an error was encountered while retrieving the user profile
Remove empty space from number string?
PHP Framework with Best SEO Optimization [closed]
log4j not logging info level
Interesting observation on byte addition and assigment
Implement the progress bar with the ajaxupload while uploading videos
DNN5 Skin Produces PageLoad Error
Including repeated view function into multiple views?
can I remove imagemagick by deleting directories?
Speeding up the image loading process
XSLT 1.0 amount fields have to have at least 2 decimals
save set time even after click on back button
JQuery Datepicker set input[type=鈥渢ext鈥漖
Devexpress wpf wrong exporting to Xls
Javascript Closures
Powershell: After using Out-File, Robocopy will append a bunch of gibberish to the same log file
Assert struct equality in OCHamcrest
MapView with release key shows only blank page
Got unexpected result after forced the string to be executed in bash
Can't get jqgrid addRowData to work
How to clean up inactive players in redis?
Incluing csrf context inside of every render_to_response?
Haskell parallel performance
How can I say 鈥渋f width > height鈥�then 鈥渄o this鈥�with jQuery?
Crystal Report cannot display fields
Mysterious 2 arising in the output of my JavaScript decimal to binary converter?
How to modify this string compression C code to handle more than 9 repeats of a character?
How to remove leading or trailing spaces in an entire column of excel worksheet in Excel2010 [closed]
jQuery dropdown query
is there an open source template library for matrix computation in C or C++? [closed]
.htaccess Rewriting show error
Screen dpi and size on Samsung Galaxy S i9000
Static Libraries and the statically-linked MSVC++ runtime
foursquare venues.json structure
how to import any type of file(CSV,XLS,XLSX,txt) into jqgrid
Actionscript 3 browser requirement
onLocationChanged called twice
jQuery unwrap removing the wrong containers
how do i stop the execution and get the result in the same output screen once if it is stopped?
How to change background color in eclipse for a not defined region?
Absolute position elements within iframe?
Skipping / seeking to position with RC4 encryption
Best way to execute js only on specific page
With WebKit GTK, how do I open a link in an external browser?
SHA512, SHA256, any hash in general is deprecated?
UTF-8 text not fetching accurately in CodeIgniter php
How to create SQL query
Video Files protection on android device? [closed]
Regular Expression Regex function to get Email does not match capital letters
what are the best practices for localization in Umbraco? [closed]
How can I set a value on my page (not form) for jQuery to check?
MySQL >, <, and missing by group
Replace the content of file using php
Retrieve Data/Variables Produced by a Thread in VB.NET
My app get force closes when there is a fall in Internet connection-Android
windowbuilder tutorial not functioning
Displaying HTML From an email on a website
Error Unable to open SQLite database
Noob PHP OOP Questions: Constructors and Curly Brackets
How to show a message inside a Repeater control if it has no data inside it?
PHP - How to group and calculate value array when found same two keys array
Confusion regarding logic-less client-side templates
String split using php and regEx
codeigniter page redirection issue
codeigniter page redirection issue
Want to fix some columns
Iphone clang error
undo sorting of nsarray
TCPClient in mvc application
When two locationManager objects call requestLocationUpdates(鈥�?
trouble in obtaining sum of values after checking rows and columns
How to make Zen Coding support JavaScript files in Sublime Text2?
change size of jquery modal confirmation dialog
populate SQL Lite with Huge data
Codeigniter active record update statement with a join
get sender in href javascript code
Segmentation fault on library call
Why does Tornado take so long to die when I hit ctrl-c?
jQuery hide image, change contents, show image
create continuous payperiod for everymonth
Python: modulus using anding
GWT MVP on TabLayoutPanel
New log file every time we uploaded new binaries
How To Avoid sql injections to existing code
Change different HTML buttons with JQuery
Convert video of any format to mp4 using php and ffmpeg
Cant able to reuse custom cells in table view
Apply html tag for listing items based on values with jQuery and Rails
Android: From a popup window, how do I call a method in the object that intiated the popup window?
How to use a 鈥淧age Control鈥�using Xcode 4.2 and storyboard?
Windows, WSH: Open a random available port?
Replacing underscore with upper case letter in java string [closed]
Stopping Percona version of MySQL from starting on boot
Database connection from one server to another server
Extending the Session Middleware
Find out from which column MySQL data came from
sorting array of object in backbone js or underscore js
what is the concept of Object-Persistence?
ImageMagick and rmagick OS X 10.7
How to select an enum to a new list?
Android connectivity with sql database
Setting up eclipse Helios to run Blackberry applications
How do i make a flexible div with a background in css
How to reduce the timer's time while timer is running (ActionScript 3.0)
How to load properties of a bean dynamically in Spring
Are any Python PDF libraries able to access objects and groups in an existing PDF file?
Creating a custom action in a form that pushes/appends values to an attribute (Rails)?
How to design an HTML page such that on reducing the window to half width the HTML elements also get reduced to half width
Highlighting table cells on mouse drag
How to remove the >> indicators from eclipse code view?
How to apply two styles in one column
VB6 regex for matching a date needs tweaking
Definition of built in redundancy
Custome adaptor [duplicate]
Access textview on another layout
Extending the Composite pattern?
Reliable messaging under
Grails and Groovy metaProgramming delegate
What is the reference point of `drawImage()` in canvas?
Exception : peer not authenticated
HTML5 - Detecting image size, resizing canvas
Appying our own action to Facebook Login button & closing all Facebook screens.
IntentFilter not working when created runtime
Pattern Matching in Shell
GAE: uses wrong Django version
How to get parameter value from POST method in ASP.Net Web Service?
