Jquery, Childs get active one by one while parent li is active
CSS Border Inside Div not on edge
Extract email address in Sent items in Outlook
CSS different padding and margin does a different pc (x32 vs. x64 ) can be the cause?
How to expose an interface in web service
how is synchronisation of data done in android?
鈥淐onnectionNotFound error in socket::open : error = 10060鈥�error in J2ME while using Twitter API ME [duplicate]
Sqlite3 is available in irb, but not in ruby on Mac OS X Lion
Check empty field from html array in javascript
HTML5/CSS layout divs side by side
ARC and Popovers and delegates
Loading dialog BlackBerry Browserfield
RouteHandler for Static Content
jQuery function has to repeat to work
jquery bounce accelerates automatically
Async.TryCancelled doesn't work with Async.RunSynchronously
Print MSTest summary after command line exeution
svn commit file named 鈥淍2x.png鈥�
compare two arraylists and get position of common elements
zend soap win7/apache cant remove cache
How to consume HTTPS rest service from android application
How to consume HTTPS rest service from android application
Impossible to update UI because can not delete widgets
PhoneGap for Android - Fragment containing PhoneGap
How to copy a part of a string to an element of array of struct?
Java: instantiating an enum from a number using reflection
how can I replace Jquery plugin calls which uses 'on'?
Unable to Redirect to any asp pages under Account folder
How to develop application for Hide files in Android
Google Visualization with PHP
I need sql query for getting the Required format
Error when deploying Spring app to Cloud Foundry
Use of 鈥淯tility Jars鈥�folder in Websphere
Initialize value of self in the standartd class accessor
Cropping CIImage with CICrop isn't working properly
GNU Regex library and crashes with specific regular expression
remove _id from mongo result
Ageing 32 bit OCX control fails to load in .NET
Image disappears in Chrome and IE
warning - assignment makes integer from pointer without a cast. WHY?
Will a Service provide this functionality?
TextField with value is considered to be empty?
Styling Bulleted list data added from a string.format
create jabber id on jabber.org with jabber-net libraries
Select and show different POI on google map
Custom alert dialogbox error
Will a program compiled in Mono for Windows run in Mono for Linux out of the box?
Convert unsigned char to NSString
Android regex not acting as I thought it would
Making overridden paintComponent editable?
SQL index searching
.NET Is it possible to share large in-memory collection between processes?
Facebook Apps - Picture uploading failed from today
Jquery Onclick onClickelse
window event is not working in FireFox
Exporting Crystal Report XI into PDF Freeze - Vb.Net2005
struts 2 and ajax
escape code Constants in C++
How to create relativelayouts with java code?
UIPickerView with two components crashes when scrolling both
Conditional compiling for armv6 and armv7
how to get username on every page in php
Eclipse autocomplete not working when using .class package
Checking whether the server is on/off
How to change StringEdit value in overridden method leave()?
Display gallery remote image in android imageView
Best and cheapest API for sending international SMSs
Running multiple scriptblocks at the same time with Start-Job (instead of looping)
Using JQuery to find text in an element then perform function
Sorting inside a file
The constructor Service(URL, QName, WebServiceFeature[]) is undefined
Using JQuery to find text in an element then perform function
Sorting inside a file
The constructor Service(URL, QName, WebServiceFeature[]) is undefined
preload css-background-images for jquery transition in sencha-touch
Trying to catch the oncreate of a form
Microsoft.Office.Interop namespace methods and VBA methods in VS2005
jQuery DataTable pagination issues
How to modify this SQL Query to show the percentage of participation in the last sending quiz in each division in the company?
On specific key press event in chrome extension
LibGDX - OpenGL Exception on android caused by Texture
Using limit in a left join in mysql
Google maps API v3, can't get clicked marker
Potential problems with arithmetic operations mixing char and double?
UITextField border animation
get data from POST action asp.net mvc
Class derived from Generic Repository
If we change the orientation mode it reset the GridVIew.
gwt-maven-plugin - LifecycleExecutionException
CSS Stylesheet Not Reflecting changes
I cannot add to my sqlite database . Please advise
crop screen maximized resolution
How to work like switch with Thread
Saving in-memory H2 database to disk
How to receive continuous incoming data from a serial port (MCU) in vb
Issue with data table Select statement
Block Bundle Adjustment Flow
TRANSACTION in java + sqlite3
PLPGSQL Cascading Triggers?
quicksort with linked list [closed]
Big Json data to mysql
Ruby: Metaprogramming in conditional sentence
Trigger validation based on drop down value
Which Android Device should I buy for Testing Apps鈥�
restricting and calculating
MySQL inner joins?
How do web browsers generate key pairs to communicate with https/tls websites?
iOS HTTP Request called twice
How to differentiate between login and logout in menubar in PHP
How to sort a string in ruby? [duplicate]
Lucene - fuzzy search with punctuation
Best techniques for collision detection in video games?
Ajax on PhoneGap will not return value
Date format with MYSQL database
Emacs: How do I reverse `load-path`?
Define something like for in ASP.NET MVC 3 to pass real html
Access child window elements from parent window using Javascript
code to connect to my database in yahoo web hosting
How to achieve SHA-512 hashing
what does this attribute do: MethodImplOptions.NoInlining (or: what is 'inlining' a method) [duplicate]
How to Count Duplicates in Datagridview in C#
ZendFramework - How to test bandwidth? When visitor open a page to display his upload/download
how to select all items at a time when cliking on select all menuitemfor a listfield checkbox in blackberry
SVN add Error - Not a working copy
regex search using string [duplicate]
Regex positive lookahead
How to efficiently transfer remotely millions of files
Changing Default Collation for SQL Server 2008
How to hide and display a view in front of a webview depending on user input
Why can't I add my control bar to my panel
jquery dropdown stays open till complete page load
Web.Config Transformation XPath
How to get the file type name?
