Why does this code print two times? [duplicate]
The difference between foo and foo_ in Objective C [duplicate]
There's something undefined in my function
How to write RTP/H264 stream as a file
MySQL string manipulation to count values in a field
Google Earth plugin balloon text not showing in Qt QWebView
Codeigniter redirection on hosting server
What tools do people from Android Dev Team use to create Diagram and flowcharts? [closed]
How to perform an action once Mathjax loaded completely?
Asynchronous execution of sql using unixODBC api is failing
JavaScript Events like onclick and onload
Title in nested ASP.NET Master Pages
User defined TYPE across databases
SQL is null and = null [duplicate]
While loading .obj file using libgdx got the error
disabled button
What does mean futex_?
Retrieving Rating from Database and Setting of RatingBar on Android
change color of rows in grid in ExtJs
鈥淢odal Dialog鈥�in WPF - make overlay block key events
How to annotate user existence checking with Spring?
android close managed cursor
Why does this function not work as expected?
How to restart a Thread in C# .Net 4.0?
variable argument in java
How to get nested attribute and images from Json response
Site keeps getting hacked and .htaccess changed
Return of wrong ASCII code in JavaScript
Load users from Active Directory using ADLDAP
Recommended date format for REST GET API
Proper way of closing Excel application
Updatepanel and fancybox not working unless fancybox is opened twice
Drop down list in struts2
automatically executing mysql query from php not working
select entities of multiple subclasses extending from one superclass using doctrine 2
Compare percentage value against decimal Excel
APKinspector - Find String from Strings in SideView - Shortcut?
Phonegap + JQM - Phonegap.js?
How to sub date in datagridview in C#
public variables wp7 mango
jQuery Mobile: How to refresh page with dynamic DOM manipulation?
Get the position of an element
How can I extend/configure other plone addons preferences Configlets?
visual studio 2010 performance analysis - where to specify key file
how does the shell script envsetup.sh execute lunch?
imgId.style.webkitTransform = tString; not working
replace a word in a sentence
Show row number in row header of a DataGridView
Why I get response 3 in my test account using authorize.net
JSON array convert to Javascript array
Specified record in top of results list
Integration of facebook opengraph to wordpress?
Why can't I get the specific node under some condition?
Formatting text in UltraTooltipManager
Parsing XDocument using LINQ
Resizing the image in php for viewing purposes only
Django staticfiles nesting
how to changeCheckBox ControlTemplate to another shape while keeping the behaviour of 鈥淐hecked鈥�and 鈥淯nchecked鈥�Visible?
Preparing my ASP.NET / MVC site to use SSL?
How to get the values in a database table to an array using php code?
Is there any way to take some confidential data from this site? [closed]
Empty id attribute is not allowed in JSF Composite component
How to create new clone instance of PSObject object
SVN checkout fails with 鈥淐ould not read鈥�鈥�error
How to use a TextWriter in multi consumers?
Maven Unique Version in Jar File Name
How to provide relative paths in CSS file in MVC3
VBA error handling not working when function being called generates error
PowerBuilder change menu on runtime
Change the width of the facebook like button
SSN masking using the regular expression
Using constructor for creation of a Generator based on parametrized super class
Getting error in selenium test cases
Backbone JS Routing not working as I expect
ExtJs Grid Panel that contains links returns false
Implementing a custom non-mapped property on entities
retrive comma seperated values for matching record in sql query
@AssociationOverride and @joinColumn doesn't work
Converting from byte to int in java
Retrieve calendar event entry information
Storing values in a data structure Haskell
Changes done from Spring 2 to Spring 3
How secure is URL rewriting?
ALAssetPropertyLocation returning nil
Disabling auto-uploading on Blueimp jQuery File Upload
Location Based Notifications are not calling in suspend mode
GetTokenInformation with TokenGroups
RavenDB - where condition on included object
maps api v3 behind a proxy
How to show the names of non-participants in the last sending quiz in each division?
Chinese or Japanese character string comparison
Does Google chrome support custom MIME types?
SOAP Web service completing before all data is processed
Expression on Func with multiple parameters
Get most unique text from a group of text
callback function does not appear to be executing
Letter into words
Tool for capturing screenshots in TFS2010 Web Access
TFS 2010: Why is it not possible to deserialize a Dictionary<string, object> with XamlWriter.Save when I can use XamlReader for deserializing
How to display contact list programmatically in android?
Why is MySQL not using indexes with composite WHERE IN?
Modify DEFAULT clause while creating a table
sqlite, select query doesn't work
how to set and display flash messages in symfony1.4
How can I prevent date overlaps in SQL?
Which permission should be added to add contact?
how to solve OutOfMemoryError in android?
segmentation fault when ENTERING loop
Japanese and Russian characters - web encoding?
Getting all hard-coded paths out of the code, how to handle the config file?
Validate Image URL
Why does ARC work for iOS 4.0+ only?
submit form after clicking selected tab and page also stay on that tab
First Steps into Scala
How to set first responder for NSTextView?
Send information from dismissing ViewController
How do I and other facebook users embed my simple google gadget on their wall / tab
in Xcode which IBAction is responsible for detecting the release of a button
Eager loading in ASP.NET MVC 3 (Entity Framework)
Adding a function to onclick to close popup and refresh parent
Windows forms app, autoscale controls with form
How to know whether I'm connected to a network or not?
Optimize a MAX aggregated query involving various tables
Netbeans, glassfish and charset
jQuery window.load doesn't modify dom elements created with other javascript
Passing cookies from domain to sub domain
issue for the share a text on Linkedin.com
What is the best practise to organize different applications under VOBs
Concern on hosting OSQA/Django on GAE
How to Detect an Application launch and Exit in android
how to create a transparent rectangle responding to click event in Tkinter
Render html instead of JSON from JavaScript
I want to set visibility in ExpandableListView for group elements
Slow WebClient.DownloadString?
