Javascript file input issues in IE
repaint from JComboBox control
How to store array elements in an Excel Sheet cells with TCL/tcom
mongodb Connection reset by peer : socket writer error
How can I check if someone is running my program?
Paste And Send Email
generate empty rows even if empty between 2 dates
How to completely clear property values and references of a javascript object?
KnockOut Mapping Hierarchical JS object
Flex iOS IP Dialog Box
Hidding the post on wall when clicking the like o facebook button
CSV to CoreData
Adding labels to x axis in R graphs
Blackberry Webworks interact with Java API
Issue with MySQL query taking a long time
Should i implement or extend comparable to the constructor and how?
Error 503 after 10 to 15 XMPP messages
Using Sliced Banner in Wordpress
Code Coverage with Mocha in node.js
Using ResolveUrl on HTML button in MasterPage
How can I check for an ignored UILocalNotification?
FluentNhibernate Custom Primary key Automapping - (dis)allow nulls
Mapping exception when using Fluent NHibernate
Creating code bank for my team
Custom Multi-Boot Menu?
Calculator: Getting runtime app crash when 鈥淓nter鈥�button is pressed
add_action('wp_head ) cannot adding styling to head
advice for create a class for manage files in android
Matcher for strictly all elements of a list
paypal digital goods - multiple selection and download link
RadioButton appearance
Get number of duplicates from ArrayList
Fullcalendar Events JSON not populating agenda{Day,Week}
Using Socket.IO, to prevent client-side hijacking when sending JavaScript events - use SignalR?
ASP.Net - Parsing XML
Get HyperLink's NavigateURL property as just 鈥�myhashtag鈥�
how to identify unique files in a dir?
Adding a column to a DataSet (xsd) for a Crystal Report
Is the Activity being destroyed because orientation changed or because app is closing?
How to save newly added data in a row or rows from DataGridViewinto SQL Server when the user clicks a button
Automatic Reference Counting Issue: Assigning retained object to unsafe_unretained variable; object will be released after assignment
PHP array and Json decode errors
Beginner: Examining Queryset results
UIWebView: disable Select, Copy, Paste on textarea
Swap div content onclick
search internet through textbox
Emma coverage with Powermock
With boto, how can I name a newly spawned EC2 instance?
updating replicated array on node js cluster
List all peerID in rtmfp group
Floating divs within li not displaying correctly in IE
Abort Android in-app billing
Why is mktime() changing the year day of my tm struct?
how do you remove a language version of a sitecore item?
Turn on MergeOption.NoTracking for OData (WCF Data Services)
jQuery Mobile Directions ASP.NET or MVC
Can I assume that calling realloc with a smaller size will free the remainder?
Automatically generate Devise Authenticity Token on sign up
Mapping an MD5 hash to a set of integers
Forward slash in Java Regex
floating div spanning parents width
PHP Check if part or the entire word is contained in the string
How to define a default argument value to a method in ios? [duplicate]
A .NET tutorial for thread networking with a WPF front-end
ReSharper LINQ extension method formatting
Accessing Array List from another class
How can I make reverse scanning of a binary file faster?
Rails Engines: shared asset dependencies
Java strange features of the String class
Can you drag-and-drop a marker on google maps? (javascript api)
Using events to synchronize threads
MySQL table ranking ranks the first row as 0 instead of 1
In 2d graphics, what's the performance overhead of rendering to a target, then to the screen?
Creating Core models and extending on diffrent projects (Linq2SQL)
Get Directions to a Google Maps Marker
Separation of concerns restyling a jquery-mobile site
Writing a Java adder remover, method code template for Eclipse
mod_rewrite not rewriting url
Completely stumped on a multiple loop Java program
App Engine Python: Templates not rendering properly
Code can't be executed if is in a class function
mod_evasive doesn't work
Position Around a Point
Can I create a const object in SystemVerilog?
How to create a Facebook style 鈥淟ike鈥�system?
Github-like username url
External js file problems
How do I dynamically create dependency implementations as they are referenced in Spring?
Phonegap - gap in tutorial for iOS?
GIMP scripting: can a batch process be interactive?
Hide objects/User Controls within WrapPanel?
Sane way of comparing xml-content of 2 vectors or arrays
How to force preprocessor to use desired data type in c/c++?
Xcode Code Coverage and fopen$UNIX2003
Having difficulty installing a device driver (packaged in .exe) from my WiX installer
How use database in Javascript and JSF?
Python Thread Pool - process never ends
Sourcecode to convert JPG (bitmap) to SVG (vector)?
start video record on view load in ios
Trying to get muliple COUNT(id) from 2 different tables based on the selection from a previous table
How to handle exceptions from asynchronous methods within a SelectMany statement
as3 external swf classes loaded
Gnuplot: How to concatenate a datafile with four columns
Calculating AB Test Results
Monotouch back to first ViewController
Why doesn't this C# casting example work?
How to get a Facebook user's current country?
DllImport user32 vs user32.dll
Getting errors with prolog program
iOS - Dismiss UIDatePicker presented as inputView
Do I need to create a separate class in my when using the django.contrib.auth.models import user?
How to use JsonTextReader twice
Firing ListGrid selection item on GWT
How I can define the limits of a bar using geom_bar() in R?
Is it possible to invert a named scope in Rails3?
Oracle 'statement level' Trigger
Valid Data from forms
Handling URLs of new, mobile-friendly pages (Using Struts 1)
PHP Class modeling issue
there's no way to comment inside an xml node, right?
Finding the date for a given week number
WebGL differs from OpenGL preprocessor on same graphics stack
Logging the row in tableView:didSelectRowAtIndexPath:
How to measure SW API?
What's the reason i have to use jsonp?
Is it possible to build WinRT applications on Windows 7?
