Rails 3, Haml, Javascript - how to put javascript's variable into a partial
How do I test an asynchronous callback?
How can I force Entity Framework code-first to use SQL Server CE when SQL Server Express is installed?
TabHost addFlags() not found
Is there a couchdb java client that uses Gson?
Can colors used in default MSBUILD logger be modified?
How to relay a SSL HttpRequest through a server with TCPListener?
how to use Flash Builder to run multiple mxml files in one project
Horizontal slide show
PHP redirect problems. adds Ampersand to my &
Can't seem to get id of particular form being updated
Run two java files concurrently
Specifying the escape character inserted by mysqldump in sql files
GWT DataGrid setLoadingIndicator has no effect
Performance of writing out repeating regex vs specifying number of sequences
UInt64 gets iffy when doing big math?
drag, sort and seriliaze from different listi with jquery
Multiple capistrano deployments
how to completely remove focus from text field so that it will never gain focus again on IE
Syntax For Calling Methods In Rails 3
How many widgets per application are supported in Android?
Why won't my Cocos2d test app fire 鈥渢ouchesBegan鈥�events?
run the selenium as django command
Datatype not preserved in dictionary
Drop Down Menu doesn't Show on IE
How can I setup WIX installer to check the version of a database before installing?
Random number generation with C++ or Python
How to join each unique record (based on 2 columns) with every record in another table
android unit test: clearing prefs before testing activity
How can I use a created column within a query, within the same query?
background worker process and filesystemwatcher error working together
C++ search and execute method whenever a character is spotted
Using the authorization Tag on Whole site with exclusions
Use Oracle Cursor in Proc and Return it?
When validating a form, should I assume a field is valid or invalid?
Editing a lines in a csv file based on previous lines
Failure to find org.hibernate:hibernate-dependencies:pom:3.3.2.GA
Updating client UI while waiting for DataSnap
eliminate the extra space in the page footer
execute .app, 鈥減ermission denied鈥�
Mutex can't acquire lock
jsp:forward in jsp:include doesn't prevent the original page to finish processing?
Why is one code faster than other even when iterations are more?
Return dynamic object
regex for links - help to understand it
jquery carousel slider fade in/center images
10.2g to 11.2g and Microsoft ODBC for Oracle issues
Javascript regex for allowing only positive digits
C++ Unhandled exception when reading file
Database Design - Working out the primary key for a table
Android: How can I define a 45掳 angle of the view (RelativeLayout) in a LinearLayout
What does the mtouch --argument command line option do?
want to implement merge sort algorithm in different way
NSArray exception when adding track to starred playlist
INSERT PHP Statement not working
IIS Security: Why is it dangerous to make locally hosted xml files writable by the application pool account?
Parallel Foreach and Actions
How to fetch image without image tag in RSS parsing?
Inserting data MySQL
check for className before running the function
Binding a TextBlock back to ListBoxItem ItemSource
apache commons ftp client file upload issue
No thread-bound Exception after installing grails profiler plugin
How to skip a field without entering value in c++
Loop over Items in a c# Dictionary
Haskell memory management under IOS 5
using google chart tools in a google maps api infowindow content string
MSMQ - performance test / stress load on server with few workstations
looking for a way to add reserved words in data definitions in haskell
IE7 div oddity
Odd Bulk Insert Error
adding a leftBarButtonItem crashes
execute sql query from c# code for creating new sql table
Is it possible to pass input to console applications via batch files in Windows?
Cloning the WebBrowser Control in C#
Tee does not exit after pipeline it's on has finished [closed]
Can get location of exception with Xcode or explanation鈥�how can I get both?
Display:Block; causes row width to change鈥�and I can't fix it
Merging two Zend_Config_Ini instances overwrites arrays defined in first object
UIScrollView Subclass never receives touchesBegan message for swipes
QTextDocument (and QTextEdit) not updating their size?
Android TableLayout expressed as a percentage of LinearLayout
responsive design css3 show on small screens not on large
Loss of precision calculating degrees from two points
How to sort items that are databound
Reading big files and performing some operations in java
Sharepoint CMIS connector returns documents from all libraries when using the CONTAINS predicate
Trigger nesting level exceeded?
Upload zip file error
Why is XCode documentation search performance so terrible?
Inserting to Binary Search Trees
mod_wsgi (Daemon mode) is not reloading the the sourcecode
Android - How to handler timeout
How do I render an equation from Math Input Panel in a WPF app and use MathML in the background?
API differences between Paypal Express Checkout and Website Payment Standard
Qt - line edit input also causes push button action to occur
'this' not being set correct using jQuery and CoffeeScript
Adding attributes to instance methods in Python
Is it possible to read headers using Perl HTTP::Async module?
trying to add a listen live button to my facebook page
How to construct value in django admin using custom forms?
Extjs4, How to get textfield value
Are Markov Random Fields implemented in OpenCV?
What operator do I need to overload?
ubuntu shell script issue
What's the best way to design a database for Z-Indexes of Elements
How to get input argument from a mock method using PowerMock / EasyMock
UITableView cells not drawing until the cell is at the top of the screen
How to use MediaRecorder to encode videos not from Camera?
Google Analytics SDK making disk operations on UI thread?
Google map API v3 and Zend Framework
Visual Studio 11 - Design view is unavailable for x64 and ARM target platforms because the document contains custom elements
Problems calling a recursive function on a multi-dimensional nested array
Undocumented ProcessEventsFlag enums in QT
Finding the closest value to n, without going over, in a sorted array
BASH automating a process
present new modal view controller then dismiss old modal view controller
Basic Dock/Anchor Styling
Text Field Taking Up Entire Row
Use <PreferenceScreen> in XML even though preference is only edited programmatically?
