannot convert abcdefg of type class java.lang.String to class [Ljava.lang.String;
Multiple Joins in Entity Framework query
jQuery Mobile: Is there a better way of linking to and loading cached pages?
Open third party app from intent
Having trouble writing data to a file
Boyer Moore k-mismatches algorithm fails
Clipping window rendering to a region
Apache configuration settings for specific port (PCI Compliance)
Waiting for a folder in a Batch script
Add new Eclipse project to multi-project repository layout in Subversion (with Subversive)
how to detect when UIWebView starts selecting text?
wcf Interop: No timestamp is available in security header to do replay detection
Adding * to required form labels
Problems with 鈥淣ot鈥�Operator in Media Query
mongodb conversation system
Why does JAVAME switch you bluetooth service's UUID?
Crash upon iPhone Simulator 5.0 startup
Safe mode off, no disabled functions, move_uploaded_file still not working
Net LDAP gem in Ruby: 鈥渋nvalid response-type in search: 24鈥�
How do I query referenced objects in MongoDB?
Making a Game Movie/Story Scene
Windows version outside the registry?
Regex and delimiter in javascript
How can I copy the tree of a particular commit to a non-working folder? [duplicate]
AddObject and Save Not Working
Send NSString via Game Center
Clear scrollsaver.min.js information
Multiple iOS devices + centralized sqlite database
C++ read binary file and convert to hex
Populate web form through URL
Paginate code for print
Antlr3 .Net how to build a simple grammar
Set data for static UITableView cells
How to build for Mac OS X 10.6 SDK in Xcode versions that don't include it
Sqlsrv PHP driver and UTF-8 encoding issue with error messages
display a modal view on ipad application startup
Hibernate hql - help querying foreign key
What kind of DataStructures can enable parallel processing
Regexp: Limiting where and how often certain chars are allowed
Phantom.js fill fields,click submit, and now stuck at accessing the next page
Encrypting the indexes in solr and Lucene
Jqgrid on Edit operation sends 鈥渁dd鈥�as oper=鈥渁dd鈥�why?
Play fade-in and fade-out in loop
Escape a variable within a Regular Expression
How to wire up an EventHandler on a Winforms Application?
handling bad xml with xmltextreader C# diplay textboxes or checkboxes in a listview
XHML entity references getting swallowed by XSLT
Does a modal overlay require absolute positioning?
python (scipy): Resizing a sparse matrix
How TO Concat into an String in Eclipse?
Adding text to the body of an email
SQL Server Report with page columns only works in export to PDF
Process cXML POST data in PHP
SQL Update with multiple INNER JOIN
Download time-out when connection is down [duplicate]
Symfony2: Is possible to get the user object in app_dev.php [closed]
Convert a big integer to a full string in PHP
Hosting 2 WCF services locally for debugging purposes
Using skype-java-api on a x64 system
How to replace a character from a String in SQL?
Powerpoint Viewer control C# / VB / .NET
PHP form clears on submit and just refreshes the page (doesn't send data to Mysql)
My Servlet keeps receiving my old form parameter (JQuery AJAX)
VS2010 WPF HTML Editor?
jquery datatable and mouse position
Google Maps API Javascript hover effect on marker mouseout
550 file unavailable error with FtpWebRequest class file upload. Works fine in FileZilla
return to a part of my script? [closed]
Set Active Tab for AJAX Tab Control
how do I listen to a data change in this custom bindingHandler?
How to convert PropertyInfo to property expression and use it to invoke generic method?
jQuery manipulation / each() - why is this not targeting individual elements?
Web service references without using an app.config
Hide Data in GridView Except When Editing
User settings in SQL Server
Keeping integrity between two separate data stores during backups (MySQL and MongoDB)
issue with fork() from a firebreath npapi plugin
How can I be sure a routine is taking advantage of (N)RVO?
SSIS Package - Looping through folder to check if files exists
boost filesystem blocking calls?
UserControl for a Row in a Grid
Converting JSON array to html
How can I resolve 鈥淓rror: No developer directory found at /Developer鈥�
Premature end of file when using RESTClient to upload xml file to Artifactory
Time complexity of Merge Sort in python
using pjax to submit a form
Java: explain : this class is deprecate [duplicate]
Button's Visible property changing inbetween Page_Init and Page_Load
What type does Excel Worksheet.Usedrange return
How to pass data to Codeigniter Template
Phantom error for DB connection
Javascript Xpath and default namespaces
Appending a File with int 0x80 (Access bits?)
Triggering a phone's multi-select box
How do you add a toolbar to the bottom of an NSTableView?
Appended anchor link is not active on Safari / iPhone
Hash does not contain 'try' method
How to load FTGLES (or any other text rendering) for Android
How to make Colorbox iframe to move with the scroll up/down?
