Loading file with simplexml_load_file
Dropdown Menus with Auto List-Item Widths
Grouping attributes together rails 3
Objective-C error missing value [closed]
Nonexisting Oracle Database Constraint Violated
How to get last created document in couchdb?
Decrypt obfuscated perl script
How do I get EC2 load balancing properly set up to allow for real time file syncing?
Customize message field on Facebook Share
Trying to .load() a public google spreadsheet
How should I set up database tables for this order situation
How to fix clipped output from R postscript function?
jQuery UI Slider value changing
Checkbox: disable/enable href in jQuery
Is it possible to change the default notification Alert Style upon application install?
Array as an instance variable [closed]
jQuery code doesn't work in IE 8+
if statement not returning results
Find, move, replace and parse strings simultanuosly while building an .xml playlist file
how to send extras to an activity with Intents?
fql query fails - suspected auth issue
PDO perform 2 mysql selects in the same loop
OleVariant and String assignments in Delphi 5
Disabling keys on keyboard
Placing custom class object in a list
404 in Firefox only
Database design to track changes - w/ Hibernate
Using CSharpCodeProvider with .net 4.5 beta
get jquery ajax response outside of success handler
php and xml get value by attributes
CLR Hosting: Call a function with an arbitrary method signature?
XPath expression to check for attribute values across multiple child nodes
Reload random div content every x seconds
Drupal 7 FAPI type button does not work
Sorting in mysql
Reportviewer not displaying report properly
Android emulator creates multiple instances created with same project
Size of JFilechooser
Java : Cartesian Product of a List of Lists
Create table syntax for stored procedure's return
Use regex stored in a table as criteria for an SQL query
How to write client server application with web sockets using jetty server with embedded wtp plugin in eclipse
Kernel update without reboot [closed]
how to drag and drop in android?
In C, what is meant by 鈥渇ormat argument can be an expression too鈥�
How do I add a popup to a Firefox extension?
Converter doesn't seem to fire at all times on mouse over
underscore each method not running through the complete backbone collection
Alternative syntax for C# using statement to automatically dispose objects?
sqlalchemy: bindparam and exec proc not working in text
Get ResponseHeaders from WebClient after OpenReadCompleted
Global Vars in CodeIgniter
How do I find where an HttpURLConnection is trying to redirect me to?
Counterclockwise eclipse error on 1st command
Large file download without fopen()?
Unable to delete pom.xml in Jenkins under Tomcat/Windows
SQL performance - grouping by many fields
#including files [closed]
Contenteditable Div Ignores Parent Div Margin in IE(9)
Are Lambda expressions in C# closures?
Yahoo Finance - How to get companies Key Statistics
Memory Management: Name that Structure
Dialog only opens once
Fail compilation if a certain specialization is used
Segmentation fault while running zend_hash_find()
Querying Outlook Mail Items using VSTO
Magic method for when a class instance is called like a function?
Creating Stacked Bar Column Chart with CODE BEHIND
If statements SyntaxError: invalid syntax
undefined method 'find_by_email' Error
Resizing a JFrame and all the contents inside
SQLite Android - how to select or check for a row
jQuery DataTable clickable Titles
Python: Fusing two separate objects into one?
Facebook API FQL multiquery to get actor name as well as ID
UIPickerView won't show
install mcrypt for phpMyAdmin on Mac Lion with Xcode 4.3
build array from string
iPad - taking a picture from the front camera and recognizing a driver's license
R: Use column from data as legend items in ggplot2
Setting Writable Permission only for Administrators inside PROGRAM_DATA folder
DTO with WCF and extention methods
hide parent div if child div is empty
unstage a deleted file in git
How to catch 鈥淓nter鈥�command a in Textarea element in server-side?
How to add a link to the theme's footer using a WP plugin
MVC - is there a nice way to bundle controls with their respective javascript?
How to deploy to Heroku using Mercurial?
Calling CGI script from PHP not working
SQL Cipher tool
R apache errors
Understanding VS's ability to create database on first run
HTML5 and jQuery stop?
Configure webservice URL for client from properties file with Netbeans 7 and Axis2
How can you take a picture using the front camera on a tablet or slate PC?
What is difference between sys.exit(0) and os._exit(0)
I have to write settesting(true) to adding admob ad?
ActionScript: Automated Test Frameworks
Parse strings, and add a number to the value
ERROR When trying to insert into MySQL table with PHP
htaccess url rewrite if file doesn't exist *OR* specific directory
Java Timestamp and PHP Timestamp giving 2 different times
Using SMO Library in SSIS 2008
SolrNet Error - Unable to read data from the transport connection: The connection was closed
Javascript convention for variable length arguments
Javascript for loop var 鈥渋鈥�is treated as a string?
Unique entries in Notification Center and 'repeatInterval'
download large mkv files with php script
Text bleeding outside element
Ruby-Rails Spreadsheet 鈥渃orrupted鈥�under Microsoft Excel 2010
Qt primitive types, racing with QTimer, and C++
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly with a fetch upstream
It's possible to remove a group from rdlc dynamically?
SQL-Multiple Insert into identity table
To Read a double value out of a longer C# string
Entity Framework Code First Soft Delete Lazy Loading
C# extract HTML from MHT file
What is Coding in Vacuum? [closed]
How do I know which value in range 'hit' on select with left join?
Why is this call to QFtp.put causing a crash?
How to add elements without reloading the page
Spring OAuth2 - ensure call to OAuth2ProtectedResourceFilter
Sending images from a C++ process to a C# process
NtQueryObject function returns length as -8
what is a good design pattern for connecting a sender and a receiver?
Getting closest element with jQuery
Facebook login without a form
Is there a jQuery month picker that mimics the Windows month picker
How I can set a form pop out when I click a button in VC++2010? [closed]
CSS: remove entire element when clipped
passing php variable to javascript syntax issue
Color and syntax theme issue in Vim
Assigning ID to each line by column value in awk
Regex match for curly braces with equals sign in them
Maven Android Project with Test Suite
JavaScript: invalid quantifier when searching URL string for '?'
