Using txt files as a log for quiz answers (php)
Different Rowheights in Android GridView or equivalent [closed]
RegEx pattern to get the YouTube video ID from any YouTube URL
Converting new statements in java to objective-c [closed]
Convert radians to degrees like Google
EBS Volume from Ubuntu to RedHat
Wordpress update_post_field not working
Using Bumblee (Graphics Drivers) with Eclipse IDE [duplicate]
Random crash while navigating getting 鈥淎ccess is Denied鈥�Exception
Two models depends on each other 鈥�catch 22
creating user profiles, each with personal mysql data, using php
can't see site on network but can see it locally
an enclosing instance is required鈥�
Rake aborted! Invalid CSS after 鈥�filter: progid鈥� expected 鈥�鈥� was 鈥�DXImageTransfo鈥︹�
undefined method `post_comment_path' during step 9 of Ruby on Rails tutorial
Can I link multiple .lib in C++
Net generic type with generic type argument
Syntax Error Message from MSR_NUIAPI.h
How to create a temp file in java without the random number appended to the filename?
URL Rewrite with 3 parameters for forum .htaccess
Repeated 鈥渏ava.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot forward after response has been committed鈥�errors with Grails and Tomcat
jquery .serialize()
Login ID and Password using core data iOS
SEO Website Alias optimisation
iTextSharp - Adding an image and resize pages in PDF
Sending Data to Non-Parent Window
Is it trivial to add a directory to a Joomla site that shouldn't interact with Joomla?
First android app last location returns null after sending coordinates through eclipse emulator control
How to log a page reference string of a process?
C++ Private Function - Not In This Scope Error
Is there a way to generate a supressions.xml file for checkstyle from the existing codebase?
iOS parsing entire XML elements
Internal server error on Jackson @ResponseBody
Distance Attentuation with OpenAL on iPhone/iPod
Custom Authorization Attribute Not Always Working
How do I do the equivalent of 鈥済it remote update鈥�with jgit?
Pythonic way to find fewest occurrences of object in list
Why can't I get the public key out of a X509 certificate in PHP?
How can you check a label's string and assign 0 to a non numerical string?
@font face only displaying in demo html
In Visual C++ is there a way to stop Registry redirection from transforming system32 to syswow64?
Setting the 鈥淓nable3D鈥�property of 鈥淐hartArea鈥�in Code behind for StackedColumn charts
Using NumericComparer code in C#, why I am getting a conversion error for my List.Sort()?
while() without {}?
Canvas draw : not able to render animation with runtime generated Bitmap images
User resizing PyQt widgets
鈥淐lear Form鈥�event from Facebook鈥檚 registration plugin?
Is it possible to run GoogleTV emulator for ARM?
MDX: How to go back 1 year-to-date while taking leap year into consideration?
How can I empty a QListWidget without having it delete all of the QListItemWidgets it contains?
Conditionally search in one sheet and copy the rows to another sheet
Marshall.OffsetOf replacement on .NET Compact Framework
AJAX responseXML
2d dynamic allocation
Dock a window as a toolbar
What does Java's type parameter wildcard really mean? What's the real difference between Foo and Foo<?>?
Deduct % from outputted number and display a new number
How can I extend a model with rails?
Create a masking layer without direct image processing?
Including c files leads to undefined references
clientvalidation in
apache-camel error handler scope clarification
How to Fetch Smarty Variables in PHP File?
Java: is including an else here faster? Or better practice?
Filtering specific type from list
SignalR javascript client (Persistent connections) fails to connect
Linking Boost Filesystem in XCode 3.2 (MacPorts)
MATLAB command to call a specific input argument when using varargin
How do I test a trigger with an approval process?
C# Socket send string conversion
Why am I unable to connect to a SQL Server 2005 database from a MSTest harness in Visual Studio 2010?
NoseGAE not able to import .py files in application root
VBA copy from a union of two ranges to a row of another range
How do I get the default views for a ListView Section Headers and items?
Difference among Comet servers and XMPP servers
Multiple sites in multiple projects on the same rails server
Access unreachable remote repository through a second party using tunneling (on eclipse)
Templated methods in a templated class
Nested resources in MVC 4 WebApi
Oracle 10g - Run a job that executes a batch file in local disk
How to get content of a https post request from Apache https server side via script
Playing sine wave for uknown time
How to match 2nd instance in regex
Enabling multiple team admins to build an app for distribution in XCode 4.3?
unresolved externals c++, default constructor
How can i make grid 9x9 with no duplicate rows ? (example)
Using StringReader on HTML file: Links images in the wrong directory
previous list item as input
Generating new keystore with same app and package name, because I lost my old one
Test for multiple values in an if statement in C#
UIKit Particle Systems with Open GL ES?
With OpenAL, is setting AL_PITCH and AL_GAIN expensive?
How to write a reusable html/css/js component in django?
Eclipse - Running an Android app that runs on other machines' Eclipses, won't run in my Eclipse
App store submission errors
How do I say 'Only print if value has changed since previous printed row'
Ajax and dynamically changing URL? [duplicate]
PayPal Recurring Payments Demo invalid profile description?
how to call event handler from jqGrid select custom formatter
Sending JavaScript URL Commands to UIWebView
android edit text trims lengthy text on device but not in emulator
Including a footer in WebsiteBaker
CodeIgniter outputting multiples of the same row
How do I call a method in a ViewController class from one of its subviews?
Ajax always takes in first row only when submitting form
PHP regex to return <option> values
Change colour of image with HTML 5 canvas tag and jquery
Add Markers Along a Route
Zend Framework optimization -> 鈥減reload everything鈥�
hex number flipped around?
django imagefield model
Simple cropping with lwjgl/opengl
printing an array of structs
Javascript: Access an object
how to change the string array to string not use loop clause? Can it be implement by LINQ?
birthday age calculation, but also for number of months and days
How do I remove all objects in a List<string> on Windows Phone 7 Silverlight C#?
.htaccess rewrite URL not showing correctly?
