fillPolygon in Canvas / Surface
Android NFC not working with ICS
Custom form field (date field) validation-handler
In VS11 Beta, NuGet console default to project folder
Distributing large content in Android
Can I update an existing Amazon S3 object?
Result set returns 3 rows but i am only able to print 2?
TFS Build Agent Issue?
OCR for android [closed]
Spring MVC and Jackson mapping do not return the root element in json
How to send consecutive get requests
Deploying war file to Tomcat with a different path
Deploying MonoTouch-App on jailbroken iPad
JSTL gt not returning correct value
13 Character Timestamp
Hide previous Fragment when adding new one
how to compare to previous item in `each` iterator?
allow_push on .hg/hgrc doesn't seem to work
Initiate / call bootstrapper in WiX
Phonegap TouchEvent
MYSQL : Manual simulation of the triggering event
how can I extract number between two strings one is fixed and other is any thing
setting a NSDocumentDirectory url for recording?
Parsing balanced nested wiki templates and extract a single line parameter's content by a regexp
Better way to update the underlying lookup via EF?
How does reRender behave if table is not rendered
assembly bootloader
Is the Java compiler is designed to work like this or is it a limitation?
Populating a dropdown list in Flash Builder
select another path object on hover in Raphael
handler doesn't handle the event
Encoding Speex Into a SWF Version 10 Sound Stream
how to insert table for existing form fill pdf using itextsharp
how to randomly select a list with a nested list
(Windows, Mac) How to load both XDebug & ionCube Loader simultaneously?
PHP why does my function return twice the result of the array with different keys?
How to make a fixed width center 3 column layout?
How to know which JCheckBox sent an ItemEvent
Android Service and The Package
Concurrency handling in python based webapp
How to programmatically get the DataNavigateUrlFields property from a HyperLinkField control
JRXmlDataSource with queryString give no records
Restricting Sortable Column in plugin Datatable of jQuery
Javascript to substring hours minutes and seconds [duplicate]
Comparing row with prev row
Comparing row with prev row
CCNet Scheduled build only if another project successfully built
Node.js and Sphinx Connection and querying data?
Creating PDF files with Html2ps/Html2pdf in CakePHP2.0 - Blank pdf
DB2 move primary key to another column
Is there a way to load an XML file, escape any '&'s that are found, and then parse it?
Setting Alarm on 9 AM GMT
Reading a JPEG file perl
App keeps crashing when accessing sqlite database
How to setup multitenancy within an mvc 3 application with ravendb
WPF textbox height before its rendered
Couting the number of times a value comes?
How to create drag and drop Divs based persistent web page in
QTreeView / QFileSystemModel: How do I limit tree depth?
Threads and reading writing memory is a byte or a bit safe?
SharePoint WebService, Task creation assignedTo
How to reference ID of DIV sending JavaScript call?
how to get Dojox charting working within MyEclipse for Spring
With custom WSDL and a referenced schema, why isn't the return Xml from my SOAP method serialized from the objects correctly?
How to call a method of and object as a separate thread in java?
How should i enable the checkbox using jquery or javascript?
Constructor called with wrong 鈥渢his鈥�pointer. Is this stack corruption?
Customizing .NET forms design
Google Maps API Javascript KML Hover Effect on Markers
Mailbox unavailable. The server response was: No such recipient.But email is sent
when posting to facebook from api not visible on friends wall - startpage?
JAXB: specific Namespace Prefix to all the elements
Is Denormalization good for performance
Measuring download/upload data over network
XML to JSON with Scala
Moving Files from Command line
Strange situation with delegate
How to enable UDP/IP broadcast programmatically?
Watir - Show_Frames doesn't work
CSS - Display property not working with an img
Test rendering template specified number of times
Is there a coding standards enforcement tool for Scala?
urllib2 not returning full webpage
scrolling uitableview dynamically
++i operator difference in C# and C++
Adding columns and rows into a tablelayoutpanel row dynamically
Query to get primary key of table in access database
QFtp create directory only if it doesn't exist
AFNetworking + download images in queue + cancel operations although the file is present
When I click back button I can see my last protected page
How can I create an Asynchronous function on Javascript?
PHP force download, Not working with variables
Cocoa creating temporary folders/directories for saving the files
How can I do a query with subselect
Problems with understanding a linked list implementation
how to read comma separated float values using scanf in c
Deleted debug.keystore file. How do I generate it again? [duplicate]
FUSE ESB, hibernate, mysql
How to add children to childnodes using jsoup document
What is the difference using async/await and Task for time critical processing?
Multiple Scrollable TextViews inside a ScrollView
How to set a Header field on POST a form?
Regular expressions for HTML
Errors in the C code
IPhone App: Dismiss PopView On Button Click
Sending Files Directly through phone lines
Remove directory from url htaccess apache
Eclipse update has broken my IDE
How to detect that streaming stopped AS3?
HOW: Apache Camel, Regex match files
lightbox and slimbox2 doesn't work with composite c1
Drupals Date-Module and translation
UIImageView added to an NSArray doesn't respond
Apache Tomcat:The requested resource () is not available (while acessing the resource that should be avaliable)
Is there a way to set the compatibility mode in Win7 programmatically in C#
In Team Foundation Server, How does one fork a project?
UITableView dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier unique or not?
Boost Spirit Rule's assignment operator
DirectShow GetDuration gives wrong duration value
how do you make a Theme switcher using Jquery and JavaScript?
PHP - if statement trouble. Difference between 0, NULL and 鈥�鈥�
jQuery plugin and integrating Google Maps with autocomplete
iOS app User simulation and monitoring?
Database error in classic ASP application
How to extract Microsoft OneNote attached files?
Using numpy loadtext
dojo manipulate with innerHTML to set to empty string, does not work, why?
