localhost test setup - Facebook not allowing localhost
Actual working of libcurl library
How to make a page recognize node.js code
OpenXML, PresentationML Table Height and Row Height on word wrap
Git hub commit with extended message
Adding menu listener for Paste option in SWT Browser
Unable to test android application directly on android device instead of android simulator
Add ASP.NET Element to JQuery Dialog dynamically
MySql Sorting complications
Xcode Log not showing the crash or exceptions due to Testflight
is the throws usernamenotfound exception mandatory in spring loaduserbyusername
postgres shared connection issue
Draw large 16:9 transparent PNG in AndEngine?
SocialAuth java library working with google account
file not downloaded in webmethod
How does HSQLDB maintain indexes?
WPF .Net on Windows Vista [closed]
how to using python to diff two html files
Run method each time a specific annotation is used in a class
how to change the font size and font family of multiple text of same class using jquery
NSXML Parser: Cdata block not getting through NSString Return
Set properties for temp print file
iphone apns in app notification alert displaying repeatedly
Why my nginx config for hiding jsp extension doesn't work properly?
Using a local variable as part of a LINQ query
Unable to Pass Exception in Olly Debugger
Why are my SiteEdit component regions tiny?
How to get the length of data in a column in SQL?
PHP Wordwrap on an angle, increasing indentation each break
what happens internally when we declared static method or any field in class?
Passing pointer deeper and deeper through functions
apache server keeps crashing on ubunutu, ssl: caught SIGTERM, shutting down
How does this segment of C code for a priority queue work?
How to make custom scrollbar jQuery plugin
Where should I release customized cell objects?
Using a Javascript variable inside a php block [duplicate]
C: Mutliple scanf's, when I enter in a value for one scanf it skips the second scanf.
How can I open application from EKEvent
Access controller method from inside a model
is it possible to create support multiple screen size in android 3.1 using support library for devices
Unable to invoke qwerty VKB when using <Edit text> in Android tablet
What is the default norm type used by cvNorm()?
Building LLVM OCaml bindings on Windows under MinGW using CMake?
Node.js - Pausing script execution in another thread
parse text file using json in iphone [closed]
How to VBA caching xmlhttp request returned value?
how to test php script locally through sublime 2 [closed]
this javascript pop up box for edit images works in firefox and chrome but not shows pop up box in Internet explorer
How to set time duration for an operation in android app?
How to use velocity 1.7 with Spring
Android ICS NFC Stack with NXP HAL
where i define variable ( 15 to 20 variable) .. Appdelegate File, or .PCH File or define them extern
Communicating between two processes on heroku (what port to use)
iPhone App increase Shake gesture Sensitivity
Create a preg_match filter so only new facebook fan pages without duplicate get added to sql database
return url is not working on Live server vs development server
Publishing a component doesn't publish the page?
rspec returns 鈥淧G::Error: ERROR: relation 鈥漷able_name鈥�does not exist鈥�
perl check file contents and match username
perl check file contents and match username
Parsing specific formatted files in C
Multiple html div's using same css style
Android users which download app
Auto Resizing the Iframe
java : Parsing An ArrayList and setting them into a Object
How to track changes made in the ERD in oracle designer
PHP Addon support N no of Classes finally extend to one class
Storing names in a vector and convert the data into a hash table in Java
running a vbs file from java
How to dump entire file content while sending mail?
Facebook style sliding bar for iOS app [closed]
How to use my own functions with CMake for OpenCV
Compile Lua script to unsigned char buffer
How to send and receive Objects through SocketChannel in NIO
PHP MySQL set Connection Timeout
Time restrictions in php/mysql
Apple In App Purchases
Read CSV File in android app
Integrating Shell Script and JSP
How to upload image files to server using javascript and html only?
Loading main XIB makes app crash on iOS 3.0
Moving cursor position by offset value
How to stub carrierwave in Rspec?
.htaccess how can I implement both 鈥渧anity url鈥�and 鈥渘o extension鈥�
Overriding properties for specific tests in a Spring webapp
Wireshark/Winpcap Filter ICMPv6 Router Advertisement
Embedding JAR file into HTML?
Using Partitioning and Indexing on Same Column in Oracle is there any benefit out there
CSS3 Multi Columns And Variable Height Content Issues
Error in KSOAP object initialization
A Replacement for Java's Native Serialization
Required parameter is missing: grant_type
Moose class attribute that acts like Class::Data::Inheritable
Exception : java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: IllegalName: org/jibx/binding/Compile
How can I rewrite this nginx command with try_file in Nginx?
Mac OS Lion - Wildcard subdomain virtual host
Io exception: End of TNS data channel
do the default catch throw statements in C++ pass by value or reference
How to display raster layer in umn mapserver clearly
Regex and shell - multiple recursive rename
how to transfer xml data from java app to .net app
(ExpandableListView),When I click button,update ImageView
Texture atlas renders differently on a different computer
XSL using multiple node attributes
How to query for namespace dynamically using Linq to XML
Customise behaviour of a Grails environment
preg_match() or stripos()?
My custom class is broken inside UIViewController, can't trace into it, no compiler errors
How to group a list of numbers into certain categories
Incomplete file downloads using ASIHTTPRequest and Rackspace Cloud Files
db2 import csv with null date
Computing LCM of M consecutive numbers in an array of N integers
how to pass complex Library class object from one activity to another activity
Wordpress Change Css of theme [closed]
MySQL Won't Source, then won't connect
Unity3D Applying Texture - Model turns black
Set dict value to the number of times it's inserted python?
How to move the database from internal memory to external memory?
Convert language code to (dojo) locale code
UITableViewController's view added as subview to UIViewController crashes app
how to display the tamil content website in default browser
Redraw GtkWidget
Sending Email to multiple recipients in VB.NET
How to check whether two image views are in same position?
Is a UITableView less than full width against HIG?
