OWASP ESAPI simpleTest in a Maven Java EE project
Sorting a list in Python using the result from sorting another list [duplicate]
How to parse the meta keywords of chinese with java regex?
How to observe the Add action of DbSet<T>?
matplotlib: Get the colormap array
Javascript form validation for user account
Use grep to match a pattern in a line only once
jquery datepicker ui first enabled date as default date
XNA 4.0 Custom Vertex Declaration
The best way to implement a web chat?
Latest Tweet on Wordpress Site - Nothing Showing
Best way to avoid fake users
Automate database creation with incremental name?
Backup data into another table
How to play several sounds one by one in flex
refer to a variable in a union
Rails, code organization, where to keep map/reducer scripts?
raster extract by attributes in R
Wamp URL localhost issues
How can i get the selected id's value from android sqlite database?
Duplicate symbol error when linking multiple static libraries.
What happens on an unaligned MOVSD on various CPUs?
com4j wrapper gen problems
DataGrid select last cell programatically
Can I fit a view to (0.0, 0.0) with navigation bar?
ActionLink can't access root folder - MVC 3
bash string quotation
Rails - How to store each update of an item
When to use C++ pointers in game development
Thread attached to delegate method in iOS
How to run the Tabbar without clicking the Tabs in Android
'clean all target' is not available
Tomcat 6.0 Large File Upload (> 2 GB)
AS3: Determining when a DisplayObject has been removed from the stage?
CSS Height Messing Up [closed]
javascript escape error
How can I output the soap fragment with perl SOAP::Lite?
writing C# API as a wrapper of C++ code?
Are there rules in using assembly language registers
How to put this form in to a dialog?
How do you use not-power-of-2 textures in LWJGL?
using ssl in play1.2.4 application
Error executing cl.exe
jsf pass new request relationship bean object to session bean not working using custom tag
What's the difference between async io and do io in non-main thread?
Android Publisher Account [closed]
Using PHP, Sendmail, and Undisclosed Recipients
鈥渨client鈥�DownloadFile in VB Doesnt Work?
Nginx Proxy_Pass to CDN vs hitting CDN directly. Pro's, Con's, Is it slower or are there negative effects on the server?
Can I Create Many-to-Many Relationships Within Embedded Documents in MongoDB?
How to pass mainframe file name in enterprisedt.net.ftp.FileTransferClient
determining proper place for password_required? with a before_save password encryption
implement binary search with string prefix?
Merge sort tree like structure
Can't insert a record because of 鈥渕alformed record literal鈥�
dynamic php list with foreach loop
run time error in perfoming saving
C# regex match, match.Success returns false even after following the rules
how to make encoded values for cookies? (python)
Java - Catching multiple exceptions and Identifying which exception occured
Why do Java octal escapes only go up to 255?
Upload Image to Server PHP Android
When i pressed Enter in keyboard it submits the form without going through the javascript?
GUI freeze while inserting values into dataGridView using backgroundWorker , C#
Resque is returning Mysql2::Error: closed MySQL connection: SHOW FIELDS FROM `users`
Adding a marker with openlayers/geoserver
Laying out bottom-aligned buttons
Suggest/Make Mapnik data corrections
Best way to dynamically change the resolution of an HTML5 video
Sed Append Line
Variable String.Format length
How to draw a 鈥渓ist of鈥�relation between 2 objects?
Android MapView getting corrupted after lengthy use
Compression / Decompression of Strings using the deflater
What's wrong with this simple C code?
How to add BigDecimal values in a Rails app
maven embed dependency artifact code in jar
Search for value in dictionary?
Using CMake with multiple compilers for the same language
Facebook Cookie
Getting Disk geometry Information
EXT js grid having one column of radio buttons
What's the difference between two ways of using new operator? [duplicate]
Restarting nodejs ntwitter twitter stream with different track keywords
How to disable the ListView's context menu when nothing is selected?
Why are the back and home buttons not appearing by default in my jQuery Mobile pages?
How can I set up a 鈥渞emote pair-coding鈥�environment linux to linux?
What exceptions should be captured when reading web file
Is there a way to search for a file on all available network shares using C#?
Return Single Field with Rails Query
Using ps for threads
binding class files in the jar file not generated by netbeans
How to remove end of url with preg_replace in PHP
Allocation Strategies For Queued Objects
Simple JSON parsing
When to use patch files of project 'gproc'?
Android debugging a USB accessory application
Why is IIS Express using <system.web> and not <system.webServer>?
FB Like button for jQuery Slideshow
How To Install a Subversion 1.7.3 server on Bluehost
SQL Server CE replication failure: Internal error: HTTP header information is either corrupted or missing in the transport message
Drag & Drop to Reorder items within listbox wpf
How to align text next to a div?
Scheme - Imperative to Functional Programming
Not able to configure run path for web application project in Eclipse workspace
New to Zencart development, any recommanded resource?
CSS Wrap Giving Page White Border
Check if onbeforeunload is supported using PHP
Text file to use for data
data from multiple tables and using a count() inside a select
鈥淕em bundler is not installed鈥�in Capistrano deployment
GeoJson World Database
DirectX11 set shader constants
reading till EOF from standard input in c
Passing __FILE__ macro as an argument
StreamWriter Sometimes Clears My File
how to pass values to constructor?
鈥淐ompiling鈥�python script
Mysql mistake when adding a table so a script
How to get selected text id and replace the text with keeping the tags intact with javascript?
Ruby variable from string variable concatanation
mysql_query returned from other function not working?
Problems with I/O with android (Mostly ObjectInputStream)
OpenGL 鈥�Render multiple meshes, with individual transformations, at once
Changing HiddenField value with Javascript not changing in C# codebehind
php script only allowing one function with a parameter to be called
Looking for PaaS providers recommendations [closed]
Android Resources - Array of Objects
Magento: How can i do a if product page then, else if category page then, else if cms page then
A proposal for Data Transmission and Password Encryption
How does salting protect against an attacker with access to your password hashes?
join mysql tables and get multiple rows
Compile Error - boost::numeric::ublas::coordinate_matrix
Find the Kth smallest element in the list using Partition - Help me understand
jQuery Cycle & jTweetsAnywhere together
location and timer and nullpointerexception
python - how to create pdf from excel file created using xlwt
Rails counting through relationships
How to tell WinINet to use IE's proxy server credentials
Rails model query from sql
how come php is not writing the image contents to disk?
