Can i change UI contents form Background Thread in android?
Parsing S-expressions with arbitrary delimiters in LISP
Parse image issue in Iphone
Android Bluetooth Socket Connect Hangs
Postgres pl/pgsql ERROR: column 鈥渃olumn_name鈥�does not exist
Need chained select boxes to ALL appear before selecting values for the first select box
how to create an event in Google Calendar through android
Java Package Vs Folder-Structure? what is the difference
Foursquare Not Reading hCard Data?
How to animate line from start point to end point
jquery mobile - enterprise scalable solution?
jqgrid increase toolbar height
Microsoft Visual C# Express .Content
CSS positioning / Safari
How to have multiple jQuery colorboxes in the same page
SQL SERVER 2008 R2 find column words in another column
Detect multitasking gestures on iPad
FlashBuilder: how to embed graphics for preloader?
Where can I find the values used in Android themes?
How to disable a specific drive
Are underscores for the CSS IDs and classes in a Rails application a convention?
How to update table automatically in MYSQL using TRIGGER
I want to remove the www from url on https using .htaccess
Self join looping in view?
Enabling windows azure tools to get Windows Azure project
How to bind an empty collection object to a Data Grid?
RegEx and AJAX having trouble with double quotes
Is it possible to load test cases dynamically using pyunit
passing values from child window to parent window
SQL Query to fetch record from 1 tables based on 2 records in the table
Changing font of Specific Characters
Links mentioned in the childbrowser not invoked
How to customize the selection custom bar in android webview for all versions
Removing Application Name from URLs in IIS 7
Record movements in adobe flash cs5
Finding duplicate files using Python
Error StandardWrapperValve[Faces Servlet]:PWC1406: Servlet.service() for servlet Faces Servlet threw exception
Closing/restarting Activities in TabHost
Dynamic HashMap in Android for search
Set page orientation when printing from the WebBrowser control in c#. (NON WPF Application)
How to clear cookies at both parent and subdomain in java?
main outer-most div on page will NOT center
Selectors where there are relationships
Edit Mode pulls all records from default SelectMethod on ObjectDataSource after filtering records on alternate SelectMethod
Retrieving all address information along Google Maps route
How to call ajax function on submitting form through javascript in android, phonegap and jquerymobile
What is the design rationale behind HandleScope?
infix to postfix program not working
How to use native code like c/c++/objective c in my android application?
Remove Black LEFT and TOP on <INPUT>
Decode JSON base64 data (from PHP's base64_encode) in Android?
char * buf = malloc(sizeof (char *) * 16) vs char buf[ sizeof (char *) * 16]
lock canvas fail and canvas is null when useing SurfaceView
how to get a complete css selectors string from a given DOM object
Get users who has bought this product (MAGENTO)
IPhone PhoneGap Email Composer SECURITY_ERR: DOM Exception 18 [closed]
Ruby On Rails with HTML5 and CSS3 [closed]
Facebook authenticating user the second time
Friendly URL to accept extra params in the 鈥渢raditional way鈥�(PHP's $_GET)
System.IO.IOException: The process cannot access the file
How to execute a specific test from testNg.xml with ant?
Syntax error in Stored Procedure while trying to execute
How to change background for inflated imageview in android?
Executing a remote .sh file from windows
proper way of writing FunctionalTest in playframework
JQuery Selected Checkbox Item Background Color
How to get parent path of %CD%
How to Get the current location of my device [duplicate]
Image Editor in Flex + PHP
Windows Azure ACS Change Federation Metadata and Web.Config for production deployments
ListBoxItem twice the normal size
jQuery get the text/html value of the first element with class xxxxx
How to check the occurence of the SelectedIndexChange event of a dropdownlist
How to log any inserts or updates in the database using Spring AOP annotations?
Php to take values with arrays
Myspace developer api: No access / verify email
Servlet response wrapper implementation leads to empty response
CSS Tooltip hovering position issue
JFrame in Dual Monitor System
token based authentication in php
Reports options: C# linq to entities web application
Can't display Selected Item in ItemSelector EXTJS 3
Assigning enums to other enum values
I want to create an application on facebook [closed]
Assigning a vector from an array (pointer)
Android: Duration of audio song before streaming?
Selection changed event of ComboBoxEditSettings in a Devexpress gridcontrol(Silverlight)
No longer able to call Curl or Ruby in OS X Terminal
Handling member authentication and access in Zend Framework App
Android - showDialog method, problems with default case in switch statement
Unable to save file above web root?
Removing namespaces for known types when serializing with DataContractSerializer
How to encode and only encode html special characters in a URL in
How to restrict android app to specific device make?
Java Image Processing
How to connect to a Web Service (SOAP + DES) from iOS?
to schedule a java program using quartz scheduler
how to export jqgrid into excel from struts2 web page
Saving a Ton of Data for a Game [closed]
Amazon web services working examples
What's the difference between System.Web.HttpUtility.HtmlEncode and HttpServerUtility.UrlEncode
Is there an after view change hook (much like didInsertElement)?
How to manage memory when using ExecutorService?
DockedItems not displayed in preview
Is there a way to view your a mapping of your git branches? [duplicate]
How to move text to the bottom of the page even if page is long or short?
How do I create an enum-like object with string values?
Passing a HttpPostedFileBase to a controller method
AHK Script sometimes misses keypress combo if pressed too quickly
Twitter rate limit?
How to create a IO object from a file?
Apache Camel (Talend SOA Suite) vs Oracle Service Bus and Oracle SOA Suite
NullPointerException for onProgressUpdate
Using SSL in Haskell
undefined reference to with custom c++ libraries
error in Terminal when trying to install textmate bundle from github
when should an ActiveRecord transaction be used?
Resizing a label and Font of the form based on the window sizing
Get real-time data from a http long lived web service
How to publish an article using Open Graph to timeline?
jcrop preview contains strange error
Check a SWF's Flash Version and ActionScript version from Python?
Java: Read up to x chars from a file into array
java php communication
Cap deploy error on ubuntu with rails 3.1.3
How to cancel Visual Studio build using command line?
php data classes?
