Embedded Python search modules in a wrong directory
Programmatically determine SSL certificate's expiration date in Ruby
Figuring out how to design my model and using 鈥渢hrough鈥�
Windows Server 2008 Firewall: 鈥淎ny IP Address鈥�for remote IP addresses
Flash AS3 - URLLoader cant load binary data from different domain
Searching Heading Styles in VB6 for Unique String
Is Plone or Drupal more appropriate for heavy JavaScript integration?
How to extract the endpoint url when adding service references?
Regex match if not after word
Hbase column family
sitecore shell suddenly returning 404
Download a brand new asset from the server: what is the best practice?
How do I set my htpassw for TortoiseSVN?
Manage applications with Campaings & Ads account
Firefox 10.0 disable hot keys using user.js
Combining transparent pngs
4.5 adobe builder/flex eventhandler/skinablepopupcontainer returned data empty
Sikuli Windows 7 64 bit : Getting the VisionProxy.dll: Can not find dependent libraries
How does argparse (and the deprecated optparse) respond to 'tab' keypress after python program name, in bash?
How to store an received data in an variable jquery
Open Graph protocol and validating html 5
Firefox not waiting for user interaction with data-confirm alert on delete method in rails
DIV same height
can i integrate a wordpress blog into a facebook application
pass a dataURL through AJAX
How to access a variable that inherits to a php class that we called?
How does MySQL traverse a composite B-tree index for IN() AND IN() searches
How to create invisible button on background of animated GIF?
What is the difference between unit tests and normal tests?
php > performance > session vs globals vs db >?
NSDate - Strange collision between simulator and device
Two users Chat System in node.js
Access to the post request's argument data in succeed/complete/error functions
scrollTop stuck at zero
bypass 鈥減rivate鈥�in qooxdoo for testrunner
Onclick is not working in asp:Button?
jQuery width display issue
SVN remove local files, retain in repository
What rights does the useraccount need to use scriptdebugging in IE7? [closed]
Retrieve Silverlight 4 XAML-defined static resource through extension method not working as expected
Sending email from Blackberry java development
Benchmarking jasmine specs
Backup local sqlite database in Adobe Air mobile projects to Cloud
Lucene query for range of field or its absence
Render YUV video in OpenGL of ffmpeg using CVPixelBufferRef and Shaders
Multiple lines in Silverlight's autocompletebox
How to apply a text color to everything in an Activity?
PHP Mail stops working [duplicate]
MYSQL Left join A.table and b.table while retaining a.table id
Sales sums / grouping - where to perform these functions?
Modelling Controller and Database in a MVC application using COMET UML profile
Getting to scope varibles in client side javascript (CSJS) on XPages
How do format a date/time/number/currency in another locale?
How does Guice Populate Annotated Fields
ARM - Domain Access Control Register
How to invoke the job in SQL Server agent from windows application
How to eliminate the unreadable character from the string with javascript? [closed]
How do I add zone based alternates for ContainerWidgets in Orchard?
Select dropdown menu text split left and right?
Symfony2 seems to break __autoload
Sqoop authenticates but fails to start a map reduce job
How to set a Google Map's center by ID?
Enabling a timer when a button is pressed C#
sort date field with tablesorter
Cannot insert Item to listview
Getting an acknowledgment on server send/emit
What directory should glassfish be installed in on Ubuntu?
Open select dropdown to middle values
when using mvn jetty:run, which version of jetty it is running?
getting variable after ajax load with the new dom elements in jquery
Erlang clustering and gproc
Ruby Error: syntax error, unexpected tGVAR, expecting $end
Entity Framework without a DB?
3d bounding Box border xna
passing paramters in php
What is the best way to automatically generate JUnit results in xml?
How are 16x16 PNG icons rendered from original SVG files?
C# web service password in the request to be encrypted
Restart WaWorkerHost on Azure (via RDP)
I want to add 100 years to the displayed wordpress dates
How to store an array of pairs in java?
Regex to replace string with word and characters
Can't set password for newly added linux user [closed]
generating a random value from a fix array that set as a class?
Groovy override 'or' for Integer to 'or' with another Integer
How do I select and replace the contents of a div where the table row id is a shortened url using Jquery
Send a keypress event to skype
On row editing event get current values from tables?
Easier way to do the following
Regular Expression to Split String
Elements Not Sliding Back Upon Window Change
Showing a div when hovering over another element
Is it possible to use T4MVC with custom routes defined in global.asax?
Tutorial for JAX-RPC webservice development
Archive option wont enable
queue for logging
Jenkins: Prioritizing Matrix Jobs
How do I combine lowerCamelCase with all-caps abbreviations? (with style) [closed]
Reading output from java.lang.Process - There is nothing to read
Django models - field dependency
Android jodatime, is it possible to execute a piece of code after set duration?
Identifying server timeout quickly in iPhone
Sorting an arrayref of hashes
Getting UmbrellaException when trying to select tab in a TabPanel
opencv c and c++ interface conversion table
pass parent url to iframe - iframe auto resize
How do I retrieve some input value in jQuery
Eclipse RegEx search for multiple words, ignoring comments
Rails 3 ActiveRecord Html entities in model attribute
Update Flot plot with 2 series in realtime
How to set gap when solving with cplex
iOS - How to finish a task before the App enter background
Save NSFetchResultsController cache after killing the app
Can I embed Google Map directions into my own website?
Split a string with ' n', insert it into UITableViewCell and get height
JavaScript/JQuery banner skipping to last slide on pageload
MongoDB Insecure Startup for Mac OS X
Display whole number decimal data type to 1dp
Is possible to make screen shot in ipad programmatically? [duplicate]
WinForms MdiContainer Menu
How to run WCF service as x64
iOS: Creating tip / help popups
Linqer dont Convert T-Sql query
BackgroundWorker.IsBusy not 100% reliable?