How can I convert an NSString to a CString in c++ without Obj-C code?
Python: Find in list
How to install pear, pecl extension to the php in remote linux server
How to add a background color to HTML option?
a C-program using some posix commands [closed]
Is it possible to base 36 encode with JavaScript / jQuery?
CKEditor 鈥�How can I add document-specific CSS styles
How to call upon a method in objective c?
.Net P2P solution for game developers (preferably XNA)
How to know what properties are available of a radio button in visual C++ 2010?
Microsoft Translator - Check usage?
How to set NSArray and NSDictionary in MVC design
IndexError: list index out of range when using lists [duplicate]
How to redirect to a sub-domain after login, and use different layout
How to prepare for mass file and page changes?
Linux load formula?
remote rejected master -> master (pre-receive hook declined)
Tap Handling in Cocos2d
Mediaelement.js: how do I change the poster image?
Multiple joins or separate queries
How to change size of regression line in panel.abline in Lattice?
jQuery detach div, append div
gcc -D option not doing what I thought it would
Adding ImageField to Django Models Results in Error
Are there any rules for boosting factor range in solr/lucene queries?
Update mongo array elements by index with c-driver
Geo location using python
Using a form to edit CSS and HTML
Recommended way to read from socket in HTTP server
Execute with a run time of O(n^3 log n) with 2 loops [closed]
Div inside others (with margin-top) is pushing parents down
In my main.cpp, called function variable through object claims it is undeclared
RMI codebase, connecting to local codebase
GPars with Groovy, when is explicit synchronization required with collectParallel()?
How to get the current user's home directory in Windows
How to Encrypt the URL
How to perform two animations simultaneously on the same object with different timers?
Rails: Writing data returned from outer join to csv
SOAP 1.2 over SSL + HTTP basic authentication or WS-Security?
Is this normal Automatic Termination behavior?
Unix/bash: Reading A List of Files and Merge Them To A File
How to run a drools planner project on jboss as?
using Rails to_prepare event
Specialize a template with a template
How to change value of variable with bash script?
Encrypting a ZipPackage Stream in Memory
ios vacuum wrap UIView
Percentage whiteness of UIImage [duplicate]
Is findViewByID time or resource consuming
Converting PHP array in HTML list
Optional character in input mask
JPQL issue resolving nodes of a collection to compare in query
How do you create a unique identifier for users for tracking purposes?
Is there any limit for the local datastore running Google App Engine Python?
undefined reference to `GdiplusStartup@12'
Get All Samples from AudioData / Web Audio APIs
Collide detection and masks in python 3.2.2
How to host my asp.net Mvc 3 web application on one PC and access this web application from other PCs
Why would a git branch shared with two committers have many commits twice? (possible interaction with git-svn)
Android: Dealing with SQLite DBs in my program
Recognize a 7z SFX from binary contents
Ordering By Asymptotic Growth Rates
Ordering By Asymptotic Growth Rates
Automating a prompting CLI script
AS3 Extended classes
Select all rows except those from today?
java SWT transparent composite background
How to read a byte and save ASCII value of byte in integer in c++
How to copy over components from JFrame to a Swing Class?
Does BizTalk 2010 Support HIPAA 278 - 005010X216
Cocos2D CCTexture2D 鈥淗olding Class鈥�- Error
Sprite being rendered improperly
resolve subdomains on a LAN test server
xml markupbuilder in grails changing single quotes in atribute value to &apos;
Dynamically updating h1 element with another form element's textarea value
semaphore initialization
c++ accessing string index inside this pointer
How to sleep with boost::chrono?
How to open Firefox in Full Screen mode?
Select Multiple Images from Photo Library
Deploy primefaces on sonar?
Android - Dynamically Adding TableRow to TableLayout using an existing TableRow layout
Read data from an USB-GPS-Receiver
Unobtrusive validation not working on some elements
How to change the 'tag' when logging to syslog from 'Unknown'?
Can i build a real commercial web application using Microsoft visual web developer 2010 express
Error in the layout for displaying the listview
How to profiling sections of code?
Why does the cursor not close in android?
jQuery append html error
Using Jquery Auto Complete
how to maintain session login until logout is clicked
SharePoint Timer Job - Exception adding aspnet_users to security groups
My UITabBar doesn't show up
Override property in derived class
Get path from open file in Python
How to store option data in mongo?
Grails: Dynamically change domain's constraints in controller
Only first validation rule working
ASP.NET 4.0 MVC 3 Shared Host recommendation [closed]
Does FuelPHP 1.x support ON DUPLICATE with the DB Query Builder?
How to fix it if your variables aren't passing
PHP Swift Mailer Throttler Plugin MESSAGES_PER_HOUR instead of MESSAGES_PER_MINUTE
grep command called from python
Generate QName for a java class using JAXB
FusionTablesLayer polygons only accepting up to four conditional styles
Clojure Heroku Worker Dyno Queue
float/double equality with exact zero
Shell piping with subprocess in Python
Django class-based view - DeleteView - How to disable confirmation requirement
Matlab Coordinate system?
PHP/MySQL: Get name for specific ID
variable 鈥渪鈥�in block 鈥渟quare鈥�must be assigned a default value
AsyncSocket connection works only at home network
Where will my errors be recorded when running a php script using exec()? exec('php script.php > /dev/null &');
Disable Backbone.js hashes entirely, but keep pushState in History?
How to implement a temporal table using JPA?
How to group by columns in javascript array
Does PNG contain EXIF data like JPG?
izip_longest with looping instead of fillvalue
How do *.so files work, and where do they go in UNIX?
