jQuery clone() not cloning event bindings, even with on()
Variable in preg_quote fails in preg_replace_callback
How to track the change when the browser autofills a password in a form after you type the username
How to set up SQL Server Enterprise for Partitioning
SPSS Compute Variable
GDI+ problems on windows XP
how can i create a facebook like chat functionality on rails 3
-moz-transition-duration not working?
Twitter bootstrap with ASP.NET not MVC
Twitter Bootstrap 2.0.1 Togglable tabs don't execute properly
JQuery tooltip for html table
Python Date Utility Library
How to force authentication to Archiva internal repository?
iScroll back to top
Create HTML table from javascript array
Strategy for spreading image downloads across domains?
Issue with Pear Net_URL_Mapper
Jquery to replace SRC for img tag
Implementing a kernel debugging module for a Linux guest OS inside a VmWare VM
toString() and accessors
GPS app crashing
autoscroll page to top when turning from portrait to landscape
Common Lisp: convert between lists and arrays
finding Post associated with both of two Categories in Rails 3 without custom SQL
Truly RESTful service live example
XPath expression - translate to lowercase
How do I change the login URL using Tank auth?
Is there any database / or webservice or link where we can search for GS1 - 128 codes and find product information from different stores?
Invalid token when executing a query on a contentfeed in google sites when using Oath
hot to get memcached stats without nc?
Copying files based on a pattern that is determined after the configuration phase has completed
Using ASP.net MVC and jquery to populate AJAX lists using JSON instead of full partial page HTML
Monitoring web traffic and deny access based on some criteria
Dynamic selection box in openerp
Member cannot be accessed with an instance reference; qualify it with a type name instead
Why is x:key required on ControlTemplate in the ResourceDictionary
Exponentiation in Sass
Accessing attributes (attr) of a Raphael element when triggering a mouseover event
Compiler error C2275
Understanding Core Data saving
Codeigniter setting that doesn't allow get or post form submissions?
Rails: prefixing the path of scoped routes
get Length of Jagged Array in C
Possible multiple enumeration of IEnumerable? [duplicate]
In ruby, how can I remove non word characters?
retrieving exception details in local and host
Throw exception and return result from a function
Expandable Dojo Grid
C server crashes after Java client connects
Is it possible to stub native methods using MacRuby and rspec?
Fade in works but fade out does not
python regex os path
Is there a way to test a SQL Statement to see if is executable in C#?
XAML Binding Value from other Collection
call a function within jquery dialog()
Emacs creates too many buffers
What colon ( : ) means defining a class in c#?
How to setup a basic ruby project?
Javascript: parse date to certain string
Is browser prefix still required for linear-gradient?
MVC 3: ActionFilterAttribute and OnActionExecuting don't fire
fast string check looking for in-string duplicates
Why delete method gives me wrong path? with
Marquee won't scroll when using short text
Optimizing vectorized code for graph adjacency
How to highlight text in textbox in Windows Phone 7
Dynamic SQ Query for a string that I received on Textbox as a value
How to safely terminate objects running on different threads in QT
Display string with two apostrophes triggers error
Why am I getting a JSON parsing error from a jQuery Ajax operation?
Python list of lists- access to individual elements
Calling Oracle PL/SQL stored procedure from java middle tier using JDBC on Linux?
GCC Not linking correct libraries
django - how to unit test a post request using request.FILES
Performance and Tuning with ServiceStack
Google Places API error
Parsing HTML Tables to Lists in Python w/o BeautifulSoup
Multiply two polynomials without using convolution
Variable values in a text area
Changing Excel Icon doesn't work when another workbook is opened
allow from cookie htaccess
Use one file to search another file, create new file from found lines
Cannot convert lambda expression to type 'System.Delegate'
The implementation of random_device in VS2010?
How to let Ruby Mechanize get a page which lives in a string
read, write Map to editable text file - java, eclipse, android
android soon as add a button getting error
Should I return 0 or 1 for successful function? [duplicate]
Why is it giving an error, 鈥淩.layout.dialog cannot be resolved鈥�
C++ ofstream not able to write if open() is in another class method
How can I render a gridvew without ANY style attributes?
Shared memory + shmat
Symfony accessing custom propel query
using regex in .replace() method
Can I use emacs in a working environment? [closed]
android copy folders from assets to internal device app data folder
REST demo with Jersey
Azure 405 Method not allowed error鈥�
Sharing a database handle
ModX WayFinder wont display the list
How do you print out one element from a two element list, while retaining brackets and quotes?
Android App Bluetooth Logcat NullPointerException
While modelling data what is the best way to model a table that grows say 1000 times over a year for every user that is added?
Refresh Listview updating from server
No Source Code is available for type : GWT Compilation Error
No Source Code is available for type : GWT Compilation Error
Image transmission over HTTP with Java
Select the next node of the selected node in PHP DOM?
Rails: change the value of a an attribute in params
How to get auto generated hidden INPUT before submitting back
Looping through Hibernate many-to-many in JSP
Race conditions in shell command lists
How do I get the user's ip who is accesing website's url?
Xcode 4.3 crashing after Run
How to knwo when the return '0' or 'false' is an error or the same data on update?
PHP MySql - How to extract specific records of a query result?
I am getting timed out using PHP-SDK
Using MySQL LOAD DATA INFILE statement with ormlite
Response.write line of code in button click event handler is executed on page load
Splitting up a string in Java
URLConnection Character Encoding
how can I retrieve instantiated objects of particular class in java? [duplicate]
Rename a MySQL table using SQL statement
Android Speech Recognition App
Moving text from one activity to another
How reference String in SQLiteOpenHelper
How to structure SBT projects with both jars and wars?
how to right click on item from Listbox and open menu on WPF
Record and Mix Audio Real-Time in Android
Small python syntax error
Doctrine 2 - persist error - Warning: spl_object_hash() expects parameter 1 to be object, null given
Send an audio FILE and JSON string in iOS
In Windows System Programming with C++ and .NET, how do I make a System.Diagnostics::Process.Start() call and have it output in original window?
