Numbering TableViewCells without using Core Data
Parsing a file containing non-printable ASCII characters
Rails, Devise: Why before_filter dosen't work as expected?
Htaccess rewrite/redirect from subdomains hosted in subdirectories to main domain/directory while keeping the URL intact
How to pass a URL as a parameter of a controller's method in codeigniter
Changing value of R.String Programmatically
SQL MVC 2 C# Between operator
Retrieve variable from javascript object method callback
Java - why the system.exit(0) is not getting executed?
Format JavaFX Listview using HTML
IIS 7.5 and ; How secure the login page
Play video playlist using HTML(4)/Javascript
How to use c program directly in any web server?
Which plugins can I use to print HTML code?
Cassandra/Pycassa: get_slice()/get_indexed_slice() fails with TApplicationException: Unknown Result
how to make a wide design website fit into the browser width
Ajax Single Field Submission in form
Background with URL
Preventing context XML from being override in Tomcat 6
how to instantiate a java class from within JSNI
PayPal integration on IOS
How to change Expander Header background dynamicliy?
Any opensource tool like snagit for TFS2010
Setting datasource to android spinners as a Text_Field/Value_Field, similar to
html button not worked and work wrong in chrome and firefox
Getting `Galleria is not defined` exception
Using SQLite from libGDX on Android
Groovy subclass called superclass method that accesses closure
NHibernate Query<T> with detached criteria鈥�
COUNTIF with multiple AND criteria
openURL to find my iPhone
Howto use multiple within a href?
Best approach for developing a simple GUI, while retaining the power of native C++
Convert Spring bean configuration into XML configuration
Flash messages not working in Rails 3.2.2
Use closetag.vim script in .html.eb files
Creating database in other computer via code
Ajax tab in zii tab widget
Executing 2 OSs on a dual core processor [closed]
Call parent view controller method from WEPopoverController
Android: String fill text box
How do I invalidate an object in the Varnish cache when it has zero length?
How can i see the sql statements in EJB 2.1 with CMP
Drupal 7 - debugging hooks
Can you set with jquery trigger
Typecasting issues, how to use good old == instead of ===
How can I compare two tables with same structure and find unmatched records with mySQL?
Initializing BitmapSource with array of pixels
Autofac and Cross-AppDomain Proxies
Backbone.js fetch not actually setting attributes
favicon.ico not supported under Windows IIS
How to get a function list of a JavaScript file with jEdit's Sidekick on a Mac?
How to remove all files containing not recognized characters in bash?
Best practises of how one should open and close the database - db4o
Android Junit test giving NULLpointer exception
Is Recent Activity Stream separated from Profile Feed stream?
Custom URL for jQuery
C# csExWB and cookie
Why can't I use a variable in place of a string for an argument
Image and video slider for Joomla 1.6
disabling mod-security cpanel
running administration point
MySQL autoincrement value jumps by 2, when I add a transcaction im my php code
What is the best way when you want to send emails with using templates via WCF?
PerformanceCounter throws exception
How to fetch Google+ friends in Android
The most efficient way to search for an array of strings in another string
Jquery Sortable - get the item/object where the element is dropped
Does a SELECT query always return rows in the same order? Table with clustered index
How to connect multiple database,servers in mysql and query from both tables of each other?
Got stuck when deploy app on iphone
Debugging FTPS SSL validation in Aptana plugin for Eclipse
Import SMS from iPhone into iPhone App
App that redirect to other Apps
Convert ActivityGroup to Fragment
Does IE9 have browser mode down to IE7 and does this mean different version of Javascript
Using a custom Adapter for multiple ListViews
How to view exceptions when debugging?
How to make Animated Android Live Wallpaper ? [closed]
How to Add files/folders to multiple zip files at once with WINrar?
Using log4j with JBoss 7.1
NullPointerException when creating SpecificDatumWriter<T>
Android GPS Enable. Not working?
clicking on everything except
How could I get a Tab layout like this
How to iterate over a JSON from Flickr
Why is the control count decreased if a form is closed?
Ul tag contenet alignment
Expand footer DIV to bottom of window
JSF file download NullPointerException with view Parameter
How to use 鈥渞ange_key_condition鈥�to query a DynamoDB table with boto?
Trying to display an array list in Struts 2 and get an error
Making a script more efficient with -asjob
Date vs new Date in JavaScript
Message: array_keys() and query on db
API Throttling on photos.get?
Maven - Building a single java/servlet based war file from multiple modules
iOS, stop running a function when 鈥渂ack鈥�button is pressed
problems with json and php
How to export TestExecute/TestComplete results to teamcity?
How to create temporary procedures in MySQL?
Is this code correct? [closed]
TableHeaderView and headers of sections
Load another lisp file from a relative path in SBCL using CUSP (Eclipse Plugin)
NSPredicate - fetching core data restricted to future dates
VS 2010 Ultimate web load test failure - Always critical processor time
c# web server to receive a file from browser
@Html.ActionLink and @Html.DisplayFor at the same time (not right, but it describes what I want to do)
PHP accessing element in array
Count and group-by with Propel
Dynamic query in SQL Server 2005
Zxing QR code plugin in iOS [closed]
How should I include and reference my JavaScript files
dataWithContentsOfURL and HTTP 302 redirects
List of useful Android libraries for android development and applications [closed]
Does the default allocator zeroize int?
Database Design - Employee Clocking In and Out System [closed]
How to Print listof projects
Phonegap on Android. Can a lock screen orientation for a specific device size?
Ampersand in Less.js vs. SCSS
How to encode Json Array in php?