Issue with <table style=鈥渂order-collapse:collapse鈥�gt; Part of right border is cut off (screenshots attached)
Can't get going with MySQL in CakePHP
Can you hook the opening of the DATA handle?
How do you access Windows Command Line Arguments?
mysql highcharts php rtg
integrating payment with credit card in a win32 software
How to add hyperlink on dropdown menu
How do I stop Matlab from displaying matrix content on importdata()
Creating a Main Activity which DOES NOT appear in the launcher list
Is there a way to block SVN commits unless they have a certain description in the commit description window using a hook?
How can I change individual cell background colors in an NSForm?
'No peer certificate' error in Android 2.3 but NOT in 4
Using PDFSharp to print: how can I suppress Adobe window?
Passing buffer for recv() and send() from C# to C++
.vimrc to behave like Textmate?
JscrollPane Always Visible/Displays Inside Accordion Content
Logback Configuration Error in Tomcat 7
java.nio vs libevent what to chose when working with mass of http requets?
Silverlight Data Grid twoway Data binding in code
Return all duplicate rows
Rijndael padding or length is invalid
Rendering font differs from IE compared to FF and Chrome
Can someone tell me what this small chunk of js code is doing?
Pathway for .jar files
Advice for horizontal scroll view IOS
youtube embed over stickytop nav - IE7
Post an integer value over HTTP in Android using nameValuePairs
WCF FaultException<SqlException> caught as CommunicationException
How to update jprogress bar inside jtable
Image orientation when retrieving original image with readAsDataURL
Accessing PlayN's client bundles from GWT
Python using % to substitute variables
CodeIgniter: Controller structure for forms with many inputs
Understanding a median selection algorithm?
Record video of a specific window with ffmpeg
Is it possible to declare CASE statement within Replace (SQL Server)?
Writing test cases for django models
Can you display a small image in a detailTextLabel cell?
How to convert a python datetime.datetime to excel serial date number
Creating an async method in .NET 4.0 that can be used with 鈥渁wait鈥�in .NET 4.5
Filter django admin by logged in user
CGImageRelease: [Not A Type release]: message sent to deallocated instance
Name Each Element in Array
Different .app name - new submission iPhone
ios UIButton touch cancel
Reading 'unsigned int' using 'cin'
IHttpAsyncHandler and Request.Filter
Spinner value into a ListPreference
bash command to output the filename which contains specific strings
Rails STI Mystery - Why does type change from Class to String in view?
How do I Benchmark RESTful Service with Variable Parameters?
HH:MM:SS Countdowntimer
lxml unicode characters
Need to set Tapku Calendar to only have certain dates selectable?
Program optimization
CFDataRef to NSData
JavaScript Accordion Text Swap
How to do categories in Codeigniter?
EMGU OpenCV disparity only on certain pixels
How to convert NA's in a large dataset to either 0 or 1?
Android FileNotFound Exception on custom.xml in the drawable-hdpi folder
Can the VS Entity Data Model Designer be configured to use a newer version of the EF?
Using SUM in an SQL query
Refresh div if PHP page returns true? [duplicate]
PHP, Google geocoding, passing information
While Debugging Where are the Variables Available to a JSP?
do we need new amazon key pairs if we switch aws instances?
Jqgrid treegrid performance issues in IE8
PHP/Curl monitoring using Fiddler
is it possible to include php in html on IIS7?
Duplicated record on failed validation from a form with nested attributes
PHP - pass an extra parameter (variable) to set_exception_handler
Using Doctrine2/Zend Framework 1.11 with column containing underscore
CoreLocation on iOS to only monitor location changes in the background for a set amount of time?
Cannot get the basic example to work on client
Facebook like 鈥渟aves鈥�behavior is inconsistent
is there a php function that returns an assoc array from
Load WebView From Table In Different View
Unity Built Application Crashes on Startup
where can i find the sources for the sample() function in base
TDD how to handle a change in a mocked object
Rails .where vs .find
How can I compress screenshot to send it via net?
IDataObject or IStream as source of shell copy鈥�without shell extension
What is causing this system.componentModel.Win32Exception: 鈥�when sending a message over a sslstream?
rails cancan roles?
Can't get users present in Domain users in Active directory?
MySQL get data of most recent related record
Eclipse RCP, RAP, how to populate tree from another view on plugin loaded
Using wp_mail() instead of mail() in Wordpress does not work
SVN post-commit does not execute
How to get only first x numer comma separated data from a string?
Facebook App not displaying
Unable to post comment using Facebook API
Geotools nested loop over SimpleFeatureCollection
Getting weird phantom horizontal scrollbar鈥�what?
response.writefile(鈥渇ilename.png鈥� works when fired via button, but not when fired via callback
Jquery appending parsedate datepicker
How test Web service method in the browser which has primitive parameters?
android native or HTML5 to use in a transactional offline/online mobile app
Why the printed variable address is of form like 0x7fff935ad2b0? [closed]
How can I display numbers with different arithmetic operator
No visible interface error
how to properly shutdown instance of class that uses asio for event queuing
Handle exception and continue executing
Javascript iFrame size issue
Confused with 3 versions of OAuth 1.0 consumers
Can HttpWebRequest support token based authentication?
Efficient way to implement IsAscii() in C#
compare jquery datepicker with php variable
How to show a cold pic when its cold and show a warm pic when its hot? [closed]
.NET SOAP and complex data types
Redirect to subfolder's subfolder
JQuery 'fadeIn' firing too soon, before the images are done loading
How to set up Boost to compile and link on X code
Kohana ORM: Validate the $_belongs_to relationship exists
Frame of WPF app with possibility to insert own animation
myProject is locked for editing and you may not be able to save your changes?