Replace Javascript code and run it
How do you properly implement (c++) thread local storage in a dynamically loaded DLL?
Protect PHP from Invalid Referrer via .HTACCESS?
Unique ID field not included in Primary Key when a Composite key is present
C++ vector initilization [duplicate]
Encode WebCam frames with H.264 on .NET
jQuery mobile & HTML5 audio
rails 3.1, Why I can't send email using ActionMailer?
Radix Sort in C++
Is there a time server that offers an API that i can grab the current eastern time from?
Stored Procedures and PHP forms
base 64 encode a form file
How to find the positions of a digit in a String
Why is symfony2 not copying my bundle over?
Resharper says OnPropertyChange set member can be private while not true
Attaching the debugger to a process when it starts up
how to update/refresh Progress View from a long-running non-UI Job in eclipse rcp
How do I signal to a web server that I'm posting gzipped data?
javascript variable to php variable
Can't seem to use a variable to redefine itself [closed]
Django - sort a formset before processing it?
Multiple service start and stping
Using BitmapDat for Sprite
ethe App. crashs after adding google maps tag in the xml file
Publishing an IIS web application to a website root?
SquishIt Access to the path denied exception when deployed to hosting
Login using AES returns NULL / Zero Records mysql/php
TabHost & dialog
How to set color as Window's highlight color?
Get HTTP Response code using Zend and Curl
Java Perlin Noise Implementation Problems
Placement of div-tags for layout [closed]
Using JSP with Buttons
Generate a double click mouse event in Java Swing
Access XAML controls from C# code-behind
is it possible to maintain chainability in a jQuery plugin and also return true or false
Turning recursive node traversal into iterative node traversal
TransientObjectException: object references an unsaved transient instance - save the transient instance before flushing
Instance variable initialization in Ruby
Less css framework in production
Checking input fields on page load?
Understanding state-machine for detecting C-style comments
Jquery - Show a div after animation completed
Why is this function so slow? [closed]
Using Python's Format Specification Mini-Language to align floats
Openlaszlo in Eclipse
how to safely submit on change SQL Server [closed]
size of char type in C [duplicate]
What's the best way to serialize a scala case class that has elements that aren't serializable?
request for member ' ' in something not a structure or union error hashTable separate chaining
Asp.net mvc site project works on local machine, but some parts do not work after publishing
sorl-thumnail resizing and saving
Importing data from different SQL Server to another when trigger fires
How to have the ability of invoking methods by http?
Updating an object in child class, doesn't update the object inside List<T> in the base class
Ruby bug appears only when using print statements inside a block for array.each
How $_POST works [closed]
Render template from twig extension
Component Model vs Strategy Pattern in Game Design
What am I missing in this SQL?
Pure JS Ajax to jQuery Ajax
Can I require_once a parent before session_start() to be able to include a child object in $_SESSION?
Vim for python and R scripting (in Screen or not)
gae Runtime MCycles
How to record current css environment?
'private static final' member of Android unit test class changes value to null
How to insert a new row into NSMutableArray?
Make use of variable from while read loop
Format String vulnerability
how to reduce the time complexity from O(n) to O(1) for these custom object lists?
How do you declare a class inline?
tomcat urls and robots.txt
tomcat urls and robots.txt
The source code isn't shown in debugger window in Xcode
Alternatives to getting url of iframe
Add/remove item to array in Amazon DynamoDB
Set the Margin property in C++/CX in a Windows 8 XAML project
Confirm user before create
How to determine the type of class instance
How to return a specific field from a SQL database within an Visual Studio (.net) developed program
Notice: Undefined index: HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR Error in Function
how to use javascript to automatically save the images on the website with Chrome extension
MIPS - JAL confusion: $ra = PC+4 or PC+8?
Javascript, HTML and CSS Grid
Why does postAtTime not trigger at the right time when screen is turned off
Program design in Haskell: how to do simulation without mutability
Presenting a specific view controller from AppDelegate
How can you tell if an Asset URL actually points to an existing asset?
jquery plugin that scrolls a div from one side of the window to the other
Java - sending message from one PC to another via UDP connection
Best way to communicate between 2 processes in UNIX: One running a ruby server and other C++ client
How can I set a maximum number of rows in SQL Server table?
how to set different background colors to items in listview in android
I'm trying to use a LaTex string for an axis label in MATLAB and get a number for no apparent reason
Run program immediately after booting in android?
Sprite image rendering incorrectly on android tablet
can c++filt be used to write the demangled name back in the .s file itself?
htaccess is not working in two almost identical cases
Why is my <select> value not being posted in email
Get element by id from existing jQuery object
Ninject / IoC proper initialization of StandardKernel
Read timeout using either urllib2 or any other http library
BroadcastReceiver not firing
C++ - how does the ,, operator work?
Calling a number on the iPhone
Form Validation: Select
Configure SSL binding for RESTful WCF. How?
Singletons objective C
How do you increment a knockout.js observable?
Rails: Connecting Model to another Model
Dynamic policy and signature creation for browser uploads to Amazon S3
animating a drawline in Android
How to create a popup on domain-1 with contents from domain-2 using jquery/iframe/or any other thing
linux cmd to remove all files NOT ending with certain formats
Elements Disappear on DIV Refresh
printing out dictionary values after filtering through it
ArayList as dataProvider for a List: The index 0 is out of range 0
How to share code between clients (browser, iPhone, Android)
Setting a range to have a Macro run on all populated rows in a worksheet
Programming in Haskell via Opengl and GLUT
Save content of HTML in local storage
passing data to a mvvm usercontrol
how to set TabIndex for jquery combobox?