'length' is null or not an object
C++ clean pointer arithmetic
How to give somebody a link to something that nobody else can have? [closed]
Binding issue on CustomControl
Common Template Library
Java 2 Security with Axis2 1.4 in Websphere 7
PLPGSQL Array in Functions
Decrypt PKCS #1 v2.1 cipher from BlackBerry in C#.NET
Finding region programatically
Displaying filtered rows in DataGridView
can't write in arabic in an html page with utf encoding in distant server
Connecting two programs across a network using .NET [duplicate]
How should I set up my git remote repo to deploy websites?
PHPUnit - Call to undefined function curl_init() error
WebPiCMD.exe with Remote PowerShell Execution when installing .NET Framework 4
preg_replace function not functioning on PHP variables containing doublequotes( )
Android: Getting bundle string to create sqlite database table
Can't use WAMP , port 80 is used by IIS 7.5
How to execute code after the block of 鈥渃lick鈥�is processed?
mod rewrite rule to include period
Multiple jQuery UI Date Range Picker
How to get backbone model attributes without .get
how to run a mapreduce job on amazon's elastic mapreduce (emr) cluster from windows?
How do TCP state transitions occur?
setting up JSON format link [closed]
Python Multiplying Integers inside 鈥減rint()鈥�
open vimeo app in my Android app?
open vimeo app in my Android app?
C# GUI testing from Continuous Integration
ASP.NET QueryString without equals sign
Rails 3.2 - Heroku deployment with remote MySQL database
Stored procedure for dynamic query in SQL Server
How to do a proper groupby query in django
Strange Warning in xCode [closed]
Basic Authorization not workingin AJAX
how to logout the user from my application?
dynamic Bitmap drawable in android
extract information from jsp page
Android 4.x Webview Hash tags
interpolation of surfaces / fitting surfaces c++ library
Reading XML files using JSTL
Attribute fields vs. attribute-value map
Read a string of alphanumeric characters after a ;
Why use a parent pom file when generating an ear file?
How can I use a HashMap as a way to access and copy items from a list?
Share validation code among different UITextFields
Limit number of records using trigger and constraints in MySQL
Fullscreen API: Which events are fired?
SAS: column position rearrangement
echo a string, replacing nl with br and horizontal tabs with some html char
How to MapReduce on Mongo replica using the Perl MongoDB package
Find Invoker Method Name
script to disable then enable WWAN device
z-index and float not working
Navigation Bar Title Font Size
Symfony2 security when using i18n routing?
Confusion about the lock statement in C#
Change eclipse's quick watch view colors
Internal div Popping Out of Layout
SimpleXMLElement() - XPath() & SOAP returning nothing
Java MySQL PreparedStatement SELECT Statement [closed]
How to set a cookie in jquery using toggle()
json/ajax confusion
MVC3 Loading partial with imgs with Ajax
iPhone what kind of animation would imitate rotating an object if I have 4 still images?
How to correlate WSAGetLastError with Socket error code
Is it a Three.js bug with collada loader?
how to populate a database?
Testing an NSXMLParserDelegate class
Aggregation requires fun.aggregate: length used as default
MVC3 Url.Action() - Is there a simpiler way to write links in MVC3?
Why would .NET OpenXML SDK's SpreadsheetDocument.Open() method throw a NullReferenceException?
How to shadow documentView in NSScrollView?
Javascript placement bug
Bind subset of collection
(Django) how to get month name?
WordPress - Preview of latest wordpress blog post in iframe
ManyToOne Hibernate - Retrieve in group
What alternatives to pinax exists? [closed]
Weird issue in Console app
Remove sections with no rows from UITableView
Why are my xtypes not working in Sencha touch 2.0 final?
wicket framework [closed]
How to export canvas to HTML in Fabric.js?
Xstream no-args constructor error
App to allow a Facebook user post to Business Page Timeline?
how do I compute a weighted moving average using pandas
How can I persist data with Symfony2's session service during a functional test?
php function in function
How to schedule a MySQL query?
Jasper Server - MSWord Exporting Multiple Files
Can I get a hold of Button Location Data in my Android Application
viewDidDisappear not called when use presentViewController
How do i simplify 2 foreach using LINQ?
FileNotFOundException in System.Windows.Forms.Application.ExecutablePath
Keyboard is not showing adding TTNavigator as a subview
Access pointer from shared library in C
Mysql Algorithm for great circle distance calculation
Android: Grouping audio and video files
Named Query Hibernate
NumberFormat localization issues
XML: Searching elements for specific text using C#
running sed with two instructions
How to parse binary data from xml?
How to synchronize multiple clients with a shared database (JPA)?