DataGrid + ContextMenu: How to get the row under the right click
selectToUISlider error selectOptions[optIndex] is undefined
Is it possible to post to users' feed without posting on their wall?
rename javascript object in order to use a php array
Regular Expression - Java
Using PHP CURL to download a file
What method can I use to retrieve a string using two character indexes?
java sql queries
Get symbol for def in module in Python
Remove Array Elements Based on Key
Unable to set numeric DataMapper field to blank value
Obj-C, trying to remove some code from a view controller into a sub class?
Jquery scrollTop not working with slideToggle and hidden div
FormsAuthentication.Decrypt failing for scripts and css
How to download commons.lang with Play framework?
PHP ini_set max_execution_time and memory_limit not working
How to stop timer while debugging
How to add browser navigation toolbar overlay to a WebView
LINQ to SQL - Nesting Stored Procedures
jQueryUI: Move sortable's element into droppable and back (or mootools alternative)
Apache Mod-Rewrite rule to skip sub directory
I am trying to route to an mvc area and not have to use the folder name
C++ 鈥�Smart pointer and custom memory allocation dilemma
Adjacent Neighbor Summation [closed]
android - Using Linear or Table Layout
Changing user controls, using a horizontal animation
Does C# 4 optimize away namespaces in a manner that previous C# versions did not?
How to hide action column in extjs 4
How do I use pattern and matcher to split a large string up into specific substrings in Java?
jQuery multiple elements .click(function() global resources error 'The resource object with key '' was not found'
Can JavaScript detect when key and mouse events occur inside of a Flash application?
Streaming audio from online radio
Is there a clean, modern JDBC connection pooling library? [closed]
Python shell freezes on reading (fasta) file
Why does the following JavaScript test show the element as not belonging to the array?
Custom list that keeps the padding-left the same as first bullet line
Change class of $(this)
How to recover gracefully when Android MediaPlayer goes into error loop: error(-38,0)
Log4j conflicts with commons logging in a Spring RESTful integration on tomcat 6
Android - PagerAdapter not saving RadioButton's state
Substitute beep-sound with camera-sound in Qt on a Mac
Exception when handling multiple hostnames in Composite C1
PHP xml parsing, not sure what the term is for this
How to publish asp website using IIS7
Doctrine2 FindOneBy and SQL Injection
NetBeans IDE - How do i make indent lines, where i have largest and longest if while for brakets, can not find start and end now
Leaky Custom Object for storing data from a plist
Bind parameters in Rails mySQL empty
How-to Trigger VPN-On-Demand with MonoTouch
Adding an Element Between a List
MySQL user variables in subquery affected by outer query order/group?
UltraTree Binding to Business Object Display Text
How to resolve Git merge conflict
passing an argument to a bash script that is run by redirecting to bash
dynamic routing based on database entries
is it safe to get the java.sql.connection to jsp page form servlet
Streaming response back to client from a ServerResource
Trying to return a object without EntityState and EntityKey properties
java HashMap containsKey is returning false though key is present
select 1 rand() from each of 4 where clauses mysql
Retweeted text still includes RT and @ name
SQL Update Set with Where acting on other Table
mysql connection on vista using java jdbc, communicationException, tried the common answers
Maintain a jQuery Mobile loading widget while page is changing
Using EPPlus, I am trying to export a gridview to an Excel Sheet
HTML5 & CSS3: How can I make sure that my code is compatible to all browsers?
pre-loader and nested movie clip
pre-loader and nested movie clip
Add plugin to ejs?
Two-way pattern: using same pattern to parse and format strings
Using apply to convert dates in R and handling NA dates
Supersized Slider + Wp E-Commerce
chrome webkit - tabs permissions
Application is waiting for debugger to attach
Getting data from NSURLConnection using blocking or similar
Saving APEX updateable report values into Excel
Bundle install error when installing bcrypt-ruby gem
ScrollView and Device orientation, or should I use multiple view controllers?
Instantiate List<I> dynamically
Understanding backbone.js as a whole
Why is this regex for validating specific domains' emails not working?
Resource lookup for enums
Error at recursive SQL Lvl 1 when using an array parameter
How to rotate a photo that is picked from the photo library for editing
jquery tooltip not working
Mono for Android Calendar
Using XPath, How do I get the text nodes that are not part of hyperlinks
How to get the id of tr where id = value in array in jquery [closed]
Comparing two Unicode strings with perl
Is there a way to reset the USB bulk endpoints using the Android USB host APIs
Is there a Python equivalent for Perl's `study`?
Monodevelop 2.8.6 on windows
Should I use floating point's NaN, or floating point + bool for a data set that contains invalid values?
Ccoenraets backbone-cellar example with multiple tables (backbone.js / SLIM framework)
Hosting legacy Silverlight application in an ASP.NET MVC3 web application
LINQ conditional join
How do I find a pattern on the screen?
Save Cookies in Gomez test
location of custom plist file
How to convert A string that represents an integer to unsigned byte array in Java?
Can you host Magento on Heroku? [closed]
How to create radio buttons dynamically?
jQuery scroll to top of iOS address bar
Jenkins: dynamic downstream jobs + Mercurial information
Setting the background color of a contentbyte itextsharp
Rails tool to search for untranslated strings using yaml locale files
SQL Server : backup database with T-SQL?
what should my URLs look like for this simple REST web service?
FullCalendar event removal
perl split function usage
Large Select Drop down convert to Filter UL List with Legacy jQuery 1.3.2
How to migrate old models to new models?
Tabbed text file to MultiDimensional hash using Ruby?
Count rows order by last 12 months - PHP SQL
Which Nuget version to use for a package released today
liferay login without portlet
file_get_contents - failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
How to get the server port in a Rails initializer
Overloaded strings in simple-mysql
Difference between viewdidload and viewload
Bit Twiddling in C - Counting Bits
Table not being divided into pages
Is it possible to add custom context to the .zfproject.xml?
event color different from each other in fullcalendar
Pass a String from Java into Java EE Web Application and returning back a String
Can I configure ServiceStack.Text to serialize enum values to camelCase?