SQL selecting IN given set desnt get narrowed down
How do I 鈥渋mport鈥�a HTML file from a shared drive into a JSP from my war file?
setTimeout Internet Explorer
Enable cell borders in a SWT TableViewer
Mercurial - determine which repository a changeset was pushed to?
ANNOYANCE - Pressing F2 Key Creates another instance of Outlook [closed]
HTML Agility Pack for Delphi
How can I add the field name to a localized Required Field validator?
How does one stop Android from tilting ones layout?
Javascript instantiating child class with parent properties
Infinite loop error
EmitMapper and List
my own little chat not working
Select column if not NULL then select other
Parallel MySQL connections closes temporary table
Hiding nodes in a TreeView
Creating a program that allows mounting a directory [closed]
junit on checkstyle extensions
save method of CRUDRepository is very slow?
gdb: show typeinfo of some data
C++ Without initialization variable
system() function trying to call tshark in Mac OS X
@classmethod with Abstract Base Class
android.widget.SeekBar cannot be cast to android.widget.TextView
Saving javascript to a mysql database + duplicating a dataURL
Can someone clarify covariant return types in Java(6)?
when and how to detect an iCloud conflict?
ListView displaying audio and video from mediastore
Simple J2ME SMS code debugging
Cannot find reason for java.io.OptionalDataException in my code
how to handle a click event only on, the element which is not hold the any other events?
Let the user specify in which account a service runs
.NET assembly DLL missing dependencies
Custom Dictionary for Tesseract
Xcode-style font picker
Xna custom VertexElementFormat and VertexElementUsage?
Core Plot : add a legend to pieChart with 鈥渓egendTitleForPieChart鈥�doesn't work
Silverlight element to element binding in generic.xaml
Interacting with address bar and browser controls in JavaScript
What is a C++ delegate?
JQuery UI Autocomplete focus() being called unexpectedly in Internet Explorer
Phonegap Device Video Picker
css serial transition
Conditional statement with Expression Language
Cassandra Ruby gem get columns
Bounded Wildcards in Java
writing event log to file, powershell
Get default value for attributes set to customer in Magento
How to get a random acces by index on a hash map in Clojure?
What is the usefulness of checking num_rows before while loop after SELECT query?
Apache access log automatically set permissions
Use set values not random ones for these variables in JQuery?
Problems converting editorfor to dropdownlist
Empty result on image upload
HttpMessage.setMethod(HttpMessage.POST) is changed by GET, on BlockingSenderDestination
Wrong Answer to SPOJ PRIME1 in Python
Exception when printing the server certificate details
Retrieving an object from two joinable tables in Active Record
How to make a proper call from Android to a non-static function in Java? (Cocos2Dx in the mix)
How should I reference assemblies from another solution?
New to <%# - weird error
How do I get the UUID of a bluetooth device?
How to perform the Build in TFS2010? What is the Logic should we adopt and How to get a files from TFS 2010?
Osmdroid - change local map folder
printing array in a for loop in matlab
Is it fine if first response is private with AppCache (Symfony2)?
Performance of DataInputStream DataOutputStream
Android video streaming not valid on some device
save time stamp in time picker
Is it possible to have jQuery do a mathematical calculation from a DIV's numerical content?
Hibernate performance issue: ScrollableResults vs firstResult/maxResult
Java/JAXB/JAK error in Matlab using Marshaller
how do you view the results of a database in a new activity?
In clojure, how to write a function that applies several string replacements?
Web-based app to mimic desktop especially printing
PHP remove empty, null Array key/values while keeping key/values otherwise not empty/null
What is Application context and bean factory in spring framework [duplicate]
debug memory leaks on linux
Capture MouseExit Event on EmberJS
NSInvalidArgumentException reason Receiver has no segue with identifier
PHP RegExp: Validate date (or 鈥淩egExp must match exactly鈥�
Attaching a callback before validation of form
Schema for notification system for users
Silverlight - Showing a png in image control from a file on local harddrive
call a base-class explicit interface method in F#
Marquee not working while using in multiple textviews
text position for multiple regression equation on the same graph
Javascript: Find index of slash (/) in a string
best way to figure out this line of Python code - return u'PDist({0})'.format(self.nominal_distribution)
How to access post values from a dynamically loaded user control
prevent window.onload being overridden javascript
Invalidate particular cache
VB.NET Login Control automatically login from another function
WCF service timeout
Remaximize Tkinter window in Python
Constructing a permutation graph
What is the best strategy for building report data for a grid with a variable number of columns in C#?
nHibernate saveorupdate/merge detached object
How do I overcome an 鈥淯nable to create a constant value of type 鈥︹� exception for a simple WHERE statement
Receiving UDP packets in android
Hide empty context menu
How to make an automatically updating installation using InstallShield?
How to use functions that use and return objects from a .dll in Java code?
Easiest way to alter page content/DOM using Selenium
What do I have to do to allow my web application run on mobile phones?
Fancybox link dont work after ajax
using Fiddler with asp.net MVC 3
life of a GWT remote service
PHP: Relationship between __isset() and __get()
Crash: passing return value to C++ code and performance improvement about inline assembly language
Is this possible like auto install the apk file after downloading from server?
how to upload video using jquery/javascript?
Google Guava: Supported way to get elements of a collection that comply with a given predicate?
How to create trigger an onKey up function on texbox key press
OpenSSL on Heroku - Database connection lost
Magento Resources: adding promotion conditions
Looking for a lightweight MFC line graph library
Can I detect OTA capability in Android?
Rails Header : how to set form?
$.ui is undefined in jQMobi with Rhomobile
Code Sign Error: Certificate identity appears more than once in the keychain [duplicate]
rxtx error using smslib and mobile phone as a modem
Add a property to an object returned by a function?
