Can the Twitter Bootstrap Carousel plugin fade in and out on slide transition
Creating an Accessor Method for Private Object Properties - Enumeration?
After clicking a button, how do I wait for SwingWorker to finish before proceeding?
Formatting number with comma separation, NO TO_CHAR in oracle
Is there any way to remove specific view controller from UINavigationController's stack?
PUT vs POST in an audit-table or revision history situation
add all the data (numbers) in a 'point' node from an xml file using php
Can the application restart automaticly after it coredown?
XML and Unicode specifications: what鈥檚 a legal character?
Certificate verify failed Heroku Ruby on Rails 3.2.1 Ruby 1.9.2p290
How to set single notification for multiple alarm manager at same time
jquery mobile - how to use the 鈥渆rror reporting dialog鈥�
assistance with a timestamp php function
PHPunit: How to mock a method that has a parameter AND a returned value
cat command for windows
Implementing the REST Hypermedia Constraint with a two backend services
The combo boxes Scopes and Function in Scope, for a .cpp file are not working in VS2008 sp2. Any idea why these combo boxes are not working?
iOS 5 requires ARC bridged cast
Converting AJAX request to jQuery
why php memcache connect function only takes 2 arguments
Open source mobile javascript frameworks (dojo, wink, embedjs) [closed]
MVC3 action that do not refresh session expiration
How to disable tab key globally except for all forms in a page with JavaScript?
Profiling the memory used by linux kernel
Center Column not working in IE 8,9
Did something try to access my facebook?
Jquery ordered list load more elements
Telerik RadGrid add data column instead of row for each object
JavaScript beginner: How to restart a loop
How do you keep elements the same position when the page is resized?
which is the C# declaration equivalent of delphi 鈥渃lass of 鈥�(type of class)?
Python suds Exchange Web Service getting empty service attribute
in c# oop how to explain why a base class can take a derived class instance
IOS 5: to make a 鈥渂ack鈥�button take me to a different view
How can I get the bit width and sign of a type in C#?
Is it possible to just print the string that was passed into the Scheme macro?
How to add a Firebug Lite extension to Internet Explorer 7/8?
Cherrypy mapping URL to function
Why does a string index in a javascript array not increase the length size?
iPhone-style sliding views in HTML/HTML5
Install node-xmpp-bosh with nodejs on windows
On shouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrientation, how to choose UIView rotation direction?
How to force UIImagePickerController's editing to square or proportional?
MVC3 - how can I override the template/behavior of EditorFor IEnumerable
How to use Turkit for MTURK?
f:validateRequired does not work on Tomcat
Sprite Rotation XNA
Do we care about the 'past' in FRP?
graph-tool: how to access properties?
PHP multiple file uploads progress bar with apc_fetch?
What is a safe PCRE regex delimiter to use on HTML5 pattern input element attribute?
Grabbing element position at mouse release jQuery draggable
SQL insert new row only if two columns(ids) do not exist in pair previously
Using JQuery Alert on ASP.Net Runat=鈥渟erver鈥�button
Binding 鈥渢rue or false鈥�as a PDO parameter
Jquery adds 鈥�鈥�on URL
Xtext: Multiple-variable declaration randomly broken up to many single-variable declarations
Android SharedPreferences api issues
MySQL local - ID with auto-increment doesnt work
Removing an object from an NSMutableArray
adobe flash and flex , an alternative to ajax?
Passing a pointer to a local variable to another process works sometimes and not others
How to build the Android support package
Java JNLP Desktop Shortcut and Icon
Is emitting events synchronously incorrect?
Can I use Bing basemaps in the Google API?
Confusion over references to functions with properties in Javascript
how can i move these background images vertically instead of horizontally in cocos2d?
Invalid Django form
Another PHP Insert Bug [closed]
How to get attribute of HTML element using JavaScript
In processing, how can one translate to a final coordinate in world space?
JavaScript beginner: Trouble with strings
binding parameters and PDO
Find the CGPoint on a UIView rectangle intersected by a straight line at a given angle from the center point
How to get this Prolog program to work
Second user cannot Publish to Timeline
iPad canvas flickers when tapped
who return value in bourne-shell
Can I add custom time-based data to a video file output by AVCaptureSession/AVCaptureMovieFileOutput?
jQuery Validation plugin not catching errors
Enable/Disable UISegmentedControl
MySQL prepared statements do I still need to use mysql_escape_string
How would you do a for loop on a timer?
unrecognized selector sent to instance error when switching between pages in objective c
Apache Mina Connection reset by peer
DataList records not appearing horizontally
Synchronizing JavaScript and Java object lifecycles on Android
Efficiently compute histogram of pairwise differences in a large vector in R?
I can load functions from dynamic library with linking this dl ,but I can not load it using 'dlsym' in the code without linking this dl
How to kill running threads and keep perl application alive?
how to check for not null column constraint in oracle sql?
HTML CSS for Vertical Boxes with Text
unexpected sleep() behavior - shared vs (vps hosting)
Drupal module that copies text from uploaded text file to node body
Building layer comps from PSD file
Symfony2 with dbal
Displaying image generated by Paperclip in Rails app
Check if connected to a network; jQuery
Maven repository URL is timing out and build is taking forever
Pycassa: how to query parts of a Composite Type
How to detect the ctrl key is pressed twice if the program is minimized or in system tray
How to custom 鈥渕ediaplayer鈥�template in xcode for iPhone/iPad?
Adding an extra remote repository in EGit
Javascript object accessing it's properties
Add an Array to a Dictionary in C#
reloading IFRAME with jQuery not showing changes OR failing to load CSS
Google Places API inconsistency
Membase? How does this work?
websnapr change in API?
Jetty 8.1.1.v20120215 in Eclipse with webapp (JSF + Maven)
AndEngine - removing a particular Sprite & Its body
I can't disable scrolling (NOTHING WORKS, TRIED LOTS)
Extjs Comobobox duplicate display field not allowed to be set?
