How to pass touch event frome a UIScrollView's subview to it's superview
IE executes small-device ruled css media query
The Best way to embedd youtube channel
when using wait(), cannot read pipe?
How to debug other assemblies in my Azure Project
using of EJB 3 - when is it unnecessary? can it decrease the performance?
Why are methods Observable.While and Observable.Prune in the Microsoft.Phone.Reactive namespace?
EditText, TextWatcher help, Keep on getting previous string
automake tests which need command-line arguments
How do I write to a text file in MATLAB?
FastCGI with Symfony2 on IIS 6
way to call - (CGFloat)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView heightForFooterInSection:(NSInteger)section without reloading
C# compiler is afraid from casting when reference conversion?
Notified property not 鈥渦pdated鈥�in the UI
How to create Extjs app that works on iPhone, iPad and Android?
How to check a StringEdit after leaving it: in Dynamics AX?
How to get particular data from the Openstruct
PageName property is missing in SSRS RDLC file
java SE 6 implementation of int[] sort [closed]
Automatically perform javascript function on pageload of external website
How to alter Bootstrap's typeahead selected value? fails parsing with US-ASCII encoded XML
Get and post in cakephp
Insert an image to cell by NPOI
Can't create pdfs with pdfkit - PDFKit::NoExecutableError
Does disabling norms on one field give advantage over other fields when searching multiple fields?
Windows WMI 鈥�find a unique identifier for each hardware component?
Replace href part using RegExp
Consuming a webservice with <wsdl:import> over SSL redirection
CSS layout - How to lay every box especially when sidebar is not staying in the container?
Placing markers via latitude and longitude with Javascript and Google's geocode API
Pb Listing Files and then download with FTPWebRequest
What happens if no threads are waiting and condition signal was sent?
In my iphone application I want to provide a functionality to import Facebook,gmail contacts
Is it possible to delete bytes from the beginning of a file?
How to handle elements & attributes having same name in xsd while generating pojos using jaxb?
Display unsecure content in IE9
How to Convert System.Windows.Media.Imaging.BitmapImage to System.Drawing.Image?
Creating Password Protected PDF in Objective-C
GET Access Token for Installed Applications for YouTube API
How to create a shortcut in Start->Programs?
Can stack overflow with 鈥渞ecursive鈥�callbacks?
hwo can i add 2 byte CRC at the end of File
corona set physics limitation
Uncheck radio button custom control in ASP MVC
supports-screens tag appears after application tag?
SPARQL - Restricting Result Resource to Certain Namespace(s)
I can't seem to get the keys working for a new jqGrid Row with Inline Editing
Count date field that occurs in a specific month
NSMutableURLRequest with 鈥�鈥�char in parameters
Why does std::getline(cin, Number) give a 鈥淣o matching function for call鈥�error?
Call a method after [self.tableView endUpdates] ended
Sharepoint visual web part custom settings resets
how to enable xsi:nil in Zend framework for SOAP request
The best way of exception handling in an app with web services
How to detect that the HorizontalScrollView has reached an end
How to echo JSON in PHP [closed]
Deeper separation in Module Sandbox Core Javascript Pattern
Does method map=null and map.clear() are the same?
Pass a jsonstring to the service and convert it to stream on the server side
When to use transients, when not to?
reference objects in generics c#
what's the different between SqlMapClient and SqlMapSeesion in ibatis?
Anchor with 鈥渃omputed鈥�URL
LazyInitializationException even with聽OpenEntityManagerInViewFilter
Rewrite www. in Node.JS
how to get only placename also it's address of lan and lat
how can i view the source code of Microsoft.Visualbasic.Financial.IRR?
Is PHP 5's autoload inefficient?
MVC EditorTemplate for list that is not part of the model
Getting results from aggregate HQL query
Multi-level inheritance using NHibernate's Loquacious Mapping By Code
Refactoring code for drawing game components
To fetch page view data between two dates using in Google Analytics using Garb gem
Prevent NServiceBus from processing messages in the input queue
use local machine IP address to test website on local machine
Error in copying My own database from assets folder
calling a dll method from applet
Sending JavaMail from Multiple Email Accounts
titanium mobile: display rightButton or rightView in Map Annotation in Android issue
how to display content for a ruby game?
Source code of NHibernate.Caches.SysCache
A dynamic content solution for a flexible mysql table
rails 3 disable select_field with jquery
I got No route matches {:controller=>鈥渞efinery/refinery/admin/dashboard鈥潁 error
Flex - populate Combobox with arrayCollection with data from javascript
return value of new in java
I'm searching a cgi lib in C to build a restful web service
Zend adding parameter to URL before generating view
Clear Screen Command in C++
how do define namespace and how does the compiler deal with namespace?
Image uploading concept in PHP
Create routing and controller definitions for separate administration in Kohana 3.2
Servo acting weird
C++ AVL tree iterator will not increment properly
Native JSON object support on mobile browsers
Can I use an object in function's parameter in javascript?
sendMultipartTextMessage ISms$Stub$Proxy.sendMultipartTextOnSubscription NullPointerException
PHP list() equivalent in Python
Get Photo from iPhone Photo library
html5 audio in IE9 wont play
RavenDB sql query which run automaticly
Javascript animated gif forwarding
Multi-threading issue in iPhone Application?
System Warning while application is launching [closed]
Null returned from JSON_Encode
Including remote JS file via direct code injection with greasemonkey
Decibel Sound Meter for Android
Adding TimeStamps with EF 4.3 Migrations
Tcl: Interaction of extension loading and threads
Shared Objective-C Objects
Using match to find substrings in strings with only bash
how to download xls file in python?
Password confirm validation fails
Regular expression get the href attribute
How to clear cache on each php page when it loads in the browser?
Bamboo: how to produce maven artifact
What data type should I use to store text data?