Facebook canvas application most elegant way
Versioning for major changes
Is this code legal/portable? Accesing data outside of struct
How to get the json response with the field name in struts2
Fadein/out text animation
XQuery: sharing global variables across (imported) modules
Message Queue vs. TCP using ISO8583 messages
Python vs JavaScript - UTC time from ordinal time
nginx multiple locations for one rule regex
Looking for open source memory layout viewer
WCF Service - Array Size limitations
Signal Strength with pybluez on Windows 7
Can't include the ZendGdata Loader.php
Session lost when redirect from Facebook's login at https when developing an iPhone app
Building multilingual site
Approach clarification - ASP.NET multi-user portal design studio
javascript and ajax problems in IE and Safari
how to vertical align div elements using CSS?
How reliable is Rails' ActionPack remote_ip for requests?
How to get unique list from multiple arrays in MongoDB
cxf - wsdl2java does not allow declaration of namespaces in xsd?
How come you can't run duplicate JQuery plugins on a single page?
Joomla does not read custom php.ini
create virtual machine manager using xen hypervisor API
JavaFX 2 objects containing textField never cleared by garbage collector
How to get a div value in js file from a ctp?
How to set default application using Intents?
Application of Callback Function
can i divert text output ( cat() &/or print() ) to a separate window
Model binding comma separated query string parameter
RSA keys鈥�bob_pub, bob_priv)
how to solve recycled bitmap exception?
Python not printing complete data structure
Tap on uibutton inside imageview, inside scrollview
How to fork inside monad transformer
Can somebody provide me the official link where its writeen that a person can not change the default alert box of ie [closed]
How do I cause a javascript visual effect from a controller when specific conditions are met?
EntityFramework 4.3 issue when calling SaveChanges multiple times with Concurrency Check
DataGrid sorting very slow when ItemsControl also binding to the same ItemsSource
pointer to rvalue
Using JTA with Spring +hibernate JPA+Glassfish 3.1 Transaction not committing
.NET C# Read Excel file DateTime Column read 1 second less, why?
Maven creation of a WAR and an EAR containing that WAR as one module using classifier?
Typo3 form displays as ###LABEL### ###FIELD###
Doctrine2: when to use the query builder and it's difference from other ways of building a query?
Doctrine2: when to use the query builder and it's difference from other ways of building a query?
Looking for a solution to simulating a step-based feedback system [closed]
Get currently open webpage in Internet Explorer in Java
Getting Session Value from ScalatraTest-ScalaTest
Start a process within a HttpSession and hand it over to another 鈥渙wner鈥�before session expires?
Cocoa Touch app crashes when return form a selector run on the main thread
Is iphone simulator using internet from the mac's internet?
Internet Explorer image overlaying link
QDialog not calling MainWindow function
Worldpay extension for Magento
How can I get the current logged in user in Pinax?
DatePicker showing previous date
Is an index (1 column) on a primary key (> 1 column) useful? (SQL)
How to use java object as a value in Redis
zend soap error xml declaration
Toast notifications per day
How to separate route and query parameters?
android and sqlite: sometimes insert lasts over 900 ms
ActionScript Get All Network Activity?
How can I distribute my Blackberry App with SQLite pre-populated
Rest API on Struts
Facebook C# SDK after publishing not posting on wall
How can I stop the textbox focus when my form is invalid?
Android Ice Cream Sandwich tablets that support Face Detection
How to get to the same JMX MBean server from within 2 Tomcats
Translating php strings into other languages
Google maps API - Displaying routes/polylines, kmlLayer alternative
Anyone with a C#, Delphi or FreePascal implementation of the PRESENT Ultra-Lightweight Block Cipher encryption?
How can i check request type in the IIS7?
CakePHP 2.0 file upload not working
Get all the td tags of table which in div tag using JQUERY
Running Servlets with Tomcat 6
Array memory allocation [closed]
Is It Okay To Use JAXX?
Declare Scalar varaiable Stored Procedure
insert query mysql and python
How I can do Check In Facebook Graph API.?
Listbox databinding to grid or canvas
It seems like I cannot use MS leak detector for the new expression `new (std::nothrow)`. Is that correct?
How to pass parameter from widget to activity when I click on widget
JDBC - Where to find a type 4 JDBC driver for reading excel files (.xml) on Linux (or even in Windows)
How to nest content in Php?
what should I do when I come across the error: invalid operands to binary & and error: invalid operands to binary ,?
Need a Shutdown script: Check date if Wednesday run batch script
WFS-T xmlhttp post length limits?
Paypal html form - how to direct to enhanced checkout page
Why Jquery plugin duplicates do NOT work
Showing鈥�Is not a static member of 'classname' error in QT
Container-managed persistence contexts: transaction-scoped vs. extended - how to decide?
DEF file format for Windows __stdcall DLLs? (*.def -> lib.exe -> *.lib)
IE borders mess up when resizing height with jQuery animate
Running Selenium tests from Jenkins by invoking Ant
Items and specialized items: Multiple tables with duplicate columns, main table and detail table, or 鈥�
Mongoid - Is it possible to embeds_one what the model is embedded_in?
IRegion.ActivateView doesn't show the View in an XBAP application
Clean django user.username
Displaying Hindi UNICODE characters using wglUseFontBitmaps
jquery event data on bubble up [duplicate]
How my PHP web app can convert a video to an image of sound wave?
Slow animation for the 1st time in iOS device
XCode build phase with rsync not deleting files from bundle
Howto know when appcache is done?
fix position for wizard window in extjs
How to check, if browser has cookies enabled in web app?
mysql join query to extract ids which are blocking only CLOSED bugs
tabview with dialog fragment android.view.WindowManager$BadTokenException:
jQuery mobile calendars - device support & performance
fixed width variable height grid css
SplitView with tabBar in its detailView
Is there a way to reduce the priority of camera thread in android
iPhone: CGRectIntersectsRect()
How to save state while using AsyncTask in a service?
How to see discriminated conversion count in google adwords?
Configure Hibernate 4.1, JPA2 with Spring 3.1.1. to update DB schema from JSR 303 Annotations
How to get mouse location in NetBeans Visual Library?