Organizing various requests in Node.js
Calculating radius for off screen map locations
Plone: How to hide some tabs at the top of Plone portal
Interacting with JTable which is rapidly updated with new rows
is that possible to binding views by using variables?
Relative Layout width/height is not work programmatically?
Haskell: read a file by line
iOS subview not forwarding touches.
What library can I use to implement event driven programming in Python?
Graph Axis issue
Avoid image scaling in ImageView
Cocoa Touch UIWebView - Interacting with a webpage programatically
What does 鈥渘ame::name鈥�means in C++?
update xml file dynamically at runtime
Completely arbitrary sort order in MySQL with PHP
Scheme - Manipulating strings
Can not margin surface in Android 2.2?
Passing a Non-Value in a mySQL WHERE clause
jQuery AjaxSubmit not firing on IE9
IIS 6.0 Restart mandatory if AppPool Identity is changed?
Is there any Web framework or project that provides 鈥淲all鈥�like features
Android can't find com_facebook_android.apk
Rename column names in MySQL
Flex - Button to simulate key press
Net::SFTP::Foreign - rput fails (sort of) if target dir exists
Access configuration object from class method in rails gem
CLGeocoder reverseGeocodeLocation returns 'kCLErrorDomain error 9'
advice with php date and timestamps
UIView not appearing over keyboard?
iPhone opengl es: Conceptual knowledge
How to serialize and deserialize an ArrayList during webservice implementation
What causes a TargetInvocationException when creating an AdWords API service?
Fluenthibernate Mapping Inheritances/Subclass
Music meta missing from Facebook /home
Fluenthibernate Mapping Inheritances/Subclass
Music meta missing from Facebook /home
XmlHttpRequest double posting issue in Android
UnimplementedOperationException when trying to connect to Sybase with Play Framework
www. wildcard redirect
Node.js - How can I remove the port from the url? [closed]
Building Boost System library with CMake?
I cannot get this white bar on top of the UIToolbar to dissapear?
Image tooltip not working
Changing a namespaced admin route into a root route
perl script working in vmware server but fails in vmware ESXi
AES PBE Encrypt in Java / Decrypt in Ruby
How do I configure VS installer to put files in LocalApplicationData
How to restrict web service data contract properties based on user role
Splunk (perl) REGEX for DNS
How can I automatically detect a proxy?
memory leaks originating when pushing back in Navigation Application
How to Construct a Database to be Used on iOS and on the Web
Best practice for setting the default value of a parameter that's supposed to be a list in Python?
Ruby: Is there a way to capture keypresses and the timing between them in ruby
jQuery slide up/down content on mouse over/out after two seconds - bug
How to create a Class that supports mutation via 鈥渙bj.MyDate.AddDays鈥�
Malformed HTML when rendering a partial with UJS
How to change post categories with a script (PHP, Wordpress)
How can I control the order of processing items in/from get-childitem -recurse
PDO::PARAM_FLOAT does not exist, why?
Default value for Yes/No field
Hibernate extending persistence pattern, is it thread scope only?
Array - custom foreach function
Center This Android Layout?
c++ overloading operator[] for std::pair
HTML5: saving the chart as an image on the server
D3DERR_INVALIDCALL: Invalid call (-2005530516)
Redirecting from non ssl port 8080 to ssl port 8443
RadGrid - get textbox in edit mode
Knockout JS - observable array needs to be populated from the detail object
How can i check if the current window is 鈥渢op鈥�(or 鈥減arent鈥� via php?
PHP Function Call Returns Fatal Error
How to dynamically load DLLs from a Windows Service
Why a Struct can not be derived from another struct?
modx create layout with chunk and call with template
error 10009 when refunding an authorized transaction
maven install throw 鈥渆rror in opening zip file鈥�only after the second try
XNA find out what's taking up so much memory?
Invalid conversion from void* when using SelectObject
IE7 elements in box not floating right
seteuid in node.js
custom input view keyboard functionality
Excluding terms inside parentheses using regex
IOS Certificate for multiple apps being built at once?
Rounding issue with SQL Server and REAL datatype
MySQL how would I handle this type of point system?
Aparently valid regex doesn't work in php (( , ,),[^ ,])*?
Check if another event is fired from an event handler function
How to install cairo on Windows
Perforce integrations with deleted targets
C# equivalent of fprintf
File not accesible error (setuptools) in logs
Bool HTTP Response from PHP to Android
Comparing data from 2 files using R
How to make the iPhone top ToolBar backGroundColor(gray -> black): time, battery life
How can I replace TimThumb with WordPress native image tools?
Process list of PHP arrays to find arrays which contain the same keys/values
Moose 鈥渂uilder鈥�vs 鈥渄efault鈥�
TextView with onTouchEvent
Android listview dynamically change wallpaper
Cross-platform C++ tool chain
Programmatically passing # in URL to a browser
Behaviour of is_callable on '/'
MySQL one to many data relationship with added complications
Problems with R in eclipse for android
Android onUpgrade() fails because database is locked, what should I do differently?
How to read content of the address bar after '?' sign and insert value to HTML?
ReentrantReadWriteLock delegation to parent thread
Backbone.js how do i define a custom set of routes depending on a certain application state
Updating a table with PHP and MYSQL
Play! issue with @Before, traits, and Squeryl throwing closed connections?
PHP: How to filter invisible ASCII characters?
How to call functions within order-only prerequisites?
Plone: Up and Down arrows in Contents page of folder missing. Cannot move items up or down
using .removeItem in localStorage
java regex: replace ${var}
JCombobox and JTextfield
How can I check if a BigDecimal is even?
Installing Sitecore package from a command line
init a UIViewController in portrait and landscape
How to Update asp:Label after AJAX Callback
Default column value with Doctrine2 and Symfony2 using YAML?
Persistent data for winform c#
Record to a MemoryStream using NAudio
Java - Get list of file names in the current JAR
Run an Applet (inside a JAR) in a new JFrame
Run Perl in Editplus
Advanced Search in MSWord - how to insert text before a specific font
Debug Assertion error for C program
Python scripting strategies: running script twice vs excec
Prolog Basic Recursive Division
extracting double quotes from html tags with a regex
jQuery 1.0.1 vs 1.1.0 RC Radio buttons bug?
