Why does COM method call return RPC_S_INTERNAL_ERROR?
Can Eclipse automatically analyze the 鈥渁dd only clause to use statement鈥�
Open url link from AlertDialog
I'm searching for a reliable CSS parser / manipulator in PHP
drag and drop with jQuery
How to integrate Kendo UI datawiz onto a page without having to refresh it
What happens to saved data in Core Data on app update
Mongomapper where clause with 鈥渙r鈥�and regex
How to play mp3 files via javascript without any html5 feature?
HTML and JSP dynamically selected option from drop down menu
How can I delete and deallocate OVM objects in SystemVerilog?
how to validate the facebook and twitter plugins with html 4.01 strict doctype
Django login_required passes but then user.is_authenticated fails in the template (??)
Showing end users foreign key constraint warnings that they understand
How to set the reverb level and time on kAudioUnitSubType_Reverb2
Can anyone besides the copyright holder authorize the enforcement of the GPL?
How to make a DataGridCheckBoxColumn editable without requiring extra clicks?
Orchard CMS-Tenants site could not see themes in main site
jQuery click brings me to top of page. But I want to stay at the same place
What is the difference between Regex syntax in Ruby vs Perl?
List pushed in navigation view is not rendered
Socket.io namespacing issues while working on a client
鈥淧iping鈥�values into Bash variables
How to append existing line within a java text file
Fetch the data from second tables according to keys in 1st table
Relatively Prime numbers VB
is there a way to know when a folder was deleted from windows server 2003
Is there an easy way to append one IList<MyType> to another?
How to use sed to remove last double quote from each line of a file
JDOFatalUserException: Persistence Manager has been closed
How can i construct a variable name in code from a string?
Else if Statement Wordpress
How do Action class constructors work with Struts2?
Practical way to find out if SMS has been sent
Using HATEOAS and Backbone.js
Debug exec works fine but normal one segfaults [closed]
How to work with external accessory device to play music on the device?
Handling an event that might not have any subscriber
Improve performance of Search Replace in Word document using OLE and Delphi
Using CSS To Shade TD %
what changes do the app go during upgrade from market in android
ios force back button style w/ no navigation controller
Is it possible to create a new user via ADFS?
How to get notified when user clicks LIKE on your page (timeline layout)?
PrimeFaces Custom Error pages
Is There a Way to Playback Raw Audio/Video Streams in Android API's?
$.ajax wait for completion without hanging the UI
Design - Job Automation Framework
Javascript Template Engine Use with jQuery
JQuery dynamically added DOM loses (doesn't) CSS style
Strange behavior when modifying tables or procedures in SQL Server 2008 Management Studio
Provide an Explicit Assembly Name for a Dynamically Compiled ASP.NET Website's App_Code Folder?
Simulating a keypress using capybara-webkit in rails
how to enable Safari Extensions when using a web view
What is the difference between method hiding and shadowing in C#?
Sorting a list of <Object> with VB and LINQ
Cannot use object of type stdClass as array
Where to place JavaScript functions: <head>? <body>? or, after </html>?
MKPointAnnotation - Default show title and animated?
Memory Management Headache
GUI java Calculator
Android Honeycomb notification popup too frequently
How to add an external stylesheet/js file to a UIWebView without having it stored?
ActiveResource vs HTTParty
TFS 2010 Iteration backlog - Burndown. Not updating
How to prioritize different catalogs in MEF?
Firefox add-on: getting started - how to block url on a certain page?
How do you preserve existing data and re-open a iframe in a chrome extension
Unit testing django inline formsets
IncompatibleRemoteServiceException: This application is out of date, please click the refresh button on your browser
set checkboxes checked after page refresh based on checkboxes values in the URL querystring
have_selector parameters having no effect
css - how to setup image editing page
I installed XCode 4.3 from the app store, now I can't run iOS Simulator without launching XCode
represent node in neural network?
Codeigniter - if else inside view
How to implement bignum in Scheme given the following grammar?
lm called from inside dlply throws 鈥� (non-NA) cases鈥�error [r]
Self-signed certificates in Java - Signing XML-files
Adding a function to NodeList object doesn't work in Firefox
Request timeout , Connection has been reset error while rendering jsp page
How do I get this CI php application to run from my local machine
Entity Framework 4 Not Saving My Many-To-Many Rows
Populating actions matrix in Levenstein distance algorithm implementation
Should I synchronize mq_timedreceive calls when performed by multiple threads?
Why is it necessary to use the isTraceEnabled() function in JBoss?
How to execute PHP code from the command line?
System.ComponentModel.DataObjectMethodAttribute what is that?
why the value of class member variable change?
After Effects: Quick way to go from one text layer to another?
Passing variables between methods in Python?
how to do filter/query on in-memory list/map using guava
Calculate between two sheets excel
鈥済etElementById(鈥�.options is null or not an object鈥�in IE7 only
Transparent Webproxy Application with iptables
How to eliminate rectangle box around selected text in the TreeItem widget?
Transparent Webproxy Application with iptables
How to eliminate rectangle box around selected text in the TreeItem widget?
Regex to capture {}
List of keywords --> first result URLs in Google [closed]
How do I display a mixed mode assembly's version number is windows explorer?
How to target CSS form labels/values?
Searching hard coded text in xcode
Richedit 2.0 control ignores WParam for WM_PAINT messages?
sorting date values using datatble jquery plugin
MarkupExtension: Converting a simple property to DependencyProperty
static const in classes
Excecute Excel macros through Delphi [closed]
Find UUID used for BT socket
Is there a way to refresh eclipse workspace from console before launching eclipse?
Java Static final alternatives for use with Spring DI
Why is my C program asking for one more input than it should? And the extra input doesn't even do anything
Search model that has_and_belongs_to_many :tags
URLForUbiquityContainerIdentifier returning nil
returning confirmation message on same page
how to tell a typecast from a function
How to apply a function to a subset of columns in r?
