Android Dialog return String?
Get domain name from given url
Embed flash stream for android web browser
Cache Entity Framework data and track its changes?
use DOMParser or SAXParser from Nekohtml in android project
Publish Subscribe Content Notifications
Create a search box for my KMLlayer(s)
How do I pass information back to my application as part of the facebook login process?
PHP HTML5 to PDF converter needed [closed]
CSV to Specific XML with Powershell
Invalidate UserControl Error in C#
max-width and float divs
TFS 2010: Branching - Why do changesets say they haven't been merged when they were from before the Branch?
Parallel inner product of a vector, using scan algorithm
EF codefirst : How do i make an 1:many (uniDirectional)relation cascade on delete
How to extract specific files from the same zip file as the executable
Print arguments of a function using Clang AST
How to get the currently submitted value in a GET form
Do apps deployed to get crawled by google?
regex or jquery to split string after certain character
multiple category for UIToolbar
Not sure how to use IsolatedStorage
Trouble passing ruby to javascript (jquery)
software for arp poisoning, mac spoofing, ip spoofing [closed]
What does this expression mean in jquery?
WCF RIA Services, Joining Tables in Domain Service
Going from 2nd form back to the first form in the same instance
Invalid char in expression awk, python
Opening a db/migrate/* file more effectively? Wildcard to complete the beginning of the name of the file?
Generating and applying random top and left
How to write file in Windows Phone 7.1?
Best method for storing quiz results in MySQL
Cpp return curiosity
Issue setting up Cascading drop downs in MVC
How to get a Google Streetview in pano mode?
How to elegantly plot charts in ASP.NET MVC 3 using Highcharts?
How to use the TeamCity AssemblyInfo Patcher build feature, but exlude SVN Externals from also being patched?
Best approach to time-series data in SQL Server 2008
POSIXct: as.POSIXct(鈥�008-03-30 02:00:00鈥�format=鈥�Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S鈥� fails is it a bug in R?
how to display tooltip for telerik RadRibbonSplitButton
Controlling Custom Page To Show After Specific Tasks
Arduino bluetooth on android
MySQL LEFT JOIN - Values can be NULL
Product Reviews showing product page information with page caching using Varnish, APC, and Block Caching
App Store ID via Appirater different than ID from plist, and apparently random
Ordering blog posts from most recent to oldest using PDO
Nested loop:inner loop is skiped once when executed
HOWTO set parameter via 鈥渞esult鈥�tag in struts2 and retrieve it in the resulting template jsp
Flash Builder variables
Capturing javascript popups
determining if templated type is dynamic
value is undefined in emberjs nested view
When does HttpRequest get created?
How can I pass a listview from one form to another form?
Why does Debug build fails whereas Release build succeed? [closed]
String performacne: PHP vs MySQL
Silverlight Change Content Based on Control CheckState (Toggle multiple ContentPresenters)
HipHop vs APC vs Other or php optcode caching
How to join non-relational models in Django 1.3 on 2 fields
create video from streamed images c#
python dynamically select rows from mysql
Cannot build JMVC application because of
Does not contain a static 'main' method suitable for an entry point
How do I check user input against data in a table in php?
Statistics Tests (Kolmogorov and T-test) with Python and Rpy2
Clear:Both IE6 and up
Replacing vector images in a PDF with raster images
fortran77: arrays of pointers or arrays of structures?
How do I correctly use custom renderers to paint specific cells in a JTable?
configuring HTMLPurifier to disable hyperlinks
editing xml using C#
Programmatically Add ScriptManager
Mother/Father/Children relationships in Rails
Mother/Father/Children relationships in Rails
Error while web service call to salesforce sandbox
Width issues with complex scrolling behaviour in a Div
jquery horizontal news ticker using google jsapi
return json from server
iBatis LazyLoading Configuration
Using jQuery to perform .load on originating page div, from floatbox popup
Is there a way to get time since insert of an event in NEsper?
Java JSON code throwing an exception
Java JFrame not resizing
Can anyone please point me how to use GROUP BY in android sqlite
Convert WPF Path to Bitmap File
Struts 2 getText uses different language on controller and jsp
Generate random strings using 3 different string values [closed]
Sending GET requests from a .NET client to a non-WCF, plain XML web service
Universal app to appear as an iPhone app in the app store
MS Access Can't Link to Encrypted Backend Database
vector-related segmentation fault
what is the difference between xml document and xml [closed]
creating image tag in html and adding css
Express + NodeJS Documentation
How to get a column from a text file using php
PHP sqrt() returns NAN
Does Dreamweaver have dotted lines to show code indentation?
How to specify the type for factory objects
iframe redirected to src of iframe
Ant javac: package does not exist
Custom Border in a WPF Label [duplicate]
NullPointerException on EditText located in Dialog
Passing variable inside of function to a variable outside of function
How to retrieve parsed dynamic pl Sql
Want to turn this pop-up effect into a Plug-in
How do I force ` test` to install dependencies into my `virtualenv`?
how to access Dictionary data within an Arraylist in Java?
Proper way to install SVNKit 1.7.x in Eclipse?
Ruby Invalid Byte Sequence in UTF-8
WF 4 or BizTalk 2010?
How can sprof locate my shared library
Why won't C# show the table
mysql - strange thing with update and select statements
R: Using the segments function to plot a map of stacked lines
Is there any python script for .des file creation?
How to recover from SVN checkout failure (network connection lost)
Android Image Button Styling
OpenSSL certificate revocation check in client program using OCSP stapling
Elegant way to store numerical data such as game moves
Why is Groovy Eclipse's Organize imports putting the package declaration below imports, making my file uncompileable?
Rails: determining whether to use SSL for url() in CSS
How can I use my same JavaScript code on a newly loaded page (from a redirect)
Can't change tag of fragment
CodeDomProvider Code Generation Fails With Certain Linq Syntax
Using Spring Validator outside of the context of Spring MVC
ios class not found 鈥淓xpected a type鈥�
Setup up c# to save to local database when offline and update/send to mysql when online
URL to access to Calendar HTML
What is wrong with the following code? It related to EclipseLink 2.1, JPA and Derby
JavaScript rollover menu
NSTimer to move image
Silk Test Open Agent locks trace file
Initializing web service proxy multiple times, any potential performance issues?
