Fetch MySQL rows + one before condition
Fancybox 2 iframe not working correctly in IE
Getting primary email for using C2DM in android
PhonegapLog 1.4.1 bug on Android Tablets 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, Javascript execution exceeded timeout
jQuery or PHP seamless image gallery
What is difference between tran and transaction in SQL Server 2005
How to become super user through SSH
Saving numpy array to txt file row wise
iphone where to go forward from learning cocos 2d by ray wenderlich
Get rid of trailing slash from homepage by htaccess
get data from a unique php file
IEnumerator and generics
Add image in pdf using Prawn
I need to insert a value based on year_num
jQuery replace and add new element
Eclipse rcp layout issue
Best practices for synchronizing a SQL database with a REST remote server on Android
Is it possible to have a buffer overflow in recv() in C?
T-sql IF Condition date evaluation
using @Produces and @Inject across AS7 module dependencies
div display problems
Auditing a map of child entities as values with Hibernate Envers
Can I configure mercurial hooks like some extensions are configured in the hgrc file?
Would using CXF instead of Axis for Restfull SOAP call decouple client from changes in wsdl?
ef code first generated guid on all types
What is prefered way of passing pointer/reference to existing object in a constructor?
Jquery Cycle plugin timeout speeds up after click or hover?
Pull Paypal Transaction Details in Classic ASP using link
Video element disappears in Chrome when not using controls
jQuery Menu Item Hover Function
How to convert UTF-8 characters to ASCII for use in a URL?
ASP.Net DataPager doesn't work without QueryStringField
How to eval an XSL constructed XPath expression
SMS push-Notification
Silent Installation for dotNetInstaller Bootstrapper
EXT JS 4 Create dynamic grid, columns decided at runtime
Eclipse - Method Suggestion Issues
display friends list in android application using XMPP
MongoDB updating fields in array
Getting different types of variable
How to view built-in Firefox stylesheets?
how to make java object from xml?
How to get a js file path in iOS?
UIWebView: How to insert text in a HTML text field
Many-to-many or one-to-many relationships between custom Magento models
Oracle - Create text file using stored procedure
Viewing images in a web browser and then deleting them causes web server to restart
java : Need help converting an Object to Array
List of supported video types across browsers
How to get facebook fan page ID
What is the overhead of wrapping static method call in method object?
Create a PNG Resource dynamically
weblogic.wsee.ws.init.WsDeploymentException: The WebLogic Server 9.x-style policy is not supported in JAX-WS
How to fire EventSource SSE events?
how to set the number of facet in solr by default
Designers scaming client [closed]
google app engine service unavailable
How to access UIlabel, UIbutton, UIimageview or UItextfield using a string value - iOS
Change text shown while liking a page
Need to capture integers for hours minutes and save it to my db as a datetime
How to get hidden td value from a table?
How to log in using facebook in android app?
Error handling in TSQL procedure
How to bind to a WPF dependency property to window?
How to map DataNavigateUrlFormatString of Gridview Hyperlink Field dynamicatlly vb.net?
Markerclusterer Google Maps Api V3 - Bug: Markers partitially not clustered in Zoom Level 2
How to get a color of a control in windows phone 7
How to free appsrc?
Flash 11 in IE9 randomly doen't load larger .jpg files
Combining data in multiple rows into a single row
Inheritance anomaly in C++ and concurrent programming [closed]
Tinymce how to reduce options for multiple instances
Running a piece of code just once in a class
Mulitiple selection of input:radio elements in one jquery function
Proguard with Android and Google API Client
Failed to convert property value of type [java.util.ArrayList] to required type [java.lang.Class[]] for property 'annotatedClasses'
How to force a programmatic logout using Grails / Spring Security Core?
API calls inside mapreduce job
How i generate lotto number using ajax and PHP
Java: Map of maps with identical keys
Mongoengine鈥�query something not in a ListField?
Bad Access when trying to access a Mutable Array with an NSMutableString [closed]
Intercepting the jsp compiled PageContextImpl.proprietaryEvaluate
Flexbox with percentage width on firefox not working
Changing AVD path without command line
call gettid witin glibc
Serial Key Generation and Validation in Java (Machine Unique Identifier)
Change color of specific rows (TELERIK)
mailchimp php integration
Print bounding box of JComponents
Right-align a currency string (with no symbol)?
Convert xs:string to java.util.UUID in jaxb
Passing Windows credentials from from Client to Database through WCF
How to set the location for the captured photo by using UIImagePickerController?
Is it possible to get information out of install plist?
Upload queue for data
Logic behind a thread
How can I set the Background of all my activities in styles.xml
iOS Bluetooth Programming - Trouble establishing p2p between two iPad's
Problems with Palindromes in C
What's the recommended Eclipse CDT configuration for big C++ project (indexer takes forever)
Working with large size branches of SVN
How to use connector of mysql
Advice for interfacing strain gauges to PC
Save a file to SQL database using Silverlight and LINQ
Set param from sql command in spite oracle is down
HtmlInputCheckBox in Repeater always not checked
How to detect fake trusted personal/root SSL certificates of target domain
iphone sdk how to implement carousel (coverflow) view in phone gap?
Difference between return statements in SQL Stored Procedure
KnockoutJS foreach loop from 2-dimensional array
Android WebView link highlight issue
My event handler stripper code isn't working
person voice identification/recognition
Can I create and set property of MVC3 partial view
Image zoom with jQuery
UX design - unknown progress
Java - abstract syntax tree
Change background color of button in silverlight 5 in code behind
Documenting Core Data entity attributes with User Info entries
Brute force my gpg password
how to rename the acquia marina theme in drupal?
Clojure: ^:dynamic in macros?
Android mprotect() not changing protections
Improve running a Simulink model from a m-file [solved]
Is it possible to use pages in Magento to have a customizable contact form?