Why do browsers' user agent stylesheets use -prefixed CSS properties?
SSRS 2005 matrix not showing the data
SQL and XML files compare in eclipse
jquery code block only successful once
Implementing RFB with SSL without CA
Wordpress Loop, check img tags for css class and add if missing
LINQ: Substring Function From the Left
Trim file created with `posix_fallocate`
Using htmlAttributes for inserting an additional class to my link on my helper
Swig with cmake and additional libraries
NSLog no output in LLDB. Works in GDB
Debugging huge functions
Calling UIActionSheet that is placed in AppDelegate from outside AppDelegate
MySQL how do I only show the max/highest values with the following query?
What steps should be taken when planning?
Notification when Windows enters in sleep mode
Updating the HTTP session in a GWT service test with Arquillian
How to get BAYEUX_BROWSER cookie from cometd.NET client
Setting up SVN Server in CentOS
How to get css attribute of a lxml element?
My query has stopped returning any results (related to ST_DISTANCE)
How can I perform a regex in Python?
Python install mitmproxy module on Windows build error - how to solve?
How to run a loop inside the WordPress do_shortcode() function?
why is my iPhone app so large?
Qt program error
IE dropdowns cut off NON-fixed widths
Exceptionhandler in abstractController, just returns a 404 not the required view
Multiple domains to single website
git-filter-branch: leave directory structure
Actionscript - using regular expression and TextFormat to style text between HTML tags
cons :: operator for sequences in F#?
Having trouble with a list when both background and after properties are applied
Iterate over two list with just one Iterator Java
Issue reading String
Why does this CSS margin-top style not work?
How to determine the Disabled property of a 'Button' in Watir
Selecting the clicked element and not its parents
back-sides effects and overloading [closed]
Global pointer in DLL
Several problems in gl.h file when deploying application to device
Cannot find TextBox on Page
Android: Play video from file buffer
Repository DbContext and MyDBContext
iphone - How to prevent app to block while downloading data [closed]
Retrieve computer name
Web API / Servlet design (best practice) [closed]
Scaling an inline image from the absolute center of its parent?
Can we do Quick sort with n logn worst case complexity?
Testing RMI Services
How to put a custom image over a formpanel tool
Text wrapping in an absolutely positioned element with no width
If statement in javascript regex
鈥淢issing web components鈥�error when opening MVC3 project in Visual Studio 11 Beta
C++ if else statement keeps executing the if and not the code under the else
ListBox doesn't refresh after I delete an item
best way to combine guava eventbus and AWT Event thread handling
Importing a file (MultipartFile) and the process - Java/Grails
ASP.NET HTTP Gzip Compression Not Working
How to design local store mechanism in note app
Coding email addresses directly in HTML is bad, right? What is a better easy solution?
How do I get the address of elements in a char array?
extracting (international) phone numbers from text
Why has my XSLT style suddenly stopped parsing the Product Advertising API XML response?
Drag and drop in JQuery not allowing access of draggable by id
Eliminating duplicates from a COALESCED column in a stored procedure?
warning remove database
Python Regex to find a string in double quotes within a string
How to overlap charts in SSRS R2
Error from sp_OACreate 'Scripting.FileSystemObject'
What will happen if I have 3,000 warnings but I chose to ignore them [closed]
C# Help me with some Generic casting awesomeness
Populating a table with fields from two other tables
Magento Layout Rewrites
how do i redirect the output of nosetests to a textfile?
Need Delegate in Razor with two Parameters
Can nodejs generate SSL certificates?
Data structure: get random element, at O(1) [closed]
smart gwt- how to use POJO as data source for combo-box/tab/labels
smart gwt- how to use POJO as data source for combo-box/tab/labels
BufferedImage getRGB greyscale equivilent
Convert latitude to pixels
JQgrid: links column formatter doesn't work. Why?
switch style C# construct with double range cases
Mobile site - link to open google maps and set multiple markers?
RestSharp posting ByteArray / Stream data
PHP or MySQL wont update database
Transparent Flash BG Lags in Firefox
Applying default values if a node does not exist
Which version of windows 7 should I buy to run under vmware fusion for web dev?
Why does google.load cause my page to go blank?
Windows multitasking breaks OpenCL perfomance
How to execute and include a Java API from a WebAp project
For Apple Implementations (Cocoa/CocoaTouch) is uint8_t always the same type as unsigned char?
MVC: I am using MultiSelectList and when I select two values it just sends one value?
Customization of Tapku Calendar for iPad
javascript dateTime - the same format as server
Android Facebook howto Post
How does ClojureScript compile closures?
Disable iOS 5 Notification Center Gesture in App
How can I implement eBay API in iPhone programming?
Send data to PC from WP7
Revealing Module pattern with arguments in coffeescript
How do you use ember-rest controllers to work with Rails3 nested resources?
Copying a file from one directory to another with Ruby
Loading image from object NSData into UIImageView
Regex for 6 digit int that can't be sequential or repeated digits?
Process task abnormally terminated with exit code (PM_ASSERT_ERROR)
Third-party library requires 32-bit application?
How to loop through a range of cells when only the column is known using Excel VBA?
Using a 鈥渟lide鈥�effect to show/hide an <input>
Working with negative times in excel
Exposing Entity Framework classes via WCF - Good idea or bad
How do I deal with ajax based sub components in rails 3?
Uploading image from Gallery android application
Freeware application that shows a visual schema of a JavaDB (Derby) database
What is the best way to 鈥渋nherit鈥�a set of variable and routines that are static so they can be overridden
Transaction Isolation level Massive number of Writes
Problems using jQuery quicksand with fancybox, revisited
Prevent inline elements from line breaking within their group
how to access Enum fields in playframework template
HasFlag with a generic enum?
jQuery UI: call arbitrary widget
using Mysql Connector without installation .Net
Send PHP HTML mail with attachments
Objective-C 鈥�different versions of the same library results in name collisions
Best practice for adding code and status values with FluentMigrator?