How to Pass data from database to Google Chart
Bouncy Castle key generation extremely slow on Android
C++ compilation in linux for newbie
Organizer's Developer Profile disappeared in xcode4.3?
What facebook API do I use to remotely publish things to user's walls from my FB App?
How i can translate/Flip View/manager in Blackberry?
How to add a custom display mode to calendar
designing ListBox.ItemTemplate contents using expression blend?
How to use assertRaises from testpack in Haskell?
Memory leaks using
How are variables meant to be used in Java?
error when the client wants to connect to the server
How to pass a string error message between processes?
read_csv converters for unkown columns
Setting size to an 鈥渋nner鈥�component
can not detect internet connection with Reachability reachabilityForInternetConnection
Using public synonyms inside oracle materialized views
killing loaded view before load another one
Cakephp 2.1 fatal error
Internal system error when opening Lotus Notes XPages database
Is it possible to add parts of a file to Git index using libgit2?
How to know what JSON URI returns?
API with rails 3.2 and rabl
How to play video stream received from the network in iOS?
How can i validate multiple XML records in a single file using XSD schema in C#?
Editable Grid MVVM Entity Framework example application
Uncaught ReferenceError: initialize is not defined
Sencha Touch chart - How to add percentage as left axis
Javascript regex and replace tag [closed]
jquery ajax call for deleting a row
Can I assign a servlet to a particular domain?
What't the best way to automate a WinForms app with command line arguments?
Regular expression to test for /CXXX/ needed
user input for string
Current child categories with category image
How to display images using Javascript and JSON
VB.Net ListView Restrict Column Resize If Width = 0
collapsible TabStrip from MVC Telerik
Handle multiple JDBC drivers from the SAME VENDOR
c++ struct does not name a type
Running R batch script in a bash script
How to save data when app is running in background?
Sikuli actions inside a region
How to retrieve a file from http server
Show ModalPopupExtender1 from code behind after saving data using web form
MySQL: How to update colum1 if value does not exists in column 2
鈥淍php_bin@鈥�is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file
conflicted JQuery and Prototype on website
Is MVC3 suitable for online games? [closed]
(Primefaces + JSF) error in tab ajax
Java hash utilities
PHP url redirect on PORT access
Can't load PDFKIT - getting a load error
Mojarra Java EE 5/6 compatibility
how to insert an image in sql database directly from picture box vb dotnet
How to check if a symbol is a procedure or not
indicate a password for git pull in shell script, without ssh?
how to know the completion of of data transfer in server
Memory Mapped File Length
Firefox extension auto installation
Xcode project doesn't open
Heroku issue: NameError (uninitialized constant Cartographer::Gmap):
How to configure 'Add Data to Profile URL' in Auth Dialog?
Can this MVC code be refactored using a design pattern?
Avoiding Cummulative addition in my result
cronjob starting php web application
What does (EC2) 'AMI: Unavailable' mean and how should I handle it?
Spring Resource - how to set up
preg_match from beginning of array to backward slash
Access 1 class values in another class in
The following SQL is taking long time to execute. Is there anyway to speed it up?
Isolated storage and cache memory in wp7
How to persist application data?
Creating an array of numbers that sum to a given number
Finding opening and closing parentheses in an input field, delete them (together with everything inside)?
Navigating a DOM hierarchy in WatiN
Extract text from a file using RegEx [closed]
NHibernate generic dictionary table mapping
Tree based navigation, toggle only the clicked element Jquery
rendering blob content as code instead of text
Convert jQuery code to mootools 1.11
How can I make jar in linux?
Find files and print only their parent directories
Http Module to change culture has no effect
Update specific records of MySQL table
If ID has class, set attribute of another element
List all developers on project in git
Uninitialized constant error on has_many through association
Sockets in android to connect to database
Where better create Map in java?
Emacs: move point to last non-whitespace character
What workaround can we do about the jQuery codes on hide/show div?
How to make Ctrl-C, Ctrl-X work the same in Eclipse as IntelliJ
Share a native library across two applications
Choose Non-default googlecalendar with google-java-client-api
Turn off regions in VS2010 C++
Is the Microsoft Lab Management usable for native projects or .Net only?
Twitter Bootstrap Tabs Not Working
C++ : Is Namespaces definition allowed before '#include <files>' .
Display List Architecture in Flex
Issue in Binding Text with( Rx and windows Phone)
Objective c: Comparing String on basis of common pattern
Temperature conversion android tutorial part 10.7 trouble
outOfMemoryError:java heap
Reply back to a response
Custom grouped UITable header in different sections
Changing App Size Once Submitted to Android Market?
Handle colspan in dynmaic accordion pane and table
What happens to existing FBML Code once Mark Zuckerberg removes FBML?
CakePHP 2.1 doesn't work on localhost
sudo without prompt in CentOS
oneway modifier objective c
How to differentiate the dict key and values based on delimiters
Difference between multithreading with and without Executor
can not find org.apache.myfaces.el.ValueBindingImpl class in myfaces-impl 2.1.6
Can't catch or suppress ENTER button in autocomplete
PHP script not working
Transpose Mysql queries for Magento
Unable to view LastItem In JscrollPane
Domain Name Aliasing in Ubuntu?
how to stop page jumping and maintain both panel & browser scroll position when user click on datalist item?
LINQ to SQL Attaching collection of object from XML file Database does not work with IE9 (though XMLHttpRequest object is supported) [duplicate]
How do you create a toolbar like StumbleUpon to load other pages?
googleAppEngine throws exception when calling user.getEmail()
Looking for a tool that can read logs dynamically and display it to the screen during runtime
jquery to slide down - up the form- hidden by default for the first time,
jQuery, PHP - How to make a 'Get started' popup box
rest http basic authorization with ruby
Use libpng to resize (bicubic) a list of images
What is the reason for having authorization rules in the database?
setting target sdk version does not work
Upload video files using FileUpload in ASP.NET C#
OpenCV 2.2 image processing
SearchManager Android 4.x issue
Marking location on a country map using Longitude/Latitude
Appending a data in itext in existing pdf
How do I get itemDoubleClick event in spark DataGrid?