Detecting DTMF digits from a 3GP file
Dynamically adding a row to primefaces dataTable
鈥� n鈥�is getting removed from grep output while setting to a variable
resize div with resizing content in that div jquery
Writing unit tests in my compiler (which generates IL)
How to code services in wordpress?
how to install symfony1.4 on a shared host
How to sync and backup image to/from cloud? [closed]
webView in android Notification in android
How to detect which symbol was clicked in DIV or SPAN?
Calculating distance - on the fly or as soon as data is entered into database?
Write to file instead of stdout
Android how to create a 7 inch tablet virutal machine that layouts like a tablet? 2.3.3
code igniter framework guidance for beginners
PHP MySQL Indexes
form wont send data in ie8
Check locale language in C
What's the most elegant MySQL schema for products, options and categories?
Calling jsp functions
Error compiling CSS assets
Rich:Calendar backed by String throws Exception
Wrong code generation for data model in Eclipse
Legacy report application problems with autogenerate fields in runtime
How to remove the extra white space that pre-made Dreamweaver javascript code creates in IE
Emacs unable to locate theme engine
alert and autorefresh text box if length is 4
TO navigate to other page when clicked on callout
The query processor could not start the necessary thread resources
NumPy recfromcsv not parsing correctly
CodeIgniter: Displaying Dynamic Errors
Windows 7 mobile app development [closed]
set text box with grid column value - extjs
Android - How to pass a double array(boolean[][]) between activities?
Oracle SQL get column value associated with max(count())
Android - How to pass a double array(boolean[][]) between activities?
Oracle SQL get column value associated with max(count())
asp.net not running on Apache 2 on OSX Lion - Getting a Forbidden 403 response
A pythonic way to fetch the data in the users system
Multiple Dropdowns Dynamic Query AJAX PHP MySQL
facebook invite friends with notification
is x-frowarded for included in the request
Learning about properties of Trees
Php mail function not working properly to the enquiry@travel.com
Do any R IDEs support conditional breakpoints?
How to calculate the percentage
changing the location of the settings file
understanding jtransform
Sliding 'Edit Box' for jquery Portlet
Self.find method Active Model in Rails not working
Are notices harm to a website and its performance [duplicate]
Git push - suboptimal pack - out of memory
What if I don't close the database connection in Python SQLite
BlackBerry 鈥渟ymbol integer.valueof not found鈥�error when starting app on simulator
Enhancing C# syntactic sugar (or getting around 鈥淐annot use ref or out parameter鈥�
open pdf in to another pdfviewer application from my application
Database connections and OutOfMemoryError: Java Heap Space
Differences in iterating through a C++ map
Hiding the connection string to the database in app.config C# forms
how to implement Queue in javaBeans
Package and Activity name
I want to close a windows process started by my java program from java only
Valgrind memory leak report differs for executable vs. '.so' library
Creating Image Grid using UITableView in ios
Checkbox control in gridview
SVN client checkout errors
How to get value from radio button if using jsp scriplet
Zend_Auth expiration
Core plot:reloading/refreshing 3 pie plots in core plot
How to map a request to a handler in IIS 7 using a native module
Process virtual memory - space between stack and heap
Opencart Multiple Option Qty's on the Category page
Field validation with JavaScript - onkeyup?
Java-XPath to generate Parent-Child(s) structure
JOMSOCIAL: An error at New User Registration Progress bar
Linux ELF protector/obfuscator
Why does sqlite database browser freeze instead of give an error?
Incrementing Multiple Genvars in Verilog Generate Statement
HTML and Styles alignment issues
Why cannot chmod in cygwin on Windows 8 CP?
Replace First Character PHP
Printing results of git repo
Nested form only shows only text fields for one attribute but should be three?
Create .CSV File in Android application
Using Thread.Sleep or Timer in Azure worker role in .NET?
Specify absolute address for symbol placement
Store two integers in one single byte
invoking do_fork with copy-on-write disabled
Jquery OnClick Event - can I cache the page so it doesn't load again and again
Windows Live Contacts API, 2 Applications in one domain
ASP Webpage Wont load
How do I reconnect a Git branch that has separated from master? (And duplicated its parents?)
SEO - Redirect Hop Counting Site Spider Tool
Use created DLL in a console app?
Can I implement facebook and twitter in openfeint?
libruby.so.1.8: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
drupal module for making free classified site?
Trouble calling code via the heap and returning properly
How to get the duration of Soundpool
how can i move a sprite on touch using cocos2d?
A* algorithm to check if the graph k3 free
how to run apktool from webcode (php)
documenting dataset with roxygen2
How do I Install Ruby 1.9.2 with RVM on Mac OSX 10.7.3 LION?
cascading delete in playframework-how to model the Entities
JQuery: how to exclude an option from .serialize()?
Same ASP.NET virtual directory, different behavior, why?
Cannot convert parameter - Conversion loses qualifiers
Emulation of an active FTP connection using BSD Sockets
how to read pdf (content may b image ) in Android
Error window.jQuery is undefined when using fancybox v2?
Creating a list of a provided type in F#
display specific thing for ios or android?
marquee with multiple textview and focus
jQuery Load Issue and Oracle ApEx v4.1
Carrierwave temp directory set to uploads/tmp folder
Send An Email Through Gmail Without JavaMail
c++ execution screen not stable[duplicate]
How to use async/await to achieve asynchronous page in asp.net webform
HTML5 Canvas - Animating color, scale, and rotation
Cannot access temporary tables from within a function
Checking Value of Radio Button Group via JavaScript?
Passing PHP-generated JSON via semantic markup
Entity Framework How to Add 鈥淚mage鈥�to database
how to preg match all for jsondecode with php
Weird z-index or link issue in IE
feedback on difference between javascript and php regular expressions
Change logo for each user in Joomla
Any background process gems that work with JRuby deployed on Windows?
ios5 storyboard add right button to nav bar
Is dispatch_async(dispatch_get_main_queue(), 鈥� necessary in this case?
Why does ruby script stop when trying to start unicorn_rails as daemon?
