JSON call not working (Android)
Implementing private instance variables in Javascript
Java Runtime.getRuntime().exec() fails after calling it several hundred times
How to validate a null input
jQuery: Select last match before specified element
Detect if iPod library uses iTunes Match
2-column alignment in a Textview
Placing excutable fles in /Library
How can I map a relative path outside of the controller?
How to clear a date in a form (Symfony2)?
Animating the width of UISearchBar frame
Skip between multiple files while playing audio in iPhone iOS
Add attribute to the body failed
inserting data into mysql from an html textboxes. using php/mysql
setEditing method causing SIGABRT
wait(n) is acting different each time I change the position of synchronized keyword
Disable a drop down list based on the selection of above drop down list in rails
Is Castle Project's Monorail a viable alternative to ASP.NET MVC3?
Make this loop faster in R
Error in Fragment attach in SherlockBar
How to get/specify info about a programmaticaly-added button in WPF? Or similarly, how to pass custom EventArgs to such a button click event?
How to migrate from md5 to sha256 encryption
Referral Url's on Facebook Page tab
Open Modal from Modal
Could someone please explain the difference between setWithObjects and initWithObjects
How can multiple (dynamically sized) divs share 100% width?
Namespace problems between custom/user controls
Adobe AIR3 Mobile 鈥�Is it possible to add native Android visual elements with native extensions?
Does SQLAlchemy create threads when not using ORM or connection?
Nokia OVI map autocomplete feature
ATI streams failed on AMD 7970 series
Reading 鈥減ure鈥�bytes in C
Rails HTML escaping
Php string manipulation and replacement
Moq - Object type casting and comparison
Balance between Number of Threads and Web Requests
GWT - Datagrid Selection Color
Show/Hide an ol created by a plugin
Submitting an update before the original version is released?
Can the leading bytes of an input stream be copied to another file without closing the input stream?
Instruments does not show me the real reference count
how to sort mysql
How to download a PDF document from Google Docs and display it in the browser?
Django Admin: Random key in TabularInline repetitious, not random
How to put in array a different types of field in objective-c
SQL - Invalid Identifier, but where?
Panel & PageMod Content Script message passing in a Firefox extension
Why isn't this html / css code for an exam adding space between the questions?
How do you add an image on top of a JPanel (in a JPanel) paint method?
Svcutil generates an interface with out parameters
Run script when session ends
Why do I get this warning when I compile with optmizations?
WSDL to Android Application with PhoneGap
Index referencing with relative values
popup div when clicked on input
In EF4.1+, do you have to expose a foreign key property on a dependent entity to enforce an identifying relationship?
How to use master pom file to checkout all modules of a web application and build all modules
installing php 5.4 as FPM when already installed as apache module
InvalidOperationException when enumerating through a list of results to provide multiple textbox's with text
Android APIs and methods that are version-specific
Can I make an Ecore metamodel that enables models to reference Java classes?
Rotate a Style image on Windows Phone
Android Alert Dialog change width
Makefile for Daemon
Indexing does not work with LIKE and NOT operator in Sql Server, Is it a MYTH
Restrict the text length assigned for Link Button from DB
Synonym returning ORA-00904 error
Dynamic LINQ where query
Google Chrome is breaking my iframe
Communicate with Java program from Python
MySQL, PHP and tabular data
Node Exception Handling
Is it possible to reverse alias a c# namespace?
EntityFramework 4.1 with DbContext code that should be put in Repository Save Method to Save and Update
Windows Search C++(MFC) OLE DB or ADO group search
Use bitmapData.hitTest on two bitmapData with centered registration point
ASP.NET MVC3 - Controller in each Tab running
How to create objects out of each element in array?
Fluent NuGet messed up
How to open new windows from main GUI and and pass vairable to the new window
How can i add DataID and password in an HTTP header?
.animate opacity: show - need display:block; instead of display:inline;
How to load my application automatically after loading Android OS?
How to add new item to hash
* vs html, body, div, span, applet, object, iframe鈥tc [duplicate]
Qt doesn't display child widget
Is there a faster-than-linear way to find endpoints of a boolean condition in numpy?
ray casting algorithm without side coordinates
asp.net web application does not load when worker process running
EF PK FK mapping without scalar PK properties
Rails cart with Devise
Assembly Hex Dump
I want to stop everything being played in background. SoloAmbient?
Picking random number between two points in C
MVC3 Bind Model to jquery DataTables plugin on ajax call
XSLT: I am trying to flatten XML element based on child element name using XSLT 1.0
Nullable parameter checking
android permissions to list assets subdirectory files
Adding tiles to map from multiple sources
Android App Button 'onClick'
Ruby thread/fibre scheduling by time
What view i touched
Global.asax with uncompiled .NET site
How to persist entity to two different tables using Spring+Hibernate
sql query grouping of data
When adding text to a metafile, the letter font is changed
how to add fieldname as a variable in OCCI
Where do I put database config values in Codeigniter?
How to define blocks without ending notation in GtkSourceView for gEdit?
Making some code only run once
How to change the colour of the button glow on a UINavigationBar?
I can't install my app to iOS 4.2.1
How to identify if a GAC assembly is loading
Some commands gdb/mi
offline_access deprecated - How identify users in an app accross devices now?
Backward ForeignKey value in list view in django admin
Loading whats inside of an 鈥渄iv鈥�ajax jquery .load()?
Rails 3 - Problems with raw and html_safe
Multiple file upload using javascript without modifying current code
MVC C# to Json correct way to format url in string array?
Registering dependencies within TinyIOC for use in NancyFX
bing wallpapers
Rearranging UITableViewCells causes cell contents to break
open a file which name is contained in a variable
How do I get the password in django?
Chrome: how to query multiple search engines from the address bar?