How can I stop ListView from catching and consuming keys pressed (before and instead of the parent activity)?
Double multiplication independent from the length of the variable?
What is the true way of checking a string for image url and existence (if valid) with JQUery?
How to parse Oracle DB to SQL Server?
Asynchronous loading of multiple JS files by Zombie
Excel Macro to Compare Column Values in two Spreadsheets and Print results on Separate Sheet
Cross browser @font-face use
Handle Touch Events inside WebView in android
Compile error on abstract class/function
Faster way to develop and test print stylesheets (avoid print preview every time)?
Haskell List Concatenation vs. (head : tail) format
Class design - how to manage multiple thread responses
.NET C# - Passing parent controls to a pagination .ascx control?
Managing Two Development Versions of the same Application with Visual Studio
Merge Two Lists in R
MPL licensed binary file usage
StyleSelector and return style from XAML
Infinite loading while installing joomla 2.5.1
Pinch Zoom in Android
No WindowEvent on closing a JDialog
C++ Lightweight Web Framework
Android Java unserialize int[][]
How to set symfony 1.x date format in text box of existing object?
RichHtmlField not rendering properly inside sharepoint
how to printf in oracle stored procedure (for debugging purposes)?
Calling perl script from Make
Not able to execute remote stored procedure in MS SQL Server 2008 from Hibernate
How does drawing with the DrawingContext in OnRender work behind the scene?
Page loading times of Google's static vs dynamic maps for mobile users?
Scheduling service on boot and on first app launch
Avoiding the use of 'new' in this situation
deleting field from document that meet some criteria
Limiting Users Download Size
remove text between ',' and 'space ,' if found using regular expression
How do I convert old data constraints in-order to de-duplicate data while keeping referential integrity
rails on EC2, boot time
why is my sound not playing
Get a bundle name from an entity
Devenv build command for more than one configuration
How do you connect two computers in a python program? [closed]
iOS - How can I create a custom transition between two views?
Ruby on the rails, devise and using user to limit existing model
What is the default autowiring in spring?
Why can't I access this associative array value?
Determing Manufacturer/Model number of a paired Bluetooth device on Android
Node.js connecting to remote server from node server
GUI for searching sqlite?
OpenWRT sending Pelco D Codes via SerialPort
Remove blank rows within cells using Excel VBA
Play Framework Return Partial View
attaching a script dynamically using jQuery
Shaders are never available for debug
Function scope & variables in/out of said function
Grails - Change value in param map for checkboxes?
Storing Facebook API data
Oracle's specification or SQL's ? : Truncate table with foreign key constraints
Unable to load mysql JDBC driver for Quartz in OSGI bundle hosted in felix
Grouping files within git working folder
What's the difference between Task.Start/Wait and Async/Await?
JQuery menu trigger content
organize postion for button and text field by css [closed]
How to compute the product of the Unicode codes of all letters in a string with a for-loop?
Parallel Bulk Inserting with SqlBulkCopy and Azure
PHP image upload and resize runs out of memory (96MB Memory Limit)
Library for JSP parsing and manipulation
jqgrid can't display data from a variable
HTML Form element design and implementation
Is there any way to save a dirty canvas?
Use of unicode characters in Haddock documentation
Editing programs 鈥渨hile they are running鈥� How?
Diagonal background mask with CSS3?
MySQL - UNHEX(HEX(UTF-8)) issue
Using backreference to refer to a pattern rather than actual match
Remove ribbon for Anynonymous Users
How do I do a regexp to find all names with Ernest Hemingway, but with spelling mistakes?
comparison operation [duplicate]
Unserialize function in xCode
How to insert data without auto incrementing ID using SQLite
How to make a JAR file from a subset of project classes?
Porting Python to an embedded system
Gridview clean up and neatness asp.net
mysql subquery returns error
Intersection of CGAL::Iso_rectangle_2 and CGAL::Ray_2
Manually get knockout to re-evaluate a dependantObservable
Separate color for each line in asp:TextBox
C++: delete strange behaviour
PayPal Adaptive Pay 589023
how to create more than one files in SD card?
Dynamic library not unloading in a Cocoa app
Transforming an Ajax.ActionLink into a button
Mocking a dependency in Node
Tomcat: adjust memory proportions
Return a Regex Match excluding parts of the match
Jquery serialize() error in inputs with extra property
how to hide/show dropdownlist using jquery
Is it possible to make JQuery UI Tabs component draggable north-west-east-south style?
UpdateLayout on WPF click
TripleDES Decryption truncating last character
how to set HTML attribute values in runtime using javaScript?
Mixing encapsulation and dependency injection
changing the class name in nested divs
Is there a better way to write str(len(myList))?
how i stop orientation in Android device?
href property is wrong for a stylesheet object referenced by an @import in IE9
Nested CActiveForm - Yii framework
CUDA kernel not launching
When using application cache manifest, where does data load first from?
How (& where) does Magento decide the order of list items in the configurable product view dropdown?
APACHE https does not work but http works?
What is the correct parameter type for the zeroes function?
鈥淓ntity Container Must Be Unique鈥�error when promoting to test environment
Why Levenstein distance is calculated without the last insertion
Thread Safe Method?
Jenkins CI - SSL handshake_failure
Why does this closure work?
Open ContextMenu on ToggleButton when IsChecked property changed state to True
How can I see the current state of a file buffer?
Message re-delivery and error handling in Message Listeners
android custom icon class
server side paging and OrderBy with DbContext
Add cdata tags to xml docuemnt
How do I set up JSONP?
Keeping checkboxes checked in PHP form
android sharedPreferences xml file
Give a windows handle (Native), how to close the windows using C#?
Properties or fields in Equals and GetHashCode?
PHP form : validation, submission, displaying content
Log4j - choose appender depending on the priority set
Blackberry touchscreen event clashing
Is it possible to enumerate textures with DirectX 9?
