Copy & modify Oracle record using %ROWTYPE
Can Tomcat tell mod_jk's load balancer to use another worker when overloaded? If so, how?
How to convert a Python datetime.datetime.utctime() to an Obj-C NSDate, and back again?
How to programmatically determine supportedRuntime in Powershell?
Make Button in Android to repeat process inside activity until counter reaches certain number
AssemblyResolve event fires when calling Assembly.Load(byte())
What is the proper way to use memset on a struct element?
JavaScript / jQuery setting a content to <div> not sticking after postback
How to add CoreData to exisiting Tab Based IOS project
mod_rewrite writing local routes
BeautifulSoup KeyError Issue
How to convert a string read from input to a list of lists in prolog
XHTML rendering timeline different from HTML in WebKit?
Code Access Security is preventing PInvoking Setup API calls
Operator overloading in C?
Spring MVC / @InitBinder is without effects
Multithreading not working as expected
Why use ETW over EventLog and vice versa?
Adding AJAX function to anchor behavior but Keeping href for SEO
Calculating Number of Columns that have no Null value
Prevent duplicate COUNT in SELECT query
After update, Glassfish 3.1.2-23 fails on startup. 3.1.1 works fine
GroupBy Query mysql
NSView outside of NSWindow
There is a way to *exact* resize on-the-fly an Image Object in Plone?
Convert MySQL query in to Entity Framework query syntax
mysql: how to truncate the length of a field
Getting a minimum number of results from fulltext search
Import CSV to SQL Table using BCP cmd utility
LAPACK efficiency and performance
regex for password
Out of place image in outlook 07/10
Login to a secure site from webview and pass a url to HttpUrlConnection to download - Error 403
Namespace's don't make sense to me
gcov with universal binaries
Receiving error when executing New-SPSite in PowerShell
run all tests marked @Ignore
Changing the Bar Colors in MS Candle Stick Chart
Wordpress theme not showing google ad in sidebar
How to update votes client side using WebForms
How to support both iPad and iPhone retina graphics in universal apps
how to use thin-specific cli options in rails server
How to process all the strings in an XmlDocument
Twitter API not displaying on mobile devices
Is there a way to covert latitude and longitude using php?
How can I find the names of all shares on a LAN without knowing any machine names using C#?
Mercurial hooks 鈥�pass information between hooks?
Fixed sidebar too tall for browser (bottom is getting cut off)
How to bind multiple events of the same type to a single element [duplicate]
How to identify the source of what is attempting to run
Transferring graphics between threads using semaphores and buffers in C#
How do you pass a variable with the method name to @selector()?
ios facebook api not fire fbLogin
Infinity in interest calculation?
Canceling a Deferred Promise in jQuery
accept multiple types for a parameter in scala
A simple comparison in utf8, wrong result?
Membership.GetUser(userName, isOnline) always Updates LastActivityDate
Entity Framework Code-First: 鈥淭he ObjectStateManager cannot track multiple objects with the same key.鈥�
Joda bounding dates for partial date
Understanding the ZMODEM protocol
My wordpress site was hacked, anyone tell what this code does?
Positing user current location
Python type() or __class__, == or is
Add extra class to last item in WP loop
jQuery Draggable containment issue, cannot drag elements outside parent div
{SOLVED} Null Cursor after moving Adapter to separate .java
CI's upload class isnt working?
Using a UIView as a button
FileWatcher - Delete and Shift + Delere not sending the same number of events
Identify intervals with certain values
database optimization: to use WordPress' built in tables or add my own?
get itemscontrol referencefrom item
How is different from
JSON fields unordered
Get link text of links when crawling a website using crawler4j
How to record sequential collections of records in MySQL
Convert stringized hex character to std::string ValidationSummary not shown after onChange event
How do you get the class of an underlying object in a Ruby enumerable?
Networklink Refresh Without Closing Infowindow
NodeJS and JBoss through SSL
JSF selectOneMenu tag error while using a list
ruby - cinch irc bot - everything after a word
one way SHA1 hash javascript implementation?
ASP MVC4 Finding appropriate method in controllers with the same name in different areas
How do I get a new reference to an object [duplicate]
Analyzing LimeSurvey ranking data in R
Are there any frameworks to synchronize data generated on one peer with all other peers in an unreliable network?
Pushing data to javascript array but the array is not growing
Is there a built-in function in Python or MySQL which returns a set of 3 frequently occuring words?
How to show an alert box when i finish typing
How do you cast a char* to an int or a double in C [closed]
Stored Procedure Create Prob
Subclassing and overriding a UIView created with a nib file
Always try-catch-finally for exceptions? Central error management?
How to retrive last enty in ACCESS database using C# via OleDB with sql commands
Can't create a symbolic link with Textmate in Terminal. (mate: command not found)
How do I hide the tooltip on hover from the title tag when using FancyBox 2.0?
strcmp in gdb giving odd results
Sencha Touch Charts: how to draw bars not beginning from axis?
Rails 3 listing all users by week of created_at
Google map with KML layer display bug in IE 6 / 8
Bind value from HiddenField
How do I change a JSON object into an array key/value pairs through code?
in rails set config.action_mailer.default_url_options to whatever the current host of the app is?
How do I sustain JavaScript execution with custom error handling in IE6?
Using / How to read data from a variable and store it in a file?
ResultSet vs. Cursor
Nginx serving images [closed]
how can I write to the byte buffer half way in java?
Initialize a jquery plugin via option after period of time
Database user tables and permissions
Metrofit HTML/javascript applications to Windows 8 Metro?
Flex 4.5 - Updating Tab Navigator through external link
Using Reflection in Templating engines
Disable 'The value 'xxx' is not valid for 'yyy' message
Using fetch requests on background threads with Core Data
Creating Javascript array of DIV's with specific ID tag
How do I figure out how many bytes are used to store a variable in C using the sizeof operator?
DFS tree traversal function modification
IE9 z-index issue with embedded video
jQuery Delegate inside a Dialog - Selector didn't work
How to dissmiss the add Annotation Animation of a MKAnnotation?