FPGA programming with VHDL and C
Sobel filter kernel of large size
Connecting OPA to existing relational databases
Summation without a for loop [Matlab]
Apache Wink Request Handler
Android: float does not getting calculated
Post FLV to wall
Compile errors after adding V8 to my project (C2143, C2059, ..)
Gamecontroller support on Asus Transformer
Search for field in object
Codesigning for the appstore
Using @Scheduled annotation in a Webapplikation (JSF+Spring)
I cannot bind the contacts in my arraylist can anyone tell me what i do wrong?ANDROID
Android Java split on 4 integers
Lua profiler crash as the stack top is null
Application failed to install in iPad2
Database reverse enginner not working in Spring ROO
Generic declaration of member variables
Regex ignore URL already in HTML tags
rails 3.2.1 stylesheet not loading?
Is it possible to Observable.Buffer on something other then time
Add back-end filtering to SharePoint BCS assembly
How to find number of days between a field date and current date using php
Why does jQuery.change() only trigger when I leave the element?
gridview on edit event , on update event?
Trimming images with Imagick
SQL Server last date
Membership with Facebook (Error: MySql)
Single endpoint with multiple service contracts
Null in SQL server pivot?
Windows TortoiseHg plink hangs AFTER clone/push
Cron job is not working if i use controller path
C# Key Press; display key in Label
Returning a value to another function
Join two tables and get the latest date.
Make a php method run itself until a condition is met
Team City 7 can't find DLL's in a project
SMTP Authentication in Zend Framework
Using string format for Url.Content doesn't work
With HTTParty do a POST with json object
ListView with buttons
Rails + RABL custom dynamic keys
How to change the div content dynamically?
Using variables as names for other variables in Java
Generate column names as constants in a class at runtime
How to get global services in my portal?
Merge records that meet a particular criteria - TSQL
ViewPager with FragmentPagerAdapter does not show content
Pass array argument to link_to
Internet explore doesn't show my pictures
CRM 2011 Service Connection Issue With CallerID
How do I retrieve only the domain name in SQLite?
Magento find orphan products
Can we apply AVT for attribute 'id' in Orbeon Xforms
C# why throw errors [closed]
.net value type initialization
C# iterate backwards over date
CakePHP find all not setting values to variables. All other find functions working
Two day discrepancy with JPA, EclipseLink and SQL Server 2008 R2
How to detect javascript execution in WebBrowser control
gwt beginner- how to show an image as part of a gwt module
Programmatically set protection from accidental deletion on an ou in Microsoft Active Directory
using local session to maintain state
libmysql mysql_real_connect fails with localhost but works with local IP address
libmysql mysql_real_connect fails with localhost but works with local IP address
Assign a Value to a Div so I can keep track of it
obtain the location of a jar that is a dependency in maven
how to mysqldump on java?
Execute an xcode function with a Unity3D button?
Calculating the mode in a multimodal list in Python
Abort button in ZK
How to set up Selenium with Chromedriver on Jenkins-hosted Grid
PHP Basics: Can't deal with scope within classes
Does IOS support Active Directory in any way?
Get week number (in the year) from a date PHP
IOException using Spring Data Hadoop Classpath Resources
UnitTesting in sikuli - configuration from one place
Using Greatest Common Divisor fun
hibernate, created SQL query
Visual Studio - How can I automatically close server data connections on build?
Show/hide tables or divs for a HTML form
How to add a logo and notes using ImageMagick
Simple editor for Android Permissions File
Issue with SWITCH statement in PHP
How do I update GUI after each iteration?
Unable to get a SQL-Server connection
Is there any way to automate triggering a custom event?
A String Challenge [closed]
resizing image with appropriate aspect ratio
mp4 video doesn't play in video tag in html 5
jquery replacing and removing variables
jquery fullcalender event with JSON web method-
Android: Launcher Icon width and height in DP
httpClient doesn't retry the request
Module custom template
Is it possible to install RSYNC on Plesk shared hosting?
Highlighting text using Html.fromHtml
Removing quartz triggers from the DB on spring shutdown
Exception Handling Strategy in UI
Dynamic and static linking and deployment in Visual Studio 2010
touches methods not getting called on UIView placed inside a UIScrollView
Is it possible to filter the receivers in SignalR?
Debugging Spring resource servlet - how to?
What the best way to access client side generated controls/data in ASP.net?
Errors while trying to compile the 鈥淥riginal鈥�Library Source code of JAVA 1.7.0 in eclipes
WCF Service - calling a client to access rest using json is not giving correct content type
JavaFX Spanning Columns with TextArea
Mouse coordinates not working correctly,
Check to see if cronjobs are executed [closed]
Security issues storing config file in json/CPickle
Is it possible to localize a string inside cs file in WPF project using LocBalm method?
Tab widget in android from portrait to landscape
How to call methods from COM object (cannot cast System.__ComObject to my COM class)
Image::Magick on strawberry perl 5.12
Automating Acceptance Testing for ETL
servicestack handler for request not found - wsdls
Loading related entities in Entity Framework: how to filter which entities should be loaded?
p:dataTable and MalformedByteSequenceException
$(this).offset() is null
how do i access ActiveRecord::Base globally throughout the OS?
Android Contacts Group changes
How to extract TimeGrid Intervals using praat script?
How to pass HostingEnvironment.Impersonate credentials to ExchangeService EWS?
When you back up a database and scripts are running at the same time, at what point in time does the backup reflect? [closed]
Take action on NetBean's editor's window closing
Python: How to plot a heatmap for coordinates with different color intensity or different radius of circles?