Wicket Framework DropDownChoice
Can't remove all 鈥渓i鈥�items from a list
camel jetty:http and post data
Airbnb.com logo like animation
Using CMake to index source files of an external library with Eclipse
Java: top-n elements from stream source
How do I do multiple level eager loading in Entity Framework 4.3 when I have a polymorphic collection?
Facebook app logout notification iOS
How to use Windows Azure in Indonesia?
Howto interop between vb.net and c (.dll) char* and structs*
How to disable auto-suggestion/word-completion in Windows Mobile 6.5 from settings?
How to avoid users getting 500 Errors when server throw exception
Is it possible to assign a key press code to the press on an Android button?
Log rotation in Rails DEVELOPMENT mode?
Change selection in explorer window?
Deliver dummy image for not existing files in Apache
shared library searching for patterned names
Whatss App like notification icon creation
Removing tinyMCE Editor.onKeyPress event - breaks in Opera
Mapping in Entity Framework slow
Function: calculating seconds between data points
Scan multiple documents using WIA
M-dialog - show number of char that are left when the user typing?
putting source of all images into an array
How to implement overriding properties policy with rocoto ?
Let an server-side Beanshell script interact with the user in a JavaServer Faces environment
Ember.js widgets/components?
Java and MySQL managment [duplicate]
Is it possible to disable authorization on one action in an MVC controller?
How can i redirect a php page to another php page ? [duplicate]
Count blank fields in entire Column
ColdFusion increasing number count
Justifying text in HTML email for outlook
Partial syntax highlighting with Python and MacVim
choosing between two xml files at the onCreate(), possible?
get selected tabbed panel in the flex
Facebook FQL `like` table retuns max 100 rows?
Create a script rotating backup on remote disk
call ItemUpdating function on dynamically created save button click in listview
VBA Excel Button resizes after clicking on it (Command Button)
What is the lifecycle of a jsp PageContext object - is it threadsafe?
what is the difference between static structure and normal structure?
Which one of these sites to start learning python? (complete beginner) [closed]
IE/jquery/CSS compatibility
jQuery limit 鈥淒ropdown Check List鈥�selects
Two Django projects running simultaneously and mod_wsgi acting werid
Regular expression excluding subpatterns
Parsing xml in string [duplicate]
Type GetTypeFromCLSID (Guid clsid, string server ) - can I use IP for server name?
How does a JCA resource adapter read custom properties defined in the ra.xml
Setting culture info dynamically
Phonegap geolocation.watchPosition not updating location on iPhone
Rate-limiting for rails controllers
How to have my footer expanded on the bottom of my window browser
j2me-j2se socket connection
Customizing the VS C++ debugger [duplicate]
Background property does not work for jpg
Is there an equivalent to NHibernate's ToFuture in Hibernate
proxy in fsi.exe (fsharp interactive)
In objective-c, what is the default value for a field if no default value is provided?
Audit/Log in ASP.NET MVC3
Checking for case insensitive parameters
Storing object on the DB and retrieving it
Timezone issue - android
CSS: only scroll to visible content
Xml is not defined when passed using ajax request
Android: How AirDroid app does work?
Inserting data into one table then multiple rows into another using data from the first using stored procedures (SQL + C#)
why return negative values
Variable not available after using a switch statement?
How to create a scrollable element within a floated element?
Why does MVC 4 Web API match action parameters from a GET request body?
How to automatically generate the Login ID for an new user in java?
can order by follow it union select?
Checking two tables if they have the same value (and adding a checkmark)
importing a external page with javascript
jQuery check box validation
jQuery fading images with HTML resize makes them move sometimes
Why should be there a space after '[' and before ']' in the Bash Script
RSpec and devise : cannot sign_in admin
VS 2005 - Command Line Program Crashes
Errors trying to load an assembly in C#
JavaScript Pop-up box vs Light box? [closed]
scalar ivar & memory warning or viewUnLoad
implementing a scheduler class in Windows
Open the files in my application
Can combobox be built dynamically on load with a row value from a table?
How to add custom tooltip for google map marker ?
Android: Play video in Background
Domino 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack1 - how to update extension library on server?
Unable to access resources in .net web project
button not working in MVC when JQuery SCRIPT tag is used in view
Mule Esb 3.2.1: gathering the results of a splitter and outputting results as XML
How to prevent Android's native webview from performing a mousedown event after a touchdown
Tool for only combining JavaScript files, without compressing or uglyfying?
posting to a Facebook fan page with sharekit
Socket plain text response cut off
process.kill() method doesn't work on windows 7
print_r() PHP function in C#
.htaccess 301 redirect to a new URL structure
Do multi-column indexes affect the size of db-backup or size of mysql Server's RAM or HDD or CPU?
get Event inside of EventListener
oscommerce postfinance integration showing unknown order/1/s
Binded NSTextField doesn't update the entity until it lose the focus
Syntax errors in convex hull algorithm
Hudson how to deploy multiple webapps?
Sql simple beginner operation
MVC Binding to checkbox
Fixing .htaccess when serving images via PHP
Printing PHP float with 3 digits after the decimal point?
Fixed point in Matlab
How to check correctly for (const) overloaded method
Display fb and twitter share page on a lightbox
iphone Displaying alert with multiple buttons at application's first launch
How to capture 鈥淍鈥�and 鈥�鈥�key pressed - Silverlight Textbox Keyup Event
Git problems when pulling and new versions of code
MySQL select datetime row with timezone offset
How to connect UITextView to a home made keyboard?
Does Apple allow to download OpenGL shaders in iOS game at runtime?
Collecting and processing data logged by Facebook scribe server
The safety of API calls
JavaFX Bounds and CSS
NSUserDefaults. setValue works, Not setBool
Entity framework model first timestamp
send php variable value via javascript in url
ActionBarSherlock 鈥�How to implement TabNavigation on SherlockActionbar + RoboGuice?