Subspace iteration for finding lowest eigen values for generalized eigen value
storing multi-type data in untyped memory space
Keeping MATLAB's 鈥減wd鈥�and internal 鈥渦ser.dir鈥�in sync
A Java code about scissor-rock-paper game
Get highest value from multiple columns and associated name column
Variable access within object scope
Ruby Hash Initializers
Need OpenCV to work with a wireless camera
hot to use python diff html
Access to rds-describe-db-instances from Boto
JSF DataTable with value 鈥淔unction parameter鈥�
Using Mask in processing.js
Sending function pointer with arguments with it and then add additional arguments while invoking
How do I create extensionless urls with my htaccess file that looks like this?
string(鈥�P鈥� is bigger or string(鈥�_-鈥� is bigger?
Applying a different click handler to an element with jQuery
click function triggering function before event finishes
UDP port scanning Java finds only 1 open UDP port
puting 1D arrays into the end of the 2D arrays
javascript date validation (length 2 digit month, day, 4 digit year)
JSON Deserialization: How to get values out of a JSON array of objects
Change DIV CSS when element find()
iOS Universal apps, and nibs / xibs
c++ shuffling contents of dynamic array?
How to catch exceptions
How to read very large text file(in gb's) in .net c# and split into small files
How can I make my DIV element wider? Why does my code fail?
How does wordpress do to make functions.php available withouut includes?
R's environment
Sum instead of concatenate
pack/unpack functions for C++
Is there a way to run some client side code after XSLT Sharepoint List View WebPart Ajax refresh
Strange behavior of graphics.MeasureString at different resolutions
PHP cURL does not work when calling multiple URLs?
Read from http protocol and put into string array (Android/Java)
How to stop extra page being created in PDF output from matplotlib PdfPages function
SyntaxError: Expected token '}' and WordPress
PDFParseException, but why?
C++ Macro with Memory
django-selectable - trouble saving data from template
Mahout algorithm advice
Support iOS 4 and 5 Webview scroll delegate
Is it safe to keep session alive using ajax request?
Converting jQuery code into Javascript
Is it possible to template basic_string<>::iterator? [duplicate]
Cortex-M3: Changing Interrupt Return Address
Reducing casting clutter in C++
Deleting Last entry from database
Rainfall Statistics
Facebook counter not working on individual pages
PJSIP compilation Error for iOS5
win32 Semaphores
CRM2011 FetchXML Reports for CRM with Office 365 Authentication
Visual Studio crashes when editing an MVC 4 (Beta) .cshtml file
How to rename controls in IB?
Using prepped data after validation in CodeIgniter
TFS 2008 Warehouse Job
How to program for a stopwatch [closed]
Integration with facebook
Model posts JSON data on 鈥渄estroy鈥�request
Using python to login a site using javascript and https
Data Warehousing: Redundant combinations of dimensions
Gridworld- Can you add sound?
GSON array to json but mapped array
Missing JSON field causes crashes?
Optimal Struct size for modern systems
Implementing a cycle tag in Handlebars.js
Why is my ajaxSuccess jQuery event not being fired in Greasemonkey?
How can I detect whether a Garmin GPS device is connected in mass storage mode?
Json response to a jquery-tools tab
Issues with errors in Comparable implementation
Get consecutive capitalized words using regex
Why can't I scroll all the way to the bottom when onscreen keyboard is active
using glulookat to rotate the camera
Is there a better way/pattern to write this jQuery plugin?
Remove from superview during completion removes it earlier
How can I use one large image and break it apart into smaller pieces for a website?
Add a timeout when creating a new Socket
How to compile C++ files generated by google's protobuf compiler on OS X (new title, solved)
Optimizing CAD application to be more efficient
Merging views to act as a single table with united records
.launch files in maven
鈥淯nhandled Event Loop Exception鈥�when doing anything in Android XML
How to update external property while doing a svn merge
Assistance with MySQL JOIN
Print a word document in javascript instead of downloading it
Anything in Guava similar to Functional Java's Effect?
Attaching Metadata
Python datetime formatting without zero-padding
Adobe Air Security Aspect
Cannot pass the apiClient instance to another class with Codeigniter
ASP.Net Redirection with Specific Extension
Printing contents of an iframe caused blank first page
Coffeescript compiled to Node.js vs browser JS differences
DateTime - Strange daylight savings behaviour
How can i fix the output of this recursion function
Two versions of same app
Creating graph with php
CustomValidator ServerValidate dropdownlist
Call function within an event callback
HTC's 鈥渇ast boot鈥�is not broadcasting BOOT_COMPLETED intent nor wiping intents from alarm manager
How do I assign a delegate in a view for a control contained in a child view?
If a synchronized method calls another non-synchronized method, is there a lock on the non-synchronized method
Facebook Registration , Custom Fields Not Returning
Is surfaceView necessary for video playback?
Retrieving option-item combination from DB
Loader and LoaderManager - how to determine if a current Loader is active and running?
How to reference different UIButtons in code
Eclipse is saying there's an Illegal repetition in this regex
Change Format of Facebook 鈥渆nd_time鈥�
3d tool for visualising programming concepts
SQL Inner Join giving wrong results
Loader and LoaderManager - how to determine if there was an error loading
SQL Server 2008 Database Project OR SQL Server Data-tier Application?
what is the use of ready method in Ember.Application? Will it be called after all the views are initialized?
Accessing Play Framework Model Outside of Play Framework
How to pass in android a RPC Json with nested parameters
Why I access more information in Facebook web page than when I using Graph API (for a non-friend user)?
Linking a record to more than one table record type
what type of 鈥渁ssert鈥�should I use in rspec to validate pre-conditions are ok?
pre-pend word to the last word of a line
LIMIT results to n unique column values?
PHP mail form not working
Could two SaaS applications reside in one Cloud instance?
How can object == this, but object.member != this.member in Javascript?
