Entity Framework DbContext SaveChanges() OriginalValue Incorrect
Do implementations (preferably open source) of the 鈥淪ociety of Mind鈥�model exist
Java - Read file by chunks?
How can I format a MVC3 WebGrid date column for local timezone?
How to use SQLAlchemy reflection with Sybase? [answer: turns out it's not supported!]
How to separate reading and writing in an xml file?
Div Positioning not clear
Case-insensitive indexing with Hibernate-Search?
Use string value as if/else expression
Simple cross-tabulation in pandas
webkit transition doesn't fade, just disapears
Redis data replication
Guid restrictions in Nhibernate Queryover
Setting my iPhone project to build for Release and not Debug
Matrix transpose using lookup tables
WrapPanel Embedded in a ScrollViewer via ContentControl
Anomaly Involving Label Click Event
Why does this Template Haskell work?
Trouble with cradle on windows
Custom Felix command with iPOJO annotations
Convert SQL server schema in Oracle DB schema
How would I find out why selenium is following a link that is not in a test?
Is there a list of permitted fields for phonegap contacts.find?
iPhone Video and Data Capture
Docbook and strikethrough functionality
MATCH or VLOOKUP starting from the end of the range
REST object to semi-dynamic .net object
advanced user/staff online activity tracking?
jQuery will not run
scroll a scrollview endlessly
Understanding WCF Windows Authentication
converting a latex code to mathml or svg code in python
Selecting and Copying a Random File Several Times
How to change time zone settings using windows api
How to use Blend to make a polygon transparent?
Returning a static with allocWithZone
Extjs 'Ext.ux.DataView.Draggable' fails on initialization
Clone() the first class in jquery
declared arrayList not recognized - android
Using scipy colors and imsave on a OS X 10.7 (Lion)
JQuery Mobile using simpledialog2 for auth issues
Is that true that most of the public data that I see with my own eyes are NOT accessible through RestFB API or any other API?
passing functions as arguments in emacs lisp
How to close Colorbox onclick and open a new Colorbox?
Get scope from within model in ActiveRecord
Re-use a colsplit regex cutting column with meld and reshape package
Multiple blocking queues, single consumer
Windows Phone using Grid
How do I know if I misspeld a Maven property in the command line?
Moving models to separate project
Opening .dat (tab delimited file) in Excel, save as .xls
Postbacktrigger control within asyncpostbacktrigger control?
How to do lazy instantiation in objective c?
GridVIew: Toggle edit and update button when editing
MongoDB Atomicity Concerns 鈥�Modifying a document in memory
MSTest ExpectedException Test Failing
Alias not working
Which Indy components to use?
Undefined variable error after form validated in Codeigniter
how do i print print the numbers replacing 鈥�?鈥�
WCF tcp performance
How to create .DBF file without .DBT file in ASP.NET?
How can I auto increment an iSeries database column when inserting via SQL from several websites?
c# Scroll bars keep resetting when DataGridView updates
How to stop my tools strip menu items from appearing in the taskbar?
How to find number port of IP camera?
trigger asp:button's click event by clicking another asp:button
trigger asp:button's click event by clicking another asp:button
UI technologies for Java EE applications
website written in asp.net with faceted search
Sending a JMS message to a remote queue on JBoss AS 5 and AS 7
Save html-page to MySQL DB after being modified with javascript
jQuery Create element inside an element
Time Series in ggplot2
Delphi 6 - Create Excel chart from delphi application - data and chart on the same pagen
Sync Framework over WCF without sessions
Javascript audio play/stop
MVC Ajax action Link copies itself and appends, how do i fix
Flex 3: Target XML Data with ID of textarea
Choose CSS file for a custom control in ASP MVC
Is it possible to detect a battery operated device in javascript?
Check box will not update with a tick from mysql
Image on Custom JComponent is not Visible?
Unable to use Date module in Drupal 7
Rails - Single User Multiple 鈥淩oles?鈥�
How do you git fetch then merge? 鈥淓rror: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by merge鈥�
Using Smarty to strip P tags from my HTML
Redefining for loops with the preprocessor
How do I add a row to my matrix (array of references)?
Getting REQUEST_DENIED on Google Places API with the Check-In Request
data called to dialog
Installing PAR::Packer on Windows, dmake error 255
Can MonoTouch.Dialog be used with cascading data sources?
How do I upload multiple files using FileUploader?
how to clear text box inside a macro?
Windows Filtering Platform detecting & authorising outbound connections without first blocking?
Loading dependencies at runtime with bundler
Should I access the int directly or get the double from the getter and cast it?
android front facing camera problems
How to load test web application developed on asp.net mvc3?
How to use android soft keyboard in SurfaceView
Apple iPad trouble with window dimensions
Advice on background processing in vb.net
how to verify if a checkbox is checked in query before submission
Media Elements Events using jQuery
Send email when IIS web server not responding
Setting Session Variable on Popup Focus In ADF
XNA performance degredation GameStateManagement
Hibernate; map parent to set of children with composite id
Updating UIProgressView using GCD - Correct Timing - iPhone
How do I setup rspec with rails 2.3.8 and bundler?
DBUtils - using ResultSetHandler
Which is faster: string concatenation on the database level, or the application level?
Silverlight and Imgur . Response: Not Found
Passing a double value through to a different class in Android Java
Change tinyMce editor's height dynamically
'System.EntryPointNotFoundException' when trying to call unmanaged function from C#
How do I use properly CASE..WHEN in MySQL
Can't bundle when deploying RoR app with passenger
typesafe typedef in C++
Cygwin and Git: getting 鈥渇atal: error in line 1:鈥�
iOS - play embedded YouTube video using Javascript
Jquery Accordion first cell is collapsed
Jquery mouseenter mouseleave
Android: How to check if a path contains touched point?