PHP memory_limit locked to 256MB?
Unable to access AppSettings from App.Config in a Class Library Project
LINQ - DateTime to String again
point a subfolder to another IP with Apache
change the status of a single on/off switch in a series traversing dom starting from an attribute in jquery
Javascript DOM Document createElement from tag source
How to create a list that merges two other lists?
send email to multiple email address rails 3
JfreeChart: Color change on Mouse click event
c# have compiler computer value of constant
Storing formulas (calculations) historically
CSS Dropdown Menu (stop parent element from being active when child element is)
Increasing Performance of a Database Fetch Operation in
Remove all tags except wanted tags with JS regex
Closure in Java or something like it
How can I apply new trunk patches into a branch without applying older ones?
crossdomain iframe handling
The use of design patterns in R [closed]
ld: After successful linking shared lib not found on execution
JQuery 1.7.1 .css('td',鈥� Maximum Call Stack Size Exceeded
Change Android publish market account with other email adderess
SQL get latest date record
NHibernate, Caching and custom SQL queries
Use of guava immutable collection as method parameter and/or return type
.Net Remoting Messages
DebuggerDisplay for a dictionary's key / value pair?
Validating a DataGridView in C#
How to write a DOS script to extract all the file name in a directory?
Exception when trying to execute generated code
.net code from xsd - specify the name of the created property
asp.net mvc reading html table/cell values in the controller
Phonegap - How to call one javascript function in another file from index page?
Select a folder in Blackberry webworks
What does getCurrentPosition return?
Is there a way to compile to hide the source code?
Change launch path of Visual Studio 2010 Web Server
Bringing Relevant results to the top using boost in Lucene.NET
Environment properties files in scala project
Display Dialog Bitmap
C# : XNA4 : SpriteSortMode on X-axis sorts at random?
POST request in Objective-C
Handling properties/configurations in Rails
unable to get intellisense for knockout.js file
title of a custom button
Visual Studio 2010 Javascript comments stopped working
killing python process while sleep
c++ checkbox color
ParseError in ajax jquery at after first try
Pseudo Random Weighted Numbers [closed]
Effect of Work Items on Computation
SELECT statement to retrieve what never happened
Why does a nested HTML element make my CSS jump?
Compile pdftk with /libgcj.so.10 on centOS (Redhat)
Porting OpenCV to NIOS2 processor
limestone module in Nodejs throwing error with nodejs and sphinx
鈥淩evert鈥�command in AppleScript on OS X Lion
Integrating Javadoc for Java EE 6 API into Eclipse
Transparent NSWindow but with standard border and shadow
Manipulating shared data using mutex and semaphores
Preg-replace only H1 image
binding IEnumerable data to a gridview
InfoPath 2007: Submit data to SQL Server
CRM Retrieve entity - Error: Unable to cast object of type 'Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.Entity' to type 'CRMEntities.List'
Equivalent function to IO.Path.GetFileName for urls?
Getting child elements of dynamic generated content with jQuery AJAX
How to do so in Linux, so that when reading from a file, the current application receives data from another application?
Ubuntu .desktop links and absolute referencing
Authlogic doesn't work with my Rails 3.2 app
Unable to download APK file using browser when no SD card is present [duplicate]
Keyboard shortcuts for P4 Diff / P4 Folder Diff
Changed MySQL fieldtype from TEXT to FLOAT - did I lose all my data?
Changed MySQL fieldtype from TEXT to FLOAT - did I lose all my data?
Javascript / convert CSS style string into JS object
What is the correct syntax to dynamically add checkbox items to a list in jQuery Mobile?
Sonar reports JaCoCo Coverage for the Test classes themselves. Is this correct? How do I change this?
How to configure Ninject to work with ServiceStack.net
What Are the Common Scripting language/tools for QA
Select distinct in Django
In SSMS 2k8 r2 - the task for 鈥淩egister as Data-tier application鈥�is disabled?
This message cannot support the operation because it has been copied
Django RSS Template
Post and get result with PHP
Yahoo PlaceFinder API Connection Issues
Wav player in matlab
Formatting Zero Values as Empty String?
EWS Managed API - Save Draft with inline Images
Sourcing Puppet files from outside of modules
svg shape nested in shape 鈥�no parse error
how to find teams with sql command
CSS sidebar dropping on page for no reason?
Need to ignore case in preg_match_all usage
Is there something wrong with my jQuery syntax?
What is the significance programdata in windows?
mysql_real_escape_string and PDO no connection in mvc pattern
sending client side resized image with post
How to find a parent's child with jQuery?
Which kind of statistical test should I try for a sample with bivariate data?
Silverlight TabItem content not scrolling
GWT Maven build with Place Annotations
Maven: remove jar files when jar with dependencies had been created
Passing byte array from native code to the Java side
Apache mod_php5 causes error [500]
Understanding CI routing and $page -> can't find .css or .js
Insertion Sort implementation with one recursive function and foldBack function
How to get git tags on all clones of repository?
How to link your facebook feed dialog news feed to your app in itunes app store? - iphone
Wait for animation to complete
How to confirm whether different results are due to differences in floating point handling?
JQuery Parent from ajax
Why isn't infinitescrolling working?
Add picture to Java GUI at specific path
Error compiling OCI8 with pecl
Is there a way of rendering LaTeX equations in Crystal Reports?
how can I catch a single variable in array of Object in CodeIgniter?
Getting the values of action parameters within an action filter
ICEfaces 2.0.0 + View Scope + Binding
How to calculate Time difference from NSDateFormatter
how to bring another screen on top of current view, iphone
How do I call an updateString methos from my HUDLayer in my PlayLayer?
Exception in thread 鈥渕ain鈥�java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sun/jersey/api/client/config/ClientConfig
How to split a string on whitespace and retain offsets and lengths of words
OpenLayers - Map refusing to zoom to max extent
Sharepoint webpartzone change not working
key constraint fails - what does it mean?