How to add page number across master and subreports
PHP and mysql multiple select dropdown
in Ruby can I automatically populate instance variables somehow in the initialize method?
Hidding toolbar for reports created using SSRS 2008 in CRM 2011
How to group values in an array in cakephp?
Application runs fine in windows xp but application crashes when running in windows 7?
Uninstall application in android? [duplicate]
JavaScript Events(onclick and onLoad)
ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound - Couldn't find User without an ID
Modification of string constant [duplicate]
Calculate the pupillary distance of a image with api
Put text to a text box from a word file in c#
how to create new jframe window on button click action event?
Selenium : Selenium Automatically sets referer Header
How to replace symble from the java script variable
How to list the existing Components of a Folder using WebDAV URL in Tridion?
How to replace a dot with preg_replace? [closed]
Checking Google license from native code
What is best inheritate or use a public object?
How to port this opengl code from xcode to Monotouch?
AutoCompleteExtender is not working for a TextBox
eAccelerator lead to apache Segmentation fault
package.json for different environments?
The most efficient way to test two binary trees for equality
If check box is checked, don't validate shipping form - JavaScript
Playing a video in Java Swing
SUM all fields in an column, except for n specified range
Retain Variable's Value after refreshing a webpage
Create XLS file on server and return back to client without saving file on server in java
Android HTTP app working on emulator, not properly on my phone(s)
C# Windows Maintain Hidden values in ListBox?
JQuery to view next class in line
SharePoint 2010 User Control save property
Typo3 content importer
Jquery: Trigerring not working?
how to resolve the issue: 鈥�Instance method '-arrayByPerformingSelector:' not found (return type defaults to 'id')鈥�
jquery - How to highlight a menu link when clicked?
Start Java jar file during Startup in Linux
session is lost when i use in IE9
one to many and many to one relation in hibernate
Debugging DLLRegisterServer
How to update element in activity on another class
Hadoop streaming with Python and python subprocess
What type of phash Algorithm is this?
Api with OAuth Accounts
Domdocument encoding
How I can count data according to day?
Integrate autoload on scroll with drupal 7 custom module?
QList, QVector or std::vector multi-threaded usage
Ajax slider control not working properly
Change listview header and item background
protobuf linking errors with MingW
Run Python system commands on solaris
Postgresql partitioning and FK
Writing integers to file descriptor using write?
The call stack dispayed by context record is not present in any threads
Import data from excel to xtragrid in c#
Make TreeMap Comparator tolerate null
how can I use the pdf file from Document folder after that I will give this to the pdf file
Slideshow per post Wordpress plugin in Loop.php for Grid View?
Android AccountManager needs gmail id or can be used other type?
How to retrieve Request Payload
How to remove blacklist tag for extension?
Can we add result page?
Can we add result page?
Can i change the Pre-installed application icon from my application
Implementing threads in python with threading module
How to block multiple requests coming from same IP
StackOverflowException thrown on x64 systems; works properly on x86
How to remove default things(functionalities) present in the IDE which was created using eclipse plugins?
Seeking elegant design of data representation for a directory tree
Separate an Object into Properties for manipulation before db.SaveChanges();
Dynamically name labels in objective c
How to override Primefaces jQuery and css
file_get_contents with spaces in URL
Auto-Generate Method Code in Objective-C Subclasses
find the Internet explorer version installed in a given ip
javascript - copy array inside function
how to get selected items for listfiled checkbox in blackberry
How to implement XSLTSearch in an umbraco
Libcurl SSL certificate verification
Installed Ruby 1.9.3 broke my program
How to set the working directory of a command in windows batch file?
parse image and display in uiimageview [closed]
Run a method before and after a called method in Java
How do I write a mysql subquery where one table returns multiple rows based from a table that returns one row?
Samsung Galaxy bluetooth drivers
How can I use the details given in the login page in some other pages of my website?
Is there a way to send html emails with django-mailer?
Create a password protected excel with asp without excel installed in server
Getting the connection string in a c# service
IsDisabled attached property
Quartz properties does not trigger Quartz Job
Is there any FTP server library for iOS 5.0
APK Expansion Files [closed]
The maximum string content length quota (8192) has been exceeded while reading XML data
How to generate a script from .mdf file in SQL Server 2008?
How to set up a backbone model, and it's view without defining a collection? Currently have empty request payload
Animated Gif not playing in Backround worker in wp7. It was look like normal Image
How to get appropriate timestamp in c for logs?
What is the proper way to access DB model's save method from within route handler function?
How banks and other companies handle recurring tasks?
Eclipse plugin for Assembly Language
Z3 Context serialization/deserialization?
Is python's ssl module correctly validating certificates? (I have an odd example, that bothers me)
regular expression for indian phone number
path and domain names missing in jsessionid cookie
Which third parties provide libraries for SIP
R warning() wrapper - raise to parent function
javascript:void(0) too long (shorter way)
Apply same autocomplete action to multiple form fields?
ActionLink executing multiple times
Database Design Help-Online Checkout Project
Converting site from wordpress to php/mysql without losing ranks and traffic?
C++ non blocking socket select send too slow?
Ruby On Rails Testing environment speedup?
What does << do when used to assign an argument in a Ruby method?
why doesn't new require a cast to the pointer even though malloc requires it?
Display an image in a div with javascript?
Getting an Error while Accessing Web Service
Conditional SUMIF if fields are blank
Stackoverflow, Redis, and Cache invalidation
About Silverlight UserControl
Using separate library within play framework
How to apply extra fee on order / cart total in magento?
QTP Script , how to get object of some open window just using its class type, like JavaWindow, without specifying its title
Can I sync HTML text or divs with SWF (Flash character animation)?