Modify instance variables from another file?
Knockout JS - How to correctly bind an observableArray
How to make condition where value count more than 10 in SQL Serveerr
Performing calculations with the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5850 graphics card
In Bash shell, why does Python complain about printing non-ascii characters only when the output is redirected or piped?
Load HTML with javaScript in <a href鈥�gt; link
Adding values to unsigned char array in runtime
Array Not Returning Entire Element
Integer range based template specialisation
PostgreSQL sort by datetime asc, null first?
C++ Library for 3D Monitor Display
Why is the value being stored in the register 0x605040c, rather than 12?
Playing background live-streaming audio
Does minimization of console application will affect the performance?
Programatically add fragments to viewgroup
Amazon AWS Account - upload more than one picture
How can I omit the middle value number from the sequence?
What's the best way to convert all non-latin characters to a dash '-' in Rails 3?
jquery replace string from html()
Press back button to another activity
Scrollbar popping up in IE
.net XML Documentation Comment include directive in sandcastle not adding to help file
Removing pip's cache?
swingworker: how to clean up resources when canceling thread
REGEX : Parsing a Large string
Generic Class Iterator
How do I insert and render code snippets on a Haml page for a Rails app?
How can I use SSIS to add an extra column containing the value of an incremented variable into my destination table?
For an app that interacts with the native contacts, is it better to copy all the data in the native book into my app's database?
Create the button press effect seen in this app-demo video, with jQuery and/or CSS?
What's the proper way of chaining async functions in Node.js?
Android bubble sms
Reasons to use an inline style?
Using Stream to display Image *.ico
Call to undefined function field_attach_load() in my-path-to-root/my-site/includes/ on line 320
How to clear ONLY the databound items from a ASP.NET DropDownList and NOT any items added in Source?
Prolog basic questions
Hangman game trouble with GUI
Caching page after ajax loading
ORA-00917: missing comma
App crashes on didFinishLaunchingWithOptions
how to throw an exception from a class back to the form that called it
Multiple-step OLE DB operation generated errors
Model-View-Controller in practice on iPhone dictionary app
Why is this service returning a MaxItemsInObjectGraph exception?
Adding custom relative layout to one single liner layout
undefined method 'every'
XNA - matrix equivalent to SpriteBatch.Draw transformations?
Int(1digit) to char without any function
How do add method in jquery.validate.js of bassisstance?
Getting different results using the pipeline with functions
Create an NSDictionary from an array of path segments
DLL access application's data
Unexpected arrayIndexOutofBound Exception in a game using Andengine
C++ List of Base Classes and How to Determine Class Type
passing reference in C++ using const var&
Using JDBC with online MySQL DB for an Android app
Runtime column header text MVC Telerik Grid
Semantic actor with boost::spirit::karma::lit
Bash nested quotes and eval
Set size of HTML page and browser window
FlashDevelop - Test Project setting 鈥淥pen Document鈥�stops working when saving project as XFL
Only allow alphabetical characters at the beginning of a string?
SQL - Shortening a query
How do I display knockoutjs.mapping data in my template?
How to efficiently extract data in bulk from an RDBMS for parent entities that have multiple child entities
Is there any class in Android that can be used to measure the web page load time?
Drag and resize image and put this image over another and merge in PHP
renice command for windows 2008 server environment
Chrome extensions, how to uniquely identify extension installation
any plans to add netbeans/cnd and eclipse/cdt backends to premake? [closed]
Getting input from the printer port in assembly? [closed]
Setup for Reverse Proxy
Not able to run the java example of WordCount-Compiler issue
Is there a good flag icon pack that corresponds to ISO-3166 Country Codes? [closed]
ModX non-www resources ->www resources
Building d3.js on Windows (Cygwin) - good workaround for 'npm install' path issue?
How do i get all public pages url from facebook?
jstl syntax limitation
Access TFS 2010 Basic over internet
Many to many relation linq query in EF
How to sort du -h output? [closed]
equivalent to restrict, action execute and navigation rule in page.xml (Java EE + JSF 2.0 - coming from Seam)
Problems with [NSDate date] and the leap year
Manually starting 3G connection in Android, and keeping it on
jQuery UI dialog form submit that is defined with method=POST some how turns into a GET
Multiple forms on a single page cakephp with one submit
How to add reference to Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.dll while copying an app from dev server to test server
How to set locale in custom action class and fetch it in another java class?
Unix sed command sort and compare
How to perform SQL like 鈥淚N鈥�query using Salat for mongodb?
Retrieve all username except admin
How to apply new naming schema on existing Trac usernames?
Efficient way to add a singleton dimension to a NumPy vector so that slice assignments work
iOS Fonts: How to display Coptic Font in iOS
Preload next couple images in a dynamic gallery
Subversion and how can I use it? [closed]
ClearTimeout with condition is not working
Returning an NSString through a static method [duplicate]
Import excel file to sql server in with check existing record in table before import
Using LIKE in a SQL query
ValidatorCalloutExtender for a RequiredFieldValidator on a AJAX ComboBox Inside An UpdatePanel Is Not Displaying
Fancybox issues when displaying over links with css transitions
Open source applications using apache mahout algorithms
Javascript Scrolling
Dealing with Blocks, completion handlers, dispatch_async vs dispatch_sync
Can I request scripts for use in a Spotify app?
How secure is AIR's EncryptedLocalStore on the desktop?
Quick way to determine the C preprocessor branches
sphinx CJK support
Creating Code-Behind file - aspx.cs
Why isnt jQuery appearing in my page [closed]
Basic authentication error
Django - MongoDB: (could not connect to localhost:27017) Connection refused
Meaning of error converting brace enclosed initializer list to type?
How to open a script in sl4a script editor, programmatically from another script?
how to detect if nothing has changed in inputbox
How to represent 鈥�鈥�with Qt::Key_ enum?
Typdefs and implicit cast
can python do parallel writing a file without using lock or mutex?