NSDateFormatter stringFromDate returning empty string
how i get 5 digit after point in float variable?
Sorting objects in ArrayList by DateTime variable inside the objects
How to Split Select Query result
Git add does not add all files
WxWidgets same handler for lots of buttons/controls
PowerShell sort array
Is there an easy way to copy all jar dependencies to a certain directory in XSBT 0.11.2?
Callback method for presentViewController
syntaxhighlighter on blogger: the platform closes tags that it thinks are HTML? How can I fix that?
Get multiple unique random rows for tags in MySql from one reference table
slide between pages using jQuery
What does this error in Prolog mean?
HTML Template File
Windows.Forms.WebBrowser and redirects?
Problems applying a style sheet (XSL) to an (XML) in IE via (JavaScript)
C multiple variable declaration
Using MSDeploy to a Windows 7 computer running default IIS
Why rbind converts a list of numeric elements to a character matrix?
MVC3 Views : Handling null models with finesse
GWT compiled code causes NS_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY on Firefox
Passing data from View to Controller (MVC 3)
Javascript var as argument in c# mvc3 razor
Error compiling GnuTLS on Centos 6.2
Can you give a design suggestion for updating private data?
Convert #defines to const variables
File.Copy access denied for .zip only
CXF - Schema name conflict in collection
connecting my html to mysql online using php
Big file compression with python
Distribute Python application with C modules for different platforms
How can I add files in new directories with maven scm:add command in subversion?
Missing member in AutoMapper 2.1.265
Sending sms through my application coded in vb.net
Logback and Jboss 7 - don't work together?
Which MySQL collation compares e.g. 茅 and e as equal?
How can i block writes on a pipeline for reconfiguration of the pipeline?
How can I set the email sender's name in Jenkins using gmail smtp?
How to check if a user has granted a certain permission Facebook iOS
cross-frame scripting with <script src=鈥�to find status code of a site - Security issue?
C++ How to read specific amount of characters from a text file
Capybara unable to find the link of the object created by Factory_Girl
Jetty: unpack .war to specific folder
Update multiple rows replacing a character in certain position in mysql
Tree view of a directory/folder in Windows?
SQL - Does not have a PK Key ERROR
storing the count of rows or just count the rows?
Rails dynamic authorization interface
JQuery memory leak?
jQueryMobile > DateBox > Using for both Date & TIme
ActiveRecordMediator.SaveAndFlush locking SQL Server table
Asp.net mvc and google api
Monotouch.Dialog: how to preselect an element from a RadioGroup?
How to add a checkedit control to a gridview in devexpress programmatically
Javascript in Delphi TWebBrowser, Closing Threads
SSIS data manipulation
Rewrite rules in ANTLR
Multiplayer movement in JavaScript
Tunneling requests via an ssh connection in php
If the string draw in View鈥榮 SubView?
UTF-8 html without BOM displays strange characters
Tree structure to support distributed processing
Can i apply custom routing to a TaskSet using apply_async?
Releasing resources in an Application?
How do I make UITextField respond to UITextFieldDelegate?
NuGet not operational in Visual Studio 11 beta
How to remove part of image on uitouch for ios programming?
Is there a way to detect what the input language setting is currently?
Unix - Split to N files using regexp to name destination file
How to iterate a C# object, looking for all instances of a specific type, in order to build a separate list of those instances?
hibernate c3p0 ThreadPoolExecutor Connection pooling, am I doing it right?
Call a function then a select a table in a view
custom dialog exception
is it possible to invoke ICS screen shot function from adb?
windows command line web content filter like mitmproxy
Token library for Sociallib
MD5Decrypter.co.uk reverses md5 hashes?
Wrong Mouselistener fires
Debugger issues with Visual Studio and WP7 emulator
Why Thumbs.db File create in My Project drawable Folder?
Pig accessing HBase using Spring Data Hadoop
How do i measure how long an MySQL query took?
Do you need to synchronize a buffer if only one thread adds and only one (different) thread removes?
link in gridview to details page
how to store hashed passwords generated from erlang
Installing maven2 without openjdk
MongoDB, json class & dictionary member serializing
Dojo layer don't includes all essentials
Java T initialize
Is it possible to define Activity inside Android test project and run a test against it?
How to distinguish a Template Type in C++
How to split xml to header and items using smooks?
How to split input set for better Hadoop balance?
Observable.FromEventPattern on Thumb.DragDelta throws an exception
fst and 3-tuple in fsharp
Adding comments to my webpage
fast blur image with integral image (OpenCV)
XAML - Image scale -only down when needed
BIRT limit X series per chart like in JasperReports, drawing multiple charts
Parse comments in XML in Android
CakePHP: List comments associated with a post
Test modal dialog with Qt Test
Prepare Integration Test test data only once for ALL Unit Tests
wp_pagenavi not working (solution)
Finding Dynamically generated parameter values to be sent with http post method to login
Can my .NET application auto encrypt it self or part of it?
Linq Query needed to satisfy a WECO rule
C# return focus to previous window
How to make a table to get the date/time when values from other tabels were edited? asp [duplicate]
similar_search for physics units
PHPUnit Database Testing Exception
RTMFP direct peer-to-peer connection working on Windows XP, but not on Windows 7
Android Version Differences
Calling jhead from a Console Application via Process does nothing
Using spork on windows in jruby on rails throws an exception
Drupal views exposed input as form select (/jumpmenu)
Cannot use 鈥渕ap鈥�function within async module
using css from a library in razor mvc3
Smallest possible complete set of source and batch files to build a CUDA app via command--line?
Generate minimized jar with only used classes
Post json with rest sharp
signalR maintaining user connection ids
Dynamic DataTable display empty rows
Unable to connect Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P6200 in debugging mode
How to Validate XML schema against XSD in Groovy when they are available at certain URLs?