Java EE 鈥�Configuration issues for a beginner
How to design websites to be (UI/frontend-)testable?
Get element at a specific line
top image, repeat background and bottom image鈥TML and CSS
lucene field.index wired phenomenon
Assign a value to a variable in a select statement and then used to find value in nested select statement
Checking To See If A Object Has An Associated File Attribute In A Django Template [closed]
While loop on Python class attribute
How can I repeat a beamer frame with Org-mode?
Slide Toggle - jQuery
How to use the master version of bundler
Where is main function?
How to always resolve URLs relative to my web applications root?
Memory Management, ARC - what to nil?
Thread safety of a fluent like class using clone() and non final fields
Java parser rename variable [closed]
Ads Showing on HoneyComb Webview but Not ICS Webview
Dll is Published site, but missing in Build
Linux 3.0: futex-lock deadlock bug?
WebApi Put 鈥淭he parameters dictionary contains a null entry for parameter鈥︹�
Firefox extension icon on the navigation bar using the Add-on builder
display all cells in a mysql column
Can I refactor class constructor to use a a new class, using Visual Studio?
Configuring launch agent on mac os to start mongo db fails with an obscure socket error
Zend_Dom_Query query element issue
Create an empty CD-ROM image and inject/extract files into/from it using Java
a statically linked function is not visible in a dll dumpbin output
Why Does this ggplot with POSIXct dates give an Error in cut.default, cannot allocate vector
Usage of defined with Filehandle and while Loop
Devexpress get horizontal position of particular detail view row's scrollbar?
Whitespace when casting of tinyint to DT_STR in SSIS?
Hyperlinks are being overwritten in emails
PHP SQL Update Query syntax
Going to Python from R, what's the python equivalent of a data frame?
Scala Cake Pattern Encourage Hardcoded Dependencies?
Cross-linking for ARM/QNX fails with indirect/transitive dependencies
Cakephp and CKeditor file manager
Vim and indentation with brackets/braces
Amazon Elastic Load Balancing query api SetLoadBalancerListenerSSLCertificate
Create variable at runtime
JSLint: was used before it was defined
Rails form button to multiple actions
Internet Explorer button CSS
How do I write 鈥淚f a AND b is true then load x鈥�
Android custom Overlay not drawing
How can you access different positions of a list in Prolog?
DebugLog Format string is not a string literal
iPhone/iPad circular intensity gauge control (image included)
sql list records with no parents
Formal Methods - Algebraic Specification vs Object Oriented
Error while reading Excel sheet using Java
This class is not key value coding-compliant for the key featured
split link string
force close if mediaplayer is not used and back button pushed
Edit Mysql data through HTML and PHP generated table filled with mysql data
Android HP ePrint activity response code
SVM in openCV throws 鈥渃v::Exception at memory location鈥�
Jboss not copying xsds to data folder when deploying
How to trace from where exacly the missing asset was invoke in HTML page.
ResultSet didn't bring all data from Oracle DB
Using Process Exit code to show error message for a specific File in [Run]
calling dialog box from a button mvc
Continuous Query Notification is automatically unregistered
table column containing list of other table column
Using state_machine, how can I access event arguments from inside the :if lambda
handleNoSuchRequestHandlingMethod override not working
Stop rails server --daemon
Ruby AWS::S3::S3Object (aws-sdk): Is there a method for streaming data as there is with aws-s3?
jQuery: full Page horizontal slide
MVC3 Razor URL.Action Parameter Value with forward slash. giving error
C# ODBC Driver's SQLSetConnectAttr failed
vector sort and erase won't work
C# ODBC Driver's SQLSetConnectAttr failed
vector sort and erase won't work
How to design an interface for a simple conversion routine?
cannot validate registration plugin with custom field
resource files in visual studio
In which cases should parameters be pinned when peforming a P/Invoke call
How to send message body in CDATA with strophe?
Dynamics CRM SDK filter query on custom field
I want to access the WebContent-Title from the velocity Template
Using NHibernate QueryOver with a complex scenario
Execute SQL statement in managed bean
Sencha Touch 2.0 Controller refs attribute not working?
How to draw a shaded area between two lines
Matlab Importdata Precision
Converting IP Address to an array of bytes C#
Matplotlib: re-open a closed figure?
Unit testing a symfony service class with phpunit
Update Excel Sheet (in Classic ASP/Vbscript)
Ruby gem for parsing embed video links/urls, http links, images?
Rails 3. How can I only display one nested model form?
Lithium Generic Model Filter
Pop Up in perl that goes away automatically after pause
sequential execution chaining of async operations in F#
Using a Django model from a mercurial python hook
Using span margins to align text
Rails View encoding issue
WYSIWYG buttons don't show in IE for CKEditor
What part of Zend Framework is cleaning session object when lifetime is over?