CRM Coding Logic Error
Round 2: keeping components preferred sizes in border layout, with scrolling and tabbed pane
Atom/RSS feeds on Github Issues?
Jquery remove divs not equal to search results
User Interface - Inline Help Overlay
Saving/retrieving images. ASP.NET MVC
Secure Image Uploading in Servlets
How to generate a list of all possible strings from shortest to longest
Convert filenames to use only latin characters
How to resolve NullPointerException in an Activity when calling super class onCreate() method in Android
Symfony/Twig not translating correctly when using message placeholders
Free images that can be redistributed
Symfony2 passing data between bundles & controllers
PetaPoco, specifically schotime's, 'no mapping exists to a known provider type'
In the Interest of DRY in iOS Development - Where do I put a function to put a gradient on multiple views?
Android AlertDialog not displaying entire setMessage on certain devices
Sample XML databases?
mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource error on PHP Script
How do I convert 鈥�012-03-02鈥�into unix epoch time in C?
Why do I get an IllegalAccessError when loading a class remotely?
Not sure I'm quite understanding jQuery delegate
Freeradius and PHP auth script
Read data from Django models, or via API?
Add a class to an element not in the viewport due to overflow:hidden with jQuery
Need help implementing PHP sessions in suPHP
How to insert randomly entries of an array in another array
How to increase maximum open files Mac OSX 10.6 for neo4j graph database?
vertically align a label and a textbox in all browsers
iOS Development: How can I cause a UITableViewCell to change into an editable UITextField when it's tapped?
Start Sonar server inside eclipse?
jquery table id and disabled checkboxes
mysql select rows based on paired values from IN statement
Is there any way to automatically save command history to a file in cmd.exe, similar to bash's bash_history?
Animation for rotating a view doesn't show up when another view is being animated underneath
Variables in PHP Array?
How to add data into a CharSequence
Making code more efficient and less a copy and paste
How can I tell i'm compiling on a mac?
What happens to Repeating Alarms set by an app, when the app is uninstalled?
Cannot find the bug in my code
Jenkins - unable to delete builds from build history
What combination of Javascript/Css/HTML frameworks and libraries do you recommend?
Same origin policy implementation in Google Chrome
Trim Whitespaces in String
how do I undo a checkout in subversion 1.7?
execute a function in every time I choose using VB
SoftKeyboard Android
How to get text of a TextView of a Widget from an Activity?
Opengles 1.0 android triangles from group of 3d points
Information Extraction Algorithm [closed]
Is there any FlockDB tutorial site
How to support import statements?
Generalised text extraction from web pages using regex and python
How do I refer to a php variable in jQuery?
Horizontal LinearLayout with children ordered right-to-left?
Apple Mach-O Link (Id) Error
Routing legacy links to new .Net MVC paths (with different Keys) with 301 redirects
Subscript and Superscripts in CDATA of an xml file. Using UILabel to display the parsed XML contents
How can I display XML in a browser with preserved whitespace / preformatted text?
Converting a Single Linked List to a Double Linked List
MySQL - joining tables on same table multiple times with different conditions takes forever
How to output an Array as JSON?
jquery 'editable' plugin enable bug
Matlab neural network simulate up to hidden layer
write the out put on file
Python list to dictionary
How do I check if a variable isnt defined, throw an error that shows me which variable?
How to make linux-system waiting on an OpenCV program?
PHP mysql multiple inner join
How do I assign a default UTC date value to a DateTime column?
Can't decode exception in GAE hosted JSP page with JSTL localization
Grails: What is the difference between an unflushed session and a rolled back transaction?
.htaccess redirect to a directory and retain $_GET variables?
Scala is a string parseable as a double
Magento 1.6.2 - Issue with checkout
new child object in Core Data creating 鈥砱host鈥�parent?
Input a text file and write multiple output files in Python
Diff file hierarchies between Windows and Linux
XCode IBAction NSButton to show/hide separate image?
Active Record model having relationship to 2 instances of the same class
Queue Function Without CRON or Shell
How can I throttle Python threads?
symfony 1.4 - form validation if some field checked
Winapi MIDI C++ program - undefined reference to midiOutGetNumDevs@0
Apache Solr Search Can Index But Not Search
array of parameterized types
Translating SQL code into Razor format
Binding multiple properties to different sources
Why methods from Collections were not put in AbstractCollection?
Instance variable assignment does not stick
A pattern to handle extract common and type-specific fields from a cursor?
Should I force AMQ NMS Reconnects after several hours?
Offscreen rendered texture renders empty rectangle on screen
Is it possible to embed webapp functionality into a map using google maps?
VB.NET - Hook mechanism, or how to execute a list of methods?
Is there a way to mark specific lines in BBEdit and then iterate through them?
How to transfer php data to html file?
Why isn't this circle rotating around the correct center?
Quick AsyncTask doInBackgroun Q
TypeError: invalid file: When trying to make a file name a variable
How can I say for 64-bit, use the c: program files (x86) and for 32-bit use the c: program files?
Resolution values for Rasters in R
Networkx graph clustering
Splitting images from while loop and renaming in php
No previous prototype? [duplicate]
Is there any event fired for Xtragrid on removing filters?
Slow MySQL left join query with a small-medium size database
Using Selenium 2 RemoteWebDriver with ChromeDriver
How to make TextBox's text editable after dynamically creating the TextBox control?
AJAX (JQuery) Returning Error Unexpectedly
Ruby change value in hash by reference
PHP: Defining a Constant to Prevent Direct Access
Can I keep Android App alive in background?
Java Peer Not Autheticated
no way to change the large icon of my app
django class-based view - UpdateView - How to access the request user while processing a form?