Problems with combining js,php and googlemaps
CSS Opacity fix - Make transparent container stretch height of page (and hidden parts)
Backbone.Model has no method 'extend'
mysql_num_rows returns zero even though mysql_fetch_array returns results
Single Perceptron - Non-linear Evaluating function
how to make a secure login page with hash crypt ,compare?
Netbeans 7.1 Icefaces 3 Modules Installation Error
Java: Show 鈥�.java鈥�in 鈥淔ile of type鈥�as default in fileChooser
Glassfish server issue when deploying Grails application
Azure components for photo / video content management
Animating Wpf Windows Transitions
SQL: Joining tables on primary key AND returning the primary key
Running ffmpeg from a windows service on same machine encounters permissions issue
jquery matching classes
Max with of Colorbox window?
Get the name of the album from a tagged photo using Graph API
Youtube video inside modal ViewController, strange crash 'UIViewControllerHierarchyInconsistency'
How to deliver big files in ASP.NET Response?
Retrieve descendant (path) of tree base of multiple values
Google site links [closed]
python : multiple library versions at run time with pkg_resources (pkg_resources.VersionConflict error)
how to make the method onWindowFocusChanged(boolean) to true(or call) in one tabs of tablayout in android?
Regex.Split adding empty strings to result array
Ruby class << self
Algorithm to find min cut given max flow [closed]
Spring task scheduler delay from jndi
ROR - Generate an alpha-numeric string for a DB ID
Wordpress Conditional Tag 鈥淚f empty鈥�
How can I improve this mysql query for fulltext search?
Evenly distributing n points on a sphere
Iframe width does n't auto expand in new Facebook timeline view
MySQL + PHP - Best way to store timestamp every time user logs in
Solr optimize command status
How to draw a triangular portion of a bitmap
Depth in textures with alpha values in OpenGL
How to test wcf in real environment
Insert values from another Table in sql server 2008
Data Storage Issue in cassandra
Avoid duplicate entries in a UITableView in ios
Are ZipFile InputStreams thread safe?
How to delete specific record from SQLite?
How would I represent the following menu structure in JavaScript?
Hosting WCF service and static html files
Is it possible for format a Excel Table adding data with Markers with SyncFusion XlsIO ASP.NET?
RestKit RKObjectLoader objectLoader didLoadObjects failed on device
Original url from twitter short url
RSS Failed to Fetch Wordpress Embed Videos
C# WinForms ListBox SelectedIndex Equivalent in ListView?
how to create a generic background image binding from a control template?
search for multiple words using mysql MATCH AGAINST
Javascript: How to use modernizr to change background size to cover?
How can I Browse (only) checkbox in a panel?
how to get timezone from a calendar
instance method is returning a hexadecimal instead of a string
How to create database schema to persist special class hierarchy
How to display a message to the user in the kernel, while the message can only be accessed by the kernel
Moves website to subdirectory - Getting images/css paths to work?
xCode Internationalization Two Languages Buttons
Android how to record music from media player
Inserting a Crystal Reports 2011 viewer in a Razor page
Communicating between C++ and C#?
Pitvot stop When scroll continous
Algorithm for finding the best pairs
How to make a Java thread hang
Copy output of the program to the screen and also to the file
How to recognize mouse location on map in the picture box?
How to change a set element?
LINQ - select filename and filesize together from Directory.EnumerateFiles
Ajax.BeginForm not updating target div
How to use paysafe payment solution with ruby on rails?
How to draw alpha on an image / setting pixels invisible - on fingertouch
Architecture of app which use C2DM and installed on several Android phones
Regarding Text Field Not Changes Value In Iphone
Read from serial port in many forms
Data to Controller from jqGrid in MVC3?
How can I find out if user is using the latest version of application?
setText is not updating
PHP not retrieving radio input value
Fade text too long inside HTML element with dynamic background color
Android Emulator get port Number
Xcode stops working after set 鈥渪code-select -switch鈥�
Best practice to protect model after post in MVC3
Set UICulture for subfolder in web application
Crystal Reports different versions on pc and on server
Testing models with Translate behaviour
Android link to wireless & Network Settings
Unexpected behavior using mod_rewrite
Drag and Drop event in Javafx 2.0
Set UICulture for subfolder in web application
Crystal Reports different versions on pc and on server
Testing models with Translate behaviour
Android link to wireless & Network Settings
Unexpected behavior using mod_rewrite
Drag and Drop event in Javafx 2.0
Nested Areas in ASP.NET MVC3
Implicits and order of declaration
How to Sum multiple lines in sql
Server side fix for receiving string containing '&'(ampersand)
FluentNhibernate C# mapping an XML-file?
Is there an elegant way to convert List<Double> into List<Number>?
Transparent UIImage in iphone app's Document folder
tool for creating interpreters using java
Is there a way to load a LaunchAgent plist programmatically?
Magento Upgrade to 1.6 issue in bestseller products
SEO friendly html/ php form submission
Why partial methods can only have void return type?
How significant is the 鈥渁mount of queries used鈥�to site performance/speed?
Using a caret(^) when using Git for Windows in PowerShell
GA tracking of 'add to cart's' on Opencart
How to get Tridion item ID after created using Core Service
Java: Is it OK to compare dates as strings
What can I do to load external classes in an Android Application?
Best way of handling timeouts with AsyncController
Doing a batch delete in redis with ohm
SetAction for NSPopUpButton is disabling my popUpButton
Serializing hibernates configuration
How can I catch onload event when using jquery mobile dialog?
jasmine-jquery toBeDisabled not working
Solr highlighted search
Converting Swing app to web
jQuery v1.7.1, different contents of 'this' in IE and Chrome/FF
DBSet and dynamic sql expressions
How to display custom Form Drop down list label?
typo3 file saving from backen with dynamic path
How to parse json in bash or pass curl output to python script
GetFullYear() function does not come after setting date from calendar?
