Custom style listdivider
Java FileOutputStream Create File if not exists
Efficient means of finding the position of the end of a line
define top in iframe
鈥渃ommand not found: vim鈥�
How to get total pixel size of the screen
grabbing google calendar events and parsing
Why aren't my pending changes being shown in RTC?
Error only with adb
Using MATLAB Map Containers without converting to cell arrays first
linux shell get name of file
Use NSURLIsExcludedFromBackupKey without crashing on iOS 5.0
Highlight regex based text on Chrome tab?
Grouping data by month in SPARQL?
Azure perf counters not showing up in logs
vim + NERDTree red filenames?
Get ActionID for Spotify events under windows
Testing content in POMs for multi-module Maven project
Dynamic robot meta to counter negative seo backlinks?
Customizing emacs syntax coloring
Is there a design pattern for a measurment/value relationship?
removing ul indent with CSS
Open an ASPX page from the sitemap in CRM 4 and 2011
python calculating intervals using foldleft using lambda
What is 鈥渇unction*鈥�in JavaScript?
How can I create a file starting at a specific sector on the disk?
How can I set read only access to ssh git server?
Implement multiple sign in with Rails and Devise
In Flask, why are all the views shown in a single file?
Is there a LEFT (Transact-SQL) equivalent in c#?
What controls are they using and how?
Generate a set with integers for certain bits
Impersonate not working for DirectoryServices
How to add <li> tag into hyperlink helper
Make unchecked Radio buttons and associated Text disappear?
PHP Loop within a loop after x do x
Resolve postponed conflicts with SVN
No internet connection on Android emulator
How can I change the profile icon on NuGet.Org
ObjectOutputStream over a TCP Socket
Validate textfield length
Android: Calling activity from notification
Perl IPC::Cmd doesn't run application if PATH env variable is intialized
Can't make Ajax work with Struts/Spring
Global toolbars in iOS?
Deserialize JSON DateTime with time zone
WifiManager doesn't seem to commit changes
how to dynamically set the ' data-collapsed' and 'data-theme' dynamically in jQuery Mobile?
DataType.Time Attribute on ViewModel ignored by Telerik MVC Grid Filters
How do I launch a specific view after user gets push notification?
How to migrate/convert current OOP PHP project to CodeIgniter?
How do I change the build directory in Xcode 4?
How to get list of visible windows in Xcode on OSX Lion?
500 server error building wordpress plugin
Download Binary Data as a File Via Javascript
Is there a way to get a PartialView HTML content in the controller?
jqGrid Sorting Arrows
How Jump automatically to another report according to a value. Reporting Services
Is there an Aztec barcode generator library for JavaScript?
Google's example of Fragments: maintaining selected item in list when changing orientation
Upgrading Google Maps API V2 to V3
Apache -> Proxy Server and Web Server
django - comparing django permissions and using django rules
ndk-gdb can't find source line numbers
xp_cmdshell hangs after called exe has exited
Can't write in tcl command line unless sending echo, after using PLINK
How do I prevent people from opening a record if someone else has it open?
linear gradient with box-shadow on round button
Retain dropdown list(dynamic not hard coded) value after submitting the form php
Jquery - Simulating click button doesn't trigger function
How to use custom dylib in library project in xcode 4?
Append / Remove / Reappend <li>'s in jQuery
NServicebus creates new logfile at each restart
Embed video on facebook feed with javascript api?
Syntax error when running a MySQL CREATE TABLE statement [duplicate]
Sphinx search out of Sphinx (python) [closed]
String (const char*, size_t) to int?
Sphinx search out of Sphinx (python) [closed]
String (const char*, size_t) to int?
IS it possible to have savefiledialog () in windows console applications
How do I download a bunch of files from a remote server, and concatenate them in a certain order using Node.js?
Getting datarow values into a string?
How to implement QuickFix with my c++ project
Read a path stored in a text file and use it in opendir of PHP
Should I implement actions inside the methods of an InputListener object?
Strongly-typed Search functionality for class?
How to delete child entities before parent with Entity Framework CF?
Browser profile which includes the proxy username and password
iOS record audio error
What does node(),@* mean XSLT?
Can we import and export a function from a dll
.NET, ASIO, DSP - how to start?
XPath expression for parsing XML based on more than one values?
Styling a select element in Firefox
AreaChart in Android
PictureBox BackgroundImage property doesn't work
why ajax.actionlink not refresh the page?
Internet Explorer not rendering pages correctly because of a PHP class
Get class by name in Ruby
Programatically converting images to cartoon and oil paint images in android
Android NDK in Eclipse :: (Cannot run program 鈥渘dk-build鈥� Unknown reason)
Stored procedure with optional parameters not showing null values for joined table
Image manipulation on Google App Engine
JavaScript: How to force a page reload on reset?
Validating and normalizing a partially ordered set
Why is .next() method not working here, jQuery?
Hibernate context initialization error when running Maven Test
Understanding return with FOREACH Loop
Send email with an avatar [closed]
CakePHP 2.0 - How to make custom error pages?
Unregistering a callback registered via register_callback()?
asp:dropdownlist is null on page_load
Can I commit a file with git, but automatically ignore it when doing a git svn dcommit?
How to check if LDAP user exists/active?
Importing Python module error
Retrieving a visitor's browser/version and storing it in the database
Sticky footer with absolutely positioned page
Automatic getters/setters
losing precision in google maps GeoPoint class
Script a new powershell window with powershell?
How to speed up my mongodb test?
how to calculate the period of a Lissajous curve
Neo4j - Out of memory - Cypher REST API
Overloading generic type parameters disallowed?
jQuery change html on clone
Primefaces Panels inside OrderList
jQuery Mobile: Dynamic content not loading when I return to a page
JSONP request successful, but returns no data
Access RGB of each pixels in bitmap using C Win32
how can I access a .java file from another project and package? [closed]
Is using assert_select correct for RSpec controller tests?