How to get the value inside the if condition?
How to calculate MD5 hash in DB2 9.5
Insert with Linq-to-SQL sometimes fails
Unauthorised Perl Scripts [closed]
Debugging @property / ivar values
How to see activities while performing actions?
How to dynamically create / destroy JS variables and append / remove their values in a string
I send structure through socket( c++) by function SENDTO and received by RECVFORM, but always getting some garbage value
Reading the opened email attachment on Kindle Fire (android)
What're the differences in float type in OpenGL?
PHP page does not load when URL is assigned to window.frame.location using Javascript
Problems with AES in crypto-js and pycrypto
VS 11 Express beta Error Obtaining Developer Licence [closed]
What's the proper way of using libcURL without the dlls?
鈥淚OException: There is not enough space on the disk.鈥�while there is enough space
Having a column 'number_of_likes' or have a separate column鈥�
How to set multiple canvas in scroll viewer in wpf?
use of object class instances and (void*) [closed]
Take unique URL code and place into PHP session
ProgressDialog and AsyncTask gives me some errors
Going back to Android PreferenceActivity from 鈥淩ecent apps鈥�
Create Xpath from XSD in Java
Qt disconnectNotify() not called on receiver object destruction
Usage of while(1){鈥 construct most frequently
Parsing JSON from Google API on iPhone
What is the meaning of 鈥渋solated symbol probabilities of English鈥�
Bootstrap Typeahead - don't autoselect first item?
How to implement inheritance Table-Per-Type in Entity Framework 4.3 via Code First approach?
Exclude ReSharper error for 鈥淩esource not found鈥�inside Views
Retrieving rows based on a substring on PHP-MySQL
starting activity on imageview click in custom array adapter
Xcode check error to manage event
Xcode check error to manage event
Implement quartz.net through configuration
How to use multiple Layout in MVC 3?
Base 64 decoding issue (special characters) iphone
android list files contained in assets subfolder
Only display tabs in action bar
Left float image within a <li> Chrome issue
Jquery get previous value in jquery
Who reads the value of ENV['SSL_CERT_FILE']?
How to close a tab from code behind?
Spring security: show error 403 page instead of login form page for non-authenticated users
xmlhttp request status 302
Unable to call java methods from asp pages:
TextView not displaying Characters like 鈥溍�猫 矛 貌 霉鈥�in android
How to create a trigger on user_scheduler_jobs in oracle?
Setting label text from other header files in Visual C++ 2010 .rc file
Open csv file via VBA (performance)
Solving for lat or lon in Halversine?
Java script (JQuery) do not work after dynamically changing tag attribute ASP.NET
Make use of web fragments (Servlet API 3.0) in a huge project environment
How to use a Core Foundation function to replace 鈥淕etScriptVariable鈥�
How to link continuous integration to my latest sprint trunk?
Additional .mp4 decoders for VideoView
Get the value of static properties from static methods in JavascriptMVC
How to compile PMD with eclipse
Painting in Java
Facebook Meta Tags
In SmartGWT, what event tells you if something is being drawn?
Way to reset Android HOME Screen Default?
Storing the response of login using curl?
Android 2d and 3d synchornization
Hibernate, SessionFactoryObjectFactory and OutOfMemoryError:java heap space
CSS Styling within some Wordpress PHP?
prettify output of query
OOP getter function should return a value or reference of a private property
Upgrading to Silverlight 5 sdk?
GAE ValueError with GET parameters
Internal clock in iPhone background mode
How to specify relationship name in code-first many to many relationship
RSpec with jruby- NoMethodError: undefined method `read_all' for nil:NilClass when using --drb with spork
Multiple Indexes in same Solr Core..?
Issue in response in struts2
Does continuous integration eliminate the need for huge Visual Studio solutions?
Program writing to file while not being executed and breakpoints not being hit
How to convert int array to int?
Changing steps in a graph made with cxGrid
Can't pass :locale to Capybara's method visit
JSF 2 view scoped bean not updated when action is called second time
Best way to get long value from object?
What url to use for Youtube suggestions
Could not find Microsoft Silverlight SDK v3.0
WIX - auto update
Credit Card validation in Zend Framework [duplicate]
HTML Form passing data to a servlet page, data becomes null after autorefresh
double.parse(str) does not work correctly
Installing Ruby on Rails
Can a value list remember where you were last?
Why string method on a string object doesn't modify the object in Python?
Can somebody explain What is an API [closed]
Export MySQL Database to EXCEL in c#.net
Clipping String to a given index
IP restrict a subdomain using .htaccess
Using HTMLParser to Parse a Table in Python
Add new entries to explorer context menu with images
Suppress JIT optimization on module load (managed only)
Getting StackOverflowError exception
My app version control
How to subset out some alphabetically arranged columns from a dataframe?
Howto get all state_machine events from model class?
How i can check which services use rsh in unix-aix?
Email Validation in Javascript based upon domain look up
How to change panel property using jQuery in asp.net web form
How to solve the performance/memory issues related with having entities that depend on other entities in DDD?
Select a specific node meeting several conditions
how to fetch a specific data from database and print in android?
Tool to check Android strings.xml variables?
Can I use BCP.exe to import Picture data?
UISlider minimumValueImageRectForBounds: and super maximumValueImageRectForBounds returns empty rectangle
Apache redirect for single XML file
How to configure Routing, VPN and masquerading in Windows?
Bind Textbox Text to a Static Property
Google Web Toolkit, RPC ans MSSQL
TFS 2010 Build MVC 3 Application Apply Config Transformation
Iphone URL schemes : Back to app
ImportError using django-social-auth
How to use dispatchTouchEvent?
iOS - How can I show a UIImagePicker over a UITableView?
jquery sort plugin not working
Redirect to another URL that contains page title like SO
Avalanche magento theme and scp
xmlHttpRequest in Internet Explorer 7
How can I prevent a page unload with jQuery?