TextWrangler Color Formatting and File Extensions
How to get the class of all elements with certain id in jquery
section is smaller than contents
Transaction fails due to foreign key Mysql error 1452
Class Self-Reference Issues
MEF and IObservables
Search for a string in a DataGridView
Silverlight XamlReader generating datatemplate ends with System.Type error
What is the best way to send an image from Android device to a server for processing and send the results back? [closed]
Textview Click Issue Android
HTML Drop down value not getting in PHP while sending mail
Object released with CFRelease causes obvious crash, but only rarely
Calculate Average Every x Rows with MySQL Query
EPPlus - How to use a template
How can I use my default siteLayout with my .aspx webpage?
NServiceBus allows control over deserialization?
intellij - maven modules with Flex Mojos
Syntax error, unexpected T_LNUMBER, expecting T_VARIABLE or '$'
GWT - Fullscreen
jquery won't update dynamically generated html
Access parent class from child class
Rails 3, Model Methods / Calculated Attributes
Code not working, Though it worked before
Is it possible to convert FAT32 to EXT2? [closed]
Define a schemaLocation when serializing with XStream
Disposing of a c# interface wrapping an IDispatch COM interface
Could not load file or assembly or one of its depencencies. The system cannot find the file specified
mod_rewrite - simple redirect to parent directory
Timed, looping text output on iPhone
Convert enter to tab in windows mobile
Windows Phone - How to implement alphabetical listbox?
.bind on a document is not working in chrome
Change FormLayout alignment at runtime
Validate user account via email link in symfony2
How to keep inline add if error is returned on pressing save action button in jqgrid
WATIR nested anchor click not working
C++ Implementing threads with Inter thread communication
Prioritized Random Selection
Time doesn't account for timezone after first event
How to determine if two records are 1 year apart (using a timestamp)
how can I set a minimum length for a field with jquery?
How do get a list of pages by Location in the Open Graph?
Receive number (smsto:) from intent
PageContext's scope
how to stop UITextView to scroll UITableView
Customize Django admin changelist page
How to reload page instead of continue script in Chrome debugger on Mac OS X?
Multiple insert into Mysql from an html form using php
Android Google Map draw text and icon on overlay
Play! Framework [1.2.4] - multiple routes files? [duplicate]
Table-less designs to present non-tabluar data in a tabular-like style worth it?
jQuery refresh if PHP file echo's 'true'
ASP.NET Web API Self-Host with Windows Authentication
How select a grouping of matching values from a table?
c# HttpWebRequest IOException
Order of items in a category
Calling a psql command from a Groovy script
How can I break line on R's setwd() command?
Grid view rowUpdate and rowcancel event are not working
Can't write on a CFWriteStream successfully created with CFStreamCreatePairWithSocket
pattern for parsing a logfile
SAS Arrays - Create maximum value per month
How to handle asp.net web service for bunch of requests in seconds?
How to combine scripts like JS and such into a UserControl and evaluate/load in ASP.NET pages
Ignoring timezones altogether in Rails and PostgreSQL
What is 鈥�lt;<<SQL鈥�in PHP? [duplicate]
TimeSeriesChart: value at a certain timestamp
Friends pictures with size
Best way to handle null exceptions when concatenating a string in C#?
Named query for dates (month and year)
Cant Create SQL Table [SQL]
Runtime.exec() doesn't work correct on tomcat / web application
Left Join with INNER JOIN in SQL
How do I prevent a Win32 application from running in the background after the main window is closed?
Creating an OnLoad Function
Track another URL ruby on rails 3 routes
Input Validation WCF
Memory Leaks in Silverlight 5
Compare Time Stamps in PHP [closed]
appengine creating Queue failing
Mixed Themes in Android Layout
Using RDFa meta property with facebook's XHP
DependencyProperty Binding to a programmatically created ListBox
parse xml and dropdown menu
How to copy a CImage object?
MySQL query NOT something
XMLHTTPRequest returns null in response [duplicate]
Decorator pattern with structuremap 2.6
Create big Two-Dimensional Array
How to use TcpClient in Windows 8 Consumer Preview
Getting the following when trying to run a rake import on spree 1.0.1 rails 3.1.3
A major issue regarding jqueryui in my project
Nesting Echo's or output variable differently?
How to update database using dataset, tablemanager, and bindingsource?
How can I modfy this send.php $mail call to include the $phone paramerter
Detect OS X Horizontal Scrolling and Zoom in Java
Scrape all tiles on wp7
JUnit & Ant : How to show detailed error message on the screen?
App not linked when tapping 鈥渧ia MY_APP鈥�of a news feed publication
MySQL Select exact word
EC2- non responding http requests
MYSQL indexing issue
I can't setcookie 鈥渉eaders already sent鈥�[duplicate]
refactoring to an attached property
spring security manipulate session variable
How do I lock down the gems for my rails project?
using .each with closest()
Alter table set Identity column
Oracle ash report
Android text overflow
Mac OS X NodeJS: has no method 'router' error
Uploadify - Form Authentication
Video window not fitting to width of screen
How to get the position of a Regex match in a string?
Permit only iphone/ipad/ipod/android to access files in directoy, all others redirect to google.com [closed]
Trying to compute which style sheet to load and getting compositeData does not exist error
background not moving in 4S properly [duplicate]
using CURL with Table Fusion from NDK App
Python Reg expression to delete all text inside quotation marks
How to set nofollow rel attribute to all outbound links in WordPress? Any Plugin?
MonoTouch equivalent of transform.b and transform.a?
Android Db locked
jquery 1.4.4 watermark plugin showing weird characters
For loop not being executed second time around in a while loop
Use styles define in application resources
Update the datasource for an adjacent cell when selection change occurs in a DataGridView Combo box cell
Datagrid : Is there no Sorted event?
Counting personal mesages
In Python, how do I convert a list of ints and strings to Unicode?