Error in Android SQLite cursor
magento bulk products upload images but do not display in version greater than 1.6?
Want to show 500 images for my e catalogue apps in wp7
How to run the test project to test another application using JUnit?
Android - timestamp issue
Proper place to put initialization code in JSF?
May local role be inherited in Plone?
Fully OO Ftp library for php
lack of gz files when using tinyme with compressor in Internet Explorer
$facebook->getSignedRequest(); return the correct value in iframe while return null on my server side
How to activate urban airship
Programming for HbbTV [closed]
Exception Details: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Invalid column name 'PRC0000001'
Remote View update issue
No copy of Riven.bundle/Riven found locally, reading from memory on remote device
MVC3 structure routes
Which parameters decide the size of data type for a processor?
Where does XMPP stand? [closed]
url rewrite with the help of .htaccess
Redirect URL without parameter
I want to set jpanel size which is called in jtree
How to provide a default answer to readline in node.js
phonegap + jqm error: 鈥淯ncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier at file:///android_asset/www/index.html:2鈥�
Amazon FPS how do I make items appear in the checkout?
IE9 debugging website for IE7 and IE7 standards
get the error value from linear regression function lm
How to do SQL calculation from a view?
Getting Error in CreateTableCommand.ExecuteNonQuery();
Function doesn't generate options for select in IE7
How do OAuth access tokens work for API requests?
Add PK to each N-N tables for replication? [duplicate]
Method to get when UIWebView starts displaying content before `webViewDidFinishLoading`is called
Jack Sensing in C#
facebook login from new fbconnect
read mixed data types in text file Python
MySQL not release memory
Can dompdf + file_get_contents be used safely?
Bad response code
How to save a number as contact?
Platform Related issues in visual basic program.. help needed
how to make the breakpoint work in the bashdb
showing text on textview thn pausing the main thread
Zend: How to manage XML data where multiple elements have the same name using Zend_Config_Xml?
Automatically run 'make check' if 'make install' is executed in autotools
How we can edit footer in joomla to make it editable through Its editor(tinymce)
How to get SHA-512 hashing in objective-C?
Usage of Google/Yahoo API calls in Android app
com.liferay.portal.kernel.deploy.hot.HotDeployException error?
instead of firstordefault what do i use to get all the values
Doctrine not allowing ResultSetMappingBuilder to work
How can i set the parentaccountid in dynamic CRM using Main Data Web Service?
Need help in creating radio buttons dynamically
Implementing a simple thread pool
get requested ajax url with $.ajaxsetup complete
get requested ajax url with $.ajaxsetup complete
swap two variables without using a third variable as an intermediary position [duplicate]
How to represent hierarchical product catalog [taxonomy] in Javascript with multiple inheritted attributes?
JAX-RPC Client parameter conversion
How to apply layouts for different url with same actions
How to use view scope in case of CDI in JSF 2.0
how to retrieve TITLE of a HTML with the help of HTMLEditorKit
Modulo (%) works with Decimal datatype but not with float or real. WHY?
Retrieving data from a form in MVC3
Using Rhomobile for iPad app development, header image required on top of tabbar
c# same event handler for multiple events
Error message: Sequence contains no elements
Compress file using Java Zip class or bash zip command
The difference between 鈥淥bject *obj鈥�and 鈥淥bject &obj鈥�
Retrieve SVN repository list from within Java application
Limit max value of SQL calc
NSInvocationOperation Yield equivalent
How to use single instance of selenium to multiple groups?
How to use a full text index for exact matches?
MFMessageViewController and inline UIImage
How to disable automatically build for only one project?
How to get database specific datatypes in java?
Clean Arrow Underline Menu wiht Images
h263 vs h264 on asterisk
Should I create interfaces for message receivers?
Why implement stacks and queues java
No such file to load while running rake reek task
To access Github private ropositories in rhomobile
EE to manage static content: How would you do this?
Google Places POST 鈥淚NVALID_REQUEST鈥�response when adding a place
Visual studio 2008 IDE gets slow
vim: display relative linenumbers starting with 1
Is container of containers a bad design?
how to get id passed from anchor tag in a div init event?
How to add a Custom Annotation using ASM
Checking Network Load Balancing (NLB) and IIS programatically in C#
Is it possible to modify a non-volatile variable such that another thread is able to 鈥渟ee鈥�the update?
How can I set a Table View Controller to my own view controller subclass?
Powershell foreach move to next if error
ASP.NET Outputcache when doing a ajax call and posting json
Nhibernate data object has object added, removed, then added
How can add External File to Project Resources?
Can a Metro application be aware of other apps?
Flex RemoteObject get size of request/response
Editable treeview node using templates and styles
Static Title Bar?
Add Android project
How to manually set REFERER header in Javascript?
Combining jQuery Mobile taphold and jQuery UI draggable
Why is the AnalysisServices DLL moved in SQL Server 2012 RC0?
windows service communication and threading
running a client/server prog on a single system
Using one subject to propagate completly different event streams through
Missing separator in Makefile?
JavaScriptSerializer seems to ignore the maxJsonLength configuration
Arabic letters on samsung J2ME polish app are disassembled
Disabling TButton issue on a VCL styled form
jCycle Gallery Not displaying in IE7
Stopping Handler runnable tasks when destroying activity
how to get the login page in facebook using oAuth?
FB comments are ignoring Meta tags
The header does not appear for the ones who install ipa
Updating a dict attrib from an extended class updates the base class. Why?
Building android projects with TeamCity - testing and code coverage issues
How to Implement a Class That Only Needs to be Initialized Once?
How can i use xpath or other method to get node content data from the rotator?
Customizing QPaintPath drawing algothithm on QWidget
Detect drop target node in a sencha ext-gwt 3.0 tree
Transparency dotted OpenGL ES 2.0
Timer event does not fire
Emacs: error wrong number of arguments when trying to call my function
How does Typo3 handle images that I upload?