Cronjobs delete file issue
jQuery Mobile transistions on individual elements pagebefore change and page change
A jar inside another jar in Android (Java)
Algorithm Optimization (Prime Factorization)
PhoneGap BarcodeScanner - ClassNotFound
How can I copy a large file to/from a network share in Windows without inflating the file cache? PowerShell or .NET, ideally
Why am I failing to resolve public java objects in jython when using 鈥渇rom javax.mail import *鈥�
how to change the .html() from 鈥渉ide鈥�to 鈥渟how鈥�
Unit Testing WPF Application with siteoforigin pack Uri
django error: 鈥淐aught AlreadyRegistered鈥� Only registered the models once
Select all field where field value not in array
How can I get the CheckBoxList selected values, what I have doesn't seem to work C#.NET/VisualWebPart
Is model driven architecture worth it and what is the state of the art in the tooling?
htaccess RewriteCond help for new development site
How can i return the SUM (summary) in this SQL query
jdbc connection of mysql to html
SQLite ExecSql not working from file
Not able to open a form in design mode
Windows (or online) Web Workflow For A Newbie? (rubygems are confusing)
PHP CLI in Windows: Handling Ctrl-C commands?
midnight commander files location on mac
Is a MySQL JOIN with LIMIT optimized internally?
Formatting a 3rd-party .NET object in debugger
How to retrieve return code from sp_addlinkedserver?
Find different word between two strings
Setting UIControl's frame changes view bounds but not where it can receive touches
how to identify or recoginize a pattern in data with SQL
404 php extension error smarty
Possible bug with RANGE option of window aggregates and parallel plans in SQL Server 2012?
Cocos2d CCSprite Position Deallocated Error
Subtracting a large unsigned binary number from a smaller one
loaderInfo.addEventListener does not work when called inside a function
Value of a field by default Django Admin
Storing simple data on the server, db or json?
CSS values using HTML5 data attribute
How to make a simple login page?
Saving single objects with Entity Framework code first
How to hash a time interval?
Embed XSL in XML for Display in Web Browser: What am I doing wrong?
Add a child dynamically with an animation
Delete unix shared memory segments using a C++ program
Java Number error
Spotify API, preload cover arts
How make this @font-face work in Wordpress?
Why does fireTableChanged() on AbstractTableModel notify listeners last to first?
c# SQL Compact Monitoring FileSystemWatcher or SqlDependency
Website to computer communications
jQuery UI Datepicker not working on WebKit Browsers
What's the best solution to keep hidden ID in a table (HTML)
is_deeply test ignoring array order?
PHP if URL equals this then perform action
UI design of a ListView editor
Calling a string[] from another class is appearing null
EF (Entity Framework) 4.3 Migration tool does not work on EF 4.1 DB
How to save video in Silverlight 5
Ajax.ActionLink navigates away
Protocol, delegate and datasource on iOS
Editing Python Program
Can't add Foreign Key in MySQL with identical columns
Fill in checkbox array with new collection
Why can't I convert milliseconds from C# to a JavaScript Date Object?
Query on use of aggregate functions over recursive groups in microsoft report designer
How can I set one column in a table where a column in another table has a certain value?
Tab Dividers Not Showing In ICS
why ruby scanf is so slow?
What is the correct term for an operation that forks a list (functional programming)?
use bash to combine values of the same name
Scala Bash test scripts
setting overflow hides li bullets (overflow property conflict with list-style)
Do accesses in a constructor to a shared static variable need to be synchronized?
User-defined function in master database won't execute
New Perspective + Transform Matrix every update?
Pthread_join crashing program
Boost thread fails BOOST_ASSERT( px != 0 );
Query 64 byte (char) hash in MySQL database takes several seconds. How to improve?
Facebook api batch request
Problems with serialization of NameKeyValue and List<>
Ajax request payload body not formatted properly
asp.net (web spider)
My java while loop is not returning back the weekly pay
Server.Transfer, session state null
What is the expected output when redefining true to false and vice versa?
Implement a sort as a class method in Ruby
beginner: python or django is_new
Android: Run function after Activity is created
Can I move a Perforce label from one revision to another?
SQL get last month name
.NET MVC Ajax Form keeps old input values - how to update to the model's value?
ASP.NET MVC 3 fetch the database from Web site Administration tool
Expand an array with Apache Pig
Need syntax to call a refresh on one component from another on the page
Does the object stored/retreived using jQuery .data() have any knowledge of the DOM element it is attached to?
T-SQL Trigger Update
Is it possible to use 'index' as a column name in sqlite?
Is work_queue thread safe?
Using struct name as a function
MotionEvent lag in Android OpenGL ES
LINQ Comparison error
How to enable paste keyboard shortcut in Mac X11 xterm? [closed]
Returning dynamically generated module from a method
Search for a field that contains a string Access 07
MySQL Syntax for SQLite Syntax
How to disable the button in the form until the user fill the important fields
Test whether a directory exists or not
Dynamically building array, appending values
PHP : Create function and call it from within a foreach
Displaying multiple xml views w/o fragments
how to configure apache mod_rewrite for web services
Best way to rotate html on a page
Having css issue with unordered lists
Handeling Cookies With the Broswer Control in C#
Identifier expected error in ascx page in MVC
gradle - deploy sub-project jar in parent-project war for eclipse
How to make the routes working with CakePHP in a subdirectory
Android OpenCV samples blank screen in Optimus black (GB)
FLEX:How to set the scene`s backgroud color in Flare3d?
End Celery worker task on, time limit, job stage or instruction from client
Displaying elements inline with HTML?
Groovy, how to iterate a list with an index
How to prevent ?Area= from being added to generated URLs
Recursive java function
Allow a webpart with valid data to save while displaying validation errors for other webparts
Forming a query with active record
Backbone.js collection.at(i).get('person') references to the same model in a loop
where do i send ajax requests in accordance with 'the rails way'
Pythonic way to have a choice of 2-3 options as an argument to a function
Scrollbar preview disappearing when redrawing items onto highstock
NSTimer userInfo. How object is passing to the selector?
Macro to Get function name and parameter values from within function
How do I get a youtube video ID (PHP) [closed]
How to preserve horizontal space in itextsharp text extraction
flash app calling javascript functions stops suspends processing when Javascript alert() is called
Android: Change timezone of date string
windows memory management issue
PHP: crypt() function returns same string if base string has only slight variation
All facebook applications
How can I search a word in Git repo over the whole history?