Windows Services pause automatically after sometime in windows 7
offset().top returning window object
Android App Suspended in Market
Does List.subList keep a reference to the original list?
Perl, Why is @INC different?
coldfusion cfinclude before and after callbacks
How is the internal id of a WebDriver WebElement computed? Pass multiple elements to JavaScript Executor
Math functions for GPS coordinates
Access 2007: crosstab view to insert values into a database
How to convert string with signed integer value to signed integer?
How to pass String through from JTextArea to drawString without getting nullpointer
How to obtain a certain component using FEST
Nuget packages.config and specific version
Binding issues with RadioButton
Convert a MPICH2 enabled code to OpenCL code
Codeigniter says session userdata blank, but exists in db
Reduce logs of log4j in catalina.out
Reduce logs of log4j in catalina.out
Why does my jQuery filter only work once on this select element?
using facebook client flow to authnticate and login on app/site
Efficient circular list
Weird java sound glitch in eclipse
Separate table for amount of views in Symfony
Integration of Instagram in iPhone
reject invalid sortable item in a sortable list
Understanding the new Web API approach
Accessing SharedPreferences before displaying the first activity?
Building a Relationship Between Attributes Or Columns Of Bits 鈥淔latting it out鈥�
Call a function in a C DLL from VB: Access Violation
How to accept POST data in Node.js
Drupal menu arguments flexibility
Javascript inheritance & Apply
AS2 Print External image
MVVM Pattern and access from ViewModel to Model
Access Play framework's embedded H2 database when in production mode
how do I check if the X509Certificate issuer is trusted?
The requested address is not valid in its context at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.DoBind(EndPoint endPointSnapshot, SocketAddress socketAddress)
Hiding text in an element
ASP.NET MVC3 RC2 bug binding from request parameters to method parameters
Synchronization of Progress Dialog in android
firefox google geochart tooltips with base tag error
iphone screen horizontal issue with Jquery Mobile
Maven infinispan quickstart
cant create main.html in flex_bin folder
Prevent SQL injection attacks in a Java program
Is is possible to change the name of the w3wp.exe per application pool?
Declarative transactions for Kohana?
Image upload security concern
How to Display each view inside frame layout one after another
Change temp folder used during export of apk file from Eclipse with Proguard
NUnit tests for testing class-level PrincipalPermissionAttribute demands
Changing language by domain (localization/globalization)
Programming language of the Android Market [closed]
PHP - How to save a simple session?
c# creating msc file
UITableView reorder like Clear app
what's the disadvatage of callStackSymbols
set spaces between letters in textview
Unexplainable Load Average CentOS Linux php-fpm
Is there any collapsable with resize menu plugin?
settings.maxPrintString for Scala 2.9 REPL
Can localhost be both client and server for development?
Why my IE8 won't play flash video and keep displaying 鈥渁ccess denied error鈥�message
How can I enforce a numeric condition in the value of an EditText?
UrlRewriting how to build correct redirect with sub folders
Android Device Restart after exactly 12:42:xx Hours
Remove duplicates from Dropdownlist with LINQ in VB.NET
Cannot find symbol 2d array return isue
Parse binary XML in Android
Star Rating with Facebook Connect?
create nsmutablearray dynamically
Why can't my website (in Wordpress) be accessed?
HttpWebRequest error supporting encoding of type chunked
How to protect a contact form without captcha?
kohana form select appending value
Why is this Resizeable Element Increasing Size after changing its type
Issue with updating SQLite table in android
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC Appended after Querystring
Google Line Chart starting coordinate?
Is there any special meaning to $(MAKE) in a makefile?
How can I merge more than one PDF in single PDF in PHP
Get extern [UIApplication sharedApplication]?
CKeditor & KCFinder in localhost
Android - changing ImageView drawable after scales & translate animation
flash components and resizing
WebSphere 7: WebServiceException: Error: Maintain Session is enabled but none of the session properties (Cookies, Over-written URL) are returned
Numpy Integer to String
How to retain the older database after the android app is upgraded to new version?
Width of element in percents of height. HTML, CSS
Deprecated Classess on Android
Not able to download image in android
Setting default for Solr faceting
how to pass cookies to a new activity?
Insert blob (from mysql) data in varbinary (SQL Server) field with Zend_Db
PostgreSQL : getting the Results of a Function
Jqgrid sort column
How to close a modal view when the application enter in background on ios
PostgreSQL does not order timestamp column correctly
Facebook Like button_count not working unless logged in
Extracting sql insert with sed, line cuts
Very strange ppi of png [closed]
Which mouse picking strategy for milions of primitives?
rails delete has_one :through association
Executing Sed Command
Error with value count in mysql
How to set popover size in Monotouch.Dialog?
PhoneGap Android childbrowser issue - Capital C in
ASP.NET MVC 3 display list of object without reloading web page
How to Convert HTML pages into Bmp using java
Forgot password: How can I send an email to user in DotNetNuke
Languages supporting complete reflection
SQLite dB Android never updates
The best way to call C++ function from shared object in python
insert query is not working in cake php
warning: Attempting to create USE_BLOCK_IN_FRAME
relative file paths in perl
nan, floats and ints
Loading layout as 'this' in Android
Android App Crash By Using Android in app Marketing Feature
load view using ajax symfony2
String Replacement operations in objective c
sorting in shell script
How to bypass trigger on SQL Server 2008
OAuth: Do I need to HMAC-SHA1 encrypt over HTTPS
php dynamic function for list
twitter widget wrap issue
Page error is occurring but debug doesn't stop on the line of code that caused the exception?
Why there isn't an <input type=鈥減icture鈥�gt; and/or <input type=鈥渧ideo鈥�gt; in HTML5?