How do I make calls to a REST api using c#?
鈥淐lassCastException: $Proxy0 cannot be cast鈥�error while creating simple RMI application
Open file relative to chromium.exe
鈥淯nable to load class鈥�when starting Tomcat 7 web application
WebView Cant get onClick event
Boost.Python custom exception class
How to calculate distance between two coordinates (without floats)?
How to delete user accounts in
Use DirectWrite from a C# XAML Metro-style app
Doctrine 2 - NativQuery with UNION
How do I prevent an invalid soap:address in a generated WSDL?
poi HSSFCell not found exception in Spring Framework
Python - Decorating a Class Method to test Class Attributes
PHP/MySQL: Saving values to database
How can one scrape a web page with jQuery and XPath?
CSS - How to make position:absolute work not on all 100% screens area
Hiding in the iOS keyboard when user clicks outside of a text box
Filter function
Make div 'fullscreen' onClick of a button?
displaying list of choices in a page using play framework
Composite pattern with bidirectional association between Component and Composite
How do you retrieve a value from a map that has a pair as a key?
How to add classes to a ultrawebgrid?
Iphone Phonegap links opening differently, why?
Play!/Morphia - Return MongoID as string (within json) / blobFieldsTracker Field
Add a cell to tableView in iPhone
jQuery UI & jQuery custom scroller math
How to get the sizes of the tables of a mysql database?
Exclude jar from war Maven 3
Does CNAME work at all for AppHarbor?
How can I recreate this query in ActiveRecord
Xdocument.Load is failing
jQuery UI DatePicker displaying wrong date
Sql Server Compact Edition 4.0 performance for website
A way to find the nearest prime number to an unsigned long integer ( 32 bits wide ) in C?
How to execute interactive shell program on a remote host from ruby
How to export Chinese characters encoded UTF-8 from MySql to SQL correctly
c# Regex 0-9 and dash
GridView Loaded via backgroundworker doesn't display selecteditem
Please help me on join query?
What is the fastest and most accurate way to check if a website/URL exists.. Curl or PHP?
Display and Data Value of percentage
Add custom items at header menu in ActiveAdmin
Parsing blank XML tags with LXML and Python
nested weight in linear layout
How to display a popup message after completing the Ajax.actionlink call in mvc application
How to read a .csv file containing apostrophes into R?
Reverse DOM traversing with JavaScript
need to search for values in each string of an array to construct another array
Add looping scroll to my carousel in Prototype-UI
Validation errors display of every command in page header (Spring 3)
generic regexp using jquery variable to replace dot, colon or any other character
Restore traps without a temp file
Stop HTML text being highlighted
Solution to RESTful file uploading in JavaScript
Is it possible to override a function in C++ child class without using virtual keyword to the function in parent class which is abstract?
Set ejabberd as a xmpp proxy for Facebook Chat with X-FACEBOOK-PLATFORM
Google map and passive provider
Use Chrome portable to open a index.html file on the same USB stick for a homepage
Protecting a php when page loaded with jQuery's .load function
Mapping legacy tables and multiple hasMany associations
Explicit Return Type of Lambda
Unwanted whitespace after last <li> tag
JSR 303 Different rules on a object based on instances
How can I prevent copying of flyweight objects?
WakefulIntentService and Toast
How to recuperate the image of this rss feed ?
Count characters with TextWatcher fails on HTC longpress
JQuery + MVC 3: Client-Side Dynamic Data Binding to Html.DropDownList
List all files (with full paths) in a directory (and subdirectories), order by access time
Should I worry about Big Endianness or is it only a trivial aspect?
Why doesn't a XML attribute have a 鈥減arent鈥�in .NET?
iOS provisioning and keychain generation
Swipe Gesture with Two Fingers
How to create an ad hoc query for a database system mysql
Python3 CSV module and dictionary
Public properties from another class in
Does css border-shadow add to an element's size [duplicate]
OpenAL - alSourceQueueBuffers increases AL_BUFFERS_PROCESSED count?
Tinybrowser is not working in Chrome 17.x and FF 10.x
How do I set my 2nd datepicker one day ahead of the 1st?
stored procedure from Excel VBA issue
Does Android support Geo Fencing on Google maps and what is earliest platform that support Geo fencing?
Error occurred during initialization of VM java/lang/NoClassDefFoundError: java/lang/Object
exporting a project in rubymine
How can I show a parameter in sql string value
Adding Alt + Space shortcutin Eclipse
What iterative sub-solvers, besides bicg, can i use for solving Newton equation in MATLAB?
Detect infinite recursion?
Display bitmap images (.bmp) stored in database on web page
Converting XML to a dataset
Check all checkbox and store all selected items in a global variable
Search with data in two different systems?
JDO / Duplicate entry exception
cannot add a reference .NET
Facebook Like button in wordpress theme
Prevent SystemTray from auto hiding
facebook signed_request user_id missing
Filtering strings submitted to Entity Framework
jquery multiple lightboxes
How to determine if a dojo grid has finished loading?
How to create a UI in eclipse?
UISplitViewController's detail view suddently stopped being pushed up when keyboard appears
Maximum binary contents length over WCF/Http
Pattern for request-response flow with inner classes
Converting to utf-8 in java
Cannot create TEMP table in Android sqlite
request.html in local file gets status = 0
Malware Appearing in JS Files
In Selenium C#, how do enable logging/tracing for each command that gets sent to Selenium?
Can I use a caught exception to move in a circle around an array?
Calling Managed Bean Method From JavaScript
Inline editing with Rails gem 'best_in_place' - bug: new lines are lost after edit on textarea
In Lucene using FieldInvertState to identify how many times field has been added to document
How can I get this RegEx to work?
Can you use CSS to select and style a string inside a paragraph(s)?