Variable inside for loop is local, I want to make it public
Is Server online or offline? (Server Status)
Examples of EventKitUi or EventKit in Monotouch
C++ Visual Studio 2010, compile error C3867 when implementing dynamic stack
What's difference between UI level testing and API level testing?
Avoid gap between in textures while scaling in OpenGL ES 1.1
Outlook Redemption library - Accessing shared mailboxes / specific folders with a service account
How can I resize bitmap data without having to edit the transform matrix and maintain good quality
XMPP account creation
Returning a reference in JavaScript
How to get current month and last date of month in MMMDD format?
Modeling a hierarchical data structure
JPA Entity that uses join for a username but transparently uses an integer id
Configuration file for an Android game to test/tweak games in comfortable way
Twitterizer - Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Strange results when plotting (Cormen) Red-black tree insert
Signal/Pause Deadlock
Window.print() scaling of page content?
css display: what? - arrange boxes one after another
Encrypting a message using a cyclic cypher
works on the command line but not in a shell script
Idiomatic scala way of creating unnamed extracting func
Innertext not wrapping. SimpleHTMLDom
weird cakePHP isAuthorized() issue
what's the most appropriate pattern to get and set core data model from multiple view controllers?
AJAX returning null XML
AJAX returning null XML
Getting to class variable from instance of Class in CoffeeScript
Deep Linking iOS
UIImagePickerController how to hide the flip camera button?
Change URL to remove query string variable name
Can a javabean have methods and non-primitive types as its properties?
Python: Efficient way to manipulate a string?
JPA2: Can we use multiple @ElementCollection in an Entity?
Android - use attributes to tweak custom styles
Closing another JFrame from another method
C# - in ListView's large icon view I cannot update icons properly
Excessive memory usage in Matplotlib imshow
SQL select some rows in a table so that they sum up to certain value
Dynamically create html action links using javascript variables on ASP.NET MVC3 razor
ASP.NET MVC 3 Login page as database
how to draw line on glasspane?
how do you rerun validation on a text box after user makes a change
PHP: XMLWriter, elements like <br />
Parentheses in regular expression pattern when splitting a string
upload a bitmap to facebook from android app
django-tables2 specify different properties for different rows
links not working using cufon in IE8
conflicting jQuery / Javascript with Galleria
Send xml to webservices using Curl in PHP but 鈥渟tring could not be parsed as xml鈥�error
I need to build a wpf application with some animations, whats the best and fastet way to start with?
Pressing 'Enter' in the Google Chrome Omnibar causes the event to fire on the DOM
Multithreading OpenGL ES on iOS for games
Sluggish UI in drawing/sketching web app on Mobile Safari (HTML5 canvas)
excel vba resizing print area
Dynamic image loading in Processing.js
Formulate a simple logarithmic equation
How to correctly return a string from a class?
C# 0 (minus) uint = unsigned result?
Machine-specific emacs settings from a single config file?
Libnoise XNA translate perlin causes distortion
JSLint error 鈥淯nexpected Var鈥�[closed]
User Registration with Devise and Paypal
Ideas on how to clean remote DB before running selenium tests
displaying a particular field of a related node with Entity Reference
jQuery append not working from within a plugin
how to implement fixed number of (timeuuid) columns in cassandra (with CQL)?
How to write If statements for all 2^N boolean conditions (python)
how to open file in firebreath? [duplicate]
How do i create a class and the methods I need?
How can I make lazy/delay loading work in Linux?
post-mortem memory leak search (and analysis) with gdb
CakePHP Auth inside routes.php, bad practice?
How can I see what are the GET requests and POST responses and 鈥減rint鈥�commands with apache xampp?
MonoTouch: Adding DLL references in sub projects
trigger mouse enter on random element
Custom icons in KML occasionally break in Google Maps
Turn ASP.NET's 鈥淩eturnURL鈥�into absolute URL
how to retrieve all venues using four square api
Radix sort over linked lists
What is the difference between em.find and em.createQuery
Can you make colorbox background transparent?
App failing validation: Unable to create Configuration directory: /user/username/.itmstransporter
Java image library - turn grid image into array
Propel ORM with Two FK Columns To Same Foreign Table
CSS alignment of div tags that form boxes around letters
Diff algorithm, i.e. shortest edit-graph path
Dynamic imaging tools for vitrual sample creation
Short-term non-trivial project ideas to practice OOAD & Design Patterns knowledge?
Get random NSDictionary Key?
Symfony2 Error: No mapping file found named
what is the best structure for a project in codeigniter and how to use it?
Form not being added to bottom of table when table is apped to
java string.getIndex correct index ignoring punctuation
Resetting click function on next click
Retrieve SQL Records Based on Past Date?
Setup a TMS layer in OpenLayers mobile
Run same command on all terminals in mac
Tomcat 7 - Firefox works but IE doesn't, cookie issue
Use page title as text in body
No output in Asynchronous program in
how to pass array variable from vba to function
Dynamic inner query
How to get the latest date inserted from the table with Linq to entities
How to raise an event from an object that uses a timer back to the UI thread
File that don't have thumbnail image throws COM Exception in Win 8 Metro
This is wrong, but why (and how can I get it to flow better)?
translate php id's to xml for helping clients with itunes
ios Image with clickable content
Can I detect certain browser (IE) setting (not change, detect)?
Vertices from a collection of halfspaces in 3D
Adding custom variables into the request object in Django Middleware without using request.session
PyGST and videos with multiple audio tracks
ADO.NET and Disposing without Using
Is there a way to intentionally mangle the current Python namespace?
Check if div has less than two children
passing variables from code behind doesn't work in Firefox
sbt: 鈥渋mpossible to get artifacts when data has not been loaded. IvyNode = org.antlr#stringtemplate;3.2.1鈥�
PHP Email sending BCC
Can you access Bluetooth on smartphones without writing any native code?
how do get leptonica image library working on mac OS X
Calculate Pi in C up to a few million digits
Submit Text Type Field OnChange
Python: Converting from Tuple to String?
Jagged array in cython
I would like to add with tags when POSTing to Facebook from an iOS app
javascript regular expression , what am I doing wrong?