ASP.NET MVC4 Web API MediaTypeFormatter Converter to convert XElement to JSON
Android embedded HTML5 video [duplicate]
Android face detection MaxNumDetectedFaces
Logging into facebook with java
Javascript while loop calculation
Unable to simulate use of volatile field modifier
copying and pasting image in Edittext NHibernate CPU performance after upgrade
Eclipse: How to share Java compiler errors/warnings settings across entire team
C/C++ namespace in header issue
Checkout Subversion last changes to upload to FTP
Making a video software editor in flash?
Google API not working with other latitude and longitude
Better way to write this jquery?
Bounded Buffers (Producer Consumer)
Are templated wrapper functions for classes (e.g. std::make_pair())` considered slow?
How do I process styles after a knockout computed method refreshes my view?
wxpython two panel lalyout
How to get pattern matching in php array using RegEx
How to replace a set of characters in a string with a random set?
Why is GridView.Columns.Count always zero
Codeigniter Active Records Fatal Error
VBA Excel - return the selected text from a dropdown box
Wordpress TinyMCE editor turns white on Biographical info
HTML5shiv only works when in HEAD section?
When a PHP object method creates a new object, is it best to save it as an object property?
Dice Game in Haskell
How to unset a js file from a Drupal6 installation: Doesn麓t work with 鈥渞emove-scripts[]鈥�in my template file
Ascending and Descending Order
Listview in xmpp android application
How do I integrate a java client with an android application
How to load something in the background on blackberry?
Search through csv from specific row down
Applications onto android-x86
install iodocs on linux
How to get child class name from parent class
How do I include a PHP script from a base path other than the current script?
How to set up WorkflowService authentication?
form_for without ActiveRecord, form action not updating
Time subtraction in C
PHP how to make an uploaded file link is internal ip when internally and public ip when in public with this snippet i got?
Focus and blur jQuery events not bubbling
How To Upload Files on GitHub
Excel Macro for copy and paste according to comboBox item
Why is this readFile operation in Node throwing an error?
Lisp dialect and comparison to Java/C#
ClassNotFoundException after refactoring serialized object Eclipse
Why pass dummy object to Event Handler in C#?
Diffie Hellman Key Exchange in Android
want to show / hide only the specified elements in jQuery iteration
How can I set up a field / element on a form with a value that is hidden?
setting an array object to be used in view
sed how to read in and process file of unknown length
How do I make the linker and loader choose a shared library at a specific path?
Best way for theme folders structure in Code Igniter?
OData with ServiceStack?
Creating package that uses RcppArmadillo
Oracle query optimization written on table with partition
Regular expression to select all whitespace that isn't in quotes?
Cleanest way in Gradle to get the path to a jar file in the gradle dependency cache
Android App ForceCloses on Starting of a new activity
Difficulty tuning text placement on web page
not a member of 'tagINPUT'
Where to call wait()
Fixing Emacs' hl-line mode for the last line of a buffer
SetVariable is not working in Firefox
for loop inside array terminating on second call
How to convert additional Objective C Frameworks not included in Delphi XE2
How to compare two lists in lisp that are not exactly the same in length or structure?
My Javascript timer counting down too fast or it doesn't start onLoad
how do I create a 鈥渓oad鈥�window with text inside in a web app?
Installing a bookmark icon on a user's mobile phone
In-house iphone app database connection
Create static build of jsc/webkit in order to run on old machine
Doctrine - Access metadata saved on linking table
System.Diagnostics.Process namespace missing
Android connect with Google cloud sql
Formula for finding distance to a line segment?
GLSL - Calculate Surface Normal
Triggering contextual error message for inputs
Retain count exhausted after @throw
Why this not working
Zend Framework : gzip and cache
Does looping animations crash browsers?
changing font using js causes UIWebView to scroll up
Compare Hashmap with List list = new Arraylist()
Something is wrong with my code and i don't know what,
How to do I work on different version of application when using Git / BitBucket?
The part of the view after an `extend` statement is not rendered
Scan through txt, append certain data to an empty list in Python
VBA Excel setfocus on Dropdown box
Meaning of Syntax in Sql Server
Custom UI Controls in Objective C Look Like Standard Controls
Cell Phone Based Verification
NHibernate Composite Index, not a key
Using if command with egen in Stata
Highlight the selected row in data list
Ensuring only one process is executed for a long running process using python
accessing initial exchange message in camel
鈥淪tatement requires expression of integer type鈥�error with switch statement and array of strings
Display Minutes and seconds only displays 0
Netbeans compiles fine but show errors in editor
Populate select from other select value using jquery is sluggish on IE
Reject a string that contains characters other than a-z, A-Z, 0-9
How to throw an ajax error with ASP.NET MVC3
How can I subclass a class loaded from a swf
How can I restore old posts after merging a Facebook Page with a Facebook App?
How to avoid using foreach loop to get the filelist for different reason
Rendering a simple rectangle with OpenGL 3 in D language
Both as a client and a server with GKSession
SubClassing UIButton but I can't get 鈥渁ddTarget:action:forControlEvents:鈥�to execute?
Powerbuilder Passing a Datastore / object
Django template variable has wrong value / Javascript in HEAD not executed
how to debug on local jboss as 7 using eclipse 3.7
Kernel compilation for Click modular router
Struts 2 modular web application
jquery/javascript select option randomly
How can I reset the LookUp value of a Sharepoint List?
Invalid Token message on Login
How compress data in memory buffer by using libbz2 library in C program
Run SQLite3 in Windows7 - Not Working (unless I Run as Admin)
Modx revolution godaddy email settings
ASP.NET print controls and Microsoft and Dundes Charts in PDF
Phonegap android - window.plugins undefined
error: Unhandled exception at 0x760ab9bc in scatchpad.exe: Microsoft C++ exception
Preferable database design for job posts
What Ruby libraries should I use for building a console-based application?