How to incorporate ASP.NET Web API ODATA into ActiveRecord/NHibernate
fastest way to search and delete files inside a directory
How to detect shake in iphone browser?
Database connection exception using Spring, Hibernate, JPA e C3P0
Use arrayvalues to access (sub)arrays
How to load a particular view when device's orientation is landscape any where in the app and switch to the lat view when portrait?
Can't pass PHP session variables to multiple pages
Making jQuery .on() work with Rails 3
Double Results for a SQL Update Statement
Select items with no attributes outside a given set
Debug Not Working After Upgrade To Ruby 1.9.3 And Rails 3.2.2
std::getline(std::cin, custom_class); type mismatch
Toggle Mixpanel Middleware Call in Ruby
Symfony & Doctrine getting a joined query to work
Sleeping mode on Android
One server out of three losing session using State Server in web farm
Play framework: How do I define the timezone for the date entered by a user?
HTML Form Input with Radio and Text - Selection
How to reduce an algorithm into smaller parts so I can scale it?
how to filter an xml file base on Id
NSTextField setAlphaValue - nothing happens
What does the server-side of Responsive Design involve?
API design - what's the best way to respond useful error messags with 400s?
Node.js and haproxy
Trac JSON RPC Issue - Using jQuery AJAX with PHP proxy
Using Github GUI for Mac and git from the terminal
wcf Error: Incoming message was signed with a token which is different from what used to encrypt body. This was not expected
Bind JSON object to HTML element
Where can I get hold of a 3.2 version of NHibernate.Caches.SysCache2.dll?
$.mobile.showPageLoadingMsg with custom message is failing
CSS Fixed element removes vertical scroll
Working regex pattern doesn't work in PHP despite preg_quote
key($data) not working as expected when value = 0?
Retrieve from SQLite into Array having error
Visuals C++: Increment a Hex value
iPhone: Drag&Drop UIViews
How to Build a User Profile URL for Website?
What is the difference between explicit and implicit typecast in these two lines of code?
Java WebService throwing javax.xml.ws.WebServiceException with Invalid Endpoint Interface
Passing Mustache template data between views
Drag and Drop from Outlook Window to Application .EXE file (or Icon) in .Net
soap error when connecting to MS Exchange
How to count messages in the window message queue?
SQLite INNER JOIN throws a NullPointerException
AdRequest.TEST_EMULATOR or something else?
Dev Express styling and HTML5 compliance
jquery .each within another .each call - How to
Processing C# filestream input in WHILE loop causing execution time error
Searching for a keyword in a text file
How can I select if Date column is as same as current year
Reading space separated integers into an array in C++
C++ and typetraits: simplest way of defining a list of possible definitions
Why do I get a 401 Unauthorised error calling the Bing Geocode service from SharePoint but not from a WinForms app?
-webkit-transform desaturating text-shadow
How to get a ReadMe.txt or any file into the bin debug directory
Switching to UI context in a continuation, using TaskScheduler.FromCurrentSynchronizationContext()
passing int as parameter from JSP to servlet
Making a drag image opaque instead of semi-transparent
ASP.Net MVC JS/CSS bundling not working when deployed
How to GROUP and AVG rows using LIKE
Adding elements to a C# array
Session variables seem not to be saved
JavaHL Error in Subclipse
Solr Ngram Synonyms Dismax
WCF Rest - Allowing both SSL/TLS and non-secure connections to the same hostname
Dismissing 2 or more ViewControllers
How do I provide JVM arguments to VisualVM?
Launching waiting for xdebug session 57% [duplicate]
How to access Child UI files
How to disable a form submit button 鈥渁 l脿 Ruby on Rails Way鈥�
Cant find asp.net worker process
Renaming my.packages to my.package
Image downscaling algorithm
Why don't all of the tests in WWW::Selenium appear to run?
Hibernate criteria for difference between 2 columns
content out of div
Undefined Errors preventing creation of tables
Select Smallest Value From Multiple Columns with PHP/MySQL
passing value from .net webservice to jquery
SQL Server Management Studio / Visual Studio regular expression bug?
Cannot read specific values in GROUP_CONCAT result
Why is Context needed for getRelativeTimeSpanString?
Why do username and password return null?
protect an xml file on server
Find overlapping seasons where seasons have_many date_ranges
Chrome screen flash when applying a CSS3 animation (only the first time)
ring/compojure without jetty
trigger to insert data into another table
javascript for to while statement
Problems transferring variables into ob
Why aren't Automatic Properties inlined by default?
Displaying Compass At specific location on Device
Get Dates on multiple calls
Terrible performance of the GNU Octave `scatter` function compared to MATLAB. Any replacement?
Application-level onPause
VS2010 linker error, looking for a .lib of a .dll file
Core Data attribute uniqueness
Screenshots of an Android Device
Spring 3.1: Getting the <mvc:resources To Work
WindowBuilder Pro for Eclipse?
data not reaching overridden ToString() method
Connecting to Facebook
鈥渕issing return statement鈥� but I know it is there
C++ random 0xC0000005 errors
What is the proper way to perform authenticated encryption in Java?
OrderBy a Many To Many relationship with Entity Sql
Load BufferedImage from ARGB bitmap
Load BufferedImage from ARGB bitmap
Link nodes of two JTree
Can .dll files be loaded in app engine Java with JNA?
Python getting the date from a file
Why does ObservableCollection not support bulk changes?
Does ToString(鈥淔鈥� lose precision relative to ToString(鈥淕鈥�?
list to handle array of doubles
mysql SELECT a whole column or cycle through all IDs
UnitTesting: assertThat arguments incompatible type or pointer to integer without a cast
Apache Edge Server putting SSL certs in header vs. reattaching them
Python String List additions
Skinning algorithms
Pass additional parameter to a JSONP callback
Wordpress post repeat twice at the last page
Hashtag link CSS deteriorates when I reload the page
Apache mod_rewrite not resolving as expected
Magento - Custom widget/module?