.NET Object mapping, grouping objects
Button need to move to top of the soft key
Moving object head on click in unity
GnuPGME: GPG Signature C++
Why I can not access Axis2 service at localhost?
Andengine: What happened to ITexture?
Listing imported functions from a PE file if dll is linked explicitly using LoadLibrary
How to use shared preference data in different classes in android?
How to find the euclidian distance between the centroid of an object in one frame and the adjacent frame
Compare Phone Numbers with different format
How to handle Parallel Execution C# for Database connection
load() on click not populating <section>
SSRS expressions
jquery script to make tumblr feed scroll
High rate of Gen 1 garbage collections
Explosion animation of a View in android
Choose wrapping view when layout is wider than screen
ILoadValueChangedEventArgs not fired in C#
Converting GWT Click Events to Touch Events
MySQL query with DISTINCT keyword
Best practices for sharing web-tier code (Controllers and JSPs) between similar web apps
Accessing objects from within the scope of a using block through the object being used
What user info shall I ask for on iOS app signup?
using gprof and boost
Codeigniter: Retrieve insert_ids using insert_batch()
RabbitMQ - making a demo in the cloud
JSON and jQuery not working
Pentaho BI server access throwing quartz error
rails 3 array undefine method
Force Phonegap(Android) splash screen orientation
form's save button, how to explain?
How to fetch exact url
updating database using jsp
Getting always NPE
For a file uploader, would you choose SWFUpload or Plupload?
scroll an img after pinching(zoomin and zoomout )
How can i make image process on video stream in android ?
How can i make image process on video stream in android ?
Paradox Database with BDE - Forcing changes to disk while database/table open
no acceptable cc found in $PATH 鈥�Already have working gcc
NoClassDefFoundError in j2me
Dynamic generation of a Hyperlink in html
Sending server messages with google - account suspended
How to write a kernel module to lookup route table and arp cache in kernel?
C# Why is Linq crashing about a Null if the value is not null?
porting virtual video driver in linux kernel
Cocoa threads being cantankerous
XPath - way to select an element based on partial string
Hide and show another element onclick of a radio button, based on value
Finding specific key which has highest value from Dictionary<int, List<int>> with lambda expression
How to use omit for Test::Unit::TestCase in Ruby to omit/skip the execution of a certain method/test
Design Data In Conjunction With Converters
Java Code Analysis Tool [duplicate]
How to persist background transparency while converting image from png to jpg android?
Sprites and Spawning
Yahoo local supported countries and alternatives
Testcomplete : Is there any Macro which can add multiple keyword test steps at one time?
jQuery: Body background that scrolls sideways?
left and right joins: what is the actual difference since I can invert the operands?
How to show variable length text in fixed width textbox in jquery Dialog box
Using MDC Logging in JBoss 6.1.0-Final
How to download PDF from a website in the app using iPhone SDK? [closed]
How to create Proxy Server using jetty8?
How to make items clickable in list view?
Saving the result of an included PHP script as a variable [duplicate]
How to escape apostrophe (') in MySql?
How to convert int to const int to assign array size on stack?
ITextSharp Defining a Pages Background Image: Whats the correct way?
How to use Pascal code in R-project?
Producer/Consumer using TCP client/server
OpenGl ES on android fine tuning of ray picking code
how to find day name from given date for current year?
Authenticate server with OAuth2.0
combobox stopped predicting phrase suddenly in ms access 2007
App sign up for in-app billing on Android
How to import or insert contacts from .vcf file in Android programmatically?
Creating/Writing an XML file in PHP?
exc_bad_access with GridView, possible memory management fail?
Randomly select the ImageViews from View Array
Why is 鈥渇ork鈥�needed by socat when connecting to a web server?
how to make 鈥渂utton.des鈥�from 鈥渂utton.png鈥�
how to take different counts from single table in MySQL
Deploy an Application on Cloud Foundry Server
Java with MS SQL?
using color box in a wordpress plugin
broadcastreciever not working while phone is booting in android
Map the variables in executable to memory segments
Perspective focus (grey out other items and highlight current) for menu items with CSS
Apache POI: Partial Cell fonts
Hibernate Annotations, Create 3rd entity from existing two entities without annotating the already annotated table
Makefile - Pattern Rules
Why is there a non-clustered index scan when counting all rows in a table?
Spring Batch Questions
List all directories with spaces in their name
Ember Resource URL: how to make it use other values rather than ID?
How to save Google API marker objects for futures use
I'm getting ClassNotFound exception in BroadcastReceiver
Xcode 4.2 Snowleopard Master-Detail Application troubleshooting
Using .org directive with data in .data section: In connection with ld
REST server framework for Android
UserVoice widget hide tab
AS3: How can I get the top-left and exact width and height of some text in a text field?
Remove first tag <p> from a html
loading class from a directory [duplicate]
How to refer to the same parent/grandparent scope with nested loops?
BHO Toolbar working like Plugin
Perl DBI: Connect to SQL Server that uses Windows Authentication
Database issue with ZF application
Accessing and Displaying Data from the Datastore
Display tooltip over NSSearchfield in Kiosk Screen Mode
Creating a single controller to return both data and views
Publishing a c# console application on IIS Server
Indy TCPClient and rogue byte in InputBuffer
MYSQL Error:1054 - Unknown Column
Collision Detection and maintaining momentum on an object
Client-Server program on Indy components [closed]
Center table with Twitter Bootstrap 2
Open only .xml file in JFileChooser
How overflow:hidden helps div grow in the html css below?
Restricting the number of digits after decimal
jquery targeting nested #div
Save a file with username and password to sdcard and reading whether it exists in database
SSL Server Exception:
Can I insert an External CSS File into a PDF generated by ITextScript
I cannot compile configure scritpt of VW34
FB.Canvas.setSize is not working
what are the input parameters and return type SBGetScreenLockStatus in iOS springboard framework?
Anyone attempted to perform automated tasks through the PCOMM or x3270 using Perl?