SED script to remove whitespace from a region
How to display an image from a byte array representing the very bytes of a .png file
Output to Excel using ExcelLibrary in c#
WebBrowser and javascript validation
How do I rename the default postgres superuser to 鈥渞oot鈥�
Google Maps - search within bounds / viewport
How can I change the form on clicking 鈥淪ave鈥� and then submit the final version of the form?
How can I calculate the factorial of a double in c++
webservice calculate sum in console app?
Loop through DataTables table to get all cells content
PDF and sharepoint integration
org.xml.sax.SAXException: SimpleDeserializer encountered a child element, which is NOT expected, in something it was trying to deserialize
Recommended error handling (try/catch or exceptions) using Pyside/Qt
Animation effect one screen to another screen?
CSS: Opacity make display object go under other objects
Awesomium C no response from awe_webview_set_callback_js_callback
How to read contents of many textboxes to an array?
Google maps api v3 LatLng conversion error
How to log data items passed to the function? [duplicate]
How do I set up an API web key with URL authentication in Javascript and PHP?
Force iframe to evaluate its javascript?
How do I handle error checking based only on Items displayed
Cannot find resource EntityModel.rlinq embedded in assembly
Drupal 7 ajax_command_* creates unwanted div
How do I pass a variable from view to controller in Ruby on Rails?
jQuery store multiple divs in array and append the array to a div
Spinner works in 2.3 but not 3.2
void with httpconnection crashes on android when i call it
Learned C#, told to learn ASP.NET but confused [closed]
Xcode's GDB says 鈥淲arning: the current language does not match this frame鈥�when installing on device
Is a z/OS PL/I CONTROLLED variable preserved between separate invocations of a procedure?
Is it possible to arrange a foreign key constraint for data in XML?
Constructing Asp.Net IEnumerable ViewModels with eager loading and custom business logic
Implementing the map function using only foldRight, foldLeft and unfold in Scala
Swing Line break - overriding graphics draw
PHP mySQL code posting extra rows to database?
Monitor data from desktop to internet
Parallelising only inner for loop
Java ProcessBuilder to run a java with ThreadPoolExecutor does not work properly on ubuntu
Looking for a build activity which breaks a build when new warnings are introduced
Looking for a build activity which breaks a build when new warnings are introduced
Different kinds of continuations in Racket
Validate input type=file with onBlur
Call jQuery From Google SpreadSheet Script
Injecting 64 Bit DLL using code cave
How to download doc, docx files with left click jquery or javascript
Bulk upload to blob in Azure
stop timeouts server side?
how to make camel-example-cxf-proxy work in serviceMix 4.3.0
Creating Nested Lists
PHP Mysql - exporting whole database
Possible to check a window for pop-up dialog boxes?
How to parse the xml from Http Response Android
Change font size in UILabel depending on string length
ASP .NET MVC Parent-child view model binding
Set Jquery Ajax Events
jQueryUI AutoComplete Remote Source misdirected
Hibernate - Out of memory inserting big blob
Swap views between 2 fragments
How to know if a query succeeded?
How do I find my RSA key fingerprint on ubuntu 10.04 (hosted by linode)
android send string to a service running in another process
URLConnection does not handle content length via proxy correctly
Virtual Machine apache not available
How to make dictionary from list
Giving a button in a textbox functionality, without using a custom control but overiding the textbox template
What is an efficient algorithm for simulating purchasing decisions?
constexpr and bizzare error
get checkbox group values
Remove selected numbers from a comma separated list management in Excel?
Is there any way to get the leading interval precision for a column through DBI in Perl?
Opencart: CSS (based on route maintenance)
Replace loop in VBA
Parallel.For List<Int32>
template specialization c++ builder
JavaScript callback/closure/other
How to detect when an element over another element in JavaScript?
Connecting to multiple databases in a perl script
Event handling mechanism between ManagedBeans in JSF2?
Django application onload?
鈥溾�.join(list) if list contains a nested list in python?
online_presence no longer working
Android Launching Robolectric Unit Tests from Ant?
Magento Top Nav: Add CSS class to first category using PHP
Detecting JITs at compile time in MonoTouch
newbie: how to get single value from {:country_code=>鈥淔R鈥� :country_code1=>鈥淔RE鈥� :country_name=>鈥淔rance鈥� :region=>鈥�1鈥� :city=>鈥淧aris鈥潁
Adding dynamic login and logout links rails 3.1
Non-recursive Fibonacci Sequence in Assembly
Div overlap not correct
Android Emulator for Tablet
How to left join fetch multiple children in Hibernate?
Creating A Level List In Java
NHibernate: discriminator without common base class?
How to create a database of items from RSS feeds for analysis (not for an application), updated as RSS items published?
write object to file java
how to match devise old password?
Execute the mootools function faster
Indesign JavaScript Creating Text & intra-doc Hyperlinks in Book - Extremely Slow
Is it ok to omit the text version of an email when it's just an 鈥渁lert鈥�notification?
PHP Conditional 鈥�Only Display if a String Has Any Value?
Request.IsAjaxRequest never returns true in MVC3
Strncpy to a thread local variable
Advice and tips on a data-driven iPhone app
WYSIWYG with absolute element positioning
Make gcc put relative filenames in debug information
How do I get the -webkit-transition-duration property with jQuery?
Flex - Custom tooltip style for a single component
MaintainScrollPositionOnPostback property doesn't works with mozilla
Mac OS X Finder Labels in Java
Bash script and piping
Facebook SDK inside Firefox (callback from content window to window)
Java Inheritence or static method
how to add while loop in switch statement when using dialog boxes?
