How to grab a worksheet
How can I make a dialog box in jQuery UI open and fill the whole browser window?
Grid like arrangements in UIScrollView(PhotoScroller)
Set alpha of a portion of a UIView
How to process the output folder created by one script
Physical location of DTO in a project
Specifying the field naming policy for Jackson
dojo dialog dynamic content 2
How to count how many times a number appears in a .txt file
How to Filter paginated table with 鈥淧icnet Table filter鈥�
How to access the ViewModel for a View
save the path of camera image into SQLite table and retrieve it
How do I find the list of bug fixes in each platform release of
cakephp linked data HABTM by JOIN need both related data?
Creation of a multi-level JSON string
Do we have Interceptors for JSON actions in Struts2
Jquery loading image until download starts
How to marshal a Hibernate object using JAXB via a public get with @XmlIDREF and lazy loading
How to control output generated from extconf.rb depending on OS?
objective-c object nil after init
attach file to a message
jqplot custom legends
SSRS Report Manager Parameter defaults
use MongoDb in place of MYSQl,SQL
Which is the relationship between CPU time measured by Python profiler and, real, user and sys time?
SUM by two different GROUP BY
Adding contact form to a static website
Getting Array with values from an array of NSDictionary
how to pre-declare or ignore a namespace prefix with cElementTree?
Understanding sub queries in Sql Server 2005
Using fseek to start reading a CSV after a certain number of lines
With mmap() how can dynamically sized structures be created
update_attributes issue - all dates being passed as time and not datetime
JQuery selector - #ElementId not working just ElementId is fine
Is there any security with suPHP?
BlackBerry Please Wait Screen with Time out
Excel truncates string data to 255 symbols. How I can read the whole string data without changing the registry
What would Clojure lose by switching away from leading parenthesis like Dylan, Julia and Seph?
consuming wcf service secured by adfs in windows phone application
XML parser to android
Disable external window activation
Overflow-x:hidden not working in Chrome
Robotlegs wiring up dependencies that belong to a base class
sqlcmd not working during setup (innosetup)
Android : save some variabiles
When does filter_input() remove slashes of POST variables?
how to import access table in my-sql db using ssis as a bridge
batch loading UML elements to a class diagram in Papyrus
MySQL Threading Issues in my static DAL
Sharing a class library between two WCF services
2x Expected End of Statement in my HTA-Script
JS get element id array
Detect phone vs tablet
Copy a string to char array
send emails to multiple recipients actionmailer
Drupal: D7 rewriting values returned by views
Using JdbcTemplate with Named parameters in spring batch
How to wrap these classes into a AsyncClass and then using them?
get value of checked checkbox list in array in jQuery
set environment variables for ant script
App Store Submission for Multi-User Application
Indices not working on sqlite table
Add a title to a JTable
How to read to end process output asynchronously in C#?
Spatial MySQL with Entity Framework
Rewrite self join to JPQL
datagridview combobox cell c#
Project has no file
how can i store data in sim card from sim card application?
Exception when running JasperReports on JasperServer
What exactly happens when I change number of Azure role instances?
Excel-VBA - Colour X-axis point if LIKE *Value*
How to see the table relationships in ORACLE
How to get CSS attributes assigned to a html table?
mysql SELECT * FROM table WHERE column+space+column LIKE '%query%'
is the xsi: prefix assumed to be known in XML?
how to create a good gui for welcome screen [closed]
Issue when trying to run query on Fusion Tables with Google Maps
binary tree traversal in c++
Start Tomcat from Eclipse in port 80 in Ubuntu with Authbind
How would I constant listen on a port with a GUI?
Static functions vs virtual functoins [speed]
iSpeech iPhone SDK for monotouch?
Dont understand why this javascript won't work in jQm
Generate primary key or (id) In in jsp?
How to render a text field and a button in a table?
Azure does not read web.config settings
Canvas not being drawn html5 (javascript, closures)
How to program a function to return values on some sort of probablity?
input:radio click function isn't triggering in IE / Firefox
Accessing MVC4's detault Membership provider
WiX light.exe throws the Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow exception
Excel 2010 Format duplicate values - change the text in the cell
how to set the last textbox value using jquery?
How to create PostgreSql sequence with JPA?
Rails 3 ActiveRecord Localization
ObjectForKey always returning null or 0 when I know the value to be 1
Extracting Main Content ( Highest Text Density ) From a news article Web-Page
VBA connect to SQL Server data source name not found and no default driver specified?
Binding ObservableCollection to Grid Inside a Listbox
libphonenumber: goog is not defined
Yahoo oauth and apis implementation using JavaScript
How do I erase lines with different words at a time in Notepad++?
how to slide image in jquery in html page?
Acknowledgement from Consumer in ActiveMQ
NoMethodError in Users#edit
How to arrange the items in QGridLayout as shown?
returning abstract C++ struct to C#
Navigation menu with animation - Not the effect I need
Producer Consumer using Blocking Queue
Rails jquery dropdown menu for multiple menus
How to get Color and coordinates(x,y) from Texture2D XNA c#?
SJCL not working correctly in Rhino under Java, while same script behaves as expected in sample PHP script
plot is not defined
What is wrong with this correct condition? :)
osql: Is there a character limit on the returned data?
If I use an nchar column, how can I store Czech text in an IBM819 database?
Knockout JS advice
Rotate a Arrow when it's flying
Tank Auth - getting the user info from the database
Ext 3: Export large Grid with pagination to Excel
Error when update Aptana 3 to
How to open iframe in wordpress plugin
Switch disks to persistent mode via vmware sdk api calls
how to call a php variable within a javascript colorbox
Embedding JSON Data into YAML file
attr_accessor inner view
Zooming a photo in UIScrollView
WMI - query multiple informations
Mercurial: Branch specific changes keep coming back after dummy merge
Animated Listbox scrolling
count trailing zeros in OpenCL
Ordering for has_many :through when updating
C array of pointers vs. array of raw values: performance and memory
urllib2 write to upstream
How can I optimize the construction of a pair in this case?