Can set variable on server in java socket
Navigation Bar TintColor not working with UIColor initWithPatternImage iOS5
Apple Developer Distribution Certificate
Sending Json Form from Flash AS3
Need a wordpress shopping cart plugin for the following requirements in addition to the basic shop features. Any good suggestion?
jQuery UI Datepicker - Number of Days Between Dates
how to display the same value into another class's textfield?
Better iPhone Joystick
Web App using neural networks
Custom exception for wcf services with Single Concurrency Mode
Using SMO to script out Object definitions from SQL server database in .net in Parallel loop
how much safe from SQL-Injection if using hibernate
How to get FilePath of file being uploaded by FileUpload control
Codeigniter Trim Image
What are some reasons for jquery .focus() not working?
FQL: stream table does not return others links
How do I remove a working copy created via git-new-workdir without hosing the original repo?
Get the file extension
how to resolve the issue: 'AtoZHomePage' may not respond to 'initWithNibName:bundle:'
Up/down key bindings not recognized
Can I use the Quiz Engine in website for developing true and false questions?
Perforce: integrate output syntax
Touch detection without event processing
How do I make new elements draggable with jquery?
Unintended behavior from boost::operators
Perl find file on remote machine
PHP MySQL Multiple Forms and Multiple Submits on single page
How to access a displayobject on stage in a class that is not a document class
ANN-based navigation system
Prevent Resizing GridviewColumn in Devexpress
Query of three related tables, showing only the latest records for each person, with SQL in MS Access
typedef definition not found
Java (or Cpp) Blocking Somewhere
Add a mysql column to a table from calculations on other tables values
how to create three edit fileds in horizontal field manager in blackberry
JQuery Quickfix : I don't know how to call it
Can I animate with use multiple images instead of one?
Disable Transition Animation Between Activities
IOException does nothing
selecting proper value of spinner accroding to my Class
Filtering subform using linkchildfield?
Python Program that takes an integer and returns a list of n even integers [closed]
How would I use regex to allow certain characters?
Show files on FTP in a Rails App
Need help in connecting to a HTTPS url with Ruby and passing source data to Nokogiri
Android4.0 Service kicked out
sqlite db in android devices
Django templating and adding elements to template
SVN how to handle externals libraries in one central location across multiple projects (and repositories)?
Bootable USB drive with ability to install Windows/Mac OSx/Linux
can we get different navigation bars corresponding different navigationcontrollers in iOS?
I need to provide a XML fille so my Android can fetch it
How to sort Arraylist of LinkedHashMap Arraylist<LinkedHashMap<String,String>?
Create a Jar from String?
JQuery Ajax response not working , Php
PGP Encryption and Decryption with Java
PHP-MySQL function not working as expected [closed]
titanium mobile: get row title in android issue
Select where column is null or not in subquery
how run code asynchronously in jquery mobile
Proper way to connect to a local .mdb file using SqlDataReader?
How to explain callbacks in plain english? How are they different from calling one function from another function?
Kill connection with browser before script is through running
Deleting an object within another function
codeigniter - conditional if else statement using a href
Registered users should be authenticated only once
Need to write a unix script to FTP one .dat file
fabric - 鈥淐ommand(s) not found鈥�error when passing arguments within Eclipse (PyDev)?
What does <++> mean in gvim? [duplicate]
Windows 8 metro style apps and window hooks
How Do I Use JAXB To Marshal Inherited Classes To XML?
Access SharePoint intranet Using Google Chrome and FireFox on Mac machine
How can i get hidden control id in parent page in the user control page using javascript
Waiting mouse cursor in my GWT application stays infinitely (only in Chrome, only in Production)
Oracle query/ stored procedure to return multiple resultsets
PCI-E / Linux : How to capture TLP packet?
delayed_job and paperclip - Images aren't processed, but no error?
the fastest way to get xml and use it in php
How to format dates in javascript
About Hadoop's map-reduce
How to deselect Jlist item on some event in java
dompdf - Create pdf file once, but make it imposible to reopen it later?
Facebook API key for an open source CMS
Invoking a spring action repeatedly without user interaction - Sounds to internal speakers only when Bluetooth-Headset is connected
Comparing two dates using jQuery
Change app from sdk 2.2 to 4.0?
SQL Server 2008 R2 Express doesn't start automatically
How to dynamically call routes helper in rails?
How to access jsonp data using Ext.util.JSONP.request
Can't find elements in window.document.forms[0]
Char Vs Byte in Oracle
Media Server for Video chat
Android - create vertical tab at left using android 3.0
How to declare Ropes in Java?
how to get ascender element in a array?
Accessing a sibling (?) variable in PHP
Guide to System.Reactive.Joins
Parsing XLS Spreadsheet in Rails using Roo Gem
xmpp send and receive message in android application
MVC4 Form verification, maybe Action Filters
WP7 Streaming HTTP audio
Javascript: How to clear undefined values from an array
About keeping the instrumented version of bytecode using javaagent
Measure Maximum Fontsize for a control
Listen for MediaEnded event in another window
Retrieving MYSQL Database structure information from Java
How to order django-mptt tree by DateTimeField?
How to get grid view presence in google search of my website as shown in google search for 鈥渢witter鈥�
How do I change my password in Linux? [closed]
MonoTouch.Dialog row animations
how Do i make my TextView Font Size Change Dynamically depending upon the Parent View Size
MPI large data processing
sqlite table taking time to fetch the records in LIKE query
C# Viewstate error in IE6 when using JQUERY
Catastrophic failure calling ActiveX method from c++ console application
Choosing a Singleton or a Category?
Insert file history in recent file list for new plugin in eclipse [closed]
How can I add share buttons (twitter, Facebook) to Fancybox?
EF AssociationSet in Deleted State Error
iPhone programming:Send message from one App to another App Via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi?