How do I remove all objects in a List<string> on Windows Phone 7 Silverlight C#?
.htaccess rewrite URL not showing correctly?
How to periodically set a global variable in django
how to define a rule of a pattern repeated by a fixed number of times using antlr grammar
How to setup an ASP.NET development environment?
unity mvc3 - configuring using database first approach
How maven war dependency actually works?
jython classnotfoundexception even if class file exists
result of a loop
native editor like jsfiddle
saving InputStreams to res/values
How to initialize and control web form with jQuery
HTML / CSS image dimensions set in percentage doesn't display properly in Safari
IF NOT EXISTS in save function causing error
How to design parts of an Abstract Syntax Tree?
Milliseconds to Seconds?
sencha touch List Component render event is not effect
Files modified while offline appears checked-in after going online
Understanding namespaced jQuery events, Bootstrap
why the 3rd tcp connection writer be blocked by netty worker thread pool with size 2
how to run epub file from assets in android
How do I get categories links from links table where categories in one table matched links in another table
Is there a direct way to get user profile picture on facebook? [duplicate]
detect in background that other iPhone app has been opened
Sharing Symfony2 validation rules with backbone.js or javascript in general?
Cocoa Touch get list of apps that open a certain file (mime)
RapidMiner error: Regular Attributes must be of type binomial. Market Basket Analysis
No indentation when displaying an icon in an NSMenuItem
c++ overloaded + operator does not return a temporary object , why?
Cannot聽establish聽a聽connection to MySQL in NetBeans IDE
Faster code in R
How to pass tuple for a HashMap variable's argument in scala?
Adding foreign keys to rails database
Eclipse open declaration/implementation hover menu empty
Go to method declaration
How to implement a templated class that implements Collections
steal/buildjs throws an error with no explanation during the build of an app - Javascript MVC
Obtain the name of a unknown process, by the window handle?
What is the proper way to escape user's name in the 鈥淭o鈥�email field?
Core Data bound NSCollectionView or NSTableView with one item static?
Standard Approach to Indicate NOT Part of WCF Data Contract?
how do you prompt the user with a toast-like message in android?
Easiest way to migrate C scripts to a GoDaddy hosted account
Semantic Issue: Use of undeclared identifier 'screendata'
WCF duplex service, clients dropped when service restarted
How to read raw data sent to a port (python)
Have Chrome/Safari changed the way they treat image loading using as3?
call one simple modal while another is still open
Clicking on Events handler does not open the code window
How can I switch themes in Visual Studio 2012
Simple PHP array search
Scala GroupBy preserving insertion order?
Rails JS Response, render both status and template?
Why am I getting 鈥渁rithmetic of pointer type is required鈥�
allow datepicker to pick values only upto two weeks from the start date
HTML5 drawing pictures on a canvas with a for loop?
Struts2 text tag doesn't select the right language property file
Jquery childs active when parent is active
Is there a way to set a static reference (no bindings) to an object via Handlebars?
How to model sub sections in a relational database?
Average or max of strings
link arbitrary libraries when building from command line in XCode 4.3
How do I fetch a backbone.js model from serialized json from a mvc3 model?
Moq: Can I swap between mocked member/property behavior and unmocked member/property behavior?
Scala: Flatten the parseresult (~) from combinators parser into List?
Chat server with websocket+node.js vs a native client with xmpp
Automatic time-zone changer for each user
Scaling Background things to content height
Rails: How to add User ID into a link
Why is IDXGISwapChain::SetFullscreenState failing to go fullscreen?
Required fields check in textbox
PHP - Extract characters before and after first space
How to define a particular purpose of an X509 certificate in PHP
How to change a python path in sudo state?
C++ Static Methods (In different Classes) (Like Java's)
Linked List not reading file correctly
How would you achieve this 3d hover effect?
where to get data about all european cities, villages from?
How to elegantly implement the pipeline pattern using Scala
ASP.NET MVC 4 and ContextDependentView
How to get as much debug traffic information, as possible when using WWW::Scripter module in Perl?
Recursive/looping calculations of new generation in The Game of Life
UDP hole punching host-specific failure
Python associating location to user?
XML Comments for 鈥淒escription鈥�section of Properties in service Message Contract documentation using Sandcastle
How to asynchronous perform a httprequest and show the progress of downloading the response
MongoDB - Using $in with $pull on an update only affects a single record instead of all specified within $in
Finding groups of elements and nesting them in a new element using Javascript
command line argument issue in C
Inject spring custom scope bean in JSF 2 application
Accessing a WCF Web Service on Azure Using KSOAP2 with Android
How can I compare performance of a classic ASP page rewritten in ASP .NET with JMeter or a profiler?
footer margin causing problems
How to display the current time on a wp7 application?
jQuery Sliders won't appear
Printing random number of words per line
jQuery select element inside of fellow div, but not others
Is it possible to pass page numbers that will rery on the route segment location?
How do you add 鈥� months鈥�to a object in python?
Add Controller Dialog: Filter down the list of Types
Timeout waiting for a MongoConnection
Scoring Formula
Htaccess and user accounts [duplicate]
Tracking open or closed hand with Kinect using MS SDK?
Combining data from multiple collections in MongoDB
Testing that file has been moved to 鈥減rocessed鈥�for route ftp://host/incoming?move=processed in camel
Maven circular dependencies with multimodule project
Javascript wrap text with tags bbcode?
Why does this crash the compiler?
Find largest sets of consecutive time periods
Passing MVC3 Json encoded data to ViewBag to be read and plot in jqplot
Using facebook login for my website
Initialization of a struct
Configure IIS to Allow Multiple Users Simultaneous Access
Good PHP classes that manipulate .ini files
In Java HashMap, how to enforce a generic type to be a subclass
Accessing Session Using ASP.NET Web API
How to make a campus gps
How to clear part of the canvas using strokeStyle?
Code Igniter Active Record - Num Rows & Results
Highcharts Chart Bar - How can I display in the chart, only one column from my HTML table?