FTP reports 644 on file but is_writable(file) returns false
How do I hook in to after_validation_on_update callback in a Rails 3 observer?
write a batch script for managing password required on login
Get previous object id which isn't disabled
listview menu in android
onclicklistener is not working
OSX bash, 'watch' command
Retrieve Battery Discharge Rate for Blackberry
Core Data : Updating array.
How to pass a 'double*' to a class function, and apply that value to another 'double*' in that class
For Loop in GNU Makefile 鈥�Gather all Object Files into one Variable Across Mutliple Directories
Replacing a cell reference inside a link Excel
Autoarrange multiple dialog boxes on the page
Using pointers to functions in javascript
Output to screen in Oracle SQL
Any way to get the T-SQL generated by SSMS Script Wizard?
Munin not logging anything after initial setup
How can I set up my winform button so that I can either click the button or press enter
Grails - Updating a TD located within a template
What does this javascript function do? Does it make sense? [closed]
FD_SET reading from invalid memory address?
htaccess how to convert special chars
blocking select() from multiple sockets
is there a way to create a .NET installer for a solution with a windows forms and web app project?
MATLAB - integers vs decimals assignment strange bug
Can't seem to get gcc or binutils to build a new linker or assembler
Implementing error function in Octave
Selenium looking for the getAllFields() function
iOS: 鈥渙pen: Permission denied鈥�
How jQuery-File-Upload plugin uploads files to server - each in one POST request or all in one? [closed]
can Autofac search for string dependencies in AppConfig
How to get all the meanings when I use Google translate API
Read a specific resx file within a ClassLibrary
External Table GPFDIST Filehost on Community Edition
How to crawl the right way?
cannot run JOCL samples downloaded from (OPENCL for java)
remove activity from stack
Adding extra html attributes to a Rails collection_select
Unable to add event handler function using jQuery
SQL Server 2008 : Updating a column based on other tables
Access Locking Shared Mode - Editing a Report
Access Locking Shared Mode - Editing a Report
Asymptotic time complexity of List.fold and foldBack
This R code produces a missing value where TRUE/FALSE error [closed]
Core Data objects wont store
KnockoutJS select lookup
Getting 'Must declare the scalar variable' errors when running stored proc
Javascript test hashtable with key / value
How do I get the time period start time using SQL over PI-ODBC?
Filename manipulation in cygwin
How to evaluate user expressions in a sandbox
How to click a button using urlConnection (Programmatically)
How to mix Entity Framework with Web API
XCode Linker Error, Simple C++ functions
Memory consumption for java web app (300MB too high?)
ANR when launching service from AppWidgetProvider
Grails shell doesn't recompile changed files
How can I write the contents of a SourceDataLine to a file?
Exporting Excel files from SAP with pivot tables
C#/SQL changing logging - best methods
How can I add jpeg support to Heroku PHP buildpack
BIRT Report Designer - Tab layout
The best and safety way to pass in extern function as a parameter a function of class without boost?
variable creation for unbalanced dataset
Comparing Record Results and Double For Loop
SQL Pivot Table for Many-To-Many Relationship for use in SSRS
Invalid value for property <travelMode>: undefined, what?
How to delete specfic text in a file using a perl one liner?
PHP session not set the first time
Set up Netty with 2-way SSL Handsake (client and server certificate)
Using svyglm within plyr call
How do I keep OPTION classes with Ext.form.ComboBox in ExtJS?
iOS -Urbanairship push notification on production not working
Pass Information to VB Program
How big of an impact are local LAN HTTP connections to underlying APIs of web infrastructures?
How to select associate Table from many to many relationship
Semantic Rules / Abstract Syntax Tree Rules
How to broadcast same message to all objects of same name suffix on same view in iPhone SDK?
How to get data via MBean
Any way to check the validity of a Facebook feed dialog via direct URL's returned post_id?
java manifest internal jar link
WCF Service configuration file, configure bindings with maxreceivemessagesize for clients to pull down?
Javascript setTimeout on iOS Safari
How to add missing maven libraries to Jetty
transforming form view-port coordinates to real image coordinates
Second instance of activity after orientation change
WebView slow on loading content
Which device is used for intra-localhost traffic?
Serializing JSON in .NET
MySQL Table Joins
custom view with buttons over the picker view
Rewrite just part of url
DNN error setting site to HTTPS
MySQL - Finding partial strings - Full Text?
How do I fix this query to multiply a column value
Rubyracer (V8 binding for Ruby) performs really slow
If the contents of a database table cell is a list, how do I check if the list contains a specific value in T-SQL?
Get multiple row DataKeys from gridview
How to default one panel open in jQuery
Reference actual object or just the object Id?
ios touch up inside on disabled button
Servlet session attribute size and lifetime
Cross-Subdomain Sharepoint List Access
ASP.NET Async Tasks - how to use WebClient.DownloadStringAsync with Page.RegisterAsyncTask
Changing From Perspective to Orthographic Matrix
Thread Management in C# Socket Programming
Understanding Python sqlite mechanics in multi-module enviroments
DataBinding won't let me change the value
Trying to select li element with JQuery
Adding 3rd party framework into Xcode 4 project
Is HTML5's Canvas API Rotate or Translate function better?
Requirements for Repeated TCP connects
Hexadecimal in Android
Variable length Struct NonStandard in C++11? [duplicate]
Compile a library that uses mpi (AGMG)
Best way to alter nullable type, if not null, but return null if null already
Dynamic sql - Is this a good approach?