Remembering fileName after application closes
Passing API Keys In HEADER or URL?
Animation to field in blackberry
Form submitted even after onsubmit function returns false
Internet Explorer Developer Tools how to preserve log upon navigation?
How can I link MacPort's pyqt to Enthought's Python distribution?
How to select/set a selected row in picker view as default selected row every time
iphone apns sending push notification in different languages with voice
How can I diagnose and resolve connectivity issues with a Team Build Server 2008?
mysql/php - insert post serialized data to db with quotes signs, and retrieve it later without slashes - safety issue
Convert a java date (time) pattern string to a SQL date pattern string
Command line arguments in C# application
Ternary Operator in C#
How to render many ExtJS trees using a single data store
Resize icons in Google Maps using Android
NSTextFinder and Regular Expression search
jQuery DataTables - sorting does not work when date is also a link
NAudio record never receiving a sample
How to get/retrieve context menu value after right click with Javascript?
Use of padding-bottom method to normalize column height gives error with use of name anchors
:active problems with my navigation menu
which Blackberry App World submission files are required for release
Jquery - addding select option dynamically as html string from asp.net - Not Working
Keeping database in sync with pictures on filesystem [PHP/Postgresql/Linux]
Sending mails from different mail servers in CRM 2011
Display Table values as Columns PHP [closed]
Recovering an Image from an array in php (drupal enviroment)
How to traverse all the files in a directory; if it has subdirectories, I want to traverse files in subdirectories too
Different POM Files for production environment
Cannot set property 1 of undefined - javascript/google maps api
Unable to configure WSO2 identity server for openID
Backbone.js route optional parameter
Using ref parameter - Good design decision?
Apache mod_rewrite integration with my own apache module
Combine unordered images to video (+MP3 audio)
svn command to delete all locally missing files
Java DecimalFormat shows different results for float and double
Query to get peak hours from session table
Neural net training continuos values
Guidance choosing database structure/engine
Django - form resets values after an error
how to set phone number in US format in android?
Automate deploy to playapps.net
How to Extract data from xml column in sql 2008
html select doesn't display default option
Should I be using nav or ul
How to Copy my files from one Directory to another Directory
What is the purpose of non-static methods in MATLAB?
C# Reflection error
Is there a tool to convert i18n yaml files to gettext po format?
Integrating facebook connect in my site
Wrong output when using currency style with NSNumberFormatter
Traverse XML with JQuery
JavaScript Substring Backwards
Getting time between two dates.
Capture media key events in a browser
PHP - Name of first day in actual month
Why is Excel throwing security errors when opening a file generated with PHP?
Core plot: axis alternatingBandFills with majorTickLocations inproper display
is there an equivalent to python's request module in Java for working on REST based App
Magento Admin custom theme not working
IE7: float left, but not upwards, please
What are all the steps to migrate from Base clearcase to UCM?
Can ASP .NET MVC help me converting IDs to models in my action?
Edit on focus JPanel inside JTable
Ruby on rails - 2 users types
How to resolve one to many relationship in core data in iOS 4.0
xml elements in C# windows Phone 7
How to receive original request body in WSO2
How To Change or refresh data using ViewBag in MVC3
How to programmatically set properties of a Web control placed in a Panel controlled by a ModalPopupExtender
How to get the current latitude and longitude in my mobile
Parent Fragment Not Displaying Child ViewPager
ASP.net Connecting to two databases at once?
Automatically change text color to assure readability
h:selectManyListBox valueChangeListener is not calling
How to Store Avatar Images of Buddypress
Page state is lost while refreshing the page
MSBuild doesn't find async required references
Cannot compile a .csproj programmatically in ASP.Net
How does Langage.Haskell.TH.report work?
Tastypie resource name clash
Approach towards designing an Application for Android Tablets?
Executing jar file from Terminal in kbuntu
Asynchronous Drag and Drop to Windows Explorer
Remove duplicate from an array in ruby
Simple C program compiles on OS X but not Fedora 16, math.h included but not used
Manually Changing Orientation of UIViewController ? iPhone
how to check the data downloaded when i open my website [closed]
How to make the book search faster using amazon api ? What will be the best response group for book searchusing amazon api?
Are 鈥渃lass functions鈥�refered to as 鈥渇unctions鈥�or 鈥渕ethods鈥�in Python
UISegmentedControl : Could not call the method in ios 5.0
pthread static linking
multithreaded server: SwingWorker Vs Thread?
JSON - PHP vs C/C++
after login redirect different user to their last visited url in php
Is it illegal to name a variable with a numeric first character? [closed]
Trying to call a class method in Google Maps Marker click event callback, in jQuery
Public git repository
PHP Split over multiple lines does not work
How to clean a particular directory before each build starts in jenkins?
How to replace two or more strings with each other?
Do we still require separate licence for TeamExplorer as Standalone client if already have vs2010
How to implement new Android selection mode while retaining backward compatibility with Android 2.x?
How to switch to Landscape View properly?
Log4net filter and replace the log message?
Changing element location in DefaultListModel
XML XInclude does not display correctly?
Dynamically typed file access via templates or pure virtual base class inheritance?