Mvc 3 login page redirection
Retrieve property by reference
PCL Rigid Transformation using IterativeClosestPoint - Error: vector erase iterator outside range
Perl hash equivalent in bash scripting? [duplicate]
How to keep div background behind an object / video
Read 3rd party config section
Objective-C class naming convention vs Uncle Bob
Path slide menu TTNavigator
When navigating between CakePHP plugins I get an error
Boost serialization with pointers and non-default constructor
Store the results of a sub-query for use in multiple joins
since 'fread' is buffred, is it necessary to fread data into memory and then use it?
Counting Occurrences of Day Names By Distinct Weeks
Is it possible to reverse the Context Menu items or reverse the sort
Configuring Unity (2.x) to use Moq as implementation via app.config
OpenGL SkyBox not showing
How to manipulate the label of an axis in JQplot?
Save a query as CSV file, but can't get table header field names to write in CSV
Selecting all elements that does not have an 鈥渋d鈥�attribute?
SubscribeOnDispatcher in Silverlight/WPF
Strange Behavior of jQuery UI Dialog Box in Mobile Safari when in an iframe
Use PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer with List
cloning to set this object's properties through the constructor
Cassandra data model design for notifications functionality
Checking all image are loaded using jquery
Java spring controller to receive facebook deauthorize callback
Are process ids non-negative in Linux?
JVM OutOfMemory Error
Why can't I send tweet from Python?
css3 -webkit-transform-style: preserve-3d and relative/absolute elements flickering
DropDownList SelectedIndexChanged event fails over the internet
Movie Streaming Script
ASP.NET C# Must declare the scalar variable
cancel a drag'n'drop operation after it has started
Why do I have to use 鈥渢his鈥�to access in inner property of a function
Where to define properties in a multi-modules Maven project?
GWT and Google Chrome Frame Bug: 鈥渃ompile time user.agent value does not match runtime user.agent value鈥�
Authentication Service using WCF
iPhone objective c Asyncron HTTPS request in NSThread
Flash of Java about Morphing skeletal 2d aimation?
How to make sortable element trigger sort by its upper border or header (and not rely on the mouse location)
Qwerty keyboard is not working in my Android project
Is it possible to use a custom sqlite function in core data?
just general advice on IDE and tools
A string replace function with support of custom wildcards and escaping these wildcards in C#
How to combine strings from NSMutable array
ORA-01031 in insert
Joomla valaddthis-plugin css
mysql : changing root password
How to send web page in email body with css
C# / Java , AES256 encrypt/decrypt
Can't see WPF control on top Winform Control
How i can use ioctl for the communication between the user program and driver?
JS form validation not working in IE
Best way to load models in CakePHP 2.0
iCal Not Recognized By Google
Qooxdoo focus partially hides button image
Android ::Close all activity in Tabhost when changeConfig
Get JSON data from GridView in ASP.NET?
how can I assign the text of programatically created label to the other label in html body?
How to click or tap on a TextView text on different words?
Using regex replace, how to include characters in the match pattern but exclude them in the value to replace
History of the IP address [closed]
Rails: array.join with html in separator is escaped
Extending MapView
Sencha touch list with index bar : auto scroll
YepNope key value pairs not executing as expected
Getting rails3-jquery-autocomplete to show the number of instances of posts with a certain tag?
WinCE 6.0, work with GPRS/WiFi
How to make image in left side of text in button?
StructureMap: Custom Lifetime Scoping Within Specific Context
Is there public iOS software interface for iPhone's FM Radio chip?
how to redirect twitter app's call bak url to localhost? [duplicate]
Sending MMS via android application directly
Java class name same as the nested package name
C# How can I solve limitations when using DirectoryInfo?
Windows 8 Consumer Preview XAML - Are there IoC frameworks currently working?
How to remove the useless unconfigured items in matrix build of Jenkins/Hudson
Jquery find div [closed]
edge caching secure content on google app engine
libtorrent cannot build with VS2005
How to read @array from android:tag?
SSL web enabled embedded device
DataAnnotationsExtensions.Numeric with commas
What is the best way to store DateTime in SQL Server to provide maximum search speed at large table?
Documentum Inbox notification deletion
Ways to improve my FizzBuzz solution for a TDD role? [closed]
Formatting var_dump output in lynx
how to integrate the newsstand in app
iCanHaz.js + Moustache doesn't render first row in data object
Silverlight combobox binding null value
Entity Framework Querying with Navigate Objects
Spring.Net friendly state machine
how to omit first and last comma when using sys_connect_by_path function in oracle?
Not able to read the time from native calendar event
How can I get a pre-built DLL copied to the output folder of a manaaged C++ project?
How do I implement a custom (floorplan image) map in an iOS app..? [closed]
TextField becomeFirstResponder Issue for tab key(Keyboard) action
Creating a Motion JPEG frame by frame with variable frame-rate
Is this a possible approach to register .NET types for COM
Problems with finding position in Adapter for ListView
BlackBerry- SQLite Database is not working in different simulator
Mixed-Code - Function Member Pointers
multiple integrals and matrices (complex elements) from numeric-prelude
MPL-like vector with variadic templates: Insertion
list adapter for fragments
Is there a simple way to use the Facebook c# sdk?
Django upload to dynamic(ish) filename
How to explicitly cast types (custom class)
A simple example of a Cross-site scripting attack
How to setup a project that contains C# files, MySQL and MATLAB files
Performance of Views versus Tables for temporal changing data
Run a report Jasperserver's rest API
Storing PGTs and PGTIOUs CAS generates
executing a jar file says JarRsrcLoader not found
List of FindBugs 2.0 bugs by rank?
Get Phonebook contacts Detail page from custom list android
.Net RijndaelManaged can't find Javascript
Using Ajax Slider control dynamically?
How to calculate maximum combination number of image segments
How does Apache know when and how to look for relative paths?
get id's from file and store to txt
Strange Javascript behaviour
user stream in twitter api
SQL Comparing Data from Two Tables
Cant get UIStepper works on 4.3 Simulator
How to use SagePay with Spree Gateway gem?