Set up parameter not recognized from parse request
Check that projects have Warnings As Errors
Can I create an abstract base class UserContol so derived .ascx must implement certain controls?
How to add results of a SELECT to a table
Is DB_NAME() a deterministic function?
Does a JavaScript setTimeout function stop when page reloaded?
How to indent the title of a QDockWidget using my own style
Apache and MySQL not shutting down after Server2Go shutdown
Debugging stack trace
what is the convention in JSON for empty vs. null?
How to handle the back key from ConnectionSettingstask called directly from a secondary tile
nicedit WYSIWYH editor + character count
In a SectionStackSection, How can you change the position of the controls used in setControls(Canvas 鈥�?
Remove index.php from codeigniter in xamp
Filter a generic list based on a reflected value of its entries with linq
PHP How do I calculate relative time? [duplicate]
Possible Memory leak with NSDate in Struct
Local notification show uialertview while app in background
Installshield read .properties file
MVC Model Notifying View of changes
pass extra value manually using chagePage
GridView Sort using LINQ2SQL with multiple tables
set a block of pixels to a colour opencv
SQLAlchemy proper session handling in multi-thread applications
Frequent Timeout expired exception
Java axis1.X client change address
Trouble selecting programatically generated buttons with JQuery
How to create a listbox in HTML without allowing multiple selection?
reduce images size
Compiling SymbolicC++ - operator , is ambiguous
PropertyGrid mult. controls select, null exception on property set?
NSPredicate MATCHES anything but numbers
IIS basic auth and object permissions
How do i upload a icon to my app/xcode 4.2
align vertically image using CSS
java memory leak fixing
Adding Events Handlers to fullCalendar
QR codes in java [closed]
How do I to get the current cell position x and y in a DataGridView?
How to calculate binomial coefficents for large numbers
.Net & SQL Server 2005: preventing injection when querying against a list
Windows service gives error - System.Security.SecurityException
using str_ireplace to show a search phrase in some content, but I don't want to highlight HTML, e.g. email address
Adding a button to a Cell - Logic Issue
How long should a salt be to make it infeasible to attempt dictionary attacks?
JavaScript Increment Issue
Marshal an iterator of object using JAXB
How to run a single specific analyzer or filter in Elasticsearch?
Why am I not able to get an array from this query using PHP / MySQL and latitude / longitude?
Enable Properties, Security et al ZMI tabs in Plone 4
NSLog() to both console and file
Stuck on first attempt at Blackberry App
What can I use to get name string templating that goes beyond String.Format?
Get ID from foreach and route without some letters in CodeIgniter
Why are the structure fields coming empty?
Store symfony routes in database
Parsing Gigantic Log File in Python
How do you change the default windows in Netbeans?
Where Can I Find Key Events in LightSwitch?
Executing load test of a WCF service using JMeter
How to use item templates for dropdown lists in
Javascript not working on google chrome and smartphone browsers
Output parameter issue in sql server and c#
Ext Gwt setVisible results in disappearing fields
DOM/jQuery events propagation differences between input types
specifying a generic type parameter using a string
GWT exception 鈥淐annot Serialize鈥�when using Hibernate
Customize right click highlight on view-based NSTableView
Why put a generic type next to a function?
Find similar from text entered/selected
std::string and multiple concatenations
Behaviour of ImageView when scaled
Generate all combination of letters
Qt: Setting the IP
IOS splash shown while going in foreground from notification center
Is it possible to pass a org.teleal.cling.model.meta.Device class to another Activity in Android
Flash Builder components and loops
NullPointerException in onCreate() method while handling an event
How to make a C program interact with web browser? [closed]
jQuery stop append removing div
Win Mobile 6.5.3 Emulator cannot connect to Internet
Multi-language store- Changing custom menu's language dynamically
SWIG & Java Use of carrays.i and array_functions for C Array of Strings
Unable to install therubyracer-heroku gem for ruby on rails on windows?
Clusters V3 on google maps - javascript
nhibernate queryover how to select an alias column?
Python: the most effective way to assign unique integer id to a string?
Xcode (storyboards and segues): why delegates instead of references?
Codeigniter tutorial delete Post doesn't work
python - socket not receiving data
run whenever gem in mongrel development environment
How can I debug why simplest MySQL query returns false?
Python 2.X: Why Can't I Properly Handle Unicode?
No 鈥渢ryParseDouble鈥�in Java? [duplicate]
create var in a array
ExtJS Twitter timeline
How to hide modal pop up on browser back button
Django: custom content in admin form
Error from socket() call
鈥淭he installed version of Xcode (3.1.4) is too old鈥�error in port after installing Xcode 4.3
Replace of HTML Content using SQL UPDATE
In GWT is there a way to create a KeyPressEvent for the entire view instead of a single input element?
Magento Java Soap invalid XML response
MediaPlayer refusing to prepare on some phones [duplicate]
SQL - how to return multiple rows with one SQL query?
Can't get Heads to show with only one record
friends_likes permission bug? getting empty arrays
Issue in Push Notifications (APNS)
Overriding hashcode and equals in java
jQuery Mobile Show/Hide Form input based on select field
Android List View force close error on scrolling the listview
Annotation on MapKit pin not showing
php DataGrid Control
Calculate HItting Time between 2 nodes using NetworkX
Aptana Crashes on me Twice a Day
symfony doctrine concrete inheritance association
How to limit ForeignKey in django
How to make a JBoss ESB configurable in the admin console
SQL concat rows table2 into column table1
Postfix : how to redirect mail based on body? [closed]
Error when I try to make clone of HN in Windows 7: main: not defined
Is my use of the Vector2d class in an Asteroids game redundant?
How to set object variable from async callback
What happens when using IHTMLElement5/6 (for IE8/9) in IE6/7? Does it divert to IHTMLElement behaviour?