Pass method parameter to an action in googlemock
FileSystemRegistry exception when connect usb cable with nokia n8
How to count repeated items in datagridview
Writing logs to file in multithread aplication
Selector is not called
FormsAuthentication.Timeout.TotalMinutes in .NET 3.5
llvm pass error
Parallel random number generation with Akka Futures
install pg_config in CentOS 5.5 without yum
Drupal language navigation
Sencha Touch 2.0 Controller can't handle clicks to my list
Moving from Private GitHub Repo to Public and Private
Details to setup Merchant account [closed]
MySQL Adding New Columns to Query Result
Memory Leak, Re-assigning NSArray Property
iOS Quartz embed font in pdf
how can i read last 2 bytes from file and delete them after read
Can we convert a string variable to long or viceversa in android?
Removing parentheses in an input field, the text between them and the space before them?
NullpointerException. Do not want to add empty lines to List from file
Dynamic Data Display charting: change Y axis range
R: Recoding multiple variables based on common ifelse condition
Inapp purchase in iphone sdk
wrap tables in oracle
How to upload an image from mobile web app (PhoneGap & JavaScript) to a SOAP web service
Git: updating branches when core error found
jQuery $.inArray doesn't seem to work with associative arrays
Ideal serialization Java library for storing huge repeative data?
jquery autoComplete with List<string> as Source
Pass model several times in ASP.NET MVC 3
In Android API level 8-10, i.e. from 2.2 to 2.3.3, is it possible to drag and drop a single view from one layout into another?
how can I sort items in BaseAdapter before I setAdapter?
html wrong position
Jquery chkbox show hiden content?
How to use C# to check if WUA is set to 鈥淚nstall updates automatically (recommended)?鈥�
Is there a tool to convert between VS2005, VS2008 and VS2010 solutions and projects (not only .NET)?
MAMP localhost not working
ASP.NET Custom authentication handler
Filter order collection using custom field: Magento
Spark scrollbar space should be preserved
Extending jQuery with CoffeeScript class
Automapper: Mapping hierarchy
Implementing a Critical Section in asp.net mvc3
string with full stop in it not properly outputted in html
Autoconf for android. Exists?
Jquery selector using $(this) handle next element by next()
Can we create multiple navigation controllers in iOS?
Check variable type in FreeMarker
T-SQL try 鈥�catch and multiple batches (2 begin鈥nd, if鈥lse)
Django CMS - how to detect if homepage?
Building a custom class from WSDL file in C#
PHP Session Security on custom eCommerce website, How do I do it?
Getting value of ListView using up / down keys
Div with 100% width inside a centered div with dynamic width?
I just cant figure out Project Plugin in VIM. Please help me #2
Specify Analyzer based on Query type
How to continue with If-Conditions in Try-Catch
jquery boolean iterators
Custom generic class, method name expected
Magento Catalog URL Rewrites - Long time to index
wordpress contact form 7 unique id
Class pass by reference and thread
How can I make css sprite in this situation?
Mustache-like templating language with extends?
(Android) Which is better a Bundle or Application?
How to install Windows Azure SDK for Java
Can I use CSS child selectors as jquery selectors?
Rails Asset Pipeline: Return digest version when non-digest requested
Finding Latitude and Longitude via Zip Codes in Java
Error in Retrieving Year Month Date from Calender object
Android webview onTouch issue
Print using javascript in Fluid browser(mac)
Change setting in user control 's configuration file has no effect
Removing part of a string javascript not working
Set Parent Property From Children in WPF
VLOOKUP to match certain criteria under a certain column header
Is the android market app already installed on every Android phone
ups shutdown signal --> shutdown other computers
XXXX is no longer used. <see cref=鈥淓dmModelDiffer鈥�/> is now used to detect changes in the model
webView.loadDataWithBaseURL() does not work with special characters like %
JavaScript setFullYear() Method Returning an incorrect date
convert from JSON to an array
鈥渋nvisible鈥�toggle app without any window shown
Simplistic Javascript array issue
Return generic from method
Adding model to collection with index
WCF: The service certificate is not provided. Specify a service certificate in ServiceCredentials
Flex AdvancedDataGrid with IHierarchical Objects
Installing a windows service as another user than Network Service
PowerBuilder function Pos, Mid does not work after migration
Another CRSF token error while uploding file in django
Multiple linked list with SQLAlchemy and MySQL
Entity Framework Relationship Table
Sliding doors CSS, button tags and IE8
JQuery Detect class changes
is it possible to hang a few web sites in one role at a port of Azure?
How to retrieve data from CRM 2011 by using webservice and SSIS
file handling via post request in asp & c#
Why have empty `content` on css :after
Does yieldIfContendedSafely() lose the benefits of a transaction?
How to add indention to the stream operator
How to Query Database to Retrive data irrespective of spaces present in Database Record
Per installation configuration for SalesForce Application
creating a org.w3c.dom.Document object and appending it to a node
Putting numbers separated by a space into an array
Which connection JAR to use for Sybase DBMS?
Html Checkbox within anker IE9
Simple CURL url exists won't work
jQuery Validation Plugin with metadata on checkboxes?
vaadin embed in div, how to pass query string
Create Option Not Found in Jasper Server 4.5.0
Find first and last classes JQuery
Object of class Dollar could not be converted to int
How do I detect duplicate values within an array in Ruby?
Necessitas QT - installing shared QT libraries on a device
How to rotate 2d-matrix that is packed into 1d array?
How I can do this in c#?
Service codes in PhoneCallTask WP7?
How to avoid memory leaks during periodical AJAX requests on IE9
IE Version Detect using jQuery in Compatibility Mode
How to delete all record from table in sqlite with Android?
removing duplicate records in list
oracle procedure with clob as in parameter (large text)
Google Maps marker not showing
Count number of redirections using HTMLUnit
Using Flex Binding instead of addEventListenter
Programmatically building tables in Visual Web Developer C#
Replace the content of a hg branch
jQuery result post in combination with Spring
Php 5.4 closures
Error in Custom ListView onitemClick
cpp hpp separation
INSERT vs. UPDATE [duplicate]
automake programmatically generate rules / use macros
In-App Purchase - Consumable Items Dilemma
Checking a member exists, possibly in a base class, VS2005/08 version
Converting http date header string to time_t
a generic error occurred in gdi+. while saving an image
Dealing with Data from different regions
TCP connection time in windows
Is using a global user variable a bad practice?