How to autofill a field from a variable in Access 2007
Seperating Delimited Variable into array elements in VB.NET
Performance of doing bitwise operations on bitsets
How to get full path of file name from html by using java servlet
Flash CS 5 Professional how to find out where movie clips are used?
Locking multiple rows in MySQL (InnoDB)
Efficient way of calculating average difference of array elements from array average value
Python: using map() without lambdas on a multidimensional array/list
Making disabled viewgroup look more aesthetic
Float divs, treat like rows
thread-aware gdb for kernel
Can anyone briefly explain the median of medians algorithm?
To what does 'body' refer in this code?
How do I find the %APPDATA% directory?
Is it possible to restore windows status after maximum window?
jqgrid won't load json data
How to make a UILabel work as a url that's clickable and has url effect (when getting clicked)?
Resource dictionary in User control
AJAX Crashes Chrome
CRUD in Sharepoint 2010 list, controlled by Javascript
Why does ZSH return 鈥淐ommand not found鈥�error for my RVM gems?
MSBuild Property References
MVC3 Dropdown List in grid column, get selected value
How can I set up an alias for 鈥済it last鈥�that accepts a number as an argument?
PHP Component Object Model 鈥淎ccess is denied鈥�
Janrain - Remove Default Sign In As
unable to load MediaInfo Library
C# Waiting and Disposing of Tasks
error linking to libgcc.a when cross-compiling for Android, but symbols exists?
Add Array To MutableArray
Image gallery selector for html form via PHP [closed]
Running and managing nodejs applications on single server
Each .h file requires a struct defined in the other? (C)
Recreating jQuery Portfolio Gallery
how to solve LP-relaxation with cplex
How to set bounds of the display device?
Java/R Interface (JRI) code for exchanging data (e.g., PDFvalues)
How can I display both a string and an edittext field in the same listitem?
Rewrite special subdomains to special scripts and catch-all-subdomains to script
How can I stop Hint, a Haskell runtime interpreter library, crashing the GHC interpreter?
Calling controller to populate accordion item on expand
Nested Divs Spacing
What is the best way to split a string (possible with complicated regex)? (javascript/jquery)
what is the equivalence in Python 3 of letters in Python 2?
Web Traffic Analytics to Play Nice with ASP.NET MVC, Signalr
UIButton of UIButtonTypeCustom with title does not show as clicked
Correct Use of binutils on Linux to Write Simple Bootloader
Any way to have completionHandler style syntax using [facebook authorize] on iOS 5?
jQuery Calculation Plugin: Summing subtotals to create grand total
jQuery post form and callback
C++/Qt, getting a derived objects variable name as list?
ExpressJS res.render() error (JSON.stringify can't work on circular reference)
To conserve iPhone power, but allow data transfer over TCP-IP?
Need help tackling a Regular Expressions problems on Scheme Programming Language
Can't seem to find my EF model
setting an atttribute in rails console - transaction rolled back
Filter HTML before and after a class
How to export a reconstructed 3D model with texture using insight3d
rmagick installation [closed]
Compare 2 xml payloads using Java
Polymorphic function calls in Java?
Can i safely dispatch touch events to main activity by calling onTouch() method from another thread?
One sided filter, online filtering, caual filtering
Communication from C# Application to Firefox Extension
How can I differentiate between a person's name and other names that are derived from verbs [closed]
Value is applied instead of label to textbox
Problems with MVC getting models for my Views
FFT and Music Comparison
Clear form after user submit
GLSL OpenGL 3.x how to specify the mapping between generic vertex attribute indices and semantics?
Why does the add_image_size() function not create a copy of the thumbnail image in wordpress?
Rules to Replace 'New'
Android Certificate Installation
As3: How do I get my projectile to arc and go back down?
Storing text files in Visual Studio
Converting a List<String> to List<int>
using jquery cycle and autosizing background
Absolute pass on RewriteRule
Relay click to Button to trigger ASP.NET File Upload
Android: How to turn screen on and off programmatically?
Joomla 1.5 - JTable queries always doing UPDATE instead of INSERT
iOS 5 NSURLConnection - Making Multiple Connections with UI Feedback
HTML input popup calendar issue
Good HQL Editor
Loading jQuery in Div
What is an output file in python
Array error how to make it work?
Where is location of getChildHTML('content') for custom category pages in magento?
Error: Conversion to non-scalar type requested
I have my image set to resize but how do I make the image resize from the center as opposed to the upper left hand corner?
exec not found (because of the file descriptor)
Empty ListViewGroup is not shown in ListView
Azure WCF JSONP and passing data to the service
What's the point of Guava's Optional class
App crashes with [sender tag]
Simplest way to fetch and add data to a Access database from C#?
Error with opening a filehandle
LinkedList cannot find symbol error
Issue with PlayN getting started tutorial
How can I get Dev-C++ to generate intel assembly from c code?
Using fwrite with angle brackets and quotation marks
Drupal 7 webform submission to remote mysql database
Upload image and send text at the same time
How can I get Dev-C++ to generate intel assembly from c code?
Using fwrite with angle brackets and quotation marks
Drupal 7 webform submission to remote mysql database
Upload image and send text at the same time
Aptana 3 git commit
Checking cellular network type in iOS
MySQL - Conditional COUNT/SUM part 2
JPA JPQL request with select and Concat
Android Error: Notify user of what file is being downloaded
How to check if a certain 鈥渋nstance鈥�alrady exists within a database? (django/postgresSql)
Best, worst and average case running times
How to load the contents of a URL in a div tag?
How do you include the thread number in a log4net appender even if the thread has a name?
Combine independent scores to make aggregate score in duplicate detection algorithm
Saving and showing again the View an user selected
Java, jar dependecy issue
using POSIT algorithm in OpenCV
Error when using the spreadsheet gem
Checking the state of a select control after the value has changed with a cookie?
CSS Sprites - not showing up in IE 8 and 7
jquery maskedinput removing incomplete text on blue
What's the difference between static and dynamic scoping in this exercise?