Not enough permissions to install service
generate SQL script for data and unique FK names
Errors in installing XMLSec on Mac OS 10.6.8
How do I show text field value of one card to other card on CardLayout Swap
Table design using CSS 2.1 and HTML 4.01 Transitional
Apache http-client to Tomcat servlet: cannot receive multipart entity
How to have analysis service up and running in SQL Server Express Edition
Automatically reset corrupt NSUserDefaults
How to list the folder path of all VOBs
How to insert a contingency table into a SQL Server database?
IOS App Store Review Guidelines
How to overload or monkeypatch Request.remote_ip or Request.ip?
Binding datagrid control to Linq to entity query result
C#, Windows 7: how can I reliably check if a process is still writing into file?
How make buildout add eggs to virtualenv
How to change android DragShadow when drag events are fired?
How to translate 'where not in' into an NHibernate query where the subquery table is not an entity?
utAsp. Net How to get the value of input control and keep it there until chosen otherwise, even after postback?
Running a script using the runas command
How can I add ActiveRecord attribute helper methods to virtual attributes?
GlassFish restart - Now getting Exception sending context initialized event to listener instance of class
Media Types in all backbone.js REST requests
What is the difference between scalability and elasticity?
concept of index access
Fetching the string from a variable in php?
Youtube videos are not streaming in <video> of HTML5
How should I go about writing a function for outputting tab delimited files?
A view ALL option in jqgrid is resulting in NaNs for row numbers and totals
How to check if string has at least one letter, number and special character in php
SAPUI5 and Logon Tokens/SSO?
It is possible to make 100% transparent a polygon progressively? [duplicate]
server rewrite on serializaation to GWT, but hibernate on server
Firefox - WebSocket - Is not establishing connection
JSON to jQuery/JavaScript date formatting issue
How to center text with a background image
Using wildcards with sqlite database
How do I find the projection matrix that is equivalent to an orthographic matrix but gives perspective when not in xy-plane?
CSS percentage of screen with position:absolute
Show/Hiding a UIBarButtonItem, located in the middle of a UIToolbar
Need advise: mySQL generate data on tricker
Do I need Federation Authentication if I have a custom STS? If so, why?
how do i turn this input name to the correct label format
how do i turn this input name to the correct label format
QT application app.exec() in main() code is not reached until the main window is closed
How can I prevent fast mouse movement from breaking a line in my drawing app?
PHP and XML answer from server
OpenSURF different output with same image when launching from Visual Studio or directly from .EXE
need some help getting my head around django-celery and an amqp message broker
How to test if following-siblig tag has specific attribute value?
Dynamically added form fields are lost when save is failed due to some validation
Traverse a class hierarchy from base to all descendants
increase value of global var inside function .each()
SharpSSH .NET Library: unable to connect to Linux (Debian) from .NET
C# Padding Amount With Zeros
Why doesn't this simple javascript replace change the dash to slash?
Entity Framework for Multi-tenant architecture - filterings single table by tenant ID
Why does preferences.getString(鈥渒ey鈥� 鈥淒EFAULT鈥� always return 鈥淒EFAULT鈥�
Issue to load The Microsoft Ajax Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Tomcat service not running after installing XAMPP [closed]
How do I check if a saved import exists with VBA
Purpose of PHP parameters
What is up with Linux and Apache's 鈥�d鈥� [closed]
Find unique and overlapping subscribers from list that also uses timestamped actions to track status
Upload file to FTP using FileZilla command line
How to use addItem() on a JComboBox without modifying the editor?
Custom property in Google App Engine. Value sent to Make_value_from_datastore is not of the type saved
compiling a mysql distributed version
boost::asio file sending
facebook sdk c# post on an user's wall
How to refactor Events in WPF?
Why would a .sln file open as empty in VB2010Express when it should open referring to projects etc. as it did before?
PHP move_uploaded_file not working into public server
BarcodeScanner on PhoneGap 1.5 for iOS
upgrading from PHP 5.1 to PHP 5.3
SSL communication between Java and C# applications
C++ , Vector & mysql
Why is CreateFile failing to open a file across a network share?
How to add two listview in scrollview
Library for DocsClient
Decoding numeric html entities via PHP
OCMock Failing at runtime
How to make OutputCache with SqlDependency dependent on a row in database for each request?
MySQL simple beginner query?
Why release Second ViewController just after creating it? [duplicate]
bind values INSERT INTO mysql perl
What is __alldiv?
Unable to read data from the transport connection: A blocking operation was interrupted by a call to WSACancelBlockingCall
Netbeans no suitable database found
Uploadify not firing the onProgress event
cut command newline
Specifing Timezone in Quartz Jobs XML (Cron Trigger)
What is in your .gitignore when you use spring roo?
Java - Restore JFrame/Drawing
How to modify GPS Daemon
Wiping RAM before shutdown, How does Linux allocate memory?
System.AccessViolationException + WPF and Dispatcher
iPhone RestKit loads NSManagedObject instead of NSManagedObject+(ActiveRecord)
PHP Variable Empty Outside Foreach?
Cycles per second to cycles per microsecond
Regular expression how to prevent match if followed by a specific word. Something like first character inclusive lookahead?
Easier way to keep a git feature branch up to date
Django and ICS Files
Does pull_nested_quantifiers option work with simplify in Z3?
Adding a GEO2D index to MongoDB via python/pymongo fails repeatedly
Is there a way to detect if the user hide a div through firebug and chrome?
Thread.sleep vs. TimeUnit.SECONDS.sleep
Developing multi threaded applications in Java
Task composition and error handling with TPL
Folderless namespaced packages with setuptools
Nodejs cannot find installed module on Windows?
Why won't my multi-module Maven project install some of the modules?
Is there any way to DRY my Objective-C iOS ViewControllers?
No breakpoints are hit with Geddy
Arrays in SOAP method Parameters generated via JAX-WS?
wordpress conditional navigation formatting - apply to one menu item only
What kind of object does a linq statement return?
IntelliJ Idea broke editing after random period of time
coda-slider offset
ASP.NET MVC Customising The Error Message For A Particular Numeric Property (DataAnnotations?)