Committing to database during process phase in spring batch job
Cydia app version are identical in update and app itself, but Cydia asking for update
Is my Entity Framework generated SQL executing twice?
WiX: Patch installer superseding previous versions (1.0.0 -> 1.0.1, 1.0.0 -> 1.0.2, 1.0.1 -> 1.0.2, aso.)
jquery form field message on submit
Ontology-based string classification
Date Formatter - String to Date 2012-02-05T00:00:00+00:00
REST Web Services using MVC, is it a good idea?
iText PDF convert external images not reachable
Android Database Update Record not working?
how can i create socket server? [closed]
What is the meaning of 鈥淓nqueued鈥�and 鈥淒equeued鈥�messages in 鈥淒LQ鈥�
How to use Swedish character 氓 in string file in android
Equating inside Structure [closed]
How do I run a .exe but stay in the same command window (not open a new one)?
How to parse a string into a List<Dictionary>?
If confirm message idle force to close browser in javascript
MYSQL tricky inner join error
Intel TBB: pool of graphs
Looping Through LINQ Queries and Appending Results to DataTable
call to controller to populate text box based on dropdownlistfor selection using Ajax
Why isn't close_on_exec the default configuration?
How do I hide Soap Faults in python suds?
Sticking Lables in Core-Plot to the Bottom of the GraphView
Maximising Performance Increases with Cython
Setup a layout for my contact list apk
C++ Errors with referenced object - how to debug?
DropDown list with translated values
Why do we substract 4 from arm926ejs_reset before loading it into sp?
Objective-C Convert String like '00120' into array of Integers
query to get userimage path and user information from two different tables
Spring do not close session after nhibernate transaction
How to display the calendar according to event data startdate
C# dynamically generated controls in Page_Load or PreRender?
TBXml empty tag text
mailto Hyperlinkfied in gridview
Howto write form_for without :url for multiple object editing?
Convert small vbscript xmlhttp to php?
Find a string with newline or whitespace to fix broken xml input
MPEG4 out of Raw RTP Payload
Jquery DIV count add class [closed]
When should I use jQuery deferred's 鈥渢hen鈥�method and when should I use the 鈥減ipe鈥�method?
MySQLi query stops at first item in a column when I need all items
how to see public interface of the class?
Excluding only one level of Log4j Logger
Not getting success in calling web service from sencha touch
wix custom action missing dll MSVCR100D.dll
Closed Div by default
Is it bad practice to cast a generic T1 to object, then to T2?
Disposing of ViewModels in Caliburn Micro and Castle Windsor
MS Access Expressions in Pass-Through Query to Oracle DB
Resizing a bitmap
'new' keyword in getter > performance hit?
AFNetworking + cancelAllRequests
warning: Unable to read symbols / warning: No copy of *****
How to get time on Posted News feed.?
Custom build for Dojo 1.7.1 with Layer and CSS Optimization
How to stop javascript errors from opening windows in WebBrowser
What are the Steps to use google & twitter login plugin for registration in web application c# 2008
How to render a checkbox that is checked by default with the symfony2 Form Builder?
Problems with custom spinner alignment and width
C++ 鈥渞eturn鈥�without value [closed]
How are #{鈥 construct used in Ruby?
Doubly Linked List - removal method
new type consists of decimal and double
value too long for type character varying(200) in postgres
fullcalendar changes in javascript
Single sign on between ASP.NET app and Office365 with on-premise ADFS STS
Geocoding out of (large number of static adresses)
PHP simple array manipulation for filtering common keys
Application silent exit on VS
unwanted border coming for layout page of struts2 project
Regexp: Any characters except sequence
Behaviour of LinkedHashMap's keySet() and values() methods [duplicate]
Text disappears in GUI while printing in separate thread
jQuery slideDown and slideUp submenu
What is the correct name for an SVC file in WCF
Break String into Sub-Strings, Android
how can i send message to specific port from one emulator to another emulator in android?
Bash scripts. How to select python environment?
jQuery addClass cause window to scroll back to top on Android and iPhone
Java: ExecutorService with Callables: Timeout: future.get() leads to direct break of program
Add tems to array with keys in PHP
How to add content onto a 'slice' from photoshop import
google maps link
Long communication time of WCF Web Services within the same server button Jquery BlockUI
HEVC (鈥淗265鈥� Analyser [closed]
Parallax game base - Chrome (and probably others) - performance
UIpagecontrol in android
Cakephp Session error on live site
Get image from server file system to android application?
Populating a time dimension table automatically
parallelizable hash function for data integrity check
jquery slidein from under a div
why ie8 CORS / XDomainRequest doesn't send cookie?
fsckopen() timeout when connecting to SMTP
java swing application running issue [duplicate]
ejabberd: Memory difference between erlang and Linux process
SIOCGIFHWADDR for ioctlsocket in mingw
make server to receieve/send data from/to a client several times(morethan once) in C
How to set dropdownlist to multiple values?
android httpservice upload file from browser
git - diff of current changes before commiting
NoSQL as local storage for logging and tracing
FLEX - Disable spacebar
Multiple application instance authentication using OAuth?
grails plugins maven repo
Infowindo is empty
Save UISwitch state in to sqlite database and access the same for display
Code for Numericupdownextender event handler mvc partial view redirect or show error
Manipulate String by inserting at index
jQuery hot air balloon - change opacity and position simultaneously in a looped animation
Realtime time playing of synthesised sounds in C#
Windows Form Timer Vs Single Thread Application
How to apply a filter in MATLAB?
Fetch google calendar events from php
PHP shopping cart doesn't show numerous products
How to Manage Transactions with ninject and Nhibernate with Isessionfactory injected in repository
What is server side rendering?