For Google Maps Is there a code for Oceans just like countries in ISO 3166-2?
iPhone - Use of self = [super init] when [super init] fails
VS2010 鈥淯pdate Service Reference鈥�to WCF where behavior extensions inspect and change messages
unit testing ftp consumer with apache camel
Grouping arbitrary arrays of data into N bins
i cant get page liked request after jquery reload
Algorithm to merge (fuse two items together, replace them with the fusion) items in std::list (i.e. destructive clustering)
jCarouselLite is rending my nest anchor tags inert
Having problems with a small array
newbie: tips on how to cleanup , improve, arrange, shorten model?
Comparation jQuery and jQuery Mobile
Strange results for the time that a program takes to run
Is there a way to list all C preprocessor defines?
how do I use modular expression/ working with large intergers
Pseudo-form in Django admin that generates a json object on save
changing fillColor of an area on click using Jquery maphilight plugin
iText Flatten PDF
Objective C: how to compare primitive types with objects
Pick and use a random class from an array
jqGrid grid icons and hover does not work when Raphael is also in the same page
jquery find .html() equal to val();
mod_rewrite a double directory
Combining Multidimensional Array Values in PHP
php form mysql error to database
ofstream - need to delete object handle after close() operation?
ofstream - need to delete object handle after close() operation?
Programming a simple Game,
Mac: sandbox creation failed: 1002 (operation couldn't be completed 13)
How to create another click after user first click in JavaScript
creating IBOutlets in ViewController.h from another UIViewController's .xib file
Need to port Visual Basic .NET code to Java
How am I able to get options which are set in options.html?
using mysql to track sessions instead of trusting the server?
Fire animation using openGL
sed delete lines not containing specific string
Liquibase does not commit my changes
PHP HTTP_User_Agent, redirecting visitors to the mobile page, site performance down
can't figure out strange ie7 behavior. scrollbar appears for no reason on hover
Using SQL (JDBC) database in Android
Add data to a plist without deleting the previous data
How to select a object field for map value in Scala using groupby
Attach a txt file in Python smtplib
@property and setters and getters
Do cookies work on a localhost? [duplicate]
Python read ip address and if over 10 attempts save to file called failed.py
Heroku/Memcache/Rack::Cache Stats
remove html tags with using StringTokenizer
Can't figure out what's taking up so much memory?
Hibernate Master Detail Cascade Insert
Brainstorm help needed: Java's Object References
PayPal Adaptive Payments IMPLICIT Pay API
relating website payments standard and IPN?
python: os.system does not execute shell command
Update link text with content from XML document
Eclipse WTP not publishing Maven dependencies
Facebook auto respond to like button
PHP function - ignore some default parameters [duplicate]
Why jquery.each turn once within function with parametter
Tortoise SVN: How to restore an existing repository?
Error: No previous prototype for function. Why am I getting this error?
How do I use javascript to figure out if my animation's too slow and instead use instant changes?
if current_user.id = @game.user_id
cakephp path is pointing to the wrong folder
Subversion -> Git migration: git clone not making a full clone?
Java FloatBuffer size error OpenGL
JQtouch / Javascript Redirects always return to #home panel
presentModalViewController doesn麓t show naviagionbar
how to make a theme switcher using the jQuery mobile's data-theme attribute
Xdebug vs xhprof
Run an animation ONLY when click is performed (cocos2d iPhone)
How to use Ruby on Rails to store (post) files and other binaries in Parse.com using their REST API?
Silverlight and asp webpage
Getting same XML files that have different element syntax
Position an image not inside a <DIV> tag inside that div
MySQL Command in Objective-C
Implement Image processing effects using WinRT api Windows 8 Metro apps?
Compare two tables with mysql through php
JSP/Servlets necessity for JSF development [closed]
What happens if an object held by a smart pointer gets deleted elsewhere?
Preventing execution of unauthorised code
static variable null when returning to the app
Android getting unexpected response from remote server call
undefined reference to `stdscr'
urllib2 - post request
Why I can't assign an ip to LWP::UserAgent?
Working with name.com API (PHP) Phase 2
Translating model values in the view
SetLinearVelocity() not working
LVM vs RAID Home NAS Options [closed]
camera parsing data error
When searching ABAddressBook, how do I search for contact names while excluding job titles?
Modify Ruby DBI Row Directly
How to configure DNS for www and other sub-domains in IIS7
Automatically clearing LogCat on each Eclipse Debug/Run?
Button disabled with MotionCaptcha
check if hebrew query exist in mysql db returns false
How to assign a delegate with a condition in JQuery
CSS z-index bug in IE with two input elements
鈥渞edefinition; different type modifier鈥�in VS2010
EasyMock deep stubs
How does this FileReader get 鈥渃losed鈥�
Integrating AWS SDK as a library in Codeigniter
jQuery mouseleave IE not working
rails can't save result in DB
Using Linux C++ shared and static libraries in a same program
GWT CellBrowser with CompositeCell
Texturing with GLSL (in PyOpenGL and Pygame)
posting the contents of a markdown file to posterous with curl
Merging two arrays by index
Weird error in log when using Thin Server with a pretty simple rails application
Moving ahed in java [closed]
How can I get ruby's 鈥淒ate.end_of_week(:monday)鈥�method to work with a fixnum? e.g. 鈥淒ate.end_of_week(1)鈥�
Refresh window.width after onorientationchange on Android
Static (compile time/strictly typed) multi-dispatch support in C# [closed]
How to draw a subpixel line
Show progress on node.js child_process.exec?
perldoc not showing documentation for installed perl modules
Display all items in array using jquery
SignalR .NET Client: Cannot Start Connection From Within Web Application App Domain
How do you do a Find and Insert in Notepad++ instead of a replace, while using regular expression?
I want to insert uploaded image in root directory images folder and its path to image column in database
Can PowerShell tab completion work like VS 2010 Pascal Case Intellisense?
Expiration date of accessToken in oAuth protocol
Is there an annotations based method for getting springs application context?
Android - How to close or hide a view and bring it back
How to add a new item to a datasource with a combobox?
How to autostart Rails delayed jobs?
how do you lazy load images into listview
Python - Developing Web Application [closed]
Insert row to SQL Server using Visual Studio 2010 and ASP.NET
Collapse/expand child nodes of tree in d3.js?