Java integer to byte array Blackberry J2ME
Primefaces 3.0 file upload does not call fileUploadListner
How do I display a WebService list into a HTML table?
Devise - auth_token and current_user
Jquery attribute - How to make the verification not case sensitive? [duplicate]
Last line on Emacs
PHP Zend Lucene make search 鈥渁ccent-insensitive鈥�as in 鈥渃ase-insensitive鈥�
How to extract the parameter value from the REST Request?
Web service - cache update
Ksoap2 Android - how to specify a namespace for the child properties of a complex object?
Why createCriteria returns so many objects?
How can I execute this AJAX/JSONP code?
TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'int' and 'str' [closed]
Android Intent: Send an email with attachment
Large image causing background to disappear
AJAX Contact Form not Working in IE
Multiplying 3 NSDecimalNumber(s) simultaneously
Is it safe to set validateIntegratedModeConfiguration=false in order to continue using identity impersonate=true?
how to control or change all the text to upper case
Ruby/Rails binding css for haml pages
How to run the QR code encoder sample code?
Tire - Elasticsearch - how to skip indexing on create?
how can I cause any change to a variable in an internal function to affect main variable value
how can I cause any change to a variable in an internal function to affect main variable value
app domain behavior for .net components accessed through COM interop
Is there a standard way to test scripts/executables in Jenkins?
Creating a simple like counter using PHP and AJAX
gnu gcc How to suppress warning: 鈥榯ypedef鈥�was ignored in this declaration [enabled by default]
online t-shirt printing - removing white from image upload
Execute Openmp program in LLVM-3.0
Why isn't 'bundler/setup' including any of the gems in my Gemfile?
Figuring out which element triggered request
MFMailComposeViewController: Attaching Images from Photo Gallery
How do I back-up a SalesForce package?
iOS 5.1: Getting 鈥淐oreData: error: (21)鈥�on NSManagedObjectContext save
ip addressing for Nth computers
c# client to consume OData with linq support
moving files that contain part of a line from a file
Why does Graphviz no longer minimise edge lengths when subgraphs are introduced
Using NSRegularExpression to extract URLs on the iPhone
Error in opening image file in PIL
VIM: How to paste in some begin lines [duplicate]
how to create a link to a directory [closed]
What is the code at the end of rewritecond called?
seekg and tellg miscompatibility
Sonata Admin Dashboard: configure actions per entity
Installing Apache solr Centos 5 Dedicated server
Transparent View?
How to detect Lightbox (ie, 鈥淧rettyPhoto鈥� iFrame focus
how do i wrap the input with a div with jquery
RavenDb performance issue?
Service and DAO method parameters
Codeigniter displays a blank page instead of error messages
How to play sound as soon as possible?
How do I perform a simple GET request with cookies in C#
Accessing java applet from other programming languages
callback in controller does not works for me
301 Permanent Redirect
Recommended patterns for unit testing web services
How do get city population by name with SPARQL
Different types for different RelationshipEntities
Obj model file and animation
Creating a students' record database for a school
I get this error There is a problemm parsing the package in Android
ie receives same ajax response
Error using APNS in php
Is Visual Studio 11 beta missing the 鈥淎dd Deployable Assemblies鈥�menu option?
How to know the ipaddress of the server you download the Flex AIR application from?
Operation With SQL and Date
DBFirst, EF, MVC - inserting spaces in fields
WebKit CoreIPC exception on bad access when booting (my build)
Should Particle systems be updated entirely in the geometry shader
why I get just numbers in UCS2 how can I fixed at commands and c#?
Watir-webdriver clean tmp files
Controlling the width and height of a System.Web.UI.DataVisualization.Charting.Axis
set up img in the header of my website
Switch-Case don't work like this?
Cannot install VS2010 SP1
Capturing the image url when drag and drop it from browser window in Visual Basic
Low shader performance on iPad 1st gen
Grep for multiple patterns in a file
CakePHP 2.1 - AuthComponent::user() only gives me ID, Email, Password (hashed)
Get map type of google map with API
web page to read client side registry
Is the Java Socket BufferedReader required check sum to check the data?
Best way for checking new files which need to be processed
java.sql.SQLException: Data truncated for column 'MonthlyIncome' at row 1 error
Telerik ASP.NET Ajax control for TimeSpan value
db.expando + App Engine + Change an integer property value to float value
stretching and a transparent background image in qt
Can I pass a javascript variable to inline ASP.NET code?
Lock() { 鈥�} wait time
What is a Good Automated Testing Platform for RSpec?
Is there a way, or tag to use, to centre any HTML element? [duplicate]
tracking NullReferenceExceptions in sitecore
Is there a standard 'int class' in c++?
sql eliminate dupliates with Max Date
Django models caching
Symfony2 Embedded Form and MongoDB issue
Rows to Columns (crosstab) with many rows
Getting the qualified class name of generic type with Java 6 annotation processor
How to Enable/Disable flight mode in android?
Android ICS (4.0) WebView touch events
How to prevent browser from caching form fields?
php curl loging into website for data proccesing
DataGridView displays the Time as a date
You have a nil object when you didn't expect it (Appointments page)
Integrate TAPI with M S CRM2011
Applet cannot print even though java policy has been set to allow Printing
rails 3 refined search
MVC3 Areas how to use dashes in page names
Parse Website for Download Links?
Can Metro apps be created for internal / limited distribution?
How to make a primefaces dynamic toolbar
Upload APK file
SVG / SVGPan: center graphic upon loading
Algorithm to find peaks in 2D array
Evict dependant collections together with parent entity
Implementing PKI authentication in Spring Security [closed]
Combining two columns on a id
Always inverse Mapping for bidirectional relations?
How to cleanup the graphite whisper's data?
ASP.NET 2.0 Cannot find resource object - Migrating Website to Production Server which hosts SharePoint 2007
How to push a notification after specific time even the when the application is closed in android?