Listview initialization issue
Backbone.js - Remove all sub views
Can I use Two Views Simultaneously on the iPhone Screen?
Unresolved symbol errors within DLL
How to access object of main thread from another thread?
Small issues with inserting a data into the table
Weird javascript error - 鈥淓rror: uncaught exception: [Exception鈥�鈥滳omponent returned failure code: 0x80070057 (NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE) 鈥�
Append is null error?
Unable to append draggable li to newly crreated sortable ul?
How to assign a number to array and display it in the listview?
vb.net, combobox.datasource will change selected index?
How can I create a resizeable text area in Sencha Touch?
fprintf with mixture of strings and numbers
Ghostscript font conversion issue
New Facebook Pages, the admins don't see the timeline
Way to coalesce/tokenize a SQL Command
How to achieve : Automatic installation of firefox Addon on hosted on own website
Android OS Keyboard moves Website Contents Up?
cakephp zeus server
How to get exported values (MEF) in metro style apps
Is it bad to use regex based route constraints?
Special unicode characters cause exceptions in MySQL JDBC
Determine the filesize of iOS App before submitting to App Store
Setting a BufferSize for Log4Net in NServiceBus Initialization
window.load() does not run on iOS5
Fixing common URL mistakes in Javascript
How do i add textview in android without using XML
find the number of strings in an array of strings in C
ImageField overwrite image file with same name
Order by substring of ID as integer in HQL with Grails
jquery ajax request using OPTIONS instead of GET/POST - only on iPad?
Wordpress - How to load a post into an iFrame?
Interesting 鈥渂ugs鈥�in Eclipse [closed]
comma in array element breaks spreadsheet
MFMailComposer sending attached Image scaled down
Child / Item added listener gridview android?
Getting value from unbound input razor MVC3
Resize running flash video from an external source without refreshing the video
Preventing null under certain condition
Rename table with spaces mysql
In Android app, How can I add a button(It will open dialog menu) to every group in CursorTreeAdapter?
Windows Live Authentication in MVC3
EFFECT_REPEAT not firing on every iteration of Animate instance when losing focus
XSL Sorting With Sitecore
EJB Singleton - 鈥淭ransaction is not active鈥�after the thread is finished
Give CSS STYLE to RadioButtonList
Can someone explain to me why there are 2 inclusions of jQuery in the EmberJS Starter kit
Creating expandable CSS grid with a defined min-height
C# entity datetime returns date but time is always 00:00:00
Python: Making a wordbook to search within
In UMFPACK, how often do we need to do symbolic and numeric factorization?
Cancelling default actions set to keyboard shortcuts
Control name of built-in generic parameter in WCF DataContract
Keith Woods svg-plugin doesnt rotate my rectangle
Main.java together with simple static double calculation
Tables embedded in DIV's
'System.InvalidOperationException' occurred in System.Windows.Forms.dll in Task
Can I create a download progress bar inside an iterator block?
Combining arrays returned by getElementsByWhatever
Connecting outlets for custom UITableViewCell's in XCode 4 for iOS 5
JOIN unrelated tables by t1.date (between t2.startdate and t2.enddate)
Getting the name of a Bluetooth device with Apples 鈥淓xternal Accessory framework鈥�
Simple HTML Dom save file with Cron Job once a day, then access that saved file
Bash: How to Put Line Comment for a Multi-line Command
Get built-in function from the function name
How to order with an SQL array slice in Sequel?
How to decrypt a base 64 encoded value
Use specific Java path for Play! Framework
javascript issue undefined variable in array
StreamCorruptedException, Using ObjectInputStream Reading From TextFile (Java) [closed]
Not able to handle executeFetchRequest error
Invalid Total error with Dwolla Server to Server checkout method
MPNowPlayingInfoCenter defaultCenter will not update or retrieve information
Timeline & iFrame
Grails Gorm MongoDB index Embedded String Map
Compiling time is high c++ [closed]
simple php - Mysql search not working properly
Why does my sesson close?
FreeBSD: Understanding /var/db/dhclient.leases.<interface_name> dhcp lease files
Correct HashMap Synchronization
Drawing Object Ordered by Y position in XNA C#
Optimal way to self-delete QObjects
CouchDB list 鈥淎n error occured accessing the list: Invalid JSON鈥�error
jquery get id of table closest to key press
Drupal Search with two fields?
Windows batch: create timestamp from string
jQuery Populating Select List Using Ajax Causes the Width to Change
Implementing MVP when you don't own the model?
How to compile jade templates in to JavaScript functions to use them on client side?
My jQuery script will work on my local machine but not my server. Why is this?
Is there an implementation of the Penn Treebank Tokenizer in Perl?
Web-based REST API browser (explorer, navigator, rambler)?
EF code first modular design
Removing/Overwriting ListPicker items
In F#, are there any operations like 'melt' or 'cast' in R?
Safari Mobile: pointer-events CSS does not work for SVG content
Strange gap between adjacent divs in IE8 quirks mode
Mathematica: A way to set global NIntegrate options?
Working with properties files outside war with Spring
CSS to make two divs appear parallel independent of the page's width?
Add get directions link to InfoWindow Google maps V3
Issue with jqGrid and jquery next and previous click event
Forbid decompressing for UPX Win32/PE compressed files
If/else statements in PHP and Ajax input validation
How to display PHP code stored in MySQL Database
Objective-C string issue
array of strings within a struct in C
Custom Java tool tip with Swing components as content does not show up
DataGrid Select Column
An issue with deploying grails war file
Java: Editable JCombobox in JOptionPane inputDialog?
Transferring parsed strings to sql server database
iOS : restrict the deletion of application
Hibernate 鈥渘o session or session was closed鈥�even with Session bound in Transactional method
Haskell GHCi compilation error <no location info>: can't find file
Can't get C Program to Build
Why do I get an error when I call int(input()) where input is decimal (eg. '87.94')?