NoBufferSpaceAvailable when sending data to socket
fragment placehoder in layout
how to make preview webpage application
Auto scroll to a div after finish loading. Use jquery
jquery addon for slider shown onclick
Connection closed error from Amazon S3 after changing to boto get_bucket
Packaging Flash Builder Apps for Android/IOS - assets directory Q
Radio button issue
add to maven a dependency packaged as mar
css code dont shows on server
PHP - sleep() function (multiple instances of script) and IIS server
How to prevent the console browser from opening when launching the server ?
css code dont shows on server
PHP - sleep() function (multiple instances of script) and IIS server
How to prevent the console browser from opening when launching the server ?
How to run dymanic SQL through IKJEFT01 Utility?
Special Characters in StreamWriter
adding QGraphicsView to QBoxLayout
Finding the maximum out of three doubles from standard input
Create an item in Tridion 2011 using Core Service
Manual Rollback of transactions in Seam
Backup in Sql server 2008
MVC 3 - Passing list of check boxes to and from a controller
How to use BlobStore for uploading a file of DOC and PDF type
what is wrong with this wordpress update query?
multiple Html.Attr on one tag in razor?
Mysql: Latest items grouped by a string
Database 鈥淚dentity鈥�field and auto-increment
MVC ViewBag Refresh
How to capture user selections with dialog
Parsing SOAP response with NSXMLParser
Hot to get rid of an java.io.Exception at java.io.WinNTFileSystem.createFileExclusively?
Fitting image layout
How to use unittest's self.assertRaises with exceptions in a generator object?
UITableViewCell button not getting tag when new row inserted
Java OpenGL screen to world transformation using gluUnProject + design discussion
How to change style of ASP.NET AJAX control toolkit password strength extender?
Makefile error when compiling with gfortran on Mac OS
Jenkins - discard/keep artifacts of a parameterized build
Spidermonkey and Garbage Collection
List of changes for EF 4.x DbContext Generator (or POCO Entity Generator)
Code Igniter security with insert function
Listing all LoadLibrary and GetProcAddress calls in a PE file
How to find an specifc row in csv
Sencha Touch 2 & webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch
Is it possible to cast jedit TextArea to java.awt.TextComponent or to javax.swing.JTextArea? [closed]
Entity query select '*' error
iOS in-call status bar over-writing top navigation bar
Decimal dominant number in an array
pg:224 Stroustrup - C++ Programming Language, 3E
compute mean using std::accumulate fails
WTForms support for input readonly attribute?
How to use Find expresstion in jquery to find the exact xml node?
how can i get the number of frames per second from a gif file?
Processing varargs before passing them on
How to get next record inside the mysql result dataset?
Self Join relationship with JPA
How to avoid race on RCW cleanup
How to access files in a class' path in MATLAB?
Open new window in asp:linkButton Click event
Makehuman, mocap tool add-on, blender, scripting
Endless adapter data append crash in android
Does 鈥淛OIN鈥�mean the same as 鈥淚NNER JOIN鈥�[duplicate]
WebSphere 7 deployment using ws_ant
Solr over NFS problems
Refreshing radgrid automatically when grid datasource gets updated in the background telerik asp.net
Error with Object mapper reading JSON from file
Asp.net calendar - own text on day hover
Is there any eclipse plugin for developing Web Pages
Yii - errors with AR and FK when inserting
how to remove selected item from listview using CursorAdapter
conversion tool for xml to yaml?
how to get output from delayed_job, eg PDF/HTML report
SQL Server 2008 Express impossible to use for merge replication?
Injecting an Enumerable containing all registered Implementations of an Interface
Change/update model inside a collection
Chrome: JQuery animate; only appears to work when selected in developer tools
When to use Cygwin or MinGW to compile C code? [duplicate]
How set from code (C++) move taskbar from primary to secondary monitor having different resolution
PDF parsing to NSString
JTable setting model and preserve column formats (width, alignment, etc.)
P2 Autoupdate from web repository
Versioning and caching static files: CSS, JS, images 鈥�What to consider
Select all input tag in without certain attribute in Jquery
ListView dividers don't appear with cells background
Select all used values of a specific field as source for dialog list choices
Sending inline email attachments on Google App Engine (Java)
pictures on a sub-domain or separate domain
jQuery - add html based on class name
What is more efficient(speed/memory): a join or multiple selects
VF2 (or other) graph isomorphism implementation in Java [duplicate]
iPhone app converted to iPad app shows iPhone xib not iPad xib
HEX to BIN convert [closed]
Fast, high volume data input in SQL Server
Limit width of TextBox to the width of the ListView that contains it
Is there any notification to get before application did enter background?
Radio buttons not marked in red when validation failed (works only with IE)
ReInstall fail on Android
notification system with php and socket.io
Add & remove custom layout element in Activity Java code
Differences between Git merge --squash and --no-commit
check if a div which is inserted by javascript has loaded
Warning in LongCat :JSONException in android
How to open specific link on different phone localisation
Stripping HTML tags in Magento
rotate image in javascript
jquery get request not working
destroy $_SESSION after clicking 'Cancel' button
Asfactory implementation in ninject in contrast to Castle
Count string occurrences in array
simple approval system in windows workflow
HTML tags, CSS and Javascript developer tool for Safari?
How do I respond with a 鈥渟yn ack鈥�packet when receiving a 鈥渟yn鈥�packet through a raw socket?
write list of tuples of lists to text file
How to jump to the rightmost window with just one keystroke?
positions of non-NA cells in a matrix
how to use properties file in J2ME?