Windows Phone 7 databases
ld: duplicate symbol - caused by const
error: parser: instruction expected
Rebasing shared topic branch onto master
PHP equivalent of Java MessageDigest MD5
Java equivalent for Python's str.strip()
How do I specifically target internet explorer with htaccess deflate
In C#, on startup, is there a way to force the JIT compiler to touch all MSIL code in the entire app?
The report is shown in QueryDesigner but isnt shown in SSRS report page?
How to add to win forms app Listbox menu after right click event
camel - get xml from url
I got 鈥渁ddView(View) is not supported in AdapterView鈥�error when use Fragment
Sum / grouping with date constraints?
application stack trace interpretation using mdb
Cocos2d crash in CCLayer only on first run of the app
is it essential to copy a returned struct from kernel space to user space?
RSS feed link not opening
GridView full screen, but only cells without headers, C#
Youtube video events not firing
Rich:Calendar Set Time as Current System Time instead of Default
memcpy doubts. Needs clarifications
Recursively rename the files and folders
Increase fetch performance with Hibernate
Packing data in WebGL: float64/int64Arrays in Chrome
Automated Website Login using python's mechanize
Shift centred div to the right
Shift centred div to the right
grep lines matching a pattern, and the lines before and after the matching
jquery fullcalendar event with handler c#
Adding characters to an array as integers in C
How can i get parent page name in the user control page using javascript
javascript function that run php file who delete table row in database,mysql
Installation issue
Nhibernate cache vs cache
Android Listview with different row views and designs
Symfony framework; idiomatic way to store a user's role
Error in gitweb converting big svn reposity
Parsing date with TimeZone (java/android)
Scheme function that checks a list for duplicates
Rails 3 remote form: How do I specify the content type?
How to use WHERE statement in SQL to exclude a group
Blackberry Java Tabs in BB 7.0
Decompile & recompile single file from jar
Get Base64 from imageURI with PhoneGap
.htaccess - doesn't work subdirectory
Why does rails log an empty line?
Meaning of byte array - PCM
My web service does not return all rows from database even if I specify it to get all rows
Output List parameter is not modified after exiting a function in C#
Mysql returning clause equivalent
Backbone.js and DOM manipulation
Regex to find numbers which is multiples of 4 from a given a set of numbers?
Compare the relationship of two objects with a third object
How can I change my system path for Python on a Mac?
How do I link/navigate a application bar icon to a new WP page?
Mocking NHibernate & Linq
Integrate classic ASP with ASP.NET
scope of non-member, non static variables and methods
Should we use a WCF service as our service layer facade in nTier application
Error 500 retrieving a rss feed
504 error in Nginx+Passenger for long running Rails processes
Ruby/Metasploit NoMethodError undefined method `code'
Axis 1.6.1 issues while deserializing
PDF Rendering in HTML5 Canvas
Where can I find a formal grammar for Matlab?
Is pyparsing table-driven? If not, can you recommend a parser that is?
Processing ARJ File in Java
Is there a penalty to using two <nav> elements in a <header>
iPad modal view controller acting in portrait even though it's landscape
how to partition graph for pregel to maximize processing speed?
Debugging in IE8/9 & CSS No peer certificate while trying to connect using https with .bks keystore [duplicate]
How can I append to the system path for Maven Surefire tests that use DLLs?
onclick not triggering in Firefox 4.0 but works in Firefox 2.0
Vertical Align Middle an image in an a tag in a div
Horizontal Nav bar problems in Tumblr (CSS/HTML)
Graph library for Cocoa [closed]
sqlite3.OperationalError: unable to open database file
How to detect whether there's a newer version of my iOS application? [duplicate]
OpenGL Line Drawing
Opening a PDF in App Bundle in Safari ? iPhone
WPF threading error
How to output to a view using JSON in android when retrieving SQL query
Text in Easel.js framework
Purpose of IntentSender
Pull latest posts from a specific category
Reading loginame after http authentification
multiple configurations for azure cache
.js-file being served with the contents of index.html when app deployed to cloud
How to have a smooth transition when showing / hiding text
html or body size - padding/height/margin/something
Error connecting to oracle database from a .net application on Windows 7
Android - open SQLite database
System.Linq.Select method error: LINQ to Entities does not recognize the method
Conditional Live Compilation of css in RAILS 3.1
Intent chhoser in sending mail
javascript timing
about folder under subfolder using
How to see the Status messages in DUnit GUI from all the test cases at once?
How to get last 5 unique product IDs?
Keep form value after clicking the browser's back button
How many resources will a browser download from a given domain at a time?
Components in Component Diagram UML
EJB 3 & Swing: how to improve GUI responsiveness?
File Directory and File Creation Problems
.first('li) select first item in the list not working
Count all fields in an column, except for n specified range
How to overwrite a function used in a module-method?
Change with properties and ivars after ARC migration
Durable Subscriber is not receiving messages from Topic
Prevent Mobile Browser Zooming of One HTML Element
Trying to build nginx with luajit support but cannot open shared object file
Setting the DYLD_IMAGE_SUFFIX environment variable to _debug causes crash before main() is called after having updated Lion to 10.7.3
Android current location error Thread error
JavaComm v3 library
Delete keycode not returning in JavaScript
Creating a re-usable controller component in Lithium
Read files off the disk based on LastWriteTime and file count
Difference between C# and VB.NET console session
Cant get gravity to bottom on 鈥渙verlay activity鈥�
replace on duplicate with simpleJdbcInsert
Django inline formsets and choicefields generate too many db queries
how to off Rotation in Nokia device N82?
why java.util.Set can't return any value?
2Dimensional Array Pointer manipulation in C++
How to design a dynamic java program
How to design a dynamic java program
How to get a time visible in events?
convert integer to a character
Include and reference xml config files in a maven test-jar
jQuery - why can't I bind events to elements in a loop?
App Engine - file conversion
How to get weather info by Latitude & longitude from 鈥渉ttp://api.wunderground.com鈥�
How to fetch value of enum?
