JSf request scope in simple blog
Best database software in a standalone program in flash?
How to trace per-file IO operations in Linux?
How to make change on the video stream in real time ?
UIImage and NSCoding iOS 5.1
Android Socket Error when run on AVD
Android: Error when many package use R.java
Is there conflict between bucket policies and signed urls?
iphone:How to redo/undo while drawing through free hand
Can someone explain the process of multi-precision multiplication in assembly?
How to open a socket from an android phone without getting a SocketException run time error?
How can a class identify its own objects in C#
How can i create a JS Object that I can call any method on?
PHP Image not displaying when accessed through controller
Right aligned background image does not follow body min-width
Dump MySql Db by daterange
JAXB difference between @XmlSchemaType(name=鈥渘ormalizedString鈥� and @XmlJavaTypeAdapter(NormalizedStringAdapter.class)
MySQL Nested Select Referencing Outside Table?
Strange django media deployment issue
How to find wather SharePoint Foundation 2010 Sp1 and CU June 2011 are installed in the windows 2008 server R2
how to sort and arrange a text file in java to group lines
How do I update the Solr version in grails-solr-plugin without affecting the plugin?
How to calculate an angle from points?
theos complains <dispatch/dispatch.h> could not be found on iPhone
MSIE is making my slidejs code look horrible
theos complains <dispatch/dispatch.h> could not be found on iPhone
MSIE is making my slidejs code look horrible
Disable Border Around System Image Located UINavigationBarItem
Uninstall MySQL completely from Ubuntu [closed]
C# Bitmap object, color appearing as transparent
What is the solution of making dynamic subdomain like links
ValueChangeEvent getOldValue() is null
How to use TIME datatype in SQL Server 2008 and C#?
How to Implement UIProgressView in iphone sdk
How can I know the format of a UIImage? (IOS)
Confused about multi-threading in a loop for C# [duplicate]
Search the SP's with the Keyword
Break up large dropdownlist to avoid having a huge function
How to retrieve value from a select box? [duplicate]
imports at global level or at function level
Converting a free source control to CM Synergy
Return all Records from Table with AJAX
capability of redis in handling 'N' no of connections?
Difference between offset and an RVA
are these rewrite rules correct to archive following things?
PHP Redirect Within website
Why is this bar button black and not clear?
java stacktrace show a blocked thread without information about what is blocking it
Sencha touch 1.1 or 2
DropDown TypeMOde on select value Change from Database
Leakage of java.exe processes
NPE when post image along with text caption via facebook SDK
Send image file in to web server
inorder traversal in BST
AppEngine installation problems
Loading Image in GWT
Automatic HEq instances for members of an HList
Is it possible to enable debug for a Java process after it is started without debug [duplicate]
Python, Postgres and Ajax/ Jquery update page realtime with databse values
How to save all intermediate files when building Android?
Launching multiple custom urls in the main thread
C# (.net) web service to send data periodically
Apache rewrite rule to lighttpd
Putting variable declarations in a separate function in C
Setting the data dir dynamically in solr
php sprintf not working as expected
Can't extract Elements (by Element name AND attribute)
Converting transparent pngs Crashes SDL/OpenGL
How to insert SharePoint metadata(Picture) into your Word document?
How to manage CloudFoundry / Micro Cloud Database
Removing Duplicates from an Array using C
Is webworker itself multi-thread?
regarding javafx?
MSVS 2010 Team explorer vs TFS 2012 Beta
PasswordDeriveBytes (System.Security.Cryptography) fails if disposed
Use excel formula result in java jxl api
How to Launch Metro app in windows 8 from IE using javascript
can't assign onclick event inside a custom dojo widget
pthread race condition, suspicious behaviour
how to create a user in oracle using SQL*PLUS by running a script from txt file that will prompt me for 2 parameters (username, password)
nose plugin for expected-failures
Hibernate Many to one in cascade delete
Anchor tag with image moves on browser page resize
Issue with expect module in perl
Running a package from memory with out saving it
CTE performace in ActionFilter Attribute
What is composite baseline in UCM and when it will be used?
Testing apn_sender gem with APN.notify()
Stack multiple columns into two colums in pairs of two
Assigning Javascript array value to Json Object for CanvasXpress
FlowDocumentPageViewer jumps be default to the last page
Datarow to CSV line C#
Error: unrecognized/unsupported device tree compatible list
Retrieve Web Server Request URL in Application Server
How can I append these entries to the list?
How to differentiate 2 IDs with simmilar letters
JQuery tab and JScrollPane combination is not working properly
Rails link-to custom action fail to work
App Updates, converting old DB data to new DB
ComboBox does not reflect its ItemsCount
c# wcf duplex communication
Algorithm to Decompose Complex Polygons
Address of entry point
Dynamic attribute as key for posting a JSON using Restkit in iOS
How to properly apply WinJS.Binding.Template ListView GridLayout CSS?
Is it possible to use a scope as source for association with simple_form?
Divs Versus Tables with respect to performance
Cannot stop ant from generating compiler warnings
how can I send a message to a form using a dll?
jQuery Mobile themes no longer working?
Pre-populate model value on MVC3 page
How to validate a column in a jtable that can accepts only mobile numbers?
Windows native script to change text file based on line and column number
1 to 1 relationship core data iOS
Need to display an image recieved through socket in android
Allocate an Array of 999999999 cells , C++
jquery mobile prevent page change depending on calling page
ASP Vbscript runtime error: Object doesn't support this property or method
Using NHibernate 3 linq provider with NHibernate spatial
bug in checkbox disabled
Google Map does not detect bounds changed upon resize dynamically
Layout Background gets 鈥渉ighligted鈥�(blue) while keyboard is visible
accessing HashMap data from a nested HashMap
Amazon SES: The request was aborted: The request was canceled
After Committing UltraGrid-Row To DataBase, rows sometimes get deleted
How am I supposed to choose the location of config files in maven project
Address of (&) gives compiler generated address or loader generated address?
