Is there an inexpensive way to transfer colour data from a RenderTarget2D on a per frame basis?
How can i check servers' 鈥淛VM / CPU / Memory鈥�at runtime?
What causes a duplicate web.config under the obj output folder after publishing an MVC3 app?
Why is this button cut off?
HTTP gzip encoding with multipart message
youtube video not working using intent, yet it does using browser
Android parse json from url and store it
Backbone.js firing event from a view inside a view code behind not able to access controls in ascx
python byte string encode and decode
.htaccess add trailing slash after domain
Find what 2 numbers add to something and multiply to something [closed]
Using a PDO parameter in an EXTRACT() query
IndexOutOfBoundException when reading a file
What's the difference between r n and n
jQuery - Only Call The Hover Out Function if Cursor Isn't Entering Any Siblings
Hide label in TableViewCell when swipe to delete
Is it possible to create dynamic HTML pages with Javascript?
OpenCV, ffmpeg and eclipse on linux
Generated unique key in relational doctrine
Oracle SQL - REGEXP_LIKE contains characters other than a-z or A-Z
How do I change the start menu from classic view to WinXP Start Menu?
Alternate output format for psql
WebBrowser and javascript
using OnRowCommand of the GridView in
faces-config.xml in JAR file behaves differently on two Dominos
future.isDone returns false even if the task is done
Using userscript GM_functions inside the page context
app upload picture to specific album without posting on page wall
Canvas.drawBitmap() not showing PNG transparency
Java Swing using JList with an ArrayList<>
Mouseenter Keeps Firing Because of the Wiggle Plugin
handling returned data from web service
Converter never called when binding to Relative source
P/Invoke AccessViolationException only with Windows Service, not with Console App
FB auth: extended permission on the first dialog
LESS - structuring the document
is there any way to find out the server from an ActiveRecord connection?
ModelState.IsValid = true for not valid model
C++ - using 'new' operator cannot be stepped into during debug
How do I get a reference to ConnectivityService object?
Why won't this string be converted to DateTime?
Sort Datatable and Rank Using ratio
Need help to debug mutex dead lock
Reading a file located in memory with libavformat
How to protect C# code from modification
wkhtmltopdf: cannot connect to X server
When calculating a distance from a city, how can I factor in the approximate size (physical area) of the city?
Jar files: why does extracting then compression a jar file create a file of a different size to the original?
fftw3 delegate for ImageMagick
ASP.NET Contact form issues
Reverse Proxy Sending 鈥淚nternal Server Error鈥�When Sent Non-Standard HTTP Status Code [closed]
Java JasperReport very slow
Stick with TortoiseSVN 1.6?
Do I really have to create a temp table?
User control keeps stretching once dropped on form
Grails - Acegi, how to redirect user to a different domain during authentication?
How do I grab the variable NAME and not the VALUE of the variable in ColdFusion?
g:sortableColumn -> Error executing tag <g:sortableColumn>: null
XUL standalone application not starting
Run PHP CLI from Windows Powershell ISE
Why is my choice field still required?
find() with nil when there are no records
How to use Reflection to call a method that takes a string array as argument in C#
GPS code no errors but not showing location
Disappearing UIScrollView's indicator when rotating
C# tasks(with or without TaskContinuationOptions.ExecuteSynchronously) performance vs thread loop , .net threading is worse?
Cassandra vs logging activity
Set pointer to a value plus a seperate value
Grabbing input using qt4 [duplicate]
read data from datastore
SSL Handshaking Using Self-Signed Certs and SSLEngine (JSSE)
2 elements in a grid cell page lifecycle issue
Join tables efficiency on Linq
Nested Tables in JBehave
Simple number generator [closed]
MSBuild vs devenv for command line builds
mobile flex application Basic UI tutorials need
Call intent to make a call with put extra to select a phone number in Android?
Deleting a user and the user profile
How can make facebook friend request box showing in canvas page?
need input on a NCFTP shell script
Magento - Adding page number to title on products listing
ISO 8601 Date Formatter in Objective for iPhone not setting offset correctly
How do you see which commit deleted a file from the repo?
overloaded operator lookup performance
Set control to 鈥渁ctive鈥�on the href click?
How Can I set my Symfony 2 project to use parameters.yml instead of parameters.ini?
Database with SQL_ASCII doesn't show special characters
How to find out the entropy of the English language
Give focus to Internet Explorer object created through C#
How do I use STL's copy() to create a new vector from an existing vector?
Accessing elements
Convert bool to QString
Joomla Menu-Alias more than once
Different look and feel based on various geographical locations
Write an XML file in javascript
JqGrid EditForm Refresh Select
extras.getLong() seems to return 0 no matter what the key string is
String equality failure in Python. What gives?
Android smack get vcard properly
NHibernate: Map two collections to one table?
Add extra row to a UITableView managed by NSFetchedResultsController
Access download_url <a> attribute from
move element with border-top down, while leaving border-top in place?
SQL Query to show gaps between multiple date ranges
JSP application design: where to set application-wide values
Why is the constructor called twice in C++?
SQL Combine data from two different date ranges into one result set
Playing audio when a button is pressed
Jquery - Simple Array, pushing item in if its not there already, removing item if it is there
How can I let Servlet to trigger javascript function after reading data from Mysql Database?
Best practice parsing JSON into arrays
init_unit_test_suite redefinition error
Why can you not cast an integer to string?
vba, excel : returning the earliest date value in this array of string
generic function in F#
Why does Ruby String#split not treat consecutive trailing delimiters as separate entities?
Copy data between Data Grids VB.NET
CSS3 animation change background-image without sliding
Hide BAT file window when invoking it from Java
selenium webdriver select element
pass link text to next page
In Eclipse Images are not clickable?