What is the correct strategy for handling multiple SQL Server databases in the same instance with the same name (each one for a different country)?
Is there a BlackBerry handheld emulator? [closed]
Android - Is it Possible to rotate ViewPager like ViewFlipper
How to sort rows in a specific Section of uitableview
HTML to multiple Excel worksheets using python
Create a ZIP Archive without compression? [closed]
Executing Spring Batch process stage with multiple threads
How to validate mutliple rows in DevExpress grid
Detect the row and get the td value using javascript. (Dynamic table)
MVC: How to use accomplish 鈥減artial validation鈥�technique, displaying just a warning and validating the model?
Two ExtJS Stores have to load before executing a piece of code
Which pattern to select when trying to retrieve success/failed and a object from a method?
Code first DbMigrator causes error when building from different machines
Dynamically read files from Sdcard
How to Open gmail,yahoo mail and rediff mails in application programmatically?
Showing function arguments in xhprof
where to declare entities and services in the controller
onTouchEvent() callback does not work
WebAudio library to visualize and interact with waveforms
Embedding YouTube video changes font look on elements outside the iframe
Navigation not working in JSF
CakePHP Search by the count of related table
Android Assets and NDK
Symfony2: How can I use different parameters(.ini) per host name?
How to access a JavaScript variable from code behind in
How to remove Excel Interop Objects references in C# Application
How to print or see method call stack in xcode?
Android click event outside a dialog
Extracting reusable service from object oriented systems
Hello world app
Windows Forms support in Visual Studio 11 [closed]
How can I handle excution flow of nodejs
Is it possible to return a LPWSTR from C++ DLL to C# app
How can I connect to SMTP using TELNET?
Convert.ToString(DateTime.UtcNow) unexpected beheviour?
Auto open file input on IE
upload files without refresh page
How to print a MySQLdb unicode result in human readable way
jqgrid enable disable multiselect on button click
jqgrid enable disable multiselect on button click
Android CPU: double, integers does it matter how i calculate? What is faster in specific cases?
There is a way to update all properties of an object, changing only it values?
How do I keep resources attached to a Visual Studio Sollution in SVN
Using Gson instead of Jackson in Jersey
Stop XSLT Caching
Serializing/Deserializing large object single time Vs Serializing/Deserializing small objects multiple times?
Pre-Split On a Compound Shard Key
Ajax div .slideDown to correct height
What causes this error? The TargetControlID of <CheckBoxControlName> is not valid. The value cannot be null or empty
Wicket CheckBoxMultipleChoicePage & AjaxFormChoiceComponentUpdatingBehavior
Sqlite3 insert performance test
problems with scanf(鈥�d n鈥�&i)
Message after registration in Joomla/VirtueMart
How do I convert a std::string to a boost::gregorian::date?
Rewrite jQuery on() to click() [closed]
datepicker in iphone
Javascript positioning
Can I use Visual Studio 2010 for Kendo UI, Kendo UI Web or Kendo UI Mobile?
StructureMap configuration for DI with MVC / Linq2Sql combo?
Applescript will not open Excel 2011 workbook
how do i get facebook user login status?
Confusion with MVC and how it handles forms
How do I do real time search for results based on driving distance?
Jquery sortable function not working in Android?
How to test Dungenos Sample BillingApp using Device?
Qt is not showing QML window properly
Java Observer Pattern issue?
Mongrel clusters are running parallel on windows
How to link OpenGL libraries to project in NetBeans 7.1
jScroll pane function ceases when I use 鈥渟et text of container鈥�onClick of button to change content of div ID
Confusion about Transparent Background in CSS
How do I add branches to .git/config?
How to show alarm icon with hour on locked screen and in notification bar
PhoneGap communication with external server
How to identify between ansi encoded text files and utf-8 text files in
Parsing mobile phone user agent string , good solution or library?
TeamCity 7.0 Dependency and versions
Access python files from lighhttpd
combing json deserialization with validation spring/jackson
Need Help Running a Shell Script in IBM AIX
Is it possible to rename node from 鈥渃hildren鈥�to any other name as per requirement
How to isolate a COM component .Net
How to publish Web Applications
Web Deploy 2.0 - Possible to prevent debug deploy?
How to control editing of UITextFields within custom UITableViewCell
Good patterns for unit testing form beans that have annotation-based validation in Spring MVC
Identity of static inline function?
function declaration to function pointer declaration using perl
How to tweet live data in database using twitter API
Can I reference a lambda from within itself using Ruby?
How to merge audio file in iphone sdk
Custom SOAP 1.1 header and mustUnderstand attribute
How is the 鈥減rediction鈥�column in the Weka Naive Bayes output calculated?
Does the CSS3 transition slow down a website?
+entityForName: could not locate an NSManagedObjectModel for entity name
gcc Makefile: Variable Substitution error with %
Why wait ,notify and notifyAll Methods are in Object Class?
How to style every other item in a list as bold?
Custom Spannable = ImageSpan + BackgroundColorSpan + ClickableSpan
Different value of offsetwidth in firefox and chrome
Parsing datetime in Python..?
Android - reuse classes in different projects with different R imports?
Pentaho : Cannot view sample fusion charts
Send JSON data to PHP using XMLHttpRequest w/o jQuery
Form contents with updated values, loading with jquery
Need to rotate back and forth repeatedly on hover Jquery
how upload video with text in facebook using sharekit? [closed]
Connecting to a web server via HttpClient
Map-like UI navigation on iOS
Data Law protection Amazon Ec2 [closed]
Database consistency check using SQL
Css layout overlapping
how do I use linux FS with plone
mysql database not rendering german character correctly
Difficulty adding a inputscope to a TextBox within a StackPanel
TextView Top Padding Issue?