Exclude results of the first query on the second query in same table with MySQL
How can I get this complicated query to work with ActiveRecord?
Sensitivity of mouseOver in a Jquery simple FishEye script
Is template binding to a Geometry possible
Custom @RolesAllowed roles in Jersey WebService with ContainerRequestFilter
Zend Framework Hostname Routing and Default Route
storing and updating a 2d array in application state in Asp.Net MVC 3
Unhandled exception, unable to debug
In Excel VSTO, how can I check if a worksheet belongs to a closed workbook?
Can't view TextView label when pressing a button
In MSBUILD, how can you specify a condition that check whether command line or VS launched it?
How to get Tracelistnername from app.config
how to create prev and next buttons in calendar php, javascript
Using 鈥淭ab鈥�key to move from NSTextField to NSMatrix
Unable to shutdown embedded activeMQ service using the built in BrokerService.stop call
A dependent property in a ReferentialConstraint is mapped to a store-generated column. Column:
NullReferenceException on *setting* value in ViewBag
Send file writes to in-memory buffer (fopen something, but write to buffer, not disk)
detaching anonymous listeners from events in C# and garbage collection
jQuery anchor tag text re-write project
Slide to layout Android
upload image and use it in plugin
MySQL Query Help: Getting content from associated table with position
Variable scope in Stylus
MySQL how do I insert now() date when doing a LOAD DATA INFILE?
EF 4: How to properly update object in DbContext using MVC with repository pattern
How to force a redraw of the views in Activity.onConfigurationChanged
Your Opinion? - linking tables by LinkTypeId
Why my WebRole runs on WaWebHost instead of IIS
What is limiting HTML page size to 8000 characters?
Thread returning into bad space address
Best Ultimate Full Cheapest Backup Software
git rebase on long-lived (remote) feature branches
Tying Ruby classes to timeframes
How to use GAE deferred functionality?
What design pattern should be used for a global configuration
A method that applies self to a proc
XML namespace designed to store objects
C# Process.exited doesnt get called until after window is closed
Getting unique enteries from the file
access session variable from layout page ASP.NET MVC3 RAZOR
Code organization with js-mvc framework
How to get the WebBrowser control to close jpg file?
How to convert IF expression in sql to Derived column in SSIS
Redirect to dynamic relative paths with .htaccess?
Eclipse dependecies
Save HTML table as an image
TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting using the platform module
deadlock condition arises between child and parent process
Exporting Excel file to PDF - getting stuck trying to close Excel file
How to use the Windows Keystore (MCS) with JDBC?
What's the best way to allow my child class access to it's parents information?
sql call table from subquery1 in subquery2
sapply and environments
UISlider - UISwitch-like mechanics
Remove any paragraph tags that have a child of img, but do not remove the img
How to return only one record from database using Nhibernate + Criteria + Firebird?
Wordpress XMLRPC(Redstone) permalink not working
Partially showing/hiding an element with jQuery
DOM Storage if Available
Installing Magento localy [closed]
How to start activity from a popup window?
Is there a 鈥渘o-reply鈥�email header?
Is there an API for Java to calculate code churn?
Why is setFollowRedirects(boolean auto) a static method of HttpURLConnection
Action generating partial view realizes whole page must be replaced. How to redirect?
Unable to find the requested .Net Framework Data Provider. It may not be installed. (System.Data.SQLClient)
Ifstream open() doesn't set error bits when argument is a directory
How to turn Yaml file entires into models?
reader only pulling one row in while loop C#
Are there any frameworks like Hibernate but no cache and do directly execute SQL?
Java Mapping tool (bean to bean)
Flex DataGrid Issue with Rendering and Scrolling
Programmatically created file doesn't always inherit the permissions of the parent folder
How to add the Navigation Bar's view to a PopOver's PassThroughViews?
Multiple select list value interating an extra time in javascript
Float64 to string
Can I add REST to my existing BlazeDS spring webservice?
Retrieve encapsulated content from Bouncy Castle's CMSAuthenticatedData [Java]
Map from ICollection<EFEntity> to ICollection<ViewModel> to ICollection<Object> with AutoMapper
Using nhibernate without default constructors
Use html web editor (e.g. Kompozer) or web framework (e.g. Rails, Django)
HTTP to HTTPS redirect behind Load Balancer on port 443
C# decrypt data which encrypted in Javascript
How to lazily create tasks for use by a Java thread-pool
Is there any good way to display products on sliding banner(Home page) in Magento ver
Convert an IP string to a number and vice versa
How to cause personal.xls workbook to open when starting Excel via automation?
Using Javascript Redirect On Landing Page For Facebook Ad With Google Analytics
How to update a QLabel to display a QImage
Change extension of file using shell script
Parse array from php file
Locking the orientation in an iPad app (plist or UIViewController?)
How to add multiple handles to a jQuery slider on the fly
How to keep the last character always visible in an input field on mobile safari?
jQuery has no method 'toLowerCase' error. ajs.js and mediaelement conflicting
CSV parse from NSMutableURLRequest misses first 150 rows
Ruby map! function and nested array
Two interfaces in *.h and *.m files
Compiled C++ program riddled with mojibake?
Regular expression for none or one slash in a string
Detecting mouse events from entire screen in linux
Ruby on Rails ActiveRecord: how should I store a state of the object?
In Python, How to remove various unwanted quotes in a string to create/convert to a dictionary
how are these two pointers aliases?
How can I use XLink in XML
webNavigation.onCompleted fires when typing in address bar
Building Oracle Index from Ordered Data
Facebook opengraph not showing shares for my page
How to change executable jar file icon?
Redirect Page Based on Whether the Last Element has a Specific CSS Attribute Value Using jQuery
Convert string with escape characters to double
PyDev using Pylint: No output in Problems View, only in Console
Eclipse CVS Import
Nokogiri how do I get this value out
Does Android support lock-down to a fully replaced interface?