Obtaining a server IP address from hostname
Can somebody make sense of that crash in Monotouch 5.2.6 happening with SGen on?
store some data in the struct inode
Can't change the twitter button width
xdpi layout and hdpi layout
Qt DLL not loading (when using Qwt inside)
Regarding SSRS and matrix report issue
A condition using pointer
Socket programming wifi issue
Jquery - Check to see if page exists
get the list of application through UIDocumentInteractionController
Cache values between requests
how to insert multiple rows into the database at the same time?
Flex 4 - Custom Progressbar not updating percentComplete
Is it needed to INDEX second column for use in WHERE clause?
import contact in ruby on rails
Can glscissor clip multiple area?
NSTask failed 22 terminating temporary process cocoa
Jenkins seems to be the target for nohup in a script started via ssh, how can I prevent that?
How can I handle variable errors in python's doctest?
How to bind an error handler in case ajax call fails?
program to count number of words and characters in c
How to find the exact years and days
CakePHP 1.3 - Using RLIKE in model query
How to keep the radio button checked till its other radio button is checked in a radio group in android?
Jasper iReport table returns an empty document although query works
Removing version from Maven dependency filename in war file
How do I take control away from a cell on a grid when the cell is using a RepositoryTextEditor
Confusion about MySQL security: charset, escaping characters etc
iphone(objective-c) textview or label with linkable hastags and mentions and urls
Cross-platform real-time MP3 recorder
Change Width in Menu
Dynamically adding tween to n MC's
HTML 5 Worker 鈥渢hreads鈥�, spawn on Function
How to grep multiple lines from a HTML page
Can spam robots scan PHP pages for email addresses? [closed]
Released app shows blank screen, but not in debugger
Iterating over nodes and its childs and modify data
Iterating over nodes and its childs and modify data
Optimising this function
How to check if Javascript is activated from Firefox extension?
Problems with my random number generator
How to disable specific http-requests to non origin based url's?
When does the Constructor gets called in java?
Sample application for Android Tesing
How to select the previous element in jquery
Spring MVC Cross-field Validation: Code Smell?
Android: Changing coordinates into name of location or places
Check The Client's Authenticated Status (web-services)
How to set variable index outside of function and execute after a function has finished
Can you customise Layout.Navigation.Menu in CompositeC1?
Insert Text into a TextBuffer via a Function - python
Feed input of MS-DOS interactive executable with a string value
JSP Parsing url and matching key words
Ms Access and Vb .net [closed]
Second sql query not Inserting any value in Database java
Android: MapView showing only gray grid with the error 鈥淐ouldn't get connection factory client鈥�
Should I use the Core Text API or draw text API in Quartz?
webmethod: cannot implicity convert type string to int
jquery form submit() not working inside callback function after preventing normal submit while using impromptu
How to extract Twitter post photo from user RSS using PHP
Applet Cheat security -> code, post data, variables
Using Seam v2.2.2.Final with JSF v1.2 in JBoss v7.1 鈥�JSF tags won't render 鈥撀爓hy?
How to change permissions on output flushed to browser?
Using generated paths with resources in Rails
How to view records made by a customer [closed]
How can I do my query return distinct ID
DataBind() on Gridview slow
Facebook app: how to publish wallpost
MFC: Fix a console on a GUI
how to make an array in java without length?
Drupal 7 Adjustable css
Use ptrace to obtain machine instructions
My own auto-increment
Android: Spinner does not set selection after edittext had focus
JPA attributes of a Derived entity are not loaded when it contains SAX code
How to POST a file (from File API) from drag and drop
mysql select inside limit
NavigationController Issue on iphone
drag and drop in android 3.x causes illegalStateException after small number on drags
Override Delete command in context menu on each view
Where is the realization of getline c function in Xcode 4.3?
Unable to save/edit nodes if Image Field containts more than 26 values
Obj-C: Error trying to store indirect pointer as iVar
鈥渁ddGlobalMonitorForEventsMatchingMask鈥�returns `null`
How to write a cookie? using c++ and IIS
Local sharing of a Xcode project with git
Fetch only calendar-events created by my application
Inconsistent, but frequent EXC_BAD_ACCESS access with sqlite3_step(statement)
Flash file select dialog limitation in Chrome
how to print Clojure time elapsed function on JTextArea
wkhtmltopdf not working (pdfkit)
PHP PDO: Call to a member function query() on a non-object
iOS Core Data many-to-many, filtering by multiple 'tags'
Can I use an SSL socket using a certificate that is not a file on disk? (ie. in the database)
jquery: How to hange hash tag / address bar name for cycle script
In Javascript, should I delete previous level's instances after loading a new one?
How to test JPA queries?
maven-datanucleus-plugin: Enhancing doesn't find files
Adding Apache VirtualHost, DocumentRoot of localhost changes to the VirtualHost's DocumentRoot
How to wrap a C++ class with C++/CLI
WPF XAML TextBlock Send Content to New Line
Mail-Tables in SQL: To split or not to split?
Python subprocess.Popen strange behavior
IIS7 is missing configuration
interpolate as3
Make Jackson ObjectMapper Serializable
Eclipse Galileo and ADT plugin
calling setTimeout without element ID in Javascript
Using mod_rewrite to hide actual URLs
How can I stream a ZIP archive with just one file in it?
鈥淢erging鈥�a straight line into a Gaussian curve
Accessing the UI object from a background thread
Is it possible to pass a workingdirectory with a space to MSBuild EXEC command task?