Formatting numbers according to input precision
How to Use migration with existing database?
escape all data in an object
Refactoring/Restructuring tool for Java
Basic game logic/ai design
support for multiple resolution android
What is the best solution to this? (Any Language)
Extending the Visual Studio 2010 C# Intellisense?
JMF using javax.imageio issue
polymorphic association error
What are some types and/or terms in system-f that cannot be expressed in Hindley Milner
Accessing Roles from Custom Authorize Attribute
jquery validation plugin method to exclude 鈥淣ot Applicable鈥�select option
Is it possible to monitor calls to (Nt)Send(User)Input and SetWindowsHookEx?
Postgres UTF8 ordering
Javascript Excel Sheet
Criteria to choose a good Java rules engine for a fraud detection application
.NET ICollection Class Basics
How do I change the viewColumnHeader in Xpage?
Tough Wordpress Conditional if_page NOT display widget
undo and redo for jquery drag and drop clone
Addressing XML with jQuery
file://myserver/share/a/b/c in svn repository on linux
How to use cURL to fetch specific data from a website and then save it my database using php
Stored Procedures calls two other stored procedures, but only 1 seems to run. No error thrown
How to create Android Fancy Tabs
How to add a button to a bar chart without xml?
is it possible to override url in textview?
Makefile: Why can't I see compilation output?
Break text evenly into certain number of lines
How to rerun a php script using jQuery?
PHP Gettext: how to change the default MO path after setting the path of the domain?
Access a vector like an array[] inside a function
Can we call a java function from the html text-box?
How do I add styling to a javascript? [closed] error as 鈥淭oo many characters in character literal鈥�
Wordpress plugin web form [closed]
Pixealted text in print outs when using window.print()
Display all images from folder with Repeater
extract numbers from string c++
Why do Javascript exceptions leave the interpreter in an unpredictable state?
a 鈥渏 Connection reset 鈥�when reading sentences NMEA from a GPS device
xPlore1.0 Index Server
OpenSSL build script fails when run as a 'run script' phase within Xcode (succeeds outside of Xcode)
RegEx to convert number to comma separated numbers with optional two decimal places
Why would my XmlReader return an empty string?
Security Sandbox Violation, can't connect to Server via Socket
UIActivityIndicatorView freeze
jQuery buttons appears too big
Google Calendar API v3 cant add event php
Using JavaScript to set up frames
strip of words from a string in .net
How can i call a functionthat written in kernel module, from the user program?
What is the TFS equivalent of SVN checkout to new folder?
Selenium Silverlight : Object identification is failing
FTP with Progressbar
NSFetchRequest return value
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lhogweed
Converting MS ACCESS query into SQL Server query
Why give a property both readonly and assign?
Why would TcpListener be leaking ESTABLISHED connections?
Is this a safe and sound way to send client requests to my rest api?
How to run my jquery code on div that inserted form jquery code?
microsoft.contracts dll error when creating facebookclient object in facebook c#sdk
jQuery Datepicker in while loop
How to add class to element only if it already does not have it?
mysql cursor use dynamic limit
Disposing an ImageList
move to another activity by click on listview item, android
Override logging settings when running a test from Eclipse JUnit plugin?
show modal view in parserDidEndDocument
How can I know if user posted something with share/like button?
Can't push to git bare repository on windows
Stray Checkbox Checked and Unchecked Events for Windows Phone 7
Typedef with two sets of brackets?
Setting icon on a Mac with Qt
Android:Display a temp image while page loading
Alternatives from NowJS
Can we have more than 4 stage3Ds in flash?
php file cannot be found on root ONLY (IIS6)
Building a Chrome Extension - Inject code in a page using a Content script
I am developing a web page using Jquery and page refreshing issue is there
Whats wrong with my PHP CURL request?
Spelling Correction Algorithm
How to open file in wp7
CakePHP 2.0 File Upload, $data has no effect
SQL - Select newest record when there's a duplicate
Rectangle with radius clipping taking huge performance hit, advice?
How to create the array for Facebook og:image?
2 columns with <div>, first column dynamic width
How does PHP 鈥渞emote include鈥�work?
show content of iframe tab/app when post link
create form field what is the best way in symfony2
Where is the memory window in VS2008?
Best performance for storing static files (images, css, javascript) - CDN - BlobStorage or WebRole
why use @Url.Content
ASIHTTPRequest Caching Not working
How do I add free timeslots in fullcalendar / jquery?
GetListUsingItems with Tridion Core Service returns more items than TOM
In Blackberry Display Labelfield as Link
Mysql: Making a backup copy of a database
Using Java Regex, how to check if a string contains any of the words in a set ?
mysql query for the following tables
TextBox values on Viewstate?
lldb fails to print variable values with 鈥渆rror: reference to 'id' is ambiguous鈥�
EJB, rmi port in WebSphere
Debug Javascript in Komodo Extension
Is it possible to get an instance of IDataReader?
learning EXTJ as a newbie
Jasper Report Theme
visual studio 2010 tool boxes empty
in gallery how to give different background to each image in android
Allow slashes (/) in path with mod_rewrite
Alternatives to RDiff?
error in onActivityResult method
UIColor clearcolor works in 3.2iOS sdk but not on 4.3 why?
Getting non exif data from photoshop jpg in PHP
A two dimensional matrix of lists in matlab?
CSS float issue FF only(I think)
How do I pass more than one parameter to the selector in 'scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval:target:selector:userInfo:repeats:'
What is the diff. between and
Telerik radgrid and GridClientSelectColumn how to use 鈥渃lick鈥�instead of 鈥渃trl click鈥�
Apple Auto Renewable Purchases
How to find gprs strenght?