Reusing OAuth Access Tokens
Converting an ordered binary tree to a doubly circular link list
HABTM Form not working in rails. Not submiting into Join tables
SSIS - Script Component, Split single row to multiple rows (Parent Child Variation)
Is it possible to set the name of the standart svn-keywords?
android open photos from camera's folder
Is there a workaround to virtualize ItemsControl list while setting CanContentScroll = 鈥渇alse鈥�
Omniauth + Devise Error: Could not find hashie-1.2.0
OSGi Felix and BndTools - Load class by name
Stop performSelector:withObject:afterDelay for loop
GWT maps v3 click handler does not work in InfoWindow
Creating a class and adding methods dynamically in Ruby
Using the java BufferedRead in Matlab with an TCP/IP Ethernet connection - accessing the most recent data
this.p is undefined jqgrid
Django modelformset_factory delete modelforms marked for deletion
Kill a process based on PID in Java
rotating colors?
Echo out all predefined constants of OpenSSL
Sql Server Analysis Services growing in memory until crashes
Where is .gdbinit is located and how can I edit it?
Getting the height multiple elements aplying to siblings
libspotify API index parameters. 0-based or 1-based?
ASP.NET MVC C# Get controller and action name in class
Prodinner service layer repositories
develop Webconference using an existing open source or from scratch
how to write a loops within a loop in GAMS
Jive - Apache Filter
How to get a Continuous Position on a Google Static Map?
Go, AppEngine: How to structure templates for application
jQuery Animation Conditional w/a Callback Function
T-SQL Insert into table without having to specify every column
don't display content outside of border wpf
Is it possible to print in the margins with iTextSharp?
How would you test something with complex output?
Displaying Database Images in Gridview with HttpHandler
Multiple if-statements in php?
SVN reverse proxy with IIS URL Rewrite
Automatically apprend or prepend names of files uploaded with date or random number in SharePoint
How can I use the rails helper 鈥渄istance_of_time_in_words鈥�in plain old ruby (non-rails)
Akka remote deploy misunderstanding?
jquery dialog load issue
rails / capistrano - error compiling assets
Position a WPF Path so that its origin is located at the bottom, center of its container
FormData not working in Internet Explorer?
Rails 3 Distinct Join With Postgresql
鈥淯nable to find the requested .Net Framework Data Provider鈥�after update to NHibernate 3.2
How to use a project with no entry point in Visual Studio
Why to inflate layout into another layout in Android?
python make class iterable by returning embedded iterable
How to use Animated Gif in a delphi form
ActionBar block the first row of listview
Joomla get('Items') and how it works
regular expression for date validation in javascript
Why can't I get a Facebook user's name?
jqGrid: Do not allow selecting a row in the grid without the others are updated
Structuremap: Scan Folder, instantiate Class by name (For<ITest>.Use(string))
How to broadcast same message to all TextField on same view in iPhone SDK?
In-cell editing using Primefaces 3.1 datatable
C code passing struct into function Stack overflow
SQLite 鈥淚NSERT OR REPLACE INTO鈥�not working
Is there a way to optimise an array of subquery in a SQL select?
MS Access .mdb import and save to a node that has content type depend's of the table name
Custom Highlight Failing on Website
Performing a function on a specific button when clicked using jquery
C - how to correctly use malloc'ed array with C getline function?
UIAccessibilityPostNotification for TTS - allowed in app?
Nothing happens when calling XMLHttpRequest from a custom Module Patterned Javascript library
Automatically rename _s theme (batch search & replace text)
Is it necessary to filter the include path before autoloading? [closed]
Posting SESSION variables, that have been collected from mysql database, to a new page
cvs to git conversion on Debian [closed]
How to supress header Vary:* when using OutputCacheProfiles
Trying to get jquery hover to work on array of images
How to find where the function is being called from on node.js?
How to find where the function is being called from on node.js?
client_side_validations not working with devise + rails 3.2.1
extjs - CheckboxModel and RowExpander can't be used together?
Store each number in array
How To Double Click with AttachedCommandBehavior only inside DataGrid's Area
Accessing files in sub directory of main program
Reusing a C macro in several files
using piped input in conjunction with user prompted input in ruby
MySQL Selecting from One table into Another Based on ID
FacesMessage not showing up with PPR
can't find jquery in debugger
Memory reporting for Chrome application
Mix 2 videos with FFmpeg
JAXB Map with Lists
Run PHP in the server and show only the results
gallery clicked item android
Netty Channel.close() hangs intermittently
'unsafe' functions in C++/CLI wrapper?
Unable to retrieve validation attributes (from my model) in my custom html helper
Converting wxString to std::string for OpenCv
Python C API: Using PyEval_EvalCode
PHP Library to convert JSON to CSV?
Java: 1-click Mac executable including VM arguments
Why isn't Eclipse updating the classes?
Save Arraybuffer from IndexedDB entry
EXT GWT 3.0 / Sencha: Locking columns in Ext GWT TreeGrid is possible?
moving sites on apache2
Creating a cronjob from a makefile?
File write not correct
CodeIgniter - escape SQL statement
jQuery inArray with Hashtable
iOS Random Number Generator to a new view
Algorithms for converting flat list of objects with size/position to tree?
Syntax confusion (do block)
How to handle the subpage concept under Yii?
Java Swing Graphics - Why does the first-time rendering not work as expected?
Trouble with simplexml_load_string in PHP with Soap response
How do I add an asterix to a boxplot to represent significance?
Outlook 2010 add-in, how do I cancel close event, minimize window? (C#)
Remove or prevent the active widget highlight
trying to access Azure storage from console app and get exception 鈥淐onfiguration system failed to initialize鈥�
Executing a SQL Query multiple times with different parameters
display text when # button is clicked
Inserting data into database from Java GUI
android datepicker error datepicker does't popup at all and can't choose date
What is the best way to bypass devise authorization for a specific record marked public
Highcharts - labels inside and outside a pie chart
can't place call from webpage in android app
Specifying arguments in C# Process
In C#, what's a good way for displaying zoomable, pannable video?
