Error with async await keywords
ios autosize for uilabel in subview
Removing white font border on a windowless application in C#
Phonegap crashes when status bar tapped on iOS5 [duplicate]
Java - Read output stream of existing process
Zend Framework action stack functionality in Symfony 2
slider on swatch wootheme not working in wordpress
facebook app visibility on mobile devices
How to access/modify controls on another thread using a System.Timers.Timer?
0x00000000 hexadecimal?
Trying to connect to using ACR122 but get error saying [NFCSTATUS_INVALID_STATE]
Read newer files first from a directory - C++
How to echo the whole content of an .html file in php?
Java: how to handle retries without copy-paste code?
Xcode 4.3 story boarding splitview iPad tutorial [closed]
Set UIButton image in interface builder / storyboard
jQuery ignore element in array by class
How can I make a div's visibility depend on an object's scrollHeight and height properties?
AccessibilityService in Monodroid
Unexpected results
Differentiating between user function returns and wrapping class returns
Merge more than 2 branches/heads at once in Git?
Python 3: Searching A Text File Smartly
MKMapView annotations changing/losing order?
gluLookAt() best usage, on GL_PROJECTION matrix or on GL_MODELVIEW matrix
EHR intercommunication / client
complex mongoid rails model associations
Can not resize multiple images in PHP
How do I change my local directory in eclipse to work with git?
Android: How to adjust Margin/Padding in Preference?
C# having control over HTML elements
Wordpress WP_Query, return to current Query
open graph tags not being read by Facebook but are in page source
Google App Engine - Blobstore request working on production not in development
JSF new website creation
Taking an action AFTER rendering a view with Spring MVC
TextView above Image view in a layout
Is it possible to get the time-stamps of remote files through HTTP request?
A tool to detect unnecessary recursive calls in a program?
Merging from parent branch, did hg incoming path/to/baseline, how do I just merge?
Daemonless multi-gibibyte-capable key-value store supporting synchronization?
Getting error 412 when making a xml Ajax request
jquery - resetting down arrow key counter
<type= 鈥渋nput鈥�runat = 鈥渟erver鈥�gt; [closed]
Delphi, FireMonkey and PostgreSQL
Python truncating numbers in integer array
how to bind text to JLabels in java?
What is the difference between using a DataContext class and SqlConnection?
JsColor doesn't open in Chrome, in Firefox works ok
Using PHP To Print Elements From MySQL Database As Links To Respective Image
Is it possible to load an SSL-encrypted website with a self-signed security certificate in an iPhone application?
ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib validate zip file
Wrap text around an image in xsl-fo for a converter which doesn't support float?
Generate rtf document in Rails 3.2
jaxb, skip some input tags retaining them in output
Javascript to select first option of select list
razor @Html.TextBoxFor using type=鈥渦rl鈥�instead of default type=鈥渢ext鈥�
Is there a time limit on App Store receipt verification?
PHP: Limiting static variable scope to specific class
Pyramid resource: In plain English
emails sent from production server end up in spam
PHP PDO and DELETE with in() not working
UIViewController returns invalid frame?
Create a multi column array using for loop
SELECTS: Hide the selected option on a secondary select
Website Login hidden in IE but working in chrome [closed]
Register PHP/SQL won't insert longtext fields
Google Maps API v3 - Marker shadow disappears
video player: show / hide arrow
c++ check if string has valid utf-8 characters
I need to import my apk into eclipse - possible?
scriptaculous Builder equivalent in jQuery?
Why does omission of 鈥�include <string>鈥�only sometimes cause compilation failures?
border fade/scale on click?
Composite Tables, Primary Keys, Foreign Key, and Indexing in SQL Server
Stuck trying to align menu Items
Jquery Validation Error Message is showing up in between label and input
Global variables / Get command line argument and print it
Makumba list sorting by a subset
deploy an Application page of Sharepoint 2010 to another production server
Nested comments in django comments app
what does repr(struct.pack('L' , s)) means?
Python inverted index efficiency
iPhone - OpenCV Libraries Built for armv7
Database server, Webserver - RAM versus Server Load relationship between servers
Casting NULL to void in C++
How do you detect if there is plain text preceding an element?
Force git to not modify files in my working tree
IsAssignableFrom on GenericType
Supersized Goto API onClick
I wrote a text game in Java, whenever you choose an option that is out of order, say 5 then 3, the game terminates. [closed]
TeamCity - Copy files from commit that triggered build
Optimize Server for Traffic Spikes (Drupal)
WCF HttpPollingDuplex Server: Time between Async Call and AsyncCallBack
OSX env variables for c++ development
Why is my Linux application pulling in the wrong .so library?
.Net Reflection LoadFrom caching with IE9
How can I make portable python desktop application?
Detecting Pig-Latin In Haskell
javascript timezone converter
Gmail rejects emails. fails the tests.
How can I check if a non-logged in user has a role?
Connection to a database with zendframework
c++ call superclass constructor with calculated arguments
Getting all windows using UISpec4J
converting ppt/pptx to pdf using C
How to get data from JQuery Selectable?
connect R to MySQL with RODBC using dsn
Edit form for django comments
Can't get JSON from a GET request
htaccess mod rewrite in an aliased folder not working
going from command window (as script) to function
MySQL vs PostgreSQL with SSRS
Place search request giving inconsistent results using bounds
best practices for transfering ruby gems collection from one machine to another
Custom Dropdownlist
Is there a reliable way in JavaScript to obtain the number of decimal places of an arbitrary number?
Is there a way to programmatically show all gmail labels in IMAP?
PhoneGap FileTransfer upload always fires successCallback
Secure data access to RESTful API
rails with dropbox [closed]
Use wordlist for Codeigniter captcha
Using JMockit and TestNG with Spring framework
Error while inserting image in fckeditor
Accessing hardware with Android NDK
config route to eliminate index.php in the url
How do I reference an observableArray on my viewmodel from an external jquery .ajax call?
Installing library with easy_install
How can I prevent finding executable on $PATH?