Kill View and back to rootViewController
reference value in DataColumn Expressions
Exclude Database from Streaming Replication
How can we get specific links using simple html dom
show a loading image when user clicks on next button in installer made by using Innosetup script
error while creating xml file in eclipse for android project
WP7 dynamic ListBox with GPS value
String variable passed from a function to a function name does not work
simultaneous multiple calls to setInterval inside objects with same constructor in javascript
Paypal for android how to identify payment item in callback?
Returning pointers from the class. Who is responsible for delete?
Smarty explode and foreach not working by only looping once
Cyrillic chars inside of UrlRewriting.config
Facebook PHP SDK showing not logged in
How to Convert Font in Webpage to an Image
Select directory for HTML5 multiple file input in Firefox?
Lottery random.randint help in python
Muetexes in perl & MySQL
Vi/vim - delete from end line including final character
How to push UIViewController to UINavigationController in iOS5 using stroyboards?
Android How to create Intent Filter for custom file extension that does NOT make it part of a chooser for everything on the phone
Refresh a specific page when pop-up is closed (jQuery)
Refresh a specific page when pop-up is closed (jQuery)
datatable.Rows.Find doesn't work
How come FindWindow finds a window that EnumChildWindows doesn't?
Grails Pagination: how to use pagination to restrict the number of rows
How to Remotely Block and Unblock any application on Windows
Rutime error with QTcpSocket and slots and signals
Capifony & Symfony 2 error: php bin/vendors install --reinstall
Dynamic Background Image Doesn't Work on Android 3.1 + PhoneGap
ASP.net link to other page with passing parameter
obtain an average of days an issue is open
Restricting values for curve_fit (scipy.optimize)
Samples on Live Updating Data Grid WPF
how to configure log4net to work inside a CRM 2011 plugin?
Recycling JDBC connections after some time
Detecting incompatible dependencies in Maven?
textFieldShouldReturn doesn't work (using storyboard on XCode 4)
Package name matches an existing developer's application (but it doesn't)
Why does my DataTable not serialize correctly when column names contain spaces?
C# Retrieve FormFields from Word Document and Insert into Text file
Bug in form display when upgrading .NET version and editing form
Extjs Combo Box value from php file
VB.NET Process Redirect Output Not Working
Device memory flush cuda
Update not working in SalesForce API
XMLReader reading XML file based on attribute value
Determine the combinations of making change for a given amount
Is the Cherokee web server project stil alive?
Alternatives to window.onbeforeunload for sending data?
How do I find that March 2nd and March 3rd falls between March 1st and March 4th?
Displaying the code within a stylesheet
Wordpress require_once( ) - path returning an error
c# MVC routing with constants
Javascript string regex /.*/gm does not catch all line at once
How to work with Performance counters and WCF service in IIS?
MVC novice: are triad wrappers good/bad design?
SWI Prolog ensure_loaded error
why do I get an EJBTransactionRolledbackException when I call two DAOs in my EJB Service?
Does Haskell's foldi/foldt exist in Python?
iOS - Make POST request to CakePHP REST
How to save the Primary key and the value for a form submit
Centos 6.2 - Apache 2 - PHP 5 - Blank result executing
Numpy - creating overlapping 3D subarrays as vectors that's memory efficient
What would cause a Virtualizing ListView to sometime generate all items?
ajax post multiple input groups
how to check checkbox in run time
Where is the code controlling the red circle part output in magento?
Manipulate elements by binding new data
Implementing fast CustomEquality and CustomComparison for discriminated union types
C# ASP.Net Parameters.AddWithValue rejecting null value for parameter
Compiler error (ld: library not found for -lzbar)
Drawing board game pieces in an array
CRC checksum using long (64 bit)
Android ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
How I can access Database running in UNIX OS using ASP.NET
How to cast a string as an array
Secured Bluetooth connection Android
Creating a Chess Board in Android
How do I add tap event for a table cell in Sencha Touch?
Is it possible to identify documents that are mutually exclusive in lucene/solr?
pyodbc - How to perform a select statement using a variable for a parameter
Suppress Output
Dynamic height for ListView row in android
vc++- strings and BSTR
Include java utility classes to an 鈥淓nterprise Application Project鈥�using Eclipse
Appcelerator Titanium Event Calendar
How to ensure thread-safe use of 鈥淣SCalendar currentCalendar鈥�
AndEngine with Physics PhysicsFactory error
EOFException when executing remoteant task from ant-contrib
Send data from server back to the client
Mozilla designMode and setTimeout()
How to find all hard links to a file in Windows starting from XP in C++
Importing Html into Adobe Indesign
Active Admin - some custom js won't load in production
Mapping entity in Dapper
i want to set visibility for the text view
Developing webservice using Apache Axis2
WinAPI Sleep() function call sleeps for longer than expected
in python , how to split string with certain condition?
Given a balanced BST. a min, max, and value, how can you find the largest Xor within min and max?
Can I call Static java method in JPQL
Split two concatenated strings at google spreadsheet - FirstnameSurname
How to allow users to specify slide number and URL adress from which to load content with Ajax
JavaScript - How to get the name of the current user
Android Development With Qt
Client_Side_Validation gem in Rails
XSL page encoding
File upload Javascript Extension managing
ASP.NET routing in WebForms does not handle non-ASP extensions when running under ASP.NET Development Server
How to package a runnable python program in 1 file
ASP.NET MVC 3 Case Sensitive URLs
Form element not getting submitted while echoing it from PHP
Check if date is less than another in SQL and VB.NET
NHibernate.Linq - Error querying when Nullable types in Where clause
The GridView 'GridView1' fired event Sorting which wasn't handled
Authentication authorization ASP/NET MVC 3 using membership
PHP to create/send a file on client without user input
Simple data entry interface (Scaffolding) to SQL Server without having to code it?