SSLHandshakeException: no cipher suites in common
How to generate an ID for JSP input
C# skip rest of if statement if inner if is true
Multiple template in codeigniter
How to change Google's display of a website name
Methods that start and end with ___
mysql_num_rows giving error 鈥渕ysql_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be resource鈥�
Problems with saving Signal Strength of current cell in android
Is there a way to subclass UIToolbar?
Can a .NET console app terminate due to uncaught exception even if debugger is set to catch user uncaught exceptions?
Java Generics: Accessing Generic Type at runtime
In a JSP file , how to call a Scriptlet code within a javascript
Error starting app on heroku
saving long text to php web service from iphone
iOS Development: Why doesn't the Phone Keyboard display when I specify UIKeyboardTypePhonePad?
How do I make an instance of an object accessible to multiple swing forms? Java
fixed point fx notation and converting
Header file for view controller not created with MonoTouch
how can I find and delete overlapped slices of an image from a list?
Is Wordpress/PHP For Real when it comes to web-apps? [closed]
Powerpoint PPT to JPG or PNG Image conversion using PHP
Responsive web pattern on the server side
Download Data from Server in android 2.1
Why can't the .NET XML parser take special characters in strings?
existing Spring MVC project into RAD + WAS
Bind multiple images to gridview column based on ID
Undefined symbols, though they are defined in our .cpp file
ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE refuses to update
Why does combining my SQL queries into one not work? [duplicate]
How to authenticate a site with Python using urllib2?
鈥淟ock Screen鈥�with custom security password
CSS transition event not fired in jQuery when there is no property change
loading different function files in wordpress
Achartengine XYChart.toScreenPoint always returns NULLPointerException
List files in the path
Loading data using AJAX
Handling two different functions with the same name in Doxygen
Symfony2 Security Encoders not recognising UserInterface instance
How do I get rid 'avformat.h' no such file or directory error while installing Video-ffmpeg?
Can LESS be used with visualforce pages reliably?
Cache Manifest working flawlessly in Chrome, Safari, but NOT mobile Safari
Mustache render() over an array not working
query inside of query
ANTLRWorks debugging error
Should I precise &block when I call yield in Ruby?
how to create wordpress like list page of my own plugin table
SELECT from table with three foregin keys to one table [closed]
number divisible by 17?
Managing a Linux network
How to dispatch an event back to the main UI thread when using an OpenTK GameWindow?
What technology and framework for dynamic web application with interactive plots
List of Users in a Role
Read gzipped csv directly from a url in R
Backbone.js Split Collection into chunks
PHP string equals check fails
Symfony2 Form DateTime return Error
Custom drop-down panel with jQuery
Testing inline callback function with JsTestDriver and Mockjax
JavaBridge PHP-Java How to call a java class from a php file
Keyboard opacity
Newbie: Why the Color of the Background Pattern .png image is not changing?
Calling a macro inside another macro in Twig
Trouble Figuring Out Join Association
How do I add pre-hook and post-hook scripts that run before all of my cron jobs?
Having problems with integrated Fancybox plugin in eleganttheme's theme in wordpress
What is wrong with my Heapsort?
Convert varchar to int
Wordpress eclass [closed]
Entity Framework Memory Usage with a shared model
How to make custom Intellisense for a word in a richtextbox for vb.net
Foreign default vs. local default
Java unreliable RSA encryption/decryption of strings
SELECT date('now') does not work in Python + SQLite
CSS @import statement
If user logged in or not in CodeIgniter
Adding dictionary object to NSMutableString
Creating a variable that will eventually hold a piece of data to be used by all methods
How to get text of uitextfields in table view.?
Importing Text File into MS Excel or SQL Server CE database
XML Schema: validate elements according to schema, yet allow any custom elements
how to setup connection between PC and android devices through wifi
Slider control in .NET 4.0
virtual functions trouble
Wordpress custom permalink for custom post type
how do i find node and its child nodes using selenium with python
Is it possible to SELECT just an attribute's value from XML or RSS using YQL?
Emacs dirtree resize partition
how to protect Webservice against Denial of Service attack?
How to access a json attribute which id is not know in advance?
Equate 2 objects - differently each time?
How can I test whether two regular expressions are matching against the same set of existing files?
where to put a jQuery function inside an HTML document?
C++ function pointer; no matching function
Get svn log from repostory, not working copy
How can I hide a hard coded username and password from a savvy user with a decompiler?
Regex works in 'RegExr' but not with preg_replace?
CarrierWave and Fog, S3 bucket and store_dir configuration
Python re.findall regex problems
NHibernate HQL with isnull() in where does not work
Is there an effective way to do page caching if I have multiple layouts based on device?
Java Windows 8 Full Screen?
Solr Json different results in different pc
Test of IPv6 and IPv4 using D-ITG
Is this enough to protect me from XSS? [duplicate]
Multiple glPrimitiveRestartIndex calls
Restarting countdown clock
How do I display a 鈥減lease wait鈥�message during a long operation in ASP.NET?
Need some help getting these videos to resize correctly
Load javascript within JFrame or JPanel
How to log the user in the correct way in WordPress?
How to use notifications.get
No ConnectionProviderFactory in Hibernate 4
Routing Error with Rails Admin and Heroku
iCloud storage broken after change of core data model
Show/Hide UIToolbar on single tap
netsession_mac using a lot of CPU. What is it? [closed]
Target buttons in an iframe?