How to serve the uploaded files only for authenticated users in Django using Amazon S3 and Boto?
Jquery/Ajax/HTML assistance needed
I need to add meta headers to URLRequest in flex3
Linux, Unix or OS X tool for displaying what keyboard typing outputs? [closed]
Force transitive dependency version in Gradle
addEventListener not triggering function on click
Linux: timeout when opening named pipe for writing
Arranging four points as a square
How do I use functions of the MVC in a page loaded by ajax?
Django CSRF token won't show
DIV floating issue
C++11: Best way to implement decorator with rvalue references
Add Custom Marker to Google Map with API v2
Looking for Java clever task scheduler and executor
Flex adds incorrect port to CFC call
Dapper throwing invalid cast exception when using strongly-typed query parameters with Sybase ASE
Python. Chess symbol in windows cmd
Which C99 features are available in the MS Visual Studio compiler?
@Inject is injecting a new instance every time i use it
jqueryui autocomplete doesn't show dropdown for same input
Resolving a duplicate primary key on mysql import
Linq to Entities Many to Many Query WPF DataGrid
Strange type mismatch when using member access instead of extractor
MATLAB - datetick (specify number of points on axis)
cakephp slow because of mod_rewrite?
How do I extract images from html files in a directory?
git-mv showing file deleted
Javadoc for JavaFX 2.x works partially in Netbeans, how do you separate a repeater using page break
Disabling scrolling on a gtkmm combobox
Storing and accessing user-specific data across multiple domains
Limiting DataGridView cell multi selection to only column or row
What would be the easiest way to get all user stories for a Portfolio Item in rally API?
package or function to count sequence lengths?
Missing data in Text box in a infopath 2010 form
Is it possible to determine the file name of a certificate's private key on a remote Windows server?
C++ Converting Postfix to infix
Class function only available to 鈥減arent鈥�- PHP
Exporting project with libraries to runnable jar from Eclipse
Does a set work like a dictionary without values?
Does .NET on Silverlight have the equivalent of firstObjectCommonWithArray in Objective-C?
Rspec namespaced route specs failing even though route exists
Prevent and queue action (but only once globally) if previously called within X seconds
Troubleshooting Emacs Tramp Connection that Used To Work--Password or Shell Regexp Wrong?
hashchange pollyfill for IE7 that can track more than one event per tick
Android C2DM Registration Id Validity
Unable to load DLL VistaDb20.dll because of an invalid access to memory location (HRESULT: 0x800703E6)
Instantiating one of a family of classes given an enum
How can I code a textured, no-repeating background for a div from a fixed image when I don't know how tall it will be?
Example using attr()
New activity on resolved case (CRM 2011 online)
What do I add to this code to make the audio play out of my PC speakers via Arduino?
Django exclude past one to many relationships?
Better way to use Apache Hive to sessionize my log data?
How does ObservableCollection in the .NET Projection map to WinRT?
UserProfile model isn't saving ForeignKeys
How to get which specific attribute of model has been changed? Is this possible in Backbone.js?
how to enter replace a number by a charactor when a button is pressed
JVM Launcher cannot find main class
User GUID when disconnected from network
How do I access my own template variables from within a custom template tags template?
Is it possible to have users log in and out of handsets?
The body of my website is sitting about 20px Higher than the bottom of the screen [closed]
Sort dictionary by value of other dictionary in Python
the requested operation requires sql clr context
How to assign a subclass to an abstract class pointer in a function?
Core Data Integer changing value?
Calling App URL through Facebook IFrame
What is the C# .NET Silverlight equivalent of componentsSeparatedByString in Objective-C?
Learning Haskell: confusion with reverse function and recursion
How to reference a position in a Set?
How to get the app account access token needed to administrate app album?
How to sign a ClickOnce application
How can I get an OutOfMemoryException in .Net?
Can someone please explain this recursive JS code to calculate exponents?
SDL2 Event Loop on Android - cannot push any new events into the queue
retrieve data from NSUserDefaults to TableView
How to specify the QString::indexOf method?
what does ! mean before function() in JavaScript? [duplicate]
CodeIgniter iterate the outputted row over each instance of the Html
How to Ensure a DropDownList is Required if a given Radio Button is selected?
Jquery switch on and off class on click
Rails many to many relation, exist? query
pretty_print in etree.tostring() xml python
how do i get the results of a many to many style query to act like a one to many query in SQL?
Does WinRT always bind to CollectionView like WPF?
Best solution to merge/include an xml layout file multiple times in an activity layout
Data corrupted while storing file in CSV format with excel via TCOM
iOS NSString in UTF16
Load Image of different resolution into opengl es 2.0 android
onCreate called for two tabs each time one tab is selected
Can I programmatically log a user out of .htaccess authorization?
Mule Studio custom component library - icon and properties?
3d array passing by reference in C
ssl certs signed by my employer for sites like gmail, twitter, facebook
Content of one div to overlap content of another
Better way to handle value conversion for mixed variable types in an array, PHP
Animations in flash to IOS
How to compile Boost.Log standalone
Store & Restore Highlighted Selection
Renderscript transparency / alpha
How to use a UISplitTableViewController correctly to display two UITableViewControllers?
Why won't my UITableView properly reload data from its source array?
How to loop through an array of objects that have been decoded from JSON in PHP, and echo the values
Variable might not have been initialized
What is an algorithm I can use to program an image compare routine to detect changes (like a person coming into the frame of a web cam)?
How to send a Parcelable object to a DialogFragment?
o From XMLHTTPRequest is Undefined
Converting Webpage to PDF
Trying to make Mac Desktop in CSS, HTML, jQuery [closed]
How to add a zip code search box to my Google Map that will only search my markers
PHP post variables titles
COUNT and GROUP BY in SQL Server
new MailMessage() Throws 'The handle is invalid'
Apple Mach-O Link Error with curses.h
How to get at an XML attribute and value in ColdFusion 8?
Twisted process execution issues
Make div 'fullscreen' onClick?
What's the cause of these characters when I pull content from the database?