Segregate data between 2 intervals based on an identifier
JBoss startup errors
Cannot get Custom NSObject to initialize or use properties under iOS 5
get same row of information for celery task as celeryev or celerymon using simple python code
Get data from a date - 1 day
XPath Invalid Selector Error
Remove all div tags from string php regex?
IE8 image overlapping issue(CSS)
How are template definitions matched to template declarations?
GSON Serialize boolean to 0 or 1
On android how would I create a class that extends Location Listener so that both my main activity and Intent Service can use the same object?
Hibernate & Security Threats
camel-example-cxf-proxy throws exception
Stored procedure for adding a movie
Java - Reading from an ArrayList from another class
Ruby - IO#ioctl throws range error in 1.9.3 but not 1.9.1 for 32bit
FMOD playSound throws an error about invalid parameter
Android apk expansion file libs problems
javascript dot notation to bracket notation in array of objects
Checksum field in PostgreSQL to content comparison
Library to check if two regular expressions are equal/isomorphic
Is preceding a function with CALLBACK or WINAPI or PASCAL (in MFC) is absolutely necessary or only for readability purpose?
sequential execution inside a parallel for each loop
Opensource alternative to MATLAB database toolbox
How can I map my Spring URL to a JSP file in /WEB-INF/views?
Pass a lazy translation string including variable to function in Django
How to determine the time it took SmtpClient.send to send the message?
When Automatically Refreshing a DIV, is it possible to not reload an Iframe within the DIV?
Cobertura Check & Validation
Team Foundation Server 2010 DashBoard
On gridview updated get all modified cells in a textbox + non edited?
How to load TinyMCE Editor through WebView within jar?
How to list and kill threads/processes in Perl without using external command(s)?
Can a language be 鈥渃omplete鈥�without explicit type casting?
QMutexLocker not locking QMutex [closed]
TTntComboBox blank first row
log4j failure - Failed to flush writer in servlet ( Bad file descriptor)
Mapped a Network drive to local machine Java is saying directory is NULL
Traffic layer in Google Maps
how to access ascx custom control property from masterpage.master.cs
Cobertura Instrumentation
String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace in LINQ Expression
XAML sizes not accurate
How to change the output in 1 SQL column to be the same result in every row
fastest way to compare 2 objects excluding a few properties?
is there a hosted web app I can use to test WS-I BP1 soap compliance?
CakePHP use MS Access database (.mdb, not accdb): Do I need to write a driver? How to build it?
Eclipse RCP, Spring, Hibernate Class Loading Issue
Size of Safari jQuery Slider plugin
Collation To Code Page (SQL Server)
Where can one find a dead server's MySQL version?
Chrome extension wont inject javascript for Twitter
Good sound libraries? [closed]
ssl implementation in jsp
Python Daemons - Program Structure and Exception Control
Change Color For Parts of an Image
How can I make a form use content data type 鈥渪-www-form-urlencoded鈥�instead of 鈥渕ultipart/form-data鈥�
Why is the event getting fired twice when using an Event Receiver project from Visual Studio 2010?
Thread safe random numbers
need an Hibernate ORM mapping idea
Python - Tkinter - canvas.move not working
Selenium Firefox Web Driver occasionally not finding an element
How to stop IIS going through .net to serve up images (favicon.ico).
Android - error while trying to launch: ActivityManager: java.lang.SecurityException: Permission Denial
Service or BroadcastReceiver?
Saving .bmp file using hBitmap = CreateDIBSection() in C Win32 [duplicate]
C# Console Application still in memory after exit - Asynchronous Web Service
How to run Junit TestSuites from gradle?
How to make a C Program for Game of Life using text file
Javascript: replace all instances of <br> that appear between multiple sets of brackets
In CouchDB, would a multi-emit map function to emulate an ad hoc type of query blow up my Couch size?
NDK Automatic build in eclipse OSX Invoking autoreconf in build directory:
What is wrong with this setChar statement?
ios: Is it possible to choose one out of two defined categories of same class at runtime
How to find the git branch I was accidentally committing to after switching back to master
Google Fusion Table Last Modified Date
Apply number format on pivot fields
Configuring Cobertura with Ant
Cannot get relationship to update for navigation properties in entity framework
Closure overloading: is it possible to inspect the number of arguments a PHP closure has without executing it?
OpenID, Google, and pass-through variables?
D3 mouse release event
In VB6, is it possible to call a function with an operator in the parameter?
Multiple servers or everything in a single server?
Unused URI template variable - can I replace it with a wildcard?
One-to-Many relationships in (Postgre)SQL
Adding a component to jPanel java
Cannot get any facebook permissions with C# facebook SDK
Eclipse loves it, javac hates it, it's an enum, sort of, with an interface
How to add app on Notification slider (iOS5)
Getting the number of text lines in a TextBox
ASP.NET VB, when button is press, how can I have it go to another form instad of always returing to the same form?
How can i prevent duplicate form submission in PHP (that protects across multiple windows)?
Kindle Fire playing embedded videos from .mobi file possible? and notes on other devices
How to convert an object into an array in JavaScript?
Form validation mostly in JavaScript, only security validation server-side
Paperclip how to change basename (filename)?
Displaying 2 frames at once in my checkers game
Perl multibyte support
SQL Server Finding Duplicates
KnockoutJS race condition during ajax call
Connect Azure Data Marketplace to SQL Server 2008 R2
mfabrik web and mobile installation
Fetch two objects beside eachother in Django
Is a cross-domain attack via stylesheet possible?
Read .odf file with Qt
Most effective way to create Attending Event option button [Django/Python]?
Java - Confused about a particular inheritance scenario
Does @SuppressWarnings work with warnings generated by annotations?
Two Listboxes, one on top of another with one scrollbar
How to use Expression for Linq union and intersect?
document.createElement in
Visiblox/WPF can't zoom with series on additional Y axis
malloc returns negative value
How to evalute JSF EL Expressions which readed from DB
Select query result based on the difference of a 鈥渜uantity鈥�in same column of two tables
How to add Nodelist/HtmlColection new method by prototype?