Tweaking my free-text search to return the correct results - Ranking seems off at the moment
How to have different sizes for infobox in Google Maps?
FIFO class in Java
Get content from Drupal Views with JSON
Codeigniter - Creating own helper
WCF ReceiveTimeout infinite
Soap messages with DHTMLX Touch
parsing gettext .po files with python
c# Howto enumerate DCs in a different domain
How can I register multiple generic components with multiple generic services in castle windsor?
SP2010, How to get value from DatePicker in InfoPath (Form Library) template
polymorphic association without nested routes event
possible to sort facebook friends birthdays from a graph api fetch?
How to recompile my ascx control(Developed using vs 2003 using Visual Studio 2005?
How to process dynamic fields at run time in Django
iOS UIAutomation Failed:The target application appears to have died
How can I simplify code generation at runtime?
CSS3PIE's htc file is not downloaded by IE9
Foreach loop dieing after one iteration
Issue with Selectionchanged event for a listbox in windows phone
String comparision difference in different ways in java
What are the ways to modify the font in android and how to set exact size for the boldness in android?
Build OpenJpeg for iPhone with configure and make
PowerBuilder NULL and Empty variable
emacs hg remove function
Magento, linking grid row links to other modules
CSS sliding doors with 3 pictures, hover effect issue
Transparent window with a border
How to display a cv::Mat in a Windows Form application?
Downloading log files for a particular domain
php add or subtract timezone offset
Java XSLT How can I escape French, German AND Greek in the same document?
How to select add to selected date 1 day using monthcalendar in c#
putting 2 programs together
Is there any way to make a page only callable by the ColdFusion admin? [duplicate]
gcc -fno-stack-protector option
ASP.NET Dynamic Control Generation for Multiple Types of Controls
Clean OnBeforeExit Popup (Facebook style?)
NHibernate 3.2 many to any mapping by code and inheritance
SOAPtoPOJOTransformer in mule esb
How to add Effects/Filters to image iOS SDK
Keeping everything in a single lua bytecode chunk?
Discover all class implementing an interface
Https post is working on Android emulator but not working in Device
Delphi compiler directive for shortstrings not working?
Which template is the netbeans default for a new java class?
Exception in @Html.EditorFor in Umbraco 5
PrimeFaces sheet: frozen columns
Excel VBA: interrupt code execution (not by hitting 'escape')
How to calculate difference between longitude latitude?
Does Caliburn.Micro play nicely with user controls?
How can I have 2 objects of the same type in my class?
Regular Expression for paired brackets
Retrieve group of data in the row to columns
Passing obj-c class to javascript doesn't work. What am I doing wrong?
set cache-control to external resources?
turning the pointer to an array int the array itself
OSM IO Exception downloading MapTile
Apache directory and security for the images
How to read the target path value of a given shortcut (*.lnk) file in VB 2010 .NET?
database implementation with rails
why Linux diff utility produces output when contents are the same?
How to know what HTTP response code and headers are sent before sending them
c# mvc3 controller having a overall if-statement
Localized UISegmentedControl
Core data migration - how to combine two entities into one
How do set a default attribute value for a module class
ContentProvider Threading
Mobile Safari - event.target in touch event
Choose customer group on checkout in Magento
Count length of array and return 1 if it only contains one element
How to Use a DLL file
Any ascii85/base85 encoder/decoder for iOS?
Semantic web app for my project?
Howto crop area outside polygon?
Echo of Float value
index is changing every time i'm clicking a button
nodejs httprequest with data - getting error getaddrinfo ENOENT
Automatic start of Azure webrole after deploy
What's wrong with this php foreaach code?
Best way of validating session in other-domain iframe
sql compact 3.5 sp2 download and silent install
Can I use observer pattern for error handling?
Hlep on generating a basic ledger report in SQL Server
Socket IO publish-subscribe model tricky
Not able to generate WCF client code for WCF service which is hosted in windows service
Object pool: abstract super-class or generic?
How can I traverse a linked list that can not only include loops, but also multiple links from a single node? (VB6)
Sorting is not working for my WPF DataGrid?
need help for jquery ajax file upload
Get listitem using jquery or javascript from Office 365(Sharepoint Online)?
How to retrieve xml root element all attibutes in php?
check if I have touch my bitmap image or not android canvas
MongoDB dot notation in Grails
how to display video from facebook pages to my website?
Values from conversion to .dat format using sox does not seem to be normalized
Domdocument find and insert
How to config a jQuery plugin using ajax_command_invoke? Drupal 7
why did it cause a 鈥渕utating method sent to immutable object鈥�exception?
How to implement like JAVA 鈥楶rotect鈥�function in Object-C?
C++ Tool to check each header has an implementation
Synchronizing stacks between threads
View showed as a drop down
ms-access popup menu items: format / function or subroutine / passing parameters
Select parent-child data up to a limit with no orphans
Standardized returning values - is it a good or bad idea
Ignore changes and upload specific version with AnkhSVN and Visual Studio 2010
Trying to use spring MVC validator with parent child class relation.Getting an error more details below
How to fix loading images again in Chrome
Intermittent FluentNHibernate configuration Error
Checking iMessage Functionality in ios during RunTime
Insert a comma after first column and before last column
Make e-showcase using Drupal 7 [closed]
How to remove accelerometer or gravity or whatever this value in cocos2d?
Libltdl on iOS?
Wicket 1.5 and obtaining a URL to page instance
Getting position/width/height of MainWindow
Lazy strategy on OpenCL1.1
convert Javascript Object to a Ruby Hash
Histogram using Excel FREQUENCY function
What is the conceptual difference between SynchronizationContext and TaskScheduler
In GCC, can precompiled headers be included from other headers?