Python - Parse string in 鈥�xDE 0xAD 0xBE 0xEF鈥�form to a bytearray
Div is getting clipped in IE7鈥tumped
What is the best way to adapt this security system to deal with multiple inheritance?
Regex for VHDL string literal
Why still getting JNA error on Cassandra startup, even the jna.jar and platform.jar are there in the lib dir?
is returning a value from 'next' a bad idea?
Making Drupal's FileField output HTML5 compliant
Hide Objects Outside Viewpoint
Remove Default Title Bar
How To Properly Sequence Animation Events With Procedures in JQuery
Using setattr() in python
Crash in [OAMutableURLRequest parameters]
How to include a row number but show a tie?
Inverted MKPolygon (Inside Out)
What object do I pass when invoking a method using reflection
Tooltip in Jface tree
How do I get an object at a memory location?
The Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 provider is not registered on the local machine
How to retrieve a part of a string based on an expression (php)
C - Segfault when accessing member of non null pointer struct
Replace existing record with same value
How to open a browser window through Word using VBA with set height, width, and no menu bar
How can I prevent the warning 'Property MyProp1 never defined on MyObject'?
Write the content of an object into a file in C++
How to avoid 鈥淣o Disk in Drive鈥�error during batch
Should we use native API to share instead of Intent
RestKit not working when used in a static library
How to Render After effect Project in iPhone or iPad ?
Java for UI windows applications
Proper method to timing how long a sorting algorithm takes
Common Lisp Compiling and execution time
AdventureWorks have Insert/Update/Delete anomalies?
How to pass an Object using a DropDownListFor
How is it possible I can have short URL if I share through twitter through intent
How to update records in tables in Oracle APEX using javascript/html?
Get values from XML column
python routing issues with URL data
Rails: How to specify valid values for fields in my model via another model
what is the best static code analysis tool for android project?
Snort rule doesn't generate alerts when hosts responding simultaneously
Augmented reality in wp7
Storing Multiple Checkbox Data in MySQL Database with PHP
Ruby - Using class_eval to define methods
how to put methods in django admin?
Using Compass Twitter FrameWork
Removing tags from this `tag_names` attribute when then are removed form the input field?
jQuery forced 鈥渇loat:left鈥�during animation of show(鈥渂lind鈥� method
Insert elements (strings) within existing XML tags using a RegEX?
Django ContentTypes versus OneToOneField versus Multi-Table structure
Flash clips in Android WebView overlapping issue
Assign values to a list element in R
Does Mozilla Prism allow me to build an application bundle that I can upload to the App Store?
How to access adb shell on remote machine?
Python `__init__.py` and initialization of objects in a code
Passing string with apostrophe from PHP into JavaScript function
Facebook JS SDK share count not increasing
How to mask excel macro code
Issues with simulating a seasonal ARIMA model
Generating dynamic size permutations in SWI-Prolog results with ERROR: Out of global stack
Vertical and Horizontal Scrollbars on Tkinter Widget
Most efficient way of making android.net.wifi.ScanResult a Comparable?
Numpy-y way to build a polynomial array from set of points
When I re-open a project why don't I see the MVC subfolders in the Project Explorer anymore?
WebappClassLoader intermittently takes 12 seconds to load local JAR file
How do I use the Python Scrapy module to list all the URLs from my website?
Apache not allowing me to enter folders belonging to other users
Framework for detecting blocked Javascript (and other) resources
Vertical Centering Absolutely Positioned Block
Salesforce Record Types Issue
Android App Custom Background
How to measure the Tablet's touch response time?
Upload File Script won't load because it cannot find the function bt1Clicked()
ActionView::MissingTemplate: Missing template
Auto-suggestion list box
cakephp isauthorized check inside other controller action
how to clean variable or function after use
How do you disable ASLR (address space layout randomization) on Windows 7 x64?
Is there a tool that picks up where 280 North's 鈥淎tlas鈥�left off?
How do you disable ASLR (address space layout randomization) on Windows 7 x64?
Is there a tool that picks up where 280 North's 鈥淎tlas鈥�left off?
Upload all files from local storage to Azure Blob Storage
Nginx configurations
Render linguistic syntax tree in browser
Send changed value of checkbox to php ( in array )
Android SDK - java not found
R sub-setting the list of objects in the global environment by class
What is the possibility of using a Python app, deployed online, that has access to a users local disk?
Joomla 1.5 - Creating SQL tables in components
web.py database select access
show/hide jquery script
Which jars needs to be present in WEB-INF lib and in .classpath
OpenGL context on the iphone. What does it do / how does it work?
Closing jQuery Modal dialog after ASP.NET postback opens it again
error: 'invalid operands' to binary operator <<
convert physical document to e-versions and embed signature and additional fields [closed]
Regex matching only words inside custom tag
Autohotkey, issue after mapping capslock::ctrl
Jquery events for ajax post after DOM is loaded
Good reference for SQL to use with SQL Server 2008 [closed]
How to run an external file from within the scala interactive interpreter (REPL)?
Facebook Open Graph Multiple objects per action
Applying coldfusion 8 Update 1
using 鈥渧im鈥�can lead ssh timeout but 鈥渢op鈥�not
Cannot find the object because it does not exist
MySQL select all users who have not logged in for 30 days
mySQL Visibility Issue
How do I change the size of an individual image with jquery on rollover?
Declaring an array inside a class, and setting its size with the constructor
How should I use a batch script to create other scripts?
Shell script to run program that asks for input
List<Tuple<T1,T2,T3>> to Database Mapping
Output text in text box not multi-line, word wrap set to true in text box property
Permissions error github (ssh key not recognized)
How can I make my checkbox appear and disappear?
yield content or yield
Devise refused to login but no error is given
An algorithm that automatically fits clothing?
Retrieving data from a URL using a Java Servlet (Jetty)
C# to Java latency sensitive class conversion, would TreeMap replace SortedList in my case?