How do i learn default system encoding of a solaris zone?
iOS AsyncSocket connection to CGI
Mule Flow design
Android sax xml parsing - getting attribute of parent
Python - Selenium WebDriver - Checking element exists
How does programmers.stackexchange.com implement the custom font in its nav menu?
rspec-rails does not run tests under spec/lib
FolderBrowserDialog Cancel Event C#
I have an error in my c# code [closed]
background not being applied on entire screen
Locating duplicate numbers in cells
Keep a check whether a value if selected from dropdown list using PHP
Breaking out of an iframe with several limitations
How to handle Shiro Authorization Exception?
extracting links as clickable links from sql table
SWT Controls with predefined styles
postgis -ERROR for 鈥渆nforce_geotype_the_geom鈥�
Poor performance parsing binary file in haskell
How to Load .ePub content in UIWebview with pagination
Group By in xquery
Coloring texts in java
Hiding facebook app_id in Android Application
How to proxying functions on a function in javascript?
Point to Line distance (2D) and Coordintates of intersection
Weka, why kappa is average?
display specific thumbnails inside prettyPhoto viewer
SQL Server, Lat and Lon query
Java example how to login with Facebook account on GAE using OAuth
Restful WCF and Basic Authentication via Fidder
Schedule task with a single quote in path name or parameter
The complier throws an error saying that 鈥淒ict<int> a(10)鈥�has initializer but imcomplete type . Master, please help me [duplicate]
How should I remove linked rows in SQLite with Android?
Apache ActiveMQ Server-to-Server connection
Group by issue on Branch
Kohana 3 Route :: Make a second default route?
e.preventDefault - is there a way to doDefault?
GlassFish 3.1.2 - validate-dcom fails with 鈥淭he remote file, C: doesn't exist鈥�(Centralized Administration with Windows DCOM)
WiX - reinstallation failed when doesn't exists folder any more
Can you populate variables given to a function the same way php exec does?
Search in a python list
Overloaded operator not throwing exceptions
Prevent jquery submit on enter press on specific field
Hide Registration And Login Form When User Is Logged In? [closed]
compareValidator Compare to textboxes with dates
Can I exclude some specific warnings from 鈥渢reat warnings as errors鈥�without disabling them?
Query to retrieve rows where values are empty or numeric only
<asp:ControlParamenter /> and nonstandard (en-US) DateTime binding
JTable change mouse cursor
How do I read audio files with AudioToolbox Framework?
Privacy message shown during In-App Purchases in iTunes
Is it possible to return a custom page in varnish not using the vcl_error hook?
jquery data tables - Server-side processing not working as expected
Write RTP Stream Data to file
binding data in asp.net treeview control?
How to detect fixed focus camera blackberry?
IE8 custom jQuery maxlength onpaste-script for textareas drops value
Button pointing to another function after Hiding one panel and showing another
Download file from Dropbox and save it into SDCARD
Add sql login issue on windows server 2008 with SMO
Losing <asp:Label> Text value from ViewState for dynamically added control
hibernate + java.lang.StackOverflowError
How to get the space complexity of the C program?
Which gems is JRuby Rails using?
Broadcast Receiver and widget timezone
PsExec run remote batch file in visible mode
How to change localized images at run time
Plotting a graph in Linux (Ubuntu)
Image setting Gallery view in android
How to get more info if lt_dlopen fails?
how to update sequence number in mongodb safely
OpenGL ES vertex shader won't compile with a function
how to parse complex xml using php [duplicate]
Smooth transition between different videos using VideoView
Custom layout Java Swing
Theme.Holo.Light.DarkActionBar on Honeycomb
SQL Server MERGE statement and ORDER BY clause
Load an Object using Gson
Hooking Int 09h interrupt
How do you close a JQuery dialog so that the content is cleared
Java: Overloading constructors which call each other
Why are my div boxes ignoring my css code?
Android device specific camera path in android
scrolling images is not moving flat?
drupal 6: file upload in form not working
Android - Facebook login
How do I sort a list of entities using ViewModel instead of ViewBag?
Java: ExecutorService with Callables: Reuse the same Pool in a loop? Shutdown necessary?
Flex : How to center pop-up from FileReference browse?
Where to initialize ObjectFactory in ASP.NET MVC 3?
Scale SVG to container without mask/crop
does stored procedure enhance the performance in an acess databank,why?
Remove autolayout (constraints) in Interface Builder
java Map to XML through XSD
Oscommerce modification multiple good sellers
Table invisible in PostgreSQL - Undefined relation issue at different sessions
Simple high school level string manipulation task in C [closed]
Inheritance at the database table level, Jpa Joined strategy
鈥淣oSuchMethodError鈥�when initialising object from pthread
Unix programming headerfile details
LINQ - An explicit conversion exists (are you missing a cast?)
asp.net MVC3 create folder where application can write in
Strange Google Map Behavior - Tiles Appear Only In Upper Left Quadrant
Issue with Running Android Program on Eclipse
Facebook Login - dialog/oauth giving error
Figuring out how to decode obfuscated URL parameters
Capturing CGRect does not give proper image. What to do?
Applying blue theme on the spree site
dojox.grid.DataGrid Data display.
鈥淰isualTreeHelper.GetDescendantBounds()鈥�returns Infinity
breadcrumbs bug in ie issue
Develop WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone 7 in Windows 64bit OS?
How to create a custom event in jquery
TransactionScope does not rollback inside wcf service method, does roll back if called directly
Hibernate Session in Thread with UserThread and Serialization
Programmatically get Yahoo! Groups messages with PHP
Deliberately defining infinite type in haskell
Django Debug Toolbar in Heroku
SQL CLR - 鈥淪tatic鈥�variable for the current context
Pull to refresh doesn't show text or picture in tableview
How can I split apart an email with a multipart/related MIME type using a boundary?
How to remove the echoChar (TextField)?
NSTextView don't call controlTextDidChange:
Can we call an asynchronus NSURLRequest from a thread(NSThread)?
Print a carriage return in java on windows on console
Print a carriage return in java on windows on console
Is it possible to manually select order in mysql query?