LINQ to XML not returning data
How can akka actor interact between threads
Can't Install hmatrix on my Ubuntu Linux machine
My sql issues Column count doesn't match value count at row 1
鈥淚nception鈥�situation with wxPython
Properly locking my database during a script run
error: id cannot be resolved or is not a field
How to save a file to the server by pressing a button in Javascript
Python arguments not being parsed when passed
LayoutTransformer on Windows Phone not Updating
OS X app on Lion 10.7.2 XCode 4.3 :: error: failed to launch <exe path> 鈥�SBTarget is invalid
Are there any good dependency management tools that aren't language specific?
CSS li:hover working, but I want to make it clickable as well
netty pipelines not getting released from memory
Problems converting ADPCM to PCM in XNA
Could a concatenative language use prefix notation?
What will I need to start developing for iPhones?
httpd: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName
is this jQuery post preventing to MVC3 redirect my View?
Decimal precision loss when trying to calculate fractions of a box
DynamicObject and TrySetMember performance vs ExpandoObject performance
Estimating time left in C++11
How to avoid specifying type parameters
C# AES Encryption in CFB Where Plaintext Length Equals Encrypted Length
Android drawing path on mapview using map overlay and GeoPoints
Difference in Resetting Form with Javascript getElementById Versus Jquery
rotate animation 120 degrees at time, raphael, javascript
How to handle bi-directional references with polymorphic types and JSON?
Accessing child typedef from templatized parent
C++ GetLine(cin, string) never storing the first word of input phrase
Is there a way to correctly use an Image in XNA and windows forms鈥�
How to add bundler to gemset with rvm (single user)?
Jquery performance with if else statements
XCode: How to exclude a path from Search Navigator
What's the best approach to handle xcode projects with same codebase for multiple clients?
generics on declaration RHS
name 'self' is not defined when doing an unittest?
Mongo get users whose id ends in a certain digit
Why does Word Export not work from ASP.NET
BCP export placing NULL character in place of blanks
UnitTesting a CocoaTouch Static Library in Xcode 4.3 fails with EXC_BAD_ACCESS at 0x0
animate elements depending on class name
RavenDB returns stale results after delete
Xcode iOS Localization - trying to learn how to understand/use location codes
Xcode iOS Localization - trying to learn how to understand/use location codes
Vim: Find and replace in a large project?
side-by-side divs not working in FF
Thinking sphinx with privacy settings using facets?
Cannot accept post in Sinatra using Curl
apache/php closes connection prematurely (immediately)
Build error in Visual Studio Web App with Version Control
Use the Maps API Places Library to get results for type of 鈥渞oute鈥�of 鈥渟treet address鈥�
Having errors while trying to use friend
Refresh some jquery on browser window resize
How to get entire html of jquery element
Printing a variable in an embedded Python interpreter
Returning binary file from controller in ASP.NET Web API
How can I force the __utmz cookie to be set on the first page load
Call display value for choices with SQL
InDesign plugin with Boost.Filesystem doesn't show up in the program
Joining two tables where one has multiple rows
request getParameter for Text returning null
Chrome Issue - AJAX Inserted File Input not uploading file
adding jquery to rails
equally spaced list items (vertical justify)
Fetching data from server using XMLHttpRequest (for Phonegapp BlackBerry App)
what are the root causes of css failure in ie9
Using require_once inside a method
How do I open links in jQuery server side Datatables through the jQuery ColorBox?
CTRL-A selects hidden rows in DataGridView
Using Retrieval Multiple Objects for another Retrieval in Active Records/Ruby on Rails
Why does my HTML5 canvas render smaller than it should?
installing gcc 4.2.4
mysql event that subtracts the current date from a specific date entered however i am working with a criteria of 4 months
Global variables in Python and Apache mod_wsgi
View ZPL barcode output
How to include UserID and Password in the http header?
Replace Spring.NET with another IoC container [duplicate]
Will an HTML 5 video file be downloaded twice?
Looking for a tool to convert flattened CSV into XSD
embed C in python
getContentResolver().query issue
Highcharts - append % to first axis label?
select records from table given as column name. Dynamic sql
Run a .sql file present in the solution
Passing and returning ColdFusion Structure via JQuery
Best way to make view counter for topic / post
Flash Privacy Popup Dialog is missing 鈥淩emember鈥�checkbox
What's the proper way to bind text to properties of a Data Grid in WPF?
jstree hide attribute from the tree
Is there a way to fade out a V3 google.maps.Polygon?
How to go to new Html page from PHP script?
I made a simple game in Java. Is it possible to refresh the console, so that everytime it receives new data it displays only that?
Java static methods pros & cons
Java static methods pros & cons
MySql Query error unknown syntax? [closed]
WCF ChannelFactory not accurately reporting Faulted state?
jQuery .animate() and .hover() stop working (with Raphael js)
Unit Testing Interactions of methods in the same class in C#
RavenDB: how to check permissions for a user, wanting to perform an operation on a specific document
Can't work out why the square won't animate across the grid
Android sql usable characters for creating table
How to hide table index along with table?
Comparing (varchar, nvarchar2,varchar2) with QString
Using polymorphism at deserialization time with Jackson (and MrBean)
Loading JRuby at runtime and ClassLoader leak
Android concept of the timestamps in contact, phone, emailaddress and so on
Android:TextView height doesn't change after shrinking the font size
extracting node information
How to limit google app engine instances to just one?
Microsoft.Interop object won't quit or 鈥渞elease鈥�
change background color of a button template in wpf
Virtual memory address translation
Inserting data into a data frame based on the unique combination of two factors
Retrieving OAuth 2.0 Access and Refresh Tokens for Fusion Tables via Python
Add custom context menu to explorer for directory background
How can I replicate the functionality of a wget with node.js?
How can the logic of this snippet be abstracted?
specialized shared_ptr conversion C++0x
How To Capture Flash in Module Window?