Sending a 410 Gone header, then redirecting
echo full joomla query (with limit etc)?
nasm floating point error
Replacing PHP associative array value (string) with an array
jQuery getJSON method on older mobile web browsers
Make NERDTree Bookmark open load configuration from local directory
iPad parallax flickering
how to know when conversion is done when using ffmpeg php?
My rake db:migrate is failing and I can't figure out how to fix it
How to specify $* in a parameter for a Jenkins job?
Create a git tree from working tree without touching the index?
google closure compiler error on external jquery
How can I instantiate a class instance in java with generics?
Scala limitation on constructor-defined attributes
Google App Engine url path lost with www subdomain
Key event listening
correct way to bind a click event
Find largest value with text streaming
Google Apps Email Migration API error 鈥渕ust have atom and media part鈥�
MC68000 assembly multiplication
How to load a view inside a div - codeigniter
PhoneGap Android Querystring issue
Subscript Operator Overloading Error
MySQL into outfiles
Structures vs objects C++ [duplicate]
How to hide Google Maps Api Markers with jQuery
Best way to write this program
Calculating the URL for a SOAP service call?
Salt and hash a password in python
CLLocationManager Overheating iPhone
Start navigation or maps application on Windows Mobile
CCLayer keeps shifting position
Grouping django objects using QuerySet API by shared text tags using two models with ForeignKey relationship
A data structure for counting integers within some range?
How to slide to another view when table's row is clicked?
execute stored procedures returned from database table
VB.NET BitBlt copy bitmap to screen
mouse listener in Haskell
Identifying and/or stopping contact form spammers (possibly from intranet)?
HTML5 form validation: Default = invalid, is this normal behavior?
Remote form in Rails not resetting
How to use jQuery UI Datepicker as a Django Widget?
How to resolve an integrity error when trying to log in. (Django)
HTTP 500 response connecting CCTray to CC.NET server via dashboard via RawXmlMessage.aspx
Mac OS X Lion - compiling Q
CSS: Spacing issue with dropdown
how to get program files x86 env variable?
2 certificates on a node server
What advantage is there to using UTF-8 over UTF-16? [duplicate]
App installed on Motorola RAZR Android (version 2.3.6) device in not going thru proxy
List(of Int32).Contains([int64 value]) doesn't work because of disimilar types
mysql chain multiple 鈥渕atch against鈥�
Is it possible to install an application without going through the next next step?
Duplicate Checkbox in Page-Object is not defined?
User ranking with Java and SQL
Issue with onClickListener and ArrayAdapter in ListView (Event affecting multiple views)
Javascript - Regular Expressions - Using Not operator
ruby vocabulary library
Single htaccess file with distinction between production and development
Mysql reorder menu
What happens to the returned value after exception is thrown in finally block?
Multi-threaded Core Data: 'Main' context thread
TFS Error TF237159: The Query contains columns that are not valid
localStorage accessible only after refresh
Why won't my Bootstrap CSS divs stack nicely?
lxml error 鈥淚OError: Error reading file鈥�when parsing facebook mobile in a python scraper script
In haskell how would you go about generating a list of all prime numbers upto a number say x?
Does HttpClient's PostMethod.addParameter() add encoded form parameters or URL query parameters?
regex optional chars
array of appointments being chosen instead of one appointment
Queue management in the database
Any way to keep the CTRL + Space dialog box up?
Search on loads of ID's in MySQL
Monitoring el changes in Backbone views?
Python Code to Create Sum of Neighbors and itself in the original list
send dialog failing on certain URLs
Checking if pointer is greater than 0?
Send email to user notifying them that something new was posted on their profile
Profile and MembershipUser complex view model design
Best framework for my RIA (Rich Internet Application)? [closed]
A javascript variable defined outside a function is 'undefined' within the function
storing multiple values in multi dimensional array
EF 4.1 Seeking ideas on how to speed up adding of rows
ibatis inserting parent/child relationship
DJANGO: error importing module
rgba gradient with opacity
Java - Scanner( and 鈥淏locking a thread鈥�
Heroku how to populate images carrierwave using and rake
cannot start TFS collection after cloning
Python Recursive Data Reading
Apache: How to serve a Ruby project as a subdirectory of a PHP project?
How to search a database in ASP.NET using a text box
mysql: convert_tz ignored in where clause comparisons?
How to set variable in main Window from modal dialog
Java reading files via FIO
Django models - at least one in many to many
Compile and run a C program in Emacs
How do I get an SVG parser to render a single group element?
customizing request.user with a proxy model that extends Django User model
How do I scrape full-sized images from a website?
Stored Procedure to search a view
How can I decode this instruction 鈥渃all *fs:0x334鈥�to know the exact function address?
Delete product attribute value from database
Is there a limit of AsyncTasks to be executed at the same time?
Auto resizing centre div using css?
How to draw a circle in Haskell using opengl [closed]
What is the semantic inference or meaning of the term 鈥淐alli鈥�
Clipping multiple layers to a set frame? (CoreAnimation/Quartz2d)
C++ New Objects with Mulitple Classes
PhoneGap Android Tap & Hold event
spring + hibernate system access deny
Get a Sitecore item from the master DB that is the version that would be published if the site was published now
Makefile dependencies with Sweave
How can I get a detailed table list in R?
Is there a way to make messages appear when you hover over a variable or object in eclipse/java?
Python - List of Dictionaries; accessing issue
Testing for type of class in objective-c
Change (title LIKE 'A%') to B or C, etc (rewrite)
Shadows behaves odd when used in a function
Proper way to copy C-strings
Creating categories on Jekyll driven site
What's the easiest way to generate a list of combinations in C++?
Makefile Anomaly: Invoke `make` and it appears to be running another makefile
Can I remove unnecessary newlines/whitespace in my Spring Framework webapp response data?
Python selenium webdriver - driver suddenly 鈥渄ies鈥�and can't quit, get current_url, open pages
How can I list all files in a Linux directory that holds basic commands and shells used by root and other users using a full path?
Reset countdown on Celery task
How do I use HTML5's localStorage in a Google Chrome extension?
how to convert array values from string to int?