Never used OLEDB, scalar variable error
How do I use 鈥渜uotes鈥�in a nested IF function without Excel seeing the numbers in the quotes as text?
passing argument 1 of 'printf' from incompatible pointer type
Python escape special characters in sys argv
C# Change generic object after it is instantiated?
Apache RewriteRule issue
jQuery 鈥斅燤ultiple content sliders on one page, only move one at a time
Is it safe to return a struct in C/C++?
Stack around the variable was corrupted
Drag n Drop for Twitter bootstrap 2.0?
Should I use `this` within a class?
Is there a cross-platform version of win32 CopyFile?
Tooltip with shortened characters in divs
Output Right Alignment
Converting a List of string into an object
How To Update Super Attributes In Magento?
Jsp class not visible
Append element in hash's key-array
Combine n lists of length y into y lists of length n [duplicate]
Passing the result of a stored procedure into a list in C#
RegEx invalid quantifier
Edit the value of a dynamicly created row
How to create a download link in Symfony2?
Rails 3 find_by not correctly returning an item that exists in the database
Efficient way to merge elements of Collection in Java
Importing SSL certificate not working on a server that does not have internet access
How to have response of an event generated from one class in another class?
Themeforest & Primefaces
Using hooks to create database log
Crop area selection control(like photoshop's) in c# windows form
Guard Not Recompiling Coffeescript
Deploy Rails Application on Bluehost
NHibernate w/ database mirroring via Failover Partner in connection string
How to check more than 5 fields under action rule condition in infopath 2010
replace text within a string
How write MemoryStream data to file
find values in matrix from those defined in a vector
Facebook Graph Call not working in Internet Explorer 9
ImageBase + SizeOfHeaders will jump at the section table
How to make an activity to everyone to see on Social Engine?
Ruby ssh error Net::SSH::AuthenticationFailed while it works with PHP
Menu Item Hover JavaScript Part 2
Is there a way to set the minimum width of a slimbox popup?
Adding and Removing Event Handler in .net
Has TinyMCE JQuery Package better browser compatibility?
Set obtained value to Datagridview Parent/Child Form VB.NET
Update ui thread
How i can show the customize dialog for a TActionMainMenuBar component?
Why does using throw an exception when it's supposed to behave like try/catch/finally?
javascript calculate price for date ranges
Does Facebook support multiple callback urls?
Grails: store a class literal in the database
Difference between shared preference and sqlite
CSS beginner questions
what is the backbone of your/most RSS reader iphone apps? [closed]
Use the favicon at the news box at timeline
An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host - MPI
Retrieving Facebook apprequest dialogs request IDs
JMeter : Should we keep 鈥淓mbedd HTML resource鈥�checkbox enable for load test?
Collision detection of Physics Bodies
Vim E854: path too long for completion
How to trigger checkboxes with XFDF
Not getting an action change dynamically
AppleScript 鈥渢ranslit鈥�function
DevEx Grid GetSelectedRows() with filter applied
What does this mean SCRIPTNAME=鈥�{0##*/}鈥�in shell script?`
Output variable not getting set in SQL Server stored procedure
MySQL remote connection slow even after enabling skip-name-resolve
passing value of database handler object in to onClickListener
Is there a 鈥淲ho Broke the Build鈥�plugin for Jenkins?
running a game apk from another application
Getting bad request message when using Httpurlconnection get method in android
Devise/Rails: No route matches [GET] 鈥�users/sign_out鈥�
How to use Tomcat as a server?
How to use jQuery and 'this' to capture changed form element value
How to identify where an exception is being thrown during finalization in a Delphi application?
Javascript RegExp: Word boundaries and punctuation marks
sql get max based on field
Android - Facebook wall post parameters
Visual Studio 11 Beta and Windows 8 Consumer Preview startup problems on clean install
Calling -[NSRunLoop runMode:beforeDate:] on main thread causes queued NSOperations to run on main thread
SourceSafeQfeNotInstalledIssue error while migrating from VSS to TFS
Doctrine 2.1: Basic annotation mapping
implementing buttons onClickListener in a method
JAXB: Marshal output XML with indentation create empty line break on the first line
Newton module in stdlib - what does it do?
AS3 Tween class and pan effects
DB connections are closing causing slow performance: MS SQL SERVER
XML Descendants v/s Child Node
MS Access 2007: Select Unique Records
Refreshing auto-compiled code in iis 7?
Java sort method that support method chaining?
jquery animating table tbody tag
Does Hibernate always use eager loading when searchi by some children properties?
How should I print server address
Duplicate Panel/List IDs upon recreating my List(s) of Controls
2 storyboards for portrait and landscape
Perl: splice() array using subroutine
Read image file from SD card on emulator
Running MS-Access macro using batch file when not logged in
Zoom control without xml layout?
Java Design confusion
eclipse cdt not seeing header files in project packages?
qt application and std::shared_ptr
jQuery Mobile CSS: Why aren't my items styled properly?
R - extract submatrix with column name
Does the Android OpenCV binary have data persistence functions?
.NET Graphics what SmoothingMode?
R - Reordering One Factor (for labeling purposes in ggplot) by another
UPON DUPLICATE KEY increment multiple columns?
Webview - change page source before show website?
C# functions what is their true power and are they the same as methods [closed]
Why this Javascript is not working? (just a show hide checkboxes list that stopped working after changing the css)
Data Back Up Switch View Controller IOS
MGSplitViewController using Storyboards
Ever maximized form VC++
Why would this functional test be failing?
Rails: Copying attributes from an object to another using the 鈥渁ttributes鈥�method
How to add a display method to a Java Linked List implementation that displays only the first and the last 10 items on the list?
Tool for finding broken tags
Properties not passing to from in VB.NET custom control
Select json object based on key value pair
Can't run JavaScript in CDATA
How would you deploy this .net stack?
