JPQL Group By not working
Cannot search for online exensions because an error occured while trying to contact the server
Jquery (Mobile) and phonegap storage module not synchronized
Bash: read inside while loop
Gnuplot plotting data from a file up to some row
Rewrite rules in ANTLR primaryExprList (OR^ primaryExprList)*
Handle SOAP calls with ESB/MessageBroker or Grails?
JQuery UI dialog - Keeps in front after closing (only in Chrome)
Utility of Future.cancel(boolean) method
Groovy, collating list causes concurrentmodification exception
Apple IOS App submissions. A few questions
Iframe app JavaScript SDKpublish dialog error (code 102)
Running a .vbs from a .bat?
Mapping multiple foreign keys on the same object in EF Code First
Rails server console output very noisy, can it be turned off?
Bind Tornado Webserver on random port
Deploying C++ solution using VS2010
iOS:UITableView & Back Button, how to update cell in parent view?
OutOfMemoryError when loading activities
Show only Domain name with pretty faces
Prevent two div elements from being visible at one time
GEt a cookie with nodejs
AsyncTask doInBackground ForceClose Sometimes
Is there a way to trigger Fancybox to auto-open when calling .fancybox()
SQL Server Strings Padded with Whitespace on Insert - why?
PHP and Cron job [duplicate]
Matrix multiplication in java for large size 2 dimensional matrix
How to create DLL which will contain custom controls
Forming SQL/LINQ query - Ordered elements across different rows sharing logical grouping
How to get a list of all recent SVN commit messages?
CakePHP - POST call to REST API returning null
When should you decide to use a XMPP server or just WCF Services?
Mongoengine.. select_related() does not work
mingw and codeblocks for c and c++ which works on windows 7 64bit?
finding locations of a set of elements in a matrix - Matlab
How to include a specific php file when a div is shown/display:鈥渂lock鈥�
ASP.Net forms authentication - go to login page on timeout
Emulate Tooltip functionality with ToolStripDropDown
Role of indices parameters in glDrawElements with GL_POINTS
How to Move All USING Statements to top of Project Files
Challenges while trying to club in IceFaces with JBoss v6
ANTLR Interpreter running error
Display image that depends on user input
why is my door opening in unity
Left outter Join
Cannot login to SQL server using Azure platform
Android java set number of decimals
Using intel's tbb with qt
Newlib optimized for code size
Assigning values to a list, identity
How do I change my readline path?
How do I change my readline path?
TCP Client - Data gets corrupted only in some parts
Sed: file or directory not found
capture pid of terminated background process using trap in bash
JNA Pass char* By Reference
How to assign %%parameter to variable?
PHP Calendar Populated By mySQL Dates
HSQLDB Trigger Statement ERROR when using SimpleJdbcTestUtils.executeSqlScript()
Jail bars before an image (merging images)
regex letters and numbers and characters jquery
SQL server identity suppression context
jQuery cross fading slideshow not working corectly
Visual C++/C# launching Java
jQuery gmap3 syntax error
ASP.NET Web Api in Web forms
Fluent NHibernate unable to change a lookup record?
initialize a list of dictionary values
How can I compile 64 bit with visual c++ 2008
Code snippet. If in front of switch-statement
git - move branch 鈥渢ag鈥�to other commit?
FORTRAN 鈥�dynamic variable names
What do I need to do to make a field in SOLR sortable?
Example named pipes IPC with read/write timeout
How to reset setcontentview() dynamically within a program?
Set status in iChat by iChatAgent programmatically
Can't find content (images/sound) when running code on another computer c++
Spring JPA/HIbernate create/update views when the application starts
Stop mapView over-scroll
jQuery function not running on submission of validated form
Python re-match with space and new line
getting content of a span in jquery
handling Json value in the View
clear cache page from production
Get MP3 File Lengths
Controller Code for multimodel form in Rails 3.1.1
Re-binding function to cloned element
Sublime Text 2 - Files not opening a new tab?
Model Binding - Runtime Type
google cloud storage - giving permanent access to a cron job
Windows 7 Libraries, can I set the default view?
Apply jquery fancybox to elements loaded via ajax
jQuery sliding content and navigation active state
Best representation of an ordered list in a database?
How to anti-alias clip() edges in html5 canvas under Chrome Windows?
Using an absolute path in probing privatePath
Display content of a XML file
How do I configure a retransmit timeout in a C UDP socket program?
Can a synchronous input be done in JavaScript?
Adding content dynamically to sliding drawer throws NullPointerException
Exporting table from Amazon RDS into a csv file
Django form validates in console, but why not in browser?
How to supply escape characters as command-line arguments
finding servlet url-pattern
Translating an object in openGL on different slopes
Google Search Results Display Grid
How do I $_REQUEST a single array element using PHP
wymeditor set value?
Bootstrapper for Android Application
Google Maps API 3
Finding wi-fi networks that are nearby via iPhone App
Symfony2 - Retreive current user as non proxy object
Post a score to Facebook
htaccess 301 redirect takes to wrong URL - misplaced slash
Emacs Lisp Buffer out of focus function?
How to distinguish classes that allocate using a memory-pool
Drawing from two array buffers in OpenGL
onFocusChange() acts like textChanged()
How to input plot data into highcharts with rails
Implementing A GAE/Java Counter using Concurrency, Threads, Static variables
Client disconnects immediately (Chrome Extension Websocket Client + NodeJS Server)
Spring Test : can't insert a hexadecimal value into a hsqldb from import.sql file
Rendering a server-side control using HTMLTextWriter makes control lose standard functionality (i.e. Click eventhandler)
Why my static imagea are not displayed?