Manual Advance to Specific Slide Without Pager in jQuery Cycle
Sorting an hash given an Array including information about the order criteria
I got complition error _GLIBCXX_PERMIT_BACKWARD_HASH on android NDK when using hash_map
How to get folder/directory path from input?
Modify DataTables warning: JSON data from server
Using Entity Framework with Oracle and Mapping Inheritance - Table-per-Type. Trigger updated Id is not being set in subclass table
Programing the i2c interface in a SBC with C language
Image rendering outside of the frame?
Looping over subset in Jinja
Transfer existing website to git
Consume typed key by implements KeyBindings
hide full number and display last 4 but unmask the number upon form submission
Options for moving data from various SQL Servers to a single SQL Server on a nightly basis
console.log cant print array content, but array length
changing UI elements if app is in the foreground from a broadcast receiver
google closure compiler not renaming properties
SQL Greater than, Equal to AND Less Than
[UIImageView _isResizable]: unrecognized selector sent to instance SIGABRT
Using a for loop to set image resources for multiple image views
Efficient method to get one number, which can't be generated from any XORing combination
Can't find header for TTURLJSONResponse
Concurrency design principles in practice
Sql Server - Clustered PK
How to cache images sent in server response without adding caching headers?
Subclassing PHP SoapClient _soapCall to handle XML instead of an array for arguments
Read {Object} String Data from List<object>
鈥�System.IO.FileSystemInfo.FullPath' is inaccessible due to its protection level鈥�error in C#
Adding two values from database together
Properties just getters but not setters
Coldfusion 8 doing both CFIf and the CFElse statement
In R, using binomial() and lapply to constrain predict() values between 0 and 1
Fetching PDO - Custom blog
SQL Syntax Error only in C# code
watir-webdriver click on image
Determine whether an integer is palindrome or not without using extra space
How do I extract certain parts of strings in Python?
How would I count these records using Linq to NHibernate (3.1)
trying to push a detail view when the right button is tapped on the annotation of mapview in xcode
Codeigniter Daemon using System_Daemon package
I am getting the Applications are expected to have a root view controller at the end of application launch error
OBIEE 11g Hierarchical columns. How to accomplish what we would normally do with a union report
Setting Parameters With SetValue is Giving me Errors, While Direct Member Referencing Works
regex match against multiple lines at the command line
What is the best way to keep track of which users are online in nodejs?
Excel Workbook Activate Event Ambiguity for C# VSTO
USB plug/unplug simulation under windows
Rails after_initialize only on 鈥渘ew鈥�
Show image and then change link using jquery
How to put validation on p:fileUpload
jQuery on load of dynamic element
In R, how can you plug a list into a function that accepts two arguments?
Execute same Prism Command from different ViewModels
Java String.Format() and hex numbers
Django CSRF protection in Facebook Tab or Canvas App
Report GET_ACCOUNTS permission in other app
Looking for speedups for A* search
Resizing array performance?
Connecting to HSQL via Ruby and shutting server down
Thread: How to re-start thread once completed?
Python's smtplib sendmail is inserting line feed
Adding downloadable links on success page [duplicate]
Troubleshooting Java RMI Client network connection refusal
Pass Complex JSON Object to an MVC 3 Action
ios change notifications for app from inside app
Custom MVC3 SEO friendly Url
Creating a vector
How to ensure my 64bit box produces 32bit IIS assemblies
Convert a BST to sorted doubly linked list(Debug)
JSP/Servlets - How to create conditons to fetch records from the database
Hide soft keyboard on tablet not working?
Annotated Hibernate Spring not returning objects correctly - template free, spring free dao
Axis2 client. Log shows lots of 鈥淒eploying module: metadataExchange-1.4.1 - file:/C:/path/to/mex-1.4.1.jar鈥�lines
100 choose 10, with extra condition
JAXB throws zero-arg-constructor error for @XmlTransient field
Apache Beanutils, are there other jars out there that do Bean reflection?
Unresponsive website [closed]
Does javac removes methods that are not referenced in the code?
Is it possible to download a sqlite database to use locally via HTML5 when offline?
Transfer Current Website Comments to the Facebook Comment Social Plugin
function not executing
Using hash tags with Facebook share possible?
iOS - UITableView not displaying cells
WebView.javaScriptEnable(true); null pointer exception error at android
Why does my Android app allocate substantially different amounts of memory on different OS versions?
Is it possible to access an iCloud document data across multiple apps (same id) or is it sandboxed?
github for mac sync failed [closed]
Populate table with variable created from ajax response
Putting data in dataset into datatable?
How can Link my App to my Page (fan page)
Vim - Trying to go to next line with right arrow key [duplicate]
Inserting multiple rows into a Company - Parameter - Value table
app.exe has triggered a break point, followed by Access violation writing location
Where can I find a 鈥渟table鈥�or 鈥渞elease鈥�version of the MVC Mini Profiler source code?
How to check the validity of aremote git repository URL? Get Access to the path 鈥�is denied when run in a thread (only in production)
process crash on heroku
Opening Files with Filepath Excel-VBA
magento white page on Admin System->configuration
How do I use mochijson to encode an array of objects?
URI::InvalidURIError on rails routing redirect
Htaccess redirect domain to subdomain with variables
Symfony - Disable auto-setting of charset - SET NAMES utf8
Scala 2.10, its impact on JSON libraries and case class validation/creation
Log Rotation Manager in Glassfish 3.1.1 Open Source Edition
Android setlistAdapter error
How do I get a list of all online users in ejabberd/XMPP?
Hibernate, how to avoid duplicates?
PHP/MySQL code issue
R can't convert NaN to NA for large data frame
Writing to non 鈥�txt鈥�files Python
How should I indicate progress in a Windows Phone 7 app if I'm not going to show the SystemTray?
C# .Net reading a string input from a form post
read() stdin in c?
CRTP inside namespace vs typdefs and friends
convert base64 data to an image with a proxy file in asp [updated]
How to prevent a missing, unused annotation class from crashing my program?
convert os.popen command to a subprocess.Popen instance
Keep alive a web app
phpMyAdmin - Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost'
AudioStreamer slider restarting music
Can the onblur event be used with Jeditable and jQuery UI sortable?