FQL select column name 鈥淎S鈥�alias
How to edit the layout of reviews page of Magento?
How do I pull in the right number of dynamically generated variables using php and javascript?
how to send file to http server through http request
Advantage of using 64-bit OS and 32-bit application together?
Calling 鈥渟howDialog鈥�from 鈥渙nResume鈥�throws runtime exception
Calling 鈥渟howDialog鈥�from 鈥渙nResume鈥�throws runtime exception
Need to create a REST-ful web service using nodejs
Adding Multiple Textfiled values has to retrieve in one textfield
Calling a function into document.getElementById
Is it ok/legal to develop iphone apps on pc using a virtual machine
What is an elegant solution to checking which delegate pushed the modal view controller?
How to print document both side
javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Resource /WEB-INF/classes not found with maven tomcat plugin
Using Cake PHP Sort to sort Array Keys
JAXB and abstract classes
Import into SQL Server with format file and bulk insert
While intsalling cakephp on ububtu 11.10 give rewrite_module error
Embed git-describe, date and time in a build during compilation in eclipse
How to make CRUD in ASP.NET MVC with writing less code?
How do I handle errors when bundling multiple ajax calls into jQuery.when()?
How to get the social networking profile information through Email Id?
Pass null values to SVG path (using d3.js) to suppress missing data
shuffle() everything in array?
How to transfer input value from one input to another with jquery
Include .pyd module files in py2exe compilation
How to play a shot in a video using JMF?
Can麓t use form with qtip2. (Events won麓t activate.)
Is it possible to post message to facebook when the app is running in background
Getting L_ERRORCODE0=10001& Timeout processing request
Can't co-create object
How to test with Selenium RC js function's return
Can not use the com.sun.net.HTTPServer.httpserver
How to show multiple text fields on button click one by one
Getting value from std Object
System.setProperty used by a thread impacts other thread in communication to external network elements. How to resolve it?
Android push Notification sample
Add js and css files to views in zend framework
get the acceleration without gravity
CSS ::selection automatically swap color and background-color
Jar is in class path but refuses to work
Crazy Jquery ajax error
How to ban system soft keyboard?
where should click event add after inherit window?
Using jQuery to control HTML5 <audio> element
Add dynamic tabs in tabbed property view of eclipse
How to append REST call JSON response to jQuery datatables?
how to show all VirtueMart Product list
separating class code into a header and cpp file
Excel stores graphic as .emf @ 100+ MB, how to convert this to flat paint format?
c# asp .net Add column with static text on gridview
Crystal Reports Exception: The maximum report processing jobs limit configured by your system administrator has been reached
A good summary/explanation of Sql Server Express 2008 versions available for download?
Using dependecy injection the right way
Getting parameters of one view in another
Partial View via Ajax all Javascript References are broken
Move to top function is not working in kineticJs [closed]
PHP imap_createmailbox issue
HibernateSystemException: Unknown entity: org.hibernate.collection.PersistentSet;
How to do error handling in Stored procedure
Custom buttons in jquery mobile
AdMob won't work on my app - Says I must have an AdActivity declared (I already do!!)
write in the android calendar
Out of memory when encoding file to base64
How to get domain name from a String
Call block and send SMS back
javascript does not reconnect to server side if connection is lost
ActionController::RoutingError (undefined method `before_filter' for Class): Error
How to find Topic IDs in a CHM file
Unity disappeared, logged into the 鈥渄ebug mode鈥�only, after cleaning
Socket connection on the client side
How to get all the values selected in a multiselect ListBox in vb6?
XML - how to get namespace tag name?
Does facebook use comet or long polling for getting new stream and messages?
How to call JSONP request in Sencha Touch application
How to zoom in/zoom out by increasing a layout or textView text size in **android**?
Dynamically change prototype for JavaScript object
Recursion and return in javascript
redirecting to insecure content(http) from secure(https)
How do I handle response from an Ajax Request in Rails 3?
Most suitable payment gateway API for Google App Engine [closed]
Saving javascript to generate value in Database - better solution?
img tag without 鈥榮rc鈥�attribute in IE9
Missing something or do I just not understand epoll?
How to make Django sqlclear output CASCADE for dependent relationships
Android: Using ViewPager to swipe whole TabActivity
showing progress on imageview on customcell on uitableview
How to retrieve db2 command output from within Java program
Array.binarysearch in java [closed]
Recording (counting) Method calls in C# /VS2010
Identifying bean dependencies associated with a specific operation
Wrong date showing in simulator of iPhone
Convert XML to map
Extracting item order after sorting in jQuery sortable list
Write an alarm clock on Android without using services
Suggested save name of an untitled NSDocument
Passing C# struct to C++/CLI for C++ wrapper
Xcode generated NSManagedObject subclass errors
Why is This Camera Unable to Continuously Yaw?
Give linespace in extjs grid content
Call A Method In Dll Using HTML5
Undo Context Menu on UltraWinGrid
android - get Text out of webview
Distance between one point to all other in a PDB file
Don't know how to merge two MySQL tables
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javascript codes are not responding properly
How to access a JDBC ResultSet from a JSP page
Apache Multiple Subdomain DNS Handling
Facebook Application that Searches for nearest Place
Unexpected scrollbar
troubleshooting 'WSGIRequest' object has no attribute 'user'?
creating a polygonShape in Libgdx, using the Box2D (ligdx modified) classes, but no collision of that object
Convert html table to array in javascript
sqlite3 table with limited max lines (by choice) efficiency
REST webservice 鈥淏ad request鈥�
Is there any proper way to determine section number in table from CGPoint if the section is empty?