Is this the correct way to temporary add a property to django.conf.settings?
Binding Combobox column's selectedItem property Silverlight MVVM
Reorder Ruby array based on the first element of each nested array
Software Engineering - Time Schedules, Projects Estimates
Java classes and constructors
having problems with my first ruby test code
Null pointer exception while loading images from gallery.
Using NSDate formatter, how to display day of selected date?
node.js sockets.io disconnecting every ~25 seconds (heartbeat-related)
StaleDataException: Access closed cursor error when rebuilding ListView
Springboard-like menu to select other views in storyboard
LEFT JOIN (mysql)
prolog expert system is so hard
DB2 iSeries AS400 - Database Connection
How Use Google earth in WPF without WebBrowser & JavaScript
Generic Input to a function
How to know browser idle time?
How to clear other tabs backstack?
Center View (CheckBox) which uses layout_weight in TableRow column
database query limitation
PHP Regular Expression Preg Replace to get Email
Row wise matrix operations in R
NsisIIS plugin fails & crashes when performing delete of Virtual Directory
Create XML with integrated CSS & DTD
Only one thread gets created despite the attempt to create two
How to have multiple test environments with different configurations?
SSRS one toggle item for expanding multiple groups
Why does clicking a link go to the top of the page?
Loading tinymce dynamically
getting each category from JSON data
What is best practice for handling application configuration?
Add multiple nids to an if function
Regarding Spring WS Security using XWSS
Flat file down load and saving in DB
iOS Left 鈥淢ore鈥�UIBarButtonItem (in navigation controller) if UITabBar is hidden
Windows 8 Dwm/Aero - No Side Margins
Android AlertDialog Multi Choice Items with customised items
What do the suffixes 鈥�鈥�and 鈥�鈥�after the job id of background jobs mean?
Play audio in background by use BackgroundCapableMedia
Saving an image from the internet to iPhone
How to hide the keyboard if I have a UIView(contains several textview) in Scrollview
How to Upload images to Php server and store in phpmyadmin
count occurrence of a character in a given string
Adding Json data as a source for dojogrid
JMSCorrelationID prefixed with ID:
Starting the redis server by javascript?
Random Map Generator - Creating areas on a grid
intellisense with jquery in visual studio 2010
How to retrieve data from MySQL database using jdbc?
Redirect output at libc level
newbie: how to pass User to Asset model for custom method?
Stop/Start button binding in WP7
Copy possible files to location with msi/custom action
Get an image from photo library and upload it to web service by name and path
why is my dropdown selection not being submitted?
Change color in SQlite based application
Opening all files in a folder, and applying a function
ViewModel many to many relationship
what does 鈥淨GLContext::makeCurrent() : wglMakeCurrent failed: The operation completed successfully鈥�mean?
Do I need to remove views from superviews in dealloc?
How to show/hide a div on mouseover using jquery?
how to display different images in datalist which are not in database
Implementing a search suggestions for iPhone app
WCF calls fails silently sometimes
Enable a Button When any of Checkboxes on Windows is Checked
Installing imagemagick and rmagick on Lion 10.7
JXScrollUp compile
Same code blocks about function template compiled ok under g++ but error under VC6, why?
summing all elements in matlab without using colon operator
Regex to replace all numbers and special chars with empty spaces?
Binding data table to google charts
newbie: activerecord compare object.count with value throws undefined method `to_sym' for nil:NilClass
Trying to understand word boundries
Android Web Service Client Using JAX-WS
How to avoid 'double select' on UITableView?
Unable to open a Python subprocess in Web2py (SIGABRT)
Newbie: set content view which consists of two parts
Is there jQuery plugin for editing text similar to Google plus posting box - using contenteditable?
The source was not found, but some or all event logs could not be searched
MPMoviePlayerController does not remove view when clicking done
GDB can't insert internal breakpoint
how to eleminate duplicate records in mysql [duplicate]
c++ pointer/array distinction
sending file from client to http server in c programming
How can we get share count for posts on a page
Send email by Email Class in codeigniter with Gmail
Best strategy to reduce DB connections in a multithreading application using the Qt framework
Minimum Texture Size limit in CUDA
ANT delete empty directories or with index.html file
How to check if a foreign key is created
Using login/pass to connect to Active Directory User
Convert HTML page into MS word using java
make and shell redirection based on exit status
using Linq Composite table
how to set a rotated image as the image of a UIImageView after triggering UIRotationGesture?
Java Sound microphone reconnection
Erasing or making parts of svg paths transparent
Apache gives 404 for encoded urls with special characters
Is it possible to order by a value which I dont want select in oracle database
Counting text matches in sqlite
Android set ringtone and notification
Linq to SQL filter DateTime field by Year/Month
Core Data: import a tree structure with find or insert / duplicate entries
Don't inherit line-height in nested elements
Magento: How to use admin configforms in frontend?
Is there any way to find tweet's count on monthly basis?
PayPal Report Engine exception
jQuery Star Rating - Print Text on Click
Optimal way to create shorcut for other package activity
How do I find if a file have ever existed in a svn-repo?
Retrieve unique data from table column and sorting array
Dynamic heightForHeaderInSection
loop through rows of one csv file to find corresponding data in another
How to read .mp3 files in wcf?
Json in Windows phone 7
Making a compiler to convert C code for ARM processor to Assembly code
parameter passing between two classes in two different files
WCF REST - Myriad of ways to create - How to choose?
php establishing connection fails
Using the io Library with LuaEdit
Something went wrong: OAuthException Error validating access token
Respring after installing tweak from Cydia
How can I easily tell if my Excel 2007 code will work in earlier Excel versions?
Textbox tag and IsHitTestVisible property
Converting a local image to base64 using JavaScript
Post on wall - image dimensions limit?