C++ generating random numbers-1
FireFox issue with flash
Encoded string compression algorithm in C/C++
ABOUT button giving error when clicked
Parsing XML file with scrapy AUTH needed
Gap between divs in IE not in Firefox
Pattern with recursions (C++)
file_get_contents() returns nothing
How to check whether an application installed or not in android [duplicate]
Nohup not logging immediately
CSS Display Issue in IE, looks fine in FF and can't track it down
render partial view to string
XPath, Simple HTML DOM or REGEX when scraping web pages [duplicate]
4GB SQL Database - Server Upgrade & Performance
Disinherit (reset) the CSS style of a specific element?
understanding MIPS csum_partial
using same tcpclient for reading/writing and keeping it alive
How to send custom tcp packets on windows?
Stream Video and Audio in Flex
DataCache get all named regions
Persistence Strategy for Standalone Desktop Java Application
How to draw 8 bit grayscale picture on a QPainter by reading the data from a byte array in Qt?
Google Maps API V3 in Android [closed]
How to get the string after last comma in java?
How to include/ link other .cs (C#) files to my web page?
Scrollable TableLayout with animated children swapping
Silverlight 5: GraphicsDevice is always null
Dynamically update gridview.
using(IDisposable obj = new 鈥� in C# to write code blocks in stream (e.g. XML)
Jquery get JSON data is not working
Performance advantages of powers-of-2 sized data?
monitor and detect if the iphone is plugged in and charging, wifi connected when app is in suspend mode
How do I use Javascript API in non-Javascript project?
pop up panel from codebehind on button click event
chrome.tabs.onUpdated.addListener not fired when page is retrieved from cache [duplicate]
Subclass Coupling and an example in .NET
StrictMode complains about InputStream not being closed
Explanation about a regular expression pattern
Scroll bar to custom ViewGroup
Getting text between quotes in something already found by a Regex
Migrating tables to a new database in MySQL
Using MERGE with same source/target table in Sql Server
CakePHP - When editing a record, sometimes we get a duplicate
Zend Form Warning: htmlspecialchars() 鈥�when Element_Text is set as array
Can I obfuscate class names in a JAR?
Second process seems to make first process crash (.net, c#)
Adding custom message header
caching this mysql table
My App Widget doesn't Placed on the left side of Home Screen
NSPasteboard not returning the correct data type
Will Dart be used serverside
XMLHttpRequest not returning full response text
Ext lib dialog and file upload controls
Redirecting to another web application exposes values stored in session
Why pass 鈥渢his鈥�to Thread constructor?
How can I make heterogeneous lists (aka HLists) with constrained elements?
ArrayList Mapping in IBatis
Html link click - checking
Excel interop COM exception while running in background
Simplfy row AND column extraction, numpy
How do you escape HTML attribute values in Java without the Owasp Library?
How to create an SVG with JFreeChart?
Decoding a file created with the filesystem API
SQL Management Studio attach database: Cannot open 鈥淎dd鈥�dialogue
Pipe Find command 鈥渟tderr鈥�to a command
How to Upload a file using JSF/Primefaces?
does python freeze the list before for-loop?
Deployment of a scalable web app. VPS vs Dedicated vs Cloud
How long time usually application is given to finish in background (backgroundTimeRemaining)
map, lambda, remove_if
Formatting the DATE in JSON response
Jquery validator method not working if used multiple times in a form
Why below C code fails while compilation
Output contents to two different files
How to play an .mp3 using QBuffer with Phonon in a PyQt Qt environment
Why C# library cannot be found in system32 folder?
CPU usage increases when broken pipe error
put data in my database php my admin
plpgsql split string
PopupWindow, dispatch key event
Check if a 64 bit BigInteger contains all non-zero upper 32 bits in Java?
What is the latest/most-stable ZeroMQ C# version?
Ajax call in Internet Explorer IE 7 & IE8 error
Default constructors, initialization of POD and implicit type conversions in C++11
How to programmatically replace the icon of a TreeViewItem?
Monodroid: SQLite table created should have more fields
How to perform Bicubic Interpolation when not all neighbours are known?
Hack Firefox to open extensions with address bar
How to query the Twitter search API for a username and hashtag in one request
Minutes Conversion to HH:MM Format through Update Query
How to simplify setting values to views in android widget
Switching positioning reference for object in raphael.js
ASP.NET ListView - How to set EmptyDataTemplate programatically?
java : java.text.ParseException: Unparseable date
Don't display Facebook app in Android Intent
Will ajax run if server side code is hosted on a different domain?
Django RSS Feed - Slug Isn't Registered
Git diverged from upstream despite my changes getting merged
Retreives value from Wpf UserControlLibrary to WpfForm
Is there any way to use own Drawable class in drawable XML?
Can't do DELETE in Java, JPA
List all files not starting with a number
Constructor in omnetpp project
How to increment build number in file using sed/grep?
wrap phpThumb in a CodeIgniter controller method
WCF Rest Web Service Request Error when using forms Authentication and Authorization
how to stop a ball at a particular number in roulette wheel
How to use Google Maps in Flex 4.5
Jquery check if image has a title attribute
Remote login to linux system, ip unkown
Try to stop external loaded Youtube swf
Multiple Apps with a shared code base
Is there a unicode range that is a copy of the first 128 characters?
troubleshooting session persistent issues in rails 3.1
Creating html helpers without encoding
mySQL JOIN ON NOT()? Possible
Handling files in Windows like on the Mac [closed] (Support for Css3) Not working [if someone uses it could suggest something please]
Communication beetwen Windows CE and Windows XP applications
Plotting electrical energy in matlab
How does one filter pcap (e.g. tcpdump) files by content regex match?
in python looping starts from final item and ends withe the first one
How to filter a TreeGrid?
Program pic32 without a pickit
Sql Join on User Defined Function: how to optimize
setTimeout() is not calling function after specified time
How to convert from ScreenCoordinates to GeoPoints
SSL Redirection in CakePHP
jQuery jqtransform multiple forms on same page z-index?