Using Jasmine to spy on variables in a function
bad base64 in android
Microchip PIC 16F787X: Is it possible to set fields with variables?
std::map standard allocator performance versus block allocator
ios internet doesn't work when sync app with iTunes
Get default strings on Android (DatePickerDialog title etc.)
How to decrease jqGrid date column width
Go: what determines the iteration order for map keys?
Struts: Accessing bean attributes from View
Error creating word application
Count records in Perl
Split array of characters into alphanumeric and non-alphanumeric ones
What should i do to get the co ordinates of touch using LongTouchListener
Out of 2 jQuery plugins I use in a form only 1 works
Rails 3 current_page unexpected behavior
Something is wrong with my javascript script with arrays
Launching Acrobat Reader 10.0 from C#: how to minimize?
PHP Last log in script [closed]
JavaCompiler, StandardJavaFileManager throws NPE
OnMouseOver Password Keypad help pls
Drawing line in
Recursive function: echo works, return doesn't
Deploying with Git/Github
Jquery UI Datepicker with EOM and MOM
C# analog type for ssize_t
XSD Derive Restrictions/Enumerations of Attribute
WSO2 governance registry and enterprise service bus (ESB) can be integrated?
Define a parameter for searching on days DATEADD / datediff - SQL server 2005
Conditional operator used in cout statement
Scala: Implictly convert a list
How to listen when a mouse moves out of the VGroup Container or TitleWindow
Pure CSS Accordion Issue
Oracle's Pro*C accessing from multiple threads
django many to many get attributes from other object
How can I retrieve an image path from another page using JS?
OnClick not working when i use both Onclick & OnClientClick
C# Storing and filtering a list containing an array of doubles
Ruby on Rails commands and conventions - what are they?
How to apply local styles / JS to UIWebview after loading a URL
Running Qt program without IDE
Send user to friend's profile within canvas app via automated URL in emails?
Running a cron every 30 seconds
J2ME nokia s40 out of memory exception
Microsoft Access 2010: Using data from a text box within an SQL update statement
Methods for Serialization never called
static date as start point into timer
How to count number of words spoken using any method (SR or otherwise)
How did you find Visual Studio 11 Beta?
Symfony2 what to do when deploying manually?
In struts tag have to test whether the string1 contains string2
Recommendations concerning Android App(s) [closed]
Anything similar to MBeans in .NET world?
Mysql - Order results by number of Id麓s in another table
Generate @WebService with Eclipse Annotation Processing
convert c++ code to c# in declaring an array
Debugging tool to compare parameters for MSVS?
how to read a Xml file and write into List<>?
Monodis under Windows 7
Open Source Video Conferencing Server
Preload images for jQuery Supersized?
How can I init a text field in a UIAlertView
Use of PHP cloud apps in .Net web framework
Cocoa: best way to disable all controls in a view
Get only the logged user's records in play framework
Documentation for DirectX 11 [closed]
Blocking default apps in android
Can we execute code after startActivity() before it gets paused?
Google Maps Overlay Offset
Is it possible to alter an anonymous type?
Executing 'sed' through 'spawn' into a expect script
Any reason to use a different JSF 2.0 implementaton other than Mojarra?
Does my ASP.NET cache store on server or browser
Classic ASP: I'm getting a type mismatch error when I shouldn't
How to pause flash application in browser?
Where is 鈥淒eveloper鈥�folder?
Benefits of declaring variable type through assignment in JavaScript
Emit Mapper Flattering and property name mismatch
Data frame of name against anova summary
Moving to Android from a .NET background - terminology analogies
Difference between ConcurrencyMode 鈥淪ingle鈥�鈥淢ultiple鈥�with InstanceContextMode 鈥淧erCall鈥�
How to disable Excel built-in RibbonButton?
Should a browser extension change the User-Agent header for requests it initiates?
Javascript DOM, get node text without losing spacing info
Ruby ActiveRecord 2 level join
how to stop a timer in a timer function?
TextureBrush Causes Memory Leak, Even If I Dispose It
Optimizing large data file reading in Java
Scala Lift - Get server root (disk)
Pulling value from alt tag - need it to change on click Jquery
Managing libraries with Eclipse and Tomcat
How to view the disassembly in Code::Blocks?
Delete existing code in salesforce before putting a new build
What are the possible drawbacks of using an HttpServletResponseWrapper
Accessing low-level registers of an embedded device using Python
best way to preserve numpy arrays on disk
An easy way to set up abbreviations with argh
How can i read mp3 tags c#, windows 8 metro ap
How to change the font color when using out.print(<text>) in JSP?
In C/C++ on linux, how do I create a prelocked mutex
C# Tree into Array (with arrays as childs)
How can I efficiently design a method where each condition is dependent on another condition?
cannot display UIImage one after one
MSSQL Full Text Search Setup
Why does Guid.NewGuid never produce a Guid that doesn't contain a 4?
Calling a function inside submit button
Turing completeness of lambda calculus?
Best way to determine if my app was updated
For each row in PLSQL check if exists a certain value, and if it doesn't exist, insert a record
Regex that splits a string into words
SVN: shows edits on a file with authorships
Why is parameter in contravariant position?
how to disable highlight for UIButton when the user click on
c# ASP.Net Dynamically populated DropDownList loses selected index on submit button
ImageIcon not being displayed
I added facebook like to my site and count increments, but it does not appear in activity feed
iphone - get tiles of the visible part of the map
How to Upload a file > 1 MB using GWT
MKMapView userLocation showing 0,0 in simulator?
Error on ifort environment variables set
Using R to analyze a group of checkboxes in a PDF form
Scrollbars appears on my page when jquery dialogs open
Java heap space: Hashmap, ArrayList
get black screen when switch view controller with XCode storyboard
How to ignore some tests on appharbor deploy
Why does a checkbox lose it's IsChecked binding after the user interacts with it?
Hibernate updates child entity with null and not removes, how to force it?