How do I add an xml namespace to a non-root element in Java?
how can I get the value of x86-64 segment register fs?
ASP.NET non-html escaped string to GridView
Run executable from local storage using Azure Web Role
How do I get the values from multiple forms after a POST in Django?
When using emulate IE8, why does my top nav font change?
Redirecting domain without WWW to the same with WWW
Is it possible to create and use custom System::String^ extension methods in C++/CLI?
Inserting different Object at runtime, Generics JAVA
C++ code elegance
Mouse position in canvas without a library?
Why does this cause a Seg Fault?
higher order skill of packages in Java [closed]
PHP how to execute a command
Nested divs bigger than parent div when it is not suppose to
New session per browser tab/window in ASP.NET MVC 3 app
Infinite loop error when trying to use mouseover function
Black Image in OpenCV after filtering
Javascript arrayList with images
Carrierwave NoMethodError: undefined method `name' for nil:NilClass:
XCode client with Java server
Tortoise SVN: unable to revert
Creating a long TCPDF document without timeout (so long running php process)
Rails 3.1: Ruby idiom to prevent .each from throwing exception if nil?
Need to show and hide a div by clicking the same button in jquery
jQuery: Verify If one of multiple required checkboxes is/are checked
Subsections in reStructuredText
is it possible to connect to sql server 2008 using php and appserv on windows
Playing the beep in SO chat
Switch between native and custom select with jQuery mobile
How do I force the iOS push notification dialog to show up (for testing)? [duplicate]
Php date() function gets wrong minutes鈥�why?
htaccess permanent redirect from file that doesn't exists anymore
RDLC footer and dynamic visibility
How to have a non query based scope in Rails
Android GPS location vs other GPS devices
CakePHP 2.1 new install Missing Controller Error
Image button formatting
Need to send a HTTP request in Python that'll authenticate with Google Accounts
Handling pipeline and parameter input in a Powershell function
image view doesnt zoom in
How can you let two JVM's communicate without RMI or Sockets?
java mysql executeupdate update
Adjusting IFrame Height only Chrome
jQuery Mobile Nested UL from ParsedXML() file Showing Last entry
Why does adding a class affect the reported height within the same loop using JS/jQuery
Is usage of HTML-5 data-* attributes broken in ASP.NET MVC 4 (beta)?
<div> and <span> not working in FireFox
Concatenating types in DCGs
Return words with double consecutive letters
android views inside a table layout?
creating a temporary table from a query using sqlalchemy orm
Writing this SQL in LINQ? (outer apply)
Netbeans on new build or run, terminate previous ones
EXC_BAD_ACCESS When I click a button inside a custom UITableViewCell
C: Temp PetSales.fmt could not be read. Operating system error code (null)
Where do I create global variables for an iOS app?
Bin deployed DLLs priority over GAC'd DLL's for Web app?
Delaying a link on pageload
Update GridView Column after databinding?
Storing global config variables in a Pyramid project
EF Code first Composite Key link
How do i use the VLC to auto replay as loop?
Python as a CMD data logger for time (run continously)
Search mySQL using MATCH AGAINST: supplied argument is not a valid MySQL
Trackview or timeline in Naudio
Error running WEB Tomcat application from Intellij IDEA 11 (CreateProcess error=87, The parameter is incorrect)
Are there any general patterns for designing classes for schemaless databases in .NET?
Multiplayer PHP Game (Socket Programming)
ets:i/1 tty's second option meaning
Poor performance with large Java lists
I want to point a sub-domain to a new domain address
Rails - rMagic is not working?
What ports need to be open to authenticate to an AD server from an site on IIS web server outside the domain?
Why does -XImplicitParams work only from the command line, not a pragma?
Excel macro works for PC but not Mac
How to add an Iterop in Visual Studio 2010 like you can in Visual Studio 2008
Best way to join parts with a separator in PowerShell
EnterpriseLibrary CacheManager Gone After Application Restart?
Store custom objects (User defined obj) in SQLite Android database
What are ODEX files in Android?
jquery table-less layout with rowspans
Using JNI libraries in an Eclipse Java project
How to call a method from the global scope with same name as an instance method in ruby?
Key based caching
Vim.surround does nothing
How to store user data on Heroku
404 handler getting 鈥淗andle is not initialized鈥�exception
Inserting IF statements - Java [closed]
Run time XML creation in c# and saving the data
Why do I get exception error while trying to reset Reader to 0 position?
Java - If I change an item in a list, will the Object in the list be changed too?
Wordpress get posts after certain date SQL Query issue
how to Build project with maven without version
Image Upload Script Error
How to debug C# process
JTable Swing retrieve data
How to make a process high priority (critical)
Passing AIR value to javascript. How do I make it available to $(document).ready?
Tutorial for openCL and openMP--locations?
How to connect to an online MySQL database from a Java application
Git fetches aren't replicating in local working copy
Cannot modify header information - Baffled [duplicate]
Looping through the rows of a gridview with more than one page
Foreach in SQL Server using joins
using fork() function to make the child and parent process share memory
How to add up votes in a table and display it on screen
How to run the Android Support4Demo in Eclipse
Unable to return PartialView to a jQuery.ajax call
search for text in a cell of dataGridView and highlight the row?
Problems with Unity3D Horizontal Slider
Flex mobile, opening external files
Convert Pojo to JSON
PostSharp OnMethodBoundaryAspect with Abstract Methods
listview with title group
Larg set of csv files need to be inserted into a database
Displaying a view in the middle of an MVC3 controller
For a Google Chrome extension, how can I create an on/off toggle in the browser icon?
org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to compile class for JSP encountered when using spring
Streams via Socket
java server socket in cloud server
SSL Server in Java -
Swapping QTMovieView on an NSWindow causes flicker
Gem Install PG mysterious error extconf.rb related
Knowing initial user input after getline cstring assignment
XSLT: xsltApplyStylesheet returns null
Retrying a database connection on failure after every 10 minutes
Exit code 鈥渓ost鈥�from child process in Windows XP, not in Windows Server 2003
implementing a recursive linq
Hosting windows inside windows ( NOT mdi ! )
How do I open a chrome-extension popup only under a single circumstance?