How to calculate vertex normals of a cylinder?
Ffmpeg: undefined reference to `avcodec_decode_video'
SOAP-ERROR: Parsing WSDL: Couldn't load from url
Output value from array
jQuery fadeIn/Out crashing
how to disable WP7 MapPolyline auto background painting?
How can I specify to which figure a plot should go?
bash read command. read line to symbol ^@ (as can i see in vim) and other part of line is ignored
Module to send bash command to system
How to get an underlying DataTable from a control (i.e. under DataGridView)?
On compiling to the JVM
validation part not working in cake php
netfilter_queue : use --queue-balance in multithreaded environment
CSS Media Query
javascript validate input with blur can't get autocompletion results
Send user to other page on input
Generic advice on reducing GC time in GHC
sqlite: save array?
How to use a horizontal WrapPanel in Panorama (sketchflow)
checking if one or more $_GET are set [closed]
Adding the current directory to a JAR file's classpath
Building REST API - separate requests
Mismatch in modules installed with Python MVC route parameter exception
How Can I implement this in Rails?
Increase row height jqgrid
next().next() textarea focus no cursor display click different div
Passing variables into a Shadowbox modal window?
abort in rails loop function
List rows after specific date
Is there a way to apply CSS to all HTML5 textual inputs, regardless of type attribute?
How to display a Date object in a specific format using JavaScript?
Formatting the date on a JSpinner
Java JSpinner.DateEditor working with TimeZone March clock change
How to Upload text file using Play framework? [closed]
bash - expression after last specific character
Android 4.0.3 emulator: install fails with 鈥減ermission revoke鈥�
CropBox and MediaBox in GhostScript
Want to share my iOS app amoung team members
Converting leading 0 String into Integer in java
how to use constant from class as an argument definition in php function?
SPICE protocol extension
How could I extract a substring from large text using a macro in Notepad++?
Why Chrome does not trust SSL?
ActionBar doesn't load the home drawable correctly
How check if body has a specific class with JavaScript?
Extract command from process (using PID)
css properties apply only by code - javascript
Why NOT BindingList in WPF
This query in Linq to Sql
Is it possible to merge RuntimeTypeModel's in protobuf-net
MS outlook Work Using JAVA
Twitter and facebook integration in cocos2d
How to run multiple sql queries using php without giving load on mysql server?
Receiver type 'UIView' for instance message does not declare a method with selector 'addAnimation:forKey:'
Error : Object must implement Iconvertible while trying to populate a grid
Which ItemControl should I choose and Why?
GWT - How to deliver medical image from server to client where users can do some pixel level processing on image
Is returning with `std::move` sensible in the case of multiple return statements?
Why is my webpage turning blue
Need help converting this piece of code to jQuery [closed]
Remaining life span of webforms? [closed]
llegal escape character followed by a space
What is the best way to hide the screen while knockout js bindings are being built?
How to get OS default encoding?
Internet explorer css issue - my slider is going crazy
Go back to previous activity fast in android?
Collapsibles/accordion in jquery
MVC support in embedded jetty with eclipse equinox
Ignore part of a python tuple
Air for Android - Undefined property EncryptedLocalStore
Catch without try error
Using Knockout.Js to bind array to a table and an item of the array to another element
how do I clear my text fields after sending a message
What's CPU Factor?
Trying to understand this count of Servlet calls
Advantages of Java vs Python for 2D Graphics, user scripts [closed]
How to close Cursor opened in Adapter class?
How to paint 2 gradients together on a Canvas?
Python 3.x tkinter importing error
Texture's alpha channel not working when using malloc Scribble in OpenGL ES
Is it possible to queue commands in Vim?
Is this a known format for persisting an object?
Trouble running RecommenderJob on hadoop
why cookie is missing after page refresh
How can you connect Windows phone 7 to a database?
Remove back slash in string
DataGridViewButtonColumn enabling buttons binding boolean field
How to check for existence of row in a joined table - MySQL
How to enable a Java application to open files directly. e.g. right-click on a file or directory and being able to click on 鈥渙pen with mytool鈥�
How to delete node from xml based on attribute using java with DOM Parser
Cannot remove files from sdcard using delete functions
Animate sprite with jquery
javascript alternative to mcrypt_encrypt
Eclipse Debugger: Variable view when using nested Java HashMap, ArrayList
Check whether a path is valid in Python without creating a file at the path's target
how to synchronize between a server svn and site in production
UITextView Scroll to selected line
Switching from portrait to landscape two different view
What are the recommended specifications of Virtual Machines (Hyper-V) to run Sharepoint 2010 for around 400 people?
Saving value from JComboBox in custom TreeCellEditor
How to adjust the shift of elements when filling textbox when a keyboard appea (Windows phone)
Server design for synchronous I/O services
Chrome extensions support copy image to clipboard? windows azure blob storage
SSRS Printing without showind Print Dialog
Print a string and display the newlines & tabs in their character format
dynamic from address - postmark
Automation 31 templates or 1 template
nuget get different versions swicth
cvCreateFileCapture strange error
How can I change date from 24-hours format to 12-hours format (am/pm) in android
Simulate something like Crystal Reports in .NET
How to update record using mysql join?
error in java sphinx program
Modifying return value of getters of String fields
how to substring with word boundary for a long html content for preview (preserving format) in web using java?
Accessing a child user control's data context in the parent
Does Jboss 7 support remote jndi lookups from a remote client
Reading a file directly from HDFS into a shell function
In the architecure of an MVC application is it better to add a Service layer or create Database views?