Custom rule for jquery Validation plugin (regex)
jquery more button issue
Azure: get notifiy when webrole down
ASP.NET MVC Detecting Events (Clicks, Dropdown Changes, Checkbox Checks)
TextView goes singleLine when setting text on runOnUiThread
Scala Lift - Classpath not found on linux
SQL Server 2005 and EF4 Code first approach compatibility
Find the text between two Characters
jquery UI - Adding date to selected date
Count number of rows with specific value of array
FFTW results in zeros
inserting comma separated to output
rails 3.1, why certificate verify failed when using Heroku logs?
jCarousel Lite Not Working in IE 6/7/8
.css().animate() not working?
GSON create one object from complex object
Vim howto insert a blank line before each change of pattern at the beginning of the lines?
Playing video on AVD with phonegap
Memory leak in .NET when using the native crypto providers
Accessing Sqlite Database from Sd Card
Android GPS data is not accurate
How do I create multidimensional and associative arrays in javascript?
ARC: how do I dealloc at the end of object life cycle?
ASP.NET - Get gridview edit row to span across columns
WPF DataGrid, handle keys and no data
Is it safe to pass the event from the main thread to the worker thread and wait for it?
Process a list of 1,000+ URLs with cURL and PHP
Getting the first day of the month of a specific month/year
When should I use a Hashtable versus a HashMap
A/B multivariate platform that works with subdomains
Get the address of an object that has overloaded operator&
iOS Facebook SDK - Best Practices?
Printing in Java 1.5, slow?
Save WebBrowser control sceenshot while not in full screen
Running Netty 3.3.1-Final Secure Chat example out of the box gives error 鈥淐lient/Server mode not yet set.鈥�
Display a component view into a module, in Joomla 1.5
ASP.NET MVC Displaying Multiple Images from Database. How to- Efficiently
Evaluate success data from jQuery .ajax() and return true/false based on result
is this authentication or authorization?
Jetty plugin within maven works on one system but not another
including Joomla's component's one view's part to another view of Joomla
R: How to colorize the diagonal panels in a pairs() plot?
How much memory is too much when caching objects in the Browser?
Why does IE7 not like this bit of Javascript?
xcode scheme does not have any option for iOS
Java Locale to String
Javascript banner slides overlaying eachother on pageload
How to register a TImpl that has one moregeneric type parameter than TService in SimpleInjector?
Call to Javascript method [closed]
ExtJS toolbar button tooltip does not seem to respond to settings
Manually set column name in rails model
Having trouble with some basic KnockoutJS
IPhone app crash (jettisoned) issue
Which javascript UI framework is my bet for cross platform/brower performance
Javascript onClick within a form advice
passing a pointer to a initialized structure in a function
Rails one liner email sending?
Getting a config error when using facebook mobile for my web app
Is List<System.Type> that accepts only certain types possible?
Calling a Word VBA Sub with arguments from Excel VBA
Watir Webdriver - Changing proxy on google chrome
Python: Printing Lists as Tabular Data
Emacs eshell 'ulimit' command
How can I add `quantities.Quantity`-behavior without subclassing it by using `__array__`?
How to make urls secure on GAE using the django_wsgi builtin
javascript - access comments
WCF Mutual certificate encrypted tags
Two-column layout with <ul>
how to up my project files to my git hub using phpfog
Is there a way to show a user-defined postgresql enumerated type definition?
Twitter麓s bootstrap fixed black menu on the top: it won麓t work on mobile IF it has submenues. Workaround?
Nginx + apache or nginx + php-frm
Eclipse Indigo doesn't include dependencies in jar folder
Filename encoding
view generated SQL for Entity Framewok SaveChanges command in Visual studio?
Xcode throwing 鈥渋nconsistent number of instance variables specified鈥� but not on newer Mac
Store encrypted data in console application
optimization, reduction variables, and MATLAB parfor
What type of database should I use?
WebDriver locate element by combined xpath
Boost Options - Get application name
How to send image via bluetooth from PC to android using C#
How to properly compare doubles in powershell?
Open PHP pages in a jquery Lightbox type plugin
mobile - developing a sip client
How to properly call the eBay Trading API and display the results
CSS Layout issues - need 100% width on 2 divs screenshot and fiddle included
Jquery AJAX Request Array/Object Cut off at 1000 Items on Send
FTP connection issue in MSBuild script
function pointers within a struct but with functions of different prototype in C
Using import with a level specification isn't supported by AccessControl: _warnings
Delete record database from DataGridview cell
SAS Email If Errors Occur
How to remove Query String 鈥�鈥�(question mark) from URL (Using Wordpress)
Use NTLM and forms authentication on a native instance of SSRS 2008 R2?
Scala - mutable (var) method parameter reference
Find all paths between two graph nodes
Error Checking script within Function
Visual Studio use old URL to TFS server
Is there any shorthand for WPF column and row definitions?
Why is the following C code giving such output?
Control Initialization Order Fiasco
Moving Firefox addon to repository
solving for a race condition in rails ( limited number of X in Y )
Jquery on() function not working
How can I override ML_COMMENT in Xtext?
Javascript firing on page load instead of event (Bug)
Trigger parent id sql server
Stopping Delphi Indy threads without having to wait end Timeout
Reset Redis 鈥渦sed_memory_peak鈥�stat
Setting Default Keyboard Focus On Loading A UserControl
emacs gdb jump to cursor
C++ vector strange behaviour
OpenXML table copy gives OpenXmlUnknownElement
Rails 3. Could not find libv8- in any of the sources
Update values in one table from three other joined tables in H2 (and DB2)
If I use two custom annotations in jsr 303 how to stop validation for second annotation if validation failed on first?
Nhibernate 3.1 SQL-(UPDATE, INSERT) stored procedure parameter order
how do i create recursive directories for the following requirement in c?
setText in another class - Android
How can I line up my CSS vertically within an outer DIV?