Creating Model classes in a MVC based applications
Mysql Group-By for every half month date range
Is it possible to expire a cookie with Selenium?
Creating MongoDB composite indexes on multiple fields, with some overlap?
Where did Instruments go in Xcode 4.3?
Is it possible to specify that a HTTP connection should only be made over the cellular network and not over Wifi?
Polygons are not displayin at all
R lattice plots and postscript [duplicate]
excanvas error on aspect ratio image resize
How to animate a rotation around axis onclick with javascript/css3?
What is the benefit to using SqLite vs java.SQL on android
how to make page scroll down as a footer div expands large with slideDown?
jQuery - splitting items by highlighting X amount of items one color, then the next amount another, etc (example included)
SQL Query Help: Fetch all rows with same first name and with a last names matching a defined list
Sybase Error Implicit Conversion from datatype 'VARCHAR' to 'INT' not allowed
ASP.NET MVC Windows authentication on top of forms authentication
Change background color of column based on header text
Convention for specifying extensions in cabalized project
Which is more efficent: update with a join, or Update with in statement? [duplicate]
Best way to add exceptions in jquery selectors paths
CoolStorage field not equals filter
How does the backend on sites like Megaupload work?
How do I disable a CSS line that is causing a bug in IE7?
What is going here PHP - I don't understand?
what is difference between my code and tutorial code?
iOS Button to call
Account for non constant time complexity of math operations (huge numbers)
Detect the lanscap mode and show an UIImage
How to serialize a File and another object
Android Alert Dialog isShowing property always false
How to use urllib2.urlopen to make POST request without data argument
How to submit Photos with text together to Facebook wall from Android?
Should Guice-Injected DAO's be Singletons?
How to set jframe look and feel
Java: Convert String to Date in with Time Zone variable
How do I gather images from a website including any referenced in CSS files?
PHP REGEX: learn how to format mysql query like (syntax highligher plugin for jquery )
Having trouble creating a class in Java. Not sure on some of the methods
Insert current date in datetime format mySQL
How to copy a python class?
jquery resizable event does not end
javascript regex match ^[^#]?
Create a matrix from multiple input files in C++ or Python
oracle - what statements need to be committed?
drawing bivariate gaussian distributions in matplotlib
C++0x lambda vs #define
Small Delay on Drawing Large Images for the First Time in Chrome
mysql select ONLY duplicate records from database
Native perl hexdump 鈥�just checking for zero values
Need help building a join query to return the top commenters
Using Chrome's Element Inspector in Print Preview Mode?
Why would cp not update the contents of a directory when employed?
Failure while deploying a PlayFramework application to tomcat 6
nodejs - How to read and output jpg image?
iPhone how to check if the phone can send/receive mail using native mail app?
Transforming irregular data into a structured table with Perl
jQuery AJAX loop to refresh jQueryUI ProgressBar
Transferring data from cygwin executable[C] to managed program[managed C++]?
How do I filter results from an association table that is linked to only one other table?
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError thrown for static method but not for static member
Cocos2D iPhone - running a method on the main scene from a CCLayer
In FireFox how can I call a C# dll from JavaScript?
Android: Cannot See Sony Tablet S in Eclipse Device Chooser
didn't return an HttpResponse object
Develop algorithm to analyze words
How can I hold the blobs label on cvblob?
How to debug when it works on simulator but not on iPhone?
How can I convert iso-8859-1 to utf8 correctly?
Android: Application stops unexpectedly
How to get most searched sentences on Google? [closed]
Changed LESS-files not automatically recompiling in node/express/coffee setup
Silverlight REST HttpWebRequest call: Attach a file?
How can I best debug no network connectivity on Windows Phone
working with tabindex and multiple forms
Connection Reset When Trying to Interact With a Minecraft Server in Python
Implementing faccessat() on Mac OS X, how do I construct a new path from given the directory file descriptor and pathname?
Can't see new mdi child
Multiple constructors with one parameter
How to match Contours to detect ASCII of letter on Image?
Entity Framework and sharded database
Cast Object Type value into a Type and get Values out of it by Reflection
GetWindowText in c# returns a rectangles instead of text
Why does a unix timestamp need to be prefixed by '@' for strtotime() to understand it?
Can i use scanf to choose at which point the string will be modified?
Wait for new line and count
What is a practical use for LONG VARCHAR instead of VARCHAR in Derby DB?
Rendering a Controller Action
Android kernel compile/deploy
Store value at unspecified index in an Array. What's faster?
Implementing dynamic text on iPhone
WCF - Custom name for a DataMember of a generic class
'Stretch' background image within a div - 100% height
ProgressDialog only shows for an instant
iTextSharp 鈥�When creating a new PDF from scratch 鈥�how do I add form fields?
Redirection operator vs file handling
In vim, how do I make a custom word boundary motion?
Avoid binding errors in output window
Oracle 11g - Left Outer Join Does Not Return All Rows from Left Table (This is not a where clause/implicit inner join error.)
php creating a class variable
Measure download -> install conversions
How to write a better XSLT when dealing with a potential loop in a loop situation?
Combine two ActiveRecord::Relation objects
iOS showing a notification dependent on both location and time
JPA 2 under Geronimo with Tomcat
Google Map apiv3 - IE7 - main.js error - invalid argument (javascript)
How do I best handle ajax requests that take a long time to complete?
Adding a Subquery
JavaScript project type for Visual Studio?
can DOM events fire before my script is executed?
Request information from Android APP by Widget
Using underscore to sort a collection based on date
How to store a list of data (like an array) in mysql cell? (but have it still be searchable)
How do I convert a php date string from Y/m/d to Y-m-d [closed]
Manipulating arrays with recursive function
Cannot assign CTE result to a varchar variable?
Can the Front camera use autofocus?
Why does file.truncate convert my file to 0's in ruby?