Symfony2: How to render partial in Twig extension
How to get phone call ended notification after application is closed for iPhone?
How to do SSH tunnelling from Windows Azure?
how to get current view id and previous view id's in jsf
Weird issues with image resizing in JavaScript (problems only in Firefox)
Android Audio Streaming Very Slow
Run minify after publish in visual studio 2010
How to use Vector from JSP file in servlet? [closed]
IllegalStateException : migration from jboss 4 to jboss 5
UL LI selected in horizontal CSS menu
How do i have a logged in Google account on Android to use C2DM
DatePickerTextBox white background on disable
What is ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND exactly? [duplicate]
How do I use Firebug to tell me what JavaScript is being fired?
How to create a Ruby on Rails 3 gem with a generator to copy file to /assets?
SQL: how to find maximum value items according a attribute
StringFormat Currency special formatting
Designing for mobile
jsr-303 validation in spring mvc application doesn't validate
How to display an overlay over the UIWebView without blocking user-interaction with UIWebView
First Facebook app, cant create an app id, why?
How can I copy all TableAdapters from one DataSet to another DataSet?
compare datetime currentdate javascript
Send multiple integers to web service function
Magento: add new attribute to all products
Rollback changes to controls that are bound to settings
Android: how to play music at maximum possible volume?
C# Google Docs. How to check if a user is currently editing the document?
Fancybox on dynamic links
How to include a sql file in sql file? MS SQL
Local testing WP theme in IE8 gives a strange layout?
ContextMenu in a ListView/GridView
Include methods into class
Why I can't set a value on a asp:CheckBox?
How do I use Remotipart with paperclilp to uploaded image and show a thumbnail on the form
Magento sort Categories in template
Resuable content in MVC view
how to update extern variable in C
Simplifying the creation of wchar_t/char templated functions using type traits
jQuery mobile button - highlight when clicked
Time delay for Popup in WP7
how to disappear an animated gif with javascript
Lazy Image Loader to ListView
Like button javascript loading
DockPanel.Dock=鈥淩ight鈥�is not working for single control on Maximized window?
Lazy Image Loader to ListView
Like button javascript loading
DockPanel.Dock=鈥淩ight鈥�is not working for single control on Maximized window?
C#-Alter table tname add column cname Long Integer NOT NULL-throws exception
WP7 Usercontrol cannot be refered in MainPage.xaml
How to use application specific objects in MVC3?
How do I navigate from a ViewModel?
Using classes in dwsunit
Inherited Resources Deperecated on Rails 3鈥esponders
VBA code to Read Mails from - Other User's Inbox (Outlook Inbox) [duplicate]
how to retrieve image url from atom feeds?
How do I change TextView font style in a Home screen widget?
Jquery $.getJSON is not working Chrome and Firefox but it works in IE
LNK 2001 Error in Visual Studio 6
Set Flash in Symfony 2.1
navigation inside tabbar which is called modally from a didSelectRowAtIndexPath
Register BHO (or Toolbar) per user in HKCU
php security & marking mysql records for deletion using a html link (GET)
Torch widget in ICS
GPS time in millis to UTC format
NSURLConnection(download large files more than 500M)
How to use AjaxToolKit Confirm Button Extender?
How to prevent duplicate Usernames in php/mysql
A sub-form in a jquery dialog
elgg plugin URL change
Asp.net MVC get fully qualified URL to an action method
UIImagePickerController didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo Orientation
Namespaced nested controller returns route error
Cell border not showing in IE9 when filter gradient is applied to cells
How can convert PDF To Word Using Ghostscript?
Glassfish installation on ec2 - dynamic ip issue
Running the lynx text web brower inside emacs
How best to structure code to download resources using AFNetworking and CoreData in iOS
Category column in SQL
GnuPG/PGP and SSL: Sharing the same private key?
How to control server name in EF CF?
鈥淟arge鈥�else if tree in bash
TYPO3: Extensions in TemplaVoila template
Using Bootstrap with jQuery Mobile
mdx dynamic sets across multiple years
Facebook - Get photos of a page
asp .net Get hexadecimal color to calendar
Hadoop: Having threads inside map function
Please explain the SQL with PARTITION
Is Anything Different Between HTTPS And HTTP Protocol?
SQL Syntax error in Bash Script
How to handle Dtos for objects which implement multiple interfaces?
Finding a visible div that is not hidden Jquery/Javascript
UITableView multipleselection, pre-selected items
Hash assignment with List::Util
php mysql result add html tags
My application crashes when i touch the screen - OnTouch method fails
SoundPool: Error creating AudioTrack
Render text as password using system password char in Windows Forms.NET
Warning in LongCat :JSONException
JQuery ignore disabled radio buttons
Forward GET Request in Proxy Server in C
JQuery Selector start with strange behavior
JS Mobile detect viewport orientation changes
Given an array consisting of even and odd numbers. Sort the array with even first and then odds. The order of numbers can't be changed
Can't set my TextViews text on button click
IE7, ckeditor and jQuery adapter not working
ARC restriction - Implicit conversion of 'char' to 'NSString *' is disallowed with ARC
Add a simple CGGradient to UINavigationBar [duplicate]
SQL query between current date and previous week
Parametrized module loading in Node.js
How to convert a String type to Float type in MySQL/PHP?
When removing rows from a table the remaining rows move up/down
Django get_context_data never gets called in MyCustomTemplateView?