Recover iPhone 4S keys without jailbreak? [closed]
Disabling Firefox Security Warning [closed]
Open Dialer AND Open web links in webview[Error] ANDROID
Given a flat file of IP Ranges and mappings, find a city given an IP
How can i improve svg animation performance using jQuery SVG plugin
Code built on Xcode 4.2 in Lion is not working in Xcode 4.2 in Snow Leopard
How to use a JFrame user entered value inside another class
Missing fonts on device
Exception in thread-ArrayIndexOutofBoundsException
Avoid drawRect Method for iPad
How to Handle Both Action Bar and Menu Button?
How to Handle Both Action Bar and Menu Button?
How can I make some classes unavailable outside my static lib for iOS programming?
R: sort legend in ggplot2
Customizing ASP.NET Universal Providers
Warning: mssql_execute(): supplied argument is not a valid MS SQL-Statement resource
Split String C++ [duplicate]
simpleopenni point cloud program with Kinect
How to limit the database records that are displayed in webpage using JSP?
dynamically adding removeCaller function in js
Issues with OAuth Authentication in LinkedIn API
How do I follow the flow of a function that calls itself?
Experiencing 鈥淓rror during failsafe response: undefined method `logger'鈥�when running rails server and opening the application for the first time
moving android SDK installation folder
Java class with pairs of static array values
To get the column Index Of gridview after Databind
how to do a unix find based on size of files, including in subdirectories?
Setting number of gunicorn workers in django
P semaphore failed
Ubuntu 11.10 linking perftools library
How to compare standard Python 9-tuple time format?
JQUERY click handler from DIFFERENT element triggered on enter?
Resizing animated GIF with GIFDecoder.class.php will cause transparency problems
Is there any js minifier using js? (client-side, not server-side such as node.js)
Are PHP sessions secure enough for login on their own? [duplicate]
CSS Center Submenu Wordpress
dreamhost+django: cannot get domain name using site framework
Prolog append variable to list
HTTP GET Request in Node.js Express
Localization & Warning: Multiple build commands
Haskell parse error on input `<-'
Format cross tabs in a pivot table
Detect the state of a switch connected to USB with python
PHP : How to make my own 404 page not found error [duplicate]
TCPDF Blank Page when saving the pdf in Chrome
Formula to find the split complementaries of a color?
Twig sandboxing not working for me
Python Simple Program [duplicate]
How to display data from a database w/o appending other data from another database in a JTable?
Recursion in Java program needs to repeat last number
C++ explicit function signatures
how to call in built android Music menu in my development?
Why does JOptionPane.showInputDialog not require a parent component argument, but JOptionPane.showConfirmDialog does?
How to view .PVR textures? (for Leopard)
How to make the first item of a ListView to be selected as default at startup?
Can a C# .dll assembly contain an entry point?
What is the right sequence in removing an application from ClearCase
switch case statement in AS3 not working properly with XML
Why can I only see my CouchDB view from _utils?
How do you change Google Apps e-mail address sender name?
What is the fastest method to filter out duplicate CSS Rule using PHP?
Change style of UIAlertView
How do you URL Base64 Encode and Decode a concatenated string in Perl?
Matlab gamfit and gampdf functions written in C++
TActionMainMenuBar and TActionToolbar lose settings
Java - An interface that has static field pointing to class name of its sub class?
Exporting in CSV format using Report Viewer
Google maps directions: how can i set one start point and many end points?
Interpolique: transparently preventing SQL Injection and XSS with base64 encoding, what happened?
Android HTTP Client Problems
HTML Form + PHP, Page Redirect
Issue attaching a onClick handler with jQuery
What's Wrong with My Spring Program?
How to use the 3DES/Authentication sector in MifareUltralight C in Android SDK
Android Coin-Toss Simulator Lagging
Clearing drawn objects in C# WPF
Java: Count the number of times a value is input
How to use class_eval for multi attributes value
is it possible to store a character as underlined within a sqlite database?
Pointer is pointing to 0x1 - is checking for null valid?
In Class Table Inheritance, how to have parent and child use the same id?
How to implement a toggle button to set a Rails boolean field
Strange behavior of Ruby's OptionParser lib?
How to fetch web service data in Mozilla Firefox?
AVPlayer And Local Files
Assign layout-level parameter to all jade template views
dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier not returning cell of my custom type
GAE Go - 鈥淭his request caused a new process to be started for your application鈥︹�
How can I do arithmetic on numbers with a non-standard binary representation?
Update query in sqlite and Android
Difference between normal customized event the static RoutedEvent
Write data on a JSF inputText control through JQuery
java programming: how to move the display
Use awk to tarball specified files
Creating ListView from a Collection Set mvc Form validation within Jquery Tab
Or and And Statements, Proper Method
JSON.parse error with nodejs v0.6.12 on ubuntu
C# convert byte[] to string with a charset
Getting a 鈥渇ailed to provide a valid list of administrators鈥�error
How do I get the max id from the first n id's in a MySQL table?
UITextField subview of UITableViewCell, get indexPath of cell
Reading an AJAX HTML response into a JavaScript array
Eclipse - Android UI Design extremely laggy
How to mark an email as read in Rails
java application not reading properties file without setting the working folder in IDE
How can I handle large JSON input from Postmark in my MVC application?
Which aspects of the JAVA conditional operator construct are described formally, and which are described informally
Database in Visual Studio's solution
Why is my Facebook access_token shorter than the example and missing the 'session part'?
Connect to an IOS IBAction which is not at a 鈥渧alid connection destination鈥�
I don't understand the last output for this block of code [closed]
GWT RequestFactory not firing properly after using edit()
Python date string mm/dd/yyyy to datetime
How to compile a .o file to a Linux kernel module (.ko) file?
Google Chrome frame + IE8 = Displays old data in a databound control till I refresh the page
Select all checkboxes in checkbox list
delete a row from a SQL Server table
how to make a population fitted regression line in mixed model nlme in R?