DataFormatValue issue in GridView
MVC not pulling through validation
R reshape data from long to wide and vice versa
Convert embedded pictures in database
Developing a Cross Platform XNA Library
gstreamer plugin development issue, gst-inspect says: undefined symbol: gst_video_format_new_caps
animating webkit 3d not moving
How to check if a value was specified when using DataContractSerializer?
Font weight in fabric.js library for HTML5 canvas
Vim Substitution
How is Model.get_or_insert() an ancestor transaction in app engine
using dismissModalViewControllerAnimated without deallocating modal view controller
Sharepoint MySite: Redirecting the Quick launch url
What are my options for a CMS that has either no presentation layer or a highly abstracted presentation layer
Swap image on page load
Replace Specific Characters in String Vector When Found c++
Error while compiling library for ARM platform
Image preloading 鈥�the fastest way
Buzz php HTTP-Client:setting a cookie value
Display pop-up with simple text upon Button click
Loading and showing high resolution images on mobile devices
Check if registry key exists
Find and replace first space in a string [closed]
Making images drop in android
Hexadecimal escapes to text(UTF-8), bash script
require 'nokogiri' issue with Ruby 1.9.2
SQL key length error makes no sense
CodeIgniter strange behaviour with set_value
IAsyncResult in WP7, how to know when an async method will be finished?
Rails 3 - how to search with Solr in associations?
Preference List only shows first element
Where do you find native IIS HTTP Modules documentation?
get opening tag including attributes - outerHTML without innerHTML
awesome_nested_fields how create a nested form for nested model
MySQL and PHP multiple checklist db insert
How To animate image using uibuttons
Java application getting slow with passage of time
ASP.Net Browser Compatibility
Get entities that are not linked
File Upload with Adobe Air
Efficient C++ software stack for web development
Circular reference in same assembly a bad thing?
OAuth2 and role-based access control
Function and data format for doing vector-based clustering in R
missing feature in lucene 4.0 snapshot
Get currently logged in user
Error 330 net::ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED with Minify on first load
PHP Preselect check boxes from a String
Expression Encoder SDK - How to add audio track on a video
Connect Nao robot with Azure
No error messages returned when mysql_connect does not work for PHP on IIS
Object reference not set to an instance of an object, parameter is null
SQL database: how to create a database with data/values predefined
How to project a point on to a sphere
Correct way of initializing internal data for API in Django with Piston/Django-tastypie vs jsonrpc
Objective-C - how to find objects with prop equal to date?
For loop not terminating - Android
How to create an executable file having input file and output file as parameters?
let synchronous code wait an asynchronous call
get width/height of <img> with js. No calculated styles
jQuery - use variable as function name
Iphone Tabbar application not rotating
How to dynamically load jQuery in a javascript function, call another function, and return that function's return value?
Foreign Key Constraint in oracle
MySQL how do you make a conditional where?
JTree, always display all nodes in 鈥渆dit mode鈥�
How to load php code dynamically and check if classes implement interface
Google Maps API v3 MouseEvent return position of marker not mouse
Manipulating a list to increase code efficiency, struggling
How do I populate a select list in jQuery with data from PHP?
Cocoa: how to get type of button when I have an 鈥渋d button鈥�variable
SSRS: Top n AND Bottom n (filter)
ms sql row_number() function - won't let me use within the same statement
Mobile Safari Web App - clicks and gestures are rather unresponsive
XPath to find an element whose attribute contains a text, case-insensitively?
Update a child table in Entity Framework
Access base class function from derived class
SO_KEEPALIVE and poll MVC 3 Validation exclude some field validation in TryUpdateModel
Is there a simple way to get syntax highlighting for a custom file-type鈥n Visual Studio 2010?
returning anonymous type as list of string linq
How to change the binding mode in runtime? Can I bind on it?
I have no fonts in Java?
search the internet from your site via google?
Efficient proximity calculation for sibling objects?
jQuery animate fails
Struct Notation
SeleniumRC Script error - selenium-browserbot.js
C++ Find element in list of tuples using predicate
Gap Inserted Between Div Rows
Stored Procedure with multiple parameters hangs
In Vim, how to keep characters concealed even when cursor enters that line
Grouping 2 levels of a factor in R
JQuery UI AutoComplete Position
Is there a Collection in .NET 3.5 that allows one thread to add data while another removes data without locking the whole thing?
Draw activity Android
Excel Macro - Copy Row > Insert Copied Rows Under Original Copied Row > Loop
Creating a CMap which holds another CMap as a value
how to add pause and play button to the wowslider js file
position: absolute pushes content to right in Opera/FF/IE but not with Webkit browsers
Can I recover from association (joinTable) with reference to missing data
slider not working in mobile safari 5, works fine 4
How can i remove a deleted row inside a table using Jquery for my MVC
JSTL stringFormat鈥et to a VAR?
SaveChanges doesn't do anything using LINQ Entities over OData
Additional sections in ASP.NET web.config file error
Select most recent date + inner join
How to authenticate that user owns twitter account?
Use CurrentLocation for Continent iPhone
Restart an application by itself
Redirect mobile users based on country and carrier
Android - Intent 鈥減utExtra鈥�
.net windows form fixedsingle border style wrong size at run time
CSS - context used styling?
Is it possible to send a file from the client computer on a perl web application without uploading it to the server first?
Restartability for access to the database
AssetManager in LibGDX
How to phrase 'has not' in jquery?
JTable swing import database sql
How to Detect Flash version in IE without using ActiveXObject?
Tomcat: get file-path
How the property isCompleted of IAsyncResult is updated?
Trouble with word-boundary ( b)
Finding a position in a word document to insert a table
How to randomly assign a color on hover effect
How do you paint a stroke in Gimp with Python-fu?
HTACCESS REQUEST_URI without the filename
How to deploy/run Sinatra app on Mac via Passenger?