Google Visualization API - not showing tooltip
JBDC - execute SELECT and INSERT atomically across concurrent threads
How to use a column alias in a Select Case When Grouping
Additional empty row in QSqlTableModel
Python: Update XML-file using ElementTree while conserving layout as much as possible
nested exception is java.sql.SQLException: Invalid column name ORACLE
Recursively override a rc file in bash
doesn't show select option in chrome
How to restrict dragImage of NSView in a specific rect
asp.net MVC Controllers and authentication
Django GIS' coveredby query returns wrong result
IIS 7 URL Rewrite or Reverse Proxy to Handle Firewall Security
how to display value from xmpp in Listview android application
Check if an object exists by its selector, return a boolean value with jQuery or Javascript
Update facebook using JavaScript
Excel Object SaveAs, error happens when Existing File is Open
highlight multiple map areas using jquery
Creating Mutli-Div Overlays
using arc, my ivars are null after init
Is it possible to split a HTML <table>'s rows using CSS?
Is it possible to control radio button label to appear at extreme right?
Titanium: How to add Contact in Phone book in Android?
Table View like in Instagram app
JSON exception preventing android build
Can very large floating-point numbers cause non-determinism?
jquery dialog() with form - select an option opens a new dialog box when click 鈥渙k鈥�
Geting Organization name for a Exchange Server
Can't view my TextView inside buttons onClickListener
AJAX File Upload return value
how to split column into multiple values using another
Custom UITableViewCell with UIButton: which button has been clicked?
How to use a shape and selector at the same time for the background of a android layout element?
Proper implementation of an Identifying relationship in Entity Framework?
Virtual Directory and Web Services
C pointer ,seg fault
BLOB data management in MySQL during update to null?
3D image gallery with jquery
How do I update consecutive rows in a mysql database using php?
what does 鈥�?鈥�mean in this shell command?
SQL JDBC template drop table issue: drop table with FK and Unique index (JDBC template)
Video blinks once on onCreate of previous fragment
Rails Truncate with an on hover function
opencv C++ : How to display webcam capture in windows form application?
polish characters in debian command line only installation [closed]
populate spinnerB with one of two arrays (from string.xml) from the users choice of spinnerA
iPhone:How to fetch image from photo library or camera with 鈥渆dit鈥�funcitionality like iPhone photo app
Comma operator(,) Where it can 鈥渞eally鈥�be useful
Complex data type reponse gives Exception in WCF SOAP using KSOAP2 in Android
Add 2 projects into one
Submodules not working in GitExtensions
CALayer initWithLayer: bound to default constructor by mistake? Can I override the default constructor?
ExtJS 4 GroupingSummary How To Deactivate Expand on Summary Row Click
How to get the actual hard link URLs
jquery-ui dialog, how to apply css on the outmost div on the dialog window only?
Rails worker optimization
How can javascript (or a browser extension) detect the use of restricted functions?
android TCP client unable to display data sent from C Server via wi-fi
Get page content that required authentication in PHP
Durable map to map to queue for fair scheduling?
Joomla lyftenbloggie HTML5 template removing
Extracting text between two bookmarks using Apache PdfBox
Crash EXC_BAD_ACCESS on string with format
generate_tiles.py stops prior to completing the requested zoom levels
can't call onactivity result function after child activity is finished
How to start Thread with lambda expression c#
the resource 鈥溾� could not be resolvedin design time
What options do i have for generating .net bytecode?
Java - Variable might not have been initialized
Ruby and if statements
Application settings aren't begin deleted when I uninstall my program
Error:The name 'you' does not exist in the current context
Htaccess in root folder config
Sencha Touch Accordion items blank
Can not Increase stringsize of Production Pool column in Dynamics-AX 4.0
After Debugging program is not running and displayed error messages
a href not working propely in jqmobi
SSH Session Capture
interupting link to my app
Is it recommended to put a function inside .each()?
Plotting individual pixel in shoes:Ruby
Sencha - Add custom attributes to element
Points for members in a network who invites non users
Auto use Numerictextbox instead of textbox for integer columns in Telerik Gridview [ edit mode ]
Perform an event on selecting a prticular row in dojox.grid.DataGrid
How to connect GUI screens in Android ?
How to import a huge file into PostgreSQL?
How I can calculate the age in Java [duplicate]
Is there any way to improve performance while inserting rows into Oracle DB?
how to show data from table in drop down list using MVC3?
Throttling intensive IO task in node.js
Getting error android.content.Context cannot be resolved to a variable?
.Net Installation: Overwriting the old version with the new one
Intellij Idea - automatically add final keyword to the generated variables
Active Admin - refresh second drop down based on first drop down, Ruby on Rails
Notification for a chat widget
How to get the body content of a replied email using Javamail API
Custom Array Adapter Returning Blank Screen?
How to implement a decision matrix in Delphi
WCF concurrency & sendTimeout
Android Hello World is not running
Display an edit text box on click of a button
acts-as-taggable-on(2.2.2) will_paginate(3.0.2) rails(3.0.3) ruby 1.8.7 tagged_with method undefined
MongoDB scaling
featured content slider plugin
How to count data occurrence in a MySQL table using PHP
Template functions in c++
how to run a xmpp process and django server simultaneously
Best practices place to put URL that configs my app?
SQL Replication issue with Primary key
Modification of directory into file in Linux by using inode structure in C program
ASP.net C# blog
How can get device token for iphone push notifcation under Ad Hoc
object reference vs an interface reference
Is there a way to get push to scroll functionality in Windows 8 metro Apps?
Raising a button clicked event from a style in a WPF text box
Does MVC architecture fit javascript widget applications
self.delegate respondsToSelector: 鈥�does not compile
Rails, Paperclip uploads to Amazon S3 not working with Amazon RDS but working with Postgres
DLL Reference pointing to Temp folder class
Why does console.log(10150141932135203) print 10150141932135204 in both Firefox and Chrome and how to I deal with large integer values like these?