Downcasting from base pointer to templated derived types
How to point TTS install intent to the amazon app store?
Javascript var is not loading in to facebook post to feed
Android make scroll view auto scroll to bottom
Converting this python logic into C#
AJAX File Upload passing ID
JAVA. A gui that prints a dice roll [closed]
Syncing BlazeDS messages across two webservers
Why do I need to decorate login_required decorator with @method_decorator
MySQL help: How to find all orders from a customer till price <= 20 and status='unpaid'
Azure load balancer causes 400 error 鈥淚nvalid Hostname鈥�on postback
How to deal with a frequently changing multivalued field in Lucene/Solr?
Why won't this work? If selected item from list box is string then set different string as number
Clicking anchor should execute javascript not go to new page
Implementation of FTP using BSD sockets in C
How to use jQuery to get an element with a certain width?
How to get Erlang's release version number from a shell?
Change Border of ToolStripComboBox with Flat Style
Jquery Mobile with code organization and single source code base (Mobile first design)
Can you place two edit fields side-by-side?
javascript double obfuscation
CUDA or same something that can be available to intel graphic card?
JQuery: re-opening Modal popup
How to tell jQuery the order to execute functions
really hard to understand suffix tree
jquery does not change the attribute although javascript does
postgresql 9.1.3: 鈥渙perator not unique鈥�issues
Cygwin: Unable to use termios
Update mysql database with subquery condition
How to skip non-object error in PHP mysqli?
Getting image sizes like Facebook link scraper
How do you use unicode characters within a regular expression in Ruby?
python 3: how to make strip() work for bytes
MVC Default Area Not working
Delicious bookmarks count not retrieving
Getting started with a database for Node
Dojo building system for jQuery or javascript?
How to get new position after transform div jquery?
Access Arrays inside Java Objects
Creating a custom hyperlink function in excel
Index (zero based) must be greater than or equal to zero and less than the size of the argument list [closed]
Sprite Targeting
Can any tree be converted to an R-tree?
PHP pull info from ajax url
MySql Query Replace NULL with Empty String in Select
Charts and Tabs ASP.NET
Windows, run shell script from Ruby?
Adding a registry key in windows with quotes needed in the data using a batch script
Converting a few python lines in pseudocde
Jquery Image Slide right to left
Newbie problems with eigen
Using Uploadify with Wordpress on Localhost - not loading
Grails ajax functionality
Java is reading old input files, not new ones
C Program - Custom Text Editor Program
Weird iconv_open behavior in Linux
Giving a pressed effect to a button without using an external image
jquery ui not working
iOS pass selector and target for class methods
Get a value from an attribute and add it as another attribute?
Make Xcode 4.3 warn about undeclared methods that exist in the current @implementation
In which OS that Java runs on is 鈥� n鈥�not a valid newline sequence?
What is the correct terminology for this type of HTML vertical tag-pairing?
Populating NSDictionary and NSArrays for Model data
Classes in case statements
Is there any difference in below 2 declarations
Does Android Emulator have a limit on Bitmap size?
Accessing a copy of of a struct. I get the error: request for member 鈥榗ount鈥�in something not a structure or union
Data structures for parsed sentence
Make Previous/Next buttons work on checkboxes on iOS
Using Numpy to generate ASCII kernel
Passing an image to a celery task
Different realloc behaviour in linux and osx
How do I introduce entropy to an encoded Base64 string?
problems with php array. Can anyone tell me where this is wrong?
Java - No enclosing instance of type Foo is accessible
URL Routing issue with Javascript (Jquery) call to MVC3 Controller/Action/ID, returning 404, should get JSon
JavaScript, regex: How to fetch mail address in mailto: links
Is it possible to verify the integrity of a Browser-Javascript session?
How to set a timeout for resque jobs
Validate uniqueness of a field within a belongs_to, has_many relationship
can't compare datetime.datetime to int ; datetime to unixtimestamp
Java: Best way to find word in alphabetic sorted text file
Apple IOS application and Delphi TidCmdTcpServer
JS font-resize not working gradually in browsers apart from IE
Django Rest Interface - unable to access authenticated user in my resource
Practicing big O and finding recurrence relations
Compare two arrays save data to matches
having to rebuild in VS 2010 after every modification
Getting a value from a multidimensional array without accessing it directly
get parent li text by jquery
Java String to Date Conversion throws Unparseable date
How do change background and font color of an Android EditText in Android during editing?
Ideal way to keep a user's Facebook information updated?
Namespace technique in JavaScript having issues in JSLint
Issue sorting datagrid
SQL Server 2008 - No result is return
Hibernate. How to properly organize relation a one-to-many with annotations?
SQL injection against quote()?
Is it possible to resolve merge conflict for only specific files after rebase
Getting the 鈥淥pen in鈥︹� overlay in iOS via SDK
Does anyone have a good tutorial in nosql with php [closed]
Mouse hover on a DIV element not working in IE9
Prevent JavaScript from breaking with a 403 HTTP response
Receive email in Ruby sinatra
Should I default the environment for someone using my library?
Installation service in installshield
mysql echo does not retreive word after a space in textbox
Messed up srand() and vector::iterator
how to prevent .plist file name from showing
SQL Server dense rank/ inner join conceptual clarification?
iOS - Make sure an in app email goes through
HttpServletRequest.getParameter() receiving 鈥� r n鈥�for each new line in textarea field
Name NSUserDefaults Automatically
Preventing Caching of CSS Files
Python string 鈥�swap positions in and out of parentheses
MySQL - Conditional COUNT with GROUP BY
Android: ask confirmation when user clicks AdMob/AdWhirl banner
JQuery: custom function for multiple selectors, some inside others - selects the outermost one only
What database do online games like Farmville use? [closed]
If add an observer for a notification in the AppDelegate, do I need to bother removing it?