Uploading only fresh entries of managed object context to sever data base in ios
TexBox, Uri & Classes
django.core.management not found on heroku push
How do I replace DataTable in a DataSet so that DataGridView shows the new DataTable contents?
Is this a flaw in Groovy's implementation of Singleton pattern?
Multiple pitch detection: FFT or other?
Does retina screen increase the computing
Standalone app to get, build, analyze and report metrics on TFS code
Django Template Test Coverage
gwt graphics and gwt beginner- unable to display a raster image on screen
form should not appear after the 30 button_click [closed]
set a SQL trigger to take over from my update statment
c++: Using string.erase on a char*
Assign to <xsl:variable> after thedecleration
Dynamically change form based on value selected in combobox in Ruby on Rails
Why does this JavaScript code conflict alongside other JavaScript plugins?
maxLength attribute of numberfield in sencha touch
How to run custom executable with elevated privileges?
is application cache storage space is limited for each domain
Disabling a segment of a Descriptive Flex Field
css tricks to shorten my redundant code
how do i set a value for a hidden variable in symfony1.4
Rails find record with zero has_many records associated
How to redeclare a function inside another function?
javascript image into byte array
How to let Chinese char in text file shown correctly under Cygwin?
How to create a text file in unix server by running the java code in unix server?
COM+ Unspecified error , -2147467259
why HeapAlloc return buffer of size 0x1ff8? (tested on XP SP3)
Response of controller action in integration test is wrong (but model is right) (Grails)
Migrating flex 3 to flex 4.5 mobile development
Checkbox conditional validation in jQuery
How to make a shortcut for Console.WriteLine
cannot change <label> text color
Appearing a Notification for each specific Time android Application
get garmin gps coordinates into javascript variable
Hazelcast Run.bat stuck at 鈥淪tarting ..鈥�
Sencha touch chart - How to some text below a pie chart
I want to show facebook page status and comments on my website
Storing a number of 100 digits in C++ for basic arithmetic functions
Delphi stack overflow due to a cycle in event handling
AES Decryption not working
how to connect to ad-hoc network in android emulator in android4.0 platform?
Seeking date/time range picker VCL component
Finding the height of a binary search tree
android restoring webview during orientation change in tabhost tabs
Open iis from run but getting error in window xp
OpenGL textures: why does order matter?
for loop output
why object passing is necessry in python with class name
How best to store time ranges like Tuesday 10-11am?
form_for trying to access non-existent path_helper with subdomain
StaleObjectStateException: Row was updated or deleted by another transaction in JPA
Can I force CALayer to use setNeedsDisplayInRect: rather than setNeedsDisplay for custom property
evaluate string to modify data model in ruby
Why words are shuffled when I insert English words in any Arabic/Urdu/Persian text on Notepad or MS Word?
Why is dlopen() failing when trying to load the Java VM library on 64-bit OS X?
How to change a value from AlertDialog?
MySQL returns string with ' '
Why doesn't Django template language allow something like a[ 0 ][ 1 ]?
Using ViewGroup and View on Android draw and make buttons using canvas
How to add custom tags to rich text field in SDL Tridion?
Scroll event firing too many times. I only want it to fire a maximum of, say, once per second
In WebView,the js function window.innerHeight just return 0?
Was asked to make a simple Windchill index table
View Won't Accept First Responder Status
Mongo fatal error
Lighttpd server.use-noatime
Run-time mocking in C?
Changing standard error color for geom_smooth
XMLize Stored procedure?
Background for popup is not displayed in Android
First differences filter
Checking hardware acceleration in the Transcoding sample application(Metro UI)
Is it possible to get the iOS 5.1 SDK for Xcode 4.2 on Snow Leopard?
how to print dict values based on key containing delimiters
Speech recognition in android? [duplicate]
Dll consumption in metro apps built using winJs
Single sign on from SharePoint to another asp.net web application
How can I serve an image from the blobstore to a python template in Google App Engine?
how to control ownership of files auto-pushed to a git target repo by commit hooks?
how to do git push simultaneously
How to stop on Enter Frame firing multiple times?
Jquery drag and drop with Table Cells and getting their position to save
How to Add to an Element, Creating it First If Needed
Node.js with V8 suitable for limited memory device?
How to know if any items in listview has been double-clicked?
Recursively scan directories in bash
RegEx: Look-behind to avoid odd number of consecutive backslashes
how to get the roots of x using newton raphson method in matlab [closed]
what does the set $(wc -l $title_file) mean in shell?
How to get parameters from XML and execute the list of exe?
Opacity for MapView and ItemizedOverlay
How to reference hello.bmp inside my .app?
Itunes fails to sync App
Rotate Bitmap and New location Android
MySQL Insert Incorrect CRC32 hash
export list value to pdf, xml, excel, text
Splitting an arbitrary range of numbers into rougly equal size partitions in C using OpenMP
Performance hitches of some sort in a return or parameter (Java)
Uncaught OAuthException: Error validating application
Using Linux kernel add_key and keyctl syscalls with group keyring
Running Eclipse with m2eclipse (maven) from flash drive
Twitter API Authenticate vs Authorize
Internal Server error while using Python OpenId with Google Authentication
C: strncpy more characters than allocated then printing鈥�unexpected output?
Relationship between JDBC sessions and Oracle processes
How to declare an instance of UIImageView as global?
Database not updating
running a T4 on adding a class
error when downloaded into android smartphone
ArgumentError in ActiveAdmin::Devise::SessionsController#create
Rspec+Rails: POST URL-parameter to controller
Cannot create KeySpace using Cassandra-CLI
How to add list with options in mobile flex 4.5
I have a few GUI's in MATLAB and I need to view them in different tabs
How to check permissions for a user or group in Sharepoint 2010 using C#?