App returns weird values
Set a Cookie on WOAHbar jQuery to Remember Previous State
Write string to a stream using utf16 encoding
NSButton and menu
The type or namespace name UpdatePanel does not exist in the namespace System.Web.UI
Flip an Android Canvas
Silent failure on move_uploaded_file and ZipArchive::Close
Where should I put the Collection instance in Backbone.js?
Ruby/curl link expander method is downloading the full target url
Loading Server Content on Another Window
The Tell, don't ask principle - should I apply it here?
Why is my output stream seg faulting and my virtual destructor does not work but when i kill virtual it does
Print only the characters below a specific word in a line
SQL server 2005 grouping values, display only changes
Reporting Services - Inverse Logarithmic scale for gauge
Please install mysql adapter 'gem install activerecord-mysql-adapter'
Java Rest sending data
Rails Nested Attributes and Model Inheritance
Modern Day Alternative to Frames?
How to implement hierarchical cms sites?
Javascript method to split string on unquoted comma
From struct file to struct super_block
Backbone destroy error
Visual C++ 2010 rebuilds all files in the project even though only one .CPP file was changed
Redirect using Rewrite module IIS7
Issue with emacs font on remote server machine
Importing CVS to git SCM
Decimal without decimal places and comma formatted values
Why would I want to use the registry? [closed]
why is this causeing a inf. loop?
django form: ModelForm has no model class specified
rich text editor for custom cms field
How to create directory(s) within java swing
Error when using WPF Custom Control Event
Equivalent ofa PATH variable for IPython?
Music and Text in the Same File C#
Android key character map and triggering MENU, HOME, BACK
Cakephp i18n get translation locales
How can multithreading speed up an application (when threads can't run concurrently)?
When To Check the 鈥淭his Application Uses Encryption鈥�Box?
How to efficiently fetch managed objects & index as dictionary by a key attribute?
c++ constructors differences
Where to put calculations? Inside interrupt handler or main loop? (embedded realtime application)
MySql 'min' in 'WHERE' clause
recording audio in iphone app w/mike save to Documents Directory
Threading.Thread and Threading.Task on same application , does tasks taking considerations of that?
How to show a product on the frontpage? Which block to add?
Aspose Insert table
Mage::log() doesn't work in admin
performSelector not working in unit test Objective-C
Regarding multiple lock attempts, using java.concurrent.ReentrantLock
Flatten a 3rd Party XML feed?
Convert JSON hash to human readable string
Where to store db passwords when using Windows .NET or ASP.NET applications
鈥淔ile couldn't be downloaded鈥�in Internet Explorer with ASP.NET MVC
git export from github remote repository
How can I prevent Jquery Mobile with Phonegap on an Android Samsung tablet from using the landscape height for the portrait height?
How do i get the VLC 2.x working under my Linux?
How can I log the full SQL query of an error in CakePHP?
AjaxControlsToolkit in SharePoint 2010
Code First - change membershipdatabase dynamically for an entity
Page redirect query
Dynamic color scheme changer for website
Price Issue for Multi-currency
NoClassDefFoundError with simple Apache HttpClient Eclipse project
Can anyone point me to good resources for CSS animations and working with keyframes? [closed]
replace names of all directiories and files in C#
EditText hint error in Android
porting ioctl() calls from unix to linux, error with FIONBIO
Background disappears on PDF
Handlers factory with dependency injection design
Windows Forms border and form control
Postsharp using generic interfaces
NUnit tests failing within OpenCover
rsync exclude pattern for `/index.php` but not for `/dir/subdir/index.php`
Encryption by matrix multiplication
How do I prevent this bash script from appending a date to backups it makes?
Is it possible to pass arguments to a fragment after it's been added to an activity?
In C#, what does ',=' do?
How to connect SDB with Oracle database?
facebook connect: javascript logs session but php doesn't
How do I make a Global Variable in JavaScript?
onchange event for input type=鈥渘umber鈥�
Creating SP specific to a database?
How far can the j(jump) instruction jump in memory? (MIPS)
Creating nullable class
MySQL: Remove all references to database
Transforming text with 'sed' or 'awk'
Android - Show Dialog from static class
DataMapper, Rails 3.1 How do I skip migrations on a repository a Class?
iphone: -[CFString release]: message sent to deallocated instance
c++ vector problems
iOS 5.1 : -[UIColor colorWithPatternImage:] background color draws solid black
Can't collect data from WCF
Debugging WPF events, bindings
I can't call my onclick javascript function after using AJAX
How to copy paperclip uploads into new model/S3 bucket?
Matching two lists of items for checkbox?
What sets the default parameter value for this MVC3 action method?
How to handle two segues going to the same view controller?
how can I get clipboard copy events from Mac OS X to carry over into Oracle VM Arch w/ i3 window manager?
Date only comparison using 鈥渋sBefore鈥�in Java Joda Time
Edit text within a cell (jquery datatables)
File Naming, Python
MySQL query to get min field data with timestamp equal to current date
How to access couchdb cross domain from angularjs
Idiomatic way of checking for an empty string in C?
Android image height in custom listview
Using CDI Injection in a Servlet
Android: Change background color outside of the layout
Using CDI Injection in a Servlet
Android: Change background color outside of the layout
LinqKit and Filter a subquery
DJANGO: many-to-many relationship with additional fields
Mysql - Replicate only a few tables from a database
Proper Formatting of SQL Statements for SQLite
Cannot get samplerCube / textureCube to work in OpenGL ES 2.0 (Android) [closed]
Calling a function on an object from within that object with prototype
Remove Path from the File Name of a Picture in VBA
Adding attachment to email php mysql
deactivate spacebar while writing a username in a textfield
UITableViewController and moving from an iPhone app to a Universal App
Dynamic allocated class object
How to start push to the secondary repository with Git
rackspace cloud files server and uploadify - how to get them working together?
Android Hello World: Able to install APK into Android, won't run/start APK
colspan and rowspan in css 2.1? [duplicate]
How does overloading operator[]work?
A better way to organize view models in mvc3?