Limiting AppDomain assemblies
Log4j Issue with Spring Web
asp.net sending a List<> of items to controller
Android : downloaded Image set in ImageView smaller than same sized image from bundle
NoSuchMethodError for Class File Method toPath()
Working with cookies using WebBrowser
Is there a test case available (simulator) for search engine bots
One to many relationship - Only return matches in children
SQL - How to attach FileStream enabled db without log file
Apache2 SSL configuration in several files?
Errors building STLPort
Does DynamoDB support jsonp?
Can't read all files properly from StorageFile in Windows 8 metro application
104 error on Facebook app? [closed]
With jQuery how to detect/target touch but not click?
JPA with Hibernate using Tomcat ..Is it possible?
Simple Text popup using javascript
Android: SQLiteDatabase InsertWithOnConflict API 7
trigger constraint error sql oracle?
Creating a zoo object from a csv file (with a few inconsistencies) with R
Assign ResourceDictionary to a Subclass of Combobox
Padding Between 鈥渄isplay:table-cell鈥�[closed]
python - TypeError: tuple indices must be integers
Stretch Width of WPF RichTextBox within a TreeView
Authorization gem for a multi-tenancy application?
Get Unique Active Users With One Last Four SSN and Other Conditions
coldFusion Regular Expression for 鈥渘umber tab tab鈥�
pointer from integer without a cast (C programming) - simple error
Purpose of Obj-c categories in a specific situation.
django: How to use ModelForm with dynamic 0-n possibilities?
Extracting HTML fragments in Java
Javascript Append Icon to Field
Arraylist retrieved from populated hashmap keeps returning an empty arraylist
Need advise on using maps within an Android App that I want to develop [closed]
Send SMS programmatically, without the SMS composer window
Celery with MongoDB Broker
Just returning the text of elements in xpath (python / lxml)
How can I prove the experiment data follows heavy-tail distribution?
WCF another best practice?
Parsing XML webservice and storing the data for presentation on a windows phone 7 device
How to fix png image issue in IE6?
Delay wordpress comment form post with jQuery to allow analytics to send tracking.
Android Service stopped working
Why does my class save one collection to the database and not the other?
How can I access a local file over the web?
Zend Framework - Form Description - Disable Escape?
TypeError: str object is not callable
How to put a callback in the submit event listener of a form to wait for user's response to jquery impromptu's prompt?
How to obtain the value of a checkbox in capybara?
Difficulties with storing links in a mysql database? [closed]
How to show the next slide when you click on the image in flexslider
SherlockBar 4.0 in Android and PreferenceFragment
Design Pattern for gracefully failing if a database is missing
Generating excel sheet from MySql database using PHP
error The server tag is not well formed
Propel ORM Version 1.6.4 -understanding validators
Capitalise a variable array
JAX-WS WS-RM 鈥渇rom java鈥�without manually coding WSDL
How to pass parameters to a JQuery $.getJSON callback method?
error C2062: type 'int' unexpected, unable to solve this error
How to do arithmetic modulo 2^32 in PHP
Does IEquatable cascade?
Cocoa App Renders Differently on Macbook Pro vs Mac Mini
Python's Tkinter simpledialog.askstring not working from command prompt [duplicate]
how to secure my input types from firebug and other debugging tool
In MVC view, when form is posted, request contains form values while all model fields are 0
How to display only those Rails records where a specific field is not empty?
Cannot use EF canonical functions
How to implement Socket.IO with ASP.Net, IISNode, Node.JS, and SQL Server for event-based push notifications?
How to do select the data in batches using hibernate?
Default DB Size of Heroku App
JSF2 converted and required on same input
Good way to get file locations when the location of the python script looking for the file can change?
Design Time Data for DataGrid + DomainDataSource
How to repair BindException: Cannot assign requested address?
How to fix the Rails mass assignment issue?
Do you need Mac OS X to develop iPhone apps?
Will my SQL Server query be faster if I use a bigint in place of time in a column?
Howdo display random number generated on te scree in textView
Prevent user from picking the default value in a dropdown menu
Why are conditional statements not working in this example?
Having issues login in with devise with a custom view
Galaxy Tab 10.1 & ACR122U NFC RFID reader - Driver
Why is rightBarButtonItem crashing?
MVC 3 User saved with entity passed down from front end
BlackBerry 8900 - issues in full touch screen mode with two pushScreen()
jquery datepicker excluding a large number of dates
How to define the domain of a property in OWL?
What would make a foxpro memo table loses its records?
String[] to byte[] 2 characters into a byte?
The algorithm for synchonizing between WaitForSingleObject() and SetEvent() functions?
How to display JSON data using a Ruby (Rails) method
How I can set time limit for R code executing by python (rpy2)?
Eclipse-RCP: View pulldown-menu
Incorporate an unmanaged EXE as resource in a managed C# code
Translate Front-End Site Interface in Drupal 7
Why doesn't Qt apply this style sheet type-selector?
Can I draw geometric primitives with OpenGL using anything other than GLUT?
How to use the RenderTransform to control the orientation of a TextBlock
Error send Data
Are there image processing libraries for PHP that'd allow manipulating images on a pixel by pixel basis like MATLAB?
Inject into head section of html page using PHP
.htaccess rewrite url [apache]
Algorithm for ranking popular blog posts
MySQL 4.1 to 5.1 Replication: 鈥淥N DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE鈥�and 鈥淥N UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP鈥�not working
Which files shoud I tell my VCS to ignore when using Sphinx for documentation?
Adding new files in SVN
EC2 Data Pricing, Gigabits or Gigabytes?
Custom Scrollbar with jQuery
Define value in btn-group using twitter-bootstrap
using ajax jquery to run php script
Oracle XE 11g - Can't complete installation [closed]
Internet Explorer margins or something else?