I am trying to create a rub gradient in css3 with opacity
battery indicator for android
Unable to share a project through VSS 2005
PhpStorm List of Projects
Preload files into memory and called by other utility as argument
GLSL Shader - How to calculate the height of a texture?
apache directory server authentication鈥ell me where i went wrong鈥he code which i used鈥s listed below
PHP replace 鈥� [鈥�with 鈥�lt;script>鈥�
Asset Pipeline and Images stored in the database
How to activate/deactive a dynamically resized element
Align inner table in outer table td
Program file handle
Basic Objective-C for Java Developer [closed]
mysql high read & write
.apt_generated which is referenced by classpath does not exist while debugging the sample C2DM project of google appengine project with android
how to Changing Button Text in Android using soft keyboard? [closed]
NSString stringWithString VS @鈥渟tring鈥�
Adding rest service to a struts application
Entity Framework 4.1 Tracking Parent / Child entities without STE
Set dataSource of ListView programmatically
How to add listener for ExtJS4 chart series inside controller?
Simultaneous Bluetooth Connections on Android or iPhone
Failed to make query with an explicit join sequence (including alias table) on SQLAlchemy
OpenCL Out of Resources - Crash at code line which is not reached at that moment
Maven - FindBugs Plugin - Exclude from Test Phase
continuously checking data in mysql database and using php
How to convert a String to an Integer in PHP?
Logical operator ,, in javascript, 0 stands for Boolean false?
JavaScript syntax for accessing a property of an object from within the object scope
Can not 鈥渂rew install postgresql鈥�
Adding Markers on Google maps using Latitude and Longitude Values from MySQL Database
How to send lists as function parameters in lisp?
Readystate 4, status 200 , parseerror
.htaccess clean url with more than 3 paramenters
What this php stack trace error means?
magic_quotes on php 5.3 will not go away
INSERTing data from a text file into SQL server (speed? method?)
Including Parent and Children in a View with Conditions
Contour plot in square points
How to deploy WP app directly to phone
C# F# MVC 3 template deployment
JSF 2.0; myfaces with JavaScript disabled; CommandButton has no class in rendered page
Which framework is best for developing the UI on the Linux Based Platform?
Query regarding output of a simple Thread example
Changing default eclipse workspace without using 'switch workspace'
jquery image slider with rectangular direction flow
Covariance models with lme and gls [closed]
ruby on rails use openid auth Exception
Troubleshooting IIS 7
Processing a month of dates in parallel with a progress bar
script/server custom_require.rb:36:in `require': cannot load such file 鈥�test/unit/error (LoadError)
insert,delete,update (relationship Many-to-Many )
semop( ) failed with errno 4. Dose semop() support threads' race inside a process?
How can I import SVN with inconsistent branching structure into Git?
Query strings with special characters
When does ID get generated in NHibernate
Connecting to Oracle using VPN
asynchronous communication to thread from JOptionPane
Error #1063 when migrating project from flex 3.5 to 3.6A
InfoWindow in api google maps javascript v3
listener on the edges of the layout?
Responsive Slider - How to not fade to background when fading between slide images
C++: check if an address is being referred to
Calling a script from another one
Devise Admin User for Active Admin
HashedWheelTimer in C++?
Why is my production environment pulling in development gems in Rails?
Does this cause a JDBC connection leak?
django registration and saving data
Creating custom cells in static row UITableView
Dynamically creating bindings at object creation time - possible?
Crystal Reports 2011 - How to Partially Format Text Object or Change Text interpretation?
How to convert a random number to another base format?
I'm asked to build a webshop, what scripting language should I use? [closed]
Facebook Real-Time update is posting only friends data to our site
Ant, Android and Eclipse
Custom Calendar View in IOS
How do I move that div with CSS in a clean way?
Way to decrease column length in DB2
Can't compile 1.9.3 with rvm using gcc
How should one create UINavigation toolbar subview items Interface Builder?
INOUT example for a MySQL stored procedure
How to Scale images in Django
PHP arrays into javascript arrays
Excel formula to check if any part of B1 is also in A1 then print true
jquery validation of multiselect
Getting a segmentation fault after pthread_join in main()
Livestreaming using red5 and rtmp and jwplayer
Vertical Gaps Appearing - jQuery Masonry - (seamless photo grid)
Error coming up when trying to implement Google map directions, method definition not found
How to retrieve and display an html stored in database on click of a hyperlink
Using Thumbnailator, can i make thumbnail with same height and width regardless the image size
Setting up a passthrough rule in bison
Is there any tools to check what is happening in Kohana at Auth?
Equivalent of 鈥淒im As String * 1鈥�VB6 to VB.NET
_int64 bit field
Java and enum with scanner
Why I can't add a loading spinner when I click the table cell?
Child Selector not working properly (selects selectors that are not direct children)
Simple algorithm to estimate probability based on past occurences?
How to generate DDL for a table-column in any database using java?
GWT opening a file from a byte array in memory
NP304 3onedata C# socket send directly from server to device.
Codeigniter -> Extracting More Data
FORTRAN ZGEEV, all 0 eigenvalues
Wallpost problems?
java, jsp query chinese characters in database
How to generate more strings from one string
Custome Search Form in JqGrid
What is the use of component without VOB (Clearcase UCM)?
How to apply Gaussian filter to DFT output in OpenCV
conversion from double to byte array and vice versa
Getting an iOS app build on someone elses iDevice?
How to remove '#038;' intelligently in WordPress url for programming in iPhone Xcode
cxgrid ib dll delphi
CSS - 1. Header does not scale 2. Floated text is not on the same baseline
How to send notification to users?
Easiest way to combine date and time strings to single datetime object using Python
How can I turn the page's font color to green when a button is clicked
Google Maps V3 : Multiple maps on a page resulting in missing markers (DEBUG)?
get CSS Property values using selenium
How to stop automatically collapsing treeview sructure when click on a childnode asp.net visual studio 2008
Generating Paypal Signature, 'X-PAYPAL-AUTHORIZATION' in Ruby
Extracting contents from a webpage and comparing using Java
Access to database zend framework
Where can we put a call to stopSelf() or stopService() method of Android to stop the service?