How to programme the position of the sun's formula in C
Getting Facebook page events purely via JavaScript SDK for all users, including those not logged in to Facebook
Magento - Add to Cart Error
CUDA_CLIP Http Header?
Recursive WinRT Async Issues
php DOMDocument nodeName property returning '#text' with the nodeName
how to suppress mysql error java
What is the term for a request that redraws the whole web page?
Fragment onHiddenChanged not called
license enforcement system has been tampered with - win server 2008
How to makle a video link appear within a HTML code on Arduino w/Ethernet Shield?
Forcing Python json module to work with ASCII
comparing datetime variables
displaying Information to a jtable when an information is selected from another jtable
What is a 鈥渒ey鈥�without a foreign key restraint?
Is List.rev acting strangely?
Applescript to toggle hyperlinks
Camera is stretching in portrait mode
ADO.Net: Sharing entities (.edmx) between multiple projects within a solution
Can't ignore a file in Mercurial Commit (TortoiseHG)
How to add a rdlc group's totals row for an outer group's totals row
detecting vertical mouse motion on a horizontal slider
Xcode - scribble, guard edges and guard malloc
Encrypting pass in javascript with a key, then retrieve the original password (as securely as possible)
Acessing an multidimentional array from a variable
Retrieving comparison data from a mySQLi database to Xcode via PHP
How to create, assign to, and print Unicode character
switching activities using spinner
Why won't this css work in IE 8?
Process crash and History stack
serialization of code blocks between different threads
Why does my jquery only kick-in after page refresh?
Custom PhoneGap Plugin (iOS) Function Issue
iPhone Fall Down button (Animation)
PHP - SMTP Authentication
How to use the 'scroll' and 'max' options in Autocomplete
What is a good way to align text in a <span> to an image inisde another <span> with an unknown border?
Sending image over network using sockets, messed up data
how to create sql WHERE clause from jqgrid multipleGroup filter condition in ASP .NET MVC2
Can I bypass a UnicodeDecodeError in python?
How can I find the actual path found by BFS?
Java: What data structure to use with predictable ordering, no duplicates and maintains it's own integer index?
Confused about dependencies in local respository(gradle)
sql with subquery issue
php-pdf -table creation
Validate Remote Domain User Via Active Directory
SCRIPT87: Invalid argument in IE 9, ASP.NET C#
Template code missing from static library on AIX platform
RavenDB - Sift through documents and get count using index/query
Hiding page elements using jQuery animations without it leading to display: none;
invalid use of non-static data member
How to get YEAR from a DATETIME using DATEPART in HQL
BASH parameters with wildcard
DLL like mechanism in OSX
When to use new instead of override C# [duplicate]
Can't deploy Qt application with QMYSQL
Jquery append div after certain table row
replace string pattern in HTML text with PHP
Call to a member function setFileUploadSupport() on a non-object
Optimally identifying locale of String ResourceDictionary?
Is there a library to generate random numbers according to a beta distribution for JavaScript?
Capybara won't fill_in my login fields
Grails ExtJS pagination
What is the best way to return an image or video file from a function using c++?
WScript in VB.NET?
Linking error 4.3 ios
How to change properties of elemnts childs created with script on flash builder
鈥渢f get鈥�from command line doesn't get latest, UI does
Conditional application of a function with more than one argument (R)
Get value from UIPickerView
How to group array and display it in a dropdown in cakephp? [duplicate]
How I can iterate over a binary tree without using pointers or references?
Button Counter-Java
perl eval throwing blank exception
validating email address using regular expression on razor page
Login only once for several test cases - Selenium, JUnit
svn: OPTIONS of 'https://鈥�: could not connect to server
Can an android app send data packets to other phones?
What is the appropriate SOAP Action?
Jump parameter in function
Get cumulative total amount (by addition) of while() loop amounts from mysql table
Any chance to check wich cells were edited? [duplicate]
C# rows of multi-dimensional arrays
Pathfinding through four dimensional data
no html tag in rails app
Why is knitr unable to find framed.sty or kpsewhich?
jQuery Masonry layout is breaking when window is resized 鈥�fluid seamless photo grid
Pointer WPF control
linking error: undefined reference to static libarary
styling select element (arrow, dropdown menu, options) with jquery?
Backbone.js generic template for multiple similar object properties.
erasing vector::end from vector
importance of PCA or SVD in machine learning
Enums in DAO don't have the regular system methods?
hosts in the web how to make sure host is not virtual
Usng JSON in codeigniter with form submit
Why do Google's open font examples look different then when I implement them in the same browser?
PHP SOAP Service - Uploading file larger than 15MB fails
How does Cursor observability work in Android?
How can I design for Java dependencies versioning
Using JQuery Sticky Elements
Ideas for architecting REST interfaces (Spring MVC vs JAX-RS implementation)
What is the proper way to test a multi-step process in a Java Spring/Hibernate/Maven project?
jTDS Connect URL [closed]
Entity Framework, Navigation Properties, and the Repository Pattern
Problems in project_create.sh while running bash file
preg_replace regex requires forward slash open and close?
OData Library Edm.Internal.Cache null reference exception
Populate Combobox in winforms (C#) from a range of column header in the dataGridView?
Linking button to launch activity
yii. Accessing a function from a modules controller
Powershell string concatenation behaves differently inside vs outside function
Can't install Nokogiri gem, 鈥渓ibxml/parser.h鈥�not found, but its there, why?
how to create mysql nested loop in storeprocedure
How to put <div> and </div> before and after a block of content using append()?
Embedding a Java Applet
getting bash variable into filename for zip command
Wildcard subdomain on a subdomain in cpanel?
TweetSentiments.com API Python script
Java For Loop in an Array
Android in-app-billing. When to unregister the ResponseHandler?
how to call .Net web-service from google app?
Making white pixels in canvas transparent?
Cancelling a task running in a different namespace
Detect multiple fingers on screen [duplicate]
javascript html regex
Issue with Spring RESTful service
Scheduling Rails tasks on Heroku+localhost
WebBrowser: BrowsePage.Document.Body.ScrollRectangle.Width
QuickForm2 - client side validation
Tricky trigonometry - the starting position of a wave in a predefined mesh in matlab
One DLL for each project or for each module?