How to disable Fusioncharts legend area?
Android App to BlackBerry Playbook - Google Maps Issue
How does grails know where to look for property files and can I overried this location?
How to inject JavaScript using FireBreath
Admin action that changes related OneToOne data
Asset pipeline encoding problems (UTF-8 vs. ASCII-8BIT) with external gem
Trying to get a UInt64 into a base32 string鈥orks in python not in
What is Groovy doing here?
find out if an android device has physically moved, not it's location or speed
How should I stop strings that are numbers from rounding when displayed?
Algorithm for real-time tracking of several simple objects
GTA2 like Car Physics, but extremely simplified
Looking for mysql/php subscription site skeleton
genshi and javascript ampersand?
How do I use Instrumentation.retransformClasses() correctly from within asm code?
check avaudioplayer's current playback time
XML Schema Unique Together on Two Attributes
Tkinter Unhandled Exception 1% is not a valid win32 application
How to say 鈥淥r鈥�in a REGEX pattern?
Resume Supported ONE Time file downloading
getting selected nodes value from jstree with checkboxes
Why does jQuery always return 'open' for $.attr('open'), regardless of the actual value of the attribute?
Trouble uploading file ASP.NET MVC3. XML file to Model
Apache rewriterule with regular expressions
Android - Custom View Border
Values are not displaying on TextView
Rectangular bounding box around blobs in a monochrome image using python
Does SqlTransaction need to have Dispose called?
Is it possible to determine the network type (GSM/CDMA)?
ALTERNATE TO SQL GROUPBY (such as to avoid repeating on aggregate fields)
Jquery animate() function does not work for IE
Registring the regions
Python, Emacs and Encoding
Get class type in CoffeeScript
How do I UPDATE a value only WHERE COUNT(subquery using GROUP BY)=1?
Rewriting url in IIS7
Slowing down object in Farseer
how to show/hide textarea based on select in jquery?
How does a decentralised version control system improve workflow?
Activity using ViewPager, PagerAdapter and AsyncTask causes a blank view
SQL join two queries into one
30mb Sqlite3 Database - Including in android app
Successful performance update to web app, but don't know why. How to find out?
Why can't I call a non-static variable?
Every page now showing products page after install of WP E-Commerce
Calculating MSE (Mean Squared Error)
Remove parent div by class name - jquery
How to select all elements between two nodes with XPath
OpenJPA: several @Embedded vs one @ElementCollection
How can I notify MapActivity from broadcast receiver to change Overlay, proximityalert etc
SQLAlchemy raises None, causes TypeError
Use named registration in autofac with MVC controller injection integration
Using CSS, can you apply a gradient mask to fade to the background over text?
Grails non time based queuing
Ruby fails on OSX Lion with rbenv
Proper location to declare SQLite getWritableDatabase()
Zip a folder in batch
PHP: Wrap all functions of a class in a subclass
Are ints always faster than Numbers/Floats in AS3?
svn log 鈥�configure default number of entries
Smalltalk with GUI on Mac OS X Lion (10.7)
ssn mask with jquery on android2.3.3
gnu c++ floating number precision
Logic block in Grails URLMappings
Using TransactionScope to update tables located on geographically-separated servers (not linked)
htaccess is not ignoring images like it should?
evaluating an array as the field of a class? [closed]
SQL Update Replace statement
PHP - The best way to load Database object from Model, but to have only one instance?
What's in the .gem specs marshal stuff in my local personal dir?
Blit SDL_Surface onto another SDL_Surface and apply a colorkey
Can I fork the output streams of a Process I'm starting? [duplicate]
Backend technology for front-end technologies like Twitter Bootstrap
Speedup web site loading CakePHP
Multiple many to many relationships in symfony2
How to integrate i18n doctrine translation into zend framework?
Change variable value in js from HTML JavaScript?
Stock Beta through API (Preferably in C#)
How to start tdding with ruby and wrong?
xml node value update not working
NOPcommerce 1.80 page title store prefix -> suffix
Hide div when I click any button on my page
DateFormatter not outputting wrong date
jQuery set radio button
Android: Stretch & Crop Image (but remains Aspact-ratio)
LINQ getting Distinct values
Symfony2: Dependence of getter validator on other validators
APP vs Application Name in Connection String
Changing line transparency and marker transparency of a series separately in VBA for excel
How to clear check boxes after button click
NullPointerException when writing to AudioTrack instance in a callback from native code
How to allow rotated div to overflow table cell?
How to explicitly save cobertura-enabled jars in my maven repo?
Issue binding a DataTable to an ASP.Net GridView control
I am having difficulties deploying a Java FX 2.0 app
Read Foursquare Json Response with JSON.NET
What is a method with a boolean as returnvalue? [closed]
How to use variable from another class?
JQuery 1.7 breaks JQuery Datepicker?
How can I make a grid column inside other grid as wide as the column of the parent grid?
Can the Entity Framework Code First generate properly for System.Drawing.Font or Dictionaries?
Detect Android OS in Java [duplicate]
I need to create haskell function, which returns all possible binary trees, given a list of integers
How can I use WMI to find out the installed Exchange Version using C#?
setOnMouseClick JavaFx Region not called
Can I set the text color of a labelField without overiding paint in blackberry Java?
Add entire project to namespace in XE2
How to minimize conflicts in merging with the CVS Eclipse plugin
Linux vs Windows: Execution Speed [closed]
Node.js CoffeeScript async style and loops
how to code that you slide your finger on view to get view text one by one?
Parse HTML code with regex. (Select a unique class)
Minimum iOS Version 5.0 & The App Store
Phonegap + Multitasking audio
.NET WinForms Application and T-SQL
Android 3: Simulating the behaviour of a soft-keyboard for a virtual piano keyboard
How to query Google App Engine datastore and pass results to new pages?