Flask-Babel how to use translation in Jinja template file
How to retain html values on returning with results from servlet
Insert pkcs12 to mobileconfig file
fopen via ssh doesn't retreive the entire file
OS Development - system memory reservation on startup
QueryString Javascript collection object capable of handling arrays
How can i use if/then/else in this context?
Refernce ID's on a query which fetch assoc and result do not work on
sequence generator and UserType
Stack keeps popping the same element
Is there a way to deal with unknown generic types?
Using Windows Push Notification Services outside Metro
how to pro-grammatically select an option of a dropdown list in jquery mobile
Understanding the yield keyword and LINQ
How to reach the main class in a parent object?
Confirm password field not validating using 'repeated' field using form builder in symfony2 ?
save data from datagridview to xml
Graph API search returns different results than fb search
Converting Timeszones in PHP
Consuming WCF service through KSOAP2 on Android gives errors
Optimizer strangeness on devices running 4.2.1
C - Input testing for ctrl + character
Django remote user authentication and security
explode function in custom function
network packet creation/parsing library?
Is it possible to vectorize the optimize() function in R and if so how?
Visual studio 2010 floating windows on top behaviour
Difference between the number of rows returned and the count of those rows when using having
How to change dataset values and pass it to a pivot
Payment for uploading app into android market [closed]
Android - Storing sensitive data in the sqlite database
SharePoint 2010 - Custom calculated column
iPhone PDF creation text inverting issue
How to set a progress bar for an encryption algorithm?
Silverlight 5 - Out-of-Browser Window Positioning
Memory management and C++ container classes
Trouble installing ADT in Eclipse
How to build a lightweight online text editor?
how do i Find and then have a callback function
$data = array() vs unset($array)
csv to xls with more then 65536 lines in java
Is it possible to set group separator of decimal number in oracle for every session?
Is it possible to select either image or video from camera intent simultaneously from test application?
How can I run method from command line in my coffee script file?
How to differentiate two links with the same content using jQuery?
Why Java doesn't supply a simple swap function? [closed]
How to login into an android application using web url?
Adobe Air : StageWebView inside MovieClip
MooTools synchronous request makes 'onRequest' useless?
Linux script to convert byte data into a hex string
Generic Vector to strong typed array
Casting a Web Control taken from a GridView cell in VB6
SEO , Flash and data from external file
Android Add content to Custom Tab
Go to layout in find mode
Adding one-shot observer to NSNotificationCenter with [self retain]? [closed]
Rhino shell read password
iPhone won't play audio file
Cakephp auto redirect to the intended page after logging in
How to call remote methods with json-RPC and get the return response in Android
IllegalMonitorStateException with two threads
Open source tool to generate generic DDL scripts
Core Groups in WebSphere Application Server
Check user liked my Facebook page when the user is on my site
Asp.Net MVC 3 DropDownListFor, any way to always show the OptionLabel default
Interleave n columns of two data frames in R
Table tr background image not work on webkit browser
Class encapsulated within a DLL
Graph Algorithma in Java [duplicate]
Gem version conflict is not resolved by uninstalling
Putting in precedence in the where clause by using ez_where plugin for ruby on rails.
Multiple values in callback function from handler. How to bind these values sepretly
using java source package
white space and makefile
Local schemaLocation
Jquery rotate, run on mouseenter, stop on mouseout
How to provide Animation in Fragments for Android 3.1
Singleton class for UIImagePickerController not helping
portable java app with built-in oracle database, instead of whole oracle server needed for database usage
Stating two if statements in the model
How to convert rows from multiple tables into columns with values in SQL Server 2005
WCF when do I need to use pipe binding?
how to put multiple markers on google map using address no latitude and longitude is provided?
hiding a control which has focus in ms access 2007
Spring select tag in jsp custom tag
Is there a general uniques counting function?
Design suggestions about my login page
Android Preveiw Frame Rate Query
set cookie in zend framework
DropDownCheckList in floated divs
Is it possible to create a custom hook event in Subversion
Replace the file from URL to raw folder
NSStream ends after locking phone
How to make dissolve animation on changing views on iphone?
AssetCompress for CakePHP 1.3
Expires cache for same script across multiple pages
Issue in creating video from array of image
Could I use Spring EL inside bean id attribute?
Add/Remove dynamic textfields on click of a button/link using form builder in symfony2
Adding some opacity on an image with imagecopymerge in PHP
How to generate random number using multiple seed values?
How to get page's visual section's width and height?
How to access self or ivars from a block when debugging
I want to use enum in macro
Stopping Maven index update eclipse
MVC 3 how to disable data annotations in entity property
Objective-C on iPhone - use of NSOperationQueue and NSInvocationOperation
Black Translucent Navigation Bar + MKMapView -> Setting map center is not visually correct
What is the most proper way to check if your PHP is run by a Cron job or a HTTP request?
SDWebImageDataSource in KTPhotoBrowser --iPhone
delete element from 3-d array in php
Android, Phonegap1.4.1 after using splash screen i get a blank screen for 1-2 sec
TableServiceContext won't serialize ValueObjects
How to include special characters when selecting text in the Visual Studio editor
how to resolve database not open error when i use SQliteDbHelper?
OutofMemory Exception happening in my lockscreen in android
Java server and
Stop Android Process from Web App
Adding css classes to TinyMce elements within Moodle
menu's go down when zoomed-out in browser
Filtering debug output C#
Switching between databases in C# winforms
display hidden content once facebook like button clicked
mysql query running very slow. Please help me with indexes
moving files to subdirectory in linux
Stateful Webservice vs. (Stateful Bean + Stateless WS)
Applet Location (x,y coordinates) on screen
Datetime issue with stored procedure in SQL Server
conditional disposing of objects using DI framework (Ninject)
Checksum with low probability of false negative
why is my sequence file being read twice in my hadoop mapper class?