WCF Service Check for a Client Timeout
How can I search users in active Directory based on Name and first name
input[type='text'] CSS selector does not apply to default-type text inputs?
Show/Hide elements if user is logged in?
Crosscompiling C for windows on linux, getting a compiler error
Convert ODBC SQL query to use prepared statements
Aggregation on varchar thats casted to decimal doesnot give correct answer
How to run a PhaseListener before all Filters?
ClickOnce Deployment CheckForDetailedUpdate Throws Exception
Android Scrollview: How to select the Scrollview to return to?
Django JSON De-serialization Security
Datepicker jquery parsedate language
redirect http to https. Which is better approach and why?
Personal CMS structure advice
Whats the cost of casting parameters
Can I use a C++ object creation optimisation with QTimers and signals?
Reference a User that was created with the default Membership Provider within ASP.NET MVC3 in a table located in another database?
C# Split string in elegant way [closed]
How to get rid of this whitespace in internet explorer?
Can I use a C++ object creation optimisation with QTimers and signals?
Reference a User that was created with the default Membership Provider within ASP.NET MVC3 in a table located in another database?
C# Split string in elegant way [closed]
How to get rid of this whitespace in internet explorer?
jQuery: How to check if two elements have the same class
ignore g++ compile error for extra qualification for backwards compatibility
Exporting figures with svg images
Reading Serial Port Asynchornously in C # Windows Form When Data Needed for Method is Sent at Different Times
Xna-vectors and simulation of physical
Can a shell script be set as default application on OSX?
Loading Assemby failed with FileNotFoundException - Fusion says all ok
WPF bind title of window to property
Information needed about a device to install OS on it?
Blocking 3G connectivity for Iphone Application
Files created by DbContext Generator
Why my Android App crushed because of openstream()?
How is this font getting loaded by this webpage?
Methods of saving complex objects in c++
Visual Studio 2008 hangs when opening project under Source Control
How can I use jquery to recognize which section the page has scrolled to?
Get users that are 'memberof' a group
How to get Storage Size of Applications programmatically in iPhone
Change route/folder precedence in IIS/ASP.NET MVC3
Application launcher Icon to show update is available
java calendar - get last 5 days of week (without weekend)
SQL Server Reporting Services chart query. How to get rid of unions
Joda Time's Period.getMillis returns inaccurate number
SEVERE: Error starting static Resources in Tomcat server console
iOS RestKit what is the purpose of [mappingProvider setMapping:forKeyPath:] method?
URL Regular Expression with Perl
How to use String array in another activity
How can I insert a row for each day within a date range?
How to refresh ImageVIew on every button click with new image from the web?
iFrame Changes window.innerHeight / window.innerWidth on Android + PhoneGap
Which Hypervisor should I use? [closed]
How to set focus on the last element for which the window pop ups on error is denied) at Method) Remote Tomcat Server read excel client machine
How to rename a file with sftp get command
Titanium Android webview autolink phone number
LDAP 鈥渞elational鈥�group membership filter
Is possible to know the permission in a folder in google docs api
Use Charles Proxy to route https request to local http server
MySQL Stored procedure : Variable set is null though query returns results
'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: 'data parameter is nil'
JS regular expression for repeated unique character
Sending email from localhost in php
Creating order from Magento admin with custom price breaks custom option SKUs
Running Android project through Eclipse
Getting the current device time
ZeroMQ Callbacks for Java/Scala
Converting SQL Query to Linq Lambda statement
Implement Auto color (photoshop tool) on android
Old web application on server with .NET 4.0 stopped working
Why in QueryOver SingleOrDefault is very slow?
n-th child with automatic color select?
Common C++ Architecture [closed]
Facebook fql query for getting all the liked object of user
Apache Camel and Drools Fusion Integration
Persist all users notifications in a list with redis?
Getting 'An internal error occurred during: 鈥淐ompacting resource model鈥�' when building a project in eclipse indigo
Consume JSON in body of POST Request from ASP.NET
trying to setup svn external diff program on mac
Strange timeout with PHP cURL and SSL
SortExpression in ASP.NET GridView not working with <HeaderTemplate>
iOS Development - Using rootViewController correctly
How to redirect all internet traffic to local proxy in the same workstation
datatable as an itemsource for datagrid in wpf
Javascript : Coding standards, Pascal Casing or Camel Casing?
How to do typeof object[*] in C#?
('The SQL contains 0 parameter markers, but 50 parameters were supplied', 'HY000') or TypeError: 'tuple' object is not callable
Error creating SharedPreferences - couldn't create directory for SharedPreferences file
Attach an image to any word
change UILabel frame dynamically in custom TableViewCell
how to create java pojo
Backbone.js fetch collection from it's initialize method
PHP mail script does not send mail
Facebook app permissions error
Modifying a paragraph added using InsertParagraphAfter()
ASP.NET Web Api metadata exchange?
Where is the JDK version to be used by Maven compiler specified?
logic for checking a Boolean of an object
SimplePie RSS Parser - Encoding and Weird Characters even on UTF-8
Call glassfish ejb from stand-alone application
Loop through checkbox array in php to display icons
How can I make an event for getting focus for double click on textbox? (Windows Phone)
Concurrency: Condition.awaitNanos() not releasing lock
PHP , MAC , Netbeans IDE , xDebug on Remote Server & DropBox
Redirect to login page from IFrame
Automatically Calculate price jquery/javascript function for form
Mongoose silently fails database write
Convert PDF to Text - Keep rows of table - Python
Login authentication using fingerprint
WebLogic JMS and C#
What happen if disable tablet support from manifest
How to bring up the same php file with different information using term search
Free and paid app BlackBerry Playbook Android Emulator
Playing new audio source changed by jquery
Why i can't connect with the database on external server?