Positioned Pseudo Does Not Work with a Doctype
Instruments: What does this even mean?
Too many tools to generate Java Code? [closed]
Checking if a customers name is already in a txt file with FileReader
iOS 4.3 uses wrong font in PhoneGap app
Pass multiple values from a View to an Action method
Binding dynamically created control in code behind
Load XML data with Python
Easy, painless way to test new mercurial hooks (that are works in progress)
Ubuntu Font Family in TCPDF document
How to create custom styles for workflow activity designer?
PHP, vBulletin: Fatal error: Call to a member function clean_array_gpc() on a non-object
Error: Target CPU does not support ARM mode
How to embed fonts for Use in a Visual Basic Project?
meta tag for iPad orientation issue
Server error asks for error specific page instead of error details
UI looks different on iOS 5 an iOS 4.3
Uploading/Synching Files to a Document Library
Invalid object name 'PetDatabase.Sales'
Does broadcasting over UDP repeatedly send its packet, or just once?
Java - UDP sending data over socket.. not rec. all data
how to handle long click in Android
Android msm8660 gralloc
how to group a dynamically generated radio buttons into a 'controlgroup' in jQuery Mobile
How to add an expectation on a helper method in a controller spec?
if else condition in a sqlsrv query
Django Development Logging HttpResponses to dev server
Python Tkinter - change the canvas size after inital declaration
Java: Get the second highest ancestor of a descendant treenode
Issues in applying styleClass to inputText placed on column of datatable
Mongo indexing on object arrays vs objects
jQuery Colorbox iframe not using post
How do I save a file using the Eclipse compare editor
JAXB through sockets and streams - reader blocks
Entity Framework Code First - Can an existing table be mapped and made read only?
writing a code for chess board (8x8), except the verteces are nodes, and edges are connection between nodes.. i.e, 8x8 network [closed]
Disown a job currently running under another shell
Git - force a pull to overwrite everything, on every pull
Most efficient way to search in SQL?
asp.net List(of CustomObject) design
Delete text between two quotes in Perl?
How to add mhtml / mht file as relative path
Where can I read detailed documentation on defining a grammar for ParseKit?
HTMLUNIT getformbyname with no form name specified in the website
in C# what does 'bool = bool != true' mean?
thread exiting with uncaught exception (group=0x4001b188). Nullpointerexception
insert special characters into a Postgresql database
MATLAB: latex interpreter font spacing
Low-latency audio streaming in Flash
T-SQL get max value
.htaccess - multiple parameters doesn't seem to work
Is it possible to contain a left or right swipe to a pre-defined area?
How to show / hide a colorpicker attached to jQuery slider handle
log4net EventLog custom logname created, but not used
Why rs.next() don't go to another record
Most efficient way to compile unique values in a massive text file?
How to debug Cocos2d removal of sprite memory issue
JAXB marshalling purely from interfaces
Layout for MapView
Using an associative array as data for D3
Binding jQuery lightBox to dynamically added images
Using WebKit (Safari compatible) in delphi to simulate iPhone mobile
Android - SSLPeerUnverifiedException when connecting to a web service using an SSL certificate from Thawte CA
How to allow users from other computers to connect to my IIS7 website?
Currency Convertor Web Service
Android Camera Intent saving file twice / how to avoid
Simple Joined Table in SQLite on Android
See the center of a long image in browser without scroll bar
Add a unique ID to Drupal Views list groupings
How to get ER model of database from server with Workbench
Inserting added logic on the fly within a PHP for loop that generates an array
AS3 loader causes securityError #2044 despite crossdomain.xml
NullPointerException is thrown when Custom ViewHandler is used
Limit to the data passed in a Bundle
MonoTouch File.ReadAllText throws exception on internal FileStream.Dispose()
Java IF ELSE statements
Get UITextField value- from a different xib
Make FileReader read every fourth line with a loop
Record audio from Microphone in Android 2.3.4 on SGS2
How do I change file creation time in C#?
How to create a tappable custom map image in xcode?
Apache .htaccess : serve precompressed @font-face fonts
Set apn in an android app?
Stream uploading large files using aws-sdk
Send Mail with attachment in Rails 3.0 using ActionMailer::Base in one or two lines
Prevent race conditions across multiple rows
Construct object from boost serialization archive
How to catch a 403 forbiden error in JS?
FlexJSON Exclude Properties Upon Deserialization
How to keep manifest and exclude POM from JAR?
Erro when running OpenGL projet under Ubuntu 10.04
asp.net inserting data into SQL Server db in while loop
On a 3-tier app, is necessary unit testing on the visual tier?
how to query delayed_job handler
What is a good way to track background events in Android without inflating session numbers?
WCF: how to consume a self host service from internet?
List information disappearing
Migrating databases using phpMyAdmin's tracking mechanism
Unable to show the selected item in the Wp7 Listpicker control
When writing to file in Java the file cannot be saved in folders
select the min value using linq
Return to specific UITableView Cell
using dlookup in a text box
remove last two parameters from URL
Convert 4GL code to Java Code
Bash prompt not recognizing variables
Lazy Loading Spring Beans as part of Integration Test
Deserializing List<int> with XmlSerializer Causing Extra Items
Discover owner of Twitter app via consumer_key and consumer_secret
XSLT mapping and summing source children into a single target attribute
IMAP 鈥渟earch header鈥�command failing when search-text contains exclamation mark (!), ampersand (&), etc
rails one true for a boolean collection
Javascript Dice roll returns unidentified
Drop-down List in MVC 3
SSIS Incremental Load Error Handling
Need help debugging code (Chess)
Is there a way to intercept a process 鈥淜ill鈥�command in Windows (.NET)?
Radius in Foursquare Venues search
Javascript - Shorthand notation to safely check/access a property on a potential undefined object
How to get WPF DataGrid to use member variables of classes in DataGridTextColumn?