JAXB Unmarshall exception - unexpected element
Drupal7 .install script not working
For a particular selected value from a drop-down box, Display its corresponding values in drop down list?
Solid discussion of language design 鈥�covariant and contravariant types
unknow erlang syntax
Slowing an object in a particular area using Farseer
Unable to fetch database values in RemoteView
tcp/ip open connection
using subroutine from other file
SIFT Taylor Expansion working out subpixel locations
How to get the auto increment primary key in old mdb database?
Django - trailing slash resets page title
Best way to quit android app?
Optional joins in a query (鈥�or ignoring a join if the main table field is null)
Blackberry custom .KEY file not registered
Ajax success when a view is returned
Mediaplayer Error(1, -17)
Pysolr filter search
SPContext.Current.Web.CurrentUser is null
EF4.1 based Repository and consistent view of data
Passing a specific type of function to another function
QObject Model is empty in QT
WPF DataGrid Operations
How do I read folder names from a list of folders in a directory using javascript?
Where can I find city/town location data for location-based searching?
Multi-line list items on WinForms ListBox control?
PHP mail function interrupting jquery .post return data
Clear JavaScript files from DOM
Office 2010 : Custom ribbon
Windows 8 and F# [closed]
Use theme with style, selector and attr on Android
256 MB emulator shortcut
Regex: how to remove trailing white spaces without removing empty lines (code cleaning)
Running jetty+solr on Windows server
cannot find symbol variable ArrayIO
bind event with .live() and item.length fails
dismissModalViewControllerAnimated not working as expected
Want to extend a PHP class from two classes one of which is abstract
Data is not reloaded when app comes from background
htaccess 鈥渟ilent鈥�redirect
Font size issue from flash to php
How do I store persistent data with xhr-polling in Socket.IO?
Ant, jvmarg, system properties and quotes
Having a composite key for hash map in c++
unix - chmod default future permissions for files
On loading web page with Firefox is not displayed as normal
setting up friendly url's for multiple domains in .htacces
Android automated testing with Jenkins
Translate Sql Query to DBContext query with filter Subquery
Extracting continuous values and print all the lines
Conflict between type=PersistenceContextType.EXTENDED and javax.persistence.OptimisticLockException in JSF/Spring/JPA/Hibernate application
Take a ScreenShot from Android Device as iPhone
How to use multiple threads
Why is TextView.setTextSize() not recalculating the TextView's height correctly?
DatagridColumn sort event?
Java check if number in interval [duplicate]
Change the time format
Wordpress , password reset history
Best way for a c++ program to follow a user-defined script?
copy Excel chart to placeholder in Powerpoint
LINQ To Entity - With Many to Many Relationship - VB.NET
Remove default nonexistent footer links
can not connect to bluetooth headset in android
Find sum of records by user split by month in CakePHP
How to transfer sqlite3 database between two Android devices using Socket?
Regular Expression replace ' - ' with '-'
Which coding abbreviations is widely used and generally understood? [closed]
dynamicaly adding controls in android onbutton click
Programmatically get XAML of an FrameworkElement in SL4
looping through multi array
split and regular expression in php
Related making Connection in C# [closed]
How to show message box after uploading a file which size is bigger than limit size instead of showing IE page error
compiling and using command-line C++ program under Android 2.3.5?
Leave deduction in payroll section of OpenERP
How to skip a variable value in eval
How to hide all children clips except a specific one with actionscript 3
Why isn't a variable nil right after declaration?
How to change SharePoint Windows Authentication prompt times for login?
day differences using Calendar in java
Adding an item to a listview in a different activity from the current activity on click of a button
JQuery click function requiring 2 clicks
How to sort NSDictionary value in iphone
Android source code - Copying downloaded code to mirror
Mapping elements attribute as member possible?
No response by sending a rest request and getting back status 200 ok
Rails: change column type, but keep data
301 redirects causing Issue with google maps plugin
flyway: sql*plus specific command's execution
How can I receive bytea data from PostgreSQL through Zend_Db_Select?
How to select the max of two element of each row in MySQL
Keep one common DataContext per DAL instead of create it for each database call?
Keep one common DataContext per DAL instead of create it for each database call?
In app billing - issue with managed item
Should I always call listen() in the parent process?
how to set button to be visible only after i made changes in 2 dropdownlists in javascript
Should deleted folder on repo delete folder locally?
Symbol not found: _OBJC_CLASS_$_NSOrderedSet
Jquery Error Notification
2D character edit /create application
Turn off screen from Android service
Adding a subview to an image view does not work
Are traits not simply composition?
How can I get the SID of the user who invoked the method of COM server?
Mock with Rhino mock -MVVM
WCF Services on the same machine
How to handle touch event HorizontalListScrollview or horizontalListview inside Viewpager in android?
Is truncation of parent table restricted even when child table is empty?
Maven/Tycho/Eclipse : how to use published P2 Repo published in Maven repo?
Javascript 鈥渞eturn this鈥�meet the 鈥渞eturn鈥�
I'm looking for a specific type of Jquery slider
codeigniter pagination error 404
MPMoviePlayerController mp4 file streaming
byte[] to strongly typed array?
MMM dd yyyy validation regular expression?
Flash Player 11 hides some content
Protecting Wordpress Blog
How to use pre-commit hook(Windows batch file) for a particular folder in SVN?
reference model variable to global variable value in .net mvc3
Aptana Studio 3 code completion / assist not working for Yii Framework
gen already exists but is not a source folder
JXTable column sorting changes between 1.0 and 1.6
reference device -> develop DirectX11 on old hardware?