FB.Login in Safari doesnt work right
listview with checkbox mono for android
showOptionDialog buttons on separate lines
Is there any reason to have a property with no getter?
WCF REST and and debugging
How to enter password in mysql5.5 using batch script?
Can't add any roles to Facebook app
What is the best way to provideinteraction between iframe pages?
Fastest way to check if a given array value matches another array value?
Why the IEnumerable.Except method doesn't return any elements?
How to extract all the url's from a website?
Find items by property in JLIST
Provide multiple interface in a single service
Is it possible to fetch all child entities from a parent abstract entity?
MVC checkbox comeing back null
Generic extraction of multiple decimals using Regular expressions
Why we add a 'wrapper' element in web development [closed]
Finding Duplicate Orders (by time proximity)
Is it posible to add new unique index to the existing database table?
Rewrite Condition partial match causing problems
Device Chooser shows physical phone, but not GalaxyTab
Access to a GridCheckboxColumn
UI not updating even though updates are called from main thread
Dynamically find the theme name in Android application
Automatic height fix not working with jQuery Fancybox 2.0 anymore
how to speed up this code? calculus iterating through rows and cols of a matrix
How to auto adjust margin to Auto center vertical & horizontal using jQuery and CSS margin
How to access data inside the plugin.xml?
Functions/functors as template parameters. Can they be stored?
Redirect Environment variables in a batch file
Pass vector of pointers as an argument
LocalDumps registry key stopped working (Windows Error Reporting)
jQuery pull out text inside div but not in p tag
Obtaining Survival Estimates in R
Apache process level stickiness
Clone object with linq-to-object
apply function to vector with condition to introduce 0 (and do not apply function) for negative values?
Read in Data in any format, write to table
file rename on ext3 appears to break POSIX spec
How to queue my method callbacks on other thread?
Is it possible to have ampersand's in XML HTTP Tags?
Is there an API in Java program for wifi connectivity and data transfer?
How to select current input field and then disable and empty the next one (and vice versa)?
python re string replace function with less match
my cakephp application on the remote server can't pick the database tables
What is the difference between the parameter containing the database column and a direct string containing parameter?
Perl: How to retrieve field names when doing $dbh->selectall_..?
EF 5 Beta 1 Code First - Sequence contains more than one element
Why in gwt a 120px wide listbox is shorter than a 120px wide textbox?
Facebook login popup issues
Making a Windows Installer communicate with a Chrome extension without NPAPI
django admin action
Glassfish + mod_proxy_ajp downloads getting truncated
Nested Foreach Loop not working?
jQuery + AJAX to retrieve data sent by an input submit type
jQuery + AJAX to retrieve data sent by an input submit type
Add User from Admin with Devise in ROR
Transfer the output of a chrome extension to a server
Create user defined attributes using hash - Rails
Which pointer assignment is better (C++)
Single Sign On Websites - MVC 3
I'm having a css display issue:
Java Hibernate Spring AnnotationException unmapped class
How to disable some menu items according to the users selected in the form for selecting users
How to call custom component in CakePHP 2.0 version
Why does my PHP generated form inside table cell produce such strange HTML
How to run exe file exist in the same folder through Lua application?
Check for HTML 5 localStorage
Where does the padding of TextBox come from?
The first execution of app
Elegant multiple char replace in JavaScript/jQuery
Javascript Slider with Click buttons to show content
Powershell Execute remote exe with command line arguments on remote computer
Uper Limit of a Test being translated with Microsoft Translation API
Internal use of iPad app
Pass data to jquery ajax start event
Regular expression: language generator
PHP Conditions in Javascript code
RichImageField from SPFieldURL
getElementById can't find div nested inside other divs in HTML5
Stop TWTweetComposeViewController automatically cancelling when device is locked
Lexical Parsing Order of Window -> UserControl
Is it possible to get clipboard data from a user with either PHP or JavaScript?
How do I create vhosts (Apache) on the fly while using Plesk?
access second level of list
How to send additional data using PLupload?
Does wireshark support piggybacked gtpv2 messages?
Accessing subclass property in overriden superclass's method. Possible?
How to unzoom chrom-* console
Modifying headers of a Mail::Message returned by ActionMailer
Perl Range String ID
Paste multiline text in input type text (not textarea)
I can't jump from main page to another activity at my project
parsing a html report file
BizTalk SAP Adapter Workaround for ITAB2 Error
Is it a bug in PhoneTextBox in windows phone?
Distributing java threads over multiple servers?
How to choose which oracle client to use in VB6?
How do you pass in an options hash without overwriting default options?
UIImageView 鈥渂ounce in鈥�animation
Howto measure action execution time in JSF?
Using C Preprocessing to get integer value of a string
How to convert a pinyin string to chinese in C#
UITableView in UIScrollview, multiple pages & one tableview
can someone help me understand what is happening in this code?
C++: unique_ptr with unknow deleter
Can I have send two AlarmManager in a application
Specialised FaultException subclass or FaultException<T>
Result not getting when transfer xml to xsl using java
MySQL not using index
How to correctly use optimisstic locking, catch StaleObjectState exceptions with Spring and Hibernate
Deploying Rails 3 application to Tomcat using warble
Show Locations in Google Search Results
add new player in map canvas html5
Core Data with Multiple Background Threads
php outputting text with keywords highlighted
Android, are there any APIs to read mail from a mailbox (local/web)?
Xdebug profiler only working on localhost
Thread-safety concerns in objects instantiated from JSPs
Order of variables in the stack (GCC)
.net ashx Web Handler how to return lists
Anyone can let me know the following syntax in C++?
Upload pdf reports on a Windows Azure Reporting Server
What does space between types mean?
How to get all pages data from facebook
Amazon Marketplace XML parsing
How to pull a specific tag?