Emgu CV Face Recognition: Running DetectHaarCascade on multiple files in parallel issues
SQL Grouping table structure with conditional join advice
Creating a file on an Android device
tinyMCE setContent not working with syntax highlighted code
Rotate a particle system
Rails: geokit 鈥渋ncompatible character encodings: UTF-8 and ASCII-8BIT 鈥�
Interpreting the output of PHP's DateTimeZone::getOffset function
File Deleted Using the Notepad++ 鈥淒elete From Disk鈥�Option
Difference in ASP.NET file uploading functions
Including dynamic libaries using automake and autoconf
Socket.io Detect whether reconnecting or completely disconnecting
How to facet multiple columns in Google Refine
Null Value in DataGridView
Jquery ui - Autocomplete - UTF8 charset
Sympy 鈥済lobal鈥�substitution
Convert logical to string
how to use facebook response global?
Div moves while page is loading
List of checkboxes attached to a href
Android obfuscation hide salt value
Drupal Menu permissions
Looping vs recursion with F#
Ruby Hash to array of values
Boost MSM - clearer
how to hide a vertical scroll bar when not needed
Does WPF have a set of default binding converters available?
How to Avoid Infinite Loops, Best Practices
Watir and text field inside iframe
Amortized Time Cost using Accounting Method
how do I force a page break in Rave Reports, Delphi 7?
Check Mouse Status
Media Temple php.ini saving
Change what a link looks like with .htaccess
MVC3 Ap in Visual Studio 2010- Changed to use Local IIS Web Server and can not get it back to VS dev server
VBA Join equivalent for Collections
Reposition UIButtons after zoom
How can I make names in a mercurial revision history consistent? [duplicate]
How to Store the Data, such as books? [closed]
VBA Join equivalent for Collections
Reposition UIButtons after zoom
How can I make names in a mercurial revision history consistent? [duplicate]
How to Store the Data, such as books? [closed]
how to fetch a specific B managed object from a to-many relationship from A to B, based on one of B's attributes?
loaded php code from mysql table doesn't interpret on the output page
Taking the integral image of a Color Distance result (logical error)
How do I sent an int value from one thread to another?
AJAX File Upload - Valums
Foursquare venue photos API only occasionally working with client_id/client_secret?
allocating a multi-dimensional array VSC++
Java notification on screen device change
iOS Javascript <select><option> not populating list when tapping 'next'
XML files with DTD and XSD to HTML coversion
Word Hunting Game algorithm in C++
Putting edit text input in one matrix (MATLAB)
Trapping CHLD signal - ZSH works but ksh/bash/sh don't?
How to use additional fonts under XPCE in SWI-Prolog under Microsoft Windows?
Collecting high volume DNS stats with libpcap
How session_start() function works?
Tree data structure persistence in Ruby
XCode: Call action in main view from modal view
Converting varchar mm/dd/yy to date format yyyy-mm-dd
How to generate scaffold for data type with 鈥渆xtra description鈥�in Rails 3?
How to add multiple new/create routes in Rails 3
Retrieve GPS location across multiple tabs for Map activity
Either Or Required Validation
c++ how to return object of current classes type (inheritance)
How to parse information from any website?
Setting and Getting a Private Variable in the Module Pattern
changing attribute in jquery
How to count values in a certian range in a Numpy array?
Confusion with storyboard and UITableView data source: How to display text in a cell
bash: concatenating first value of multiple variables
IF statement in SPARQL
How do I get iTunes preview listing insite my website?
mysql count geo query
Recover dangling blobs in git
requiredfield check for asp.net checkboxes in repeater?
Update only part of an Android notification with custom layout
Linux, how using tee in piped command
Tortoise-Hg (mercurial) does not find hg-git
In a big and complex ASP.NET MVC application is created a model of all other model classes?
Including another class in SCSS
OpenData Visualization?
Am not sure how to handle the default in switch?
Unzip file and upload contents to Blob Storage using Azure Web Role
Creating TextViews in Android with an array
How to filter fields through DBRef using MongoKit?
Is there any way to automatically rewrite URL's when you deploy a spring mvc project to tomcat?
QT Creator, syntax checking for c++11
How to stop Visual Studio 11 Beta async action methods from hanging
Android - AppWidgetProvider refresh content after configure activity
How can I make this method end its recursion and reach a maximum?
SQL - Order By Field in Random Numeric Order
Datatype to Store Longitude/Latitude in Mysql
Lua Date Format and Comparison
I need help setting up this JavaScript code please
android 4.0 video streaming
Images and buttons not loading every time
Passing parameters to map functions in CouchDb
How to make a String array containing file directories?
Adding nodes to XML with a form
Dynamic menus based on role users in JSP's
Pointer and Structure problems
Java: How do I achieve a pointer effect without method calls?
Boost MSM - Newbi
Disable IE shortcut keys in the WebBrowser controls
bypass application.html.erb in Rails app
A server-bound counter in PHP that would reset to zero every midnight or at least would seem so
CoffeeScript Installing with NPM and Node [duplicate]
How does this C code return an enum?
My fallback image keeps loading in my CSS
Dynamically AddHandler
Why can I not define a variable in this area of a Code Igniter controller?
How to add Logo, button image and button menu to Firefox toolbar
simply change suffix using .bat
The calling thread cannot access this object
codeigniter UTF-8 language works or doesn't work?
How can I modify this JS code to just return a datetime object?
Animated image (e.g. non-GIF) with JavaScript and CSS?
NSFetchedResultsControllerDelegate to update Table Cell after merging changes from another context
Chrome Extension: Replace context menu item action
UIImageView load from file path stored in Core Data
Can Coffeescript access SASS variables?
Ajax HTTP 401 response replaces entire page
How do I save text input into preferences with onSaveInstanceState?
Of int, char, float, and bool, which is smallest?
Signal handling - Async functions and multi threaded applications, Signal stack
WP7 change a button image in code with a url
destroy session after user is deleted but still logged in
Using the CGContext, how do I make either the font italic or bold?
Aptana Code Assist with custom Class Loader
How do I get the average time from a series of DateTime columns in SQL Server 2008?