Java Enterprise Application Project Structure
Submitting a rating with Ajax or Javascript together with the rest of the form
Post to Wall from tab with insights / counter / statistics
OpenglES 2.0 GL_POINTS disappear
Exception in thread 鈥渕ain鈥�java.lang.NullPointerException InputStreamReader
Excel formatting numbers to scientific notation when saving as an XML Data
opengl draw texture with triangle strip upside down
What makes up the category called 鈥淢arks鈥�in NSCharacterSet?
rake aborted! no such file to load 鈥�html/document
How to use a library project with both c and java apis on Android
MFMessageComposeViewController first alloc takes seconds
Why type of NaN is float?
SQL Server 2008 R2 Express with advanced services installation does not have all options
Using Jasmine to spy on a function without an object
Why does the IMG element have the CSS color property?
Toggle Jquery form Posts
LINQ - get results where a certain property is in this other result set of the property's type
How to use Google Fusion Tables
Looking for a way to re-run class static initializers
Date Formatting in C++ Code Templates in Netbeans 7.1
How do I resolve a <subdomain pointing to a shared third party host> to my domain on that shared host?
Can I delete some, not all, cells in the UITableViewController edit mode
Difference between validate(), revalidate() and invalidate() in Swing GUI
{error,{not_started,ibrowse}} when using couchbeam
Styling a Button: Use Anchor or Input?
Protect script from bots and unwanted requests posting data
synonyms containing multiple words
DOM help - jsoup nextSibling
Is HttpContext.RemapHandler supposed to change which handler processes request?
Notiication when user selects entry from notification center
Moving objects around in a multi-dimensional array
How to get a slice from 鈥渁rguments鈥�
Performance issues updating multiple UI elements every second
How to replace a class in php?
Line splitting for hashes using regular expressions
鈥渇irst frame is no keyframe鈥�error on gstreamer with ffmpeg H263 plugin on gstreamer
Error while starting Spring Source Tool Suite
Disassemble the executable created by g++ in mac osx
Python code gets MemoryError in sl4a
new to java鈥�鈥渦sing the time and date as an int?鈥�
Makefile with a remote URL dependency
Show divs based on text search
Ruby on rails beginner
Getting the first frame of a GIF image without downloading all the other frames
Retrieve a value through three tables in a single Query
How to close all the activemail msg windows automatically after saved in draft
How can I retrieve all files sizes of a folder based on file name and/or extension?
Why JSF2(PrimeFaces3) Ajax Property Listener is not triggering?
Classic ASP how to see error message in IE
Splitting input lines at a comma
same expression, but different return value when used in function
IoC and 鈥渉iding implementation details鈥�
allowDefinition='MachineToApplication' - MVC3 ERROR
How to do email form with multiple recipients and different body?
Is there an OR clause in LINQ?
Drawing a font crashes iOS simulator, not device
How do you call another ant target with parameters (-logger from another ant script?
Removing null value line in 鈥�dat鈥�file when using PrintWriter
Objective C:Stopping AVAudio
Is there some way I can have a QML widget affect the content below it with a GLSL shader?
Email sending in HTML
Rails 3 update_all using data already contained in the table on a per-record basis
Tomcat, Mod_rewrite, Mod_proxy: how do I keep the original URI path in a proxied request?
Modal from Dropdown link in Twitter Bootstrap
pygame inconsistent updating
Adding a loading image when image is processed
Make only certain sections of UITableView editable
Div Wallpaper images do not show through in Opera, FF or IE
How to use Mojarra and PrimeFaces in the same application
How to reflect values in jtable same as from another table in java?
RESTful API: how design URI, by query string or hierarchical?
add php var within url parameter
Resource to understand compilation, loader, linker and process structure
Deduce a type from a void pointer
javax.jdo.JDOException: string property file is too long. It cannot exceed 1000000 characters
Force Reload page on wpf Application
Rails, Capistrano, and Dreamhost 鈥�Key Verification Failure
鈥淭he filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect鈥�when opening file in java
opengl books and 3d math reference [closed]
extend session of Liferay when performing AJAX call
How can I bring a pyGTK program to visibility, at any time, with a keypress?
XNA Movement Physics and Tracking [closed]
How to block robots.txt in your PHP project?
A* pathfinding algo for a single layer made from json file iphone
issue with ie on the events -jquery
Safe Mode for Batch Insert
Error - 'SelectCommand' is not a member of the table adapter
Database First + EF + POCO; T4 Code Generation?
How do I show a specific view for the users resource?
View git commits locally with graphics
looking for youtube api tutorials or assistance to make a Phone 7 Youtube Compainion Application
Android TextView `ifAtLineStart` method?
Class.forName is not loading data from the specified directory
how do jQuery object references work?
iPhone Method Prototype
How to sort through array and wrap each with HTML?
C# compiler/IDE for USB drives?
Changing background of page by providing url - jquery
CSS issue with horizontal scrolling鈥an't find it
jQuery - How can I create a sub-menu indicator arrow image with my menu code (also using cufon)?
ios5 programmatically setting setSelectedSegmentIndex not working
TrayMenu cannot hide after clicking other place
Reading a file, line by line, analyzing characters 鈥�C
ScraperWiki: How to create and add records with autoincrement key
How to convert PyOpenSSL object to PEM-encoded string?
correct syntax for pure javascript
Dual-core CPU utilization w/ single Java thread running [duplicate]
Secure web apps in tomcat
How to add a dynamically created LinearLayout to a ScrollView?
How can i add a vibrate event to onLongClick() method?
c, assigning value pointed to by void * to void * array
DropDownList inside Repeater: How to handle SelectedIndexChange and get DataItem?
What's 鈥�鈥�鈥�stands for?
C++ Size of Array [duplicate]
How to selectively specify what to execute in the background using beginBackgrounTaskWithExpirationHandler:
In UML, does the passing of an object as a parameter to instantiate another object constitute (by itself) usage of the first?
TFS 2005 history very slow for some branches
Django app example from django creators
diff two files and keep just new or changed lines
return first element if none clicked jquery
cairngorm vs mate framework comparison in flex
How to count files in https?
Emacs what modes I am currently using
Can the following expression be simplified?