Excel - Finding all Values within a Selection
ASP.NET Threads and Static class
grails plugin controlling load order
How to retrieve non <appSettings> keys from the web.config?
how to use a double in console app? [closed]
Photoshop/JavaScript script to clean up nested layers. Need foreach alternative for recursive function
How can I generate system-wide unique IDs under Linux
Clicking items on listview which populates detainfo on a second page?
Doctrine: fetch with 1:n association with count() and sum()
Linux: Why is sig_atomic_t typedef'ed to int?
How to get column name from gridview?
Apache Ivy: XML Namespace and Imported Properties
Failed to find provider info for android.server.checkin
how to access and debug a FDT/DTS device tree from a Linux driver (seg-fault)
magic_quotes off - can code break?
Parsing LESS options in a Sinatra app
Comparison of colors lightness
@font-face: Firefox requires user to allow download of font file
WCF: self host tcp is it secure by itself over internet?
Extending a subelement within a ControlTemplate
Rails 3 Route Get No Route matches
Migrate from Subversion to git, clone all branches and push through gitolite?
How to get threads with loops running concurrently to work with Thread.yield()?
How to disable closing of datepicker on jQuery UI Datepicker
fetching random rows from an oracle database with CodeIgniter Active Record
Ask confirmation to user (through jQuery) before ajax post >> strange behaviour
How do I wrap a callback using JavaScript Overlay types (GWT)?
GitHub issues as separate repo?
jquery: generate numbers in listbox
PHP SimpleXML - One-line solution lookup a key; find its parent in XML file?
OpenCover showing 0 lines covered with mstest
Python isdir returns true with string but false with variable
Displaying a PDF with UIWebView Not Working
Tornado - Passing RequestHandler to a method with callback to call RequestHanlder.write asynchornously
Android broadcast reciever returns null pointer exception with extended application
Use existing NSArray object properties to create a new NSArray for sectioned tableView
Edit User Password in mongoose-auth
User verification code, in a method/s
Pyinstaller not working for matplotlib
Where does Z_int come from?
Guice: When to kick off injection/bootstrapping in a headless JAR?
Moving back and forth strings in assembly
Use a class before its definition in Django model
How the best type to manage binary data in Java?
How is my class being included twice when the code doesn't even reach that point of execution?
Timezone and Daylight Savings Issues
Setting the brightness in Android - Nothing worked so far
fgetcsv returns too many entries
Cleaning noise out of Java stack traces
What is the cost of entry/membership in the Android Marketplace? [closed]
cURL + PHP to getting a class name, possible?
when it's acceptable to output HTML code from Javascript?
Writing Data managed by a LoaderManager
Do EF nested queries run in separate threads?
liquibase using maven with two databases does not work
robocopy /MIR - don't delete desktop.ini in destination
Can I use reactive extensions to queue calls to a windows service?
InvalidOperationException with no exception message
SignalR - Set ClientID Manually
Repeating elements/links in org pages to be published as html?
I want my list items change while pressing
Unexpected behavior with implicits
Constructor 0 arguments error
plotting from a cell array
Slow running EF query
Sqlalchemy: avoiding multiple inheritance and having abstract base class
Working with mshtml in c#
Programming option for a HW/SW Inventory app
How to display the master-detail tables into two xtragrid?
Why am I not getting a segmentation fault with this code? (Bus error)
functionpointer + map + iterator + class
Using Camera in Application
Export Eclipse Preferences from the Command Line
Is using document.write the only possible way to load a script synchronously cross browser cross domain?
Node.js event handling order
Escape accumulated arguments in a shell script?
Mouseover border in a custom control for a textblock
Inconsistent stringstream errors
Using sed and regex to capture last part of url
java: formatting a result set into an array
How could htaccess redirect two hosts to subdirectory
Heroku Console and New Relic (cedar stack)
Hamming Distance / Similarity searches in a database
Communication architecture choice in an IOS / Linux application?
Deleting text in EditText using a button
Is possible to avoid rewriting properties mapping the 鈥渙ne-to-many鈥�relationship?
Matrix of linear layout and manipulation in code
ASP.NET MVC 3 ValidationSummary not working with jquery client validatio
How to make list from datagridview?
iterating trough files in a directory
Where can I find resources for learning the android source code to build a device? [closed]
Inexplicable results after using ind2sub in Matlab
Simple 8 rooks game for beginner
Empty input field before deleting w/jQuery
RoboFragments in layout.xml
Looking for a good C/C++ wavelet library for signal processing
Android 2.3 admob error
How to specify 64 bit integers in c
I don't understand why Hibernate is creating 2 sessions?
User interaction with Crystal reports through Visual Studio 2008
How to open a new page using sessionid and response object
It it possible to define a mojo that takes a list of objects as a parameter?
ASP.Net application getting slow over time
Switching to US English msmdsrv.rll Analysis Services
AdMob: AdLoader timed out after 60000ms while getting the URL
C - Dereferencing pointer to incomplete type mvc Serverside validation no return data
How to implement a quarterly subscription PayPal button
Why is List<String> not a subtype of List<Object>? [duplicate]
Cut/Slice UiImage using coordinations
Sending email from python script to s
How broadcast receiver works in Android
Why calculation code doesnt work?
WC_NO_BEST_FIT_CHARS is undefined?
Process monitor on windows server 2003
Gnome shell extensions: stdout from GLib.IOChannel
Scrolling Image using android animation
php simplexml find text of html tag inside xml element
COM Interoperability difference in Framework 2.0 vs Framework 4.0 (C#)
converting a chararcter to uxxx format in C /C++
Eclipse JRE Definition not including core classes
SharedPreferences and Countdown Timer
Casting request objects in zope to an array
Using Ubercart's Product Key module
In an instance, how can I detect when a class member is being replaced with a new instance member?
Prevent window repaint when minimizing
Issue with Rendering Ajax/Rails
PHP XML - How to build a tree of xml nodes that are at at same level with parent child relationship
save high score for iPhone app
unit testing a factory method
How to use preferences
Mono for Android Visual Design for Visual Studio 10.0?