OpenCV Orb not finding matches once rotation/scale invariances are introduced
OSX Lion installation of ruby 1.8.7 (xcode command-line-tools): OpenSSL development headers鈥�not found
springmvc handle the json request
How to use Curl with HEADERS?
Display list of usercontrols within itemtemplate next to other controls
sqlalchemy label
/developer directory is missing on Lion Xcode 4.3
Filtering an array based on database records
ie7 inline block trick doesn't seem to be working
Run Python/Django Management Command from a UnitTest/WebTest
When using the Windows SDK 7.1 Command Prompt, how do I change the build environment without losing the nmake command?
DBExpress Unknown error code 65535
Getting Java Lang Null pointer exception in Android
UIInterfaceOrientation Xcode
JQuery 鈥�how to implement an animation like the show/hide behaviour of the mac os dock?
Strange PHP autoload issue
This modifier in function argument C#
Deleting key/val hash pair leaves behind key. Why?
Update the UI with dynamic text
How to enable 鈥淕o To App鈥�button on Pages Timeline?
XSLT sum preceding siblings on attributes
IE9 fails to fire onscroll event on HTMLWindow2 in BHO
glVertexAttribPointer trouble (OpenGL 3.x forward-compatible context)
image recognition on android
mailto links in iPhone are adding plus signs instead of spaces
symbolic differentiation in Scala
Want to open user-generated URL in new tab of Safari
Query to check if multiple results already exist in the database
Name attribute with javascript
TV Listing iOS5
Stretching a div to fit absolutely positioned content
How do I calculate the width and height of an image with jQuery, before I load the image on a page?
regex parsing / iteration
How to: Open double-space delimited file & skip first line
ListBox DataTrigger for IsSelected == False firing upon population?
Count for local notification registration
Amazon ECS PHP Library - blank page
9Patch button image resize in android application
php cart items with multiple options
Switching zxing barcode scanner to portrait mode
RTSP live stream via AVFoundation?
Android does not respond to soft back keys in Phonegap build
Is Apache Tomcat PCI Compliant?
What does the GridView.DataBind method do?
Python calling shell commands. What type of shell is started?
Using Apache mod_rewrite to redirect to static content if exists
Generate Rake test tasks dynamically (based on existing test files) in a Rakefile
jQuery append (or appendTo) with Animation
How to create nested ul li and display contents based on data using jquery
jQuery wrap first 3 divs from an array in different anchors
Find perl executing script/path [closed]
Clojure/Solr: Exception when trying to use org.apache.solr.client.solrj.impl.CommonsHttpSolrServer from Clojure
Eliminate Recursion from Delete Empty Directories Algorithm
Is there a equivalent of CICircularWrap in iOS 5?
ResultSet reset when using recursion
Adding new nodes to Force-directed layout
Set the size for a sprite image position within a background
How to send Array Object from .Net to Java using webservices?
pthread_join() and frozen execution
using a radio group in a extjs grid
XSLT: How to expand child element to have extra parent element
Using JSON to get value
Better way to get first element of returned array
How to find the end coordinates of UILabel?
Zend_Db_Table insert issue with large content
Add object to array only if the object is not in already
Best Practices鈥hich should be used - iframes or ajax [closed]
Rewriting a line of VB code to C#
Objective C calling Java methods using JNI
show dialog box when 'New Game' Button is clicked
PDF, PPT, DOC, etc to TEXT
Call to Amazon Web Service not styled by attached XSLT stylesheet
jQuery nextUntil, including, not excluding the matched element?
where should i put my dynamic menu creation logic to get good performance
Error while posting json data
Inhibit input's onchange when jQuery UI Autocomplete is clicked
PHP timeout concept
Is there a way, aside from SSL, to allow secure input on webpages?
Using Static methods without the Class descriptor
I'd like to animate the height
python ImportError: No module named resource in fanstatic configure.zcml in grok-based project
UITabBar fully transparent
zend rest route messing up routing for default controller
ruby on rails what's the best way to add a column to a table
Jquery UniForm dont clear input after hit back button
Codeigniter passing variable error
$.Ajax loading an HTML code and show it after like with JQuery .load
C - Compile static file
PHP & AJAX & MySQL integration
UIButton created programmatically in a section of a UITableView to hide/show contents of the section
鈥淚f鈥�statement alternatives
Why is a virtual table required only in case of virtual functions?
DevExpress AspxGridview Filter between two dates and two datepickers in the same filter
UIWebView on top of UINavigationController stack not shown
TypeError in Python 3.x
passing parameters to jquery ui dialog
How to prevent the browser using jQuery Form plugin changing to the form action url?
HTTPClient sends out two requests when using Basic Auth?
display CurrentUserName on list form web part
Select Tags when parsing XML with NSXML Parser Objective-C
tasks from member functions using std.parallelism in D
Running Into Issues Access Console On Google Appengine 1.5.4
Javascript/Html: Load Html into FrameSet with onunload event
How do I get all meanings of a word from Google Translate (v2)?
Parsing XSLT/Xpath data for a list of XML nodes
style multiple elements at the same time
Magento API access on localhost without using internet connection
Tomcat timeout when using SSL
Get current pinned section of UITableView
Obtaining a Unix Timestamp in Go Language (current time in seconds since epoch)
How do you do two-way binding use variables?
silverlight intergrated with asp not working
PLSQL Iterate over object attributes
send data from code behind to a javascript function
Matlab in Linux (Ubuntu 11.10) doesn't display Unicode (Hebrew) in plot figure
Find columns that contain only zeros
Combining multiple JQuery UI statements to set up Button controls
How to use this C code to multiply two matrices using Strassen's algorithm?
Animation to Storyboard
Email winform apps with multiple host
Access Form values in my Symfony executeAction backend
Inject javascript function into parent window from iframe
Castle.ActiveRecord.dll not compatible with ASP.NET MVC 4 Web API
What exactly does git rebase --skip do?