Generate datalist at runtime with fixed assigned templates
How to synchronize FileSystemWatcher
Person ID # with two records from a many-to-many relationship Access 2007
layout support different screen size & different platform version
can't seem to find System.Windows
How to enable the HSQLDB Manager Tools menu since it's disabled
How to accept image as user input in python
CSS3 Select Replacement bug with jquery1.7
Excel VBA ComboBox DropDown Button Size--changed itself
Maintaining event order in log4j + MongoDB
Obtaining library version when merging into single assembly
Listen for Javascript Function Calls - Android
Maven pom.xml, SCM and release
Jira and git: How to see all commits from a mapped repository in a project 鈥渃ode鈥�view
xcode storyboard IOS 5.0 switch from a view to another one from login page to an Message page
How do i know the app is opened on android , conflict by using Intent between activities
Special Characters in unicode bytes are longer than iso bytes?
AJAX Toolkit Visual Studio .NET 2010
ASP.NET MVC3 View model is not null but missing data when posted back to Controller
How to tracing script flow
how to prevent 鈥渉ello+world鈥�converting to 鈥渉ello world鈥�in mvc action
Why isn't this Orchard (1.3.10) module noticing the changes I make to it?
Facebook Like and/or Subscribe from WP7
Dynamically Include Files From Different Folders
using interlocked usage
generating classes in different packages using jaxb and maven
Error while showing map in an Android app of a user location derived from GPS
Sencha touch 2 - How to push a new view on click of a list item
Sorting a NSTableView column with IPv4 addresses
SQL query: Join two tables with where clause
image in layout is different from image loaded in emulator
xpath query for find path in php
Order of a FIR Filter given the amount of coefficients [closed]
Get Metadata of the mp3 file in the assets folder programmatically in android
Eclipselink shared cache and @Transient fields
How to keep if condition to check the browser is IE in extjs?
Bash parameter verification using regex
Unit testing with Authlogic in Rails 3.2
new ViewControllers causing Black screen
how to get my current_location correctly
How does one unit test routes with Express?
The most efficient way to create a new instance of JS object
c# - Register key events - Shows as virus
using Jar file in java code
Jira and git: How to get all branches reflected?
Converting JavaScript to C#
Getting the RIGHT word count of a PDF file
Change button value while entering in a textfield
What database we have to use if i want to use Entity Framework instead of linq-to-sql
Complex sort html table
app-file not running on different mac
Jquery: load and before
SolrClient::query() Solr HTTP Error : 'Couldn't resolve host name'
eclipse bundle and lib-folder
Something similar to jQuery when / then: deferred execution with break
how to catch a standard output from my command line?
django: creating a model for Person who can be Writer or Actor or both
Uploading XML file to CouchDB through CURL via command-line
Using Ext JS Plugins in Netzke
displaying models on different div ember.js
Zend_Mail_Part: Get number of attachments
How to re-drag on once element is drop in drop container
Grails 2.0 Redirect Include App Context Even Though I Have It Set To 鈥�鈥�
Recursion issue in Haskell - A syntactical issue?
Looping inside cuda code
System.Web.HttpException File does not exist - Page loads just fine (ASP.NET)
BizTalk WCF Oracle Adapter: Sending DateTime values
Article spinner with 2 tiers
Copy Column Data - Azure Table Storage
Share Kit Twitter log in screen not correct in Landscape Mode
How to attach a click event to an animated button in ios
Browsers that do not cache to disk
in R, trying to omit the empty set in indexing
How to use getDocumentElement in user-defined class?
sas: In a text string how to find a word after a trigger
Using Motorola EMDK in an ASP.NET application
how to make the setError() method diplay the error message for long time period?
Rails error: can't convert Symbol into Integer
Selecting a particular query in the dataset designer to be used in the fill method of the table adapter?
Builtin objects with NHibernate
Getting 鈥淯nauthorizedAccessException鈥�in a BackgroundWorker without accessing UI thread
Should I always use stripslashes for _POST _GET and _COOKIE variables
doctorjs(aka jsctags) not work with vim+tagbar
Toggle text with function called with onclick
android action bar onNavigationItemSelected
std::list iterator
Common info window
Ruby Anagram Using String#sum
Delete row(s) from grid depending on value with button
how do I handle a state change event of CTreeCtrl in MFC
qrcode-0.1 with Grails 2.0.1
using jquery + <audio> w/ php/mysql to loop playback times
If malloc's can fail, how come stack variables initialization can't (at least we don't check that)?
Populate a ListView onWindowFocusChanged
How can I stitch two pdf pages together with pdfbox (java)?
Disabling browser caching in Tomcat 6
Submitting an html-form with java
Mongo query in nested fields
Cannot Cast HibernateQuery resuly list to Object class
(cons (car L) (cdr L)) is not same as L, when L is not empty?
iPhone: Issue when adding json NSString into NSMutableArray
(cons (car L) (cdr L)) is not same as L, when L is not empty?
iPhone: Issue when adding json NSString into NSMutableArray
IE display problems using protoype.js
February 29 comparing to February 28 of previous year
Phonegap GPS using old cached positions
Why I can't see my developer certificate in build settings?
Dataset comparison with Null Value c#
Create an Eclipse plugin that responds to links in the internal web browser
Build shared library linking to other not standard shared libarary
Continuous Assertion failed on Windonws 2008 R2 check build using WinDBG
C# - Best strategy to implement reader for large text files
MVC View: Type arguments Html helper DisplayFor cannot be inferred from the usage
Sending pointer to C# struct into C++ DLL
Java with Delphi 5 [duplicate]
Browser calls set methods automatically when switching pages
reuse data passed from controller
How to execute a SQL script using dbExpress?
find unique records within a table
Table TD Height in IE
Error when I try to make clone of HN in Windows 7: 'rm' is not recognized
Struggling to understand the structure of the Facebook API
gremlins in my c++ method
Order MySQL table by two columns of equal importance
How to be notified that a composite's child received/lost focus?