Post to FB Page as User
Targeting Android SDK 14 or greater causes my app to not display
which Environment will be ideal for a card game?
Split a .NET DataSet?
Get a PHP object property that is a number
CRM 2011: Limitation of query expression?
Best mysql way to search through a string
Rails 3.1 urllib2.quote(json.dumps(var)) Equivalent
Can I write a plugin for google earth desktop application?
Work around with Delphi DLL
css fluid round module displays way thinner in safari (as compared to chrome and others)
How to call Oracle table function (pipelined function) from .NET
Java non-recursive filesystem walking
Secure php email script
read int dynamically in array
PHP how to check for email already in MySQL database?
How can i set Hibernate-Dialect in persistence.xml?
Ignore file types in svn
When binding an image source to a BitmapSource, the image stays blank
SQL Server 2008 - Having trouble understanding decimal
HTML Clickable or Drillable Pie Charts Using Graphael
How do you populate an edittext field instead of a listview when using speech recognition?
Passing Multiple Inner Child Node to Function
Android AVD Custom Resolutions Not Starting
Jquery Slidetoggle: Why does it reload my page?
Rails 3 - Solr doesn't search an items
Redeem codes for inapp purchase items [closed]
How do I annotate a Map<String, Entity> when the map key does not come from the entity
How to know when MPMoviePlayerController Audio Streaming finished the download
WPF form inheritences issue
How to have test data on Visual Studio 11 when using WPF and data binding?
Should I stop using abstract base classes/interfaces and instead use boost::function/std::function?
GNU Make using $(eval 鈥� not working
How to use android smart card api for secure element
Access to deleted entity in Appengine NDB [closed]
Deleting multiple tables from SQL Server 2008 using Datalist C#
Setting up 3DCart API with a C# App
How to build two radio button groups in Visual C++ 2010
How can I programmatically add a space to mission control?
Listening and logging CFNotifications in iOS
Create a bordered label in WPF
Jquery Fade in & out issue
Exception in GridView
How compatible is ActivePerl with CPAN modules?
Printing CE / Croatian characters in Vim to printer or to PDF [duplicate]
I am having some issues interpreting inequalities with Javascript Operators
Store long strings with Squeryl
ASP.NET Time Drop Downs and AM/PM Issue
Taking an intro Flash/AS3 course; problems with MVC pattern
VPS with multiple installations of WordPress. Memcache and APC or just one or the other?
Hadoop or Postgresql for effective processing
ClassNotFoundException for TestApp when I start hazelcast/bin/run.bat
Get url favicon with Jquery
mobile safari 5 not responding to js events until further acton
Sending array from PHP to javascript through ajax
semantic web + linked data integration
How to access Response Nodes in XML/SOAP using ColdFusion?
hashcode implementation on java classes containing collections
How do I change a date's format in a text file?
How can I set the value of an input within a DIV class?
Difference Between stdout=subprocess.PIPE and stdout=PIPE
Inserting columns to the right of changing last column
OpenGL frustrum, perspective
Playback speed control for YouTube videos? HTML5?
Unable to start Apache Tomcat server while start up
Is there an elegant way to dynamically generate a query based on the values of a list?
how to set FireFox cookies to persist if browser closed
How to use language files in MVC3?
How to download chrome extension (readable files) from developer dashboard
Left arrow on EditTexts crashes application
My javascript constructor function method returns the entire method as text, instead of the expected return value
Can't get has_and_belongs_to_many association to create
When is DataBind called automatically on an ASP.NET page?
Xcode continues to pull outdated PhoneGap
File not being released
ssrs reportviewer loading to infinity without error message
What are possible methods for creating a physical engine
ssrs reportviewer loading to infinity without error message
What are possible methods for creating a physical engine
How to set a viewmodel property if a listbox item selected?
Using C# OpCodes to emit method that returns an object
is there an API out there to access google page rank for a predefined set of keywords?
mySQL entries not updating
Secure cookie and invalid certificate
Pyramid Traversal & URL Dispatch & Differing Roots
create cgpath out of drawRect
Sybase constraint with foreign key and conditional check against foreign table column value
Exporting environment variables to Makefile shell
CakePHP 2.1 enters infinite loop when saving a record
strip leading and trailing newline characters in xslt
How to handle empty or null expressions while assigning as JS variable?
jQuery UI: Autocomplete on multiple fields, use different sources
Efficiently cloning an unknown Object that does not supports clone
Android: 2.1 App Layout Compatibility with Honeycomb 3.2
Paypal IPN verification in Django
Java EE 6 Application Server for Web Profile with JavaMail
How to get values out of Json that is in a string variable using Java
What do the << and >> operator do? [duplicate]
Instrumentation: Control Lifecycle
Android Rotate Picture before saving
Is it possible to write a windows application that gets a notification when text is selected in another windows application?
Java - Reading from text file using scanner into a 2D char array
Foreach - loop from the smallest element
Why does Fluent NHibernate 1.3 Ignore my conventions?
iOS - MKMapView place annotation by using address instead of lat / long
Understanding about proc class
Android httpreponse (urlencoded string) get attribute
Django inline formset - allow blank dynamically generated forms
A real mystery with the behavior of SUSER_SID in a simple T-SQL query
what hashing should i use to generate random values from a set of strings
change pictures every 2 sec
dynamic menu items from photoshop template
What is the best way to store mind map data?
Button to event in calendar
Hide a div on mouseover
using many differents theme in the same MVC3 Razor view
MySQL starts with searching issue
Gray embedded google map
Is there any way to run two or more NSTasks?
model.toJSON() returns empty object
full text search google app engine
Insert a WPF Resource Dictionary into a class library via Visual Studio 2010
setByAddingObject not adding object鈥rumble
T4MVC messing with my coverage
creating a GridView on the fly with android
What's happened to fb_sig_page_id
algorithm - How to concatenate two binary search tree efficiently?
algorithm - How to concatenate two binary search tree efficiently?
Subpartitioning several partitions in a table
Difference between .classpath and MANIFEST.MF
struts controller and service layer?