Create cookie with cross domain
Post comment to WordPress Blog from iPhone programmatically
C fgets() - Only last line of the file is written to array?
How to Stop a SwingWorker?
C pointer strangely self incrementing into unkown value during execution
Add css file to only a single page (ASP.NET master pages)
How to avoid having my app shown in the list of recently used apps
Hibernate many-to-one foreign key annotation mapping
CSS, select label with ending 鈥�:鈥�
Ajax not sending javascript variable to PHP
How to Populate a GridView with a DropDownList value
Calling a controller's method from within the view CakePHP
Configuring JBoss Negotiation on UNIX machine
Nhibernate: Insert new child data and persist parent in a transaction
Can I set the default text to be displayed in every newly created script file in VisulStudio 2010?
java servlet Filter : What is the best practice in checking Privileges of Users?
sqlite db is snail slow, how to form a proper db
Jqgrid adding new blank row in inlineNav style
Load C++ class by name from Java
Gevent installation error in Mac OS X Lion
dynamic button command event does not fire
quicksort and insertion sort hybrid expected running time
Is the master view controller not pushed in the nav stack when assigned to rootViewController?
Confirming User Accounts
Ext.NET changes to gridpanel unwanted rollback
Generate Debug & Release simultaneously
TF30063: You are not authorized to access
What's the difference between the fields 鈥渘ame鈥�and 鈥渟olution name鈥�when adding a solution in Monodevelop
Xcode 4.2 product location
Convert byte array to image in wpf
I want to bind the click event to the li elements in the xpages type-ahead
EF4.3 create one to one or zero relationship failed
To make javascripts generic so that it can be applied to all images
locating related posts by tag list
Multi windowed Java application
No Persistence provider for EntityManager named
Create new column when text runs over div height in javascript
How to make shared data in web pages?
How to get progress dialog untill get the response from service in android?
Java Split and Replace String
using wildcards in LDAP search filters/queries
What's wrong with this php foreach code?
javascript: console.log not working in this context?
Android change position of textview on runtime
automagic versus form-element specific
Validation errors hierarchy design
pointer and reference both in arguments
Using SWIG 2.0.4 with Ruby 1.9.2 to run the SWIG class example
WiX CustomActionData is empty in called CustomAction
Converting from sqlite database column (char*) to NSPropertyList?
maven2 using project.version and regex
Portlet Preference value not getting changed
Is there a ListCollectionView or a PagedCollectionView classe for Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango)
Synchronizing with a server in a Android app
Uploading Files to GridFS using Django mongodb
how to find the distance (in km, or meters) between two cities [closed]
Forever running SELECT query
how to get selected table row values using jquery?
Bind a List's count to a Datagrid
phpmailer email with inline images and pdf attachments
Spring @Qualifier not working when bean is in another jar file
Regular expression causing segfault/stack overflow
Why history.length is 2 for the first page?
Creating ShortCut in The HomeScreen
How come it is possible to 鈥渋nteract鈥�with my app's process in DDMS even after I 鈥渆xit鈥�my app?
Does lseek64 incur any device specific action?
Querying nested embedded documents with mongoid (or alternative)
What is the ActiveScaffold syntax for a 'has_many' relation link in list view if placed in the helper?
Which allocation is faster ? malloc vs local variable
SelectedValue vs SelectedItem.Value of DropDownList
White line in eclipse Web view
How I can access ineer class method in abstract class all are in interface? [closed]
PHP image upload and showing
Managing asp.net form with many fields
How I can add checked rows from grid view to another girdview in asp.net c#
list<T> property with private set
Jasper Report graph in iReport repeating
buddypress get avatar path remotely
How do I pick nice random colors when drawing a chart?
Facebook iOS SDK only compiling for armv7
How to increase the Jquery grid - serail number column width size
How to make page stay at the clicked tab in Jquery
Testing Node.js, mock out and test a module that has been required?
DataGridView header alignment slightly to left even after setting it to MiddleCenter
EKEventStore.calendars returns non-existing 鈥渃alendar鈥�object
i use boost 1.3.0 in visual studio 6.0
NSOperation cancelAllOperations takes too long to cancel operations
How to generate Selenium HTML Report in Jenkins?
Conversion from one form of XML to another form of XML
Android Removal of Log.d and e.printStackTrace instructions before uploading to market
UIDocument couldn't close again?
Using variable in a[rel=鈥, JQuery
SQL Query to get count of words in table
Replacement of release in sdk 5
Getting Notification from facebook friends who accepted my invitation request
Wait an event in JAVA
Are there markers for the start and end of a string in MySQL?
removing buttons/links in django admin
copy json objects to new json objects to be used for different listview items
Dynamic Dropdown menu Design pattern
calculate the space complexity of a C program
Error in sonar : java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Parameter 'directory' is not a directory error in sonar
Soap Authentication using Session IDs
warning: XMLReader::XML()
select and order date from oracle database
Stop navigation?
adobe air vs flex vs flash builder 鈥�i need an explanation please
confusion with result of Ushort
How many users used the facebook app?
Why do I get a segementation fault after a pointer assignment?
Setting HTML5 audio position
zend db table model and query multiple tables
UrlRewrite filter with tomcat
Etiquette of GitHub Contributing, Pull Requests vs New Issue
How can I implement a grouping algorithm in J?
base url using jQuery
Escape '+' sign in the request URL parameters
FTP upload and Download using windows phone 7
Doctrine2 - Specific NULL sorting
Silverlight: How Assembly version affects ApplicationSettengs
how to differentiate two more Xml tags its containing same name in iPhone using ns xml parser
Solution required to create Regex pattern
How do I inspect a class property that has been set by overridding __set
Central Logging Service across Line-of-Business applications [closed]
Semantic use of <nav> in HTML5 with search form element
Detect x & y touch event in WP7 screen
The Button of ActivityGroup don't work in sun Activity
Project Euler 14: Issue with array indexing in a novel solution
How to Display Output in Text Area in java
best way to remove specific index from all arrays in a multidimentional array PHP
CoreAnimation gets jerking
OpenGL draw GL_LINES on top of GL_QUADS
Proper use of AsyncTask
WIX invoking Batch file in InstallExecution Sequence
How can I create an http handler to redirect all traffic to HTML pages?
singleton and classic constructor
Is it possible to get subject distance from an EXIF data of a jpeg image?