Making a LaTex looking justified text in libre office
How to create static class constant variable from another constant variable?
Need a regular expression - disallow all zeros
Graph within graph in matplotlib
Scientific image display python
Missing Add Moles assembly
route in rails does not find a query string for the main index page
How to Enable BITS Uploads on IIS7
Inserting row from MSSQL to MySQL
Alternatives to Identity Column for Table With Frequent Inserts & Deletes?
Editing string with analyze-string in XSLT
Changing Group name in Xcode 4.2.1 on Lion
ognl to javascript data transfer
UIButton has gap
How to killprocess in Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) so that 'force stop' is grayed out in settings?
Getting ViewStub with @android:id/empty in Monodroid returns null
How to get the index of the header in a page
ads:loadAdOnCreate value controlled by bools.res/values/bools.xml
Does a Google Map element have to be in the DOM when instantiating?
Timestamp Mysql Date_From as default value
Does a larger tf always boost a documents score in Lucene?
Completely Capitalize Text in an Input [duplicate]
Error while Overloading the '>>' operator
Why does Rails store time zones in UTC?
Error when testing iOS 5 app in Deployment Target 4.2
php or javascript Grab next array on button
what structure to use to reconstruct udp session?
clearing background when replacing listfragments in the same area
Modifing CheckAccessCore(ctx) to permit WCF Help pages w/o authentication
Manually populate Rails databases
Eclipse wont start after computer restart
Pressing F5 in Visual Studio 2010 Builds but does not Launch Application
Removing (sftp) from tab labels to clear up room
whats wrong with my XML for document ranking?
Android: mediaplayer went away with unhandled events
HTML Unit - login to secure website using form - can't connect to page after form
What is behind a silent failure to load resource on x64 bit machine with .NET 4.0?
Flexslider Wordpress - Adding Captions and External Links to Featured Images
Manually forward a sequence - oracle sql
How do you fix? formtastic :label_method is no longer available
segmentation fault created by fortran if tests
cakephp website confusing load times
how to convert 鈥�xbff18c08鈥�to 0xbff18c08 int?
MVC + POCO + Entity Framework, Passing Object between layers
Sharing on Facebook returns no images, even if go:image is present and if linter says ok
Pointer Arithmetic with Arrays
How to start activity as paused or so on
Rails 3 - Nested Form and has_many through association
Applying part of a texture (sprite sheet / texture map) to a point sprite in iOS OpenGL ES 2.0
How to add a custom linkbutton to devexpress gridview
ASP.NET MVC Routes with starting number
Wordpress Security Malicious Software
Binding issues with GridView in ASP.NET
collection as association class?
Get IP address in Grails
Where does it show up when you post a 鈥渟core鈥�to the Facebook Scores API?
DataObject Copying handler not invoked on my FlowDocument
Java byte array contains negative numbers
Catching console.log in node.js?
php to load variable php file depending on the browser width
Get CSS from element, put in JSON-Array, change element, restore element with stored CSS array
Remove objects from a javascript array
GlassFish 3: how do you change the (default) logging format?
how to call multiple bash functions using , in python
AsyncTask and HttpUrlConnection crashes on click
Draw axis lines or the origin for Matplotlib contour plot
LuaJava Eclipse
image map edge detection
Faster/More Django-ish way of querying large XML file that's using some really slow XPath
How can I allow one space, A-Z, a-z, 0-9 in regex?
What kind of Join to see non-existent values in Join table?
jqGrid Not Updating/Crashing
How do I get the coordinates (i.e. frame rect) of the caret in a UITextField?
Host a service online
Find the last row
What Type of Application Should I Choose?
Strange behaviour: json_encode() producing invalid json dependent on input
implement return into prefab class
Get a text from a mysql table, edit it and print it with php
How can I launch an ACTION_VOICE_COMMAND Intent from a Service?
Calculating tangent from a point on a circle?
Calculating tangent from a point on a circle?
gwt compilation error
Photologue vs. Imagestore?
Dynamically load jar depending on OS
Virtual Pagination on Dynatree
how to open and view a PowerPointPresentation in a browser?
Merging trunk with branch using subversion and intellij
Node.js + Express.js User Permission Security Model
Sorting and counting method faster then cat file , sort , uniq -c
Joining multiple lines to one and hacking contents
鈥淧roperty value is not valid.鈥�Why is visual studio not letting me assign a picture to an image?
What are the implications of the higher dpi screen on the iPad 3 for assets?
About spring mvc configuration
Implement semaphores using the monitor concept
Adding description to dynamically generated methods in Reflection.Emit
RegEx For Finding DOB In A String Of Six Contiguous Numbers (mmddyy)
sql query, selecting data through 3 tables
What is Wireshark and WinPcap?
jquery table dynamic cell filtering and repositioning
Good Django apps source code to read
right align text to edge of embedded media
Caching signed S3 URI's with paperclip and rails
A classic design and a trivial issue with UIScrollView
How to abstract a static classes
Cocos2d how to scale a sprite without scaling layer? Or, How to scale and crop sprite/layer?
Jquery Asual Address - Back Button PopState
lack of Secure Tab URL error
How to tell when Rails app is activated by migration?
Is it possible to launch Gradle tasks from Ant?
Ignore multiple button taps after first one on iPhone webapp using jQuery Mobile?
Can vim recognize indentation styles (tabs vs. spaces) automatically?
css - inline elements ignoring line-height
detecting user touch on UIScrollView
Saved Core Data does not persist after app closes 80% of the time
debugging app on xperia over Ubuntu
When to use forwardslash and when not to use forwardslash?
How can i 鈥済etImageData鈥�from another website? SECURITY_ERR: DOM Exception 18
How to get value from HSSFComments in apache POI
how do I pull out a random record from an SQL table?
Get Drawable size of ImageView after scaling
Prompt the user to input something else if the first input is invalid
How can I call the Cygwin C compiler GCC from Java?