Windows common folder
Inserting element in doctrine listener
string arg[] causing java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
What is the equivalent to SoapExtension for JSON WebMethods?
How to resolve a NamingException that's only thrown when running application
How to progressively make invisible a polygon? [duplicate]
jQuery plugin waitForImages not waiting for images?
Matching Regex in Document
Testing a c++ DLL in deployment environment
How do I render a nested data structure with Node.js/Jade
Can C++/CLI return abstract class from C++ to C#?
Why is QMultiMap's find operation not working as I expected?
Simple JSON Object not Evaluating in Javascript
Looking for a way to reset or clear a DataReader
How to have different parts of config file in c#
What is your strategy to write logs in your software to deal with possible HUGE amount of log messages?
Add a new CLSID to windows registry using WiX
How to access url parameters in Action classes Struts 2
Java : java.lang.Double cannot be cast to java.lang.String
how to inflate a list view to a fragment
error of converting from one type to another type
Expand WAR or EAR files in jBoss AS 7
DLL and TLB referenced issue in Excel VBA
select, update, delete ASPNETDB.mdf profile table
Why is this AJAX callback not being called?
Connecting two sites
boost 1.49 interprocess example code doesn't compile
Get facebook posts/events/news/gallery with javascript (or php) inside my website
How do I catch the request url / domain in my REST api?
How to use CursorAdapter?
I want to check a string against many different regular expressions at once
Makefile using a library
Is there a way to read table data (parse) from pdf file using Adobe reader Type library
Can I read a RTF in FastReport?
1734: The array bounds are invalid
Makefile depency issue
Getting 鈥�鈥�in Project Navigator
PHP sort an array by lastname seperated by whitespace in modx
how to use drop down box in spring
Launching RETINA simulator from Xcodebuild for continuous integration
setting control source property of a textbox of subform in its parent form in ms access?
Setup git over ssh in Rubymine on Windows
How to let Guice bind an annotated injection to a single instance
Disabling the title of a QGroupBox
Condition to check if value from gridview cell was edited or not?
How to use XPath in FireFox?
Changing/replacing table column values using jQuery
how http server received file from client
TOP function in SQL Server 2005 not giving correct answer
SQL Server 2008: Looping through results of SELECT + performing other queries depending on position in loop and result
How to support re-sizing of DataGridRowHeader column in DataGrid
php/mysql getting date formats
InstallAnywhere: How to refer external file in USER_INSTALL_FOLDER during installation?
how to use of google captcha multiple times in page?
update markers without reloading the web page google maps v3
Checking all checkboxes in list by single checkbox click
Selenium server is not starting for easyb project
why POST method is not working?
Persist and reflect state repeater/datalist
added attribute in data model sections not working
COM_INTERFACE_ENTRY_BREAK macros doesn't work
How to use the DataContext of a parent class correctly
How to use auto indexing in ACCESS database using OleDb in C# with sql commands
How to insert multiple values in single CSV column using PHP?
Grails + Quartz: Threads don't stop properly
Programmatically change the value of a field without entering editmode and still refresh form
User Authentation using php and mysql
jQuery - check for index value
Opening PDF or Doc In a winform
getting individual atrributes while selecting a class with JQuery
wait for chrome.extension.sendRequest
How to use caps lock as a distinct meta key in OSX?
C# two double quotes
SQL Server query - I can't figure it out
File system operations (e.g. copy, delete, move) performed through ActiveSync - are they atomic?
jQuery UI 1.8.17 dialog options not working in IE9
How to link already made SQLite DB into an apk file or Android application?
Logging stream filter for PHP?
Loading web app jars in order using maven - same as websphereclassloaderMode=鈥淧ARENT_LAST鈥�in websphere
How to auto update a record in database?
Accumulate Daily data on weekly basis
Silverlight tab header in the left buttom
How to read a DNA sequence from a text File and store it in an array in C?
Threads sharing data in C++
c# asp .net Convert to MailAddress
(#210) User not visible - cannot post to user's wall
list of objects containing lists of objects
setting either controls in an item template of a gridview in C#
Recommended way to handle required and optional function parameters
What is the ($Foo)PS project in my $Foo ATL solution for?
setClickable() is not working on button
error installing blitz++
Blackberry delete menu item
Mustache(icanhaz) iterating array of arrays
Retrieve rails/devise current_user from Backbone
Add color parameter to custom control in ASP MVC 3
Insert data into a SQL Server 2008 table from a form in c#
file security android: how can I make a file to be read by my android application only
Connect to Amazon RDS with PHP
Discrepancy in iOS app size when in iTunes and on iDevice how to decrypt each label value in a gridview
Nhibernate entities across wcf
jquery mobile unable to get multiple page navigation keeping transitions
VS 2010 Setup Project - Installer when upgrading doesn't update the .exe or .config files
while printing how to skip a value which is not in dict
Maven & Junit Theories
How to apply bindings for template in a separate 'thread' or asynchronously?
Getting selected item's Value and Text from bounded DropDownList
heredoc not indenting or working as it should
How to check for an update is done or not
Java - Implementation of a service provider
Creating *.docx (and maybe *.doc ?) documents in the fly?
How to get a list of duplicate objects out of another list?
Adding new column to datagridview
SharePoint 2010 Failed to create My site Error User cannot be found
Error 500 with .htaccess file
Google ToS for Paypal inapp Payment in Android app
Mirroring in SQL Server image datatype support
Could not read input channel file descriptors from parcel [closed]
Print MySQL queries results with PHP in HTML pages
how to transfer gen_server/gen_fsm from node to node
how to create one .vcf file for all the contact in android
Simple delete query using EF Code First
read XYPlot size after each change in ChartPanel
Handle Ajax request and response zend framework
redirect to another page on click of submit button using backbone.js
Issue on Android Devices while looping sounds using playBackgroundMusic Method in Cocos2d-x CocosDenshion
JSON Schema Validator and Converter in Java
Extension method not found (not an assembly reference issue)
how to identify touch enabled mobile devices
Rotating (360deg) Text marquee animation inside a circle div
gmail authentication for my php website
Should I consider mobile browser virtual viewports a systemic bug or are there effective workarounds?