Is there a possible internal cause of a once-every-12-seconds buzz in an iPod Touch? [closed]
Rendering controller/action within a different view
Unrecognized VM option '+HeapDumpOnCtrlBreak'
In Vim is there a corresponding change (c) command for paste (p)?
setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener(){})
Is pictureBox the best way to draw a line
SQL Import/Export wizard not allowing Create Table #temp
Unable to highlight text in textboxes in IE9
Add library to RubyMine
insert data from android to server
How to VBA show tooltip for UDF in runtime?
Invoke sub-resource method in sub-request?
NSURLConnection delegate method
how to achivie double tap Zoom for API 2.2?
Track the lifetime of a CPython object from C extension
Android VideoView prevent on video change
How to make a Android custom keyboard?
setHidden not working for UIPickerView
Greatest possible width for textbox
Run time error 1004 when trying to find row
How can I make a timer start & work only when onFocus is true?
Considering network traffic in iPhone apps for users's benefit
What are equivalent values of caching items like 43200, 1440, 86400,?
beginner: <input type=鈥渇older鈥�gt;?
Where does 8B/10B 鈥淕igabit Ethernet鈥�come into the picture?
JavaScript Associative Array - Passing string as array key: value pairs
R: merging copies of the same variable
Sign Git tag with Maven release plugin?
Perlin Noise function returning same results for different inputs
MVC/Codeigniter file structure
ipython: pressing 'esc' key breaks readline
UIAlert during splashcreen
Golang urlfetch.Transport.RoundTrip, can call in GET, but not POST?
Can I convert a library font into a sprite sheet in AS3?
Escaping quotes when isolating strings from input
Simple search exercise from DjangoBook Chapter 7
How to check the state of Linux threads?
epoll_create and epoll_wait
Centering divs on top of an image
C++ linking error unresolved external symbol
Sending SMS gives CMS error 304
Parsing data stored in URLs via BeautifulSoup?
How to use constant/variable in a SQL Server CE 4 script?
libconfig undefined reference to libconfig::Config::Config()
Stumped - Oracle won't use index when value is specified but will when function returns same value
Iconv will be deprecated in the future
CSS Submenu Scrolling with Page
Find/sed: How can I recursively search/replace a string in files but only for lines that match a particular regexp
Does a WriteStream have to be closed?
Change AD Username breaks ASP.MVC 3 web site
C# NET4.0 Task holding onto reference
Google Maps Canvas custom markers not drawing properly
calling master page constructor from content page
CakePHP 2.1 - Saving (and creating) multiple Join Models and associated models
How could I optimize this query that currently uses RLIKE with word boundaries?
Foreach Loop and If Statement
Convert each character in string to ASCII
Android and openGL es how to tell when object is within camera view
C- Floating point precision
How to change xib file's path?
Converting a QStringList (PyQt) into a normal python list
css: stop words from flowing to another line without a non-breaking space?
How to open a file on iBooks
mysql to select all from one table inner join with another table on some condition fails [closed]
Pointing all actions without specified view to one concrete view
Optimal Amazon EC2 server instance size/type for static content delivery via apache httpd
Unable to Create Two Distinct Instances of a Class
Images on screen are not placed well when going from portrait to landscape mode?
IOException, Invalid Stream Header when using SealedObject.getObject()
CodeDomProvider Code Generation Fails in Web Project but not Console App
Renaming files according to a set of rules
styling jquery dialog
Select parent and its children with SQL Server
jquery mobile css not applying on ajax (getJson) returned result
C++ - Getting a file from an indirect URL
NoodleLineNumberView, the numbers are not aligned properly, not sure whats wrong
Does a stack overflow error trigger a core dump and is it useful if it does?
Long Running Tasks - Best Practice - ASP.NET 4.0, C#
Devise rememberable is remembering nothing
sending file to restful web service using features native to oracle apex 4.x
Android low-level read of SD card greater than 2GB
Animation when iPhone app first loads query
What is the best way to restart a node.js server after a change is made to its application script
A second try at restricting searches in mySQL & PHP
offline map include in .apk file
iOS tone generation
Monotouch UITabBarController section showing a modal view
Interpreting a function
how does the function return in c++ work
The login with Facebook keeps asking to authorize my app
Linked lists , Overloading + operator , C++
Do the docs lie about DBD::Pg's AutoCommit?
POST a SESSION variable on another page
parsing the xml now gives me an error
how can i find a model from contigency table?
Texture Altas for UIImage, about CGImageCreateWithImageInRect() performance
Display data read from rfid to html fields in html page? [closed]
COM 鈥淪erver busy鈥�dialog on MFC
classes.jar issue in HelloWorld : Eclipse on Mac
jQuery works in jsFiddle but not on my computer
Scrappy' method re() doesn't work with Unicode strings
Adding multiple columns to excel from TCL
How to implement an SSL tunnel through a transparent proxy?
Google Maps: scroll map programmatically of x pixels
Error in Gii Code Generator Page
unigry giftcertificates and reporting
Can I display all the cookies I set in PHP?
What is the difference between getExtras and getBundleExtras?
Usage of C++/V8 in combination, in eclipse
Truncating an int (or long, or whatever) to a specific size (n bytes), signed and unsigned
What's the equivalent of Python's Celery project for Java?
Enter Thunderbird Address Book Ubuntu 11.10 [closed]
IIS Rewrite Wordpress User Authenticated
Record and Definition
Change timezone in android programmatically
android show internal html file
Randomize Saved movieclips stored on children
i need to set 10 random expression using random operation
datatable column width
removing double quote from json.dumps of string data
JQuery fadein works only once
Best option to access youtube videos in android application? [duplicate]
How can I change delete button style?