Create COM-object on server in C#
PHP passthru() blocks with process replacement
Zend Framework - Form Element - setValue() Not Working?
How can i use latin characters in a hebrew sentence
Modifying Rails: How do advanced users find out what needs to be changed?
How to ensure a period between two messages over a Serial port
Working with newly added table records in mysql
Multiple GCD Dispatches on main thread
How to use onConfigurationChanged() and newConfig.orientation == Configuration.ORIENTATION_LANDSCAPE in android 2.3.3
iOS: is prepareForSegue callback for the other direction (i.e. back button pressed)
Getting javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: sun.security.validator.ValidatorException. Not able to connect to application on HTTPS?
Multi keyword search
Triggering Heap profiling from Javascript?
Possible for Android JUnit test to create a config file in the target apps data directory?
How to run a task in fixed intervals in a multiple-instances Tomcat env.?
Include JAXB using Maven
Java 1.6.0_26 on Mac OS X Lion
Find multiple values within a Numpy array
Returning a POST result from an AJAX call in JavaScript
Check if user likes page via Graph API
Keyboard is not displayed in iOS5 when the view is called in a UIViewController
How can I set a tooltip to display while dragging an NSSlider?
Java Guava combination of Multimap and Cache
Is there anyway to make a reference UNIQUE
How to make a reference to a method name on an interface strongly typed
How to add a single column php/mysql
Reading a hexadecimal value from a string into a decimal long
ExecutorService invokeAll() duplicates Callable being called
Intense Debate PHP Class?
Order Mangement System for CodeIgniter
IE Compatibility mode issue on Intranet pages (only internal, works fine externally)
Playing a youtube video in full screen mode in android webview
How to get whether iPhone screen is locked or unlocked programmatically using springboard framework
What exactly is ListSelectionModel.insertIndexInterval() doing?
Refresh a treeview and expand last selected node
Any way to set project property from code?
efficient X within limit algorithm
Monthly report for C# application
My factory method isn't working as intented
How to save files on the sql server database using struts2
Will removing EJB improve performance of project?
Writing custom third party client emulators
Parallel algorithm to find the K closest points
How can i add two double values without exponential in android
Solution of non-linear differential equation
WebSphere Process Server insists on using transactions
Tracking displays of iframe component in Google Analytics
Cast from something Generic of implementing to something Generic of interface type
og:title doesn't correpond with the one I set
Android market app not showing in mobile
Change ImageSource during Storyboard in code behind
Java checkpointing
sharedDispatcher is missing from CCTouchDispatcher (Cocos2D 2.0 beta2), what should I use instead?
scala function for java's node.getTagName
SQL for update in SQL Server Management Studio
The calling thread must be STA, because many UI components require this while navigation in wpf
jquery animate scrollTop and scrollLeft not working on ipad simultaneously
鈥淪omething went wrong鈥�when deploying to Rails production via capistrano
Msvcr90.dll file error
Is half the web broken for iphone users - Jquery Library cant load on iphone (safari) (javascript timeout)
Is it possible to use more than one same loader in one activity?
Visual C++ - overriding a function imported from a DLL?
Does junit 4 have an equivalent of MbUnit's AssemblySetUp attribute? [duplicate]
Backbone.js cannot merge attributes when using template?
I want to create a shaking view like icons on iPhone Home screen, shows delete when touch is hold in Titanium Appcelerator
sql oracle. procedure cursor loops
newline not showing in email (PHP)
Ignore files to be source controlled by ClearCase
Drupal Commerce eBay-style listing upgrades
How to perform a Modal LookUp in ASP.NET?
How to change title bar font in win apps by C#?
vb.net calendar control with multipe days selection
Append Database tables a - e?
How to execute an Array job on SGE -
Django form use queryset in constructor, how to recreate form, when I change site language?
has_many relationship with uniqness couples
Animated Text Change
Is there a simplest way to build perl package
PHP Help - MIME Code?
Invoking a Java Method in JSP
how to solve eclipse perspective error?
Selecting last action from log table
Creating a dynamic table from AJAX reply query
Grouped buttons in Iphone
How Do I make Multiple Ajax Queries On A Class Using Jquery
couchdb, how to rename an attachment
Is there any third party which can support by both iOS4 and iOS5?
Responsive Layout & Absolute Positioning
Propel archivable behavior doesn't work properly (archived_at column doesn't get updated on insert)
Javavscript change sub-class property on instantiation
Programmatically using components in OSGi
Maximum element and its indices from an array in shell script
Postgresql replication in rails with data-fabric gem
how to retrieve image path from database and display on to the browser using php
Rendering ActionView without Rails for testing
Confused as to why CSS isn't working [closed]
carrierwave default_url how to display in views?
On bundle install showing error : `fetch_http': bad response Service Unavailable 503
draw color on the bitmap (on a canvas )
Mapping weak entity
MVC 3 POST data and the Id field
JGit S3 support for Standard-US buckets only?
Converting html to excel?
Adding paginating to my class
how to detect the windows OS in ANT
C - Decompress Gzipped http response
Should I extend the Binder class or use a Messenger?
鈥淪pecified cast is not valid鈥�error
Switching over to zsh breaks rails in command line
How to set the imageView property in a UITableCellView to show only a background color?
FILE-ACCESS Reading images previously written to NSDocumentDirectory FAILS
Intel Nehalem single threaded peak performance
Code to clear DataGridView
Bind native html5 dragstart event handler and access dataTransfer using jQuery
Multiple CREATE TABLE with errors within one transaction - no PDO exception
webmethod int to string on sum of list
onKeyDown() or onBackPressed()
WCF Data Service : Performance issue while fetching nested entities
how can i prevent to open browser for twitter?
orientation is not working in 2.3.3?
PHP / MYSQL - How to pass 2 or more results into a dynamic page?