XAML intellisense in VS2010 doesn't work when logged in as me, but works when logged in as other users
How to get the basic HTTP authentication data in ASP.NET
XAML intellisense in VS2010 doesn't work when logged in as me, but works when logged in as other users
How to get the basic HTTP authentication data in ASP.NET
Virtual function
How can I match any substring except a particular one in python
Makefile - to create a static library
Text align to right and bottom of another text
Hiding model and collection save and fetch URLs in Backbone.js
running scheme from emacs
Fixed header in excel using jasper reports
How do I count the frequency of an item in a new column, without changing the structure of the table? SQL
NullPointerException in custom dialog
CSS Liquid horizontal list
How to control a cisco IP-Phone from the CLI?
Deselect/Unfocus input field using JQuery [duplicate]
MapKit : Add custom callout
RTF number of pages Page x of y
Loading image bitmap from content providers using asynctask
Form submit not working when using magento secure url for action
mfabrik web and mobile
Why is magento generating duplicate rewrites in the core_url_rewrite table?
adding ajax handlers dynamically based on arguments in generic function
Spring exhausting inputstream of the request
ASP.NET MVC Routing - differences in web site vs virtual directory
WCF JSON implementation
problems with calling server socket accept method with an infinite timeout
Refreshing display objects after resizing
Update TextField StyleSheet doesn't make any effect
How do I find which client_locale corresponds best to my Windows language setting?
How to connect to work SVN repository from home via SSH tunnel
Removing Collection Entity From Within EF4 Entity Method
How to change the default value of a column in SQL Server
How to get the text from array of textviews then store the getted text in a string array
My ASP.NET site doesn't find files located in different folders
jQuery how to add another css in code?
Away3D with Starling
Updating SQL Server 2008 LOGIN SID
rmagick 1.15.17 is throwing error
Selenium not closing the command window after executing the tests in IE
PHP html generator class
Change input value but not change result in PhpExcel
Find lowest array from attr and do action with jQuery
Array of heteregenous function pointers in C
GUI code generation based on class [closed]
Symfony2 load conditional configuration
Read value of a text file and write the value into a QDoubleSpinBox
Possible image flipping iOS 5 [duplicate]
Mocking KVO with OCMock
Google Maps API v3: SVG graphics clip / disappear when zooming
How can I remove a binary from history? [duplicate]
3gp file format opens in safari but not in a UIWebView why?
Why is my app claiming it can't find my WCF endpoint?
Format integer to have comma-separated thousands
Memory and performance with PHP as DSO, FCGID or SuPHP and xCache
Assertions Android Programming
Perl Text To Code Ratio
Rails switch case in the view
Delphi VirtualTreeView - autofocusing node on node hover
concatenaed string url gives error in android
default isolation level in spring framework
how to config tmux to move window lists from default bottom to top?
Where should I place functionality to convert between types?
Update Database automatically at specific time
ListBox.SelectionChanged doesn't fire
Caching $(this) in jQuery is a best practice?
C# used to determine the client ip adress, when running inside a citrix session?
Missing Value Errors when heavily using Javascript in Safari by Applescript
Is there a conditional preg_replace in PHP?
How to get the differences of a file using SVNKit
Is there something like 'nonlocal' in Python < 3?
How to handle inet_ntop() failure?
OAuth ForceServiceConnector allows access to same connection for any Salesforce User
Apache Hive Vs Normal Map Reduce
Flex Components and main.mxml communication
How to model a MySQL structure to deal with authentication? With users information separated
C++: Efficiently extracting a subset of elements from a datatype that only has access via an iterator
zaptel error at installation on ubuntu
php memcache on iis 7 not working
Hooking GET variables into onload JavaScript events
Why would scraperwiki omit lines from scraped html?
sorting multi-dimentional array php
HTML5 Element 'legend' occurs too few times
R: install tweeDEseqCountData package error
How to execute a method right after a Page has been rendered?
Using dynamic ui:include inside ui:repeat results in NullPointerException
How to use matplotlib tight layout with Figure?
javascript busting running sound
django 1.4c1 unit test looks for 'other' database
Type providers samples with Visual Studio Beta [closed]
Protected properties in CakePHP behaviors
How to force BeautifulSoup to output HTML-entities
How to make sure navigationcontroller won't reuse a controller
C# threading bitmap
Need ideas to change a key's name of JSON Object on RUBY
Is Include() method case insensitive?
Mutliple CSS pseudo selectors in Firefox not working
java.lang.NullPointerException on method
How to show an image in Jasper Reports using Struts plugin
Export in Excel using SAS
Show UILabel animated
Maven, GWT, Google Eclipse plugin, can not copy jar to WEB-INF/lib when dependency project is war
Show UILabel animated
Maven, GWT, Google Eclipse plugin, can not copy jar to WEB-INF/lib when dependency project is war
Implement velocity in custom UIGestureRecognizer
How do I allow my app to have tracks dropped into it
Cannot call custom-made Javascript function [duplicate]
How to combine both array and insert into database php
Download an Excel file
PHP readir results - trying to sort by date created and also get rid of 鈥�鈥�and 鈥�.鈥�
Layout Problems with JavaScript / Kendo UI
get columns from multiple tables from multiples entities in Silverlight
Where to run a duplicate check for an entity
Using a broadcast reciever to start AlarmManager in Android?
鈥淧rimeFaces is not defined鈥�error
Apache server going down and then back up
mysql group_concat on two different tables gives duplicate result on second table
Automatically extend file size when seeking / writing to a location on a read/write fstream
Perform actions after WPF DataGrid data is completely bound
How can we tell which class gives the exception
Can JQuery or JavaScript be used to manipulate XML/DOM without a browser?