How can I load data from java into oracle DB
eclipse - search value of variable during debugging
Change font size of all elements inside a div
How to clone() StringBuilder
Separating jQuery Mobile (1.1.0) from AMD (RequireJS)
Two for loops (nested), computing matrices Matlab
Topbar cannot rotate in landscape view with storyboard
mysql-python collation issue: how to force unicode datatype?
MySQL Inner Join 2 tables
application has stopped unexpectedly
Submenu items appearing behind content area
ASP.NET Optimization - Bundling
How to get available time for doctor from todays appointments?
Show a custom callout in MkMapView on iPhone without help of map delegate
How to make variable infront of pipeline in bash?
How do i chain custom function after a delay?
How do can I wire up an event to trigger after methods of my choosing finish execution in JavaScript?
performance php search file vs key - value path
android openGL ES live wallpaper - when to load and create textures?
How to implement autosave on textboxes?
How use data annotations for verifying input particular type
has_and_belongs_to_many where both models have underscore names
Nginx module not added after recompile
Javascript: How to build a method dynamically from string data?
Invoking remote service using JMS
Add custom header based on file type
How to redraw canvas (every 250ms) without flickering between each redraw?
jQuery Coda-Slider with scrollbar
Spring: Sharing transaction between threads for integration testing
Accessing google docs revision history through the API using R?
鈥渢his鈥�keyword inside javascript callback function
NI USB-6008 issues
Running Python in background on OS X
CHOSEN JQuery plugin, does anyone know if it can be made to do a 'contains' search?
Printing Crystal Report on Client Side in ASP.NET C#
IE7 - % width on floated div not applied
CSS/Javascript-based image selector
Socket IO and Google Chrome - Connection time problems [closed]
How to create .chm file using MFC
sqldf: Changes timestamp from localtime to GMT/UTC
Blackberry BarcodeScanner - barcodeDecode switch to MainScreen
PHP variable not passing through to another function sometimes
Search by Signature
Product of numbers, not printing right number
jQuery Mobile, live('pageinit', function() method to data-theme
How I can add the menu between the items of listview?
Speeding up VS2010 when working with WF4 IDE
Place tipsy in place where every div occure
Javascript undefined, empty strings, and if statements
Apparent encapsulation
Active Directory lookup failure due to replication delay
How to find the lowest sustained value
php random message fade to next random message in 20 seconds
Facebook publish_actions to timeline for iOS
Rails 3 mailer not working and not logging any errors
NSURLConnection doesn't send data, but connects
Javascript and the Date() function [duplicate]
array inside form_for rails 3
Connect Amazon EC2 to my Local MySQL Database
Require Dependency Only On Certain Method Call
Does a flash xmlsocket connection host need dedicated ip?
user assignment in Sessions_Helper Rails 3 Tutorial Ch.9
how to do negative filtering on jquery plugin data tables?
using the MergingPersistenceUnitManager to load entity
How do I hide an element with the same markup via jquery?
Glassfish Security - jdbcRealm: How to implement 鈥渞emember-me鈥�
How to start backgroundrb when Passenger starts?
Force query optimizer to use Primary key
Android Regular GPS Polling in Service, maximizing battery life
TTS and Touch Events Sysnchronization
mustache vs mustache.js, whats the difference?
generate javascript from java class as a maven build step
JavaParser exception 'Lexical error' raised when a file containing German umlauts (盲枚眉脽) is parsed
MonoTouch: Unrecognized Selector in iOS 4.3.1 iPad
timed function calls on a webserver php? javascript?
Creating button element with text
Is it good to generate Html page elements using AJAX queries?
How to show real-time output by running a PowerShell Script?
Decreasing the visibility of base class properties
MySQL (and maybe PHP): Fill a new column with the host of a referer
How to minimize mutex locks when iterating a list while being able to add elements from another thread?
jQuery loop through divs and display text
Python script working in IDLE, but not working when run from CMD or Eclipse
getting Bash to execute external commands through proxy
ActionScript 3 Sprite Envelope
Delphi XE2 EnumWindows not working properly
The code below is not showing any image uploaded.Can anyone please tell me why?
SQL to Linq Left Join with 'AND' in the SQL Join Statement
Any script to make IE show CSS3 / HTML5 same as Firefox / Chrome?
How to check if the field is passed validation?
How can I make a jQuery Mobile dialog that is not full screen?
Deploy and execute something with Java on UNIX
Why can't MySQL optimize this query?
Change Enter key to Tab key in silverlight forms
Passing multiple values from a radio button group
Changing Tomcat context path of web project in Eclipse
Need help creating a Model and migration for Tag model for Post model (Rails)
When configuring an EAR project in Maven is it required that my WAR and EJB also be separate projects?
Generate a random number that excludes specific characters
Getting list of values from particular column
Trying to consume SmartyStreets JSON with JSON.Net鈥�鈥淐annot deserialize JSON array into type Components鈥�
Implement interfaces in java
Building aggregation/summary reporting database against Oracle, Sql Server and Mongodb
ASP.NET Conflict Detection in Admin System
How to ignore existing pmd violations and only reports new ones the right way?
Posting JSON objects to Symfony 2
overwriting unique rows in database - is this method wrong?
How to check a Particular Radio Box in a 鈥淕roup鈥�using JavaScript
Use Materialized Views created in a different schema Oracle11g
select box option hover issues
Push_back 1D Vector as Row into 2D Vector Array
Creating a button for a HTTP GET request: problems with keeping the locale
subset of a nested query
youtube.com and html5 video tag
Spring MVC Master Detail Problems
Mysql USING rename column
ComboBox.ValueMember and DisplayMember
Subdomain redirection with htaccess and a 500 Internal Server Error
Javascript object.create and isPrototypeOf
Modal Popup Error
iOS - Using TTTAttributedLabel to set two color text
Django: re-use login_required decorator inside other decorators
Get CompoundStructureLayer Face
How to get a number of elements of a dynamic object returned by Enumerable.Except()?