Chrome Extensions and Translations
JQM: add/remove icon to navbar dynamically
Styling dl and dt with CSS to mimic table-like presentation
Alternative to embedded Windows Media Player that can be embedded in Mono
Selectable UITableViewCells when UITableView is in editing mode
MySQL query using CONCAT
Reflect derived classes conditional
document.getElementByID(鈥� is null or not an object [closed]
Java Program: Not printing as it should using methods
Can the Albacore nuspec task resolve all dependencies automatically?
Java regex find variable name outside a string
Getting Online Users using Session Files
Powershell DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry -> setting the 鈥渕sExchHideFromAddressLists鈥�property
android pass object contains bitMap to another activity
can we list the software installed in the OS using JAVA
Show input and output while reading file and interpreting it
Alternative way to capture screenshots (using CG rather than CA)?
How to crop a Bitmap with a minimum usage of memory?
Resolving PKIX path building failed Error?
Android - Resizing and adding watermark to photo delivers poor quality image
App submission with XCode behind proxy
Xcode iOS: Convert int to NSString
Trapping quiet NaN
Property of length of regular language
Mobile website, using correct css file
Remove data from DGV and XML fileusing checkboxes
manually testing classes with testng and jdk1.4
Python - Unicode
Adding line breaks to a text/plain email
Image library for PHP that works with metadata, resizes and crops
Run ScrollTop with offset of element by ID
Divert A call To the Third User in Android?
Using Proc Report, how can you apply a format to the columns created from an Across variable?
Insert user defined node in the middle of xml file
VS2010 proj compiles but proj references are shown as broken and R# not working
What's behind the 'joins' method of Active Record?
put haml tags inside link_to helper
Working with TPL Using Embedded Tasks
How to use PHP date() to convert from YYYY-MM-YY to 鈥�1 January 2011鈥�in a function
Is it possible to set an environment variable in PHP and redirect via .htaccess based on that environment variable?
Ruby interpreter embed in C code
How to get location of matched tokens using pyparsing?
how to transfer date from php into js
C++ invert matrix
ruby hash to rails
Rails has_many :through with custom column
Parse Xml file for comparison
UIPopover is repositioned but in the wrong place
MPI on a multicore machine
Is there any good totuiral to facebook API and is it possible to get the friends list of the user in my site?
Different values of sizeof(datatype_pointer)/sizeof(datatype) for different datatypes, why?
How can I pause all jQuery animations?
Linked Tables and SQL SELECT Queries
setup table column width
how to add default value like 鈥淪elect鈥�in Ember.Select
Can I assume that Java enumerations auto-increment by 1?
DBPedia/Yago integration
Using glOrtho for scrolling game. Spaceship 鈥渟hudders鈥�
How do I fix this encoding error in the Python binary in my pygame project?
Filter Hibernate collection : LazyException when all elements are filtered out
Nested Task in .net 4.0
reStructuredText not respecting subheadings
Whats an efficent way to put multiple types of users in a db
Where should I specify what Facebook permissions to request in iOS app with the new enhanced auth dialog?
can i retrieve visitor's facebook friends when he likes my site?
Accept untrusted SSL server certificate with CFStream socket on iOS
Selenium Webdriver wait on element click?
Apache rewrite parses URL twice unexpectedly
How should I handle a template string in Xtext?
How to center table in prawn?
mod_rewrite mysterious subreq
How to parse a directory structure into dictionary?
jQuery Slider - Images seem jerky :/
Can't enable Migrations in Entity Framework 4.3
Inheritance and restrictions
Call method in a view controller which is a parent of the parent
Form validation
Force download of dataURI with correct filename?
Solr stats facet left out some values
Solr stats facet left out some values
Apply two different font styles to a TextView
Menu change from horizontal to vertical in IE
File attachment using virtual path in
Google Analytics - Failed to load resource:
I dont want console to appear when i run c++ program
Possibilities to speed up PHP-CLI script?
C Primer 5th - Task 14-6
PostgreSQL GROUP BY issue
Oledb data reader reading the deleted rows in an excel document
How to close / open console within C# using Win32 calls?
MySQL: Query for list of available options for SET
libgdx and motion actions
Send mail from gmail using SMTPMailer in flex AIR app
setting enviromental variables in netbeans
How to wait until the file is closed
How can I get the HTML generated with javascript?
Jenkins : Selenium GUI tests are not visible on Windows
How to ensure several Python processes access the data base one by one?
Complete action before starting next action
Locking to load data to cache
When I clean my solution then dll missing error comes in my app
Finding first appearance of text in Mercurial repository
Transpose a vector into the third dimension
execute javascript in robotframework with selenium2library
rename table with partitions in mysql
Android - How to set system Alarm Clock from my own app
How to serialize a C# class into Javascript on Response?
ASP.NET MVC 3: HTTP Post parameter allways null after deployment
jQuery append current div
Render yesod widget
Java Server Faces - import image
PHP: POST data is lost because of authentication server
how to get value from mysql table ordered by another table?
Accessing another collection in MongoDB's map reduce
Can you do a where find with a regular expression in rails?
fetching score per term in a specific field
How to programmatically hide a button within Android SDK using NFC
Tesseract script error
Is the function strcmpi in the C standard libary of ISO?
Does functional pointers not support instance types in C++
Why some developers encrypt ConnectionStrings?
lightbox no image just text?
Resharper is not analyzing code issues
Using WebKit for a desktop application [closed]
Can't update Eclipse
How to empty specific char array positions
Dictionary of Enum Values as strings
Lucene Wildcard Search does nt seem to rewrite the query like it does for Fuzzy Search
Creating new AVPlayer while in background does not work?
Using MouseUp instead of AutoFocus as a solution for iPad or iPhone
Truly transparent gradient possible in Fireworks CS5?