How can I pass a variable wordpress shortcode
How do you store multiple UIControlState instances in NSUserDefaults?
safari/chrome onsubmit=鈥渓ocation.reload(true)鈥�not working
Perl cmd option for printing first string from a matched line
NHibernate 3.2 many to many mapping by code
Get zoom and center to fit all markers in a google static map
More Clarification Needed
Android market filtering: Require dialer?
SQL Server Error - The requested name is valid, but no data of the requested type was found [closed]
Embedding Tag Files in a JAR
Reference/Dereference Identities
Speeding up echo in ksh
How do we get the file separators used by the different file systems?
How to script primary key constraints from existing database
Include ROWID in Dataset when Exporting from Toad
preg_match_all matches English words perfectly but no luck with Hebrew words
Is there a way to preview a document stored on the server?
eclipse egit: Menu item and keyboard shortcut for Team -> Show in History
Unable to Limit the user input in JavaScript [duplicate]
Is there a way to create a class by refactoring in Xcode?
SQL: find the earliest occurrence of a row in a table based of values from multiple tables
Removing the Last word from TextView using Speech Recognition
How can i find sharepoint 2010 Content Type xsd file?
Fuse esb - using quartz
Most elegant way to check if the string is empty in Python?
Are delegate methods privately declared?
submit form with image as submit button - no refresh
Multiple counts in one SQL query
qTip2 Change calling element's background color while open
How to keep vshost.exe for debugging but stop spurious launching
getElementsByTagName doesn't work for my <a> tags
Export Excel calculator to php?
Issues with nesting CSS divs/boxes and overflow
Get physical file path with opening app from Share menu of file browser鈥�
How to not violating the OCP when you want to choose between different classes which are inherited from an Interface?
How do you wrap text around an image inside a list box item in WPF?
Overridden properties from superclass
how to get the IP of the wifi hotspot in Android?
c++ derived functions vs. base functions
How can I start and wait for an external process?
How to access and modify Xcode project files from python code?
Rails 3.1, How to exclude authorize resource for devise controller?
Java - Program will not Compile/method getText(double)
mvn sourceanalyzer plug-in not running scan
How to balance and parallelize the processing of multiple sequential streams of data
Add duplicate elements?
D3 force directed layout with bounding box
How can I change orientation on the Image in Windows Phone 7
ThinkingSphinx Order via URL Params
simple java program connecting to database server using JDBC has execution time varying all over the place
simple java program connecting to database server using JDBC has execution time varying all over the place
ASP.Net GridView: BoundField using Indexer instead of Property
iterate exploded values
Exporting Jasper Reports to XLSX format with Spring 3.0.5
QListView hover event?
Path rewrite on post data to WCF service
install4j - Updating Program Group Name
Unset a mysql result
Animating gif in wxPython
strrchr causing 'Cannot convert from const char * to char *'
Autoloading failed to define function calc-dispatch
how to send svg to php (server side)?
javaPOS adding libraries to project
Extracting sub-strings in Unix
How to parse JSON without JSON.NET library?
PHP: Remove the differences in two strings
jQuery.fn.autoResize and Return Key
Using simplehtmldom (php) to retrieve site images not working on some sites how to fix?
Outer join on two tables with sequential guid stalls
HTML Form Toggle Hide/Show fields based on selection
Null value when accessing variable in other classes (Combined Navigation & Tab Controller)
Why use fork in a simple program?
backbone.js: how can I partially update the model json object using .set()?
Wordpress: Notice:Object of class WP_Query could not be converted to int in on line
How to manually move rows from one database to the next?
What algorithms exist for finding a bounding surface to a set of points?
dispatch_source_set_cancel_handler and assigning nil to @property ivar
Return results of ID NOT IN Certain Table
Creating BluetoothSocket crashes with 鈥淐ould not execute method of the activity鈥�
How to convert 8 byte HEX to BIN [closed]
Java swing custom background
Sencha Touch: Displaying and editing HasMany field on formpanel
c# .net form similar to listbox but with categories
Styling a Facebook company page
How to determine which element is bound when jPicker is expanded
How To Interrupt Zepto Fade
R: selecting subset without copying
Prompting Webkit transition
appending alternating child image and text items that don't wrap beyond one line
Using Entity Framework 4.1, how do I configure one to many relationship with composite keys using different field names?
Iterator<?> vs Iterator in java [duplicate]
RStudio Server CentOS wrong ELF class
Getting 404 when deploying war file to JBoss 7.1
Loop runs more than expected in C [closed]
Setting a Variable at Application Scope so it shared among Sessions
context switch in multithreading
How to display data in row wise but not in grid
python SimpleHTTPRequestHandler server leaves socket in TIME_WAIT state after exit
Using IdHTTP to download web page, even if error occurs
Find the javascript error that I'm getting in phonegap on android
Writing to file Visual C++
Linq to SQL equivalent of this query
Changing focus from Button in ListView row to list item
Is it utf8 suitable for text/plain mime type?
undefined method Proxy for Proxifier:Module
How can I retrieve a complete list of Attributes for a class in an LDAP repository with .NET?
Asset pipeline not generating sass image-urls properly - missing asset path
Segfault. Allocating memory for struct within a struct
C++ new operator
Qt Creator can't find headers (says: 鈥淣o such file or directory鈥�
ERROR using OutputFcn - VarargoutNotCell
Texting to an email address error
Can't connect objects xcode 4.2 [closed]
Obj-C, when are interface variables lost, when pushing and dismissing back from another view?
Google App Engine: Error in bulkloader.yaml
Typing in Haskell: Passing a number that looks fractional, but will always be an Integer (type aliasing)
Get next object id which isn't disabled
Java swing application, close one window and open another when button is clicked
Re-writing without using unique construct in SQL
Thread and progressDialog android
Popup UIPickerview when button is pressed
hibernate list out
TFS 2010 Migration to New Domain - Changing Display Name in TFS Work Items
What is the correct use of RedirectPermanent?