Sitecore Language Embedding multiple sites
how to create a simple client server application in WPF C#
How to send KeepAlive header correctly in c#?
Does OpenSSL really need a path to openssl.conf?
Instantiating the ViewModel (simpleton assistance required)
Count values in a mysql field
BlackBerry - statusbar overlapping screen
Retrieving data from PostgreSQL database using SharpLite
displaying custom tooltip on chart points
In R, how do I find the optimal variable to maximize or minimize correlation between two datasets
Closing Wpf form from other form
Android SimpleXml serialization without some fields
force website render doctype html5 standard & IE9 browser
WCF There was no channel that could accept the message with action
Using Liferay's service builder to access existing tables in the database
Should I Always Copy or Retain a String Returned from a Function
TextInput and dateFieldMask
'Project1.Player' is a 'type' but is used like a 'variable'
JQuery FullCalendar Pop up List
tty core flow characters
tty core flow characters
How to show/hide DOM element with jQuery?
Linq to Sql - SelectMany
Using VB.net to Display an Excell File preserving Formating
starting gvim from the working directory
scala - pass self type annotated class to child object
gwt- how to read a text file (Google App Engine servlet)?
How to explicitly clear cookies using WWW::Scripter module in perl?
search in Solr with EdgeNGramFilterFactory and min length of the search query
RewriteRule doesn't work
how can i find a timestamp value in a table based on a date provided
Is there an ini setting in php >=5.3.10 that allows paths to behave like php 5.2?
Copy a range in an Excel sheet using vba
Uploadify send directly to S3 and save filename to database
Removing function call from Gridview TemplateField programmatically
Using NAudio to mix WaveProviders
Backtracking servlet URL
javascript string.replace method . unable to return desired string
django freeze model
UIwebview loading time
json to active record
Compiling ettercap from source under Ubuntu 11.10 (linker error)
Create Dictionary-style collection initializer on custom class [duplicate]
Android check internet connection
Use regex to verify european names
How to swap between 2 root view controllers
Javascript for loop not looping
ignore AssertFailException under WP7
Can't access a declared global variable in WordPress
What's the JSLint approved way of creating a long string?
How to avoid circular Trigger dependencies in MySQL
I do not get to validate the size of the image with carrierwave
display ASCII characters
SQLite expression maximum depth limit
Why javascript will not run in Firefox [closed]
Drilling into JSON
lwuit.io.Storage clears after closing application
jQuery fadeTo() performance on many elements
Significant performance penalties when using more than 6 threads
Is it possible to pass to Knockout the default value of a select element when binding the options through AJAX?
How to parse the file with international words in python
Is there a good pattern for reusing Morphia queries?
Generate array of bin sizes in Excel
Work with not pre-known dictionary
Error when I try to redirect by http-equiv
Blank Values in Excel File From CSV (not just rows)
Include arbitrary field in Rails model JSON output
How to discard changes that are already pushed to remote?
Write a WPF Wix Installer
Can I run a spock test over and over with different values for a form?
Custom symfony routing based on doctrine
ConcurrentDictionary AddOrUpdate by predicate
How to open an html file from textmate directly on the browser?
Cannot modify LWUIT Symbol Table on BlackBerry
Advice on displaying variable GUI panels based on user input in previous panel
Do a mysql cascade delete on PHP
How to check if datetime happens to be Saturday or Sunday in SQL Server 2008
currentPosition never seems to leave 1?
How to make a custom shape class visible in constructor
Clone select along with other input tags?
How to set a simple LinkedList in Visual C++ 2010?
Subquery returned more than 1 value error in sql query
Samsung Galaxy S2 OpenGl ES 2.0 problems
delete content of a .txt with VIM between specific words
TinyMCE jQuery ajax from not showing after save
MappedByteBuffer sliding window
Open source library like dotJ for rendering HTML tables with a Java object?
How to secure/mask a file url with htaccess?
Why is my subview on top of my UItextView not getting touches?
numpy.ndarray enumeration over a proper subset of the dimensions?
Issue with basic PGP decryption - java
UNION SQL Issue [duplicate]
How to get path of the running process, with lack of user's permissions
Rails: how best to re-populate cache when invalidating
Can't add product to current session ShoppingCart ASP.NET
UiView on scrollView make memory warning
What is the correct way to change a database name?
Getting wrong exception handled when enter input into textboxes and press button
Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component
Azure ASP.NET MVC Web.Config Deployment Issue
Java: pseudo-setter method for immutable classes
Accessing DB & shared resources w/ JAX-RS / Jersey?
Copy table rows using OUTPUT INTO in SQL Server 2005
Any ruby gems to do (Chinese) Transliterate (Romanization), especially for URL?
FullCalendar Start/End time viewable?
css box shadow + transparent background images = intuitive breakdown
finding the user who deleted the record
Understanding a makefile recipe
CGAffineTransformMakeRotation scales the image
Working with special characters in a Mongo collection
How to concatenate Integers as Strings in Haskell?
How to push a local notification When a change happens in input data?
How to structure a JavaScript project using RequireJS
How do you launch terminal (mac) using c code?
How defined in jQuery was it a regular click on the same element or double-click?
What does the term POLICED in Linux network scheduler (tc qdisc) named after?
How to rename a foreign key in django-south, the right way
jQuery Mobile Button Formatting
GWT 2D Drawing with canvas
Commenting ASP.Net code when using the '_' character
Commenting ASP.Net code when using the '_' character
Toggle function in javascript
Creating version independent Outlook add-ins
How to cancel UIView block-based animation?
How to refer to the original position of a list item when text filter is enabled?