Closing HTML viewer from my app
Deactivate Draw Controls when Panel is Closed
Map a Dictionary in Entity Framework Code First Approach
Pause play button
How to get HTML tag After rendering the html on webpage using java or javascript or xslt
GAE/J, PayPal request - NoClassDefFoundError for AuthorizationRequiredException
How to pass messages from one class to another through NSNotification
Python thread holds up the rest of the script
Unable to play Youtube stream via VideoView. How do I fix this?
Compile/ Catch an exception [closed]
Get a Monotouch.Dialog InputElement for a password field
Show LevelListDrawable on Notification Bar
How to set the title of a struts jquery dialog tag dynamically through jquery/java script?
what is the way to display multiple images at the same level?
What need to be done to implement 鈥渋mport 鈥�as 鈥︹� in java
wxWidgets and logging
Php multilingual website
What is wrong with this C# and XAML code?
Python function minimisation without derivative
What is the difference between FUNCALL and #'function-name in common lisp?
Upgrading php5.3.5 to 5.3.9 in wamp 2.1
Java Generics and Super Type Tokens
EXC_BAD_ACCESS on NSLog with no string formatting
iOS background application network access
Syntax Error ASP.NET [closed]
Displaying multiple images using their URLs to listview with JSON
Issue with Telerik Ribbon Bar
Getting the value of a textbox then parsing it
How do I get the previous <div> element text using jQuery()?
Group totals in a sql pivot table
Getting the value of a textbox then parsing it
How do I get the previous <div> element text using jQuery()?
Group totals in a sql pivot table
Bicubic interpolation using openCV
Django - Models FK/many2many relationships
Z3: models with Reals
jQuery: Slide toggle to the left
Lua table.getn() returns 0?
Aggregating Using Proc SQL
How to configure squid to be a Transparent proxy?
What is the maximum size of a stored value for PHP APC?
How to Disable/Restrict selection of year in DateTimepicker
Can I edit the aggregation without getting a new approval?
CrossThreading issue with BackgroundWorker and statusstrip update
Does message queue support Multi-thread?
How i can find DIR which is present in last in list
jQuery bind event does not work at all
How to use oAuth with ActionScript 3.0?
How can I get consistent program behavior when using floats?
Use a cookie value in a getJson call
Error in insert the value into database in asp.net ,c# of registration form
How to redirect all .aspx URLs to their NEW location on a subdomain
Does Hazelcast follow JSR-107
鈥淭imeout expired鈥�error, when executing view in SQL Server 2008
Wordpress Custom Post Loop - How to not print information from an Array that I don't need?
how to create basic posts/blog with nanoc and then have it in the feed
tools on Linux to read/dump MachO files?
How to prepend(?) number in text field with '0'?
Resizable Form C#
How can i resize the layout and scrollview according to screen resolution
Why load balance between multiple instances of an application on a single server?
JQuery $.getJSON not working in Spring MVC
Why there is no 鈥淗ome鈥�button in iPad simulator in iOS 5.1 SDK?
Parsing XML in GWT with XMLParser
Object not moving in the direction it's facing unless rotation is 0 or 180 degrees
Using Selected Output of C# Program to other C# Program
Detecting iPad 3 vs iPad 2 device? [duplicate]
Changing the text of a label in a view through viewbag
Security when exposing user information
Rearranging multidimensional array
Rails application, uploading a file to S3
How can I build other people's projects from github?
I got a Force close with my If statement
Crash in application shutdown- issue with atexit?
C/C++ implementation of matlab function fzero
New to Jetty- waiting for response data with continuations, ASYNCSTARTED exception
CORS Access-Control-Allow-Origin despite correct headers
Serialized Hash field and Simple Form
Twitter API - Python - 150 Request/Hour Even after authenticating
Unable to install the gem therubyracer
How to use LINQ select something contain string[]
Where do memory mapped I/O addreses come from?
iPad - How to get original size of image
How to display Tabs in MVC 3
Error while generating TFS 2010 build using defaultTemplate.xaml in getworkspace method
App is force closing when i run it? Unable to start activity
stop unauthorized file download in asp.net
tabs and page reloading
Field.length not working on a single checkbox
Just installed the news extension and it crashed my Magento
Converting User Input to Integer with Custom Error Message
Rounding in Sql Server 2008
Using InProc and Azure AppFabric Cache together
facebook php api multiple users one computer force logout
How does const pointer arguments optimized when calling functions?
Google Maps V3 Geolocation Rails 3 gem 'geocoder' addresses not correct
using & try/catch nesting
random placement of rectangles with no overlaps
How to grab users on the same page in a session and list them?
Google App Engine (Java) App stopped working (all versions)
Javascript SDK connect() function not working in chrome
UIKeyboardTypeDecimalPad with negative numbers
OWASP Application Security Verification Standard - V3 and using with JSF
Magento Sales Order tables
Pre-created Stream and 鈥渦sing鈥�block
Why do I get 鈥渃aller uid xxxxx is different than the authenticator's uid鈥�when accessing another app's account information?
specifying specific value options for sql column
underscore throttle + ensure last call
How do I add REQUEST values to an HTTP POST method using multipart to upload a file to a PHP server in Android?
connecting to Facebook via custom UI through using the xauth
Update Stops when Dialog Comes in AndEngine
Security issues in desktop app
Saving / Retrieving DBGrid column settings: Columns.LoadFromStream and Columns.SaveToStream
How to use Rails validates only if not a new user
Reduce Verbosity of (my) Linq List Sorting
Piping input into a c++ program to debug in Visual Studio
How to catch exceptions thrown in callbacks passed to jQuery?
Declaring a global variable to use in all activities
Matlab image analysis, trying to detect direction of movement
Making a button fixed on a changing DIV
Rename the output of CPack
how to avoid this duplicate code using templates in C++
Insert values into a new table with 鈥減osition in group鈥�column?
Functions called in incorrect sequence, or earlier call was unsuccessful
How to get the height of the emacs mode line?
Does iOS cache remote notifications for apps that are running in background?