鈥渦sing namespace std;鈥�before any #include? [duplicate]
update query is not updating url in database
inter-project dependencies and filesharing between projects
How to make counter with custom images?
how to implement the folder lock in java
C# Garbage Collection -> to C++ delete
Flight mode doesn't enable in the real device
Dynamically added Checked Changed Event is not Firing
Optimize/Alternatives to this self referencing update query
Finding a on object in a vector by one of its values
Parsing xml. return one object not collection
What is the purpose of DataService and IDataService in MVVM Light
MagickWand for C: Lack of documentation means more errors for me
How does Mule handle XML configuration that doesn't comply with its XML schema?
ffmpeg transcoding reset the start time of file
Loading text file in oracle from unix system
mongodb creates 80+ files 2GB each while database is empty
make use of the snk file
Issues with a jquery function on IE8
addClass working in jsFiddle, but not on my page
analogous of twitterbootstrap for mobile
Spring per-environment configuration where PropertyPlaceholder is not enough
wrong output code
Regular expression for stock symbol validation (like goog, qqq, ibm, c etc.)
C# architecture - design patterns
Rails 3 cache questions
Input validation in MVC 3
Core Text occasionally fails to produce results [iOS]
Issue in setting the attribute of an HTML element in jQuery Mobile
brew in not working for me OSX 10.7
Speed/efficiency of multiple DOM appendChild
How to keep track and manipulate a variable using multiple classes - c#
Window analogous to pages
How to reconnect after you called .disconnect()
Passing null value to a CXF method (JAX-WS)
Hibernate exception; found two representations of the same collection
Load content in tabs when page loading is ready
How can I get td values using dom and php
How to show ProgressDialog while waiting for HttpRespons?
On Facebook Page Tab ASP file suffix .asp doesn't work [closed]
Type constraints on all type family instances
Can't Center middle textview when makeing app for my HTC
How to use intent params to verify the callers calling onActivityResults() method?
PHP Ranking Products
show progress in command prompt when java web application is running
Unable to share text and image to facebook via Android Intent
DockPanel doesn't change sizes when i'm cliking MaximizeButton
How to copy the file from one windows machine to another windows machine in a particular drive using batch script?
Calculate pixels between two points on a image
PostGIS geometry database query
How NOT to merge into a single post images uploaded consecutively on the Facebook wall
Set GroupStyle inside style on xaml
Django unable to parse POST data with webhooks
Read data in string from begin to end
Is it not a right way to call my obj function?
How should I structure my classes and files in python?
How I can Update row during insert MySQL?
Make a sprite white in XNA 4.0 w/ simple shader (alpha issues)
Android google maps use GPS location NOT network
Spring 3 @Component and static factory method
Operator = is not defined for types UIElement and UIElement ..?
Request GA statistic data for a specific large set of pages
Sencha Touch Sync and Get New Data from Server
is it possible to share session data from a asp.net mvc application and a python application?
UserControl conditional validation approach?
Rest sharp be sure that the asynchronous method is finished
ListView scrolling with Up/Down button click bug
invalid Assertion for SAML 2.0 Bearer Assertion for SalesForce.com
IE8 / IE9 Toolbar Cookies Check
Create a DOM document from string, without JQuery
determine target url based on roles for struts2
Detach Event originating from htc File
Deploying SDK Addon component
How to determine the number of right bit-shifts needed for a power of two value?
How to create Class object in .cshtml page MVC3?
SQL: simple JOIN gives error
Show wait image/text while loading an ASP.NET page
Find {E1,..En} (E1+E2+..En=N, N is given) with the following property that E1* E2*..En is Maximum
Default Language setting in front end not working in Joomla 1.5
SubmitChanges with LINQ to SQL and User Defined Functions
Tcl extensions: Life Cycle of extensions' ClientData
Finding Indexes For A Table in Sybase
Drop Down List binded, auto select an Item/make a specific Item first
How to access web service from my android application? [closed]
how to add Service-Component header to the bundle manifest file in OSGI declarative services?
HTML Agility Pack with Full xpath
How to change version of Python picked up by Cygwin
php object caching within constructor
Constraining number of children in a ViewStack issue
Removing the not selected option from a choices field in a form
C++ const-correctness and const members [duplicate]
Socially Connected
WMI query - CPU LoadPercentage
How to retrieve array from database
Entity Framework is trying to create a database, but its not what I want
Equivalent of C++ map.lower_bound in Java
Need advice on best practice(s) for using databases in my ASP.NET website
GSON throwing 鈥淓xpected BEGIN_OBJECT but was BEGIN_ARRAY鈥�
Consequences of using graft in Mercurial
javascript RegEX with round brackets in pattern
what is faster - check element property vs check element position
Call Flex4 function by any event happen in mx:html container in windowed application
JPA entities, DAOs and design of my application
SELECT no valid on mysql
Oracle Service Bus tracing API
How to add array values to another array in PHP?
Confusing time zones when parsing dates in Joda Time
how to block current activity till the TTS Engine is not initialized
Redirect stdin to pipe (popen) C++
DateTime problems
Hibernate auto import false for all hibernate mappings
DateTimePicker databindings
php replace first occurence of string from 0th position
Lists next to floated elements: How to get list items in the right place?
howto measure contention rate of one lock
Latest build.xml for building Android with ant and aspectJ
Accessing argc and argc from the iOS ViewController
MySQL and Entity Framework - Application calling a stored procedure returns 0 rows effected but the same procedure works in terminal
Error while running ASP.NET apllication
Some Chinese characters are not shown properly IE, FF, Chrome
on delete restrict mysql is not working
VB.Net more than one custom validator with OnServerValidate hangs
Differentiate between array of arrays and array of values
Get Specific Rect of UIImage
Howto further constrain an existing type class in Haskell
MongoDB - Unique index vs compound index
Android Notifications with no sound [duplicate]
MDM workflow in Android
how to set an animation for all UIImageView instances by default
CSS Padding variations between Chrome, Firefox + Safari
C++: Why does dereferencing this vector iterator segfault?