How to add HTML elements to a Cocoa Webview
How are HTTP POST responses contructed? How can I recreate them with Python and urllib2 to simulate filling out a form?
Set property on an allocated UIViewController
jQuery add a class after fadeOut completly done
How to compare two date strings
Django: Bulk Update Based on Calculation
Color key transparency does not work with SDL_image and PNG files
Splitting a hunk with magit
How to use an OpenMP Barrier
Exclude external javascript content from UIWebView delegate methods
Why does console.log.apply() throw an Illegal Invocation error? [duplicate]
C# inline if or value syntax
Wrapping C++ for use in C#
JList selection, successive items are marked as selected when popup is introduced in-between
how to share variable with modal in twitter-bootstrap and jinja2?
Slow down rate of C++ commands
Objective-C blocks - does block retain the object it references?
Codeigniter log class not being called when running via CLI
Build a form using entity (one to one relationship)
Create new outgoing message with applescript in Microsoft Outlook
Java .jar not running in unix
Apache Rewrite Rule that Only redirects traffic on even timestamps
How can I achieve fluid margins on my site with CSS?
Zend PDF printing Russian and Chinese
How to launch specific iBook from app? [duplicate]
standard containers as local variables in multi-threaded application
How to combine two separate IQueryable<string> collections into one?
Embed two iframes into html webpage
Visual Studio 11 complains about one namespace import in web.config
javascript private member not accessible through public method
Looping through all the inputs and creating distinct output files
Finally EditText [closed]
jquery or javascript trim or substr
Sitecore FeedRenderer Issue when overriding RenderItem()!
Creating a Erlang binary through NIF with data pointing to a char *
jQuery qTip: set position in custom style
Redirect referenced assembly to a different version in C# console application
IIS shows 500 Internal server error on everything
UIWebView loadRequest when applicationDidEnterBackground
Validation for float in c++ [closed]
Link object with dependencies
Facebook comments, all comments end up in moderation [closed]
External sidebars in WordPress
What are these warnings I get when using iOS 5.0 SDK with an iPhone 3G?
Facebook like button: All pages show either '0 likes' or '{total number} likes'
How do I align element centered vertically? [duplicate]
AjaxFileUpload Plugin sometimes doesn't send POST data
delete Windows symbolic links in a perl script?
Wrong font-face
logging long subprocess sdtout
Integrating html pages designed in dreamweaver to visual studio 2010
Rails 3.2 asset pipeline: Not caching on domains other than localhost
android custom layout attribute 鈥渞eference attribute鈥�format?
Implications of SSTable immutability in Cassandra for disk usage
When my certificate expires, can I renew the certificate without republishing the application?
elements not lining up with float: left;
Regarding Candidate Keys and Superkeys
reloading noOfRowsInSection while table view is reloaded , xcode
How can i use same regex for two different strings?
Is sql injection possible with file_get_contents(鈥減hp://input鈥�;or it is possible just with get and post?
Running a php script in the background via shell - script never executes on mac os x
How to display a loading gif in this situation?
Cocos2d populate layer based on menu in a different layer
Why can't I store a lambda function in a SERVICE_TABLE_ENTRY?
Trigger on Text in TextBox
Quickest way to process large number of files with thousands of Data in each file
Neural net package in R
Facebook API crashed after changing hosting server
Need help figuring out Basic Chess movement logic
BufferedImage duplicate border
Apex Map within a Map
Get all possible combinations of characters in an array
Apache module writing
Override string.format(鈥渰0:c}鈥� behavior for certain cultures [duplicate]
Storyboards and nibs compatible?
Getting all files in site collection by content type
How to pass multiple parameters list in json with android, syntax issue
select all first occurrances of p after h
Does EdmFunction work in EF4.3 code-first (no edmx model)
condition waiting thread consuming too many cpu cycles
How Can window.open Be Used With The HTML5 Audio Tag?
Getting day of year without DayOfYear Function? [closed]
how to handle http OPTIONS with Spring MVC?
Getting a 鈥渟etVersion鈥�is not a function error when using indexedDB
MainWindow IBOutlet properties for window, tabBarController log as (null) even though outlets are connected
Colorbox Resize with Multiple Instances in a Responsive Site
How to edit Magento Admin's Order detail page?
Dynamically create json using WCF service to feed MTDialog application
how to have dynamic method parameters
Convert very huge number to base 10 string
x00, xEF, xC8 - what type of format are these?
Individual Column Index Vs Combined Columns Index
Dropping an item on a sortable list that only has excluded items
Shared pointers of objects built by a Factory that can diseapear
backgroundTimeRemaining returns (35791394 mins)?
Window inactivity alarm [closed]
Advanced Javascript Regex Class?
R and object oriented programming
How can I resize an SVG?
How can I resize an SVG?
Slow performance using mysqldump from C#
Delaying writes to SQL Server
Which is a suitable architecture?
Google Earth Plugin Displays Blue Instead of Terrain After Zooming
std::strings's capacity(), reserve() & resize() functions
Polynomial data fitting in a special way in MATLAB
How to check if a EditText field has change content under runtime in Android.
Escaped quote as the value of a field crashes my sql script
how to implement this pattern using JSP
Improper updation in C++, Allegro
Bug in Code is Killing me [duplicate]
Show Hebrew Months in UIDatePicker?
How to list only one column of the result Active Record
ember.js how to display different filtered lists for a view? complex setup
Common Lisp type declarations not working as expected
How do I apply gsub to replace characters not in a range
should i include classes that are part of the java API in my class-diagram?
convert a Matlab code into C code
Javascript conditions are returning false. why? [closed]
Does stringWithFormat create a retain +1 instance?
Displaying RowID in Select * (all) Statement
shortcut keys for adding existing items link in visual studio
Why XCode 4 doesn't create XIB file when using storyboard?
How to combine datatimes
Details of the Firefox add-on installation procedure
ASP.Net Linq Databinding not showing data as expected
Show a translucent/transparent modal view with support for device rotation
Struggling with printing values from structures in C
When/how do I Unregister a RegisteredWaitHandle
can we get log time complexity using a single array for graph lookup and connect operation?