Bypass popup blocker on when JQuery event.preventDefault() is set
How know the current url before requesting general handler using ajax ?
How can I make a hyperlink work from a popup window?
tomcat and dynamic dns
Parameterize then Replay trc files SQL Server 2008 [closed]
What APDU command gets card ID
Is there a way to restart tomcat6 on linux with verbose messaging?
unable to get the Audio output in iOS
Preloading a large number of images
How to reboot android phone from kernel code
Redirect out of frame page to specific frame in index.htm
Skip first N elements in scala iterable
copy mysql data to same the same table
Use regex, php or regex in conjunction with php to detect the presence of a trailing slash at the end of the URL?
windows SNMP extension agent trap SetEvent ( ) calling sequence
Javascript output buffer places things in the wrong order
Perl PDL - getting the 80% lowest values in a vector
dojo dojox.image.SlideShow could not be loaded
Associative Arrays not supported in IE 7?
Get YouTube Video dimensions (width/height)
Automapper map not work
Why is SQL query with subquery not working?
Can't add System.Web.Extensions.dll to References is not a constructor error
jQuery ajax do not trigger ajaxStop on 404 error
payment gateway implementation in android
Unable to read/write mmaped address which is returned by libpci bus under x86_64 linux
Move horizontalscrollView of Android from left to right
How to print out this table correctly HTML/Java web app
Test bed application for executing LinQ queries against AdventureWorks
how I get amplitude of sound
boost::lexical_cast compiles with warnings
UIAlertView message with bold text
why is my postgres process still running?
Returning JSON object or String from a JAX-RS method depending on a query parameter
Casting to Button is redundant - Why?
Powershell Return Object non-cmdlet
Can't access another project's app.config file
Background-image being cut-off - no idea why
Background-image being cut-off - no idea why
What does an assignment return?
How does C# handle threads switching?
.Net publisher policy 鈥�original publisher policy file?
Logging in using JSON to Reddit API
UTF 8 encoding working in FF but not working in IE
How do we build a jar for a project downloaded from the internet
Want to convert a simple html page into wordpress plugin
How to produce simple sliding window features over irregular time series in R?
Loop through Dynamically Created Controls
Java Thread Pools/Executor Service and wait()s - what happens to the threads & task queue?
Display SSRS report with ASP.NET MVC 3 application on Windows Azure
GWT. Deferred start of application
PHP IRC Bot - Wait for 001
Push view controller after setting view
Am I calling this C++ DLL correctly?
jQuery method not permanent?
ISO C, sprintf and decimal conversion grouped with thousands
Invalid argument foreach()
Rails 3: How to prevent my validations to pass a 鈥渘il time鈥�from time_select dropdowns?
DataTemplate check if Binding exist
XCode - Indexing failed in one file
asp .net How to hide a TemplateField of a gridview column but still access its value
How to use JavaScript in Perl Object Oriented
mysql gem 2.7: impossible to install
how good is the rest support in symfony php framework? [closed]
Add missing value in column with value from row above
CATransform3D for get an Isometric view
How to exit the program after detecting user clicked the OK button on the UIAlertView
MySQL correct way of selecting
How to define a function to run multiple shells on Emacs?
SMS in AdMob (DoubleClick) iOS SDK is not working
Java : is there any way that this code can be improved
LG (with Android > 2.1) media player don't play shoutcast stream
Greedy Best First Search and Depth First Search
how to create a AS3 dynamic class and how to use it?
Compiling error in C++ project with C and C++ codes
query syntax error鈥�
Java analogue of C# Dictionary with IEqualityComparer(TKey)
Where to Start Async Task - Android
Save Checkboxes state in ListView and Retrieve it back when come back to class using Shared preferences
AddObject() method very slow
How to set some dependency between rspec examples?
Unitils - Dbunit ExpectedDataSet fail / blocked
Insert a node at a specific location in Ext.tree.panel
What does the error ' this.context.sourceCache ' mean and where does it come from?
php regex escape character dotcomma
Does anyone know a fix for the lack of page refresh on facebook timeline pages when liking? [duplicate]
Temporary Table and Left Joins not showing results as expected
Data types and query speed
using numpy.unravel_index
best way to keep a connection alive and available in java EE environment
The resolution of pictures of IOS app
What really is 2-legged Oauth
How to Clear data from customized Dialog in Android?
Get rid of invisible UltraGridRow instances
Verify Twitter app is logged in on Android
How to: Write a thread-safe method that may only be called once?
Strange characters appearing on posts wordpress
Jquery Dialog Positioning in Firefox on second click
Remotely identify a memory leak in an application used by a customer
How do I use a dump file to diagnose a memory leak?
Type mismatch when using Scala Trait in Play?
Is there any way to find the number of CPU cores in MRI Ruby (perhaps using a C extension)?
take snapshots every second using artist animation
Coding the Android GUI programmatically
UITableView editing Doubts
Dynamically add file versions to a Carrierwave Uploader
Browse old revisions of a git Repository
Java - getBounds2D, Ellipse Rectangle Collision
DatePicker in DataGrid hidden until you double-click on it
ant file that depends on another ant file
How can I get all data between two dates from sqlite database?
Transparent iphone application
Callback from other thread
Anonymous extending a class and implementing an interface at the same time?
Delete() and Deleteall() in Hibernate
IE8 Async file upload
How can I use delegates in Java like in C#? [duplicate]
Events from Facebook fan page via Open Graph [closed]
Getting error while declaring and calling view in Sencha Touch MVC framework.