NHibernate Cache PrevalenceProvider strange behavior
WinForms: Detect when cursor enters/leaves the form or its controls
Ant copy task slower on 11.04 than 10.04
Allowing non-latin characters with regex [duplicate]
Custom control can only be instantiated once
What is the bes utility/library/strategy with Python to copy files across multiple computers?
Can't use vba flex grid msflxgrd.ocx in ms-access
How to secure KDB/Q web interface
How to create a buttons group with one button having dropdown menu?
ParseHTML in firefox addon using parseFragment
Lisp Coin Toss Heads sequence
Photo Uploading not working for the last two days
Is .NET BinaryReader always little-endian, even on big-endian systems?
Resource id #6 error in PHP with MySQL
How do I change the color of the sea in google maps v3
Javascript underscore library copy by reference issue
How to figure out extension points of eclipse plugins?
XSockets IE, Flash web socket - [WebSocket] digest doesn't match error
How to define Empty Char in Delphi
Java final abstract class
Good Open Source Examples of NodeJS Applications? [closed]
How to inherit a local java project to a playN project(HTML version)? [closed]
Where did the Datagrid go in Silverlight 5?
Animating to a specific color using ExtJS
Rails with unixODBC and SQL Server 2000 and FreeBSD
How to make sure that files on the server are not overwritten with files of the same name
kml file coordinates with altitude 0
Add Deployable Assemblies option missing from Visual Studio 2010
node.js JSON/REST framework for a single-page application
SELECT TOP record for each year
Regex - How to replace period in file name with an underscore
Fetching json data from password protected url using php and curl
css elements could not get same height
How to reset the billing address of a quote object?
Upload contents of an entire folder using plupload
Storing a JSON response from an API to a CSV file
Jquery ajax request with async:true does not return value
Visual Studio: edit xaml while debugging (without stopping debugging)
Get Radio Button Value with Javascript
How do I get the QDrag hotspot value in the dropEvent function?
needs overload operator< and null check
Linking installed apps to android market
When should I store a function into a variable?
Where find xml styles for Notepad++ [closed]
UI control with grouping
Relative views in view-states within a flow that is loaded from a jar-file
Concrete5 Custom Content Types (Blocks)
How i can open a special file? [closed]
Cannot add role=鈥渘avigation鈥�to wp_nav_menu()
How to create a layout containing a textview with buttons on either side
How to always show scroll bar in a listbox in wp7
SIGSEGV; missing file; when running program using sscanf
Can I use 鈥�鈥�in POST parameter names, generated by Flash?
鈥渟idebar鈥�seems to be attached to 鈥渕ain,鈥�but i'm unsure how/how to undo
How to disable creation of Document root
Submitting Code Snippets via a Form
Need jQueryUI Autocomplete To Select Only Suggested Values
Greasemonkey debugging, get real line numbers
Best way to recursively find all files (REST API)
Xcode 4.3.1: Unable to open documents of type iPad XIB
Retriving child nodes in the Content tree from another Hive provider
seperated semicolon in fields splid and each
Implementing delegation
Mathematica undocumented Dynamic solution needed
Two processes sharing the same heap
Accessing google api's with Sencha 2
How to secure WCF service which an Android app will use?
WrappingText in stackpanel
How can I navigate the call stack in Visual Studio using just the keyboard?
Jar utility for the Java package org.apache.poi.hssf.usermodel.*
Strategy to retrieve the current user
How to make a webview content invisible?
Hibernate 2nd level cache + Ehcache issue when trying to get data (List of object) from cache memory
How to get an array from NSMutableData
How to specify the QFileDialog::getExistingDirectory() method?
Returning an element with a specific attribute JDOM
Printing out a char[]
How to use the timer in Java to run a Job for a specific amount of time?
how to group xml elemets using xslt
How can I determinate invoke of keyboard in Windows Phone
H.264 over RTP - Identify SPS and PPS Frames
Rewrite Rule to Rewrite All EXCEPT File Extension
Is it Possible to Perform Addition in a Regex?
Axes background color not rendering properly when exporting videos
jQuery fadeOut when the mouse is not focused on an item or it's sibling
Androids AlarmManager wont trigger alarm
Empty element error with Beautiful Soup
Making my form field not required when uploading information using PHP & MYSQL
How to invoke some method in some time (500 millisecond ) in SilverLight
How to order HTML attributes alphabetically on Visual Studio automatically?
ASP.NET MVC Canvas App using Facebook C# SDK
Using Spring Data JPA with Spring 3.1.0
Maximum number of file downloading parallel through ASIHTTP Request
Parsing nested xml with lxml and Python
How to sort array by two names in javascript?
ios - checking for values in an array of dictionaries
including other templates
Custom View onDraw method is not getting called
Custom View onDraw method is not getting called
How to make sure that one android Activity resides in backstack only once
Python library which allows me to add text on top of images
Best way to handle hash reponse from soap
OpenCart Breadcrumb in header.tpl
Visual display Debuggers like DDD
How to use php array with sql IN operator? [closed]
Extract numerical values using regex
variables should get values randomly from mysql table and at the same time belong to same row
Getting LinkageError while deploying application in JBOSS5
Initializing container of unique_ptrs from initializer list fails with GCC 4.7
Apache directory listing
Different product image per category in Magento
Migradoc Coverpage Picture
C#, Linq2Sql, TransactionScope, 鈥淭ransaction has aborted.鈥� msdtc, sqlserver 2005
CFCalendarGetOrdinalityOfUnit gives unexpected value in iOS 5.0 (9A334)
Issue with WatchService in java 7
Define backing bean in one JSF app into another JSF app
Further Improve MySql Query Results Ordering
How can program a variable in my android application that causes appearance of a notification for each 10 minutes
aggregate function SUM for time values in MySQL
Alter table add column AFTER in derby database
Optimising writing StringBuilder's content to ServletResponse
What does the dot prefix in the cookie domain mean?