Cannot Switch HTML5 Audio SRC
Is there a java 鈥渞egular expression鈥�library that supports arbitrary sequences of objects, rather than just strings (sequences of chars)?
TargetInvocationException was unhandled - c#
A Voting Based Feature/Product Request System that is not a Bug Tracker
What is code section?
R: subset from a matrix only those rows with a certain value in a certain column
How to generate a row number in pig?
Text fields to lay above eachother CSS
Which is faster? Trigger After Insert or direct Stored Procedure
How do I replace a certain amount of whitespace using regex?
Change date format in Wordpress
IOS adding and removing a subview memory leak
Embedding A Website Within Another
Generating Random values and Summing them to zero in VB.NET
Getting text between brackets using regex and re
Schedule script execution after fixed time?
Accessing rack route in
JsonValueProviderFactory throws 鈥渞equest too large鈥�
ColdFusion 9 line debugger for eclipse
Object in method leaks
Android Google maps overlay balloon/annotation like iPhones
Is there a good open source domain extractor?
Is there a way to write data to csv from 2 dimensional array, without using loop in
Taking Multiple Photos from Android device
How can I create a website popup display to show what websites look like when rendered on a mobile device?
Installing OpenCV HighGUI missing
IE 8 鈥�amp;P鈥�is invisible, How to fix? (Does not occur in Chrome)
Error with deleting 1 row after doing some checks
Compile scss file at runtime?
gdb representation of unsigned char 鈥�is it inconsistent?
EXCEL: Keeping only the unique values with the highest value in another column
WinAPI Combo Box Issue - Skipped by case
Retrieving items from a listbox with checkbox items
Passing information down for system() in multi-thread program
Why would I get an error on a comment?
Create a pdf in flex whith pdf alive for flex in 300dpi
WinRT and .NET clarification(s)
iOS Subview with buttons not responding to touches.
iPhone emoticons insert into MySQL but become blank value
Allowing any type in the Open panel in a document-based application
XCode 4.3 Archiving Lock
Can the return type of onPostExecute method in AsyncTask be not void?
Heroku + Rack App + Active Support Timezones
Basic HTML and CSS Float Issue
Server Async Sockets - Detect closed connection from client?
Drawing circles on a diagonal line in C++
Exporting PNG-24 in Illustrator causing image with 1px white line on top and bottom [closed]
Reproducing gravity physics results with different timesteps
Which is the right scope to use?
SDK and AVD Manager will not run after uninstalling the ADT plugin
Can I set the item on the top right corner of the ActionBar in the ICS
Silverlight and Windows 8 Consumer Preview working?
JAVA - reading character with SCANNER
Puzzled about CUDA 鈥淲arp Out-of-range Address鈥�error
C++ Trie search performance
PHP equivalent to fb.getloginstatus
Calling matlab into java using matlabcontrol
PHP Redirect based on form selections issue
How to deploy a JAX-WS webservice which is both Service Provider and Consumer for someother Service?
In drupal, how do I add a favor on the content?
signalr example not working
Android equivalent java.awt.Dimension [duplicate]
Ball collision problems
Populate Pinterest Pin It Button with PHP
Better performance in this two table query?
django-selectable app - get/save 'id'
Can I create an instance of a COM struct in javascript?
Finding the shortest path in a graph without any negative prefixes
Can you carry on a $_POST variable? [duplicate]
How to do a for loop with subtraction in CoffeeScript?
webpage temporarily down / not loading (due to too many connections?)
log4Net XmlHierarchyConfigurator
Java - How to make program run jar files internally
Jena SDB support thread-safe transaction? Jena SDB error under multiple-thread execution enviroment
No enclosing instance of type Camera is accessible
How to save tab specific data in Vim
find a Textview in ListActivity in android
Can EJBQL Named Paremeters be Repeated in a Query?
setInterval inside FOR loop? [closed]
PHP: Preg replace parentheses?
EF will only let me choose SQL Server CE 3.5
Tkinter Math Quiz
Keeping UISeachBar from dissappearing when scrolling
Qt - How to force the drop action to be copyaction when the drop location is some other application
CSS/PHP frameworks
how do you keep two versions of project open in GIT
How do I extract a JSON object that has a (quote) in the value? (Java / GSon)
how to rename key value in python
Expression templates and ranged based for in C++11
passing custom data from <a> to jQuery to show confirmation message before delete
MySQL How do I make this subquery run correctly?
Organizing Old Projects [closed]
android market action bar working on gingerbread..?
The ValueConverter in ResourceDictionary is the Singleton?
Java 5 runtime in Java 6 Hotspot
Need Help joining a key between three tables
Form in iphone app
In Python, how do you convert 8-bit binary numbers into their ASCII characters?
Thread still running after application stopps
Is it ok to have numerical keys in a PHP array but not contiguous from 0?
Navigation menu not quite working in IE7
Codeigniter Route Issues
Animations all starting and ending at the same time?
Lightbox doesn't work on dynamically loaded images after visiting other pages
Is it possible to prevent Auto-Translate in google translate without preventing translation?
Use of custom projection change overlays behavior
Free/standard 鈥淪ign in with Google鈥�button?
How come using variables in preg_match_all fails in php?
Postincrement and preincrement in Java expressions
iPhone 4 augmented reality with iOS5 which sensors to use?
Localizing a custom UIButton in xCode
How can I fix this MySQL error?
Read/Write Byte array Android
creating dynamic folder and its thumbnail using php [closed]
Downloading Image - Chunked Encoding - Server Not Sending Zero Length Chunk
How can I escape all code within <code></code> tags to allow people to post code?
An Attempt to attach an auto-named database Error
FIT build failure with Maven
Combine Queries in Django
change offset value for iphone with jquery
How to retrieve _id from ListView Position
How to retrieve _id from ListView Position
Linq to objects Joining collections and filtering
PHP: How to sort XML alphabetically by attribute before 鈥渇or each鈥�loop
Which SDK exactly to install to use WinHTTP in Visual Studio 2003, XP 2003, SP3?