Text layout issue with div inside of annother div with a fixed width
Propagating javascript events through a tooltip-like div
Regular expression in ruby and matching so many results
urllib.urlretreive getting images, but images are broken
Why does java.awt.Point provide methods to set and get doubles but store x and y as int's?
iOS APNS Messages not arriving until app reinstall
Preventing session fixation in java
Registering Devise use as an initial unapproved state
Why calling NextValue() on PerformanceCounter object throw error?
WCF RIA Services; Classes not being generated on client side
Is it possible to cast database columns to different types in the L2S entity?
How to save file structure to text file?
How can i call a sub_page.php inside a div container of my main_page.php?
Fetch/ se if exists, identifier in array
In Android MapView canvas, how do I draw circles with non-interacting alpha?
MatLab Missing data handling in categorical data
SqlCeDataReader is always null
Particle System libGDX [closed]
static ExecutorService
NHibernate Evict By Type instead of by instance
can I add array to where clause to update_batch in codeigniter
Save the results of a query to CSV and create a file on the server
RabbitMQ transfer rates speed up?
When does OpenLayers WMS physically call the remote server?
MMMMMMSS what kind of a time duration format is this?
Rails Console Error鈥�NameError: uninitialized constant
Facebook Like Box does not redirect users to Facebook pages as Facebook Like button does
Clarification needed about Scala variance and type bounds
Any way to print all nil objects in scope?
Blackberry Toolbar 7.0
Fibonacci series in C++ : Control reaches end of non-void function
C# Secondary Monitor Bounds Issue
Adobe Air - Update application framework
rebuilding tree from file
Save PDF which is displayed by UIWebView locally
Flowplay jquery tools validator - validating if box is checked. help?
Jquery mobile security for new project
URL Rewriting from Winforms or console application
Using aspectjtools.jar into Android project
R installation for RHive and/or RStudio(鈥�-enable-R-shlib鈥�
silverlight image control brightness and contrast
If radio button is check display a textbox Jquery
How to detect if Java is enabled in IE? [duplicate]
Android Dynamically-Drawn, Clickable Map Overlay?
xml alternative for javascript app used on IE?
Adding info to a database table. Entity Framework
How to access DataItem value of repeater in repeater1_ItemDataBound
Devise/Cancan Signout User On Controller Action
Is it possible for a FIFO page-replacement strategy to outperform LRU?
deployment first ruby on rails app on heroku
How to partially bind the html elements using the knockout
Fortran: the largest and the smallest integer
Is it ok to call [super loadView]?
Magento : Reorder item with custom price, price always 0
Parsing log with JavaScript
How to automatically run custom tool for T4 file when another file is saved
No threaddump generated on kill -3
Is using a for-loop on submitted POST data in PHP safe?
What are files with 鈥�des鈥�extension? how can i edit or change them? [closed]
Mixing 32-bit JDBC with 64-bit database on same server
LogCat throwing thousands of message 鈥淐reated Orientation鈥︹� on Eclipse
XSD: Complex type that can have either simple content or element context
Java - Call Method via JButton
Thread crash on Android 4.0 when exiting an Activity
Backbone.js: Build JSON array from collection
Synthesized copy property does not get deallocated with ARC
C++ forcing mem_fun to select a specific overloaded member function
Extracting a part of URL [closed]
Thin server with application state
Game network latency compensation
Akka: Cleanup of dynamically created actors necessary when they have finished?
accessing a dictionary with an array of key values
Android listview onClick doesn't work
Iframe pointing at local page is empty and inaccessible
Why is Visual Studio 2010 pretty-printing in C++ mode while stepping through C# code?
are array initialization operations cached as well
UINavigationController within a UITabBarController, setting the navigation controller title
Create similar google maps map control in javascript dynamically
Is there an efficient way to iterate through parent elements so i do not repeat .parent() in JQuery?
Nesting two custom Liquid tags that have optional parameters
mySQL- making use of the OR statement
Javascript needed to fill remaining height space between content and footer
Form Submit successProperty
How can I get a struct from a specific memory location?
How do I get a handle to the Start button in Windows 7?
uiwebview set text on current textfield
How can I enable mouse input in jQuery Mobile?
generate JSNI on-fly
C++: struct and new keyword
Do Win32_Printer methods work from server against local machine?
Sortable doesn't work
Twitter data over https by using SDK emulator
When will SetupUninstallOEMInf return ERROR_NO_MORE_ITEMS?
How to prevent form submission with jquery
Minimizing canvas 鈥渂itmap鈥�data size
passing two variables on onclick event in combo box
UILabel cutting off symbol
How to append ?=CONTENT on all static links
SQL query- number of statuses in percentage
How can I use/override PackageProperties in System.IO.Packaging?
Mysql Query Help for Recommended friends
Application Design to Manage Users on Database(s)
Understanding Matrices - Reading Rotation
Delete uploaded files from the server
Google Maps - Click and Zoom from a sidebar
AspectJ ITDs: implementing a generic interface
Nauck-IT PostgreSQL membership provider
Back button disappears after pushing two views using UINavigationController
$.get VS window.open()
Get equation of line - JFreeChart
catch SWIG extension stdout in python
SQL detecting partially duplicated rows
Passing 0 to function with default value
Index Zero issue with sql
How to install a crash handler on AppEngine?
Blackberry Listfield highlight color
Logging errors in WCF - Nothing being stored in log file when exception is being thrown
Running JSCoverage with Jasmine
Prism ConfirmNavigationRequest() called twice when DataContext = this
Image of mobile browser becomes hidden after finished load of the page
PHP syntax rules
How to display datatable with Primefaces 3.1.1 with Mojarra 2.1.3
jquery css with object container
JNA Memory Leak
Android face detector using android camera
No custom principal is specified? [including sample]
WebSphere MQ write to local queue (Client) or Remote queue
Application has stopped unexpectedly, please try again [closed]
Changing width on a Report's subform field
Saving merges using KDiff3 with TortoiseSVN
Is the following two versions mean the same thing?
readerkey vs reader(solr 1.3) in FieldcacheImpl
Extbase: Choose lazy or eager loading at runtime
Installing MySQL and configuring for php
Binding shows all attributes of model object
Is it expensive to continuously dealloc and alloc in Objective C?