Why can ASP.NET Dynamic controls keep the ViewState even when added in Page_Load?
Adding Image URL after displaying the Image in Wordpress
How many loop devices can I create (and mount) on a modern Linux (2.6.30+ kernel) system?
Android - on touch listener fired twice
Concurrently invoking Java method of singleton object
Select a Checkbox using jQuery
Google Maps create route
Cannot implicitly convert type 'System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<dynamic>' to 'int'
Last read line in file prints out as null
Won't load CSS WordPress Site
Accessing from Internet to a svn installed in a machine of a Wireless LAN
Access denied when writing to appdata from asp.net (full control given)
cannot print the Json-RPC Response
css jquery ui slider customize
Convert java.util.List to ResultSet?
Creating a user specific Gallery area PHP?
Is there a pattern for describing which object controls another's lifetime?
How to Create an XML Document in Silverlight
If condition isn't met?
PHP + MySql + Stored procedure + cursor: don't got any row in result
How to replace a string on sed
Columns in Mysql that perform math
Zend Router Regex not routing as expected
(android) How I understand touch the advertisement in code?
java.lang.NullPointerException error, I can't create a CDT project
optimize for ARMv5 a function which reads 1..4 byte long little endian integer
Meta-programming ruby for
Zoom bar disfigured in Google-Maps-for-Rails (gmaps4rails)
What format does the highcharts js library accept for dates?
Javascript: How to pass a single element from the array to a function
My client will connect to the server, but thats it
How to load FileInputStream in a septate class
Eager loading of sub-class collections in HQL
Face Animation Synchronised with the speech
Is there a way to input a file to a 2D array, line by line, by calling a function (not in main) through pointers or something similar?
how to open a page and force an iframe load?
HTML/JS - Let user paste image URL as background
Add South Migrations to a 3rd party Django Application
How do I allow a blank option in a form when the model doesn't allow it (in django)
How many pixels is 1em in IE8?
Is there a hook before vim open a filename?
javascript replace() function selecting symbols from string
Can I deploy my ASP.NET MVC 4 application in .net 4
Searching an SQL database for rooms within a given capacity
how to put admob (or any other layer) above an swf flash file in webview?
Can the current method know from what method has been called? [duplicate]
network.request and non-english characters
What should be returned if not null when value cannot be found
python re.sub(): difficulty with special characters (maybe?)
Cleanly creating an object graph of domain objects using SimpleJdbcTemplate
SerialPort Performance
EXTJS4 - Ext.data.store POST data in JSON format issue
The different with methods
Downloading an XML/RDF file from a URL using Java
Having much trouble inserting PHP-based reCaptcha into a jQuery-based Shoutbox
PHP IRC bot connect?
TCP server: hand over socket connection
Can i use regular expression in an Xpath expression
fulltext search not returning total count
how to get stdout and sterr in Runtime.exec in real-time?
Label correctly associated with radio button only the first time the jQuery UI dialog is loaded
a confuse about jquery live() method parameter
Website javascript not running on iphone (safari)
How to show a file updated constantly on the browser?
IStructuralEquatable vs Equals?
Changing the properties of the active control automatically
Custom shape in Java
How can i download this pic? [closed]
How to fill in checkbox in Backbone-form
Singular-named routes in Ruby on Rails
background-image:url not showing up image for background using css
Sent data from android repeats in MySql: Simple Http Post
when session_start or session_onstart is called in asp.net
Error 'cannot be initialized in a query result' when trying to get data with Linq
ImportError: No module named Scientific_numerics_package_id
UIView Animation trouble - advice please?
Add image from one canvas context to another canvas context
AsyncTask reloading after changing Activity
Rails: Rendering with Pagination Issues of a Comment Model
Why my dotnetOpenAuth fails using log4net?
Mongoose use of .select() method
Rails: Rendering with Pagination Issues of a Comment Model
Why my dotnetOpenAuth fails using log4net?
Mongoose use of .select() method
RegEx pattern to extract URLs
How to use CFMutableDictionaryRef with ARC
Use existing database - Android Development [duplicate]
Google Chrome Extension (v.17)
Scan Documents in Silverlight In-Browser application [closed]
How to deal with routes that don't respond to GET in Rails?
Post form data to a new page and show that page with the posted data
Is this the best way to implement AsyncTask? Or are there better ways?
Getting TextArea Using JQuery
Color cells in a column in a JTable
beginner django: next button acts as Submit
Popover/Tooltip with buttons like in iOS autocorrect
Styling an XML file with an XSLT styesheet
Correct usage of offsetof macro
django list all objects with user specific info for loop error
Scrapy doesn't seem to be doing DFO
Error querying database
Why can't I create my table? Why is this FK constraint malformed?
System tests framework in Java
Drupal 7 load profile2 programmatically
French character in JavaScript
Which scan to use to read floats from a string?
Exact Layout of the method table in CLR (version 4.0)
Add attribute to tag with XSLT
iOS local notification was fired on wrong date time
Fancybox title / caption
does mysql offer append content to the value of a column
Android, connecting to MySQL using PHP
which is faster? Statement or PreparedStatement
C++ template: retain non-type value info without store in the constructor
Xbox XNA Navigational logic for UI
Airport Extreme open port 47610
php include_once not working in cacti on archlinux box
nodejs - How to add image data from file into canvas
How can I make my program return to the beginning in Python?
strange behavior post-commit hook
JTable - Make table header invisible [closed]
UPDATE table1 where table2 values multiple variables
javascript if statement (I'm new at this, need help)
HTML 5 / Site config causing FB block
java time (Wed Feb 29 20:56:47 +0000 2012) to epoch
How do I query an composed Object in JPA?