Understanding Time Slice and Execution Time
How to check iteration in smarty?
get a view of all pages displayed
How to rewrite link_to with parameters to resource syntax?
How should one authenticate his gmail account over a web server?
Render/Update Synchronization: One Lock Per Renderable?
Jqgrid editType: 鈥渟elect鈥�events
Not able to test my app on jailbroken device
exception with SqlCE 4 / EF on mobile device
Flex Mobile 4.6 Textinput Databinding
How can i read md5 from this file
How can I count the total number of all likes and comments on every object on a facebook page?
How To Handle 100's Scheduled Tasks Using ASP.NET MVC 3?
How to show 2 Maps in 1 application at same time using Fragments
how to monitor sip packets on android phone/
Communication security: Fiddler intercepts my talks. How can I secure my app?
Symfony2: populating select list from a yaml file
Drag-and-Drop out of Silverlight 5 application
Pass contents in the Byte Array to the HTTP.Send method in adobe air
Java : SimpleDateFormat - Unable to parse a string to a date of desired format
Save image in database
Export & Import JMS messages as XML Programmatically
How to create JSON array using vb.net
how to add multiple external libraries to Qt creator .pro (ubuntu)
Network latency on a multiplayer mobile game
Programmatically set Master page for settings.aspx page in SharePoint 2010
Prevent man in the middle (e.g. proxy) server from pretending something it is not
reload page after response from facebook api post to feed?
Cannot get mouse click event after lost focus
invoking a flex application from android when SMS comes
logout from google plus with gwt
Element shows and then hides Jquery Mobile
Using a remote git resource in eclipse for a runnable java project
detachChild in runOnUpdateThread not working
R color palettes for many data classes
Get values for every day in specific month (or between months) [duplicate]
Printing path of spring.xml in classpath
building a chat session in java
Inno Setup Pre-Requisite Checker
Reuse MonoTouch.Dialog Element
Email sent via servlet using JavaMail API not getting through
Destroying a specific session in Code Igniter
SharePoint 2007 popup
SSL Secure login but non secure resources, does this make sense?
How to read Text from pdf file in c#.net web application
Displaying model's docstring in admin app
PHPUnit_Framework_Exception: Could not connect to the Selenium RC server.
how to Id of Item Did I Click?
Prevent repeating expression in SQL server?
Ubuntu 10 Ruby 1.9 Rails 3 not working?
Why does a simple List<T> seem to be slower than an ArrayList?
鈾�character displayed incorrectly in Glyphs
overwrite existing xml value through java script
replace dynamically onclick handler
Serializing BigInteger in java
Javascript or and assignment operators
Group By is sorting the resultsets which I don't want鈥�
Why everything inside the <noscript> tag isn't ignored when Javascript is enabled?
Android plugin install Error. operation cannot be completed
window.innerWidth can't work on IE7. How to fix via JS and jQuery?
Printing an image to the bottom of each page using TCPDF?
Unable to play audio on device (iOS)
Zend Framework Own Session Manager class
Tinymce stop adding a class 鈥渕ceItemTable鈥�to my table
Get noise through the microphone
I have script for adding multiple markers to an interactive Google Map. I want all the markers to hold different infowindows
How to fix the issue 'ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException'?
What is the right way to update mysql database using data coming from a dynamically generated list of textboxes?
What exactly is a 'side-effect' in C++?
string::erase doesn't take iterators?
Abort child workflow by a trigger
Facebook SDK: Is signed_request an alternative to access_code?
Merge/rebase workflow
tmp directory is too big in iOS
Where does in ext3 source code requests to read an indirect block sent?
What is a message boundary?
using 鈥渆xtends CAction鈥�class of Yii framework
add event tracking to mediaelement.js
What happens 'behind' the windows lock screen?
Execute main-method inside spring-application upon URL call
How to navigate to a view controller when a specific row is selected in tableview?
Alter Header Label for Show/Hide Javascript
ResizeMode property of WPF window cause position difference at Windows 7 vs. XP
onerror(if used on iframe) doesn't work in ie
HttpURLConnection on android 2.3.5 and 2.3.6
how to properly order_by(time) in codeigniter
How to detect a field value change in a JSF 2.0 page
gdb source code breakpoint.c - 0x4e 0x4f
Keeping track of removed elements using std::remove_if
Google Map API Implementation [closed]
Tracking over 500 events per session
Large image causing NullPointerException in emulator
Include page javascripts conflicting with outer page javascripts
How can I convert a JTextField that's returning null to a different string value?
API for Dictionary and Translator
Grails 鈥渂ean:input鈥�(bean fields) showing the wrong bean property
can chdir of zsh can search and match history?
How do I find out the JRE default linger-on-close time out value?
how to determine a different entry in a field in lotus notes
Bought Magento Extension - weird encryption worried it's malicious
Do optimization like this make sense?
Android Application running in background or not?
Preventing bots: last user activity
IKEA Style Lightbox
How to pass $(this) properly in click jQuery function
How to create a jar file for the eclipse plugin project that should be able to download and run without eclipse software?
Any upcoming books on Linux kernel (ver 3.0+)?