Getting list of SVN users for Subversion -> Git migration?
iOS - including static library project in another Xcode project鈥�header issues
asp.net mvc url action ignore old parameter values
Calling function from outside YUI sandbox
Is there any free online contact form mailer service? [closed]
How to define cacheable in XML for second level cache in jpa
nchar vs nvarchar performance
Loadfile without polluting global environment
Object Literal Calling Default Property
Application Not Installed Android
jQuery search/filter table - height of table isn't updating correctly
Script/Code to add/modify user accounts in Metatrader Manager
SQL Server 2008 : PASS matching records
Are there good uses for non-short-circuiting logical (boolean) operators in Java/Scala?
How does web2py query expressions work?
Appropriate Structure for Task.Factory.ContinueWhenAll call
Usercontrols XAML c# visual studio 11 windows developer preview
Facebook like-box not working after new page design (Timeline) update
INNO setup extract dir tree when setup starts prior to install
Interactive batch file problems
WebMatrix, what connection string to open a SqlConnection to the local SQL Server?
IP Discovery in Windows
Tracking GA data for particular URI
Run-time complexities for recursive algorithms
jQuery Mobile put Lists in Center of page
How to delete email messages on a sendmail server?
list Postgres ENUM type
Groovy, get enclosing function's name?
How can I detect if a sentence is contained in a page (fuzzy)?
Fastest way to increment a BitArray (binary number) by one?
npm 'connect' version
Best FTP web based client for Windows host
Odd characters in Unicode String
How to get all links from html?
Javascript encoding
RESTful compliant design
Human-readable strings for [NSImage imageTypes] identifiers?
Unix programming
What's wrong with this PHP Password form? I can't find it
WHERE clause null? don't understand
Jquery Animate(paralax) CPU process UP TO 90%
Writing a data to file in the app's document folder - iOS
getfromlocation java.io.IOException: Service not Available
What does Licenses.licx really do for DevExpress controls?
How to make an Android error message remain on the screen
In JQuery Sortable, how can I run a function before the revert animation starts?
How do I remove USER DSN when they don't exist in my registry
Simple way to send debug information to the Visual Studio 'Output' window
How to turn off Eclipse/GWT's native method formatting?
PHP - calling array value from method that returns it?
Header and footer in CodeIgniter
GregorianCalendar : can't get the local time hours
How to create nested regions?
Non-modal transparent informative alert in iOS
Limit by count OR condition in MySQL
jQuery tabs cookie persistance with ajax
.htaccess rewrite rules for category and product
Multiple Markers on a Google Map
how to use simple 鈥淚F鈥�statement on textblock
How to have a popup window keep the same logic as the page it came from?
Add box shadow with transition effect
Ruby on Rails File Uploader: not writing to db or file folders
MYSQL, set two variables in stored proc with single select statement
Fill up the empty space of a FlowLayout
Updating Sonar results using high latence network link
Json parsing from a php script
carouFredSel: Create a function for next / prev buttons?
installing glassfish 3.1.2 in command line
.append <select> tag with AJAX call to XML
iOS app 鈥渘ext鈥�key won't go to the next text field
replace string in textfile with string from another textfile in a loop
mysql fetch assoc VS mysql fetch array
Data structure to hold just keys (not caring about value)
Adding blocks in Magento's Checkout 'Review' stage
populate Jstree from xml string with checkbox
can vt-d make a noticeable improvement on Disk r/w speed for a VMWare virtual machine? [closed]
How can I check if the network has change state during run time of my android application?
How to unit-test a class which needs a specific file to be present
How to create a JDO DataNucleus key string field of unknown size?
Why does installing MSVC redistributables require administrator privileges?
Updating when database has changed in Django
Creating dictionary from csv, need key to be the zipcode
Pretty simple SQL query using another query
javax.jms.JMSSecurityException: Unable to validate user: null
CSS: Vertical centering in a position:absolute div
User agent vs Unable to validate data exeption in asp.net 3.5 with c#
Android textview wrap around textview
Infinite loop in crosstab subreport with long text
FB Like comment box-meta tag not showing up below the comment box
Changing monitor brightness programatically in Ubuntu 11.10
Cross-browser ready new line counter in Javascript
Dynamic Drive context menu script breaks jQuery
Programmatically determine if code is running under IIS Express
Get job title using System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement
Checking and returning numeric field value?
perform operation based on a block of rows
Unable to decipher DIV tag with CSS
fcntl() scope visibility behavior?
Getting a filtered list of objects in django admin from django model.ForeignKey field
client-side caching of jquery-ui-autocomplete: javascript/jquery regex to match a string 鈥渋ndex鈥�of an object
DataGridview.ContainsFocus returning wrong
GWT 2.4 and google maps
Infragistics WebDataGrid in Sharepoint webpart
PHP - a little more than how to combine two images while keeping transparency
if exists insert else update
C char* pointers pointing to same location where they definitely shouldn't
How can I make SSI's work on my PC in my browser using Apache (& developing in Dreamweaver)?
How can I make SSI's work on my PC in my browser using Apache (& developing in Dreamweaver)?
How can I iterate image processing through a directory of image files in a sub folder within Python?
How do I make specific words turn different colours?
SOAP Service call using Google Apps Scripts produces error
Facebook Questions API: Possible to vote on behalf of the user?
How to do car search like autoscout24.de with / without SQL?
Are there public distcc servers? [closed]
Headless browser like selenium but which does not open the actual browser
rails 3.2 subdomains and devise
Android finish() closes activity after create, but not after resuming and calling finish() again
how to Submit values to JavaScript using two pages..?
Bad git pull creates invalid remote tracking branch
using localStorage to keep a count
Can not figure out why this CSS Isn't working. I'm sure it's a simple mistake
Why can't I beat an ID with multiple classes? [duplicate]
How to restore all my gitolites repos from a backup or another Gitolite server?
.asv files in matlab
Where is Facelets?
Java: Linking arraylists to each other for a 鈥渢op categorization鈥�task
Formatting a Powershell string containing hashtable values
Create an editable HTML table
How to convert an array of objects into a mapped object in JavaScript?
How Do I Make a SagePay BuyNow Button?