Curl, NuSoap, PHP talking to Exchange server authentication error
Using random in Python
Grails: showing error message in web flow
Java List list to String []
ASStream extension method not found
Making JFrames the only object your allowed to focus on
Keep Background Image centered when resizing browser window
Script works at jsFiddle but not in Greasemonkey
iPhone - difference between GDataXMLNode and GDataXMLElement, and how to use them
Why is my jquery animation so jerky?
Finding a free space within current bounds of view on iOS
Where do I specify Jackson SerializationConfig.Feature settings in Spring 3.1
facebook friends invitation dialog embedded in the page
node-mysql unable to handle multiple queries?
Pass data from Javascript to codebehind
overload operator[ ] for a non-class type
Issue with mysql_real_escape_string
Java: find current working JAR
An instance of a model to render into a partial
How to force my Android new application installation?
Can codeigniter handle?
jquery datepicker manipulation
Using segues and nsnotificationcenter
Dynamically Added Input Box isn't dynamically binded
Modifying Char array passed to function
Google Refine and fetching data from freebase for a large data set to create a column from URL not working
How to place country boarders as background for a plot with matplotlib?
Abnormal picture on Camera API android [duplicate]
How to put image in a picture box from a byte[] in C#
Sort iso ISO 8601 dates forward or backwards
How do I keep a user Authenticated in DNN 5.6.6 when using RadEditor's Image Manager?
what is the best solution for multi level nested view?
Detect presence of other tabs / windows of same domain
What function in Lisp allows you to compare variable names and not what it holds?
Where can I get MongoDB PHP driver for PHP 5.4 precompiled for Windows?
Align cell widget in center within QTableWidget?
'cucumber' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file
using images inside <button> element
How can I get time from another server using AJAX?
Issue with exec statement
Base64 image encoding vs. regular linking for emails?
django-admin-tools : change header 'Django Administration'
How to know which request a FB Graph's response respond to?
How to scale and rotate smoothly?
Indy10 cookies with Delphi 2010 - cookies not being sent
Migrate from another server: Why CakePHP show's page not found?
Jquery ui - Autocomplete - Change Label of Field while keeping the same post value
Getting the width from an scaled image
jQuery - Required Dynamic Input Fields
Best Way to Load a File, Manipulate the Data, and Write a New File
Horizontal CSS3 Accordion fixing lag transition
Why can't I call Collections.sort() on my ArrayList<T>?
Merge,Overlap the pictures and save to one file
Get current timestamp from specific timezone
How to echo php array in javascript?
In Yii, is there a way to validate tabular input with CActiveForm?
How to enable comments on a static site?
Check if string exists in a web page
Can you pass ruby objects to haml during a render?
Build a subtheme using acquia marina in drupal 7
Passing an array and an object in one ajax request
jQuery.fn.jquery equivalent for jQuery Mobile?
Using Rspec, how do I test the JSON format of my controller in Rails 3.0.11?
Using flying-saucer in-conjunction with iText
Django template - set variable in for loop
android TextView onDraw IndexOutOfBounds
CSS Submenu Align Center in Wordpress
how to use vertex list in pyglet?
SQL Trigger to update row
SQL Trigger to update row
an error in php and xml
Calling a JS function on a button click refreshes the page
cg shader parameters
Invalid Credentials Error when passing Oauth 2.0 Access Token to Fusion Tables API in PHP
How to stack multiple divs on top of each other and each have a height of 100%
Porting x86/64 Windows programs to Windows 8 ARM
Get time from NTP server using JavaScript?
Why is _PageStart.cshtml not being run before rendering a partial view?
Using ActiveResource to manipulate another application's Database
How can I get HTTP response header using JS?
Python If Statement
Static child item in ExpandableListView
How do you get sticky/featured posts on tumblr similar to the singleA theme?
xslt transform list and take max
Thumbs Up/ Thumbs Down Radio Button Voting
Replace values in a CSV string
Assembly code not working with nasm
How can I get vim to point to macvim? Where can I find macvim?
Is there a friendly name for this data structure?
Passing STATIC_URL to file javascript with django
JQuery: getting values from submitted modal dialog
WebClient DownloadProgressChangedEventHandler Not Firing
Disabling Textboxes If user enters incorrect password 3 times
Implicit Sanitization of Inputs In Rails: Why do these examples from the API work the way they do?
How to make a CSS sprite use a different image the longer the value 鈥渟tays鈥�
jquery highlight cell on text input
Referencing different types of cells-(ie. strings, doubles)-multiple workbooks
get a table completely moved to another table PHP, MYSQL
Java Programming Basic Math
Limiting the number of mappers running on Hadoop Streaming
How to populate a table dynamically
How should I average groups of rows in a matrix to produce a new, smaller matrix?
how to cache authentication information in WCF?
Google+ get userID using e-mail?
JMeter: Load testing of a HTTP POST followed by a HTTP GET
Vertical MVC organization and VirtualPathProviders
Facebook 'feed' dialog disappears and stops the calling activity - Android
two certificates with the same domain name
loading notification with webview
Is $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] dangerous, if I use a array of predefined URL's for validation?
Perl CGI get multipart/form-data file contents without temp file
Android Screen Size resources
Tinymce body_class option for predefined template preview
getLoginUrl: session and cookie is lost after redirect
Open chrome extension in a new tab
Problems authenticating to website from code
Function only works on second click, then works fine?
Submitting WCF-generated XML through SoapUI
ajax url call confusion
jQuery datetimepicker validation -Timepicker UI
iPhone: How to get CFBundleShortVersionString as an std::string?
php XML create <?adf version=鈥�.0鈥�> tag
iOS CoreText: CTFrameSetter is making wider lines than the CGPath allows
Why does SQL Server 2008 error out with 80040e14 on INSERT?