How do I group the results in Grails?
How do I instruct ArrayAdapter to redraw all its elements?
using web references
reasoning about C/C++ static libraries
adding boost::filtering_stream filters dynamically
Create an instance of an unknow type of object and TryUpdateModel
Linux shell scripting: hex number to binary string
Parsing SQL script for table names
Are there performance issues storing files in PostgreSQL?
The owner of the wall does not see shared posts, but the poster sees them
javascript setTimeout and google closure compiler
What is DialogResult function visual C++ 2010?
iPhone iOS how to programmatically generate gravatar like the one used by stack overflow from a unique user ID?
Apache error 鈥渟erver seems busy鈥�
How to get all MAC address and port number of IP camera on a LAN network using C++? [closed]
Cut jpg file using imagemagick
Qt error: cannot open output file debug
Is there a std::streambuf version that converts host to network byte order?
Stack size in Unix pthread_create
Groupbox border in windows xp
epoll, kqueue, /dev/poll 鈥�extensions for PHP
html5 video controls not showing on iPad
Implicit casting of an object to string, for use in a Hashtable
textarea to expand by one line when text overflows
Getting YouTube API to honor the yt:private flag
GC capability mismatch0?
heroku: Gemfile.lock is required issue
Python: Gmail Unread Mails Crashes
How to perform background checks then set certain phone parameters based on findings
Tunnel via javascript
Does C code run faster?
Textinput cursor is too high. What can I do about it?
How can I access the deserialization context in CustomCreationConverter.Create()?
Looping through the xml Elements issue
SEO File Source Comes from where when AJAX is in the mix?
Opensource dropbox-type software? [closed]
How to disable Windows 8 lock screen? [closed]
How do I use a List<T> in Java?
Email Internationalization using Velocity/FreeMarker Templates
least cost path with multiple points
Regular expression to remove link from image in html
Get the CGRect frame of the inner contentView of a UINavigationController during or before loadView
How Do I Create Packet Headers?
AliasToBeanResultTransformer(MyDTO.class) fails to instantiate MyDTO
django-uploadify http error 500 after upload
Whats the best way to add arrays in php dynamically
Why are my dynamically added user controls showing having their ascx controls as null?
Struggling with slice syntax to join list element of a part of a list
How do I get rid of unwanted nodes returned by findnodes from Perl's XML::LibXML module?
Which option is the best choice for 鈥淩untime library鈥�and 鈥淯se of MFC鈥�
Database ERD Diagrams and graph planarity
Eclipselink insert joined object with @OneToOne
objective c - dynamically resizing view height
Sql converted to Linq - Left Join, Group, Min and Sum
Can a wicket AjaxSubmitLink behave like a ResourceLink onSubmit()?
Java regex: split comma-separated values but ignore commas in quotes
An inline style causes an extra request
.to_xml with ruby 1.8.7 (ree) and rails 3.1.3 throwing error?
Produce XML files that inherit from other XML files
Posting to twitter using Flash/Flex
Streaming Webcam Video to PHP5 Server
apache mpm worker run only single process
Using FFmpeg with Android-NDK
Cant load xib file from UIViewController
Is filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.DropShadow(OffX=鈥渪鈥� OffY=鈥測鈥� Color=鈥渃olor鈥� a viable replacement for text-shadow: in IE?
using layout view inside gallery
PHP, Treeview, Ajax - can't save the state of open branches/nodes
Wait Until Browser Has Loaded Page, Clear Cache
How to set a specific user on IIS Application
Automation of Excel activity on SharePoint
generic XML from select query
SENCHA TOUCH Ext.form.Select. How populate a combo with data coming from a hardcoded variable?
I can't figure some routes out
Zend Framework issue with Routes in Searchform when using Paging
MVC 4 web api + application in 1 solution
fullcalendar json feed start times?
Java number parse challenge with signed number strings
java regular expression find and replace
How to support phones up to 4.0, excluding tablets?
WSo2 ESB 4.0.3 and JSON in REST service
char [] and sprintf segmentation fault
How to keep one ImageButton pressed when the user press on it?
How can I tell unicorn to understand Heroku's signals?
Customizing AddThis Button Icon Graphic
Disabling touchlistenerworking in one context but not in another context
Marking Rails migrations as migrated
Using web service to update a SharePoint 2010 list from a form located on a public web page?
Ruby array trouble
vmware image windows 7 cannot initialize winring0 dll?
What happens when you forget to close and deallocate cursor?
Refresh ListView not working
Word Automation : could not open macro storage
Animate 24 large images - each of 728x936 size
Get Client's IP Address Using NCAT
ExtJs : Multiple objects in a grid cell
no bean named 鈥渦serDao鈥�is defined
Difficulty on retrieving email address on a register form with php and mysql
jQuery with Random Number following?
Struct layout shown incorrectly in MS Visual Studio Quick-Watch window
Request timed out error in ASIHTTPRequest - Beginner
Import wsdl file to xsd file
iterate through a radio buttons group and get their labels
Spring file upload configuration and controllers
Are custom attributes for Enums dangerous?
Is it possible to make a wikipedia search gadget in html?
How to set ResponseWriter to non-default in Solr
C# sql like statement don't work
DI/IoC MVC Assembly Reference issues and abstraction [duplicate]
how to create dynamic website using PHP, MySQL and MS Excel
How to detect cell value changed datagridview c#
How to self join this SQL
Trying to select rows and include first 2 distinct non-null values from 4 columns
IntentService runs in the background even after the onHandleIntent finishes
How to set a default zoom percent to 鈥�00%鈥�using iTextSharp 4.0.2?
can't get ajax to work with jsp
Norwegian key board layout Altgr key code
php function convert seconds to military time?
cascaded query slows down drastically, but they work fine independently
extjs: How to persist the state of an application
What is the proper way of adding a default boolean value that works in MySQL?