Cancelling an iOS App Review [closed]
Catching which cell changed in editable datagrid
Store Image,Audio file into MySQL database with Java
code blocks with Grand Central Dispatch
How do I load html into a webview?
LINQ, can I write cleaner joins with method syntax?
how can I animate this a bit better using jquery-ui's toggleClass?
PHP GD fails silently
Maven: Build code against Java 1.4, but build test code against Java 1.5
Cached property acts different in VS 2010 with breakoint
Anythingslider: Need to remove slides before the active page without easing
Having trouble making an upload files option
SoundPlayer throws an Exception that wave header is corrupt but it is not
Generic Constraints Syntax and Usage
SaveAs Dialog with a period in the filename does not return extension
Java properties file under low disk space conditions on Linux
refresh images in ipad from xcode project
cocoa: index for CALayer
Accessing Analysis Services from Windows 8 Metro Applications
Better ordering of mysql/php search results
recent php stylesheet switcher [closed]
Converting older Auth users to Enhanced Auth users
Prolog - Is this negation by failure correct?
Is there a secure way to declare a string variable in visual basic?
Execute shellcode by casting to function pointer in Visual C++
Creating a library file in makefile and compiling after that
MYSQL Group by weekofyear stopped working
Create new processes and expect output
Define mailinglist using PHP
Unit tests for django form submission
SSL Exception on Glassfish when load increases
Jquery Mobile - Using image as link - Blue line below image
MVC4 Less Bundle @import Directory
MEF for composition with static properties
How to open Google maps application using the 鈥渕aps:鈥�scheme?
Error Creating zip file In Memory using Java
android database class not working
jQuery checkbox values to comma seperated list
Creating a user in Alfresco inside of a Filter
C array of structs syntax error
How can I use a variable or class property in a dataannotation
display alert and checkbox based on radio button value
How can I get gcc to recognize an expression containing function calls as constant?
Make jQuery Validator Happen Before Submit
Why do browsers have their own codecs, instead of supporting all ones already present in operating system?
How to create regions on App Fabric via Powershell
Quick way to create array from another array's variables?
How to process textual attachments before display in Gnus?
Different between two tables
How do I create a git repo on my shared hostgator?
Use json data that updates after given time
SQL in Crystal gives 鈥渂lank鈥�but works in SQL Server
Deny access to a file
How Can I compare a Column in a Self Join with itself if it is Not Null?
table border-radius with overflow: hidden hides table border
Create multiple report rows from single row of data
GTK button shade on windows. Get rid of split color shades light and dark on the same button
How to perform table reflection / introspection in SQLAlchemy from a Sybase db with Python?
iOS: +[UIView animateWithDuration:] not utilizing the duration
How can I see ' r n' in my var_dump or print_r?
How to print line number with svn blame?
Create new App ID for In-App Purchase in Developer Portal
App still crashes when I have CurrrentDomain.UnhandledException and DispatcherUnhandledException in place
character encoding html - utf-8 instead of latin1
HBase Scan Filter - Skip rows without required columns
NANP phone numbers available for testing
Eclipse - Auto create setters returning the class and auto completion for methods
How do i unload UIWebView
how do I load a page with items invisible until jquery .fadeToggle() is triggered?
Email Textarea with JavaScript URL Code
How to change default text color using custom theme?
Unable to access a couple web sites
Can't import database through phpmyadmin file size too large
How Can I create a two-dimensional character array in Groovy/Grails
Setting DataGridView.FirstDisplayedScrollingRowIndex stops Timer from firing?
Trying to define DBContext entities using base entities and inherited entities provided by runtime plugin?
Most efficient way to calculate a hash or checksum for a row with many columns?
JQGrid: Resize Grid Width After Column Resized
Convert a character to an integer in C++
How to use a select field's drop-down option value on page load to hide an element with JQuery?
How To Use Valum's Uploader Demo Project
IPC between Python & Java processes
Does AsyncTask started by Service finish when Service stops?
Less CSS import structure
Why doesn't the MATLAB surf function work with single precision data?
debugging jquery conflict
client side server within the browser?
What would the Visual Basic code be for an Always On Top Option?
Display 鈥淐orrect鈥�and 鈥淚ncorrect鈥�depending on answer
Is there any reason why GD would compress my resized image in this situation
Call a Java-method with a variable number arguments from a Luafile with LuaJava
Using T-SQL parameters to filter the table
I would like to group the rows of this dataset by Index and then sum the rows by common index
How do I use NavBar for PrimeFaces mobile
How to know which other projects refer to a certain project in Visual Studio?
why does this jquery .post not show any results?
Best way to implement user-rearrangable buttons in a scrollView?
For Each Loop Exits Immediately
Restrict QueryOver by child collection using nHibernate
Focus on MouseOver in Windows with Ogre3D
Mongoid: How to model days in a week as embedded documents?
Using g++ 4.6.1 I get many C++ compile errors when trying to include xaudio2.h
Combining two MYSQL queries to get posts by friends only
Positive lookabehind working 'too well' in regex
Search/Highlight text from UILabel?
Robotium - How can I avoid Robotium to stop when the first error is detected?
box2d Apply force in a particular direction
Notify Threads When Counter Changes
MySQL procedure, use SELECT to UPDATE comparison
jQuery - switching text
How to redirect http://example to http://example/Directory?
FF/Latch and other warnings
Windows MessageBox causing bugged OpenGL release to work correctly
get function execution complete percentage
tmux: how to put 2 opened windows side-by-side? [closed]
How do I use Linq to read XML
Building LuaJava on OSX Snow Leopard
multithreading httprequests
Forcing Secure Browsing
IBAction within UIAlertView xcode 4.3
Why are Java class files 鈥渢ypically (but not necessarily)鈥�stored in a file?
tinymce and ibrowser
deleting core data persistent store instead of migrating (also using RestKit)
Create a SubColumn inside a Column Family in Cassandra
Oracle: select missing dates
Online PDF to HTML conversion API? [closed]
Linq Where is not recognizing operator overloads with custom object
Why does do stdio.h prints write to file opened with file descriptor?