Running mysql -vvv from a script and I get no logging
Identifying a device accessing an html page
Compiling wxWidgets 2.8.12 and 2.9.3 under Visual Studio 11 Beta
Cocos2D iPhone - adding a CCLayer on top of another
Convert java.awt.Image to TIFF byte array with compression
Python: Dynamically changing base classes at runtime. How to?
Ubuntu 11.10 PHP don't proceed
Implementing a stack of 鈥渟trings鈥�in C
Success Percentage not handled correctly by Surefire
Social network Check-in [closed]
can't reference non-static method from anonymous method
Error when installing Ruby 1.9.3 on Mac OS X Lion
Plotting 2 vectors against each other
C# class and Graphics
Not working string comparison between vector element and a txt file line
Submit button -> run .php -> popup -> refresh part of page php
How to save Facebook user's data into our own database who like my app, page
Digital identity is equal to public key + private key?
Redirect Posts to Categories in WordPress
Is my `swap` overload supposed to be used? Is this a libstdc++ (GCC) bug?
SerialPort and Control Updating in MDI form
Just added data being removed when table is sorted
python increment ipaddress
Login to PostgreSQL - Login failed
How can I jQuery POST multiple parameters from a single object selected from a HTML.DropDownList?
jQuery Incorporating a variable within a selector
Custom MessageBox in C#
Implementing resource quotas for users in groups in sql server 2008
Writing and then removing node from XML doc using C#/Unity3D
What are the performance differences between RTP over UDP and RTSP/RTP?
Android Dev: Timer not honoring dynamic interval period
Gradient Borders That Change Thickness
Get session id from android MEDIA PLAYER?
dbunit schema parameter does not work
Integrating facebook comments into a website without the social plugin
GET vs. POST when parameters are required
Python code for searching through a url
What is keeping this option select from working?
Access a property of an object inside a method of that class
How to evolve weights of a neural network using a GA?
Error while Sorting on table from Server side: 鈥淎t least one object must implement IComparable.鈥�
How to include a variable in another variable
javascript + jquery ajax : conditional 鈥渄ata鈥�element
Critical Regions Construct for Processes using Semaphore & Mutex (Hoare 1973)
Placeholder Text Formatting
Codeigniter Menu Based on Access Level
Sum of list of lists inside a container?
Best practice for storing data lists/arrays
What is a good MySQL library for C or C++? [duplicate]
Make a program than can use a Video Camera and Recognise Gestures [closed]
Is there a way to modify all incoming webpages to include a particular javascript [closed]
Get the content of a text box, create a .txt file from it and store it in to the database
What's the lowest isolation required to ensure only one SQL UPDATE makes a change?
Adding descendents to xdocument root element issue
How to close iframe from inside iframe?
im getting a warning using objectFromJSONData
Sitecore 6 export user list
Variable returning blank when added to database
Recursive depth of python dictionary
undefined method `reservefunctionrooms' for #<Reservation:0xb637f24c>
Prevent BODY from scrolling when a modal is opened
Adding dynamically form fields depending on selection of combo box with Javascript
function to be called every page request
Using nanoc to create a list of blog articles, sorted by month and year<fbid> sometimes fails to return the 鈥渓ink鈥�field
Applet, ask for permission?
How do I upload photos in the background on a website?
Blackberry RSA Decryption always hangs
Am I protected from MySQL injection when I am using $this->data?
How to make a bulleted list (menu) with dotted lines
clear form fields onLoad and onUnload on back button
How can I add a WHERE statement to a WHERE statement in Postgres?
.NET SOAP Consumption - 'Could not Unmarshall Type'
How to determine whether a separate status bar exists in android?
how to change default email address for postfix? [closed]
OpenCV2.3.1, basic program, in QtCreator not working
Select event for a div element
Calling class method without using the object?
Python and curses displays weirdly
Python csv writer truncates number format
Stop Timer Within Try Catch
Is there a big speed difference between Mongo and Mysql(MyIsam)?
Facebook Comments Widget Display Issues When Not Logged Into Facebook
Detect button long press on Android
using an array as the data-source for CGridView
How to make a call from Ruby on Rails to an external PHP script?
Best Way To Work With FileSystems? [closed]
Importing data into core data from a csv file on a server
HTML5 Local Database Callback
MVC and View in Model
Why session_ destroy() is needed?
what is the best way to build android app-server system which can play live streaming service?
Showing a PDF File in a page which name was obtained from a PL Package? [closed]
jquery mobile doesn't load file when button click event
Are there performace issues with an image map ona web page
Update on Varchar column of a table that has > 10 millions rows
Postion segue popover on mapkit annotation without segue anchor
Scala traits and structural types: can a trait extend a structural type and then call super?
Failed rspec test should pass
How to import from command line and then iterate over imported modules?
Pass View Model into a Function
Android 2.2 SSL Bug with client certificate?
Reports in SOA (Business Intelligence & Service Oriented Architecture)
How to compare a string using a switch case in C++
vtkFiltering.dll is missing
How do you deploy ColdFusion local development environments?
What is the difference between C++0x and C++11?
Aptana 3 unfolds whole file after detecting eny error in code
JPA/Hibernate: Concise definition and best practice for collection 鈥渙wner鈥�
why does curl return only rss feed content instead of html when there is an auto discovery link on the page?
EXC_BAD_ACCESS when ending scene in cocos2d
Canceling the Add of a new row in a DataGrid
how to completely remove gesture recognizers
how to do searches with 鈥済oogle鈥�鈥渂ing鈥�鈥測ahoo鈥�using python?
Fastest way to build this string
Extract properties associated with classes from RDF file
Nokogiri: How can you exclude HTML attributes with certain class names?
change circle color in application bar on windows phone 7
PostgreSQL forces lowercase names?
Does ThreadPool.GetMaxThreads get the value based on processModel tag in machine.config?
Accessing Java from Ruby via RPC
JPanel technique for Android
Calling a method of an instance of a class
How to serialize a public static final string in a webservice?
cpack deb generator components output names
How to resolve ip_options_compile, EXPORT_SYMBOL
Calculating how many days are between two dates in DB2?