Writing line to a file using C
mysql bulk delete
Mouse events propagation from marker to underlying map
Week numbers in SQL Server
VB Generics 鈥渃annot be converted鈥�
jquery function scope
result totally different using chrome and firefox 10.2
Microsoft Traslator Widget Notify/Auto
Using Count To Split A Checklist Into 2 Columns in X++ Fetch Method
Java regex for < and 鈥�鈥�in first line
Setting specific checkout change (build.vcs.number) for custom build in TeamCity with Perforce
NSFetchedResultsController and Entity Inheritance
Suitable data structure for finding a person's phone number, given their name?
Enumeration hasMoreElements() returns false
What is the correct font-size to get desired results?
Can image of any size and dimension be used as an icon in JFrame?
Datatable.Load does not work with SqlCeReader
How to post images to facebook via windows phone?
Is there any lucene/solr spell checker which can handle space insertions/removal typos?
Can I use PHP to dynamically insert url, media and description with Pinterest?
Change the CSS class of a <a> tag when clicking on it with AJAX in ASP MVC
2 backgrounds on a hover don't work on IE
Create an unique ID for multiple rows SQL
How to return formatted text from database into TinyMCE
Elastic Search documents sorting, indexing issue
XSLT- Refer to java custom method
Logging Facebook API Urls with Facebook C# SDK
Quick Access Toolbar Customization: Selecting Macros causes Excel to crash
Display page content using multiple templates - WordPress
Is there a 'Are you sure want to continue?' SQL Command?
Form Submit button doesnt work with PHP loop
Business Rule Engine for .NET [duplicate]
Handling of conversions from and to hex
JavaScript closures and name clobbering
Is it safe to set the boolean value in thread from another one?
Trigger an menu click in code
Load Microsoft.Windows.Common-Controls at runtime
Does @Inheritance default to SINGLE_TABLE, or does it default to 鈥渇allthrough鈥�OR SINGLE_TABLE?
Page scrolls up when I fadein a div and fade out another div
mySQL double filtering on the same query
Adding zero values to report
In visual studio how can you add a breakpoint on every function in a javascript file?
php crop really large image
What indexes should be created for this MySQL query [closed]
How to distinguish between orientation change and leaving application android
Name for class which both reads and writes [closed]
sqlite Android - how to get value of specific col /row
Identify the location of the ContextMenu in a Canvas?
How to overwrite Zend_Validator error message?
Reading names in a file in C
How to change the class properties in Dojo Like Jquery
Delegate.BeginInvoke Callback Blocking Calling Thread?
Way to alter behavior based on caller using property getter without reflection or making caller a member in Python
How do I save the text in a textarea to the users computer when they click a button in html?
Aptana 3, App Explorer: Add new view filters?
How to manage border, padding, margin with dynamic size (percentage)?
How do I remap escape when in Sublime Text vintage mode?
Save byte array to a file PHP
Increment of an element in a dictionary of list in Python
32mx64 SDRAM or DDR2? Help indetify this RAM [closed]
Are there any web frameworks for JVM with data binding checked at compilation time?
Multiple attributes of same type fail when using Ninject's BindFilter<T>
Consuming Webservice and 2 way SSL
VBA Excel comboBox dropdown is empty after obj.addItem
Inspect Traffic Destined for Another Local Application
modify Entity framework object before binding to WPF control
Extending DBGrid with some row colors
Can we export a function made available through a static library
If a select box put in the pop up box, it do not post?
Lazy Loading / Eager fetching in Hibernate
Trouble passing callback to my jquery plugin
Replace a word which contains a $ character in PHP
Trouble passing callback to my jquery plugin
Replace a word which contains a $ character in PHP
Limitation in facebook comment reply
dao, tx, service structure: where to place a method querying an abstract entity?
Facebook new page for iphone app with download button
yii CButton Column
Empty space at page end for last anchor
Crawl site and detect 3rd party cookies
ARC Leaking Function
retrieve file location return string after ajax call for jplayer
Android emulator running on VirtualBox vs. real device
How to send some information when redirecting?
Eclipse : Failed to connect to remote VM. Connection refused. [duplicate]
how to get the username of a SearchResultEntry
Fiddler not capturing HTTP requests from Java Application
Is It Possible To Combine Multiple Attributes In F#?
how to get the site to not collapse with css
CRYSTAL REPORT USING Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server
Cannot get custom setting from cli php.ini
DKIM and Domain Keys overkill?
Plot discrete values using geom tile and scale_gradient_manual
Where I should use the tag <menu>, and where the tag <nav>? [duplicate]