Nested Group by LINQ
how to list my shelved changes in perforce?
How to implement an efficient map tile engine on Google App Engine?
How to let clients set up their personalized demos
initial value in radio button django form
SQL Error in Insert after 9th records
How retrireve array from dictionary
Center multiple markers Google API v3
jqGrid sort index by column name
How to dynamically move a divider/splitted between 2 layouts?
alternating row colours with 3 different background
How can we post message to google plus by oauth api?
How to statically link against OpenCV in Qt project
error in creating multiple tables in single ANDROID DB name
Deleting stuff from multiple collection at once
Popover not dismissing after row is selected
How to set a radio button if we know the id of that button in android?
Regarding cssparser
How to get USB drive serial number or meta data using java code
iPhone:How to crop image in ios5
How to delete date-based lines from files using PowerShell
Does DocumentBuilder.parse close the InputStream
CNAME based php hosting
Set default UIScrollView scale
how i can get the list of all T-SQL reserved keywords in c# a program
Popover control changes its location on select of different table view rows
Dynamically creating .pdfs under the ITextSharp Free Licence
Grails Query with bi-directional hasMany association
Delete a file in codeigniter
what is the difference between Restful web services and WSDL? [duplicate]
GWT: Send client-side errors/stack traces to server?
Select from database SQL query
How do you test your software on possible sql server deadlocks before production?
Is it advantageous to rank documents based on their relevance to a base document
Cake HABTM Join Save
Having trouble starting listview activity from main UI *ANDROID*
what is the use of base register , limit register , relocation register?
Sencha Touch v2 Zoom Layout Issue
Show a true modal dialog box without button
How to use the speex jitter buffer
I need to replace a C# switch with something more compact
Monitor the server log of solr using a web interface
How to see the logcat into android x86
C# to JAVA Code Equivalent (Remove Extra Space within the String)
ClickOnce update with Apache server
Get URL from Imgur API using JavaScript
QComboBox drop down button outside combo box frame
iPhone : Difference between nil vs Nil and true vs TRUE
jQuery Deferred - returning promises up a call chain
How can I re-load a searchDisplayController built in Storyboard, after a memory warning?
How to show Specified number of events in full calendar
Java : 80 bit number ( looking for nice approach )
Using sqlite in android
How to use Prime Faces 3.1? How to update from Prime Faces 2.2 to Prime Faces 3.1
how to put if else condition in LIMIT mysql
Php array output confusion
How to find most recent birthday
RandomList with double not showing random variables
how to save a file and give it the same name as the listview item thats clicked
Spring - Use/Load context file from jar file
get the process Memory Info in C
How to integrate WinMerge with TortoiseSvn after installation?
What is an Infinite Iterator? Why use it?
updating a JProgressBar while processing
How can we call SSL Web Service from SQL Server CLR?
VS2010 Deployment Project: Issues with multi-user-install and registry entry
Solr Encoding/Decoding Data
how to resolve FATAL EXCEPTION Timer-0?
How to update a url without refreshing the complete php page using the javascript?
Reusing websockets between pages?
Right syntax for this simple inline style sheet media query?
Should I be using CREATE VIEW instead of JOIN all the time
Properly aligning TextViews in RelativeLayout
Div hide/show not working properly which using draggable and droppable - jquey
C++ template: overload operator +, while the return type determined by input type
Set Bitmap Image in GalleryView
Check iOS Homepage Install - HTML5
jQuery Syntax error, unrecognized expression error when Tag id contains `$` sign
Best way to convert a signed integer to an unsigned long?
single page flip jquery animation
JSF, Seam, GWT integration
Use created DLL in a Wpf window?
How to get all the means in a wikipedia disambiguation page?
yii model search with daterange for time stamp
Redirecting a subdomain with a regular expression in nginx
Credit card processing system for static website
Multiple Tabs in the same browser and IIS Concurrent Connection
Does XPATH in python Twisted support this syntax: 鈥�message/body[.='test']鈥�
Why isn't remote mobile app testing more popular? [closed]
How to use Progress Bar to show another window in WPF application
Why last-child isn't working?
Split C string into tokens using sscanf
how to write command inside command
Marquee text not working in widget
I am getting Bareword error in perl file
Cross compiling with linker scripts containing absolute paths
Java-How to Print names along with sorted dates?
PHP multidimensional array compare nested array items and leave only unique ones
How to fill a dropdown list dynamically in MVC3?
Getting a WPF control to stretch vertically
Skip first couple of lines while reading lines in Python file
pagespeed (chrome) not recognizing javascript defer
QT: Resizing a QImage with scaled
Ninject: How to not use the Ninject in 鈥渁shx鈥�file and still not get an exception?
How to use javascript templating rather than raw HTML in javascript string?
inserting records from one table to another in oracle [duplicate]
Issue in Rvm Installation, running in binary mode
Time inequality filters on app engine ListProperty fail when chained
Using static IP address with Amazon EC2
Date Formatting style in IOS
To invoke a method of the main Thead From child thread
video doesnot play but audio listening
JSF 2.0 keep checkboxes checked
Agile Toolkit unable to find showMessage() for DVD rental example
Why is PHP trying to access my localhost database?
Recommendations for Python cross-platform listener server [closed]
import css and javascript in wordpress plugins
how to add namespaces in XML doc in C#
Scala SBT: How to 鈥渞e-run with -deprecation鈥�
How to convert part of a char array into an NSString*?
soapfault soapserver fault string
how to convert a string received from jquery to c# dynamic object?
how to find double key strokes in javascript such as ctrl+t ctrl+K
how to get pointed back button in jquery mobile?
Where to Find a UI example for Settings WebPage
Can I create an AI in JavaScript?