Viewport3D performance on a simple mesh
DataTable row limit
How to clear ObjectDataSource cache manually
Which is more efficient - Computing results using a functionin realtime or reading the results directly from a database?
After installing Blackberry Java plug-in in Eclipse cannot see the option for running the blackberry project
Nginx and runit鈥hat is best pratice
Google Analytics setting up across domain tracking
button pressed before appear on screem
Get count from webservice
cakePHP multiple model
Generating Random Numbers: updating seed
improt txt file into database need formatting and styling the data
Android 4 browser: input elements combined with input elements in a list result in display errors
HtmlHelper class and build errors
Dependancy injection in two layers in mvc
Effectively dealing with x quantity $_POST vars
How to handle SQL Query CommandTimeout in C# 2.0
JSF expression evaluation of attribute tags
print symbols of emacs in elisp
Cancel a push notification sound while it is playing
pg_query_params and partial index
binding events to dynamic objects in underscore/backbone
Jade template rendering tags without order
my editor under 'new' context menu
Wordpress proper way of adding pages
How to overload operator<< for use with boost::program_options default value output?
call python script from C++ threads, GIL
Wordsearch puzzle method
Rails 3 - how to write the block of code in HAML
Setting environment variables for build in Visual Studio (2008)
Javascript Alert issue
SysLink control - set property Visible in C++ code
ASP.NET: 403 - Forbidden: Access is denied. You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied
Howto generate App_Licence.dll from command line
how do I invoke action with the given object in struts 2 and jsp?
Which calendars does JodaTime support?
Dialog Animation Issue
Services in Symfony2
Is the 鈥淪croll to top鈥�button in Pinterest a jQuery plugin?
plot multiple columns on the same graph in R
jquery and php,the data send from my jquery code is not posted on php
Why is $_POST empty when I can see the POST variables in firebug?
Setting up mongomapper for multiple databases
Hibernate 4 SessionFactory-scoped interceptor
JODConverter 3 converter webservice
Cancel long-running Dapper Query
C# Debugging: magical System Clock restore
Automatic bind in OpenGL object wrapper
Continous file update, recursive function?
Using same control instance in different views of an MultiView
MS Access form not displaying data from the tables
Issue with Popup
NSURL is either null or a confusing string
what type of products should be used to achieve the below mentioned functionality in magento?
solution to load images fast in grid view
Prototype cells with custom class does not fire init?
Calling mutliple services in a method. How to do it effectively?
Uploading multiple images with one input field
Basic surfaceView stuff - learning Android SDK
Dynamic add servlet in WebLogic 12c not work?
Determine if file is a socket reference in Linux with Perl
How to return an error message from the Model?
Issues with mysql2 with and ruby
Define custom serialization with Casbah / Salat - or delegate serialization to member?
Getting undefined reference to 'clock_gettime' error, for curl program
Requesting advice for accepting large file uploads
Android browser: last letter in button is cut off
Read files from a folder inside a jar file
How to display multiple markers on a map
How to display multiple markers on a map
how can we add a COM Control in WPF application?
does not name a type using push_back
Getting ongoing recording data segments from AVAudioRecorder
Is it considered good practice to test presence of annotations using reflection in a unit test?
hibernate tools & hibernate template in DAO
Automation. Impersonate Windows Installer from Windows Service
Database design - tracking details per order from parent
Why is Play! breaking apart the {format} param in routes?
Lambda expressions for arrays?
Create custom controls in asp mvc 3
Need T-SQL help for converting Rows from multiple tables into Columns with values in Sql Server 2005
Passing Table Valued parameter to stored procedure across different databases
how to redirect to 404 for a url of following format?
How to conert local time to UTC time in android [duplicate]
jquery regional datepicker issue
jquery, phonegap: unsorted List overlay overlapps content of list
JNLP - How can i deploy my application which runs and create a desktop icon for launching the a.jar?
Alternative to System.Web.UI.WebControls.TableCell
Making a Div fixed on Scrolling
Return value from javascript function on the basis of Json function
Disabled dropdown has a blue background
Expressions in media queries in mixins
Get parameters from velocity template
Return JQuery specific click in a container
Apache as a reverse and caching proxy for Tomcat
Too many XtraChart Generated on runtime
How to create project templates in Xcode 4.2
Android SQLite Where Clause NPE
Typedef enum declaration in C++
Problems with https (No peer certificate) in android
Twitter ouath callback in Spotify Apps
Dynamically Creating/Displaying Content on an ASP.Net Site
Magento display all categories on product view page with parent categories
Java: Obtain the Subset of an Array that meet a criteria
Event handled 2 levels up
How do I make the value of an XElement be wrapped in ![CDATA[***]]?
biztalk wcf integration issue
HTML 5 offline applicatin manifest content type
Neato not found with pygraphviz on Mac OS
How to select same value twice in GridViewComboBoxColumn of RadGridView?
word doc to html - how to set custom id and class
Problems using in Python 2.7.2 on Windows
How to setup automatic issue transitions in Jira?
DATE/TIME in oracle - date duration function
How do I make a field in MySQL automatically update depending on another field?
Does picking a language to learn really matter? They all use similar techniques to solve problms? [closed]
Comparing Strings in Excel Returns Unexpected False
Would you call this (from the book 鈥淐ode Complete鈥� a unit test, an integration test or something else?
Print string with `%016llx`
Print string with `%016llx`
Linq Top, Group By and Order By
Recognizing superscript characters using OCR
Combining R + awk + bash commands
Android: Own Font in ListView
array of 2s power using template in c++
What the purpose of text() in this xquery
How to give path to identify OU when we have nested OU's in active directory while creating a user in active directory in c#?
Techniques for javascript code grouping
CMake command line for C++ #define
python form setfocus
Enable/Disable onclick using javascript
Open several CMD programs in one window
Using selenium rc java for checking json respose
Query to select newly added records only
How to open drop down list after clicking on image in same position?