Mysql wild character for displaying all values in where clause
How to use Spring Roo domain model in a regular web app
Mysql Auditing for Security
PHP MySQL INSERT 1-3,000 rows as quickly and efficently as possible
call controller by timer
How do I chart a calculated percentage value in Crystal 9
Call to a member function run() on a non-object code igniter
will bigbluebutton work on ubuntu 11.10?while installing getting error
using custom listview
Can I uninstall Visual Basic from Visual Studio 11 beta?
How do I create a Trigger to update a time stamp in MySQL?
How do you configure S3BotoStorage or collectstatic to upload to an s3 bucket subdirectory
delete multiple objects in NHibernate 3.2
Onclick Listener for OK button
Media Queries issue in jQuery Mobile
How do I use children() correctly to find name and id of input field?
Select() sometimes does not wait
how to append latest data to custom base adapter list view in android?
Android Use Done button on Keyboard to click button
x86 Assembly program runs poorly under VirtualBox (XGA Graphics - VBE)
TypeError: 'str' object is not callable' raised when method is called in an if statement (Python)
Get the name of the functions called by a class
Rails is allowing double post request to lock database?
in C# how to publish an application with another application
PHP mysql_fetch_assoc error - Parameter expects to be a boolean Error Query [duplicate]
Caused by: org.apache.solr.common.SolrException: Not Found
How to manage deployment across servers in IIS 7.5 on a clustered environment
Tools for text simplification (Java) [closed]
How do you implement a max-heap?
Merging 2 int type strings into one UNIX timestamp
Call to a member function set() on a non-object error looping through array
How to append a text box field in dynamic DIV in ajax, PHP
Open CL with AMD
Cast a Null String into Integer
Silverlight : Client requirements
Argument list too long - Android 2.2.3_r1 build failed
NAudio Record to Circular Buffer [duplicate]
Android - SimpleCursorAdapter Throws Exception
WebPartVerbRenderMode = 鈥淢enu鈥�works fine in IE but not in any other browser
Escaping issue with MySQL JDBC connector
group by in sqlce3.5 gives 鈥渋n aggregate and grouping鈥�error
update row base on other table row
What bytes to emit for an ARM equivalent of EBFE?
Limiting database field values based on combinations of other fields
find most popular tag
How to get ipa file from Xcode to run an iPhone app in real device?
is there a more efficient way to code this with ActiveRecord?
ZendX DatePicker issue under Ajax request
Why is my Clojure implementation of an LDAP paged results function not working?
In Android How can I specify which activity should handle my intent
why isn't nosetests catching what i want it to?
Ignore .NET validators if element is hidden (display: none)
Get Desktop PIDL from Coordinates
jquery date conversion chrome works but IE and firefox don't
numpy array of histograms
Relative Layout(with 2 textviews inside of it) inside a Linear Layout works - but i dont know why
refresh waypoints on directions_changed
Implement UI to delete/forward individual messages
Internet Explorer won't display font icon using @font-face
REGex causing content to look funny(troubleshoot code)
ef4.1 code first unit test in persistent database [closed]
What errors can't be trapped by a custom error page?
How to do interactive animation (translation) with Android
how to init system's path variable in python projects
what is the maximum value of MAXVALUE in sequence in oracle?
鈥渢his month鈥�with Ruby date library in a particular format?
Datetime field synchronized with rails app displaying a number string in rhodes app
jQuery breaking after $(document).ready() in IE
Google Maps v3 Not Loading on iPad - Buttons Load But Map Is Just Blue
Is it possible to make JNI call to Android VNC Server compiled shared lib?
roxygen2 + cygwin + default paramter =truncated ` usage` section
How to find NSNotification object type?
pg: 172-175 Multiple Interfaces, Stroustrup, C++ Programming Language, 3E
Python - What do these two lines do?
Adding Header and Footer Images to PDF: Header image doesn't show, Footer is scaled up
When does Javascript break the MVC pattern [closed]
Mysql 'Got error -1 from storage engine' error
Set Visible property with server tag <%= %> in Framework 3.5
How to identify type of SIM?
oauth consumer key and consumer secret registration
how to view an html file in browser using simplecov gem
How to show the error message in a static Class
Android ListView error
Is there anyway to return other data inside of the javascript treemap json?
Better way to find a minimum value that fits a condition?
Capture specific modifier key
Get HTML response after sending POST data via BlackBerry
Protocol https not supported or disabled in libcurl
How to get the observable collection of last selected tab using rad tab control?
duplicate output of values into table
Finding numbers with a certain format
Is there any difference when calling a javascript function onclick=鈥渇n1()鈥�and onclick=鈥渏avascript:fn1()鈥�
Android SQLite: Calling the onCreate Method and passing in an Object
How to Create Hashmap in android
SQL Sever Pivot Many Columns
css is not affecting in browser but working fine in GWT designer
Call method via reflection when argument is of type Object[]
How do I reference a nested type in SpEL?
Can't figure out how to use UINavigationControllerDelegate and pushViewController together in a UIViewController.
Reseting the counter every 30 seconds
how to prevent jquery validate form only one button?
Why my jquery fadein/fadeout function stopped working?
change activity with javaScript in Android
CoreText - change text color when tapped
TWinSocketStream.WaitForData how does it know if I am intending to read or to write?
How is the C++ 'new' operator implemented
How should association changes be handled in Backbone.js?
Is it possible to use one ajax object to send multiple commands and get multiple responses from server?
Javascript to disable Spacebar in TextBox + MVC3
Images reload after surfing in another tab
Commitment and estimating in XP
How to develop a 鈥渟pin the bottle鈥�application
performance - String operation with Java to get most repeated char
Exists a Way to Detect many WebCams in Java?
Is VCL or MFC free to use in my application?
Qooxdoo Multiple Buttons save by ID
Adding float values in php
Double Animation Using Path in silverlight?