View word docs and PDF in browser?
Fast bucket implementation
How to add javascript functions to divs loaded externally?
Very sloe FPS on IceCream Sandiwch but Perfect on previous version
Firefox content script memory consumption
Filtering based on COUNT
trying insert a checkbox in a form of terms and condition
append two methods in flickr
How can I concatenate CSS files using @import?
Playing two video with axWindowsMediaPlayer
Linux: send whole message or none of it on TCP socket
jQuery events for newly created combox from html select
SQL Server trim function
Asynchronously reading and caching multiple files in nodejs
Overlapping video views in Android
R: aggregate by ID and find min Date and Time
Query a NTP server using C# won't respond
How to find which views are using a certain table in SQL Server (2008)?
Appcelerator Titanium json mysql tableview
PHP / MYSQL sql selection
Checkbox filtering in Magento admin grid
Max and min Dates
qt - network based location acquisition
Store Previous SelectedValue from selectOneListbox
How to create Cash Register Effect using Pure Javascript?
ODBC function for calendar week?
Redirect to App Store from iOS Application when name contains spaces?
What is Lift's state idiom?
How to implement customize list view for multiple screen size in android
ActiveMQ maven plugin configuration
Release memory OpenCV , right memory allocation/deallocation ( management ) on OpenCV structures in function
Java SNMP4J Trap application is freezing the GUI
How to find array items which is not in other array
Possible performance enhancement for AbstractStringBuilder
Performance When Extending Classes, Composition vs Polymorphism
Smarty html_image vertical align image
C++ socket design
Database connection leak when terminating (Not stopping) tomcat on eclipse
Postgres View / Function
pthread segmentation fault with linked lists - beginner
Ruby Object#send vs. negated equal
execute function IF criteria is met - wordpress
UINavigationBar with a 'Back' button. Create with XIB
reset fieldset values in backbone.js
How to configure VM/Emacs to autocomplete FCC field when pressing Tab? [closed]
Conditionally redirecting output in ant exec task
Python regular expression with codons
Reflection to add css class to body tag c#
Should I move my solution to Orchard CMS or add everything manually?
No route matches {:locale=>:en, :action=>鈥渆mail鈥� :controller=>鈥済ames鈥潁
DDD and ticking data as an input
Detect the vein pattern in leaves?
Schedule at 24hrs interval
Windows Semaphore and QSystemSemaphore
How to clear individual file inputs?
focus nth item on Jquery Mobile listview
Converting varchar column to date column in Oracle
Create Roles and Manage Users in terms of Roles in a WPF app
Condition in 鈥渋f鈥�ignored in 鈥渇or鈥�loop
how to maintain session in whole app till the user log-out in android?
How to make the background black in Blackberry?
Why does element.getAttribute(鈥渟tyle鈥� ignore everything after the colon 鈥�鈥�character? Returning part of the value only
Not able to DataBound the `Style` attribute in GridView
Get dominating color of a specific area in an image: Color Query for Web Page Elements
URL cache-busting parameters with RequireJS?
Inserting $variable or $_POST value into mysql table
LESS mixins with multiple arguments
Does it make sense to write an offline mobile web app in html5?
i cant able to add on touch event in my livewallpaper
Android one PNG screen image with EditTexts located on screen
How to change background color of object choice field in blackberry?
symfony2: trying to update the entities using 鈥渄octrine:generate:entities鈥�
and another Nginx redirect rewrite syntax q
ASP.NET MVC invoking webservice through AjaxOptions.Url
How to get the cvs change list for a new file
Silverlight CheckBox
Jquery Mobile - Getting an ajax result issue
What is wrong in Facebook Credits implementation
JBOSS 5 LOG4J ExceptionInInitializerError
left/right join
Reduce loading time of heavy images in html5
Static Utility Class in spring 3 application
Call an operation that was dynamically added to the service contract
how to make left right activity slider?
Django, userfriendly way to order objects in filter_horizontal widget in admin
Java - ArrayList set using Rectangle2D.Double
Managing Groups in iReport
How to find indication of a Validation error (required=鈥渢rue鈥� while doing ajax command
Mobilejquery calling the function 2 times, while click
Application first time launch doubts [closed]
Python, is this a bug, append to a list within a tuple results in None?
Verify TFS installation
taking timestamp from resultSet
Using Rails and HAML to output objects in pairs
Detecting changes in iCal files
autocapture values from a textbox based on some characters
JSONP function call issue
clean directory with whenever gem
scrollView with Memory Management in iOS which is very strange caused EXC_BAD_ACCESS
rails ajax render outputs a screen full of javascript
Entilements not matching provisioning
Assembly - JG/JNLE/JL/JNGE after CMP
issue using smart gwt 3.0 with minor changes to a sample from showcase
Network is not working on Android emulator
Trying to get the information of session WebFlow Spring
Why does my ServiceStack service throw an exception?
JPA Map ManyToOne Relation with IdClass - persistence.ArgumentException
Can I use setModalPresentationStyle on iPhone?
d language thread
MySQL - if exist update but otherwise DON'T insert - how to do best in Trigger
First Major Deployment
What is a good delay duration for a submenu to appear?
BlackBerry - BrowserField custom sized to be smaller than default
Eclipse Upgrade Not Working
ApacheBench Results from another system on the network for nginx, php-fpm
Gzip compression setting for with jquery post
How to convert Boolean values to Yes or No in Extjs Combobox
How to hide a link for 10 sec on a Facebook tab
UIScrollView to display several UIViews with paging
avoid rows with null value from the result
published symfony2.0 project on Aruba(italian hosting)
ViewPager is trying to recreate a Fragment from bad data
How to search for embedded files during runtime C#
Create Ember View from a jQuery object
How to compare two`List<MyObject1> with List<MyObject2>`?
Simulate frameset using iframes
Whats the reverse function of x XOR (x/2)?