Stop IIS from serving files in virtual directory
Helix Server - Unable to see segmented files in IPhone folder during stream
Cannot Drag from Explorer onto ListView
Radio button selected value
Python Similar Code Different Output
The WCF service which has net tcp and http bindings does not activate when calling the net tcp endpoint
proper rewriterule paramaeters for php to xml
crazy cardinality counts for show table status
Parsing sqlite database file to separate xml files
Comparing two numbers in DOS not working
Match PCM data to previously entered data through mic or use as word recognition
Printing a list of IF conditions
UITableView initiate row rearrange without using edit button
Python split for exec
Mobile site detection server side vs client side
How can i slideUp() part of a form before i display it to the user?
is there any way to create standard classes and objects in C# like php
Regular Expression: validation for comma separatable string
Methodology of train-validation-test split for documents sorted by date+Weka
Zend add base url to all links in content
How do I set a singular check_box in formtastic using Mongoid?
Updating a table with a MAX based calculation from another table
After adding data source, how do I access it?
If statement to find a class in javascript
Lotus Notes C# Interop, trying to execute Send/Receive Mail
Deleted Button after creating code. Brought it back, but code is not tied to it
Should all accented characters use html entities?
JSF - MyFaces - Stack Overflow Error
I don't understand why the first one is right, but the second fails [closed]
Images from resource don't appear
When logging into the Umbraco 5 back office using Chrome or IE, I get redirected back to the login page but Firefox is fine?
how can i link my keypad button to the answer of random expression
Cannot create a proxy with SlSvcUtil.exe
Best way to retrieve an XML from an http request in asp.net?
How does the official Tomcat service determine the JVM on every start?
Google Site Optimizer not tracking cross-domain conversions
Closing a Database in onPause()
j2me: Uncaught exception: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError (stack trace incomplete)
Thinking Sphinx delta index only updated when in console
error in android:text
create table within PL/SQL?
Using TChromium, Delphi Chromium Embedded
Access named URL parameter in Template or Middleware
How to remove a list option item in a select field?
Adding a variable 鈥渁ttribute鈥�to a variable in Javascript
guava distinct multimap values
OAuth flow, iPhone -> Rails -> Facebook
How do I query multiple tables using inner join?
Is Java's printf() a bad practice? [duplicate]
Manipulating Controls On Parent Forms From Child VB.NET
Update not working in web2py on google-appengine
Google maps Javascript API Strange Behavior
Boost library static linking on Xcode 4
Difference Between map and each [duplicate]
How to del the last part of a String in javascript
How to read .TRN file data?
JQGrid does not honor autocomplete on multiple filter criteria
string.IsNullOrEmpty(myString) or string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(myString) is not violating SRP Rule?
How to bind a control's property to another control's property?
MFC drawing board
Python urllib.request.urlopen() returning error 10061?
Why cant content scripts use the jQuery loaded on the background page?
Use GPS with Windows Mobile Phone
Including ARC headers in non-ARC project
Visualize star schema by using an application
Getting the selected value from a drop down list and multiplying it by value in sql table in PHP/Javascript
Would any changes made to CPU freq in Ubuntu would apply when Windows is booted in a dual boot?
C# technique used with Style property of Font class
Java Locks synchronize methods baking transfer [closed]
Hardware Acceleration pre-Honeycomb
How to get values from this dictionary string from Django?
C Win32: save .bmp image from HBITMAP
compile error when using cv::minMaxLoc() on iOS
Git rebasing back/forth between two branches
IE 6 drop down on wordpress does not show
Document.Ready() is not working after PostBack
GWT Maven build with maven profiles
How to get results from 鈥淓lastica_ResultSet鈥�object
Not able to assign a TMyClass object to a variable of its base interface type
Receiving empty email from a delayed job Rails app
Need results that are greater than 1 to 1
Loop through MySQL Table
PLS-00231 for in procedure defined function
Vim set highlight for specific sections of code
new ggplot2 and custom boxplot code
Adobe Illustrator to HTML/JS
Security concerns in a WPF application
Which type of list is used for android alarm time
Linq2SQL not updating record on SQL Azure
touchesBegan doesn't respond
Rails 3 respond_to :html and preventing double content
adding customized text to excel 鈥渄ate time picker鈥�control
How can I follow a twitter user using Twitter4j framework?
How to get has_secure_password to work in production?
Get Data from Mysql on init
Button fires event after textbox was entered
Arguments retained After finishing NSIvocationOperation?
Vbox container doesn't resize after add function. Extjs4
How to change the color of a NSToolbarItem's label
Python: Using a dummy class to pass variable names?
Portable compact representation of IP address
Drag & Drop ImageIcons into an array of ImageIcons, save array
rsync over SSH preserve ownership only for www-data owned files
Digitally signing a cxfreeze windows executable? [duplicate]
J2ME: Uncaught exception: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError (stack trace incomplete) [closed]
Mapping to an Entity's array from single table?
Should I send raw data or Html as an Ajax response?
Tricky raphael svg animation
Visualize mjpeg-over-http streams in browser with html5
Dynamically added javascript not evaluated in ascx control
Ogre3D, Multiple Monitors, and the Mouse Cursor
implement methods of an implemented List to an ArrayList
Translate following C# synchronization logic to Stored Procedure
Why Can you return a function by reference for a local variable and not for temporary variable? c++
Will the expansion files be deleted when an user removes your application from there phone / tablet?
OAuth facebook pagetab app error
Iterate checkboxes in a named form with jQuery
Parsing custom protocol and adding to QuickFIX Server for send to clients
Google Maps v3 custom map marker icon but with infowindow content from google
Connect to multiple Magento websites
How to pass PHP value to external JavaSript file
swith to circular list to shift easier
Ant File, include another file
Error collection is modified, cannot perform enumeration on sharepoint list
VBA: Copy/paste only numerical values
dynamically populating column headers in a gridview
How do I fill an object in PHP from an Array
How to call a soap web service from JQuery
Performance about replace() or substr() in Javascript
perform action on link click
Subversion returned 鈥渃an't start because libapr-1.dll is missing鈥�
NSScrollView: Does it retain -documentView?