Google maps v3 API markers dissapears when closing its InfoWindow (InfoBubble)
GStreamermm: creating a new element type (in plugin) by deriving from Gst::Element
form textbox not identified as object
Zend Framework plugin autoloading
T-SQL Merge pairs of rows with similar datetime
Replacing empty value with 鈥淣one鈥�in a python dictionary
PHP OO: Accessing Abstract Properties In SubClass?
Determine application home location
Complex summing in SQL
Tabhost listener timing issue
How to access model properties in a view
hgroup containing an img element validates as HTML5
Android 鈥渟uspended (Exception X)鈥�stack trace
Subselecting matrix and use logical selection (matlab)
MVC3 $.get returns view with default layout instead of the layout specified in the view
Auto close browser after opening application using web intent filter?
Drawing cycle by using js oop and svg
Database design - how can I have a recurring database entry?
How to print large ERD diagrams done in MySQL Workbench?
Is it a Three.js bug?
Javac and java pointing to different environments
WIX - Major Upgrade Uninstalling files it didn't install
Is there a CSS/JS minification and bundling tool for ASP.NET that supports explicit CDN uploads?
Linux 3.0: 鈥済libc detected鈥�abort - tuning corruption detected feature?
custom picker view animation like action sheet
C#: Change Retrieval DataType for Entity Framework
Quick way to find if a port is open on Linux
Is there a way to have multiple dialog boxes with Twitter-Bootstrap?
Problems binding events to dynamically created elements with jQuery
Android set custom image off of label text
Checking individual fields for changes in an EntityState
XCode: iOS user info at first launch
Can't build Qt 4.8 under OS X Leopard (10.5)
jQuery datatables pagination broken after changing to server-side processing
passing a value from one view to another view
How do i parse this time in ruby
App Crashes On Device But Not In Simulator
Best way to extract Blob ( stored xml ) data from mySql database using SAS or mySQL or Excel ?
JQuery: when item is dropped unable to turn off draggable
What is an efficient way for logging in an existing system
phpunit restarting tests randomly
UIWebKit Insufficiencies
How does boost::variant allow string constants?
Getting following exception org.apache.bcel.verifier.exc.AssertionViolatedException
file_get_contents and variables
Sort table and select specific columns- mysql query
Setting cookies in mojolicious response
How to add a string message to Android screen dynamically
Installing MySQL on a VPS server and connecting from other servers
How to set a MKNetworkingKit request synchron?
Sender address vs. SMTP server address
MySQL Combining One to Many into One Row
C# Replace part of a string
Login to server without computer name
Rails 3.2 - Nested Resource Passing ID
Efficient 8-Connected Flood Fill
ListView does not receive click events
How do i clear the canvas for another animation?
How do I get netrw (in Vim) to use the absolute path?
main() throws exception from createEntityManager() when using EclipseLink
Concurrent ObservableCollection in Silverlight 5
How to make a qtip tooltip move with cursor
How to make word freq counter more efficient?
Probability optimization
in a Listview on list item click how can i get the title(the name ) of the selected item? android
Trigger function based on Class Change
What's a good way of encoding arbitrary text into XML in a human-readable way?
How to return JSON data from an AJAX call
Horizontal line in vim
App Updates, NSURL, and Documents Directory
django-pipeline and s3boto storage don't seem to work together
JSF is not printing the numbers
Using boost::mpl::vector to create variadic templates?
Cappuccino - take an image from a CPView
Reading huge files using Memory Mapped Files
`gprof` time spent in particular lines of code
Google Directions API parse JSON output into JAVA class
Is it ever truly necessary to use a 鈥渕onitor鈥�object (java)
Referencing PHP from an ext JavaScript file
Unauthorized result in ajax requests
How can I use a batch file to MSBuild solutions in multiple directories at once?
Black Translucent Navigation Bar Flashes Opaque on First Push
css: float blocks to occupy all free space
SQL server OPENXML doesn't work right?
Clicking Open Word Document tries to reconnect to Controller action while downloading
jQuery carousel plugin with flexibility
add curl variable url to output file along with data
Rspec 2 - name of class inside of tag
what profile / resolution should the video be in? so that Android's Emulator 3.0 can play HLS streams
ASP.Net MVC 3: Routing URLs result in 404 when I move from local to dev server
This API call requires a valid app_id
What is the best profiler for NUMA (Non uniform memory access) on linux?
Why does the count of an ADODB count result display differently on Virt. Dedic. Hosted site differently than other sites I've worked with?
dowload file from shared drive to desktop C#
Can't open more than 1023 sockets
Graph connections in python
Google AppEngine, Django and request.FILES
Missing Second-Level Binary References with MSBuild Web Deployment
Coreplot plot space range - iOS
Using Facebook PHP SDK with Javascript SDK
Xcode and iOS5.1 on iPhone won't work
Pause Flexslider when overlay is open
Import fixed width text to SQL
distance_of_time_in_words and then remove the word 鈥渁bout鈥�
How to format c# object to display category and subcategory in json body?
Javascript array string to regex literal
Android - communicating between two devices
How to capture crosshair co-ordinates of a moving crosshair AFreeCharts?
jquery : 鈥渇orce鈥�the selected option to replace the placeholder 鈥渓oading鈥�in a select list
iOS app black screen after exiting and re-loading
Open file descriptor in C
How to properly retrieve num_rows , Codeigniter
How do I get the list of actions available for a controller?
Zend Framework urls
Getting a variable value when value is determined afterwards in PHP?
Eclipse IDE: incorrect errors after loading a JSP page in a javascript editor
Does Mac OS X come with a Lisp environment built in with Emacs?
How can I decrease my Rails test overhead?
C# Case Statement And Linking To Other Classes, advice needed
Git : The remote end hung up unexpectedly
How to convert from Seq of either to Either of a Seq? (Scala) [duplicate]
Friend method 鈥渘ot declared in this scope鈥�in C++
Delphi: Accessing JSON Objects within a JSON Array
Can Visual Studio 11 Beta be installed side by side with Visual Studio 2010? [closed]
Lookupset with a stored procedure syntax
How to prevent a servlet from buffering response content
No matching constructor for initialisation of 'ifstream'
JUnit Theory for all tests - only parameterized setup method needed
Rewrite htaccess, redirect if a 鈥�鈥�exisit in the url like
POST using Curl with user ip
Using Excel with Silverlight app not writing new columns
Creating an initializer that passes a yaml config to a custom class
Issue connecting to SQL Express
How to optimize this LINQ expression?