Can I download my own binaries from iTunes Connect?
How can I detect a rightmouse button event on mousedown?
Preventing Shell Injection on Windows
Specifying amount of bytes to move over to string in C#
Create a document using only client-side code
C# Invalidate troubles
Android: Application being forced to use hardware acceleration?
zoom animation blurred
Lucene SimpleFacetedSearch Facet count exceeded 2048
iphone ios xcode 4.2 - EXC_BAD_ACCESS signal
Understanding XML usage / advantages for input-output files for a simulation
MS Access - Write to Table Immediately After Changing Value in Form
Reverse HTML Layout
how to sort by date inside the datagridview
Reading values of list maniuplated by javascript in code-behind
Modified tutorial 2 to require ack, but message is gone
wxSqlLite3 in wxWidgets
iOS, CLLocationManager: Displaying the 鈥渞eenable Location Services鈥�Popup
In the new ASP.NET Web API, how do I design for 鈥淏atch鈥�requests?
Every model, similar code - better way? (CakePHP)
operator overloading +=
flash player debugger plug-in failure across all browsers
How do you achieve a fixed/fluid layout with CSS? [closed]
upload multiple photos
Assembly Not Found on deployment of C# project
JPanel/Component expansion when a row is dynamically added - Java Swing
how to explode into named variable array in php?
UIImageView fill in UIView
Running Reporting Services against a test database
running ajax to del a record when clicking anchor
How to compare two dates to find time difference in SQL Server 2005, date manipulation
How to use two service classes for a WCF REST Service?
git rebase 鈥�-preserve-merges --onto鈥�doesn't preserve merges
Rails, nil object error
Lightbox vertical scrolling on iPad works by swiping left to right not top to bottom
How do i link a xml file with several nodes and subnodes?
Java SimpleDateFormat different results over October clock change day for duplicate time period
Rails - Can't mass-assign protected attributes
Which modules are required to make yellowpage in Drupal?
Need help understanding code to count bits set to 1
building and running mitmproxy in python windows: possible at all?
Setting a title and a UIBarButtonItem in WePopoverController
Android: IntentFilters for components
How to remove header of unknown length using Python
database data syn error help please [closed]
App installs successfully but never passes the splash screen
Parsing a CSV for Database Insertion when Formatted Incorrectly
trying to redirect a link in joomla or .htaccess
Mysql Syntax Error with CONCATs
If I rebuild using the same sources, will the EXEs have the same offsets?
checked checkbox answer from a dynamic created checkbox that had ben added to a panel from code behind
Concurrency violation: the UpdateCommand affected 0 of the expected 1 records. Visual C# 2010
Sybase ODBC through UnixODBC in 64 bits?
Singleton pattern for sharing data between objects
how send result back in Spring 2.x
zxing integration- camera error
Selecting records with greater RRN
static non-member variable, will it be the same variable to all threads in the program?
SQL Data load - Suggestions required
Aligning Right on Window Resize
how to create marker's bubble in googleMap
How do I branch out from an empty master branch
Solr Faceting on Multiple Concatenated Fields
Method to raise windows service automatically
Team Foundation Server Error - TFS206018 -add solution to source control
Verify External Script Is Loaded
jsp errorpage--exception?
WriteFile Sockets Handle issues
Design idea on how to make a watchdog program to be aware and handle an exit code of one of it's wards
Rails 3.1: Is there any way I can view which indexes have been created for my model?
Is this the right way to calculate the fletcher64 checksum
java - implement interfaces for threads
Convert string(with array format) into array - PHP
refresh the itemrenderer of each item in the List component Flex
Developing mobile substrate tweak
background image stretching issues
grab certain part of querystring
Accessing Objects in other Layers (cocos2d)
Why apply() returns a transposed xts matrix?
How to run multiple php scripts paralel efficiently using apache server on linux
jQuery scrolling, active menu highlighting
Using Windows Authenticated WCF services
Where does Visual Studio's compiler search for #includes?
Access violation when passing a va_list by value
RavenDB with Ninject in ASP.NET MVC3
GWT deprecated: PlaceHistoryHandler.register?
How to catch an Exception if the Internet or Signal is down
Using gprof with a makefile
How to tell when query executed successfully in PHP PDO?
C++ STL with jemalloc
How to suppress objective C analyser warning with categories
Generating 64kbps audio-only mpegts for HTTP Live segmenter to meet 64kbps audio only requirement
i want to have the highest number of town_city each year MYsql
Abstract Factory: are constructors with parameters allowed in concrete product classes?
Sharing urls containing # with facebook, twitter
Spring MVC interceptor vs Sitemesh
Optimizing PHP connections
Inserting into certain fields of MySQL database using PHP
org.dom4j.DocumentException: Stream closed Nested exception: Stream closed
Reclaim memory used by CURL with C++
pointer to struct member
How should I interpret WinDbg heap verification results?
Can't acces textblock name thats inside DataTemplate
How to log SQL batch queries in a file
How can I use different symbols for groups of x*y=z plots in proc gplot?
How would I go about making sure these two matrices have non-zero, positive row and column values?
How do I get the Hwnd / Process Id for a Word Application, and set as Foreground Window
div position not in the correct place
Pig Latin Filter by list of strings
How do i define 'HTTPCookieProcessor' global name?
JSON - Get more than 25 videos from youtube playlist
Char or Int for boolean value in C?
Position child div outside parent div (left/top)
request bean is null when ui:fragment is used to conditionally display content in facelets
Awk: get a few fields with the delimiters in between as a string
Magento - API Stock Qty Update (SLOW AS HELL)
adding a counting variable to an ostream overload
How to get collision point or points with Box2d?
Identify uninstallation of my app
3D Rotation on 2D Gesture/Movement (OpenGL/Cocos3D)
CSS. 3 columns layout with fixed-positioned side columns
Can I set Jenkins' 鈥淏uild periodically鈥�to build every other Tuesday starting March 13?