How is this blur effect done in javascript?
Segmentation fault when passing a structure to unordered_map
Xcode: Easiest Way To Send Data From iOS TextField For Example To A Remote Database
Javascript with Ajax refuses to work under firefox and IE9 but doing fine with chrome
Long running report causes network timeout. How to throw exception?
How to add content to an existing PDF document smoothly?
How to post a dynamic keyvalue pair arry in form
Adding new property to a .NET control
Answered-Blueimp/jQuery-File-Upload plugin upload success view file using Codeigniter is text and not an HTML webpage, why?
Duplicating Android ViewPager type functionality with menus on the iPhone
jquery plugin pictures fade in/out
A portable way of getting all Filesystem-Metadata of a file
How to implement a FrameLayout on a custom view - android
Keep track of macro expansion
UI Switch turns into a rectangle with sharp corners
How can i save a text on an xml layout?
Creating a web-based code editor
DateTime series of Years months weeks and mins ago
PHP Mail function taking 60+ seconds to execute (using sendmail)
This JavaScript code will not execute properly if the alert is commented out.
How does detect your browser without JavaScript
What method gets executed when the application resumes from the background
datepicker date off by one day
How to open a modal window inside a modal window
What's preferred among liftM, lilftA, etc
Change start text position in a UITextView?
get_item_quantity(0) returning wrong results
PDO rowCount not returning correct number of affected rows
Pyraf building wrong version of gcc on os x
Why am I getting a NullPointerException with arrays in Java?
C++ Directx 11 Multiple Video Cards
Online and offline support for RestKit iOS applications
New to XSLT trying to eliminate duplicate parents based on element value.but would like to merge the children
remove the #anchor-id when scrolling
What is the equivalent of emacs's fill-paragraph in MacVim?
Unique Constraints On A Multi Master Database Cluster (Particularly Couch DB)
How to put the text of a JLabel under its icon
How do I verify that an integer value within a large number in a certain position is a certain value in Java?
VBScript Array of Objects with properties vs parallel Arrays performance/memory
Div border not showing up in the correct place
How to specify an equation is a spreadsheet program like Gnumeric/Excel?
Horizontall scrolling gridview
mp3 decoding using ffmpeg API (Header missing)
RGB Specific Console Text Color C++
import webapp2 works on google-app-engine even though I don't have webapp2 installed
Session lost while migrating of ASP.NET 2.0 Applications to IIS 7.5 on Big I/p load balancing environment. Works fine in Windows Server 2000 and 2003
Select from two table than order it
Apparent memory leak when using PyTuple_SetItem
How to fire jQuery UI DatePicker onclick?
Starting map activity in Android 2.1 and 1.5 causes crash
Displaying image that was sent through ASIHTTPRequest in a web browser
change Window.location with javascript even while using hash?
Unable to Change Signature (v6.1)
Customizing StyleCop
Adding new colums to the excel file from TCL
Check if string's value is higher or lower than another string in php
Do you have to include a false value in a ternary operator PHP?
Cannot read parent url query string
Basic rails - How link_to works and replacing it with a render
Access Google Cloud SQL from python in local machine?
Track ALL clicked elements using JavaScript
Michael Hartl Tutorial v. 3.2 Chapter 7.17 NoMethodError in Users#new Line 4
Retrieving only enabled accounts on active directory
Giving properties to datagrid item
EF Hold an entity out of Context and get back when needed
What is this code doing? Involves character arrays and pointers (C++)
Android app: Calling AsyncTask twice?
In Eclipse, the changes of my sourcecode show no effect
Adding objects to a JList
Vertical Epander Would Like Vertical Header
Moving UITabBarController to top ios5
Groovy GPars, need index for each thread launched
python (django) database returned result (u'string')
Google app engine with ajax request and python interactions
In AS3 how would you delete all the properties that have been set on an object
How can I cast a parameter to 鈥淎rray[(some other)_0(in value $anonfun)]鈥�in Scala?
What should a thread do in order not to stop the VM from exiting?
Wrapping a string in C with a pointer
Auto refresh timeline page when like button pressed on application?
What is winapifamily.h?
Facebook js sdk add tab dialog, is there a way to lets the user type the custom tab name?
Select elements that have many specified joined items in Arel
Accessing sender methods from another class
Transitioning background color to an offset position
SQL: SELECT with equals before LIKE
Label word wrapping [duplicate]
Set button size smaller in Java Swing
Storing UIActionSheet data into array in CoreData
iOS sorting array of dictionaries by key of inner dictionary and showing respective data's into tableview
How to update 100,000 record MySQL database efficiently
How to display array - browser still connecting after first load
deserialize a class whose assembly and namespace has changed
Slide to delete a record from a tableView
Bad git config file .git/config
SignalR on mobile web?
What is the proper way to take user input from a text field?
Remote access to server from same network
Dependency on Log4Net Logger and Retrieve Logger by Caller Type using Castle Windsor
designing a project in java
What is the proper way to use check boxes to set flags in Rails?
How to get PID of current rake task?
WinRT reason for disallowing custom generic types or interfaces
Can this mySQL query be optimized better? Not a mySQL guru but I think I got it right
Google Chrome on Mac is not rendering background images when the body/dom is generated in JavaScript
Loading a Django Fixture containing Natural Keys
Reading all files in Folder and showing content in Excel
Remove mySQL row if 1 field is found
Do any languages provide support for 鈥渢rue鈥�modularity within a process?
Remove the Context Menu in TinyMCE
using matlabcontrol API to call to call matlab function from Java within Netbeans
Notification to the parent window from child window in jQuery
Very simple ssis script transformation giving Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Versioning in a CDN
Second iteration crash - order irrelevant
How do I use getContents to take input from the command line?
How do I pass a parameter to a python Hadoop streaming job?
Recursive query with ordered values in SQLite Android
Appending Title to Google Event Tracking Code
Html 5 FileReader always is error
Antlr parser for and/or logic - how to get expressions between logic operators?
Basic HTTP Authentication in IIS
How to count elements in TinyXml?