When is 'this' required?
average time-distance between grouped events
Accessing Visual FoxPro COM server from VB 6.0
How to sort a complex PHP array
Rewrite Jquery to Regular Javascript
PHP 5.4 Interpreter for Eclipse PDT
Passing Javascript from .js file to head of HTML file and have it read as HTML code
TinyMCE not updating textbox
CSS3 radial background, is there a cheat for it?
Google Chrome - Failed GET ajax request
iOS - MKPlacemark set title issue
Incompatibility between import-time logger naming with logging configuration
How to make Emacs lock-buffer fail when it cannot lock a file?
spring mvc path variables encoding
Escaping from the $.ajax({ success: function() }) dungeon
ImageField resizing on save also updating width_field and height_field
Issue with partial refresh triggered twice
Displaying Microsoft Office Document(word, excel etc) in JSF Page or HTML
Can't build pyPortMidi on mac
Php within language file? Codegintier
Insert proper phone format
How do I parse every html file in a directory for images?
Runtime exception java.lang.ClassNotFoundException on executing Stored Proc
Displaying Option Values From Concantenation In PHP Echo
Displaying Option Values From Concantenation In PHP Echo
How many objects eligible for Garbage Collector
UIScrollView, paging and rotation: Second view is not aligned properly after rotation
Implement DFS for a tree in java
jQuery animate - get future position of element
updating javascript function without realoding
OOP PHP error for non-object when trying to get user info from database [duplicate]
Adding a component to jpanel in netbeans
Why does ScaleModifier make sprite flicker?
Refreshing multiple Divs on same page
Initialize log4Net as early as possible with NUnit
How to find matrix element with sql query?
How to add new row to datagridview?
Using MIN(left(@prefix, 3)) in SQL
Why does jQuery.css('width') return different values in different browsers?
MySQL comparison with null value
SQL Server 2008 R2 - programmatically copy stored procedure from one database to another
Switched compiler - performance dropped - Trying to understand why
forcing an rspec test to fail
Creating a window without a caption
HOW? web hosting one FTP account with multiple user account?
IE9 Mobile - html5 video events?
Oneiric Ubuntu Server Cloud Guest 11.10 (Ocelot) how to remote desktop in amazon aws
What is the gradle way to filter a subset of files in src/main/webapp?
Add Record to Static row at Bottom of UltraGrid
How to build Arrays, push to them, and loop through them in Java/ Android
AltDS - Where is the alternate data stream stored physically on the disc?
Pivoting Row Counts into Ratios Column? (in MS-SQL)
How can I render a square bitmap to an arbitrary four-sided polygon using GDI?
System fonts for windows, custom fonts for mac 鈥�using Google fonts API
I don't understand [Bind(Exclude=鈥淚D鈥�] in MVC
Regex C# console app
Pass Unicode string to PHP shell_exec on Windows
Get reviewer from workflow Item for email notification
Android Facebook SSO Login failed
removing a git submodule
Keeping the scrollbar position of a label
Getting the next latest created ID
Unicode on Twitter
jQuery click or mouseover function not getting hit
Generating an excel file with EPPlus is failing
Using RazorViewEngine's transformation functionality in C#
Web Application UI
How change an attribute value using Xpath and the fn:replace function?
App converted to ARC, now getting warnings about my properties
symfony2 security roles
it's possible to do transactions through http requests in perl?
Getting pixel value on specified coordinates in java
Zend Framework current route in bootstrap
More Efficient Nav Effects
create log4j depending on level using .properties file
How to create a project with Bitnami DjangoStack?
How to match pattern at the end of line/text
link checkbox to table row information
How to add add/or for #states condition => value? In Drupal states
Android - GPS Location Update - Need to Cancel TimerTask
MenuItem_Click' is not valid. 'Click' is not an event on 'System.Windows.Controls.DataGridTextColumn
Align a TD to the right of the TABLE
PHP and odbc to mssql - column names not showing up correctly
How do you send a mousemove event from an iframe back to the parent using jquery?
Installing pyinterval in ubuntu
html form updating mysql database
Running ant junit target from maven
What is the recommended way to setup projects like this?
How Would I Calculate The Distance Between The Points Google Maps Api V3
jQuery dialog - submit form via ajax?
De-referencing void pointer to a pointer array
Incrementing and checking the counter variable in XSLT
Confusion on C++ programming practise with exception handling
What is the status of an outgoing call
.htaccess rewrite all php files [closed]
Fetch http status code in jquery
Create a dynamic function call in java
Page event is not getting fired at all
Delete orginal attachment but keep thumbnail with Paperclip
How to view pending changes on an SQL transaction?
POST doesn't complete if I refresh page
how do I convert text containing r n to represent carriage return and line feed in python
How to use iconv for utf8 conversion?
What Kind of Label to use
Write text file to pipeline
Looking for Open Source Java Projects that use JUnit and Ant [closed]
Stop SoundManager 2 playback on close of Colorbox window?
is there a way to see output of previous 鈥�! g++ %鈥�without rerunning?
Preventing parent page reloading when exiting modal
Does Zend framework integration with wordpress makes site slow? [closed]
Post a UTF-8 string to a servlet using jquery
Trying to set up sublime text 2 to open files in unix terminal but getting an error
Wordpress CSS not displaying navigation correctly
Invalid free Valgrind
How can I remove a reference from an entity object to another entity with the Entity Framework?
Remove 'index.php' from URL with .htaccess
ASP.NET MVC 3 - Placeholder
Quirks Mode = Canary in the Coal Mine? Is the css breaking in IE8 a sign my WordPress site is hacked and if so, what is this script?
C++ check if given points make square
missing packages in lucene 4.0 snapshot
Searching through website for specific URL link?
How can I force all of a form's 'owned forms' to the front without giving them the focus?
How to use ' Q' and ' E' regex symbols in python?