What can i use Session or Cache
Dynamically change UIActionSheet buttons and actions
Convert use cusom control in ASP.NET to MVC3 Razor view
J2ME architecture
Why are modern apps using so much RSS even with few data?
using memorystream for media element in WP7
Intel compiler report 鈥渓ibrary not found for lstdc++鈥� MVC 3 how pass http post request from remote client from a view (razor) page to the controller
Which sound quality is easier on iPhone processor?
Text encoding on WScript arguments
How to create string template with validation message and watermark in MVC 3
Childbrowser plugin for phonegap opens ios embedded webview and childbrowser too
Button on UITableViewCell
How to get first redirect (301 or 302) event in QtWebKit
yaml-cpp: Linking failed
PostgresSQL query issues
design is not properly coming in multiple screen support size in android devices
OData select query not working in ASP.NET WebAPI beta
Why three threads are faster than 10+
How to perform a case insensitive search in a Rails app?
Problems while upgrading silverlight 4 project in to 5
Decompressing zip files with accents
Creating a folder with username using PHP
Textmate : CSS bundle autocompletion
Selecting everything but the numbers inside square brackets and replace
Secure elements data on html page with JavaScript
Native Rest App Template is not showing in New Project Wizard
C# - how to retrieve items you ave added using Attributes.Add?
TFS2010 - Track Merges
Magento: Import product prices for an additional website?
Refreshing my ListView everytime i got a new SMS
Load video from assets into HTML5 webview - Android
Using WCF to wrap an existing connected stream
Setup OpenCV in Visual Studio 2010
calculating every 48 hours in php
Need to Fix Scrape PHP Script
How to run jquery when click submit with php javascript widget
Maximizing profit for given stock quotes
Silverlight Telerik RadGridView - export to csv does not show all grid columns
PHP include not working with IE 7, 8 and 9
Spring HibernateTemplate add mapping on runtime
Remove file from repository under git
How to change the style of the parent element [duplicate]
How to add a validation rule to jquery.validation
How to find the operating system version using JavaScript
How to know click (Ok or Cancel) event from print pop-up of web browser
Cannot access loader.content or width after changing swf app path
while loop not working with $.each
Dynamically Buld the Statement
set System.getenv in Linux
Ranking of a cell array
Calculating primes from 1 to n 鈥�Crash
CPU High Usage with time for serial port
Creating Floating Div Elements in Phonegap
How to Draw a text in iphone
Excel doesn't show value as date although indicated with VT_DATE and using SystemTimeToVariantTime
Should static libraries be always built with same compiler options as the application?
What is going on with py2app and pyEnchant?
OS Information of networkclient using C#
MultiTrigger: Combined DataTrigger and PropertyTrigger not working
Dynamics CRM Fetch XML Return Customer Record
Retrieve item from Spinner and put Some conditions
Counting no. of dropdownlists inside a div
Converting list of objects to a JSON string
Saving django model forms data before user signs up
outOfMemoryError in a gallery activity
Scaffolding Submit button doesn't call its post method when unobtrusive jquery validation is used
MonoTouch.Dialog: StringElement with value, but hide value in UI?
Adding many values ListBox in MVC
Adding many values ListBox in MVC
Why is my image not updating when i call it from the capture output protocol?
How to show a form in PyQGIS?
ADK: How-To create a streaming IP Camera Application with android Camera API
Searching for a 鈥渘eedle鈥�in a two dimnesional 鈥渉aystack鈥�[closed]
How to interact with internal anchors and embedded hyperlinks of pdf
Matlab loop inside loop
cant download android LVL
On click of link open different page and reach to an inline link on that page
Java JAXB - link output to XSLT document
Paster vs. ArchGenXML
STL, GCC and explicit template instantiation
Uploading a Photo to Server via JSON with Android [closed]
How to Delete a Row in SQL server with Cascading Option
SQL Query- How to find the difference from last week of last year and first week of current year
500 Internal Server Error The request was not completed. The server met an unexpected condition. for php files
User Control in Master Page loads first
hiding the editor window form a perspective in eclipse
Trying to understand how shouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrientation and UIDeviceOrientationDidChangeNotification
UITableView won't update while active
FXG and flex sdk
Visual Studio project execution stopped shortly after starting
Printing Receipt on Star Micronics TSP 650 Printer through iPad
Monotouch UITableView or MonoTouch.Dialog
Multiple Queues in Kannel?
Use of uninitialized variable - the compiler is broken
CSS file not applied in different versions?
Shared Facebook Access Token between Website and Mobile Application
SQLite3 database encryption 鈥�determining encryption library?
how i decode base64 to image?
CakePHP displaying file list of /app/webroot instead of homepage view
how to delete folders from SDCard during uninstalling of my app in android
Javascript input loop
Zendframework project shows so how to remove public
Drawing a path from c# with relative coordinates
find all form names on a page using jquery or javascript [closed]
How to increase Java and cplex memory usage
RTNETLINK answers :No such file or directory error
Updating twitter status in an ajax call, using jmathai-twitter-async's library
Asp.Net MVC 3 Free Text Editor with File Upload
what does the following shell script do [closed]
Standard way to semantically tag data in a PDF document?
How to get thumbnail image for media library all the resources? I have resource id (attachment_id)
What is clojure.lang.Var.getRawRoot and why is it called?
How do I pass the argument of a template to another template inside the first
Bind event from Iframe to parent window (Cross Browser)
application unable to access internet on device while working properly on android emulator?
Handling passive deletion updates (ie. archiving instead of deleting)
Android - start application from HW button
how to open 2 named pipes on same machine?
Min-width and Max-width css media queries
Change the Layout of crosstab in iReport 4.0.1
Check session is set, codeigniter
query with login name and login status control
How to use calculated fields in my LightSwitch Query?