Order of growth of specific recursive function
Dynamically accessing array variables from Code Behind in ASPX
Don't show onbeforeunload alert when hitting submit
UINavigationController, Button Click to Open URL in WebView, Located in Different View
Putting a Name from a <Param> into a Variable
Sorting string array on the basis of a match string
publishing application to the internet
Memory leak in method
Drawing Waveform with AVAssetReader and with ARC
Vaadin Checkbox 鈥�Add a newline on caption
Solr SpellCheck - how can I autoquery the indexes on the popular suggestions
Which PHP frameworks are worth comparing with Symfony 2? [closed]
DropdownList: showing text instead of value in template while not editing
Piping mysqldump to mysql
Cannot delete derived data in Xcode 4's organizer
command for removing debugging statements
CSS transition when class removed
Htaccess rewrite - ignore rule for specific url structure
Losing 鈥淥rder by鈥�after additional .RemoveAll() with LINQ to ENTITIES (3.5)?
C How to split variable read from .txt file scanf
JAVA FileNotFoundException when using command line
exclude inputbox default text, only take user input
Youtube iframe api cpu usage?
Highlighting UITableViewCell covers UIView
Highlighting UITableViewCell covers UIView
DirectoryInfo only finds path from localhost
PHP Notifications
iOS 5 Problems converting an NSDictionary to an NSMutableArray?
Open phpMyadmin from another computer
What is the difference between preferredLocalization and preferredLanguage?
JOGL cannot figure out why drawn lines are not appearing
How to identify which MP3 file ended in MediaPlayer.OnCompletionListener?
How can I move a file to an argument path?
.Net web service return null, when Consume Php soap web service
Memory Leak in MFC CMap SetAt
Wordpress loop query not working
Center of rotation of a scene in VTK
hibernate postgres id incrementing in 10s
Erasing previous data (String/Ints) in multiple textBoxes, when inputting new data via the inputScope
batch script machine environment variables
Creating a Graph object whose nodes are sets
check celery task status from another module
Keeping a class on the last hovered item in a list
Why does org-babel export a ggplot graph fine with C-c C-c but not with export or publish?
colorbox not sending url parameters
How to close cell-editor?
Why is first request to Rails 3.2.1 in development mode slow?
Cannot access a closed Stream of a memoryStream, how to reopen?
Tomcat and Eclipse Galileo
Random Record without Duplicates
Algorithm for solving systems of linear inequalities
How do I display values from one column onto two columns in an SQL statement?
Architecture Difference using DirectX and a Qt Widget 鈥�Works one way but not another
How does a binary executable know its location in memory?
Insert or update postgresql en mass
Use php to read the source of a php file
Extracing text from the middle of a string
How to compile GnuTLS
Sudoku recursion problematic while backtraking. (Brute Force) [duplicate]
Maven project site directory
Error using MSBuild Command Line utility
what is the right network protocol to use to transfer an integer number sporadically from computer A to B with lowest possible latency?
Sitemap and url parameters for google webmaster
Mysql empty query in php - what do I get? Resource ID?
Receiving *.pdf files from PHP server in Java client application
PGC map but no entry
How to use jQuery datatable plugin
How to stay at the current width/height after jQuery click?
Find the exact occurrence of a substring in a string SQL SERVER 2008
Set the date and time for a file
Rails: How do I find out what fields are in an active record
Non-contiguously indexed arrays in PHP from POST
linear combinatorial optimization
In Python, how do you edit the values in a dictionary based on the frequency of its key?
Ruby module methods accessibility
JSP recompilation needed?
How can i create a local highscore list - Android
Using a variable declared somewhere else in a different method
Google Places API - Places Details Request
Error only occurs after publishing: 鈥淯nable to connect to any of the specified MySQL hosts.鈥�
Querying mysql based on date
iPhone: Moving objects in unison
Selector to get the checked radio within a list of radio I already got
Read 'm-to-n' row numbers from a txt file (MATLAB)
Adding hyperlink to a button - jqueryui
What are the differences between sending email in PHP with mail, sendmail, and smtp?
SDL Tridion times out when publishing multiple items
ASP.Net Pagination [closed]
Bootstrapping NancyFX with RavenDB
Adding Modules to Python 2.7 Library
android offline [duplicate]
rail3/rspec/devise: rspec controller test fails unless I add a dummy=subject.current_user.inspect
Application Cache or JSON
Qt get a threads ID in the main thread?
Testing service layer without DAO
How does one covert between java.awt.Image and
How and where do ICommands fit into the overall WPF MVVM pattern?
Visual Studio 11 BETA and Windows Phone 7
Having admob or adsense makes apps commercial use? [closed]
How do you implement a multi-purpose socket protocol?
increment int value in an NSMUTABLEarray objective C
Open an Umbraco web site using Visual Studio
Reload Flask app when template file changes
What is the between function application and calling a function?
Java Generics : Obtaining a Class<Collection<T>>?
How do I get DependencyProperty to work in Silverlight?
jquerymobile eval with object parameter missing ] after element list
Passing an id to a method via a post form in CakePHP
Initialization versus assignment frequency
How to display a splashscreen on iphone/android?
Can I draw a line on a html5 canvas with variable widths per segment?
sQl buddy: you have an error in your SQL syntax;
are background and setBackgroundColor the same
Adding XMLAdapter causes NullPointerException in JAXBContext.newInstance method
Subtracting binary with numbers of different lengths
Java/R Interface (JRI)
New Timeline Like Button Behavior
counting results within a if/else statement
How to express requirements between components?
How to add overlay on Maps API V3?
How to Authenticate Against Website Using Apache HttpClient 4.2.1 or >?
Add a table to a Linq data context
Wordpress custom addition to mod_rewrite
Crypto Obfuscator include .NET 4 assemblies - good link to tutorial
Wordpress custom addition to mod_rewrite
Crypto Obfuscator include .NET 4 assemblies - good link to tutorial
Automatic check if input filled
Android determine screen orientation at runtime
MYSQL and Paypal [closed]
SWT - get actual screen position of an image
HTTP to HTTPS redirect for only one URL
Hadoop: Is it possible to have in memory structures in map function and aggregate them?