(407) Proxy Authentication Required, in c#
Relative paths in an ASP.NET application code behind
An error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before '(' token
Show full list of php scripts on server
Umbraco 5 Localize text in Surface Controller
Git lost commits unable to find in history
How to enable embedded tomcat logging
Eclipse: how to refresh the current project programmaticaly
.show() after .hide() doesn't always display
how to empty (or reset) an edittext
If, else in jQuery
Actionscript 3 : pass a variable from the main fla to external as file
Emacs Init File Line Numbering
How to parse freebase quad dump using Amazon mapreduce
Python Parse Minecraft Packet
PHP & SimpleXML H elp with parsing
How does Java HashMap store entries internally
Internet explorer - issues with gzip/deflate (seeking confirmation)
Can I mix & match javascript with server-side code in javascript?
SQL Server 2008 R2 Management Object Error
Update record in TableServiceContext by a new instance of the record object?
Regex - Regular expression pattern failing on URL GET parameter
Why does getAccessToken() return a shorter string than a manual call to
What registers are restored after a x86 function call in c?
how to check whether user input is double value or not?
XMLdiff for php installation
VNC viewer with multiple monitors [closed]
How to assign text to object attribute
how to print signed hex in c
Add summary row in Gridview for one column
Place a fixed height button at the bottom of the screen always
UITableView with 鈥渟tatic鈥�headers
Silverlight 5 Out of Browser http streaming of JavaScript blocks using webbrowser
How to get VS2010 JScript Intellisense work for cross-referenced files?
CSS Picture on small screen almost at top, and at big screen more in the middle
Hiding a tr with jQuery
executing code after download starts
How to add a table of contents to Jekyll blog post?
Converting values to images
Set value to each element of array of elements in zend
onchange select do different mysql query
SVN is referring to my old class which i deleted already
Rails - searching and configuration of Solr
c++ Initialising 2 different iterators in a for loop [duplicate]
cronjob running php web application
Where is the 鈥淪tore鈥�menu in the Visual Studio 11 Beta?
jQuery Lite Accordion Image Positioning
Japanese characters not supported by rmagick
Rule-based available values for a property within model
Date formatting
What is the purpose of passing-in undefined?
How to Fix Rounded Borders on Text that is Wrapped
How do I make a GUI looking like this? [closed]
How to close main frame when open new one
MongoDB Replica Set status from PHP
Java, return new MyException: anti-pattern?
Superclass Common Method Implementation
Execute a custom query in nhibernate and map to a custom domain object
object of class re and language en does not exist?
css sprites - a hover with images not loading correctly
Use string as variable name ASP
How do I bundle a Solaris JRE with install4j without running the install4j application on Solaris?
Passing instances of classes between activitys
PCRE regular expression to match text except word group
Most efficient way to split strings in Python
How to add image button to a link using html in javascript
Overflow `Label`
Is there any off the shelf component which can be used to evaluate expressions on an object?
How to keep minimum and maximum take O(1) time in a balanced binary search tree, without mucking about with pointers?
DateTime volume 9000+
Rails Active_Admin VS. my own backend
Which processes are used by console application run from a web application
How can I use varnish to send requests to localhost httpd server but if unhealthy send the request round-robin to a group of other nodes
鈥淐ould not connect to the Selenium RC server鈥�after some time of executing script
Replace the confirm javascript function with a jQuery dialog solution
Line2D.Double telling me lines are intersecting when they don't
Java: Process statements which are within an overridden method
How to set viewport for specific devices only?
how to tell pylint to ignore certain imports?
Bundler not working with rbenv, could not find [gem]
Is there such a thing as a window which is drawn to a bitmap rather than to the display surface?
Adding extra info in form field and use it while rendering django template
How can i get HDC or ScreenShot from Adobe AIR Application?
Exporting CAD model to Matlab
can I maintain one Oracle session from two oci clients?
Nested jQuery animate callback function fires with animation duration delay
Alias Analysis in LLVM
good graph/complex networks libraries [closed]
Unable to download Android 2.3.3 in Android SDK Manager
What happens to a Sqlite database when app is removed
Postgres Conditional Query - Best Practice for comparing a string with several other strings
PHP preg_match/undefined offset
MainThread blocks when executing a task that interacts with COM
Unique ID Validation Query
How to install JSON Framework?
Do you know another way to do this 鈥渕assive鈥�linq filtering?
Add text to <input> element but don't delete it
JDBC/ODBC connection to Informix with Openoffice BASE on Windows 7. Will not show table lists
Custom results on custom taxonomy page
location.hash prevents page load in Chrome
Flash: Can you resume a broken download (in-browser)?
Hibernate Performance Tuning
Painting on a QPixmap which is in QListWidget
JS on SVG--getting innerHTML of an element
java error causing Aptana not to run
Database location for web application. Visual Studio 2010
Should I reference 'this' in local variable?
add Gson element in the correct place to file on disk
Error When Restarting Thin for my Ruby on Rails Application
How to get char from KeyCode on KeyPress for OEM?
Reducing the size of executable from py2exe
Can I edit a file before installing with Inno Setup?
VBA Code to Add Linked Table with Primary Key
Metro UI Multibinding?
Why does mode_t use 4 byte?
Select columns from various tables in mySQL
how to find out a java Component being displayed on screen
Which Facebook login button do I use and why?
how to map many-to-one relationship with composite key
accessing sharepoint webservices using android
Black lines between listItems,how to erase them?
Print all the Spring beans that are loaded
How do I access default locale resource strings in Android whilst in a different locale?
The bootstrapper does not detect whether any of the prerequisites are already installed
Create grouped UITableviewCell with custom selection Color and Border
OpenGL ES drop shadows for 2D sprites
Spring MVC - ServletRequestDataBinder to automatically create instances of nested properties
How to view history of various commands in Emacs
AsyncTask: How do I handle the results from DoInBackground?