How to get list of items with exactly one duplicate in Perl?
jQuery UI Sortable - ConnectToSortable issue
Get list of all image files in a directory
How to do singleton serialization in C#?
Can I make this jQuery shorter? [closed]
Socket Error 1411
stopPropagation not work in absolute positioned elements
Autobahn websockets Android demo crashes
How can I convert many different document formats to PDF on UNIX?
Application Error in Event Log
Only read functions when called - PHP
Gradle + Sonar + Groovy = FAIL?
Using Exit button to close a winform program
How to add a custom view helper in zend framework2?
Changing my mind about the PATH when setting up Git for Windows
How to overlap a view with another?
Incorrect Results using SUM()
subform combobox rowsource update - how update drop down list
How to find if the underlying Linux Kernel supports Copy on Write?
Matrix stacking with column name in R
python paths and import order
center object in GridFieldManager on blackberry
Delphi XE: Can I call virtual constructors with parameters from a classtype-constrained generic type without resigning to hacks?
How to define Indexer behaviour to an Interface?
why can not add datetime to trigger in Quartz.Net? [duplicate]
Reading CSS value using JavaScript
Need to update values in an array but keep the original values to update it again
On code clarity and functionality [closed]
How can I make a taller div wrap around the shorter div on the bottom of the shorter div?
Reading certificate hash from remote server
Rails STI routing
adding each member of an array again, right after itself
Sharing a Timer/Variable between Windows
Visual movement of the caret in WPF text editing elements
Control underline position on text-decoration: underline
Controlling Facebook oauth login experience
Another post on MVC responsibility, who should know what?
Generating character combination in a string doesn't work entirely, why?
Cannot get touchevent from Google Maps
Convert json to a C# array?
Function gets defined although code block is not executed
Integrate a chat system in my website
WCF callback invokes all clients
how to make the list of paths of all descender files of a directory in php? [duplicate]
Javascript patterns resources
I cant return anything in callback function of jQuery bind
Runtime dependency (e.g. connection pooling) and classpath?
Is inheritance in Data Transfer Objects a bad practice?
Object Property Renaming
3x3 grid puzzle solving (JS)
How to insert a static page in WordPress
Get Folder names containing .sln and .java files in SharpSVN using C#
Retrieving Menu in Explorer
NSDateFormatter string format for showing miliseconds
Regarding time format change in Wdcalendar?
What does 鈥�鈥�in front of the variable in SAS pass-through exactly do / or means ?
AS3 How to access a movieclip on the main timeline from within a movieclip?
Can /SWAPRUN option (or equivalent) be used in VB6?
Positing user current location and show it in Google maps
convertion issue with DateTime being null in a LINQ query
creating a 3d Cube, controlling rotation using touch movement up, down,left, right iPhone, iOS
How to implement a error non-tolerant job in playframework?
PL/SQL stored procedure (Select query) [duplicate]
How do I navigate to a specific step of a Wizard control in ASP.NET
How to connect to sqlite database with password
Group elements by count in IEnumerable
Capture statistics of Low Memory crashes in iOS using exception handlers
How to keep a dynamic textbox from moving other fields when growing
jquery from outside of main form submits form
if statement in php ( a little bit more complex )
Remotely Call Page to Execute in C#
Flex 4 and Actionscript 3 creating form elements based on number of items selected
JQuery UI not working
IDE comment keywords
What Does CAS Protect an ASP.NET Application From?
Ensure that, when working with split windows, the currently active Emacs window is always at least 80 characters wide
venue search api returns duplicate venue with incorrect lat/lon
how to change uiimage's nsdata into binary data in order to send to php
drag-drop fails in RF4.2-Final
How do I secure an Android app to a device?
Building a caching lookup system in java for xpages
Using pagination in Doctrine2/Symfony2 without Doctrine paginator extension
Driver<->OS/App How does it work? An Example
Convert string to typed array in Javascript
Service stack and Mocking, any tutorials?
Oracle LIKE returns (ORA01722)
move cursor spark text input
Fix position of menu bar to the left of the page
3 div liquid design
Dynamic Height of LI within UL
Usage of both EasyTracker and ActionBarSherlock on Android
Can't pass more than one anonymous parameters in URL via ajax
how do i select the first 4 columns from my CSV file and run a query
C# UTF8 Reading/Outputting
Insert images files in existing PDF file using PHP
Passing Json List as parameter to WCF Rest Service
One SSL certificate per site
Reading repeated fields in ASP.NET
Excel tries to open file for download in IE
constructor of subclass in Java
Git: How do I checkout a branch ignoring all local changes?
I can't figure out what I'm missing, code works 100% except for one option
C++ Accessing members of an instance via class scope
Why do the flags returned by fcntl(鈥�F_GETFL) differ from the flags used to open the file descriptor via os.open?
Django one-to-many forms
Virtualenv and source version control
Reallocating memory of a C++ array. [duplicate]
Can you construct 鈥渙ne-off鈥�factories in FactoryGirl?
date changes while parsing in windows phone for different languages
Putting a UIPageControl on top of a UIScrollView
PostgreSQL PL/Python: call stored procedure in virtualenv
Using paypal buy now custom variables
Checking membership with open chaining and separate addressing
Display a prominent error message whenever a JavaScript error occurs (for development use)
Firefox Extension Development: How to log every request's IP address?
How to query windows for all lock holders on a file
Opening a desktop folder with php or jquery for browsing?
How to query windows for all lock holders on a file
Opening a desktop folder with php or jquery for browsing?
Sencha localization
Is there a flexible promotion & discount rules engine? [closed]
POSIX Thread Stack Memeory - Can we have varying stack sizes and the saftey issues?