Bicubic Interpolation for 2 dimensional noise
After server move a query doesn't work anymore
Having trouble with RavenDB Multi Map reduce
Mysql NULL field and php isset?
Retrieving queue depth using hermesJMS or shell script of WebSphere MQ
Get the text content of individual Elements from an HTMLDocument
Get the text content of individual Elements from an HTMLDocument
AcmStreamNotPossible when using Naudio library on Windows Server 2008 RC2 (on Amazon EC2)
Why isn't NSManagedObjectModel getting loaded?
Best jQuery Mobile Prototyping Tool?
Snapshot vs. Volume Size
How to create a telnet server locally?
Unit testing a python app that uses the requests library
TableViewCells deleted after leaving the page
Pointers ABC. error: invalid type argument of unary 鈥�鈥�(have 鈥榮truct config鈥�
Expected specifier-qualifier-list before 'rooms'
python3 object has no attriubute
POST file upload using URLRequest
cross-origin 'Authorization'-header with jquery.ajax()
Iphone dev - ViewDidUnload
Cannot validate the signature with X509Certificate2
Will deleting data from the MySQL database make it run faster?
Erros in trying to synchronize Eclipse workspace files across a Windows machine and an Ubuntu machine; which files must or must not be included?
What is an alternate solution if I can't overload a function?
Json dependency in passenger?
Web Crawler with JavaScript support in Perl?
How to order by in DynamoDB with the AWS SDK?
Sencha Touch toolbar alignment
Returning an object to a method [closed]
LNK2028 unresolved token when calling WinINET from C++/CLI
Doubly Linked List Search Method
How i can make a selected drop down list using jQuery on ruby on rails 2.0 ?
ipython: how to run two script
How do I Display row values in c# using access database?
How to pass a string containing double quotes to a BAT file as an argument
Can't get ant to work, trying to install Clojure
Dynamic Lambda In Html.LabelFor
html side by side tables
SCSS: using @if to include only certain selectors on compilation
font-face: Special fonts for Safari iOS
How to create parent object for subview with multiple UIImageViews in ViewController using iOS5
What does $ followed by a number (e.g. $1, $3) in Scheme do?
Microsoft Developers Network Windows 鈥淗ello World鈥�sample program not compiling
Does ECL support callbacks?
django 1.3 - Correct way to define optional parameters for a class based view
@XmlRootElement usage with spring-ws
Underlining User Input in C
MATLAB - object destructor not running when listeners are involved
Selenium 2/Webdriver JavaScript exception handling: error message is null most of the time (Java API)
Dynamic social media buttons - reducing http requests and validation errors
How do I scroll my background vertically using Cocos2d with Touches?
MessageUI iphone sdk. assigning to 'id<MFMailComposeViewControllerDelegate>' from incompatible type 'FlipsideViewController
What image is touched with finger?
jQuery mobile loading when it shouldn't, even with ajaxEnabled set to false
c++ when is baseconstructor executed?
Understanding PHP Smarty template Foreach with nested While
Write recurrence relation of function
Plugin with Omnibox suggestion - is it possible to not display search suggestion
JBoss 7 POJO Service
The classes of a Model should be in one file or in several files? Or when to use them?
qTip, draggable
C++ method works fine in a simple C++ project but not in a Smart Device Project
How add trailing slash in URl for 2 or more directories?
Android Xml - How do you write '@' character in the string?
Creating a fluid grid - percentages seem to mess up
JQuery Tools - Calling an Overlay with Text/Link - Using a rel attribute?
PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser: Accessing custom attributes
Custom, refreshing view not responding to OnClick
What is the mechanism used for having iOS devices communicate with each other?
401 Unauthorized Response In PhoneGap iOS App
http authentication cache
Tokenizer in java dealing with spaces and apostorophes
Opening text file in c#
Validation on a partial class
(C++ memory management) If we have an int x = 1234, and int &y = x鈥�then what is the address of y on the stack?
How to properly grep filenames only from ls -al
working out lower bound of algorithms
Radix Sort using C++
Compressing Encrypted SQLite FTS3 Database for iOS
POT file with tags instead of <dynamic element>
Joins / Sub queries dilemma
Emacs Org-mode - Export to another directory?
How to get piece of img src from div and compare in jquery
What is the 鈥淩ails Way鈥�to create the related row at the time the other row is created in Ruby on Rails
Using database_cleaner, mongoid and active_admin causes specs to fail with ActiveRecord::ConnectionNotEstablished
Multiple Parameters in LINQ to SQL
Display fonts in WP7
localhost - can't connect
Killing a PHP process in Mac OS X
Creating an FB Open Graph Object via iPhone SDK
Django test asynchronous database write
Using Thin Web Server with HTTP and HTTPS
Changing class attributes outside class
Extending console.log without affecting log line
expressionengine database class orderby and sort
pip finds package with search but won't install it
Changing nodes icon and clickable area in Google Maps Drawing Library (polygon)
鈥淯ncaught Syntaxerror: Unexpected Identifier鈥�with unbind
Remove bottom border in selected Tab
Draw Brush Is Not Completly Drawing When Moving Diagonaly?
Get a value from HTML
Can somebody give an active record example for pluginaweek - statemachine?
Rename method of Ruby; escaping colon
Resizing UIView with UIToolbar do not resize simultaneously
Binary Search Tree Iterative Ceiling Method in Java
Must use www for DNS entry using Amazon Route53
CreateFileA fails with ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED
Generate Class Parameters
DP algorithm for bounded Knapsack?
QDockWidget causes qt to crash
get facebook user id with javascript sdk. And using global?
My cURL request confuses some servers?
Does devise support multiple accounts with the same email? [duplicate]
Inner div aren't pushing other div, cant get clear: both; to work
Freemarker encoding - question marks in the place of accented characters
How do I break up a string to single character strings in Scheme?
Is it possible to pass a constructor that takes an argument into a set in C++?
Why is my index not automatically used?