Unknown Android Device - linux mint
How to move object's hitbox/content size with Cocos2d
Create a CheckBox in Titanium
Iterating through dimensions in MATLAB
need android listview to display drawable png image from text name stored in sqlite database
What's the convention for prefixing categories with magic words?
Setting Bundle not outputting correct value
User Agent string for IPhone 4S
Skipping painful migration with Core Data and move to the new data model
Making simple paint in html 5 canvas
Getting Magento Version Using SOAP API V2 and C#
PreferenceActivity getting close the second time i start the app
Length of INT in C++
drush site sync with aliases
SQL to HQL for 'group by' with a nested join
numpy sub-gridding an cartesian product
SVG nine-slice scaling
Dependency Injection With Annotations
iphone to ipad conversion: some storyboard options missing
JVM INSTR monitorenter and JVM INSTR monitorexit
How can i open up a simple page from my panorama app?
Parsing and altering xml file with custom tool or script
Adding an overlay using jquery-ui-map
Best way to parse a result coming into iPhone application
Why is dumping MySQL database programmatically different from dumping via command line?
AFNetworking + AFJSONRequestOperation + Rails
Is calling a function (or virtual function) a costly operation in C++
rails to_param for specific route
Is there a faster to determine which object is nil in a serial dots?
Why does my dv1394src to ogg file pipeline stall?
Printf is not working in C signal handler
Size limit when importing XML using window.XMLHttpRequest
php mysql select with array in to array
Declared variable not showing up in Locals of Debugger
C++ vector of vectors declaration
Javascript error tracing
小ontrol the width of the dividing strip in ExtJs
Bind a Listbox from 2 tables
I can came back to first navigation control page with a button?
Emacs calendar: show more than 3 months?
UIButton disappears when my application returns from running in the background
Ruby spreadsheet gem moving worksheets
freebase search api
鈥淭he operation couldn鈥檛 be completed. (Cocoa error 512.)鈥�
Sonar trigger a new analysis?
what is wrong with the following recursive directory search and file open?
Python: send message to process from inside class
Packing/unpacking multiple ints from Processing to Arduino via Serial library
wsimport don't generate client classes with geotoolkit
How can I write <a> tag in standard html?
Is there a way to get user input without pressing the enter key?
Deletion of more than one node link list at a time.
ndk-gdb: 鈥淣o symbol table is loaded鈥�
How to parse file with system characters? [closed]
Linux desktop as USB Display
String#method vs String#method() in ruby
ltrying to list openembedded branches through git
Are php DateInterval comparable like DateTime?
Undefined in associative array lookup
Why does the MultiBinding not work for CornerRadius
jQuery Star Rating - Hover Multiple Rows
Do I need to close an InputStream in Java?
Get the attributes of a class
create vertical gradient in android
Device GPS acting strange - unpredictable results
Jquery show hide specific amount of ul li
Download last 30 seconds of an mp3
Setting up MVC3 as an application under classic asp virtual folder - IIS7
Hot Keys missaligned in Swing
slow streaming speed on flash build video player
cross domain requests with GWT
How get data with jQuery.parseJSON
Merge ViewModel
rails cannot save submitted result in DB
NSMutableOrderedSet causes app crash
iOS file formats registration so the Quick Look preview is skipped
Mixing of GROUP columns (MIN(),MAX(),COUNT(),鈥� with no GROUP columns is illegal if there is no GROUP BY clause
C Hook/Callback System
Wordpress - Subdirectory - htaccess
Umbraco v5 how to get media file URL in razor view
What am I doing wrong here - print out XML guid value
stack with with array passing from function in C
C# how to speed this up?
How to use Phalanger to obfuscate php code on CodeIgniter?
Using rawQuery to pass _id from listview and populate details of the selection in new activity (Android)
Generate user friendly id's in MongoDb
Java generics: matching the type of a parameter
Grails - Two properties of same type and one does not persist to the database, no errors
Combobox with Checkboxes
Number of access points for wifi fingerprinting
calculate array based on 100 max
How to use MySQL query to Twilio SMS phone based on results
POST Data is not sent
Django - dynamic number of fields on a form
Voice recognition crashes the app after recording
node.js asychronous issue?
In this case can I use @ to avoid useless isset()?
C & Mac: trouble finding a header using pkg-config
Running MySQL with user=root
how to Compile OpenCV in Linux 11.04
Garbage collection in Haskell & parallel computations
Maven: skip test but still fails on surefire
Unittest and doctest, how to make my files callable?
Widget doesn't launch service when being clicked
execute multiple inserts with PreparedStatement - Java
Unittest and doctest, how to make my files callable?
Widget doesn't launch service when being clicked
execute multiple inserts with PreparedStatement - Java
Why is this PHP code not working for date 2012,02,26?
How to navigate to to different directories in the terminal (mac)?
handle selected event in twitter bootstrap Typeahead?
How to correct 鈥渟witch鈥�in calculator (NoSuchElementException)?
UIView: How to animate CALayer frame with shadow?
How to highlight the results of a text in a gridview? [duplicate]
java.lang.NullPointerException - Java server and C client
How to develop simple application to read NCF tags using eclipse?
Can I set the width of a textbox to be based on $(window).width() in jQuery?
django haystack: which search engine would be better
Images Not Showing Up in HTML5 Canvas
Mysql partition error?
FluentValidation not honoring my CSS class addition
Separating background-color and opacity?
Lucene: How to rank documents according to the position in document
Using a disabled button
how to dynamically add a control with validation
Different size of Drawable when loaded as background from /drawable-hdpi instead of /drawable
Activating Remote Desktop Connection on Windows 7 Ultimate Without Sharing Password
Find recurrence relation equation to the following algorithm
Windows service installation as an ordinary user
show data from mySQL result array returned by a function
No destination specified for message, but my NServiceBus configuration appears to setup correctly
PHP file upload Status
How to make PostgreSQL insert a row into a table when deleted from another table?
android 2.3.4 -Date not appearing in status bar
Editing XML files in R
How do I use other build systems with rubygems?