Any way to prevent gnuplot xticlabel from truncating long strings?
Load excel file into PHP_Excel from variable
Retrieving contacts in next activity
XSLT Refuses to write DOCTYPE declaration
Post JSON OBJECT IN JAVA [duplicate]
Retrieving Element Names From The Class Map
iphone app updation issue
Loading string from string array in strings.xml file
dotnetOpenAuth fails on protocol error. Is it ServiceProviderDescription ot TokenManager?
Does PHP have an equivalent of C/C++'s #ifdef?
How to display jquery dialog from codebehind
Managing Memory
Retrieving tags from XML
How to validate check boxes in a custom dialog?
Find how many strings in istringstream
Rationale for comment rules in MISRA
鈥淭emplateSyntaxError: 'humanize' is not a valid tag library:鈥�in DJango
Sum a list of lists?
How I can make SELECT using DISTINCT and ORDER BY RANDOM at same time?
roxygen2 not fully updating DESCRIPTION file
realloc() fails after repeated calls
MySQL SELECT the 5 most recent IDs
General proof strategies to show correctness of recursive functions?
Is there any API that can be used to update the Jboss configuration file (standalone.xml)
Create a redistributable gui component for android
CakePHP: Unable to save associated model data (HasOne association)
Mobile optimized checkout for PayPal Website Payments Standard
Using of tasks in openmp for recursive calls
Ruby left->right indexed string collection
Counting number of occurrences of a string inside another (Perl)
Dimiss UIPopOverController within NavigationController
csv file encoding for cyrillic characters
unable to load PHP_ffmpeg.dll
Calculating Slopes in Numpy (or Scipy)
Fade in/out label on hover
Flash Builder 4.5 Drop Downlist with Checkbox
Rails 3/javascript - dynamically recalcuate a field as inputs change?
How to calculate the bounding box of a CATextLayer's string?
fade in fade out of div
Collaborate using git and separate branches without adding a bunch of redundant commits
Why am I receiving this error when I attempt to build Qt from source in Visual Studio 11 Express Beta?
JQuery and ASP.Net Ajax conflicts?
MySQL how do I correct this subquery?
JSON.NET Deserialize - Can't figure out the classes?
Why is the year 2001 missing from GNU make copyright? [closed]
Hide div based on if some elements will be inside it
Jquery: Clear Specific form field on checkbox click
Naming a file as the current date in batch
Can't start glassfish v3 on windows 7
How do I configure Spring Security authentication to deal with a complex Active Directory / LDAP account tree?
How can unit-tests use SmartGWT classes?
Visual Studio reference specific (SQL) database item
add class to regex jquery
JavaScript URL Hash detect id number
Please wait page in Spring MVC + Apache Tiles
Sending A Fax from a VB.Net program
Creating a view in SQL - duplicate fields error
JSF Validation for INLINE
What does MaxDegreeOfParallelism do?
org.hibernate.AnnotationException: referencedColumnNames(P0, P1, P2)鈥�not mapped to a single property
PHP AWS SDK autoloader conflicts with Codeigniter
c# extension methods to convert timezones
Connect to a Sybase database in Python without a DSN?
Symfony2 with PHP 5.4 built-in server
Json_encode()with output [closed]
Must copy cell formatting in Excel2010 using VBA
Java - HTML tags for JLabel
How to convert R expressions to LaTeX/TeX without using a CAS?
Is there a database, API, or parsable text for getting verb conjugations?
java separate file for global variables
What do I need to put in .emacs to print to default Windows printer?
Losing reference to an object When a Subclass tries to use that object
Entity with data from two tables
What's wrong with this code? I try to create multiple arrays in a loop
How to access the field name of a PivotCell.RowItem(n)?
How do I update a TextView that stores an average of list values
Could not find 'WindowsFormsApplication1.Program' specified for Main method after renaming name space
url not working in curl function
jQuery If div has anchor child then
How do I Exclude RSS feeds from Fiddler?
httpwebrequest.getResponse timesout in webservice
FlexSlider video iframe problems in Safari
Javaw.exe - Approximately 60 Instances Running Simultaneously
If I don't press write button, I want to show an alert
How to prevent maxOccurs=鈥渦nbounded鈥�in xsd files
What are the client libraries to be used with a JMS client connecting to HornetQ/JMS running in Jboss
ActionScript 3 - Initiating A Bullet Changes Direction With Character
Access to a webForm properties, knowing the relative/abs path
Background image and color not showing up on IE
Sweave Cache packages
Using OnClick Listener in Listview
HTML Background Image OnLoad
Warning dialog 鈥淭he Service is Invalid鈥�when building and running App in XCode 4
mysql left join with multiple columns
Compile PHP on Linux or use apt-get / yum?
uwsgi + python2.7 unable to import anything
applicationWillResignActive not firing when targeting iPod Touch (2nd gen) iOS 4.2.1
what's wrong with my simple JSON JAX-RS web service?
Complex foreach loop possible to shorten to linq?
Retrieve and sort results based on several criteria
Android - Turn off display without triggering sleep/lock screen - Turn on with Touchscreen
export variable in JavaScript [duplicate]
git root branches鈥�how do they work?
Java: AWT Label not showing up
How to Play Audio in background in IPhone?
EJB @Asynchronous - Transaction is not active after few minutes executing
Jquery onmousedown needing a double click?
Abandoning Git commits on Github for rejected pull requests
getting awk to filter endless pipes
Wrapping JSF components with DIV
Google chrome extension and batch command
Connecting SQL Server 2008 R2 with Visual Studio 2010
How to change background color of an edited cell in JTable?
css class to make html select look like span
Alternative methods to access controls that aren't exposed by MSAA/UIAutomation
ASP.NET MVC 3, SQL Server; Code First EF approach not adding tables to App_Data/.mdf
How to Apply FadeIn on Hover with Background img?
SSRS Report Dataset Parameter format discovery when querying Tfs 2010 SSAS Cube
Can I distribute my software (without source code) which uses a couple of components under GPLv3 and LGPL 2.1?