Java - Is it possible to subclass an array? And more questions about arrays in Java
Running multiple C programs from a C program under Linux
Thread synchronization, Python
Javascript pass values to function on event listener
Why a for(;;){} doesn't crash my computer anymore?
How to format a div like pre blocks?
Animating a div disappearance, how to smooth that?
what's missing from my JPA entities' OneToMany relationship?
Use NSWorkspaceDidWakeNotification to activate method?
jquery ui tabs change selected tab text
PHP: Store and/or pass reference to class [closed]
Why does s[n..-1] work in ruby?
VisualStateManager in Silverlight: setting an initial state
Have PLC Controller Listen/Send Custom TCP Packets?
Grails 2.0.1 does not like java.util.Date
Loading an application from Eclipse to a real Android device over wifi
Connecting to a special wi-fi network via iPhone App
ASP.NET 4.0 vs ASP.NET MVC [closed]
Utility of Atom Links with RESTEasy
javascript is deleting the row above the row to be deleted
Flex: Content not Rendering Correctly After Transitioned State Change
SEAM redirect page from backing bean
When i move a file from raw folder to SD card in android, the file won't move
Why can't I execute another python script using the subprocess module via a webserver
Using Javascript closure to pass additional data to an API callback function
azure cache on localhost
Why is my Knockout Mapping killing my $.change function?
empty tbody on click [closed]
Can I use objects created in C# within metro ui javascript code?
Silverlight RIA EF + Stored Procedures
Jquery validation on button click
How to add global ASP.Net Web Api Filters?
Parsing an XML in Java using STax
Unable to draw child views in view group when using adapterview
how can I prevent constant flickering when hovering over navigation link?
Is there any profiler that works with -fomit-frame-pointer on x86_64?
Function Import Entity Framework orderby
SqlAlchemy: array of Postgresql custom types
Find 鈥渞egional鈥�relationships in SQL data using a query, or SSIS
DateTime.Parse fails for today (01 mar 2012)! o_0
Numeric password field using Android webview
iOS SDK Logout in background and sessions
How do you handle R Data internal to a package?
How to know if stored procedure raised exception?
One-line for zipping folder in PowerShell?
Add 鈥渟elected鈥�attribute to option via data from datasource
C# WindowsMediaPlayer not executing on PlayStateChange change
C# WindowsMediaPlayer not executing on PlayStateChange change
Parameter separator in urls, the case of misused question mark
Understanding the ORA_ROWSCN behavior in Oracle
gmap v3 clear specific marker
Output Ruby duration in iso8601
Tomcat 7 - where do I set 'system properties'?
Quickest Queue Container (C++)
Load 3rd Party JavaScript when user clicks an element
@{#if DEBUG} not working
Avoiding repeated select + options in HTML
When to create your own IEnumerable class
CSS: How to theme only submit button (and not cancel or back button) - I麓m using Drupal 6
Upload Data To Server IPhone
Sending a string from C# via serial
extract iphone app with json-framework
Get current PHP install settings
ASP.Net: UpdatePanel Postback File Attachments Issue
Fql query Error
T-SQL (Order by Case) to LinQ
How do I use HTML Agility Pack to edit an HTML snippet
android pending intent garbage collection
Save and populate DatePicker
How do I specify the constructor definition of the inherited class?
Class Rejected in Android Application
MongoDB MapReduce strange value when reduce function does not use variable from emit
how insert into for joomla 1.7
Get changes to SQL Server CE database using track changes/Sync Framework
Installing AMQP through PECL
Java sending and receiving file (byte[]) over sockets
Is there an api order_by/sort parameter in the works?
Generating threads that perform long calculations and use transactions from NHibernate
Why not refer to the session hash in the Model layer?
iPad 2 Build Succeeded -> nothing happens
are longer #include paths ever actually needed?
mkvirtualenv --no-site-packages command getting 鈥渃ommand not found鈥�error
Issue with analysis services when setting up Reporting in TFS
Stored Procedure expects parameter: Parameter is shown in profiler 鈥�
Using Paginate with constructed query in active record
Salesforce: SOAP Login from Salesforce TO Salesforce
Reload page based on selected ID from dropdown
Python script as daemon in ubuntu
Preference ListView doesn't populate
Dojo and Dijit reference for all properties
XPATH expression that Matches on the attribute value 鈥渢rue鈥�
MySQL Connector/MXJ: authentication issue
Deploy ASP.NET MVC3(razor views) applicaiton to iis 5.1
App Crashes when Button is clicked (Passing a string between two classes.)
og:type not recognised correctly when posting actions
RVM broke my Rails 2.3.5 app
How can I increase the size of the string that an external debugger visualizer can display?
UriPathExtensionMapping in MVC 4
What is Python's equivalent of 鈥減erl -V鈥�
Using regexp to select rows in R dataframe
How to Send Packets to a Remote Minecraft Classic Server in Python?
Why are symbols needed in Scala? [duplicate]
Binding to a dictionary - with a key of ' ( '
Add list of Query elements to a single Array element
Deleting secondary calendar on google api python client gives unexpected error
Handling 鈥淣ot a valid bookmark.鈥�error with corrupted records
I would like to know how to insert in an Android EditText the value of a SeekBar
Google Places API - Places detail request undefined
Symfony2: How to pass parameters to form collections
Accessing attribute info from DTE
PHP Math Equation, E+16?
How to correctly iterate through params
Unit testing ArrayList
Do I have to use AWS for Carrierwave to work on Heroku?
Facing Problems when reading a file from a zip file and writing it to another file
Ruby/Rails App Testing - Simulating Http services/responses
Reduce an NSString to lowercase, ascii alpha characters
ios array of dictionaries
Custom jQuery 鈥減op up鈥�not displaying in IE8
Fault Tolerant XML Parsing
Android gallery animated views invalidate
DataGrid - Cell StyleSelector
Create a page that outputs XML using Sharepoint Designer
How to solve this puzzle logically without trial and error
Forwarding Constructor with CRTP
How to switch active window to form view or code view using envDTE?