Scoreboard using Python and SQL
optional parameter in template function
.htaccess forwarding with new website
Trouble with Intent for AlarmManager
How to initiate opening a file (image) from a QT UI menubar (top menu)
Building a regular expression to match the first of multiple occurrences in Python
Don't show string if variable empty
Why am I getting EXC_BAD_ACCESS after cast through int?
Most efficient way to find smallest of 3 numbers Java?
Tool for making Flash games
Automate Excel to fetch data from web url [closed]
Humanizer gem not working
Where to find icons of common Windows applications?
Text aligning of TextBlock in listbox in WP7
Rails - Clean way of calling model method in respond_to differently depending on the format
duplicate NSManagedObject
A specific: Could not load file or assembly 'xxxx' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified
jQueryUi's drag binding way to slow?
Merge() in multithreaded JPA application
XPath to first occurrence of element with text length >= 200 characters
Building MSI from TFS Build
Knockout: Dynamically controlling number of objects in an array?
android unable to get contacts from some phones
Prolog factorial recursion
Using an in-memory database within a gem
How could I load the default home page in Qt WebView?
How can I install OpenJDK's Javadoc via command line?
JavaScript Code to Capitalize Text Inputs
Change form input value with Jquery
Doubly Linked List - null pointer exception again
Adding Facebook Photo objects to Open Graph Action
Blocking OS fingerprinting windows server 2008 IIS7
R: unique matrix rows by group
JSON objects returning 鈥淍鈥�with field name. Is this a bug or a feature?
How to make Elmah work with UnobservedTaskException
Can I intercept after a response has been sent to a client in an IHttpModule
How do I skip grails integration tests when running through maven?
Tomcat cannot start
In my code it says x is not defined?
Inheritance hierarchy for View in Django REST framework
How does IE work with contentless anchor tags?
Need to figure out how to delete from Android Database
In xcode 4, what's the difference between 鈥渙ther c flags鈥�and 鈥渙ther c++ flags鈥�
how to get the number of minutes from a specific time up to the current time using java.util.Date?
NSString drawInRect:withFont: and Core Text drawing in same Draw Rect
NSString drawInRect:withFont: and Core Text drawing in same Draw Rect
Placing text under images
Extra x axis labels when using geom_bar on a subset of data
Uploaded ZIP archive. Convert only PNG to JPEG in PHP
Can I make a jQuery AJAX call that parses script tags in the response?
How does one view PHP errors while debugging jQuery Mobile forms?
Ruby split by comma absorbing trailing space
How can I resize the checkmark for checkbox?
How to consolidate two Python classes containing methods with identical signatures?
ORA 00911 Error When SQL Statement With Where Clause Ends With Semi-Colon?
if entry from database is of a certain value, substitute an image on the report
Use regular expression to match ANY Chinese character in utf-8 encoding
Locating objects in BindingList
Google DateTime Class - Date Formatting In Java
Can Bison verify scope as well as syntax?
How to automatically turn BibTex citation into something parseable by Zotero?
What's the best way to replace a string inside a string in ruby?
jQuery image resizing - over a variable and directly gives different results
Debugging R6025 pure virtual function call by breaking in purevirt.c
How to stop a multiline textbox from moving the GridSplitter?
Accessing local repository in offline mode
How to automatically delete rows in a table when the corresponding rows in a 1 to 1 table are deleted?
Heapsort, heap 鈥渃orrectness鈥�
webrequest forms-authentication
how to return something when there is not match in flex(lexer)
Fixed image width and height but the height to be cut
What happened to the flash messages in Rails 3.2.1?
In implementation inheritance are data members from multiple layers allocated contiguously?
Passing input from one frame to another(JAVA)
replaceObjectAtIndex nsmutableArray
Allegro 5 problems
Using an external .dat file with a python script
closing saveFileDialog
Add 鈥渦sing鈥�to ASPX or ASCX file
Dropdown navigation menu bar is working in IE7 but not in FireFox
What's the point of def some_method(param: int) syntax?
What are the OS X session types, and what do they mean?
jQuery's .isWindow method?
split a byte array鈥�
What is the best way to organise your JavaScript? [closed]
Java Socket receiving no data using readLine()
Flash - Approaches to opacity tweening elements
How to get access to view that is located outside of FrameLayout of TabHost?
Telerik Radgrid How to add textbox column from code behind?
Is cookie a common and secure implementation of session?
QTcreator cross compiling
Xcode not showing anything in console with C++
Creating a data displaying map
HelloWorld with Eclipse on Mac
File Upload - Add to existing Input
Add utf-8 character into string array
Executable Ruby Scripts Using the Current Local User RVM Install?
How to represent a user login form in a template? (django)
Play Model save function isn't actually writing to the database
Activity being created twice on android
auto 鈥渃lick鈥�an anchor tag every X seconds? Javascript?
Accessing view controllers programmatically
How to have a domain name point to a non-standard port? [closed]
Proper use of function stdout in io package
fb:intl is not working
UIWebView - Does not resize content on rotation change?
high scores flash
server-side javascript check fails automated form based login
Facebook graph API loop through paging
What is an isolated classloader in Java?
Java - Server that services each client in a seperate thread?
Log4Net Message log
Android Time Zone difference with GMT+1 and GMT-1
Calculating 2D resultant forces for vehicles in games
Mouse Tracking Behavior Interpretation using OpenCV
Python/Tkinter - cropping a canvas based on whitespace?
Is it possible to overlay an icon on top of a geometry object in Open Street Map?
Order of events when loading a View in iOS
How can I set the value of a UILabel following a segue?
RoR one-to-many association show view
Highlight multiple items on hover's condition
How to specify a method callback when a Backbone View is inserted into the DOM?