Why does GoF advise using protected (as opposed to private) virtual methods in a C++ Template Method Pattern implementation?
Replace entity model property with value from database
Using Xdebug with PhpDesigner
ASP MVC does not find the CSS class when It has more then one CSS file
How to design a simple JSP to manage a ManyToOne Hibernate association
How can I programmatically update log4net configuration file?
Why some picture was rotated is iOS device? [closed]
Some general information about assembly
How do I factorize a matrix(m x n) into two factors (m x r, r x n) in Matlab?
Multi-page text report with BIRT
.NET Workflow issue
NSEvent global event monitoring of modifier flags returns mixed results
How to create a menu tree that will show all files in an USB flash drive?
How to search products in amazon advertising api using GS1 14 , or GS1 128?
How would I create a Windows Phone Live Camera Feed?
How to compare two List<String> to each other? [duplicate]
Hot to Pass object from sub activity to main activity?
Placing an image and text inside an link_to helper (Rails)?
Write Special characters in a file
rule overriding in ilog jrules rule studio
How to update UI from another thread running in another class
Are Sencha Touch Charts 1 and Sencha Touch 2 incompatible?
ZXing multiple QR code scanning from single image iOS
How to debug an android application
CDI unit test with ELContext and ExpressionFactory
overwrite the
conflict resolution for mixed row updates with identical timestamp
Share Picasa images to my Android app
Unable to deserialize array
nsf archiving format
onclick event is not working inside echo
Oracle: transform wm_concat in an Analytic Function
How to get process that was spawned by 鈥渙pen with鈥�after shellexec
Get comments for object using one query
PowerShell Move User to different OU in different Domain with Credentials without Quest/ADAM/Cmdlets
SoapUI global proxy testings not taken for test execution
Remove new lines/spaces/tabs in HTML response
Can php launch scripts without user interaction in order to interact with the database?
Dynamically created textfield validation
Change the button name when click on that button [closed]
Populating a listbox from a DataTable and want the highlighted userID to
Makefile : add a shared library compilation
Advice for future learning - Node.js or PHP? [closed]
How to make AdMob work when developing on a 2.2 device?
need help for animation of views in android
Issue with selecting by PDO and printing out data from MySQL
From DataList to details page
How to count the functional size of this with FPA?
how to update the cursor on the first position?
mvc2 data annotations extensions EqualTo
HTML - placing rows in a nested table
Automatic updates for Audio Units
HTML - placing rows in a nested table
Automatic updates for Audio Units
Matlab Mex32 link error while compiling Felzenszwalb VOC on Windows
XSL finding a node based on value of other node + multilevel sorting
How can I display the actual price of a purchase that will be made in credits?
wget start php function passing login
A javascript design pattern for options with default values?
input type radio buttons not changing despite user's interaction
Force a double to write the whole Number
Re-using a main menu item as popup menu
Mach-O file LC_FUNCTION_STARTS load command
Simple_form & Twitter Bootstrap: Form labels unaligned, missing HTML in production?
Mapping keys using Vim
How to tell user whether the file was uploaded in Android?
getting screenshots from google street view
printer and print dialog
Loops in SQL? Or can looping always be done with set functions?
Add total column to report chart (Reporting Services)
Sybase Unwired Platform for B2C apps with push notifications
Comparing reference classes objects in R
SSL with Tomcat 7 at Ubuntu: unable to connect
Cassandra - conflict resolution for mixed column updates with identical timestamp
how to pass value to converter which is a Property in the element which was bound
Need to prevent user from running macro if #N/A is present in any worksheet
cufon headlines not getting rendered on ajax based wordpress-pagination
JQuery UI autocomplete - Hide list after hiting enter
When does a javascript settimeout or setinterval function stop?
JSON return populates field, now need to apply that value to make select option selected
PPT Text x,y,width,height - openxml
Android (2.1): sharedpreferences corruption?
PHP remove space from a string
Browser won't show HTML File
Can't detect IE
Periodic task execution in Sencha Touch
Replace default Wordpress search behavior with Sphinx
Response issue with RESTful API using OpenRasta
How can you cast to a type in an unnamed namespace in the watch window?
JQuery DOM childs loop with reset
I can not connect actionbarsherlock to the project
Conditional visibility of configuration field based on magento configuration
How to create a HORIZONTAL white separator line to add to my layout with java?
Sencha Touch 1 scrollTo not working
ALAssetGroup Name
How to copy references in Hibernate?
How can I pass the image clicked to another class
Failing to link button to intent
0x0 doesn't equal to nil. How do I fix the bug
Parse xml having different tags using sax parser
Combine anonymous columns to form new collection
How to initialize constants at runtime like in C++ initialisation lists?
How to log a method in android?
ruby CSV duplicate row parsing
Organizing projects/solutions in Visual Studio 2010
Programmatic connection validity check for a Postgresql database in Java
How to check class property in order to start countdown timer when it's get value
Akka 2: How to pause processing of messages?
PHP: preg_match - 鈥淒elimiter must not be alphanumeric or backslash鈥�
ISAPI_Rewrite to 301 redirect old domain to new domain, running ASP.NET4
Avoid changing of td bgcolor on some condition using jquery?
How to send a 'hand coded' http request?
GPU card resets after 2 seconds
LocalActivityManager destroyActivity with animation
How to control the cache with carrierwave on Rackspace cloud storage?
ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when calling Raster.setRect()
What is the .toString() varient in X++ or Dynamics AX?
Timer and DirectX
Zend Framework 2 RESTful controller actions
Vaadin. Event Queue
Upload large SQL database to Azure Table Storage
How can I list the keys in the in-memory cache store on Ruby on Rails?
Detect form submit with javascript
How to break an array in PHP?