Javascript troubles with IE 9
Python: function that returns a dict whose keys are the names of the input arguments
Role of files .keystore and CAKey.pem in SSL?
鈥淔ull Text鈥�Email Searching EWS (Exchange 2010 SP1)
Converting numeric values in OBJC to values of time? (hours instead of percent of an hour)
EasyMock 3.0 Mocked class needs to throw an exception if any method gets called
How to run Firefox full screen in minimalist X environment
Model-View-Presenter. Model is a list - Is it right architectural decision?
c++ set detect insertion failure
using setElement with views in backbone
JavaScript Variable fallback
How do facebook update content when somebody has posted something
Is it possible to have line number for erlang source code?
Update user profile throws PropertyNotEditableException in sharepoint 2010
Ajax Calls in IE9 random failure
How can I query for the server default settings for ARITHABORT, ANSI WARNINGS and ARITHIGNORE?
Simple vs. double quotes in a playframework template tag (1.2.4)
Class 'PHPExcel' not found in Excel5.php
Transitional Style when using setViewControllers:animated: on UINavigationController
How to connect flex4 with Symfony 2 for amf calls
delete objects(similar objects/duplicates) in coreData
Replacing elements of a multi-level list without a loop
Tinting Image Processing on Android
Python equivalent of Ruby SOCKsify
RabbitMQ-based message driven bean in GlassFish
Magento - how to customize the Order PDF?
SQL Select Newest Records based on Duplicate Records
Program giving wrong answer when written but gives right answer when copied [closed]
FragmentActivity: Cannot cast from Fragment to derived class
Web app GPS works in Android Native browser but not in app with webview
How do I redirect cucumber failed scenarios to stderr?
access to an array which a key issued from a function result in smarty
XML Data Column in SQL Server
VBA Set Recordet using a variable table name
XCode 4.3 builds iOS Apps with wrong linked dylibs (Symbol not found: _OBJC_CLASS_$_CLGeocoder)
How to make Eclipse use an existing makefile that is not in root of project
Datagridis not saving the changes user applies
How to exclude directions from bash script search that lists number of non blank non comment // lines?
Clear specific form elements when checkbox is unchecked
Use variable in place of function name
awk error with indice when used in a loop
How change the detailView in a Master-Detail application for iPad
jQuery ajax speed vs direct access speed
Strange results when searching if value exists in list
best way to read and parse this file text in C
Using Netbeans GUI designer
openJDK and PHP SSL connection fails
magento - how to get email adres via order/customer id
System command fails constantly with exit code 127
Get all data from tables
Can we use dynamic data in a 3 tier architecture (database-DAL-BLL-User Interface)
How can I make an event for the Layout (exept some elements) in SilverLight or Windows Phone
Android Spinner causes App to crash when scrolling reaches end of list
Get Info OAuth Dropbox API in PHP
Are there any compact php servers out there?
Sort ArrayList of hashtables based on key within each hashtable
Lightweight replacement for Spring IoC - potentially for targetting Android devices
How do I make a text search box that searches for any part of the criteria in Access 2007?
Change font size of UITextField or UITextView with UIPickerView [closed]
Foursquare authentication asks user to open app
SWT Drawing a 鈥渢ranparent鈥�rectangle on a shell
Pi approximation with Archimedes equation
jqgrid json reader for arcgis server query results
Google maps api 3 Directions
Encode 2D Array in Objective-c
Apache PHP5-FPM connection reset by peer
Date format misinterception
Way to centralize Facebook Comments Box from multiples websites?
Reporting on historical data - when to use current or historic data (warn user about changing the meaning of a record?)
Where on a Mac are Java system properties stored?
Grouping and only returning the most recent record in LINQ query
Asynchronous message handling by Pika RabbitMQ client
How can i get the buttons to launch a intent
IIS rewrite rule to add querystring to .css and .js references in ASP.net pages?
Android strings.xml length
How to load observable collection list asynchronously?
Ensuring backward compatibility for dynamically loaded types
Is there a way to change the tab icon of the browser in GWT?
Wrapping a piece of C++ code into Python
Customizable entity not available for N:N relationships to custom entity in CRM 4.0
ImageMagick no decode delegate
Blending Akka 2, the Play2-mini framework and HTTP
Change property from event handler
Android: Difference between onInterceptTouchEvent and dispatchTouchEvent?
How to optimize this mysql Query? on nginx and fastcgi
Eval source code blocks when org-mode files are opened.
RESTORE_TRANSATION android in-app code
joomla: make database connections outside joomla, using the joomla db functions
Application.Current.Dispatcher.BeginInvoke - Where to place Try & catch?
iSrcoll4 - show scrollbar by default
How to use both modal and modalless dialog created from main window in WinForms (C#)
google maps v3 toggle draggable property of markers fetched from SQL database
How to make echo work inside 'content' of jquery,in google maps infowindow
How to catch a YUI3 Sortable drag event?
Reg free COM interop with C#, possible?
How to catch a YUI3 Sortable drag event?
Reg free COM interop with C#, possible?
Hide registration and login buttons when a user logged in? [closed]
css dropdown menu and javascript
Mysql time conversion issue
Where does the standard talk about aliasing?
django-registration, User missing after login
Copy to clipboard in a Safari extension?
What is the simplest way to define setter and getter in Python
av_guess_format return null
Javascript Regular Expression for rgb values
Reading from an access database and populating an array based on two fields from different tables
Pass spring message with additional content to macro
Eclipse-RCP disabling creation of navigation history
free/open source 2D barcode(pdf417) library for .Net [closed]
Is read/write of a bool value guaranteed to be one instruction in C/C++
Porting j2me application to android platform
Controller issue in relation with 2 models
Open Source iOS projects for learning best coding practices
Save and restore event handlers
ArrayList or LinkedList [duplicate]
erlang:monitor and 'DOWN' message
Why is the SQL transaction not being rolled back?
Control over trac TicketQuery: Is it possible to change the ticket color according to its priority?