JavaScript /jQuery variable scope causing errors
How to find the next indexed item in an $.each array
Rails 3 Devise Warden Login security hole that needs to be plugged, pulling my hair out
How do I animate CSS box-shadow depth (with jQuery or CSS3 transitions)?
CSS background disappears when using float:left
Apache NameVirtuaHost does not respect ServerName's
Adding an array of an array at Amazon DynamoDB
In Android, this the correct way to setup SQLiteDatabase helpers?
Populate the URL params in title [closed]
carrierwave cache images and activerecord
Registering a type with ctor that expects runtime parameters in unityContainer
android unzip file, no file extracted
What's a smart approach to parsing 鈥渇orum-style鈥�tags within a string of random HTML?
Using LINQ to combine similar rows of grouped data
XMLString needs to change the format
How to pass column names to a function that processes data.frames
How do I create a branch using git and repo tools while working with android code
Bash script for creating text in a file using arguments
Databinding ASP.Net repeater from Ajax
change attr with jquery
how to list active gesture recognizers?
Cross join Sql Query
Enumeration error on results fetched using nhibernate session create sql query
chdir on a file to use execl
How does UIApplication cancelAllLocalNotifications work between app updates?
IE9 javascript replace does not work
Is session maintained when user presses back/forward buttons in browser?
Configuration Manager and Command Line
Acquiring the Minimum array out of Multiple Arrays by order in Python
CPU Usage to 100%
Flex 4.6 mobile sqlite specific data
Insert a Variable within a WP_Query (Wordpress)
Displaying Euro sign on PDF using XSLT 1.0
Android compatibility contextual action bar
How do I call function from jade client side java scripts
How to exclude a category from a magento getCollection
CSS Class on end MySQL row
Should I make java Objects Null?
Caching, CDN - are they the same for PHP Yii site? How to use it for a dynamic php site?
UTF-8 locale in Visual C++ 2010
Oracle - Add rows together in one field
IronPython, import, and clr.AddReferenceByPartialName
Postgres spatial SQL queries
Calling stored procedure from Entity Framework 3.5
How to connect my webrole app ( to my sql azure database?
C# using keyword,Proper use of it
How can I filter an array of hashes to get only the keys in another array?
xmpp Opera throws security error
Extending controller in ExtJS 4 MVC application
Fancybox close button disapears when CSS and JS minified
TypeError in a simple method call
When does Rails 3.2 use the pages that it caches to disk?
Parse 2 numbers in C# divided by minus sign
Complement of a SQL Join? T-SQL help needed
Jasper Rest API, run a report
Jquery Grid with ASP.NET
How to execute JavaScript in Android/JAVA-Google Maps API V3?
How does the TCP protocol reattaches all the TCP Segments once it reaches its destinaition?
hide parent div if link inside has empty href
Parsing youtube data with C++ and Jsoncpp
Strange behaviour using fgets and strtok_r
Crossdomain.xml file is not found when trying to access through https
Setting safe mode to OFF in .htaccess file does not work
GlassFish 3.1.2 PostgreSQL 9.1 = ClassNotFoundException
Re-enabling Quotes in phpBB Color Code
Correct JSON ouput iPhone json_encode
Connection between three controllers rails
Signal Strength on android saved as a variable
Registering closed types using StructureMap's scanner
How do I get an accurate measurement of a query's efficiency?
Inconsistent results from ASP classic
How to get the HTML before, inside, and after a selection (not in textarea)?
RelativeLayout views overlapping
What is the limit on malloc parameter of type size_t in C? Docs say it has an upper limit of UINT_MAX but I can't go beyond INT_MAX
Getting Index out of range error for List<T> while load testing. It appears to be threading issue
ranlib: warning for library
How can I change the image that is shown when user hovers over published actions from my facebook app?
Facebook Connect Error
check if an item is already exist in listbox1
Form validation via with .val() returning 'null' error
Makefile variable being ignored
Garbage collection and cgo
Merging two ArrayLists with 2 different objects(which are the instance of the same class)
I want to return a the length of the string using 2 methods. Newbie in Java
Does the AS3 LoadPolicyFile function apply to remote swfs as well?
creating fact table from relational db
Goodness of fit inside a data.frame by each row
鈥渘o such column鈥�error when running a data migration with django-south
Simple operator to access property in Fsharp
JSON.stringify returns empty
display multiple image in tabbedpane
Multiple HTML Forms on One Page
How do I get the git init command to be a valid command on my server [closed]
Swing app doesn't display in some circumstances
Bring back sibling values within a parent node
How to keep moving PictureBox in boundaries C# Visual Studio 2010
Are global attributes a good way to expose command line metadata for an internal tool suite?
Get SimpleDB attribute without looping through all attributes for an item
Ajax finish loading with prettyPhoto - jquery
Using a class object in case statement
Adding more containers to a jframe
render :nothing => true is not working in a jquery mobile Rails 3.0 app
Intercept private field access to do lazy loading
Intercept private field access to do lazy loading
MVC3 model DisplayFormat and JSON
Oracle and Sql developer Connection
Error with Google Calendar API - 401 Login required when adding a calendar event
Javascript replace string regex
How to add post with place (location) to user's wall via graph API?
Validators bound to one datasource activating when changing the edit mode on another
IOS Mapkit - load pin from mssql or mysql
jQuery - slideup() and slidedown() only show and hide but don't animate [duplicate]
What does mean that P(位) is the prior probability in a Hidden Markov Model?
Expression Trees reuse Values?
Parallel Port Java Programming
Div height 100% and expands to fit content
DirectX 9.0 vertex buffer updating
What triggers the BluetoothDevice.ACTION_ACL broadcasts?
ActionForm redirect
Why is my table size nearly 10 times bigger than expected from the avg_row_len?
c# How do I specify a not in a select statement?
UI design with GWT
Is there any point in using a Java module for unit tests in an Android project?