What exactly is _auth_user_id (in connection with django-auth-ldap)?
Drupal: Redirecting/Changing the front page from a module
iOs Add My Current Screen to email
how to use nokogiri to dump the schema elements form a xml file?
changing date in a log
given latitude and longitude points, find edge points and polygon area
ClassFormatError when invoking defineClass with bytes read using JarInputStream read method
ASP.net 4 Application Cache issue on 500 Internal Server Error
LESS Browser Compiler Not working on Second Dev Machine
align text in uiTextField XX pixels to the right (xcode)
jQuery UI Draggable not working on ios devices
Nginx trouble loading css/images
UIGestureRecognizer states. Why there's no state like 鈥渋dle鈥�
JQuery: change values inside an array of tags
Reference to- or reference of an object?
table value function using entity framework鈥�
CakePHP Performance with multiple foreign keys
codeigniter routing rules- what am I doing wrong?
how can i make this kind of animation in .cs code file?
Prestashop: how to replace Fancybox with Colorbox?
How do I pass a char(*)([long unsigned int]) as a parameter in C?
Hibernate error
Java + Jersey server start error
What is the easiest way of iterating through 2 similar directory structures?
Automatically assign view model to every action in a controller
Secure user identification in Android app without sign up or login
LWP::UserAgent 6.04, POST and new behavior in n as a part of the content
How do I introspect the class of a variable in APEX?
Tomcat apache-tomcat-7.0.16 permgen space out of memory error not able to increase pergen space
how to increase only top-height of crop image? [closed]
Globalization for asp.net MVC website
onclick to update a html table
MATLAB: SQL-style join operation
ANTLR syntactic predicates for JAVACC
Jinja: How does the null-master fallback example work?
Assembly for DBDataContext, I am so new
Mark some permissions as required / obligatory
Setting a custom working directory for a process started with exec
SFML and running from Code::Blocks
Loading QRMlib in R
make a histogram on android
creating a data.frame where a column is a list
Cheapest path on a checkerboard from A to B. Turning and moving cost differently
Responsive email layout
can user execute javascript on ie for remote site
JavaScript complex URL regex
Dynamically add dropshadow effect to Silverlight border?
Can I create a working set with the files open in the current editor?
subprocess a bash command with *
Can my HTML5 Canvas code be converted to SVG?
Substitution method
Messenger.SendToTargetOrType and messageType key
API for Scrollable Calendar like reminder app on iPhone
what is the use of SA_ONSTACK in sigaction?
Swap Some Rows into Columns in SQL Server 2008
Why isn't this simple jQuery working?
echoing data from json
Broadcast Receiver forse close my application
Yii: how to perform db migration on test database?
Adding fading 鈥渢ooltips鈥�to website
Page Source view of XSLT styled XML file different in IE from that in FF and Safari. Encoding Different
How to create tab-able content in WPF/C#?
Getting new functionality in Google App Engine with Django
Bean method not getting invoked when changed to java.sql.Date
jQuery getting children of children
Change input marker
How do I define Sheep in Haskell?
How to call multi-parameter Excel-ActiveX function
RedGate Programmatically Link DB to SVN
RedGate Programmatically Link DB to SVN
Echo boolean field as yes/no or other values
How to Repaint Window when I Change Coordinates of Shape?
Provision to convert mp3 to wav file in python and tutorial for audio processing using python [pymedia]
simple MySQL binary data inserting
Timezone setting in Jquery UI datepicker
TestFlight SDK troubles [closed]
Update every row in a table with PHP in mySQL database
How does browser treat html page with no html markup?
What does, 'AL lib: pulseaudio.c:612: Context did not connect: Access denied' mean?
How to print from a selection of checked
Facebook JavaScript SDK help 1002
How to send lots of request to a server? [closed]
Detecting screen-shot taking in Windows [duplicate]
Posting multiple values with Curl to Sinatra
Why is usage of the typeid keyword bad design?
how to increase the page loading speed of particular page
Speeding up Chromium build
Managing delegates with GCD on iOS 5, how to do it?
Passing flags to command via variables in bash
Activity Life Cycle
How to compare two Dictionaries in C#
Loop through the RectangleShape control
getimagedata with original image alpha?
UPDATED: Getting the index of a child div using jQuery
Views.player album cover
Most basic distributed Java - what method of communication should I use?
Reset String that a Scanner object reads
Software transactional memory with a big, shared piece of data
How to use xCode core data localization strings
Directory not getting created
Dynamically allocating variables in C
PHP Drop Down Menu To Retrieve Results
adb in console not working but eclipse DDMS works fine
php_mssql.dll file not in Wamp2.2d
How to call onClick(View v) method explicitly in an Android? Is it possible?
Adding data to related table with SQLAlchemy
Depth first search - 2D Game map
How to remove margin space around body or clear default css styles
Android App button click event issue when using zoom functionality
jQgrid Drop Down Menu Not Populating Data in Form Edit
How to return variable from a function
Unable to start the timer in a service in android
Android : how to get result back from service in the launching activity
Use Ruby Mechanize to simulate file uploading by Flash
I can't seem to post my form values back to the server
Javascript: XMLHttpRequst: How to make it work
java.lang.IllegalStateException:getWritableDatabase called recursively
Core Plot 1.0: Barchart is starting with the wrong bar (depending on Barplot.Offset)
Removing 2nd span within a div using jQuery
Symfony2 render form collection as ul
Dexterity custom add forms trouble
Porting my existing java project on Netbeans to another machine and then running it gives a UnsupportedClassVersionError
Initializing Corba notification service in java successfully but cannot get any events in linux but it's done in windows
Gracefully exiting a main thread with pthreads
iPhone app not starting on simulator, no errors
Find viewById() in on ClickListener
Can I provide a Type as an input to a Type provider in F#?
cannot bind list object when enctype=multipart/form-data
django: problems with sorl-thumbnail
andengine: call in updatethread freezes ui thread/animations
BIRT Designer - How do I add/generate a Table of contents (TOC)?