Magento - Create Customer Account form is missing
Highcharts separate datalabels per series
Update an int value using PostgreSQL and C#
Howto - Authenticating a calling assembly across a tcp/ip boundary
How do I check for logged in user id and return that row first in a MySQL query?
graphicimage not rendering streamedcontent in Primefaces
Distinguish between fancybox's for custom css
C# Sorting DateTime issue
NodeJS + Express + Mongo Session storage
Program received signal:EXC_BAD_ACCESS. What to do with this?
Modify Array_Agg: PostgreSQL
List of Weblogic Error Codes
how to modify Datagram raw TCP IP?
Rails 3.1: Why do all the dealt cards end up attached to a single player?
The Value Of A Check Box Is Empty Using An Enumeration Inside A Repeater (ASP.NET Web Forms)
.rb doesn't save files
creating codeigniter dynamic template
Android SQLite database error unable to open database file
Can't get cygwin to compile C++ Boost libraries
Simultaneous access to Database in Web application
Need to control the windows logon process [closed]
CSS & HTML: Body background image alternative
Complicated Viewstate issue on dynamic controls
Act on ajax result with jquery before append
How to disable index in innodb
Custom Control - Why do I have a garbled Textblock visual artifact?
How to remove outside array from joining two separate arrays with collect
Is it possible to pre-pend each STDERR with a given string
Renaming a branch in github
Washy legend ggplot2
Footer toggle with changing image
maven cargo plugin configuration for Jboss as 7.1.0
How can I make scrapy crawl break and exit when encountering the first exception?
Retaining decimal points in AppleScript when dealing with prices
Adobe Flex Content Disappears in IE8
Coldfusion: How does the cfcatch.ErrNumber work?
Update TWebBrowser in a separate thread?
How to avoid a direct call to an event?
application hungs up when INotifyPropertyChanged event calls
color issue with VIM and iTerm2
How to decrease a value in a text box in VB6
Java Decompiler how to use?
How to print data of Map as a table?
update a table but only non duplicate records
Use of Instance Variables & self.variable
Finding dead code in large python project [closed]
jQuery animate an object using declared positions
How to create a like Video Grid?
How to display a collection item in a JSP Page
Classification algorithms, which classifications can be evaluated as percentages
HTML and Touch Devices
How do I suppress the noise associated with pressing RETURN in a textbox?
Multiple Like buttons on homepage liking different subpages
MSQL sum month values plus group concat
Wrapping 3 results in a div
How to get the visible center of a UITable
Finding pairs with smallest XOR values from a list
jQuery .hide works, but .show doesn't
Trying to avoid a circular reference
Apache on OSX refuses to allow access to a properly aliased directory
MATLAB:how to summarize the ones in an vector?
Is there a jQuery event equivilant to when a new item is added to the FireBug console?
Macro definition error in C?
Need a noob guide on using the UIPickerView and UIActionSheet together(only show pickerview when a textfield is tap)
How do I compile with -J-Duser.language=en option in netbeans
PHP output buffering on XAMPP
JQuery Mobile - Link within ListViewContent
WPFToolkit DataGrid Setting value of cell in setter (style)
Multiple getJSON requests inside array
BASH: check for errors before testing conditions
ListView receives touches, but onItemClickListener does not receive clicks after a pause and resume
Need a javascript/HTML 5 web player that plays audio with G.711 codec wrapped in WAV container
java json-simple cannot parse valid json string but code builds fine?
Using git post-receive hook with nginx and php-fpm environment
Memory Fragmentation in C++
B2B Application Building and Maintenance Cost
Calling a class in main
Publishing an update to my app: 鈥渁pplication already exists鈥�message
How can I show a confirmation message (not a dialog) without an Alert?
When testing for a thrown exception, how much about that exception should I test? MVC Day scheduler control [closed]
Why is my datetime parameter for a stored procedure being rejected?
Facebook Dialog Delegate callback value
.net - linux timezone interoperability
Can't get index.php removed from kohana URL in IIS 7
Synchronize object serialization(Android)
Is there a place that I could look at the .NET Stopwatch code and see what it's doing?
Un-JSON a String
python for loops and variables
How to wait a thread out of that thread without freeze my APP?
How to test if a file at an external URL exists without downloading it?
2 hop SSH port forward
Django indirect generic relation
How to close a full screen iframe?
IsolatedStorage settings file not created by the time they are first accessed
override to_s while keeping output of inspect
Use a Multi-Column (Composite) Primary Key that includes a Foreign Key Relationship
Can't Install Windows Azure SDK November 2011 Release
Unable to use simplejson.loads() on a string
Parsing JSON using Grand Central Dispatch in connectionDidFinishLoading:?
Fastest way to convert string array to double array?
LINQ - compare two lists
Reading a file for a certain number of characters
Multilingual database application with Zend and Doctrine
Using Google Webmaster Tools 鈥淧arameters鈥�
table doesn't look right when loaded into a div via jquery
Do stuff after iteration ends
Where does the 鈥渄emo鈥�module go?
jquery referring issues with css' type selector
Updating a buffered image from a background thread
Querying using array
URL Routing with ASP.NET 4 Web Forms
Java: necessity of private variables and return methods [closed]
Is this pass by reference or by value?
Youtube API returning current time
Java data structure representation
pthread_t on mac os x is NULL
exit code of command substitution in bash local variable assignment
How do I add a MouseDoubleClick event handler on a ListBox using the Visual Studio Design view?
How can I update Spring and Hibernate libraries in NetBeans IDE?
SQLite : Get all entries in a row
IIS7 Url Rewrite - Why does Redirect work and Rewrite does not?
ioctl() call list for iOS
execute a function after redirecting - javascript
bundle install can not be executed and causes error on rails production server
.NET 4.5 WebSockets vs SignalR
Android Dev: Can't generate multiple layouts dynamically from an XML template
Interactive service Logged in as user
How to use a form on Redis and Ohm and without ActiveRecord?
MYSQL Creating tables with foreign keys producing errors
MS paint code asked in an interview
Wanna run d3 from a Cakefile
Building forms in Access 2007 for each category in a table
What's the best way to have value object using Django data model?