Android market not showing my published apps? What to change in my app manifest to help filtering?
How to programmatically get the list of Trusted Publishers?
How to set icon of the line edit in a QCombobox widget without inserting the item into the list?
AbstractController::DoubleRenderError in TicketsController#update
Convert SQL Left Join to Linq
child object initialised to parent
Android Java Text to Speech Viewing Extra String Information
Check if a DLL is already registered
How to convert This Format to JSON Format in perl?
Google login and registration in asp.net application
socket.io slow response after using nginx
vim shortcut to open a file with current directory populated
What is the difference between unsigned long and unsigned long long?
Error show html form in all IE
How to restart Heroku worker using heroku gem
Can I get common parameters from parent constructor?
What is the convention for committing ugly code to a git repository?
Aes encryption in c++
How does Square Reader (squareup) device work via earphone jack in Android?
Why does Python's Decimal display some simple values as expontents and how can I prevent it?
Good reference for editing Qt .ui files?
Interpreting Multicore Performance Trace (Eclipse/Android)
PriorityBlockingQueue not blocking?
How to set Java environment path in Ubuntu
Knockout list binding with a checkbox and click handle
Socket.io and ajax request to php page
Code is reading proceeding string with specified one
WebView: libdispatch leaks in an ARC-enabled app
PHP Sessions across sub domains 2
What features do you put on all your main forms? [closed]
Delphi 6 TRadioGroup with custom TRadioButton controls in it?
PJSIP compilation for iphone simulator
鈥淐ould not find the main class鈥�error when running jar exported by Eclipse
How to provide permission for login in my android application if user has fb account
What does the colon (:) and dash (-) in a dpkg version number mean?
Unable to carry out action with buttons
Where can I find the template files for project item templates I've added via Extension Manager in VS2010?
trouble getting route to work in Rails
How can I make sure that app developed in xcode4.2 will support ios4 as well as ios5
float point mul (*10) with adds and shifts
Twig PHP: Incrementing and Subtracting A Value In A Foreach
Tumblr API - List a user's tumblogs? PHP
How to setup a header in a pivot (CrossTab) report (MS Report Designer)
Haskell: applying custom ordering to lists (to sort a list of lists)
split a large text (xyz) database into x equal parts
t and n in a String variable does not display in JOptionPane.showMessageDialog
variable resets upon frame
Spilt String using Unicode delimiter
Node.js with Forever on ubuntu
Wordpress PHP duplicating thumb
Import packages to a project
Connecting Sony Erisson Live With Walkman with eclipse
Excluding objects from child scopes in AdminConfig.list (wsadmin)
Is there a way to check if a variable is a whole number? C++
Connecting Sony Erisson Live With Walkman with eclipse
Excluding objects from child scopes in AdminConfig.list (wsadmin)
Is there a way to check if a variable is a whole number? C++
I need the year needs to be passed as a variable in the link so it can be grabbed via a get statement
haskell basic telnet network socket example 2
div scrollbar disappears when placed in showmodaldialog
Reordering div blocks with float
Invalid read of size 4
JS Error 鈥淥bject expected鈥�only on IE9
How can I use the PHP data returned to a jquery $.post() function?
Don't want google to index users in wordpress blog
Default GNU Linker Script name so VIM does Syntax Highlighting
Print a line after Thread.new exit in Ruby
How to pass a string as a function name in scheme ? [Dynamic construction of functions names in Scheme]
Database on a single server accessed by many servers. How do developers work around with this?
Fluid Player Does Not Work After Browser Re-Size
Cannot press button in iPhone simulator
Linux search and replace a complex string
iCloud daemon slow to upload changes that were done offline
Android - Detect app moving to background and foreground
Simple date format not formatting properly
Selecting row and return value to php/mysql
combobox search in html
API design in C++
iPhone sdk: Is it allowed having two ad banners in a uiview?
How to specify a relation on a complex type?
Run function when pthread exits
Printing hash value from a MD5 SOAP::Lite service
New to Android. Please Help Point Out Issues
Firefox cache in C#
Add a CSS border on hover without moving the element [duplicate]
MS paint like simple text editor to draw text on image in ASP.NET
need help converting and calculating distance
How do I separate jdbc.properties and my deployed JAR or WAR application file
python email get values for multiple headers of the same name
Avoid multiple outputs of same record in MySQL
window.open is not applying the given height parameter
How can android analyze realtime audio stream from mic锛�
Can redis pipeline multiple commands that depend on previous ones?
jQuery: .click() and execute function
Yootheme joomla template 2.5 remove content block in front page
Filtering data table for multiple values
Installing ActiveX control in 64bit IE
Apache camel onException and deadLetterChannel issue
php manual for eclipse
Sencha Touch chart - How to add label/value in column chart
Mathematically increase warmth of RGB color
ClassNotFoundException in Grails gwt module
Is it possible to avoid the native video players on mobile devices?
Can not start redis client
Is it possible to avoid the native video players on mobile devices?
Can not start redis client
How to align radio buttons while using an unordered list to style a form?
How does get line work?
use rspec factory Exception: undefined method delete for nil:NilClass
VoiceXML without Telephone
Horiztonal Scrolling Page
Using FANN library
Azure StorageClient connection management
WebSockets and a proxy
Using string from variable as property name for JSON in Javascript?
PHP/mySQL and Google Maps Geocoding
Drawing in Java using Canvas
understanding operator and bit shifts in c
Problems with Abstract Classes and Interfaces in Java [closed]
vb/c# method can easily add/delete/update recordes from datagridview and textbox control associated with databinding
dijit issue: none of the components getting rendered
Add number to rows based on identical values in selected columns
Java Buffered Image RescaleOp Transparency Issue
Set return value equal to variable objective-c
Find function in Form Code Module
android java eclipse AnimationDrawable Frame Animation
How to check an Android APP's back stack in real time?