TabBarController, overwriting shouldSelectViewController to do a segue
Java Applet issue with mySQL
How to avoid a TooManyApplicationVersion exception on AWS Elastic Beanstalk?
How to show only folders with specific files using QTreeView and QFileSystemModel?
Log in without passing through the Facebook login form
How to detect if dates are consecutive in Python?
Responsive webdesign stylesheet - single vs multiple files
How to exhaust the heap
Exception thrown when saving excel file
Table Column Width Matching
Using Timer in Android
Gap In Borders In IE
how to deal with local/dev only code using git
Adding background covers rounded corner [CSS/Twitter's Bootstrap]
send sms with a preset phone number
Core Data: Updating max pk failed
Setting default user in user table
display obscured control on bitmap
Select values based on several lines and columns
How to make step carousel wrap around and then stop on slide #1
How to get the page number of a given entity
Find position of a node using xpath using attributes
Return copies of dictionary modified
Losing selection highlight in NSOutlineView subclass
I would like to use transitionFromView to flip in a new view and have my uiswitch that is on the second page, already be set, is this possible?
How do I slice a single CSV file into several smaller ones grouped by a field?
greedy algorithms
Pass parameters to SOAP method
How to TryUpdateModel from outside of Controller in MVC3
Getting the command line arguments of another process in Windows
Difference between knockout View Models declared as object literals vs functions
sfValidator value == string
Web Consistency Testing & Selenium : is there any tool which we can integrate with selenium to perform Web consistency testing
Can match specifications be used only for tracing and selecting from ets tables? Can they be used in a case expression?
Entity Framework Code First - Mapping entites from another database to include in model
Extending the lifetime of a temporary value in C++
is that possible to built a simple text editor in java without using JTextArea?
SerializationException: Invalid method signature - when calling .NET Remote Service from Excel VBA
Variable is always true even when assigned later?
text formatting error
Multithreading in iOS - how to force a thread to wait for a condition?
How to make an EditText textfield available for multiple xml layouts in Android App?
Microsoft Access 2010: Update a field in another table on button click
NSDictionary allKeys crashes - Cannot understand crash report circumstances
Remove extra line breaks after Html.fromHtml()
forecasting resource utilization
Tomcat updates context.xml but should not
TrafficStats Specific application - specific network interface
How not to close process, started from ubuntu terminal, and continue to execute another commands from terminal?
Bad Request error on POST to WCF Restful web service Hosted in IIS using Basic Authentication over https
Splash screen while loading a url in a webview in android app
cakephp containable aggregate queries
Using Android threads along with AudioRecorder
How to find a certain class using .find() or some jQuery Syntax? [closed]
Asp.Net MVC3 - Linq not working in Razor Views
PHP how to reuse a function from a clean state
How can I hide a row in my JTable?
JQuery Mobile Submit button is not working?
REST client for CollectiveAccess API
Maintaining Private State
Bootstrap fluid layout - fixed width of sidebar
OR query with Q object hanging
Getting the property value within multiple objects
handling of many matrices in fortran program
HTML5 asynchronous file upload, uploaded stream is always invalid
Converting edittext input to an integer
ASP.NET GridView OnDataBound Sort in Code Behind
Django schedule: Difference between event.get_occurrence() and event.get_occurrences()?
Passing value from JScript to ASP.NET Control
Tapkulibrary Static Month
Debugging a jnlp application with Eclipse
Shrinking variables in JavaScript
Python here document without newlines at top and bottom
Write HQL clause using Hibernate Criteria API
Findout if the page is b&w or color in PDF using java
Can we get Windows time and apply condition on it to Echo a message? [closed]
Inconsistency JDBC Query Sybase ASA 8.0.3
Using jQuery to control HTML5 <audio> volume
System Bar hides menu items
How to Update multiple rows having specific count with Group by clause?
Scale String in Java to fit rectangle from inside
Converting comma delimited string to multiple columns in sql server
Securing Rest Endpoints
troubles with painting Menu
How to retain the time of the countdown timer even when the page is refreshed
UIImageView spinning image
My website layout completely shift top left of the browser screenm when I zoom out from my browser?
Updating UIImageView inside UIScrollView - image freezes on scroll
Yet another scala type mismatch error
Could not load file or assembly 'X' or one of its dependencies. The specified module could not be found
Why is casting Object(null) not null?
wxPython: MenuBar Bound Events Execute on Init
Regex with unicode in Python
read more button problems for news section with jquery
jQuery ButtonSet dimension issues
How to write detail into file using BufferedWriter and FileWriter in Java?
Hosting Fragments and ListFragments in a FragmentPager
Get value from JToken that may not exist (best practices)
Postgresql Row to columns
Calling custom methods in Sinatra
How to use variable node-set in Xpath 鈥渃ontains()鈥�function
String StartsWith() Any Way To Avoid 2 Checks?
Can't use Virtualenv on mac anymore
A regular expression to match a set of strings
Uncheck Checkbox (That Saves State in Database) in PHP
java.lang.Process and command injection
How do I change the number of template arguments supported by MSVC++'s std::tuple?
How to trigger ajax requests queue start?
Amazon API - Top Customer Reviewers [duplicate]
possible to extract functions from a javascript file?
Has anyone implemented the custom 'mousehold' event using the jcarousel plugin?
Django and MySql - Encoding difficulties
How to bind to a child property and still get updates?
How to use jQuery to identify a 鈥渃hange鈥�event with many dynamic form elements
Unix script to compare a timestamp with current time
Force Spring to create a new singleton bean to replace corrupt one
spring replacement framework for AOP etc
Pop up calendar for date selection in jsp
StructureMap property setter injection with open generic using FillAllPropertiesOfType
Mask a URL with PHP
viewing assembly code for Objective-c
Get the ID of a row that was just inserted
Does Adobe Bridge store the difference of files or the whole version if used with CMIS?