Htaccess error with capturing get variables AND trailing slash
How to chain operations in go using big package?
How to make a function to do preg_replace on an array?
Android KeyboardView not resizing on rotate
JNA Equivalent for C Code
Android Sound Verification
Determine if geolocation is substring of search string
Python datastructures into js datastructures using Django templates (lists and dicts)
LVL Returns unlicensed on phone startup
Testing a node.js server in jasmine without calling listen
In Gradle, how do I declare common dependencies in a single place?
Something wrong with Html5 drop and drag effect
How to measure time of a statement in scala console?
The name 'Database' does not exist in the current context?
Autoloading in Codeigniter Custom Libraries
How to install sass (css framework) to mac version 10.6.8
div:hover works oddly in IE-8
c# - Process cannot access file because it is used by another process
How to make payment done within the App viz Inapp
Secure data like music , pictures and videos downloaded from webservice from end user access
swfobject width
getting a HttpServletRequest response address
Best way to locate this element in selenium?
Java wrapped images?
How can I maintain shared state in a Windows Forms app in a way like Session in ASP.NET?
UIView rotated by 45掳 disappears?
How to highlight the results of a text in a gridview? [duplicate]
What is the status of the request.referer method?
Check image type if renamed from .png to .jpg
grep find character without character afterwards
OpenCV captures only a fraction of the frames from a video file
How to maintain stable and development version of a website?
boost implicit graph and astar_search_no_init
Dynamic div from bottom of page - Javascript
How do machines interpret binary?
Detecting the element under object being dragged
Height of the block after deleting a product
GeoDjango distance filter with distance value stored within model - query
Class diagram for a simple application
Javascript. put script in div using getElementById
Splitting a list of integers into a list of positive integers and a list of negative integers
Aggregate static libraries
How to select particular divs using jQuery selectors?
Should I pass info using intent or use a static variables
Where is the 鈥淐reate Unit Tests鈥�selection?
Open A Contact Activity of Android with some fields which are already inserted
how to CSS select all th cells, except the last one on IE7/8?
Fixing a Median of Medians method I self translated from an algorithm [closed]
MonoDevelop ARMv6 on Raspberry Pi
Group By Quarter and Month in SQL Server 2008
JQuery not being executed
Rights management for user generated files
iOS 5 simulator
What is a template engine? [duplicate]
Rejected iPhone application by Apple developers due to 鈥渄o not back up鈥�reason. What do I do now?
java find objects with unique attribute in a list
Netbeans + maven + aspectj compile time weaving
Rails Scope Not Working When Regular where() Query Does
How to make a Google Map (Using Javascript API v3) including geolocation and a KML layer? I can only get one or the other
How to catch the lookup of non-existent nested variables on a Python class?
Python: call the same function with the same arguments several times, or save the result as an intermediate value?
how can I hide an element inside iFrame using Jquery or CSS
ORDER BY not working in mysql query
JavaScript Get Window Plus Scroll Size
Av foundation capturing image location
CSS: Changing style based on screen width
Include HTML markup as plain text in a webpage
Show excel like data in c#
addView() to inflateLayout
php functions and ($user = null) {
Android 2.2 exception handling, catch argument null
How to fix the size of a ggplot in R?
IE9 strange position fixed issue
Compare two versions of a stored procedure
How to add a factory method to an existing Java class in Scala
URL Redirect to sub domain
Detecting popup window with ICS HttpCli or Indy components
Specify a folder in MediaStore managedQuery
LazyLoading with spring and hibernate
request generation in vb.net soap client
How to make the .svc.cs or .svc.vb file visible in Solution Explorrer for a WCF project?
database javascript
Want to request authorization to gmail with dotnetOpenAuth
Auto open a namespace in F#
JavaScript Object - Remap Properties (by Key)
android linkfy for part of textview
How to get the old data from tables save them into a textbox + add the new value in the textbox?
Segfault on fscanf
VisualStudio 2010 - step through shader code?
stop HTML/Javascript and SQL injection on website
find overlapping times in an array of hashes
C++: Union containing class instances calls wrong virtual function
String hashing function that would produce identical results in JavaScript and PHP
What is this concept called?
SQL Server Express with attached file while using EF
Convert XML to EXCEL using VSTO in C#
Push a detailview from a TTTableviewController programmatically
Get all images and css using Web Request (Network - Google Chrome)
How to build an alarm clock/reminder function in LWUIT?
Text length in Objective-C
ImageField not getting deleted when save button is pressed : Django-admin
JavaScript workaround for not supported HTML5 elements and attributes
What would be a proper way of integration testing JavaScript interacting with local storage?
how do you stop a variable from being Serialized?
how can i populate the value of dropdownbox while selecting the value of another website in php
Store unsigned long long using Core Data
ARB_shader_image_load_store - what version of OpenGL and what hardware is required?
javascript - different behaviour on page refresh
tableView crashes when adding the first item (and also when deleting last item)
access website within android code and retrieve a generated image
JTable won't display Unicode correctly when the application is executed from the command line or a jar file. It works fine in eclipse, though
eclipse actions controlled by a program?