How to validate a hyperlink from different links using php
Android receive share text file but not share text content
Binding click to nested ul's
Best practice for programmatically showing UIView in correct orientation
html overflow issue
textbox browser autocompletion options do not fire keypress/keyup
Which emma-maven-plugin should I be using?
Drawing with Cairo in MonoDevelop on Windows
Search through a file with all the words in the dictionary
javascript calculate number of days
Filter content of inherited param comments
Get Friends Location using Facebook Graph API & HybridAuth
Conditional row subtraction
Project/Solution setup in the Visual C++ IDE
How to convert 12 hours time to 24 hours time in j2me?
Debug a managed dump file using visual studio 2010
Unlocking membership user
finding distance between synsets in wordnet
MySQL Group by Query but with one query i need to convert Currency Rate & merge Result [closed]
Code running into redirect loop
Rspec controller RoutingError
How to create a custom page in Wordpress? [closed]
YUI editor toolbar button style
Android set Roboto font with bold, italic, regular,鈥�(something like custom font family)
Random double Web Requests C# IIS7 PollLockedSessionCallback
android: set margin on PopupWindow by code
Need Proper Guidance [closed]
Cocos2D making a isometric hexagonal tileMap
what is the origin branch in git? how to use it?
List Adapter setting - How can I not to repeat the list item layout resource?
How to understand signalR concepts
WordPress 3.3.1 single post template
In an ISO 8601 date, is the T character mandatory?
Dictionary in django template
Simple jQuery vertical text scroller
Accesing HTML elements from Java
Your opinion of this URL structure for SEO pagination [closed]
PHP write multiple sheet on openoffice spreadsheet file
How to check if a cell is blank while using jxl to read excel files
How to maintain state of android activity
Error 404 when running sample Spring MVC using Spring STS
Periodic workspace save could not save safe table?
Radio/checkbox buttons 鈥渙ncheck鈥�event when is checked/selected with javascript
Expression Trees in Linq To Entities
undefined index error from a php arrya
Efficient way to match two IDs from two very long containers
R some time stamps changing to NA
WPF Image Overlay
What is the name of the function, which does the opposite to HttpUtility.JavaScriptStringEncode?
ASP.NET Web API Authorization with AuthorizeAttribute
What is the purpose of using both javascript and php validation with forms? [duplicate]
JAutoDoc evaluation of @Annotations?
difficulty in using SAX parser for same named parent child nodes
Unnecessary @SuppressWarnings(鈥渦nused鈥�
_capture.Dispose() Exception
(小++ pointers) difference between var declarations
SQL C# Doubles with decimals
SSRS rotate textbox?
How do I retrieve data from the lat and lng tables of the Appcelerator Titantium Annotation table?
Handling input device plug/unplug while reading from it
How to eager load binary fields without changing 鈥�designer.cs鈥�file in LinqToSql?
Previous and next links
Spring can't see beans between servlet-context and contextConfigLocation beans
Dynamical adding of parameters as properties of object - JavaScript
Regular Expression for positive numbers in C#
Monotouch.Dialog: BooleanElement's ValueChanged event is not firing
WCF - endpoint not found - error in corporate network
redirect google dynamic page
Ribbon issue with access 2010
Browse files on camera using PowerShell
Get images from directory
Preventing a cascading update of a many-to-many relationship with Hibernate/JPA,
VS2010, VSpackage, adding command for certain filetypes in the context menu?
How should I get return value using 鈥済etPlayerState鈥�in youtube player using iframe tag?
Unique constraint for a NodeEntity
Loading text file into listbox
How to open a JPG file as a BITMAP with the JPG stored on the SDCARD?
iPhone Twitter app style Searchbar animation?
preverify:ERROR: floating-point constants should not appear, while running the code in j2me using netbeans 6.9
Is it a security risk setting EnableEventValidation=鈥渇alse鈥�in this situation?
String TextBox1 text in a search parameter in SQL statement
MVC 3 graphic design skills
Apache 2.2 Mysql and PHP connection failed (Windows)
Eclipse PDT autocomplete current project not working
EPiServer Relate+ and AD
show Div on Mouseover
鈥淭IMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE鈥�<--> DateTImeOffset mapping won't deliver the Zone part on INSERT commands (Entity Framework + Oracle)
Jquery Datetimepicker making additions
to_xml always throws error
Navigate to previous page from grails controller?
Creating a search interface - android
SSRS Report in CRM 4 IFrame not updating
Use of table valued function in order by clause
Rotate/transform print with Raphael and cufon weird results
using javascript display the multiple selected td values
What does the 'indeterminate' mean in ProgressDialog?
Linux compiling program from source and make it portable
GLSL Shader - Coverflow Reflection of a 2D object
Change button image after clicking it
Parsing heap dump file
Why cant I re-enable an element in a document after disabling the document?
htaccess - 404 redirect from different folder into root
Running weka through C#
Android ViewPager and Fade Transitions
Securing a HABTM Relationship using Cancan
Change style of TextBlock for TargetNullValue
calculate html page breaks (html 2 pdf) server side for precise print layout with headers and footers
How to generate PSK keys for GnuTLS
Curious Visual Studio 2010 Debugging Behavior in Windows 7 x64
Should I store a completely incapsulated member by reference, by value or by ptr?
how to slide images in a block in drupal 7
Internals of javascript addition and subtraction operator?
Send a mail through exchange server with C++ , EWS
Launching activity from braodcast receiver registered with application context
MS Access to Oracle database
Monitor Progress of zip on separate server
How can I add a new line to a large file every n characters in terminal (one liner sed)?
Android Preferences - How Shareable is Shareable?