Error in sideband demultiplexer with a git post-receive hook
How to use filters on JavaScript array?
Load WebPage as in a Browser, but with Ruby
How to call function inside function in C++ ?
How to set textView buttons in Android that change text in an editText
Java - Date formatting
select query statement
SQL query to find two rows with a same groupID make databindings read only
How do I draw transparent PNGs onto a canvas in Firefox?
Creating custom RGB colours & implementing custom drawing
SQL Server: LEFT OUTER JOIN with TOP 1 to Select at Most One Row
foreach loop with if statement
New Facebook Pages Created Every Time OG type is Video
How to separate these bits into blocks of 8 bits in Assembly x86?
ts class - converting time stamps to numbers
Why is running attached to the debugger so slow?
creating a rotating space in Chipmunk
Bind selected value from ASP.NET DropDownList
PHP - If variable is not empty, echo some html code
FullCalendar with Google Calendar, Origin 'url' is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin
Linq version of SQL query with multiple joins and group bys
Spring on AppEngine: application slow startup and鈥�death?
Deserialization / model binding in MVC4 webapi does not work with arrays
Yes/No dialog when cancelling file upload
convert an ASN.1 object
Get fax number or email address through the Google Places API
correctly scaling website to display in iphone
How to define with Ruby a day ago at 2:00 PM?
Android show Activity as a dialog, and cannot be cancelled
Rails 3 routing help, how can I use resources for this?
Should I catch, and rethrow an exception in this case?
How to implement the Hough Transform?
Add user permissions to an already authorized Android application?
Pair strings based on unique substrings
Gedit syntax-highlighting with gtksourceview for backreferencing sub-patterns?
configure network interface for wired and wireless connection
How to create a scheduled GET request and send Notifications when the app is in background?
Visual Studio slows down excessively
How to replace patterns of data in Excel
Tomcat6 and Java 7
CakePHP 2.0 Controller render not working all of the time
How to build parallax scroll on an iOS device
Execute C# code on Centos (Linux)?
two JS variables refer to same Json object how to keep one constant?
Service wont start / bind to variable?
how to pass javascript array to php
How can I associate files using c#? [closed]
Server object error 'ASP 0177 : c0000005'
Cannot call 'SetContentView' on new activity - Android Mono
How to Enabled a single field for update for a particular role in CRM 2011
Storing an array of 500 NSStrings in an iPhone app
Where is the relationship for a lesson in a child course to a lesson in a parent course(the metacourse) in Moodle?
TabControl ItemTemplate without ItemsSource
Making my artificial intelligence project known? AI communities?
Apache performance tuning with 1 GB with httpd.conf
PHP Do something when session destroyed
I need to modify and generate IPv6 extended headers
How can you sort an array without mutating the original array?
Ember view is not updating after re-ordering array used to create child views
restore the previous echo status
Can I drop the the helper of a draggable into a sortable instead of the original item?
Adding specific references from a NuGet Package
Applying how ActiveRecord uses modules to other Ruby projects
Default scope Mongomapper
If Page is typeof custom class
MySQL : find a sequential pattern appears on multiple rows
Month to month data comparison
Labels are lingering in my reusable table cells
MATLAB - plotting vector against a cell array
Getting data from multiple collections in mongodb
Unit more then one project to one maven project
How does a document-based database and CouchDB in particular handle ID references?
Render views without any controller in Play
Facebook: Fatal error: Uncaught CurlException: 26: failed creating formpost data thrown
RVM gemset forgotten immediately
rackspace cloudfiles delay before on CDN after upload
Loops in android
Unicorn + Rails + Large Uploads
How does VS builds a project so that all classes become part of a the same assembly?
What are the differences between implementation of Interfaces in Delphi and Lazarus (FPC)?
Having trouble with my header CSS & jQuery
Week number of a year in dateformat
Can I pass a class instance to a custom user control via the front end of a page/control in ASP.Net?
NSUserDefaults: returning integer, not returning NSArray
Will :last-child work on the last list item in an unordered list?
Showing textured 3D models in iOS
Determine type/name of underlying file system
Android View find ID
XML-to-Relational Mapping for Complex Elements with Multiple Parents
C# serialize json from Twitter without data member
Doctrine 2.1: How to orderBy aggregate field in a collection?
iOS: Getting Apple ID From Bundle (Appirater)
Can only access certain BeautifulSoup result elements with negative indices
How To Embed JAR Library into Project with Eclipse
Memory Leak in C++/CLI method
Django uploadify Model Foreignkey
How do I detect the return key being pressed and respond to it using the UIKeyInput protocol?
exceptionCaught error handling write back response causes exception and infiniteLoop of calling exceptionCaught
DockStyle Fill for RunTime Generated Controls
ColdFusion XML parsing issue
ERROR during invoking WebService - could not initialize proxy - no Session
What's the complexity from this code? And what notation do I have to use?
How to change Grails embedded column mappings
Get height of div with no height set in css
Securing an HTTP API - No user password prompt and avoiding exposing the private key
jQuery ajaxForm and CKEditor not saving as it should
Rails, override output for{ :json => @model }
possible to have two different foreign keys in AR relationship model
SOLR Spatial use of NumericRangeQuery
java script not processing php variable
Why does RegCloseKey exist (when CloseHandle seems to perform the same function)?
PHP: Remove line ending with ( and remove line starting with ) and grab second word of every line
Simple or more complex tests?
google closure compiler and jquery
GIT: do not want ANY changes to be auto-merged, even the most obvious ones
Pass multiple objects to onRetainNonConfigurationInstance
CodeIgniter: Auth library or custom for FileMaker
Webview & Javascript Relationship
.Net Programmatically Sign PKCS#10 Request with Bouncy Castle
printing the result once in MPI
Unable to install Free Pascal 2.6.0 on OS X 10.7.3 with Xcode 4.3
How do I reshape these data in R?