How to integrate a Google Docs document in Liferay?
How much memory do we have to set for JAVA_OPTS in catalina.sh
Can I use a single settings.xml <PreferenceScreen> element in different places, with dynamically-generated keys?
versioning DTO best practices
how to start a job any time in Quartz.net?
Random permutation with a[i] != i
Replace only last number (price) in a string using regex and PHP?
How to manage C header file dependencies?
why it is not updating url in database
How to access hash of hash within conditional in Perl
what's efficient way to filter an array
count relations inside loop in twig
Mobile Network Presence detection
How to change the default settings of a file/new/project in visual studio?
Should overloaded operator = be returning class& or class
How to get rid of duplicate entries in a comma separated string in java?
How to zoom image to fullscreen mode?
Hide toolbar above iPhone keyboard, PhoneGap
don't know how to display data into the view (beginner)
A suitable game of life seed for testing [closed]
iText - Image side bar
How to update users that have 'old' banners?
Referring a variable with a variable in java
Can't call method 鈥渞equest鈥�on an undefined value at /usr/share/perl5/LWP/UserAgent.pm line 563
Custom runtime serialization of members
iOS: Setting variables on several custom view objects
Validator Initializing/Cast
Bind two generic types
Rename Folders in Outlook PST-File
Freemarker - template preprocessing
wsgen not creating wsdl file
UINavigationController retain
position of virtual keyword in function declaration
Inno Setup, is it possible to invoke a second time Initialize() on a Page at runtime?
JPA2 how to show fields from table A, table C if table A join table B then join table C?
Android root poweroff
Why does MyBatis close sessions after executing every statement?
Building Ocean 2011 plugins with Visual Studio 11 Beta - issue with InventorNet.dll
How to create a OOTB Workflow Tasks List
Mongoose retrieving data without _id field
load flex application in flex mobile application
jQuery reloading a list
show name as well as ID from two different tables for one Model in Ruby On Rails
Is there a way to explode a string using a 'pattern'
Facebook App redirecting to HTTP
ExtJS background file upload
Jenkins as windows service throw outofmemory
Custom ComboBox and EditorAttributes
Memory Management :EXC_BAD_ACCESS error
jQuery .load() not in Opera 11, but working in IE8 and firefox
Fragment with multiple backstack
Setting value of one DependencyProperty from another's OnChanged event
auto-mode-alist which specifies subdirectory of ~
Use .NET 4.0 or .NET 3.5?
Google chrome extensions launch event
MooTools is messing Facebook JavaScript SDK
Why the jquery function is not triggered?
Command objects designing
Windows phone 7 online radio app
Facebook: wall post 'picture' element is ignored
Should the return type of a method declaration be interface or concrete class?
opencv installation on ubuntu 11.10
C# - converting string with decimals to integer
Android Google Maps MapController leaks memory
game character moves out of screen limit
Saving an bmp image to SD card from thread
Concurrency with const std::T's
Activity flags on Android
Save button after entering new passwords
design patterns for code that breaks regularly?
Populating an arraylist from an AsyncTask
Cast parent class to child class
avoiding ScriptRegistrar with Telerik components
Redirect before loading the page in JSF2
In Eclipse, my exported executable jar doesn't do anything ! (LWJGL)
Sending a long (Int64) via JSON to a WCF Data Service
OleDb Excel : No value given for one or more required parameters
Facebook API support for User-Page private messages
How to include,for example, a label into an image in MVC 3?
How can I know where the user touches?(AIR for android)
std::vector<> derivate with resize() that doesn't initialize primitives & forwarding construct_back
Identity Column not working
Android UnsupportedOperationException: Can't convert to color: type=0x2
Android: How do I avoid starting activity which is already in stack?
Omitting XML Declaration when invoking Transformer with StAXResult
Difference between javascript.prototype.abc and javascript.prototype
ASP.NET ListView containing LinkButtons - catching events
Need help on choosing a frontend technology
Open connection to SQLite secured database with navicat
How can I show my own menu strip when Right-click in TextBox
Using Spring Security together with MongoDB
HSQLDB issue: Using HSQL as backend for the existing MVC application using JDBC template
Form's resx file contains Point/Size and other weird UI objects
submit the form on the parent page of the popup window
Approach to close/reopen database
Want to crawl the user's interest data from Facebook
C++ header file includes organization [duplicate]
Java SSL Handshake Issue
calculate count in a loop failed
Parsing string to match enum value
Control alignment
Resume HTTP Post/upload with Indy
how to set theme to a particular item
C# fill DataGridView by return from other class
Remove grid lines from Winforms Chart
Many enums with same functionality?
Xcode 4.2 小ode Signing Error
How to close connection just after getting Long Polling request? (SignalR)
how to pass through proxy in java
Java: Confused on ant and exec
Textile Formatting in Redmine wiki pages
GDataXMLElement to raw xml string in ios
Starting 64 bit mysql 64 bit on mac osx lion still shows 32 bit compilation
Avoid overlapping with android:layout_centerVertical=鈥渢rue鈥�in RelativeLayout
How to execute an SQL statement stored in a shell script variable using isql
web application on Tomcat
How can I trigger javascript function once I load the webpage (Not using form and submit button)
jQuery widget framework alternatives [closed]
Want to process a large appengine log file
CSS postion looks good in IE9, cut off in IE8
Objective C: Hitting URL with SOAP message using POST method
Set the content length for of a dynamical created image in ASP.NET
How do you build an IntelliJ project from the command line?
Custom cells getting replaced with other cells
How to show insert query generated through $model->save() function
Chrome Extension - Parse Gmail message
Comparing array variables in PowerShell
Parsing and splitting a String
Java method overloading