Does the sqlceclientsyncprovider provider lock the .sdf file during synchronisation on a mobile device?
Menu running into 2 lines in INternet Explorer
What kind of Ruby on Rails model association for a 鈥渟imple鈥�lookup?
Setting up zxing 2.0 barcode scanner in android app
How to determine named group if regexis input by user
Cancan permission
Standard Stream Printing Unrelated Characters
How to alternate style (background color ) for div different divs?
rake assets:precompile is slooooow. Any way to speed it up?
replace first line of files by another made by changing path from unix to windows
Ajax call opening too many connections?
How to store the aspx page in a session ?
Strange behavior in simple arithmetic [duplicate]
Sort list of tuples considering locale (swedish ordering)
Edit php.ini in a shared server that prevent this change
How to run unix utility with NSTask and input data?
JavaCard 3 in real world?
Add 3rd party libraries to necessitas Qt project?
Right shift operator in C?
How to left-align CCMenuItems?
Do page refreshes defeat the the use of NodeJS/Socket.IO and cause too much drain on a server in creating new connections?
When should a person use native queries with JPA 2.0 instead of JPQL or CriteriaBuilder?
Spine.js and @navigate() content it not loaded properly
Setdate onSelect Datepicker
How to manage a local database in isolated storage?
Memcpy unexpected behavior
Open an application on device connection
Perl with mysql, terribly slow, how to accelerate
How can i serialize a picture with Json-serializer?
print search term with line count
firetablechanged whenever a setter method is invoked
Adding scopes to OAuth 1.0 authorization request with DotNetOpenAuth
Linux library code injection & calls to identically named functions in SOs
Anyway of knowing if a tab app is loading in the new timeline?
How can I highlight a word within gridview
Get value after changing input value with jQuery?---SOLVED
Importing Wavefront .obj
Rapid form submission
How do I flush NSLog's buffer?
Ruby test for line-by-line comparison
How to process data from Servlet independently?
Reference C# Windows Service into an ASP.NET web application, is it possible?
How to tell if a string is empty other than <br /> tags?
How to check if a string already exists and if it does add +1 at the end?
Integrating PDO with an existing MYSQL/PHP App
Canvas switching in J2ME
What is band number for SIGPOLL?
C# - try and catch statement uses
How to automate Microsoft Excel 2010 from Visual Basic .NET 2010
How to design 3D logos like this? [closed]
submit multiple forms with single submit button in javascript
How to get an Extract of a DOM
The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel
Update Monotouch App from AWS - Need directions
What is the difference between a Model field type and a similar validator in Django?
Automatically binding a model property if it is present
using function after something has been POSTed
Folder with Get value
range of primitive datatypes in C? [closed]
Session variable does not change its value
Unable to add a dynamic attribute to a Spring form:input tag
Large Data Structure in Clojure STM for Banking Transactions LOOP
Combine Two queries into one
Using Eclipse to test intents in android
Dynamic div in Javascript
Notification system , library , framework for peer to peer app
Threading issue - UI updates before the webservice has finished
Declare as NSString but Xcode treat as NSdata & received incompatible passing
How do Node.js SQL Server extensions compare in connection pooling?
Hiding App.config in Resources
scripts doesn't executed after partial rendering in mvc, why?
sql errors in a zencart
change pivot in my quickSort algorithm java
Visual Studio 11 Beta Prof. - Insufficient space on drive C
UTF-8 in MySQL: Both precise string comparison and caseless fulltext search possible?
SEO URL based on category name without have a category id in URL
Getting NullPointerException when binding to a service from an activity
Corona SDK : Director Class and Grouping objects
parallel K nearest neighbor using openmp and segmentation fault
How to use Cron and Codeigniter/PHP to query a MySQL database?
How to get the file right click menu in windows explorer in Java
Why can I not use a filter for my immutable Map?
Captivate Accessibility: Headings, Bullets, Formatting
Javascript -remove and then readd iframe element
MySQL/PHP: Adding, updating and retrieving data using Ajax but all 3 share the same php file? Is it possible?
change tweet widget <div>'s to <li>'s
mysql_real_escape_string escaping single quote into MYSQL entry
NoClassDefFoundError: JspSourceDependent on App Engine
How to use pHash into .NET [duplicate]
how to scroll one image at a time into gallery in android
Communication between client and server got some glitches
How should I handle incomplete history in my Baseball Pitchers Database
How can you get high and low values across group using a group by in MySQL?
How to determine which MySQL database has been selected? [duplicate]
Limit linux process memory
What is the difference between these two buttons? [duplicate]
How to programmatically add attributes to objects?
Facebook apprequests message in the preview is not displayed on the reciepents notification bar.
Opening a specific viewcontroller after popping local notification
Replacement for <ol start=鈥�gt;
Emacs dirtree - Directory tree view setup
mode function in crystal reports 4.6
netbeans derby, no username-schema created in new database on mac
What kind of data is stored in 'Type Object pointer' and 'Sync Block Index'?
Google Maps API v3 sometimes doesn't load full size. Why?
Estimating the cost of a multi-platform mobile application for phones & tablets [closed]
php html to pdf library that works under freebsd
odd error in sql syntax [duplicate]
Using just the right number of logical processors
Updating HTML Based on select/option value?
Android Connect to Computer using Access Point Router
Ruby on rails email error 535-5.7.1 Username and Password not accepted
iPhone: Remove single slash from NSString
How can I listen the Android output (using sniffer)?
Unable to click yahoo mail delete button
Storing strings results in an array php
PyroCMS - custom module design, clear CSS formating from default design
C++: references and portability
Search XML file for a word and update
should I place architecturing/desiging tasks in scrum's product backlog?
Code is slower on Linux as compared to Windows