Excel VBA - Search for value from sheet1 in sheet2 and update with adjacent value from sheet1
How display one object with list
Doing work in objective C init
Sample 1 not ready - Soundpool in Android 2.1
R grep: Match one string against multiple patterns
Transactions and Order Safety with MySQL (InnoDB)
javascript (jquery) script perfomance synchronous vs asynchronous
Message received when Window gets activated
Grouping 'like' rows in SQL and summing?
Awk: Var types and output format
Automated installation of SSL certificates to Android devices
What is an Atypon adapter?
how to modify height of a div when hover it and with transition (priority of CSS without Javascript)
C# Xml serialization of objects with IEnumerable
Mysql Database Name Restrictions
IIS7 Migrate web.config from classic to integrated issue
PLAIN authentication over SSL/TLS
jQuery sortable custom index range serialization
Java: Buttons and Labes Layout
How can I configure visual c++ 2008 for 64 bit? [duplicate]
How to change all elements of an array to specific value?
Virtualbox 鈥減ort forward鈥�from Guest to Host [closed]
Having CountDownTimer to restart when it finishes
Opening a Google Maps API infowindow from URL parameter (KML layer)
New MVC 4 Beta wont open .css
How to detect links to a website or link?
Websockets - force protocol
ObjectInputStream works for MySql, but not for sqlite
How to load a chart from Kendo UI on the click of a button
GWT Horizontal panel with horizontal scrolling
RubyKoans - Confusing hash example [duplicate]
QString Copying
Is there a way to use ON DUPLICATE KEY to Update all that I wanted to insert?
Interpreting results of algorithm experiment?
Changing development environment to 64 bit Windows 7 - app crashes
Entity Framework the order sql generated by Savechanges()
Dynamically inserting content within same page rather then going to a new page
Ajax call for Jquery Modal give me dialog is not a function.
Center last marker Google Maps
Script is causing link to call server twice
Where is NSXML documented?
Image web-link in CSS or ASPX page?
Where can I see the build script used by Visual Studio?
Accessing .Text & .Content of multiple controls within a custom control
What's the difference between the three linux-image variants in Ubuntu?
Android Gallery Jumps when swiped quickly or slowly
Append <select> with AJAX call to XML
Ios how to get a list of already purchased products?
Saving entire NSView contents, which is inside an NSScrollView
ios uiview auto-expand dimensions
USSD Gateway Connection
Stateful EJB in business tier used in the conversation scope of the web tier
How to attach generated PDF with Reportlab to Email in App Engine Python
How to improve JDBC performance with my application
Node.Js + Socket.IO vs SignalR vs C# WebSocket Server
Do 301 redirects in .htaccess need to be in a priority order?
changing ASCII characters -invalid type?
erasing with sed
jQuery DatePicker - DatePicker Is Not A Function
in git-svn, how do I change the svn branch that a git branch is tracking?
Is it an 'original sin' to do init work in __new__? If so, how best to handle run once init for singletons?
fadeIn effect to background image
How do I use jquery to post a custom class?
Two Phase Commit - How to use my queue effectively?
Last few queries list
Silverlight Code works differently when not running against development runtime
How to apply onSavedInstantState to this java code?
How do I create a recursive anagram tool which prints every possible combination of a string of letters, including prefixes?
Setting up an Alfresco Home Folder Provider for External Users (pre-4.0)
Java array - Out of bounds exception on an initialized array
JEditorPane high cpu usage while showing particular unanimated GIFs
fall through switch case to make Google map element seems to fail
What happens when password of SQL service account is changed after successful login
Rails routing exception => unexpected tSTRING_BEG, expecting keyword_do
How to detect group SMS conversation
jquery checkbox unable to click
ios frame change one property (eg width)
SQL Server Query,
Check statements
is removeAllAnimations then adding animations the way to go?
Redirect to page with basic auth
how to post JSON data to web service using Apache Wink RestClient?
Google App Engine Django and HTML5
How should I create an email with attachments (MIME) for Amazon Simple Email Service using
Using a function to trigger .toggle() instead of .click()
Replace NaN's in NumPy array with closest non-NaN value
CSS Multiple backgrounds & IE 8 and earlier
How import a HTML code to JSF page?
Maximizing user preferences window
Auditing Database Changes on SaveChanges() in Entity Framework 4.0
Rails generate a controller with different inheritance than Application
UpdatePanel and Lost Events - ASP.NET
Gnuplot: ternary operation on dates to filter data
Package Maker run pre-install script
Can Python's argparse permute argument order like gnu getopt?
frustrating codeigniter setup to run a simple program
Display tree menu of selected parent
In R, is there a way to handle NA in an integer column of a data.frame so that NA values are not included when subsetting?
How to declare a new partial function type in Scala
how to display my gps location from my mobile into map view?
Including an image in an RDLC results in a unexpectedly large output size
Dynamically disable select menu based on text field value
System.Diagnostic.Process.Start not working
JQuery Click Child when Parent Clicked
Propagation rules of touch/click events
CXF-CODEGEN generated client needs namespace on the soap envelope
Python ctype help: working with C unsigned char pointers
Rails: Rendering Partials through Ajax with Buttons
How to solve hg-fast-export error: 鈥淏ranch name doesn't conform to GIT standards: refs/heads/master鈥�
Is it possible to retrieve and send data from google docs to android app?
JavaScript Prototype Inheritance and ajax post
Highlight entire line in a nested list on hover
How to interact with background.js from the popup?
Simple TListView OwnerDraw Text Font Size and Color example?
automatic reference counting (ARC) and retainCount
Recompiling nginx after using apt-get install nginx
How to change color-scheme on BitBucket?
Android: How to display JSON Post result
Zend Framework - plugin by name was not found in registry
backbone.js - No model inheritance after restoring from localStorage
Javascript Validate on input change, only submit when Submit button clicked
How to get input integer from user c
C++ Unmanaged dll - Instantiation and Dispose Issue - C#
Can you remove empty cell in SSRS matrix
Git fetch remote branch
App Crashes on Launch, Trying to see if file exist's for login screen
How does closing a windows forms applications and excel.exe processes interact (potentially through the garbage collector)?
android set shared preferences from an xml file crashes
How to write model related translation in rails?