How to mute and unmute audio in iPad by tapping a button
how to protect attributes from mass assignement
How can I get a list of all hexadecimal colors of a bitmap?
PHC installation error 鈥淐ould not link against boost_regex鈥�when calling `./configure`
ruby eventmachine timer interval too big error
Image to database from drawable
Global setting for all image urls in CakePHP
send app request
form_for going to the wrong URL
How can I mock an AsyncResponder and the resultant handler functions on a mocked object using FlexUnit 4 and mockolate
C++, Integer Overflow?
Any way to optimize numpy stats functions (e.g., via numexpr)?
navigation menu tabs pure css
Homework - Java - Selection Sort on my created double-linked list
PostgreSQL environment file on Mac OSX?
Creating New layers in SHARPMAP
Unable to use playn JSON classes in Eclipse
preventDefault on text area not working on Firefox
Can't find location provider in Android
Running a system command (pdflatex) within my Rails Controller
KINECT: How to identify when the user is walking up or down using Kinect?
Send data from PHP to java application
Limit UIPanGestureRecognizer to 1 object at 1 time in array
Is it possible to add custom methods to Web2Py's builtin 鈥渕odels鈥�
How to define a Map Perspective Homography in C#
How to store twitter followers details into database using PHP?
Applying styles to tables with Twitter Bootstrap
JSON eval in javascript
why java doesn't support pointers? [duplicate]
How to get Cmd-left/right working with iTerm2 and Vim (without requiring .vimrc changes)?
string replace not escaping?
Connecting to an Access database in Classic ASP using an ADODB object
How to get this type of page controller in android?
Which method is faster?
java.lang.ClassCastException: org.hibernate.action.DelayedPostInsertIdentifier cannot be cast to java.lang.Long
why iam getting worng username and pwd for correct things in php
PHP using fwrite and fread with input stream
canvas size Increases the Bitmap Size android
how to get rid of awk fatal division by zero error
In ExtJS 4, How do you delete a tree node when the associated grid information to the node is deleted at random
Stop Thread in Android App
How can I disable ValueBoxEditorDecorator<String>?
can Ruby GTK::StatusIcon use to find existing systray icon?
Editing HTML & CSS file content with PHP?
Bitmap size exceed VM budget
Geocoding for many addresses
Show loading image without ajax
Is the project's name available in the Unit Output Directory Option using Delphi XE2?
What is the current state of tail-call-optimization for F# on Mono (2.11)?
Column count doesn't match value count at row 1 - PHP Sub-Array
sql script to create generate consecutive numbers depending on a column and again start with 1
Using JS variable in jquery
Unity IoC for resolving assemblies dynamically
jahmm-how to generate output states for a given sequence using a trained HMM
Sub App_WorkbookBeforeSave doesn't work on VBA Add-in/Excel 2010
Upload JPG image to Twitter
Selecting transactions based on Date Range
how to display a div on pageload in jquery
JAXB or JAX-RS is wrapping numbers in my JSON responses with quotes, turning them into strings. Why this is the default behavior, and how to fix it?
Simulating case sensitivity on a filesystem that isn't case sensitive
Valgrind malloc leaks
You have one billion numbers, implement getRandom() which returns a random number from them [duplicate]
'Cropping' an SVG, client-side
WebMatrix + MySQL Linking
web.config redirect multiple domains to one
Does it worth it to confirm to JSR286 porlet for new web project?
CodeIgniter: Validation Not Stopping
Why is it necessary to put #' in some cases in Lisp? [duplicate]
Failed to create any app request
Using the filename generated from mkstemp
iOS development on Windows [duplicate]
TChart - Append points in a specific point in series
How do I redirect an user back to the page they were trying to access once they log in? (Django)
adding a double value to an unsigned 64-bit value yields weird results
Clustering using k-means in python
JQuery event accumulating
how to change the date format as it not the same with the database
Performance penalty of using functor to provide a function or an operator as a C++ template parameter?
Is it possible to use stackless python 2.7.2 with pythondotnet?
What is .apt_generated folder in Web project?
Duplicate input in form
Themeblvd News Scroller won't scroll
Adding a mask with CALayers
How to set the AVAssetWriter with a maxduration and change the URL
MySQL performing math operations on strings?
Need advice on deploying my first rails app to a mediatemple (dv)
Swing Form Editor
Monotouch launch calendar application
Displaying a view fails
Adding tool tip functionality to a wpf control that does not descend from FrameworkElement
PHP / MySQL - Create Table If Not Exist
Problems selecting PivotItems in vba
JavaScript date ranges compare with another date range
Drag Won't Stop with ActionScript 3
Getting System.Net.Mail.MailMessage as a MemoryStream in .NET 4.5 beta
Set the size of an image within a picture box?
How to avoid errors with perl command line parameters and use strict
ul list elements overflowing parent div
Is it possible to gzip the automatically included scripts?
Facebook Facepile Batch Requests
To define these two class 鈥�typedef map<C, B::iterator> A ; typedef list<D, A::iterator> B 鈥�
IOS - How can I add a tab bar to navigation controller (Master Detail template)?
Get/Post canvas_url etc fields via API
IE7/IE8 page-break-after:always not working
Why do I have this feeling that Varnish is caching the pages only visited by same user
Skipping functions during deserialization
How to properly set up a webmail server
Regular expression to validate integration expression (calculus)
perl fail to get memcache array
enabling JPA static weaving(eclipselink)
Zoom in and out
Using NSFetchedResultsController for searching external data
can't read field info from access database when using OleDbDataReader in C#
stripes does not call the required event handler
Stuck on how to make activity stop playing ringtone after close
hg status ignoring a new moved in directory
Google Plus One button callback - Any way to 'subscribe' to the +1 action?
Need help in vba-excel and Sql query
C# form image transparency
Django and apache2 restart
How can i change an inline css style when clicking a link?
How do I interrupt threads in Twisted?