C++ : How can I calculate a cost of a method (Algorithm Analysis)
Databinding custom objects and populating controls with unique values etc
How can I test if a div is blocked
I am not able to send the mail from my android application built for kindle fire? [closed]
xmlEscapeEntities : char out of range - Error
Replacing text over an Image using Kinetic.js html5 canvas
netbeans IDE: how to delete data source
How to fix indentation of comments before } else { in Visual Studio?
Application crashes when passing array of animations
What pagination schemes can handle rapidly-changing content lists?
Define an order for ManyToManyField with django
how to vertical align a table inside a div
python regex split first charchter
Break a HTTP request directly from the server
preg_match returns false
Adding textfield validation to multiple textfields
Why were type classes difficult to implement?
Liquibase database migration with empty and preexisting database
how to call a PHTML file within a CMS page Magento
Why nilObject isEqual nilObject return no?
Bring process to foreground
Start new thread using parameter in c#
Why can't my application receive UDP packets when the Windows Base Filtering Engine service is enabled?
jQuery calendar, doesn't work properly
Android Sqlite Cursur not returning correct values
Unable to use dot layout (graphviz as a library)
Enable horizontal scrolling in a webview
Microsoft Print Spooler API - hold a print job?
Possible to install magento into a non-public directory?
HTML footer position - must body be parent element?
Azure Storage Emulator has stopped working
What it means to have CSS classes in this way: .class1.class2?
Should I be using a reporting framework?
Loading textures with SharpDX in Windows Store App
Search a text file for a string not working PHP
Ordering JTable entried by Date
setting aggregated features
display photos from facebook with javascript api?
Cocos2D iPhone - Object sent autorelease too many times?
Bloomberg DDE Error when called from Python
How to assert your AppDelegate has a specific protocol with ocunit?
how to modify the exe.config from Innosetup script
Detecting whether the computer is a Domain Controller
Identify if the reversed code is Obfuscated or n I not
hibernate HiLo - one table for all entities
Is it possible to 'break' or 'return' mid-page in an html document?
Custom Shaped Textarea in HTML/CSS
SEO Compare two pages on the same site
What's the difference between the 鈥済lobal queue鈥�and the 鈥渕ain queue鈥�in GCD?
JQueryMobile and .NET Update Panel Losing Styles
Backbone.js collection view rendering duplicate items attached datafile .mdf data displayed runtime when i close re open application data lost
Embeding symbols from a swf created with mxmlc
How to use asm code in C++ & Visual Studio 2008
Child widget mouse event
Chrome extension - retrieving Gmail's original message
jQuery Validation Plugin error outside a div
Is it possible to configure FxCop 10 to use a .csproj as its target?
Is wpf touch screen specific?
Does yahoo oauth api does not work on the subdomain
ICS 4 text appearance configuration
Document-based Core-Data drawing application under OS-X
AaWiz VCL Component Migrated from Delphi 5 to Delphi 2005
HSQLDB issue: Starting the HSQL database from Java Code
Backup Ubuntu as an installer [closed]
listview doesn't appear in TabGroup QML?
Custom stdin for Node.js child process
Get gateway address in C/C++
C/C++ code or Bash script to sign jar files
Restlet createQuery fails with connection error (and after workaround NoSuchMethodError)
Sharepoint 2007 people picker expand group to individuals
Ruby 1.9.2/ Rails 3.2.2 working; what happens if I remove xCode 4.2?
LDA and topic model
Restrict numbers and letters in textbox - C#
How to reduce amount written to mongod.log
Safari and Chrome, position of rotated text goes haywire
Getting a value from my sql database in Javascript?
WM_COPYDATA SendMessage - Can it send big strings?
String does not print exact values
Event viewer create Event ID C#
Why do app posts to Facebook not show as pasted via my app, despite OK OpenGraph response?
Why fillcolors get scrumbled in python imaging library?
Convert byte[] to String, Send as SMS, return byte[] to String
set input value as the user is typing
Logging in spring MVC
Undefined Reference? But I've implemented the function
in android data/data/鈥eting only half database
jQuery: Move the last items from UL to a new UL
converting from std::string to uint8
adding update,delete,insert buttons to run jtable data
Profile provder to limiting
Break loop based on element not existing
Targeting div elements
init ViewController load different XIB based on a parameter passed in
Selecting last event given certain conditions
adding rows to table per click, manipulating name field thereby
How can I use Matlab engine in a mex function called from Matlab
incompatible type and can not find symbol in twitter4j?
Spring form validation not returing error message
play framework first project on NetBeans not working
Environment Variables in my own C Linux Shell?
How do I work out the order in which I write my objects to the database?
JavaScript - Stream of JPEGs for poor man's video
MD5 in ActionScript
MVC3 Search Screen with Multiple model and lookup table
How to manage transactions with JAX-RS, Spring and JPA
how to detect only windows 2003 computers from domain
How to Filter a QAbstractTableModel model
How to apply colour tint with canvas + apply to css class
QFile::QFile function --> Error: QFile :: QFile (const QFile &) 'is private
How to use emf commands within editor actions?
Calculate Earth convex hull polygon area given latitude and longitude
Limiting a mysql result
Best way to start a 鈥淧C booking鈥�application in Windows 7 / Vista?
How to make a custom keyboard?