I get a command not found from my bashrc
NAudio AccessViolationException while playing sound
VS 2010 installer project not carrying shared referenced assemblies to all outputs
Phonegap Video player plugin for iOS [duplicate]
How to report progress from TableAdapter.Update
failture in CMD batch file
-[__NSCFNumber isEqualToString] error
XmlSerialization won't work
Cinder or pure OpenGL for iOS development
array_diff for a complex xml [closed]
R formulas and resulting coefficient names
Popup on form submit crashes IE9
Pig + Hbase Atomic Increment Column Values
iAd crashes on iPad iOS 5.0.1 (only with AppStore version) but runs on iPhone
Custom Server Controls using JQuery and Ajax, for image manipulation and postbacks
SoloAmbient and applicationDidEnterBackground
Proper way of re-using and closing a subprocess object
Doctrine2 innerJoin between two tables without association defined
Phonegap + JQM - Camera API, cannot view captured photo
How can I get the ID of my Window popup
How to use Android REGEX with Pattern and Matcher Classes?
Process performance counter is disabled, so the requested operation cannot be performed
ImageMagick or CoreImage lib for iphone
Bash getopts dropping last argument
wordpress permalinks 404 [closed]
PHP Object - how can I access this value
EL evaluation in non-rendered JSF elements
Why does $($) crash my page?
MySQL count (and sum) fields in multiple columns where 'not empty'
the How to Read MultiFrame DICOM Image
Remove Part of URL with Mod_Rewrite?
How do I get the STX character of hex 02
iPhone programmatically crop a square image to appear as circle
Android server request listener
Ensure that something is stored in Session before anything else in the Page Life Cycle
Passing a method signature using delegates to a thread
Symbol OPOS Implementation OPOS_E_NOHARDWARE error
Loading text in tinyMCE for Wordpress via AJAX
Error when opening the mainform before subform
How to know which button was pressed on Android application download window
Batch create a set of subfolders in several folders
Can I connect to SolrServer via RMI rather than Http?
How to return the json values as database object in struts hibernate
glGetAttribLocation generates invalid operation
Offline MySQL database Uploaded Online
how to save xml in user's computer in coldfusion?
Quick and efficient filtering of a listbox bound to a collection in the ViewModel
SSL Authentication crashes in iOS Simulator
Clarifications about Rails and Node.js
newbie attempt to use Java ArrayList to store ResultSet obtained from database
How to build datatable using jQuery from REST xml response?
generate subset of given set
Preserving .data() values when appending newly created element to parent window
SignalR notification system
using simplemodal, show loading spinner while content inside iframe loads
Alternative to struts TextTag in spring or jsp custom tag
Fastest iteration and display image based on data?
Looking for Qt SMPP Client
Is it problematic or a poor practice to name a field in a model 'date' in Ruby on Rails?
Simple maths game
How to calculate number of samples in audio given some parameters?
Why isn't this a POD type?
SQL order by, group by, having
ASP.NET MVC, finding if model has changes
Ordering with linq and integers with zeros at the end
MongoDB vs Columnar
show TR using Jquery
can't get correct results from this jquery object
Inserting parameters into Oracle database through asp.net
Can I use contentScaleFactor to save memory safely?
mysql database functions. I STUCK [closed]
iOS not recognising click events
Rails 3, get 500 status code on production environment with no error, and no log
Forcing a POST on every checkbox/dropdown change
How to turn on-off the physical keyboard programmatically?
Facebook public search returns more results than api or fql鈥hat gives?
Can't find UIView Subclass Template in XCode 4
How to define preconditions on extrinsic state using Code Contracts?
Comparing Vector in Java
JAXB test hand crafted beans
VGA driver reference
Save image as Tiff
Twig - how to natively display RedBean relationships inside template?
HTTP Status code = 400
Countdown clock methods
WPF Detailsview
How does Option act like a collection, when it isn't one?
Qooxdoo Tooltip not working on Menu Button
Selecting an object from a listbox quickly
HTTP Cache KnockoutJS Native Templates
Custom templates [duplicate]
Setting AlertDialog to Linear View
Android ics layout backward compatibility pack
date input from file and output conversion to file
compiling llvm on linux x86_64: suggestions on optimization flags?
jFugue - How to use Left Hand and Right Hand on the Piano at the same time?
Whats the best way to tweak ruby gems for code reading
Joomla JEditor display() doesn't load the editor
Windows Forms Resizing And Overlapping UserControls
Class name by define directive. Possible?
I can't make apps to my domine .me [closed]
Changing scale in Y-Axis
Cancan user permission?
sharing process admin privileges using Access Tokens
Android Eclipse ListView in AlertDialog hiding certain textviews when scrolling
Are SalesForce apps always installed on an environment?
DTD parsing in Java
AnimationSet plays in reverse order
Umbraco rewriting URL based on old page
Create mock without constructor invocation
Play! framework referential integrity contraint on delete
How to change properties of a TableView in a UIViewController
Java ArrayList Interface Type
After authorizing the oauth how can i send a tweet from Python shell? [closed]
how do i make visual studio quit re-formatting my xml?
Connect to a mysql web database from my program
CheckBoxList gets cleared on button click
Is there any perfomance issues when inserting into a large SQL Server table which is being queried?
Enable/Disable Android ActionBar.Tab
What happens when I assign a temporary int to a const reference in C++? [duplicate]
Why HttpsURLConnection returns LocalCloseInputStream when calling getInputStream() on Android 2.2?
jQuery DataTables - UK date column sorting
Python socket does not receive intended message from C# client
scrap the reponse which would be loaded from ajax event
How can I find out what included code makes my iOS universal binary so large?
How To Add Tooltip to Combobox Item in Winforms
batch files: windows eqvivalent
No response from servlet unless it is in debugging mode
Why is my class not being called?