Attaching images to WordPress posts
How to pull data from mysql server into android device?
jQuery replacing relative links
Boostrap Responsive gives me a horizontal scroll bar on FF, Chrome, Safari browser now - need to fix it
perl regex matching infohash from magnet link
jQuery Stopwatch with milliseconds
Permanent and global variables in SQL Server
Can I make post() from jquery without making an XHR request?
CXF JAXRS - How do I pass Date as QueryParam
C# Why does seeding the random generator stop my program?
Twitter widget only loads on first load (clear cache)
creating a variable, calling an image path from a DB and passing it into an image source in php
updating datatable from JSF ajax call
Serving static images in the development environment
How to Post Activity Stories Grouped under the App in Newsfeed?
Reassociate Batch Files with Cmd.exe
Is Reduce always required to remove duplicates in MapReduce?
How to make a TWinControl display only and let its parent handle all mouse events?
Pydocs in iPython similar to bpython
Changing at runtime the name of a table in c# working with Entity Framework
C# Custom Login (With no use of Web.Config) (MVC)
C# Custom Login (With no use of Web.Config) (MVC)
Java RMI on the web
ContextSwitchDeadlock was detected
MacVim (iterm2/tmux) bind alt/meta
How to join the three different code boxes from jsfiddle.net into a HTML page?
Oracle/SQL - Combining records on keyfield
I would like to animate through an NSArray of strings
Prevent long running PHP script from closing
Formatting Numbers by padding with leading zeros in SQL Server
Save image file path to Core Data
In a Jquery button with icon: no space between the icon and text?
Looking for a P3P Generator
Javascript crossfade
pyodbc - unable to update multiple items in row
In Visual Studio, how can I change/disable the line-highlight color when I double-click on a row in 鈥淔ind Results鈥�
Why do view controllers in my Storyboard keep disappearing?
MySQL multiple table SELECT
Backbone.js history 'on route change' event?
Running a sql query directly from controller
Working with Magento Layouts
Flag setting using query
Delaying post-build Jenkins job
PHP variable in loop
Merging Files In Bash
Concatenate after using Maths - SQL Server 2005
PHP post variables
paramiko.SSHException: Error reading SSH protocol banner
SAS: Adding 鈥渦niform鈥�option to gplot creates weird x-axis values for an integer variable
Why is my processing program not displaying in index.html?
Strange StageWebView
How to cast an object in generic collection?
User message system in asp.net
Set caches_action, :expires_in => dynamically
Reading lines beyond SUB in Python
Twilio on Rails help: not receiving 鈥淒igits鈥�parameter
Yii can't do the task, with getting no errors at all
Regarding custom formatting of jQuery Grid coulmn
Having one method to save entered text into a string and bring up a uiaction sheet which will then alter the string depending on what button is chosen
Is there an unofficial way to get the device phone number?
Store ASCII codes in mysql DB
maximum number of automatic posts to page allowed?
Using Views with non-default constructors in Prism
How to optimize oracle query with 'merge join cartesian' in the plan?
Built-in date time picker control in Android that looks like the datetime picker of the Calendar Application
Display auto-increment values of a counter
Could not kill the current process in android
Function Syntax in C
STS: Different 鈥渧iew鈥�of Packages in Spring MVC vs Spring Roo - Project
Packet Sending In Java
How would I add a method to ActiveView::Helpers::FormHelper to be used with form_for?
how to override single bean defined in application context
Too many arguments for Public Shared CreateAutoCompleteItem
Sublime Text 2 - Default Document Type
How to prevent deselection in a WPF DataGrid?
MissingResourceException running MXJ for MySQL
ASP.NET MVC Posted Model lost interface Property values and ModelState has errors. Model Binding restriction? Serialization issue?
indefinite cookies set
Java pattern repeated Capturing Groups
JNA Pointer Pass
CSS form styling help inline dt/dd elements
What tools can I use to profile a .Net application in Visual Studio 2010 Professional Edition
Shuffling and un-shuffling an NSMutableArray (finding the correct index)
C++ compile-time state variables
connection and session closing
Calling Java from MATLAB?
How do you get the past tense of a verb? [closed]
IOS: drag uiimageview only in one direction
Android SQLite: ListView don't display item in database
does codesourcery include secure version of standar functions (strcpy_s,sprintf_s etc.)
What is the point of defining a calling convention?
Disabling JSON reordering
How to integrate your own application inside wordpress
Nutch path error
std::replace gives error
Setting default font size for graphs in Powerpoint
How does ActiveRecord detect last method call in chain?
Dynamic named parameter in route values collection using Razor view
Field Index in WHERE clause in Excel SELECT statement
Can't update table in MySQL, I am using the workbench
How can I kill a forked process in C++?
Why does Ajax reset my window scroll position to zero?
Android socket client works on Java server but not C# server
Get elements with similar ID's using jQuery
iPhone - When does a deprecated method usually becomes obsolete?
How can I change the font family of tip labels in a phylogenetic tree in R ape package when saving to devSVG?
Mysql: Create inline table within select statement?
Spring MVC - Map controller to context root (/) while using mvc:resources
Issue with has_many and belong_to association, can't find method
Calling UIViewController and never is deallocated
Tricky website idea (not your average idea, and not a 鈥渨ill you program this for me?鈥�request)
how should i filter corrosponding checkbox with the string
jQuery DataTable ColumnFilter plugin. Can the 鈥渟elect鈥�filter style support exact match?
IOS SDK - NSLock message: 鈥渦nlocked from thread which did not lock it鈥�
ASP gridview update issue
Android Alert Dialog Not Displaying Properly - Message is blank?
HTML5 Section won't span across
How to use android.media.effect.Effect
How can i make my texture (or polygon) invisible when i want? (opengl es 1.1)
Getting on & mouseenter to work
Edittext content is not refreshed if I change it
How to build example with shared object in GnuTLS
Printscreen function desired from web control on browser
Scala - Count number of files in directory with defined file extension