Javascript to Excel: bad performance for lack of 鈥渞ange鈥�method
Assistance To Create a Trigger
DataSet or Entity Data Model
How is it possible to take an exponential of a matrix in MATLAB?
How Do I Say If This Statment Is Being Presented Then Show THis Else SHow That [closed]
Checking items in a ListView by Default
view binary values
Embed Web Browser in MacOS Application using Delphi XE2
Beginning to learn Java
php `strtotime` variable not returning a negative number?
How to implement more complex navigation in PyroCMS?
鈥�01 Moved鈥� Google APIs with Opera
Opensource project based on Symfony 2 or Zend Framework 2 [closed]
Writing a class validator/maintaining proper OOP
Android 2.2 + SQLite + Defining referential integrity constraints
Why are these numbers not equal?
In gvim, how do I create a shortcut to open a file using the gui file open dialog
create the function 鈥渇ind window鈥︹� of spy++ in C#
Is there a standard library with a generic reference interface?
flash/flex HTTP POST not working after doing www redirect in apache
manipulating sed context
Javascript closure behaves differently when bound to an event
How to create test data for automating acceptance test?
Global includes in Django
CSS shrink-to-fit container div around multi-line floated divs
URL encoding for multibyte character string in c++
Plotting a multiplication of two sine waves in one screen
How to make a DIV with variable height push down content coming after?
How would I do a regex lookup uof values in a JavaScript array?
Updating NSTokenField after changing content programmatically
Android Application with PhonegGap WSDL how to?
How can I tell if the .Net 3.5 garbage collector has run?
C# Winforms and NetworkStream.BeginRead(), how to open new form based on network event?
REST using JAX RS or Spring MVC
BST printing without mutating?
How can I convert the content from an HTML Rich Text Editor (Such as CKEditor) into MS Word while retaining CSS formatting?
Codeigniter $this->form->valid
Pylab import error dll load failed
i want to add clickible icons on the google map with android?
Use Excel 2010 to read/write to a SQL Server 2008 database using stored procedures
Select form from multiple forms in JQuery
HBase and scaling reads
Why can't HttpServletResponse Headers be updated AFTER getWriter() is called?
Why is TYPE DATE an error?
Count amount of similar items in array, return value if under 3
ack - Binding an actual file name to a filetype
Determine if a email was sent successfully
How to connect from a VMware guest machine to the server installed on a Windows 7 host machine?
Passing an URL parameter to a href link using Javascript
How to know the datatype returned when hardcoding values in sql
HTML5 Local Database Insert
App Store release using wrong Core Data Version
Hibernate 4 Error on sessionFactory creation
How do I import my module?
Layar Development : First Tutorial Issues
Bad Request in SOAPUI
How to start Word for repeated UI tests?
DbContext: Dependent property / ReferentialConstraint Exception when using Composite Key
ASP.NET Project for an ASHX file
How to add a trusted CA certificate (NOT a client certificate) to HttpWebRequest?
if ($_REQUEST) in Coldfusion
Databinding - In XAML, how to databind to a property of the control created dynamically?
How can I remove the question mark ? in JS and CSS path to files in Ruby on Rails 2.3.5
My Magento wishlist doesn鈥檛 work
How to create a jQuery event object out of a native browser event object?
Looping through elements of a simple XML file with jquery
PowerShell get-childitem cannot handle filename starting with [ character even with escape character
how to immediately run a function while an element.innerHTML change?
streamlining spreadsheet to DB copying Python
How can you fade to a new background without the content fading in as well?
displaying name on next page once email is sent
Passing attribute when redirecting from a filter to a JSP: Session vs Request
XML Tables not showing in Chrome or Safari
what is the right way to design the table in a database?
Appropriate xpath syntax with python for non-standard xml
Unable to restore brightness on application exit
Like Gate on new timeline Brand pages
WCF app . Structure map Objectfactory losing instance of an Object
Can these database calls be optimized?
Combining conversion constructor with operator overloading
Change <td> background based on percentage in cell, as well as add '%' to number
looking for a similar jquery ics calendar
NSString being set but appears empty when calling from another class - iOS
c++ bitset questions
MATLAB code Output [closed]
Checking the manner in which an Activity has been 鈥渞eanimated鈥�
nodecom.thoughtworks.xstream.mapper.CannotResolveClassException while using xstream under Kettle
How to specify base addresses for sections when linking or alternatively how to rebase a section after linking?
How to get the phone number programatically
SQL SERVER 2008 R2 string split
Trying to solve CSS sidenote overlapping
Trouble understanding Java threads
jQuery make an image greyscale [closed]
How do I accept an array as an ASP.NET MVC controller action parameter?
Any PHP library that can read PROTECTED Excel Worksheets?
min-height/min-width doesn't respect box-sizing in some browsers
Empty the content of a div using jQuery. Can not make it work
Odd heisenbug in CSS layout
POSTing JSON via AJAX to rails app throws invalid auth_token error, even if the api_key is supplied
WordPress Custom Taxonomy display category
How can I examine a Java class, without loading it?
RabbitMQ, Pika and reconnection strategy
android - displaying comma-separated data stored in a .txt file
Using a wrapper class to hide functions
parentNode() returns null while deleting multiple children nodes
Movable Type: Pro vs Open
Spring Roo , jQuery, jQueryMobile
Using android.os.FileObserver to watch 鈥� data鈥�directory not working
Adding a column outside the hierachy in SSAS Reports
Convert single-user Apache Derby database to one with users
javascript which makes cross domain GET requests and assigns it to a variable
underscore each method not returning value
How to get methods in a type
Facebook scenario - is this possible?
How do you make a distinction between identical app-labels in SOUTH_MIGRATION_MODULES?
Is height & width set to 0 when you element.hide() in jquery?
Texture displays on one phone but not other
IsKeyboardFocused is always False inside OnRender()
Oracle Homework - LPAD / RPAD Error?