JSON data from Open Graph for websites
Remove parentheses and commas from NSArray output
Creating array of Structs
Basic authentication with remote server from Local HTML file
Is WordPress considered a PHP web framework? [closed]
Parsing DOM returned from JTidy to find a particular HTML element
Security of Isolated Storage on Windows Phone 7 and Network Transfers
3D library recommendations for interactive spatial data visualisation?
Loop not Looping?
jquery math in repeat
Heroku Django: Running a Worker
How to prevent JqueryUI from suppressing http calls in an accordion element header
Scenarios when it is worthful to cast enum to its value
Reduce the padding inside a spinner android
Rails count number of days between two dates
Flex 4 converting array.length into a string
How can I create this bat file?
How do you animate a background position with jquery?
How do I launch a CGI script from a WSGI handler?
If condition not working in android intent activity
Starting thin server without the thin gem does not work
break list comprehension
Slow SQL Query - Can't Find
jquery book effect plugin
Each div must increments its counter upon clicking
How can I setup Team City to pull a separate repo with a web.config and copy that to the checked out main project repo before attempting to build?
Microsoft COM specification replacement?
How to add an item to a model in Qt4 and get an index for the newly aded item
circular single linkedList
Building maven project in Bamboo gives me an empty jar
C++ pattern for extra pass-by-reference arguments that aren't needed after the function call?
Struggling with compiliation: Pointers in C
How do you enable code completion for JSF 2.1 Facelets in a Java Web Free-Form Application in Netbeans 7.1.1?
Improve performance with index for row_number over partition query
iOS 5.0: MPMoviePlayerViewController totally stopped working
Convert list to array in Java
How do I loop through get-counter results to get to make a decision?
debugging activeresource
Chrome extension : jQuery.js conflicts in background file conflics with plugins in websites
AuthenticationToken is null
Change UIButton highlighted image in UINavigationBar
preloader when add my nested movie clip recieve the following error
Change background color on rows, but not row headers
Possible to discard touch events?
Codeigniter, getting ajax to run on button press
How to insert into a table correctly using table of records and forall in pl/sql
MPMoviePlayerController dismisses my UIImagePickerController
How to check code inside math library function sqrt() using Dev C++?
Using XmlSerializer to deserialize complex type elements with choise
ListBox menu issues
php pdo bind parameter not working
Is CreateDirectory() in C# thread-safe?
Android program sends signal to another program [closed]
Fill popupmenu without XML file in android
How to post to a user's wall at a later date
Validating a console input
dotTrace - what profiling settings should I use for my desktop app?
Where can I find package of Android Media Player?
Subversion and 鈥減rotected/secure鈥�files
Django - Why am I getting TemplateSyntaxError?
Coffeescript object creation validation
Choosing a dimension standard for CSS; percentages vs. pixels
Automating Team Foundation Build configuration
How to pass specific arguments to a programmatically-added button in a WPF app?
sysinfo struct in linux/kernel.h
How to make sure if a TCP socket is closed on the other end? ( how to read ack signal)
SmartGWT vs. GXT Selenium Support
How can I create thumbnail preview icons in windows explorer for document files on Windows 7?
Java Entity Intersection
Server to client streaming using WebSockets and Netty
How to display parent/child list items
Options screen for a simple dialer application - how do I?
Sitemap in google search result
Cant Insert into SQL Table or Show all from
How to convert matrix into array?
Maximum number of threads per process - sysconf(_SC_THREAD_THREADS_MAX) failing
Character encoding and VALARM with .ics files for Google Calendar -> iPhone
iOS: Movie player view doesn't rotate
Linking boost::thread
Searching and replacing with Notepad++, text color
VBScript Read Text file for multiple indexes and output to a new index
Regular expression for street address
remove index.php of codeigniter subdomains
Why does the locator look semi-transparent in this Dynamic graphic?
Local settings in javascript project
Publishing updates to Android Apps
Java XML Parser Issue
Flash: can I forbid ExternalInterface access to loaded SWF?
PHP Concatenate Zero to date POST value
Deny referrals from all domains except one
Need to parse through large MIB file using sed or awk to remove deprecated entries
MVC paradigm: exposing model and controller from view
Trouble deploying to Heroku
Setting default anchor in jquery tools scrollable
android, when i try to call the datepickerdialog it doesn't show up?
Create A Method To Iterate Through Objects Properties
using jquery ajax to send a complex object to a webmethod in a aspx page
CoreData: Replace .sqlite causes crash
How to call a function based on list entry?
For loop in VBScript (QTP) not functioning
Selecting Data for Non-Parametric Testing in R
Chrome extension contextMenu popup
GridView Export to Excel is exporting entire aspx page
Weird errors in system.log while trying to run .kext
Coffeescript ,,= analogue?
Tax calculation for logged in users
Maven + Tomcat + Eclipse Java hotswap
Git: Can't make changes to remote
Apache & Nginx in Same Directory
One to many relationships in Rails
Hibernate Deserialization Issue
NSManagedObject, cascade delete more than one relationship
Can django-userena replace pinax?
Hosting Eclipse Program inside C# Program
PHP form referrer security [duplicate]
MATLAB - working with timestamps
VS2010, HTML 5 and CSS 3 Validation
How do I include an svg image in exported html file using emacs org-mode?