Magento: ResourceModels throwing exceptions
Intellisense in VS 2011 Beta not working
GDI+ error upon upload multiple images then create thumbnails
Pros and cons: Jetbrains IntelliJ / Sublime Text [closed]
UpdatePanelAnimationExtender Is not working
NLTK MaltParser won't parse
Partial View redirects instead of populating div
Can PHP maintain a persistent session with a server, as a client?
JQuery - div visibility via checkbox
Advantages of HTML 5 Drag and Drop over jQuery UI Drag and Drop
Create object using values by default
Telerik RadTimeline respond to mouse clicks
CSS 2 Line Text Wrap Ellipsis
iOS Xcode 4.3 Table View Controller & XML Parsing
Whats the difference between tab and tab widget
Windows task scheduler not reporting errors?
Photostream example: photos sized for larger screens
android url redirection
What are better ways to insert element in sorted array in PHP
How to change the default Android browser's homepage within an app?
Can I improve this controller action?
SignalR issues with SignalR.Ninject and overiding the IConnectionIdFactory
What is ZuckMail ? [closed]
iterating through JSON hash on serialized model
HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.Name not working in .ashx hander
Postfix smtp user
c++ if my program runs on eclipse will it run on linux?
Seeking Unification Algorithm in F#
Why does my image not show up when I use Javascript innerHTML to call it?
Converting string from snake case to camel case in ruby
Profiling Subsonic SQL with MvcMiniProfiler
How to register a user's vote on a poll?
Add 'onClosed' when specific iframe page is loaded
Jquery Ajax success function based on array response
MVC 3 update entity efficiently
Segmentation fault on reading from /dev/ttyACM0
issue with UINavigation back button work with 鈥渕ulti paged鈥�parent view
STL Error Converting VS 6 Project to VS2010
trying to get first item in collection returns NULL
GnuTLS Error when trying to run example
Trouble with Strings
How to call node.js as a local app?
How to capture part of the screen and save it to a BMP? [duplicate]
Mark Visual Studio 2010 project as application when moving project to a server
Why is this CSS rule not being hit?
Using int 21h with inline assembly
looping a function that uses Ajax. Fails in IE only. Every other browser works
Creating a custom post type with custom fields
Passing ArrayList<String> in BroadcastReceiver in Android
choosing display location of windows forms on ShowDialog()
reset the form on back button
How to catch errors in Bash from /dev/tcp?
How does differ from Log.e()?
git reset HEAD before checking merge changes
How to get the 24 hours date format in Fullcalendar with Drupal 7
Reference to slice of an array
Array List: Default Entry in Constructor?
How to create a counter for the user who invites friends on facebook?
Using Repeater to print out buttons and images in a table?
How to get spinner value without tag
How to specify enum size in GCC?
Datasnap string parameters preceded by zero are trimmed of the zero
Debugging SQLite db on iPhone
Stored Proc which returns result by Dynamic SQL doesn't emit column names
rails 3.2.1 custom module restrict private instance methods access by the controller
Returning a prezipped static content instead of zipping it on the fly
Android parent Activity issue
ASP Validator Controls - can i have controls occupy the same location?
CYGWIN=nodosfilewarning does not remove the warning
NPM search remote packages
EnumDisplayDevices function not working for me
Checkbox in TemplateField ItemTmplate event won't fire
Call startActivity of a activity class from a different class(overlay)
FCKEditor inserting double line break
Using java reflection
playframework scala - cannot find controllers.Application
Is MySQL 鈥渢hread safe鈥�from a php script?
Passing data array to gnuplot via a pipe in c rather than a file
Object reference not set to an instance of an object when using SPGridViewPager
running yiic from commandline fails after necessairy steps have been taken
Anyway to make use of jquery ui tabs spinner with pagemethods?
How to make my android component as size dependent for various display screen sizes?
Eclipse plugin menu item is not visible
Two-line clipping bug on HTC EVO Android 2.3.3
PHP - Add a method to a class
My redirect in .htaccess isn't working
Save output from FIND command to variable
Change email header in php pear mail
Page-Based app load epub
Simplepie: How to display full blog post?
retrieve an array from another page sent by a form
Javascript xml empty tag error
Doing UPDATE using a SELECT statement with GROUP_CONCAT within the same table
Having trouble implementing Apache POI鈥�I have the right dependencies but imports dont seem to work
Count indexes using 鈥渇or鈥�in Python
How to enforce wicket to validate disabled fields on the page right before onsubmit call
Starting multiple DelayedJob workers w/ specific queues via Capistrano tasks
problems display twitter statuses/user_timeline MVC3 .Net [closed]
Converting an CSV file to a JSON object in Java
Eclipse: why is a resource in the package explorer annotated with the suffix (1)?
How to make an async POST request in Ruby using RestClient
NSCollectionView - Core Data Binding - Does not display unless I resize the window
Sum of distinct values in field SSRS 2005
How to allow .htaccess if you are in folder
Team Foundation Server 2010 Delete SharePoint website
How do I go to my main view for my IOS app after logging in with Facebook Connect
How to do continous merge in Git
Require_once doesn't seem to affect all functions?
static javascript not rendering in jade (with express/node.js)
Mixing programming languages for the same project
Get the CSRF token in test
Unable to submit form when using jquery forms
ipad simulator is showing iphone version app on cocos2d
facebook api showing weird 鈥淧latform Story Share鈥�when clicking share on a feed
What's **if (no errors)**?
RestSharp requests on momentapp's restful api
Vector of pointers to elements of another vector instead of cloning a vector
fadeIn background image on click
Can I move my application to the cloud?
Is it possible to set the letter-spacing of canvas text?
How do I test for the percentage of bold text on a webpage?
Linking static singleton class
TSQL DateDiff to return number of days with 2 decimal places
pattern recognition between two very different images
How to Drop 2 nested shadows On 2 Divisions in CSS? [closed]
Incorrect date comparison results in SQL Server 2008 R2
Pass ASP.NET membership credentials from MVC application to WCF application
JQuery : Click Everywhere But Some Element?
Sending And Receiving Sockets (TCP/IP)
How to handle SQL Server CE in source control?