Android Error :You must supply layout_width attribute
Commonjs resource path of Titanium mobile
Rails 3.1, why simple_form's wrapper_tag does not work as expected?
iOS : detect UIWebView reaching the top or bottom
How to insert TextBox into Grid when Window is loaded in C# WPF application
how to select Extjs Datefield format
Is it possible to have DELETE as an HttpVerb for ASP.NET MVC 3+?
.NET Events calling back once callee goes out of scope: safe practice?
Visual Studio: Failed update
JFreeChart section label position setting
How to detect font change inside iFrame
Android finish() method
Gaps between image rows in tables?
Keep Table Cell Width fixed when inside an overflow div
.HTACCESS can't accept $2
Populate a jcombobox in netbeans 7.1
ActiveRecord find record by HABTM references
Multi-language HTML5 application
Visual Studio 11 power tools checkin policies
PHP 鈥渙r鈥�Syntax
Properly form a generic, RESTful routing scheme
How to create a Generic Repository a 'deep include'?
Why is the .bss segment required?
How to populate IDataReader from .csv for use with SqlBulkCopy.WriteToServer(IDataReader)
Caliburn.Micro Create Combobox Dynamically
Global.asax can't find code-behind class
Relaxing rules for execution order
Setting caption for Virtual Tree List nodes
What happens when I interrupt a C# console application with Control-C?
Ice Cream Sandwich StrictMode
Getting uname information from a compressed kernel image
How can I tell if a YouTube video from the users private feed is public or not?
Concatenate Two Values On Insert - SQL
does the final EXE file of scapy need another dependent file
Android crash SQLiteDiskIOException
How to use getters in handlebars.js templates?
jQuery .live and .delegate() addClass and removeClass dynamically problems
ios5 presentmodalviewcontroller multiple views
Design Custom TabPage in C# WinForms?
Split string by whitespace and dashes
Javascript and Jquery callstack
how to check if url already exists in database in PHP?
jQuery SlideToggle Trigger Change
Updating a referenced object in C#
Edit SVG diagram which was exported from RubyMine
Unwanted horizontal lines at bottom of UITableView that uses a footer
Grey line on image after convert with imagemagic
Check if an application is in background [duplicate]
How to delete Facebook app requests?
Lion Sandboxing crash report location
Trouble logging in with Ruby Mechanize
IRepository Pattern
Has Airspace Support Definitely Been Dropped in WPF 4.5?
Way to avoid chain of gestures to test iPhone App code often
Automapper linker table
Is there any good parallel Mixed-Integer Programming optimizer which can run on the Linux?
get specific value of a TD tag
How to format a string in a linq expression?
Splitting a mercurial commit with renames and edits into two commits (first rename, then edit)
SQL Server SELECT statement
best strategy to moderate uploaded images?
How can i use Sqlite database in my andriod activity?
How to publish message on facebook using php?
High CPU, possibly due to context switching?
Align inner table to right to text of outer table td
setInterval() issue in Mozilla (Javascript function)
Send Push Notifications to all users
url.Action(controller, action) not routing as expected CompositeDataBoundControl for a single object
all symbol address in object file is 000000
Get all env variables in C C++ on Windows
How to receive correct class loader for jar in web application?
PHP Framework & Mobile Framework [closed]
Controlling CSS based hover effects
Entity Framework Newbie - Save to DB
Transaction between controller actions in Play
Transaction between controller actions in Play
using gem unread with public_activity
Json_encode to be a loop of database query values
config codeigniter to run first project
OTRS attachments
PHPunit different bootstrap for all testsuites
Create Facebook event as Page with rGraph API
jQuery each in a each?
shell scripting pipline to a variable
How can a parameter be passed to a Saxon-B-processed XSL?
Automatically append build date to Eclipse plugin version number
SqlDataSource + Disabled Viewstate = Double DataBind
Get the modifiers of a field using the ASM tree API
submitting the form after clicking the item on the tab menu in Jquery
is it possible to run Java/Swing applications on Java Embedded environment?
QSqlQuery::exec: database not open, PyQt
WIX - Custom actions on Install but not on Uninstall or Upgrade
background color for JTab
How to update grandchildren in an aggregate root
How to read and print first head of a file in R?
Is it possible to show a qtip with a function call?
Show xml in current/new window
Is it possible to sort nested documents in ElasticSearch?
rails - validate that object has one or more associated objects (has_many relationship)
VS2010 debugger fails on a static std::forward_list, any work around?
C application falling over on strcat
PHP: cross-platform way of running a java program in the background
SQLAlchemy: does the mapper change my objects?
How to implement flow control in Play?
Merge columns from two SQL query results with different number of columns
Dropdown Menu populated by data from mysql database
TSQL select into Temp table from dynamic sql
VB Script: how to find whether a DIV tag contains specified text
Haskell display tree function
How to create delegate to the button click in code behind
Marshalling C++ struct pointer to C# struct
Canvas - Using custom fonts
Custom Data table sorting ascending and decending using jquery
listview with multi-selection in monodroid
javascript how to find an error in a script
Shadow trembles when moving cursor close to boxes border
Style ComboBox Popup to include additional item
How to extract the real file URI or file data from a path that looks like 鈥�content:/media/external/video/media/19鈥�
New Ruby 1.9 hash syntax
Can't compile a CUDA program
How to generalize a jQuery selector?
Search Function SQL Server 2008 and fixed time
bash find command refuses to find more than one file with wildcard
Check if an item already exists in a txt file
How does the Apple color emoji font work, and is there an Android version?
How to get contents of SharedPreferences file and overwrite them?
solr - replication failure - expected behavior?
ClientBundle in GWT - texture atlas
C style/C++ correctness, is struct/union/enum tag same as type name bad in any way?