How to search for symbol like DC1 in Notepad++
How to sort the textviews based on number
clearing objects from localstorage
How to capture facebook 鈥渦nlike鈥�event?
how to get USERID when user accept the request Facebook apprequests
before_filter to set primary key before create
when using a rollover image to submit a form, my validation is ignored
Using Windows 2008R2 Task Sheduler to track changes to selected files
Can I use OR statements in Java switches?
Boost regex don't match tabs
Allocating space for a reference returned
Paperclip - Maintaining transparency when converting SVG to PNG
convert Date Format yyyy-mm-dd to dd-mm-yyyy in flex
Not able to deploy spring tiles application in Websphere 7
Issues regarding scrollTop in JavaScript
speex JNI encode decode audio became noise
List HTML tags from a String
XE2 FireMonkey - connect to a Web Service in iOS app
Tableview not able to see all rows
output_safety.rb:34 warning: regexp match /鈥�n against to UTF-8 string
Pass binary data from C to C# through the console
SQL Queries on Access DB return null or empty results using mdbtools
Android map pinch zoom out issue
Convert HTML page into MS word using java or any API
How to feed IQueryable Data to Telerik Grid in Domain Driven Development DDD
Jquery; correctly selecting contents of a script tag
At run-time, from a .Net application, how do I set the 鈥渄escription鈥�field displayed in Task Manager?
jQuery doesnt work
function parameter evaluation order
Is it possible to get around the Cross-Origin limitation when calling the Google Places API Web service?
Fetching rows from a function returning ref cursor dynamically
IIS error in xp
memory full with views and crash
Trigonometry issue - Create a PointF using an angle
Save file In a different folder in vim
Python and binary data in regexps
Unknown column 'created_day' in 'where clause'
android Html image getter want to be in straight order
Using asterisk in pod item as text
Install jpeg module in ubuntu
Returning different types
How to implement search like facebook, that will search through my contacts from my android?
Call result of PHP
Java VM can the heap get smaller?
How can i remove all emojs from a NSString
Watir-webdriver : Accesing elements using Indexing
SQL queries in .NET
Symfony2: how to catch a DataTransformer exception?
Does Mozilla Fennec supports Addons in Mobile Platform?
Check the current parent controller of a nested resource
Getting a unique RegistrationID of a Android device to C2DM
Get google calendar from feed with magic cookie
JQuery Onload refresh iframe
Java Android internet Access: WIFI or 3G
Releasing of the associative arrays
Compile error while implementing IDbSet
how to send an email when someone logs into mysql
Javascript link loaded with ajax
Asp.net application with multiple databases
Calling .bat file from specific location with CCNET
MySQL duplicates with CONCAT error 1548 - Cannot load from mysql.proc. The table is probably corrupted
what's wrong with code below? [duplicate]
Faster graphics for iPhone
Comment to url API
Django render templates from seperate app's in one template file
How to add a link to a file in visual studio using EnvDTE
How to calculate angle between two Geographical/GPS coordinates?
Xcode 鈥�delete images are still getting built when building app
error when retrieving a record from the data base?
Unspecified byte lengths in Python
Cassandra/Pycassa: Getting random rows
Select element on click
Blackberry Bitmap fieldChanged throws IllegalStateException
How to check Network port access and display useful message?
Jsch renaming file fails
Call method in the end of web service call
Initialize an object
a better way to return true or int from function
standard ml sorting 3 elements
Give <a> element autofocus
Pre-filled Database Error in Android 2.3.6
Action Bar Sherlock List Navigation Spinner: item width marquee?
When is disk cache cleared on iOS?
Concatenate strings to make Picturebox name
Generating a set of pseudorandom numbers satisfying following xor-property?
How to add a Custom Annotation on Java Files
How to get your Facebook likes using JavaScript
Form does not do anything (freezes) while an operation is busy
Does mochiweb can play m3u8 stream?
Getting an IOException when running a sample code in 鈥淢ahout in Action鈥�on mahout-0.6
Make a static method accessible via URL with Spring MVC
difference between primary key and unique key
Retrieving Comments For facebook statuses
How to use onConfigurationChanged() in android 2.3.3 version
Defining new keywords in F#'s computation expression
Eclipse text cursor has changed and editor behaves differently
PHP execute advanced statements on class-level (like Java's static{})?
http request cancelled on javascript html5 audio preload
problems in using DBI
Background audio wont play
Error message when setting up ADT in Linux
Reconnect to the internet automatically
Is there a way to instantiate an ActiveRecord model without having a connection to its database?
Dismiss AlertDialog without buttons
WebSQL not working in ICS
Can I declare my table in set query?
How to design a document file format?
Fix columns while remapping columns header
Should I check wether a passed list<T> is null
Multitenancy in asp.net web forms
Session ID of a sql query
recognizing 鈥渢ype鈥�of hash keys
JqueryMobile - Can slider max value only applies to the slider bar but not the related input box?
Jquery .removeClass( function(index, class) ) Removes the old class that i have on the element
Hibernate query internal list
Strange BAD_ACCESS when printing NSInteger
Cannot truncate table because it is being referenced by a FOREIGN KEY constraint
What's the regular expression for positive whole numbers only? (zero is not allowed)
Nhibernate HiLo id values before commit
After iScroll initialization in mobile web app 鈥�textbox is not editable
Issue starting to program for Facebook on PhoneGap (Eclipse)
Cortex-M3 Initialisation
Problems with Conways Game of Life (in java)
Retrieving value of a label in which is binded to an element value
Android mysql connection issue
Convert the output of os.cpus() in Node.js to percentage
Is there a timeout for Handler.postDelayed?
facebook php sdk api query
swfupload check if flash installed
Pushing a controller from a subview
button works only once
MPMoviePlayerController - Video stops when I change contentURL
Get the IP address of the remote host
secure communication between c# client and java server
Access model instance from model field
asp.net mvc not rendering actions
MySQL query to append most recent result
String comparison in java
Warning (2): Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
Exclude resources in Primefaces 2.2.1
Error logging into SQL Azure using manage link on Azure portal
MySQL joins: displaying all rows in a table whilst using 鈥渨here鈥�clause
How do I get the updated HTML from Symfony's DomCrawler component?