PHP function parameters my_func($param='')
Stuck in javascript closure scope limbo til my brains turn to scrambled eggs
Basic encryption algorithms
TCP socket communication issue
How do i pass GET parameters using django urlresolvers reverse
How can I see who triggered an Gesture Standard action in Delphi?
Can't get coordinates of touchevents in Javascript on Android devices
Add percent value in mvc3 pie chart
Will an ARC application run on iOS 3.2?
load TypeFace from assets and assign it to the whole application
Custom Spring bean tag with child property tag
WHY does my cpu usage goes to 99%, when my C# application starts listening on tcp socket?
Looping animations with jsanim
How to check which cells from gridview were edited? [duplicate]
Redirect stdout over ssh [closed]
Why do JPA-generated update queries include more fields than necessary?
How artificial intelligence can reduce the time gap in game interactions?
Setting 'current working directory' while communicating with the DLL via JNA
jQuery 鈥�use menu to slide content in and out
Flex Mobile Back Button
jquery show hide select option block
Add Like Button to website
Regarding c++ object creation
Apache fastcgi catalyst Bugzilla REST api @INC issue
Linq select new with dynamic variable names
Web.config appSettings configSource attribute transformation
Pickling Self and Return to Run-state?
Chrome - issue with 鈥渨idth: 0px鈥�
How do I mock a Class with Ruby?
Inserting an item into a backbone.js collection
View the active remote desktop connection on a given computer
hide hgroup on condition
convert the code to ARC iPhone
how to display data in descending order without using ORDER BY CLAUSE in Oracle
Blackberry: Video player with labels and button
Want to pass some parameters through the facebook auth dialog
what is the fastest way to find similar records from different (big) data sources
MVC Controllers
How to reset custom Performance Counter
After QPixmap::grabWindow application frozen
How to create shutdown shortcut?
Float over iframes html
Retrieving post data submitted via HTML form
SolrNet - ServiceLocator.Current throws a null reference exception
Post processing of pages crawled using nutch
How to load a UIViewController conditionally using storyboard and xcode 4.2
Cmake with MinGW fails compile test
Correct format to add data to web service
Extracting data from XML using OpenXML in SQL Server
eclipse: add Chrome extension library
How do I mock a static method that returns void with PowerMock?
Generic Collection
How to create a custom poll on facebook via open graph?
How can I hide an element using jQuery based on the value of it's margin-left in the CSS?
Android get only image from gallery
TortoiseSVN v1.7 - error while upgrading working copy folder from v1.6
Renaming files to their foldername
Utilizing $.on with a jQuery plugin
How to get the end of a vector and assign it to a string
In Jsp page i don't want to show those check box which are not checked whose value are coming from bean
How to implement an auto scroll view like notification center's stock ticker?
clear color of picture
Changing transparency of Facebook share box
Use Entity Framework's StructuralTypeConfiguration.Ignore() to Ignore all properties but specified set
Add button to EntryElement
Modify this regex: {([^ ]]*)} to accept ]
android emulator just showing the string 鈥渁ndroid鈥�in eclipse (ubuntu 11.10)
write a kld in FreeBSD
iOS : Call operator commands
Why this simple code causes EXC_BAD_ACCESS?
Displaying a node in a block withouth having the entire page render
autocomplete contact android
Find out Page Tab URL from Page ID and application ID
How to calculate the double integral Numerically in Mathematica?
Apache OpenJPA - NamedQuery Exception
How to log PHP messages to a debug console while debugging in Eclipse?
upload images to folder using javascript
How can I deploy an GWT appliacation larger than 150MB to GAE?
querying mysql from a php class
Python : Find Common Text in Two Files
HTTP request made by a mobile device
How to access a SQLite database inside the data directory in add on builder
EntityFunctions.TruncateTime and unit tests
Powershell: where depending on exit code from command without temp variable
Child DIV [absolute] not moving with Parent DIV in Safari
Pass a NSString to UInt8[]
Is S3 Object's Metadata strongly consistent
How can I use NSFetchedResultsController and custom sections?
How to read source path from pdb
Editing htaccess to not redirect if only domain is in the url
Is there an API for stumbleupon?
Text is gone from python terminal output
Adding 鈥淧ushLink鈥�jar to my app to make it self-updating
SQL Server having criteria for subquery
How do I structure rails 3 controllers and views for ajax based applications
DateToStr and Delphi XE2
How i load a webpage in a popup chrome extension without iframe and using ajax
Graph API 3.0 Using for Authentication in PHP
Single Event Bus for Multiple Event Types
Plotting a function with discrete x values in gnuplot
How to log messages (raw XML) in middle-tier WCF scenario?
phpMyAdmin and Java Connection
Play music on my main screen
how do I send ACK using ruby's serialport gem?
How do I swap elements of a 2D array in Scala?
css selectors IE6,7 fix
VBA/Excel - Migration of 'matrix' based dataset to a database
How to get WP7 Panorama Content from another xaml- File?
Sitefinity 4.4 and Extensionless URLS: Is the sf404.aspx error mapping still required
Exception message: no such file to load 鈥�test/unit/runner/tap in RubyMine
How can I extend/combine Interface classes containing pure virtual functions?
Java Web Start - Multiple shortcuts
Eclipse not opening source when click in logcat
grep 鈥�* bk.* .log鈥�
Efficiency when handling Core Data Model Object
SQL Server Pivots: Displaying row values to column headers
cakephp making a front page
How to set a function to be called after a timeout using C++/Boost?
Getting a dataset from an unbound datagridview
How to write get and set methods for arrays
Div tag displaying content in new line
how to move all pairs from one std::map to another
AsEnumerable and how it affects a yield and a SqlDataReader
Read Exchange Server 2003 account emails
Merging lists based on elementwise condition
Web form for markters in Sitecore template
How can i localized the my custom fonts inside assets folder in android
Undefined reference to `PageSetupDlgW@4' when linking in Qt
Can a non-abstract class be extended (inherited from) in Java?
Developing Android app on both Linux and Windows host