Javascript Slideshow with
php get_object_vars in abstract class
Is it possible to bind a DataGridCheckBoxColumn to Nullable<DateTime>.HasValue?
What issues to check for when going from single to multiple users
Select where not in another table
What would be the best way to save arrays in SQLite?
Jqueryui autocomplete, textbox value disappears in IE only when selected
Ajax.BeginForm duplicate view
Differences between for sencha Ext Js with the open source and the commercial licenses [closed]
How to Handle jsonp errors?
Select rows where count of grouped data =2
Uncaught TypeError - JavaScript
Load UIWebView's Contents into Email Message
How to configure encryption of documents in ravendb in a multitenant scenario within IIS 7.5
Move TinyMCE with jQuery
Python boolean expression syntax error
AJAX: Not getting an Associative array from database
TFS failing to load during Visual Studio 2008 start up 鈥淧ackage Load Failure鈥�
Where to catch Exceptions thrown from [duplicate]
cpp preprocessor output not able to understand?
mvc 4 template upgrade nuget packages
C# asp net read values from html page
Google Analytics Cross Domain Tracking and _setDomainName()
Odd website tracking issue, getting discordant results
Mapping action in rails
Using a service from a module in bootstrapper CreateShell
Slim Framework -> Create XML Output
Flushing basic authentication on ASP site
PHP/MySQL Updateing order
Load layout file based on platform version in my case
Custom font is not working in my App?
Differencies in Mex-file for Matlab
Copying entire gadget of a website
HTML5 Image Caption: Image moves to next row
How to transfer the data of columns to rows (with awk)?
What's stopping this table from filling up its whole container
PHP cache mysql or complete html?
Error: 鈥渆xpected primary-expression before int鈥�
Piping sed to cat via xargs?
Put SqlDataReader data into a DataTable while i process it
Making a Categorized Gallery in Wordpress - Approach suggestions [closed]
Get Android Mobile Version with HTML/JS and change CSS style depending if low or high version
HashMap synchronization for Map with value-incrementation
How to use wild cards in FT search
I am unable to implement the setOnClickListener() for my button
Shopping cart function gives 鈥淚nvalid column name鈥�
LinkedIn framework for ios cannot log in
JQTouch - load from external links with transition, html data
How to create a graph window in java
Interacting with PHP classes/functions properly? (OOP)
strange behavior of gtk.FileChooserDialog.get_current_folder()
HTML5 Drag and Drop getData() only works on drop event in Chrome?
cloudfoundry: how to use filesystem
Perl installation broken
iOS application connect to .NET Webservice by GET method
Improving recursive Active Directory function
shared libraries (dlopen) and thread-safety of library static pointers
std::tr1::function - store function objects of various types in common container
Perl localtime error
Bug in NHibernate Aliasing
Jquery trying to get src using html()
Team Foundation Server - Application Tier to Data Tier: Authentication, Impersonation and Authorisation
It is possible to send emails with CakeMail without specifying sender password?
How to combine the Facebook Likes both from my website and Facebook itself
jquery if else statements
Timer still running after unloading the form
Querying XML with LINQ by attribute
Relationship between a GraphViewer class and a GraphEditorViewer class
UML Class Diagrams
jQuery animate slideUp/Down content
JList doesn't show inside JScrollPane
Push Notification problems?
get path from a module name
Combine C# and VB.NET in a solution
Prefered way to transfer Word-Document content into java editorpane
How to know programmatically if an app is signed with a Debug or Export certificate?
What is the difference between Digest and Basic Authentication?
Can I tell JSF that an f:attribute applies to some part of my composite component?
Including header in the class header and implementation?
Javascript - Water ripple effect
How to sign in users to a subdomain and make the session available on another subdomain?
previous trimester in oracle SQL
Google Docs - Drag & Drop
jade not executing javascript functions
How do I run additional scripts using the Rubber gem?
Intersect 2 lists, store result in a tuple in python
algorithm for adding up overlaying events
How can I read the rendered HTML of the current page in Internet Explorer using C#?
How to add button in HeaderSpan of SmartGWT
Seeding and reusing Python random seeds
Hit test rectangles
inline CSS hack for ie6, ie7 and ie8
Weird behavior: dragging from Stacks to status item doesn't work
Media player start/stop - crash
Java 7 Kerberos Issue - AES128 Corrupt checksum
Why is a tarball called tarball and not just tar? [closed]
HTML 5 gallery drag and drop
Parsing variables with dot notation in Extjs
Drop Spinner onFocus with xml code
On selection of a table row disable 鈥渉over鈥�css styling
Quick yanking in Vim
How would you explain merges with ClearCase?
Could someone please help me to sending mail with PHP? [duplicate]
How to document function variables in python with sphinx-apidoc
bouncycastle + JBoss AS7: JCE cannot authenticate the provider BC
Is there a shortcut key for new objects?
Chrome App Not Autoupdating
HTML/CSS div not aligning at top of page
Alternative of GetGlobalAsaxType in .NET 3.5?
Schedule the updating of a post in Wordpress 3?
Namespace in DataContract WCF
How do I use the result of idata.frame()?
iOS - App crash When I open the app from background (idle) mode for long time?
GWT - RPC SerializationException
Slim Framework with Paris / Idiorm / Twig - How to handle Fileuploads?
Legends in R plots
Creating Custom Binding programmatically
Unable to get value of the property 'addCls': object is null or undefined ext-all-debug.js, line 15874 character 9
Difference between OR and AND?
Zend Form Element Regex Validator seems to deny value when 0
IE 8 crashing while trying to use multiple iFrames
Setting UILocalNotification's applicationIconBadgeNumber
allow editing datagridview programmatically
GridView External Paging
How to compare Text Datatype in SQL
Matching variables in two Vectors and making an Map of the comparison in an efficient way
How to recreate a httpd.conf file deleted by mistake on LAMP?