Context sensitivity in commentstring
Requirejs data-main is not setting the baseUrl
Circular FIFO buffer usage
Implementing Spring WS Security
Copy attribute of Objective-C property creates a deep copy or a shallow copy?
Telerik MVC Grid: Collection Inside Column
Unit tests for a parser
Easiest way to create a custom dialog box which returns a value?
Google Visualization chart not showing up thanks to CSS
Google Visualization chart not showing up thanks to CSS
Return from included file
pass field value as parameter ssrs
How can I say 鈥渢hese two generic types are the same鈥�in a map?
How do I test area registration logic in MVC 3?
Silverlight opacity animation not working programmatically
Change password of an account that is used by a service
NSCoding VS Core data
Android - Weird TextView Behavior
Coldfusion and SQL Server database security
Transparent Splashscreen Picture Qt
Java Midi Receiver and Calendar Time in Millis
How can I change the settings of a proj file in VS? (VS-AddIn)
When does View obtain it's bounds?
CakePHP: how can I access Cake functionality from a simple PHP script on the same website
Telerik RadTreeList: GetDataKeyValues returns null
How to echo a php array for dynamic javascript
jquery populating wrong input on back button
Move method to new file and keep it in the same class(make it partial)
JQuery - Binding / Appending to document.ready
Java: Find the first 10 words in a string. What is the most efficient algorithm?
Java Strings breaking file operations
Where is the bug in this cookie-clearing code?
Escaping x from strings
generating a list of concrete objects from a list of abstract references
how to bind values INSERT INTO mysql perl
Evaluating YUi and BackBone
SQL Server stored procedure datetime parameter on selecting data
C# create/modify/read .xlsx files
How to list the events from native calendar
Custom attribute imported from another android project
Using the depth buffer for floating point rendertargets in OpenGL 2.1
Can I execute a scalar query in EF 4.1?
which hosts file is using on android by Hotspot Connections??
PropertyModel or Serializable object?
Time out on Recordset with linked tables
adding 鈥渃map E e鈥�in vimrc breaks plugins
SWIG C++ Python polymorphism and multi-threading
How to hide error messages automaticly in libnotify in gnome shell?
Very slow to load standard text message view controller
Visual studio - error with dll.
iPhone CFSocket Incoming/Outgoing Messages
rails client side validation uniqueness for boolean value in mysql database
Windows 7 .ico file being replaced with cached version
Autocomplete UI Issue
Store binary files locally in Google Chrome or Safari
What ways to convert between AMR-nb and ILBC by code?
UItableViewController in another UIViewController
Which protocol (FTP or HTTP) is better for download/upload small or large files?
Nhibernate fields mapping between inherited classeslas
Java EE WebListener and Thread
Looping through a list of Actions
Passing array and deleting from MySQL table
Meta tags required to feed Facebook and LinkedIn with specific values?
Binding controls inside the template Column
new ASP.NET MVC 3 application, browsers considerations
How do I move this scrolling bar closer to the post area?
How to avoid anchors in iframes to scroll parent page
Is it possible in Python to create a class which duplicates the functionality of some class, but changes it's base class?
Caliburn.Micro Clear AutoCompleteBox
Easiest way to rename an event handler in Xcode?
Call C# Function Inside asp:HyperLink NavigateUrl
Rewind ifSteam in C++
Clearing Large Apache Domain Logs
Responsive Navigation
.NET MVC Render Views with custom data annotations
Custom UIMenuController
Change the Ribbon of a RTE field in the Send Mail action for Webforms for Marketeers
jQuery multiple selectors with dot notation?
Custom method names in ASP.NET Web API
DB Update doesn't work
How to change two or more Div Styles in Javascript
Mac Address - C++ - Platform independent
no display price for grouped product
add insert,retrieve,update and delete in one php form
Setting Stored Procedure as SQL Statement in jasper
spring integration: stop a flow based on a given a condition
converting audio file into text file using java
Is the Python Tornado chat demo application thread safe?
Custom virtual video capture device
rdp web client of virtualbox
$.get Internet Explorer vs Firefox
Eclipse: What is the keyboard shortcut for searching for a file (given specific keywords in it as a search criteria) in a particular folder?
zxing library minimium SDK & core.jar
Commit updated Proguard mapping during Maven 3 release
Adding / removing components dynamically in JSF2 / Primefaces
Executing C# executable that uses Powershell execution is erroring out
javascript evaluate an assignment if(x=myfunc())
Display summery of likes from facebook page and web site
How to restart remote Websphere Application Server 7?
Single quote ' in user name & email
Can we upload posts on facebook wall?
Submitting Textarea on enter with Ajax and then rendering partial without refreshing whole page
Sip Servlet Creates Faulty Responses (Contact Field)
Writing an LLVM Pass
What's wrong with this query? Paths
Ruby-debug's 鈥減s鈥�command not working?
Update a value of a hidden field after uploading an image with AsyncFileUpload control
Import net.liftweb.widgets is ignored and pom has widgets dependency BUT javax.mail 1.4.5 version issue
Foursquare: what kind of HTTP error code will be returned in case of rate_limit_exceeded?
How to check is a row value exists for each user in the database
Transfer files and run commands to/on remote servers, are there light weight tools
SQL query for determining unique values
how do I get started unit testing a Java EE JAX-RS app using embedded GlassFish and Java DB/Derby, ideally in NetBeans sans Maven?
Intermittent errors using lighttpd + mod_proxy
jQuery slideToggle() peculiar behaviour in Chrome/Safari
JQuery UI autocomplete - How to trigger an event when an item is selected?