Strange behavior adding view to sharedapplication in TabBar
How to force Netbeans to display the argument names in the JavaDoc window
Average of multi-dimensional array in Python
PHP GET sending 403 Error during search
git-svn 鈥淐ouldn't find revmap鈥� what does it mean?
JQuery UI drop event Problems
Proper use of mixins in python
Paperclip AWS::S3::Errors::NoSuchKey error on copy
Liferay - Displaying the last page with an error message when using @ResourceMapping
Converting Unusual DateTime String to DateTime Object
AS3 Dynamically reference embedded graphics?
Cannot Update Web Reference to get new dataset
How to edit my attribute table in ArcGIS with VBA
View with low alpha - Subview with high alpha
I cant create file system under Users Public with installer
Objective C - Using an NSDictionary?
MySQL Query - Date and Statuses
How does django handle getting data from the database?
TTS to Audio File
Comparing elements of an array to each other
How to make a server control work with asp:Label's AssociatedControlID property
White spaces capturing with sed
SMS Broadcasting from my app
Consequences of Android Market/Google Play rename for developers [closed]
Variable scoping and neater code
How can I clear .NET's reflection cache?
How to update the class constructor when it's bound to a DataGrid?
nullPointerException Handler Android
how to center a graph using core plot and dynamic data
Overriding CPU Lock in Android
Casting ActiveDirectory pwdLastSet property without using ActiveDs
PublishingWebControls:RichHtmlField Rendering not working
What is a dimnames error when estimating GLS?
When Using STUnion to construct a polygon, is it faster to do it on code or let the Database handle it?
Deleting last row in a section -> crash, using NSFetchedResultsController
Image Slideshow on Hover
how to configure qmake in linux(ubuntu) to use libqt4-gui in standard location like /usr/lib?
Do/Should Shared Libraries ( Share Const Data?
How to declare array that correspond to bit size of the int in c?
Is it possible to run opencv (python binding) from a virtualenv?
iOS - problems with canGoForward and canGoBack in webViewDidStartLoad
change width of a div on the fly, setting with $('#contentDiv').width(newWidth) does not work
Should this could not break out of the inner loop?
Data structure for visualizing organizations and individuals using Gephi?
In R, how do I find the optimal variable to maximize or minimize correlation between several datasets
CI_model not catching POSTed JSON data correctly
binding an array of collection'sto multiple itemscontrols respectively
ExtJS4 LinkButton Component
Select and open a SELECT element from other event [duplicate]
R: How can I find the intersection of elements from two rows of a dataframe?
General github usage
x86_64 align stack and recover without saving registers
Regcomp alternative for matching patterns in non-ASCII stream
Java How to loop until variable is equal to a specific type (String/int)
Jquery: Parent div not selected for fadein
How do i send headers in php without creating a new file?
Why does the program do this? C++
Trouble configuring Hibernate 4 with MySQL 5.1
Sitecore Role that can only see one workflow
Where is null coming from in this array?
choice as in int
Why z-index is not working for div?
QList<double> in QT with Visual Studio add in
InternetReadFile get specificity line
Need Python guide on Windows
Linux Prompt Change Content Within File based on File Name
How do I make a property mandatory on a custom user control?
Django - python cut image after checking original Width
Calling Android's BaseAdapter notifyDataSetChanged() from a listener callback method
How to generate pre-signed Amazon S3 url for a vanity domain, using amazon sdk?
AutoMapper configuration of List
How to iterate json dictionary in django template?
Retrieve the maximum length of a VARCHAR column in SQL Server
OutputCache Location=Client does not appear to work
Multiple MBean Servers found - Spring JMX with Websphere 7
jQuery Mobile List View: Change a Value When Clicked
How to display a large preview of (my own) flash player in the new timeline?
Strange behavior in IE when combining click handler with CSS sibling selector
how to enable /static/css URL enable in django
Are even/odd key pairs only used for AES encryption of packets over a data stream e.g. DVB?
Rails: Create form for @score while in different model no direct associations
rails 3.1: how can app handle different 'reasons' for ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid (for example, duplicate vs validation error)
MIPS - implementing a binary search tree
Why does this C# code fail? [closed]
How to select an option in Rails/Capybara/Selenium
Javascript: Is the length method efficient?
Can't Include ContextMenu WIth jsp:include in ADF
Auto submit form with multiple submit buttons
How to change the value of an XML node based on another node on the same level?
How to read json in Rails Controller?
how to get data from my forms
Dynamic multidimensional post form
how to make navigation items display the correct active class with php
Create UINavigationController in other xib?
html5 drag and drop drag anything opacity
Empty files on S3 prevent from downloading using s3cmd and s3sync
Duplicating class in the object space object_id
The type signature of a combinator does not match the type signature of its equivalent Lambda function
Google Maps JS API v3 will not load inside Flex Mobile StageWebView
Android: System Tools: Display System Level Alerts: How to use this Permission?
is dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier mandatory to avoid memory leaks?
3d Car modelling tutorials in Maya [closed]
How to dynamically create data packet in objective-c
Unique number in random?
Gelleriffic: how to get the imagedata onSlideChange event
How to diff two new schema in liquibase using java?
What does this array error mean?
Catalyst equivalent for Rails script console
Rails 3.2 ActionMailer handle unsubscribe link in emails
How can I make this SQL query the most effective?
How to generate a DropDownListFor with multiple columns
Binding for custom control works in GridView but not in FormView
Changing cpp code to c (struct type)
Emacs: whitespace face overriden by solarized?
Unable to load XML on Internet Explorer with jQuery (locally)
Zoom toward mouse (eg. Google maps)
Java - write the first byte of an int
Java - write the first byte of an int
how to set path for uploaded files using zend framework?