Trying to use [Description] data annotation attribute with existing code
Given length and index - how to create an 鈥渦nit鈥�array?
Same Bundle Id + Different Developer Accounts
Extjs4 - Reloading store inside itemselector
Homogeneous matrix has eight independent ratios of matrix elements?
how do i install php 5.4 on Mac OS X Lion?
divide an array into many arrays using a given key in php
Regex positive lookbehind woes
ASP.NET WebForms Routing Javascript Error
starting with Magento Backend
Outbound calls with Twilio Rest Api are not executed
Scrollviewer logical scrolling with itemscontrol
Defining the correct association relation between classes
Why does System.IO.Path.GetFullPath() throws exception with exact 260 characters?
use of varchar(max) [duplicate]
Redirecting my images hosted on another website to specific pages when clicked using htaccess
Run application on startup
Authenticating with Rest Service in Java/Groovy
Run application on startup
Authenticating with Rest Service in Java/Groovy
numpy.genfromtxt produces array of what looks like tuples, not a 2D array鈥攚hy?
Device driver access from user program? [closed]
Delivering MDM DeviceLock Payload
How do WPF buttons decide to show FocusVisualStyle?
jQuery AJAX call to a database query
Drag 'n' Drop text into TinyMCE won't work in IE
SSIS Excel RefreshAll() task SQL job fails when no one logged in
How to compare the context objects of the two different Activities..?
Check for 404 error status in jquery
Optimization of compile time constants
Signing an iPhone Xcode project using scripts (commandline)
Unable to connect to CRX repository using the JCR API from Felix environment
3 table mysql join working, but taking too long
how to divide string with characters and numeric
java pick a random class/object
Crystal reports viewer .net and Internet Explorer spill-over bug
Make this process more processor intensive and less memory intensive
Find out if document exists?
Check CopyLocal property of all references post/during build in multi project solution (Multi Xap)
html5 musicplayer plays in safari on computer but stops in safari iphone?
Issue with icluding text from .txt file in C++ for credits
zend webservice
File upload struts 2 with Ajax
android setting app as screen saver?
How to convert Date into Text in excel 2010
Automatic SVN builds to use parameters
Waiting for the XDebug Session 57% in Eclipse PDT
Facebook Mobile Uploads album - Limit to number of uploads
Removing numerous for loops from Javascript code
How to install python-tk package without sudo?
how to implement xml in Spring DAO based application?
Null or 鈥�鈥�in text box in C#
Primefaces TabView by a model - remove model associated with tab on close
Extract the last word in sentence/string?
Navigating Out Of A ListBox In WPF
Google Chrome Text Size Remains Constant on the page
CSS3 button renders differently on web vs iOS
How to add a 鈥渉ole鈥�to a Circle Polygon (Google Maps API V3)
Price value getting truncated when using jQuery parseFloat
Yii customizing the display of url parameters
change vsftp port [closed]
twitter bootstrap form inline stretch
AD LDS configuration
Are there any libraries available to be able to calculate the code churn of a project?
Python logging to StringIO handler runserver with Django on Jython
Python in VS2010
Emacs AucTex Latex syntax prevents monospaced font
How to get the category name from list.phtml in Magento
Deadlock with sigsuspend()
One-to-many relation in Entity Framework results in an exception
C++ Program to be reviewed for optimization [closed]
Android: Can I have layers in a live wallpaper?
PrintCanvas3D won't work
Combining AjaxOnlyAttribute and ChildActionOnlyAttribute into one action filter
Bootstrap popover with jquery append
Cannot add pydoc on PyCharm
How to get number of records in SQL
How set rights to a group with xml-rpc in eclipse
document.getElementById as a variable in xhtml
Doctrine 2 Discriminator Inheritance Mapping leads to findBy methods not working
Xpath find files for windows? xml parser to find files in windows
Inspect variables after exception in Python/Pydev/Eclipse
Process synchronization methods, is P(semaphore) really atomic?
How to create a database after installing oracle database 11g Express Edition?
How to format json data with rails helper before passing it to handlebar template
Rest Web Service using Interfaces
How to get index of input in javascript - can use jQuery
Passing enum value as parameter to bean method from JSF pages fail after migrating to tomcat
HTML/CSS show/hide multiple elements?
automatically linking socket shared library in *nix
Can't Style an Amazon AWS generated XML file using XSLT file
How to System.Web.UI.WebControls.Button in ASP.NET MVC 3
LiquidInf jar files
SSL/TLS error (鈥渘o cipher suites in common鈥� with Netty when trying to establish a secure connection between a frontend and a backend
How was my running php compiled?
Should I release instance variables and properties in dealloc?
C++ SLMATH library and SSE optimisation
Multiple NSThreads running simultaneously causing app freezes
u3d or prc writer library for .NET
Android: Automount mass storage issue when plugging USB cable
Implement static inner interface as anonymous class in Scala
Custom Activity Indicator
Unit testing a Firemonkey Application
WCF Service Doesn't Maintain State Between Client Calls
Using winsock for socket programming in c
How to handle timeout with Perl module HTTP::Async?
in protobuf python api how to add element to nested message repeated property?
Sql server table to Sharepoint list
ExtJS 4 - Grid - Disable rowselection for specific column
combining variables in flex to form a variable or class name
What triggers UI to update when ItemsControl.ItemsSource changed?
MySQL gender table field
ISO-8859-1 conversion to UTF-8 breaks MySQL database
Is possible to create a new route with only a action name?
Overwriting phone standard buttons
Jenkins shutdown when stopping tomcat
Overwriting phone standard buttons
Jenkins shutdown when stopping tomcat
Android ICS guidelines to emphasize ListView row
There is a IBM DB2 provider that works with Entity Framework 4.0 in Visual Studio 2010?