How to add 鈥淥N update current timestamp鈥�to existing table column
Converting HTML.EditorFor into a drop down (html.dropdownfor?)
Optgroups are closed after 1 item. Dynamic list
FadeIn with css?
Sending html files to views
Learning Python the Hard Way, Exercise 41 headache
using Post method for only some parameters in Asp.net
How does the vimwiki ftplugin work?
SubSonic Oracle Provider
FCKEditor: Access content area
Jade variable rendering inside tag specifications
How do you add attribute validation to an LDAP schema?
Accessing Form Elements Dynamically
DateTime conversoin for DB quering
Sphinx - NFS index
jQuery AJAX Wait
Inserting Rows in Database Using Sqlite Iphone
SQL When NOT to use an index
Batch zipping through subdirectories
Is there a preferable programming language for CGI apps? [closed]
jqgrid password field not only in edit mode
FTPS connection in android
Navigate through content generated by Javascript using Python in Selernium?
IOS OpenGL ES - Rotate Camera around the scene
What layout to use to produce a data entry form in android
HTML5 canvas - Rescale images on load?
GLES20.glUniform4fv is giving GL_INVALID_OPERATION (1282)
Virtual server not able to detect browser version
Android Share Intent
Trouble limiting the duration of an Oscillator in JavaScript
How do I check a DOM value is not empty and then copy it in another place in DOM tree
how do i prevent my users from deleting MP3 files from iPod
Update the Data model
How to copy/move images from array to a folder in php
How to mix Inheritance Strategies in combination with multiple subclass layers
Can't set custom validator messages in Zend_Form
phpstorm: autocompletion, __construct and @property declaration
Difference between tuple and set in mdx
css display:table
Performance Issue using Restkit (vs. TBXML)
Standalone UINavigationBar and MFMailComposeViewController
Spring webflow - invoke method on each refresh (request)
how do i send folder with its contents (subfolder/files) to server-client side?
ListView item layout issue - combining ImageView(s) with TextView(s)
Condition in mysql query
How many connections can postgresql perform better?
Dynamically changing the meta viewport attribute in Mobile Safari
Copy lines from one file to another
Random number in 2D array
How to convert datetime HH:DD:SS AM/PM to HH:DD AM/PM
Deleting a ADOX database after opening and then closing
Why java ftp uploads file corrupted to server?
Text Highlighting issue with TextSnapshot object - Flex AS3
what does -1 represent in ASCII?
Debugger gets disconnected during debug when Broadcastreceiver timeout occurs
font-face doesn't appear to be working in IE8?
is there an open source library which mimics the folder animation on iOS [closed]
How do i make an image cover another image?
Changing Image as Rounded Corner
As a self-taught PHP programmer how do I go about finding my bad habits? [closed]
draw a filled up circle
How to notify unloading of attached property to class in which it is defined?
Mod_rewrite /category.htm into /category
How to generate .xml file in coldfusion?
json_encode() in PHP returns null values for russian
jQuery IE8 css not working or atleast not working correctly
How to make a custom dialog in InstallShield?
How to ignore 401 unauthorized error from webrequest to get website status
Rails - application design for 2 user types
Empty element in array-based bounded buffer
Javascript create img with only one dimension set causes stretching in IE
Calling slots from a Class in Qt
ruby postgreSQL adapter on AMD64
PHP: Select random weighted index from Array
xmlXPathEval: 2 object left on the stack What does this error mean?
Flurry Analytics Info
Dojo dialog dynamic content
Access another classes data from within class x
Convert JSON data to HTML table
How long does it take to build MacVim from source?
HTTP delete request in J2ME
changing the class name of a div in jquery
BufferReader.skip () performance
Variable in a function
Yii framework failed to open stream
interface with user input as trigger for server-side php and client side update?
How To Set Up Irrlicht Game Engine in Xcode for ios deployment
editing Frame items after they have loaded
Testing client-side javascript code with Jasmine and node.js
RPC is not working
Simple WinForm with gridview app not responding
How to check whether a type is string in C#?
Performing date and time calculations in Java
BufferedReader/BufferedWriter Output line by line
What is Windows DIB?
Can I auto generate Squeryl data objects to reflect an existing MySql schema?
Jquery. mouseenter and mouseleave with delay. How to stop animate events?
Chrome Extension [onConnect.addListener , port.postMessage] : How can I send msg from my extension to my extension installed over any pc?
Extract image URL in a string (RSS with syndicationfeed)
Dojo Drag and Drop
Moving SQL Server CE database inside the WP7 Isolated Storage
Execution with more than one machine failed
Java : Return a String in the java.util.Date Format
How to fix an algorithm that lists 9, 25 and 49 as prime numbers [closed]
iOS MKMapView issues
How to validate name [closed]
Long.Tryparse Overload & Convert error C#
possible to revive a corefile back into a running program?
How to hide/show sections of a HTML form
Google Analytics Cross Domain Tracking: Asynchronous on one site鈥�Traditional on the other
Rails, update method and validation
Why am I logged in as a different user using NTLM?
How to use C#-Properties in a WCF-Service from Java client
Why does Internet Explorer cache expired SSL certificates (and can I do anything about it)?
Getting Eclipse to wrap the parenthetical of a for loop
Kindle Fire Keyboard Buttons
Should a Windows Phone Application be uploaded to the marketplace as a release or debug build?
Validating Data using GUMP on Slimphp
What is the default order from a has_many relationship in Rails?
is it possible to have self defined source data to create pivot table?
How to set a generic property attribute in a generic method when use it?
error using subquery
how to retain utf-8 character encoding in tomcat with GET request
Multiple view on same page with backbone.js
Guava ImmutableList copyOf vs Builder
how to check if all elements on subvalue of array is equal to a value
http stream to iphone using uiwebview is blocked by proxy or something similar
Python subprocess: streaming in and out
apns device token not generating with production certificate
WordPress - Display Post Content and Post Meta on a Page in the Admin Area