Achieving a recessed container effect with CSS3 Box-shadow
VTK object coloring by Data Array support in XTK?
List containing Dictionary Containing List
Overlay images in gxt Tree Panel
How to create web deployment alone package using TFS
Windows Vista Sidebar Equivalent
jQuery IF statement based on browser width and a div's height
How to delete the data while re-install the app
sql query : double record for joins 鈥�can;t figure it out
Adjustment of Border in CSS
How can I display a message through multiple sessions? JSF 2.1 & Primefaces 3.1
GMMGeoTileImageData error with MapKit
Automatic migration between different Persistent backends
AVCapture loses ability to set focus when using ZBar SDK
How to clear File Input
need help on xslt transformations regarding the namespaces
Creating a point cloud from an image using OpenGL and Qt [closed]
How to load an accelerators map from a file using GTK3 in Vala?
Generate a pdf from opengles context in iphone/ipad
Magento, sort by YES/NO attribute
Gearman jobs are passed to more than one worker (PHP)
Posting .net MVC 3 FromsCollection from other domain with jquery ajax
how to import data from csv file to mysql table?
How to create left joins without repetition of rows on the left side
Designing a ListView like Samsung's contacts view
Problems reading from SDCARD with getExternalStorageDirectory(), /mnt/sdcard/magazine/lowres/1.jpg
Getting information about DataRelations in a DataSet
How does features manage content type field changes?
Automatically read xml into Datagridview onClick of TabControl
SQL Server 鈥淚ndex Usage Statistics鈥�report causes 鈥渋ncorrect syntax near ')'鈥�
Want result with out using subquery?
How to align two divs side by side in center?
How do you query the EclipseLink version at runtime (plus JPA meta data)?
WCF - Visual Studio Won't Generate SVC file
Application crashes when lots of images are displayed
Code Sign error: The default keychain doesn't have an identity matching the profile 'submitsearch' and identity 'iPhone Developer
javascript inside java/jsp code
User-defined scaling in gnuplot for y axis (equivalent to set logscale y)
How to check input tag have only tag(<br/>) inside as value using jQuery
Validating fields that aren't in the model/controller in Rails
How to keep only necessary workbook in excel using powershell?
rendering a html.erb in rails with javascript
Get history of a Deleted File from SVN using SVNKit
adding Hyperlink in win app
Error 0xE803FFE while installing app on iPhone through iTunes
CSS- link to an icon visible on hover
Wrapper a class(Native c++) using managed C++, how to do about the native struct?
How to add EditText on spinner popup in android?
Connecting across missing values with geom_line
Prefixing the pathauto structure with a country code
client not handshaken client should reconnect, in cluster
Login Form trouble
How to combine GROUP BY and ROW_NUMBER?
$.post not working when element dropped
Check for section index titles from table view cell
Joomla Datepicker - Hiding Future date
Generate XML mapping of a recursive directory search
Google Cloud Storage in an android app
Building a search module UI in Swing which is similar to SO tagging
Android activity taking long time to load in 3.0 Emulator
postgresql trigger function - duplicates or missing data
AS3 - Silent sound recording length is different to audio recording
Turning expose_php OFF in php.ini
qsort on more than one item in a struct
progressDialog and wait for a signal
What's the use of ImageButton
Put email multiple folder in case of multiple recipients using procmail
Form On Error handling
Can I set the background color in a Firefox extension's popup notification?
TextBox Values on ReportViewer
In R, how do I convert a field in a table from one type to another
Change the customer password field Magento
Excel VBA : Get hwnd value of a CommandButton
How native process can communicate to chrome extension (lastpass do this)
Is it possible to call other class instance within ability in CanCan?
Distributed Map configured programmatically, is not visible on the other node in the cluster(checked through Hazelcast cmd prompt)
how can I untrack files in a branch that is not my current branch
ios 5 uiwebview shadows
get custom field value using Grocery CRUD CodeIgniter
Preload layout with Ruby on Rails
Why datepicker doesn't display in my MVC 3 Website?
Wordpress term_exist not echo'ing anything?
MySQL LineString intersections with Linestring or Polygon
How can I reopen STDIN <> in perl?
Difference in between mysql_num_rows and mysql_affected_rows
Single EJB responsible for logic and many clients
Returning a bool and rethrowing an exception
Topological Sort on Neo4j
ios MediaPlayer video small window not working
How do I see exactly what characters are in a string?
Building a VS2010 project consumes extra resources
Hide Checkbox and Label based on Label text
jQuery slideshow with separate div containing image specific text
Symfony2, Twig JSON templates vs json_encode: what's right for this situation [closed]
Simple php if !empty-function
how to expose a c# class as a com objects interface?
IIS7.5 MS Access Authentication
Copy table from postgres to local
Background image of a li under the background image of the ul
Japanese characters in file appearing garbled after changing Formats (Region & Langauge) in Windows English OS to Japanese (Java application)
android threading with activity;
JSF2+AJAX: Keep Scrollbar position, plain mojarra
Accessing global variables in Firefox extensions
Several collection formats for the same table in Hive
How to create a proper 503 Maintenance page in MVC?
glOrtho OpenGL es 2.0 variant how fix blank screen?
should core data code must be embedded into viewController code
Multiple files as arguments to make. Is my approach ok?
Caching Bitmaps - Checking current VM Budget
SQL MIN Function with where clause
Handle or not to handle null parameters with exceptions
Error in JUnit testing of service
Discover the character encoding from byte
How do I insert a JPanel inside a JLabel?
Running a unicode batch file in windows 7, python 2.x
TPL How to Perform a 'Call-Back'
How to skip a statement execution from the second time if I call the same page again in PHP
How to upgrade Android Application
Difference between extracting and packaging libraries into a jar file
Filter datagridview deadline row between 2 datetimepickers
How to clone table in db2?
Implementing If-Match HTTP Header in Spring