How to remove shortcuts from desktop?
JIRA/Greenhopper - Burndown chart
Buttons in 鈥淭ranslation Management鈥�tab are disabled for Regional Editors?
Define the style for PhoneTextBox in windows phone
Expected an assignment or function call and instead saw an expression
How to get textnode by attribute. ActionScript 3.0
How to Prevent Nancy From Caching Views
Convert NSString to UTF8String?
JQuery UI autocomplete to be displayed on mouseover
How to repair broken Spotify on Mac [closed]
Get Unique values for json Data using jquery
insecure content error in this app
Want to call a function if iframe doesn't load or load's?
groovy soapUI deserialize
Window opening with animation
iPhone: UITableView reorder rows button
StringFormat on Combobox Displaymemberpath
check uncheck all checkbox of checkboxlist using jquery ASP.Net
Extended class constructed from the parent
List only files that are unencrypted
Action bar custom style in my case
Error to get friend list of friend of logged in user Facebook php-sdk
Killing previous ajax requests before new one is sent
UDP and port randomisation
Save changes resources before running maven install through m2eclipse
how to control a class(running/halting) from java servlet
JS Tree set up for external ajax
Jsonobject and Jsonarray management In Iteration
Handle concurrency in Entity Framework
Source not updated when changing UI
Batch add images to Xcode while avoiding crashes
How to force Hibernate to return dates as java.util.Date instead of Timestamp?
use SSL / https on page
Best way to copy file from File Share?
How do i remove last particular string using regex?
Invoke Error, Dispatch Exception:
How to improve application to avoid heap space issues
Adding fields to pdf files using solrj
LINQ :Maintain 鈥渧ar鈥�state across method calls?
Are WebSphere 6.1 and WebSphere 8 compatible?
Python: issue in adding elements to a list
CoreData fetch not fetching on App Store Builds
Canvas with ruler control in .NET
GPS cordinates does not passed to Emulator
How to create permalinks without multiple dashes behind each other?
Associations and collections with Roar
Mac Eclipse instead of Windows IBM WebSphere Commerce Developer - Can it be done?
XML-Mapping fail to load array if it is root element
NSFetchRequest different result compared to 'findAll'
Self-Binding with Castle Windsor in C#
Are there any programs which can read xcdatamodel(d) files?
How WCF clients know about server types
jQuery get the text of all elements in a page
Vertical scroll bar includes header also in DataGridView control of Winform
android disable onclick event when url links clicked
Waiting between sparql queries to D2R using Jena/ARQ - Heap Space
Aborting jQuery JSONP request will throw error
Enum.TryParse - is it thread safe?
mysql fix Using where;
When soap is installed for php, should I include nusoap library?
Sinatra rack middleware hijacks '/' root url
Joomla strips jqGrid pagination and sorting params
How to add a reference to mshtml version 9 in .NET
WMI and Win32_Process - determine if 32 or 64 bit?
C# and File.WriteAllText error
How to offset window top 50%
GWT ListBox unselected by default
OpenProcess() succeeds, but EnumProcessModules() fails
Keyword Spotting in Speech on Android?
Dynamically pop up table with button click - iPhone
Javascript - can't extract string?
on session end event
Why is it not possible to track an HTTPS site from an HTTP Piwik site?
How to avoid for loop when computing xts weighted sum?
Flyway : interest of creating a SQL init file?
Spring Web Flow LockTimeoutException
xcode 鈥淒one Button鈥�GameCenter doesn麓t do anything
How to perform if statements on associated has_many records in Rails
Zend PDF: How do I print bold text or text in another color etc?
Is multiple ChannelPipelineFactories possible for UDP transport in Netty
accessing webcam in jsp pages
Multidimensional interpolation
BouncyCastle J2ME RSA using custom keys
RegOpenKey / RegOpenKeyEx returns 2 (file not found) on Windows 7, while key exists
How can I get a dataset of in-memory objects?
Crash Occur while running app in ICE CREAM SANDWICH
Find a list of users with duplicate transactions
Setting a raw data source into mediaplayer singleton
javacard programming and applet installation
How to get the model that initiates a saveAll call in the related model
Implement a Single Instance Java Application
UIBarButtonItem after animating disappears
Subclassed STL list<T>::reference Compile Error
Algorithmic analysis:Random Number
Open a web page with URL params from the command line, LOCALLY
JavaScript: Find & replace a part of URL without refresh, HTML5 history.replacestate
How to read ring buffer within linux kernel space?
Silverlight from database to datagrid
Why Yahoo CSS reset is using 鈥渇ont:inherit鈥�
Organizing solutions, projects and SVN
Check if WSE 3.0 is already installed
Fetching json data with jQuery - named function vs. anonymous
Opera and IE are not handling css pseudoclasses properly
Compare two text files and print the difference
CSS IE7 bug - z-index or other property affecting my absolute div, which is being blocked by other positioned divs below
Find out first month [closed]
How to insert a text at the beginning of a file?
JPA @OneToMany -> Parent - Child Reference (Foreign Key)
How do I use Jbutton listener to pass string to another class
LINQ - can't create with WHERE condition
memory allocated by jdbc driver for pl/sql function result
rotation not in the middle
How do I import built-in Wix Dialogs?
add a row to datagridview from database on checkbox.check
Rich TextBox accepting Script tags also
Why do I need to specify a timestamp server when using SignTool for code signing?
can't find my error, xor cipher
Preventing user access without duplicating the user validation logic
How to implement Lazy loading with PostSharp?