How to get only the first matched value in an array
Cloning a GUI component
How to trigger change in jqueryui combobox after underlying select is manually changed?
Retrieve path information from PathTooLongException
How should you handle a background task when the app moves to the background but then back into the foreground before the task completed?
Low integrity to medium/high integrity pipe security descriptor
NPE when referencing a variable, that exists in a service, that is initialized by a database, to use in an activity
Find closest longitude and latitude in array?
jQuery serialize / serializeArray from an element that is not a form
How do diagnose a drop in frame rate?
Change multiple div contents based on same classname?
SSIS returning all the values in a column as null while running the job through SQL Server
receving Class Cast Exception caused by ImageButton
Android Accelerometer data reading
Turn ON/OFF WIFI with Flex Mobile/Adobe AIR
Web development frameworks using MongoDB
Oracle DB Express 11 - How to show SGA PGA info?
Read input from redirected stdin with python
How can I retain whitespace in KornShell script when using backticks?
Code not working for checking file size in batch file
Perforce: How do I get a diff of all changed files between branches?
Regex - Should hyphens be escaped? [duplicate]
login to replace logout code in codeiginter
Altering jquery event object
disabling second text field after data validation through ajax of first text field
Do I need a different html page for printing?
Rerndering Partial View with Data on RowEdit in Telerik Grid
Select First, Last, Min, Max Value based on Time From a List of Objects
how does ALU work?
WATIN keeps crashing with HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED)
How to play input sound immediately (like an echo)?
WCF: Per-Call sessions timeout
How to map relations between two huge collections in AppEngine datastore
Facebook Open Graph Pre-Action Authentication
SQL Server Insert query
SQL timedeltas and 鈥�i think ineed to do self joining?
secure WCF restful service with aspnet membership and roles
File reader encapsulation in a table reader
Show only errors in Chrome development console
SQL command to select library shelf containing only books of a given color [closed]
setting UITableView from NSMutableArray error
Connection pooling clarification
Ant not able to find environment variables when compiling Maven project in NetBeans
socket hang up in node.js
(converting MATLAB script to Octave script) LaTeX rendering in output plot
What exactly is the double returned by cvThreshold / threshold in OpenCV?
Modify jQuery javascript to trigger on :checked instead of :hover 鈥�image swap
Implementation of a DOM listener
Display Progress Bar - Programmatically
Do I need to call sleep when critical sections are in loops to avoid deadlock?
Specifying the id when creating a node with the official Python embedded bindings for Neo4j
ExtJS4 - Rendering a subgrid
movieclip button array with infinite Type error鈥�
how to capture picture and preview the same in android?
Can ViewPager show more than 1 view at a time?
Difference between HashMap and Map in Java..? [duplicate]
Adding Doctype Destroys Layout
jquery mobile navbar & listview items sometimes get rounded corners
POSTing to a basic access authorization protected resource
Facebook enhanced Auth Dialog Button Types
Google+ 'share' not detecting the language setting
MySQL - I need real life slow query log file [closed]
Inserting a new <ul> in a selected <li>
MtGox Gem Failing to Login
Ruby Mechanize submit buttons not working correctly
Squashing all of my commits (including merges) into one commit without altering history
Truncating an existing fstream that has been locked by boost::interprocess
How to automagically check radio button on select of dropdown?
Combine two MySQL tables into one (plus arithmetic)
iOS Data Storage Guidelines catch 22
CoreData versioning and blocking lightweight migration
Jboss Service depending on JNDI resource
How do I reference a cell in Excel through a variable and access all its properties in Visual Basic?
Hide/Show a FormPanel in GWT
Whymy own mail server can not deliver mail to gmail, hotmail etc鈥�
ios capture audio file from user's speech
VERP with JavaMail and Postfix, How To?
AVD creating error for android development
How to get available scroll x amount
C# reference to a dll file i created doesn't work as it should
jQuery - if else click event
Java Questions [closed]
Rails Devise Routing Error
PHP/PDO::commit doesn't work in 鈥渢ry鈥�block
how can I refactor a container to use a predicate method directly?
ipad image swiper like iTune's horizontal library
Ordering by a field, only if it exists
Update Database on textchange
Reading a customers name in a txt file with File Reader
InDesign Server (5.5), pdf preset do not seem to work
NSArray sorting:
鈥淪tatus stack overflow鈥�in C with simple iteration
Resolutions and densities
Debugging Jquery slider click event
PHP object method doesn't behave as I expect
WebDriver switch to new browser opened after click on button
IFrame on Classic ASP page, all other content being hidden somehow
Display Autocomplete list based on a Cell Range
Flex 3 DataGrid Component Losing Focus
Remove tap outline from anchor element on Android device viewed with Firefox mobile
how to hide/unhide the actionbar list on android 3?
FBA login page issue in SharePoint
Data presentation in WPF
Add custom font
Saving enum into mongoDB
execute php app/console doctrine:schema:update from controller symfony 2
jquery how can i find empty space where there is no element will not intereptable?
Performance for retrieving geo location (lg, lt) and driving distance between two locations
Good practice to design a ABC(Abstract Base Class) in C++
Solve casting error in lambda
GWT CellList setKeyboardSelected
Using regexp in java to modify an xml
Heroku scheduling for one-off jobs
Canvas in SurfaceView - hardware acceleration
Switch between multiple database in PDO
How do I load a LWUIT theme file into my Java project?
Using TableRowSorter with scala.swing.Table
Inserting new values in database Asp .Net
Eclipse RCP: Common Navigator - open file on double click
How do I turn off the map POI data using googlemaps in gmaps4rails?
UILabel object overlaps UITextfield in custom table cell after changing text property
What are the differences in serial port RS232 vs USB programming?
QuickBase Perl API: Not able to edit a Record
Is it valid HTML to use input elements without id and name attribute only?
android ArrayList is empty after getter method
activity calling is missing
Visual Studio Command Compiler Forces 64 Bit Compile
Is Java 7 WatchService Slow for Anyone Else?