Setting the encoding
one big or more small objects in html5 local storage
Can you explain me this strange behaviour of c# with optional arguments? [duplicate]
When use annotation @Parameters, I get 2 error messages 鈥淭he annotation @Parameter is disallowed for this location鈥�. Not sure why?
colspan rowspan issue?
Is it possible to loop through a second VBO in the vertex shader?
Spring HTTP Invoker session (state) storage
Sending SMS via Android Application without moving to Message Box Default Application
How do you receive outgoing call in broadcastreceiver
How do you create a has_many association with multiple types?
How to display content from another domain by editing CNAME records?
Project.property file missing
how can I make all colorful pixel to gray in drawable or bitmap
A Dictionary of Dictionary from IQueryable
Iterate over *args?
How to perform reverse of relative path in DOS?
SQL Server where clause using In() vs Wildcard
Screenshot in a small part of Qt-Window
Create object in server JS
How to convert a Some(鈥�鈥� to None in one-line?
extjs4 - get itemselector label value
How to enter rails console on production via capistrano?
wcf return public members of bl object
Gradient with HSV rather than RGB in OpenGL
Avoiding use of 'raw' in Rails view
jquery toggleClass not working
How can I set an element HTML to the value of a variable with jQuery?
Is reading app.config expensive?
Intent equivalent in WP7
Populate form with values from the database in Codeigniter
Flex: background-color for htmlText in TextArea?
Writing a basic image-creating program
About grouping results in SQL query
Regular expression: multiple occurences of a word, replace only last occurence
application and its database lifecycle hosted on cloud (UEC)
Java - Saving to an internet file
std::ofstream and system touch
how can i insert comment with article by php using id
converting from dto to polymorphic business object
What Are the Pros and Cons of Running a Job in Hadoop Using Various Languages?
CakeEmail with debug level 0
getting ruby enumerable (.select,.min,.max) as a reference rather than a copy
high-performance WebGL framework
high-performance WebGL framework
Deserializing JSON strings which have quotes and apostrophes in them
getElementsByClassName & IE8: Object doesn't support this property or method [duplicate]
Why does this UIImage never update, even when the file it references changes?
Swing and WebEditorKit - Showing my browser in a SwingFrame
How to debug Groovy code via the remote Java application debugging in Eclipse
Cursor position changed event
More Than One Report In A Crystal Reports Executable?
Adjust image sizes based on resolution
I want to be able to handle decimal places within my listbox.
Manipulating form data when there are upwards of 24 forms on a page
Issue with filling autocompletetextview
jqgrid paging linq with skip/take commands
populating listview programmatically
How to set referrer using WWW::Scripter module in perl?
Merge text with image
PHP error when input contains 鈥�鈥�
Cursor movement through face center?
What does a comma do in assignment statements in JavaScript?
hql subquery with distinct
Apache to nginx - htaccess doesn't work, nor does trying to convert
creating a link to a network file on a wiki page
Is there a Java EE filter for wrapping and modifying responses?
EF 4.3 and POCO Classes - Where intercept property value?
ActiveMQ Ubuntu server admin console
Change find and replace every iteration
@font-face in IE: Avoid always downloading font?
Is there a better way than Thread.Sleep() to wait for example for PrintOut()?
Find And Remove Items From Collection
XAML: Subtract a constant from markup-extension
Tap Android app slow to respond
jquery button fade with background image acting strange
Achartengine discontinuous line
How can i integrate Radar Overlay on MapView?
Joomla user profile plug-in not working
Overloading by return type
I want to embed a javascript in html as quotes displayer with control of next and previous anchor tags
To generate a run ID during each run and reflect it in Maven Reports
How to implement the Like button in different html pages
Get the Type from a Grid using a custom datasource which inherits BindingList<T> and implements IBindingListView using C# and .NET 4.0
Dumb questions on REST
ListView Text Wrapping Without Specifying Width
xxx is not a valid virtual path?
JQuery Validation Engine: detaching validation dynamically to a chosen field
jQuery Animate not working on Chrome
c# load C file and then convert it to Assembly [closed]
How to inspect EF model metadata at runtime?
Initialization of C array at time other than declaration?
Know if Client is Busy in ZK
Building a graph given constraints
Using Boost Python to wrap C++ arrays into numpy arrays
linking to multiple sencha touch applications
PHP check for instance of DateTime?
Making a column in SlickGrid a hyperlink
Delete image from Folder/Database using RowCommand/RowDeleting events
SQL: Get records created in time range for specific dates
WLST - how to check if a patch was installed?
'using' keyword in gcc
MKOverlayView Performance Issue. Doing nothing. But slow
MySQL - Export data, and ignore primary key. Then import using auto increment
Does anything like NSPredicateEditor exist for iOS?
Rails nested routing go wildly
Converting ArrayList of Char into another ArrayList of Int
Fluent Nhibernate Many to Many relationship / Hierarchy of dependencies
Perl regular expressions library for .NET
PHP function parameters don't work properly?
How to use stored proc with null parameters in SSRS?
how to upload files in rails
How to switch between different datatemplates in listbox
increasing the cache line size
Retrieve cart contents from the osCommerce shoppingCart object
Ninject Interception - CreateInterceptor being called multiple times
getting the selected html element offset related to the html source code with js
particle system in libGdx
C processor error for conio.h
Core Data Relationships - displaying only those values found in specific entities
Displaying preference activity in a tab
How can I tell easily if a file is encrypted
UITableView with huge(probably 1million entries)data in iphone
include GWT in jsp
Simulate normalizing arguments
MongoDB - Exclude an inner array but include it's count
Failed to cabal install poppler
Android Resource - An Array to store Country-Name/Country Code
Consuming Zanox web service in a Django project
Error in loading component: [JFrame]->Panel - Java NetBeans
unit test for MvcHtmlString type
xml representation in java class?