Sort table with unknown number of headers using jQuery Table Sort, then only sort on 2 headers
MonoDroid: Not connecting to Emulator
Can't seem to connect to a database with Zend Framework using the ip address of the database
Regular expression help - appending an argument in a function
One Command/Script to Upload X Files Using FTP
Convert Eclipse project type from general to Java [duplicate]
how to migrate heroku file storage to S3
Curl 400 error when using UserAgent
Converting CASE statements with subqueries that flatten data to SSIS
Cannot access Isolated Storage from New Silverlight Application
How can I develop a database schema for a one to many relationship?
Error while creating consolidated jar file - no manifiest section for signature file entry javax/mail/internet/ContentDisposition.class
Xpath Axes - how to select child node attribute
excel vba - removing duplicates from an array
localStorage is not defined during - JMVC
Custom TabWidget Android Tab Indicator
Error in using startActivity
Javascript window onblur firing when clicking facebook like button
Telerik MVC - Treeview - child node
How do I get EC2 load balancing properly set up to allow for real time file syncing? [duplicate]
Totally Disable ViewState in ASP.NET Web Forms
Should Google Analytics event tracking fire an XHR request?
How do I verify an association based off a column in Rails 3.2?
Perl - Regex to match double quoted text
Normalised database - ONE to MANY - Search through all joined data sets
PHP data passed as string instead of integer
C# Array Properties and Class Structure
document.querySelectorAll length is always 0
No enclosing instance of type fbMain is accessible. Must qualify the allocation with an enclosing instance of type fbMain
Assigning 鈥淎ctions鈥�to objects
custom classLoader issue
RAD-WAS7 performance issue in debug mode
$debug=true; right after doctype, why?
returning modelState error message
Windows Phone 7 GWT Phonegap smalle size
Visualforce Repeaters
How can I improve this code for my sort GET variables?
Is there something like Incanter for Haskell?
Custom validation design php, mysql
Table width changes after changing parent class
IF Statement doesn't work correctly -> Comparing two tables and returning value
C# PDFSharp: Examples of how to strip text from PDF?
Dynamic dtsConfig file selection
Kohana 3.2: Custom error message for a custom validation rule?
JavaScript reload a page hourly based on server/client time
Inheritance and Linq-to-Entities
Pointer to Vector of pointers
If statements with multi conditions
Strange results for NaiveBayes under Weka's GUI
Create colored shape using GDAL library
output list of files from popen to
mp4 with pixel format yuvj420p won't play in Chrome 17, but plays in Safari, IE etc
ViewState Management in ASP.Net
How can paramiko seek through a stream until a pattern is matched
Chrome <input> laggy only when wrapped in <form>
JTable, JTextArea or JEditorPane to highlight lines of code?
Validation in Backbone.js
JTextArea won't append/setText when running ant list command
Implementing Spring Transactions with JAX-RS and Hibernate
SQL Server 2005 - How to restore multiple backups (.bak)
Convert web.config file to .htaccess
Confusion with Entity Framework context
DHTMLXScheduler export and import to and from ics doesn't work
How to include subset in EF?
jquery-ui draggable won't work in chrome on linux - but does work in every other browser I've tried
SAS, assigning the same numbers to specific observations
Can anyone spot why I keep getting this error testing the EF 5 beta
Append output at the end of a file - How to?
BUG in WPF? TextBlock inside Adorner display inverse text when FlowDirection is RightToLeft
WP7: ScrollViewer viewport size
Pointer Memory Allocation in C++
Android back button pressed
tools to test a web site for XSS, sql inyection and other vulnerabilities
I can't get 2 references to the same class/table
Page number in BIOS interrupts
Running Selenium Test in Firefox with Robot Framework on Mac OS X Results in Hanging Selenium Server / Blank Browser Window
Visual Studio cl.exe does not display error messages when output is redirected to file
Can you explain to loading fbx model [closed]
Programmaticaly Search and Download Application form AppStore with C#
Flip jQuery Modal Dialog
Handling responses from server side in jQuery ajax calls
ImageView source will not scale
toggle divs, but only have one shown at once
Android 2 google maps maps in one application
Looking for message broker with a REST API
jquery get value of element's grandchild
HighCharts 鈥�MVC 3 Database
Does resizing an STL vector erase/invalidate its previous contents?
issue with jquery to php
How to convert 8 bytes hex to DateTime
JAX-RS: How do I selectively choose the xml output in a Restful call?
Common.Logging configuration. Troubles with log4net adapter
MySQL tools/tricks/scripts for rewinding DB changes
What do Vim's iconv.dll and libintl.dll 鈥渄o鈥�
Multiple instances of EJB 3.1 no-interface Singleton / Stateful session bean
Android Multiple APK with different keystore now block updates
mvc securityexception on action filter attribute
JSF 2 login implementation
in hyperlinkfield, how to query string escape values?
What is the better way to manage class instances within a factory?
How to pass a Javascript string to php on the same page
how do I add to the URL in an HTML submit button click?
How do I fix error with MassTransit [closed]
Android, waiting dialog not showing at all
Select a table row on input value
Java add ActionListener to special button
Logging to log4j log file from webservice server app using Axis2 and Netbeans 7
How to build an application layer pre-fetching system
Add to the end of a line containing a pattern - with sed or awk
Java applet- connects JavaScript in a web browser to a TELNET Server
Converting Timezone Offset into Name
FB.ui({ method : 鈥渙auth鈥�}) vs FB.login() within a Page Tab Application
Dtrace for memory overflow?
C++ Error, adding even numbers [duplicate]
Network activity indicator and beginBackgroundTaskWithExpirationHandler
Use different icons with different Android SDK versions
How can I have a Windows Service, installed using OctopusDeploy, use an app.config?
CakePHP model's find() not hitting mysql index b/c of integer strings
PHP File upload array empty
Javascript OOP help/advice/explanation
Changing Google maps 'Satellite label to something else in v3.8?
How to create a wallpaper 鈥淧ack鈥�in Android
How to iterate over a list of strings sent from a controller to a jsp
Mono for Android Save into Gallery's Directory
How to call properties file from another properties file using Spring PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer?
SQL group by with Rollup misunderstanding?
EF Code first doest load my collection of child objects