Reasons to start a new Python web project in Pyramid over Flask?
DataGridView ComboBox Column: Change cell value after selection from dropdown is made?
CUDA - Rotating particles
Delete Mysql record using array
Linq returning wrong value from DB
Can't display all description.StringBuffer capacity?
How do I refer to an uninstantiated class in Scala?
Set background color to HighChart xAxis labels
Quartz.NET, NH ISession & Ninject Scope
Actionscript 2 targeting local variables?
Saving and initializating session values in the model
how to test microformats in local machine [on hold]
Sending Raw XML via PHP SoapClient request
OpenGL Programming Guide 7th Edition Source Code Examples [closed]
App Engine Python: How to properly redirect to a template
Is there a way using SVNKit to get the names of the changed methods rather than the whole contents?
Grails - Hibernate/Validation of Domain object list
Python: How do you make an area code finder?
Java - Android - Installed packages' icons not showing in listview
How to do caliburn.micro binding of view model to combobox selected value?
Cleaning scanned grayscale images with ImageMagick
spring flex adapter implementation
Proper way to quickly switch between videos
Making an array out of a custom class?
Pushdown automata to Context free: how to do it?
Do any C++11 thread-safety guarantees apply to third-party thread libraries compiled/linked with C++11?
quartz scheduler sample program giving error
0x800a03ec {SaveAs method of Workbook class failed} error in TCOM/TCL
UITableView reloadSections before reloadData
Changing my jquery dialog button text when dialog loads
ItemRenderer Doesn't Resize with DataGrid Column
.ajax() sometimes returning errors, sometimes not
Getting longitudinal and lateral coordinates from a location string
custom attribute vs data-* attribute
Vim not loading local syntax colors
iPhone: Possible to turn on/off Location Services in app?
emulate a click on a span jquery [closed]
Regular Expression for England only Postcode
How to inject into Gmail compose iframe?
Does a Javascript anonymous function remain visible? (Using a Java applet, a way to hide JS code)
Query table cell contents from Javascript
Adjusting Button Visiblity with MouseOver
How to handle a binary data response in WebView
calling controller subclass from a php script
Adding commercial movie before Youtube run [closed]
Debugging Javascript / Jquery in Visual Studio 2010 MVC3 Razor in a partial View
What should I fetch from gmail DotNetOpenAuth?
Best practices for pubnub on android
How to tell GCC that a pointer argument is always double-word-aligned?
What are the pros/cons/substitutes for using MySQL Connector/MXJ for an application
Replacing for-loops with apply to improve perfomance (with weighted.mean)
Checking string formats in Java?
Code First for SQL Server 2005?
Heroku SSL on subdomain for staging server
Using random operators
c# why wont this display to label
How to interpret this statement 鈥淎 pointer in a function should not represent ownership鈥�
(Python) Script to determine if (x, y) coordinates are colinear - getting some errors
How to convert an XPS file using PHP or Python? [closed]
How can i access cookies directly from WSGI environment
Fill selectManyListbox with items from database
How to unpair or delete paired bluetooth device programmatically on android?
How to suppress figures?
How to pass data to a ClassFactory-generated instance in Flex?
ggplot2: NA's introduced when creating Boxplot legend values
Synchronous AJAX call not truly synchronous
Android Soft Keyboard isn't resizing my view
Number of days between two Time instances
shell file redirection
Jquery - Get Attribute using 鈥渢his鈥�
can't get my CSS min height to work in 2 divs
Move div to other parent, so it inherits from that parent [duplicate]
Is there a way to manually invoke spring binding?
Fail to submit a list of object to the model binding using ICollection
iOS - Having 2 table views and other elements under one TableViewController
Select boolean expression inside dictionary using lambda expression
What is a good, lightweight, Python web development framework that is currently under active development? [closed]
Implicit conversion en C# generic classes
Modern tools for Ruby/Rails for building an achievement system
Is it possible to return the code of a method (as a string) using delegates in C#?
selecting rows that are the same in one column, but different in another
placing data in structures in matlab?
RailsTutorial Sessions: Sign In doesn't flash success and sign out causes routing error
Spring MVC Properties Table
how to activate a UISearchDisplayController with pre-set term?
codeigniter - redirect page
check checkboxes status and write checkbox label in using a for next loop
Simple table. Difficult request
Why does this code work for an input text box but not for a contenteditable div?
Parsing /proc/pid/smaps output
Zoom link from infowindow doesn't always render tiles
Faces Servlet not getting called for a specific page, blank page is rendering?
Resize bitmap inside a drawable layer-list
SharePoint 2010 - multiple URLs? [closed]
splicing specific value in array of array
Captruing javascript popups [duplicate]
Passing Dynamic jQuery variable between same-page functions
mod_rewrite, subdomains and htaccess in CodeIgniter
PHP function to validate IPv4 and IPv6 using regex
C Memory error in structs
DigitalDJ / AudioStreamer not connect to streaming server
OSGi headless running on linux - org.eclipse.core.runtime Unable to acquire application service
How can I dynamically allocate CPU resources to processes in Linux?
Find lists where 2 elements are duplicates
How do I read the IP address from a failed logon event in the event viewer using C#?
Error: No plugins found in repository: grailsCentral
Continuing the same activity when user clicks on Notification
Copy URL from browser address bar and pasting into form using html?
Creating a list of Fibonacci numbers in Scheme?
Selenium: Unable to access iframe and data inside it
Unable to brew using R
Broken encoding while fetching data from sqlite database
ERROR: Permission to user1/repo.git denied to user2
PHP DOM html get element from another element
How should I structure my node/express/mongodb app?
Expanding Date Ranges in a Postgresql Column
tableView setEditing causes cellForRow to not be called prematurely
Java add SOAP header without xmlns attribute
Call dynamic SQL from function
How do I construct a button that is positioned over another button?
Handle css3 keyframes using Javascript
Simple bytecode translator
Azure SQL and MySQL
Find number of digits not divisible by X in 100th row of Pascal's Triangle
GWT development mode is quiet
Most efficient SQL, DISTINCT or WHERE鈥ND
Java computer to computer connection?