Android - Incorrect data retrieved from item in listview
UPDATE a field in one table with the SUM of another
Check domain validity with wildcard resolver
tableless form layout that handles internationalization
how to ordering the JSONArray?
Android - Line when touching screen
Does the Facebook Graph API have a versioning scheme?
Self-Executing C program or Bash file
Porting iOS3 Code to iOS5: Trouble With Singletons
Get independent HTML from $.ajax()
How to get a touch event outside the view
Escaping Apostrophes from Word with Gsub
Compiling against 5.1 SDK forces new UIPopoverController 鈥渟lide in鈥�presentation of popovers 鈥�how to disable?
Using wildcards in sed
WARN Could not determine content-length of response body. Set content-length of the response or set Response#chunked = true [duplicate]
CSS Popup issue with IE6
How to console log in couchdb
Comparision of two datagrids in WPF and displaying mistmatches in different color
EF Code First: Defining foreign keys
awk script adjusting format
How do I set Windows Update to never check for updates with PowerShell?
Decoding incorrectly encoded characters
Protecting the sources of HTML5 game
OnClick event in Action Script3
Is it safe to store classified information in a session variable?
Tomcat deleting files when request finishes?
Can pony mode be used with django-html-mumamo-mode?
Using jQuery Ajax functions, sometimes my data is sent twice or three times
STL within embedded system with very limited memory
VsSolutionBuildManager: How to enable the build while debugging?
Readers & Writers Java Solution queries (conditional semaphore , Passing the Baton)
pointer to member function
How to serve static files in Django development
HTML5 pagination
Bayaux protocol implementation for Jquery
Using apache tomcat with wamp server
Issue Displaying Updated Webpage
Is there a way to get screenshot of the windows when it is locked using java?
Removed View, but sound is still playing
Prevent browser jump to top page when submit the form
Silverlight - Dynamic binding by visibility
extract valid IP from a field in oracle DB in C [closed]
How do I get rails amistad friendship gem to work?
PhoneGap app crashes with 鈥渦nrecognized selector鈥�error
Do all Android games use a single canvas?
Flash Error: SecurityError #2000
How to get the :selected form <option> when using .on()?
Anything Slider -jscript run time error-object not supported
Porting SSL application from Java to C#
Can I use 鈥渃hrome://thumb/鈥� or capturing thumbnail without using 鈥渃aptureVisibleTab鈥�
Deserializing json strongly typed list collection on windows phone 7
Facebook Like button Comment box, Empty comments
getting pascals to print in multiple rows
Extract/Convert WMF with C#
How do obtain the @@identity value after using SqlCeDataAdapter.Update ()
Changing a boolean in an NSMutableArray
Is it possible to wrap IMEs in Android?
using jquery .html to call function
UITextView in UIAlertview not working in iOS 4.x
`system()` interactive .exe/binary from R/Rgui
Model state not valid
textbox text not Updating while for each loop running
How to store css code in a php variable to be used with Javascript
Getting previous line in Bash after new command?
Sliding doesn't flow with floated elements
No named parameters in Ruby?
Add hover state for menu item with a little white bar
Iesi.Collections (nuget package) is not supported for .NET 2.0 ? Huh?
Building a swc in command line or ant
Facebook API Access Token Server Side
jquery - output array result in 10x10 div format
Android Listview displaying header when Overscrolled
locking global variables under the Threading module of python
How to prevent JQuery script from repeating in a custom infinite scroll script
Any solutions to interpolate MULTILINESTRING?
How to store public/private key in MS SQL Server?
Login, Logout, and Registration with Java Servlets
How can I redesign Magento toplinks?
IE9 SEC7111 Error when accessing a frame over https
Why are 2 Terminal windows opening with NSAppleScript?
Are there any Stackoverflow like sites for Joomla? [closed]
solr spatial bad performance
Hot keys to avoid
Guidance on simplifying the following diagram
DataGridTemplateColumn Custom Control
UIGestures translated to velocity
Condition is model relations
Need help parsing Flat XML with PHP
How can you tell programmatically if a Word Macro is signed from VB.Net/C#
How to concatenate SVG files lengthwise from linux command line?
formatting the date [duplicate]
Cannot use Zend_Debug::dump in ZF2..how do I?
Reading in existing file in Flex 4.6
Error: Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSUnknownKeyException', reason: '[<UIApplication 0x6887a30> setValue:forUndefinedKey:]
How to trigger an event on ImageCapture?
How to determine if mac SDK is *less* than
HTML5 multiple file downloader : looking for better option than single Zip via ZipOutputStream
How do I resize the window of screen?
Python Workflow Frameworks/Libraries
Pivot call API services
PHP+HTML Error; Displays PHP code instead of processing it
Storing Scripts Securely
Fire JavaScript from button inside GridView
Chrome doesn't recognize console.log when it's called log
Remove Last two bytes from the File or Ignore last two bytes of the file In C
How to Select - Update - Print with EF code First
Django - how to implement lock data
beginner: django progress bar jquery (not for multipart forms)
GeoDjango distance query weighted by rating
How to set hints in OpenGL ES 2?
How to scan for a port waiting for a connection on a network
Posting a comment
jQuery cycle plugin - Is there a way to know when pager is ready?
Creating composite foreign key constraint
delegate with devise user not working
select certain number of immediate siblings w/ jQuery
gdb wrong in a server program
Blackboard with Struts
How to resolve consistent segmentation faults with ruby 1.9.3-p125 on MacOS Lion in libsystem_kernel.dylib
Any change in zoom level causes all my markers to re-appear on my Google map
get touch event coordinates relative to the parent
how to set a dynamic URL to the XHR POST parameter?
Cakephp Missing Controller
Django template tag to determine 鈥渁鈥�or 鈥渁n鈥�
Gzip html files shows weird chars in chrome
Passing multiple parameters to Prism's EventAggregator
SVProgressHUD dismiss in viewWillDisappear OK?