Break down this list using list comprehension
Posting action on timeline with facebook php sdk
How to redirect MVC action without returning 301? (using MVC 4 beta)
How can I remove table rows with specific id's?
SDL Transparent Overlay
Grabbing the text within text area with php html
C# add text to text file without rewriting it?
C array of functions
Regex date time matching
No module named py2exe
C# connection issue
echo from lines of a file
Workbooks.OpenText doesn't take 'fieldinfo' parameter
It skips the second getline() function?
Bypass robots.txt in cross domain queries
Most efficient way to store reference to container object in each item stored in STL list
how to use SSH in different platforms?
How to avoid blocking web requests on a Tomcat web server?
Google Maps v3 Marker shadow z-index
Where and how is the _ (underscore) variable specified?
Appcelerator Titanium fireEvent in webview to use native iOS/Android functionality
Can't get search result while using filepath as a search field - Lucene.NET 2.9
LNK2019 unresolved external symbol
How to store and compare password in db using py-bcrypt
ATL library :warning LNK4254 and LNK4078
How to unlock xcode file to make edits from different computers?
Is there a hash function for binary data which produces closer hashes when the data is more similar?
Open file tree and get selected files with jQuery
How to use Flash Pro button in Flash Builder?
Why does Google News require that news articles contain 3 digits in their URLs? [closed]
Creating a shadow view
How to sql-recursive statements work?
鈥淎nimating鈥�background on canvas
Jquery Validation errorPlacement / submitHandler
How to make a custom UITableViewCell using Monotouch?
string.split for alternating characters in c#
Http request in sencha touch 2
Ruby: File Path using $:.unshift(File.join('DIR1', 'DIR2'))
Ruby: File Path using $:.unshift(File.join('DIR1', 'DIR2'))
javascript on error reload page
C++ Find out dynamic memory in use
Not able to execute remote stored procedure using hibernate's doWork(..) method
Where to get the CherryPy auth_digest module?
R: URL function timing out prematurely
jQuery validation - how to remove common message
C# inheritance does not seem to be working properly
Frustum position, origin and culling
How to pass object data from one method to another
Filter images android?
simple input. program crashes
Read File to Dynamic memory
binary '==' : no operator found which takes a left-hand operand of type 'std::string' (or there is no acceptable conversion)
CountdownTimer isn't working
Display a gtk.Spinner in a gtk.ToolButton
jQuery - Tell when CSS Animation hits 100%
Not rendering Chinese characters on in spring MVC
Getting WebView AbsoluteString In Second View
read my twitter account every 10 s
Running client and server on same machine
Int value pair in URLLoader results in Null value
jsf *.xhtml mapping not working, redirected to jsp
Remove null entries from the list with the minimum cost
Orbeon side by side deployment with Spring Security and root web context
NSAlert Close Alert Programmatically when using beginSheetModalForWindow:
.htaccess - multiple parameters
CodeIgniter Active-Record Search with WHERE, AND, OR
Hex value in string format to Hex numerical for sorting
how i can reset all the field values inside a Div element using Jquery in my asp.net mvc application
Play Framework: automatic validation of controller methods applied?
On the use of static const variable in multi-threaded environment
PHP get var1 + var2 in url eg .php?=1something?=3
Why the size of a char variable changes from 4 to 1 when inside and outside a struct? [duplicate]
Jetty not displaying jsp page anymore
IOS UIDatepicker - same style choosing a number
Session var not accessible in my script
My key press capturing script is not working in Firefox, why?
Grabbing revenue from website with PHP cURL
Joomla Module custom HTML WYSIWYG keeps stripping off absolute URL
program runs fine in Eclipse but not when exported to .jar file
Syncing user tables - WordPress / MySQL
Synchronising image, text, and positioning with CoreAnimation
How to set .net Framework 4.5 version in IIS 7 application pool
VS201 - Referencing forms in solutions sub-folders
How to scale mysql tables for growth
Rapha毛l and D3.JS - Better Browser Compatibility
Simple TCP communication with a computer behind a router
Incomplete results retrieving birthdays using Facebook JavaScript API
Implicit downcast from 'UnityEngine.Component[]' to 'UnityEngine.ParticleEmitter[]'
List and image in the same ScrollView
How to get article from mysql to joomla menu
Objective C fast enumeration trouble
rotating objects in opengl
Button push to specific tab bar item?
How to pass parameters on OBJECT_URL when posting a action on facebook?
SpecFlow - Repeat test X times with list?
tictactoe and copying an array
How to resize window and views when porting from iPhone to iPad?
Eclipse shows error for OpenCV cvCvtColor while using javacv
How to sort a list by existing properties
Iphone dev - Quick setter/getter q
Can we have servlets outside the servlet container on a Web server? [closed]
mysql - cut first string in row depending on condition
jquery attr selecter does not select the whole value of the attribute
Cmposition, I dont quite get this?
Div behind the div
Design Pattern for TypeOf Subclass
How to make webpage compatible with all resolutions?
Network limitations of Socket.IO? [closed]
Strange irb behaviour, listing content current directory
How to use ComboBox as Kendo UI grid column?
How do I use Jooq source generation with M2E?
flash / as2 - combobox 鈥渮-index鈥�issue with other components in the swf
detect a range with cvThreshold
Javascript time issue
Aptana Code Assist in PHP with require_once files
Determine number of rows per minute using Entity ObjectContext and with For loop iteration
Load data from file into an array [closed]
c code to find differences using tar
Selenium 2 IWebDriver missing UseXpathLibrary?
Turn off default class for xp:text and other controls?
Form Creation and Validation in Android
grails dynamic view
Stop Facebook Pulling Video - OpenGraph Meta Data
Upload picture selected using UIImagePickerController
AttachDBfilename issue with ii7 & sql express
listPicker not updating selection in full mode
Simple math results in an Emacs org-mode file with babel
Requirements for Kinect programming
Detecting 鈥渘o more moves鈥�in a puzzle game