Show 鈥淕o to App鈥�popup directly from news feed
Why wont the right item get added?
how to set image view in every fragment on viewpager?
python pool apply_async and map_async do not block on full queue
Print only parts that match regex
jsf+primefaces 3.1 printer issue
Escaping characters in JQuery ID element in ui widget
Popup menu for gtk+ application on GtkViewTree
Detect if http or https is present in input - if not, add it on blur
jQuery and Django change_form.html
code not executing within switch statement
Remove the Compass interfence alert message+Augmented Reality in iphone
PostgreSQL rule for using function on fields of certain type
code not executing within switch statement
Remove the Compass interfence alert message+Augmented Reality in iphone
PostgreSQL rule for using function on fields of certain type
Conditional CSS in CSS not working
Recording user inputs and confirms in firefox addon sdk
Refactoring C#, unsure of error messages when converting to static method
ExtJS evaluate server response with proxy writer
Convert canvas image in webpage to pdf using flying saucer
PHP function returning boolean value if a specific function fails to execute
XmlArray attribute applied to a List derived class
How to present a second ViewController & dismiss the first
Android: screen tilted other fontsize
Symfony2 generating getters/setters
Source stepping in Entity Framework
Running another program using Python
What's wrong with this ruby code? syntax error, unexpected tIDENTIFIER, expecting keyword_end
Threading function that takes variables and returns a datatable in
Powershell - Generate and execute scripts on the fly programmatically
Creating website tour
Designing Kinect Application Interface in Silverlight
Best caching setting for webserver with continues deployment
Kill a stubborn task from a C# winform
Pan gesture interferes with UISlider
Webview and javascript use
dynamically create HTML page from Javascript
How to set property value using Expressions? [duplicate]
login logout application on tomcat
Html Attributes breaks Editor Template, rendering it readonly
Enable/Disable checkbox on click of another checkbox in Repeater
Can a DBMS support several DSL languages?
PHP ignores passing by reference if var is assigned in function call
Blinking cursor in TextView via Thread
Python: how to use 'exec' with custom scope?
Javascript FQL: filtering by 鈥渃reated_time鈥� after a few calls (mostly 1), no results are returned
Dynamically creating webpage using PHP to pass variables via URL
QT showstatus tip is shown only after mouse leave the window and return
Outer join on 3 tables
Creating a distinct list of custom type in C#
iPhone: How to find out which object was touched
Why would a Conditional Compilation Symbol not be detected in Release build?
Using BETWEEN with Dates SQL and Coldfusion
Accessing values of a JSF managed bean in another managed bean
how to Open New class from javascript page using android phonegap
importing SQLiteWrapper gives error
Mono MVC3 ActionLink datetime RouteValue
relative paths to image file in wordpress (3.3.1) custom fields?
Convert file.modificationDate to UNIX? AS3
Round down date and find different's
web.config transformations in a 鈥淲CF service鈥�website
Zooming in a WebView:always zooms the right side
Facebook Graph API returning an empty email
Selenium, WebDriver, C#. Fullscreen mode in browser
Remote code execution vs local code execution
Source name when writing to event viewer C#
Forgot to do 'git push' on previous branch and started new branch
Send Data from iPhone 4S to Bluetooth device
Set the initial Y value of an overflowed div or iframe?
iOS measuring web page Download TIme
Run an ant script located on a URL
How can i format 07/03/2012 to March 7th,2012 in c#
Alternative to doing lots of calculations in constructor - scala
Calling a Workflow Foundation Service
Onclick event for image tag inside PHP echo, is not working
T-SQL formatting Date arithmetic results in a friendlier format
building RESTful API - handling POST requests and validation
Displaying Image in QmessageBox
Can't execute python scripts, permission denied?
MySQL IF & Left Joins - Syntax?
Setting a border and a background-color on a radio button (compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari)
How to highlight a sentence if it鈥檚 in particular font using VBA or .net 2005
Thread execution order Java
XQuery - Filtering by Date Range
Open system tray icon when click on shortcut on desktop
jQuery traversal - finding previous label to current input
How do I submit a form with javascript when there's an input named submit? redeployment issue
safe publication using method confinement in java
Extract parts from regular expression with NSRegularExpression
Convert from double to decimal
How to add PHP code to .tpl file
Using closures to modify classes within Perl BEGIN blocks
WinXP checksum offloading capabilities
Tcl/Tk : How to destroy root window when close toplevel window
Possible bug when changing element class name with javascript in IE8, IE9 and IE10
How can I use swedish letters with json_encode() in PHP?
How can I enumerate the Namespaces used in an XML document with Linq2XML?
Extjs Image change dynamically through browse
float clear footer margin white gap issue
How to identify the clicked button belongs to which listbox item?
Installing Perl DateTime
Converting an extension method group to a delegate with a generic type
how to get redirected to a page whose link is stored in a variable?
Delphi OnDeactivate not working on forms from dll file
How to validated Assertion for SAML 2.0 Bearer at
Returning a value based on max sum and one more condition
How to concat text in android textView using setText
Remove radio buttons dynamically using jQuery
Add javascript to theme
Can JQuery be debugged like javascript?
Can't get the find command in Excel 2008 to work [AppleScript]
Javascript date and time comparisson
Java return string object
How to use CalendarContract class in API Level 8
Post on facebook wall from server instead of client app
clickable town names google maps
codeigniter - newline or space
How can I move Raphael.js sets to specific locations?
Is inline assembly language slower than native C++ code?
Jquery Ajax not working
Subtraction between two numbers and displaying the result in a new pivot page
Expander behaviour needs to partially expand over top content
Start a timer in a service MVC role based access to controller
Start a thread from CLR when called from SQL Anywhere?
Print Sample for MonoMac
Mysql Date Issue With Where Clause
Adding a class based on a statement
automake/gnu make dealing with directories in patterned rules
How can I get Journal entry data from Sitelink's web service(s)?
ASP.Net MVC 3, how to redirect allmost all page to one action
Rails Custom Validators: Testing options
binding events to ajax loaded content with jquery
Where to put custom RichFaces file?
How can i add iframe in my master page
adding other content in top and bottom of MySurfaceView
Automatic Logout feature in Android App
What are the methods to protect against session-hijacking without httpOnly support?
Unable to instantiate receiver java.lang.ClassNotFoundException