Finding the Java Date of the next Monday 6:00, for example
Facebook says valid URL is not a valid URL
Why does my compiler not accept fork(), despite my inclusion of <unistd.h>?
Why would a developer include a parameter in a function that references the class it is used in?
Maven : mvn install results to Compilation failure
Layout with two TextViews
smtp server to use for sending email through java mail api
Android App Addons library projects? [closed]
string handling in bash
ImportError : in django in sphinx-python
No Twitter accounts yet on iOS Device
XML Serde for Hadoop/Hive
Integrating JBoss ESB Tools and Maven Integration for Eclipse (M2E)
Non-exhaustive patterns error with empty list
Android App Architecture to read and update databases
openMPI Master Node Setup Configuration
Which is faster: repeating styles or repeating selectors?
Generalized least square on large dataset
mysql self join
Pass array in querystring in Node.js
Spring3.0 Autowired null
Django south - how to abandon a mistaken (and broken) migration
Modal viewController presented from UITabBarController
Localization online for description (iTunes Connect)
Can't get canvas to draw fig in matplotlib
Function overloads and inherited types are not calling the correct overload
How to check dependencies of libraries against classes in java
What are some good ways to implement breadcrumbs on a Jekyll site?
Why is my ArrayList length 0 in my mouseClicked() function?
Accessing a UITableView when a UINavigationController gets in the way (in a UISplitViewController)
Play youtube video when clicking on a preview image, php and javascript
Can I get the data of a cross-site <img/> tag as a blob?
Any way to make 鈥淰alidate Project Settings鈥�warning go away in Xcode 4.3/4.3.1?
Template functions in C++? Maybe not the correct term
Merging two large data sets together
Set library path for JDK in Solaris
zero match display in group by
Reset Cache for Dapper
ITextSharp: Specify HTML Classes or ID CSS
How to detect a redirected URL?
VBA nested loops exiting early
Thumbnail image of PDF using ImageMagick and PHP
Bubble Sort Display
What is the preferred method for TCP/IP IPC in stackless Python?
Get HttpServletRequest in Jax Rs / Appfuse application?
CSS Rotate IE7 and 8
Android google maps 鈥淣oClassDefFound鈥�
ASP DropDownList not working for jquery mobile (Android Browser)
adaptive indentation in emacs? [duplicate]
How to resolve log dependency from postsharp aspect using dependency injection
adaptive indentation in emacs? [duplicate]
How to resolve log dependency from postsharp aspect using dependency injection
styles.xml error in eclipse library project for google downloader when app is preApi9
is this sort of SQL structuring (in a mysql database) efficient in a real world model?
What is time complexity of .NET List.sort()
Passing command line arguments to a PHP script
get an specific object from my arrayList(Java)
Creating multiple vectors
Objective-C - How to send a multiple parts message? [closed]
Sobel filter in C/C++ using OpenGL ES
Ubuntu 11.04: Running MARS simulator
Why are the margin settings not acting properly on my website?
CSS Spacing with Divs and Floats
mysql database optimization ( table_cache )
CUDA contexts, streams, and events on multiple GPUs
Upload and encrypt any file from google app engine
how to install django-sphinx-autodoc
how to declare UInt32 variable with global class access
Perl to Python regex help needed
android parsing json from URL
Android ICS MTP can sync only *.mpg format video files?
how to read image files and store it in memory(std::string) in c++?
resize png image using rmagick without losing quality
Trying to upgrade to rails 3.1 getting the error: method_missing': undefined method `action_mailer
Why is my service timing out?
Avoiding writing the same algorithm in multiple different languages
Ext JS 4: How to get clicked cell of grid using checkbox selection model?
Android - Facebook Cancels
Why is this legal (racket) scheme?
I want to make a text field editable only when a check box is selected in Netbeans
how to loop list of file names returned by find
where is jquery_rails javascript files located in rails 3.2?
How to determine if I am 鈥渙ff course鈥�on Android MapView
Haskell: Making packages available for a new GHC installation
Loop to keep adding spaces in string?
Very simple 1 input form value check
UIPageControl using Interface builder
How to use a relative path for a swc library in Flash Builder 4.6
What of these two multithrading layouts is better?
Magento - render phtml template file from layout update xml
Breakpoint Convergence in Fortune's Algorithm
Random background color from array - PHP
is the relational database and ADO.net scalable enough to work on huge application that have millions of users
php variable not working in a heredoc
How to create a variable name from the value of a string in Ruby on Rails?
Failed to install spring-dm 1.2.1 in Karaf 2.2.5
How to capture a response after $_POST in php?
How does this threadExample work?
Chrome: JavaScript window.open to be Save-able
How do I install Web deployment tool for VS 2010
python: get size of buffer
UISplitViewController is not rotating correctly
Mustache JavaScript: Looping Through Arrays of Objects Output
Matlab structure arrays treated as vectors
password and relogin fails
Rails 3 gem 'geocoder' search functionality and model design
What filepath to use with ffmpeg_php?
Default button in JFrame is not firing when the enter key is being pressed
Using Self Calling Anonymous Functions and $(document).ready
how can I find this matlab function named 鈥渟vmpredict.m鈥�
Web.Config Build Provider
Rails 3 autocomplete with JQuery - need to clean up my controller code
Merge rows with same id in .csv file with php
php header location wont work
php phpmailer always go to hotmail junk folder anyone can solve
Actionscript 3.0: In what ways can the Kernel interact with objects in my application?
dynamically allocated array of structs
Restrict Servlet access based on request origin with Jetty 6
Remove a flag from C++FLAGS in Makefile?
const_cast<int*> doesnt work. Why? [duplicate]
UNPIVOT how to add incremental row numbers per ID
Will Endianness be an issue for this type of binary IO operation?