Change homepage in Firefox programatically
Objective-C singleton only responds to class methods
How to flip an individual UIView (without flipping the parent view)
Sending requests for 鈥淚 Like鈥�fan page Facebook
Why do I get: 鈥渋teration variable in a lambda expression may have unexpected results鈥�[duplicate]
PHP - mysql query not working when using NOT LIKE
VC++ VS 2005 LNK1104 error: Win32 exe project looking for .lib instead of .dll
Access built-in iOS alarm clock sound in my app
Why inner class can override private final method?
Can Robolectric assert that tabs load expected activities?
CSS navigation issue
How do I center at the top of screen in C++ WinForm?
Is projection by convention possible with AutoMapper?
Selecting multiple divs individually
Filelist Throws NullPointerException
Write text to a string if an if statement returns true and and different text if else
Get touchesBegan on a subview (UIWebView)
Get touchesBegan on a subview (UIWebView)
How to get flash to float above website?
SQLAlchemy ORM - adding two class attributes to a single table
What is the EventBus passed into the AbstractActivity.start in GWT intended to be used for?
JavaScript won't work unless I use alert()!
Numpy array precision, how to overcome with search another array
Two masses connected by a spring鈥rying to simulate flight but having difficulties
is there a way to put restrictions on template classes?
How do I configure Visual Studio 10 to publish my font files?
UIViewAnimationOptionAllowUserInteraction not working
Macro Redefinition
Elite & customizable controls for Qt
how to capture the value of a gridview template field
Trying to create sliding toggle submenu in JQuery
Where do Recently Published Applications can be found? [closed]
Throw an exception from a grails mock method
How to configure Eclipse with PyDev and Django?
Image processing in CUDA
Wordpress: Jquery for theme and admin conflict
Reading unicode characters from file in C
Visual Studio 11 beta with Azure?
Weird Error after trying to display ViewController [closed]
Rails 3.2.1 nested form and accepts_nested_attributes_for returns: :Client(xxxxx) expected, got array(xxxxx)
Sales Force API ( iOS) - Pull self data only
Pipe external process's output into running C++ script
Emailing an Outlook sync link to an event in a SharePoint 2010 workflow email?
Forms Authentication Session Valid After Logout
Use a dict to access nested instances of classes in Python
How can I create Image Gallery in html file [closed]
Rake db:test:prepare in Rails 3 app fails with file not found
DeSerialize null values
N-Body Simulation - How to choose the softening factor?
How to stop table from resizing when contents grow?
Set default value of one column to another column in INSERT Statement
How to write groups of numbers using Console.Write?
Macro for Excel: If Column B has 鈥淴鈥� then copy entire row and paste in Worksheet named 鈥淐olumn B鈥�
Are 'US/Eastern' and 'US/Central' and 'US/Pacific' deprecated for strftime or just PHP?
Loading leveldb from stream
Iterating through a redis sorted set to update an active record table
Symfony2 multiple applications and api centric application
Setting python variable from array dict value?
Edit and Delete Existing EKEvent?
Validate with three xml schemas as one combined schema in lxml?
How do i modify search query in wordpress?
Puppet Execution Flow
How to set NLog's fileName to the process start date?
Haskell under IOS 5: suppressing output
Remove duplicate entries in list using python
selectionchangeListener and ButtonEvent Listener
iOS crash 'NSInternalInconsistencyException', reason: 'statement is still active' Core Data cache related?
Codeigniter: Connect to SSL Amazon RDS Database
How to add cell's detailText with left and right alignment (both) in iPhone?
How do I properly close serial port connection and thread it runs in?
Convert new line to correct Javascript value
How to work with ssh in PhpStorm?
Calling a child's methods where the defined reference type belongs to parent but the actual reference is a child object
Multiple aSync ajax calls jquery
SQL WHERE string LIKE field
SQLAlchemy and Postgresql: to_tsquery()
Streamline random-order jQuery functions
Repeating background image for UITextView?
What are the unicode ranges for Hindi accented characters?
Executing VBS Via QProcess Never Emits readyStandardOutPut
How to get domain class value from groovy reflection(?)?
How can i make this heavy SQL query lighter?
Magento: How to set session website to admin user?
Phpstorm - I can click on white space even after a line has finished, i don't want to be able to
CakePHP: 3 levels deep associations not working properly
playing video file on working fine with IE but not chrome and firefox
FQL: How can I Return / Filter all my app users by age, sex etc
Custom ViewGroup incorrect onLayout
I am using ibmwebsphere community edition 3.0v in ECLIPSE. windows 7 ultimate 64bit system. I am getting this error when ever I run an web application
How can I filter objects by how many objects reference them?
Android: odd issue involving hardware acceleration?
How to 鈥淭oString鈥�Character Arrays of Large Quantities?
RoR MySql Linux Set-Up
Could not find main class in JAR file (exported thru Eclipse)
Creating a ListView Control in Default Edit Mode
how does a UIGestureRecognizer get its locationInView inside a scrollView?
Keep arrays between views
how can I compound css selectors together
Clicking a button and having message output and new page opened based on set values in check b
SQL Server character for enclosing database, table, field names
jQuery-UI :: How to increase drag speed?
Concurrent Writing & Reading with JPA2/Hibernate
How to connect full calendar v 1.5.3 with MS SQL Server using C#/VB
Update table row based on 3 OR conditions
Rounding up to nearest available time slot in PHP
Problems with download link in phonegap android
MySQL group by after union #1064 error
Telerik ASP.NET AJAX: How to get value of a data bound column, client-side
How to get a String out of a text file with Qt Libraries
Eclipse plug-in editing
FactoryGirl, rails, cucumber: Make association with multiple records
The CheckedTextViews in my ListView tick and untick themselves
Uncaught Error: INDEX_SIZE_ERR on iPad ONLY
Updating selected rows which are ordered
Do not able to build mahout-core-0.7-SNAPSHOT.job(Recommendation on hadoop)
Sending BigDecimal using intent get and put on android
grabbing href tag on click
grabbing href tag on click
Calling ssh with otp from a script