Combobox.Text.Equals Not Testing Expected Value
Debugging Com-Visible DLL for VB6 App
Clicking the gridview column header whole gridview tries to cover the window
I don't understand what I changed
Cannot install package `libxerces27-dev` when installing `phc` php compiler [closed]
C# Compiler 鈥淥ptimize code鈥�: disable on a code fragment only
OpenCV double mat shows up as all white
How can I deploy multiple rails app in nginx with one in the root?
Detect type of Display Device (Monitor/Projector) through Silverlight Client
How to show a tooltip on invalid input into a textbox
Automatic Drag and Drop
Router gets unresponsive when using UDP
How can I pass HTML content to a Partial View in MVC-Razor like a 鈥渇or鈥�block
iPhone simulator shows black screen when setting a custom UIViewController class
How do I stop the datagridview from violently repainting when a user clicks on a cell that was not initially visible?
handling successful form submission with jquery
Yepnope loads jQuery two times
Overriding Dexterity default view type
Apply function to column with value from other row
tableView:didSelectRowAtIndexPath not firing after swipe gesture is called
One To One semantics
jQuery/JavaScript adding value of a button to total onClick [closed]
Java-Can we keep Regex match as Hash value?
Best way to store arrays of variable length in MySQL
Why won't this extremely simple Javascript code work?
Optimized SQL Query
LDAP & Standards: Extensible match functionality and 鈥淢atching Rule鈥�names consistent across vendors?
Getting my head around Java threading, monitors etc鈥�
Using the same object of a class in a class definition
How can I sum-up the values by each category in xsl?
New app 鈥�does PostgreSQL offer benefits over MySQL for my use case?
Using REST to pull in XML and display HTML
Django views 'else' syntax error
Apply a function to a stream
how to break out of .each() iteration [duplicate]
Is it possible to express a check constraint?
JS SDK current language
How to float these boxes so that they fit snug together?
Programmatically adding properties to an MVC model at runtime
register one type for two interfaces in StructureMap
Problems laying out TextViews within a Relative Layout(which is inside a main Relative Layout)
Passing optional arguments into javascript functions from jQuery
Python and RegExp - search and match
C# Reference collection object dynamically?
log4j in java project displays wrong file when clicking on link from Conversion Character
Using iSpeech Monotouch wrapper
RoR: Hide/Modify generated labels?
Dynamic View of ExpandoObjects 鈥渉ides鈥�Properties with null Values
Rounded corners in Firefox: space between border and background
How to utilize Magento caching while using 鈥淢agento APIs鈥�
Downsampling: Audible Clicks
jQuery: hidden elements are considered 鈥渧isible鈥� why?
Can cache manifest be used as a 鈥渇irewall鈥�for a page or a web app?
Magento refresh cache on plugin save
Unable to compare two variables
sql command, nested sql
Server based SwingWorker does not Stop
How can I stop a double click of the window title bar from maximizing a window of FormBorderStyle.FixedToolWindow?
Scrollbars show when jquery.show() is called
Stop reading string when key is hit
How to add a string at the beginning of each line in a file
GD image save works in pure PHP but not in ZEND PHP?
A transport-level error has occurred when receiving results from the server. - What's the SqlException ErrorCode and Number?
how to match groups of strings that don't contain some substring
Global.asax ApplicationError does not trigger for exceptions in webmethods
Silverlight: set DateTime property through XAML?
JPopupMenu display under Canvas
How to distinguish between what action was implemented on Listbox menu?
How does printf or iostream specify maximum number of digits after the point
How to convert String list into List Object in java..?
Java MySQL Select Query
YQL syntax when the source xml is a single node?
C# Method Attribute force requirements such as abstract or static?
Is it bad to make 302 and then 301 on login page [closed]
Circular reverences in iBatis
PHP - db field echoed out in custom attribute is being splitted
iOS - Assigning to an iVar in the designated initializer result in a nil iVar
Which one is a better interface to save a raw pointer(provided by the user) to shared_ptr
Hide pivotItem from settings in localstorage
strophe.js - messages are not delivered on chrome
Android app - RSS
Calling methods on a parent window from iframe fails in Opera
Using appendTo and Load in click function
Best way to do Beanstalk deployments to a server behind a NAT?
New In Java and want to learn how to use Java Parse
Is there a 鈥淪pring 3 MVC way鈥�to listen to the end session event?
Understanding 鈥渦pdate_option_(option_name)鈥�Wordpress hook
Missing function argument error
Understanding 鈥渦pdate_option_(option_name)鈥�Wordpress hook
Missing function argument error
Where to find android achartengine source code?
How do I sync a local rails database with a remote database?
Ruby logic in header does not work corrrectly when using redirect_to after log in (with jquery mobile)
tinyMCE head styles
Testing a NuGet package
Post text shown over the image is having the fluctuation [closed]
Associate tab bar item with navigation controller that displays the second view controller in it's stack?
instantiate a datasource using Spring's JdbcTemplate
SQL Server - inner join when updating [duplicate]
Change the user account directory name in WHM
style display hidden and accessibility form, appropriate or not?
Backbone handle array of strings
Binary Operator Overloading C++
Updating Keyboard Icon
how to change font color based off database result
Trusted Checkins on foursquare
How to handle an array with size 1,000,000,000 in C++?
Measuring performance stats in a moving time window (in java)
Google Maps Marker not displaying
Getting values from an edittext and comparing it to a set variable
Placing JToggleButton with JPanel within into a JTable cell
SQL syntax: derive a column value to UPDATE that accounts for the value of a previous column value
Is it possible to filter duplicate records using an XSLT Stylesheet?
Error when calling DatePickerdialog
Graph API: How to get albums in right order?
How to create file on server with special privileges on Asp .net using visual basic?
Creating 16-bit+ grayscale images in WPF
Max VM app heap Mb and abstracted LCD density for HTC One V / S / X?
AS3 For statement access movieclip within movieclip
8 bit color in iPhone