Save canvas with an image as PNG works only in Firefox
Add a user specified number to a number already in a file. (python)
Maven surefire 2.12 does not run a specific test using -Dtest parameter
UIImagePickerController delegate warning
Access individual bits in a char c++
Need suggestions on a tool to measure the difference in memory usage (runtime) between two versions of code
Anonymous event handlers and disposing
how can i get the data from SQLite in to Custome Simple Cursor adapter and display in list?
How do you perform calculations on multiple Rails models, and where should the logic go?
Solr Dismax weird behavior
JasperReports stored oracle function java iReport
Script not diplaying in JSP
How can I build such button?
HTML Agility Pack not behaving as expected
How do I access a users Facebook albums if another user is logged in?
Transmitting sessions id from SQL Server to web scripts
How do I access a users Facebook albums if another user is logged in?
Transmitting sessions id from SQL Server to web scripts
Correct way of copying an array of char pointers?
PHPUnit, test multiple values
In .NET how to dynamically evaluate a complex expression against an object?
Replace script works if I type manually but not in script
How can I draw a slope line y=m*x+C using jQuery?
Correct format for android:gravity in attrs.xml?
git find parent direcitory from a child
html5 video plays only once when streamed through a controller in chrome and doesnt play in ipad at all
How to disable a scrollView?
How to group by one column and summation of second?
Paging animation like in Go Launcher Ex
Publishing Static WSDL and related XSD schemas using Spring WS
java.rmi.ServerException: RemoteException occurred in server thread
Apache + PHP (php-fcgi) doesn't show or log errors
How can I detect onclick() or similar for individual characters in a text?
How to achieve mutual exclusion on a database record in linq sql
Access denied error when using mysql_real_escape_string()
CONTAINS doesn't work with Oracle Text
How to add multiple tables dynamically in scroller in qt
When I change language, I lose my design
What is the origin of __author__?
InvalidOperationException while tryin to set reminders in windows phone
FQL query for getting the details of users with a particular appid
How to avoid spammer to use my FTP, bandwidth and mySQL of my site?
Using continuation to transform binary recursion to tail recursion
I can't get contacts from yahoo after jumping through all the OAuth loops
Why Hadoop SequenceFile writing is much slower than reading?
Ad Hoc distribution for beta testing xcode 4.3
Special Folder 鈥淐ommon Application Data Folder鈥�not available in my setup project. Why?
Android delete data from SQLite database
Improving readability and functionality of a function
Android - Fonts in Application
Convert mysql LONGTEXT value to VARCHAR value?
Error creating windows handle
TIFF image, tiff library for visual C++
Why my PHP Session values in are not working in [duplicate]
Android - getting the dimensions of a view in order to position it
How to handle a HTTP GET request to a file in Tornado?
Find a time if it already exists in databse
Class 'org.springframework.web.servlet.view.InternalResourceViewResolver' not found error
how to obtain data values individually while plotting graph using flot
Font colour (color) used in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
Converting a 鈥淎 B [C] D鈥�formatted file to a CSV file
Please help me to read ib_logfile0, ib_logfile1 and ibdata
Downloading a file with Chinese characters in the name in Django with HttpResponse
Tree Panel node label break in extjs4
Websocket Client in ruby
How to make the Div fixed at a particular scroll location?
ETL Process when and how to add in Foreign Keys T-SQL SSIS
Clickable List items in Sencha
Symfony2/Doctrine2: Issues managing multiple entity manager inside a listener
Add HTML file into SQLite Database
Moving from one Activity to the other on Android
How to Change position of cursor or position of scrollbar using jquery or javascript?
How to exclude big files while compressing a directory with tar
Override List (Of).Add Behaviour
svn update for different users
How to empty a field with the 鈥渃haracter varying鈥�type in PostgreSQL?
Converting a single dictionary value in to a list?
Write the contents of Arraylist to txt file in Java
Which version of SQL Server comes with Visual Studio 2010?
Debugging web project in eclipse
Linking 2 static libs into 1 for iOS
My sqlite3 database/queries are very slow. Switch or fix queries?
iPhone Objective-C Error from Files Generated from Data Model
addressing post xml doc in PHP with simpleXML
Is it possible to add one2many inside one2many field in openerp?
.htaccess rewrite for language subdomains
Zend Implementing SEO friendly or vanity URLs with router
How to install ios4.0 simulator in xcode4.2?
Squashing tuples from (a,(b,c)) to (a,b,c) in fsharp
Nhibernate upgrade breaking change on handling null references
Reading and writing object into a file randomly in java
Table view cell as button
SSIS: execute first task if condition met else skip to next
Blobstore upload with AsiHttpRequest
How to pipe content in Emacs' buffer to external program, and print the result?
linked list segfault after first traversal
how do i reset the timer at the end of the day automatically?
Get unobtrusive validation attribute in html helper extensions from just a class name
K-Nearest Neighbors and MySql Geographical Index
Getting org.hibernate.hql.ast.QuerySyntaxException though it works fine sql server?
Adding a css class in a foreach string
Salesforce Messaging.inboundEmail vs Messaging.InboundEnvelope
resignFirstResponder - can not remove keyboard
How to find cell in table and set that found cell's next cell's value using jQuery?
Weird execution path caused by stack buffer overflow
How to use preg match to get the contents of this html tag?
How to call external javascript function in HTML
how to set input width as long as the text inside
Parsing hostname and port from string or url
validate array mongoid and ruby on rails
sizeWithFont returns wrong height in UITextField
Using 'bytes at CS:EIP' to find out where the crash occured
Facebook share and comment boxes don't work together
How to properly bind a table with a winforms control?
Branching instruction which ignores important data?
Checking a member exists, possibly in a base class, C++11 version
any template-wise, generic way to copy similar data structure in c++?