鈥減tr = ptr - > next鈥�What does this 鈥�>鈥�mean? (C++) [duplicate]
NullPointerException when using WindowsFileChooserUI
Proper / title case in t-sql
Optimize SQL Scheduler for inserting data from select statement
Simplify the radical in the quadratic formula?
odd and even to line
Counter cache for a model with a many-to-many association
how to do i want to get this string from log.txt file
Correctly making an ActionLink extension with htmlAttributes
can Resources.xml be in config directly instead of inside the spring folder in config in grails project
PHP - Counting Strings in Array
Post to facebook wall from phonegap android
When is it proper to use unique key in a table than a primary key?
Backbone.js and localStorage plugin relation between collection and model 鈥�based on official 'todo' example
Full calendar not loading the events it is being passed - no errors
org-babel sbe syntax
How to not include ' n' and the next index entry while appending values from a certain index to a list
How can I determine this element's selector?
cylinder impostor in GLSL
SSRS #Error for first time and displays value after i move to next page
JQuery Cross-Browser Performance: .animate() on .hover() on more than 100 DOM elements
Casting a variable to write CSS
How can I detect whether an Android device have been connected with an external keyboard?
Jenkins : Sending Build Trend Graph as email
Accessing JS Private Methods
iOS is it possible to convert CLLocation into some sort of XYZ metric coordinate system?
JSlider not updating?
Xcode 4 UIButton segue push to Table View Controller
b2contactlistener issues
emacs xterm-mouse-mode double click to highlight word
Ookii.Dialogs - making sure another dialog appears above Progress dialog
How to project simple data set into to anonymous type of a different shape
Why isn't Django using the prefix from my root URLconf when reversing URLs?
CSS rule to select an element which doesn't contain an element
Button element styled with CSS is not showing the background-image in IE6
Python string json.loads error
Weblogic could not find class in WEB-INF->classes directory
C switch statement with do-while interleaved [duplicate]
Installing pecl/imagick giving me module api compile errors
Making an Image point at the mouse cursor
MembershipUser IsOnline is always true
how to set valid time period for android c2dm message?
can't install the ADT Plugin
SIPHON error in ios device compilation
Which C datatype can represent a 40-bit binary number?
VS.Net Post Build Event
How to get element by javascript function mvc json serialization attributes
JSF2: why does empty test in rendered of panelGroup in composite prevent action from being called?
How to build a QImage from known pixel values
How to make Wordpress theme editable by other users
why cant i get the json object out of the url
Selecting a RadioButton in a Radiogroup
jQuery: Slide element from a position to a position
jQuery IF window has has THEN compare it to an array and click a matching value
Hibernate: enable first-commit wins and last-commit wins in different modules
.NextResult() method does gives an error that states that no data is present
Memory management when dealing with svg <image>'s
Programmatically adding routes to Backbone.Router?
Is php mail() a good option for mass mailing?
Appropriate/best practice way to execute some PHP unrelated to database when a module is first installed?
Ruby gem for sending emails after a contact form is filled
Custom cache dependencies in NHibernate
How to change the struts-config.xml dynamically?
keeping a consistant layout for different screen sizes
TScrollbox MouseDown override
Email Auto responder
SQL pivot table with column and row totals
Django: Absolute URL With ManyToMany Object
HTTP status code for 鈥渘o data available鈥�from an external datasource
Automate setting of variables with foreach loop
Why is a button submitting a form even when I set the type to button (rather than submit)?
How do I Measure distance using php?
using only one query to update columns in the database - inplace edit
How to calc square root in python?
Creating Select queries inside a query in MySQL
C# Static types cannot be used as parameters
Sample input for various algorithms
Using LocalStorage to store 鈥淟ike鈥�amount? [JS,PHP]
Python Min-Max Function - List as argument to return min and max element
Is there equivalent `int,short,long` in Perl?
Identify a linear feature on a raster map and return a linear shape object using R
Eclipse IDE: How to automatically arrive at the end of the current line after typing into a green box?
Visual Studio 2010 freezes when creating new SPA controller
RBF and pseudoinverse XOR
Applescript Moving Email to Trash, But Not Deleting from the Server
webkitgtk how to control resource loading depends on the type of the resource?
sqlite insert putting values into wrong fields
quad edge data structure makeEdge logic
FInding duplicates in db values
jeditable, how to persist edit mode
Cross Platform Event Notification
setting an overlay on video recording when in vertical orientation
Iterating over Ruby hash while comparing values to another Ruby hash
How to set a field to keep a row unique in lucene?
Json serialization in mvc c#
using _GET url link to delete a record from mysql database
JQuery 鈥�html()鈥�method with the <option> tag
301 redirect using rewrite
Convert time to float
PHP mySQL code not posting to database?
load dll error while using System.loadLibrary()
Use as the default serializer and deserializer for ASP.NET service (.svc)
Python swig-wrapped vector of vector of doubles appears as Tuple
apache rewrite wild card subdomain name to query string?
plotting smooth line for data of very small magnitude
Python warnings.warn() vs. logging.warning()
Boost Binaries for MinGW
Getting DVD chapter timings
Getting blobs with Grit
How to fast track branch after pull request in Github
Rename files increasing as they upload - PHP
Add new line ` n' on TextView won't work
Cannot listen document resize event
How to selectively bind attributes in Knockout
Focusing the scrollbar in a specific text in a multiline textbox
Cannot find a php5.ini example file
Issue with Ajax Appending
android Menu Item not showing icon?
鈥淎llow from all鈥�and 鈥淥ptions 鈥揑ndexes鈥�is Illegal option?
android ANTLR make not working properly
Android NDK java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError error
registration and login in cakephp2.0
Changing views/activity in Android
What does Gridworld's getDirectionToward(Location target) method do?
Contruct a DateTime with Custom Hours and Minutes
Rails 3: How to eager load an association AND apply a condition with includes()?
Lookup using Entity Framework (SQL query to LINQ)