Should I indexing the `id` field as NumericField?
celery - call function on task done
Trouble on retrieving a constant's value stated in an initializer
Using SUM to count three tables with relevant records
Creating a Checkers Board in Java
FB like button flyout doesn't show preview
List<T> Remove a Sprite
Calling a method within a Javascript Object
Trouble with CommandLineToArgvW Windows Function in Assembly
Flex: embedded images in TextArea appear only in top left corner
Vba Project Guidance
How is a rolling-release linux distribution implemented? [closed]
What is the right way to do add-apt-repository via Chef?
how to create a patch using the repo command?
How to check a DLL if a function exists?
MVC3 DropDownListFor Model is null on PostBack
implicit instantiation of undefined template: Boost Bug or Clang Bug?
How to do a primary key to equal to an array of int[] in LINQ?
Hibernate - persist embeddable resource
Running NSTask inside a loop in Objective-C
rake:db migrate isn't working
JQuery replace href value for all with same ID
Is it possible to predict how long a program will take to run?
Have mstest output my log file at a desired location
Get user current location and determine it in Google maps
tiled map on android
Replicating iOS 5 Stocks Widget
Stacking Order Maintenance in Tkinter
Method returns zero
How can I make my embedded videos play in place on Kindle Fire?
Is there any way to get time from some centralized location using JavaScript?
Substituting a single line with multiple lines of text
ExtJS 3: Browser and window resizing
Why is this list returning x and y in the wrong order?
Using php and odbc connection, not getting result from SQL with 茅 in query?
Handling WM_ events in a windowless C# process
jquery stop sliding delay if button is pressed more than once
How to Play a RealAudio (.RA) File (Remote or Local) in Xcode?
CSS if/else statement for counting list items - Basic example usage error, io not defined error
combine 2 queries
Caret position is off in JTextArea
Multiple instances of _CDSnapshot_[entityName]_
How to check event object's state without actually changing it?
Install autoreconf on OSX lion?
Installing newer version but still older version active
Simple error on simple code, but I don't get it?
Allowing Access To Outlook Interop In Web Forms Project
How to put a time limit on user input?
Sed subexpressions not working as expected
Merging two files by a single column in unix
Save gps-location to sqlite continuously
Update status column in List A from a workflow that is on ListB
c++ integer library for 270 digit integers?
returning custom error message for multiple variables
jQuery - jeditable on href click
PriorityQueue not printing the things i want
Children of my custom layout won't re-layout and re-measure correctly
Rails Application Performance Rake Task vs Application Method
how to get the url of a node from Mvc.sitemap using MvcSiteMapProvider
Programmatically stop execution of python script after running condition statement
Chrome displays blue screen while playing mp3, other browsers are slow to play
Natural Order Recalculation for a Ruby Spreadsheet Engine
Unsupervised HMM training in NLTK
Maximum of two tuples
Table is 'read only'
Reserve space on harddrive for application
syntax to return json to calling function from jquery .ajax
How to design a data structure that allows one to search, insert and delete an integer X in O(1) time
sql query: cluster lat lng in specific area, order by points
How should I improve my perl application deployment process?
What is the correct way to setup relationships for this situation?
Control.Parallel compile issue in Haskell
Android Mono '/data/data/Mono.Android.DebugRuntime/lib/' not found
rip off a number out of a fraction
Redirect as a fresh request after using Response.Redirect
File Upload - Remove Value From Input Box
No Form data from postback
Remove CHARACTER SET UNICODE_FSS from a column in a firebird database
opencart 1.5 paypal standard issue
Spring MVC annotation vs xml configuration
MySQL insert NULL value after getting value with $_REQUEST
java.util.Date shows different values with the same input parameters
C++ - Static List which pops nodes from the head when full
union for collections.Set
Comparing Incrementing Series Values With PHP
Service cannot be resolved to a type
Ajax append result and animate
How can I define a macro/typedef/etc for tr1::unordered_map that doesn't bind the template arguments?
Explicit casting to uint when there is no such operator
Check in Cocoa if a MountPath Partition is bootable
iOS5 iPhone Safari - stop native scrollbar from disappearing
How are static globals handled in multiple modules?
Time slot allocation - design and approach
Debug Linux kernel pre-decompression stage
LINQ to Subsonic Left Outer Join
For loop exiting early while updating modified or new records in table
Library for working with Excel - jxl?
Using Eclipse with HTML5 Boilerplate
Strange margin at top of page?
WebBrowser control: how to determine if access is denied to the URL?
iOS 5 networking library [closed]
Eclipse quickformat strg+F not working anymore?
REST API: Combine login information and API action using C#?
How to get current epoch/unix time in JS? [duplicate]
SSH: is there a way to specify one port to listen to the server and one to send data to the server?
Facebook API - news feed with wall posts
mmap related segmentation fault
How would I go about deleting a node in a linked list without corrupting the list?
c++ vector initialization
How can I use a very simple calendar/calendarview in my project?
JQuery IF statement not working when using .append()
In Django, how does one determine whether a business logic regarding user inputs goes into to model or form?
Really Simple Open Source Java games [closed]
Why does the following javascript throw a TypeError?
Servlet for file upload - contentType returning 'none' when file extension in CAPS - why?
Using an STL algorithm on vector of pointers of an object (C++)
php process begin command line
Using .val() to check for form values for a multiple file upload file
Android (min 2.1): load images from name string
Passing from AIR to javascript
How to replace four spaces with a tab in Sublime Text 2?
How can i link the array Buttons to intents
Nested BeginCollectionItem
How to use Spring roo with for PURE spring MVC services?
Is there a way to connect CKFinder to an Azure storage blob?
drawing a rectangle on an image after identifying the area using ROI (OpenCV)
Uncompilable Source Code: Erroneous Sym Error
Magento Custom options in order email
Mixed shell and python script possible?
south, django 1.2 and supports_transaction error
How to get the id of the checkbox that has just been checked by the user using jQuery?