2 tabs in yii framework
Replacing delegate with lambda expression
Do you have to call R::freeze() in every script when using Redbean PHP ORM?
including several git projects in one, simple example
jquery, click event doesnt work sometimes
POSTing a file and passing a parameter using pycurl
Using split, but can only get the first [0] value
Pass objects in ajax request
Insert rows as soon as the table is created - Oracle
Multiple USB webcam detect in java code
HOW: Apache Camel, Quartz timer usage
jQuery: How can I perform an action after .css has executed?
Android sqlite execute multiple queries on json read
JQuery - DatePicker not working in popup forms
iPhone SDK, Calculating time difference between given time [closed]
Sort months array by position
Failure to force type on java generic
How to consume SOAP web service in SENCHA TOUCH?
instantiating and defining classes in python
Spring-Hibernate How to do paginated marshal with JAXB xml bind
Adding a batch of items to a product list (in-app products)
Session getting invalidated for a request in a spring MVC application
How to count the number of arrays within an array in Ruby?
Disable zoom function in tablet
How to use HTML template with Vaadin?
kill another process/application programmatically [duplicate]
Rake aborted! Uninitialized constant Rake::DSL
How to fill the space of image which visibility is made gone
The reason for Assets and Raw Resources in Android
Prevent Anonymous Access to Folder and sub Folders
How to store application specific JSF2.0 configuration parameters in a text file and store into session scoped bean during runtime
Create Stacked percent barplot in R
Xcode 4 Build Settings Display Abnormal
C-Style unsigned char parsing and manipulation in C/C++ - segmentation fault
Connection is busy with results for another hstmt in delphi
Java - What are the vulnerabilities of a port-listening program?
How to change SharePoint 2010 User Interface Language on user level programaticly based on a locale id (LCID)
Entry point after logging in using securesocial module
Entry point after logging in using securesocial module
Getting ModelForm to insert hidden field for id (preventing duplicate instance on save)
how to represent and display 9 bit image using opencv
Dirty Memory because of CoreAnimation and CG image
How to run scala code on Intellij Idea 11?
phoneGap camera and sencha touch view
Positioning activity layout in Android
asp.net dropdownlist
How do I secure my Database sqlite in the Assets Folder (by Ciphering)?
How can I keep my cross-platform GUI application up to date?
Apply style resource in drawable xml
Making call to number mentioned in the text field
How do I append multiple variables to a url using javascript?
Javafx 2.0 ChoiceboxPop UP Position Changes Weirdly
What is causing OpenGL 2.0 based shader handling code to crash in ::glBegin()?
How to re-center a map using jquery-ui-map
rails 3 - how to make server side web queries and process results
Calling and get result text from service
Android hide logs in the application when upload to market
How can I automaticly compile only projects that have changed when I build my solution in VS2010?
How to add app profile page to a existing Facebook application?
Where can i read more about Rails 3.2's Data Store with key-value in textfield?
Creating an upgradable application in vb.net
Batch File: Function, create string of a specific character, x number of times
VSTO Excel Add-in Won't Load
JQuery Print plugin is not working in chrome
Could not load file or assembly 'System.Net.Http' or one of its dependencies [duplicate]
HTML5/Javascript + Web Services
CSS Page Scrolling Right on White Space/Margin and Cross Browser Compatability
How to synchronize a Dojo JsonRestStore with database ids
Recieve a string from an activity to one class file that extends view
Submitting a Form using Javascript not working properly
Update using stored procedure in postgres?
Word count using STL
cherrypy, automatically performing some action before each request
Print JasperReports Table From a Hashtable, without a DB Connection
How To call stored procedure from linq to entities and get result into object
Is Clojure Avout functionally equivalent to the operational transformation features in Google Wave?
Android: how to use SystemClock.elapsedRealtime() to show second one by one?
Function of the Cache in FieldcacheImpl
Blackberry plugin installation issue
MySQL PHP filter array so only non empty values are filled into a form select menu
how to validate second control on the basis of input in first from client side
objects in jquery or javascript
Ad-hoc Testing is Not working on an iPod Touch but works on iPad/iPhone
Why is htmlpurifier removing allowed IMG tag?
PageRequestManagerParserErrorException after removed some html from page
can not pass IQueryable<T> to GridModel constructor of telerik Grid
How to replace a particular String with another String in the currently opened editor?
textbox onchange event using jquery
What is the scaling algorithm used by ID3DXFont?
GWT-JRE-Emulated classes aware Eclipse?
Linux/Windows for Java cloud application? [closed]
Tabbar with storyboard
Understanding YUI module loading and attaching
MYSQL + Select 2 columns - 1 being Unique
How do I solve my Wordpress custom post-type anomaly?
Naming Controls using XCode Storyboarding
How to make a graph with X-Y scale to accomodate a set of 2D points?
How to enum all windows using java
How do I get parent category from sub category id?
nsIStyleSheetService CSS inputs
How to integrate contract first webservice into Grails using CXF?
Upload file to server Issue in C# Asp.net
Linux readw and readl endianness
iPhone application become so slow when it become active
TypeError: can't convert Array into String with autotest jruby-1.6.6
Dagridview data validating winforms
glassfish 3.1.1 WEB9031 exception for Time
free-form select of picturebox in C#
What is the normal javascript jQuery naming convention for local variables?
Load .epub content to UIWebview with only Horizontal scrolling
OutOfMemoryError - how to kill the JVM after the hprof created
Perl ssh operations in one session
Pointer as member or Reference as member
Moving annotations in MKMapView according to server data (latitude and longitude)
class selector doesn't work in a tooltip content loaded via AJAX
Connect android app with the database from a Website
Getting anonyous type error in LINQ
Mac application crashes unexpectedly with Exception Type: EXC_ARITHMETIC (SIGFPE)
what is standard code and encode to send password over the net
Facebook wall Image blur Issue
What is the name of the Activity that is called when the phone is ringing
Issue with will_paginate page links
How do I get values from a stringbuilder with multiple delimiters?