How do I define @since tags in Eclipse?
JSTL EL parameters auto supplement?
Wikipedia / MediaWiki Search API 鈫�query urls
Sphinx doesn't return matches when querying with Nodejs and limestone
Using both CRUD and Secure module in Play Framework
Jquery submits form multiple times
Assigning a random route to a student - Java
how to cover details (side effect not desired workflow) with scrum user stories
How to pause the count down timer in android?
What does Lazy mean in NHibernate
How to get a container Div with auto Height and with floating divs inside it?
iPhone : adjust sound equalizer settings - Does Apple authorize it?
JQUERY Galleria css position alignment issue in Firefox. Works fine in Chrome [closed]
Kohana ORM creating unique code based on other models attributes
Groovy XML and the 鈥渪ml:鈥�namespace
Does anyone know whether DOLS will support xPages anytime soon? [closed]
IOS: why devicetoken was not created, when the user does not allow for remote notifications
Using regexp in Java to verify that a string contains a pattern
How do I validate the number of records to be saved using a django inline formset?
Use std::list in Objective-C?
Symfony2 Doctrine2 Many-To-Many relation with two Owning Sides and Doctrine cmd line tools
Converting Project To ARC With Double Indirection Pointer Assign
Tvirtualstringtree, more than 2000 rows ,it add nodes to bottom and gets invisible and also not triggered on draw functions?
Query to select Items with one-to-many associations [closed]
Java application directory structure
how to retrieve records which occurred more than twice in oracle?
get first img of website by url
Character printing out as numbers to std::cout
how to check if a day of hour is filled by the user?
Remote Access to VirtualBox with Remote Display enabled: Multiple issues with Windows remote desktop client
Handling multiple cursors in stored procedure
EF Inserts already existing item
Codeigniter append existing session
SQL syntax increased efficiency
Reverse Engineering .NET C# what does this line means?
ADODB Recordset filter not filtering record in Windows 7
how to bind a pageshow event using Ajax in jQuery Mobile
How do I read code where 鈥渇rom <module> import *鈥�is used?
How to update all the fields using ContactsContract
Upload file to FTP via PHP's cURL, error because password contains '<' character
Submitted Forms not Encoding +'s when using method=鈥済et鈥�
Content-type is not as expected when uploading an excel file
How to specify the character
VLC: How to convert from mp4 to webm
open page in new tab in on clicking a dynamically generated link button in gridview using vb
Runtime-tests for the BGL
FFTW3: Interpret fftw_plan_r2c_1d output and access imaginary part of output
JQuery Mobile - Navbar Icons not appearing
XCode One-Click Enterprise Distribution Sharing
How to fix error code: -1000 in Facebook Video Sharing
Android: Mobile data access
Filter/Sort Listbox Items
Cannot remove long project names from Recent Projects list
Multiple File Uploads Which Supports all browser specially ie7, ie8 and ie9
Xcode doesn't log any exception / assert / error
two IF statements vs. one AND statement
Trying to Zoom ImageView
In Java, how do I flush the CPU memory cache so it retrives the latest from the RAM memory?
How many times does a normal login system allow an account to be tested its password possibly by hackers?
I need to share an object with many other objects - I've read complaints about singletons, so what should I use instead?
Using kinect to track a hand without a body image
How can we disable JAXB schema validation in Axis 1.4?
Is there a way to use a conditional statement in an XML file?
Anything similar to dryscape or selenium for PHP? (headless browser)
ListBox scrolling does not work
How can I select rows in reverse order (mysql)
How to fake HttpContext.Current for UTest?
Asynchronous socket client receive
How to add prefix and suffix to selected text
Apache Active MQ .Net Client (Apache NMS) and Visual Studio 2010 C# Express
What are advantages on running services as dedicated user
Debugging w/Embedded Mono how to set breakpoints in C# code?
VPN connectivity in iPhone Simulator
How simple to rotate text in stringgrid in delphi?
How to get MVC to lookup view in nested folder
Is .NET assuming a WebException when the web server return a not allowed message?
MapView showing in Ocean in ios 5
Set start page of jqgrid when loadonce: true
Facebook api rate limit - server side or client side is better?
Looking for suggestions on how to improve performance of pieces of java code
Adding new properties to constructor function without .prototype
set the width of a div inside an inner iframe using jquery *without* having an id on the iframe
Displaying a startup message to the user after jetty:run startup
how to access gridview's child control using java script
How to create thumb image while uploading video
Getting Values from hashmap on the GAE is very slow
How to move both knobs in jquery ui range slider
Unable to call Dispose?
How to make overflown text of one div to seamlessly move into another div
OpenSSL Node certificate path
How to use std::ref?
Understanding How HTTPS works and queries on this? [closed]
How can I get the URI of the previous page in WP7?
Refactoring PHP-based IP-Filter to work with IPv6
How do we decide the number of dimensions for Latent semantic analysis ?
struts2 spring jpa layers best practice
Updating user image using UPDATE Query ( Not working )
Database backup size increase
black line/gap in CCParallaxNode backgrounds with cocos2d?
size of fields of a c++ struct
MySQL Improving speed of order by statements
'ajax:success' callback doesnot work
how to execute javascript code after content disposition of a file
web hosting for spring and hibernate application
Convert 40px to sp
Adding background in jButton (netbeans gui builder)
Big Issue with a Custom View Group
Reuse or build new, looking for software development arguments [closed]
Symfony2: How to use validators of a different Bundle
Having 2 divs the same height
eclipselink moxy xpath - selecting all child elements of the current node or all elements in a document with a particular name
How to load jQuery in mediawiki?
java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01843: not a valid month
drawing popOver using core graphics
Getting Current Controller ID in Yii
Understanding user-defined data types in SQL
manually re evaluate expressions in page
Appengine Java & GWT - Cannot recreate and open a channel
Git Exclude a file from the merge
how to display live feed data from an asp .net website to my site?