Rails 3.1 and Mysql Position in table
Does my website freeze chrome on other people's macs as well? [closed]
Digitally sign using client certificate in ASP.Net
Create ASP.NET page with CodeBehind Dynamically
Are 64 bit integers less efficient than 32 bit integers in the JVM?
Secure usage of SHA512
Unhighlight the previous link button when the subsequent is clicked in DataList
How to project a 3d point to a 3d plane
Ensuring different constructors have the same behaviour in Java
How can I do a Group by
MySQL how do I merge two columns into one, only showing distinct values?
Convert CASE expression in SQL to derived column in SSIS [closed]
How can I display email formatted as 鈥淔irstName LastName <>鈥�in HTML?
jQuery.get() returning error
Args guaranteed to be non-null?
Submit trial version of WP7 application
Using jQuery's on function with AJAX
failed to load external entity(flickr website)
Opinion.. getting taxonomy 'name' label efficiently in Wordpress
Possible DDOS, where to find? what logs?
How to record a live stream using Python?
鈥淕IT_DIR=myproject.git git init鈥�: What this command line doing on bash?
Login - How to get a value from database cell into a string?
copying xml files into text file
Can I read binary data properly through XDomainRequest?
' X-Requested-With' Tag not sent with cross-domain XMLHttpRequests
Can I read binary data properly through XDomainRequest?
' X-Requested-With' Tag not sent with cross-domain XMLHttpRequests
Cascading rows copy in Oracle
Jquery domready issues with ajax, element.on('click', function) not solving
deviceMotion not returning anything for pitch, roll, or yaw
Detect if string can be converted to date
Validation of collection item against entire collection to prevent duplicates
Need REGEX Help to clean hacked script [closed]
Index of visible items in listview during scrolling
If..Else dont understand
I need to rearrange my data into a column and give the column a name
Why do I get Dependency 'p5.12-xml-parser' not found error?
MD5 hash salting - where to store salt
Timeout-Setting for Stateful Session Bean?
Android: why must use getBaseContext() instead of this
Setting a local development environment for a facebook heroku app
How to set amazon S3 bucket policy to private to everyone except admin?
Hibernate : @SecondaryTable doesn't work
Read a CSV file into a Data Grid View (Win Forms)
Howto layout div contents to i) horizontally line up and ii) child stretches to parent
jQuery scrollTo accordion end position
How do I keep watching a directory until exit button is pressed?
SAS return first value in the group for the rest of the group
Thin web server: `start_tcp_server': no acceptor (RuntimeError) after git branch checkout
google static map displays default icons instead of custom when icons are on IIS
Changing the background colour of a child window C++
Mono application crashes outside debugger
jQuery - RegEx working bizarrely
C# Guitar Hero Clone, Note Animation Timing
DataContractJsonSerializer throws exception Expecting state 'Element'.. Encountered 'Text' with name '', namespace ''
Rails 3.1 Migrate to PostgreSQL locally
setting non-linear boundary in 2D game
How fast can Android device call REST web service?
GWT SerializationPolicy error when handeling an WebServiceException
Linear gradient not matching element it belongs to
WPF C#: load a pixmap data block into an Image control
How to add a footer to a UITableView in Storyboard
Oracle: Analytic Function partitioned over nullable values
Can a pipe writer tell when a reader is blocking?
Some good reading on polygon algorithms
Can't get drop down menu working in Wordpress 3
Default Value or Binding for an INT
How to fit frame to curve?
Regular Expression validation to display message on correct data in
Is it possible to achieve same using getElementById
Save / Display of image within MVC
How to make JavaFX 2.0 ChoiceBox to select its first element
Not the same hash value in c# and php
Flurry on iOS and full stacktrace
datepicker jump to a date
How to sort table?
C linking stage generates no warning
Apache not loading images completely
Mod Rewriting - really stuck
Problems with GNOME Panel applet execution
Backbone router not dispatched?
jQuery selector only selecting the last checkbox column but should select all checkboxes?
Holding events in Vaadin
Make elasticsearch only return certain fields?
Get the current location after an interval using RX
displaying nav correctly
create a new list with the difference off each value
NSDecimal requires a bridge cast
Read plist stored in memory to NSDictionary
How to add a script after the header tag dynamically
neo4j vs mongodb for spatial search
AFHttpClient invalid tokens in dictionary when using AFFormURLParameterEncoding
What's wrong with this php foreach code? (merged array)
java - scanning txt into 2D arrays with own class
Windows folder path confusion
Why is NSMutableArray showing count size of 0?
call a page manually in javascript
Text Templates - Open Graph Aggregations - Operator with Formatter
How to stop else showing as default on basic PHP login script
Firefox (10.0.2) corrupting array data
When I try to send a location update to the emulator I get an error message
validating and sending input to a text doc
Can't I use IEnumerable() on .ascx?
Reshaper clean code line breaks with properties and fields
Entity Framework long running query
Could anyone give me some advice on program formatting and efficiency? [closed]
Merge two lines into one
Sharing TeamCity between two distinct teams
SSRS Subscription: Error Saving To File Share
UIButton title doesn't show up
questions on implementing Runnable [duplicate]
How do you create a string to match an regex?
Mathematica does not calculate absolute values of a complex number with real coefficients
Unable to create PNG files using R
Querystring character limit for PHP scripts run through command line?
Best way to check 2 spaces above, below, left , right of point in 2D array?
Android LinearLayout not displayed when more items in ListView
xmodmap & multiple layouts
鈥渁dd breakpoint鈥�shortcut doesn't work in xcode 4.3
Copy columns from one Excel sheet to another, skipping columns in between [duplicate]
custom x axis label and tooltip in dojo chart
Filemerge application not working from svnX after installing xCode4.3?
program.exe: Native' has exited with code 255 (0xff)
Vim - Show active spell checking languages in status line
Vim - Show active spell checking languages in status line
boost::test and verifying code is executed
Mvc3 custom event hooks
Crash when UIAlertView is clicked
Using shell with Zend Framework
Silverlight : MouseLeftButtonUp is not triggered
Creating an array within an object
use of undeclared identifier 'NSMigratePersistentStoresAutomaticallyOption'
Apache Cayenne many-to-many relationship
ServiceStack RESTful WebService and passing data in message body
Mule flow request-response issue
Wich is the best strategy to have a button that when the finger is pressing on it haves one image and when not, another image?
live wallpaper - detecting touches when navigation menu is open
how to set variable value by your index on RAM?