MediaPlayer stops and restarts
How to deal with Git Submodules in Visual Studio solutions with different layout?
SMTP error: 鈥淩ecipient addressed refused鈥�when trying to send an email using python and postfix
Can I make decode(errors=鈥渋gnore鈥� the default for all strings in a Python 2.7 program?
Django Tastypie creating new resource that has foreign keys?
Reading a directory file in C
how to compare two objects/references in java? [duplicate]
slideToggle Jump
How to send mails using SmtpClient and DefaultNetworkCredentials to a distribution list that only allows authenticated senders?
Facebook api on windows without keyboard? Virtual Keyboard
How to pack squares into circles?
iOS UILabel on new View Controller not updating when using segue
Outlook 2010 Com addin - NewExplorer never fires
Django - Managing page content in Django Admin
XCode 4 Will Not Let Me Add New Methods
How can I modify this class to use the singleton pattern, like activemodel?
Large Denormalized Table Optimization
javascript change div based on dropdown
persisted login with Zend_Session::rememberMe
How to select a column from a row-major array in sub-linear time?
Java Jar running on remote ubuntu server
Python: Getting Audio Volume of a Certain Amount of Time
Libwbxml compiling on Win32 environment
jQuery - plugin methods call
Firefox showing a black gif as white
Why are grails plugin assets not copied in the right place when packaging as a war?
Generate all Binary Combinations C++ [closed]
PhongGap Playbook FileTransfer
C# disable viewstate but still use ViewState[鈥渋tem鈥漖
How to make UIButton overhang over parent view and still make it all selectable?
How do I change ADO ResultSet format in python?
Adding a jdbc driver to pentaho design studio and configuring the datasource
How a process can refer to objects that are not in its address space (for example, a file or another process)?
GWT and Third Party Cross Domain JavaScript
Html/Markup format using Picasa PHP FOREACH
Boolean for whether a string contains a substring
Vb .Net Read Webpage Source (Not using StreamReader)
Check whether COM-method call is local or remote
Generating unique IDs in JavaScript
When was my table last ALTERed?
VS2010 Winform designer alterate decent code
Copy columns from one excel sheet to another with different formatting
Issue with displaying spaces in View
JQuery UI autocomplete - how to make the input not editable by the user
Strange errors in intel's tbb
Unable to open databse file sql lite android
HTML/CSS: Keeping Elements Positioned with Window Change
Order by date issue
Datepicker beforeShowDay with AJAX
Calling copyValuesToRange method twice
Nested form validations
Nested form validations
Internal logs for Castle Windsor
Secure/Non-secure browsing issue
ASP.NET MVC Json 404 Response
Viewing application on fan page using test user/test account
Generating AST from ANTLR grammar
AutomationElement.FromHandle() execution time is intermittently slow
Windows Forms Timers
Stuck on how to add a 鈥渟elect all鈥�function with discount
SOLR: Setting up index time synonyms
ComboBox doesn't work when in a UIScrollView
set text of JTextArea from a different class
Android Activity 鈥�NullPointerException (鈥渦nable to instantiate activity ComponentInfo鈥�?
Contact Form php, js, and jquery issues
Mobile phone apps - what is MEPE?
How to show co-ordinates of some points on `imagesc` plot in Matlab?
Tips for saving a large domain object tree
Serial programming in Arduino, reading decimal numbers with values outside of the values of 0-9
How to style to_yaml correctly
scope of this.submit()?
Is there an optimal method for ordering a MYSQL composite index?
Extjs4, get radiofield value in Controller
Syntax differences in property access expressions [duplicate]
Implementing a runtime library loader
RadioGroup in ScrollView does not fill ScrollView. Instead RadioButtons are squeezed
Application generated HTML in UIWebView for displaying text
RailwayJS vs Geddy vs Express vs Socket.IO
ExtJS TextField after input text not call setValue()
Cut big sentence by PHP
Android ViewPager with Touchable/Focusable Objects
Product image in cart [closed]
Is it possible to simply update all fields in Mongo using Morphia?
return codes for net registry enumerate ? while trying to access samba's registry from linux
TSQL/SQL - Loop [closed]
chart of swf versions to flash versions
View/Edit Work Items and Deny Access to Source Code in TFS 2010
Invalid index 4 for this SqlParameterCollection with Count=4
Properly using sscanf
regex match first occurrence of dot and any following backslash
sem_close vs sem_unlink when process terminates
Merge changes from parent branch
Computing Rotation Matrix from Vanishing Points
Storing HTML in mysql tables
Java PDF Creation
How is generic type 'T contrained on this Don Syme's code?
How do I save an entity collection to the database using RIA Services and Entity Framework?
How to handle changes in duplicated data in NoSQL
Moving a Git repository from a Visual Studio solution
How to create a new transparent bitmap?
Is it possible to make a windows explorer context menu associated to both a file name extension and the result of peeking at the contents?
Calling REST Service from C#: Error 500
Air for Android - Initialization
Keeping preferred sizes of components in center of BorderLayout
Yii active record can't write but can read
Doctrine query group by date
Imagemagick issue on Lion installed with Homebrew
How do I put comments on each line in VB.NET?
spring data mongodb entity) method not working?
TextBoxWatermarkExtender not showing text
Changing hit area of a Checkbox
Breadth first search of C# Control Collection
Expect script - run code on exit
Using jQuery serialize to put ajax values into a database select query
Impersonating a user on Mac OS X
jQuery dragscroll plugin that works with links?
CoreDataTableViewController shows blank view
Confused about class method syntax
Newbie EF4.3 & MVC4 Relationships
how to stop Visual Studio 2010 outlining of Jscript
Why is embedded ruby not working in a static page in public folder?
Multiple Java threads seemingly locking same monitor?