Do div's Mess up Text Selection?
mysql update query on two tables
Squid Rotating Exit IPs with cache_peer
How to install a wordpress inside a rails on heroku
NSMutableDictionary KVO
Window hooks and applications
Why the touch listener does no work properly on general view but on button
Rangy - Module 'WrappedSelection' Not Supported
session_start() not working on browser
resources for .net programmer to learn Java EE [duplicate]
addEventListener not triggering when used in a chrome extension
Is there any file size limitation for sqlite files?
Setting the result of a function to a variable in twig
what's your utf-8 console setting when programming Google Go under Windows
libpcap format - packet header - incl_len / orig_len
Hide keyboard when hitting return key in IOS5
PHP Regular Expressions - Problems with period '.' character in preg_match
JQuery UI Resizable not working in IE
Loading next level with button click
play framework file missing needed by Diff
What is the difference between the two OO methodologies in javascript?
Not sure how to sort an ArrayList based on parts of Objects in that ArrayList (Java)
Haskell: Lists, Arrays, Vectors, Sequences
Multiple charts with the same X Axis
mutithreaded quick sort does not give answer as expected
Moving a Directory to a higher Directory in Java?
Creating a truth-table using intel assembly
create hyperlink from text
PHP Login to Members Area
SELECT COUNT and Undefined offset issue
Create Membership Profile MVC 3
Seer gem generating a javascript in output
How to identify form elements in an IFRAME
nullpointer exception when trying to read variables defined in an rest onsuccess method from button click method
Trying to grab an Image from a Wordpress Post
Dual-tone background for text in CSS
CONCAT with codeigniter
Use of circular linked list as the 鈥渇ree list鈥�v/s balanced binary search tree during dynamic storage allocation and deallocation
Store complete php object in mysql, mongo, or other database
reserved word NUMBER used as column name causing error with Cursor declaration
How do you stop people from going to a page that should be used as log in page?
Using jQuery to replace an element including all the HTML tags
鈥淏ackground-Image鈥�not working with 鈥渉eight:auto鈥�in CSS?
weirdest error on Mac OSx -printf even with
JBox2D Hangs On world.step()
Join table on itself without two queries
WCF Per Instance
Rails 3: After_create issue with acts_as_gmappable
git-svn produces different hashes on windows and osx
Basic maven issue- building a java/scala library
MongoDB updating fields in nested array
MS ACCESS 2007 Crashing when using Linked tables in SQL
how to modify packets using winpcap
What does this code demonstrating exceptions do?
Copy Xml element to another document in C#
Macros, clojure vs common lisp
Fade content in after page loads
Deploying on AppHarbor throwing Mixed Mode Assembly error
rpg as400 headings print 2x?
Why don't MOUSE_MOVE events get sent when the middle mouse button is pressed?
JDBC ResultSet Aggregate Functions
How to structure data for users based on date in a MySQL database
Setting a video to play as the background in Android
like's not appearing on facebook, button is working
Modifying PHP function to accept different types of arrays
How to detect the Retina Display in MonoTouch
slideDown a div with anchor click then go to link
Compiling application using new DLL but running using old DLL
What is the relationship between Perl PAR::Packer's pp, par.pl, parl scripts?
Random variates from fMultivar doesn't match density function
Clozure CL on Mac OS X: get rid of the GUI?
Fragment not readded on restart
Select element not working inside nested divs
regex - find specific string but not when present in certain sentence
the function on Model doesn't work well
Initializing member in Getter or Constructor
Reading a json encoded array in javascript
Solve linear system in Python without NumPy
Downloading an excel file using Spreadsheet gem in rails app
Combining two Google App Engine datastore results?
Restricting Django-Rest-Framework default CRUD operations to only GET and restricting POST, PUT and DELETE
persistence of member variables in an 鈥淎ctivity鈥�class
Non responsive submit_tag
Xcode 4.3 build directory different per configuration?
Map a one to many reference in Entity Framework as collection of ids instead of actual entity reference
Broken Code for popup
Is there a way to create a collection of identical strings in java with one statement?
Caching ajax results
Jumpy/incorrect looking spectrograph on iOS5
Delay script loading
linprog gives wrong solution?
Recover Dreamweaver Files
Calculate Business Days in Month with Javascript
Subquery works by itself, not in update statement
Seekbar in SlidingDrawer's handle
Out of HeapSpace with Matrix library
Passing pyplot points as arguments
Changing a Image source file using php
Flex(lexer) support for unicode
Is APC compatible with PHP 5.4 or PHP 5.5?
Android Simple HTTP Request?
What's wrong with this example ANTLR 3 Python grammer?
apache2 httpd configuration
jquery comment form validation errorPlacement ajax return
MonoTouch.Dialog search filter not working properly for MessageElement cells
Split a <td> table element into LEFT and RIGHT justified
How can I cancel and animation started with transitionFromView:toView:duration:options:completion?
what is a portable way in Ruby to check where STDIN will block if you attempt to read from it?
How to extract portions of joda Date time effectively?
Adding values to a C# array from a different class
IndexError message in Python using 'with' statement
Does the Maven Assembly Plugin (maven-assembly-plugin) support the EAR format?
define model association without the second model
Unified diff: What does @@ mean?
What's the latest and greatest alternative to Flash? [closed]
How to pass reverse geocoded adress back to a variable
How to dynamically return all functions in scope?
Creating memory efficient objects in Objective-C
Turn off context menu for Component applied by CnPack (design time)
Do universal binaries contain all the heavy ipad graphics in the App Bundle on the iPhone? What to do about it?
Model Binding MVC3 Razor, How do I change input name?
NetBeans - replace in textfiles under a subdirectory
ARM Neon Assembler - working with overflowing registers
iOS 5.1 with Xcode 4.2 and retina in iPad 3
Why is += valid temporaries in standard library?
How to actually see a Bitmap taken from an Android heap dump
How do I shift the hue of a LWJGL texture?
Explicit instantiation of operator>> overload
Git Workflows: Rebasing Published/Shared Branches
javascript JSON data access
How can I serve an index.jade?