CKEditor: Using dialogDefinition.onShow() throws C.preview not defined
Android Passing hashtable from two activities
jQuery UI sortable - need to remove absolute positioning
How to rename array keys in PHP?
iOS get count of a single item added to Array.
CGAfflineTransform UIView and CoreGraphics conflict
How to trace from where i am getting ct_cmd_alloc error thrown in my application
How can I interact java program using python [duplicate]
PHP String - Escape Single Quotes (for jQgrid Select Box)
Why do system calls return EFAULT instead of sending a segfault?
git list all branches that's older than remote
Generate rsa keypair client-side on the browser
what is the equivalent of 鈥�鈥�in an url?
JSF input component for string lists?
Facebook web app鈥�can I change something on my own website in response to a user 鈥渓iking鈥�my app?
Guessing a number knowing only if the number proposed is lower or higher?
particle brownian motion with directions
How to read XHTML using Android [duplicate]
creating and upgrading data base in android
ASP.Net MVC4 Mobile-Aware OutputCache
How to find the soapAction with JQuery
How to parse dhcpd.conf files with python and bicop?
Rails 3. the 鈥渇lash鈥�doesn't work on some pages
Tab Control tab will only use Wait Cursor
how to get correct position after filtering the Listview in android application
C# assigning elements of a list to a list of variables
jQuery doesn't properly update contents of the span tag
capitalizedString doesn't capitalize correctly words starting with numbers?
SOLR multiple facet w query
Repositioning of a UIView after CGAffineRotation
App throws OutOfMemoryExceptions on a tablet computer but enough memory left
How to find out where error occurs in Inno Setup script?
Convert date string to date
Move database tables, doing some transformations - SSIS
Is there a way to apply an attribute to a method that executes first?
Nested inline IF statements
How to sound a beep with PyFace?
html5 canvas image resize
Embed mobile friendly website as iPhone app
NHibernate Evict throws an Object reference not set to an instance of an object error
Shuffle selected text on <textarea> using JavaScript
When I change the left/right/width/height values of a box on a report, not always is accepted and is changed +-0.003cm
Howto restrict click event when text input is on top of file input
android app test error
Backup SQL Server CE database with C# - Import-Export
PHP OOP: interface vs. non-interface approach - examples
.net authentication with sql server [closed]
Backface-Visibility Not Working Properly in Firefox (Works in Safari)
Amazon Mechanical Turk submit button not working
how do i get an exception out of a web service?
SSIS - 2008 - Use a single config table for multiple copies of the same package
Identifying the origin of ZMQ messages?
How do libgdx detect keyboard presence
How to turn a sqlite3 table to a postgresql table?
KnockoutJS - Updating ViewModel OnChange of textbox value instead of OnBlur Options
Display dynamic content from embedded web server
Adobe Air - Save window size and position
Simple AJAX: how to swap out a div that contains a form?
Compiler complains about class that extends DelayedInit not defining delayedInit method
String.split(pattern) throws exception due to { in pattern: java.util.regex.PatternSyntaxException
Knockout custom binding handlers - multiple arguments and function callbacks best practice?
how to add existing files to an python project using pycharm?
ASP.NET MVC3 Ajax.ActionLink - Conditional confirmation dialog box
knockoutjs - data-bind visible
Interpret Delete Key from Number Pad in a Edit Did Change Event
M2Crypto Common Name field and ip relation
Google Charts Visualization
Can I release an iOS app without Simulator (i386) support?
Using AlarmManager in Android, What's wrong with this?
Javascript module pattern, scope and 鈥渢his鈥�
Why is auto formatting 鈥渘ot available鈥�for cshtml in my Visual Studio?
Windows service starts on Windows 7 but fails to start on Windows Server 2008 R2
Something that bugs me about RequireJS and dependencies
ExecWB not available in IE9 on VS2010
td tag content is not aligned to right
Pass file from AS3 into embedded AS2 wrapper to load
Accessing Joomla CMS through iPhone using REST API
Android - Only show 1 value in Spinner from Adapter
Resolving Netbeans Library conflict, when using Subversion
NSMutableArray : getObject method returning null
Visual Studio Find and Replace Macro
.NET Workflow parallel execution
How do I set the session param for multiple namespaces?
scanf causes loop to terminate early
seo difference between a nav or just a ul [closed]
Anyone have a launchd script for running JBoss at boot on Mac OSX Lion?
How to get the selected checkbox value?
Aspects are not executed
How can I get SQL Server database properties from C# code?
SignalR Windows client issues talking to localhost on VS Development server
,, in javascript
Call to a member function appendChild() on a non-object in
MVC ModelState.Clear isn't updating ModelState
Alternatives to _blocksActionWhenModal Cocoa private method?
Save non-transparent image from a PictureBox with transparent images
How to configure direct http access to EC2 instance?
How can I exclude first <tr>
how to convert many points to a multipointin postgis
need to retrive information from the drop down when click on submit button [closed]
Is it possible to mock Scala methods with view bounds with Mockito and Specs2?
Programmatically removing sublayouts in Sitecore
Java enum: Return value other than String
Check if 2 arrays are similar without hashing or sorting
Can Python Requests library be used on Google App Engine?
Android, 3.0+ spinner dialog style
Image for NSSegmentedControl: how to invert it when state changes?
How to 鈥渞ead鈥�a HTML document in PHP?
H2 database script cannot be imported into MySQL
P/Invoke sometimes cause Win32 1008 Error with StringBuilder parameters
Wordpress page only shows when user is logged in (even with visibility set to public)
Tridion 2011 Core Service: Unable to update component with new field using Xml manipulation
what maxmind geoip ruby wrapper is up2date and usable? ( for the commercial library )