List all the files from all the folder in a single list
WPF - Finalize and UI Thread
Populating and creating two dropdown list from array using PHP
-webkit-animation-fill-mode in safari
emberjs action is undefined
how to give condition on crystal reports field
User Control DirectShow VMR9 Video Display Freezes when unlock computer
What's the best way to implement an OpenID server (prererably Ruby)?
Java anonymous classes and Garbage Collector
Good example of implicit parameter in Scala?
How to animate the ordering in a random way on accelerometer change?
How to get this logic in SQL Query?
Which is the fastest way to add a rectangle on the front window
Need help to post to the Facebook users wall [duplicate]
How to tell JSF 2.0 in Glassfish to instantiate an CDI @Alternative to a <managed-bean>?
jQuery Tipsy won't work with jQuery.each() and live:true
Does ios have any notification when background tasks ended?
html5 file system api - chrome hangs and crashes in multiple read and writes
Why maven is not working in eclipse indigo?
a regular expression
Zooming and Rotation an UIImageView
Member function to a list of pointer
QTP: How to identify a object which was created while the script was running?
Doctrine2: left join WITH not working
Apache wicket: how to add a zero padding to DateTimeField?
Get last bytes from byte array
android Use own Image in ListView
iCloud and Core Data - How to debug?
How to disable Joomla Unique Email Functionality?
springMVC3.0 response body encoding issue
Dealing with many objects
BLOCK_TYPE_VALID error when calling delete [] on pointer to object
Encrypting MP3 files in PHP and decrypting in JAVA
How to make the 鈥淗ello world鈥�through extension in Firefox
Component for encryption
Snakeyaml : properties with generics extended maps
Android Chat Screen sort issue
how to specify height of image background
ehcache with JRuby Rails
Jitter values for TCP Streams in Wireshark?
How to speed ffmpeg-x264 encoder operation
Autocomplete Implementation using Database as the source.
Issue with exporting portgresql table to CSV in JDBC
How to add an <em> to toplinks in Magento
Facebook sharing in a J2ME application? Is there any facebook API for J2ME?
How to have Vim recognize the object type when accessing an STL container, for autocompletion
getBoundingClientRect() does not exist for safari on ipad. Workaround needed
How to detect unlock on Android? (AIR App)
Live jquery sql select
Serialize inherited classes using protobuf-net
Sum of values in PHP
how can i show customised form validation error message in symfony2
Passing one Dimension of a Two Dimensional Array in C#
Can I combine two and more classes which have common properties?
In Django, how to restrict some url access depending on users' groups?
How to use FileObserver for System files [Android]
How to run an application in background in Windows Phone 7?
Get user Posts and/or Comments in a sharing blog using SQL
Queue class not dequeuing correctly
How to make up some check box look as if it's disabled
Silverlight 5 issue on mac
NSDateFormatter strange behavior
Sencha touch 2 - How to make the src of the Ext.Img dynamic
Codeigniter - urls [duplicate]
How to make gvim main window not quit when I type `:q` or `:qa`?
How can I update a element using SSJS in Xpages?
android 4.0 spinner usage
Calling Javascript function from hidden field
How to change the cursor with a local image in wpf?
Prevent extrenalhit caching
Spring HTTP cache management
Function NOW() on Qt
C# WinForms flicker by scrolling - Janus Controls
jconsole not able to connect even though java process is running
How to get the root node in xml using jquery?
Enhanced For Loop - Array of Objects
Getting values in my Java class from velocity (Jira plugin webwork module )
How to launch Android pattern lock screen from within application
SELF JOIN to Update Rows Of the Table
mysqli_insert_id did not work
Language independent way to specify day parameter for schtasks.exe
How can I use cin and cout at same time without interrupt?
Run exe file in bat file using files from another directories
Javascript- Dynamically monitor CPU/memory usage
Flash as3 webservice call not called, with IE7
Setting label of prefpane dynamically
Jquery, tablednd and ajax post
Dojo : load cross domain script dynamically and synchronously
Default dependency implementation, how to handle with no DI framework?
Decimals in MySQL Polygon Geometry TCP IP Socket connections
jQuery Isotope - Filtering with AND (exclusion)
Deep NSArray Mutable Copy Category behaviour
Wordpress meta boxes - WP tuts tutorial
Publishing on users time line using facebook javascript sdk
Why isn't findbugs_result.xml generated?
Get current directory and run a File in vbscript?
MVC3 unit testing
Assets precompile not working
Assets precompile not working
cakephp validation: preg_match(): Delimeter must not be alphanumeric or backslash
Return value of parameterized methods?
How to tokenize quoted text keeping info about position of tokens in original string? [duplicate]
Fancybox detect from Inside
Use cookie and session in PHP
htaccess and php - redirects and pretty urls
Unable to clear the Highlighted first cell of DataGridView
How to download code from ubersvn?
Display the responses to the current form inside an embedded view
Puzzle Game with image like 15-puzzle (Game of fifteen)
Select Using linq
removing negative labels alone from a plot (ggplot + R)
MySQL: MATCH AGAINST is not showing all results
Android fragments and its influence on the performance
what is the concept behind java iterator?
What does this onclick (onclick=鈥渢'abc'鈥� mean?
JavaScript Pub/Sub - Message Priorities
HTML table not displayed correctly after CSS rotation for print
Can't catch TAB keyUp
MVC 3 How to pass custom JS object to the controller? [duplicate]
Browser differences with syntax highlighter
SP1 instead RTM on SQL Server 2008
Maximum stack size, ulimit -s, segfault 11 鈥�how does this work?
How can I change Thin's configuration?
invalid MEX (The specified procedure could not be found): Building a CUDA MEX function in visual studio and calling it in MATLAB
Creating query(join) or correct the design?