How to enable tap listener in view pager in Android?
How do I create a form to upload a file (BLOB) using Spring Roo / Spring MVC
Localization with editable messages at runtime
Ruby how does this inject code work?
List of Email accounts configured in my android phone
fusion chart not supporting chinese characters
Cursor: invalid statement in fillWindow();
Microphone Pitch/Freq Detection (actionscript 3.0 in particular)
How can I reliably launch multiple DJango FCGI servers at startup?
Rails Sunspot search for items tagged with the tag
Can't add checked property for checkbox
Convert BitmapImage to Byte[] in Silverlight4
Access level user For Buttons in the forms
[boost.asio]closing tcp::socket or tcp::acceptor in different thread from the I/O thread
Parallel Execution of Stored Procedure in Oracle
openlayers: get length of selected feature
i want to generate payperiod for each month [closed]
How to write a family of printf functions (debug print, etc.) in Haskell
Input type=鈥渇ile鈥�changes file name
FileSystemWatcher changed event (for 鈥淟astWrite鈥� is unreliable
Infinite UIScrollView using Duplicate End Pages
What is better - javascript:functionName() or just functionName()? [duplicate]
Trac to Jira migration: Converting a text in webpage to hyperlink on pageload
Get all child div values in jquery AJAX response
how to read a quicktime header with python
Java Swing: Drawing curved lines
Where clause in .NET MVC
SSIS Transfer few tables at once
Problems passing data to PHP from jQuery's AJAX
Submitting an App to the App Store that uses iCloud, invalid entitlements
How I can get enum data type in Mysql?
Custom NSTableViewHeaderCell
Check whether disk exists in applescript
HTML Custom Upload Button with hand cursor on hover?
Web Scraping data using python?
jquery slider 4 slides at a time issue
How to handle progress dialog correctly in android?
Using large number of videos in android application
OSGi - running outside eclipse
create new object using structure in c
Program that has proper layout on all device android
Django - Extending an app's model to override its manager
jQuery load issue. Don't know how to approach this AJAX call
How do I import projects from another workspace?
Passing string literal to function and assign to member variable
HTML5 Canvas Redrawing an Object Error
Tcp/IP Socket Exception
How to enable horizontal scroll bar in WebView
Instruments giving a weird error, when testing on device
jQuery Click event and update panel
open cart language and currency
writing conditions for error messages for form_for
Finding the count of elements in an array fastly
Dynamic Method invocation in Struts2
Insert into mongodb with perl
Join Query for fetching the Count
Can I change the default schema name in entity framework 4.3 code-first?
jquery change function not working on dropdown
What are the disadvantages of Linux's message queues?
Caching Issue with thumbs_up gem
Using lambda as an adapter?
What Maven artifact do I need to send a JMS message from POJO?
Android WeekDayPickerDialog
carrierwave heroku - keep getting error msg
How to set a HTML page to be viewable in an iframe whose width is less than page itself?
Python form handling
Analyzing HTTP headers in Firebug
How to get all options in a drop-down list by Selenium webdriver + c#?
need to extract key from properties file
convert this code from c++ to C# [closed]
scan:started in the SQL Server profiler trace is generating incorrect indexid
why compilation error
Connect to Database in Url
ruby error - can I convert this block into a single line with {鈥?
Log File Viewer in HTML
What's the meaning of 鈥淯seTaskFriendlySynchronizationContext鈥�
Need tutorial for telnet module in python 3
How to setup environemnt to load python library?
access by active record query with join table record in has_many :through relation
Thread safe programming
Working with asp.net in c sharp using entity framework
Best solution for pulling updates of content from back end server?
Distributed search in SOLR without UUID
How to store fig in .mat file?
Does ternary operator enhance speed of execution? [duplicate]
how to set clickable links in a text view of an expandable list view in android?
Self-containing array deep equals
Get The Contact Details from Lotus Notes Client Using Lotus Notes Java API?
How Can I Paint All The Column Title Cells Of A TStringGrid Different Colours?
Android Phonegap database
Change timezone in analog clock by BroadcastReceiver
Using ReportingService2010 to Generate PDF report in JAVA usisng SSRS web services
java : Strange Structure to form the Request Object
Should we choose XAML for UI desing in WP7 games?
Compressing a video in opencv and microsoft visual c++
How to pass userid and password in twitter4j?
How to retrieve the latitude and longitude of the inputed address using google geo coder?
Download JavaScript Generated Binary from Tornado
iOS - Time taken to save an array to disk
set numbers of admin.TabularInline in django admin
How do I validate a form using jquery before ajax call?
Is filemerge still available after Xcode 4.3 installation?
Creating a dynamic object in javascript
Adding Rx Event Pattern to WP7 ApplicationBar Click
Realize the subscription of different messages
Where should I execute an UPDATE query when I receive PayPal IPN?
Is there any function to return a relative path from public_html to the file location?
jquery validation not working in IE8 and below
Reg: Tool/Program for 鈥淒atabase to Webservice (REST/JAX-WS)鈥�[closed]
What are the persistent framework types?
JQuery Full Calendar Default View Setting Issue
Android Calendar integration in Android OS 4
sms android receive function
Auto Pointer Issue
Connect Android devices through internet
Looping URlConnection InputStream in Java
converting from mysql to mssql query
passing values from a table to a tab bar controller
How to call a post method using a action link in MVC 3
How can you make a remote MySQL connection faster?
PHP smarty recursion?
How do I initialize instance variables and properties in the ViewController
Flex:Type Coercion failed: cannot convert flash.display::Loader@47262f1 to mx.core.IUIComponent
Wordpress - Adding ajax is preventing the embedding of videos?
PHPMailer - how can I add break lines in altbody?