How to launch android music store from ap?
Android: get height of a view before it麓s drawn
Segue to another storyboard?
How to mock a java.util.Map in groovy using map coercion?
NSOutlineView custom view for cells without using NSTableRowView
class can i use the properties of the name space from base class
How to use Ning API in iphone development
Using co-ordinates to draw a line
How to extern Class objects C++ MFC
Detect Arrow Keys - Multiple Keys at once
Why would Wordpress throw a 404 error on a POST form submit in one template, but not in another?
Rails: Find or create by virtual attribute
Javascript multiple script src
WCF Service Request Failed with HTTP Status 403: Forbidden
Creating multiple message loops for nested controls of a Form
Is IgnoresListHandling for Protobuf-net v2 suppose to work like this? [closed]
Calculate time difference when different iPhone have different time settings
Hide the visible content before view the next content
How to display subscript letters in Django forms?
OpenCV using k-means to posterize an image
Reference counting with a generic intrusive pointer client
BIRT and iServer, dev/qa/production enviornments
Line length limit in xp batch file?
ggplot2 sort data in stack percent barplot
AndEngine error in TexturePackParser just after getting it from github
How do I parse this xml via jquery
strange issue, keyboard inputs locked by emacs?
Entity Framework Migrations Issue
App_GlobalResources Globalization
<table-valued function> is not a recognized built-in function name
iOS layout images dynamically
how to programmatically select the date/time and title for Event Kit calendar
Cacheing html, javascript, css with android webview
Want to restrict the value of a MySQL field to specific range (Decimal values)
Parse URLs of Java Script on iPhone with Hpple
Oracle: Using local index as primary key for partitioned table?
How to get a reference of an element in a set in C++?
Why am I getting an unexpected T_NEW error in PHP?
Performing an Action with Text Located in TextArea, UIWebView
How to Select a series of list-item elements, split them into two groups and wrap each group in a new surrounding DIV
.htaccess passing different values for $1 on dev / production servers
Template argument inference in D
Eclipse JavaScript code formatter and JSHint anonymous function format conflict
Wordpress - Pass function arguments when adding menu page
Setting up cout support in structs with multiple layers of inheritance
loop not terminating
Read Array of Arrays
Giving an Android app root permission
Get the id of input on keyup
How to script tables in SSMS that contain non-unicode text
saving text file in C#
Lucene Indexing from Oracle:ORA-01652: unable to extend temp segment
.htaccess deny all, except?
Dynamically placing empty space
Is MYSQL faster at finding a username (i.e string) or a user ID (i.e integer)? [duplicate]
If is a checkbox Checked do
Regex string for sample strings
How can I include a button in a Toast notification?
Java: Adding graphic items to a frame
Skipping results in Getting site data from SPSiteDataQuery
Filter Google Map markers with multiple [and intersecting] check boxes
Is it allowed to fetch pictures with users permission?
AS3 Air for iOS How do I make double click program
Wevtutil to output event log description
.htaccess redirect on external linking
Clojure -way of building live-stream server 鈥�with promises, but is it the right way
before defadvice not executing before the function?
Need help in converting INSERT UPDATE to MERGE
Waking Android over network
Running a process that waits on input in the background, without it pausing and without sending input
Setting iTunes category on iOS Enterprise app
SQL Server 2005 WHERE Clause with like condition
Botan c++ hash function generate_bcrypt()
Cross-Browser Coding: IE on Mac
Can I Use Rational Clearquest API remotely (with no local client bits)
.attr('class') is undefined on jQuery()
Regex in Win7 batch script?
How to mock FindResources?
Mysql users can select from tables but not views
What does the WS-I BP2012 assertion mean?
Java look up something on Google
Django Select Multiple Widget Horizontal
Running a .pkg installer on Mac OSX through java applet
PHP templating method <?=$var?>?
How do I write to .csv from text entry?
How can I make this faster? (C/C++) OpenCV
php cURL log into jsp website and return HTML
Cleanest way to remove common list elements across multiple lists in python
Stop and wait file transfer protocol, when to stop listening?
VB6 call C# doesnt release
How to make an EC2 instance automatically reboot when ELB says it's unavailable?
Python: Calling parent class __init__ with multiple inheritance, what's the right way?
java - how to get object inside cell in jtable [duplicate]
What is the appropriate og:video:type for an external (youtube) video?
Bind an action when a button is clicked in jQuery doesn't work
override/overwrite a function inside a function
How to stop location updates from another class/view?
Unable to reference extender assembly Ajaxcontroltoolkit ASP.NET 4.0 Visual Studio 2010
OCUnit tests to existing iOS project. 鈥渓d: file not found鈥�
NSDictionary allKeys - does it always return the same order?
SQLite and MSDEV 2010
Combine variable and for each loop python
Javascript: how to cancel form submission without return false?
WCF Uploading 50Mg of file using MTOM
Which is more expensive in Java 1.7 - java.util.concurrent.locks.ReentrantLock or a synchronized block?
TSQL Merge Not Matched
About JDBC drivers
Spring Hibernate ManyToMany
tutorials about Tree Data structures with left,right and parent nodes
Writing COM object in C# and using it from C#
google charts - custom formatter to show elapsed time?
cx freeze with wxpython, adding images with exe
How to make the background of a expander or grid control a glass like look?
Javascript comparing two dates returns NaN
Has anyone used PHP on Heroku?
IIS Permissions in the App_data Folder
Webmachine dispatch.conf: how to bind to /
Bitnami Wordpress WPMU Stack Primary domain
Howto- Authenticate encrypted username/password in app.config from client to server.
Folder layout created during Python installation
CSS position fixed however same place in all screen res
Hierachical AJAX
How can I iterate over ManyToManyField?
Instaling dlls on Windows 2008 server?