Why ContextClassLoader returns path with exclamation character?
Does newly inserted document in MongoDB surely has 鈥渂igger鈥�_id than older document?
The summary of my custom extension helper is not showed
How to Make Subdomain Checker Like Has?
changing the color of the button in selectfield/datepicker/timepicker in Sencha
ImageMagick: convert SVG to transparent PNG with antialiasing
How to pad the required content to a text file
Compare text in Unix
How to update data stored in XML using C#?
How to verify a value is exist in list in redis?
How to start another Activity as main and launcher after Deploying the application into device
How can i convert decimal to double for big calculation in Android
How to access the selection object in _execute javascript method to add a button to ribbon toolbar? And how to add images to the button?
Sort an NSString
how to create pinterest style hiding/unhiding nav/tab bar?
Populate Drop down from Text box in Javascript
WebView and mailto link
preventDefault() is not working giving object does not support this property movable Web User Control that saves
Can anyone please help me what I did wrong on my EventHandler for some reason I can't open the Display Conformation box?
for-in and in of JS
Handle json error message from REST API through HTTPWebRepsonse
How to save specific value in a field of DB in cakePHP 2.0?
JBoss AS 7 is also compatible with JavaEE5?
java code optimization when iterate list
appending content into a dymanically created iframe gets an empty iframe
load this format into an R dataframe
How to isolate specific hyperlinks using simple html dom php
problems with creating a header file
Trouble calling SQL Server stored procedure within Java
how to read data from junction table code first approach
Consuming a Webservice and Parsing the XML Data in iphone
How to create Android timetable layout?
database design for many questions with different answer datatypes
Submit App to Apple without the latest Xcode version
Getting lat,long from Loactions
How do I configure ActiveMQ with STOMP?
UITableViewCell is nil if it's not visible
Stop execution (breakpoint) every time the execution enter in one of my classes
in horizantal pager with each page different background music in android
Capybara timing issue
I'm having trouble printing the correct content
ajax post getting value in CLASSIC asp
InnerHTML delay & Marque movement from fixed position
C# Java applet activity in webbrowser written to list
CWD unicode support
Nested query is not supported in SQLite
Curl version of this function?
Null pointer in CFRelease (told by static anylizer)
vertexshader / vertexprogram write vertex attributes to vbo?
xsd reusing of complex type in a different namespace
code blocks with cmake build system and mscv 2010 compiler
Android intent data Uri to absolute path
Which notation should i use in C#? [closed]
Nodejs and Sphinx data query issue
What is the most suitable virtual machine software for sharing hardware ports (COM, LPT etc) at register level?
How to rotate a dial image on its postion.
iis7 hosted wcf service : avoid placing dll in system32 folder
how to write seperated by comma on reading the data in android
Keeping data when Android does an onExit()
Sub Query having group by and count
how to include external models in mongoose?
Changing the 'Region and Language' OS setting programmatically
frustrated db query and getvalue in a view after failure
detect barcode reader input
What are, and what is the difference between, kmain and dmain 鈥�main functions in C?
Automate sql stored translation generation in Visual Studio 2010
Symfony2 Date Field Year
MKMapViewprevent user from zooming out past a certain range
how can i test a get method in my controller
Tridion Core service - working with a Hierarchical Taxonomy
How can i transmit the sender as an eventarg
Remove emtpy elements in xml
Remove emtpy elements in xml
SQLite3 : How to modify fileds'type without data loss
W3C Validation - Page not validating with OG: / Facebook tags [duplicate]
How to dynamically add a PDO statement into array?
Jquery load method not working in ipad
Hide Ajax.ActionLink after click
Filtering a text-type column with MySQL-computed values in Magento Admin Grid
How do I check my limits on publish_stream?
Send attachment with SMS [duplicate]
Telerik Winforms Theme Title Bar Don't show up
Where Visual Studio 11 beta Web installer download installation data?
DateTimePicker select just month
How to define a select field in a nested form?
Model and migration for a Rails app that allows users to follow/subscribe to posts with certain tags (like in SO)?
Rounded corner tables with LESS
Connection Issue With Mysql,JDBC on Red Hat Linux
UTF-8 special characters are not shown in Safari
How to simulate drag in monkeyrunner with 鈥淧ressure鈥�
take a screenshot of WPF datagrid with scrollviewer
HighStock chart get hange browser when new data fill at 10sec interval [duplicate]
Camera preview processing on Android
鈥渞enderInContext:鈥�and CATransform3D
View a PDF file in HTML not to download it
How can i custom UITableViewCell editing style?
using Cucumber with Netzke to call an action in Grid Panel
Using Microsoft Interop to read and write into excel cell
Compiling module with external toolchain
about MVC application
Building huge Single Page Application, framework choice etc
Buffered read from disk
dyld: Library not loaded reason: image not found
Compare two string sets in java and output binary (matches/not) array
Python: product as the range step
How to compare two XML files in visual studio 2010
Fql multiquery executing in graph explorer but not in c# .net
Python pickle: pickled objects are not equal to source objects
Calling a jQuery user defined function from Silverlight
Objective c: How to only delete all file under a directory but keep the directory itself
Creating Color Gallery
Why is there a server-side limit on the length of a URL?
Javascript ontouchstart/move/end - getting wierd results
MVC: OutputCache and extremely slow RenderPartial
What is the Rails way to define tomorrow's date?
How do I put an ImageView, which is not a child, on top of a custom ViewGroup?
Redirect wrongly indexed Google pages to proper pages within my routes
TopCoder solution with dynamic programming solution class is unable to render the agraphs and animation may result in your app breaking without warning
Building an Xpage for searching issue
Generate java client libraries using Enunciate