Get form field label in view [closed]
would a div grow to the size of the appended div
Can <!--[if lte IE 8]> even work in IE6? apply on AJAX loaded content ie7,8
nsfetchrequest one-to-many sort not working
How to concatenate multiple FlowDocuments together into 1 FlowDocument
Text in TextArea on AIR mobile app disappears after displaying for a moment
Overriding 'package' member functions in D
<Error>: CGBitmapContextCreate: unsupported parameter combination vs. lower resolution image
Wich component based Java-Framework can also do Webservices?
On OSX, why does /usr/bin/cpp not support stringification of macro arguments while gcc -E and clang -E do?
Making a form halt other program activity like a messagebox (in VB.NET)
Why is my caching mechanism not working as expected?
WP URL Re-writing plugin
Cd in shell script not working
Java SecurityManager - setting custom policy file
Convert XPath to Node
JQuery TinySort not sorting numbers correctly
jQuery change the .height when appending content
Is 鈥渞eturn;鈥�necessary/helpful when using callbacks in Node.JS?
generating huge Boost.MPL type sequences
Sent request parameters to UploadAction in gwt-upload
Retrieving data from Radio Buttons
PHP multiplication float fail [closed]
Out of memory when modifying a big R data.frame
Regex for String with possible escape characters
backbone.js - change or click events not firing
鈥淚'm鈥�becomes 鈥淚 'm鈥�in PHP? (Why is a slash being added?) [duplicate]
Script to remove first line from all the text files in a directory
Unity MVC injecting current user
Android list items break boundaries when using background drawables
Split avi videos into frame of images using OpenCV(first version) in C
Using [ValidateScript] in Param results in error about already declared parameter
Android - do threads stop on their own?
Why does IE9 draw this div incorrectly in ASP.NET?
Returning logged in user as a string
Phone_State in ADB
Function parameter types and =>
Can't match string using regular expression
set only X axis in new Point (X,Y) in C#?
Do something infinitely many times with an index
IOS 5 No audio when playing a video with Silent mode on with a buzztouch app
Cookie data size exceeds 4K - But its 'only' 1100 bytes encrypted
Debugging symbols for CUFFT and CUDA Runtime API (cudart)
concat variable to a R.raw.(VARIABLEHERE)
Dropdown select with images
Apache authentication, security exceptions and safari
How to secure a REST API for mobile applications?
How to extract font size of content
鈥�鈥�dollar character prefixing cookies names
having issue with NSNotificationDefaultCenter [closed]
How can I make my web page fixed-layout?
Is there a performance hit upon object instantation if the object has many methods?
Error-proof way of starting SMS intent in Android
Public Function Allegedly Doesn't Exist?
MySQL Error 1172 - Result consisted of more than one row
Aptana Studio 3 What is a workspace
MPI Sending array of array
Dynamic Array Algorithm
Getting the active application on OS X 10.7 using a python daemon
hide some form information without changing from GET to POST
Mysql query. Update, multiply, join and select (?) all put together
How to mitigate user-facing API Effect of shared members in templated classes?
MySql Select 2 tables Like
Better HTML/Razor Formatting in VS 2010 (one Attribute per Line)?
R adding century to year
Clearing a ByteBuffer
SQL Server 2008鈥cripting data
Adding a custom namespace to soap envelop in WCF
Checksum issue CRC16CCITT
Android Dialog with List that uses custom list adapter randomly losing information when scrolled
gmap3 init action doesn't display map properly in hid div
How can you get a XAML TextBlock in WP7 Silverlight to collapse when it contains no data?
MySQL to SQL Server Migration and Hibernate/Spring MVC
targeting a link with a class inside of an <li> with jquery
using std::nth_element in eigen and a related interrogation
Datagrid with DropDownList columns in edit mode
How to modify the contents (string) of an object within an array of objects using Array.each?
My int timestamp to Date isn't running
Get the href attribute in <a> Tag in plain text with embedded html tags [duplicate]
php variable to ajax function
Converting std::string to upper case: major performance difference?
Python nested package issue
Abort reading a txt file while it is being updated - Matlab
regex; for to capture a specific group which is repeated number of times
Getting info from a Java radio button
DefaultTraceListener and Thread Safety
Is the .ToString method on an Exception recursive?
Configure Apache to serialize access to a script?
How to use UITextfield's text in multiple UITextfields? [closed]
Alternate Android package naming convention
M2e is not visible in Eclipse
Is it possible to change IIS 7.x default list of acceptable mime types to more than application/json?
Rails 3 + SimpleModal + AJAX: submit button works only once
Tooltip only shows when running from source
Drawstring word wrap or display entire text
Add XML connection string to WCF App.Config
How to combine subarrays of different widths using only one array for send and receive in MPI
Iterating over the output of a member function in std::for_each
simple intro java game programming
How to create a communication between browser and application
Why is an error not produced when following the Recess 'Controlling the Controller' doc?
regex: dotall and non-greedy
PyQt QColor setAlpha not working?
How do I see a clean git diff despite a merge commit?
How to Use StandartError?
What details should be hidden in the Data Access Layer?
Android Dev: Time span past midnight calculation
CPU operations windows profiler tools
How do I define the initial state in the State Monad?
Calculation not outputting expected answer
Does NotifyIcon have a MouseDown equivalent?
onLocationChanged not getting called in Gingerbread
Google map zoom level
what happens in an application server (tomcat etc.) when a client request is cancelled and the server is still working ? (writing on its output)
Subtracting from div height in jQuery
MySQL enter information into table from user input
How to make background image shrink proportionally to fit button size in javascript?
processing: button press switch state
Why am I getting 鈥渦ndefined method `assert_valid_keys`鈥�
Client-side validation with Facebook Registration XFBML
My href link is not working after i uploaded to bluehost [closed]
delayed_job not logging
IronPython: SQLite error (26): file is encrypted or is not a database
Jquery Slider issues in Safari & Chrome but OK in Firefox
Pitfalls of using LoadControl in the Load event
What is the purpose of the 鈥渢ree-***鈥�family of GCC optimization options?
Cant use jenkins and Subversion 1.7? Any solution?