Simultaneous select and truncate or delete in SQL Server
MYSQL find how different two text fields are?
Rpy2 & ggplot2: LookupError 'print.ggplot'
Modify default ErrorMessage for StringLength validation
Grouping by a ForeignKey, and ForeignKeys that are another 'step' away
Better way in Python
how do i print outputs to html page using python?
How to print formatted float in obj-c?
Finding and dealing with duplicate users
Perlin Noise Assistance
After CreateProcessWithLogonW switch language with alt shift stops working
Saving Image from Mobile client on the Server?
Difference between form_for and form_tag?
Multiple layouts android
Setting the Search Path鈥�global setting in MacVim
mysql update with ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE
Auto Center Transform not working
How to deal with a page which fails to load and continue testing in Watir-Webdriver
Accessing Linux /dev/USB as standard files to communicate with USB device
Adding JList to a JPanel is different from JLabel (aside from the obvious) why?
rotating posts js error in IE
Update UI from thread in WinRT
Multilingual URLs in ASP.NET MVC 3 - avoid default language code in multilingual URLs
Contributing to Numpy on Pypy
IIS7 - How do I use the same phyiycal path for different domains?
Admob with version 4.0 only?
setTimeout appears to be changing my variables! Why?
Onclick Event Causes Random FC
linq sub-query table cross reference
Which Enthought EPD distribution should I use?
Replacing Values in R with Latency Values
Open Delegate fails when trying to access Int or DateTime property
Ruby gsub return value
Getting SIGABRT when exectuing fetchRequest
Regarding PDB usage
debugging a c++ dll in VS2010, from python
A JavaScript parser for DOM
Silverlight pass DataContext to ConverterParameter?
PHP function variables and the garbage collector
JavaScript Alert() not getting focus in IE
cant get the wizard to install Hero CMS of Codeigniter
How to select this specific td element with its text with Jquery
How do I return a custom object in Powershell that's formatted as a table?
ImageView doesn't scale on large screen devices
How to read Asset Files using VS & Monodroid
jQuery.focus() making an unnecessary scroll
Error loading EntityFramework 4.3.1
How to prevent a page reload when clicking a zend_form_element_submit button?
Using .pch file to include applcation files
Which database engine to choose for Django app?
What is the jQuery alternative to not(':not( selector )')?
How to tell ASP.Net MVC that all incoming dates deserialized from JSon should be UTC?
Apache mod_proxy : too many connections are not closed
Android ADT Installation Error
google app engine: upload throws 鈥淭emplateDoesNotExist: index.html鈥�error
Handler to grab variable values from another function
Javascript split result simplify
How to select all this data without repeating subqueries?
Setting fixed width for mobile website doesn't adjust when switching to landscape orientation on Android (jQuery Mobile, HTML5)
Outer Left Join SQLAlchemy [closed]
Interrupting & Non-interrumpting events can be for throwing and catching?
How to left factor a context-free grammar?
T-SQL Encryption feauture - how to grant view definiton for user
Why does the finalize function not get called in this unit test?
storing plots in pdf which I was able to store earlier but not anymore with some modifications in code
Get requested URL in jsp
Initialize an array from XAML at runtime
Event observer not firing from custom module when coupon is applied on checkout page
IIS 7.5 Does Not Reset
Requesting help in jQuery or CSS.
Jquery - .click() is not launched after first attempt
Can the 鈥淚N鈥�operator use LIKE-wildcards (%) in Oracle?
Single waypoint working, Multiple waypoints not, any ideas?
Using knockoutjs with jqGrid
associating cperl-mode with Perl code in emacs
smarty multilanguage best practice
How do I solve this procedure and functions in Visual Basic
Is an Application Associated With a Given Extension?
XSLT: How to flatten a structure to XML using XSLT 1
org.apache.commons.net.ftp.FTPClient.storeFile freezing interaction and animations
Hover style is not applied when using IE filter and element cannot be clicked
Rename an environment with virtualenvwrapper
Preloading video used in the html 5 canvas
CSS IE gradient not going to bottom of page
Testing a python script which use a subprocess to spawn a bash subshell .. is it possible?
鈥淕em bundler is not installed鈥�in Capistrano deployment - Error message UPDATED
Storage of 2d data at irregular rates
In Android, how can I change a color on a bitmap to another color?
Check for specific date format in vba excel 2010 64-bit
Create recurrence relation for the following scenario
Android, AsyncTask, long running processes, and orientation changes
Attaching objects relatvive to static background in Android
Is there 2 methods for declaring instance variables in Objective C?
How to post dynamic JSON string using JQuery's get function?
How Do I run UnitTest++ using the command line on Windows
How to keep browser from timing out (long PHP script)
Verification of input from key
How to share a common build.gradle via a repository?
What is the best way to represent a URL in a Django model?
Grouping numbers out from a larger group
Running Windows commandline from Java as an Administrator - Creating a .manifest file
Can't include header in cpp file
Auto-boxing NSArray?
Strange heap checker error in death test
hidden iframe video moves around in Safari
UITableViewController with custom UITableViewCell
Found this PHP script鈥hat does it do? [closed]
Using Mini-Profilier with EF 4.3 & MVC 4 without creating the database
How long will my .NET 2.0 application continue to work?
ASP.NET MVC 3 - Create a dynamic object only for return
Bind to the Template of each item in an ItemsSource collection
@RolesAllowed doesn't work
Centering a custom view in a RelativeLayout using LayoutParams
MyFaces clash with GlassFish 3.1 native JSF
Accessing static files (webapp/static/ for inst.) from the web application
python function with optional arguments
Alternative to cursors in SYBASE?
Is there a way to include an empty/null value for an xsd:dateTime?
How to handle dynamic JSON data with GWT Autobeans?
Use Jagged Array In c
route and config continue - I beat these two until they are completely dead
Populating a JTable does not change the contents of the selected cell, and invokes editing on the cell; how can I work around this?
Using GIFs with XNA
Limiting asynchronous calls in Node.js