Decorate python method with optional argument
Is bundled data global or activity-dependant?
MYSQL altering table field type
Using LWP to get webpage contents
gen_fsm erlang timeout
Extract parameters in an string an replace them with their values which are in another map with regular expression in javascript
Refresh b2Body's collision
How to get id of an element whose name is known in Javascript
Compare db value and get the value + duplicates
Using different font color in same textbox
Edit link arround the contents missing
Call MS Access module function from Python after compiling with py2exe fails
x86 Assembly Stack Reservation
Passing variable from Scriptlet to javascript code.
Managing EF Code First Migrations between Development and Production
security: java embedded in webbrowser and pure Php website: is there a difference?
How to make ListView header static
jQuery + Fancybox HREF parameter not refreshing/caching
jquery table sorter with a combination of different kind of data not working
.keystore file is generated as part of moving my webapplication on https?
java : I am getting only one element while parsing the values
Jquery UI Drag&Drop compatibility issue
What could cause a program to not read an entire file?
Java - JPanel with margins and JTextArea inside
ASP.NET FormView OnItemInserting and OnItemInserted
Error in JavaScript scrollTop working
How to handle Hiddenfield values codebehind and return them to CS Page even after Session Time out period
usage of function with generic input and output
Is it possible to chain :not() then :last-child?
Oauth 2 - params ordering and signature integrity
How can I send a Word document as an attachment to a specific recipient?
Display duration in milliseconds
In CakePHP, is there a better way to select the users name?
Use C# to write ASP code on a page
Bash script - For loop multiple arguments and awk
Action script coding standards
emulate human using open source browser
Magento: Rewrite Block is not working
Overlapping content with transparent WebView background
Writing to the Database with ActiveRecord
Build a MAMP environment on Mac鈥�Best solution?
Calculating the next time to run a task, based on a Day and a Time
Using a mapview with any pictures?
Iterate through List of List of Objects in extendedDataTable
Get all posts using xmlrpc in wordpress
Allowing Youtube videos in HTML Purifier
What is the best way to prevent overlapping events in an MVC EF App?
How do I make compound columns with SQLAlchemy declarative?
Moving Views folder MVC
iphone google docs api issue
PHP check if object can be converted to integer?
Can't display Viewmodel from EF
How to use sockets with nginx and fastcgi
size of a byte file in vc++
Implementing tree structure UITableview
Is this code generating memory leaks or is it clean? [closed]
Redirect/forward to another action and sending post parameters in symfony
could not load assembly 'system.data.entity, version,
Mysql COUNT(*) in a foreach loop, to get row numbers. Performance issues?
how to get cpu load linux java in percent precise and easy way?
like button for application
for each loop @object and getting @object.attribute not working
Prestashop - variables not accessible in header.tpl-$category class not available
Reading the attributes of the iframe content - doesn't work
MySQL RegEx search each column
Not able to set NSTimeZone to a required format
Specify current directory in Windows registry key Shell Open Command
Parent Folders and TreeView model design in C# MVC
Weird grid behavior ( must click scroll bar )
@ModelType not working on MEF-MVC applcation
using Ckeditor or tiny mce to upload image with html in asp.net
Sorting by attr value with tinysort won't work in desc
Today's date in Access calendar control is disabled
How to detect if your iPhone is jailbroken
Zend Framework - Form Element - Remove ID
implementing SSO for a cross webs access
.Net BackgroundWorker not responding
Why does the same control look differently in other window, it is blurry
How to Read file from Hadoop using Java without command line
Populating a custom ASP.NET DDL Server Control
tcp_ack in linux
How to access data in EntityDataSource programmatically
How to execute code after response has been sent?
Open ajax links in new tab
How to Delete duplicate items in Excel(including original value)?
How to cal resttemplate web service Using JQuery
CSS Selector exception
RabbitMQ WCF service hosting in IIS/WAS
django - middleware issue
Contact management in Android
Intent filter with file scheme and pathPattern wrongly evaluates true
Error while running phpunit test in yii framework
What is the best tool to find duplicate code in android project? [closed]
Message Dialogue in Thread in Java
MDM DeviceLock Payload Error
Share memory areas between celery workers on one machine
Android - How to play Youtube video in WebView?
Handling Data entry mistakes in android
Browser SDcard in android application
Need help converting C Mersenne twister implementation to be useful to me
C Casting between different struct-pointers during 鈥渟imulated inheritance鈥�
Error in WCF web service
HTML: .jpg as a footer with repeat and a logo on it?
jmockit, openJDK and UnsatisfiedLinkError
Select Sections with Country Exception
How to make this banner ad same as in another site
How to resize a custom Button in iphone according to it Text
How to access a method by another method?
how to disable google chrome suggestion list when using twitter bootstrap typeahead?
Struts2 save locale in a cookie
How to do multiple inserts in database using spring JDBC Template batch?
What's the best way to include the login/logout links with CakePHP?
Directory size changed event
entire clickable <div> with nested divs
Modifying ajax.ActionLink in mvc3
Zend_Search_Lucene - weird behaviour for Wildcard search and 鈥渘umeric鈥�string
MySQL Error querying from PHP: IF EXISTS
Problems with OpenGL when using Image Processing to filter video
Android Memory Analysis
Run application with privileges without helper