OES_vertex_array_object and client state
Showing/hiding divs based on jPlayer time update
Use Boost Library with Bada
Spring 3.05- issue with @Value - returning null
UITabBarController temporarily missing item title and image in More Navigation Controller
Pass variable to jQuery Expander settings
Android - Custom GridView with fling - error
jQuery client-side and Java server-side - Alternatives to JSON?
JavaFx 2.0 with Apache Pivot 2.0
css3 transition with margin-left auto in ff/opera
Getting 鈥淓xecuteXmlReader: Connection property has not been initialized鈥�using Enterprise Library 5.0
Java ArrayList merge sort algorithm
Unable to post message to my facebook using php sdk
Convert Screenshot to PDF in Xcode?
Boolean for whether a number is in a range
Inserting data into different tables at the same time with Linq-to-SQL
perl, mysql - fasting way to upload a csv file into mysql?
Assertion failure in -[UIActionSheet showInView:]
When you import another msbuild file, what is the order of evaluation?
Lexical analysis of string token using Parsec
Play customized Security Controller validation by annotation doesn`t work
Azure - uploading files to blob storage via shared hosting
Reduce allocation sorting large list (or vector)
How can I use field values in an expression on a report?
Django-South DataMigration - App available in forwards() but not backwards()?
Create new table or insert data into a existing table?
Problems with Zend_Lucene when using Routes
JSP Simple IF statement
How to substitute multiple grep results with str.sub in Ruby?
How to substitute multiple grep results with str.sub in Ruby?
Bottom to top <ul> element arrangement
Showing Progress Bar with jquery
loading content with $.get and slideDown the updadet element
Leaks Performance Tool not detecting an obvious memory leak
Retrieving path to solution(s)?
OnlineFaceRec by Shervin
Why would is_int(sqrt(100)) return false
Upgrading huge number of Joomla sites
Instance variables in implementation files 鈥斅爌rivate vs. protected
Knockout.js - javascript function on data-bind
a parameterless ctor exist but unity goes to another one while resolving
sort strings in csh
Manipulating expressions in R
Problems with Listview adapter
how to set the setuid bit in a program of a non-root user?
Using keyword as an ID can let your mysql slower?
carouFredSel: Show partial items?
Can MySQL handle large amounts of data?
Is there a way to override the << operator in Ruby?
Implementing accessor methods in Ruby
Need to eliminate excess namespace prefix in SOAP body
How to automatically turn on network in OnCreate?
Generate Key from string?
jQuery - How to select tablerow element using custom attribute value?
InStrRev() problems
JPA/Hibernate/HSQLDB querying but not assigning sub-object
PHP DateTime format not working properly
spring data mongodb , use MongoRepository or MongoTemplate?
ASP.NET change SessionID
setSize() doesn't work for JFrame
Custom comparison and equality in fsharp
xcode 4.2.1 - subclassing UITextView
trouble with declaring a delegate
Facebook integration issue [duplicate]
Ensemble learning, multiple classifier system
How to force a DLL dependency even when no symbols are directly used by EXE?
NSManagedObject key exists in the entity description but when trying to access it the app crashes with 鈥渢his class is not key value coding-compliant鈥�
QueryOver - adding additional critteria on a Join
Printable div with javascript & form fields
JADE ACLMessage InReplyTo and ReplyWith
My images have been deleted after an app update
Trying to run java program for first time outside Eclipse
How to resume updating views when resumed AVAudioplayer
Datatables page change callback
Make a div nested in a jQuery UI dialog resize with the dialog?
How to get the id in the URL using PHP and MYSQL?
text echo not executing in html browser for php member login system
Webflow: Manipulating a conversation scoped object in an action
How to create a Text area in default layout
How to create a Text area in default layout
load a (xml) file from the classpath in a spring web app
Activex warning An Activex control on this page might be unsafe
Twisted reactor cpu usage
Scala Set.contains doesn't give expected type mismatch error
ADO adDate field returns 鈥�2:00 am鈥�when it's value is Null
Navigation Guard on PhoneCallTask when user clicks 鈥渄ont call鈥�
CSS: Multiple Attribute Selectors
Hibernate noop id primary keys
UIView Custom background Color Pattern and Animate
mysql select columns using subqueries for different results
Python Save to file
Running Shell Script from CPP , while Script bundled inside the exe
extract the values which match in both columns
Java 64-bit JDBC-ODBC driver issues
MySQL: Get the ID of the preceding record
Can't change the position of the OverviewMapControl
Moving the legend in a fieldset lower in the form [duplicate]
c++ gui programming resources
how can i secure a php page from viewing without access
Carriage Returns as a field entry Access 2007 VBA
Using SQL IN AND together
SSRS 2008 reference an embedded image in custom code
Rails 3 Generator custom templates with Engine
Coldfusion, facebook integration
鈥渇ailed to open stream: HTTP request failed鈥�using ftp_put on PHP
AppEngine allocateIdRange : clarification about CONTENTION state
How to write this better in perl
Upgrading Entity Framework 4.3.1 to 5.0.0 beta 1 gives binding redirects error
Select a year from a sql value which has a date value of xxxx-xx-xx
Git daemon cloning error
Jqplot pie chart rendering only lines
Paperclip attachment shared by 2 models
CSS Animations - change a property without a transition?
Get Video By Id to check status using the YouTubeApi
Call to a member function from() on a non-object in my mail settings
Refactor replace within jquery
P/Invoke causes crash on method with struct and callback parameters
Error 3296: Join expression not supported in MS Access Query with multiple JOIN
Javascript xPath [@StoreName]?
How do I replace all string values in this JavaScript statement? [duplicate]
TSQl: Select Current Date - 6 Days and set time to 12:01 AM
Why doesn't the RewriteCond prevent the RewriteRule from processing?
Horizontal lists in CSS
Setting socket read timeout with javax.xml.soap.SOAPConnection
How to Implement a cross-platform app with single version of HTML5 markup using Yii, 1140 grid and jQuery Mobile?
Formatting Java Logging
url rewrite with a question mark