CakePHP 2.0 add html table row
Improving performance of SQL SELECT in C#
ios Zombie detection
G++ 4.6 -std=gnu++0x: Static Local Variable Constructor Call Timing and Thread Safety
Facebook privilages for getting messages from wall
Multi Windowing on a Java Web project
Template meta programming inlining
Get Sql Server Reporting Services report description in code
Personalized fanpage Tab
The correct way to find a control at runtime
Change storyboard or scenes on storyboard dynamically
How to find subpackages that don't cause cyclic dependencies
Oracle sql - date subtraction within a function
C# Populating treeview with pdf files
jquery html not replacing the current html in IE
Create mail accounts on a server in PHP
iPhone : initing plist field value with the value of another field
Text Search - Autocomplete
Magento 鈥淯nable to list current working directory鈥�
OSGI framework hangs when loading native library
Multiple ArrayAdapter, single array
Clear JTable with data retrieve from database using JComboBox
Creating a file template?
Drag & Drop HTML 5 jQuery: e.dataTransfer.setData() with JSON
How to XDocument.Save writing escape chars
Customizing google plus url default comment
checkstyle plugin in netbeans, build.xml target spec for generating convention violations
select date from oracle database
How do I propagate a mousePressEvent() to a group of QGraphicsItems?
jQuery getJSON not working,getting Unresponsive Script error
tcp connection to get imei [closed]
Is there a best practice for showing database changes on a JSP
Delete files from .app file
Core Data function similar to the WHERE='(sql query)'
How to add a shortcut do file on normal project Visual Studio 2008
Load a data file in R using tryCatch
Error while downloading the zip file from server to device?
Checking if n exists in String - C
Convert FoxPro Program File to Java
Getting MIME type from Web Service Resonse header
Displaying Hidden column data when i select particular row of GridView [resolved]
Please explain what this Syncsort code does?
Django: is it better to run new site on new virtualenv or not?
when calling the service method from the client i am getting this error message
How to change the shape of ToolStripbutton to oval using C# (winforms)?
Add days after date is selected excluding weekends and holidays
Is it a good solution for private data transmission and protection?
calculating binomial coefficient in parallel [closed]
Navigation bar stops working after applying a layer mask
Django - how to set forms.FileField name
Xcode ignores my frameworks
Getting error message when committing code from xcode to svn from my system
How to introduce a variable date formatting in BeanIO xml file?
Passing Username and Password with IFrame
What does 鈥渋 = +i鈥�mean in Javascript?
using protocol buffer cannot find symbol in Java
Increasing WiFi scan rate
How compatible is Blackfish database with TSQL?
JMeter using HTTP Request Defaults config element
PUT request to upload a file not working in Flask
Can I find out what, in a 3rd-party VCL component, is causing Delphi IDE to stop responding when I close a project containing that component?
write a javascript var=鈥渟ome text鈥�into a pre loaded but empty txt document
Failed to load XML from SSIS package file
Sublist Arraylist in android
How to get different columns with JSON (PHP)?
How to create updater for AIR application bundled with captive runtime?
How to split the columns?
Detect if CountdownTimer is running or not
Resources for learning multithreading using C# [closed]
Print Image with jquery dont work
Passing data from View to Controller action
Appending any digit in integer value using bitwise operation [closed]
dynamically increase height of row -iphone
mitmproxy: does one have to set proxy server to local?
how to use named parameters in the mentioned scenario?
How to open many views under the same tab in Android?
How come 鈥淐onnection鈥�is misspelled in HTTP response header?
How to register a COM-visible assembly in HKCU (without MSI)
height of div element is not working
Animating a div's background with JS - when curser hovers over it?
iOS App crashes when pressing Button with NavigationController
Converting time so it can used in a Integer
how can find width of a drew string in a bitmap
Setting textField Delegate in other controller?
How can I switch between two test suites in Maven 2?
shell script convert any date to milliseconds
cshell: running cat on a large text file inside backticks gives 'word too long'
Site malware (trojan) keeps coming every time
Mount refinery CMS to existing rails application
Threads and string literals
Showing Id instead of Name in Active Admin Gem
How Can I implement this association?
Why is BluetoothDevice sometimes a string?
Get FaceBook profile pictures album
Lucene.NET Structure for a File Path Indexing Solution
Overriding cake methods in E_STRICT
Foursquare places data
Bug/Error in the Adobe Flex SDK 4.5 when removing series from Cartesian Charts
Spring Roo: fill a new entity instance with initial data?
data from mutiple mysql tables to hadoop map-reduce
Is it mandatory to have a HTTPS to communicate with Graph API?
.NET Remoting RegisterWellKnownServiceType with a specfic channel when there are multiple channels available
How to set the progressbar with the chronometer in android?
Populate column nulls with next non-null value
How can I stop a window from briefly reappearing at its last visible position when going from hidden to visible?
perl with mysql, terribly slow, how to fix it
How to stream live audio online? [closed]
Salesforce login failed for honeycomb devices
How to use multiple aggregate functions with multiple/nested tables?
Change variable value saved to file.php
Referencing objects through a tcp/ip connection - for robotics
When using FireFoxDriver in Selenium, How to Know The Page Url?
Ruby on Rails: Action without View
How to import tweenmax files to my project
DeviceNetworkInformation: Which is which?
How to send data from Server to Android Directly without invoking first from the android
Is it considered bad practice if you use an <input> for a textbox compared to <asp:Textbox>?
MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '(10), KEY vid (vid) )' at line 4
Elevating privileges programmatically and as more user friendly as possible
Where is android application installed in my sd card
MongoDB: returning rows sequentially before and after a given row?
display information, that is contained of an object, to a ListView
Any Javascript Library or Jquery plugin for calculating Polygon's Area?
What is the maximum number of bytes for a UTF-8 encoded character?
execute the JS first then go to 'page.php on <a>
Mysql query with ip address couldn't be insert into database