How to parameterize an a4j:commandLink properly?
Oracle Rows to Column Transformation
error in implementation of bucket sort
Show 鈥渓oading鈥�while a new image is loading
How to combine hotspot in an image map?
what is the best way to save content to mongodb via google chrome extension?
Add session id to each log in Rails
Best practices for database comunication layer for SQL Server and .NET
Entity Framework connection string not from config
DMX software to control lights with programmable interface
How to insert a new hash into existing hash in ruby
Text in Text View not scrolling even i set ellipsize=鈥渕arquee鈥�in xml in android
getting error while using PrimeFaces 3 on inputTextArea鈥avax.servlet.ServletException: org.primefaces.util.ComponentUtils.getValueToRender()
Non increasing and Non Decreasing Subsequence
Codeigniter controller created when image not found
Need of Delegation in iPhone Development or Objective C
how to get a selected item on a spinner using SimpleCursorAdapter from DB
In C# .NET, does an async operation necessarily create a thread that blocks?
how to combine several mysql scripts (drop / create) to execute them at once?
Couldn't find .apk file of my project in Dropbox
string.length returns undefined?
When does an autonomous transaction end?
Simple count how many integers are in file in C
How we can handle dynamic web service in iPhone?
Exceptions for Entity Framework Code First Migrations
how to initialize java array size to store database ResultSet data?
oracle - commit over dblink?
Confirmation about android eclipse [closed]
.htaccess pass all the get params
etag and last modified headers for django app not being set
jboss-5.1.0.GA SSL localhost/client Connection
Set version on a windows service
Coding HTML e-mail - added image outline/border - gmail and Outlook
Should a www. to m. redirect for mobile devices accessing a PC site use a 301 or a 302?
UIButton removeFromSuperview
How use different font styles and icon in a Firemonkey stringgrid cell
Best Smart Tv to test Google Tv apps
Trouble locating images
Where to find the Click event in treeview nodes?
How to get values saved in strings from gridview editing event in grid view updating event?
Facebook login from internal IOS webpage
eventsource is crashing my browser
getting links from html source code
Why am I seeing this error [closed]
How to prevent scroll lag on Safari Mobile (iPad)?
linq to xml Select only nodes that have certain elements
Stop on last frame of animation in Jquery
find command listing results in directory order
Using MonoDroid Library apk from Java code
Special syntax of java try catch block
Datamodeling, constraints and issue with my model
What is wrong with my c code?
Jabber and expensive data (xml its trash)
howto disable format-dection on dates?
Why SFINAE gets messed up when changing the place of the class template specialization? Is this a C++ bug?
barplot for xts objects
fluentvalidation change default error message for int/long
TCP Binary protocol implementation
How to display text dynamically on pie chart in android?
JQuery - How to use a variable as selector using an attribute with it?
PhantomJs.exe throwing 鈥渢erminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::bad_alloc' 鈥�error on Windows 2008 R2
Page hangs when leaving it for a while using ASP.NET Ajax
resizing an external image
Knowing when all other ready callbacks are done
Is it kosher to send a 404 or 410, but still show the content?
iPhone: Drag&Drop UIViews
Creating helpers -> Call to a member function get() on a non-object
How to set instance variables from an NSMutableArray?
TFS 2010 Checkin Shelveset with merge conflicts
Loop through an array in jQuery
Int numbers appearing as 0x00000000
Open ID support for powered websites
how to add elements to an array in a loop using php
Unable to perform the JOIN between branched folders in Zend
Facebook share parsing page error [closed]
Multiple wsdl and xsd files鈥�into a single wsdl
How to generate clean API Docs for my CakePHP project
Converting String =鈥�xfbff0000鈥�to int value for using it in Layout.setBackground(int i);
Any recommendation for zip file upload by java servlet?
jquery tool tip make div appear
How to append a particular text box field in ajax [closed]
Creating a setup.exe in installshield. Visual Studio
Sencha 2 - displaying null value in nested List MVC Model failing to recognise values
jquery .show and .toggle open and close several times on one click
Curl-Java - Binding Package
Android Menu only works once per app run
Logging with MYSQL Handlers
Logging with MYSQL Handlers
What parameter type does bezierThrough in TweenMax library expect?
Recover windows seven
C# and Delphi integration
Upgrading from mysql server 5.1.41 to 5.5.21 in Ubuntu server 10.04.4 LTS
Can Button.Click event handler be interrupted by BackgroundWorker.RunWorkerCompleted event handler?
Twitter Integration in ASP.NET website
Text field select all / place cursor with jQuery
Auth-mode in floggy
Creating WCF service without .svc file
How to prevent flickering with duplicate webfont definition?
Use multiple background colors in labels
Fit images to viewport
Using JQuery to disable RequiredFieldValidators
Is possible to quickly select code and put into ie try block (VS 2010)? [closed]
Form always on top, include FullScreen Games
Google Directions Only, in pop-up window
Make the Application communicate with the current Activity
Pjax animations
iOS CLLocation - getting the location on ViewDidLoad
Drag and drop using basic jQuery framework
Creating a stored procedure to fill a new table using an existing stored procedure
Manually releasing boost locks?
Setting dates as first letter on x-axis using matplotlib
jQuery show inner div on hover
HTML , One form One submit Two action
Hierarchical tag structure with maven releases
firebug: how to break on any javascript activity?
can you edit the 鈥渘ext鈥�destination when using django's @login_required?
comparison of parsed data using linux and the use of that comparison in ' if ' or while loop
Displaying mock location using requestSingleUpdate in Android
Cocoa HTTP post method authentication
How to set up Zend Route to use an additional 'parameter' prior to the MVC paramters?
Code crashes when trying to set a localized description for an NSError