Assigning a value to innerHTML not working
ggplot2/R output pdf too large
iOS StreamStatus always returns NSStreamStatusOpen
Display message - session expired
Execute python-script via Url
How to fetch data of last month from database
Interval container in C#
How much resource usage would pattern recognition/image processing take in Android
Find String index from last in Python
Integrate Sencha Touch with .Net
Codeigniter File Uploading
Knockoutjs jquery UI modal dialog does not render
X-axis goes farther than last time interval
PHP Forms - Numeric Value of Checkbox
Using patterns in REPLACE
Detecting tab closed (after closed) from firefox extension
SQL grouping - throwing out old results
Frame Page controls layout
Binding sometimes fails, depending on position of {Binding} in XAML file
Moving all files from MANY folders up one level - command line
Quiting ssh -X session with a running GUI program but leaving the program to run on the remote host
Common Lisp Sampling in Parallel
JavaScript RegExp error
Error Accessing One-To-Many Relation in Symfony 2 with Doctrine
2 ways of running python program
Zend_Form and Float number localization
dynamic table name in a query
Creating an interactive canvas popup with jQuery
Android bitmap in path
What are the Issues when Java Server Socket run continuously
python files run fine when executed from different directory
coldfusion after screen size detection
Multithreaded dll and lock whan calling function from second thread
Function Problems and Local Variables
Simple XSLT Text Replacement
Read permission trouble
new CDI conversation
How many mipmaps does a texture have in OpenGL
XML-RPC pinging (google and others)
Execute code, in a Greasemonkey script, before a function is called
Shuffling part of an ArrayBuffer in-place
Git sparse checkout with exclusion
animate jQuery ajax result
Can I track multiple Google Analytics events at once?
How many bytes does a non-inline non-virtual method add to the instance of a class? C++
.htaccess redirect all traffic from old site, to new site's search script using the old permalinks
ANY word in predicate with two to-many relationships
Routinely Retrieving Column from :through Table in Rails
Windows service won't install: The specified service already exists
In LINUX C/C++, which system calls are interruptable (i.e. errno == EINTR)?
pickerView undeclared?
SVN Authorization error when accessing repository
Fullcalendar time block transparent
SLIME not finding Clozure or Hyperspec docs
How to XOR scramble a string in C and back again with the same function?
Is any software that write CSS for Flash Builder?
Rails Association and Foreign_Key Confusion, what should my foreign keys be?
Options for preserving state
getchar() doesn't actually take input from user
best_in_place gem to edit currency
Get email text from TextArea on Gmail
macro to save each worksheet into separate xls files with visual file chooser
Count of array inside NSDictionary is not logged although the array itself is logged
Remove session scoped managed bean in another application
Using NLog with multiple servers. Want to write to 1 file on a specific server
selecting another dropdown option with jquery
How do I keep F10 from activating menu in AS3 AIR application?
compile single kernel file
issue with jquery tabs in IE versus Firefox
lua lanes communication between threads
Python: Calculating sum of a string using lettervalues
Uploading files with SFTP
Is there a way to set actionBarTabTextStyle specifically for stacked action bar?
trying to create a single file in eclipse for Java , but two getting created at different file hierarchy
Android - MalformedURLException on HTTP request
Heroku not displaying (finding?) .css and .js files
nil is not a symbol for form_for
DialogPreference width
Rails encoding error. HAML issue I think
Determine length of string in the external file
Using Sinatra on Ubuntu 11.10 (Server)
base64 encoding unicode strings in python 2.7
Why is my content area not moving even when I style it in css?
Which of these methods is the correct way to show/hide rows in ASP.NET?
Why should I explicitly make an operation atomic?
java hibernate insertion
Not loading the Spring configuration servlet xml
validate email with regex jquery
How do I disable UAC using Windows PowerShell?
Why does element retrieving using car and cdr operations cause exception while (append) is not?
C# - What causes user.config to empty? And how do I restore without restarting?
After_update hook with :if syntax
Google API For Website Classification Project [closed]
Using Hibernate and Jdbc both in Spring Framework 3.0
Extending javascript object
What should be the filename for files with date name so it would order by desc
Infinite Scroll and Masonry jquery plugin - ways to make it load earlier and faster
Is it possible to cycle through MarkerFaceColor in Matlab?
SQL query multiple tables
Splitting string of integers into array - elements don't get recognized
Empty Worksheet - Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel
MongoDB scaling and memory usage with very large data sets
Create new button with properties using class
Qt integration in major operating system to interact with contact book
backgroundworker gives a cross-thread exception when ProgressChanged?
PHP Ucwords on underscores
What event to listen on accordion panel change in extjs?
SAS: macro generating data driven subset data files
Progressbar issue while uploading a file in SDCard of the mobile device to a file server
Moq-ing a method with derived arguments
How to change the div content dynamically on mouse over? [duplicate]
Change google maps v3 streetview to another div/canvas
How can I create a zip archive in Java from generated files in memory? [duplicate]
hiccup 1.0.0-beta1 error
How to initialize an int buried 2 levels deep inside typdef'd unions
Copy files from directory within zip file
User defined keyword in php
SQL Query: calculating percentage
PHP Getting a script together which will send a newsletter to all emails in database
Getting the previous page GET parameters in PHP
select distinct not working as expected
jquery timed popup
Is there a UIViewController method that gets automatically called when the app moves to the background?
How to use Modernizr to detect if client supports WebFonts?
What does /// mean in javascript?
Google Chrome not rendering overflow correctly
TFS 2010 - MS Scrum process template - PBI -> Test case ->Bug Link
SSRS 2008 R2 service account - what are least privileges required for domain account?
Sum wont add decimal places (doubles)
Textbox focus on button when hit enter?
Error Deploying To Heroku - rbx-require-relative
Android market apps [closed]
DBNull to type Sring is not valid ---Visual studio 2005
Moving a UIView with subviews
Django: traversing OneToOneField relationships, accessing `user` field of model - NameError
Implements gallery like official android gallery
adding children to html generic control
Python Equivalent to Scheme Apply
Count items in Arraylist that have specific attribute
Django model structure to allow 'test users'
What does <?> sign mean in ArrayList
Git workflow with multiple stable branches, syncing with svn
dispatch_source_cancel on a suspended timer causes EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION
How to convert MySQL datetime value to google chart api datetime
Guide me the best way of doing a task which takes a good amount of time to complete?