What is the need to declare HttpServlet class as abstract? [duplicate]
Python: for loop expression
one to many mapping in NHibernate 3.2 mapping by code
rotate image according to touch in iphone sdk
How to make the array initialize only the first time function is called?
Design Patterns, Multiple Inheritance
Extracting Highlighted Words from Word Document (.docx) in Python
Define a UI element like the ones in jQuery UI
Which one is more effective to do
no cpu vendor support [closed]
LINQ to XML to with Multiple Namespaces in C#
Facebook C# SDK + MVC3
Android alarm manager v/s Phone setting
How to specify overridden method of which base class to call in Delphi?
Mysql script check whether column exist or not before adding column in table
C# product catalog
Issue In generating a Video from array of images
Call method from other class in different .java file
nested WITH statement
Janus GridEX Not refreshing
How to get next element on first position on button click in list view ????and after scrroling up previous element should come down?
Log analysis (top URLs accessed) with Python
adding data to wcf rest service using jquery
Initializing char*
cannot retrieve branches,check if the provided repository location is vaid
How to debug Weka in Eclipse
When is a shared preferences file first created
Why should multidimensional arrays be constructed with for loops?
Beginner in iPad App Development
Convert DICOM to PNG using dicom2.exe
In Kotlin can I create a range that counts backwards?
Using JodaTime in project for Australia
Get the API for making the application [closed]
VB Compiler Error(No Clue)
How to set Font in itextSharp for HTML to PDF
Java thread terminates abnormally with an exception with message null.
How to display Index view in Pdf
java : Find a word in a string and replace it with a new word if its at a specific position
mail sending with attachement in android application
issue occuring while installing gem
Windows Service High performance and Scalability
Make a 1 columns per row table into 2 columns per row table using jquery
WCF and Entity framework 4.1 POCO
Touch events does not fired when UIScrollViewer.userinteractionenabled=true
If case in stored procedure
Web login system [closed]
How to create user controllable slide show in html using javascript/jquery?
In C++11, how to determine what is 'sequenced before' others?
Is there any open sourced android voice recognition application available? [closed]
TinyMCE Image manager config issue [Image source]
HTML Table with mixed fixed-width and fluid columns
Differenace Between Netbeans Platform and OSGI
Is there any way to play .flv viles on VideoView or anything surface?
How to get a dialog to appear automatically when we focus on a bar graph using javaScript?
gsub - reduce all repeating characters to one instance
why webview not perform any action onclick of video in it?
How can I simulate the press of a button?
Customizable components for Sencha
Syntax for Excel Object. Change Number Formatting
How to write a MySQL query for fetching counts based on time ranges?
Creating a main game thread and getting game to run
Using PHP variable in JavaScript for Google Maps V2
Consensus sequence help in python
The raw and h() in the Rails
one to one mapping in NHibernate 3.2 mapping by code
Browse DropBox in Android SDK
Initializing two threads with the same instance of a runnable
QT application hangs while rendering QWebElement on QImage
how to expand vertical scroll after slideDown?
Are child objects supposed to update automatically in Entity Framework 4 Code-First?
Use rsync to create backup on remote Mac machine
GitHub not adding files
inserting records from mysql table on remote database
import redis dump.rdb to cloudfoundry
PHP function returning 'null' for success method in jQuery.ajax call
JQuery Full Calendar Default View Setting
how do i call a method from a wsdl
User rules to change Organic Groups User Role in Drupal?
3D randomized generation of planets
How do I get the event handler of an overlay object?
Restrict number of decimals to be displayed from DB
AFNetworking POSTing malformed JSON - single quotes and [Object] refs
When evaluating a C expression where are the temporary results stored?
Using SBJson, how to retrieve list of strings from array of objects? [duplicate]
How to create Custom Build in Titanium
Cache-server with high availability
Get Html Dom of custom control dll in ASP.NET web form to use it in MVC
instance name is declared on an object Flash AS3 what does it mean?
Can we use SIRI as a speech to text in our app?
How to put delay in FLEX code?
Joomla custom user groups
slimScroll not draggable
local notification control to user specified page
How to refer to IsloatedStorage folder in VB6?
Aligning a Linear Layout within a RelativeLayout to the Center and to the Left
wordpress recent categories widget
How to invalidate the session on browser close in the JSF
Singleton desing pattern issue in iphone sdk
C# : How to compare two collections (System.Collection.Generic.List<T>) using Linq/Lambda?
RadGrid- getting dropdownlist index using javascript
Running background thread(s) millions of times
Import numerical values from Excel with only 3 decimal places
Read-only Properties view for Eclipse editor
How to show stored pdf btye array in SQL Server to asp.net WebForm in a image box?
Bat file duration between 2 times
How to prevent json hijack on mvc
giving color to substring after javascript split()
methods in django admin
how to use both condition() and addcondition() for a same search model
ICollection<T> is non-index based, but TakeWhile() exists
HTML to PDF convertion using ABCpdf tool
Confused how a client and a server using AES and Hmac will verify each other
How to write code which can get updates?
php date from unix timestamp
How to override a variadic method in Objective-C
Myspace Developers Portal no Access
warning C4003: not enough actual parameters for macro 'min'
multiple files download in iOS and Android
Code to add both checkbox and radiobutton in same listview in android?
Code to disable vertical scroll bar in jScroll Pane
Creating a 5 star product review with PHP
(Resolved) Rails not found after Mac Update
I Want to know the exact datatype(dbtype) of the ms access database table column in c#
SVG pixelation in chrome
how to clear browser cache in my selenium test
Android :: Twitter Exception on using Twitter4j library
Failed to push selection: Read-only file system
Monotouch, xcode 4, Table View Cell template - best practice
what is different between @In(injected) and @Out(outjected) in SEAM
Basic Steps for Using MQTT in android