Can I turn off SASS RGB -> Color Name
How do I load a local html file into Jsoup?
XSL - How do you capitalize first letter
Uncaught ReferenceError: Class is not defined?
How do I clone a gist using https:// instead of git://
placing legend below a raster plot and getting rid of the rectangle surrounding raster plot
Exposing POCOs as web service using IOC - alternatives for Spring.net's WebServiceExporter?
Could not open a connection to SQL Server from a window apps
How to enable unmanaged code debugging in metro
Synchronize two git ( or github ) repositories
Pay Dialog Error: This method isn't supported for this display type
Perl DBI insert and select
DbContext Unity does not call HttpContextLifetimeManager.RemoveValue() Bad thing?
Responsive Compile-and-Run Vim Mapping
about security settings of plone control panel
ITextSharp Parsing HTML with Images in it: It parses correctly but wont show images
How to prevent initialization of arrays of value types in C#?
If string does not contain any of list of strings in python
Apache RewriteRule to remove port on any domain name
JSF2 - javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException. Not working with methods
Delegate property gets unset?
Get file extension in OS X using Java
Use of resource-manager specific transaction demarcation API in EJB 3.x
Dynamic Arrays for Jquery Plugins
Java - Difference between throwing an Exception and catching and rethrowing Exception
iOS vice versa import workaround
getting value from javascript before page load event in asp.net
Any way around InnoDB autoincrementing on IGNORE?
Rename variables when typedef?
Count number of bookings between a set of specified dates
Restore state after returning from the Image Picker
how set curren_user_admin.id in model Post ??? I'm using ActiveAdmin + Cancan
How to accept comma-delimited list to build tags for model?
How do I change this jquery fade in then out to a cross fade?
Extjs 4.1b3 - update panel coordinates after resize
update Gallery/ListView item views from a timer
SQL: How to use the value of query as a field of another query?
float box with jquery not floating
Design upgrade to iPad 3 filenames
iphone timer plist file display
Incorrect Touch Event Offsets for Scrolled Page in iOS and Android
Telerik Radgrid Can we save a unique value against each column?
How to get value from XML string with Node.js
Cant change window size in Visual Studio?
Submit doesn't work on this form
Ways to work around the lack of package access specifiers?
Manipulating the monad stack
The type initializer for 'Microsoft.PointOfService.Management.Explorer' threw an exception. C# printing POS
ajax form, modify value with javascript function
ubuntu create partition block more than 4k
Check PHP variable type against a MYSQL data type
Actionscript 3.0: Why is it a good idea to detach the code for moving an object from the object itself (eg. Ball and the Ball Mind)
SAS XML mapping - with multiple XML files
When assigning memory dynamically in C for strings, do you count the 0 end of string char?
Using DLLs compiled with MinGW/GCC with Visual C++ project?
jQuery and Drupal behavior issue on document.ready
offset from top syntax
Secure Chat Application + GUI
SQL multiple select query with different field names?
How to extract closed caption transcript from YouTube video?
Access ASMX Script Service via HTTP GET
Thread Pool and Job Queue Architecture?
Collision Detection between an instance in motion and array does not work?
Silverlight - Validation of hidden fields & ValidationSummary
knockout 2.0 doesn't work in IE8
Phonegap LocalStorage - are filesystem permissions required
Is it safe to access parameters in objects passed through multiple dispatch queue blocks?
C# audio library (with simple effects, echos, reverb鈥�
Output two different kinds of sql tables on same form
Seeding a secure random number in java
External component has thrown an exception from third party assembly
Two-way databinding: Updating textbox not updating bound property
MySQL: Grabbing the latest ID from duplicate records within a table
Does any built in ARRAY function in VC++ 2010?
How to get selected item index in android listview? [duplicate]
Locate HTML Element when it does not have the runat=鈥渟erver鈥�attribute
Getting traverse over DOM objects
Making a while loop out of SQL queries
Inside a pydbg exit_hook (callback) how can I convert a stack value to a matching Python type?
comparing number of line written in csv to resultset row count
objective c XMLWriter
Collections in Spine.js
System.Net.Http: missing from namespace? (using .net 4.5)
Retaining value of a dropdown list from an autorefreshing page PHP
What is the proper way to retrieve string key/values from Redis using BookSleeve
Spacing out every 2 characters in a string?
javascript: sort an array a certain way with integers and characters
d3.js timely auto- update via setInterval with jQuery get(json, xml, text, whatever)
PowerManager.WakeLock inactive when power button pressed
PDO getting values
How to import QuartCore in iOS5/XCode 4.3?
Why is show 0001 not returning 鈥�001鈥�
Why does the program loop infinitely?
What is the best way to write specs for code that depends on environment variables?
Good way to serialize array in Java that is readable from Python?
Why does the lftp mirror command chmod files
Pyside/qtwebkit and jquery ajax - asynchronous communication
Create server root relative image path in Asp.Net MVC 3 with XSLT?
Trying to getElementById from Walmart.com
Deleting many-to-many relationship in Entity Framework throws error
Sideways conCATenate
Opening div with .show then load content into it with .load - jquery
datetime keeps updating when record is updated - need it to remain at original creation date
HTML5 Boilerplate + Twitter Bootstrap: print style issue
Specifying a Character Encoding for Javascript
destroy_all (Delete selected button) unresponsive for some users
Django model formset query generates extra object
Building an istringstream with a string temporary
Unable to install ggplot2 on Ubuntu 11.10
A field of zeroes
Select First Item in Dropdown List
how do you set the spinner text color?
Facebook website app in infinite loop when I remove the cookie: true param from FB.init
file read error
Preload images from a list, then initiate function
Retrieve data from threads
Facebook - Tagging Friends via Graph
realloc missunderstanding
ResultSet is closed. Why?
mvc3 DropDownFor not validating for nested property
Cute pdf writer and custom saving of the file
Kerberos authenticated MVC App inside an anonmyous access Site